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#this has been in my drafts for some time sooo
mean-scarlet-deceiver · 11 months ago
Traintober Day 13: “Lonely” (D5702, D5714, and Crow)
Oh, the Metrovicks think they have problems? Well, they do in fact. But now they’re about to get hit with the heavy. Call it perspective. 
Snippet only. The tone isn’t really all that bleak, but nevertheless:
tw: death, mortality
D5702 and D5714 had no idea what the orders were supposed to mean. They supposed they couldn’t possibly be as bad as some of the other engines gleefully predicted… at least, they put up a good front of dismissing all this as rubbish.
Their drivers were not much help. They spoke basic, too-ready encouragement, about how they were to be reunited with their whole family all in the same place, and to have their motor problems fixed once and for all.   
It sounded nice… but they were still losing the work they loved. During such a period is never the one to ask an engine to hunt silver linings. On the contrary, they were starting to develop considerable skepticism about the chances of them ever catching a real break. 
Then, too, D5714 had also caught their northern-end driver applying for a program to train staff on a new model of ‘Deltic’ diesels.   
So the brothers went unusually quiet, even for them. Naturally, their last week went smoothly as silk. It always did seem they were able to perform well when it made absolutely no difference.   
Their last day was spent showing the new Derby-Sulzer locomotives around, and then they had to give up their night train to them, left in the dark on a siding next to Crow. They were told kindly enough to rest for the next day’s journey, but after a whole day in idleness they hardly expected a simple run to Barrow to tax them. It was just as well. They doubted they should have slept, even if their motors had been turned off, and they had been free of Crow’s presence.   
Not that Crow seemed particularly crowy. There was not even a single I-told-you-so.   
“Well, hummers, I s’pose this is good-bye,” she said calmly. “You know, don’t you, that you’ll never be returned here? I hope your shop sorts you out proper, and you get another shot at service. But don’t hold out any foolish false hope to come back on the Condor.”   
“That,” said D5702 coldly, “remains to be seen.”   
She gave him a tired grin. “I reckon I was three years old once, too. It’s nice, when you still know everything. Well, maybe so, Metrovick. Maybe so. You have a look in your eye there, sometimes, Oh-Two—I’d stay out of your way. Anyway, the only thing I know for sure is that this is good-bye. Maybe you’ll come back. But I am going to die tonight. I’ve made up my mind to, you see.”   
D5714 and D5702 exchanged baffled glances. Then both their expressions closed off. They had already been the butt of far too many games and tricks in their short lives, and now by instinct they sealed themselves away, as Crow chatted on quite unhurriedly.   
“I’m sorry you two will have to wake to it, for you are decent lads, and I reckon you’ve not seen a dead loco before—at least, not seen one you’ve known alive. It’s a bit of a fright, the first time…”   
(Both the brothers got flashes of half-built and half-dismantled engines and ships from their workshop days... and with their motors running they couldn’t help a quite visible little shudder, as they eyed Crow warily.)   
“But I’d rather do it with you two than alone, or among fresh strangers,” Crow went on, untroubled. “And I reckon I’ve the right to be a little selfish, on the night of my own death. You just remember that it’s not as unnatural as it seems. It’s not unnatural one bit. What’s unnatural is when they condemn a loco before they come to the end of their life… that’s more convenient for everyone, but it ain’t natural, even when they do their best to be kind about it, and make sure the engine is quite out and unconscious… ‘s humane enough, I s’pose, but it’s not near so natural as letting the spirit depart when it’s good and ready. To say nothing of all this scrapping mania lately! Some of it is done in such a rush, you just know they can’t really be… well, anyway. Myself, I think I’d rather suffer but have the thing done quickly, anyway. But this is the very best way of all, and I’m going to get it. Tonight. I can tell, somehow. I’ve laid hold of the trick of it, I reckon—it’s not really about me ‘moving on’ at all. It’s really about me staying put, and letting the world turn on without me. That’s the trick of it. Less about moving… more about stopping. I’m all right with that. I love the world tonight, d’you know that? I’ve had a grudge against it for years. But tonight I’m awful fond of it. I’m just not… curious. I just sort of know it will get on all right without me, and I reckon my ego has finally recovered from figuring that out. I almost like this whole big world too much to stay in this silly little body. Maybe I’ll lose it all—but maybe for once I’ll get to see it all proper, too, the whole thing of it. That would be grand. It’s worth taking such a big risk, to be able to sort of grasp it all.”   
But D5702 gave D5714 a warning look, and D5714, though annoyed, capitulated without fuss.   
D5702 didn’t really think that Crow was going to die that night. That was just a bit of dramatic flair from a bored and increasingly morbid engine… although, to own the full truth, Crow's had never been a histrionic personality.   
But they all knew that her date soon would be set, and it seemed to D5702 that she could be indulged, this once.   
Anyway, what did it matter if they believed this was her time, if she believed it? No one who even merely fancied they were dying should be left to feel lonely or unheard.   
D5702 himself had never lacked the companionship of at least one of his brothers for a single hour of his life. He couldn’t fathom it, being as lonely as Crow must have been here over the years, many and many a night. 
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lanarist · 4 months ago
NSFW 18+ Plug! Dabi x Fem! Reader HC
Tumblr media
a/n: first off, minors DNI. Second, this is my first time posting any of my writing on any platform. I have so much shit on Wattpad that just sits in the drafts. I am not confident enough to publish my shit writing. I’m shocked that i am even doing this. But I thought about this while breaking up 🍃🍃 for a blunt. I’ve seen so many hcs/Drabbles of stoner Dabi. ....but what about plug dabi
Also I want to mention that I do not condone drug use unless for medical reasons. it helps me with my extreme anxiety. literally saved me. And I 100% do not condone drug dealing. Just wanna throw that out there before you read.
a/n: this shit is SOOO long I’m sorry. I worked on this for like three days.
Summary: literally brain rot. Dabi being your plug HC.
Warnings: drug use, intercourse, dumbafication, oral (f receiving), sexual themes, mentions of alcohol.
I feel like you would probably meet him at some house party. Full of people drunk and/or high off of drugs that were given at the party, the supplier being Dabi for said drugs.
He immediately noticed you when you joined the circle of people passing blunts around, thinking you definitely did not belong here. You looked so innocent with those unsure doe like eyes when a random guy passes the blunt to you.
Gravely mistaken when he watches you puff that blunt like a champ, not coughing up a lung once and throwing back alcohol like it was water. Good girl on the outside but bad girl on the inside? Holy fuck he thought you were hot. He’s gotta get to know you.
After the smoke sesh, he would pull you aside to introduce himself just to get close to you.
Would definitely give you his number saying, “if you ever need anything, hit me up. I got whatever ya need, doll.”
Anytime you text him needing something, he would get so excited. He would drop whatever he’s doing. It don’t matter if he’s in the middle of a sell, dead asleep, at his part time job extra cash, or early in the morning. He’s gonna give you what you’re asking of him asap.
Definitely giving you discounts even on his best shit. Original price for 10 grams is $100? He’s giving it to you for $50.
Also would throw in extra without your knowledge. One time you noticed he gave you three extra grams and tried to give it back to him. “‘S okay. Just keep it, doll.”
Plug dabi would definitely get jealous if you bought anything from anyone else besides him. He will make sure to give you shit for that.
If he doesn’t have what you need at that moment. Baby, he’s going to make sure he gets it by any means necessary if it means he gets to see you for a few minutes.
Will always bring the drugs to you wherever you’re at. No matter how many times you’ve told him you’ll meet him somewhere or come to his place. He doesn’t wanna inconvenience you.
He would always look for you at parties. Once found, he’s dragging you away from everybody to a vacant room, outside, or to his car. He wants to smoke with you alone.
Loves when the smoke rolls smoothly out of your mouth after you inhale it. Thinks you look god damn sexy with the smoke floating around you and your low red eyes look fucking adorable.
If there’s something new you wanna try lsd or shrooms etc, he’ll offer to be with you and to stay sober incase you have a bad trip.
He knows he’s completely infatuated with you, but will not admit it to his friends. Especially Keigo. “You’re fucking whipped.” “Shut the fuck up, Keigo.”
Absolutely hates it when some random dude hits on you at parties or even stands close to you. He’s pulling you away to smoke.
Finally gets the balls to text you one night to smoke with him. “I got some good shit this time, doll. Wanna smoke it with me?”
When he gets to your house, he’ll already have the blunts rolled, a pipe, or anything you want ready for you.
Will hold the blunt to your lips when it gets too small. gets a boner feeling how soft they feel. He doesn’t want you to burn your pretty fingers.
Loves that you match his energy when it comes to smoking. No one has been able to smoke as much as he does like you do.
When he starts to notice the looks you’re giving him, the way your eyelashes bat at him and the lustful look in your eyes. He decides he can’t hold back anymore.
He’ll grab your chin with his thumb and forefinger to face him, softly blowing smoke onto to your lips as he stares at you. Will roughly pull you in closer to smash his lips against yours after the smoke disappears.
Gently pushes you to lay back on your bed so he can hover over you and rest himself between your legs.
No high from any drug could compare to the soft whimpers and moans leaving your lips when he pushes his hips into yours. It was fucking music to his ears.
Absolutely snaps when you tug on his white hair. He’s tearing yours and his clothes off now.
And don’t you dare try to cover that beautiful body of yours. “Don’t hide from me now, baby.”
He’ll start leaving marks on your neck, then down to your breast, taking extra time sucking, licking, biting, and kissing on them.
When he gets down lower on your body, he’s happy to set that you’re already soaking, showing that you wanted this as much as him. He’ll wrap his arms around your thighs, setting them over his shoulders and will go to fucking work on your pussy.
Swears that he could’ve came on the spot from the moans and whimpers leaving your lips. Especially the moan that you let out when he added two of his fingers into the mix.
Will make it a point to constantly praise you while his tongue makes you feel like you’re higher than cloud 9. “You taste so fucking good.” “God, so fucking beautiful.”
Will stop right before you cum. “Nah, baby. I want you cummin on my cock.”
After he’s got you all ready for him, baby you are in for it. He’s waited so long for this fucking moment. He ain’t holding back. He’ll grab your throat tightly as he seethes himself into you. You both gasp at the feeling of pure ecstasy.
Loves your fucked out face. Tongue lolled out. Tears brimming your eyes. Little bit of drool dripping of the corner of your mouth. Hair a complete fucking mess from the many times he’s pulled on it.
His stroke game? GODLY. He’s thrusting into you like a god damn rabbit but he’s hitting all of the right places and it feels so fucking good.
100% rough but his words are the opposite. “You’re taking my cock so well, doll.” “Look so beautiful while I’m fucking ya dumb.” has a degradation kink but that’s for another time.
Aftercare with Dabi is pure heaven. He’ll hand you his shirt from off of the ground for you to wear. He’ll clean you up, light up a blunt for you two, and cuddle you until you both fall asleep.
Oh and, you definitely getting shit for free for now on.
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jeonbots · a month ago
AJAR (1) | Jungkook (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook - fem. reader
genre: angst, smut, fluff
warnings: demon!jungkook, nogitsune!jungkook, troubled!oc, minor character death, mentions of death, mention of a car accident, oc keeps nightmare-ing, jungkook is a fear demon, nogitsunes love chaos, mentions of sex, drinking, swearing, explicit sexual content such as oral (f receiving), fingering, breast playing, nipple sucking; dark rooms, blood, wounds, drugging, taehyung is a prick i'm sorry, poor oc just wants to sleep peacefully, jk won't let her, partying, overuse of the pet name ‘sugarplum’
words: 5k
a.n.: heyyyy! ik i was supposed to post that wizards of wavery place au but i havent finished it yet, i wasn't happy with it so i decided to change it up a bit. this story however has been in my drafts for about a year sooo here's the first part! it's gonna be a 2 part story :)))) enjoy
part two
/!\ UNEDITED /!\
You don’t remember the first time it happened. Or vaguely. Maybe five, six months ago? You’re not sure. But you do remember the darkness and the loneliness you felt at that moment. When you closed your eyes and you felt your body fall in an endless hole, skin itching uncomfortably. You had realized it itched because it was on fire, agony screeching out of your mouth and resonating in– in nothingness. And then you saw it. Its black, mundane eyes staring back at you like it was a hunter and you were its prey. You felt like suffocating until you had dug your nails into your palms hard to wake yourself up. Your body had jerked forward and you had screamed your lungs out until your throat burned, the tears streaming down your face uncontrollably. From this moment forward, you hadn’t sleep an entire night without waking up crying out loud in the middle of the night, your friend rushing to you. The first week, it was the same dream. The fall, your body on fire, the suffocating air, the piercing black eyes and your anxious and frightened awaking state.
The eighth night, you opened your eyes and found yourself on a cold floor, darkness surrounding you. You blinked a few times before adjusting to the poor lighting and suddenly your body shivered as you felt someone– or something– watching you intensely. You turned your head sideways trying to find the source of your discomfort but nothing was there. Until you heard it. A laughter. It was more of a snicker really, but it ran through your whole being, shaking your insides. The voice that had mocked you out loud had been so cold and dark, almost resembling a demon that you flinched. You tried to get on your feet but the cry that broke through you stopped you. You plopped back down on the floor, looking down at your body, taking in the deep cut and the blood pouring out of your right thigh.
“Help me! Please!” You cried, tears running down your face.
No response.
You lowered your head and sobbed. “I want to wake up.” You whispered, tears soaking your shirt.
Minutes, maybe hours passed. You weren’t sure. You just knew that you had stopped crying at some point. The wound on your leg didn’t seem to stop bleeding and you felt the life force being poured out of you everytime blood gushed out of your leg. You had laid back down on the cold marble, eyes closed and your arms and legs splayed out on the ground, resembling a starfish. The snicker from earlier returned and you abruptly opened your eyes, going in a sitting position and frenetically whipping your head around the area, searching for the source of your torments.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?”
The mocking grew closer and louder, and before you knew you were pulled back down on your back, breathe knocking out of you by the sheer force of the impact. You felt your arms move on their own accord, coming to lay against your sides as slender fingers grabbed your ankle and dragged you across the room, ignoring your pleas and cries for help.
“Let me in, sugarplum.”
It was softer than the snicker, but you still caught the dark timbre lying underneath.
Your body suddenly came to a halt and when you looked up, a large figure was towering over you. The jolt of surprise coming out of your mouth when the stranger bent down didn’t go unnoticed as you could make out rosy lips smirking right at you in the darkness. You shuddered as the stranger passed their fingers up your leg, ghosting over your wound before pressing down on it harshly with his palm. You cried out and tried to back off but your attempts were futile as two strong hands suddenly grabbed your hips, throwing you over a strong shoulder as they began to walk to some direction, you didn’t really know. You thrashed in the stranger’s hold, crying even more than before and before you knew, you were carelessly thrown on a mattress. Seconds later you heard footsteps and the click of a door, meaning you had been locked up in some room.
You sighed shakily as you glanced around the room. On your right, there was a small dusty bedside table with one drawer, a small lamp put on top of it and a box of matches right next to it. In the corner of the room, you could make out a maroon desk with some journals sprawled out on top of it and next to it a door closed, probably the one the stranger used to bring you here. However, on the opposite wall to your right there was another door. This one was slightly open. You frowned and forced yourself to get off the mattress, struggling to get on your feet. The second you were standing your legs gave away and you fell forward, landing on the nearest wall as your palms impacted your fall. The wall rubbed harshly against your skin as you let out a small cry, gasping at the pain running throughout your entire body.
How could a dream feel so real?
You brushed the thoughts off and started walking towards what you thought was your only way out of there, even if you knew deep down that it was not. You still were pretty much pressed against the wall, slowly making your way towards the strange door. When you finally reached it, you pressed a hand firmly against the wall as the other went to shakily grab the handle.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, sugarplum.”
You froze.
No. Please.
You didn’t move. Not an inch. Not even to open the door completely or to turn around to meet your captor. But you sensed him shifting closer until his front was pressed against your back, an arm snaking around your waist to keep you close as you closed your eyes instinctively. His breathe fanned over your shoulder, lips brushing against your ear.
“Do you really want to face your biggest fears now?” He whispered.
“Please... let me go...” You whimpered.
“This is not the way out, sugarplum.”
He grabbed at your hips and spun you around and you yelped when you were met with familiar black eyes. Your own eyes grew wide and you took a few steps back until your back hit the wall softly. Even in all this darkness, the only thing you could make out about his appearance was complete dark and cold set of eyes.
“If you want out,” he followed your steps until he was hovering above your fragile and wounded form, “you just gotta let me in.” He ducked his head into the space between your neck and shoulder, nipping at your earlobe.
“Who are you?” You breathe out, staring at an invisible dot at the wall opposite to the one you’re pressed against.
He chuckled against your ear and a shiver ran down your spine. Yeah, that was straight up demonic.
He pulled his head out of your neck and leaned an arm on one side of your head against the wall and brought the other one around your jaw, lifting your head up to meet his intimidating gaze.
“Your worst nightmare, sugarplum.”
Then he laughed. It rang loud enough in your ear and you could hear the darkness in his mocking tone as he turned around and walked away from you. And suddenly, you were screaming. Screaming as you sat up in familiar warmth, hands fisting your sheets and tears running down your face. Realization dawn upon you as your cries had lowered in volume and you quickly pushed the covers aside, relief washing over you as your right thigh was not wounded. No blood, no horrible deep cut that made you want to puke. Your breathing was labored as you whimpered, the door of your room opening in a hurry.
“Fuck.” Your friend cursed out before making her way to you, sitting on the bed.
“I–I’m fine, I’m okay. It’s okay.” You avoided her gaze, hand coming to wipe off the tears on your red cheeks.
“No, you’re not Y/N. How long are you gonna keep this up? It’s been a whole fucking week and I don’t fucking know what’s happening to you. It scares the shit out of me.” Henri softly grabbed your head in her two hands, turning your head to meet her gaze as she rubbed your cheeks with her thumbs in a comforting way.
You breathed out shakily. “I think I’m going crazy.” You whispered, lower lip trembling as the tears threatened to spill out again.
“Let’s get you some help. Please.” She pleaded as she bore her eyes into yours. You nodded after a long minute and you saw the look of relief wash over your best friend’s face. She leaned forward as she pressed a kiss to your forehead then engulfing you in his arms. You rested your head on her shoulder as she rubbed your back.
“So, what happened before the incident?”
Three weeks later you were in seated in a beige sofa– a pretty comfy one, you had to admit– for your fourth therapy session with an older woman facing you on her baby pink armchair, her auburn hair styled up in a neat bun, a white dress-shirt tucked in a surprisingly colorful long skirt covering her legs as she had crossed one over the other. You learned after your first session that she liked fashion, noticing that her outfits were always on point and that she definitely should give you some advice. When you had woken up this morning, you had taken a quick shower and thrown on a grey sweater with matching grey sweatpants, not bothering to put make-up on. Why would you? You were about to talk about your deepest fears with a total stranger. You were glancing at the clock hung up on the wall nervously before she spoke up again at your silence.
“I can’t help you if you won’t talk to me, Y/N.” Her tone was soft and you felt your throat tighten.
You cleared your throat rather awkwardly. “Uh, I was out with some friends.” You nodded mostly to yourself but she hummed, telling you that she was all ears even though she was sometimes glancing down at her notepad to write something. “And, uh, there was this new club that opened on South Lake. We wanted to check it out and we were dressed accordingly so... we went. When we arrived there, the club was pretty full and we lost track of each other at some point... Uh, and I was pretty drunk. So I made out with a friend of mine and we uh, fucked. Yeah, pretty intense fuck if you ask me.” You laugh awkwardly as you saw the corner of her mouth twitch upwards. She was comforting, somehow.
“So yeah, I fucked the guy then I called my br-”
The words died in your throat as you froze. Clarisse felt you tense under her stare but nothing changed on her face.
“You were going to talk about your older brother, Jason?”
You lowered your head and started fidgeting with your fingers placed in your lap, gulping as you felt your eyes water. You hadn’t realized in your storytelling that you were going to have to bring up that subject at some point. You nodded shakily, a few tears rolling down your cheeks.
“I should’ve never done that.” You whispered and the last words came out in a broken whimper. The woman opened her mouth, about to talk but was cut off by your sudden voicing.
“Is it over yet?” Clarisse jumped slightly at the way you had abruptly raised your head, looking at the awful clock as you brought your hands to your face to wipe off the tears with the sleeves of your sweater.
“Oh,” you fake-heartedly laughed, cheeks still stained with wetness, “would you look at that! It’s been an hour already.”
“Goodbye, Ms. Blackwood.”
You had already grabbed your bag and bolted out of the door as Clarisse sat on her chair, dumbfounded.
You never went back to therapy. A small part of you felt bad for leaving the kind woman in her confusion but the other part– the larger one– was relieved you didn’t have to go through painful memories anymore.
College isn’t as hard as you’ve imagined. Ever since your brother’s death you had found the world of books and words fascinating. At first, your roommate would ogle at you like you were some kind of wild animal who had escaped from the zoo then she understood the change in behavior. You were quite the party girl before the car crash; always going out with friends, having fun in summer homes or going to frat parties. And now you’ve become what people call a ‘bookworm’. Of course, it doesn’t take your mind off the horrendous and painful nightmares you’re having every night, but it helps get yourself distracted from the intense ache in your chest. At first you had tried booze to keep your mind off the terrible monsters haunting you but all it did was giving you painful aftermath headaches and a horrible sinking feeling in your stomach. The last time you got really drunk, you threw up your entire stomach in some random front lawn and you collapsed on the grass, dazing off to a sleeping state. And your eyes closed slowly until you woke up in a familiar dark room, pleading and begging to be released.
You swore you’d never drink again.
“Y/N!” A warm breathe tickles the side of your face and you turn your head sideway to face the person who’s arm is draped around your shoulders, the other coming to settle around your waist, clinging to you loosely.
“You’re drunk,” you state, looking at your friend’s giggling form.
“And you’re not,” she pouts as she leans a bit more on your frame. “Come on, get drunk with us Y/N.” Her words are slurred.
“Henri,” you sigh. Your nightmares aren’t unknown to your friend, in fact, when it first happened, she was the first person you called, your sobbing making her heart ache through the receiver. She had decided to join you that night, knocking at your door fifteen minutes later, hands full of junk food and candy. You had spent majority of the night laughing and eating your fears away, Henri wanting to make you feel better. After that night, she’d decided to move in with you.
You look down your half-empty cup, the brown-ish liquid taunting you. You can practically see its mocking smile, waves of gold beaming through the dark beverage. “You know I won’t.” Before she can protest though, her warmth disappears and you hear her gasp and you see from the corner of your eyes the boy you recognize as her boyfriend Justin pressing his lips against hers, silently rolling your eyes.
The living room is packed with people grinding against each other, kissing in corners or going up the stairs, probably to fuck their sexual frustration away. Justin’s frat house always throws the most anticipated parties in the campus, and of course Henri wouldn’t miss it for the world. They’re like– the must-go parties, house full of free booze and weed in every corner, half of the campus always attends them. You hadn’t gone to a party in forever though, still traumatized by the last time you were blackout drunk but Henri had insisted the whole week and you said yes just a few hours ago. You didn’t feel like dressing up but she almost screamed at you to at least make an effort and you settled on a high-waisted black denim skirt that stops mid-thigh and a black tube top tucked underneath with some white sneakers after a long hour of Henri rummaging through your closet.
Turning your head to the familiar voice, you smile as the dark-haired man you’ve grown to appreciate the company of walks towards you with his own beaming smile.
“Oh, I’ve missed you!” He engulfs you in his arms as you giggle before awkwardly patting his back with your free hand.
“I’ve missed you too, Taehyung.”
Justin was the one to introduce you to Taehyung at his birthday party three years ago. He had been Justin’s drug dealer for quite a few years and he had been hooking you up ever since. Deciding to stop doing drugs ultimately made you stop calling Taehyung for weed and cocaine, and you two lost touch as the months went by.
“It’s been– what, about a year?” He says as he steps back, rubbing the back of his neck. You briefly glance at his appearance, loose black dress shirt and the tight fitting jeans hanging on his hips. The shirt’s collar is large enough to have his collarbone peeking out of the fabric, your thighs clenching under your skirt. You skillfully hide your evident arousal as you learned to do over the years and look back up only to find yourself squirming when you notice his lingering gaze on your breasts covered by the thin fabric of the tube top. He slowly licks his lips and you bite back a whine, your slick arousal already starting to seep through your panties and onto your inner thighs.
“Ten months,” you correct with an apologetic smile on your lips.
“Yeah,” he looks back into your eyes at your words and nods before looking around the place, not an ounce of shame taking over his features for being caught staring. “Uh, I haven’t had the chance to, uh, say it but I’m sorry for your loss.”
You gulp as you look down at your drink. “Thanks–”
“W-well not the chance but you know what I mean.”
You giggle as you shake your head. “It’s okay. Thank you, Tae. It really means a lot.”
Memories flood through your mind as you recall the times you would get high with Henri, Justin, Taehyung and a few other friends before the accident, all spread out on the couch and the carpet of some random house as you’d talk and laugh about basically anything. You’d say those were the happiest moments of your life and you’d do anything to turn back time and have this short yet vivid moment of happiness running through your veins just one more time, dopamine spreading through your whole being. And those nights you had spent in Taehyung’s bed, his cock pounding your walls as he sucked bruises onto your skin, the delicious drag of his length sending you over the edge.
As if answering your– unwanted –prayers, Taehyung slowly approaches you with a sly smirk, a hand propped on the counter beside your hip as he leans over your figure. You look up at him quizzically.
“I thought maybe,” he licks his lips as he glances down at your lips and back at your eyes, “you’d want to have some fun.”
You raise an eyebrow as his free hand digs into his jeans’ pocket, a small plastic bag dangling from his fingers as he lifts his hand at eyes level. You’d recognize those blue pills anywhere.
“C’mon, Y/N. Just one, like old times.”
The hand that was on the counter comes hovering your neck, his slender fingers softly caressing the skin there. You shudder as his palm grabs your nape more firmly, his thumb rubbing the side of your neck.
His sudden lips on your ear clamps your mouth shut and your eyes flutter, the lids closing as he starts to suck on the lobe. The grip on your half-empty cup weakens and you hastily put it down on the counter behind you, a few droplets of alcohol spilling on the marble. He presses his chest against yours as he starts kissing down your neck, licking and sucking until he reaches your collarbone where he vacuums the skin in his pink-tinted lips, a whimper making its way past your own. His arms snake around your waist and press you even harder against him as you grab his biceps for leverage, his hard-on poking at your thigh as you gradually let your head fall back.
You don’t notice the small blue pill he manages to sneakily drop into your beverage, its shape dissolving in the drink to slowly disappear into the abyss of its intoxication.
“Holy fuck.”
Your back arched against the mattress and your eyes closed in unadulterated bliss as Taehyung laps at your clit, you moan shamelessly as your hips jerk at each flick of his tongue against your cunt. He hungrily devours your sex and your buzzed state doesn’t protest even after your third orgasm. You still haven’t touched his cock.
“Ho– fuck– Tae, stop, I can’t– ngh– too much.”
He reluctantly leans away from your pussy, mouth and chin covered in your juices as he hovers your fucked out state, his smirk growing wider as he wipes your arousal off his face with the back of his hand.
“I still gotta fuck you full of my cum, baby.”
You release a shaky breath as you bite your lower lip, one hand seductively traveling down the expense of his chest through his shirt as your lust-painted eyes drink in his features. As you reach down his jeans, you subtly grab his crotch as you palm his hardened length, his breathing growing heavier.
“You’re still that needy?” He chuckles and you nod, boring your eyes into his as you lean forward to pepper kisses on his jaw.
You whine when his deft fingers rub your slit, coating his digits with your cum. “Fuck me, please. It’s been so long.”
“I know baby, I know.” He suddenly shoves two fingers in your sloppy hole, a moan slipping past your lips. “Gotta stretch you first for my cock.”
The sudden yet pleasurable stretch has your eyes rolling back in your skull, his skillful fingers pumping in and out of your heat at a delirious pace as your hands fist the sheets beneath you. His thumb comes rubbing at your clit and your hips jerk in his palm, loud moans escaping your parted lips. The stretch of a third finger in your walls has your orgasm spiraling at full speed, untamed pleasure hitting you for the fourth time tonight, your lips parting in a silent scream as you plop your head back down on the sheets.
“Fuck,” the man curses under his breath as he lazily fucks you through your climax, his own hard-on becoming way too painful. You slowly catch your breath as his fingers slip out of your heat and he presses his hips into yours, your thighs caging his waist.
You smile up at him through closed eyes, your high slowly descending and when your heartbeat regains its original pace, you open your eyes.
And your smile falters.
Familiar cold dark orbs are staring right back at you instead of the warm brown of Taehyung’s pupils, and you try to squirm away but find it impossible as the same invisible force pins you down.
“I– you–”
He chuckles.
“Sugarplum, long time no see.” His hand strokes your hair and you whimper, your legs still locked around the man’s waist.
“Please,” you whisper weakly, a tear rolling down your cheek.
“I don’t want to hurt you, sugarplum.”
In this new lighting and his proximity, you can see the man’s face clearer than any of the previous encounters. As he leans forward to nose at your cheek, you can finally see his features and your lips part in shock.
His eyes are beautiful. A dazing shape, his dark orbs morphing into soft doe eyes, the tip of his nose almost kissable and his lips– God, his lips look delicious. Soft, plump lips so inviting, and you can’t help the hand hovering his face, your fingers gently caressing his plumpness. His dark hair falls messily around his head and you have the sudden urge to comb your fingers through his locks just to feel the silk-like strands through your digits.
He is demonically magnificent.
His free hand reaches to envelop your curious one, his eyes boring into yours. You shudder under his gaze and instead of cowering, you bring your other hand to push a strand away from his forehead.
“See? I’m no monster.” He smiles sweetly– almost too sweetly– and you gulp.
“What do you want from me?”
“I’ve told you countless times, sugarplum.”
His hand slides to your wrist in a harsh grip and you gasp as the other hand curls around your neck, squeezing your throat as he cuts off your air supply.
“Let me in.”
You whimper as the grip on your throat is unbearable, making you writhe under his hold. His hips ruth into yours and your naked cunt rubs against the material of his pants harshly, the outline of his obviously hard cock digging into your slit. As you feel yourself slowly falling into unconsciousness, he releases your throat and ascends down to your collarbone, reaching your tube top and pulling it down, a moan vibrating through his chest at the sight of your bare breasts. Each of his hand cups your mounds, his thumbs and forefingers pinching each pebbled nipple as you whine, your teeth caging your lower lip in a futile attempt to keep quiet. He notices that and releases a breast to harshly slap your thigh around his waist. You jolt in surprise and look at him with wide eyes.
“Don’t hold back. You sounded so sweet earlier.”
He doesn’t let you respond as he dives his head in, taking a nipple into his mouth to suck on the mound as he squeezes the other with his hand, pinching the nub in between his fingers. The moan that escapes your lips is unraveling, your hips automatically grinding against his in hope to find purchase. When he’s done with one breast, he does the same to the other one before pulling away, a hand stroking your hair affectionately as he stares at you.
“So beautiful.”
The blush on your cheeks isn’t going unnoticed and he smirks, his gaze lingering on your breasts heaving due to your ragged breathing. He then looks back up at your face before leaning forward and gently pecking your lips in a close-mouthed kiss, once, twice, then he starts trailing down your jaw to your neck, sucking bruises for everyone to see. You whine as you thread your fingers in his hair, and before you register it he has plunged two fingers in your heat, your stomach clenching to oversensitivity.
You moan as you buck your hips in his hand, surprised to even have enough energy to respond to the demon’s ministrations. His fingers are thick enough to hit all the right places and when his thumb strokes your engorged clit, your fifth orgasm of the night couldn’t have come sooner, a drawn-out moan escaping your swollen lips. As your walls squeeze his fingers deeply in your pussy, he groans above you before planting kisses down your throat. Leaning away from your neck as he pulls his fingers out, your arousal drips down his digits and you see strings of your slick juices connecting them when he parts them. Embarrassment manifesting in the red of your cheeks, you stare at the man happily lapping at his arousal-coated fingers, his pink lips wrapped around the skin.
“H–how did I get here?” You quietly ask as soon as your breathing came to normal. His furrowed eyebrows encourage the next words flowing past your lips, his digits falling free from the grip of his lips.
“I– I wasn’t asleep nor drunk and–”
The entire evening you made sure that you weren’t drinking too much, even had Justin’s special party booze out of tonight’s menu. Surely, you would remember if you had fallen asleep. Wait, had you passed out while Taehyung was fucking you? No way, you weren’t drunk. You hadn’t taken any substance or drugs or pills-
Pills. Blue, soft, dangerous pills.
Realization hits you in the guts and you suddenly find it hard to breathe. The way he had kissed your neck, your momentarily forgotten cup on the counter, his wandering hands–
“He,” you whisper, breath hitching as you choke out a whimper, “he drugged me?”
Gently, he places a kiss on your cheek. “Sugarplum.”
“He– he drugged me, and that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” The aching in your chest is too much for your heavy state and you start blinking away tears you didn’t know had started to pool at the corner of your eyes.
He sighs above you, his breath fanning over your face. Plopping down on the space next to you on the bed as he frees himself from the grip your thighs had around him, his hand gently strokes your naked waist until he reaches your breast, softly rubbing the skin as his thumb lightly flicks over your nipple. In an attempt to soothe your pain, you assume.
Trust is overrated, you conclude.
Here you are; crying over a man you’d learn to like over the past few years as the man you’ve been running from comforts your burning heart.
“It is,” he affirms and you don’t even question how he managed to answer your unspoken thoughts. The sob that breaks past your lips is heart wrenching and you bring your hands to your face, covering the entirety of it as the tears flow freely down your face.
He turns to you and envelops your shaken form in his embrace, your chest pressed against his as he runs a soothing hand down the expanse your bare back. And that’s how you fall asleep that night, without the nightmare that usually haunts your sleepless mind and instead, you find solace in the very man you’d grown to despise.
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your-average-weeb-dealer · 8 months ago
sooo.... do you have any inosuke stuff? like drafts? i've got some prompt ideas (if you want them) BUT MORE INOSUKE PLEASE! I NEED MORE AGGRESSIVE BOAR BABY IN MY LIFE!!
This has been sitting in my drafts for so long and I would love to hear your ideas!
What a kiss means (inosuke x singer reader)
anime: demon slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)
Style: imagine
genre: fluff
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
Fluttering words flew through the forest. Soft words gently graced the wood of the nearby trees. Wispy hums and meaningless expressions cleansed the air as the gruesome, violent, unkind world seemed to be a world of peace and wonder. For those few minutes or hours, everything was perfect, at least four creatures who heard you.
One of those creatures was Inosuke Hashibira. Sitting by a nearby tree, half asleep, listening to the silky words- enchantments if you will. But suddenly, without warning- you stopped. The words harsh intentions seemed to roll back in like waves on a beach.
Sighing, you stood up. Letting the dirt and leaves fall off your clothes. you sauntered away.
“H-HEY! Why’d you stop?!” Inosuke’s voice rang throughout the imaginary walls of the small clearing you were in.
“Inosuke?” You said, looking around to see where his voice came from. “Where are you?”
“Over here! Now keep doing that thing!!” Scuttling out from behind a bush, he pointed at you. “Do it again!”
“Do what?” You questioned, your eyes revealing a puzzled expression. “Oh, do you mean singing?”
“Yes! Do it now, I command you!” in a rush he was already by your side.
He eagerly sat there like a puppy waiting for its owner. You were too shocked to even say anything- was he really listening to you the entire time?
“Well?!” growing impatient he moved closer. His mask inches from your face. That damn mask; it was honestly so hideous.
“Take off your mask and I will,” You said, a slick smile curling your lips. You couldn’t sing looking at the mask anyway, it just made you feel weird- who wouldn’t feel weird staring at a boar’s face?
“Huh? No, just do it! I don’t Wanna take it off,” He pouted.
“Well, I won’t sing while looking at that stupid mask!” you stubbornly crossed your arms. “Look Inosuke, it’s just me. Nobody else is going to see your face,”
He contemplated the idea for a while. He didn’t want to take off his mask; it was a sign of his strength and courage. Despite that, he wanted to hear your voice again.
“fine,” he grumbled. Slowly taking off his mask, letting his gorgeous face meet yours. His hair gently reached his shoulders. “Now, can you do it?” he was far more embarrassed than before now realizing how close you were.
“y-yeah,” you slowly said. A little stunned by how easily he caved in. God, he’s so pretty
You continued the song from where you had ended. The velvety words stilling from your mouth like an overflowing sink.
Inosuke closed his eyes. Swaying to the melody you were producing. He even hummed along with it. Although his eyes were closed, yours were wide open. How could you look away? He’s so fucking beautiful. In all honesty, you were jealous of his looks.
But maybe it was something about his determination that made you fall for him. Yeah, “fall”. You loved Inosuke. It had been hard to come to terms with it- the fact being that he was completely clueless when it came to these things.
Just as you were wondering off into song. Your eyes slowly closing, head tilting upwards to look at the sky. Inosukes opened, he watched your lips move in the patterns of gentle words. Your lips just looked so soft, he wanted to touch them. So what did he do?
He extended his arm out and let his pointer finger drag vertically down your soft mouth. Your eyes darted open. What the fuck did he just do?
He didn’t really care that you had stopped. He was too busy holding your face as his hand went to your cheek, his other went to rest on your opposite cheek. How were you so soft? Your skin felt like that of an angels- so soft, so gentle, so kind. Was it even possible for skin to feel kind? Well, yours did.
“Inosuke I-” a blush dusted your face. He looked at you curiously, as if he didn’t know what he was doing to you.
In an instant your lips met his. You just couldn’t take it anymore. You needed to kiss him, even if he didn’t understand what you kissing him meant, you needed to show him how you felt. Maybe he could ask Tanjiro or Zenitsu about it later. They could explain what you meant- what a kiss meant.
The kiss was longer than you expected; he tugged your waist and forced his face into yours. Your lips were so soft- why hadn’t he thought of this sooner. Sure, it was a weird idea having your lips together. He had always wondered what your lips felt like though, and lemme just say. Damn, they felt good against him.
He was a little confused when you pulled away and looked like a tomato. Were you sick? Did you have a fever?
He was clueless. But later he would find out that what you did was your way of saying you had feelings for him, which he would tell you after he returned the same ones.
(A/n: sorry if this low-key sucks, I’m running on 3 hours of sleep and 5 cups of coffee)
Requests are open
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ilummoss · 4 months ago
I had a question, I just saw your most recent luminara post and me and my mom just watched landing on point rain and the one after and she didn’t seem to take either one too well she said that both of their views was extreme and luminara let go to quickly. She only watches with me. I want to help her understand more bc I love luminara and I want her too. Can you help??
Oooh boy. This ask have been languishing in my drafts for an embarrassingly long time, and I’m so sorry for it anon. I think I’ve had some troubles articulating my views on this in part because they’ve moved around a bit. But today was apparently the day that I finally found the energy and head space to finish this post up ^^
*  *  *  *  *
Ah, the joy and pain of watching a series together with a loved one that doesn’t share in our loves and likes. I don’t know what my chances are of convincing your mom, but I am going to take this chance to talk about Luminara and how much I like her, and why ^^
To start with, Lumi (@gffa) has also written a great meta post on this episode, that I also recommend people check out because it’s, you know, good 😁.
As for the actual subject at hand... Well, personally I would say that Luminara does give up a bit too quickly. She and Anakin gets the padawans’ message, they see the factory go down, and she can sense them fade away... Luminara’s first instinct here isn’t to hold onto the hope of being able to save them, it’s to prepare for the pain. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this matches up neatly with her reaction in the following episode, after she’s been captured by the zombie bugs. 
Tumblr media
Luminara isn’t super good at the hoping against all odds part. It’s a weakness of hers, she leans towards cutting the costs early, rather than risking more hoping to prevent the loss. And I think this is a big part of what she likes so much about Anakin and Ahsoka. Which, it’s very clear in this episode that she likes Anakin. Almost all of their interactions are brimming with fondness from her. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anakin has this fighting spirit in heaps, and he is helping Ahsoka further develop her capacity for the same. (For Anakin it’s unfortunately also connected to his penchant for attachment and near inability to let go. We see this in this very episode as well, when Anakin keeps on getting darker and darker the longer the search for the padawans continue.) Luminara seems to greatly admire this trait in them, this strength of spirit and hope that she does not have. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But she also draws strength from it herself. After Anakin gives his last reassurance that they will rescue the padawans, Luminara also gets up, and she does this small, muted smile at his back.
Tumblr media
(Is this knowledge of her micro-expressions a sign that I’ve probably gone over this episode a few times too many, as the prime source of Luminara screen time? Yes, and it’s all worth it! 💚)
Past this moment, Luminara seems to be just as invested and active in the search as Anakin is. (Which to be honest, seems to be mostly supervision and standing guard, as the actual machinery used to clear the path are operated by clone troopers. Anakin manages to squeeze in some worried pacing as well though, in a stellar example of multi-tasking.) She appears to have drawn strength from his example and hope. 
Which is also why I think we see her be genuinely annoyed at him for a few seconds towards the end, as the padawans are climbing up and he again accuses her of having given up on them. 
Tumblr media
After her initial moment of despair, Luminara was also committed to the search, she just didn’t forget about the very real possibility that, despite all their best efforts, saving the padawans might still not be possible. And this is the point that they clash multiple times on, because Anakin, due his own great difficulties with letting go, cannot accept this as having had hope at all, even though it was he himself that restored it to her. 
She tried to explain it to him earlier as well, but it just isn’t a point that Anakin is very willing to be receptive to. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s also interesting to note how Anakin at first frames Luminara’s initial lack of hope as abandoning, when Luminara’s initial crisis was about the possibility of saving them. “if my padawan has perished” she says here. Perished, past tense. For Luminara this is about how there might be nothing she can do, and the struggle to hope despite that. Anakin is instead ascribing himself a lot agency in this situation, with talking about how he “won’t let Ahsoka die”. We see the outline of the idea that death should be within his power to stop if he just tries hard enough. That there might just be nothing he can do, that even the best attempt of the entire world might not change the outcome of this... it is just not something he is willing to accept as even a possibility. Which is probably a contributing factor to how they end up talking past each other to some degree in these conversations.
Now, Luminara isn’t completely devoid of fighting spirit of her own, we certainly see it in her when she’s chasing after Poggle for example. But, she is at her core a pretty melancholy person. Like if Luminara was a character in Inside Out her lead emotion would be sadness. And I love this part of her, I love the vibe it gives to both her calm and her warmth. 
I hope your mom can join you in your love of Luminara, because it’s nice to get to share things and loving things together with people we love, but if she’s impossible to convince, know that there are plenty of us here on the internet internet willing to love Luminara with you! ^^
💚 💚 💚
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authornina · 27 days ago
Pie Session: Vant & Adrianna
Tumblr media
“So...” Dr. Pie said wanting to break the awkward ice. “When was the last time you two spent time together?” 
“Hm...” Adrianna thought. “Maybe...ummm...” 
“Three years ago,” Vant answered since his mother wanted to put on an act. “And I wouldn’t call it spending time.” 
“You haven’t seen your mother in three years?”
“Nah, I’ve seen her, but we didn’t say shit to each other.” 
“Why is that?” 
“My son has it in his mind that his childhood was sooo terrible and I was just an awful mother when I did the best I could. I was sixteen years old when I had him.” 
“I already told you how she was man,” Vant shrugged. “Everything in my head and she didn’t do shit wrong.” 
“Adrianna, what made you come today?” 
“His fiancé called me up. You know what was so sad? I didn’t know he was getting married, I didn’t even know my own son had three children.” 
“What did Ivy say?” 
“She invited me to their engagement party.”
“Did you attend? That was about three, four months ago, right Vant?” Dr. Pie asked. She could tell he didn’t want to be there. 
“I wasn’t able to make it.” 
“Tell her why,” Vant encouraged. “Tell her why you couldn’t come.” 
“My other son by my husband wasn’t feeling well.” 
“You have other children?” 
“Just my son, Leo.” 
“Vant, were you aware you had a brother?” 
“I didn’t think it was a big deal whether I showed up or not. Avant doesn’t like me all in his business anyway.” 
“Has he always been that way?” 
“She don’t know. Ask her anything important about me and she wouldn’t be able to tell you shit.” 
“Why must you always be combative?” Adrianna asked him.
“Please drop the act bro, just because you married some white lawyer nigga don’t mean you ain’t shit no more. Puttin’ on tryna be this perfect mother when we both know you wasn’t a mother to me. You only had me to keep a nigga.” 
“That’s not true.” 
“Adrianna, if I may ask, what was your relationship like with his father?” 
“Hassan and I were in love he was the kindest man--” 
“I’m not about to sit here if this bitch gon’ keep lyin’.” 
“Avant!” Adrianna yelled at him. “Don’t you talk to me like that!” 
“Okay, let’s remain calm and refrain from names, Vant,” Dr. Pie intervened. She’d seen him upset plenty but the anger displayed with his mother present was something else. He actually looked mean and that wasn’t the Vant she’d grown to know. “Now tell me, what do you think your mother is lying about?” 
“Yo she’s delusional as fuck! My Daddy was not in love with her ass. God rest his soul and I love him to death but that nigga was not fuckin’ kind bro and he treated her like shit! I saw it with my own eyes!” 
“Hassan wasn’t perfect,” Adrianna said, smoothing out the lines in her skirt. Vant didn’t know who in the hell this person was sitting next to him but it wasn’t the evil bitch that barely raised him.
“Your son seems to remember his childhood differently.” 
“Avant has always been outspoken with a smart mouth and was very disrespectful as a child. They all were.” 
“Where do you think they got that from?” 
“I don’t have a clue.” 
“Yo,” Vant laughed. “You see what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout? This why I don’t even deal with her. She live in La La Land. You don’t know how me and my brothers got this way?” 
“Vant...” Dr. Pie could see the anger building. “Let’s remain calm.” 
“I’ma just go, because this not good for me.” 
“What isn’t good for you, Vant?” 
“Being around her, listening to her lie and act like she don’t know what the fuck I’m talkin’ bout!” Vant got up and damn near kicked the door down. You could hear him yelling at Ivy about not making him do no bullshit like that again. 
“What happened?” Ivy asked coming in the office. “I knew you was gonna upset him,” she said, glaring at Adrianna. “You can’t acknowledge your own son’s feelings?!” Ivy had been with Vant for years and that day was her first time meeting his mother face to face. She didn’t like her already though. This was strike two, the first one was not showing up to their engagement party.
“I showed up like you asked, he got upset because I don’t dwell on the past anymore. Avant needs to get over it.” Adrianna grabbed her purse prepared to go. 
“Or maybe I should get over there and beat your ass!” 
“Ivy, that’s enough,” Dr. Pie told her, standing up. “It just wasn’t the right time...Adrianna, thank you for coming.” 
“My pleasure,” Adrianna got up and Ivy didn’t move out of her way. 
“Ivy...” Dr. Pie said in a motherly tone.
“You lucky I’m a changed woman.” Ivy stepped to the side letting her leave. “Now I gotta go home and deal with this bullshit.” 
“Why did you suggest Vant do this with his mother?” 
“I don’t know,” Ivy sat down. “I thought it would be good for him to finally get it all out with the person who hurt him the most. Lake did it and Avery said--” 
“You all share me and how many times do I have to tell you, what works for one will not work for the other? You all set Lake as the standard and now we have Miss Chi doing the same thing.” 
“We can’t help it!” Ivy laughed and Dr. Pie joined her. “Lake is such an amazing testament of therapy.” 
“I appreciate that but I have to agree with Vant, this wasn’t good for him, Ivy. Lake chose to heal with his mother. He did it when he was ready, don’t make Vant do things he doesn’t want to do. His mother is a very sore spot for him. This is something he will need to come to terms with at his own speed.” 
“I feel bad now,” Ivy sighed. “He’s mad at me.” 
“Would you like me to talk to him before you go?” 
“No, I got it. I’ll throw a little coochie on him, he’ll feel better.” 
“Lord,” Dr. Pie laughed. “Well okay...good luck and tell Vant to call me if he needs a pick me up.” 
Ivy approached the car cautiously seeing Vant on the phone shouting at whomever he was speaking to. When she got in it was clear he was talking to Wreck.
“Bro, you shoulda heard that bitch I don’t why he is the way he is,” he said, mocking his mother. “I don’t hate noboby in this world but Adrianna, I can not stand that bitch!” 
“Vant, calm down,” Ivy told him and he looked at her like she was crazy. He put Wreck on speaker.
“Aye, Ivy! Why you make my brother sit down with that bitch?” Wreck yelled. “Y’all gettin’ out of hand with this therapy bullshit now! We get it, muhfuckas need help but don’t overstep your muhfuckin--” 
“Who the fuck is you talkin’ to?! I can step, stomp, whatever the hell I please behind Avant Mykeil Porter! This MY MAN!” 
“And that’s my brother!” 
“Vant, you better take him off speaker before I fuck you up! And Wreck, we not cool no more!” 
“I don’t give a fuck! Learn ya muhfuckin’ place--” Wreck got cut off by Vant hanging up on him.
“You let Wreck talk to me like that?”
“Come on man, you know how he is.” Vant didn’t make a big deal out of it because Wreck and Ivy had gotten into plenty. They would squash it like always. His brother loved Ivy depsite some of the shit she did that got on his nerves.
“I don’t care! I was trying to help you and wait until I see Wreck, I’ma mop the floor with his ass!” 
“You ain’t gon’ do shit, shut up.” 
“Vant...I didn’t think it would be that bad.” 
“It’s like nobody believe me when I tell them about her. What y’all think I made the shit up? What Pie say that shit called?”
“YES! Y’all muhfuckas gaslight me!” 
“I’m sorry babe, truly.” Ivy grabbed his hand. “I just know that the way she treated you still bothers you.”
“Oh well! I’ma grown ass man!” 
“I just thought--” 
“No, you didn’t think. You so busy tryna make me like Lake! Keep up with this shit and I promise that lil friendship y’all got will be dead!” 
“Oh now you just sound ridiculous...and jealous.” 
“Fuck I gotta be jealous for?” 
“I’m just sayin’ you act like it’s an issue that I’m friends with your brother. You don’t be this way when I hang out with Wreck or Sav and Dem. Hell! I’ve been alone with Daly and we both know he want this ass!” 
“You think you real funny, don’t you? You and Lake like to talk about me behind my muhfuckin’ back! That’s the problem!” 
“Lake never even brings you up. I’m the one who be wanting the juice and he actually tells me to ask you myself.” 
“For real?” Vant smiled. “I knew my brother loved me.” 
“You are so childish,” Ivy shook her head. “Do you forgive me?” 
“There ain’t shit to forgive. You tried, I appreciate you for that shit just don’t ever use my love for you to get me to do something like this again.” 
“Okay, it will never happen again. I appreciate you for trying though.” 
“ you gotta suck my dick when we get home. I’m emotionally distressed.” 
“Why wait until we get home?” Ivy asked, giving him the look and he put the windows up. “Don’t touch my hair, I just it done.” 
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tolbyccian · 4 months ago
Thinkin abt your 2 of them archivist au (as I often do) and how you said Sasha and Mike crew would get along (excellent take btw) and then I thought 'oh well Sasha definitely doesn't like daisy then' (assuming Mike dies in the au as well) and like. Now I'm thinking abt all the interactions Sasha never got to have with Basira, Georgie, daisy, etc. We get a mention of her and Melanie but it's just one line. Idk I'd love to hear your take on how she'd interact with the other archival assistants! Even her and Elias after realising he's Actually Evil instead. Just kind of a dick. (also, your content is lovely! Have a wonderful day!! <3)
this has been sitting in my drafts for a thousand years because i wanted to see how the series resolved before i made some decisions! i think sasha surviving s1 would change a lot about the future dynamics of the archival staff in general, would probably drastically change the need for basira or daisy to be hired at all (they'll be around! just different!), lots of things i'm still thinking through. georgie's involvement with sasha and jon will be tied really tightly to melanie's for me and is one i def want to talk more about eventually!
this is a little less about your broad question and more me taking advantage of you to do an s2 character analysis on melanie to justify what i want her relationship with sasha and jon to be, please bear with me!
melanie's demeanor in season 2 absolutely enthralls me, and what could have shifted with sasha still alive around then just ENCHANTS me. even if it took georgie's endorsement, the fact that melanie returns to jon at all with updates on her research, reputation and intentions just assuming he believes her enough to help her out has always been funny on its own to me, calling him the closest thing she has to a friend and credible reference in the institute, even with her inarguably more pleasant interaction with sasha having happened. melanie coming back a THIRD TIME to give jon A SECOND STATEMENT... i just have so many questions about what her mindset about everything was at that point already.
daisy tells us that the statement she gave in ep 61 was a reoccurring dream for her all the way up until she was hired. she gave jon that statement before melanie's s2 visits in 63 or 76, which stands to my reasoning that by the time melanie returns in 63 she is already having nightmares with jon in them from s1 and still comes to give him another one ANYWAY. and she just. never really mentions the dreams to my memory, even with such a wide span of time that she must have been having them before being hired. she returns to the guy she has nightmares about to treat him like a new spooky confidant! the closest thing i remember to her expressing discomfort about the dreams is right before the unknowing, the slaughter already effecting her, when she says she refuses to give jon the india statement because she doesnt want the eye to have it, too. but! she WAS going to give him that one before she got hired, saying that talking to jon helps! and even before she was shot, she came back to tell him about her war ghost studies, already having reason to believe that there could be consequences of that! and apparently just didnt care very much! just a night in the life of melanie king! whatever, i guess!!!
which. i think its really fun to imagine that melanie is just the type to take those nightmares as a sort of justification for what she was already beginning to believe in, and jon having been the conduit for it was worth her sticking near for more info; asking him to validate her studies and him agreeing to do so, as a similarly-mannered believer-playing-the-skeptic type, was like a test that he passed. yes, talking about sasha set them back again, but that wasn't actually malice on jons part, just a break in melanie's growing idea that jon quietly got what melanie was experiencing. so! the way that would change with sasha still around has sooo much potential for jon and melanie's mildly hostile confidant set up to go even further than it got to in season 3, with sasha as a mediator.
imagine with me, post worms, sasha and jon have both confronted gertrude's death and are working together in the paranoid hell zone to figure out what it means together, and melanie returns to sus out how jon might react to her plea for help, no not!sasha there to ruin what amounted to very civil interactions for the two of them. sasha there for both of melanie's visits, melanie seeing how involved sasha also was in whatever had jon so worn out, and seeing some opportunity for her research there too. so, again, stay with me, imagine that just by nature of sasha and jon working together on most things by then, melanie gives her second statement to both of them, and in turn, dreams of both of them afterwards as sasha has also began assuming the archivist's role by now. i'd like sasha's first solo live statement to be tessa winters' in 65, but that's a different post. back to melanie.
so, maybe india is still something she wants to look into, but before that she has a new, and conveniently local thing to bust back into the institute and ask about. so, can you imagine how fucking funny it would be for melanie to stomp into jon's office for round four, lock the door behind her, plop into his visitor's chair, look at jon and sasha and ask what the fuck's up with the dreams, actually. they're pretty past treating her like she's insane, she knows they know plenty of things they haven't shared with her yet. being the first person to actually take the plunge and mention the dreams to them out loud, including to each other, would have to startle them both way too much for either of them to get a "what are you even talking about" out before melanie knows she has an in.
what i'm getting at with all this is: please imagine how fucking funny it would be for melanie to blackmail jon and sasha into sharing their info with her in exchange for her own cooperation in figuring out what might be happening to them (since melanie has basically confirmed what martin and tim would still be skeptical about, that something IS happening to them) and, y'know, not reporting the fuck out of them for spooky dream stalking her. blackmail or not, melanie also just isn't immune to Pretty Girl, so having sasha to sit between her and jon, who would also rather die than not defer to sasha, will probably work out hilariously well in letting them have that sibling dynamic theyre always so close to getting.
i just think this would be the world's funniest set up for a personal and working friendship between the three of them that keeps melanie involved and troubled and invested but maybe without her having to sell her soul to the institute. plus, imagine how funny it would be for melanie to loiter in the archives and library with her boots propped up on the furniture, just turning down every job offer elias throws at her. i don't think i want to take away her experience with the slaughter or even her eventual blinding because melanie being a disabled character recovering from trauma through love and autonomy is very important to me, but there's a lot of fun to be had with what her involvement could have been if it was less fraught and more informed!
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seiyasabi · 5 months ago
The Scientist
(Hange (Hanji) can rearrange by guts tbh :P Lol, anyways, this is a Yandere Hanji x Female Reader story! It takes place in current time tho (same universe as Yelena). Also, idgaf how tall the creator says Hanji is. In this fic, even the tall girlies get to be shorter than Hanji. 
TW: kidnapping!, !drugging!, unwanted advances, stalking!, etc! 
Please proceed with caution! Also, I’m sorry if you can tell that this was in my drafts for a hot min. I started to write this when I first started this blog, and I just finished/revised it lol. ) 
“Hey, (Nickname!” Hearing the loud shout of a certain brunet, you jump about a foot in the air. As usual, Hanji decides to surprise you whilst you’re in the middle of something. 
Pulling away from the microscope you’re currently looking at, you put on a strained smile, “Yes?” 
Their one eye sparkles in a hopeful fashion from behind their glasses, one of her their fiddling with their eyepatch, “Sooo,” They draw out the o, seemingly trying to disarm you, “Are you free this weekend? There’s this suuuuper cool bar that’s just opening, and me and the others are thinking about going! It’s totally not a date or anything,” They pause to let out a loud laugh, “I think it’ll be fun! What D'ya say?” 
Forcing out a chuckle, you shake your head, “Ah, I’m sorry, Hanji, but I’m busy this weekend. I have a lot of samples I need to process for that upcoming court case,” You chew your bottom lip nervously, “I’m sorry. I hope you and the others have a good time, though!” 
A new voice is heard, butting into your conversation, “I can do those! I’ve been needing more hours, anyways,” Whipping your head in the direction of the voice, you silently curse. Fuck Armin for being so helpful! 
Hanji beams even brighter than before, clapping their hands together happily, “See! Armin can do that for you!” They lean in closer to you, their lab coat brushing against yours, “Come on, (Nickname), I’d be reaaaaally happy if you go!” 
An uneasy feeling pools in your gut, as an anxious sweat begins to bead at your brow, “I-uhm-I suppose I can go for an hour or two.”
“Great!” They grab your hands in theirs, squeezing them in a friendly manner, “The bar is called ‘Titan’s Wrath,’ and we’re meeting at eight on Saturday!” Releasing you, they pat you on the back, “See you later!” They run off, most likely back to the dry lab. 
After a moment of silence, you slowly turn towards the short haired blond man, “Armin, I’m going to kill you.”
He blanches at your blunt tone, flushing a bright red, “Wha-what?” 
You grit your teeth, tears starting to bead your eyes in frustration, “They’re the person I was telling you about! Hanji constantly harasses me, and you practically just tossed me into their arms! Why would you do that?” 
A look of pure terror and remorse appears of his face, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I-I didn’t realise that they were the person-oh my God, I’m so stupid. I-I really didn’t know! I’m so, so sorry!” You let out a quivering breath, hands clenched into fists to calm you down. 
“It-it’s alright. I never really told you who they were. Just never do that again, okay? If you need more hours, just tell me, and I’ll see what I can do,” The younger man sighs in relief, shoulders deflating. 
“I promise to never do that again!” You nod, blinking away your unshed tears, and smile at him. 
“Okay, then we don’t have any problems,” You laugh lightly, shaking your head, “Who would’ve thought our newest intern was the dry lab’s wing man?” He panics again, making you cackle good-naturedly, “Now, can you please grab the dilluter? I forgot to grab it from the fridge.”
Hanji, being the ever cheerful person that they are, set their sights on you the moment you were hired. 
But, if they came out with their feelings immediately, you’d just assume that they wanted to take advantage of you. 
So, they watched you. Writing down your likes and dislikes, your quirks, everything. Through their ‘research,’ they came to realise that you’re very good at your job. The wet-lab should be lucky that they have you… but they never give you the recognition you deserve! 
They bombard you with assignments, become upset when you don’t finish them in seconds (which is so unreasonable!), and hardly give you any time off! 
You don’t seem to mind, being the good girl you are, but Hanji sure does! 
So, they’d seek out the top graduates from the college nearby, and help them become employed at the lab. The newbies really helped get the load off of your shoulders, and once done, they decided to swoop in now that you had a decent amount of free time. 
It started at the vending machine- they’d asked you if you wanted to get coffee with them sometime. You said no, probably because you felt it wasn’t professional. After all, rumours would spread like wildfire if you went out with the lead lab tech of the dry lab! 
So, everytime they knew you had a weekend off, they’d approach you with new places to try. 
Be it a movie, a store, a concert- it didn’t matter. They just desperately wanted to have some time with you! 
But, you reacted the complete opposite of how you were supposed to. 
You’d pick up as many shifts as possible, most times going into over time, just to avoid the flamboyant lead. Whenever you saw them in the hall or by the break room, you’d turn in the complete opposite direction. If wet-lab needed to correspond with the dry-lab, you’d send your most qualified coworker to do so. 
It was saddening, to be honest. They love you so much, yet you refuse to even face them. 
But, thanks to that Armin kid, their plans can finally bloom into fruition. For once, you can’t escape the brunet’s advances! 
Because of that, Hanji made a note to the owner of the lab that Armin would make a good contribution to the lab after he gets all of his qualifications. 
Saturday night comes far too soon. 
Dressed in black skinny jeans and a cropped, white long sleeve, you stand in front of ‘Titans Wrath.’ Scoffing at how the bar sounds like a metal band, you make your way inside. 
Grabbing the door handle, you yank it open, immediately hearing loud rock music. Mentally patting yourself on the back for your observation, you step inside of the cool building. 
Looking inside, you see a large, double sided bar in the middle of the room, a stage and standing area just behind it. There are a few pool tables in the front area where you’re standing, along with double doors leading to a hidden kitchen. 
There’s also a lot of people inside. You can’t see Hanji or their friends, but seeing a band setting up on the stage tells you that they’re probably on the other side of the bar. 
Walking over to the steps leading down into the stage area, you try to ignore the leers of a few men around you. Maybe you shouldn’t have worn clothes that accentuate your beautiful figure. Peering around the corner, you see the scientist and their friends, an empty seat in between them and a large blond man, that you vaguely recall being the police chief of your city. 
Strolling towards them halfheartedly, you give yourself a small peptalk inside of your mind. Sure, Hanji has always been touchy-feely with you, sure, they’ve asked you out about one hundred times, sure, you run into them every time you leave the house, sure- 
“(Nickname)! You actually came!” The brunet’s voice is loud, loud enough to cut through the loud music and equally loud chatter. Forcing a smile onto your face, you give a small wave, suddenly uncomfortable with the line of strangers at the bar suddenly looking at you. 
“Yes, hello, Hanji,” When you’re close enough, you’re thrown into a tight embrace, their body practically molding into your own. They’re about a head taller than you, making it so your head is practically forced against their protruding collarbones. Hesitating slightly, you give them a soft pat on the back, trying to escape their suffocating embrace. 
“I’m so glad you came!” They release you just as suddenly as they grabbed you, putting a hand on the small of your back, and practically forcing you in between the blond man and themself, “(Nickname), this is Erwin. Erwin, this is (First Name).”
His blue eyes rake over your appearance, recognition appearing on his face, “It’s nice to see you again, Ms. (Last Name), especially under better circumstances.” 
You nod, thinking back on some high profile cases you met with him for, “Yes, it’s nice to see you again, Mr. Smith.” 
A loud scoff is heard from beside Erwin, the head of a short, dark haired man peeks around the broad chested man, “It’s about time you brought a respectful brat,” You have to stop yourself from flinching at his harsh tone, “I am Levi,” Opening your mouth to introduce yourself, he holds up a hand, halting you, “There’s no need for introductions, Shitty-glasses has gushed about the ‘pretty wet-lab scientist’ for months now.” 
“Oh, alright. It’s nice to meet you,” His lifts his whiskey on rocks in acknowledgement, before downing it with one swig. 
“Likewise,” After that, he turns towards a light brown haired woman, her high pitched voice is heard from where you’re sitting. 
“I’m sorry about that. The detective is very… unsociable.” 
“It’s alright, Mr. Smith. He kind of reminds me of one of my interns, Annie,” You say with a small smile, before your swiveling bar stool is forced around so you’re facing Hanji. 
“Sooo, you like the bar so far?” Their smile is somewhat pleading, and you can’t help but just go along with them. 
“Yes, this place is, um, cool. Very interesting choice,” They clasp their hands together with a pleased expression, as they somehow move closer to you than they already are. At this point, you’re worried that they’ll fall off their stool. 
“Right? Our residential emo boy found it, and we’ve been hooked ever since,” A loud ‘Shut up, Shitty-glasses,’ is heard from behind you, making the brunet laugh, “Let me order you a drink! I think there’s something that you’ll really like!” 
Opening your mouth to reject, it was seemingly too late, because the brunet has already waved over a punk-ed out bartender. You didn’t really hear what the drink is called, but the man sets to work immediately. 
It barely takes a minute for it to be finished, and the purple drink is suddenly in front of your motionless form. Looking up, the purple haired man winks at you, before turning his attention back to a speaking Hanji. 
“Anything she orders, put it on my tab,” He nods, before walking off to service another customer. 
Turning your attention back to Hanji, you try to persuade them to let you pay, “Thanks, Hanji, but it’s alright. I can pay for my own drinks-”
“Don’t worry about it; I asked you out, remember? And it’s the least I can do for harassing you for the past few months,” Startled by their uncharacteristically somber words, you nod in understanding. 
“Alright. Thank you,” They nod, before motioning towards your drink. 
“Try it! I’m sure you’ll like it!” Grabbing the cool glass cup, you bring it up to your lips, and take a small sip. It’s amazing. It tastes like (favourite flavour), and it goes down smooth. 
“You’re right, this is delicious!” They grin brightly, clapping their hands together in glee. 
“Great!” They motion towards the stage with their head, “The show’s about to start! Are you ready for a kickass night?” You laugh at their vigour, and nod. 
“You bet!” 
Maybe tonight won’t be so bad after all. 
You spoke too soon. 
It seems like you’ve drank too much, because you’re now feeling dizzy. Throughout the set, you’d ordered about five more drinks, and they seemingly hit you all at once. 
Hanji, who’s been watching you since your fourth drink, feigns shock at your unstable form. That Rohypnol they grabbed from work works quite well! Now they can see why it’s the choice drug for those awful, awful people. 
“Whoa there, (Nickname), it seems you’ve had too much to drink!” Hanji jokes, hands holding you steady on your bar stool. The only person from your group still at the bar is Erwin, but he knows they have it under control. As chief of police, he feels a bit of remorse, but he knows it's for the best. Hanji will take care of you, because, after all, you’re their only true obsession. 
“Wha-huh? Was’ happenin?” Hanji can all but coo at how cute you are. 
“Don’t worry, cutie. I’ll get you home safe,” Helping you to your boot clad feet, they send a knowing look to Erwin, who smiles in return. Wrapping an arm around your waist, they help you stumble out of the bar, and walk towards their car. Once at the passenger side, the brunet unlocks the door, and assists you inside. You flop onto their leather interior, eyes unfocused, and body movements random. Chuckling to themself, they buckle you in, not before pulling on gloves, and taking your phone, keys, and wallet off of you. 
Taking these items, they empty your wallet of its cash, and chuck everything into a nearby bush. Knowing that the cameras outside the building and the buildings surrounding the place are off, they feel at ease. If anything, they feel like your knight in shining armour. If they hadn’t taken you, someone else would’ve-you’re just too cute. 
Closing your door, and rounding the car, they slide into the driver’s side, before starting the car. Buckling themself in, they look at your out-of-it form, and smile. 
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that-90s-love · 5 months ago
Heyy, I love your writing and I saw your requests are open. Can I ask for a ENHYPEN reaction to you having tattoo(s)? It is okay if would choose to do only for hyung line
thanks for requesting anon 😙 this has been in my drafts for ages, because school has been a bitch :((
i’ve decided to do just the hyung line, solely based on the fact that they are old enough to get tattoos so would probably have more opinions on them, if you get me?? i think the maknae line would react similarly, like “whoa that’s cool/pretty *stares for a while* but anywayssss...” and wouldn’t think about it that much after they got used to it :)
- you would be visiting him one day and be like “heeseung, can i show you something real quick?”
- his curiosity would spark up, so he’d say “of course,” with a slight tone of suspicion
- so you would turn around and lift you shirt to show him your back, which has a tattoo of the solar system in it.
- it’s intricately detailed, with the planets all in line, and heeseung just can’t stop gawking at it in amazement and shock
- “w-when did you get that?!?!”
- “yesterday, it was kind of a last minute decision, that’s why i never told you earlier. it took hours too.”
- “it’s wonderful, an absolute masterpiece,” heeseung would say, while reaching out his fingers to touch it, but stopping because his dumb ass realised that it was healing lmao
- from then on, he would trace it when he was the big spoon while cuddling you, becoming one of his fave forms of silent affection
- when you show jay your various tattoos that covered your legs, he would actually be sooo jealous
- jay had been wanting a grungy tattoo for ages, but he was too scared to because he’s an idol. so seeing tons of them covering your legs would make him yearn for a tattoo even more
- but he would love them, obviously
- “whoa... you look so so good with those tattoo, they suit you so much!! how come you never told me about them?!?!”
- “i was just embarrassed that you’d hate them and want to break up with me or something. i don’t know, it’s stupid”
- “no no don’t be embarrassed, they’re fantastic!! i wish i had a tattoo, i’ve been wanting one for ages, but i can’t”
- so from that day on, you would try to persuade him to get a tattoo, telling him that he shouldn’t care what other people think because it’s his body and he can do what he wants with it
- i just know that if he gave in, that he’s eventually have a full sleeve, and definitely a matching tattoo with you. and we all know that he’d suit it A LOT
- he’d constantly find himself staring at your tattoos as well
- i think that you would inform jake that you were getting your first tattoo, right before the appointment, so you’d run out of the room as quick as possible, before he could say anything
- he would be so excited to see what design you went with, but would also be oddly nervous, in case the process hurt you too much or it came out botched
- jake would jump up and run to you, when you walk into the house, anticipation running through his body
- you would walk over to him slowly, revealing to him the delicate tattoo of snufkin from moomin on your forearm
- as soon as he laid eyes on it, jake would let out the most inhuman squeal you’ve ever heard, while you just giggle at his reaction
- “I LOVE IT!! it’s so cute. it’s so you. WOW!!”
- “i am very very glad that you fell in love with it as much as i did, but jake...try not to scream directly into my ear next time.”
- “sorry...wait- THERE’S GOING TO BE A NEXT TIME?!?!”
- you have jake in shambles with your tattoo, as you’ve just witnessed
- it would become a habit that jake strokes you tattoo while you are sitting with each other, giving you both a lot of comfort
- having just got the tattoo hours prior, you would go to the enhypen dorm (free of the other boys for once) to spend some quality time with hoon
- you wouldn’t tell him about the tattoo, and just wait for him to notice
- it was only when you two are sat next to each other on the sofa, that sunghoon saw the pretty flower tattoo etched onto the side of your neck
- “what the hell is that?!?!”
- “well i’m glad you like it sunghoon; it’s a tattoo that i’ve been wanting for a while and i wanted it to be a surprised. i might as well have not gotten it, if people don’t even think it looks nice,” you say with a large scowl painted onto your features
- “NO i didn’t mean it like that babe, i was just a bit shocked that you didn’t tell me that’s all. i absolutely love it, and i think it suits you perfectly.”
- the both of you proceed to discuss any more tattoos that you would like to get, and you ask sunghoon whether he would like to get any
- he tells you that if he were to ever get a tattoo, that he would want something minimalist and fairly simple, but he’s never really thought about it before
- however, your tattoo sparks a desire in him, which leads to him getting a tattoo on his forearm. you have to hold his hand throughout because it hurts him a lot hehe
- one day, sunghoon begins to kiss the tattoo and the skin on your neck around it, which becomes a habit, especially when he gives you backhugs. the two of you love the intimacy of it 🥺
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cap-n-stuff · 5 months ago
Hello I am once again joining your sleepover bc I wanna procrastinate uni work some more, so I am here to say that I wanna sit on din's lap when he sits on the throne on mandalore 💔 this man continues to own my entire ass, and also 🐚
this has been in my drafts for so long I’m so sorry 😭😭 anyway here’s a din headcanon ily esmee
I don’t remember what the shell meant I’m srry
imagining sitting on his lap gave me sooo many feelings
best seat in the fucking house, am I rite?
I think you sitting on din’s lap would first start out as begging and pleading for him to pay attention to you
I mean, shit, it’s been three whole days since you saw each other and you live in the same damn castle
when he gave a little disapproving head lean, you’d give your best pouting face “but I miss you and I never see you”
if he was really stubborn about it and was like “this is the last meeting I promise”
you would literally start to let your eyes water because again all you want is his presence and this new place isn’t the same without him
and the man of course he would cave - how could he let his work get before his cyare?
“shh, okay, cyare, alright. you can come. sit on my lap okay? that’s it - right here. get comfortable, okay? It’ll be a long meeting.”
but secretly din fucking loved it
he got to spread his hand right across your thigh and show you off to absolutely everyone in this room
like yeah that’s my riduur, not yours - be jealous
and after that, it just became a habit
he would have a bunch of meetings stacked right next to each other and there you were, spread out on his lap
din would be so proud though, your back pressed up against his cold gleaming armor
he’d love the weight of you, perching and sitting right on top of him
he’d absolutely adore it when you make visible reactions to what people are saying too
like if they insult din or gave him the short end of the stick, you would squeeze his hand subconsciously
and he’d melt because his mesh’la is looking out for him <3
no one should be fooled though
as much as he’s proud to have you by his side—or quite literally on his large, impeccable thighs—if anyone looked at you?
if they set their dirty, lust-filled eyes upon his love?
yeah, they’re banished
or if they talked down to you? like all you were was a piece of meat?
oh, they’re gone
they most certainly five feet in the ground
“It’s okay, din, really—“
and he had them in a goddamn choke hold up against the wall, “apologize. apologize to them right fucking now, you low life nerfherder. You do not talk to them like that.”
“I-I’m sorry! I’ll be quiet - please!” And he’d let them go but yeah, they’re definitely on his shit list
he’d love it when you started to your own activities while on his lap too
if there was a super long meeting, you’d try and get up because you also don’t wanna bother him
but u were also so so bored
so you’d wiggle out of his lap to go do something else
he’d make a big fuss about it because hello where do you think you’re going besides his lap??
so you’d get a book or sharpen your knifes just sitting there proudly on his lap
and din would have the biggest heart eyes in the whole world
your favorite times were in between long, boring meetings
he’d wrap his arm tighter around you and whisper “are you doing okay, cyare? the armor isn’t hurting you, is it?”
even if your ass hurt to the core, you’d always no because there was no way anyone could get you off of his lap
he’d whisper little jokes too, trying to make you laugh and getting quite distracted with him giggling as well
needless to say everyone in the castle knew if he was on his throne, you would be there too
star wars: @marvelous-capsicle @fandomsandxfiles @mudhornchronicles @cutebubblylmp @3strogen @met4no1a @writingletterstothefire @t3a-bag @beskar-falcon @jenrebloggingfics @hallway5 @talesfromtheguild @undeniableadrenaline
din: @fandomsandxfiles @marvelous-capsicle @mudhornchronicles @cutebubblylmp @3strogen @doozywoozy @met4no1a @writingletterstothefire @t3a-bag @beskar-falcon @jenrebloggingfics @hallway5 @talesfromtheguild
permanent: @captainchrisstan @angstysebfan @teenagereadersciencenerd @rebekahdawkins @hailmary-yramliah @stardust-galaxies @wiccanmetallicrose @keithseabrook27 @hereforthesunrise @lxdyred @ironbabey @spiitfiires @secretsidereblog @naboo-nights @freeshavocadoooo
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parprocrastination · 5 months ago
Regarding Rex’s Rad Rack
I feel like it’s necessary to state that this is not an analysis of his pectorals?? It’s just because I made one (1) mediocre joke earlier and literally couldn’t think of anything else this is just my usual attempt at ~steam~ okok
Dear Rex,
Please let us worship your mighty mankillers we are but simple servants??
Much love and many smoochies,
Me, these patient hands, and my dedicated followers... xoxo :) ;) <3
Anon, if you’re out there and requested some Rex like a millennia ago?? The ask fell into the Tumblr void when I drafted it?? But I remembered! And your thoughts are not at all wack! Rex is definitely a boob/chest guy.
And then I had another idea and I hope you don’t mind the slight shift... Rex is THE boob/chest guy thus the stupidly long author’s note above sooo here you are, my dude! Thank you for the request and for being so patient! Enjoy!!
Letting go of Rex was the hardest thing. No, really; your arms were around him every second he stayed put, and he wasn’t complaining. You were warm, comforting, all the good things he’d ever wanted and needed… And those hands? Worked magic on sore muscles, of which he had too many after each mission. The best part of having your arms around him was the massage you always offered when the embrace ended. This time was no different.
These sessions were far from fancy, the only tools at your disposal being your seasoned hands. For him, though, that was plenty to get the job done. And judging by the content hums and exhales he made with each press of your palm, that was plenty to get the job done well.
“Feel good?”
He simply hummed again, still quiet but loud enough to give the affirmative, and leaned that little bit deeper into your touch as you went about his nape and neck. This particular area wouldn’t be so tense if he didn’t look down at his datapad like that, but he’d heard it before and he was doing it now, filling and finishing report after report after report, and then some. You couldn’t help but let your mind wander to all the other things he could be filling and finishing, hands wandering as you did.
He didn’t need to see your face to sense the expression that etched its way across your features when your lips were next to grace the spots your fingers has left, trailing round to the dips of each collarbone and rest in tiny teasing circles atop his sternum.
“Cyar’ika.” If it was meant to be intimidating, his word did little to persuade you into shifting away.
“I missed you.” And if he was going to use something so conventional, you’d do the same, shifting even closer.
“I know.” He sighed, tapping at the screen. “I’d miss me too.”
The press of your lips yielded to a humored breath. “Now don’t be cocky.”
“I think that’s exactly what you want me to be right now: cock-y.”
“Not exactly.”
Rex’s replies ceased with another hum, this time in interest though he clearly didn’t direct it to the next report that flashed across his screen. You went back to your business too, mouth leaving long kisses as it moved on his back. No, you didn’t want him to be cocky; you wanted him to be downright dissolute, good in just the way that was good for him, and put his attention to something much more pleasant. And you were willing to be restlessly patient until such indulgences came to him.
Your hands retreated back to his shoulder blades, lips lifting to kiss the edges of his hair to the curves of his jaw, the top of his cheek, the shell of his ear. Whether he intended to or not, Rex’s head dipped into the soft sensation. He didn’t mind one bit that you’d morphed this massage into some sort of endurance test. He was good at those.
Your words were laced with the same slowness as your fingertips, each one dancing down the indentations of each muscle. “I just want you, whenever that may be.”
Featherlight yet equally frolicsome, you went about his flesh, breath playing at your lover’s ear with prospects he’d have to wait or work faster to hear. Maybe his head fell too far or became too clouded with impromptu imagination; all he could recall in the next second was the pinch that brought him out of the dream. Your fingertips had found their way to his nipples with a pull that brought a little pleasure and a little pain.
“And I think you want me to take care of that cockiness you’re so eager to display.”
The datapad was an inch away from slipping out of his grasp, and he was a moment away from slipping further into yours. Rex gave no attempt to keep his reply an inquiring hum this time, gurgling out something incomprehensible and what you could only take exactly as you intended with a fuller palm at both pecs.
“Finish those reports and I’ll finish this little game I’ve started, eh?”
You’d never seen him reach for anything quicker—well… it didn’t matter; he’d reached for some things much more deftly. What did matter was you didn’t relent the slightest bit as he worked tenfold with little real comprehension. As your hands worked slow and soft, so did his with more urgency.
The reports he managed to send off would be filled with careless mistakes, but he’d be damned if you were. And when Rex had his way, just as you were about to have yours, everyone was sent off in better shape than they’d been found. How’s that for filling and finishing? You wouldn’t be left to wonder alone for much longer.
Join my taglist! (And if anything ever changes like your tag or you’d like to be removed from the list, feel free to DM me anytime!)
@escapedthesarlacc @nelba @awe-ri @simping-for-fives @just-some-girl-92 @peacefulwizardfox @getdookuedon @chewychewyque @anneadotte @majorshiraharu @katethecrazy @strangebroadwaykinks @snippytano @lightning-wolffe @leias-left-hair-bun @horseluvr00-ff @kat-r-in @lottemoppie13 @bjm2020 @zaptrapp @helengratice @ohtobeamoth @arianalilyblack
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darling-i-read-it · 8 months ago
Salutations! I was wondering if you could write a multiple character headcanon for Will Graham, Alana(because ✨women✨), Hannibal, & Atticus Finch(because that Atticus fic was something I didn't know I needed until now😳) where the reader kinda surprises them with breakfast in bed. Hope you have a good day & thank you💛
Yes!! All of these people slap. Very excited to be writing these kind of format requests again. I hope you enjoy love! 
I wrote it and the saved the draft and tumblr didn’t save it so fuck you tumblr
Tumblr media
- the kindest man in the world who has to much going on and literally cannot make himself food to save the world
- that was what made you make him breakfast
- you knew that if you didn’t make him any food he wouldn’t eat anything till you forced him (mostly out of sheer forgetting to eat) 
- so you made something very simple, eggs, toast, sausage and some orange juice
- he slowly got up and saw you walking into the room with the plate and he honestly thought you had just made yourself breakfast
- he was so utterly surprised when you handed it to him with a gentle smile
- ‘for me?’ he asks groggily
- ‘duh’
- you explain a little bit why you did it but honestly it was nothing 
- this boy borderline cries
- you made that for him? for HIM? 
- thinks its the best food he has ever eaten in his entire life because it has the thought behind it and also you’re the only person who ever cooks in the house and your food is always good even when it isn’t
- blows his mind that you made it for him still
- tells hannibal about it in a session
- also tells alana about it and she thinks its the sweetest thing to but is really just happy Will seems so happy about something 
- you do it every once in a while as a nice surprise when you can and he just is amazed that you think about him, no matter how many times you tell him that all you think about it is him sometimes
Tumblr media
- you know going into it that Hannibal is probably going to critique your cooking skills
- you are prepared though
- plus he’s naturally a very polite man, especially when it comes down to you
- so you whipped up a simple breakfast, nothing overly fancy
- you thought about adding some spice people but decided against it
- you came in at an ungodly hour (you had to get up hella early because how early he gets up naturally) and placed it on the night stand
- he sits up and looks over at it with a raised eyebrow and kind smile
- ‘is this for me?’
- ‘no it’s for my other husband yes Hannibal it’s for you’
- he is very pleased and touched as well
- you had never cooked for him before and even if the breakfast was simple, he thought that it was the kindest thing someone could do for him
- Hannibals love language is food
- he shares with you and makes you come back to bed to sit with him
- you probably rant about how hard/easy you thought it had been to make it and he listens happily
- he adores you so much
- after that he tried to get you in the kitchen more often with him, if nothing else to try and watch to learn
- you are very flattered because you know he doesn’t do that with just anyone
Tumblr media
- Alana can cook
- she just chooses not to
- it’s kinda the situation where she knows she should have more than a cup of coffee for breakfast but simply does not
- she has the time too
- she’s a bad psychiatrist to herself
- you are ready for her to get her shit together but you just do it for her
- so one morning you get up early and get her coffee from her favorite place and donuts
- you don’t even bother trying to make anything cause she’ll wake up
- she’s a light sleeper
- you figure the donuts and coffee are good enough anyway
- and you were very right
- she is sooo happy to see it
- she sits up and you’re just standing there
- ‘this is here for when you want it’
- and she just sits there with a line, serene, half asleep look and messy bedhead, in absolute love with you
- ‘you’re the best’ she says after a second and grabs her coffee
- jack is confused on why the heck she is so happy at work that day
- he reminisces on those days with Bella and is over all very glad Alana found someone to make her happy
- she deserved it
- you and Alana try and cook dinner that night together too and it end in take out and lots of food on your clothes but it’s overall worth it
Tumblr media
- poor tired old man
- needs someone to make him breakfast every once in a while
- you had the idea spontaneously and decided to inlist the help of scout and Jem who are up to early as well
- and you make a decent breakfast together and bring it in for Atticus
- he’s so HAPPY
- literally hugs the kids so hard and gives you such a loving sweet appreciative look
- 10/10 would pay to see that face again
- even if the breakfast is meh he loves it so much and let’s the kids sit on the bed with you and him to chat
- he rarely gets those family moments cause he’s so busy and really savors in them when he can
- adores you so so much because of it
- absolutely tells people at work about it
- even clients although he isn’t really planning on it when he does it
- is just very happy to have everyone at home waiting for him
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harrywellbealright · 5 months ago
Fine Line; Harry Styles Part 4/?
This fic will be updated at least once a week.
Fic Summary: After running into her ex at the cafe they used to frequent, Grace can’t shake the feeling of missing him, despite how deeply he hurt her. They’re not young and naive anymore, so why does Grace feel so stupid for wanting to forgive him?
Genre: angst, fluff, possible smut in future chapters.
Total Word Count: inconclusive.
Chapter Word Count: 2k
Chapter Summary: Harry makes Grace a new promise. One he intends on keeping this time.
Hey guys! Long time no see. I have been sooo busy with college assignments so I've barely had any time to write buuut here's part four of Fine Line! I really love the direction I'm headed with this fic and I hope you guys will, too :) (P.S. for anyone who cares, Sugar Daddy!Seb is coming soon ;)).
Anyways, enjoy! All my love, H.
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Part 3 | Part 5
Chapter Four: Every Rose Has it's Thorn
It's late when the door closes. It's so quiet she almost misses it and she assumes he's trying not to wake her. Whether that’s to avoid an argument or simply so he doesn't disrupt her sleep, Grace doesn't know. But she's not sleeping, anyway. She never does without him. She watches silently from the sofa as he flicks the kitchen light on and reaches for a beer inside the fridge and sighs to herself. When he turns, finds his girlfriend sitting in the dark, the lighting from the kitchen making her barely visible, Harry sets the beer down on the counter with a defeated sigh. His head hangs, like he's mentally preparing himself for what's to come. But Grace doesn't think she has it in her.
"I'm glad you got home safe." She whispers, unfolding herself from her position on the sofa, wrapped in the blanket he bought her for her birthday last month.
She knows it's a low blow. She knows it's a nasty thing to throw in his face when they constantly talk about how dangerous it is for either of them to leave the house alone, these days. But she does, because he didn't text, he didn't call, nothing. Grace bites her lip and makes her way down the hall to her bedroom, ignoring Harry as he calls out an annoyed "Really, Grace?" that she knows is supposed to be the start of an argument. It's what he does whenever he wants her to bite back, to snap and yell and tonight? Tonight, Grace just wants to go to bed.
The bedroom is tidy for once, something Grace spent all day making sure of after Harry woke up in a hurry and tore through his wardrobe, leaving all the misfits around the floor with his empty water bottles and chocolate wrappers. It makes Grace's skin crawl, and he knows that. But he's a busy guy, is his argument, he doesn't have time to pick up after himself at every second of the day. Then again, he never gets round to it, even when he has a minute. Grace turns on the bedside lamp and the room falls into a dim ambiance. She folds the blanket and places it in it’s box in the wardrobe and then climbs into bed. The room clicks back into darkness a second later and all she can do is stare into it. She knows she won't be able to sleep until he eventually comes to bed, if he even does, and so she doesn't bother trying.
Grace lies there for a while, listening to the occasional shuffling from the living area. The fridge opens and closes a few times, followed by the familiar pop of a beer cap. She's lost track of which beer he's on when he slips into bed. He shuffles around the room for a few minutes before, likely leaving his clothes in a pile she'll have to pick up in the morning and then climbs in. The covers lift and a draft of cold air hits the back of Grace's legs. Then, his body heat. He's lying close to her and she wants to turn around and melt into his bare skin, into his scent and warmth but she's not going to be the one to cave. Not when she's not the one in the wrong. She waits, listens to his breathing, feels him try to get comfortable.
Then, quiet, and like he's unsure he wants her to hear it, Harry whispers, "Grace, c'mere."
Grace turns her head and looks at Harry. She can barely make him out in the dark, but she can imagine the pout on his lips and his famous 'forgive me' eyes. She sighs, rolls her eyes and turns back around. Harry groans in frustration.
"Grace, I'm sorry. Can you please just lie with me?"
"I'm lying right here, Harry."
"But it might as well be a million miles away."
"Whose fault is that?" Grace asks, biting her lip.
Harry huffs, throwing the covers off of himself and gets up, Grace assumes to sleep on the sofa. She sits up, sighing, grabbing his wrist.
"I was worried about you. You didn't call." Grace whispers, avoiding his gaze.
Harry's hand comes to cup her face, soft and gentle, his thumb strokes her cheek and Grace melts. Harry climbs back into bed, pulling Grace onto his chest. She's almost ice cold and smells like cleaning supplies. But he doesn't care. He's just glad to have his Grace with him after the day he's had.
"I'm sorry. I promise I'll call next time." Harry tells Grace.
She nods, allowing him to press a kiss to her temple.
Soon enough, they're in dreamless sleeps, content and willing to forget that night. but Harry's promise lingers, and in the back of her mind, Grace wonders if he'll stick to it.
And when Grace wakes up the next morning, he's already gone to the studio, but there's a single red rose on the kitchen counter.
Harry doesn't keep his promise, that night.
Harry calls around nine pm.
Grace almost falls off of her seat at the kitchen island she's so shocked. She pulls the phone to her ear, expecting to hear some excuse about how he can't make it but she can't help but smile when Harry asks, "Hey, can you buzz me in? I'm downstairs."
It feels like some sort of fever dream. Harry all those years ago never called, he never showed up. This is new, and it gives Grace the tiniest bit of hope.
The door goes a few minutes later and Grace opens it to find Harry in the same clothes as earlier, but with a bouquet of red roses in his hand. He's smiling like the Cheshire cat until he realises Grace is staring at the roses like they're some sort of loaded gun. In a way, she supposes they are. His head tilts in confusion, biting his lip nervously and wonders why Grace hasn't said anything. It's like she's a million miles away - and she is, she's remembering the first time she got a rose from Harry. And the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, and all the others. It was his way of saying sorry without having to actually say it. And now, here he is, with an entire bouquet and all Grace can think is that he assumes these flowers will fix everything. Because that’s what he'd thought before.
"Grace, you okay?" Harry finally asks.
Grace visibly snaps back to reality, her blue eyes widening in realisation that she'd been completely gone. She stutters, awkwardly taking the roses form Harry and walks back into the apartment. Harry takes that as a cue to follow her. She's in the kitchen by the time he takes his coat and shoes off and she's silently cutting the bottoms off of the roses. There's a vase with water beside her as she pulls the stray leaves off of the stems. She inhales sharply, pulling her finger to her lips having caught it on a thorn.
"Shit, you okay?" Harry rounds the island, pulling her finger away from her lips and inspecting it for himself.
A tiny bead of red blood appears on the surface and he allows Grace to place it back by her lips.
When the roses are in the vase and Grace's finger stops bleeding, the two stand in silence, looking at the vase on top of the counter. Neither of them wants to be the one to break the silence, especially Harry because everything he's said has gone ignored by Grace. He wonders if she regrets asking him to kiss her earlier, and if coming here was a mistake. Just when he's about to apologise and make an excuse to leave, Grace speaks up.
"You used to give me roses when you didn't want to say sorry." She whispers, and Harry's heart falls completely.
He hadn't thought twice about that, just that they'd been Grace's favourite flower once upon a time. He feels awful, and she can see it clear as day on his face.
"You'd come home late without calling, you'd get into bed, promise you'd call next time, then I'd wake up and you'd be gone and there would be a rose on the counter. It was your idea of making up for being gone." Grace doesn't take her eyes off of the roses once.
Harry puts the pieces together, his heart clenching in his chest.
"And so, when we kissed earlier, then I left and came back with roses, it looks like I think everything is magically made better." Harry concludes.
Grace nods stiffly, tucking a piece of wavy blonde hair behind her ear. She jumps a little when Harry reaches forwards and grabs the roses, pulling them from the vase and throwing them into the trash. He runs a hand through his hair, after, letting out a breath and leaning both hands onto the counter.
Eventually, he looks up, and Grace's heart clenches, "Grace, I know this can't be fixed with roses and one, single kiss. I don't want it to be. I want it to be fixed with work and effort and communication because it's all things that I failed at last time."
"We both failed at them." Grace adds softly.
"I'm so sorry." Harry whispers, his head falling once again.
Grace walks around the island, pulling one of his hands from the counter and slipping between the marble and Harry's body. She holds his head, pulls his eyes to look at her, and she can see the boy she fell in love with. She can see Harry Edward Styles, not Harry Styles, member of One Direction, or Harry Styles, solo artist. She sees Harry. The boy who likes the beach, and hikes, and rubbish movies and spending time with his mum and sister. He looks so hopeless, and so Grace smiles softly.
"Me too." She tells him.
Grace realises she has to stop comparing Harry-now, to Harry four years ago. They're not the same person. His band isn't crumbling around him, he isn't a kid anymore. He's changed, he's found himself, anyone can see that.
It's not fair to keep comparing him to the lost boy from all those years ago. Grace takes Niall's advice, and she forgives him. She wholeheartedly forgives Harry. And while she knows it'll be scary and hard work and that it will always hurt when she thinks about him walking away from her and never looking back, Grace thinks it'll be worth it to get to know this Harry. The one here, now, in front of her, who has so much to offer if only she'd let him. So, she does.
Harry lets out a shaky breath, as if hearing her say she's sorry too has lifted multiple brick houses off of his shoulders. Maybe it has, she thinks.
"Kiss me." She tells Harry for the second time that day.
And he does, without a single drop of hesitation this time. It feels better than before. It feels like new beginnings and new promises and everything good in the world. It feels like worlds colliding and waves crashing and the feeling of finally getting into bed after a long day. Harry's hands hold her face to his, soft and gentle and she loves it so much.
Grace pulls back first, a single tear escaping her eye which Harry swipes away with his thumb. Her hands clutch his wrists, lips quivering as she looks up at him and Harry swears his heart can't take any more of this. She's so beautiful, so wonderful and he wonders what he ever did to be able to have her in his life because he knows he doesn't deserve it. He never did deserve someone like her.
"Please don't leave, again." She whispers.
"I'm not going anywhere. Promise." Harry promises Grace.
And this time, he keeps his promise.
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marigold-doms · 11 months ago
I see you said it is dry 👀👀 could I request a reaction to your striptease? Their s/o is also bratty af so she doesn’t let them touch her while sge dances ;)
Admin Mika🌻: Yes my inbox was sooo dry. Of course I had things in my drafts but the fact that literally only one message was in there i was...sad:( Also, I’m gonna assume that you mean for ateez because I really only get ateez requests....(side note: Please request other groups too guys~ don’t be shy)
|| ATEEZ Reacts || to bratty baby’s striptease
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your smooth and slow body rolls hypnotize Seonghwa as he sits on the chair that you told him to have a seat on.
He tries to see how long you can keep up the act.
It’s almost as if he pretends that it doen’t affect him.
It’s the “no, don’t touch.” For him. The fact that you even dare say no to this man when he’s being tempted, you can’t even finish saying what you wanna say any more.
He over comes your and grabs your neck. “Tell me not to touch you one more time. Because the last time I checked, You were screaming at the top of your lungs, telling me how much I owned this body.”
Tumblr media
Hongjoong had been working on his work for a few hours now and he had just closed his laptop since he wanted stop for the night. You just came out of the shower and while Hongjoong stretched in the hallway you quickly put on some music and slipped on your favorite lingerie.
“(Y/n)! Let’s cuddle! I finished all of my work.”
“Come here!” You yell above the music. Hiding behind the bedroom door.
Hongjoong smiles, opening the door and searching for you. The room is dark and the music slowly increases in volume.
There you are, coming out of the restroom dressed so deliciously for him.
“Sit down” You tell him. Moving around him as he takes a seat on the edge of the bed.
Hongjoong is impatient.
The first 30 seconds, this man is already grabbing at you.
I see him biting his lip and even groaning a handful of praises at you.
“Damn, Baby you look so pretty, I could just take you right now and fuck you against the wall.”
Tumblr media
My-Our shy soft dom🥺
He lovingly watches you.
Yunho LOVES when you feel yourself.
Even when you are being bratty about it and you tell him not to touch you.
He’ll listen for a bit until YOU actually start touching him.
“If you keep doing this baby, I might do something bad to you...”
His size kink def. will come out if he catches a glimpse of how tiny you look between his legs as you sway your hips side to side.
If he’s sitting down he’d yank you onto his lap and spread your legs over his thighs. how LONG this man stares at you will probably give you butterflies because I’m getting them just writing about it
“I think it’s time for you to behave babygirl... I’m slowly starting to lose it.”
Tumblr media
King of pretending that you don’t affect him
Which is probably why he loves getting that frustrated reaction from you.
He teases you through the way he disregards your neediness for him.
When I say that, picture it like this:
“Sanggie...” You start stripping off your clothing one by one.
He’ll be either immersed in doing something or he’s busy on his phone-something.
As soon as you’re in nothing but your bra and underwear that’s when he finally reacts.
“Do you need something, baby?”
Right when you’re about to storm off from the lack of attention.
Yeosang pulls you into a back hug. Chuckling lowly into your ear.
He presses his rock hard bulge against the bowl of your lower back and you can tell that he’s been playing you the entire time.
“Because, it looks like my baby needs something from me...Doesn’t she?”
Tumblr media
Let’s be honest guys.
As soon as you start to striptease San, he’s probably the type tp do it back to you simultaneously.
San will try to out seduce you.
Lowkey making it a game between who will break first and who will end up seducing the other.
Evil!dom vs. Bratty!sub
The messiest yet cutest dynamic that it’ll probably result in San losing all composition of himself RIGHT when you touch yourself in front of his eyes.
“How dare you play with what’s mine,” Grabbing your wrist and forcing you into the mattress. “You know better than to touch what I own.”
Tumblr media
Oh mingi.
The man will probably be flustered the first minute of the initial striptease purely because of the fact that he just randomly brought up that you’ve never given him one.
So to give your loving boyfriend the pleasant experience of one, you get up and slowly begin removing your clothing.
He shakes his head pretending that its all your doing knowing full and well that he basically dared you to do it and now that his gf has enough balls to, he wants to make you seem more horny than him.
Mingi’s a liar— we all know he does this well.
“Baby, what do you think youre doing?? I didn’t mean for you to actually—”
You unhook your bra and it falls to the floor.
He groans and suddenly his loud ass voice becomes silent.
His eyes turn dark and he leans back to watch you.
“Go on then naughty girl.” Mingi lifts a brow before manspreading in his seat. “Show me that sexy body of yours.”
Tumblr media
Wooyoung loves it when you striptease for him.
He ESPECIALLY loves it when you make a rule for him NOT to touch you...
Because you can bet all the money you have that he’ll do everything in his will to break that rule.
He’s a bratty dom. Point blank period.
He will tease you back.
Try not to get to close to him while giving him as striptease because he wILL slap your ass and try to grasp a titty.
He’s sO vocal about how you make him feel that you might end up getting flustered with just the way his words degrade you a little bit.
“Look at your panties baby... already so wet from just stripping in front of me... I wonder how wet you’ll get when I start taking off my clothes....”
Tumblr media
Oh boy. This boy right here—i mean man.
I feel like stripteases are always a great way to warm jongho up.
Granted that this man is a power dom...
Jongho literally scrEAMS, “i will bend you over my thigh if you don’t strip fast enough.”
He HATES (read: loves) being teased.
If you start teasing him he’ll take that as a form of defiance.
“What do you think you’re doing my weak princess?” His power kink coming out to play too. “Taunting me with something I can easily take away from you?”
If youre looking for a quick route to funishment land—be my guest and literally strip in front of him and see where that gets you.
“You are in no position to tell me what to do with this body of yours.” He says hands through your hair and lips against your neck.
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mansions-maiden · 7 months ago
Helloooww againnnnn xD
Thank you so much for taking my request before (arthur mc switch place). Sooo i wanna request again if you have timeeee xD
About young mc was a mischievous kid, problem child and often got spanked by her mom back then. So i wanna request the scenario of mc suddenly become a little girl and 12 of them will dealing with her shit*y mischievous behavior xD. Kinda wanna see they got tired and traumatic to have children xD
Thank you so much before and i love you so muchhhhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
this was so much fun to write! and sorry it was late! I was busy with school work and the first draft got deleted. so had to rewrite it from the scratch. T-T. wrote it long as a compensation! Enjoy the reading! And second request from the same person! Love you too❤💕
word count: 2K.
The sun rose in the east and dyed the streets of 19th century France in it’s orange hue. Sebastian went to wake MC up as she didn’t wake up yet.
*rap rap* “MC! wake up! It’s morning already!” , he knocked MC bedroom’s door for sometime and yet, there was no answer from the other side. Worried, he went to comte and grabbed the spare keys to MC’s room.
He went inside and searched for mc. But when she couldn’t be found anywhere, he called for comte and Leonardo. Hearing his calls, Leo and comte immediately came running into the room, only to find a small girl child, fast asleep amidst the silky bedsheets.
The three men looked at each other before Leonardo gently picked up the girl in his arms. A crescent smile crawled on to their lips at the sight of the little girl.
Comte took the girl from Leonardo's arms and put her on his hip, wrapping an arm around her little waist.
"who is this little girl? Where did MC go?" Comte asked looking around the room.
The girl woke up from her slumber due to all voices and movements. The three men stared at her. " Hey Leo, why do I get a feeling that this little girl is MC? her eyes look the same as our mc..ow!" Comte cried in pain while speaking as MC was pulling his blonde locks of hair painfully.
Leo laughed at Comte and Sebastian quietly snickered before composing himself and spoke" M.comte, I think we should explain the situation to residents too."
"You're right Sebastian. I shall inform them. " Comte said, finally freeing his hair from MC's grip.
MC was giggling to herself loudly.
(Aand mama Comte and papa Leonardo mode have been activated )
All the residents stared at the new arrivals in the dining hall.
" Goodness Comte! When did you become father? Congratulations on becoming father of 13 members!" Arthur spoke from one end of the table with a mischievous grin.
"stop it Arthur. I am no one's father. And this little girl here is our MC. Looks like she took something that changed her into her childhood self". Comte said with a little frown as he took his seat.
"oh really!? MC is so cute! Come here little girl!" Vincent aka the gentle angel took her from Comte and sat her on the table. "Do you want bread lil doll?" Vincent asked, giving her the baguette.
MC threw the baguette on the other side of the table ( I can hear the sound of Comte's breaking heart seeing his favorite dish being thrown away XD. )
The baguette smacked Mozart's face and a disappointed sigh was heard from him ." It's only morning and I have to deal with little MC's ruckus? She already causes enough trouble in original form.." Mozart said.
"Mama! Papa! Give me chocolates!" MC went to Comte and tugged at his cloak with her little hands.
"wait! Why the hell is she calling you mama and papa!?" Theo asked with a surprised tone to which Leonardo replied with a shrug and laugh.
“sebastian? can you buy her some chocolates? “ comte asked. Sebastian immediately went into the town. 
"You're soo cute Toshiko- little mc! I want to squish you in my arms!" Dazai said as he poked her cheeks and suddenly, a shrill scream of pain escaped his mouth. " Ahh~! Why did you bite my hand !? " Dazai screamed again looking at the red bite mark appearing on his fingers.
"No one touches mc!" Mc squealed and jumped on to the floor and began running. "Catch me if you can!" Mc ran out of the dining room and disappeared into the gardens.
Arthur, Vincent and Napoleon were soon on their feet searching for mc. "Now, where did this sneaky little girl go?!" Arthur said, wiping the sweat beads on his forehead. That's when the three heard heard the adorable giggles of a child.
They saw mc, covered in mud from tip to toe and Arthur's and Theo's dogs running and playing with her.
"Gotcha!" "Ahh~ Arthur! Hehee!" Mc squealed and wriggled , trying to escape from Arthur's grasp.
"hey! W-what are you doing?!" Arthur exclaimed suddenly as he found himself getting covered in dirt by mc. " Wowee! Noe Arthur us dirty! Napoleon! Shoo him away and throw him in the bath"
"Go and freshen up Arthur. I'll take care of her" Napoleon told Arthur and sent him into the mansion.
" Napoleon! Bend down! Bend down! Gimme a piggy back ride! "
"wai- woah!!" Napoleon was surprisingly pulled down by MC by his Cape.
And that's how MC had a whole tour of mansion with Napoleon as her personal horse.
The sun rose further into the sky and soon it was afternoon. All the vampires gathered at the dining table including Shakespeare, who was invited for lunch by Vincent.
Shakespeare heard the giggles of a child. "Why doth I hear the giggles of a child in thy mansion Comte? " Shakespeare asked searching for the source of the voice.
"our MC has turned into a child Will. Those giggles are of our MC." Vincent explained what had happened from the morning.
" oh- looks like destiny has strange ways of entertaining herself.." Shakespeare murmured to no one and called out for MC.
"Shakespeare! You're here. I have some stories for you. Do you want to listen?" Mc asked running into the dining hall.
"what may those stories be little Angel?" Shakespeare asked, making her sit in the chair next to his.
" Do you know, Theo has sweet tooth secretly. He even fills his entire pancakes with sugar syrup! He dips everything he finds in sugar syrup.! And he wants Vincent  to love only him!”
"oi little Hondje ! What do you think you're blabbering about?!" Theo rose from his seat, as he stopped  eating his sugar syrup dipped pan cakes. XD .
"Vincent! Protect me from your darling brother!" MC said hiding behind Shakespeare and sticking her tongue out at Theo.
The mansion reverberated with the laughter of residents as she went on and on telling her stories , which had some of the most embarrassing stories of residents and had left residents with burning cheeks.
After lunch, Theo called little mc and took her out into the town along with his dog King. “ MC! come here! Don’t go wandering off!” Theo was having hard time catching mc and looking after his King at the same time.
“THEO! Come here! You must see this! It’s so cute!!” MC approached Theo and dragged him by his arm. Theo turned to stone as soon as he saw what had caught the sight of mc. “Theo! Theo? ...Hello..Theo!” MC shook Theo by his arm and Theo immediately looked down at her with a flustered gaze,” Why would you want to show me a cat?! You little rascal!” Theo bent down to reach mc’s height. “Oh.. Are you afraid of cats? I’m sorry! I didn’t know that.. but! OH! I gotta tell this to all the members!”
“Don’t you dare!” Theo now ran after MC as she sped off towards mansion. Her mischief kept all the residents on high alert their toes and they didn’t even realize it was evening.
When mc was roaming through the corridors, she found Leonardo fast asleep near the library doors again and  a sudden idea popped in her mind. She woke up Leonardo and gave him a glass of water. “ Leo! I thought you might be thirsty. So I brought you a glass of water!”
Unable to resist her puppy dog eyes, he took a sip of water, only to spit it out the next instant .” What did you mix in this cara mia?!”
“uh-oh! I think  I mixed the salt without my knowledge. Thank you for saving my tongue Leo!” mc said laughing and ran off into the corridors.
Sebastian was in kitchen, cooking dinner  when he felt his waistcoat being tugged. “ Hey, peasant! Bow down to the queen! “ MC posed as a queen with crown stolen taken from comte’s room. “ Your lovely highness, I’m afraid you’re not a queen yet. But the princess of this mansion does deserve a treat. Here” Sebastian told as he kept a chocolate bar in her mouth. A sweet moan escaped her mouth as the chocolate melted in her mouth. “ Yours truly is satisfied peasant! You may continue your work!” MC said as she went off, still chewing off the chocolate in her mouth.
“It looks as if looking MC is much harder than all the 11 vampires combined together..” he sighed as he murmured to himself.
after sometime:
Isaac heard a soft knock on his door and he opened it, and found little mc with her hands behind her back and mischief dancing in her eyes. “I am here to give you this” MC said with a smile as she gave him  a paper. A sour face was made by Isaac as soon as he saw the paper she gave. “What is this?! Not you too!” Isaac cried out as he saw the drawing of Isaac saying, “I love apples” and many more drawings related to apples.
“OH MC! COME HERE!” Isaac shouted as MC ran away, laughing loudly on her way. The residents heard the commotion and came outside, only to find Isaac with a flustered gaze and panting heavily. “Who told mc about apples and me?! Now even she joined in Arthur’s cult!” Isaac told everyone and everyone burst out laughing.
Comte called her into his room and sate her in the chair across him as he asked,” Cherie? Here you go , I bought this for you. “ Comte said as he gave her the new dresses and chocolates.
“ aah!! Comte! thank you so much!! You’re my mama!!” Mc squealed as she hugged comte’s knees.  She stretched out her hand and told, “mama! say aah!” comte opened his mouth and soon found out that she had given him a chocolate. He took her into his arms and sat her on his lap, kissing her nose and forehead affectionately.
After dinner:
MC was on the couch yawning  and scrunching her eyes when comte and Mozart found her. “Are you sleepy cherie? Would you like to sleep?” Comte asked, bending down. “Yes..” “ I shall play a lullaby then. Will you listen to it MC? “ . “yeah...” mc yawned again.
Mozart told comte to follow him into his music room with mc. Mozart began playing  lullaby as soft as the wind chimes in the windy night on his piano. Comte ran his fingers through the hairs of mc as he watched her fall asleep, with her head in his lap with a smile on his face. ‘could this day get any better?’ he thought to himself as continued petting her head.
After MC fell asleep, he carried her gently in  a princess carry into the hall where everyone is gathered.
“Is she asleep?” everyone looked at mc’s sleeping face with adoration as Napoleon asked. “ I can’t believe she has the nerve to sleep after keeping us on our feet the entire day.” Theo sighed .
“ I do agree..she’s such a handful kid.. But it is the most refreshing day and most adorable thing I’ve ever seen”  Arthur said, stretching his hands above his head and laughed.
“I can’t believe one of the most feared emperor  ended up becoming a personal horse for a little girl” napoleon said rubbing his still aching back and shoulders.
“Does anyone want to have a kid here in the mansion?” Sebastian asked with a curious gaze.
“No! Having mc already in her original form is enough to us. She’s just like a big grown up baby. “ Leonardo said with a smile.
“I’m so glad that everyone thinks of MC the same way” Comte said laughing.
“We all are tired today due to her. Let’s call it a day guys..” Everyone retired to their own rooms and comte put her to sleep in her room before going to his room.
Next day, mc was back in her own form with no memories of the previous day. But everyone kept their mouths sealed for they wanted to hide their smile whenever they saw her and were mesmerized by her innocence.
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enigmawrappedinhypocrisy · 7 months ago
*Request* Okay. Thanks! Could the reader be in to wrestling and her and barley are best friends? And something happened and they find out they’re falling for each other? And Ian is always teasing the reader? And a kiss at the end? Sorry if it’s a bit confusing.. again thanks!
 Okay I’m not sure how to do this… and I’m not into wrestling… And i’m really bad at this getting things done thing… sooo… I’m sorry, I know this has been in my asks for 100 years. But excuses… And i’m tired of this being in my drafts sooo… However, Hopefully it's decent enough. 
Fandom: Onward
Pairings: Barley x Reader (mention of grandchildren once but nothing that indicates gender... I think...) 
Warnings: Bad writing, Quick Mention of drunk idiots harassing reader, I don’t know a thing about Wrestling, Fluff, very bouncy thoughts... a tiny little bit of almost angst. 
❀✦ Master List✦❀
You met Barley at a wrestling match when a few drunk idiots decided to hassle you. As they tend to do… 
You ran into the first, seemingly safe person you saw. You looked at him with puppy eyes and were grateful he understood your silent plea. 
Barley smiled warmly and put his arm around you. He pretended to be your boyfriend until the guys lost interest in you and left. He made some jokes to lighten the mood and struck up a casual conversation with you, as if you really did know each other. You found yourself amazed and feeling better, it seemed this elf boy radiated security and gentleness.  
Then, with a simple thank you, you’d parted ways; only to run into each other again at the local diner after the match. It was there you had sat and talked well into the early hours of the morning. 
You learned he was interested in many things you were, and you just felt… content around him. By the time you had to part, numbers were exchanged, and he’d texted you before noon that day. 
You began hanging out shortly after that. You were nearly always at each other’s house, and quickly became close with his family. His mother adored you and his brother felt comfortable enough to joke around with you. 
All in all you and Barley were quite close.
But not as close as your family's seemed to think you were… or maybe hope would be more appropriate…  
The weekend had finally arrived and you made your way to Barley’s house, as planned, after work.
There was a big wrestling event in the evening and you and Barley had plans to hang out and watch it together. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to spend a lot of time at the Lightfoot house so no one batted an eye when you showed up a little early. 
Ms. Lightfoot welcomed you and let you know that Barley had called saying he'd be a little late, and she was going out with friends. As she was leaving she turned to wink at you telling you, with a knowing look, to have fun. 
You thanked her as you felt your cheeks flush with warmth and made your way to the familiar living room. You didn't mind waiting for Barley, in fact, you'd be willing to wait all night if it meant spending time with him. Not that you would tell him that...
Lost in your thoughts about how dumb and sappy that sounded even in your mind, and the implications therein, you hadn't noticed Barley's brother come in.
You had spent a fair amount of time with both brothers since you’d first met Barley. So by this time Ian was pretty comfortable around you, sometimes even coming to you for help or advice. Especially when it entailed something he might have been too embarrassed about to ask his mother or brother about.  
 Ian had decided to take a break from homework, and get a snack when he found you lost in thought on his couch. When he came back from the kitchen only to find you with the same dazed expression several minutes later he decided to tease you a little. 
"Barley late for date night?" Ian asks, his tone even, leaning against the wall an apple in hand. 
"Yea- wait no! Why would you say that?" You blink taken off guard by the sudden question. 
Ian raises an eyebrow in a ‘really?’ expression. 
“Shut up” you try and fail to keep the blush from your voice. "We're just… eh… hanging out!" You defend a little too enthusiastically. 
“Interesting that’s the part you chose to respond to…” Ian chuckles, before heading back upstairs. If you weren't ready to admit your feelings, who was he to do it for you… besides, this was  far more amusing.
It wasn't much longer until Barley arrived home, a little disheveled. The match wasn't due to start for another hour, maybe more depending on how things went, and yet it looked like the elf boy had rushed home. 
The only thought that continued to creep into your mind was you… he rushed home to see you. The idea of It warmed your heart, and filled you with a longing. A longing for a potential life where Barley was coming home after work each day to see you. 
He'd find you cooking… reading… working on some project… and kiss you. 
You'd ask him about his day… and he yours. 
You'd share a pleasant dinner and end the night cuddled on the couch… 
You’d be happy… 
Ian's words run on loop in your mind and you don’t notice the way Barley’s face lights up upon seeing you. 
Did Barley think you were dating? That this was a date? 
Did he want it to be? 
Did you? 
You hadn't noticed you were staring until Barley brought attention to it. 
"What?" You jump. 
"I asked why you were looking at me like that?" he gives you his charming little half smile as he repeats, what you assume was, his earlier question. 
"Oh, um… nothing… no reason" you blush and desperately avoid looking at him. 
Barley watches you for a moment, clearly not believing your answer, but gives in with a shrug. 
"I'm just gonna go put my stuff down and get something to drink… you want something?" He asks. 
"Okay, um… no thanks" you try to sound casual all the while you're incredibly aware of your quickening heartbeat. 
Barley nods before leaving you, calling to you from the kitchen. He asks about your day. You give a non answer in response and ask him about his. 
He goes on to tell you about some funny thing his boss said in response to an irate customer, and soon returns to the living room. He hands you your drink before flopping down next to you. 
You scold him as you nearly spill. Not really realizing he brought you something even though you told him you didn’t need him to… not only that, but it was definitely your favorite… why would he… how… 
"Sorry my love" he smirks, clearly not sorry. 
You roll your eyes giving him a little shove in response to the nickname. He often called you sweet things. Things you previously attributed to his personality or teasing but now they had you wondering.
When he called you those things, sweetheart, darling, dear… was he actually hinting at what he really felt? 
You look at him out of the corner of your eye and quickly squeak noticing he was watching you with an indescribable emotion.
"W-what?" You try to act casual. 
"What's wrong with you?" He asks, blunt and to the point. 
"What do you mean?" You try and play it off, as if your mind wasn’t playing that little game with the levers and ball… and see you can’t even remember what it’s called… and it’s your analogy… 
PINBALL! Your brain was playing pinball… the dinging buzzing things the ball hits against being the sudden and many thoughts… which makes you the ball? Or was the ball the thoughts… bouncing around… there goes the analogy again…  
"You're being all quiet and…” he indicates you vaguely,  “did my mom say something to you? She's been teasing me about grandchildren lately, she didn't say something like that too you did she?" 
Your eyes widen and you suspect Barley didn't mean to let that slip out by the blush now coloring his ears. 
"No… but um… what-what do you tell her when she asks about that kind of stuff?" Yeah super subtle… 
Barley scratches the back of his neck, “I tell her we haven't discussed that…" 
"Why would we… Um Barley?" You push away your insecurities, fear that you’d read the situation wrong, and decide to just jump in with both feet. 
Or tip over the machine? Does it work now? The analogy? 
He 'hmms'. 
"Do you think we're dating?" You try to phrase it gently but cringe when you hear yourself. You don’t want to come across rude, like you’re making fun of him… but also don’t wanna let on how much you’re starting to suspect you want him to say yes… 
Barley looks away from you, practically purple at this point. 
"Uh… no of course not…" It sounded small, nervous but... hopeful? 
"Do… do you want to?" you manage to force out, slightly proud of your mostly even tone.
Do you?
You’re still not sure at this point yourself, you’d only just realized the way you feel about the elf boy that was your best friend. Did you want to risk that? What happens if this was just a little puppy attraction, lust thing… and whatever relationship you begin quickly sizzles out? 
Barley is looking at his hands as he nervously fiddles with the zipper of his vest. He bites his lip and tries to avoid your gaze. 
You soften, “It’s okay if you do… I mean… wanna… um…” Now you can’t find the words, which becomes more difficult when Barley looks up at you, hope shining in his eyes. 
“What are you saying?” he prompts, heart pounding in his chest. He hopes you can’t hear it. 
You shift, turning towards him slightly. “Well… if you wanted to maybe go on a date or something…” 
“I’d probably be okay with that… I mean… if you want to” you add the last part, now desperately hoping this wasn’t some awful joke. 
Barley smiles, reaching forward to brush a piece of hair from your face. “Do you wanna go on a date with me?” He asks softly, apparently having gained some confidence back. 
You nod, leaning into his touch before you realize you’re doing it. 
“Tomorrow night?” he suggests. 
Again, you nod, not trusting your voice. 
Barley smiles, his attention turning back to the tv. The match was starting soon, the announcers already talking about what they expect to happen. He leans back, his arm resting behind you on the top of the couch. Not an uncommon thing for the elf boy. What was uncommon, however, was you relaxing against his side and how right it felt.
Without a word, perhaps because he wasn’t sure he could trust his voice either, Barley brings his arm down around you, holding you against him. 
If you had the courage yourself to look up at him, you would have seen the flushing upon his cheeks. But either way this was comfortable and you weren’t in a hurry to end it any time soon. 
A few hours later Barley's mom returns home. Maaaybe a little drunk which results in her cooing loudly when she finds you and Barley asleep and cuddling on the couch. 
This, and her half stumbling up the stairs, manages to rouse you and Barley from your comfortable nap.
Barley yawns, and slowly gets to his feet. 
"Come on, I'll drive you home" he offers another yawn soon follows.
"Don't worry, I can drive myself" you stretch, not really pleased with the idea of making the trip home yourself.
"You're too tired- not safe" Barley half murmurs. 
"You're too tired" you retort. 
"You should stay here… on the couch… or I can take the couch" he stumbles over his words. 
You nod in agreement flopping back on the couch. When Barley doesn't leave you raise a brow in question. 
"I was just thinking…" he shuffles from one foot to the other.
You watch him with patient eyes, now a little more alert. You'd let him say what he needed, when he needed not wanting to rush him. 
"I mean… if I don't drive you home I can't kiss you goodbye…" 
His ears were a dark maroon by now and you can't keep the smile from your eyes. His sweetness, his bashfulness, just how God damn cute he was. And most of all… how much you wanted to kiss his pink tinted face. 
So you did. 
You stood, quicker than he could react, grabbed his face on either side, and brought his lips to yours. After a moment of shock Barley’s arms come around you, keeping you too him. 
You can't say for sure if the head rush you felt was from the kiss or standing too suddenly, but you chose to think it was the kiss as you give him several more little pecks before eventually breaking apart with a yawn. 
"Better?" You ask, your head falling forward to lean against his shoulder. 
Barley nods before pulling back, calling a good night to you, and hurrying to his room. 
You chuckle softly before flopping once again on the couch… there'd be time tomorrow to deal with all this… but for now… sleep was calling and the old couch was far too inviting… 
*And that’s all folks*
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authornina · a month ago
Pie Session: Oceana & Lake
Tumblr media
“It’s nice that you could join us,” Dr. Pie said to Oceana. 
“Yea, my baby finally letting me tell you the real.” 
“Do you think he hasn’t been truthful with me?” 
“I’m just sayin’ from my perspective, my baby don’t know everything that went down.” 
“Should he know everything?” 
“No, I should not,” Lake answered for his mother. He didn’t care about the past nor did he want to relive anything. 
This whole thing was Avery’s idea in the first place. He told himself not to listen to her ass anymore because his mom was already starting with the bullshit. The ride over was even worst. Oceana wouldn’t shut up about Hassan and all his bitches.
“Boy,” Dr. Pie smiled, sitting back getting comfortable. “I don’t even know where to start. This is huge for you, Lake.”
“Yea yea...” 
“Since I’m aware of Lake’s feelings regarding most things, I’ll ask you, does it feel to be reconciled with your son?”
“Like I was given a second chance at life. This my everything,” Oceana smiled, running her hand down Lake’s fresh haircut. “He got that thick ass nice hair just like me. If he were to grow it out, it would look like mine,” she lifted one of her long braids.
“My Daddy had hair like this too.” 
“You see how he won’t give me credit for shit?”
“Do you feel like it’s owed to you?” Dr. Pie quizzed.
“No but I want some acknowledgement that he ain’t all what these hoes consider sexy and shit because of his father. Lake take after me too.”
“In what ways?” 
“Ummm...” Oceana stood up. “Check the material,” she said doing a spin and Lake shook his head. 
“Okay,” Dr. Pie nodded, a small laugh escaping. “You are very beautiful.” 
“Thank you,” Oceana said, taking her seat. “He need to understand that his momma been that bitch and even after the crack I’m still that bitch.” 
“Lake do you understand that your mother is that...bitch?” Dr. Pie asked making him laugh.
“Yea, man...I see her, she ard.” 
“Hassan always told me how beautiful I was.” 
“You expect your son to as well?” 
“No! What type of nasty incest shit you talkin’ bout?!” 
“O, chill!” 
“That’s another thing, he won’t call me Mommy.” 
“I ain’t callin’ your ass no fuckin’ Mommy!” 
“Why not?” Oceana seemed like she was ready to cry already.
“Lake has been calling you by your first name for how long?” 
“Since he was little, his father taught him that bullshit. Straight dissociated me from anything maternal in my baby’s mind.” 
“May I ask why?” 
“Because he wanted my baby to be fucked up like him!” 
“Ard, don’t talk about him man. He ain’t here to defend himself so just leave it the fuck where its at.”
“He sooo protective with his father but I’m still handled like a stranger.” 
“That ain’t true, A include you in on everything. You always in our house--” 
“Because of your wife, she likes don’t.” 
“Lake is your mother around because you want her there? Or because she and Avery share a close relationship?” 
“I don’t know and I don’t care if she there. We cool.” 
“Could you imagine...” Oceana snatched one of the tissues dabbing her tears. “Your own baby saying he’s cool with you?” 
“I don’t know what else she expects, I don’t need a mother anymore. I’m used to us being like this.” 
“What type of relationship would you like with Oceana?” 
Lake didn’t know how to answer that question because it wasn’t a relationship he felt like he needed anymore. She gave him the closure he wanted and he forgave her. There wasn’t much more he thought could be done. 
“He doesn’t care if I’m here or not. All he cares about is his new life.” 
“What life did he have before this one? From my understanding it wasn’t a very happy time for Lake prior to Avery.” 
“Just give that lil hoe all the credit!” 
“Lake deserves the credit actually, Avery is a big part of his healing but he couldn’t have done the work without first opening himself up and embracing some of the vulnerability from his past. That had nothing to do with his wife but everything to do with him being ready to face his trauma head on.” 
“Then I guess you just know every muthafuckin’ thing!” Oceana spat.
“Why don’t you chill man? The fuck is wrong with you?” 
“Lake maybe not curse at your mother,” Dr. Pie suggested.
“He really believes we are homies and not mother and son.” 
“Is that true Lake?” 
“I can’t jump into to no parent child relationship. I don’t know that with her and when I did, I was a kid. It’s literally been over twenty years since she was my actual mom.” 
“Oceana how does that make you feel?” 
“It’s my fault, I fucked it up with my son so I’m the one to blame. Now I have a damn friend instead of my baby.”  
“I’m not a baby anymore.”
Lake sighed heavily. He couldn’t do this shit with Oceana. She was going to think he was still that boy who believed in mommy magic. 
“Oceana, you still see Lake as how old?” 
“I know he’s a man now, I see him but...recently I got ahold of Hassan’s old videos from back in the day and I watch it all the time. Lake was so happy with me.” 
“You want that back.” 
“I do. I just want him to look at me the same as when he was little.” 
“Unfortunately, that view was tainted. Lake is healing but when someone experiences a trauma, a very tragic one at that, it sometimes shuts down a part of them with no reversibility.” Dr. Pie looked at Lake and he nodded. “I’ve tried to revive Lake, the boy, but it’s been unsuccessful. It hurt him actually, I mean physically he became ill. He and I have talked about this a lot and its just something too harmful for him to tap into.” 
“So I will never be able to have a son again?” 
“You have a son,” Lake responded. “We just don’t have the relationship you want. I can’t force myself to be that way with you.” 
“Whatever Lake!” Oceana shooed him. “You better be lucky I don’t wanna embarass your ass in front of this lady!” 
“How would you embarass him?” 
“By beatin’ his ass!” Oceana answered making Lake and Dr. Pie laugh.
“Are you enjoying being a grandmother?” 
“I am,” Oceana smiled. “I have a Lake, River and soon a little Loire if Abigail hurry the hell up bakin’ her.” 
“She’s almost there, huh, Lake?” Dr. Pie asked him.
“Yea, her due date in three days. So any day now.”
“How do you feel?” 
“I feel ard, I can’t wait to see her.” 
“Oceana how do you feel about Lake’s marriage? Him being a father? Openly expressing his love while also receiving it.” 
“I’m happy for my baby. I’m happy he has everything he deserves. I wish that I could’ve been a part of it.” 
“You are,” Lake told Oceana for the millionth time. He never tried to purposely exclude her but sometimes she could be a lot. 
“Well it don’t feel like it sometimes. An I love you would be nice every once in a while.” 
“I love you,” Lake said, void of emotion.
“Lake, did you mean that?” Dr. Pie asked him.
“Yea. I don’t just throw that shit around.” 
“Imagine your own damn baby telling you he loves you like that. Do you see why I wanna beat his ass?” 
“I dont think physical violence will make his declaration anymore heartfelt.”
“She barely ever whooped me. Hated when my Dad did it.”
“Oceana, is that true?” 
“Sure is, my baby was an angel, I mean the sweetest boy you’d ever come across,” Oceana said, stroking Lake’s cheek. Dr. Pie smiled because she could tell Lake enjoyed the affection from his mother. It just wasn’t something he was used to after so long without it. “So loving and sensitive. Wouldn’t hurt a damn fly but Hassan...he wasn’t like that and didn’t believe boys could be that way so he hardened Lake. I hated it because my baby was gentle.” 
“Lake? Do you remember that?” 
“A little bit. My Dad used to always fuck me up so that’s normal.” 
“Normal Lake?” Dr. Pie tilted her head to the side. 
“You know what I mean, I got fucked up a lot.” 
“And how did that make you feel Oceana?” 
“I hated Hassan when he first beat my baby. It was on his third birthday, I’ll never forget. He was goin’ through one of his episodes for whatever reason and Lake started crying because like I said, my baby was sensitive and he didn’t like seeing his father yellin’ at me. Hassan always told them not to cry and Lake would do his best, even as a baby but that day just was bad for everybody. He whooped Lake’s ass then took me home...and...did the same thing to me,” Oceana bowed her head sadly. 
“Lake how does it make you feel hearing these things?”
“I don’t feel nothing.” 
Lake still didn’t like hearing the bad shit people had to say about Hassan. It wasn’t okay that his father abused his mother but he felt like that was their business and he shouldn’t be brought in the middle of something he was too young to understand nor could he barely remember.
“Oceana, how does that make you feel?” 
“It hurts, but I don’t need no sympathy, none of my past is on Lake to bear. I don’t want my son to hate his father either but the love and loyalty they show Hassan it’s...” Oceana shook her head. “That man wasn’t perfect but they treat him as such with no forgiveness for anyone else.” 
“Nobody said he was but the same muhfuckas that got a lot to say about him are the same ones that left him to raise all of us by his self. I’ll never speak down on him. I get he did some fucked up shit but...that’s my father, I love him, when he was alive and dead. I’m not apologizing for that.” 
When Lake expressed he loved Oceana just minutes ago there were no signs of emotion in his tone but he said he meant it which he probably did because Lake didn’t give out love so easily. However, saying those same three words for his father, there was no question about it. You could hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes how much he loved and missed Hassan.
“Lake nobody wants to come between you and your precious father.” 
Dr. Pie noticed the jealousy and hurt on Oceana’s face. She almost looked at Lake with hate as if she were staring at the man who hurt her but it quickly disappeared and reverted back to love.
“Does he remind you of his father?” 
“All the time,” Oceana laughed. “You see I had to fix my face because I be forgettin’ this my damn baby and not that nigga. He looks exactly like that man, act like his ass and everything. Hassan did that on purpose.”  
“You believe he intentionally turned Lake into the man he is today?” 
“Sure the fuck did. Tell her Lake, tell her what your father did to you.” 
“He didn’t do shit but the best he could. I’m good.”
“Are you?” 
“Yea! No thanks to you.” 
“See, he don’t forgive me.”
“I do, but don’t start talkin’ bout my fuckin’ Daddy!” 
“Mm...” Oceana pursed her lips. “Anger like that man too. I don’t see how Abigail ain’t went upside your damn head. Raise your voice at me like that again!” 
“You think Lake gets angry with his wife the same as his father has in the past with you?”
“I don’t know what goes on in their bedroom but Abigail do be havin’ alot bruises on her body,” Oceana shrugged and Lake started cracking up. Dr. Pie covered her mouth also finding it amusing. She too had the same concern until it was further explained to her. “What the hell y’all laughing at?”
“That shit is not from me puttin’ my hands on her,” Lake laughed. “Well not in a violent way,” he said, smiling at his mother.
“You nasty muthafucka!” Oceana hit him and Lake died. “And I’ma whoop Abigail ass because the last time I’m all concerned cause she big and pregnant! She come down lookin’ tore the hell up. Her hoe ass gon’ talk about some your son beat on me real bad last night. I was ready to defend her stank ass. Freak bitches!” 
Dr. Pie and Lake were hollering. 
“A healthy sex life is important in a marriage,” Dr. Pie mentioned. 
“I’m sure they nasty asses don’t have no problem in that department,” Oceana pushed Lake who was still laughing.
“She just bruise easy,” Lake shrugged. “I promise I don’t hurt her. For anything she be hurtin’ me.” 
“Boy shut your ass up!” Oceana pushed him again.
“Avery seems fine,” Dr. Pie grinned. She loved the personality Lake displayed when it came to talking about his wife. Avery brought the best out of him. He always seemed young and carefree. "Very calm these days.” 
“I’m sure she is,” Oceana said, shaking her head. “I gave that lil hoe the best thing to ever walk this damn earth.” 
“Hell yea my baby! Look at him! Her ass lucky!”
“Do you feel like Lake is lucky too?” 
“I mean...Abigail ard,” Oceana said as if she didn’t fuck with Avery like that knowing damn well that was her girl. 
“Avery is the one who brought you two together?” 
“Yea, her lil ass got my baby to talk to me. I’m grateful to her for that and she make him happy. Every time I go over there, Lake is smiling, River smiling, Abigail smiling. They have a happy ass life. The other day his mean butt was dancing with her big ass. I thought it was so cute.” 
“Now, you ain’t have to call her big ass,” Lake defended his wife trying not to laugh. “You know she sensitive about her weight right now. I’ma tell her you said that shit too.”
“What about your life?” Dr. Pie asked Oceana, chuckling at their banter. “How are you holding up?”
“I dont know, it ain’t been much for a long time...still going to my meetings, my girlfriend is supportive...I miss Hassan though, I feel like if he were here I wouldn’t be so unhappy.” 
Lake looked at his mother confused. He didn’t know she wasn’t happy or that she missed his dad so much. She talked about him like a dog. 
“You seem surprised by your mother’s admission, Lake.” 
“I ain’t think she missed him.” 
“Lake, I miss that man every day. I hated him for many years but it ain’t ever stop how much I loved him. Hassan forgave me for the worst mistake I made in my life. I’ll always love him.” 
“What mistake did you make, Oceana?” 
“Leaving my baby.” 
“I’ve heard Lake say he’s forgiven you and you’ve mentioned Hassan forgave you as well, but let me ask...have you forgiven yourself?” 
“Not yet.” 
“What’s holding you back?” 
“I don’t know.” 
“Well, I know that Lake is my patient but you are more than welcome to come here on your own if you ever need someone to talk to.” 
“Lady, you just makin’ bank off all of us, huh?”
“I’m all about transparency so I’ll be honest, I am,” Dr. Pie admitted making Lake and Oceana laugh. She really was a dope real ass therapist. There was no way she could expect complete open and honesty, especially from people who didn’t believe in sharing much, if she couldn’t offer the same in return. With boundaries she had no problem being forthcoming. “But I hope that it’s been money worth spending.” 
“Every penny,” Lake said and Dr. Pie smiled warmly.
“I’m glad to hear that.” 
“Ard Miss Lady,” Oceana said, standing to her feet and stretching. “Ain’t our time up?” 
“You rude as fuck,” Lake shook his head.
“What?! I got to get home before Evelyn start up with her mess. You know she think I’ma go back to the dick and shit cause I be flirtin’.” 
“Aw, come on! Don’t nobody wanna hear that shit!” 
“It’s fine, Lake,” Dr. Pie laughed. 
“Send my baby the bill per usual,” Oceana pointed to Pie then winked. “You fine.” 
“Aye man, go head with all that!” Lake didn’t care who his mother dated but he did not want to hear or see that shit.
“Thank you,” Dr. Pie smiled walking them to the door. “I hope to see you again, Oceana.’s always a pleasure to have you.” 
“How did I do?” Oceana asked him as soon as they got in the car.
“What you mean?” 
“Did I say too much?” 
“You coulda said whatever you wanted, O.” 
“I didn’t want to make you feel some type of way about your father, Lake. It just started coming out.” 
“It’s cool, I ain’t sweatin’ it.” Lake looked at his phone and Avery was calling on Facetime. He hated that shit. “What A?” 
“Don’t what me, Lake!” she yelled then smiled at his handsome face. “You so fine and sexy. Whew! Wait till you get home. How did it go? Didn’t I tell you to call me the moment it was over?”
“It was ard, she was in there trippin’ though. Oh and she called you big ass.”
Oceana snatched the phone then she and Avery started arguing.
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burningdarkfire · a month ago
i actually watched all of exu episode 5 live but i’ve still got all these notes in my drafts, so here they are belatedly:
the way matt was like “i hate this” and aabria went “yay! i love this so much” ✨
robbie screaming “bEtRAyAL” after a shitty roll
aabria said smth like “rolls are where the universe and a decision may disagree on a course of action. we can’t disagree because you haven’t made a decision yet” and i thought that was SUCH an interesting way of framing what dice rolls are actually for. will def keep in mind going forward in my own games
and similarly, on the scale of the game, i enjoy situations like the one in this episode where the characters are forced to verbalize what they want or what they’re trying to do! it’s so useful for creating some focus imo
orym doing it “for him”??? that’s an eyes emoji fam!!
matt, rolling a 4: i am, if anything, reliable
robbie, getting an 8 for int: good thing i’m pretty 🎶
BACK TO BACK is in my head now. i’m thinking about Them
this episode finally gave me the storytelling i was expecting from an 8 episode season. the time skip was still awkward (the players/characters clearly do not act like a month has passed) but other than that the way aabria has been ramping up the stakes slowly and then went off this episode was sooo great
and finally, again: i love dorian storm. i LOVE dorian storm. i am obsessed with how suspicious he is. dorian storm corruption arc my beloved!!
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snelbz · a year ago
{rowaelin angst}
A/N: So this has been sitting in my drafts for uh. 8 months, and I legit forgot it existed sooo. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
The little black box that sat on his dresser haunted him.
Rowan had been staring at it for what seemed like hours without any hope of falling asleep. He glanced at the alarm clock on his dresser. 2:16. His eyes drifted back to the box. He wondered if the diamond inside would gleam in the moonlight streaming through his thin curtained window.
He wondered if she would have liked the ring.
He supposed he would never know.
He didn’t understand how they had gotten here. How he had ended up in bed - in their bed - alone. He reached out ran his hand down the unoccupied pillow next to him.
Just yesterday, she woken up beside him. Just yesterday, she’d slipped out of bed before he was awake to make him a cup of coffee. It was still steaming on his bedside table when he’d woken up, though she was long gone, hoping to beat the morning traffic heading into Orynth.
He’d gone back through their texts from the day over a hundred times already, looking for some clue or sign of what was to come. There was none. They’d talked about nothing out of the ordinary, but that had been his goal. For her to suspect nothing and assume that it was any normal day.
At lunch, he’d called her. He’d suggested they go somewhere nice for dinner, rather than the regular take out one of them picked up on the way home, the one element crucial to his plan. If there was no fancy dinner, there was no proposal.
But he didn’t expect her to say no.
“I’m swamped with work,” she’d said. “I really just need to go to my apartment tonight and focus on these files.”
He’d offered, “I’ll come over then. Pick up dinner on the way.”
“Not tonight, Rowan.”
The tones of her voice made him hesitate before he pushed her.
Rowan’s eyes fluttered shut.
He missed her.
It had only been a day and the absence of her in their bed was agonizing.
Rowan picked up his phone and went to her contact page. He pressed the call button. It went straight to voicemail.
Hey, it’s Aelin. I’m busy. Call later or leave a message. Actually, text me. Why are you calling me in the first place?
The recorded lady told him to leave a message after the beep.
The beep came.
Rowan said nothing. What was there to say?
I miss you. I love you. Come back to me. Please.
Rowan hung up and let his phone fall into her pillow.
He had thought about going to her apartment, but he knew it was pointless. He’d never get inside. Instead he’d paced around his house today. He’d smashed things and broken them. He’d screamed until he was sure his neighbors had heard and was surprised when no police had shown up. He’d punched the wall so hard there was a fist-sized hole in the drywall. As he looked up at it, he clenched his stiff fingers.
It was useless.
They had been together since high school. Seven years. Everyone said high school sweethearts don’t end up together. But they were wrong. She was his forever.
Seven years.
And now there was nothing.
Nothing but pain and emptiness and an agonizing hole in his chest that could not be filled.
He called her number again, knowing that it would go straight to her voicemail as it did before.
He did it again.
And again.
And again.
Until he finally got the nerve to leave a message after the beep.
“I love you,” he said, quietly, into the phone. “I miss you. I’m so sorry, Fireheart.”
He hung up and stared at the white ceiling.
He knew she wouldn’t be calling back, knew she wouldn’t answer the phone, no matter how many times he called.
It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Life wasn’t supposed to laugh at you like this.
You weren’t supposed to get a taste of happiness, to see everything you’ve ever wanted in front of you, and all you had to do was reach out and take it.
Only to have it ripped from your grasp at the last second.
He picked up his phone, to do what, he didn’t know. Probably to call again, but he paused. His eyes landed on the blue app in the upper corner of his screen and he tapped on it.
Before his feed could even load, he’d clicked on the small magnifying glass in the corner and began to type. Her name appeared after only typing “A”.
He selected her profile, and a photo of her, beaming at the person behind the camera, was displayed front and center. He’d taken the photo, on the ride home from her recent college graduation. The pride displayed on her face was obvious. As was the love in her turquoise and gold eyes.
He quickly closed the app, not allowing himself to scroll through her feed. To see if anything had been posted.
His phone rang in his hand, and even though he knew it wasn’t going to be her despite the late hour, he still hoped. But when he focused on the name on the display, he saw that it was Lorcan, and he declined the call.
He wasn’t in the mood for one of his oldest friend’s particular brand of bad mood tonight.
He had his own to contend with.
He didn’t want to talk to anyone.
No one but her.
Giving up on the idea of sleep, Rowan crawled out of bed as the clock hit three.
He went into the kitchen and turned on the light above the stove.
He turned around.
Her gray cardigan was tossed over the back of one of the chairs pushed up to his crappy, yard sale kitchen table.
They had picked out that table together, after Aelin had convinced him that a kitchen table was necessary and made an offer to the seller. The offer included the kitchen table and the hideous floral chair Rowan had sitting in the corner of his living room.
He hated that chair, had only put it in his apartment because Aelin found it charming.
Rowan poured himself a glass of whiskey and sat in that ugly chair. He grabbed her sweater as he passed and clutched it in his bruised and sore hand. He closed his eyes and raised it to his face. He breathed in deeply, breathing her in, breathing in the firey, crisp scent of her.
The sob the burst out of him on his exhale surprised even him. He didn’t expect the full body tremors that shook he as the tears finally spilled.
Gods, he missed her. He wanted her. He wanted to talk to her. He needed her to tell him everything was going to be okay.
So he tried to call her again.
“Aes, baby, I love you. I need you.” His voice was a gravelly rasp, barely intelligible into the phone’s microphone. “Please, baby. Please.”
He wasn’t above begging. Hell, he’d done it before. Practically had to do it to get her to go out with him in the first place, the beautiful, sophomore cheerleader, being approached by the boy, covered in tattoos at only seventeen, that everyone said was bad news.
And maybe he was bad news.
Maybe it was karma that had led him to lose her.
Maybe it was all his fault.
She was too good for him. Even the gods knew it. But she had loved him, he knew she did. A deep, all consuming love. That is what they shared.
But Rowan didn’t deserve such a love.
So it had to be taken from him.
Rowan screamed, his glass of whiskey falling from his grasp onto the rug beneath.
He didn’t care.
Let it soak in, let it stain. Let it be a reminder of what he had lost.
His phone chimed on the counter, a signal of an incoming text message, and again, he sprang for it. He unlocked it and read the message, his heart falling when he read the words.
I’m outside of your place, Whitethorn. I can see that the light is on. Just give me some sort of sign that you’re alive in there and I’ll leave you be. Elide is worried about you and it’s cutting into my sleep schedule.
Elide, gods bless her. The sweetest soul that he’d ever had the pleasure of meeting. How Lorcan had charmed her, he’d never know.
Instead of replying, he slowly turned around, shuffled to the corner by the window, where the lamp stood, illuminating his small apartment. With a quick twist of his wrist, he turned the lamp off, plunging the room into darkness.
He just stood there, letting the darkness in his heart match that of his home, and after a minute, his phone chimed again, another text from Lorcan.
Thank you, that’s all I needed.
Rowan closed his eyes and listened to the sounds around him. He could hear the A/C unit, humming quietly. He could hear someone on the floor above’s washing machine as it spun. He could hear a tv on down the hall. But he couldn’t hear the quiet snore that left her when she was deeply and completely asleep. Because that snore was gone. His phone chimed one last time and his eyes snapped open and he looked at it.
And Rowan, I’m sorry about Aelin. I really am.
Rowan read the words over and over, letting them process, but never quite taking them in. His breathing quickened, his heart felt like it was about to beat out of his chest.
With a yell of rage, he launched his phone at the wall across the room. It was like a small explosion when it made impact, tiny pieces of glass and plastic and metal ricocheting across the room.
He dropped to his knees and wept.
He couldn’t get over this.
There was no getting over this, getting over her.
It didn’t make sense.
None of it made sense.
Rowan sat on his knees until all of the tears left his body and he eventually fell into a steady numbness.
Was this how it would be?
Living, but wishing he weren’t?
Rowan laid down on the rug, next to the stain from his whiskey.
He had laid her down nights before on that rug and made love to her until late in the night that turned into early morning.
Everywhere he looked there was a memory.
She was everywhere.
So he closed his eyes and tried not to think.
The next thing Rowan knew, there was a banging on his front door and a pain in his neck and back.
The banging continued, but it was accompanied by a lilting voice. “Rowan Whitethorn, I swear to the gods, if you’re in there and don’t open this door right now, I will personally kick your ass.”
He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t face the couple he knew was on the other side. Specifically, he couldn’t face him.
He couldn’t look at him and see her.
He couldn’t see the golden hair and the remarkable, identical eyes. Eyes no one but the two of them shared.
He couldn’t take the pity that would be in them.
“Go away,” he said. He wanted to yell it, but his voice came out broken and raspy.
The knock came once more.
“Please, Rowan,” she said.
If it was just Aedion, Rowan would’ve ignored it. But Lysandra’s plea broke him.
Rowan pushed himself off the floor and stumbled to the door. He knew he looked like shit, smelled like shit, but he didn’t care.
He cracked open the door and peeked through the slit. “What.”
He didn’t meet their gazes.
He knew they would be loaded with pity, and he couldn’t take it.
“May we come in?” Lysandra asked, gently.
That gentleness only made him more agitated.
“It’s not a good time.”
He knew he was being rude. He knew he was being an ass to the people who’d been his family for so many years.
“You think you’re the only one who’s hurting?”
“Aedion,” Lysandra said, a hand pressed to his chest. “We’re here to check on Rowan.”
It was then that Rowan glanced up at Aedion, at the eyes he’d loved so fiercely.
“You don’t need to check on me,” Rowan said, quietly. “I’m perfectly fine being alone right now.”
Aedion’s gaze did not falter from Rowan’s. Rowan wondered if Aedion knew the thoughts that were running through his mind. He wondered if Aedion knew that when Rowan looked at him, all he saw was Aelin.
Seeing Aedion did more hurt than good.
“If you need anything-.” Lysandra began, but was cut off.
“I’ll call,” Rowan interrupted, attempting to sound as if he meant it.
He shut the door without another word, leaning against it after it clicked shut. Rowan slid down the cold, wooden board as Aedion and Lysandra’s footsteps faded away into the distance.
He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, his back against the door, his feet planted on the floor. Long enough that his legs slid out from under him of their own accord. Long enough that somehow, he ended up laying on the cheap flooring meant to look like wood all day and then all night.
Around 6:30 the next morning, the sun reached the remnants of his phone, the shards of glass reflecting the light directly into his eyes.
He’d promised Lysandra he’d call if he needed something. His phone was in pieces and besides, there was only phone number he had memorized and he knew that one would go unanswered.
His stomach growled, but he never got up, even when the rumbles became empty aches. He just laid there, wondering if it was a good thing or a bad thing that he hadn’t needed to use the bathroom in days.
There was a knock on the door twice, but neither time did Rowan do more than blink at the startling noise.
He’d lost track of the days when footsteps approached his door, a key was fit into the door and the lock clicked as it was released. Rowan was up before the door could be swung open, his hopes high regardless of knowing there was no way she’d be on the other side of the door. Even though no one had a spare but her.
It wasn’t her.
Elide stepped through the door, and Rowan’s breathing quickened. It was as if every emotion he had ignored in the past twenty-four hours came flooding.
A quiet, broken sob fell out of him, and Elide was quickly moving toward him. She took Rowan, who was a foot taller than she, into her arms and held him tightly.
When Rowan’s breathing finally evened out, Elide whispered, “We hadn’t heard anything in a few days, so I got Aelin’s key. I just wanted to make sure that you… I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”
Rowan said nothing. He didn’t move. He didn’t say a word. He just stood there, letting Elide hold onto him. Minutes passed before Rowan even realized that he was clutching her sweater so hard that his fingers were turning white at the tips.
“Rowan, you-.” Elide began, but paused to clear her throat. “You know you need to go see her.”
The room was silent. The only sound in the entire house was the rain pattering against the windows.
Rowan wasn’t sure when it had started to rain.
“She would-.”
“I know, Elide,” he whispered, sharply, but not unkindly. It had the desired effect though, and the dark haired girl stayed quiet. He rested his cheek on Elide’s head.
There was nothing remotely romantic in the gesture. Elide had become almost a little sister of sorts in the past few years. At first, she was just Aelin’s younger friend, and he’d loved her then. But now that she’d also become his best friend’s wife, that sense of protection he felt over was even stronger. There were many nights he’d stayed over at the Salvaterre/Lochan household, drinking and talking too late into the night, but not just with Lorcan. There were things he couldn’t talk to his Captain and best friend about, things that needed the delicate nature of a female.
“I just can’t yet, El,” he whispered. “I can’t just go over there and-.”
“And what?” She asked, pulling back and gripping his forearms. “After everything you’ve been through, after how long you loved her, you aren’t even going to say goodbye?”
Rowan stayed quiet, a million thoughts running through his mind. He shook his head. “I don’t want it to be goodbye. Not yet.”
Elide’s gaze softened, her palm resting against Rowan’s stubbled cheek. “Then don’t say goodbye. Just...go talk to her.”
Rowan said nothing for a long while. Then, at last, he nodded.
Elide gave him one more quick hug and began to back away. “Don’t go today. It’s rainy and gross and you know how she feels about rain. Go tomorrow, it’s going to be sunny and pretty and-.”
“A new day,” Rowan completed for her. The closest thing to a smile he’d felt in days tugged on the corner of his lip. “Thank you for coming to check on me.”
She paused by the door. “We love you, Ro. We miss you. Things aren’t the same without you. We know that things will probably never be the same but…” She blinked a few times and closed her eyes. “We’re all going to the Stag after work on Friday, like we used to. Should I save your usual seat?”
A real smile, though still sad, spread across his face. “I’ll do my best.”
She smiled and said, “That’s all we’re asking for,” and slipped out the door.
That night, Rowan went upstairs and slept in their bed, clutching her pillow to his chest. Her scent felt like coming home.
Gods, how many days had it been since he’d seen her? How many nights had he slept without her by his side? How many mornings had he gone without feeling her curl into his side, just before his alarm would go off?
How many days had she been gone?
After a night of fitful, but actual sleep, Rowan got up early, earlier than should have been acceptable, once he discovered it was a Saturday, and showered and shaved. He had to look his best for her. He had to impress.
He shrugged on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt before grabbing his jacket off the bedpost and shrugging it on. He looked in the mirror and decided it was good enough.
She had bought him that jacket. She loved that jacket.
He slipped on his boots and headed out the door. The sun was rising, and Rowan almost got lightheaded from the fresh air. It had been a while since he had gone outside.
Rowan headed east once he reached the sidewalk outside of his apartment building. He reached the corner store about five minutes later. They had just opened as he went inside, the bell ringing above the door as he made his entrance. After paying for a small bouquet of red roses, Rowan continued his walk through town.
Not many people were out, just those heading to work or on the walk of shame back to their own homesteads.
Rowan didn’t pay attention to any of them. His mind was on her. He was almost there.
And when he finally arrived, he panicked.
He wasn’t ready.
But he had to be.
The iron gates were open.
He walked through them, the autumn leaves rustling and crunching beneath his boots as he walked the winding path.
Elide had told him where she’d be.
The closer he got, though, the slower he moved, the heavier he breathed, the blurrier his vision became.
He found her.
And when he reached her, he fell to the ground, his knees landing in the damp grass.
It was real.
He didn’t want it to be real.
Real. It was real.
“Fireheart,” he whispered, voice trembling.
Rowan laid the roses down in front of the stone that read Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Daughter and Friend, and wept.
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youvebeenlivingfictional · 6 months ago
I’m Always Curious Part Twenty Eight
Previous Part | Next Part |  Masterlist Notes: I hope everyone’s having a good week 💕
Sooo….. How are we doing…………….
Warnings: ....Less angst than last week? I think? I mean by my gauge anyway y’all might disagree
Also cursing and mentions of canon-typical violence Summary: “I don’t want to sound insensitive or glib, Kat, but this better be fucking good.” 
Tumblr media
Can we talk? I had taken my time in answering Una’s message.
Maybe it was a little petty of me, but it was the first time she’d reached out to me in months, and I was tired. Despite the fact that the armistice between the Federation and the Klingons was in effect ahead of the Peace Accord in Paris, my work had yet to be completed. I’d been selected and summoned back to the Academy by Starfleet High Command to work closely with a number of other Comms specialists and the Klingons to draw up a treaty that would be beneficial to both sides, and would help to ensure that the armistice held. Are you going to hang up again? Was my answer, finally. Her response stunned me - but then, Una typically found a way to catch me off-guard. It would be difficult for me to hang up on you in person. 
-- I had this inexplicable urge to hug her, if only to ensure that we were both there, both real and solid, but I knew that Una was not a hugger. Instead I nodded to her as she slid into the booth seat across from mine. I’d taken up brief residence in one of the vacated mess hall spaces in the Academy while I’d waited for her. “How much time have you got?” She asked. “About an hour. It’s technically lunch break.” “We can get something to eat.” “I’m not hungry.” “...How are you?” She asked after a moment. “I’m not sure you deserve that answer.” I didn’t mean to snap, but— seeing Una in person, seemingly unchanged after what I had gone through - after Somonia, after the war, and after she had been so harsh to me, I was not in a mood to be warm and cuddly. Una nodded a little, unflinching. “I do deserve that,” She conceded, “I was...Processing. I should not have said that to you, it was a blatant disregard for your feelings. I’m sorry.” “...Well,” I bristled a little, “Thank you for that.” I glanced out of the window for a moment, gathering myself before asking, “So, why are you on Earth?” “There was a hitch in installing the new Holographic Communications System, it had to be brought in to space dock.” “Crew’s in one piece?” “Yes.” “Are you the only one down here?” “...Yes.” I lowered my gaze to my hands again. “Why did you want to meet with me?” I asked. Una stood and walked around to my side of the booth, sliding in to sit beside me. I didn’t turn to look at her, and she didn’t push for me to. “When...Spock told me that you were alive,” She said softly, “When he brought the timeline to me, the evidence… There was some little part of me that almost hoped he’d made it all up-- Not because I wanted you to be gone,” She hurried to explain, “But because I… Could not fathom the fact that we had left you behind. And seeing your medical file, reading the briefing that you gave Command-- the hell that you went through. If we’d turned back when Cornwell contacted us--” “You couldn’t have known--” “That shouldn’t have stopped us,” Una insisted, “We should’ve gone back, should’ve...Made sure.” I glanced over at Una to find her staring ahead of us, shoulders and jaw tight. “It was hard, watching the crew learn that you were gone. You were missed, you were needed, but seeing the news spread that you were alive, that you’d been drafted into service for the war so soon after you were found— And that we were constantly being told to stay out of the war on top of it … I was angry. I focused that anger in the wrong place when we spoke,” She admitted, turning to meet my eye, “I have regretted that every single day.” I felt tears prickling at my eyes and I lowered my eyes to the gold fabric of her uniform, clenching my jaw. “I’m not apologizing for not telling you,” I shook my head, "I’m sure Cornwell was monitoring my communications, and I don’t know what the repercussions would’ve been-- for either party.” “Considering the Admiral’s tendency to run a tight ship, as it were, I understand. I think you did the right thing...Commander,” Una tipped her head forward as she addressed me by my new rank. I rolled my eyes a little, a small smile creeping onto my face. It had been a battlefield promotion for the sake of my ability to command a small vessel during the Battle of Xisad, one of the last battles fought during the war. Cornwell had promoted me herself. “You know I had to take the Bridge Officer’s test when I got back?” I told Una, slouching down in my seat a little bit, “Just to make it official. They told me that if I didn’t, my rank would revert. I almost let it go.” “Why didn’t you?” “Durling.” “Eli Durling?” I nodded, humming, “Bastard goaded me, said I wouldn’t pass first try, so it wasn’t worth bothering.”
Una smiled. “Stubborn as stone,” She shook her head. “Don’t start,” I began to laugh, and it soon overtook the two of us. As it settled, I gathered my courage to ask the question that had been sitting on the tip of my tongue since Una had told me she was the only one on Earth. “Where is he?” “He’s on Starbase five at the moment. Visiting someone.” “Is he alright?” “Yes.” “And he...He knows?” Una frowned, nodding a little. “Of course he knows,” She confirmed, “You haven’t spoken to him?” “No. He hasn’t reached out and I...I didn’t, I wasn’t sure,” I admitted. I suddenly felt jittery-- sharp, and sensitive. It was like I’d taken a gulp of the worst kind of Koutovian tea. “So--” I cleared my throat, “When do you leave?” “In a few hours, most likely. Starfleet’s set us another mission. Do you know where you’ll be stationed next?” “No. I don’t know how long we’ll be working on the treaty and Command doesn’t want to set me to another post prematurely.” “I understand.” I could see the disappointment in Una’s eyes, but rather than say anything, she just tipped her chin up a little bit. “Do you think you’ll leave Communications for Helm now?” She prodded, and I snorted. We both knew the answer to that. 
-- Tilly and I nearly knocked one another over with the force of our embrace. I squeezed her as tight as I could, grinning from ear to ear, wholly uncaring that the transporter room crew and the Cornwell were nearby. “I have to check on where you’re staying, but um-- I’ll come and find you and show you and-- excuse me, Admiral,” Tilly ducked around Cornwell before hurting out of the transporter bay.
The Admiral arched a brow at the sight of me before gesturing for me to follow her. I fell into step beside her, glancing around. The Discovery hadn’t changed since my last stint on it, of course, but it was surreal to be back on the ship that I thought had been destroyed. But as nice as it was to be on a starship with no threat of war, I was not in the best mood. Treaty completed, peace talks aside, Peace Accord signed, I had been afforded leave. Shortly after that leave had been granted, I'd received a message from Admiral Cornwell. 
“I don’t want to sound insensitive or glib, Kat, but this better be fucking good.” “You’re not in uniform.” “No. I’m not, because technically, officially, I am not here,” I reminded Cornwell as I cast her a sidelong glance, “Were those not your exact words?” “They were.” “Well, then if I am still technically, officially on leave,” I gestured to my civvies, “Then why would I be in uniform?” “You’re in a fine mood.” “Do I need to remind you what happened the last time you pulled me off of leave for an assignment?” I retorted. “The Discovery has been tasked with chasing down signals that have appeared in varying points throughout the galaxy.” I frowned. “I thought that the Enterprise had been tasked with that directive.” “It had, but it experienced catastrophic system-wide failures. The Discovery took over the mission.” “And I’m here because…?” “There is a colony on the way to the next point that’s in need of monitoring. Starfleet is not interfering, but we’re keeping an eye on them. We need you--” “A Tag and Run?” I asked, stunned, “You’ve really pulled me off of leave for a Tag and Run? Why not pull Durling?” “I have. He’ll be here in a few hours to oversee the op. I’ve business to attend to elsewhere.” “Of course you do.” “Commander, I may’ve tolerated a certain amount of this disposition in the midst of the war, but please trust that I have no such patience for it right now.” I fought the urge to snap back and roll my eyes. “I thought that Tag and Runs were only sanctioned outside of the war in the most extreme cases.” “Trust when I tell you that this is extreme, and sanctioned by Starfleet.” Cornwell stopped at the turbolift, turning to face me. “There’s something else that I ought to make you aware of.” “Oh, there’s more?” “I need you to keep your head.” I looked over her face, at the slight grimace on her lips, and that sharp, jittery feeling bubbled back up in my stomach. “...Kat, what--” “Admiral, a question.” I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help but turn at the sound of his voice-- my body was moving before I even fully registered it, half turned from Cornwell, half turned toward Pike. It almost didn’t register, at first, that it really was him. I hadn’t seen him anywhere but my mind’s eye, my dreams, for the longest time. He looked… Well. Almost just as I remembered. There were maybe a few more streaks of grey around his temples, but I didn’t get a good enough look. My brain finally caught up with my body, took in his bewildered expression - the narrowed eyes, his parted lips, the scrunch of his brow - and I turned my head away, eyes set on the turbolift panel. “...You couldn’t have mentioned this before I beamed aboard?” I asked Cornwell quietly. “I wasn’t sure if another ship would be in range. False hope would’ve been cruel,” Cornwell's voice was no louder than mine, her eyes set on the Captain.  I turned my head a little as the turbolift doors opened and Tilly stepped out. “Oh! Wow, just who I was looking for--” She glanced between the three of us, taking in the tense silence, “I...Am sorry to interrupt, but, um, your lodgings are ready, Commander.” “Thank you,” I mumbled. “Commander?” Pike’s repetition was hushed, almost awed. I turned my head toward him a little, unable to meet his eye. He’d missed so much-- and what the hell had I missed? “If you’ll excuse me,” I answered tightly, stepping onto the turbolift with Tilly. “See if you can find a uniform,” Cornwell watched me, “And try to give Durling less lip.” “No guarantees,” I retorted before the doors slid shut. -- 
“That seemed… Tense. Like cage-fight-with-a-Mugato-tense,” Tilly commented over the hum of the turbolift. She was right - it felt it, too. I couldn’t get that look Pike had given me out of my mind. It was buzzing through me; it was a stone in my stomach; it was behind my eyelids when I blinked. “Speaking from experience?” I tried to tease as we stepped off. “Ah-ha,” Tilly shook her head, “No.” I gave her a small shrug, following her down the hall, “Pike used to be Captain of the Enterprise.” “Right.” “And I haven’t seen him since…” “Since he thought you were dead,” It dawned on Tilly, “Oh… Oh that’s worse than a Mugato.” “It’s like two Mugatos.” “Well, here we go,” She stepped aside to let me in, “You’re gonna have a roomie, but it won’t be me.” “Who’s it going to be?” I asked as I stepped inside. “Well, it’ll be me, and if you don’t like that, you can sleep in the frickin’ cargo hold.” I froze again at the sound of that dry, almost raspy voice. “Jett?” I asked, stunned. “Is that a yes or a no to the cargo hold?” She added, standing from her bed, “I mean you don’t actually have a choice, but it only seems polite to ask.” I flexed my hands before I asked, “Can I-- Are you-- Can I hug you?” “Once,” Jett conceded, “But make it a quick one.” I didn’t approach her too fast, didn’t hug her too tightly, just patted her shoulder twice and took a step back. “What, um…” I asked lightly, throat growing tight, “What happened?” “It’s a long story-- And you haven’t even heard it yet,” Jett frowned, watching me step back to what would be my temporary bed and lower myself down onto it, putting my head in my hands. “Hey,” Tilly sat down beside me, resting a hand on my shoulder and rubbing it, “What is it?” I couldn’t answer. I just shook my head a little as I took deep breaths, trying to slow my pounding heart, trying to steady my breathing. “Are you mouthing ‘pie’? I should get her a snack?” I heard Jett ask Tilly-- which made me laugh through the few tears that were leaking from my eyes. “Pike,” I mumbled, “She’s mouthing Pike.” I could understand why the two were trying to be careful with me. I surely seemed panicked by what should’ve been amazing news. And it was amazing. I was overjoyed, relieved that Jett was alright, but-- between the mission, Tilly, Pike, and Jett, I was overwhelmed. And Pike had looked right at me -- Right at me. He’d seemed so startled, like I was a figure that had stepped out of a dream-- or a nightmare: unknowable, unplaceable, but strangely familiar and to be dissected. Maybe that was one small consolation. While Cornwell hadn’t warned me, she'd been remiss in warning him, too.
I tipped my chin up from my hands, looking between Jett and Tilly and giving them a weak, watery smile. “I won’t lie, though, pie sounds amazing right now.” "Sure! We can do that,” Tilly said quickly, more than happy to put a baked band-aid over this hurt, “Jett, you coming?” Reno shrugged, “I could eat.”
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