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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
#this happened
baronessblixen · 2 hours ago
One time Mulder accidentally knocked Sam’s picture off his desk and the glass of the frame broke. When Scully came to the office she saw the picture and asked what happened, he acted like it was nothing and told her not to worry about it but she still saw he was sad the glass broke. The next morning when Mulder came in the office Scully had bought a new frame and put Sam’s picture in it :)
That’s so cute and totally something she would do. She’d not say anything and maybe Mulder wouldn’t either, not at first; he doesn’t trust his voice. Then he says thank you with all his heart and she just smiles at him.
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chaosthedemon · a day ago
Me: I get tired after doing stuff and then spend the rest of the day lying in bed. This is called self care! My Psych Evaluation: That's not self care. That's depression.
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trashroyalty99 · a day ago
Headcanon number 37.
Gaige was in bad shape when she started her vault adventure. She was often the first one to run out of breath when they were running after something.
On their day offs Axton, started training Gaige. In Dahl style. For her own health benefits and his enjoyment.
After a while Gaige could keep up with rest of the squad and on those rare occasions she did run out of breath, Krieg piggybacked her.
Tumblr media
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just2bubbly · a day ago
Interviewer: Describe Cinder in one word
Kai: You forgot a few words, I guess you mean one hundred thousand words
Kai: What's the max limit?
Everybody else: AWWW
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daggxrsanddrxamers · 2 days ago
Henry: That was an oxymoron
Pez: What is an oxymoron??
Alex: It's a moron who breathes oxygen, how do you not know this Pez?
Bea: No wonder Henry called you an oxymoron, you should know this!!
Nora: That question was just dumb, Pez.
June and Henry banging their heads on the table: We love you but we cannot with all of you right now.
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youngergrayson · 2 days ago
exposing my siblings part two
Tumblr media
i was in a warehouse that blew up with assassins wanting to kill me all around and this dude hast he audacity to say that
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trashroyalty99 · 2 days ago
Headcanon number 36.
Wilhelm wanted to be an boxer in his youth. As his condition got worse he started to abandoned this dream. But when he discovered augments his dream got new hope.
This is what drove him into fighting in the first place. But, once his augments got so expensive he couldn't afford them by doing sports, he started mercenary jobs.
Tumblr media
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that-one-dude · 3 days ago
kidnap me for experiments and release me with a cool fashion statement so people will think i'm attractive.
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thatdoodlebug · 3 days ago
after listening to this your life is enriched
please, don’t thank me. im only a mere vessel that brings you such godly genius 
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flysafepapi · 4 days ago
Charlie seeing Meyer on the street before he decides to beat this kid up and take his money like:
Tumblr media
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trashroyalty99 · 4 days ago
Headcanon number 35.
Ava is an menace on the Sanctuary III. You mess with her, she will do a prank. (Or lock you inside your office for all eternity.)
Others have gotten somewhat used to this but Amara works as the mother figure for her and will lecture her anytime she has done something bad or hurt someone with her pranks.
Her siren powers only adding these situations. Amara took it on herself to work as sort of teacher figure to her after Maya's death.
Tumblr media
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edges-posts · 4 days ago
Okay so I know people will not believe me when I say this but hear me out.
My favorite avengers is captain America. And last year I had a dream where, like how in civil war Steve raised his shield while pinning Tony down, he pinned me down and he raised the shield. He even hit my head with it over and over again.(Bucky was in the background and he was watching)The reason they did this was because they thought I was a hydra agent(I was framed).I kid you not that dream haunts me cause like I stated before Steve is my favorite avenger.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ultimateplusultra · 5 days ago
Gon: Having a bad day is like eating a slice of cake but it's filled with bees and you're allergic to bees and you need help
Killua: Gon that's called dying
Gon: Not if I live
Killua: Then it's called a near death experience
Gon: Are you dumb I just said it was called having a bad day
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marauderswritingonig · 6 days ago
Remus *pets a cat*
Sirius: Oh I see how it is
Sirius, *tearing up*: yOu dOn’T lOvE mE aNyMoRe
Remus: I... *sigh*
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trashroyalty99 · 7 days ago
Headcanon number 34.
Krieg has many affairs with his psycho side. But one of the biggest affairs come from oranges. Sane Krieg wants to peel like he always did and enjoy the scent. But Psycho Krieg wants eat it with its cover on.
This is an common sight in the lunchroom. Others have gotten used to it but every now and then somebody walks in and gets into a heated debate about how to eat oranges.
Tumblr media
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generic-connor · 8 days ago
@jericholeader <3 "The best and worst of times."
At sixteen, Connor was tall, lanky, and covered from head to toe in freckles, with little beauty marks all over, punctuating the clusters of brown dots. His dark hair curled fervently, rebellious of the one sided comb over he'd imposed on it. It hung over his eyes when he was slumped at his desk, cheek rested on one hand while he snoozed through parts of the lesson. He'd finished this week's agenda anyway.
He wasn't concerned about being called on, since he knew the answers and the teacher knew his test scores would attest to that. Connor never got picked on in school, not by the teachers. When the rare instance occurred when a student thought to try and pick at him, they quickly learned just how impossible it was to get under his skin. It seemed like nothing bothered Connor at all.
There was one thing, however. Recently, he’d taken notice of another student, a boy in his same grade by the name of Markus. He’d seen him first when they were still in primary school, but hadn’t had the social graces to approach him, or even speak to him outside of a few very curt replies. Connor had been more than a little bit lacking in the social department, up until quite recently. 
Over the summer, he’d taken his usual refresher and prep courses for his upcoming classes, but he also picked up a book on how to have proper conversations. It was one thing to remain socially isolated as a kid, (it never bothered him), but now that he was getting older, and going to high school, no less, he thought it prudent to finally learn how to talk to people in a way that would make them comfortable. It wasn’t that he was shy, far from it. In the past, Connor was guilty of saying whatever came to mind, whenever it struck him to do so, (when his mother wasn’t around, at least.) This habit had not made him very popular. 
It was time to implement his new social tactics and make some friends. He decided it was time, for a number of reasons, not least of which being that his little brother, who had been his closest and only companion up until now, was suddenly becoming extremely annoying to Connor. He chalked it up to hormones, and tried his best not to be mean about it, but no matter what the cause, he had to get some space from his family. Making new friends seemed like the right way to go.
Concerning Markus, it wasn’t a random choice to pursue a friendship with him. Connor had taken notice of him on several occasions, since Markus had something of a reputation for getting involved in other people’s skirmishes. It was admirable, the way Markus was always so quick to try and diffuse a situation, regardless of whether it was his business or not. While Connor had noticed this about him, he never really thought too much about it, aside from being impressed with his courage and patience, but the thing that really sold him on Markus was much more shallow.
It was during registration, when they’d both happened to run into one another while exploring their new school. Markus had said, “Oh, hey Connor! Looks like we’ll be classmates again. I hope we’ll get to see a lot more of each other.” 
And that was that. Markus knew who he was and he said he hoped to see him more. All of a sudden, Connor felt a spark ignite inside his chest. He replied with something mundane, along the lines of, “It’s good to see you, Markus. I hope so too!” Taking a note from his book, Connor decided to follow up. “Do you want to walk with me..?” and after that, they just started talking; mostly about what classes they were going to take. 
That’s all it took for the two to become fast friends. Ever since that day, Connor thought about Markus almost non-stop. It was sometimes difficult to concentrate on his work, when his mind was busy making up fantasies about Markus. When the bell rang, Connor was on his feet, suddenly very alert, despite the nap. He was out the door and rushing to his next class, his favorite class. It was time for art, where he got to sit next to Markus and ask for his opinion all the time. 
He was bright eyed and bushy tailed when he arrived for his class, settling into his seat to eagerly wait for his crush.
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