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Come sit with me & tell me about your day
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Mirabel: Why do Bigfoot hunters try to lure him with a mating call? Do they have a game plan for if a squatch comes barreling towards them out of the woods full tilt with a raging boner?
Camilo: What the fuck do you think the point of finding Bigfoot is? 
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You look troubled, Anakin.
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My Flame (NSFW)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rengoku x Female! Reader (Established relationship)
Warnings: sexual themes, smut, soft sex, breeding, mentions of pregnancy, soft dom, Mugen Train AU, Rengoku didn't die, established relationship (married), fluff, body worship, baby Rengoku being adorable, literally him worshipping the ground you walk on, him simping for you, light begging
Ever since Tokino had been out of commission due to an injury, there was very little that kept her at ease. It left a nasty scar that was right above her stomach made some movement difficult. Even her haori felt more uncomfortable because of the healing wound. And then hearing about the Mugen Train and that Rengoku was sent to deal with a demon. She worried even more after three young slayers were sent.
Then the Kasugai crow came and told her what happened. How badly injured Rengoku got and the frenzy got worse, and she quickly ran to Shinobu's mansion where he was being treated. When the doors were thrown open revealing a panicked blood hashira, everyone made a path so she could easily get to Kyojuro. Throwing multiple doors open, she saw a sitting up Rengoku that beamed at her.
"Hello, Tokino!" He said with a smile. She threw herself into his grasp and held him tightly.
"Kyo, please don't scare me like that again." She said as tears ran down her face. He nodded and adjusted his grip to lay on her waist and pressed his forehead to hers.
"I promise, my wife." He said, continuing to nod and kiss her temples.
"Rengoku-San, you can leave now. Your recovery is complete." A young girl said. He nodded and stood from the bed while still holding Tokino in his grasp. Tokino slipped from his grasp and grabbed his sword and they left hand-in-hand. The walk was quiet and serene as the sun set around them.
"The young slayers that fought with me did amazing. They are very promising and can be trusted with the future of the corps." He said. Tokino smiled up at him.
"That's great. But what about the demon girl?" Tokino asked. Kyojuro kept his smile on.
"I believe in her." He said. Tokino squeezed his hand and looked in his flaming eyes. He was her sun. When they made it home, the space was cleaned to perfection and the whole house smelt of cherry blossom trees.
"You've outdone yourself again, Tokino." Kyojuro said. He took note of the surroundings that weren't there before. New paintings that hung on the walls, the beautiful shoji doors that have been repaired, and the accent of beautiful flowers wherever they could be placed.
"I really didn't, but alright." She said and went back to folding some blankets and throwing them over the chairs. Kyojuro grasped her hand and held her close to him, his body heat radiating and running through her.
"I so absolutely love you, my sweet wife." He said, pressing a sweet kiss to her vermillion lips. Her hands squeezed his shoulders and slowly wrapped around his neck to hold him completely against her.
"I don't deserve you, Kyo." She said smiling as Kyojuro slowly pulled back from the kiss.
"Nonsense!" His loud voice boomed and she chuckled. Her face was a dusty shade of pink, and he held her head in his hands so tenderly.
"You are an amazing woman, Tokino. You support me and love me even when I'm at my lowest, you are the sun to me and I would give anything to have you stay bright. You are my wife, and I am your husband, and together we can help each other in ways no other person can do for us. You complete me in the most perfect ways and you are the most perfect person in my life." He said. She smiled weakly as he used his thumb to brush away a tear falling from her eye.
"Kyo..." She whispered. Her eyes. They were perfect. The perfect shade of red, the kind that could make Gods bend at her will and kiss her hands. Suddenly, an image flashed in his head and he stepped back.
"Kyo..?" She asked. He turned around and scratched the back of his neck.
"I-uh..had a thought while I was recovering..." He said. She approached from behind him and grasped his arm.
"Tell me." She whispered. He shook his head and sighed.
"No. Don't worry about it." He said and turned back again to face her.
"Kyo, you just said we help each other in ways no other person can for us. Let me help you." She said, her hand reaching to cup his cheek. His hand held hers for a moment before pulling it off her face. His eyes looked at the gold band around her finger that held red diamonds, and kissed the band.
"While I was recovering, I began thinking. I wondered what it would be like to come home to you, to see you carrying our child. To see you pregnant with the perfect mix of us both. It sounded so heavenly to me." He said. Her face lost all color, and she retracted her hand from Kyojuro's grasp.
"Is-Is that what you want?" She asked, averting contact with his eyes.
"Yes, I do. I want to start a family with you, Tokino." He said. His voice was so soft and caring, it reached the part of her that made her stomach jump.
"Kyo, let's...let's do it." She said. He stepped forward and pressed another sweet kiss to her velvet lips. Her cheeks turned red as Kyojuro snaked his arms on her thighs and lifted her up. His face was bright and happy as he began thinking of the family he will be having with Tokino. Kicking a door closed, he laid her on their shared bed and pressed passionate kisses to whatever skin was open to him.
"You are very beautiful, Tokino. I can't wait to have a family of our own with you." He smiled and softly peeled off her clothes.
"Kyo, please hurry." She begged. Her legs spread to accommodate his very built body.
"You're impatient, too? We'll get there, my dear wife." He said, continuing to press kisses to her soft skin. He was always so caring and attentive to her body's reactions and needs. He had them all memorized from the first moment they made love, which was after they got married.
"You have such a perfect body. I am so lucky to be able to look upon you in such a way. When I got injured, I was afraid. I wanted nothing more than to come home to you, and it kept me alive. The thought of you waiting for me made me fight harder and harder, and I refused to die." He said. Tokino's hands began working on taking his clothes and haori off. Tokino took notice of the new scars that covered his body, and softly caressed the edges of each of them.
"You look more and more like a warrior everyday. Like in all those stories where the brave man saves the beautiful princess." She joked. He chuckled and caressed her cheek.
"My wife, you are not a princess. You are a queen. And tonight I shall make love to you like the queen you are." He said, adjusting to lay behind her and snaking an arm around her waist. Resting his other arm under her head, she rested it on his strong forearm and closing her eyes. She sharply inhaled when he felt his length beginning to sheath inside her.
"Stretch..." She groaned. Had it really been that long? He paused and let her get used to it before softly continuing his thrusts. Her breath came out in shallow moans and groans. Her brows knit together as he bottomed out inside her.
"Perfect. Your body is so perfect, exquisite, sculpted by the Gods. You are so good to me, I hope I can repay you properly, my love." Kyojuro said. Her moans went from low to high, her head throwing itself onto his shoulders. Sweat formed on her forehead and neck, dripping down and almost evaporating from the heat of her skin.
"Kyo, please!" She squealed and grabbed the sheets beneath her as her breathing got heavier. She was starting to dance on the edge of bliss, and it was getting closer and closer to the edge.
"I'm sorry, my love, but I intend to drag this out to savor it." He said and his thrusts began growing in volume and speed. Harshly biting into her lip, a scream began forming in her throat when Kyojuro began to stop and hold his hips in place, making Tokino's legs tremble.
"Oh, shit...you're gonna make me cum." She moaned. Kyojuro pressed kisses to her neck, silently encouraging her.
"It's okay. Cum for me, my dear wife." He whispered, and her legs trembled as her walls squeezed around him.
"Kyo!" She squealed and brought his actions to halt when her breathing returned to normal. Removing his arm from under her head and waist, he lifted one of her legs and the other wrapped around her shoulders. His mouth was right by her ear, his breathing remained normal while he whispered sweet words to her.
"You're doing so good, my love. Just a bit longer and you can rest." He said. She nodded and laid her head on the pillow while Kyojuro continued his ruts inside her. Her eyes bore into his as she approached a second climax.
"You are so beautiful, my love. I can't wait to see you have our child." He said, pressing his forehead to hers as they both approached their end. One last thrust of his hips, he emptied himself inside Tokino, making her toes curl and her climax came running at her like a train off the tracks. They both rested there while their breathing returned to normal.
Kyojuro left the warm depths of his wife and covered the both of them with the sheets while also pulling her into his arms. Her cheeks were still a light pink and her eyes were glossy.
"That felt dirty." She joked, which made him laugh.
"There is nothing dirty about wanting to start a family with the person you love. But the act felt dirty, didn't it?" He asked. She nuzzled into his chest and felt all muscles relax and start to drift off to sleep.
"You will be so beautiful when you are round and pregnant." He whispered. Shifting on his back, he pulled her to rest on his chest as they both slept away. What a perfect homecoming.
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#17 with josh 🥺
prompt: 17. “you're my friend, but... sometimes i wish you were more than that.” pairing: josh kiszka/reader warnings: none just fluff~
The fire crackled before you, the warmth covering your face was welcomed to block out the chilly Michigan weather. You were sat on a blanket, another draped around your shoulders for added warmth. You watched Jake as he strummed his guitar softly, his girlfriend leaning on his shoulder as he did so. You always admired their relationship. They've been through a lot of shit together but still stood by one another. Jake deserved somebody like that in his life and you wanted the rest of the boys to have the same luck he did. Feeling somebody sit down next to you, you turned to see Josh had joined you on the blanket, "Hey, having a good time?" he asked, smiling as always. "Of course I am. It's always a good time with you." you answered, bumping your shoulder with his. You both giggled, and you weren't positive but you could have sworn you saw Josh blush. "If it means anything I always have a good time with you as well." he confessed, looking down at his hands as he suddenly felt shy and intimidated by you. You both always had a flirty friendship, but recently Josh was wanting to take it further. "Do you uh, maybe want to take a walk with me?" he asked, looking back over to you. "Yeah sure. Maybe it'll warm me up more." you said with a soft giggle, standing up but keeping the cover wrapped around you. Josh lead the way, walking over to the tree line of his family home, it was far enough away that nobody could hear you guys talking and Josh was aching to have some privacy with you. "I got a question for you." he said after a few moments of silence, both of you walking next to each other as you made your way around the yard. "Yeah?" you asked. "Have you ever– um, ever thought about us?" He asked, stopping to watch your reaction. You stopped next to him, tilting your head in confusion at him "what do you mean?" you asked. "Like, as more than friends..." he clarified, feeling more nervous about this conversation as it dragged on. "Oh!" you said, eyes widening in shock. "Um, I think it would be weird if I hadn't....right? It's kind of natural to wonder 'what if'." you explained. "I'm just happy to have you as a friend." you smiled at him, not wanting it to seem like you had your hopes up for something. "Why do you ask?" you pondered to him. "Well,.." he hesitated, shoving his hands in his pockets of his jacket “you're my friend, but... sometimes i wish you were more than that.” he mumbled, looking at the ground while he dug the toe of his shoe into the first beneath it. It was your turn to blush now and stare at the ground as well "really?" you hesitantly asked, glancing up at him through your lashes a smile creeping over your lips. "Y-yeah." he stuttered, sneaking a glance at you and smiling shyly back at you. You giggled, stepping closer to him "why didn't you say something sooner?" you asked him. "I didn't think you felt that way about me. And I didn't wanna ruin our friendship." he explained still not fully looking at you. Placing a finger under his chin you tilted his head up to make him look at you. His eye were wide and anxious at your touch, anticipating your every move. "I do feel that way about you. I just never wanted to get my hopes up. Cause like you I didn't want to ruin what we got." you confessed yourself. His hands found their way to your hips, pulling you closer to him "I don't think you know how relieved I am to hear you say that." he softly laughed, pushing your hair behind your ear and cradling your face in his hand. His thumb rubbed softly along your cheek as his gaze flickered from your eyes to your lips. Silently getting the clue to what he wanted, you leaned in, eyes slipping shut as you did pressing your lips softly to his own. He was quick to reciprocate the kiss, his lips pressing firmer into your own. It was everything you both had imagined countless times and the setting couldn't be more perfect. Pulling away from your lips he rested his forehead against your own, the both of you unable to fight the giddy smiles from each other, giggling softly into the night air. "I'm gonna ask you to take
walks with me more often now." he teased, kissing the tip of your nose. You laughed, swatting at his chest softly, "you're the only one I'd walk in the cold with."
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give him a chaaaaaaaaaance
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Daniel Brühl and Matthew Goode, Z Zegna, Milan Fashion Week (2011)
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🟥 Pound Cake 1.8K. E. It's Harry's birthday and his best friend Louis bakes him a cake.
🟠 It’s About Time 3.5K. G. Best friends and roommates, Louis and Harry have been through a lot together, including law school for Louis, marriage and divorce for Harry. Their imminent eviction forces them to admit their feelings.
🟨 Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby 4.1K. E. There are millions of ways to get off. Harry tries something new.
🟢 Home Remedies 4.2K. E. Louis’ hiccups just won’t stop. Harry, his roommate and best friend, is willing to do anything to help.
🟦 Number 84 4.3K. E. Louis and Harry are best friends and roommates, though Harry has always wanted more. When he accidentally stumbles upon a written confession of Louis' true feelings for him, Harry finally takes the first step.
🟣 Have a Nice Trip 6.4K. E. While Harry and his roommate Louis are stuck at home practicing social distancing, they decide to take a little trip to pass the time.
⬜️ Find You Home 35K. E. When Louis lies to his family and says he’ll bring his new boyfriend home for Christmas, his best friend and roommate Harry agrees to play the part. It’s that, or be left alone over the holidays.
🔴 How Fast You Fall 50K. E. Casual hookups are all Louis has time for, and Harry has a plan to stay single and celibate until he graduates. After going from strangers to roommates to friends, they both start to want more. It just takes them a little while to figure it out.
🟧 Have Love, Will Travel 97K. E. Rather than spend the summer working at their desks, Louis and Harry are given the opportunity to crisscross the country together in a tiny camper, filming their adventures for a YouTube series. It soon becomes obvious to their viewers that there’s something more than friendship between them. Eventually, they figure it out.
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Sin from my lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again. 
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After a long day of sightseeing, the vacationing pair collapses in the sticky red booths of the retro diner. Out the window, the streaked sky signals that another beautiful day was coming to a close.
"Wasn't today incredible?" A gushes as they flip through the menu, barely noticing B squinting at the fine print and rubbing at their tired eyes.
"It was good," B murmurs quietly.
"And I'm sure you would have preferred to lay out by the pool all day," A teases lightly. "But isn't life a bit more fun when you take a risk or two?" B humphs in return, and A rolls their eyes - someone was in a mood today.
The waitress takes their orders and returns with two plates piled high with food. A dives into their burger and fries, but B just pokes at their pancakes, head propped up on one hand. A frowns - this wasn't like B at all.
A excuses themselves to pay the check at the front, and when they come back, B's head is on the table, buried in their arms. A rushes to their side and shakes their shoulder and B shoots up, wincing as their eyes hit the light.
"B, what's wrong?" B's face reddens and they look away, massaging their neck. A gently places their hand under B's chin and tilts their head up toward them. “B.”
"It's...it's just a headache. The ones I usually get. I....I forgot my medicine for them at the hotel today and we were too far out to go back, and I know it's stupid-"
"Oh, honey." A feels a wave of shame wash over them as they slide into B's side of the booth. All this time they thought B wasn't enjoying the day, and B was just hiding how awful they felt. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
"It wasn't bad at first. But it's been getting worse since the afternoon.” Their eyes scrunch shut as beads of sweat dapple their hairline, and they let their head fall into their hands. "You were having such a good time, and I just...didn't want to ruin it. Like I always do." A tiny, single sob of air escapes them, and they let their head fall onto A's shoulder. They’re ashamed of not feeling good. A’s not sure it’s possible for them to feel any smaller.
“Oh, sweetheart.” A pulls B’s head closer and begins tracing gentle circles on their scalp with their fingertips. "I'm so sorry I made hard for you to tell me. I should've been paying attention to how you were feeling."
B closes their eyes and pinches the bridge of their nose. "Sometimes I wish....I just wish it wasn't always me."
"B, it's not your fault. Your body just needs a minute sometimes. That's not something to be ashamed of." B doesn't answer, and wraps an arm around A's waist as their head begins to drop.
“Do you want to lay down here for a minute?” B nods almost imperceptibly, and A scoots over so their head can fall in their lap.B groans quietly at the feel of A’s fingertips lightly scraping their scalp, and the sharp lines on their face soften as they edge closer and closer to sleep.
"Tomorrow we're doing what you want to do. I don't care if it's a whole day by the pool. We're doing it."
A smile tugs at B's lips. "No argument from me."
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onyxoverride · 11 months ago
Sub! Toji Fushiguro
alternative to this post
warnings: sub/dom dynamics, cunnilingus, minors dni!
Tumblr media
Alternatively, Toji that doesn’t want to dom, so gets a dom partner instead so he can sub. He doesn’t want to do too much work but when he does he wants it to mean something, to actually do something, so he follows each command you give him without fail.
He likes it especially when you shower him in sweet words and ride him, compliment every part of his being and he’ll fall apart. You noticed he kept he styled his hair one day and complimented it and now almost every time he sees you its styled just like that. “Toji you look so good in maroon, it’s really your color” Oop, well now it’s his favorite color and he even has underwear in it.
He’s a large hulking older man, you’d think someone like him would never be submissive especially for someone younger than him but here he is, completely under your thumb and at your mercy. When you wear heels on sweet dinner dates, regardless if you get taller than him or not, he looks forward the evening when he can kiss your ankles and be so obedient. Toji looks so sweet on his knees for you, your heels digging into his back just how he likes, scarred mouth lapping at your panties to try to get a taste. 
You’re just too lenient with him but he’s so good at making you cum on his tongue, face shoved between the chub of your thighs, hands almost bruising your thighs as he keeps them wrapped around his head. He moans every time you pull his hair and it vibrates through you because god forbid he takes his tongue off you. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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All might: Young Midoriya, stop! This isn't you, you've gone mad with power!
Midoriya: Well of course I have.
Midoriya: Have you ever tried going mad without power?
Midoriya: It's boring.
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If this dream persists, let me not wake from it.                Fujioka Mikio [1981-2018]
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victorianink · 2 months ago
where are my fellow pretty boys that are also horrifyingly monstrous and nightmarish at on this fine hallows eve? this is our day. I hope you are enjoying it.
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One of my absolute favorite things about Madoka magica is that it looks at these girls who are suffering and are sometimes selfish and just trying their best and says, yes you are worth fighting for.
like, do you understand how powerful that is?
Mami pretends to be strong and when she lets down her guard, she's killed. Sayaka heals her childhood friend and then becomes a witch because her selfish desires weren't fulfilled (to both be a hero and to gain Kyousuke's affection) . Kyoko just wants her dad to be heard and her wish backfires, leaving her bitter and guarded. Homura just wants to protect her best friend and ends up stuck in an endless loop where she's always failing and ends up sentencing the girl she swore to protect to a karmic destiny that only worsens her fate.
Madoka sees how they are being treated and she does not say this is what they deserved, but instead says that they deserve better. She doesn't blame them for having selfish wishes or succumbing to despair. She says that their wishes are worthy - that they are worthy. Madoka uses the fate pushed on her by a cruel system to empower not only herself but also those suffering at its hands.
not to get ranty, but this is why I refuse to believe that Madoka Magica condones or fetishizes the suffering of young girls.
Instead, it rejects it.
i know everyone and their mother has emphasized how pmmm is about hope, but it really is. It looks at the issues the system has and not only says, "Things can get better" but that they should. And that's so incredibly important!
i know it seems a little iffy since Madoka didnt erase the system entirely, but I kinda like that she didn't. it goes even farther to illustrate my point I think, in that she believes in these girls so much that she doesn't wany to take aware their hopes and dreams. She wants them to retain their humanity where the incubators sought to take it away. It's reclamation of the system and I think that's neat.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If you consider the definition of authenticity, it's saying something and actually doing it. I write my own songs. I made my own videos. I pick my producers. Nothing goes out without my permission. It's all authentic.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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effervescentlyirrevocable · 11 days ago
if twilight was made in like 2016 i think everything would be pretty much the same except alice would look like this or smth
Tumblr media
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