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#this film is for wlw


created by bryke, twenty-twelve

recommendation? definitely! i am very bias because of the nostalgia i have, but, watch it!

mark69 / 100 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I HAVE TO START of by mentioning that I grew up on anime and animation. Avatar definitely included that so when Legend of Korra came out and was intended for an older audience that watched Avatar when it was airing, I was excited.

With that being said the repression in the show was not everything I would ask for now. BUT then? Then it was everything I needed. I was still unsure of my sexuality and seeing Korrasami definitely put things in perspective. Yes, they didn’t kiss like their predecessors Aang and Katara but they had their walking into the sunset — Spirit World — moment.

A thing that gets forgotten often when it gets compared to other shows with more visible queer representation like She-ra, is the time of airing. The LoK final aired in December of 2014. Soon after the comics aired where Korrasami was undeniably cannon.

It was said that because of restrictions from the network Bryke — Brian and Michael, the Creators of Avatar and Legend of Korra — was told that they couldn’t explicitly show Asami and Korra in a relationship.

And instead of not having anything, they created a symbol of romantic relationships. The stands. Other canon ships had the same stands at least once, and so they made that the option before they ‘faded to black’ which can mean anything, really.

To not fall into the conversation if queer representation is allowed in and around children focused shows, which I think it should be. I am going to move on from it right now, but this conversation will definitely be continued soon.

Moving on to how the show aged. I think the “queer-ing” , for lack of better word, of the show didn’t make it any better or worst as it was very subtle.

Not that Avatar had any openly queer characters either. Do I think some of them were queer? Yes. But it was never made canon. Nor was it on any other Nickelodeon show, at the time.

Something that has to be mentioned is that same sex marriage became legal in all fifty states in 2015. A year after LoK wrapped out.

I’m not saying queer representation wasn’t there before, it definitely was. But we can simply not deny that after the legalisation of gay marriage, it became more accessible. Definitely not easy, but better then before.

Besides that I feel like they coded more characters as queer. The way Mako and Wu interacted was definitely a bit ~limp wristed~ as well as Lin, and Kuvira, and Kya.

Along with the confirmation of Avatar Kyoshi being a six-foot something raging gay that I really want to stomp on my neck… I digress.

An important note is that if you go into this show with nostalgia glasses, it is most likely going to disappoint. Because it is not about the Gaang we grew up with, it’s about the new Team Avatar.

It’s Korra her story. And we can respectfully watch this gorgeous women save a world that doesn’t want her help.

Is this a recommendation?

Yes, but if queer rep is what you want, this is not what you should watch. But if you liked Avatar and want to see many, many beautiful women. And respectfully watch definitely give it a go.


The rest of my reviews are here and the billboard charts is here! <3

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horror films with compelling female characters-

  1. anna and the apocalypse (canon wlw)
  2. helter skelter
  3. the taking of debra logan (canon wlw, a lesbian iirc)
  4. american mary
  5. carrie
  6. mother! (HEAVILY triggering film- if you have issues with child death do not watch)
  7. geralds game
  8. creep 2
  9. possibly in michigan (wlw vibes)
  10. all the body love mandy lane (lesbian vibes)
  11. midsommar
  12. the ring
  13. orphan
  14. alien
  15. the loved ones
  16. cam
  17. tragedy girls (wlw vibes, i cannot remember if its canon or not)
  18. candyman
  19. stoker
  20. you’re next
  21. hereditary
  22. us
  23. the stepford wives
  24. scream trilogy of sidney and scream 4 for jill
  25. halloween
  26. the shining

horror films with monstrous women

  1. raw
  2. ginger snaps
  3. jennifers body (canon wlw, bi girls)
  4. teeth
  5. when animals dream
  6. all cheerleaders die (canon wlw)
  7. lake mungo
  8. the autopsy of jane doe (she is not really a character but it fits)
  9. veronica
  10. the blackcoats daughter
  11. the exorcist
  12. the lure
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Simone Simon in “Olivia” (1951) This was the first wlw film where I saw myself, not as the main love interests but as the lesbian side character who was madly in love with a woman who had eyes for a teenager. Her helplessness and childishness consumed her and drove her to end her own life since she couldn’t be with the one person she felt safe with. I know that this character wasn’t PD coded (obviously bc it was 1951) but as a lesbian with BPD it was spot on. After she died, her love interest realized that she truly did love her but it was too late.

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Everyone is like “stop doing lesbian age gap movies” and I am like “PLEASE make more lesbian age gap movies” (and please make the younger woman a WOMAN and not a GIRL)

also: what does one have to do to get a lesbian movie that is set in like the 2010′s/2020s and not about teenage girls?

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