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#this has been my experience since last evening <3
imlonelyalt · 2 days ago
Lemme send a request if youre still taking any ;)
Viktors last moments with reader, like written in maybe segments of each memorable moments that both had
every memory reminds me of you
viktor x reader
warnings : angst, death 😞👎
a/n: VIKTOR ANGST VIKTOR ANGST <33 i hope you meant like this, like he is dying while beside them and like is having memories of when you were with him?? also the vi story so hard to write so i might write some headcanons? i’m sorry guys 💔☹️ okay so, i didn’t really know how to finish this and i was too scared i would make it like my other one — i hope this is okay
Tumblr media
there was always something so nice about waking up in the mornings with you, residing in the comfort of his bed, your bed. the way everything was warm, your bodies so dangerously close, attitude tender. he would always wake up first, usually to get straight to working in the lab, but some days he couldn’t just bring himself to. especially since he knew he didn’t have much time left, so he had to cherish it, cherish you before everything was gone. he always wished he had stayed for just a bit longer, because waking up in a bleak hospital room was just so much different for his liking.
although he remembered everything, he felt so far away from touching you. brushing your thumb over his hand, you felt a tear slip from your cheek. you were living off the slow beeping of the monitor, you were aware there wasn’t much time left to spend with him.
‘do you remember…’ eyes opening at his voice, which broke the empty silence that filled the room, listening intently at his weak voice.
‘when we walked on the dock?’ a mature, solemn smile returned to your face. he hoped it would last just for a while longer. but you did remember it, and so vividly too. you went for a stroll to stop viktor from hunching over his experiment any longer. you worried that was what killed him- his pure dedication. you noticed he would spare glances at the water occasionally, enjoying the scenery of piltover. that day, you sparked up something in him. perhaps it was admiration, or something deeper. something he couldn’t explain, but it felt nice. you aided him, keeping his crutch handy on you and help him walk momentarily. his limp foot slipping, he brought both of you down onto the wood dock. but you didn’t care, you were worried about him.
and yet, when you turned him up to face you, his eyes were closed, face scrunched before his amber gaze pierced into you. and then, you heard it — mellow and soft, he laughed.
‘you helped me walk,’ he commented, as if reminiscing beside you too. ‘something no one else has tried to do before — and even though it was for a few moments, it worked. i have never been more gra—‘ leaning up slightly, he cut himself off by coughing, looking away from you. his lips curled into a tight frown at the sight of your smirk disappearing. he was making you feel bad, but he knew what you were feeling was different to what he was imagining.
breath slowing, viktor let his head sink into the pillow behind him. he looked at you with his bright, glowing eyes. with a single look, he always seemed to be able to know how you were.
after a deep breath, he replied. ‘yes, my love?’
‘i’m scared.’ he grasped your hand.
‘was this not expected, though..?’ he sighed, closing his eyes as you brushed a few of his chestnut locks away from his face, taking a moment to admire his features. ‘in winter, you would always wrap me up tight in blankets so i couldnt get up out of bed to go work on my inventions.’ his grip loosened. he always found a way to make you feel better, most of the time by changing the conversation. — changing it to a memory, something that you did together.
‘and it worked.’
he laughed, before breaking off into a fit of coughs. ‘yes, yes it did.’ he finally said. ‘i trust jayce to continue hextech… and have it fulfill the purpose that it was intended to in the first place.’ glancing at you. ‘i trust you, to keep on going without me, too.’ leaning down to his face, you pressed a gentle kiss to his lips.
‘goodbye, dove.’ cradling his face with your hand, you felt something warm, something damp. a tear. wiping his eyes, you buried your face in his hair gently. your hand remained on his cheek, the monitor being your only sign of whether he still had consciousness. he was slipping away, but it was only a matter of time — however that didn’t mean he wasn’t sad, you gave him enough encouragement to fully believe that he had made a change, not just to hextech but to your life too.
he loved you, and he regretted not showing it more than what he did.
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enderman · a month ago
instead of brain thgere is. apple sauce
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lazarus-harp · 2 months ago
In your opinion, do you think s5 will happen? I know Joey has said that he's trying to find a new network for it, and I want to believe (cue x-files music) but idk...i just dunno how much I really do. Guess I've been burned too many times :/ seriously it happens so often that someone is like 'no no don't worry it's totally gonna happen soon' and then it gets delayed....and gets delayed again...........and then they're like 'nevermind sorry it's dead' ugh. And this isn't like me criticizing Joey or trying to be bitchy towards him!!! I know he works hard and stuff so if it doesn't happen I won't be pissed off at him or anything (well maybe a little but I'd never actually take it out on him bc that's just mean), it's just kind of frustrating I guess....
To be honest, though I've known my answer for this ask for a bit, I've hesitated in answering it. Because while I do have my own opinion on this from the context given, it's very likely I could be completely wrong. So I do want to say : take this all with a grain of salt rather then the holy truth! This is just my opinion on the situation regarding etn's production, not concrete facts. Though I'm flattered to be asked this question! Thanks so much for sending in this ask, anon, and I hope my opinion isn't as ... Disheartening as I think it sounds.
Here's the thing, the truth of this entire mess : it's extremely obvious Joey loves Escape the Night. He's a creator with a heart, and very actively supports the community around his show and loves to talk about it whenever he can. Literally when he left a video message for Manny on the web series, Reality House, he couldn't help but bring up Manny's death ; even when the show had nothing to do with etn. He just couldn't help himself, right? Joey has played Minecraft maps inspired by etn, he's played the Roblox etn game, he references it constantly with friends -- he made a whole video ranking the deaths! There is not a single doubt in my mind that Joey Graceffa adores the show he's made. Which counts for something, at least to me it does. When he told the audience he would do everything in his power to make a season 5, I can't bring myself to doubt that claim. If he loves the show, he's going to fight for it hard. And I think that's important to remember.
But to be blunt? No. I don't think season 5 of etn is going to happen. In the death ranking video, Joey brought up why it was hard to find a network, and I think people are forgetting about that explanation. He said it was hard to find one due to the fact Escape the Night already has four seasons, all of which are on youtube and probably can't be moved to another service. It would be jarring for a network to suddenly pick up where the original show left off when they had no hand in those produced seasons! Or when the seasons aren't even offered on their platform at all. As much as I want a s5, I understand it's practically impossible. And if we do ever get one, it's likely it won't be similar to any previous etn seasons ... Which makes me wary to even see it. The budgets will be bigger but Joey will likely have other rules to work around and other requirements to meet -- since all productions run a bit differently. I'm sure our beloved savant could make something good out of it, but again! It's unlikely we'll ever even get to that stage. So season 5? I'm not expecting it.
This isn't going to end on a hopeless note, though. Because I'm sure if Joey can't get a s5, he'll find something to do with the show outside of that. He's mentioned making a spin off series! Which is something I could see getting produced, since it'll have more wiggle room in terms of characters and story. And, though people forget this, Joey is an author! It's highly likely we could eventually witness Escape the Night become a book series -- be it with new characters and expanded lore, or with Joey twisting the original characters into ones he can use without ... Legal issues ( ex : calling them by their role names only ). We've seen him do this with the s1 board game, so I don't see why he wouldn't do it in book form as well. There's a lot of ways for etn to at least live on! It's just ... We're probably due for some big changes, since YouTube Red is no longer supporting the show.
What I'm trying to get at is this : seeing season 5 is unlikely and I, personally, wouldn't get your hopes up. But etn isn't going to fizzle out completely, either. It will continue somehow, simply because Joey adores the show too much to let it die. So I try and think about that more so then how disappointed I am over no s5, and it does help to an extent. We'll get Escape the Night content eventually! It's just a matter of what kind and when.
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v-pet · a month ago
i really need to get back to commissions .... like i already even have one lined up i just . have not been at my computer at all, even though we were able to set it up, i guess several weeks ago by now 🤔
#we've been unpacking and settling in and now school has started so i have just barely thought about art in like 2 months dmfhjdfh#to be clear frill is the one going to classes and stuff but Im Helping <3#i Do need to get a job probably sooner than later but i really really want to try and wait out for the new year#i want to spend the holidays with my gf and friends and that isnt very likely in the field im going to be trying to get back into ;;#and yes i know holidays dont really matter and its about the people not about the day on the calendar etc etc etc#but also yknow what.#i want. to be at my roommates halloween party. i want to go to frills parents house on christmas and experience that with them#even if its just this once like in future years sure we can work around schedules more later#but Just Once i want to have Nice Holidays with people who Actually Celebrate Holidays since my family didnt really#i wanna wake up on christmas day with my girlfriend ;w; i havent been so excited for it in so many years yknow#so if we can figure out how to make it until january with me not working at an actual job. i want to try#and yknow what im pretty good at . art. and commissions#i just need tooooo actually sit at my computer longer than 3 minutes#i keep really wanting to like go through the apartment and Put Everything Away Once And For All and then continuing to Not Do That#but i need to just do it . i wanna have it all done by the time our roommate moves in uhhh in like . a few days. this weekend? sometime#i also have just not been online really In General like i still look at tumblr multiple times a day#but whens the last time i just sat here and Talked like this yknow dmfhjdfh#anyway! need money so i can continue being selfish and self-centered and put off getting a job until the new year <3#i havent drawn Anything since we moved in ..... i also just Want to get back to it even disregarding the money factor about it#today we're out of the house and Cold so we might just . hang out and be cozy when we get home. but tomorrow! tomorrow i put things away!#no more procrastination <3 i need my space clear so my mind can be clear so i can manifest art so i can manifest money. simple as that!
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deathchic · 3 months ago
starting to get really annoyed at my brain for not giving me enough mental illness content in any one specific area. like yes i have obsessions and compulsions and weird specific anxieties that are only alleviated by doing things a very certain way yes ocd runs in my family no i absolutely do not have enough shit to get a diagnosis. i just have to like. put up with it.
#i have like 3 mental conditions i just have like a collection of symptoms of but not enough to actually be there and i’m like well what do#i do now#it’s not!! normal!! to experience these things!!! and if it is i’m FUCKED bc it’s so hard! and everyones just been lying to me about how#hard life is#like fr! i have spent my whole life just being like. something is wrong with me. and it makes a little more sense the more answers i find#the adhd was a huge one but i’m like. i still feel that way#why is my brain the way it is. what do i even do about it. it’s so. fucked up. i don’t.#if living in your head is the way i experience it for everybody then why haven’t i been told that#i just. shits wrong up there. i know that i know that. stuff is wrong#whatever WHATEVER!! it’s 2am#i’m in the fucking smack bang middle of a depressive episode that’s lasting so long#and i don’t think these new meds are gonna work#which means i have to fucking. transition off them onto something else and then wait for them to maybe work. oh joy#and the chance of them working is significantly down since these ones didn’t do shit#i can’t do this forever man. i can’t just exist like this#scream i just want a lobotomy agajshjdbd#like i see the appeal. it’s one of my worst fucking fears and has been since i first understood the concept#i fantasise about having my higher brain functions taken away like most people fantasise about having a holiday#but i gotta make it to mcr ‘22 😤😤#which will probably be cancelled GSGSHSGSJHDD
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miss-shydeer · 10 months ago
the executive dysfunction this week is so so bad........just thinking about starting a task makes me crave unconsciousness
#all i feel capable of is thinking about video game characters and listening to music. can everyone else just slow down for a MINUTE#i'm moving at the pace of a sloth it feels like. i go off on a mental tangent and suddenly another hour has passed#and i haven't completed my schoolwork while everyone else is just moving right along#what happened to the manic productive brain energy i had last week. it lasted like two days and now it's locked in some brain cupboard#who knows which cupboard it was or where the key went. i always use weird metaphors to describe neurotypical experiences#bc i legitimately don't even know where to start to explain them normally#anyway i think the anxiety from this is what's causing me to feel nauseous but i also feel very sleepy#so idk what's triggering the sleep disorder symptoms but wow this is a lot huh. been a while since i stepped back and analyzed how i feel#and goodness gracious! i'm not feeling so hot#at least i don't have brain fog. just executive dysfunction and hyperfixation (and resulting anxiety) going on in the brain currently#also idk what term is used to describe the phenomenon where it feels like i'm slow in a fast moving world but there's that too#all the physical symptoms are very sucky but at least they're easier to deal with. mostly. the sleep disorder is harder to overcome#maybe i should try to go for a little walk?? i shouldn't push too hard like last time but some air + blood circulation might do the trick#i'm mostly thinking out loud at the moment don't feel like u have to read every wall of tags i write y'all <3#delete later
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momrryrights · a year ago
still on a break and feeling very lost but i’ve reached the stage of self care/coping where i started reading old 1d fanfics despite not liking or really understanding the appeal of RPF anymore and oh god it makes me feel like i’m in a warm cocoon of blankets... my time in the 1d fandom was pretty lonely and isolating most of the time save a few friends i made but there was always a lot of good fic to read....
god am i honestly considering redrawing some of the old crap fanart i did just to feel something again despite me genuinely not having as much fun drawing rl people....maybe will not confirm or deny and i prob won’t even do it lmao
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1rmono · 2 years ago
#im so worried. like#at college i have a really close group of friends#theres 6 of us 3 guys n 3 girls and like i have a lot of friends outside that but theyre the group im close w and tell everything to ya know#and the thing is i really dont want anything romantic from my side towards any of them like i see them as really close ride or die platonic#friends and nothing more like i wouldnt date anyone from the 6 of us because (from experience w an ex in the past) dating in ur best friend#circle makes things extremely messy#so its summer school rn and only 3 of us are in college rn#me and 2 of the guys. one has a girlfriend and one doesnt#the one who doesnt and i have been hanging out a lot and spending a lot of 1 on 1 time together#and thats fine like we dont usually hang out 1 on 1 without the group but its whatever#its not like we’re awkward or sth but weve been getting a lot closer and last week we spent the whole day together#and stayed out at a park till midnight n all that and talked about everything#n hes a great friend but like yeah thats about it i cant even begin to see him romantically#but ever since that night i feel like the vibe between us shifted?? like suddenly hes different#and im away for the weekend instead of at the dorms but hed come around there n called me#and i was like im not there for a few days why whats up and hes like nvm i had something to tell u n i was like?? just tell me now on the#phone and hes like its more of a face to face thing n i was like uh....oh.........#n i have the worst feeling hes gonna ask me out#and im good at saying no i mean ive been asked out plenty n said no but GOD i dont want to do it to a close friend#bc thats just gonna make our whole relationship so strained n awkward#and i really would die for the 6 of us as a group n i dont want fleeting feelings to come in between that but idk how to avoid it??#like i had made it p clear w hints in multiple convos w him that im not at all interested but ugh boys often are v dense#they only pick up what they wanna notice and ugh i just. im scared itll ruin all of our friendships n itll be all my fault#im really worried and ushejsnjsjs fuck
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vilithshaven · 9 days ago
Wait with experiment!god darling imagine how cute it would be when Childe gets back?
Childe and Their God // Dottore's Weapon Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings: implied torture, mental trauma
Thanks for the ask, @messler31! I was actually planning on writing a oneshot that explains the relationship between Childe and Experiment! Darling more, so this is the perfect opportunity for that.
Part 1
Part 1.5
Part 2
Part 3
- Lilith
Tumblr media
The connection between (Name) and Childe was established a long time ago, during his months spent in the cold dark of the Abyss. Deep inside the domain lay a temple, gold and obsidian covering every surface but one; a marble statue of the Creator, sitting on a grande throne, their hands held open in invitation. One that the young Snezhnayan took, finding the stone warm to his touch as he curled up in its lap. For the first time since falling into this place, his sleep went undisturbed.
After that first rest spent in the embrace of the Creator, Childe found himself drawn to their temple whenever his search for a wayout was fruitless yet again. No monsters disturbed him there, the hateful beings usually straying far from it. It was a most welcome sight, to see them clawing down the hallway, ready to rip his throat out without being able to do anything as long as he was in that room.
Sometimes, instead of sleeping, Childe would snoop through the various offerings placed at the outer edges of the circular room. Weapons and goblets covered in dust were thrown to the side, soft fabrics appreciated. Although he wondered how know of those things had rusted or been eroded by time, he was quick to dismiss his questions. Everyone knew that the Abyss was a domain in between space and time. Its ability to withstand erosion was to be expected to some extent.
Childe was sure that he'd have lost his mind in there, had it not been for the calm and warmth the statue radiated whenever he was near. He found solace in the marble, even if it never talked to him as he told them of that day's activities and fights.
Time passed and Childe grew closer to the end, the way out of this hell. It was only once he'd gained Foul Legacy that he understood why the monsters never bothered him in that circular room.
The temple of the Creator was a safe haven, the one place even the cold-blooded beasts of the Abyss would come to to pray for them and bring them offerings whenever another unfortunate human had stumbled into their home. He was the first one to ever come as far as that and, seeing that the statue's arms had moved from their previous position on the throne's armrest to an open invitation, they knew that if they were to bother the child there, punishment would come.
Childe's heart warmed at the revelation and he blinked tears out of his eyes. There, right in front of him was the door that would lead him out of this hell. He'd finally be able to go back and see his family, his little siblings again.
...Then why was he hesitating?
He turned around, hoping despite everything that he'd see the Creator's face smiling at him because of his accomplishments. He may have a monster inside of him now, but he had survived. The longing in his chest to see them again one last time was strong and he started to limp his way back into the innermost sanctum of the Abyss where he knew their temple was located. But before he could pass the archway into the hallway, stone closed it up.
Childe stared at the wall, eyes wide and teary, lips wobbling. Did his God not want him to be near them anymore? Has he done something to upset them?
His shoulders shook as he went to exit the Abyss. Quiet sobs escaped his mouth and he pressed a hand on top of it to stiffle any sounds.
A soft breeze encircled him and he froze, the warmth all too familiar.
"You've done well, my child. Do not fret, for I have a present for you"
Childe left with a smile, the knowledge that he'd been graced by his God's voice making him stand up straight in pride. They were satisfied, they had really watched him fight. Deemed him worthy enough of a present!
It took him months to understand what their present was.
Whenever their God watched someone close to him, a buzzing would fill his chest. He'd feel if they were displeased or happy, sad or simply there. He'd been granted a connection that had him this much closer to the Creator as he was sure none of the acolytes were like him. And the occasional whispers in his ears confirmed as much, telling him how noone else was this special to them.
He may not understand what he'd done to earn their God's favor, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.
Thus it came as no surprise that his Creator's sudden disappearance years later caught him off-guard. As talk of the imposter spread across Teyvat, he itched to confront them. It was too much of a coincidence for them to appear at the same time as his God to stop coming to this world. Had the imposter killed their God? Or maybe worse, had they taken their place?
Despite the worries gnawing on him, he didn't act on them. His bond told him to be patient, that the truth would be revealed soon enough. Even as the imposter disappeared again, he waited.
Aches and small echoes of pain started to haunt his life. He thought that maybe this was it, Foul Legacy finally deeming him weak and decaying his body faster than ever. Was this his God's plan? To have him by their side after death now that he's served them so well in life?
Just when he was embracing impending doom, ready to hole himself up far away from his family to not hurt them, fates plans seemed to change. The Tsaritsa sent him out alongside the Balladeer, giving him the unique task to retrieve Dottore's latest experiments.
Awe, anger and renowed fervor filled him at the sight of his God lying on the table, covered in cuts and a Delusion imbedded in their chest. He cradled them close, his inner beast howling in pain resonating his own. Their Creator, the one whose love got him through the terrible Abyss, the one who'd graced him with their presence so often ever since.
Getting him away from their Creator was impossible after that. He stayed by their side or outside their room, cradling the thought close that they were finally here...albeit broken and incomplete.
So incomplete that even their memories had escaped them.
Five months after their rescue, (Name) spoke up for the first time. All the things Dottore had done to them came rushing out like a waterfall, their voice hoarse and quiet from a long time of not using it. Hollow eyes focused on the bleak wall, body quivering in visible anguish. They didn't remember a lot, only the most torturous thing they'd been put through. They didn't speak for some time after that again, falling back into the old habit of only listening to orders and staying still otherwise.
That's how Childe realized that the pain he'd felt the months before had come from them and not from the beast waiting inside of his heart. He was inconsolable for days, locking himself into the rooms provided to him in the palace and not speaking to anyone.
To his surprise and secret delight, his God came to him. Their tentative knock on the door roused him out of the stupor, his keen senses immediately picking up on their presence. They let themself in and sat down by his side, questions clear as day in their eyes. Yet they didn't say anything and just allowed him to hold onto them and cry his heart out.
Maybe they had felt this bond, too, or maybe they merely were concerned for him. He had never stayed away from them for long, so it must have been hard on them, too.
Around him, his God didn't hide their emotions. They told him when they were sad, when the memories haunted him. They didn't wait to break down like they did with the Tsaritsa or even Scaramouche. It was clear that the orders Dottore had successfully ingrained in their brain were hard to pass by, but piece by piece the both of them found out what (Name) used to like and did, and they didn't hesitate to call upon him whenever they needed anything really.
Of course there were off days, days where reality and memories mixed. Sometimes they were caused by a single glance at the Delusion buried in their chest, others they just happened. Those days were the worst for the Harbingers and the Tsaritsa.
Seeing (Name) go back to their old ways, shutting their thoughts off and not moving unless specifically ordered to do so was agonizing. They knew that the healing process was going to take long, but it still pained them to see their Creator reduced to such an empty shell.
Worse than off days were the other days. The days the servants had dubbed 'Danger Days'. Then not even Childe was allowed to be in the same room as them. Their Delusion would glow and destroy whoever entered, a single motion of black before nothing but ash remained. A strong power. And uncontrollable.
Most of the time the Delusion lay dormant, its powers quietly seething below its dark indigo surface. Only when their God feared for their life again, the panic brought forth by nightmares or even one wrong word said to them, did it activate and wreak havoc on their immediate vicinity. Distrust and trauma caused by not only the experiments, but also the hunts on their lives. They hadn't been able to trust anyone during their first few months on Teyvat and sometimes, those old emotions acted up, came out of the corner they'd been buried in to make way for even more trauma.
As soon as there had been no signs of the Delusion growing unstable again for a few days, Childe was there by (Name)'s side. His arms wrapped around them and held them close, and they'd put their ear to his chest and listen to his heartbeat. His hands caressed their back in soothing motions, and he placed his chin on top of their head. These simple moments where his God so clearly relied on him to keep the darkness at bay were the ones that showed him that he was their protector. And he happily accepted it.
Off days grew more infrequent, until it had been three months in which (Name) never once lost control of her emotions and stayed in touch with reality. The pride of that accomplishment showed on Childe's face. His grin threatened to split his face in half and he sweeped them of her feet and twirled them around. They both laughed in joy, the sound warming up the hearts of anyone near.
As jealous as the others were of their close bond, they were glad (Name) had found a home here. And they surely were going to open up more one day.
Unfortunately the happy days ended sooner than they expected.
Childe was ordered to return to Liyue in order to find someone who might be able to take the Delusion out of their God's chest. The parting was hard on all of them, (Name)'s cries ingrained into their brains forever as they struggled in the Balladeer's arms, reaching out for the Harbinger who smiled sadly at her from atop the ship.
The months following that were bad. (Name) refused to leave Childe's room, opting to wear his clothes although they were too big for them, and sleeping in his bed. His scent enveloped them and gave them the only comfort during these times.
Nevertheless (Name) made an effort to accept the food Scaramouche or the Tsaritsa brought them, trying to engage in conversations with them. They'd worried them long enough and even though their heart ached for Childe, they did their best.
They'd start teasing him about his height, show genuine interest in his story and just him personally. Scaramouche bloomed under their newfound liking to him and paraded around, smirking at everyone. He was superior to them and their God's attention proved as much.
The Tsaritsa was a more complicated matter. (Name) tried, they really did, but Venti, Zhongli and Ei had ingrained such a deep fear towards Archons in them that they'd involuntarily freeze up whenever they heard displeasure in the Cryo Archon's voice. It pained the Goddess of Love to see her beloved God cowering before her, so she did her best to stay away and give them time. Their God should come to her out of their own free will and she wouldn't force anything upon them.
The news of Childe returning to Snezhnaya, a famous Liyue doctor in tow, reached their God's ears sooner rather than later and Scaramouche was forced to accompany them to the docks each day, making sure they dressed appropriately for the weather and ate and drank enough. Their eyes would stare out into the horizon and every ship that wasn't a Fatui ship would make them frown.
Thus it was no surprise that, come the day that Childe stepped back onto the frozen docks of his home, their God flung themself at him and cried into his chest. His euphoric heart beat fast and strong now that they finally reunited and he was sure he even heard a growl coming from Foul Legacy in his mind.
They returned to the Ice Palace together, Childe opting to carrying them while Scaramouche had to stay behind and brief the Liyue doctor on everything they knew about the Delusion in their God's chest.
Childe placed (Name) down on their bed, taking note that the sheets were the same as they had been before his departure. He knelt down in front of them and placed his head on their lap, sighing and melting into their touch when their hands found his hair. They brushed through the soft strands and scratched at his scalp, and it was as if he hadn't been gone for months.
"I missed you", (Name) whispered, a small smile growing on their face. "I'm so glad you're back, Ajax."
Childe closed his eyes. His cheeks reddened. "I'm glad to be back by your side, too, (Name). I'm sorry for taking so long to return."
Their hands cupped his cheeks and forced his face up to look at them. "It doesn't matter anymore. Important is that you're here now. And that you won't leave me anytime soon."
He nodded, eyes alight. "I won't. I swear by my life."
Displeasure shone in their eyes and they shook their head. They placed a tentative kiss on his forehead, and he relished at the soft feeling of their lips, knowing he was the only one to be touched like that by their Creator.
"No, not on your life. Your words are more than enough for me. If you were to give up your life...I couldn't stand knowing it was because of me." Their hands moved to the back of his head and they placed their forehead on his. Warm and cold breaths mixed.
"As you wish, my dearest (Name)."
They spent the night together in a warm embrace, Childe telling them of his search for the doctor and leaving out certain details. In return his God told him of the teasing they did on Scaramouche, and the books they'd read.
(Name) admitted to staying in his room, scared he'd be mad at them for invading his privacy. But Childe quickly shushed their fears, telling them that his room was theirs. He had no secrets from them and if it comforted them, they shouldn't hesitate to go in there.
That night, a beautiful aurora lit up the nightsky all across Snezhnaya.
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myuni-moon · 15 days ago
one of my favorite parts of genshin impact (other than the characters) has to be the NPC world quests because i find it really amusing that the world renowned traveler is doing stuff like getting 2 berries for some random person they met when exploring-
so it’s only natural that i think it’d be funny if god darling really loved to help people, like these random people are just approached by their GOD being like “hey i saw your commission, have 3 meat” before just leaving and moving on to help someone else.
just god darling slightly disguising themself (like when traveler to sneak into fauti schemes just puts on a face mask and calls it a day) and joining the Adventurers’ Guild and constantly sneaking out of their Teapot to do their daily commissions (they’re married to the genshin grind-)
so can i get headcannons with a darling like that with scaramouche, venti and anyone else you would like :)
yours truly,
gremlin anon
#commissions, commissions, commissions
headcannons of reader disguising themselves and doing commissions ft. cult!scaramouche and venti
warnings: yandere content, yandere cult stuff, mentions of murder
Tumblr media
it'd be a miracle that you were able to slip away so easily without zhongli or anyone else noticing, and perhaps that they do know of and acknowledge your little hobby as an adventure— their way of letting you indulge since the know just how you hate staying cooped up.
venti knows where you are at all times through the gentle whispers of the wind, but he lets you do as you wish. depending on what commission you take, he’ll either just watch over you or join you. he doesn’t dare try to expose your identity sine he sees it as alone time with you.
if anyone disrespected you during one of your tasks, he so badly wants to tell off the person for, quite frankly, insulting their god— but he doesn’t. in lieu of this, he just makes some passive aggressive comment and/or kills them off later.
the breaks in between doing your commissions are filled with the gentle strum of his lyre. venti helps you calm down and catch your breathe while he makes sure you’re thoroughly entertained with songs that he comes up on the spot with. you’ll find him poking fun at some of the other archons or dropping shade on some characters.
overall, he just does commissions with you. his favorite one to do is where you have to sweep up all the leaves because he just does the work for you while making it a fun experience by floating up with you.
scaramouche, on the other hand, detests having you lift a single finger, but he just wallows in silence since it makes you happy. while he may not approve of you doing such things, it doesn't mean he'll just leave you alone to do as you please. he always tries to persuade you into "taking a break" for that day or going with you if you refuse to budge.
our harbinger is surprised that no one has realized that it's their god that's been heeding their requests, given how you just put on a mask and called it a day. no one dares to mess with you with the fatui harbinger trailing beside you, and even if someone tried, they won’t miss the way the tension rises from scaramouche’s glare alone.
if any of your commissions include any fatui personnel, he’ll take care of it. while he may not care if the said fatui dies, he does care of the long-lasting effects it will have on you if they die. in lieu of this, he results to just ordering them to do something else to help you complete the task. scaramouche would have to feign friendly relations, even if all he wants to do is bash their skull into the ground.
these two think it’s incredibly adorable of you to try and keep your presence a secret when it might as well be a given when they’re right next to you, overprotective in every sense of the word. if you leave your mask lying around them, you might find it decorated with a cecilia or sakura petals.
overall, the two wouldn’t interfere with your plans. in the case that zhongli finds out, they’ll be happy to keep you company as you’re effectively put under house arrest for the time-being.
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Your Dad, My Daddy
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ukai Keishin x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+ smut, age gap, older man/younger woman, barely legal, squirting, rough sex, daddy kink, alcohol mention, questionable ethics, d/s dynamics, overstimulation, degrading language, touch of subspace, unprotected sex, breeding kink, slight dubcon if you squint but it’s all consensual, Ukai’s dick is pierced, exhibitionism(?)
Genre: Smut, just so much smut
Word count: 9.4k
Author’s note: Here is my contribution to the new HQHQ collab!! You can find the masterlist right here! Big big thank you to @sempiternal-amour and @inaflashimagine​ for beta-ing this monster fic, ilysm <3 This is so incredibly self-indulgent, I even inserted my nickname ~for spice~. Anyways, enjoy my incoherent screaming uwu
Summary: When you go over to your friend’s house for a study session you don’t anticipate meeting her very attractive father, and you surely don’t anticipate the very same man fucking you over their couch.
Tumblr media
“Hey, I apologize in advance for anything weird my dad says or does. You know how dads are,” Hitomi explains as she pulls into the driveway of her house. 
It’s small but nice and well-manicured, situated in the cul de sac of a middle-class suburb.
“Dad, we’re here,” she shouts up the stairs, setting her keys on the small table next to the front door. Hitomi’s gaze drifts to the tall, dark haired man sitting at the kitchen table and your own gaze soon follows. “Oh, there you are.”
She quickly pecks the man on his cheek before walking over to the shiny silver fridge, pulling out a couple bottles of water. “Dad, this is Bunny, Bunny this is Dad,” she gestures between the two of you. 
When her father glances up from his phone to give you a nod of acknowledgement, you’re taken aback by how handsome he is. 
You can tell from the slight wrinkles around his lips and the crinkles by his eyes that he’s definitely a much older man, but other than that he’s flawless. The angle of his jaw is sharp but soft, lower face darkened by his five o’clock shadow. His chocolate brown eyes are complemented by plump, pink lips that would look even better swollen and shiny with saliva. Dark, shiny locks are gathered into a low ponytail and you wonder how they would feel fisted in your fingers. He’s gorgeous in a rugged, mature way that boys your age aren’t and could never hope to be. 
Hitomi never told you her dad was hot but then again, why would she? 
“Mr. Ukai, it’s nice to meet you,” you greet him.
He waves his hand in the air dismissively, “Ah, you can just call me Keishin. No need to be so formal.”
Hitomi mutters a frustrated “shit” under her breath and it takes you a few moments to tear your eyes away from the man in front of you. 
“I left my textbook in the car, I have to go grab it,” she sighs then turns to her dad. “You, don’t scare off my friend, please.” 
Keishin puts a hand on his heart, a falsely serious expression on his face. “I won’t, scout’s honor.”
She just rolls her eyes, exiting the kitchen the same way you entered. The front door slams shut, leaving you alone with your friend’s very hot dad.
Keishin looks up at you then quickly looks away, unsure how to interact with his daughter’s friends. “So is, uh, Bunny your real name?” he asks, nervously rubbing the back of his head.
Leaning against the table he’s seated at, you fold your arms across your chest, fully aware of how low cut your top is. You don’t miss the way his eyes briefly flicker down to your cleavage then back up to your face. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” you challenge, raising an eyebrow at him.
“I… I’m just trying to make conversation,” he laughs nervously.
“Hm, well, the short answer is no. You’ll have to get to know me a bit better before I give you the long answer.” 
He snorts, pushing his chair back and rising to his full height. “What gave you the confidence to speak like this to your elders?”
Taking a step towards him, you twirl a piece of hair around your finger and shyly peer up at him through your lashes. “I don’t know, but maybe you can teach me how to behave.”
A light blush colors his cheeks and his eyes widen with surprise. “I-I don’t know what you’re implying, but it’s not... appropriate,” he stutters, taking a step backwards to try to put some distance between you.
You sidle up to him, reaching out a hand to caress his well-muscled arm. When he makes no move to stop your petting, you bite your lip and get on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear. “Who said we had to be appropriate?” 
His mouth is slightly agape, lips moving every so often, as if he wants to say something but doesn’t. “I—” he starts.
The sound of the front door slamming open makes you both jump apart, trying to appear as casual as possible. 
“I got it! We can go study now,” Hitomi proclaims, waving the book around in her hands. She glances at you, then at her father and notices the way you’re completely turned away from each other. “Oh my God, Dad, what did you do?” she groans.
He holds up both hands in surrender, shaking his head emphatically. “I didn’t do anything! Why do you always think I did something?”
Your friend strides over to lightly punch his shoulder, a disapproving but loving expression on her face. “Because you’re weird and lame. Besides, between you and Bunny, I’m always going to assume that you’re the guilty party.”
You find yourself chuckling at their banter, touched by how close they are. It’s evident that Hitomi and Keishin care a lot about each other, regardless of how much they tease each other and guilt twists in your gut when you remind yourself that you were flirting with him. She likely wouldn’t forgive you for trying to sleep with her dad and it would cause a great deal of damage to their relationship, possibly beyond repair if she knew he was into girls her age. To make matters worse, you’re two years her junior. What man would sleep with a girl younger than his daughter?
But your morals are tossed right out the window when you take in the sight of Keishin’s radiant smile—all straight, white teeth and eyes that shine like pools of dark honey. It’s in that moment that you decide you’re going to seduce that man if it’s the last thing you do.
Sorry, Hitomi. Kind of.
“Okay, so L-Tyrosine is one of the twenty amino acids used by the body to synthesize proteins. It is also an aromatic amino acid derived from phenylalanine by hydroxylation in the para position—oof!” Hitomi’s droning is cut off by the pillow you send hurtling towards her head.
You sit up on her bed, squealing obnoxiously as you stretch. “Hitomi, I love you, but please shut up. My brain is melting. We’ve been at this for three hours now, can we take a break?”
She closes the textbook in her lap and pushes it to the edge of her desk. “Fine, fine. We can take a twenty minute break, but we have to go right back to studying because finals are this week and I cannot afford to fail,” your friend warns, despite how she whips out her phone at lightning speed.
Picking at a stray thread on the comforter, you gently try to get her attention, “Hey, Tomi?”
“Hm?” she responds, barely glancing up from the video she’s watching.
You’re not sure how to broach the subject, but you’ve never been one to beat around the bush so you just come right out and say it. “Has anyone told you your dad’s kinda hot?”
That makes her stop, her head jerking up from her phone at lightning speed. “What!? That old geezer?” She sounds dumbfounded, incredulous at the prospect that someone would be interested in her father.
“Yeah girl, he’s a total DILF,” you confess, making a little fanning motion with your hand like you’re burning up inside just thinking about him, and it’s not that far from the truth.
Hitomi makes no effort to hide her feelings, disgust clearly evident in her delicate features. “Ew! You have to be joking. Please tell me you’re joking.”
“I’m not joking! He’s really sexy,” you muse dreamily.
She claps both hands over her ears, yelling at the top of her lungs to drown you out. “I never want to hear you say that my old man is ‘sexy’ ever again!”
You childishly stick your tongue out at her. “Hey! I’m just speaking the truth. You have to have had friends say the same thing.”
Removing her hands from her ears, she brings one up to stroke her chin, seemingly deep in thought. “Now that I think about it, back in high school my friends were a lot more enthusiastic about coming over once they met my father.”
You feel vindicated by her personal testimony, even if she thinks you’re gross. “See? I’m not the only one who finds your dad ridiculously attractive.”
Hitomi gags dramatically as if she’s going to puke and judging by the look on her face, she just might. “Please, no more, I’m begging you.” 
“Fine, fine I’ll stop, but don’t act surprised when I become your new stepmom,” you tease, wiggling your eyebrows at her.
“You’re younger than me, don’t even joke about that,” she shudders in horror. “Okay, with that we need to get back to studying amino acids and proteins.”
“Whatever you say, future stepdaughter.” You muster your best motherly voice, sickeningly sweet and a touch passive aggressive.
This time, it’s Hitomi’s turn to throw a pillow at you.
Since the day you met Keishin, you haven’t been able to get him off your mind. Even when you’re in class trying to learn about the sodium-potassium pump, you find your thoughts drifting to his hands, his lips, him. He’s simply become too distracting to ignore.
More times than you care to admit, you’ve fucked yourself with your fingers to thoughts of how his fingers would feel pumping inside you. You fantasize about how his hand would feel around your neck, squeezing with just enough pressure to make your vision hazy. His name is always on the tip of your tongue when you orgasm and when you finally let yourself moan out ‘Keishin,’ you know enough is enough. A man his age has to know exactly how to make a woman scream and writhe in pleasure, but you need to experience it for yourself or you’ll die trying.
You’re not oblivious to the way he looks at you with hunger and longing in his eyes, you know he wants you too and you’re not above using dirty tricks to show him just how much you want him. 
If he’s too proud, too noble to give in to his urges, you’ll just have to break him. His resolve may be strong, but yours is stronger.
Your efforts begin innocently enough, gently probing him for more information about himself so you can get to know him better.
“I’ve noticed you don’t wear a ring. Is there a Mrs. Ukai in the picture?” you ask innocently.
Keishin clears his throat a bit too loudly, refusing to meet your questioning gaze. “Nah. It’s just me and Tomi, always has been.”
“Any… future Mrs. Ukai in the picture?”
The corners of his lips twitch slightly, the barest of smiles tugging at his handsome features. “Can’t say there is. Between the store and coaching volleyball, I don’t really have the time to date.”
You nod and make a noise of acknowledgement, relieved by the confirmation that he is in fact very, very single. You’re a lot of things, but you’re not a homewrecker.
On another occasion, you’re seated on their plush leather couch and Keishin’s in the well-worn La-Z-Boy recliner to your left. You’re watching some Adam Sandler movie on Netflix, but it’s paused while Hitomi is in the bathroom.
You take your alone time together as an opportunity to question him more, toeing the line of what would be considered proper. “So, Keishin, how old are you? I know Tomi’s twenty-one so you must be…” you trail off, hoping he’ll humor you.
He takes a swig of the beer in his hand and your eyes instinctively flicker down to watch the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows. “Old.”
You roll your eyes and prop your chin up on your hand, readjusting your position on the couch so you’re leaning closer to him. “Obviously, but just how old?”
“Why do you want to know so badly?” he asks, head tilted and a well-groomed eyebrow lifted questioningly.
“I was just wondering if you’re older than my dad,” you tease. 
His shoulders shake slightly as he chuckles, amusement dancing in his eyes. “I’m forty-four. Do I have him beat?”
“He’s forty-two, so just barely.” Your steady, unwavering eyes lock onto his own, which are glassy and unfocused from the alcohol. When he brings the bottle to his lips once more, you nonchalantly add, “Maybe I should call you Daddy instead.”
Keishin coughs and sputters in surprise, causing him to choke on his beverage and a spray of sticky beer splatters across your face. 
Apologies tumble out of his mouth as soon as he realizes that your cheeks and hair are dripping with the craft IPA he was drinking. “I-I’m so sorry! I’ll get you a towel,” he blurts, shooting up from his chair. 
In his panic and embarrassment, he rushes toward the linen closet and you can’t help the giggles that escape your mouth at how uncoordinated he is, now several drinks in. “Hey, it’s okay. It’s not that big of a deal,” you reassure him, wiping your face with the back of your hand for emphasis.
He returns from the rummaging around the hall closet, a dark blue towel in his hand, which he offers to you with a nod of his head.
No matter your protests and assurances that you’re fine, Keishin is even more insistent in offering you the towel to clean yourself up. When you refuse to take the towel from him, he kneels down next to you and leans in to dab at the foamy liquid that has soaked into your hair. 
Your breath hitches in your throat when you feel his fingers on your jaw and you almost squeak at his close proximity. He hasn’t let you near him since your first encounter and now he’s right in front of you, so close that his breath curls around your cheeks, smelling of malted hops and the slightest hint of peppermint. You can map out the slight freckles on the bridge of his nose and each long, curled eyelash that brushes his cheeks each time he blinks.
He’s truly a beautiful man, all sharp angles and rough stubble and you can feel your cheeks warm when you realize that he’s right there. If you leaned forward just a little bit more, your noses would brush against each other. 
A deep, rumbling voice interrupts your daydreaming. “Kid, are you even listening to me?”
You blink a couple times, coming to the realization that he’s been trying to talk to you for the last few minutes, but you were too busy admiring his beauty.
Keishin shakes his head as he leans back on his heels, using one hand to rub his face wearily. “As I was saying, you can’t just… say things like that. I know young girls sometimes have fantasies about older men like me, but I’m telling you now that it’ll only end badly,” he sighs. “I’m not a righteous man, I have my vices. God, do I have lots of them, and I don’t need another one.”
He mumbles the last sentence, barely loud enough for you to hear, despite how close you are.
Another one? Is he admitting that the attraction is mutual? You have to know, you just have to. Your body practically aches from how badly you want him.
“Keishin, I—” you start, reaching out to touch his arm, but he stands abruptly and quickly turns to shuffle away from the couch.
“This just isn’t a good idea, kid. Just forget about me, alright?” he says, his back to you. A tinge of regret and hesitation seeps into his words, as if he wants to take back everything he’s said.
After the beer incident, the man is even less receptive than he was before, making every effort to avoid being alone with you.
Even still, you’re not discouraged because he never outright rejected you. If he had, you would’ve stopped your pursuit weeks ago, but he only seems to be trying to maintain his composure as a righteous man.
Righteous men are wolves in sheep’s clothing, always putting on a facade so they can claim plausible deniability when they’re caught with their pants around their ankles. But no matter how honorable or virtuous a man tries to be, none of them can resist a wet, willing pussy laid out in front of them and Keishin is no exception.
That’s why you’ve shown up to their house the last few weeks in skirts far too short to be considered decent, flashing little peeks of your underwear each time you move too much or bend over too far. Each time you bend over to grab a pencil or a piece of paper off the floor, Keishin is always conveniently positioned behind you so he gets an eyeful of your pretty lace panties and the little dark spot where your wetness has soaked through the fabric. 
After you retrieve your item from the ground, you look over your shoulder to make direct eye contact with him and say ‘oops,’ without a hint of regret in your voice. You revel in the clenching of his jaw and the way he exhales loud and heavy through his nose, frustration mounting each time you try to provoke him.
When your ass and clothed pussy are on display for him, you make sure to wiggle your hips a bit, an open invitation to fuck you the way you both want to. It never fails to elicit some sort of reaction from the older man, ranging from a few groans and a choked cough, to making a very hasty exit, a book or some other object held over the front of his jeans. 
Without fail, Hitomi expresses her concern each time her father storms out of the room, red-faced and breathing heavily. He just waves her off, telling her he’s not feeling well, but you know the truth. He’s painfully hard, painfully hard from you, even if he doesn’t admit it.
Truthfully, if you weren’t trying to get him to fuck you so hard you can’t walk you would applaud his self-control and restraint. Even after weeks of teasing and provocation, the man refuses to give in to his desires.
That’s okay. If he’s not going to come to you, you’ll just have to take matters into your own hands.
It all reaches a tipping point when you’re unable to go home for winter break and Hitomi offers you their guest room to stay in for a few weeks. 
Apparently she never asked her father for permission, if Keishin’s shocked, slightly panicked face when you walked through the door with your suitcase was any indication. When he tried to question Hitomi about whether or not it’s such a good idea for you to stay, she wasn’t having any of it and told him that you’re a friend in need. 
Hitomi’s so sweet and caring that you feel a twinge of guilt for plotting to seduce her father in her house when she’s none the wiser. She just wanted to lend a helping hand by letting you stay with them, oblivious to your true plans, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
Now that you’re under the same roof, all you really want to do is ambush Keishin as soon as possible, but you have to plan around Hitomi’s schedule so you have bide your time. What’s the saying? Good things come to those who wait?
And wait you do. You wait for two whole weeks, in fact. But then the stars align so perfectly that some otherworldly force must be looking out for you.
Hitomi is gone to work and won’t be back until the middle of the night when her shift is over, while Keishin is home reviewing footage from his team’s latest game. 
He told you he does this right before a big game so he can tell his players what they need to improve on and get in that last bit of refinement before the day of. When he clued you in on his strategy you just nodded and hummed, not really listening, mostly focused on ogling his muscles through his thin t-shirt.
Your nerves have been buzzing since you woke up this morning, sensing the heaviness in the air. You’re wearing your prettiest lace panties and its matching bra and frankly, you’re feeling pretty damn confident. You look good and you know you look good. If you were trying to seduce any guy your age, they’d drop their pants as soon as they got a little glimpse of your underwear, but Keishin’s not any guy your age. He needs a little convincing, a little push in the right direction, and you’ll be the one to help him.
You’ve flitted around the house all day, just trying to find the right moment to pounce. 
Currently, Keishin is sitting in the living room watching the recording on the big flat screen in the living room. He looks preoccupied with taking notes on the notepad in his lap, but it’s now or never, you suppose.
Before you try to talk yourself out of it, you stride over to where he’s sitting and put your hand on his shoulder to get his attention.
“Hey. Did you need something? I’m kind of busy analyzing my team’s last game.”
Not wanting to lose your nerve, you wordlessly swing one leg over his, then the other, planting yourself firmly in his lap. His entire body goes ramrod stiff, hands jerking away from your body as if you’ve burned him.
“W-what do you think you’re doing?” he stutters, alarm evident in his voice.
When he makes no move to throw you off his lap, you wrap your arms around his neck and lean into him, pressing your chest to his. 
“What we both have been wanting to do since the day I met you,” you purr, lips barely brushing against the shell of his ear. He shivers when you gently nibble on his earlobe and your confidence only grows as you discover that he wants this just as much as you do.
“I d-don’t know what you’re talking about. This isn't right. I’m your friend’s father and I’m... old enough to be y-yours,” he mutters, running a hand through his already messy hair, conflicted with how to proceed.
You can’t tell whether he’s trying to convince you or himself, so you decide to give him a little encouragement.
Leaning back slightly, you run your hands down his chest and bite your lip. “Are we going to keep playing games or are you gonna fuck me? Because if not, I’ve got several guys back at college who—”
You’re cut off when Keishin’s hand wraps around your throat, the other braced against your back to pull you flush against him. 
“You think your little stunts are cute, don’t you?” he growls, his minty breath washing over your face.
“What, you don’t think so, Daddy?” you pout, batting your eyelashes at him innocently.
His eyes flash with something hot and primal and you can feel the gush of wetness between your thighs. “I’m getting a little tired of them,” he growls.
“This,” you palm at the bulge straining against his pants, “Tells me otherwise, you know.”
The hand around your throat tightens, cutting off whatever bratty remark you were about to make. “I’ve had enough of you prancing around my home in tiny skirts and flashing me your panties when my daughter is around. It’s unbecoming.”
“Then t-teach me a lesson,” you gasp, struggling to speak with Keishin’s fingers so firmly wrapped around your throat.
The way he grins is downright sinful and it stokes the fire already raging inside you. “Careful what you wish for, little girl.”
With some manhandling on Keishin’s part, you’re shoved toward the couch then pulled back onto his lap, but this time you’re on your stomach and both your wrists are pinned behind your back.
“Before we go any further,” he starts, trailing his fingers down your spine and leaving goosebumps in their wake. “I have to ask… How old are you?”
You twist around to look him in the eyes, a defiant smirk on your face. “Old enough.” Your mischievous giggle is cut off by a swift, firm slap to your ass.
“Watch the lip, brat. I need a little more reassurance than that.”
“Since you’re just so concerned, I’m nineteen. Perfectly legal and more importantly, legally fuckable,” you say, punctuated by an enticing wiggle of your hips.
“Jesus, you’re two years younger than Tomi. What am I doing?” He seems lost in thought as the honorable side of him fights a losing battle against his baser, carnal instincts. Whatever reservations he has are thrown aside when you start to wiggle in his grasp, maneuvering yourself over his crotch to grind yourself against his hardness.
Keishin gathers your hair around his fist, harshly jerking your head so far backwards that your spine aches from the unnatural angle.
“Stop fucking squirming. You just don’t know how to behave, do you?” It’s phrased like a question, but he shoves two of his fingers in your mouth so you can’t respond. 
You knew Keishin would be the perfect dom, but the ease with which he settles into the role makes your head spin and your insides throb. Latching onto his digits, you lick and suck like the good girl you are, coating them in saliva as he hums in appreciation.
“Foo wans tuh behav wen thith is wutt I ge fo bein ba?” you ask, garbled and muffled by the fingers massaging the back of your tongue. 
A series of harder, heavier spanks make you squeal and squirm even more in his lap. He gently rubs his hand over your warm, stinging flesh as he speaks. “Such a troublemaker. Just what am I going to do with you, hm?” He tries to sound admonishing, but you can tell he’s smiling behind his words.
His hand leaves your ass, no doubt raised to spank you again, but before he can, you bite down on his fingers. Not too hard, just enough for him to jerk them out of your mouth. “You can do whatever you want to me, Daddy.” 
You jolt when his thumb rubs against your pussy through your panties. They’re soaked with your slick, the material clinging to your skin uncomfortably. The barest touch has you gasping and pushing your hips back for more. You’re so sensitive from the teasing and you’re so turned on you just might pass out if you’re not filled up soon.
Keishin just laughs darkly at the pathetic humping of your hips and you can feel the rumbling in his chest. “This is what I love about girls your age. So sensitive…” He pulls your panties aside and gently eases a finger inside you, then another as you moan and shake in his lap. “And so reactive. I bet you’d cum just from me putting my cock inside this tight, wet cunt, wouldn’t you?”
He speaks with a hint of condescension that has you clenching around his digits, coating them in sticky, syrupy strands of your arousal as they pump in and out of you. You’d almost be embarrassed at how worked up you are if you had more self respect, but you don’t. All you can focus on is the way his fingertips curl into the little spongy spot inside you that makes you whine.
“Why don’t you try it and find out?” The challenge in your voice is severely dampened by how breathless and wrecked you are even though you haven’t really even done anything.
His fingers pull out of you with a lewd squelching sound and you can hear him suck them into his mouth. “You taste even better than I imagined, but I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours. Up, little girl.” He coaxes you from his lap and onto the couch so your back is nestled into the cushions.
Sweat is making hair stick to your forehead and you’re breathing so heavily you’d think you just ran a marathon, but Keishin is looking down at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world and it nearly steals what little breath you have left in your lungs.
Oxygen is the last thing on your mind when his lips slot themselves between yours, soft yet demanding as they suck and lick. The movement of his lips doesn’t falter when he pulls your shirt over your head to reveal your light pink bra. Keishin pulls back to kiss along your collarbones, neck, and chest, his teeth occasionally nipping your sensitive flesh and leaving goosebumps in their wake. He expertly removes your panties with one hand so you’re left in just your plaid skirt, exposing your heated flesh to the coolness of the living room. 
You’re nearly naked but he’s wearing far too many clothes for your liking, so you blindly grab at his shirt, but your fingers are shaking too much for you to get a good grip. Once he realizes what you’re trying to do, he puts his hands over yours and helps you take off his shirt. You nearly start drooling when all of his hard, rippling muscles and smooth, tan skin are finally revealed to your greedy eyes that can’t seem to settle one thing. You don’t know if you’ll get this opportunity again and you want to remember everything in painstaking detail, especially Keishin’s gorgeous body.
He momentarily disentangles himself from you to remove his jeans, leaving him in just his Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The outline of his cock is evident as it strains against the blue material and you reach out to stroke it, but he just takes your hand in his.
He brings it to his lips, then kisses up your arm until he reaches your lips. “All in due time, sweet girl. I want to taste you first.” Your mouth is claimed in another hungry, bruising kiss and you squeal when Keishin takes your lip between his teeth and bites, blood rushing to the surface of your skin. 
His head dips down to leave featherlight kisses and teasing licks down your chest and stomach before he’s resting between your thighs. You whimper pitifully as he spreads your legs, awaiting the feeling of a wet tongue or his fingers against your folds. When he doesn’t move for several beats, you come to the realization that he’s just watching the way your cunt twitches and clenches around nothing and the wetness that drips onto the couch each time your muscles contract. You quickly bring your legs together to hide yourself from his scrutinizing gaze, but he simply pries them open with little effort.
Keishin grabs your chin so you’ll look right at him, squirming from the intensity of his gaze. “Don’t you dare hide this pretty pussy from me, do you understand? I am going to devour you until I’ve had my fill and you’re going to just lie back and take it.”
You nod obediently, your impudence quickly dying, giving way to the burning ache between your legs that can only be sated by a long, hard fuck.
With a satisfied hum, he settles at the apex of your thighs and licks a long stripe from your quivering pussy to your swollen clit and your hips jerk from the contact. Strong hands pin your hips to the couch as you writhe in his firm grip. He gives your clit a soft, quick kiss before he takes it into his mouth and sucks. You grab fitfully at his hair, back arching and hips pressing into his mouth as you gasp and groan from the incredible feeling of his tongue on your sensitive flesh.
His tongue teases your entrance and your cunt twitches, anticipating the first thrust of his warm, wet muscle inside you. He occasionally dips into your hole, but never breaches your entrance and you think you might go mad if he doesn’t give you more.
“I-I need more, give me more,” you manage to gasp, grabbing a fistful of the pillow underneath you as the tightening in your belly gets stronger.
Keishin removes his mouth from your cunt just long enough to admonish you for your lack of respect. “You need to have more manners if you’re going to demand things of me,” he says, before latching back onto your swollen, twitching clit.
“Daddy, pleeease I need more. Ah! I want to cum!” Your voice is so high-pitched and whiny you almost don’t recognize yourself, but you’re nearly delirious from pleasure and your impending climax that’s been dangled over your head for what feels like hours.
“Now who am I to deny you when you ask so sweetly?”
He thrusts two of his digits inside you, reaching deep inside you and rubbing against your g-spot as he sucks your clit back into his mouth. You’re almost screaming at this point, clawing at his hair and humping your cunt against his face. The familiar tightening in your belly signals that you’re about to cum and your moans and cries get faster, louder as the promise of white hot pleasure is just within reach—
It’s almost embarrassing how fast you’re teetering on the edge of climax, as if you’re a virgin school girl that’s never touched herself before. But maybe that’s the difference that years of experience can make. 
Not that you care. You just want to cum.
“Fuck, Daddy, I—I’m close!”
Sensing your impending orgasm, the man uses his free hand to slap your cheek then grabs your throat. “Uh-uh-uh,” he tuts, “Ask Daddy for permission to cum.” You’re clamping down on his fingers impossibly tighter as he fingers you even deeper, and the way he sucks on your clit renders you incapable of speech. Each time you open your mouth to try to speak, more desperate, wanton noises escape your lips.
You’re about to fucking burst at the seams and you feel like you’re on fire, but you want to be a good girl for your daddy, so you use the last bit of brain power you have left to ask for permission.
“P-pleaaase Daddy may I ahhh! May I cum!” you ask, but you can’t even hear Keishin give his approval from how loud the blood rushing in your ears is as you finally cum.
You try to muffle your cries with the back of your hand, but he grabs your wrist and wrenches it away from your mouth.
“Don’t do that. I want to hear you scream.” His tone is clipped and short, not caring how rough he is with your delicate flesh.
If you weren’t already cumming, you would have from the pleasure that’s so intense, it’s almost painful as your body is wracked with tremors. Your legs snap around Keishin’s head and you grip his hair even tighter as wave upon wave of your orgasm washes over you. You hear someone screaming and wonder what’s happening, when you realize it’s you, you’re the one screaming as you ride out your climax.
He greedily slurps and sucks up every single drop of your release that you can give him, as if he was stranded in the desert for a thousand years and your juices are the first sip of water to hit his dry, parched tongue. Your cunt is already so sensitive, painfully clenching around his fingers, but he just. Doesn’t. Stop.
“Fuck, K-Kei, wait ‘s too much,” you weakly protest, but your body is too spent to resist so you just lie there, twitching and gasping as he keeps sucking on your overstimulated clit.
His lips detach from your poor, abused bud and you almost sigh in relief before the fingers inside your cunt pump faster, stimulating every inch of your gummy walls.
Keishin leans over your sweaty, exhausted form, one hand braced on the couch, the other buried inside you. His fingers are hitting a spot inside you that makes you feel the urge to pee, so you try to push his hand away but it’s futile with how much stronger he is than you. 
“Hold onnn, I’m g-gonna—” you slur, panicked, but it’s as if he didn’t hear you.
His digits are relentless, rubbing and stroking and you’re a fucked out mess. You don’t know what he wants until an uncomfortable tightness shoots through your cunt. You cry out as clear liquid gushes out of you, splashing all over you, the couch, and Keishin. If you were more coherent, you might be mortified because you just… pissed on him—
To your surprise, he’s laughing as he removes his hand from inside you, ignoring your halfhearted groans. “I was hoping you’d do that,” he says, holding up his hand, shiny and dripping with your juices. 
“D-Do what?” you pant, unsure of what just happened and why Keishin seems so smug.
He uses his discarded t-shirt to wipe his hand off, then dabs at your stomach where a sizable puddle accumulated. “Squirt,” he responds. When he sees your confused expression, he follows up with, “It’s not piss, if you’re worried about that.”
“Ooookay.” You’re too dazed and exhausted to argue with him or question him further, so you just flop into the sofa and close your eyes.
“C’mon, little girl, don't tell me that’s all you’ve got. You were talking so much shit earlier and I have so much more to give you.” Despite how tired you are, his words spark new arousal in your belly and defiance revitalizes you, movement returning to your limbs.
You slide a hand down your stomach and spread the puffy lips of your cunt, sliding a finger through your wetness. “Of course it’s not. I’m ready to take that hard cock of yours, Daddy.”
“Attagirl, that’s what I like to see,” he praises, dropping his underwear and sliding them somewhere you can’t see. 
His cock is gorgeous, but that doesn’t come as a surprise, considering the man it belongs to. It’s thick and curved in a way that you know will reach the deepest parts of you.
What you weren’t expecting is the many piercings adorning the shaft and the one that goes through the head. A long curved barbell enters through the tip and exits through the underside of his glans. Three evenly spaced rings are embedded in the skin where his shaft meets his balls. You’ve never seen so many piercings on one man, let alone in such a sensitive place, so you gawk at the smooth metal rings that shine in the overhead lights.
“You’re… You have…”
He grins widely and it’s so devilish you think he might swallow you whole and honestly? You’d let him. You’d let him do whatever he wants to you. “Haha, yeah I get that reaction a lot. Never seen a pierced cock before, huh?”
“No, but there’s a first time for everything. I’m dying to see how those,” you point to his piercings, “Feel inside me.”
Keishin wordlessly climbs on top of you and rubs the head against your wetness, spreading it along his shaft to ease his entry. “They’ll feel fucking incredible, but you’ll have to beg for it.”
You scoff, reaching to grab his hips so he’ll fuck you already, but he scoots backwards so you can’t touch him.
“Naughty girls that misbehave don’t get fucked, so you’d better smarten up quickly,” he warns, making you gasp as he thrusts his cock against your clit.
He lazily nudges the head over your flesh, occasionally letting it catch on the tight ring of muscle around your hole. When he slots between your pussy lips, you try to wiggle and hump your hips in his direction, in hopes that he’ll slide right in.
But he doesn’t, and you’re about to go mad with his cock so close, but so far away.
“Please fuck me Daddy. I need your cock so bad!” You’re on the verge of tears, the buildup of the last few weeks overwhelming your senses.
Making a noise of sympathy, Keishin pets your hair affectionately and kisses your cheek. “All you had to do was ask.”
His hips pull back, then he’s thrusting inside you, sheathing himself to the hilt in your tight heat. You whimper and whine at the sudden intrusion, but any pain you feel is overshadowed by the way that his cock is filling you so full. The burn and stretch hurts so fucking good that your orgasm hits you like a freight train, fast and hard and blinding. Keishin fucks you through it, his cock touching all of the sensitive spots inside you and the pleasure is so strong you have to screw your eyes shut as you cry out and fall apart around him.
When you open them again, the man is staring down at you with the most shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen. “See? I said you’d cum as soon as I put my cock inside you.”
Using all the strength you can muster, you slap his arm. “Shut up and just fuck me.”
“You still haven’t learned your manners, but I just can’t wait to shoot my cum deep inside this cute cunt of yours,” Keishin groans, pulling almost all the way out before burying himself back inside the hot, welcoming clutch of your pussy. 
You can feel each of the metal rings on his cock, foreign and strange, but the odd feeling soon fades to little shocks of ecstasy each time they brush against your insides.
The lewd slapping sounds of skin on skin are all you can hear besides the occasional moan or hiss from the man fucking you within an inch of your life, not that you can focus on anything else right now.
You nudge at Keishin’s shoulder and he stops the rapid pistoning of his hips, an almost annoyed look on his face.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, but you just smile and push him backwards onto the couch, just like you were. He grunts in surprise as he falls backward, but he quickly quiets down when you climb on top of him and sink yourself back down on his length.
You both moan in unison as he fills you once more, the tip of his cock pressing against your cervix each time you force your cunt back down on him. His hands wander to your tits, grabbing, squeezing, and pinching the sensitive buds of your nipples. 
Ever the troublemaker, you can’t resist making a jab at him now that you’re on top. “I wonder what she’d do if she knew you were with me right now. What would your daughter say about you taking advantage of a young, helpless girl?”
Keishin takes that moment to pull you against him, thrusting hard and rough into your gummy walls that never stop pulsing around him. You’re shaking and gasping, your tongue lolling out of your mouth in your pleasured delirium. “With the way your greedy, sloppy cunt is clenching around me, I wouldn’t say I’m taking advantage of you,” he points out, only slightly out of breath. “But you get off on this, don’t you? Letting an old man like me fuck you. I’m old enough to be your father.”
“Like you’re any b-better,” you bite back.
You cry out when Keishin starts rubbing your swollen clit in tight little circles, your third orgasm fast approaching. 
“Fuck! I can—urgh, I can feel your pussy pulsing around me. I’m g-gonna cum,” he grits out, thrusting impossibly deeper inside you. He's pressed so far into you, he’s just thumping the head of his cock against your cervix. You scream and write in his arms, seeking to relieve the sharp burning in your womb just a little bit, but he has you firmly locked in his clutches. “Be a good little girl and cum for Daddy.”
Almost on command, you shake and moan, loud and long, as you cream all over his cock and coat the base in milky white. “Oh fuck, oh god! D-Daddy I’m cu-mming!” you wail with the last of your energy.
You’re so exhausted you go limp against him and let him use your body as a fuck toy until he reaches his climax. Keishin follows soon behind you, his thrusts growing sloppier and less coordinated as he mumbles obscenities under his breath. “Shit shit shit, fuck I’m cumming! I’m gonna—fuck!”
With one last thrust into your fluttering, over stimulated cunt he orgasms, his legs shaking as he shoots rope after rope of cum into your quivering womb.
You both lay there for several minutes to catch your breaths. You’re so sore and boneless you can barely move, but you manage to extricate yourself from Keishin’s long limbs. Leaning into the arm of the couch, you let your eyes flutter closed and allow sleep to take you.
You’re awoken by a warm, wet washcloth rubbing against your sensitive folds and you whine, sleepily wiggling your hips to get away from the discomfort. “Kid, I know it doesn’t feel good but, uh, it’s kind of a mess down there. You can go back to sleep, just let me clean you up.” Keishin’s familiar timbre comforts you so you settle back down, still half asleep.
“Mmm, Keishin?” you mumble, making grabby hands at the man.
He takes one of your hands in his. “Yeah?” he responds as he wipes the washcloth between your legs with his other hand.
You rub your face against his hand before placing a sloppy kiss on top of it. “Thank youuuu,” you slur.
Keishin just chuckles and rubs his fingers over your knuckles. “Yeah kid, you’re welcome. Just get some rest, alright?”
You’re asleep before he even finishes the sentence.
When you awaken it’s dark, most likely the middle of the night. There’s a blanket thrown over your unexpectedly clothed body, which is now covered in a worn, oversized shirt. It smells like fabric softener and musk, so you figure it must be Keishin’s.
Looking around, you bolt upright when you realize you’re not on the living room couch anymore, you’re now in a large, comfortable bed.
The sound of a deep, rumbling voice draws your attention to the bathroom connected to the room you’re currently in. “Oh, you’re finally awake,” Keishin says sheepishly as he emerges from the bathroom, then points to the nightstand next to you. “There’s some water and ibuprofen, you should take it. Even if you’re not sore now, you will be later.”
You chuckle tiredly as you stretch your overworked muscles. “I’m already sore, so I’ll definitely be taking these.”
He sits awkwardly on the side of the bed, unsure how to treat you after your little encounter. His brows are furrowed, a deep frown on he’s seemingly deep in thought.
“Whatever you’re thinking, just spit it out.” His head immediately snaps to you, eyes guarded and unreadable.
“What we did downstairs, it’s… not right. I’m supposed to protect young, impressionable girls like you. I’m a father—I would die if Tomi was after a man more than twice her age.”
You pull the blanket off of you and climb over to where the older man is seated on the mattress. “Keishin, let me ask you something.” He lifts his head, expectant. “Did you enjoy what we did? Because I did.” He nods slowly, still unsure what you’re getting at.
Taking his face in your hands, you tell him what you’ve been thinking for weeks. “At the end of the day, we’re two consenting adults who partook in consensual activities. Even if someone wants to clutch their pearls because you’re older than me, who cares?”
“Yeah, I get that, but… It has to be some sort of ethics violation on my part. You’re younger than my daughter, Bunny.”
“Even if it is, you have to allow yourself to live a little. Life is too short to deny yourself pleasures the world has to offer, and I don’t know about you, but I was very pleased by our… tryst.”
A cute blush spreads across Keishin’s cheeks as he remembers everything he said and did to you. “Aha, I was too. So, um… Would you want to do that again, sometime?” he asks, running a hand through his hair like he always does when he’s nervous.
You giggle and tackle him on the bed, wrapping your arms around him and squeezing. “Of course I do. We can even do it now, if you’d like…”
A couple hours later, just before Hitomi comes back, you limp across the hallway to your room and pass out, falling into a deep, dreamless sleep.
And that is how your little arrangement begins.
Most of your time is spent with Hitomi, mostly shopping and going out to eat when she has the day off, or just watching Netflix in her room when you’re both too tired to go anywhere.
However, in the wee hours of the morning when you’re sure that she’s asleep, you sneak up to her father’s bedroom and get fucked so hard and so good you can barely make it back to your bedroom before the sun rises.
It’s a good arrangement, you think, you both get what you want and your friend is none the wiser. You figure no harm, no foul. At the end of the winter break, Keishin will likely want to cut things off with you and you’ll go back to your college dorm as if nothing happened.
But the winter break isn’t over yet, and you plan on making the most of it.
Keishin has been fucking you into the mattress for so long, time no longer even makes sense anymore. 
You’re sweaty and exhausted, muscles so sore and shaky, but the thrusting between your legs shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The harsh grip on your hips will likely bruise, but luckily you can hide them, unlike the few close calls you’ve had with poorly-placed marks on your neck.
Despite your exhaustion, you continue to meet Keishin’s thrusts by humping your hips back at him.
He gives your ass a harsh spank and fucks into you harder, making you whine and clench around him. “You’re an insatiable little thing, aren’t you? So fucked out and dripping with my cum, yet you still want more,” he says, but all you can do is gasp in response. You’re too far gone to produce any meaningful response. “What am I going to do with you?” If you had the energy, you’d tell him whatever he wants, but you don’t and the familiar tug of an orgasm is too hard to ignore.
“Fuck Daddy, I-I’m—”  
Suddenly, his phone comes to life, Hitomi’s face lighting up the screen as it vibrates. The pistoning of his hips slows, then stops completely as he reaches over and grabs it off the nightstand.
He suddenly pulls out of your sore, abused cunt and you almost whine at the loss before he buries himself back inside you. The way your face is pressed into the mattress makes it difficult, but you manage to turn your head to see what Keishin is doing behind you.
Your eyes widen and you try to wriggle out of his grip when you figure out that he’s going to answer his phone as he keeps fucking you.
A hand wraps around your neck, lifting you up from your position on the bed and you have to follow its movement to prevent your windpipe from getting crushed. You’re pressed against Keishin’s hard chest, and his cock is nestled right against your cervix. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll just stay still and take it like a good little girl.”
The harsh grip on your neck releases and you’re shoved back into the bed, falling onto the comforter.
Keishin sounds completely normal when he answers his phone and it almost pisses you off—how can he be so unaffected when you’re at your wit’s end? 
He chirps into the phone, “Hey sweetheart, what’s up?” The only indication that anything is amiss is the slight breathlessness in his voice and the occasional curse under his breath.
He forces himself even deeper inside you so forcefully that you’re afraid he’ll punch straight through to your womb. You know it’s not possible, but with Keishin, it just might be. He’s always full of surprises, especially when it comes to your body.
“Oh yeah, sure I can drop it off to you later. I’m just a little… preoccupied at the moment,” he says with a sharp thrust of his hips and you can’t help the moan that escapes your lips. Keishin stiffens above you, waiting to see if Hitomi heard you through the phone.
“No, Hitomi, I’m not watching porn! But hold on a second, I think someone is at the door.” He sets the phone on the bed, muting the call as his cock hits your g-spot and you’re shaking, practically shivering in his arms. A couple of hard, coordinated rubs of your engorged clit and you’re cumming, gushing around him and keening as your muscles clench uncomfortably. You scream silently and fall limp onto the bed, unable to hold yourself up any longer. 
You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve cum, but it’s to the point that each successive orgasm borders on the edge of pleasure and pain.
“Better keep quiet, wouldn’t want my daughter to hear you getting your pretty little cunt stuffed full of my cock,” Keishin snarls into your ear and you feel yourself clench painfully around him. Your body is just so worn out, but you know he won’t stop until he’s satisfied. “Or do you want her to know what a slut you are for her father?”
You shake your head vehemently, but the man inside you just chuckles as he keeps fucking you.
“Oh my god, oh fuck I-I…” You’re babbling nonsense to no one in particular.
“Ahh it was just-fuck, it was just some dude trying to sell me security cameras. Anyways, I’ll see you later honey, I love you.” His last few sentences sound rushed, urgent and you can tell from the twitching of his length that he’s close. The moment the phone is hung up, Keishin cages you between his body and the mattress. “Your cunt feels so fucking good, I’m gonna fill you up with my cum. Would you like that?”
You try to nod and make a noise akin to ‘mhm,’ but you’re not sure what it sounds like. You’re not really sure of anything right now, but what you are sure of is you want him to cum inside you.
“I could never deny you anything, sweet girl,” he groans.
Keishin fucks into you harder, faster, and it feels as if he’s quite literally rearranging your guts, he’s so deep inside you. He reaches down between your legs and pinches your sensitive bud between his fingers. “Think you have one more in you, hm?” he asks, but he doesn’t wait for your answer. Of course you do.” He rubs your sore clit the way he knows will have you shaking and coming apart around him.
“Fuck Daddy, fuck I’m cumming!” you squeal, writhing and squirming from the painful, aching tightness of your orgasm as it builds once more. 
“Ergh, fuck yeah, cum on Daddy’s cock as he fills you up. You’re such a good fucking girl for me, I love this sweet pussy.”
You shriek as you cum, your climax so strong that your vision blurs at the edges and you convulse, sore muscles twitching with overuse. 
“Daddy’s gonna breed his sweet little girl, fuck, feels so fucking good!” Keishin groans, burying himself as deeply as he can inside you and shooting his cum into your quivering hole. You sigh in relief at the feeling of his warm cum flooding your womb, thankful he finally came because you couldn’t have lasted much longer in your state.
He flops next to you on the bed, sweaty and exhausted from your hours-long fuck marathon. Throwing an arm over your waist, he pulls you to his chest and buries his nose in your neck. 
Hitomi’s not supposed to come back for several hours, so you both deem it safe to fall asleep as you are. Just when you’re about to drift off, your phone buzzes from the bedside table.
You reach for your phone, expecting it to be some spam email.
Your heart stops, the whole world seems to freeze when you open the text message.
From: Tomie <3
So when were you going to tell me you’re fucking my dad?
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bookishdiplodocus · 7 months ago
How to convey information through dialogue without shoehorning it in
So you have information you want to plant into your story, and you would like to do that through dialogue. Naturally, you'd want to make the dialogue look natural, so that it doesn't scream -> This Piece Of Information <- Will Be Relevant To The Plot Later!!! I never saw any writing advice about this subject, so I thought I’d write up a post about it.
Say, for example, you want to plant the information that Barney is afraid of fridges. Fridges? Jup. That's weird. Jup. Which makes it all the more difficult to bring up in a scene. And what makes it even more difficult, you decided you want this dialogue to take place before the Thing With The Fridge Happens later on, so you're in a pickle. How do you bring up a fear of fridges, when there are no fridges around?
First, I'm going to show you how shoehorning the information in a dialogue would look like.
Don't do this:
Annie and Barney are in a scene that has nothing to do with fridges.
Annie: "By the way," she asked casually, "have I ever asked you what your worst fear is? Since we’re on this quest together, we should know these things about each other."
Barney: "Fridges. They scare the bejeebers out of me."
Annie: "Fridges?" She laughed incredulously. "How come?"
Barney: "Well, one time my brother locked me into a fridge, and I've been afraid ever since."
Annie: “That makes sense, Barney. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”
Try to avoid using things like “by the way” or “suddenly” in this part of the dialogue, because that’s a shoehorn red flag.
Instead, you want the conversation to flow from something inconspicuous to the information you want to plant and then into at least one other topic.
Do this:
Annie and Barney are in a scene that has nothing to do with fridges, for example they are thrown into a snake pit during their quest.
Barney deals with venomous snakes without a second thought.
Annie, in the corner, trying to get a hold of herself: "I can't believe you're not afraid of those snakes."
Barney: "You just got to know how to handle them."
Annie, in awe: "You're fearless."
Barney, laughs: "Trust me, I'm not. You should see me around fridges."
Annie: "Fridges...?"
Barney: "My brother locked me into one when we were little. I almost suffocated. Never trusted them ever since. Nor my brother, obviously."
The conversation continues about his relationship with his brother, making it seem like that's the important bit. You sneaked the information about Barney's fear for fridges into the dialogue about snakes and his brother.
Let’s break that down, shall we?
This conversation has three topics: snakes, fridges, and Barney’s brother. The snakes and Barney’s brother don’t really matter. They could just as well be completely different topics. (I'll show you later.) Their only function is to ease into the conversation about Barney’s fridge fear and ease out of it without drawing the reader’s attention to its importance.
Topic 1: Something present in this scene that has a thing in common with topic 2
Discussing the snakes feels organic and natural, because they are kind of hard to ignore in this scene. Make the first topic something related to what the characters see, feel, experience in that particular scene… Write a piece of dialogue about topic one.
Topic 2: The information you want to plant
Then transition into the topic switch. How? The topic of fridges and the topic of snakes have one thing in common: fear. Specifically, Annie is afraid of snakes and Barney isn’t, but he is afraid of fridges. Bringing this interesting bit into the conversation changes the topic again, because how can you not go into a sentence like this?
Topic 3: Anything related to topic 2 you can latch onto
The topic is changed yet again after the information you planned to plant. Just let this part of the dialogue run its course. It doesn’t matter much what you do with it, as long as you don’t stop the dialogue right after the moment you delivered the line you needed to deliver. The trick is to make the conversation flow to and from your chosen topic.
Let’s look at another example, something more realistic. You still want to convey the fact that Barney is afraid of fridges, but this time, Annie and Barney are not on a quest, they are in a romance novel.
Barney and Annie are looking out over the ocean. She brought a bottle of wine, a light breeze cools their skin, in the distance, a cargo boat slowly glides along the horizon. It seems like a perfect moment.
Barney raises his glass and compliments Annie: “You pick great wine.” (topic 1)
Annie: “Thanks. I did a wine course last year in my local community center, a series in which we learned all about the different kinds of wine and what to pair it with.”
Barney: “Sounds like fun. You should teach me sometime. Did you get to taste everything?”
Annie: “Yeah, of course. That was the main reason I joined. What about you? Which wine do you prefer?”
Barney: “Oh, I’m not a connaisseur. I like anything but white wines.” (change of topic)
Annie: “Why not?”
Barney, embarrassed: “Red wines are usually kept at room temperature, and white wines go in the fridge.”
Annie, after a second: “I can’t see the problem there.”
Barney, embarrassed: “Ah. Well. I don’t like fridges. Like, not at all. My brother once locked me into one, and – well, let’s say it was a hugely traumatic experience.” (boom, there it is: topic 2)
Annie, confused: “But – How do you keep your food fresh?” (change of topic) (doesn't necessarily have to happen so soon after The Line)
Barney, still embarrassed: “I go to the supermarket every other day.” (topic 3)
The conversation continues about going to the supermarket every other day and foods that Barney can't eat because they spoil too fast outside of the fridge. Annie is surprised to hear how many things can be kept at room temperature for a day or two. (topic 3,5)
That's it, folks :)
I hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, and happy writing! This post was inspired by a question from @therska.
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i-cant-sing · 6 months ago
Pleeeeaase one more of Yandere Alcina x child reader!! I'm definitely addicted (specially about the "best parent" mugs) and can't get enough! Love your ideias! xoxo
Perfect: Yandere Alcina x child reader
Hmm, alright alright.
Check out my MASTERLIST for more!
Alcina hadn't ever taken care of a child, killed a few, sure, but she had no experience in taking care of a child. Sure, she's seen how animals interact with their young, and how awfully fragile the offspring is, but she never had one of her own to really experience the motherhood. Even the 3 daughters, they were already quite mature and could easily look after themselves, they rarely needed Dimitrescu's help.
But despite the lack of experience, Alcina is a smart and highly observant person. So she knew something was off when she couldn't hear you. A child your age should be either giggling or playing- hell, even crying, but silence? Yeah, something was wrong.
"Y/n!"She called out, her heart dropping when you didn't respond back. "Darling? Where are you?" She began looking around the castle, checking under the tables and bed, your favourite hiding spots, her hears trying to pick up on the pitter patter only your tiny feet.
Her anxiety kept on increasing and awful thoughts started racing through her mind. Did you get stuck in some crawl space? She knew you liked to roam around- wait, did you wander outside in the cold?! No, some lycan would've brought you back in. Heisenberg made sure of that. Wait, did that man child Heisenberg take you away? She's gonna kill him- just wait till Mother Miranda hears about him violating the equally divided Y/n time!
Alcina decided to check her own room last, you never went there on your own since you always managed to get lost, but something was compelling her to go there.
Mother instinct? She would've laughed a month ago, nothing about her was maternal, but ever since you came into her life... she wouldn't be surprised if motherhood came upon her. Its only natural, despite you not being hers by blood.
As she neared the door, she could hear 3 hushed voices, she instantly knew it was her daughters. She could also hear your heart beat, it was calm, didn't feel like you were in danger. Her daughters would never lay a finger on you; they loved you too much for that!
She opened the door quickly, as if trying to catch her mischievous little kids. The older girls whipped their heads in her direction, while you sat in front of her vanity, your face away from her. Alcina narrowed her eyes at the girls, Daniella was holding a hair brush, Cassandra had a one of the mother's large hats, and Bella was holding a silky outfit, one she had especially made for you.
"What are you all doing?" Alcina asked through clenched teeth, trying to contain her anger for you. "W-we were just playing around, mother!" Before Alcina could admonish them, you jumped off the seat and ran up to her, her heart almost bursted from your appearance.
Little you was wearing a long white dress she had made, your eyes were decorated with her black eye shadow and eyeliner and you were wearing her favourite shade of red lipstick!
"Y/n!"she gasped as she knelt down to your level, somehow still towers over you. "What are you wearing?"She asked as she pushed your hair away from your face.
"We're playing dress up! I wanted to look like you!" You grinned. "Do I look pretty?"
God damn. Alcina was beginning to think she was a human with the way she felt her heart skip a beat.
Her fingers caressed your cheek. "Of course you do, sweetie. Just need some finishing touches. Come here." She quickly tied your hair in a bun before taking the black hat from Cassandra, placing it on your tiny head. They all laughed as you peeked at them from under the humongous hat. You giggled along before pushing at Alcina's knees, looking up at her with doe eyes and small pout. "Up?" You have always been so polite.
Alcina hummed before bending down again to pick you up, and you did a little "Wheee!"as she lifted you all the way up and settled you on her hip. She booped your nose, chuckling as you scrunched it up.
"You are so perfect. Just like your mama."
Tumblr media
Meanwhile Ethan is probably has an aneurysm when he sees his daughter, you, dressed up like a mini Dimitrescu. And you best believe, the castle has paintings of you dressed up like that, some solo and some with your vampire family. Poor Ethan thinks he's hallucinating 😭😭😂
So, did you guys like this little drabble?
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plaguedocboi · 9 months ago
Well lads, I decided to make a fourth water ranking list! Some of these were suggested or requested, in which case I’ll @ them, and others were just some that I’ve read about since my last post and wanted to talk about! Enjoy.
Zambezi River, Africa, @marshmallowmachinegun
Tumblr media
This river is making the list primarily because of the massive, terrifying rapids that you can apparently surf on. I don’t care for that shit at all. It earns the first spot on this list for being super freaky, 1/10.
Lake Toplitz, Austria, @darthlenaplant
Tumblr media
This is, strangely, a lake with two bottoms. Around 52 feet down is a bunch of sunken logs, essentially creating a false bottom that divers can’t get through. Below this level, there is no oxygen in the lake and life becomes very scarce. But the lake has a maximum depth of 328 feet, and allegedly contains boxes of Nazi gold somewhere in the deeps. This draws in treasure-hunters, but I definitely won’t be heading down into this false-bottomed lake anytime soon. Since this lake doesn’t have any visible drop-offs or looks particularly scary, it gets a 2/10.
Dean’s blue hole, Bahamas
Tumblr media
Until the discovery of the Dragon Hole in China, Dean’s blue hole was considered the deepest “blue hole” in the world, reaching a maximum depth of 663 feet. One of the reasons this underwater cave is so unsettling to me is it’s proximity to land. Like, can you imagine walking along a beach and looking out at the ocean and seeing that just a few hundred feet away?? For being such a visually dramatic hole in the ground, it earns a 3/10.
Cetina River, Croatia, @imalwayssirius
Tumblr media
Often referred to as the “natural Eye of Sauron” (or, as I saw one of my mutuals post, the earth’s vagina) this bizarre feature is the source of the Cetina River. The spring bubbles up from a cave that reaches depths of over 300 feet and drains into a river 63 miles long. Although this spring is definitely beautiful, I don’t know that I would want to raft over it. 4/10.
Red lake, Croatia
Tumblr media
The Red Lake sits in a deep sinkhole, with cliffs soaring over 800 feet above the water. Below the surface, the sinkhole continues for another 942 feet. The depth was unknown until 2017, when a diver finally descended far enough to see the bottom. The incredible depth of this lake makes it one of the largest sinkholes in the world, and earns it a 5/10 on this list.
Lake Peigneur, Louisiana, @amzrigh
Tumblr media
I don’t know where to start with this one. I guess we have to go back to 1980, when this was a 10-foot deep freshwater lake. Underneath the lake was a massive salt mine, and on the surface was an oil drill. Basically, a miscalculation occurred and the drill broke down into the mines and this lake began to drain into them. Unfortunately, this lake wasn’t closed off, and used to empty into a nearby bay. As the lake drained down into the mines, the water flow reversed and sucked water in from the bay, briefly creating a 100+ foot waterfall and then the largest man made whirlpool in history. Although multiple ships from the bay were sucked down and the mines were completely flooded, amazingly no one was killed in this horrifying accident. So, what was once a 10-foot deep freshwater lake is now a 200-foot deep saltwater lake. The bizarre story and extreme depth of this lake gets a solid 6/10.
Kern River, California, anon
Tumblr media
There are signs around this river which state “Kern River, 271 lives lost since 1968”. That would be enough to scare me off, but apparently not everyone feels the same. This river is so deadly because in many places, it appears calm and inviting, drawing in swimmers, and then sucking them under with a fast undertow. In fact, you are required to wear a life jacket if you’re even walking around the river with no intentions to swim (although it doesn’t appear that the person in this picture heeded those warnings). For sheer danger, I have to award this a 7/10.
Barracuda lake, Philippines, @pineowlple
Tumblr media
Don’t worry, the lady in the picture is fine, she was just posing for a creepy photo. And this lake is fascinating for reasons other than its sheer drop and weird rock formations! Barracuda Lake has one of the most bizarre thermoclines and haloclines in the world, drawing in divers from far and wide who want a unique experience. The surface of the lake is freshwater and roughly 82 degrees F, but as you descend to about 50 feet down, the temperature in the lake suddenly rises to 100 F (only slightly cooler than an average hot tub)! This is because the lake contains both fresh and saltwater, separated by a hazy boundary. If you continue heading down to the bottom, the water will become cool again. Divers often describe swimming in this lake as a strange sensory experience, with some people claiming you feel weightless and liken it to being on another planet. Even stranger, the sandy lake bottom is described as being “jelly-like”. Definitely an 8/10 for how downright strange this lake is.
Enchanted river, Philippines
Tumblr media
This river is a popular tourist destination for its beautiful blue waters and fascinating history. Some local legends report seeing fish down in the depths that cannot be caught by any line or net, and claim that the river’s color came from fairies. The mysteries of this river continue in modern day, as no one has been able to find the source of it. Exploration of the enchanted river started in 1999, and a hidden cave was soon discovered 98 feet down. During the sixth exploration of the cave, a diver died after reaching 130 feet deep. So far, divers have descended 269 feet into the cave, and mapping efforts are underway, but the bottom has yet to be found. 9/10 for the strange legends and seemingly being bottomless.
La Fosse Dione, France
Tumblr media
This beautiful karst spring has a name which literally translates to “Divine Pit”. The spring has been used for water since Roman Times, but despite its long history it is shrouded in mystery. The strangest part of this pit is that no one knows where the water comes from. Roughly 82 gallons of water enters this spring every second, but the source is unknown. Several divers have descended into the depths of this pit, and none have been able to locate the bottom. In 1974, two divers went down and never resurfaced. In 1996, another diver attempted to find the source and died as well. In 2019, yet another diver went down and reached 1,213 feet before having to resurface. He did not find the bottom either. 10/10 to this lovely, French bottomless pit.
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mossboat · 6 months ago
pairings, choso x gn! reader, kei tsukishima x gn! reader, giyuu x gn! reader, denji x gn! reader.
type, headcanons, modern au w/ denji.
cw, cursing.
this was just super self indulgent i’ll probably do this again. my head was literally so empty for choso even tho i luv him?
Tumblr media
he hasn’t lived that long to fully grasp the idea of being interested in someone romantically but he catches on pretty quickly.
especially with the way that his face is constantly heating up around you and the way his stomach begins growing a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of it. it’s all too much to ignore, all signs point to you whenever he has those certain symptoms. he can’t help it though, he hates that he can’t control it too. it makes him feel like an idiot.
asks itadori for advice since he’s really the only person in his life that he can talk to this way. itadori has basically zero experience romantically though so decides maybe he’s not the best person to ask, but he’s super excited to hear that he has a crush on you. itadori decided with just giving him the classic advice of just being himself and that there’s no way that you don’t like him back since he’s such a cool guy!
always thinking about what to talk about with you before he approaches you, unsure if some things he’d wanna talk about would come across as rude to you. trying to think up a more neutral approach. he overthinks a lot when it comes to you, not wanting you to dislike him. he goes with, “you look nice today” and figured he’s done something right by the way that you smile in response.
whatever special hobby you have, he’ll try and do it with you. even if it requires a lot of skill and practice, he’ll just look it up and learn it to the point where he knows just as much as you do. he figures that you two would be able to spend more time together this way which is a huge win for the both of you. you winning because now you have someone you can do your hobby with that enjoys it just as much as you do.
the way he talks about you is adorable, choso expands his vocabulary every day so every new word he hears he wonders if it’s a word he could use to describe you. if you heard how he talks about you and the expressions he makes as he talks about you, you’d be flustered, guaranteed. there was no way you wouldn’t want to marry him then and there.
really likes when you introduce him to new music, the type of guy that likes any genre so he’s easily into whatever you listen to. enjoys the excited look on your face you get when you find a new song to show it to him, thinks it’s so cute.
he notices the littles differences about you, ones that you tend to really appreciate. wether it be you made a slight difference in your hairstyle that day, you look happier than usual, you look sadder than usual, or that you’ve gotten better on a certain skill you’ve been working on. whatever it is, he compliments you on it or he tries to cheer you up or figure out what’s making you so happy.
the concept of valentine’s day is also very new to him so when itadori tells him about it his mind immediately goes to you. he wants to do something special for you but has no idea what exactly. decided with getting you a card, buying some of your favorite snacks and food, and getting you a stuffed animal or an assortment of flowers. you seem to appreciate them when he hands them to you, instantly making him happy.
if you’re ever babysitting, he’ll come along to help since he’s so good at taking care of kids. and he really is, claiming that it’s because of his brothers that he’s this way. the child only cries once and choso cheers him up and stops the crying not even three minutes later.
has a collection of different colored hair clips for his hair so sometimes he’ll just let you barrow some or will put some in your hair too if that’s something you like as well. gives him an excuse to casually compliment your looks.
listens to random playlists that remind you of him, just searches up words that relate to you or the way he feels about you on spotify and saved the playlists that are already made by other people on there.
his favorites are probably “feelings are for losers” and any playlist with songs primarily consisting of willow smith. feels like an idiot whenever he listens to those playlists but can’t help but click on it because he’s so enamored with you.
if you’re shorter than him, he definitely holds it against you and teases you endlessly about your height. most likely is one of those types to take your things and hold it high over you so that you can’t reach it, smirking and scoffing at your useless attempts to reach for it.
if you’re taller than him, he prays a lot, hoping you never bring it up or tease him for it. you make him feel small and he hates having to constantly look up at you. his eye twitching whenever you poke fun at his height and the fact that you’re taller than him. ends up looking away and blushing.
secretly enjoys when you compare hand sizes, if it were anyone else he’d be weirded out. but it’s not anyone else, it’s you. and he finds it cute. and trust me, his hands are larger than yours no matter what. takes pride in that.
contrary to popular belief, tsukishima usually texts back right away. he does his best to take a bit longer to respond to you because he doesn’t wanna seem like a desperate loser, even going so far as to waiting for it to be a specific time to text you back. but he always ends up giving in and texting you before the set time anyways.
his secret favorite show is steven universe (definitely loves and listens to the soundtrack on repeat) expects you to tease him about liking a kids show but is pleasantly surprised to hear you say that you loved that show as a kid and if you could rewatch it with him. who’s he to say no?
is really good at hiding his feelings for you, but people that are really close with him, like yamaguchi, will know right away. especially since he’s willing to hold such long conversations with you. talks with you for hours over the phone, usually he only shows his forehead or the wall or the ceiling when talking to you through facetime, but you don’t mind! once you two get closer, he’ll get more comfortable with showing his face on call.
watches those unboxing/haul videos on tiktok, they just cause so much seratonin in his brain so he usually buys a bunch of stuff he knows he technically doesn’t need, but he wants to open them with you on call. you find it cute how excited he is to show you. so you decide to start doing the same thing, waiting until all of your packages have accumulated so you can just do one big haul for him. he’s never looked happier in his life when you do it.
if you text him that you’re hungry, he’ll just send you money for food with a message saying ‘buy something to eat, dumbass’ and nothing else. doesn’t like when you make a big deal out of it or argue with him either so you just end up saying ‘thank you!! you’re the best <<3’
likes that you’re friends with yamaguchi, makes it easier to hang out with you too especially since he’s not very good at confronting his romantic feelings for you. deciding things would go better if it was you, him, and yamaguchi all together instead of just you two alone. not wanting to screw things up badly if it was every just the two of you.
says he’s not the type, but he definitely is the jealous type. he’ll never show it, of course, but seeing another person try and flirt with you ticks him off in all ways imaginable. his eye will literally twitch as he watches this all unfold. yamaguchi’s the only one that knows, but he never bothers bringing it up because he knows how defensive tsukki can get. “i’m not jealous? why would i be jealous? that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard.”
he has a secret manga stash in his room that only yamaguchi knows about because he doesn’t really care for people knowing about his personal interests. but when he overhears you saying you’ve been really meaning to read a manga (that he just so happens to own) he can’t help but let you in on his interest. so when you’re sitting in your seat waiting for the lecture to start, tsukki casually places the manga in front of you, walking off before you could say anything. but there’s a note inside saying, ‘i heard you wanted to read this one’ with a little scribbled out dinosaur drawing on there. he’s so cute <<3
really bad when it comes to showing you romantic gestures, gives you gifts such as tiny plants and seeds for fruits and vegetables. tanjiro gives him really good advice though despite not being an expert in that department and giyuu listens to him.
tríes to get you to like him and be his friend, would hate if you ever decided you disliked him or didn’t want to talk to him.
will blush and freeze up whenever you smile at him, the blush is very feint, but it’s definitely there. stopping in whatever he’s doing whenever you greet him, a simple, “hello, giyuu!” will have his stomach doing flips and turns.
has a pretty awkward smile which is why he doesn’t smile that often, especially since he’s discouraged to do so by shinobu who made fun of his smile the last time he showed it. but when you tell him you like his smile, he begins to do it more often. always returning the smile when you smile at him, even if it’s just a small one, it’s more than enough for you.
always has this constant need to protect you, usually in dangerous situations. not because he thinks you’re incapable of protecting yourself, but because he doesn’t know what he’d do if you were harmed or even worse. just wants you to be safe at all times.
if you’ve had a rough day, he does his best to comfort you, even if it’s not his strong suit. it just shows that he cares for you and your well being. he gets a bath ready for you and leaves you to it while he cooks your favorite meal.
really enjoys whenever you two hold hands, wether it’s for a brief couple seconds or more than that. is the type of guy whose hands get sweaty very easily so he has to pull his hand away to rub off the sweatiness, muttering apologies to you before taking your hand in his again. you only chuckle at his antics, calling him “really cute.”
though he could live without it, he really appreciates whenever you compliment him. and wow you really find a way to compliment every aspect of him. from personality, to skills, to appearance. will freeze up and stare at you blankly if you call him handsome. “what?” he’ll say as his head goes empty, whole face going red less than a couple seconds later.
strikes me as a dancer, not a good one, but he thoroughly enjoys it. it’s more about the music than the dancing for him, but can’t help but let his mind drift off to made up images of you two slow dancing. he’s not even embarrassed at how infatuated with you he is. and when you two actually slow dance for the first time, not just figments of his imagination, it’s better than he’d imagined it to be. the close proximity making the tips of his ear go red and his heart beat go crazy.
likes how you always bring him trinkets that you claim remind you of him whenever you’re out at work. one time bringing him a a pretty blue stone, claiming that they’re the same color as his eyes and that you’d fought a lady at the market just to get it. this makes him laugh, appreciating the trouble you went through just to get him it.
whenever the two of you are able to catch a break, you spend it with each other. wether it’s just you talking and him listening or him taking you to the shops in the city, he doesn’t mind. prioritizing your needs over his own. always managing to be so sweet and thoughtful.
it’s a long time before giyuu confesses his feelings to you so the two of you are just friends for a while. but a lot of people mistake you for being a couple, it makes giyuu internally, very very giddy. but on the outside he’s just motionless while you correct the person, saying that you’re only friends.
he’s very touch starved, so he likes it when you’re affectionate it with him. your arms wrapped around his torso as he attempts to cook lunch for you both. he never bothers questioning you either, simply enjoying the feeling of you holding him.
it’s very obvious that he has a crush on you, you know, aki knows, power knows, kishibe knows. trust me when i say that everyone fucking knows. but he thinks he’s being pretty subtle about it, giving himself a pat on his back over his “smooth” behavior.
wants to spend as much as time possible with you, telling you that if you don’t hang out with him you hate pochita. master fuckin manipulator energy right here, though you still would’ve said yes without the pochita comment.
since you attend school, denji will sometimes come over while you’re studying or doing your homework assignments and try to decipher what any of it means. “how does anyone even understand this shit?! it doesn’t even make any sense!” tries to pull you away from your studies and get you to pay attention to him. trying to tell you that it’s useless information and that he turned out just fine without all the studying and the homework. but sometimes you do attempt to teach him how to read and write, promising him that if he tries that you’ll spend as much time with him as he wants.
will shamelessly ogle at your chest which you’ve gotten used to at this point. slapping him upside the head when he bluntly asks you if he can lay on your chest. for some reason he doesn’t seem to see the problem with the question he just asked.
denji absolutely hates being alone, he’s been alone for most of his life. only recently had his only companion been pochita, sometimes he gets overwhelmed by how many people are in his life and care for him now. he’s not afraid to show you his vulnerable side when he thanks you for being there for him as tears stream down his cheek.
makes a lot of deez nuts jokes much to your dismay, and you always fall for them like a dumbass. “should i make an omelette or starve?” “do you even know how to make an omelette?” “OMELETTE YOU SUCK ON DEEZ NUTS” “i fucking hate you.” you’re incredibly paranoid now when texting him because you just can’t escape the deez nuts jokes.
whenever aki leaves the grocery shopping to denji or denji and power, you usually go with them. the first couple of times because they couldn’t read the list that aki left for them so you’d help them out, but then aki started drawing pictures instead of writing down lists for them but the two just completely ignored the pictures and bought junk food instead. so you started going to the store with them instead to help keep them from going off from the list, only letting them buy a couple junk food items.
likes to just lay on top of you, much to your dismay (but really you don’t mind it all that much). he’ll tell you that he’s sleepy, but you know that’s not true at all. it’s just an excuse to be close to you. completely disregarding the fact that he’s not all that light and may or may not be crushing you with his body weight.
cant cook for shit so if you can cook and occasionally make him meals he’ll appreciate them so much. will hug you to death as soon as he sees you, thinks you’re the nicest person he’ll ever meet. when power realizes you can cook, she tells you if you can cook food for her too— which denji grows annoyed by. arguing that you can’t cook lunch for her too, but you end up making little lunches for power anyways. if you write little notes for him and stick it to his lunch, he’ll tear up a bit. even if it’s something simple like, ‘have a good day, xoxo.’ power also starts wanting little notes like his.
if you can’t cook, that’s perfectly fine too! you’ll both order takeout or have aki cook for you guys. denji tried to cook for you as a surprise once with the help of aki (learning that him and power cooking together was not the move) and it came out pretty decent. bragging that it was mostly him that made the dish, even though it was actually the other way around.
picks flowers he walks by that he thinks are pretty and when he sees you he’ll give them to you. is so cute and blushy when he hands them off to you, looks like a cute little kid handing them off to his first crush. he’s not a little kid nor are you his first crush, but he’s definitely cute!
really likes the fact that he can make you laugh so effortlessly, even if he’s not trying to be funny, you’ll end up laughing at his stupidity and saying something along the lines of “you crack me up, denji.” has never felt so validated in his entire life. will blush and chuckle with your laughter, massive simp for you. that’s it.
power definitely has a picture of denji with himeno throwing up in his mouth during their kiss and threatens to show it to you as her black mail for him. one time he snuck her phone away from her and deleted the picture from her phone, but it turns out she has them stored in her icloud and picture prints of them hidden in different places. really hopes that you’ll never see it, doesn’t even wanna know what you’d think of him after seeing it.
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lovereturns · a year ago
i dont wanna sound ungrateful, but why did my parents have to immigrate to america?
#i know their homeland at the time wasn't safe and was in shambles due to the war and i understand how hard they worked to build a life here#BUT WHY#this whole thing with college loans and no free healthcare for basic needs is making me REALLY not want to stick around to experience it#and it would be cool to move to a different country but im not the type of person who can just DO that to my parents?#i dont want to think about it but i saw the tiktok about the lady paying $100k+ for her $80k loan and has $76k left to pay#and im reaaaaaally not feeling it#thank goodness my parents convinced me to withdraw my acceptance to the private school#but my other options arent the greatest either and im just#i dont want it#i dont want to think about it but i have to think about it and LITERALLY IVE BEEN STRESSED ABOUT THIS SINCE LAST OCTOBER I DONT#WANT TO FEEL STRESSED ANYMORE#i really wish i made the most of my hs experience bc then at least i would have something nice to reminicse on bc rn#everything feels shitty and it doesnt seem like it's gonna look up#(im just venting!! tbh im okay i just needed to get this off my chest. i dont like feeling his pessimistic but my 3 round of college#applications are coming up and i really dont want to go through this again)#(i sound so privileged rn and im sorry but i really needed to vent)#(WHAT SUCKS IS THAT I EVEN FEEL LIKE I FEEL PRIVILEGED? been reflecting and idk if im lucky or acually privleged and idk if ANY of my#experiences are valid i dont feel valid i just wanna be a mass in the void and float off into space)#why wont my thoughts just DIE#let me be a dust particle in my next life
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fiftyshadesofspencerreid · 4 months ago
drowning in love
do the stars gaze back ?
overview: the reader is hopelessly, head over heels in love with Spencer but doesn't believe he feels the same way - they go on a 'not date' to the aquarium to look at the pretty jellyfish.
genre: ANGST (this is definitely angsty have fun), fluff-ish(?), pining, friends to lovers hehee - also did i mention angst ?
pairing: spencer reid x gn!reader
a/n: hi lovelies !! ahhh this is the second part to 'do the stars gaze back?' and I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has supported it and given it so much love. I've literally been on Tumblr for 2 weeks and it already has 700 notes which is MINDBLOWING for me. I love and appreciate each and everyone one of you <3. anyways in this part reader is still pining over Spencer but this time they're at an aquarium and it's so cute and there are sea creatures surrounding them and dkjhfsdkjhfsjkd it's so cute. i highkey wish this was me and my crush (but alas she does not like me - again pls come to me and cry about unrequited love if you have experience bc istg i'm gonna create a support group bc this shit is hard). anyways I hope you have fun reading - pls let me know what you think :)) <33
“(y/n), hi!”, you heard a familiar voice behind you.
you turned around and were instantly greeted enveloped in a hug from your favourite person ever. wait no scratch that – you were enveloped in a hug from a very dear friend of yours whom you had no romantic attachment to whatsoever (you’d read online that a positive mindset and repeated affirmations and manifestations stating that your crush was just a friend – was a key part in getting over someone).
“hey Spence. oof. someone’s feeling particularly clingy today.” you said smiling at him to let him know you were joking (well joking to an extent- your heart palpitations had started to begin again, and you really didn’t know if being this close to him was good for you).
“it feels like i haven’t seen you in ages. not since our movie night – and that was a while ago,” he murmured into your ear, still not letting go of you.
“need i remind you that we literally see each other every day? if anything, i’ve not not seen you in ages,” you replied, breaking away from his arms.
“i know that silly.” for a second his smile broke, and he looked almost lost. was he upset that you let go of him? no that couldn’t be it. “but it doesn’t feel the same, you know. something’s felt off for the last couple of weeks. i don’t know how to describe it”
oh. perhaps Spencer had noticed your distance– and apparently wanted to talk about it right now.
“wow - boy wonder is at a loss of words for once. c’mon let’s go inside,” you replied, trying to smile, (you know…deflecting as usual).
as you went up the stairs leading to the entrance, several steps ahead of him, you could’ve sworn your ears were playing tricks on you because heard spencer whisper:
“only around you.”
you both entered the aquarium and Spencer went to the front desk to show your tickets and to get a map – despite coming here a thousand times you’d both gotten lost every time you visited (which you had to admit was strange because in reality the aquarium wasn’t that big, and Spencer literally had an eidetic memory – but somehow things never did go to plan with the two of you). you gazed at him as he was talking animatedly to the elderly man at reception, beaming so widely.
his hair was growing long again, covering his eyes – and you had the sudden urge to walk up to him, cup his chip and brush his hair out of his face.
no. that is not a platonic thought! he is just a friend and that is it. that is all you will ever be and if you dare think anything like this again you won’t be allowed to eat pizza for a week - you told yourself.
it was going to be a long three hours at the aquarium.
well, you were wrong.
the first hour and a half flew by so quickly, you’d barely even registered that you were halfway through your outing. and honestly, you’d forgotten about the promise you made yourself and the awkwardness that you had created earlier. like sure, there were moments where you literally stopped breathing because holy shit Spencer looked really really pretty when he talked about the water vascular system of a starfish (which apparently was ‘a hydraulic system made up of a network of fluid-filled canals and is concerned with locomotion, adhesion, food manipulation and gas exchange inside a starfish’… or something like that). but mostly everything just felt so easy when you talked to him. you’d never felt this way with anyone else - not even with the rest of the team, and you loved them more than anything - hell you trusted them with your life.
and yet with Spencer, it was different.
the heaviness that was constantly weighing on your chest when you talked to other people, was gone. you walked and talked around the aquarium as you discussed…. well everything – to Garcia’s mystery man to the latest Dr. Who episode (which you usually watched together, but last week you were “ill” so you couldn’t make it to his house) and it truly felt like you hadn’t spoken in years.
and the time you spent together catching up, was perfect.
you both finally made it to the exhibition you’d been waiting for – the jellyfish section. Spencer’s favourite thing about the aquarium was the fact that they worked with a local charity to help conserve animals that were injured or abandoned. they organised incredible programs with new initiatives each year, created to save the sea life in the nearby coastal regions. it was a commendable charity: for its selflessness, hard work, and brilliance. changing the lives of so many animals each year. however, at that moment, the only reason you felt thankful for the charity was not because of the work that they did or the number of lives they saved but because of the smile the charity brought on Spencer’s face, you watched his eyes widen in astonishment as you walked through the see-through tunnels, surrounded by the colourful glow of jellyfish pulsating through their light kissed surroundings. gliding through the water effortlessly.
it was magical.
slowly and steadily, you both made your way closer to the creatures. almost in apprehension. as if you couldn’t truly believe what you were seeing. pressing your foreheads against the glass, you stood in awe watching the jellyfish play with each other. they seemed to be unaware of the people on the other side of the wall, living blissfully in their own little bubble.
“they’re beautiful,” he whispered next to you.
at the sound of Spencer’s voice, you instinctively shifted your head, taking in the view of your best friend, fixated on the jellyfish. you noticed how the water refracted a shade of blue light onto his face, turning him into an abstract piece of art. the light exemplified the golden flecks sprinkled around his brown irises. but brown was a word too dismal to describe his eyes.
his eyes were a thousand hues - ranging from the shade of autumnal leaves to a darkened honeycomb in the summer. to reduce his eyes to something as dull as brown was a disservice to the spellbinding colour that they were.
the light hadn’t turned him into a piece of art. he already was one.
“yeah, you are.”
he met your gaze, and you found yourself involuntarily staring deep into his eyes. your eyelashes fluttered, as your blinks became longer and longer and it felt as if the world was slowing down around you both.
you hadn’t realised how close you both were standing. your shoulders touching, whilst your hands shakily skimmed over each other; brushing briefly for a few seconds. an almost whisper of a touch.
Spencer cleared his throat and looked back at the jellyfish.
but he didn’t make an attempt to move, so neither did you.
“you know it’s funny,” he started, the silence had become unbearably uncomfortable, “what Rossi said to me yesterday when i told him about our plans.”
“what did he say?” you almost whispered, looking back at the jellyfish.
“he asked if we were going on a date today.” he replied looking back at you, wide-eyed and blushing.
Spencer was never one to blush. his nervous tells ranged from biting his lips (and licking them ever so slightly) to fumbling with his fingers to word vomiting any random piece of knowledge tucked inside his beautiful brain. but blushing? you swore you could see a pink tinge beginning to form on his cheeks.
“oh wow. he said that-“
“ahahaha. yeah, he’s funny right?”
“yeah. totally. i mean you know Rossi. always the joker.” you replied light-heartedly, raising your eyebrows. you could feel the weight of your heart crushing into a million pieces.
and so, you both went back to staring at the aquarium showcase.
it had almost turned into a game - one of you would begin to say something but think otherwise and go back to staring at the jellyfish whilst the other would then turn to look at you whilst you were busy looking at the display.
the tension was ever-thickening.
but still, you both didn’t try to move away from one another. in fact, at this point your hands had stopped grazing against each other. you were confused at first when you didn’t feel his hand, an absence of warmth against your skin. but then he intertwined his pinkie with yours and goddamit you almost flinched.
you couldn’t take this anymore. it was building up inside your chest and you felt that if you couldn’t say it now then then you would literally die. i mean if he didn’t feel the same way back – that was fine. it would be fine. you would be fine. love was overrated. and anyways you weren’t sure if you were in love with him. carbon monoxide poisoning was still a viable reason as to why you felt the way you felt. it would be fine – you’d just tell him calmly and rationally and-
“(y/n), do you love me?”
huh? what the fuck did he just say?
you couldn’t breathe.
this was it. he was going to hate you. this was your best friend. your favourite person… well ever.
and you were about to lose him forever.
and for a moment, neither of you spoke, only looking in each other’s eyes. your body was telling you to run, but your feet remained planted to the ground.
i love you.
“i need to go.”
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scandalous-writing · a month ago
Alpha's Omega In Heat
This Au takes place in the future, not the past. Enjoy my crappy writing headcanons. :3
Manjiro Sano X Reader,
Ken Ryuguni X Reader
Warning: Fluff and sexual themes applied. Consent is considered SEXY IN THIS HOUSEHOLD!
Manjiro Sano (Mikey)
With your permission, he will cuddle with you in your safe haven nest.
If you guys have talked about it before, that it is okay for Mikey to relieve your sexual desires. He will do a darn good job.
It may make your heat period, a lot easier and quite adventurous.
He will be sure to provide sweets, but don't think he wouldn't eat them. He will eat it and forget to erase the evidence of the wrapper.
He will provide a bunch of his clothes for your nest during this time exchanging them with the ones that no longer hold his scent.
During this time, he already knows when your heat starts and ends due to him being your alpha, along with being together for a long time
It's a requirement for him to learn it to be sure he is available for you during this vulnerable time.
He has it arranged that his gang business is dealt with before or after this time. If it's an emergency, he assures everyone to contact Draken, because he isn't gonna pick up the phone unless it's Emma or Draken.
He wants to stay home with you because there has been an incident of stranger alpha breaking into your guy's home when he had to go out for a bit.
Let's just say the intruder was almost half dead before the police attempted to rip him off the unconscious alpha. He refused to let them go of his grip until he heard your voice. He immediately snapped out of his rage alpha instinct.
Ever since you guys had moved into a more protective secure building and he refused to leave you alone by yourself again.
There were a lot of what-if scenarios coming through his mind that just caused him to be on the edge and anxious about leaving you alone while having your heat.
He complains if you order him around, but he will do it just for you.
If you don't invite him into your nest, expect him to be outside of your room guarding it.
When he is sleeping in your nest, he goes to sleep, shirtless since skin-to-skin contact calms down your heat due to natural instincts between alpha and omega.
He is overprotective alpha, even friends are not allowed to check on them. He will just kick you without any warning of any sort. Takemitchi was the first and last one to experience his possessive side. His instincts cloud his judgment most of the time when it comes to feeling a threat of another alpha being near what is is his.
The reason why Takemitchi was there was to only deliver self-care bags make by the girlfriends of Toman members.
Mikey does apologize for kicking him, but he will do it again if he comes near his apartment when he is not supposed to be bothered.
Ever since only omegas to betas are permitted to come close to his apartment door to leave the bag or whatever they need to drop off during this time.
He may be a clown, but he will protect you from any danger.
If you want to have fun, the fun you will have, just don't complain afterward. He will just smile innocently as if he was an angel. Not a sinner.
He does have strong self-control when it comes to controlling his own desires and instincts. He will respect your rules if you place any and accept them.
Ken Ryugugi (Draken)
This man will be beyond prepared and have your favorite foods ready a week before your heat is supposed to start. He overstocks on your favorite foods because he doesn't want to experience you crying about it and holding it over his head during that week.
He will already have your heat schedule memorized.
He has already changed the clothes of your nest to new ones that have his scent.
He knows how omegas get when they are in heat due to the environment he grew up in. He was more of the servant to them. At least he gets paid in exchange for him going out and getting whatever they wanted. If he does it quickly, the more money he gets.
He also knows the dangers of omega of being in heat. They are vulnerable and alphas who aren't self-trained lack respect for the minority communities such as betas, and omegas.
He was one of the alphas that protected the girls from intruders from coming in among the other alpha staff.
He will be in the house and available for you whenever you need. He will close the bike shop and tell Toman if it's an emergency to contact Mikey or Mitsuya.
He will do whatever you want, if you want cuddles, cuddles you get.
He has already had a conversation about relieving your heat earlier in your relationship. He wants you to be sure you are okay with it. He always checks on you.
He will respect your wishes and does have good solid self-control of his urges.
He will provide you with meals and painkillers like the sweetheart he is.
If you allow him to relieve your sexual desire, he will always start gently unless you would like something else. he will provide it.
Afterward, he will nuzzle his nose against your jaw and drawing random patterns on your bareback. He will surely fall asleep with you in his arms hearing your purs.
He will provide a lot of kisses and praises when you are cuddling and just relaxing in each other's arms.
He is a protective alpha but isn't clouded by his own instincts due to having a good grip on his natural instincts. However, there are times that it does escape his grip. He would give you brief waring only once with baring his teeth and towering your you when you know to leave him alone. This only happens when alphas are coming to his door during this time.
He may not be like Mikey when it comes to being overprotective, but he will knock you out without any hesitation if you try to intimidate him. It feels like mockery. You will be punch without a thought.
Baji was the one who was teasing him once during his adolescence. Let's just say Baji received broken ribs and a black eye for the joke he did.
I would say Draken is more dangerous due to being more aware of his surroundings and having a good grip of his second gender. He would be calculated if he needs to be.
If it's any other second gender, he will be his normal self, because he doesn't take you as a threat. He can have a normal conversation and stuff, but with an alpha. It's just an instinct to protect your omega from other alphas.
He would draw you out a bath using one bath bomb from the girl's self-care packages and provide massages for you.
He will join you if you ask him to in the bathtub.
Just don't tease him, don't test him. Because you will regret it. Draken maybe teddy bear behind closed doors. He does have his own limits. Don't provoke the bear if you can't handle it.
He will be cocky afterward but provides excellent aftercare.
He will make sure, you have drunk plenty of fluid to keep yourself hydrated.
I hope you enjoy these headcanons. <3
I should do masterlist, I wouldn't have ever thought this blog would blow up so quickly.
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