#this had me on the floor okay >:(
anqrymom · 20 days ago
dolores: [sneezes]
bruno from the walls: bless you, child.
dolores: … God?
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unproduciblesmackdown · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the quiet adoption subplot affects me
#corned beef #luca #luca 2021 #those gotta be the only applicable tags right. god knows i need as many tags as i can get to go ''that was good & i sure got got'' verbosely #solve this mystery from the other week: me lying facedown on the floor. i am giving a thumbs up. there is a banana peel directly behind me #there are also a dozen witnesses milling around who saw me put a foot over the banana peel & go ''haha okay time for me to get got too'' #that was so good everyone was really putting their entire backs into all of it. ok ok here we go i have so many genius things to say. cinema #too many things i must choose some. Fish Design oh my god that's so galaxy brain like ok a merson w/a fish tail is like eh fine. can only do #so much neat stuff w/that though & boo to having no legs. but if you're just creature from black dabloon then eh boo w/e. but oh my god #if you get the best of both worlds legs And tail & then no caudal fins?? just like dinosaur style & ~1 body length?? Galaxy brain!!!! & then #who had the universe brain abt the layered fins for hair & WHO arranged it like flower petals so it looks cool from the back!! transcends!!! #i was like oh my god this design is so good & i wanna try drawing that back of head even though that is gonna be Tricky. & then evidently i #also wanted to take on the challenge of [omg. scales. bright blue stuff & sparkliness] & the absolute fun of Yes Long Tail This Design Slaps #i also was like ha ha well while i'm here thx that massimo is a bunch of shapes that can be tackled readily. i am gonna make a goof abt the #like rly involved texty incredibly specific Customized Tees w/wild design flair & that can even have like this confrontational energy lmao #but this is also an earnest expression of both of course having been told ''i have just seen something incredibly gay'' and going into that #& still; of course; going ''oh Wow. oh my gracious.'' the like dozen times b/c. Remarkable. but also being head in hands Especially about #well you know. [hello i'm your dad now after like 5 hrs] subplot. the degree of sensitivity is like. so there's this one screenshot i was #using as reference & if i give it like 3 to 5 sec of full sensitivity from me i get bravely weepy. no part of that sentence is exaggerated #(looking at my own emotions like. fra gee lay! must be italian) but anyways that whole thing was Affected b/c good god they were just like #all over that Setup Payoff so well all throughout & that is so Effective. kids!! weird kids making friends!! some of you are siblings now!!! #& that was all like. very grounded too. & i again gotta emphasize all the Setup Payoff everything was so earned & well written / structured #has me going like oh my god. having [below the surface] realizations abt Arcs and Resolved Conflicts doing the galaxy brain fireworks gif #that was all Sooooooooooo. and the power of [cinema!] they sure used that. okay & also another visuals thing i thought was very neat was #animation wise i thought there was a stopmo type look not in the Motion but in that things had a kinda Sculpted / miniature look? opposed to #ppl pointing out ''is individually rendering every arm hair the direction animation needs'' & there was also like; 3d model Emulation of #2d drawing uhh. devices? style choices? not quite sure the technical term i want there but. you get it. Big Fan of Expressions throughout #ok gotta wrap it up: gay gay homosexual gay ;m; that icthyo Can relationship. 1 last thing: recalled maybe far back as '15 i knew Of this #project like ''friends summer italian riviera'' ok & there was the [swimming leaping] animation sequence out & i was all ''ok great but if #something is Years Away will i see it :/'' & look at me now. bestie passing along lore & 3 mo's later i'm like Augh! it is good. :]
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anothertina · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Long time ago when I brought CSP, I made these redraws of Pacific Rim secenes but with klance. I wanted to make a few but I kinda don’t know when I’m going to start working on the others (or even if I do start) so might as well share these ones :D
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nancyddrew · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chenford week 2021 │ day 3: favourite moment
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irresistible-revolution · 8 months ago
so i finally watched “our man bashir” and while the gifsets and posts had primed me it being a gay asf episode i was still truly, utterly unprepared for just how fcking GAY the whole thing was, to the point where it’s not even queerbaiting, it’s just straight up an episode about queer desire and queer connection filtered through what was permissible to show on tv. like, literally it’s a parable of gay desire. you have the trope of james bond, an iconic fantasy character who is desired by gay men despite (or maybe because of) his suavely consistent heterosexual masculinity onscreen. queer desire “sticks” to characters like bond. and it’s the fantasy of bond through which julian explores his own inner desires, which revolve around the mystery and charm of garak, a former spy. he wants to be garak, but we know as queers that wanting to be like often slips into be with.
then you have fantasy and reality blurring dangerously close together, so that julian has to rely on garak’s knowledge, on the unglamorous, ugly work of being an operative that garak has lived firsthand. so the fantasy of the spy (bond) and the reality (garak) are now merging, collapsing the distance between julian’s desire to emulate garak and julian’s desire for garak. then, he shoots garak, drawing blood, reality pulsing through the fantasy in the form of bodily fluids and ruptured skin, fantasy and reality penetrating each other. and THEN you have julian saving the day by applying garak’s knowledge, by reciting garak’s words back to him while garak watches proudly and fondly. the circle is complete, julian has achieved union with the object of his desire, and the simulated scenario dissolves. julian repeating garak’s words in a room full of people is practically a confession of love: i see you, i admire you, i understand you.
and that’s not even touching on the inherent homoeroticism of garak watching while julian touches and is touched by beautiful, scantily clad women, NOR the homoeroticism of this being the second episode where garak plays a major role in julian’s psyche. in “distant voices” garak is the mask worn by an alien trying to destroy julian from the inside out - it’s garak’s image, his words and voice, that challenge julian’s deepest assumptions about himself, and ultimately strengthen them as he prepares to leave his youth behind. garak ushers julian through a rite of passage whereby he emerges stronger, more sure of himself, alive. garak represents things about julian he’s afraid to confront that, simultaneously, he can only confront in garak’s presence. and then there’s
Tumblr media
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iansfreckles · 7 months ago
hi ilysm i wish you would write a fic where ian overhears mickey talking to someone and just saying the nicest and most loving shit about him (yknow, in his matter-of-fact mickey way of saying heartwrenchingly profound things with a completely indifferent expression and tone of voice). feat ian getting a confidence boost and reassurance that mickey loves him So Fucking Much and mickey being completely oblivious as to why his conversation partner is getting either teary eyed or majorly uncomfortable and why his husband is looking at him all gay and lovey-dovey and shit
elias 🥰 thank you I love you so much TOO and I love this prompt. okay okay okay I’m gonna try.
(update: this took longer than expected bc my mind honed in on “heartwrenchingly profound” and then I spiraled while trying to come up with something that level of special akshakdhajf 😐  I did not quite get there, but I hope you can enjoy this anyways 😓)
- - - - -
“The fuck’s with that look?”
Ian hesitates when he hears Mickey’s voice, gruff and deflective, from somewhere beyond the front door. He pulls one headphone from his ear slowly, tipping his head closer and pulling back from the handle he’d already reached for. Pressing his ear to the laminate, slowing his breath, he tries to catch the voices from the other side.
He’d left forty-five minutes ago to go for a run, and Mickey had still been sound asleep. Who could he possibly be talking to, this early in the morning?
“Nothing,” a woman’s voice answers quickly, light and amused. It takes Ian a moment, but as she goes on — “No look here, I promise. Keep going?” — he’s able to place it as one of their neighbors from down the hall.
Sandra? Samantha, maybe? S-something, he’s almost certain. Or maybe R. Or T?
He hears Mickey huff out a breath, and as he continues, Ian places his hand back on the doorknob very, very carefully.
“Whatever,” Mickey mutters, and even though it’s low, muffled through the walls, Ian can hear that it’s all rough edges. “Anyway, yeah. Been tryna find this… organic fertilizer, or somethin’? For his garden? But he won’t tell me what brand it is. Says it’s too much money. Pain in my ass.”
“Good fertilizers can be expensive,” SRT sympathizes, and Ian starts to turn the knob slowly. Most days, he has to hound Mickey about remembering to lock it — today, he’s grateful for his husband’s perpetually bad habit. Having to unlock it himself, putting the key in and jiggling the deadbolt, would’ve certainly given him away. 
He knows he shouldn’t be spying, but, well. He’s never claimed to be perfect.
“Don’t care ‘bout the money,” Mickey fires back, almost grumbling. “Shoulda seen the look on his fuckin’ face, when his tomatoes came out all sad and wrinkly. Nah, imma get him the good shit, this time.”
Quietly, slowly, with his heart skipping a beat in his chest, Ian pushes the door open. Just a little, just enough to peek inside — a feat that never would’ve been possible back at the house, with all it’s screeching hinges and creaky floors.
Mickey’s perched on the kitchen island, wearing black joggers and one of Ian’s long-sleeved Henleys, nursing what Ian guesses is a cup of coffee in his hands, swirling it around. On one of the stools sits their neighbor, cradling one of their other mugs between her hands, and with a face attached, her name comes back almost instantly.
Ian mentally kicks himself, because ‘Jen’ doesn’t start with an S, an R, or a T — apparently Mickey has been right all these years, and he’s just an idiot.
Mickey goes on, unbeknownst to Ian’s open ears, and the words he says — out loud, to this veritable stranger sitting at their kitchen island and drinking their coffee — makes Ian’s heart do little flip-flops in his chest.
“He just wants to grow some fucking tomatoes. ‘M not gonna let him lose that.”
Jen, from her seat, smiles up at him, while Ian’s chest goes all warm. His heart sits in the base of his throat, skipping.
A sharp exhale, like an irritated huff, cuts out of Mickey’s nose. “There’s the look again.”
“Don’t got a look, Mickey.”
“Want me to take a fuckin’ picture?”
“I’m just teasing. Relax. Tell me more about Ian? He’s got a garden?”
Mickey rolls his eyes, and Ian’s hit with it so, mind-bendingly sudden.
Did Mickey… make a friend?
Was Mickey friends with this late-thirties Westside woman that lives down the hall?
Ian watches as his legs swing idly thought the air, socked heels bumping back against the island. It’s unbearably cute, though Mickey might actually divorce him if he ever said it aloud.
“Yeah,” he says, still huffy. “Keeps tryna get me to eat, like, veggies and shit? Which I’ll do, ‘cause it makes him happy, but. Sometimes you just want a pizza, right?”
“And then he keeps askin’ me to go for runs with him, too. I suck at distance running. Who runs five miles for fun?”
“Your husband, apparently.”
“Yeah.” A beat passes, a slight break in the dialogue, and Mickey drops this gaze to his coffee, swirling it around again. He smiles, in a way Ian can’t fully see from his current angle, but in a way he can hear in his voice plain as day when he mumbles a fond, “Dumbass.”
Another moment passes, and Jen takes another sip of coffee, clearly suppressing a smile of her own. 
Mickey sees it too, and in a move that does not surprise Ian at all, flips her off. “Oh, fuck off.”
Jen doesn’t take it to heart. If anything, she seems to be growing more and more amused by the second. “You’re married to the guy. It’s okay to say you love him, you know.”
“Whatever.” Mickey runs a thumb at his bottom lip, dropping his gaze back to the depths of his mug. “Obviously. Shut up.”
“He makes you happy?”
Ian doesn’t know why he holds his breath, a little, at that — why his heart hammers a little louder, why something itches under his skin like nerves. He knows the answer is yes.
Mickey sniffs. Shrugs. “My favorite fucking person,” he admits, and it’s easy, simple. “‘Course he does.”
Ian exhales. Feels like he might cry, just a little bit.
“Didn’t know people could laugh this much?” Mickey goes on, without much pause. “We’re just laughing, all the time. Never used to get that, but it’s so fucking easy, now. Dunno how he does that. He just — makes everything good.”
And — yeah, that’s definitely a lump, forming in Ian’s throat, a heat prickling at his eyes. Jen, from her stool at the counter, has also fallen silent.
Mickey rubs at his nose, takes another sip of coffee, swallows, and shrugs again. “Y’know he comes home from his stupid runs and asks me what I’ve been doing? Like, fucking… checks in, all the time. Wants to know what I did, just ‘cause it’s me. Asks if I’ve eaten breakfast yet, which is dumb, ‘cause he damn well knows I wait for him to get back.”
Jen opens her mouth, looks as if she’s finally found her voice, but Mickey cuts her off, apparently on a roll.
“He tells me about this dog he always sees down the street? And he says it like it’s the best fucking thing in the world? Just makes him happy, seeing this stupid little dog every day. Soft motherfucker.”
And then, a breath later: “He came at me with a tire iron, when we were kids. Best thing that ever happened to me.”
And —oh. 
That warmth in Ian’s chest spreads further, and he blinks quickly at the heat in his eyes. 
Mickey takes another sip of coffee, a long, full gulp, and sets his mug down to the counter. When he catches the look on Jen’s face, something soft and wide-eyed and a little unreadable, he levels her with a glare.
“Okay,” he gripes, and hops down from the island, circling towards her. Easy, casual, as if he hadn’t just said a million things in a row that are melting Ian into a puddle of goo on the carpet outside their front door. “Get outta my apartment.”
“What are you—”
“If you’re just gonna sit there and stare at me like that, I’m tappin’ out. ‘Sides, Ian’ll be home soon, anyway.”
Jen raises an eyebrow as Mickey beckons her up, out of the chair. It’s hard to see, and Ian has to blink a lot, eyes a little wet. 
He wants to cry. He wants to laugh. He wants to hold Mickey and kiss his fucking face off. 
Mickey waves off the look, taking the coffee mug from her hands. “It’s Thursday. He does recovery runs on Thursday, so they’re shorter.” Another pause, where no one moves. “Stop lookin’ at me like that. Get out.”
Jen grins again, but makes her way towards the door anyways, slinging a sweater over her arm she’d apparently been sitting on. “You ever gonna tell him you made a friend?”
“What, and let the two of you start bonding and shit? Hard pass.”
“You just don’t want me to tell him I caught you pouring half a bag of Tide pods into your wash.”
“You didn’t catch me doing nothin’. Also — I don’t ever remember sayin’ we’re friends.”
“Hmm. Bye, Mickey. Thanks for the coffee.”
Ian realizes, belatedly, that he’s about to get caught in the act. 
He tries to scramble back, releases the doorknob like it’s burned him, but the gig is up and the door swings the rest of the way open before he can take more than two steps. 
Jen yelps a little in surprise, and Ian squeezes his eyes shut, wincing. He hears a heavy sigh, and for a moment, no one speaks. 
Ian cautions one eye open first, and then the other. 
Mickey’s pinching his nose, eyes shut, like he’s suddenly been burdened with the worst headache ever. “You’re such an idiot,” he mutters, and Ian can’t help but smile at him. Mickey opens his own eyes, and his brows draw down into a heatless glare. “What? The fuck’re you smilin’ about?”
“Nothing,” Ian assures, and wants to kiss him. Because he wants to make sure Ian can grow his tomatoes, and he eats vegetables to make Ian happy, and waits for Ian to have breakfast. Because he called Ian his favorite fucking person, and laughs with him, and said Ian makes everything good. 
Ian understands. 
Mickey makes everything good, too. Makes it so easy to laugh. 
“Nothing,” he repeats, and sniffs. Swallows hard. “Just kinda love you.”
Mickey rolls his eyes, but it’s all fond, all soft. “Would you get in here, then? Fucking starving, man.”
Ian smiles, and looks at Mickey’s apparent friend from down the hall. He has questions, what was he doing with the Tide Pods? and How long have you been coming over for coffee dates with my husband, exactly? but he doesn’t ask either. 
Instead, all he says is: “You wanna stay for breakfast? Gonna make pancakes.”
Jen’s eyes brighten, and Mickey groans.
“Never shoulda opened the door this morning,” he mutters, turning on his heel and stalking back inside. 
Ian doesn’t bother fighting back a smile, only gestures for her to follow him in. “Let the ‘bonding and shit’ commence.”
- - - - -
I wish you would write a fic where…
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fruitydiaz · 2 months ago
is the buddie breakdown gonna be eddie completely shattered asking buck for help or is it gonna be buck completely shattered asking eddie to talk to him
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icewindandboringhorror · 27 days ago
I’ve seen this image going around before with people relating to it 
Tumblr media
but is anyone else more like this..?
Tumblr media
like it results in a similar outcome to the first image (getting nothing done really), but you actually DO have motivation and ability and want to do SO MANY things, it’s just you ALSO must contend with the never ending battle of trying to complete tasks whilst constantly being possessed by the energy of a sickly victorian orphan 
#also not even usually having TOO many life stressors but it;s just like.. due to the fragile mental and physical state - ANY external stress #or seems like too much. When you feel okay most of the time something like 'oh we're a little behind on the rent' can be no big deal like #you just make a plan and take care of it. but when you already Feel Bad on top of that then any relatively ''minor'' life event is #now like 'aAAAAAAA WHAT DO YOU MEAN? ANOTHER THING?? A... task??? I AM ALREADY NOT DOING THE TASKS!!!' #'HOW AM i MEANT TO COPE WITH.... SECOND task???!!' gjhgjh #I mean life stressors are very very difficult to manage too I'm not downplaying them more just clarifying that in my particular #case I feel like sometimes what I consider a 'stressor' would not actually be veru stressful if I were in a better place mentally and physic #ally but since I have so many ongoing chronic background issues always at hand then anything added on top of it SEEMS worse #my schedule and functioning can be easily disrupted by like.. the most minor thing - WHICH IS WHY IT'S HARD FOR ME TO STAY #ON SCHEDULE AND ON TASK #anyway.. jost irritated at the momente #I'm in another one of my Phases where seemingly mutliple issues start acting up at the same time and I just feel worse in many #ways for no reason seemingly - which usually is like a 5 - 14 day bout of Strange Symptom And Feel Bad with no discernable #cause so I hope it will go away soon but it's still bothersome when I have so much I want to get done by the end of the year lol #does anyone remember that old commerical for.. I have no idea what it was for but there was... maybe a basketball player or something?? #just some tall dude going around telling people 'NO NO NO .. NOT IN MY HOUSE!' #anyway that's my body always I gues.. I'm like 'aha I have woken up early and had breakfast and shall now work on writing #and art and videos' and my chronic issues (whatever the hell the even are) just say in that voice 'no no no.. not in MY house!' #don't you even THINK about being productive #I did manage to edit a video today whilst laying on the floor with a heating pad lol but ... I had like.. 3 other things on my list.. which #TECHNICALLY just 'hours in the day' wise i definitely had time to get done as well.. but alas.. T o T #I think my mental stuff contributes to this too since I have sensory sentivity issues and things that would be minor to other people are wor #se to me like.. almost like I have overactive nerves or something.. What one person could shrug off as 'oh a little pain in my arm' my brain #is like 'wHOA STOP THE PRESSES WE'VE GOT A PAIN IN THE ARM!!! A LITTOL PAIN!!! this needs our FULL ATTENTION ALWAYS!!' hhhg #so I'm constantly torn between 'maybe my physical issues are not even bad and I'm just mentally very bad at coping with them' vs. 'they are #actually bad but the mental stuff probably doesn't help lol' ... hmm'st.. I think it also doesn't help that everything is so mysterious #I am officially diagnosed with EDS and as of a few weeks ago tested as definitely Anemic.. everything else like my stomach issues and etc. #have no actual label on them so I'm just always guessing what might help or etc. etc. which is worse for anxiety since my anxiety in specifi #c LOVES clarity and details and will never be soothed by vagueness but .. aa.. ANYWAY
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hello911 · 7 months ago
Now that Eddie told Buck about his will....what if Eddie gives Buck a St. Christophers medallion? Like how Shannon gave Eddie one to keep him safe? And Eddie gives one to Buck, because he's not expendable and does all the reckless things.
I'll tell you what would happen. I would literally die. I want to die just thinking about it.
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witchytombstonesmile · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nikki Sixx and Vince Neil being a lil bit gay on stage at the Madison Square Garden show in 1984
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shotgun-cake · a month ago
What are your headcanons for berlermo as a married couple?
The way this ask made a little "!!!" pop inside my brain.
I just went digging into old DMs from back when I was still riding the high of 'something stolen', and even though I never managed to write a wedding fic sequel, I do have a pretty good idea of what their married life is like.
• A lot of PDA, for one. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my end, but I'm focusing on the way they're always all over each other's space in the flashbacks, touching and embracing and staring at nothing but each other. That bubble of intimacy, like nothing else exists-- well, that, but multiplied by two wedding rings plus one honeymoon period that lasts for years and years.
It ranges from sweet to gross depending on who you ask. They're always kissing around the gang, holding hands or touching somewhere. Exchanging loaded looks, making innuendos. Straight up eclipsing themselves without a word exchanged, clearly on their way to more private quarters.
• I also have this idea of an inside joke between them: I think they'd find it hilarious to joke about the old 'Ball And Chain' cliché. Everyone was at their wedding, they know what an event it was and how madly in love they are with each other.
They don't find it funny, but Andrés does, especially if it's Martín who makes it a running gag.
"Ugh, gotta spend time with the hubby again, lord strike me dead, free me from this loveless marriage"
("time with the hubby" is probably something romantic like a candlelit dinner and a walk on the beach under the stars...)
Or one day, when Raquel asks "Are you free this afternoon? Paula asked if you could babysit her again", Martín makes a whole show of huffing and puffing.
"I can't today, querida. You know me, always stuck with that guy... He's dragging me someplace and I can't get out of it. Pffff, I should've never gotten married."
Raquel rolls her eyes at him and drops the subject.
That thing he couldn't get out of? A spa day planned out by his lovely husband, that starts out with a couple's massage, and ends with the two of them getting hot and bothered the large jacuzzi of their hotel room. There isn't even any particular occasion. This morning, Andrés just got up and declared “I'm taking you out tonight. You don't need to bring any clothes”
And Martín wrapped himself up in the bedsheets, pretending to shield his innocent body from this lecherous gaze he couldn't suffer. “How dare you, sir? I'm a married man!” The sound of Andrés's laughter echoed across the corridor, and Martín knew even before he smelled it that his husband was cooking some pancakes to bring back in bed.
So, really, Martín is doing fine with the state of his marriage.
#I know this is completely random but this is just obvious and hilarious to me #a married Martín who's had Andrés all to himself for years and has settled comfortably in that relationship #he's trusting and confident and arrogant about it frankly insufferable #repeating that he can't wait to leave Andrés and run off with his money to settle far away as a mysterious divorcé #like I said Andrés is amused by the jokes but I'm also considering him being low-key bothered by them? five divorces might do that to a man #do we want Andrés with insecurities? of course Andrés doesn't let himself be mocked #I think I once wrote a prompt fill where their household had a ''no D Word'' Rule (d word as in divorce) #maybe that's the reason #Andrés started making the jokes back and Martín didn't take it as well as he thought he would #or maybe all's well that ends well and there's just something kinky in it for them almost like provocation like roleplay #Martín teasing and defiant *provoking him* ''I'm getting a divorce!'' only for Andrés to grab him and pin him to the mattress/wall/floor #and have his wicked way with him making him swallow his words pounding into him #rendering Martín pliant and docile ''so you want to leave me #huh? i'll remind you who you belong to if that's a strong hand that you want'' #and Martín is just clinging to Andrés's shoulders moaning and throwing his head back desperately incoherent and blissed out #(okay i went off apparently) #married Berlermo was one of my first loves in this fandom so thank you anon for coming to me you definitely unearthed something there #ask #mine #berlermo #long post
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oatbugs · a month ago
Tumblr media
#personal #i have a fever and ive lost it a little and i hit my head pretty hard last night #they carried me in a trolley 15 minutes to home and watched me sleep for 20 minutes to make sure i didnt die #here comes black bear now crashing through the brush unphased by the thorns and branches that would hurt me to the touch #a flatmate checked on me every 10 minutes at 10 AM #we walked through the snow together today and she asked me if shes mean to me and i wanted to tell her you are but you are often more hurt #in your own anger . the mathematican did logarithmic equations last night . he laid next to me on the floor and told me not to be sad #i have a video of holding him and burying my head in his neck i remember needing him not to fall but we made each other worse and today #we all played a card game with so much calculation and speed and wit and i realised again the cleverness of everyone but mostly we were #terrified of her . she said i will be cold and turned into a machine . isnt andy short for android ? she looked at him and said yes #when he runs he runs the fastest he turns the earth right on its axis . we walked through the snow and took polaroids and they hit each #other with snowballs . i asked my boy with the long hair if i could hit him too . he said you dont have to ask so i did and all i could #think of was being blindfolded last night and feeling his hair and then his jaw . i remember saying hello and hugging him . #(i could recognise you in a millisecond this was no challenge at all) (so i took another shot anyway) #im sorry for crying for everyones death you must understand that politicians want us dead and i miss people who would have been alive had #not returned to the political minefield . im sorry for screaming communist theory inbetween tears . thanks for stroking my hair and saying #you know . thank you for not saying itll be okay #and when he stared across the river into my eyes it made me shiver and i knew that it was lovely to have a black bear thinking of me #i washed my hair and it turned pink . i am no longer a demon . i can rest for a while . im resting for a while . ill feel okay for a while. #ill go to viewings for houses and walk you home and ask if you need hot chocolate tonight and i said were sharing a cloud because its #snowing where she is too . she said look into the sky my eye - line will reflect yours . she has a sword at the back of her leg. her lips #are soft in the night . возможно она захочет поцеловаться до конца песни #turned the cards stared into your eyes stared at your hands stared at the spot where we both burnt our palms . i was winning until you #killed me in the last round and i thanked you for being a wonderful opponent . music saves you every time you fall . i knocked my head and #i cried about everything that made me heavy and now im okay . now im okay . now im okay #two kicked the tree and the snow came falling again . the one inside the future climbed it to shake the branches . i can remember him #smiling against my lips . i never want to feel it again and i smile back each time i think of it . a love so deep and platonic . i love you #i can read birdsong maps now . im covered in pink velvet . right abducens nuclei arent working right . i feed myself you feed the poor . #keep all the weakers bury the brave ! if i fall will you hold me ? you the psychologist with the blue photo and nuclear vision - #i think of you often . ill be okay . well be okay
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royalsgold · 7 months ago
when Willie and Alex haunt someone together in s2 and Willie makes it special for Alex then what????
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latinposeidon · 3 months ago
Alex would get more flustered by Willie kissing him on the cheek than an actual kiss
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areyousanta · 8 days ago
Wtf is my job anymore?! Craziest shit happening 24/7
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little-spoon-napoleon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Napoleon ‘Ah, well maybe you should just fuck me’ Solo
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queenmolina · 10 months ago
bobby definitely brought luke semi-healthy meals everyday while he was staying in the garage. they were teenage boys so it was nothing much better than cold pizza and an apple or a granola bar once a week but he tried
anyway, they definitely woke up the morning after the incident and got two servings of breakfast to take to eat in the garage and when he got there—
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gossip-girl-of-middle-earth · 6 months ago
I just had that classic “pet almost gets exposed” scene in the “we have to hide our awesome pet in a shed away from the people who say we can’t have said certain pet” movie with the family I’m working for.
As you guys know, I have to work in this estate for the next 5 weeks as a nanny until I move, and I snuck my cat in because of course, and tonight was a close call with me being off the clock, having dinner with my cat in my own room and my boss suddenly knocking at my door asking if she can come watch my tv.
Visual context (me and Buddy tonight, colorised):
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meluisart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
This year its with greetings from my favourite nerds from ER. Not pictured off-camera are Ella and Rachel, dressed as a Ghost and Corpse Bride, respectively.
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#robert romano #mark greene #elizabeth corday #gretel #er nbc #er #EDIT: POSTING EARLY BC IM CELEBRATING EARLIER THAN NORMAL THIS YEAR #OKAY SO HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS BC YOU KNOW I GOTTA RANT #first off Gretel's got Roberts golden stethoscope in her maw #she's the only one who EVER gets to even touch the damn thing #also sorry if Frankenstein's monster Romano is a bit on the nose but I said disabled Romano rights #if anyone would it would be him #Gretel chewed up his clothes bless her heart #Gretel was obviously County's favourite that year bc we love a therapy dog #I was thinking about werewolf Gretel but she's too good a girl for me to do that so here she is #also this one is OT3 friendly clock the rings #thank you Mouse that was the loveliest conversation and I think about it a lot #So I feel like I have to say that Elizabeth hid this costume from both of them until Halloween night and it floored both Rob and Mark 100% #They had a lovely time pulling down her fishnets with their teeth later #her dress is strapless so Robert finally got his 'sleek not-quite black off the shoulder dress' like sir is this off the shoulder enough 4 u #ALSO THE POSES ARE VERY WELL THOUGHT OUT HERE WITH REASON #Elizabeth is on the right cossied up to mark and pulling him by the waist but she's on the side bc claustro #Mark's in the middle bc he's the tallest of them both (also he's the glue of the fam lets be real) #Romano's kinda leaning into Mark bc yes they've bonded a fair bit over the years but you know feels are hard #Mark's got his arm over Romano's back but it's not quite a hold bc I imagine he's still a lil awkward bc idk thats just what i imagine #rayn shut up hit post and go watch a shitty slasher while dressed as lady m dumbass #are queue sure?
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ktinaj · 23 days ago
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I’m sorry, this comment sent me😂😂
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