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#this has only happened like once before this i'm
gentrychild · 9 hours ago
For the au ask: AfO tries to bribe middle school Izuku to be his successor unaware that All Might is already training him to be his
Do you remember that scene where All Might is "You can be a hero!" followed by him telling Izuku about OFA? Well, once Izuku was done crying, he started to walk home again and All for One appeared out of nowhere. He tells him he known how society judge him for his lack of quirk and how his heroic efforts were mocked while actual pro heroes were doing nothing. But he saw the seed of greatness in him and that's why he wants him as a successor. Izuku does a :| face and AFO adds "Also, I could give you several quirks" and Izuku is "You know what? Why not?"
Tumblr media
The plan was for Izuku to tell All Might but during their first day of training, he told him "LOL actually, you get that quirk in ten months after gruesome training so you won't lose a limb. IF you manage to clean the beach." and Izuku was "You know what? I am going to tell him later.", called back AFO and the first thing he asked for was a "Only need to sleep once a month" quirk, which is an absolute life savior because when he is studying and training with All Might all day and being tutored into being the best villain all night. Since he is one of my Izukus, he already had the coffee addiction but now he definitely has dark circles under his eyes.
All Might: "Wow, you're cleaning this beach so fast! I am impressed!"
Izuku: "Thanks, it's the magnetism quirk. :)"
All Might: "What?"
Izuku: "What?"
For some reasons, Izuku still finishes cleaning the beach on the day of the entrance exam because of Reasons. (I like to think that a week before due date, someone threw the equivalent of a garbage truck of trash on the almost cleaned beach. Izuku spend the seven days before the exam frantically cleaning it with All Might and the seven nights hunting the guy with All for One.) In any case, Izuku had never used OFA and didn't even know if he could use it, so he used his other quirks to clear the exam. So that's how All Might learned about the several quirks then that All for One was trying to poach his successor. He is angrier about it than he is about All for One's return.
All Might: "Why????"
Izuku: "But... quirks?"
All Might: "If a stranger you barely know stops you in the street and offers you quirks, will you just accept to take it???"
Izuku: "..."
All Might: *comes to a sudden realization*
Izuku explains that no, he didn't want to become a villain, but that it seemed like good experience to learn how to dismantle the underworld and that really, since AFO was training him to be a supervillain, he should have seen his inevitable betrayal coming.
AFO: "You ghost me? After everything I've done for you, you just stop answering my calls? In a vault you go. Vault for one thousand years."
The USJ happens and everything goes to hell in a handbasket as Tomura is "I will be the new Symbol of Evil!" and Izuku is "I thought I was the one who would become the new Symbol of Evil! Has All for One already replaced me?" and the USJ attack is put on hold as Tomura and Izuku are comparing notes and realizing that yes, they are the student of the same guy and in the best case scenario, AFO was just hedging his bets and the worst case scenario, AFO sent Tomura to fight All Might AFTER he found a more quirk-crazy-student. It. Is. So. Insulting. All Might arrives to save his students and instead, he walks on Aizawa facepalming and Izuku screaming at him to adopt Tomura so he can make AFO angry. All Might thinks it's an excellent idea and enrolls Tomura on the spot. AFO is seething.
All Might: "Hey Young Midoriya, how many quirks did you get from AFO?"
Izuku: "Twelve."
Tomura: "HOW MANY???"
All Might: "I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to survive so many quirks."
This starts a war. Izuku and Tomura find out about Dabi, Nine and Six, other potentials successors to AFO they had never heard about before. All Might is intent on poaching them all. AFO manages to get Dabi back and also kidnaps Mirio. When they get him back (Mirio, not Dabi, no one wants Dabi), he is "Oh Sir, I am so relieved. He kept lying about how you had selected me just to be the next All might and to get Midoriya's quirk!" and when Nighteye is "...", Mirio is so furious he goes back to AFO. Nejire follows because she is curious. Tamaki follows because he is worried about them. It's pure chaos. Aizawa somehow gets Kurogiri. Tomura is a UA student but doesn't understand he isn't supposed to be a villain anymore. Six is vibing because he always wanted to be a hero.
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therunawaykind · a day ago
You're so persuasive
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Milf!Reader
Word Count: 4k
Warnings: 18+ smut, legal age gap, fingering, explicit language, bottom Wanda, teasing, thigh riding, mention of alcohol, swearing. I also shouldn't have to say this but MINORS DNI
Author's Note: I'm not gonna lie I did not see myself anytime soon writing a story just for smut purposes but alas here I am. The idea of milf!reader has not left my head since I read @temptationsbrew milf!reader fic so I had to get it out of my system. Albeit the smut is near the end of the story. Depending on how it goes who knows could have more interactions between Wanda x Milf!Reader
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*Please do not repost or translate my material or claim as yours. reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated!*
Tumblr media
You had your daughter Ruby at quite a young age which you weren’t mad about even though it wasn’t exactly a planned situation for both you and your boyfriend Lukas at the time. When you both found out albeit being a surprise and very very early for a situation like this to be happening you both were happy. Although let it be known that the addition of taking care of a child in your life didn’t stop you from going through college and earning a degree to get a good job. Albeit you both broke up a few years afterwards due to reasons unrelated to your daughter you both just kind of….fell out of love. You both loved each other dearly Lukas still visited regularly to help with Ruby and would sometimes even take her to where he was living to give you a break. You both are still good friends to this day and Ruby even though she is starting college now spends some weekends where he lives with his fiancee. Whilst you were here single having literally all of Ruby’s high school friends….yes all of them, boys and girls fawning over you all because you were one of the only if not the only mother that was the closest to their age.
Due to you being the closest to their age and frankly probably the least judgemental of all the mothers….yes that includes their own. They came to you for advice and just answers to any of their problems or anything they were curious about. That ranged from homework to friendship drama even to sexuality you heard a lot of it.
Now here you were Ruby was halfway through her first year in college. You suffered through all the rather weird and odd phases she went through, going through puberty hormones flying everywhere between the both of you. Funnily enough, the topic that Ruby was the most nervous to come to you about her sexuality, sure she had seen and heard you giving this talk to so many of her friends and as much as her friends told her to talk to you she never did. She was scared you’d react differently to her because she was your daughter. It was just before she started college she brought it up. After many stutters and fumble of words, she came out and told you she was bisexual. That is one of the moments you were the proudest of your daughter.
That was until you slowly started to regret it.
The number of men and women that girl would have over in her room for hookups. You were sick of it. Did you think she would be like you and find a suitable person to actually date? Yeah yeah, you did. You were convinced. However, that slowly started to change when you started seeing the same two people show up frequently at your house. The first person that would be around constantly would be Pietro and you were convinced she was gonna start dating him. Much to your dismay that didn’t happen, then it was a girl called Wanda. Ruby would frequently alternate between the two…. The shock you had when you realised these two people were brother and sister. Ruby got an earful from you once you found out.
So now here you were at work sitting in your office going through files. When a notification went off on your phone. It was from the company that installed the cameras inside and outside your home in case anyone tried to break in once you and Ruby were out. As you stared at the notification you glanced at the time… it was only one o’clock Ruby still had college so she couldn’t be at home. Since you didn’t know what to expect you connected your headphones to your phone as you opened the app you saw nothing but the girl thee Wanda Maximoff strolling around your house. As you stared at it a million and one questions ran through your head. How did she get in, did Ruby give her a fucking key to get in when she wasn’t there, does she know there are cameras in the house and I can see her. Ruby was gonna get an earful once she got home.
However, what you didn’t know was that Ms Maximoff was crushing on you massively possibly a worrying amount. She literally was only agreeing and continued the hookups with Ruby to catch glimpses of you. It was something about you in those stupidly tight dress pants and tight white blouse when you came in from work that would ruin her in oh so many ways. Wanda stuck around and would stare at you as much as she could, so whenever she was alone and wanted to get herself off she could picture you. She couldn’t lie Wanda lost count of the number of times she came with your name falling from her lips...well more like chanting your name…. It isn’t her proudest moment. Her even worst moment was when she would be with Ruby and she couldn’t help but picture you instead of the daughter, she couldn’t lie she felt terrible and guilty. She had somehow conditioned herself of being able to only achieve her high if she was thinking of you.
She was fucked.
Once you realised it was Wanda you exited the app putting it down to her just being nosey waiting for Ruby to come home. So you got back to your work. You knew you were going to finish later tonight so you text Ruby in advance just to get pizza for herself or something. Acting as if you didn’t know Wanda was in your house. It was something that crossed your mind regularly why the hookups were always at your house and not the Maixmoff’s house. However, you put it down to you being the only other person in the house and being rather carefree about what went on in your house.
That was until you arrived home.
As you pulled into the driveway you saw the lights on in the living room behind the blinds. You saw some constant flashes which you put down to an action movie or something of the sort being watched. As you approached the door and unlocked it you were shocked to hear moans coming from inside the house. You muttered something that even you couldn’t understand, all that ran through your head was she could’ve watched these things in the space and safety of her own bedroom, not the living room where you sit, eat and LIVE. Yet again to your surprise, she wasn’t watching it.
The moans were coming from her and Ms Wanda Maximoff. Wanda heard the door unlock right away and saw you standing at the door. Even though she was dying on the inside she couldn’t help but feel ecstatic at the image of you coming through the door even if it did mean she was reaching her high much quicker than anticipated. However, Wanda didn’t want Ruby to notice your presence so of course, she held onto the back of Ruby’s head and kept it in the crook of her neck, as Wanda watched you wide-eyed as she saw you close the door she moaned louder directly in her ear so Ruby wouldn’t hear the click. Once you stepped inside your house and watched Wanda closely, everything started to come together. She wasn’t here constantly for Ruby it was for you. Because surely every other person would’ve stopped the second they saw a parent walk in but she did everything in her power so Ruby wouldn’t know.
As you walked into the kitchen to get everything to go upstairs to sleep you heard an exclamation of “Fuck Miss Y/L/N!” on one hand you were pleased because everything came together and made sense. However, on the other hand, you really didn’t need to know what things turned your daughter on more. The only thing you were okay with was the fact they weren’t completely nude. As you walked past you looked at Wanda gave her a smirk and a wink and proceeded upstairs. All you could do was smirk when you heard a small fuck escape her lips.
The next few days and weeks went relatively back to normal. No walking in on Ruby with any of the Maximoffs. Although when you did see Wanda nothing was said you both let on that you walked in on the both of them just never happened. Which Wanda had never been so thankful for, what Ruby didn’t know wouldn’t kill her. However, you were at work yet again when you got another notification from the cameras at home, so you did the same thing as last time although this time the person wasn’t in the living room, you flicked through all of the cameras.
Your mouth dropped when you got to the last camera...which happened to be in your room which included a Wanda Maximoff purposefully aimed at the camera. You swallowed dryly as you watched Wanda with her hand underneath her skirt and what seems to be the tightest shirt possible. You turned your phone face down on the desk and internally started cursing at yourself. But of course, you forgot that the cameras had audio so when Wanda started moaning you hid your face behind your hands and groaned. You got suspicious when everything suddenly went silent. As you turned over your phone and stared at it you noticed Wanda looking through your underwear drawer. You muttered, “Wanda what are you doing?” You witnessed Wanda pick up her underwear from off of the bed and place them into your drawer as she picked out a pair of yours and put them on instead. You sat there mouth agape trying to comprehend what you just witnessed.
After that things started changing far too quickly. The hookups between Ruby and Wanda stopped and she actually started dating Pietro. The image of Wanda laying on your bed legs spread would not leave your mind no matter what you tried to do. You were ashamed to say you may have reached your high once or twice with that image in mind.
That woman was like a disease.
As for her underwear in your drawer yeah you were literally too scared to touch them. However, something that freaked you out altogether was Wanda kept coming over to see and talk to you now, her excuse was she didn’t want to have to listen to Pietro and Ruby at her house. Which okay you couldn’t lie was a very good reason.
Tonight was different though you pulled into your driveway after your monthly chat? Meetup? Nightout? With Lukas, It certainly wasn’t a date what would you even classify it as at this stage. You both promised to meet up a catch up about life and anything that goes on in Ruby’s life just so everyone is in the loop. What shocked you though was the light coming from your house you knew Ruby was staying at the Maximoff’s tonight. So there could only be one other person in your house right now. As you walked in through the door and placed your jacket down you heard a low whistle come from the couch.
“If it isn’t Ms Y/L/N actually wearing jeans for a change and not dress pants.”
You chuckled “that is what happens when I’m not working Ms Maximoff.”
“Oh, I’m Ms Maximoff now?”
“You always were Ms Maximoff to me. Since you’re here do you want anything to drink? Except for anything alcoholic, you may be of age but I don’t wanna hear all the comments from the other parents if I gave you alcohol.”
Wanda let out a quiet chuckle “uhh just water or a soda maybe whatever is easiest to get.”
You grab two water bottles and walk back over to sit beside Wanda and place them on the coffee table as well as your phone. As you sit back a message from Lukas pops up saying he's happy you’re home safe. You clear your throat as you notice Wanda staring at your phone “You were out with Lukas?” you grab your water and take a gulp and nod hesitantly “I was it was like our monthly catch up to talk about our lives what’s been going on and talking about what Ruby’s got going on so everyone is in the loop. Keeps things healthy and leads to us not having any arguments about not sharing certain things”
“It’s good you’re both friends after so many years”
You smirk and start playing with your water bottle not noticing Wanda inching closer as you both talk. “Yeah, our break-up never ended badly. We just didn’t love each other the same as when we started out together, so we thought friends would be best.” You slightly jump when you feel Wanda’s hand on your arm.
“That’s very admirable Y/N”
You stare at her wide-eyed “You’ve never called me by my first name before.”
“Well, there’s a first for everything Ms Y/L/N.” You stared at her as you saw her moving to sit as close as possible to you and putting her arm around your shoulder as she whispered “Y/N you don’t know how much I got off thinking about you. Or how all of the hookups I had with Ruby I imagined it was you helping me reach my high and God did it feel so good.”
You took a deep breath in “Wanda...that...this shouldn't happen.”
Wanda moves her head in closer that you can feel her breath on your face “Oh come on Y/N/N you’re telling me you didn’t love the show I gave you up in your room especially with the little gift I left you. You're telling me not once did you get off with that image of me imprinted in your brain? ”
You clenched your eyes shut and wet your lips "Wanda you did that while I was at work and as for your little present I haven't touched them. They are right where you left them.”
“Okay, you denied everything else however you didn't deny getting off to that image in your mind Y/N.”
You opened your eyes back up and bite the inside of your cheek and muttered a “fuck” as you lunged forwards and kissed Wanda placing your hands on the sides of her face. You hear Wanda’s gasp as you kiss her. You could feel Wanda start to whimper and moan with the feel of your lips against hers. You bit her bottom lip and she opened her mouth just enough for you to slip your tongue into her mouth to deepen the kiss. You moved your hands down onto her hips to drag her up onto your lap. As you were kissing her a thought came to mind as you started to slow down the kiss and speak in between kisses “See Ms Maximoff something I noticed is you only ever wear these short skirts when you’re over here. Whenever I’d see you out meeting up with friends you’d always be wearing jeans or at least a lot more covered up. Isn’t that just an odd coincidence or was that all planned out?”
You could feel Wanda sitting against you trying to get her breath back “well...what would you say if I did it on purpose?”
You stared at her and licked your bottom lip as you saw her eyes darken as put placed your hands on her thighs. “Well, a girl who would have purposefully planned something like that would probably get rewarded.” you leaned forward and nipped at the lobe of her ear and felt her grab onto your shoulders. As you moved your hands up your thighs and felt Wanda’s breaths get heavier as you whispered in her ear “also does it surprise you Ms Maximoff that I’m actually much more dominant than I let on, it’s quite a nice surprise, isn’t it?” You started placing slow open mouth kisses on her jaw and down her neck as you stared leaving marks. “You’re also a lot more submissive than I expected Wanda. Then again I should’ve expected it when I saw you that night clinging onto Ruby.” You slowly felt Wanda start to move against your thigh as she let out a sigh. As your hands reach her underwear you trace your fingers along the design of them and smirk as you recognise it.
“Is sweet little Wanda Maximoff wearing Ms Y/L/N's underwear, I bet it made you feel so euphoric knowing you had a pair of my underwear and then even going as far as to wear them my my my Wanda you're even bolder than I thought.”
Wanda muttered out a fuck as you felt her hips move faster along your thigh. You moved your head back and saw Wanda’s head thrown back and her bottom lip between her teeth. “No wonder Ruby had you over for so many hookups Wanda you really are insatiable aren’t you?”
Wanda nodded vigorously “Yes fuck yes….mmhmm.” As Wanda was too busy getting herself off on your thigh she didn’t notice the gaze you had on her with your lip bitten.
“Oh we’re gonna have so much fun together Maximoff.”
You kissed her again and immediately put your tongue in her mouth as you lifted your hands up and took off her top, as you removed hers Wanda rushed to unbutton yours and throw it on the floor and let out a whimper at the contact of your skin. You bit your lip and started kissing the top of her chest and leaving marks. “As much as I would love to see you with nothing on I don’t have the time or patience for that right now Sweetie.”
Wanda groaned at the nickname as you put your hands back under her skirt as you moved your fingers against the wet cloth of her underwear and moaned in her ear “fuck Wanda.” She started to press down as much as she could against your fingers and muttered nothing but please touch me. You gazed at her “considering you asked so nicely and you’re just so desperate.” you pulled down her underwear and threw it on the floor and ran your fingers against her centre as Wanda let out a sigh of relief. Which doesn’t last long as you quickly thrust your fingers into her. Her nails dug into your arm as you kiss Wanda’s neck. “I can see why Ruby would have you around so much, you feel so good.” Wanda quickly starts thrusting her hips down to try to get your fingers to move as you smirk against her skin. You quickly start removing your fingers and push them back into her at a slow pace knowing just how quickly she’d reach her high.
You hear a strangled moan leave Wanda's throat as you look up at her “Y/N if you don’t start moving faster I’ll get myself off.”
“What would be the fun in getting yourself off Maximoff you’ve experienced that so many times before? I’m a new experience fresh meat. Possibly more experienced than any previous hookup you’ve ever imagined.”
You slowly started to pick up the pace as a string of moans and curse words left her mouth “fuck yes yeah you’re right.” as you move your fingers around feeling her clench around your fingers at every move you make you see her chest heaving and small whimpers leaving her mouth. As she leans her head forward on your shoulder turning into a mess, you curl your fingers just as you find her G-spot as a loud moan leaves her mouth “Y/N baby please right there..please keep going just stay there.”
“For a girl that has been fucked so much by my daughter you’re still so tight sweetie maybe she wasn’t treating you good enough.” you kept your fingers hitting her gspot as your thrusts started getting faster you felt her starting to clench around you more so you slowed your pace down.
“Y/N FUCK.” You chuckled against her as you started to move your thumb against her clit “Wanda sweetie why don’t you do yourself a favour and ride my fingers for me huh?” The words were just out of your mouth and Wanda’s hips moving like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You sat back slightly to just take her in. her head was thrown back and biting her lip to conceal how much of a mess she had become. However, what kept your gaze was the movement of her chest as she moved up and down on your fingers as she chased her high. You let out a low fuck as you watched her. You started noticing Wanda’s rhythm get sloppy you started meeting her thrusts as her hands gripped onto your shoulders.
“You gonna cum sweetie.”
Wanda nodded vigorously as her moans got higher in pitch “mhmm please I wanna cum.”
You smirked as you kept thrusting and curling your fingers “Do you wanna just cum or do you just wanna cum all over my fingers sweetie and drench me and my hand?.” You thrust against her deeper as she let out a scream “BOTH BOTH...I…..I wanna cum and cum all over your hand, fingers and jus- fuck....mhmm you all over you Ms Y/L/N.”
You bit your lip in thought as you stared at her and chuckled as you saw her try to look down at you. You sat upright and pulled her against you and whispered in her ear as she let out a choked moan “Ms Maximoff, sweetie why don’t you cum all over my fingers right now.” you felt Wanda’s arousal coat your fingers and hand as she came with a silent scream and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.
You albeit reluctantly started to slow down your thrusts, the only reason you knew Wanda was still okay was the heaving of her chest as her head fell forward onto your shoulder and her breath hit your skin. As you removed your fingers from her she whimpered and took her head off your shoulder, you kept your eyes on her as you placed your fingers into your mouth and licked them clean and hummed in response. Wanda stared at you like a deer in headlights as if she had never seen anything like it before. Wanda was mesmerised.
“Oh this should’ve happened so much earlier, don’t you think sweetie?” Wanda nodded instantly just as you and Wanda started kissing again and her hands wandered around your body feeling your skin her phone went off with a message from Pietro saying Wanda Sestra it’s late, me and Ruby have stopped it’s safe to come home now. Wanda looked over her shoulder at the message as you moved your head slightly to read it and groaned at the message and mumbled “that is something I did not need to know ever.”
Wanda started giggling “like you can talk Ms Y/L/N”
You smirked and kissed her forehead “oh yeah and about that Ms Y/L/N thing I did not need to know you called my daughter that”
Wanda started getting off of your lap standing on wobbly legs as she put back on her top and gathered her things “oh trust me, me saying that was always me imaging you and that night well you walked in and I just had to say it.” You smirked and nodded your head as you saw Wanda heading for the door “Wanda wait there a second I wanna give you something.” She turned around and raised an eyebrow at you as you ran off to a room into the house.
You came back with your hands behind your back as you walked over and gave her a chaste kiss and placed the underwear you were wearing into her hand and whispered in her ear “enjoy and have fun Ms Maximoff.” and nipped at her ear as you stared at her she looked at her hand flustered and swallowed dryly shoving her hand with the underwear into her jacket pocket and nodded as you walked her out the door “Nice to see you again Ms Y/LN.” she exclaimed so the neighbours wouldn’t get suspicious, you shook your head and smirked you looked at her as you saw her get into her car and drive home.
As you both were at home that night in your rooms you both realised something. This wasn’t just a one-time thing.
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Okay I SWEAR I FOLLOWED YOU BUT SOMEHOW I STILL WASNT FOLLOWING YOU (இ∩இ) huhu but get that out of the way, can i request headcanons with the dormleaders where they cuddle snd sleep with the reader, just something simple and wholesome
Ahaha, I think my biases showed up in this post...
Sleeping with the dorm leaders (SFW)
Riddle Rosehearts
He likes to lay on his back or on his left side, the blankets tucked up to his chest. He doesn't move around a lot, just turns around a bit every few hours. Not a peep from this boy, not a word, and no snoring. In the middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper, leaning a little to light.
When you're next to him, he likes to hold your hand. He starts off on his back, but he'll turn to you in the middle of the night, his hand still in yours.
He's the little spoon when cuddling. He's short. He likes the feeling of being held, and all of the day's worries just melts away as he relaxes into you. He likes giving you some noses kisses during cuddle time since he's so close to your face.
Leona Kingscholar
He can sleep in all positions, as long as it's comfortable. But he moves around a lot, so he ends up rolling himself in the blankets into a burrito. Snores. Loudly. Like a biiggg cat, you know? He's a heavy sleeper, no doubt about it.
When you're on the same bed as him, he's bound to throw himself over you at some point of the night. Throws an arm around you. sometimes a leg too, locking you in place.
Prefers to be the big spoon. Nuzzles his nose into your hair, breathing in the scent of your shampoo. But sometimes he starts judging the scent of your shampoo. Kisses to your neck? Kisses to your neck.
Azul Ashengrotto
Sleeps on his side, or in the fetal position, like a baby. He moves around a little bit, shifting his legs and such. He has a habit of hogging the blankets, pulling them over his head and cocooning himself. Doesn't snore, but he does sleep-talk. It's a bunch of cute gibberish. Mm..Marshmellows? What do you mean...catnip. In the middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper, leaning to heavy.
As the night goes on, he inches towards you, then hugs you against him, at last throwing the blankets over you both. By the time you wake up, you find yourself locked tight in Azul's arms, wound tight in a blanket cocoon.
A switch when it comes to cuddling, it depends on both of your moods. When he's the big spoon, he likes to press soft kisses to your lips. When he's the little spoon, he'll tuck his face into your neck as you play with his hair.
Kalim Al-Asim
Starfish position! He easily takes up half of the bed with his spread limbs. Moves around a lot, can somehow do a whole 90 degree turn. He snores. And sleep talks. It's confusing gibberish. I'm flying! With green bird...and rainbows.. Heavy sleeper.
Likes to shimmy up to you when you're next to him, staring into your eyes the best he can in the dim lighting. Talks with you before drifting off, about what happened during the day, and what he hopes he can do tomorrow.
Prefers to be the little spoon. He'll wraps his arms around your torso and burry his face into your chest, looking up at you with his big red eyes.
Vil Schoenheit (Adjhk I already used purple for Azul 😂)
Sleeps on his back. He doesn't move around a lot, only shifts his arms and head once in a while. He's quiet when sleeping. In the very middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper.
Combs your hair out of your face whenever he can. And pulls the blankets higher up your shoulders. And turns the AC down if he sees you shivering. He almost misses his beauty sleep trying to take care of you.
Prefers to be the big spoon, but wouldn't mind being the little spoon if that's what you want. Playing with each others' hair while talking about your day? Yesss.
Idia Shroud
He sleeps on his side, with his hands outstretched. He shifts around quite a bit, with sudden jerky movements, yanking his leg back like something bit him. He doesn't snore or sleep talk, but once in a blue moon, he'll sit up slowly and stare at the wall for 20 seconds or so before lying back down again. Swings wildly back and forth when it comes to the scale of light to heavy sleeper.
He likes to put a hand on you when you're next to him. Sometimes he'll ramble all about this new game he's gotten into, and other times he'll listen to you ramble instead.
Prefers to be the little spoon and have you play with his hair. It's so soothing when you rake your fingers down his back, dragging his hair with you.
Malleus Draconia
Sleeps on his back and doesn't move around, like a log. He's very quiet too. A light sleeper.
He turns to his side when you're with him, so he can see you. He'll tell you about gargoyles the stories Lilia used to tell him when he was young, hoping they'll ease you into sleep, especially when you've had a rough day.
A switch when it comes to cuddling, he doesn't mind. When he's the big spoon, he'll engulf you with his body, whispering as he kisses your head in between words. When he's the little spoon, he'd like for you to lightly trace his horns. It's an intimate, comforting gesture, one that he lets only you do.
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neon-junkie · a day ago
Smut #100, obviously with Tech 👀👀
“Call me selfish, but I don’t ever want anyone else to touch you.”
I've really been wanting to write something about Tech attempting filthy dirty talk for the first time, and I headcanon that he enjoys being called Technician during sex, so I decided to sneak those into this >:) Female reader <3
Tumblr media
Maker, what in the galaxies name has got into Tech? He's never like this - rough, heated, dominant - Tech is usually a passionate lover, when he's not testing a new toy on you. As of right now, he has you pinned beneath him, his hips thrusting faster than they ever have. There's a light layer of sweat forming all over his body, gathering from the amount of work that he's putting into this session, and his lips can't stop spewing out sinful words and phrases.
"Eyes on me," Tech orders, noticing how yours are scrunching shut.
Your eyes meet Tech's, and you instantly notice how wide his pupils are. He's full of lust, a fire burning in his chest, and he now wants to share that warmth with you. Needless to say, you're welcoming to this dominant streak, and are curious as to where it'll go.
There is a possibility that Tech is pounding you into the mattress because of what happened earlier. Nothing happened, so to say, but a stranger approached you at the bar whilst Tech was in the restroom, and even after you said no, the stranger refused to leave. Cue Tech rushing over to shoo him away, and for the rest of the night, there was a slight glare to his expression, and he refused to not be touching you in some way.
"Cyar'ika?" Tech suddenly asks as his thrusts come to a halt, his cock buried deep inside you.
"Y-yeah?" you whine, feeling full to the brim.
Tech's eyes wander from yours, and after nervously swallowing, he locks his gaze onto you and sputters out, "who owns this pussy?"
"Tech?!" you yelp with wide eyes. Maker, that occurrence from earlier must have really riled your partner up. He never speaks like this. Never. But you're extremely welcoming to this new and unleashed side.
"Tell me," Tech hisses, maintaining eye contact. Still fully sheathed, Tech begins grinding against you, catching your clit with every roll of his hips. His cock is solid inside you, throbbing eagerly, wanting to return to your heated session.
"Kriff, ah-" you yelp. "Y-you, Tech! My pussy belongs to you!"
"Say it again."
"My pussy belongs to you, Tech," you sigh, keeping your gaze on his.
Tech licks his ever-drying lips before asking one last time. "Say it again, but properly, cyar'ika."
It takes you a moment to process what he's truly asking for, and your lips gently fall open when you come to realise. "My pussy belongs to you, Technician."
"Excellent," Tech sighs. His entire body shudders, and before you know it, he's rolling his hips against yours once more. After his dominant burst, Tech travels down the tender and loving route by pressing his forehead to yours, his eyes falling shut. He lets out a deep breath, steadying his racing heart, and admits, “call me selfish, but I don’t ever want anyone else to touch you.”
"Nobody's going to," you reassure him. "Only you can touch me, you know that."
"I do, I know that," Tech agrees with a soft nod. "However, frequent reassurance is always beneficial."
A loving smile appears on your lips, "and I'm always here to give it."
Tech lets out another deep breath before pressing his lips to yours, only for a few seconds, but it's more than enough to seal the deal. When he pulls away, his brows are furrowed again, and you notice the dominant glisten returning to his pupils.
"Now, where were we?"
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makeste · 2 days ago
ok but fr the. fact that there's still so much stuff SUS about her. + the fact that she has now been the one to fetch deku and reveal the traitor, meaning she should now be someone that is Very Trusted. it puts her in a perfect place to (invisibly) backstab later (perhaps literally) so u know (puts on clown wig and nose) HERE'S HOW TRAITOR HAGAKURE CAN STILL WIN -
lol I received quite a few asks like this. I feel kinda bad because I caved so quickly after being such a vocal proponent of the Hagakure Traitor theory for so long. everyone else is fighting for it so passionately and meanwhile I'm just, "wow so it was Aoyama all along haha that's wild" and ready to move on just like that lol. I'm trying to avoid a sunk cost fallacy, but idk, maybe I'm trying a little too hard.
I really do think there's a 95% chance that Aoyama really is it, and all of the Hagakure stuff has just been a super-elaborate red herring this whole time. but that said, supposing we just say "fuck it" for a sec, and talk about that 5% possibility.
basically, as far as I can tell, it is still possible for Hagakure to be a traitor as well. basically it would mean things played out something like this:
AFO commissions Ujiko to create HighEndNoumu!Hagakure as a spy to plant among his enemies. (at this point, if Hagakure really is a traitor, I'm all in on Noumu!Hagakure because the theory hinges on Hagakure actually being loyal to AFO, unlike Aoyama.)
AFO learns that All Might is planning on taking up a teacher position at U.A., and immediately takes steps to get Hagakure accepted and enrolled at U.A. as a student.
at the same time, he "encourages" Aoyama's parents to have Yuuga apply to U.A. as well. always smart to have contingencies for your contingencies.
Yuuga does in fact get accepted into U.A., so AFO decides to hold Hagakure in reserve for now, and test Yuuga's usefulness by having him steal the teacher schedule for them.
at the same time, AFO puts Hagakure's spy expertise to good use by having her spy on Yuuga to ensure that he's holding up his end of the bargain. so Hagakure follows him to make sure he takes the schedule (hence why she's absent that day), and keeps tabs on him at USJ (hence why her location is unverified) and at Kamino -- but at Kamino she accidentally gets taken out by Mustard's poison gas. and consequently she never learns about Momo's tracker, or the heroes' rescue plan -- and she doesn't realize that Aoyama betrayed AFO by not telling him about either.
once AFO is imprisoned, both Aoyama and Hagakure are put in spy limbo since they both report to him and not to Tomura. Hagakure continues to maintain her cover, and assumes that Aoyama is doing the same.
HOWEVER, once AFO breaks out of Tartarus and Hagakure notices Aoyama's abrupt change in demeanor, she realizes his loyalty may be in doubt after all, and starts keeping closer tabs on him than ever, leading up to this scene where she just happens to stumble across him out in the woods.
now here's where things start to get interesting (and a little convoluted lol). up until this point, I think this theory is actually pretty plausible. however, once we get to the scene in 336 with her watching Aoyama's meltdown, we actually get to see her thoughts. so that means she must be innocent, right? she can't exactly be lying if she's not even saying any of this stuff out loud.
however there is precedent for Horikoshi misleading us with a character's thoughts before, and that's with Katsuki back in chapter 275. there was a deliberate attempt to mislead us into thinking that Katsuki was only following Izuku into battle for selfish reasons. we got to see Katsuki's thoughts about being determined to keep up with Deku, but Horikoshi sneakily placed them in the context of Katsuki not wanting to lose to Deku.
fast forward nine chapters later, and we get a flashback revealing Katsuki's actual motives -- he was following Deku to protect him. he was motivated to keep up with him because he needed to be able to watch his back and help him, because he was determined to atone for his past mistakes. the scene in 275 was a deliberate red herring to make us question how far he'd really come along with his character development. Horikoshi showed us just enough to make us doubt, while still keeping Katsuki in character, Obi-Wan Kenobi "from a certain point of view" style.
and so getting back now to chapter 336, here are all of Hagakure's thoughts, as translated by Viz:
ever since all the stuff in Gunga and Jakku, you've been down in the dumps. I mean, we all felt that way. but still...
I had to wonder why you haven't smiled once since Midoriya came back to us. I was just worried...
you gotta be kidding me! it can't be true!! [superimposed over flashbacks to USJ and Kamino] Aoyama...? all this time...
I've gotta find someone!! a teacher!* anyone!! [camera zooms in on Deku's wandering figure in the distance] ah!!
so obviously the way we're supposed to interpret all of this is that Hagakure was worried about Aoyama's gloomy behavior, and subsequently shocked to find out that he was the U.A. Traitor all along. she then panics, thinking she has to warn someone, and zeroes in on Deku who just happened to wander close by.
HOWEVER, while I maintain the chances of this are very slim, it IS possible to interpret all of these thoughts in a different context:
"we all felt that way" -- something that's very important to note here is that this is worded slightly differently in Japanese (where pronoun use is often optional). she doesn't actually say "watashi-tachi" (we); she says "minna" (everyone). so this could technically be interpreted as her talking about the rest of class 1-A -- "THEY all seemed pretty down" -- while excluding herself from that group.
"I have to wonder why you haven't smiled" -- "I have to wonder why you nearly blew your cover."
"you gotta be kidding me!" -- "he's been having second thoughts this whole time? he's hesitating now?"
"all this time..." -- "all this time he's been having doubts and was never fully loyal to AFO."
"I've gotta find someone! a teacher!*" -- okay so there are two things to note about this. the first is that as @hanashimas noted here, Tomura refers to AFO as "Sensei" (which is a fairly common title in Japan and applicable to a lot of things outside of academics). so there is a very small possibility that Hagakure's line here actually means "I have to warn AFO about Aoyama's hesitation/disloyalty," rather than "I have to find a teacher and let them know Aoyama is the traitor."
and the second thing to make note of is that this could all technically be an elaborate attempt at damage control. in fact, it may even be something AFO anticipated from the start -- hence why he had Hagakure keeping an eye on Aoyama this whole time. after all, Lady Nagant is proof that AFO isn't above crafting elaborate schemes that not only anticipate the possibility of his minions' betrayal, but actually HINGE on things playing out that way. he knew from the start that Nagant would waver, and planned ahead for it.
so let's assume, just for the sake of argument, that all of this wild speculation actually is true. in which case, I would expect the next couple of chapters to play out approximately like this:
Deku confronts Aoyama about his traitoring and learns that Aoyama had no choice, as AFO threatened his life (again, Nagant is a good example of how he might go about doing this; once AFO gives you a quirk, he can basically pull the trigger on you at any time) and that of his parents.
Deku, filled with teary-eyed Main Character Empathy and also thinking back to his conversation with Katsuki and Momo earlier, realizes that this actually might just the opportunity they need in order to shift the final battle odds in their favor. he convinces Aoyama to confess to Aizawa and the other U.A. faculty, and to feed false information to AFO in order to set a trap.
we then learn, in a bombshell THIRD U.A. traitor reveal, that Hagakure has been a back-up traitor all along. and having now been cleared of suspicion thanks to Aoyama outing himself, she is free to report to AFO about Aoyama's betrayal, and let him know what U.A. and the heroes are actually planning.
so yeah. plausible? yes, imo. probable, though? not very, lol. but still, for anyone who chooses to dwell in possibility, there you have it. the blueprint for how traitor Hagakure can still pull out a miracle save. and if not, let me be the first to express my congrats/condolences to poor Aoyama for winning the U.A. Traitor Sweepstakes. here's hoping you don't get yourself blown up for your trouble.
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animeobsessedwriter · 2 days ago
Hello, I've seen your class 1-a reacting to there s/o's death and they're really good, if it's okay may I ask a similar scenario with the league of villains reacting to their s/o's death, if it's okay?
You Die During a Hero Attack
Shigaraki, Dabi, Twice, Toga
Cw: gender neutral reader, language, descriptions of death, angst, sadness, "memorial services", Shigaraki disintegrates you, Dabi burns you alive in Twice's, blood in Toga's. If I missed anything let me know!
Tumblr media
I had been waiting for this request honestly, and then I put it off for like ever. Angst just wasn't something I wanted to write for a while, but I'm finally back to it. Some of these got pretty lengthy, so I do apologize for that... I just got a little carried away. I also will have another part with more villains, so let me know which ones you want to see!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were sitting at one of the many hideouts with Shigaraki. Both of you were practically pacing. The others were out on a mission and were supposed to be meeting you back at this hideout with some very important information.
"They're late," Shigaraki finally uttered out in the silent room.
"It's not like them to be this late," I commented.
Only a few more moments passed when there was a large explosion that hit the bottom of the building. The ground beneath your feet began to shake before finally caving in.
You fell down reaching out to try and grab for Shigaraki, but you weren't able to get to him.
You landed on the ground hard. Rubble and debris fell on top of you as you lay helplessly.
"Y/N," Shigaraki yelled out.
Somehow he had made it to where you were untouched. He ran to your side quickly.
"I-I can't move," you breathed out.
Tears fell from your face.
"Damn, they brought them to us," he began. "We have to go."
"I can't," I sobbed.
"No," Shigaraki finally realized what was happening. "No. No. No. There has to be another way."
Shigaraki looked around frantically. He didn't even know what he was looking for he was just looking for anything. He needed a way to save you.
Pain was all you could feel. None of your body would move, and you didn't know if it was from the pain or being paralyzed.
"Get out of here," you told him with tears still streaming down your face.
He looked to you with panic in his eyes, "I can't leave you."
"You have to," you pressed.
"Shigaraki, come on, we've gotta go," Dabi called to him.
"I can't lose you," he said through gritted teeth.
You smiled up at him trying not to show how sad you were, "No, you have to. You have to go. If you get caught it's all over. You have to leave me. Leave me... and finish this."
"I-I can't do it alone," his breaths were fast and heavy.
"You can," you reassured. "You can, and you will. I know you can do it."
His breathing never slowed. It got more and more hurried. He linked his fingers in yours.
"Do it," you instructed.
"I love you," Shigaraki breathed out as he wrapped all his fingers around you.
He watched with wide eyes as you disintegrated before his eyes. In almost an instant you were gone. There were only ashes left of you.
❥ Shigaraki is crushed without you in his life... he's even more upset how you had to leave the world, but that was an old agreement you both made. He had to carry it out.
❥ The League of Villains all got together to have some drinks and talk about memories of you. Shigaraki didn't speak. He sat emotionless and listening.
❥ It took him a while to get back into the groove of leading the League again. For a while he just barked orders.
❥ Once he did finally get back to his work he fought harder than ever.
❥ His only goal was to concur the world like you would have wanted.
❥ He never really got over your death. To cope he would frequently go and visit your favorite secluded locations and just talk to you.
❥ He lived out the rest of his life lonely. You were the only one he ever loved. He just wasn't the same, though, he did live the rest of his life all for you.
Tumblr media
Dabi had asked you to come along and watch a Nomu attack he had been planning. There shouldn't have been any other work involved, but things don't always go as planned.
A group of heroes found your location and quickly began an attack against you and Dabi.
Dabi threw up a huge fire wall and yelled to you over his shoulder, "Run!"
You quickly ran away from the oncoming attack, but Hawks appeared in your path.
Immediately you stopped and panted. Hawks looked at you with sorrow in his eyes.
"I'm sorry," he muttered.
In an instant you were impaled right through the chest. You didn't even have time to comprehend what was happening.
You let out a small noise involuntarily.
Dabi turned to see what was happening, "You bastard! We had a deal!"
Dabi ran to you as Hawks pulled his blade out of you and retreated.
You fell to your knees. Dabi was quick to get to you and caught you by your shoulders before you fell forwards to the ground.
You were stunned. Everything was whirling around you. You felt pain in your chest where you had been stabbed, but the rest of your body felt numb.
"Y/N," Dabi finally broke through to you shaking you lightly.
"Dabi," you breathed out.
He moved you to the ground while yelling at other villains who had joined the fight. He pushed down over your wound trying to apply as much pressure to it as he could.
"I had a deal with that bastard," he seethed.
"Dabi, it's alright," you tried to reassure.
Blood dripped from his scars, "No, it's not."
You could hear his voice wavering. He was losing himself already. However, you both knew what was happening.
"I can't," you muttered.
Dabi's face showed nothing but horror. He was scared.
"You have to," he spoke.
You took his hands off your chest and pressed them to your face, "Dabi, it's ok. I'm just glad I found you in this lifetime."
"It's my fault," he breathed out.
"No," you snapped coughing shortly after. "None of this is your fault. I chose this life... I chose you, and I'd do it again every time."
"I love you," Dabi spoke.
"I love you too," you replied.
Shock had taken most of the pain and made your body numb. You couldn't feel much, but you were thankful you could feel Dabi's touch. With all the happy memories floating through your mind you allowed the overwhelming feeling of death take you over.
❥ Dabi had needed you in his life since the day you showed up, but he wasn't ever one to admit it. Now he would have to face that.
❥ Dabi tried to hide things away from everyone. He was much more distant. Any time you were mentioned he would leave. He was just so broken.
❥ When the League met together to reminisce over you he just stood away from everyone and refused to say anything.
❥ He is so broken over you. He tried to fight it, but he can't.
❥ I see him going into a very deep angry state where he takes his emotions out on everyone and everything in his path.
❥ He frequently goes to the spot where it all happened and just sits there remembering you.
❥ Without you he just doesn't think he can feel happiness as he did with you.
❥ He never really moves on. He's stuck in a constant state of anger over you dying that he doesn't ever overcome. It's sad, but without you his life isn't the same.
Tumblr media
You were trapped. Cornered by a group of heroes. You let your guard down, and now you were paying for it.
"Y/N!" Twice screamed.
He felt hopeless from where he was. He was also cornered. He wished he hadn't left you. He knew better.
Now, he was being forced to watch as you took a brutal beating. You were resisting and thrashing around trying your best to fight them off. Twice was just being held down tight forced to watch you in peril.
There was a loud explosion, and all the heroes in the area left with promises of coming back to capture you both.
You were too mangled. There was no way Twice would be able to get you out of there. They knew at least you would be left.
"Y/N," he called running to your side.
You smiled up at him, "Jin."
"Oh, shit," he started panicking looking down at your mangled state. "Shit. Shit. Shit."
"Baby, calm down," you cooed.
He snapped his head to look at you, "What are you talking about? You're really hurt."
You knew that. Pain was just about the only thing you could feel. It was hard to focus. Everything hurt. You had been brutally beaten.
"I don't have much more time," you spoke coughing occasionally. "I need you to know that none of this is your fault."
"It is," he pulled his mask off. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have left you. Or maybe you deserved it. No, no, you didn't deserve it."
"Jin, breathe," you told him reaching up and taking his hand.
He moved it to his face and leaned into your touch, "I can't do this. Not without you."
"You have to," you said wiping away his tears.
You sucked in a breath shakily.
"I love you," he said leaning over to kiss your forehead.
"I love you too," you smiled bringing him into a kiss.
"Twice, come on!" Dabi yelled.
You smiled up at Twice, "Do it."
You let go. You heard Twice yell faintly in the background. Shocked noises came from the others, but it had to be done.
Flames engulfed your body, and for the first time in this situation, you felt at peace with the world. You were... happy to be going out like this.
❥ Twice grabbed as much of your ashes as he could once you were burned. He held them to him tight.
❥ It was really hard for him to cope. Thankfully, he had Toga to help him through things.
❥ He kept your ashes super close to him at all times. He would carry you around in a little box or piece of jewelry to have you with him always.
❥ He would frequently talk to you and tell you about his day or the things they're doing. During these conversations he apologizes and tells you he wishes you were with him to see it all.
❥ Things are hard for him. You were a huge part of his life. You were his everything. You loved him for who he was.
❥ Life is just darker for him without you.
❥ He doesn't really move on after you're gone. He tries his best to live his life, but without you there seems to be no purpose.
❥ He lives with you in mind. He just wants to do the things you always wanted. He works for the life you were working for.
Tumblr media
It was late at night. Just a normal scouting mission. It was going pretty well... until you got attacked.
Heroes burst through the wall of the place you two had been hiding out. Rubble scattered everywhere, and the two of you were left alone to fight.
In the midst of everything you were hit with a electrocution quirk. It sent volts of electricity through your entire body. Pain racked through you. Then you felt it hit your heart.
"Shit," you breathed out as you dropped to the ground.
"No!" Toga screamed.
"Get out of here," I managed out watching her fight off some heroes.
She continued fighting, "Not without you."
You picked yourself back up with everything you had left and fought. You gave it everything you had.
The both of you were successfully able to fight off the heroes who attacked, but you knew there were more on the way.
"Toga," you groaned leaning up against a wall and sliding down to sit. "You've got to go back."
"You're coming with me right?" she pouted as tears formed in her eyes.
You smiled weakly at her, "I can't. That shock hit my heart, and... I don't think I'm going to make it."
"No," she sobbed. "You have to."
Silent tears fell from your face, "I can't. I'm too hurt. You'll be alright, but you've got to get out of here before more come."
"I don't want to, not without you," she cried.
Sirens could be heard faintly in the distance. It was now or never.
"Toga," you breathed feeling your heart clench in pain. "I love you. I need you to go. If they capture you... I'd never forgive myself."
She looked up at you trying to stop her tears from falling, "I love you."
"I love you too."
She leaned in and kissed you one more time before getting up and running off.
You watched her and began crying. You took your last breaths by yourself, but at least she got away.
❥ When Toga came back for you... you were gone. She assumed you had been taken by the heroes, and she was correct.
❥ She made it her goal to get your body back which she roped the entire LoV into, but they did it happily.
❥ She didn't really know how to process her emotions.
❥ She drained as much of your blood as she could, and she preserved it for herself.
❥ She felt lost without you. She was very thankful for Twice who stuck by her side through the mourning, but he just wasn't you.
❥ She would frequently talk to your blood and tell you about the different things she had been doing for the LoV.
❥ Any types of special dates between the two of you she would go to your favorite places.
❥ She never got over you, she just learned to cope one day at a time. It was hard, but she went through life loving you as if you were still alive.
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ohdolans · a day ago
can u do a concept where grayson has eyes for you and brushes off every girl that tries to get with him
Tumblr media
(this gif always makes me think of frat!Grayson)
There was a thing about your friendship with Grayson that the two of you have been dancing around for a couple of years now. The fact that it was obvious to everyone around you that you were in love. But to you two. It was the soft touches, late-night conversations, deep intimate moments where the two of you opened up to one another. Grayson quickly became the person that whenever something good or bad happened - he was the one you wanted to talk to.
In the past whenever Grayson got a girlfriend, the two of you were still friends, but there was a slight restriction to how you acted around one another. He didn't even realize that he was doing it, having a slight distance with you, but you respected it. You never wanted to be perceived as crossing a boundary when he had a new girlfriend. Even if it hurt to not have him as close as you were used to.
It was even worse when he wasn't in a relationship but in what you liked to call "fuckboi mode". It was when he would be hooking with his usuals and you wouldn't see him at all.
"You're really my girl, Y/N, you know that." Grayson would always tell you whenever it was the two of you hanging out. You tried not to put a deeper meaning behind those words. But any time you heard him call you "my girl", you couldn't stop the butterflies that erupted within your stomach.
But in the past few months, there was been a shift. You'd noticed it more and more whenever you went to the same parties as him. Any time a girl would try and flirt with him, for once, he didn't pay them any attention. Or when you came into a party and he was talking with another girl, but you walked into the party, he'd come right to you. The biggest smile on his face, his larger frame moved through the crowd.
"Finally you're here!" Grayson smiled, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into a hug. "Now we really can have some fun."
You looked up towards him, your eyes darting back to where he was standing the girl was seemingly waiting for him, before looking back at you. "You can go back and talk to your friend,"
Grayson followed your eyes to where Jessica was standing, before looking back to you. He shook his head and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. "Nah, I'm good with hanging out with you."
You couldn't stop the smile that came over your face as he moved through the crowd with you pressed against his side. You decided not to try and stop the butterflies.
A few weeks later, you came back to the frat house after a party, your usual tradition of getting breakfast the next day. You walked through the house and headed towards the kitchen. You followed the noise of the voices coming from the back of the house where you found Ethan and a few of the others.
The moment Ethan saw you, he smiled and called out your name loudly.
"Breakfast?"He asked walking towards you more, pulling you into a hug before standing back.
"Yeah. I'm guessing he's upstairs" You asked, nervously fidgeting with your fingers.
Ethan pursed his lips and shook his head, "No company. His drunk ass stumbled upstairs alone."
"Oh," You tried to hide the shock but failed. Ethan was able to see it.
"Actually...he hasn't come home with anyone in like...months," Ethan spoke matter-of-factly. "Only hanging out with you."
That was something that brought a smile to your face. "Good to know."
You walked up the stairs towards Grayson's room and knocked twice before walking in. You felt your breath catch for a moment as your eyes fell upon a shirtless Grayson with his sweatpants hung low at his hips. Your throat suddenly felt dry as your eyes scanned over his body slowly. An action that wasn't missed by Grayson. He grabbed a shirt from his drawer before putting it on and closing it back up.
He cleared his throat to bring you back.
"Oh, um, you ready for breakfast?" You asked, your voice soft as you tried to keep your eyes on his face.
"Yeah," He grabbed his baseball cap and put it on, backward, before grabbing his keys. "And it's my treat this time, don't you dare try and pay."
The two of you left and headed out to his truck, the two of you slipping into your normal comfortable conversation like always. You didn't miss it when Grayson reached over and threaded his fingers with yours as he drove. Your hand had been resting on the center console as you angled towards him more in your seat. The way his hand felt with yours was enough to make your heart skip a beat.
"So uh...Ethan let it slip this morning you haven't been seeing anyone in a while." You spoke, feeling the heat rising to your cheeks as you spoke. "I thought you were seeing that one girl?"
"Who?" Grayson's brows pulled together.
"Melanie? Or something." You shrugged
"Oh, no. We had a project together for English, so some nights I had to go over and work on it." Grayson spoke, "But we're not dating or anything else."
"Oh," You spoke softly. "Got your eyes on someone else?"
Your eyes looked up towards him, Grayson pulling up to a stoplight to look towards you. His lip turned up slightly, one of his dimples showing, as he smiled.
"Yeah, I've got my eye on this one girl," Grayson spoke, his eyes never leaving yours as he spoke. And Grayson swallowed down the next work he wanted to say.
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kim-seung-mo · a day ago
Hi hi i really like your writing and i saw your hc list and i was wondering if you could do #8 and or #1 thank you<3
𝕊𝕥𝕣𝕒𝕪 𝕂𝕚𝕕𝕤 𝔸𝕤 𝕐𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝔹𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣
♩ fem!reader, fluff fluff fluff, i had a surprisingly good time writing this, no warnings really, just fluff (and a little crying i guess)
♩♩ word count: 2.2k
♩♩♩ A/N: did #8 cuz #1 would probably take me ages lol, also, because I feel like they would have a very different relationship with a sister vs a brother, these hcs are for fem!reader. wip list here
Tumblr media
Chan (older brother)
Best brother in the world.
Since Hannah and Lucas were both back home in Australia and you were the only one with him in Korea, he would make sure to take extra care of you.
Would text you every day, asking how your day was, how you're feeling, and if anything interesting happened.
Would let you listen to the new songs he wrote, and ask for your opinion, even if you don't know anything about music.
You once said, "I must be the luckiest person in the world to be your sister."
He smiled at that, ruffling your hair and said, "no Y/N, I'm the luckiest person in the world to be your brother."
Being Bang Chan's baby sister was great, it truly was.
The only complaint you may have is that although you always turn to him when you have trouble, he always hides his.
You hear about his difficulties from other people more than from himself.
He would always say, "I'm oppa, I shouldn't be worrying you..."
But you just wanted him to know how much you loved him too.
And you cried about it, making him feel bad for a long time.
After that whole mess, he eventually opened up to you.
you'd get a daily update on things that were going on and his health, along with a selfie proving that he was indeed well.
You watched all of his vlives, even commenting on them.
Sometimes he would read them out loud just to embarrass you.
Would just end up embarrassing himself tho.
Would also probably be the type of person to ask you who your bias is.
Of course, he expects you to answer his name.
And you'd do him a favor and say, "Of course it's you!"
But then, only you know who your real bias is.
Minho (older brother)
He was the opposite of Chan. He is the worst brother in the world.
He has been bullying you since you were a kid, stealing your snacks and toys constantly.
You were always crying because of him, and he would always laugh when you cried, the harder you cried, the happier he laughed.
Instead of ¨I love you¨, you would shout ¨I hate you¨ at each other.
You always thought he genuinely hated you, he never said anything good about you, never cared.
But when he found out you were being bullied at school, something changed.
The anger in his eyes was something you've never seen before. It was totally different from when he was teasing you.
He came home one day covered in wounds, but still he looked at you like nothing had happened.
"You're ugly."
"What happened? Why are you hurt? Did you get into a fight?"
"That's not your problem......"
When you go to school the next day, you found that your bullies were also all covered with wounds, some even with broken bones.
"Did you do it? You fought those people? For me?" you asked when you got home.
He just rolled his eyes.
"You're overthinking. I don't care about you that much."
But what he really said to the bullies was, "If you touch even one strand of her hair, I'll make sure you never see the sun again."
He's the only one that can bully you.
Changbin (twin brother)
You and Changbin looked nothing alike, even though you two were twins.
There were even people who thought you two were a couple.
You puked in the toilet together for ten minutes straight.
You? Changbin's girlfriend? Never, never ever. Not even a chance.
Though you had to say your personalities were quite similar, both of you looked cold and cool, but when they actually got to know you, they would know that you two were actually just big idiots.
"Y/N, do I really look like a walrus?"
Your phone was full of ugly photos of him and you often made memes to send to the members.
The members love you so much, probably more than Changbin.
You once said, "The only good thing about being a Seo Changbin's sibling is that I get free VIP tickets to Stray Kids concerts."
Of course, you got beaten up by him after that.
You two were more like friends instead of siblings.
You acted like you disliked him, but when it came to the people who mattered most, it was always him that came to mind.
You've never told him, but you're actually his number one fan.
He's never told you, but he's written tons of songs for you.
Hyunjin (younger brother)
A very annoying brother who would never shut up.
Because of the big age gap between you two, you were more like his third parent than his noona.
When he was younger, he would call you "noona" sweetly and follow you wherever you went.
But around time when he started school, he started to feel ashamed of it and didn't want to tell anyone that he had a much older noona.
You were sad about this for a long time and even felt you were hated by him.
Until one time he brought his friends home, and one of them said something like "yo, Hwang you didn't tell us you had a hot sister."
That was the first time you saw Hyunjin actually get angry.
"Not even the best person in the world can match my noona."
You were very supportive of his dream of being an idol and always believed in him.
You've also supported him since his debut, listening to every song they've released and watched every stage he's been on.
After his debut, it was like Hyunjin had reversed back to when he was a kid, always clinging to you.
You would text him asking if he was tired and if he wanted to go home and he would return with a video call, saying that he missed the jajangmyeon you made for him.
He was only mentioning, but you actually made it and brought it over to him.
Hyunjin, who was still practicing, after hearing from a member that you were at the front door, rushed straight out of the JYP building, leaving the other members confused.
He barely talked about nor showed them any pictures of you, all they knew was your name.
You later came to know that the reason wasn't because he was ashamed of you, it was the opposite actually.
He didn't want any of the members falling for you.
He actually cried while eating the jajangmyeon you made.
His Christmas wish that year was for you to come see him more.
Jisung (twin brother)
Despite being twins, you were always in charge of protecting Jisung.
It seemed like it has always been that way.
You standing in front of Jisung, protecting him. Him behind you, being your personal sunshine.
You protecting him from the "bad guys" in the world, and him bringing you your smile.
You two were always sticking together like you were gonna die without each other.
So you were really surprised when he decided to go back to Korea and become a trainee.
Because that meant you were gonna be separated for the first time.
He literally cried to you all night when he told you about his decision, but fortunately, you supported his decision and promised to be his number one fan for the rest of your life.
The day you took him to the airport was probably the first time he saw you cry.
He almost decided not to go on the spot, but you told him, "If you give up your dream for me, I'll hate myself forever."
Calls you every single day not skipping one for three years straight.
Introduced you to Chan and Changbin through video chat.
Later, after he debuted, he became busy and couldn't contact you often. For a while he would blame himself, saying sorry every time he found the time to talk to you.
You left Malaysia and came to Seol after graduating college to live closer to him, and for your job, of course, but mainly for your dear twin brother.
He happily jumped around as he was introducing you to all the members, proudly stating that you were "the most important person" to him.
Felix (younger brother)
Maybe it was because you were the oldest out of the four, you've always been the closest to Korean culture since childhood.
After graduating from high school, you went back to Korea to study.
A few years later, when you heard that Felix decided to return to Korea to become a trainee, you were very delighted to say the least.
You finally had family around.
You were Felix's personal Korean teacher, although you weren't a really good one, as every time you tried to teach him, you guys would just end up talking about other things.
With that familiar Australian accent, you really feel like you were at home.
Felix introduced you to his new hyung, who was also from Australia, Christopher Bang.
Felix accidentally spilled that he might have tried to get you two together.
"If only Chan hyung could be my real hyung, right Y/N?"
You hit him on the head, making him speak Korean to you.
You heard about Felix's elimination from someone else, as he didn't have the guts to tell you himself.
Hearing the news, you rushed to the JYP building and found him in his dorm room.
He was crying, eyes red, sniffing and dared not look at you, afraid to you disappointed.
He wanted to explain to you, but you shushed him, hugging him tightly, hands running up and down his side, calming him down.
"I would never be disappointed, Lix...never."
You'd be on every "thank you" note of his.
"Without Y/N there would be no Felix of Stray Kids."
Seungmin (younger brother)
Though STAY always called him "puppy", this guy was definitely not a "puppy" to you.
Seungmin was indeed really nice towards your eldest sister, always acting obedient and cute.
But when it came to you, the second sister, it was different.
He never treated you as a noona, you were only reminded of that when he physically says the words "noona".
"Noona I want oranges."
"Help yourself. It's in the fridge."
"No, you get it for me."
"You're right next to the kitchen..."
"I don't care, you get it for me."
You always felt like you were his servant.
You always knew he was a good singer, but you were still kind of surprised when he told you he wanted to be an idol.
"Just watch, I'm making it happen."
The next time you heard from him, he had already entered JYP, winning second place in the audition.
You didn't follow kpop much, but you knew about JYP, one of the big three.
You were happy for him of course, but then...
Remember when you said you felt like his servant?
This is especially true after he entered JYP.
"Noona, I'm hungry."
At 1:30 in the morning, you get a call from Seungmin.
"Kim Seungmin, do you know what time it is?"
"Noona, I want oranges."
He sounded tired.
Despite these unreasonable demands, you knew deep down that he probably called just to hear your voice.
Jeongin (older brother)
When you first came to Seoul and entered the JYP building for the first time, you saw for the first time how your Innie oppa was treated in his group.
You felt like your worldview had just been refreshed.
Jeongin was always a hero to you, and you had always seen him as your role model.
But to Stray Kids he was their maknae, their "baby" they had to protect.
What shocked you the most was how they called him baby bread! (you would find out much later that he, in fact, named himself that.)
Finally noticing you standing by the entrance, Jeongin came over and ruffled your hair.
"Y/N, you okay? Must be tiring, coming all the way from Busan..."
You shook your head, it was only a 3-hour train ride...
What made you look "not okay" was......
You peeked through the door, curiously looking into the practice room.
"Want to meet oppa's hyungs?"
You were way too shy to know what to do.
The next thing you knew, your head was spinning, and you were practically surrounded by eight tall (not really) men.
"Oh my god are you Innie's sister? !"
"Oh my god! She really does look like you......."
Several hands reach out and started to pinch your face.
You were getting get a little nervous, surrounded by so many people at once.
"Y/N..." he looked at you with worrying eyes, then turned around to face his hyungs, "hyung, stop hovering around her... she gets shy easily."
Jeongin stands in front of you, separating you from the seven "beasts".
You looked up at his wide back and smile softly.
Sure it was surprising, seeing him act totally different around you versus his hyungs.
But Jeongin oppa was still the exact same as you remembered.
Caring, tending, and protective.
(Later the seven members came to apologize to you of course, they didn't mean to scare you)
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god1ngs · 2 days ago
I’ve never requested anything before but I really love your writing 👉👈 if your hc requests are still open, maybe whoever your favorite dsmp CC(s) is (maybe punz, sapnap, or sam if that’s too broad?) who’s dating m!reader (he/him) but they haven’t gone public yet, and chat/Twitter/etc is being homophobic? like do they come out or just comfort their boyfriend later? only if you want to of course :) hope you have a good weekend!
╭៹ꜜ # dating them in private ༉
cc!punz, cc!sapnap, cc!awesamdude x male!reader
◟ᝰ warnings ‣ homophobia mentions, a really bad sex pick up line, swearing.
◟ᝰ notes ‣ i'm glad you like my writing! thank you for requesting <3
Tumblr media
ᝰ PUNZ ◞
punz loves and respects you more than anyone else. as your boyfriend, he knows it's scary to come out to a large mass of people— so, you two keep your relationship a secret.
punz doesn't care about what people think though. if it was his choice, he'd be flaunting you as much as he could. he only dated the best anyways.
doesn't mean he doesnt flirt with you on stream though: lets the occasional nickname slip out and covers it up as a bit.
the second he sees someone being homophobic in his chat though? they're immediately banned. he doesn't bring attention to the situation, even if it does leave a sour taste in his mouth.
if you happen to see it, and get a bit self conscious, he's immediately telling chat that he has to go.
he's joining you in a voice chat and making sure you're okay. he knows you like the back of his hand though, so even if you try to tell him that you're fine, he doesn't let you get away with it.
"i can tell you're not fine. you don't have to lie to me about this type of stuff. i'm here to help."
he's always had a way with words, that stupidly soothing voice of his making you tell him your feelings (you don't mind, punz has just always had a knack to getting you to talk).
he comforts you while also making you laugh, something he's also always had a knack for. you welcome the insults to the other person and the appreciative comments.
he always does overexeggerated 'mwah' sounds into his mic as well, purely because it makes you laugh.
"that person is a fucking idiot. don't let them get you down, alright? you're better than them, babe. fuck what that guy thinks."
again, sapnap does not give a fuck about what anyone thinks. if you'd let him, he'd unapologetically flirt with you on stream. nicknames, flirty banner— anything to hear the laugh leave your lips.
you want to keep it private though, so he respects your wishes.
he may still flirt with you on stream though; anything regarding from a bad sex joke to terrible flirting.
"[name], [name]— are you my homework? because i'm tryna slam you against the table and—"
"please don't finish that sentence."
the second he sees anyone being homophobic though? he's livid.
if it's someone on twitter, sapnap knows better than to bring attention to some random homophobe. he'll block the person and move on, but will always be pissed when he thinks back to it.
if it's a dono or a chat message, he's telling them to shut the fuck up and asking the mods to ban him. he doesn't condone that type of shit, especially when he knows you're watching.
besides that though, sapnap never fails to make dating him enjoyable, even if it's in private.
he loves calling you any nickname he can think of: baby, pumpkin, darlin', sugar. anything that makes you smile makes him call you it more than once.
"baby, come here. i wanna show you how cool and awesome i am."
"c'mon, pumpkin, my super amazing boyfriend, my baby, my husband—"
if you do ever want to come out, he's posting an instagram story of your hands intertwined. it's simple and doesn't exactly give you away, so it's perfect in his opinion.
he's happy to date you whether you want to make it public or keep it private; being public means he gets to rub it in everyone's faces that he's dating you though.
your safety and comfort is one of sam's top priorities. if you don't want to come out with your relationship, he doesn't mind. he's always been more private as well.
if you let him, he does still flirt with you on stream though. always making sly comments about taking you on a date or something else of that nature.
"i mean, i always thought you were the cutest one out of us, [name]."
if he sees anyone being homophobic on twitter though, especially someone of his own community, he's blocking them and making sure everyone knows that hatred of any kind isn't welcome.
the same goes for people in his chat; although, he doesn't think they're worth even calling out. he just gets one of his mods to ban them.
he usually calls you honey. he doesn't know why, it just suits you. plus, you always get a smile on your face and he thinks it's adorable.
if you two did come out, sam would have no shame of you two. nothing really changes in streams and stuff, although he does leave a heart at the end of all his messages with you.
will ramble about redstone to you. something new he built, something he finally got right; he will talk about it until you make him be quiet (even though you'd never do so, you love listening to him talk).
helps you with any redstone related or coding related issue for you. he won't do everything for you, but he will make sure you know what to do.
if you're a streamer, he's always in your chat. definitely tier three subbed to you. he's also always watching your streams somehow? man has so many channel points and flaunts them.
if you two do come out, he's seen clips of people calling you two their dads. he's brought it up to you before and you both think it's cute.
"it's like our own little awesamfamily!"
can you tell i love him.
Tumblr media
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galacticgraffiti · 4 hours ago
⊰⋆ Old Man ⋆⊱
In honour of the new trailer drop, you already know I'm gonna write some spice. This is dedicated to my friend who watched me freak out, stared at me with the most dry look on her face and said: "He looks like an old man."
Tumblr media
Warnings: age difference, PiV sex, oral (f receiving), slight verbal degradation, self-doubt, reference to multiple orgasms
As always with my trailer drops this isn’t proofread, I’ll go and correct it later once my brain has stopped screaming.
!!! NSFW/18+ !!!
You moan and throw your head back until it hits the wall with a dull thud, but you don't care about the blooming pain, not when Boba fucks up into you like that, not when he fills you so deliciously and his rough grunts echo through the chamber.
"Fuck, Boba," you whimper and he looks at you, eyes wild and dark.
"Look at you, so desperate for me, my little slut always so ready for me to fuck her. Look how your tight little pussy grips me, are you really that desperate to get fucked by an old man? Y-you really want me to fill you, stuff you full of me while you're still young and beautiful?"
"Y-yes, fuck yes, please Boba, need you to- I want you to come inside me," you whine, grinding your hips down to meet his thrusts, your head thunking against the wall each time he moves. He is holding you up, your ankles crossed behind his back, your hands grabbing onto his shoulders for dear life while he fucks you. When Boba came in earlier, you could tell there was something unhinged about him, some anger, and when he ripped down your pants and bent you over you didn't complain. That was three orgasms ago, and while your brain has stopped working properly a long time ago, you can't find it in you to tell him to stop. He is feral, bouncing you up and down on his cock, your ass slapping against his thick thighs, fingers digging into the muscles of his shoulders.
"Osik," he grunts out, "f-fuck, you take my cock so well. Tell me who this pussy belongs to, sweetheart."
"T-to you," you gasp. "Only to you, I'm yours, all yours."
His hands grab your ass tighter, leaving red imprints on the flesh as he pulls your cheeks apart, cock driving into you at an overwhelming pace while he holds you up.
"Say it again," he grunts.
"My pussy belongs to you, Boba," you cry and he shudders, a tremble running through him as he spills himself deep inside you. Before you can react, he pulls out of you and drops to his knees, one hand reaching up to cup your tits while the other holds your hips in place as he buries his face inside you. Your mouth hangs open as you look down at him, each stroke of his tongue bringing you closer to orgasm until your legs start to shake and your knees nearly give out. Boba is there to hold you steady though, lips closing around your clit and then he sucks and you see stars, crying out his name as you come into his mouth.
He gets up to pull you against his chest, lifting you and carrying you over to the bed before you can fully process what just happened. You snuggle against him, completely tired out by whatever the fuck made him so insatiable. Your fingers trace a pattern on his chest, weaving through the soft greying hair.
"You okay?" you ask finally. Boba pulls you up and taps your cheek to make you look at him.
"I don't know," he admits.
"What happened?" you inquire, sitting up straighter and ignoring the sweet ache in your pussy when you climb on top of him again, not caring about the mess between your thighs. You need to be closer to him.
"I... Someone called me old," he grumbles. You raise an eyebrow.
"You are not old, my love," you murmur softly and press a kiss to his lips.
"I am though," he mumbles. "I am, I am an old man and you are so young. Sometimes I don't know what you want with me."
"Hey." You lay your hand on his cheek and kiss the tip of his freckled nose. "You are... well, we know you are older than me. We knew that from the start. I don't mind- in fact... I kinda like it. You don't mind, or you told me you didn't when we started this."
"You... like it," Boba repeats slowly and you grin.
"Baby, if you're gonna call yourself an old man, never forget that you are an old man that just made me come four times in a row in under an hour."
The smallest smile tugs on the corner of his lips, but then fades.
"What are you gonna do when I... when I can't do that anymore?"
You stare at him.
"Do you think I'm going to leave you just because you might not be able to rail me stupid in ten or twenty years time? First of all, I think you will never ever lose that ability. You are too fucking good at what you do. Second of all, even if you did, that would be fine. I love you, baby. I'll stay with you for as long as you'll have me, no matter the way you fuck me, or if you fuck me at all."
Boba's lips part, a look of surprise in his eyes.
"You'd stay with me?"
"I would," you nod gently and lean into him. "If, at any point, you are not up for it anymore... well, you could always just watch me."
There is a deep rumble in his chest and then Boba bursts out laughing.
"You filthy girl, osik, the mouth on you..."
"What?" you defend yourself, giggling at his brightened mood. "Don't you want to... old man?"
Boba smirks when you grind your hips down against his hardening cock, your overstimulated clit dragging against his length and you gasp at the sensation. His palm lightly smacks your ass to berate you before he presses a kiss between your tits.
"You know," he murmurs, "I don't think I'd mind watching you."
When you rise to let him line himself up and then sink down on his cock again, the two of you exhale in unison, warm breaths mixing between you as he slowly, patiently fills your thoroughly fucked-out cunt.
"But as long as I'm able," Boba continues, a tinge of mischief lacing his beautiful voice, "I think I'd like to take care of you myself."
screamscream(s)cream with me
@ethenae @adancedivasmom @kakashibabe02 @kik51199 @dream-alittlebiggerdarling @asaucecoveredsomething @book-of-baba-fett @mando-amando @gotomarvelgal @muffledgorillaviolence @elegantduckturtle @samanthacookieone @troubleonryloth @imalovernotahater @thefact0rygirl @corrabell @nomercyforthewarrior @msfett @ashotofspotchka @milf-obi-wan-kenobi @hayley-the-comet @ladykatakuri @deewithani @meabravo @fivesarctrooper @rowansparrow @maygalodon @levi-llama @sithdjarins @daore @lackofhonor @spacedothooters @perpetual-fangirl900 @imtryingmybeskar @clonecyare @djarrex @tenderclio @amcheeken @pinkiemme @echoskama @ittybittykylo @mssbridgerton @holding-on-to-starwars @nymphwriting @paintballkid711 @stardust-galaxies
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marshmallowgoop · 2 days ago
Howdy hey Goop! I had a funny observation with the episode Heiji first appears in (episode 48 I believe.) specifically with the english FUNimation dub.
While he talks about wanting to meet Kudo/always compared to him, he says "I want to see if the great Jimmy (Shinichi) Kudo is talented enough to be in my league, if he is he'll be the first!"
I wonder what he meant by that? Like, as in rivalry, or as in friends? I'd love to hear your interpretation on this, you always have such intriguing opinions and interpretations on things!
Howdy! Thank you!
My response here will actually be fairly heavy and discuss abuse, so please proceed with caution. There will also be minor spoilers for Episode 263.
To really delve into this question, I feel like I have to start by saying that the view I have of Heiji is that of an incredibly insecure person who struggles immensely with feelings of inferiority. No truly confident person would (assumedly) hop on a plane to go "prove" that they're better than a peer in their field. But that's exactly what Heiji does.
And his self-doubt is, sadly, sensical. His father Heizo is Osaka's Chief of Police, who, as Ran states in the man's first appearance (Episode 77), "[is] always on TV whenever something happens in Osaka." Heizo is presented as a huge, well-respected public figure, and that's got to be a lot for Heiji to live up to. Even when Kazuha's father attempts to be encouraging after Heiji is insulted (more on that later), his words only help pile on the pressure (Episode 263):
Tumblr media
Ginshiro Toyama: He's the spitting image of you when you were younger, Heizou. Who knows what he'll grow into?
So, it's no wonder that Heiji is so absolutely desperate to prove himself. He's got big shoes to fill, that he's seemingly expected to fill, and, more than that, every interaction I've seen between him and his father is uncomfortably negative. Despite being a capable, experienced, and well-renowned detective of his own, Heizo constantly dismisses his son and his abilities, only ever complimenting Heiji when it's paired with a stinging barb. The first time you ever see the two on screen together (Episode 77), I'm not sure if Heizo comes off worse in the original Japanese script (top) or in FUNimation's English localization (bottom):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heizo (Japanese script): He's still green, but he's got good intuition.
Heizo (FUNimation English dub script): But don't be deceived by his appearance. He's actually a whole lot smarter than he looks.
...well, in retrospect, maybe it's obvious that the English dub makes it so much worse.
But the point is, Heizo isn't portrayed as an especially supportive father. As far as I've watched, he never once says that he's proud of Heiji, and his insults only grow to be more degrading after this initial snapshot of their relationship. When even Kogoro applauds Heiji's work in Episode 263, Heizo can only belittle him:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kogoro: Like father, like son! He solved that case in record time.
Heizo: No, this dull-witted son of mine just likes to play detective sometimes. He's got a long way to go to catch up to you, Mouri.
Later in the episode, Heizo even physically assaults Heiji, going so far as to draw blood, in front of a crowd of people:
Tumblr media
Heiji: Dad...
And as if that wasn't enough, he verbally assaults Heiji, too, flinging insult after insult at him (and this is really only a small sampling):
Tumblr media
Heizo: He's just getting in the way! The spoiled brat let all this nonsense about "high school detectives" go to his head.
I know I've kind of been dancing around the original question here, but I think this background is crucial. While it might be argued that Heizo is simply trying to keep his son humble through his brand of parenting, I feel like his behavior and treatment of Heiji has instead helped nurture something very sad: a boy who gallivants around acting the exact opposite of humble to conceal the fact that he's dangerously insecure.
After all, as I said before, no truly confident person would (assumedly) hop on a plane to go "prove" that they're better than somebody else. Why would they?
So, when Heiji says that he wants to "[confirm] whether or not the great Jimmy [Shinichi] Kudo is talented enough to be in [his] league" in FUNimation's English dub of Episode 48, or that he "[wants to] see if Kudo Shinichi's really worthy of being compared to [him]" in the original Japanese script...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heiji: I wanna see if Kudo Shinichi's really worthy of being compared to me.
I see a boy so desperately trying to convince himself that he is good at what he does. If he can best Shinichi—the person he's compared so much to in FUNimation's dub that he's even robbed of his own name, known by some only as "The Kudo of the West"—then it means he's not the dull-witted detective his father (at least openly) thinks of him as. It means he's not a worthless embarrassment.
That's how I view it, anyway. I don't think Heiji sought to befriend Shinichi at all when he left for Tokyo, or that he was looking for someone "worthy" of being his friend, but part of what I like so much about Heiji and Shinichi's eventual friendship is that it starts when Shinichi tells Heiji to stop with the comparisons and competitions. So much of Heiji's life has been defined by comparison; even when people around him are trying to treat him kindly, he's still compared to his father, and, of course, he's also compared to Shinichi.
But in that classic moment, Shinichi doesn't compare Heiji to anyone. He explains straight out that he sees no point in it. And I think that's really, endlessly freeing to Heiji, and it's part of why he admires and loves Shinichi as much as he does.
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anonymousrookie · 2 days ago
Walk Above the City
Book: Open Heart (AU)
Pairing: Ethan Ramsey x F!MC (Keegan Reed)
Word count: 1.1K
Rating: General
Series Summary: They find themselves in the same city three years after he left for the Amazon and she left Edenbrook. When truths are revealed, will it be too late for a Christmas miracle?
Chapter Summary: And then they finally speak.
Notes: Summaries suck and I hate them lol. Another pretty short chapter, but there's more substance after this one. Catch up with chapter one :)
Tumblr media
Chapter Two: Once Again as in Olden Days
Keegan’s mouth fell open in surprise. Seeing him standing before her seemed like an unbelievable dream. Only it wasn’t a dream and her knees felt weak at the realization that he was actually here.
After three years of summoning memories of those incredible eyes locked on her own, the sight of the real thing sent a jolt through her. She wasn’t aware how much the memory had dulled throughout the years until this moment. And even after all this time, his presence still rendered her speechless.
Ethan finally had the chance to take in every detail of her face. She still looked as radiant as he remembered. The regret he felt daily since he left for the Amazon multiplied and slammed into him with the force of a freight train.
He swallowed hard, attempting to steady his nerves.
“Rookie?” his soft voice echoed in the silence surrounding them.
Keegan finally blinked, snapping out of her frozen state. She nodded slowly, eyes still blown wide.
She took a hesitant step forward before finding her confidence and closing the distance between them. Standing in front of him, she gazed up at his tall figure in noticeable wonder.
He meant for it to come out strong and confident, but instead, a hoarse whisper left his lips.
Her eyes turned wistful as she studied every striking feature of his face from only a foot away.
“Should we… hug? I don’t really know what to do here,” Keegan chuckled nervously.
Ethan wanted to more than anything. Holding her close has been the only thing on his mind since she appeared in his life.
But she has a whole new life now. A boyfriend, or husband of some sort, and a child. If he hugs her now he’ll never want to let her go, and knowing he has to will only worsen the pain.
Keegan noticed the hesitation on his face. The multiple rejections the former intern once received made her misinterpret his reaction, assuming his reluctance was an attempt at propriety.
“I’m not an intern anymore,” she smirked.
“No, you’re not,” he said, grinning down at her.
“So, I don’t think there are any ethical issues to get in the way of us hugging. Unless you just don’t want to?”
She made a playfully uncomfortable face at the suggestion which made his smile widen. He sighed in faux annoyance and stepped forward to wrap his arms around her small body.
“See, this isn’t so bad,” she laughs, squeezing him tightly while silently praying that he can’t feel her heart race from the feeling of being in his arms once again.
“I see you’re still a colossal pain as usual,” he mutters in exasperation, though he’s entirely charmed by her behavior.
“Ouch. Are you implying that you haven’t missed me at all?”
Still holding him close, she lifts her head, surprised to find his face is already mere inches away. With their gazes locked, her grin slowly fades as she takes in their proximity.
Even though she phrased the question like a joke, she was eagerly and anxiously anticipating the answer after three years of wondering if he ever thought about her.
“I’ve missed you more than you know.”
Those brilliant blue eyes mesmerized her. All coherent thoughts evaporated as one thought consumed her completely. His lips were so unbearably close that it took all of her willpower to keep her eyes off of them. And she swore she could see the same battle happening in his own.
“Anyway,” she said, pulling away from his embrace before she fell back into old habits. “I'm assuming you're staying here too?”
“You assume correctly.”
He reluctantly releases her, tucking his hands in his coat pockets awkwardly.
“I would also assume that means you’re here for the conference? Though I find it hard to believe because the Dr. Ramsey I knew hated these things.”
Knew. As if the thought of them becoming near-strangers didn’t already haunt him every day, he now had the sound of it leaving her mouth to replay in his mind for eternity.
“He still hates these things,” he sighs. “But for some unknown reason, Naveen repeatedly insisted that I be here this time.”
A suspicious glimmer flickers in her eyes. She still keeps in touch with Dr. Banerji whenever she can. A couple of weeks ago he called to catch up and she mentioned that she would be attending the conference in New York this week. Now she wonders if that bit of information is what motivated him to persuade Ethan to attend as well.
Though she senses by his surprise at her presence that Ethan is unaware of the possible set up. He probably would’ve refrained from coming if he knew she would be here too.
“Hmm. So here you are.”
“Here I am. Still willing to do anything for Naveen.”
The former lovers smile at each other softly. Each silently aware of the lingering feelings between them that even the constraints of time and distance couldn't kill.
A gust of wind blows through the already bitter night air, ruffling Keegan’s hair and making her shiver. Ethan clenches his twitching fingers in his pockets, resisting the urge to brush the wild strands out of her face.
“Standing out in the brutal cold seems rather pointless considering we're both staying at the same hotel that’s waiting right behind us.”
“Yeah, this doesn't make much sense does it,” she laughs, pulling her coat around her tighter while neither moves even an inch closer to the entrance.
He hesitates for a moment, trying to decide something. Asking her to join him for a drink wouldn’t be inappropriate, would it?
He glances over her shoulder where he first saw her with the other members of her new life only moments ago. A small amount of guilt swirls in his stomach for wishing for more time with her if she belongs to someone else.
But then his eyes return to her beautiful brown ones. Her head is tilted to the side slightly as those lovely eyes observe him curiously, and his desperation to stay in her presence wins out in the end.
One drink with a former intern isn’t improper, right? He only wants to talk long enough to understand what happened.
“I noticed earlier that the hotel has a decent-looking bar. Would you… join me for a drink?”
“Decent, huh? I see compliments are still your strong suit,” she says, smirking at him teasingly.
He sighs again and glares at her, though the twinge of a smile on his lips makes the gesture entirely unconvincing.
“A drink sounds good. Lead the way, Doctor Ramsey.”
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stellocchia · 2 days ago
Watching Ant's lore because I adore him, so here's a little summary, liveblogging style:
Starts off with Ant going to work after 4 days of absence. He seems to be unaware of Dream's escape?
Immediately thinking of calling in sick, me too Ant, me too
Ant immediately mistaking Tommy's wall for the start of a bee farm. Honestly, a new bee farm could be nice, maybe once Dream is dealt with.
He's really regretting being hired right now
"You took off for... let's see, a nice smooth seven days? Six days?" did... did Ant not inform Sam of how long his leave would be...?
"Ant, do you have any idea what's happened?" Does he look like someone who knows what's going on? My meow meow was most likely high for most of his leave...
"Ant, I'm about to blow a casket right now, what do you mean?" My man is so done with life right now. Please Sam just explain, everything is alright buddy
"What's wrong?! Dream's escaped prison!" THANK YOU! Also, Ant immediately reacted with denial. I feel like that's the most common coping mechanism in the server
Sam is keeping himself from strangling Ant so hard right now. I feel like Ant wouldn't be breathing if they weren't friends
"It's impossible to get out of the prison, you can't get out of the prison, that's sort of the point!" It's incredible how much everyone believed in the prison
Btw, the reason Sam is so pissed is that Ant didn't come back from his break when he got the serious alarm that meant there was a prison break happening
"How am I getting blamed for your obvious shortcomings in designing the prison?" "My what?! For my what?!" "Clearly this is like-" "The only thing I was short in was picking who was gonna be a guard I guess, 'caus it clearly just wasn't that big of a deal to you apparently" OOOOOOH my meow meows are fighting!
"If you had the whole- if you had the entirety of the smp here to help you and you still couldn't contain him I don't know what me being there would have changed" "The entirety of the smp wasn't in the prison actively helping. You could have been in the prison helping us actively stop him" To be fair to Ant, considering who they were up against, I don't think that him being there inside the prison would have made much difference
"Why didn't you hire a temp or something?!" "Hire a temp. You want me to hire a temp? Just trust a random person for a day? 'Hey! Come be- come be a prison guard for a day! Ha ha ha, it will be fun!'" Sam trust issues go brrr
Ant is now blaming the whole thing on Sam because he's the warden. Ant please, accept some personal responsibility for missing from work...
"I'm leaving this conversation before something bad happens" (threat)
"You know what? Fuck you Sam! Fuck you!" I would have paid for him to say that to Sam's face
Bad!! Why's Bad on Tommy's wall? Guess he's patrolling a new place now...
"Sam just told me that Dream is free! That there's, like, a green maniac free on the server running around" Love that description
Bad feels like he did a bad job as a guard so now he's practicing by patrolling Tommy's walls, seems fair
Ant is now trying to convince Bad as well that the two of them are not to blame for Dream's escape, only Sam is. Dude, keeping him in is literally what they were hired to do. They're all to blame partially.
"There was blood everywhere, oh my goodness" Please someone draw the fight based on Bad's description, it's so much cooler
"Oh my goodness, this is gonna hurt my home's value..." Bad almost sounds like Technoblade right there
Also, Ant only now found out about Ranboo's death. Guess is to be expected since he knows literally nothing of what happened
Why does Bad keep drinking random water bottles? Is he staying hydrated or is there an alcoholism problem we should be talking about? Is that water?
Oooooh, so Bad was purposefully blocking Techno when he was trying to get to Ranboo, huh? 'Cause he thought that was a last-ditch hostage situation to get Dream back. Which I guess it was? But it also went horribly wrong. Bad didn't think that Sam would go through with the threat, but he did
"Bad, what are you drinking?" "Uuuuuh, apple juice" "Wh- there's no apples! Bad I can smell your breath!" Oh, it's definitely alcoholism then
Also, Bad didn't know why Ranboo was in the prison, and Connor canonically started yelling swears at Bad while he was doing his rounds
"That prison raised my propriety value, but now I think it's gonna tank it, ugh. Oh my goodness, I'm probably gonna have to sell it at a loss, it's awful" BAD, WHY IS THIS WHAT YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT??
What I got so far from Bad's retelling of the events is that the guards truly were not prepared for their job. Like, they weren't told what would happen in the case of a prison break or what to do, which seems like a failing on Sam's part there
"Dream deserves to be locked up! There's a reason- there's a reason we all agreed to put him in the prison" It's always nice to hear that literally almost every single character agrees on this one
"Ant, I always felt a little bad that Dream was- that Dream was in the prison. So I, like-" "Why?! Dream's a monster! Why would you feel bad that he was in the prison? Bad, don't you remember? All the horrible things that he's done?!" "Yeah but... didn't- didn't you sometimes hear? Like, when you'd be making your rounds you'd, like, hear what was going on. Like, the sounds coming from Dream's cell. Like the- the screaming" (...) "I think he was letting other people into Dream's cell!" Did Sam seriously let his guards work during the torture shifts? My man is seriously bad at concealing his crimes, huh?
Also because of that Bad wasn't actually able to help Sam trying and catch Dream again. He just felt awful for what he'd seen already and couldn't bring himself to do it. And now he feels double guilty for not helping because he too knows that Dream is dangerous. "If I had helped him going for Dream maybe we could have gotten him back in the cell, I don't know..."
"He's like, became absorbed by the prison! That's all he thinks about, he doesn't c- I feel like he doesn't even care about us or the badlands anymore. He's just like- it's always 'prison, prison, prison, containing Dream'" *nods* the prison is Sam's Egg
Oh wow, so Sam also tried to blame it entirely on Bad as well. Guys, that's on everyone, you all f*cked up there
"Sam's obviously the issue here" Like, one-third of the issue.
"Wait a minute, why did we have a guy locked up in the prison he designed? That seems like a flaw!" HEY WAIT A MINUTE, YEAH!
"Is Tommy okay?" "Uhm, you know what? The last time I talked to Tommy, I was walking down the Prime Path, he just walked up to me and he swore at me" Yeah, that definitely sounds like my shining star alright
"I'm just hoping he's [Tommy] hiding somewhere because..." Yeah, see, I wish he was as well, but an old fool convinced him that facing Dream head-on was the smart thing to do, so that may not be the case
Connor stole Tommy's house as well. That man is FAST!
"Yeah, no, if I was in Tommy's position I would be dipping" SEE, THAT WOULD BE THE SMART THING TO DO
"Oh, I'm sure Dream is gonna be so grateful that you snuck him a snack while keeping him locked up in a maximum-security prison where he could do nothing and see nothing from the outside world" (sarcasm) "You think?" "No, no Bad, I don't think so. I think he will hunt both of us down after he finishes work elsewhere" "Oh no..." I love them
They decide to go talk to Sam
"Do you think Sam is gonna withhold my Christmas bonus now?" I really hope Bad never changes, I love him
"You didn't think that it was important that you slaughtered somebody? You didn't think it was important that you killed a poor dog?" "No, not really" "WHAT?! What do you mean not really, you killed somebody!" "It's rather inconsequential to what really happened, isn't it?" Sam's mentality is literally "the ends justify the means" as long as the end goal is preserving prison security
Oooooh, Bad asked about the voices in Dream's cell and Sam is blaming it on Bad's alcoholism. Also, Sam used lying, it was super effective
"Do you like the idea that the only person who knows how to save people when they die is that maniac?"
"I find it interesting that you two are coming here to say that I'm not taking responsibility when neither one of you are taking responsibility either" this is literally just a blame game at this point. Why are all 3 of them so allergic to personal responsibility?
Also, Bad's definitely right in the Ranboo argument. He surrendered, he wasn't wearing armor or weapons, killing him in that context wasn't justifiable. Especially not to prove Sam was serious
"I'm the only smooth working piece of this machine here" He really identifies himself with the prison, huh?
Bad just quit his job. Why did he still have a job after the prison basically closed down? There are literally no prisoners, why where they still working there?
Either way, that's it!
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starlightbuckleys · a day ago
eddie and chris and grief
okay i wrote this post last night after the episode and i reread it this morning and had no idea of the point i was trying to make (in my defense it was like 3:30 and i'd been up for 21 straight hours after a full day at college) so! i'm simply redoing it!
here's my takes on eddie, the diazes and grief, and where i think this wild train is going in 5B. it's gonna be a ride, so buckle in.
my thing is, because i've been dealing with it myself for so long, i can recognise the grief, the mourning so well. eddie's been grieving since we met him, but i don't really think he's given himself the chance to sit with it.
when we first see eddie and chris in s2, they've left their life behind in texas, the only life either of them have ever known. eddie's still reeling from shannon leaving, and trying to put the pieces back together. even there, there's some degree of loss, of mourning. i think it's really important to note at this point that grief doesn't have to be over some gigantic, significant loss. that's what a lot of people think of when it comes to grief, but it's so much more complex. you can mourn over the little things - it's subjective and people react to situations in different ways. that being said, i absolutely believe that in the early stages of s2, we see eddie in a state of grieving. we only get a hint of it here and there, but we see it occasionally. then, shannon comes back part way through s2, and eddie's world turns on its axis.
it's something he never really expected to happen and you can tell. he is so, so hesitant to let her back into his life, into christopher's life again because he remembers how much it hurt them both. he eventually opens up enough to let her back in, and we see...a lighter version of eddie, one we haven't seen since he joined. he takes shannon out to dinner, asks her to officially be a family again, and she tells him she's leaving, again. watching that scene every single time breaks my heart because you can see the moment all the emotions that eddie had boxed up after she left resurface. the hurt, the anger, the confusion (was i not good enough?). and then shannon dies.
now, another important point about grief is that it manifests differently in literally everybody. for me, it was practical problem solving until there were no more problems left to solve, and then it was avoidance. in eddie? obviously i'm not a psychologist and everything i'm saying is purely speculation. but eddie's a soldier, right? he keeps looking for a way forward, a way through. then chris is in a tsunami, and there's the nightmares he has after the event, and the moment that eddie realises that chris has been dreaming about shannon drowning. this is where we see a crack in his facade, and once again, all the emotions he'd carefully put away regarding shannon's death came bubbling back to the surface, because he never properly dealt with them.
and then, eddie gets angry. and that's a really understandable part of grief because you get angry at the world, at the circumstances, at yourself even, for not being able to do anything to stop what's happened. i remember some days feeling so angry that i might explode. and i think for eddie, maybe anger's an easier emotion to deal with than sadness and/or anguish. it's more recognisable, an easier demon to co-exist with because he's never let himself sit in the pain before, the upset, the devastation of what he thought his life was going to look like being snatched away from him. now do i hate the fight club arc? detest it. do i think it tracks for eddie character wise? absolutely. i think he knew he couldn't afford to explode at home in front of chris, so he needed an outlet and he got handed one on a silver platter.
next, i want to touch on the conversation between bobby and eddie in 4x06. easily, hands down one of my favourite moments in the show. "i know what it's like to be stuck inside the worst moment of your life." i think bobby, because of his experiences, can tell that eddie isn't really dealing with what's happened to shannon. and i think this conversation is such a pivotal moment to touch on because for the first time we've seen, someone gets it. someone's been where eddie is, felt the pain he's feeling all the time, the guilt, the longing for what he knows he won't get back. and bobby acknowledging to eddie that he doesn't have to forget shannon to start moving forward ("i'm still not over it. over her."/"and you never will be.") is the first kind of lightbulb moment we see for eddie. in this moment, we see him realise that he can sit with his grief and sit with the emotions it makes him feel without letting it consume him.
jumping ahead to 5A, obviously we've all seen eddie's been spiralling for a long time now post shooting. the panic attack, the almost breakdown at the hospital, even his reaction when he was being held hostage screams i need help. i think for the first time in a long time, eddie isn't able to neatly box up his emotions and tuck them away. compartmentalization has been somewhat of a fail-safe for eddie for years now. eddie the dad and eddie the firefighter and eddie the friend almost exist as completely different entities at this point. he tucks away his emotions, especially the ugly ones into the furthest corners of his mind because he'd rather do that than confront them up close and personal. however, one thing i learned in therapy is that the longer you ignore a problem, usually, the worse it gets. and even though we got a sniff of eddie acknowledging his feelings in 4x06, he quickly tucked those away and labelled them 'for another day'. now, how does this tie into 5A and consequently, 5B?
5x10 is key. first of all, massive shout out to gavin mchugh who utterly acted his ass off in this episode. but he portrays through chris so well that the idea of grief and grieving isn't linear. first, the christmas decorations, then the gingerbread house and then the nightmare. i know these aren't in order, but just hear me out. let's start with the nightmare. kids having nightmares about losing a parent, especially after having lost one already is extremely common. i know when my dad died, i had nightmares frequently for well over a year. when you add into that the fact that eddie got shot and very well could've died? chris has had a lot on his little shoulders the past few years.
a big thing when anyone goes through a bereavement for the first time is the idea that they get confronted with mortality. i think, especially with kids, they tend to look to their parents like they'll never die, like they're untouchable, but when a parent dies or gets seriously injured, the metaphorical rug is snatched from underneath them and they're left floundering. now chris is canonically a very intelligent kid, and i think he connected the dots a lot earlier than any of us would like in terms of just how close eddie came to dying. but because eddie hasn't been talking about it, chris hasn't either. and then christmas made everything come to a head. hearing chris scream "you could be dead next year!" sent chills down my spine, and in that exact moment i could see what eddie was thinking; the regret, the loathing.
his conversation with carla is where the fissures start to show fully and truly, and we get a true glimpse into eddie's brain for the first time this season ("bullets don't bounce off me carla. i learnt that the hard way."). it's the first time he has admitted to anyone, maybe even himself that he's not okay, that there is something bothering him. it's been bubbling under the surface for a long time now and a lot of us have been saying chris was going to be the catalyst, i just don't think any of us knew in what way. i definitely wasn't expecting that episode ending, but i do think it's a necessary step in the diaz boys' journey. i think everything eddie does is for chris, and he's doing this because he thinks it's best for chris. this sets the stage, at least in my opinion very well for 5B.
i think in 5B, the diaz boys need to establish open communication, both between themselves and with others. i seriously think they could both do with some therapy. i think they both have a lot of complex thoughts and emotions they need to work through. i think eddie needs to do this completely away from the 118 because, as we saw from defend in place, how he's feeling is beginning to affect how he is on the job, and when you're a first responder, i think eddie knows that you can't really afford for that to be the case. i think he needs to get some therapy, i think chris needs to get some therapy, but i also think eddie needs to have an open and honest conversation with chris; he will always do his best to avoid getting hurt no matter what he's doing, but there's no guarantees. it can be a hard pill for a child to swallow, but children do tend to appreciate when adults are honest with them, because it can cause a lot more problems down the line if they're not.
bottom line is, i think this is a necessary (but painful) step in the right direction for both eddie and chris. they need to do this so they can both heal and begin to move forward, but i have every faith that eddie will be back in the job at some point.
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maries-gallery · 23 hours ago
This happened when i was little, i was 3 my and my sister was 5 my grandmother who lived cross country was getting on her bus to go home.
I didn't understand why she was leaving and started to cry, which made my sister start to cry. My mom, 34 alone at the bus terminal with two heartbroken kids, starts to cry. We are all standing on the side walk crying HYSTERICALLY as the bus pulls away.
The bus STOPPED. The bus driver and every single passenger was CRYING or tearing up at the site (except my grandma) The bus driver made her get off the bus to comfort us and say goodbye to all of us again.
Imagine Armin has to go cross country and his two little seashells start crying, the youngest bawling hysterically, his older usually cheerful seashell making this heart wrenching wailing noise. and his beloved wife is trying very hard not to, but eventually does start sobbing along.
How would Armin react when the bus driver makes him get off and comfort them?
(I'm sorry for this, the memory popped in my head while i was reading your stories and had to ask, feel free to ignore)
Please that is the cutest thing I've read today. Thank you so much for sharing this very heart warming souvenir, anon !
genre : fluff
warnings : none
Armin saw many things during his survey corps years and as a commander, but one thing he can't bear is the sight of his girls' tears.
His heart aches in his chest, heavy like a stone and tongue bitter in his mouth as he stares at the three of you with trembling blue eyes. His little seashells' cries tear through his resolve as he ponders over getting off the bus and staying with you. Go back home holding your hand, play with the girls like they always do and embrace you at night.
But he can't.
The bus driver doesn't even have the time to open his mouth before Armin climbs down from the bus and crouches in front of his seashells, wiping his youngest's tears away with his thumb before kissing her forehead softly. Then pressing a kiss to the top of her older sister's head before finally turning to you with a soft smile, emotions rippling in his tender gaze. He misses you already.
"I'll be back soon, okay ?" He whispers gently, lips meeting yours in a tender kiss as he holds his seashells to his sides. "I promise."
Once away, he sends letters every two days, with news of his trip and some funny anecdotes. He asks about you, how you are doing and if you've all been visiting the sea in his absence. Have you found some new shells for your collection ?
The only thing keeping him from running back home to your sides being the pictures he keeps in his wallet, the four of you, smiling brightly as you play in the waves and bathe in the gentle light of the Sun. Every day, he kisses it goodnight before bed. Every day, he holds it close to his chest when things become unbearable without you here. All until he can finally hold the three of you in his arms and breathe again.
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alltoolewin · 2 days ago
Day 5: Home Is Where The Heart Is- Jadon Sancho 🎄
Can't believe it's day 5 already & I haven't messed it up lol (Jinxed this lol!) Thank you all so much for the love so far!!
Tumblr media
Summary: When your flight gets cancelled last minute due to a snowstorm... Jadon helps you release that It doesn't matter how far away your loved ones are... home is the place the heart is!
Prompt: “If you can’t get home for the holidays then I won’t go home either”
(Not proofread!)
Your phone dropped out of your hand as soon as the email flashed your phone... your worst nightmare was actually coming true...
Dear customer,
I am so sorry to let you know that flight 234 to Dortmund, Germany which was due to leave at 8:35pm tonight, has had to be cancelled due to the high demand of reports of unsafe weather. This is unfortunately out of our hands and we are aware that this announcement may cause disruption with many of your holiday's plans and we sincerely apologise for this. We hope you understand that this decision was not made easily and we wish you all an amazing Christmas!
With love & kind regards
You had an idea that this would happen, it being blasted over the news about the huge snowstorm channelling the European region! However, a part of you remained hopeful that you would finally be able to hug your family for the first time in 6 long months! The minute Jadon told you he would be moving to Manchester, you knew you had to go with him! Not only because he was your boyfriend and any long-distance after 2 years of being inseparable would kill you, but also because he was your rock... he was your purpose, the purpose you never knew you had until you met him! Your parents didn't take the news lightly, not liking the idea of their youngest moving miles and miles away for her partners benefit! However, as they saw the way he looked at you like nothing else mattered in the world... they knew their baby was in safe hands! As you waved them goodbye in the airport, you promised them that you would see them soon... however little did you know that it would be 6 months and counting! Every time you planned to visit them something struck, from Covid restrictions to Jadon's injuries and now this! It felt as though the world was punishing you for leaving them behind! You had no regrets about leaving Germany... Jadon was your soulmate! However, a part of you wished it was easier to be able to see them!
When Jadon arrived back later that day, he was expecting to walk into an empty house! The both of you said your farewells and Christmas wishes before he left for training earlier that day! His heart dropped once he saw your suitcase still perched against the living room door, tickets spread across the table... It didn't take a genius for him to realise what had happened!
Rushing around the house he desperately searched for you! He knew how excited you were to see your family, especially being able to surprise them on Christmas eve! "Gorgeous... you in her-!" Stopping in his tracks as he entered your shared bedroom, he felt his heartbreak at the sight in front of him. You, curled in a ball as your tears stained your silk pillowcases, quiet sobs leaving your mouth as you stared at the bedside picture of your family. He couldn't help but feel guilty for making you homesick, don't get him wrong it hasn't been the easiest of transitions for him to make, the city not exactly being that welcoming to him so far... but he knew how much it had been affecting you! It was a completely new setting for a 21-year-old, who had 0 experience with being away from home!
"Baby..." He cooed, making his way over to your shaking body, as he crouched down in front of you "Hey.. hey.. what happened..." Tears beamed your eyes as they hovered over his concerned figure "I-I'm n-never gon-na be abl-e to see th-em I a-am..." You stuttered, a sob escaping your mouth as the words you thought left your mouth for the first time. Jadon immediately jumped into your bed, moving you slightly to the side as he pulled you in his chest, allowing your tears to soak his shirt...
"Hey... don't say that baby... you will see them okay!" Brushing your hair off your clammy forehead, he left delicate kisses on your forehead an action that after 2 years of love he knew calmed you down... but this time it didn't seem to work!
"When Jadon?" You gasped, words coming out a lot harder than you anticipated, making Jadon's body go tense "Everyone's keep telling that I will see them soon... that I will go home soon! But I don't!!! I love you J... and I love it here... but it's not home... not yet anyway..." Your words were like a dagger to his heart! He knew your words weren't supposed to be malicious, you were hurt... however hearing you say that your new place wasn't home hurt him. He knew you were struggling to fit into this new life, being away from your family for the first time, being in a new country, not knowing anyone else apart from Jadon... He tried his best to make it feel more homely, letting you have your own space, putting elements of Germany into the décor and food cupboard, but it pained him to realise that you still didn't feel like you were fitting in!
"Hey.. hey... Look at me!" Jadon sighed, grabbing onto your face gently as he tilted your head to look at him "I know this whole transition thing has been tough for you... and I am so grateful that you took the risk and decided to go on this rollercoaster with me... This..." His hand pointed across the room "Is not our home...." You furrowed your eyebrows as he took your hand in his, placing it on his chest before placing his hand on yours "This is... Us... as long as we're together, we are home!"
"But you're leaving tonight..." You sighed, tears filling your eyes once again as you were reminded that you were gonna be alone for Christmas... Jadon was spending this Christmas in London, having it being the first time in years that the brit was in his home country for the season!
"About that..." He smirked, whipping out his phone as he dialled his mum's number. Eyes going wide you tried to stop him "J... What are you do-"
"Hi mum... yeah yeah, were good... Keeping warm... Yeah about the weather... I don't think I will be able to come tonight... I know but the storm and it is a 6-hour journey, not knowing if I will be able to come back for the match in 2 days, it's just a risk... I know you wouldn't want me to... thanks I won't be alone don't worry, I've got (y/nn)" Smiling down as you he caresses your cheek softly before replying to his mum "I will... I also do mum... she's my world!" Your eyes began to tear, as you listened to his words... "Merry Christmas... Love you!"
Once he hung up his phone, he was instantly pulled into your grasp, his shirt being wettened by your tears for a completely different reason from earlier tonight "Why did you do that... You were so excited to see your family..."
Smiling down at you he placed a gentle kiss on your lips, placing your hand back on his chest as he beamed "If you can't go home for Christmas then I'm not going either!..."
"Jadon.... your family! You can't leave them..."
"I told you, baby... you are my family & I hope you will see that one day...."
It was at that moment you saw it... You didn't need to be in Germany to be with your family... as long as you had Jadon with you, showering you with purity and love... you were home!
"I see it Jadon..." You whispered, voice breaking as you pushed your lips to his, mumbling against his lips as you felt him smile "You my home Jadon...!"
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thefanbasewhore · 21 hours ago
Can I request a Hal x reader where she’s playing with the children of a duke and duchess and Hal watches from afar and fantasies on having children with her soon as well as the making of them.
summary: Hal wants babies, lots of them
warning; breeding kink??, Suggestive, no actual smut but 18+
paring: Henry V (Hal) x female reader
a/n: should I make a full imagine about this instead of a drabble? Idk I'm kinda inspired but it won't be until after my finals next week 😩 also I feel like these suck bc I don't have much time to write them 😑😑
Join the Hal tag list
Tumblr media
"Once again, cousin, you are thought to be a lucky man." The Duke nods at the king, meeting his line of sight out the window. The Duke's three young children laughing and giggling as you chase them in the dewy grass.
The hem of your dress is starting to soak through and staining green under the moss. The king knew this all so well, he was in fact lucky. The sight alone is enough to cause a hunger deep inside his stomach.
A fire that cannot be tamed, the flames ignite warmth in his veins and belly. A desire he cannot seem to burn out. The desire to impregnate you, fill you with his sons and daughters, many of them.
For the last few weeks all he could think about is waking up next to you with a swollen stomach, breast round with milk to nurture his children. Hal watches the way you look towards him and he's never thought you looked more free. While most women scowl at the thought of a dirty dress you welcome it, truly, one of the reasons he loves you so.
You smile at him and wave while squishing your cheek to one of the younger boys in a tight hug, picking up the toddler and rocking him back and forth. Suddenly, his thoughts are only filled with an babe in your arms that resemble all the beautiful parts of you and him but also another in your stomach, just far along to see the small bump, feel it under his hands.
"Yes, yes I am but as you as also, you have been blessed with many beautiful children."
All throughout the rest of the night you can't help but notice his flirty gaze, the cheeky touches along with the excessive kisses. It wouldn't be so odd, if it wasn't for the fact that he had company but he didn't seem to care any longer.
The moment you're alone in the chambers, a large hand cups your rear and squeezes softly before he turns you around to face the wall.
"What has gotten into you?" The giggle vibrates against his neck, makes him suck harsh marks with the intent of leaving them behind for days against the nape of your neck.
Hip bones pushed into the table while Hal boxes in behind you, pinning you against the surface as he continues to press kisses against any uncovered flesh he can find. Though he is behind and you cannot see him, those hazel eyes are filled with a darkening lust and it is proven as the hard line of his erection presses against your rear. "I have a confession."
The whispered words causes the hairs of your neck to stand up as the other starts to undo the laces of your corset. "What is it, my love?"
"All I can think about is you full with my babe, giving me sons and daughters, a family."
With this said you pause, stiffening almost instantly. Of course it was bound to happen, it must but it truly caught you at surprise, it came out of no where.
"Can we do that?" His hand affectionately cups your throat, using his fingers to turn your head just the slightest so you can see him out of the corner of your eyes. "Can you give me a family, sweet girl? I want nothing more then to see you around with my children, fill you with them.."
The way he talks is so filthy but loving, it dries your throat instantly, a hand comes up your skirt, hovering where you want him most. Waiting and waiting for him to make a move until a kiss against your jaw confirms he's waiting for consent, "Yes, yes, please. Want to have your heirs, Hal, please."
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aquato-family-circus · 22 hours ago
A few more bits from the Zanotto-Aquato swap!
Truman is better at communicating with Lili than canon Augustus is with Raz, given the circumstances. The Zanottos didn't have fame or infamy before Grulovia like the Aquatos did, so they don't have as many enemies. Instead of explicitly denouncing psychics, he instead actively encourages Lily to keep her psychic powers hidden. One time, though, Lili did use her telekinesis to stop a bully. This incident escalated to the point that the Zanottos had to hurriedly flee the state, and Truman gave Lili a stern talking to... perhaps a bit too stern.
Lili has skills in parkour in place of Raz's acrobatics. This gives her a noticeably different skillset than Raz - trapezes don't come naturally to her, and neither does swinging from bars, but she can climb a lot better and even do some psychically-enhanced wall running.
The plant version of the Hand of Galochio isn't as active, since it's a lot harder to avoid plants. It mainly acts up when Lili's stressed or when she perceives the plant as dangerous. (Thorny plants, threateningly-colored plants, oddly-shaped plants, carnivorous plants, and plants that she knows are poisonous are the worst.) This makes most levels a lot easier, but it makes the Brain Tumbler Experiment absolute hell. When she learns she has to go there more than once, she is very tempted to set Sasha on fire.
She also adapts a lot quicker when she realizes that it isn't actually a curse, but her own latent powers. While it takes Raz until the post-game for the Hand of Galochio, Lili's 'curse' lessens considerably after completing Helmut's brain and learning the truth. Good thing too, or it would be near-impossible for her to get to the gulch.
If Cassie does take Otto's place, there are still some of Otto's inventions here and there. He's still inventing, he's just isolating himself to an even greater degree than in canon. Some things, however, are definitively Cassie's work, especially all the food items, which are now honey-based.
Helmut didn't actually get his mind shattered. He couldn't bring himself to do it, and only did it to Bob because, in a fleeting moment of lucidity, Bob begged him to. The guilt absolutely destroyed Helmut, and he never quite recovered. (I can't really see Helmut thinking to alter Bob's mind like that on his own. This is the only solution I can think of.)
Truman was younger than Augustus was in this, so he didn't really understand all that happened. All he really remembered were that his parents were gone because they went to visit his uncle, who he had never met and never seen a picture of; that plants were terrifying; and that this wierd viking guy put him in the care of this other wierd guy he didn't recognize, without telling him why. (Helmut didn't have the heart to tell him, and definitely didn't have the heart to use the Brain Tumbler. That may be for the best.)
Truman works as a travelling craftsman, selling figurines and tools. His family can't afford to stay in one place too long. That's the one thing that the Viking warned him about. He never said why.
I'm not sure what to do in place of Ford's levels. After all, Helmut doesn't have his mind shattered. The only thing I can think of his that he repressed his memories the normal way (or possibly through Cassie's techniques, and gee, wouldn't that be heartwrenching for her to learn?) and in order for Lili to make progress in his head, she has to find mementos from the previous psychic six to help jog certain parts of his memory: Cassie and Compton encouraging his romance with Bob; Lucy inadvertently sending Bob away and Ford trying to help keep him and Helmut in touch; and Otto trying to help him immediately before, during, and after the battle of Grulovia, with very limited success.
Cassie is easy, she readily gives Lili her and Compton's mementos when Lili explains that she wants to help Helmut - not fix, she's learned her lesson about that, just help. Even so, this prompts Cassie to start looking into what's going on.
Otto is also something that Lili thinks will be easy. It is decidedly not. Otto is having one of his bad days, and shouts at Lili to get out... but similar to canon!Bob, one of his machines - which I should note are explicitly AI, since Otto has spent more time focusing on his inventions here - begs her to help, initiating Otto's level.
Ford and Lucy, though, are difficult. After all, Ford's dead and Lucy is isolating herself. Thankfully, one of the Aquatos comes to the rescue. Dion tells Lili that there's an old picture of Great Aunt Lucy, Ford, and Helmut stored away in an old storage room in the back of the mailroom. Problem is, nobody has gotten around to replacing the fingerprint scanner with a thinkerprint scanner yet, so only Nick's body can open it, and Lili can't get him to stand still long enough to activate it, so she decides to see if there are any free brains around.
Speaking of brains, Helmut did not know that he had Ford's brain. It had fallen into a flower that the Green man had shut soon after. It was the bud of a flower that meant a lot to Helmut and Bob, so Helmut brought it with him to the Astrolathe, but left it behind. The flower then wiltedprotecting Ford's brain from the elements until Otto happened upon it during one of his many unsuccessful attempts to distract himself from his own guilt.
The only main difference with the interns is that Frazie is one of them. She may also be dating Lizzie (because I prefer that ship much more TBH), but it's never confirmed until the post-game. She also is not amused by the hazing.
I don't have much to add to this, but I really like the thought you put into how to transfered game mechanics and narrative concepts into the swap - Lili doing PARKOUR and the concept that Helmut did NOT directly one-to-one do exactly what Ford did in canon being some of my favs. It feels natural for them despite the circumstances being flipped on their head
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narniaandthenorth · 2 days ago
Hello, lovely! Could I have a comfort fic with Thorin, please? I’ve had a hard couple of weeks after the passing of my mum, and remaining strong can be hard at times. Romantic pairing with Thorin and my pronouns are she/her. Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Sorry to hear about your mum, darling - sending lots of hugs and this comfort fic your way x
Lavender's Blue
A Thorin/Reader request fic
Tags: Slight angst, Comfort, Fluff
Warnings: None
Dwarvish translations:
Ghivashel = Treasure of all treasures
Amrâlimê = My love
This is a work of fiction. I made it up. None of the characters or places mentioned belong to me.
Something was wrong, Thorin thought to himself. Something was very wrong indeed. Erebor had been reclaimed, the orc armies defeated, a treaty was being drawn up with the elves, and he had you by his side. But there was a look in your eyes he did not like, a sad, empty look, almost longing. Something was definitely wrong.
"What's wrong, ghivashel?" Thorin asked, when you had blown out the candle and got into bed.
"Wrong? Nothing's wrong - I'm fine, amrâlimê." you replied. But your eyes still bore that sad, haunted look that they had worn in the Great Hall.
"If I am not making you happy - if I have done anything at all to offend you-" Thorin began.
"What! No! Amrâlimê, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Please, I am fine." you sighed.
"You look sad, and I only wish to make you happy again - to see you smile again. You didn't even laugh when Kili threw a roll of bread at Fili, and hit Dwalin instead!"
"That's because it wasn't funny - Dwalin threatened to drown him in the soup cauldron!"
"Twas merely a jest. But that is beside the point. You are unhappy, ghivashel." Thorin sat up, and cupped your face in his hands. "Tell me."
You sighed. "I miss the sky, and the forests, and the rivers. Erebor is beautiful, and it is certainly not dark or gloomy, but it is different to what I am used to."
Thorin said nothing, but let go of you and got up out of the bed.
"I did not mean to offend you. I'm sorry, amrâlimê, I will try to be happier here." You looked down, dejected. You had said to much, and now he was leaving you. A single tear slid down your face.
A hand extended in your direction made you look up. Thorin smiled, took your hand in his, and led you out of your chambers, through a door you had never seen before, and up a long flight of stairs. On and on you climbed, higher and higher, until you came to another door set in the rock.
Thorin unlocked the door and held it open. You walked through, and gasped. A stone balcony had been carved into the top of the mountain, and the view was like nothing you had ever seen. The sun was beginning to rise above the horizon, and the river shone like silver. In the distance, the great forest of Mirkwood could be seen.
"It is said that Durin himself ordered this balcony made, when the first dwarves built Erebor." Thorin said.
"It's beautiful." you whispered.
"So it is." he replied, You turned, and realised that he was looking at you. A blush rose up your cheeks, and you looked down at your feet. Thorin pressed the crook of his finger beneath your chin, and, tilting your head up, leaned in and kissed you.
Warmth that had nothing to do with the rising sun spread through you from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, and you put your arms around your husband.
Thorin drew back after a few moments, and began to sing softly.
"Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, lavender's green
When I am King, dilly dilly, you shall be Queen
Lavender's green, dilly dilly, lavender's blue
You must love me, dilly dilly, for I love you."
You smiled, and Thorin leaned in to kiss you once more.
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the-soulofdevil · a day ago
Tumblr media
Title: A Mere Replacement series- The Self (2/2)
Pairing: Steve Rogers X reader, Loki x Reader.
Theme: NonDark
Genre: Marvel - AU
Warnings: healing, forgiveness, mention of therapy, guilt repentance, feels, angst, a hopeful ending, apologies.
Note: Reposted from old blog.
📿 Seeing your adoptive parents laying in a casket was difficult, nevertheless you didn't feel alone. The people you grew up with as neighbours were by your side.
And that's what got you thinking.
These people loved you for who you were. They knew the real you and loved you. They didn't look at you like you were a burden.
Sure love is a beautiful thing and so are the emotions that follow it, but in the end, they're attached to a human and humans sure can be toxic.
Steve aside, you were pissed at Peggy and it bothered you because you were supposed to let go once the person is dead or so everyone said. You were also pissed at Bucky and others but it was nothing compared to Peggy. The realisation of loosing yourself made you take up therapy.
You sat in therapist's office and ranted. Years of frustration, anger and tears flooded out. You felt better to actually say it out loud. You felt heard. You forgave yourself as time passed. You wrote letters expressing your emotions towards them and burnt them. At first they were long and then slowly you stopped writing them altogether. It wasn't entirely forgiveness and you'd never forget, but surely you were heading to a peaceful life.
Steve Rogers was mess. The betrayal and guilt were too much for him to handle. And everyone went through the same, except Bucky.
Bucky had always been protective towards Steve and when Peggy came along he became protective towards both of them. He couldn't bring to forgive himself for what had happened.
Time flew by but the feelings they had didn't change. They no longer had get togethers old memories still were fresh.
It took immense courage for for both Bucky and Steve to face eachother. And when they did, walls echoed of tears and apologies. Eventually they made up. And now it was their mission to find you.
You had moved to Boston. The change of place and work was essential for your growth. You were drowned deep in your work when you felt eyes on you and looked around only to find him.
Thor Odinson.
Thor was the only one who ever gave you a smile. He never said anything but his eyes gave away that he didn't like how others treated you. But he was equally guilty for never stepping up for you. But at least he was not better than others.
So now that he stood in front of you, you didn't know what to say or how to react. You couldn't read what he was thinking but sure his face was filled with guilt you had never seen before or even expected.
Letting out a sigh you gave him a sad smile and resumed your work. You could still feel his gaze though.
Thor couldn't stop staring.
He was lost in thoughts of you and your memories. And Peggy of course. He should have listened to his brother Loki when he said Peggy seemed pretentious. He should have listened to his friend Val when she said you were innocent and didn't deserve what they threw at you and that he should stand up for you.
Taking a deep breath the walked towards you. He sat unannounced to your surprise.
"I'm so sorry for everything. You didn't deserve it. I was an asshole to not stand up for you. I'm sorry. I know I cannot undo anything but I can assure you, I'll spend rest of my life showing you how sorry I am. You don't have to ever interact with me if you don't want to, but here, take my card. You need anything I'll come running for you. I'm sorry." Thor ended his speech breathlessly.
You could only stare. Thor has his part to play but he wasn't as hurtful as others. At least he stood before you and apologized.
Once again you gave him a sad smile. "I forgive you."
Thor hugged you tight squeezing the air out of you. At first you were surprised and felt weird, but after a moment you hugged him back.
"Would you do me a favor?" You asked.
Thor nodded.
"Don't tell anyone you saw me."
"I won't." Thor assured you. "I'm sorry for how Peggy treated you. You deserved better." He said apologetically.
You were surprised. "How do you know?"
And then Thor spent rest of the time telling you about the letters. You cried and laughed at the same time. Thor understood you and stayed with you as you zoom called your therapist.
You felt nothing different after Peggy's letter, not towards her or Steve. Maybe inch of satisfaction.
Thor told you how everyone had fallen apart and that they all deserved it. The day ended with you and him having dinner together and separating your ways and him promising you to not tell anyone about you.
You slept better. Not because of the letter but because you were proud of yourself for moving on and being a better person.
Thor vowed to keep your secret and be there for you till his last breath. After the letters were read no one really spoke, not with Steve not with one another. Guilt was heavy. From what he had heard, Tony and Pepper had moved away together, Sam took up a new job that paid half what he deserved and yet work hours were long and tiresome, Clint too vanished somewhere as did Bruce and Natasha who was left heartbroken by both her own actions and Peggy's left somewhere as well. Bucky and Steve were usually left in bars drinking last he remembered. Everyone was in a bad shape. They punished themselves in someway.
Thor checked in on you every once a while in hope you'd be friends with him some day, but you couldn't. But you sure became friends with his brother Loki.
You met Loki when he tagged along with Thor one day.
Loki knew your tale. He just wanted to see you once. You shared similarities with him except Thor was nicer and better than Peggy.
You met regularly and hung out. He was the first friend you ever made without Peggy's interference.
Loki saw right threw you. You didn't have to hide yourself in any way. Your friendship continued to blossom until one day yet again you were standing before your past.
Steven Grant Rogers.
The man himself was standing before you. His eyes red and filled with tears.
Steve visited every place Peggy ever mentioned. Now knowing she always said things you liked. Boston wasn't exactly in the list. He just wanted to visit Thor one last time as he was planning to leave the country forever. It was too much to stay back and relive every memory. Bucky taken off wherever Natasha had called him. Their love wasn't a secret but it took heart breaks and guilt for a confession. They both were suffering in their own way and being together wasn't of any help. They had done fair share of mistakes and now it was biting them back.
You were with Loki as he was saying something in your ear that had you giggling. Steve had never seen you smile, and when you did, he was never there to witness.
You truly were beautiful. Your eyes sparkled with happiness.
Were you always this pretty?
And in that moment, Steve wanted nothing more than to just hold you and cry.
He kept watching as you came out giggling and standing before him struck in surprise. He watched your face fall. He watched your smile turn into frown.
You took a step back.
Loki's eyes followed you and your expression, he saw the man who hurt you in front of him, his own smile flattered. Instinctively his wrapped his arm around you, a protective yet gentle stance. Loki waited for your reaction, but you didn't give any. He kept looking at you until a sob broke the silence.
Steve was crying. He was on his knees. He took your hand and placed it on his forehead crying.
You were left frozen. This was the man you once loved selflessly. He was a pawn in Peggy's game as well. To see him like this hurt you no matter the past, in that moment you just wanted to comfort him.
And you did.
For a long time you stood holding onto Steve as he held your legs and cried. You were crying as well, as Loki held you close.
It was a moment wherein you and Steve both were crying for the loss of love that was meant to be and for the defeat you faced against Peggy.
In many ways you had been similar as well. Just like you and Loki. But the difference was, Loki had gotten opportunity to know you without the interference of Peggy.
After who knows how long, you got Steve on his feet and you both sat in the nearby diner.
"I know about the letters." You croaked.
And in that moment, the room was filled with silence, unspoken words and memories. Everyone looked somewhere that wasn't a face filled with emotions.
Loki held your left hand whereas Steve held your right. Both men had different things in their minds and yet their eyes were solemn. Their touch gentle and desperate.
No words were needed.
"I forgive you. But I don't know if I can go back to being with you. Or with anyone for that matter. At least not now" Both men knew those words were directed to them.
You looked at Loki who smiled and nodded, kissing your forehead.
You looked at Steve who caressed your thumb and gave a weak smile.
You looked outside. It was raining now. Just like it was in all your hearts. You still were holding hands and silence was loud as it was sometime ago.
You all were waiting for the rains to stop in a hope that once it does, there will be a rainbow.
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