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#this idea got stuck in my head while i was at work and i COULDNT REST UNTIL I MADE IT REAL
17tetsuro · 4 months ago
could u do fake dating headcanons where they slowly fall for u w atsumu, kenma & oikawa,, gn pronounces are fine :)
haikyuu boys slowly falling for you (fake dating edition) (gn!reader)
feat: atsumu, kenma, oikawa
warnings: fake dating, abuse of cliche tropes and commas and question marks, timeskip setting because im anything but creative, swearing
requests are open!
a/n: thank you for requesting this!! i hope you like it :D
* you’ve been friends with him ever since high school and you watched his career grow
* youre both equally proud of each other n your friendship is built on mutual respect, trust and love
* you basically live in his apartment, with how much time you spend over there
* he would complain 24/7 about not having anyone to go to events with
* at one point you wanted to strangle him for never shutting up about it so you propose you go with him from time to time
* atsumu: “yeah, that was a setup”
* he KNOWS you’re drop dead gorgeous and everyone will be jealous of him that you’re with him (and you also look very good in formalwear, which he very much enjoys)
* and you get to have free food and drinks and also wear immaculate expensive clothes
* so,, you became his regular date for sponsorship events and stuff
* and you never really outright said you were just friends?? so you’re used to the media portraying you two as lovers but your close circle is aware that your relationship is platonic
* everything was going great until one of his sponsor company’s heir started hitting on you
* atsumu saw you flirting with the person and his mind went blank
* he,, he didn’t understand why he wanted to commit multiple crimes on the spot
* bokuto conveniently showed up next to atsumu at that moment
“hey, atsumu? why is your date flirting with them?” bokuto asked, suddenly appearing next to atsumu, which startled the latter out of his thoughts.
a better question would be why atsumu saw red at the thought of you getting friendly with anyone but him that night. he tried his best to keep his composure, but it was hard when you rested a hand on the heir’s shoulder, leaning your head back while laughing.
“atsumu, are you not going to answer me? your lover is-“
“my what?” atsumu asked, attention now completely off you.
“your lover? is that a term you don’t like? i could say partner... significant other... or anything you want, really,” bokuto answered, apologizing.
“you- you think me and (y/n) are together?”
“aren’t you? what, with the way you look at each other i was convinced you two were like... high school sweethearts or something, who hate pda,” bokuto explained, while atsumu’s eyes trailed back to you.
“you think... you think they’d wan’ me?”
“are you blind, buddy?”
you must have sensed their gazes, because as soon as those words left bokuto’s mouth, your eyes snapped towards atsumu and bokuto. the latter started waving with a cheerful smile while the former just stood, entranced by you and your presence. atsumu noticed traces of confusion appearing on your face, and watched as you excused yourself from the conversation you were previously interested in.
“‘tsumu, are you alright?” you questioned, approaching the pair. bokuto grinned and left, which made you even more confused.
“yeah, i’m fi- fine. hey, uh, (y/n), say... do you- why did you offer to come to these events as my date?” atsumu asked, eyes dead set on yours. you cracked a confused smile. you seemed to be capable of nothing but confusion at the moment.
“because you’re my best friend and i hated to see you so down because of your loneliness at these gatherings,” you replied, holding his gaze. “why didn’t you oppose it?”
his eyes studied you and when he saw nothing but sincerity, he let out a loud sigh. this was all very new and confusing to him. it’s like bokuto calling you atsumu’s lover set off a bomb inside his head that instead of causing a mess, made everything fall into place; why his gaze seemed to linger on you more often than before, why he was so eager to choose your outfits for these events, why he went to parties he didn’t even have to attend, why he got so jealous and angry when he saw you with the cute heir.
“holy shit,” he breathed and ran his hands through his hair, letting out a nervous chuckle and lowering his gaze to the ground. “holy shit.”
“you look like you’ve been enlightened, and i love that for you, but ‘tsumu, i’m still very confused.”
“i’m in love with you,” he said in disbelief, and quickly snapped his eyes back to your face when he realized he said it out loud. “i- i mean- i’m not in love with you, no way in hell, you’re- you’re my best friend, you- you smack my head whenever i say somethin’ inappropriate, you keep me from underminin’ myself, you always lift my spirits and for fuck’s sake, please, stop lookin’ at me like that because i will be getting hopeful and if you’re just joking, i will never hear the end of it and-“
you finally hd enough of his rambling and cut him off with a kiss. at first he froze, but seconds later he melted into your embrace, hands sneaking around your waist, pulling you closer.
when your lips separated, atsumu gasping for air after his word vomit and the long kiss you shared, you spoke up. “miya atsumu, you’re a real dumbass, you know that?”
his breath hitched and you kept quiet for a second to let him suffer a bit.
“but you’re my dumbass. i love you, you absolute piece of work.”
atsumu honest to god giggled and leaned in for another kiss, which you gave him without hesitation.
somewhere in the room, bokuto was collecting the money sakusa promised to give him if he got you two to kiss.
* kenma and you are both twitch streamers with similar content so you knew of each other but weren’t properly introduced
* until one of your mutual friends invited you both to stream among us with them
* you obv accepted
* so during the 3 hr stream, you and kenma were imposters together a lot and had the biggest, most twisted imp plays
* a friendly competition broke out at one point, too, trying to see who exposed the most impostors between the two of you
* your fans ate your dynamic up
* from then on, you two interacted more and started to appear in each others’ streams
* kenma even invited you to his minecraft smp
* you became besties basically
* SO
* all fun and games
* and then a huge sponsorship opportunity rolled in
* and the people at the company assumed you were dating
* uh oh
* you couldnt just tell them they have it wrong bc the whole thing depended on your relationship
* so
* big brain kenma suggest you two start to “date”
* you were against deceiving your followers but kenma assured you you could have a public breakup and tell everyone you were better off as friends
* so you reluctantly agreed
* it was only for two months anyways, what could go wrong?
* both of you, on week 3, in separate discord calls: uh oh, im in l*ve
* you both tried to cope (read: repress everything) but the realization on both of your parts threw your dynamic off a bit and fans have noticed
* so you had to do something abt it
* so kenma suggested you try your hand at a minecraft challenge together
* it was all fun and games until it wasnt
* you somehow ended up flirting back and forth ????
* chat was goin crazy, even in sub only mode
* both of you: ha ha im in danger
* when the stream ended, you stayed on call, because that was a routine you stuck to no matter what
“so... how are you doing?” you asked kenma, trying to clear the awkwardness from the air.
maybe you should have taken kenma’s refusal to talk about anything into account when initiating conversation.
kenma, on the other end of the call was anxiously playing with his fingers, trying to figure out if his chat was right, and you were indeed flirting with him. and him with you. god.
“hey, y/n,” kenma said after a while, “were you flirting with me?”
his bluntness startled you and you had to mute yourself for a few seconds while you collected yourself.
“is there a correct answer?” you asked hesitantly.
“oh... uhm, maybe? it wasn’t intentional. or maybe it was, subconsciously, i don’t know,” you admitted quietly.
“good. it was intentional on my part, i think,” and okay, that was not the reply you expected to hear.
“yeah, i- i like you i guess,” he said, sounding more confident by the minute. “do you like me too?”
“i- yeah. i do. i like you, kenma,” you replied, sighing a breath of relief. it felt good to admit it aloud to him.
“do you- would you maybe want to come over?” he asked sheepishly, which made absolutely no sense because he sounded so confident a second ago. “we could play mario kart?”
you let the beaming smile you were holding back take over your face. “i’ll be there in 10, kenma.”
“i’ll be waiting for you.”
* on god mans hated your guts
* like,, okay, you were iwa’s close friend but you were so annoyingly honest all the time
* it drove him mad
* what also drove him mad is the fact that you loved to tease him
* no matter what the circumstance, whether he was in japan or in argentina, you always found a way to make him blush
* okay so maybe hate is a strong word, because he kind of thought you were pretty, but in a platonic way
* dumbass
* iwa always give both of you shit for not liking each other
* so you came up with a big brain idea
* you: ”oikawa! we should date!”
* oikawa: “what”
* after you explained the concept of fake dating to him and its benefits (which included a staged dramatic breakup, giving you both a reason to hate each other without iwa complaining)
* he was totally down
* iwa, when he first saw you holding hands: “i knew it”
* SO!! thus began weeks of pretending to be in love with each other for the sake of iwa
* which turned from pretending to not pretending real quick for your liking
* falling in love with oikawa was not a plan of yours
* (falling in love with you wasn’t his, either)
* with iwa’s constant nagging of “i knew it, you both were head over heels for each other from the moment you met”, the time for the breakup came quicker than expected (maybe you both had enough. so what.)
* you agreed to do it in front of iwa so he could see it happen
* you chose a mcdonalds parking lot, because then you could storm off and iwa would follow you to make sure you were ok and oikawa could go home and sleep
* maybe winging it was not the best idea
“babe,” you said with venom, “haven’t i told you a thousand times that i do not want to hear about your exes? seriously, it’s like the only thing you talk about,” you complained, as your fake-boyfriend took a sip from his drink.
“well, babe,” his tone matching yours, “i would shut up about them if took the hint sometimes. maybe i don’t like going to the movies as much as you seem to, it’s boring,” he rolled his eyes, subtly glancing at iwa, who looked very uncomfortable third wheeling your argument. good
“jerk. i don’t even want to go to the movies that much, asshole,” you spat, crushing your empty cup in your hand.
“oh, you want to go to the movies plenty. face it, (y/n), you’re boring. no wonder you didn’t have a boyfriend before me,” he replied and his words, even though you knew were fake, still hit hard and you couldn’t help the tears gathering in your eyes.
“okay, then, thanks for these wonderful past few weeks, so glad you decided to take pity on me.” you tried to keep acting, encouraging yourself with the fact that if oikwa meant what he said, you wouldn’t have to talk to him if iwaizumi finally saw you two break up.
you expected a lot of things, but genuineness in oikawa’s eyes was not one of them.
“(y/n), i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it like that,” oikawa pleaded, clearly forgetting about your mutual goal.
with a mumbled whatever, you started walking home, letting the sunset wash over your face. when you knew you were out of sight, you sat down on a bench and just started crying.
you don’t know how much time passed, but you heard a voice behind you speak up.
“hey (y/n).”
“what the fuck do you want, oikawa? to rub in the fact that my first boyfriend was just faking it so his best friend would get off his back? leave me alone, jerk,” you said, trying to wipe your tears away.
“i- i didn’t mean it like that, please, believe me,” he replied, taking a seat next to you. you scooted away from him. he sighed.
“why would i believe you? why do you want to make up, anyways? this fight was pretty real, no way iwaizumi didn’t believe it,” you sniffed.
“because maybe... maybe i was very happy about the fact that i could be your boyfriend, even if it was fake. maybe i’m in love with you,” he said softly, leaning towards you.
“please, stop playing games. it’s over,” you replied, trying very hard to ignore the raw emotion in his voice as he spoke.
“i really am, (y/n). i wasn’t at first, i admit it, but now i am. i love you, please, believe me,” he begged and you finally made eye contact with him. eyes were mirrors of the soul, after all.
you studied his face for a few minutes, looking for anything that could indicate he was trying to pull a shit prank on you, but you found nothing.
“asshole. maybe i’m in love with you too, what would you do if i said that?” you asked, wiping your nose with your sleeves.
“kiss you.”
“do it, then, i guess. but you’re still not completely forgiven.”
“what do i have to do to earn your forgiveness, (y/n)?” he asked and you sent him a mischievous smile.
“take the blame for this whole fiasco with iwaizumi.” he froze at your words and visibly gulped, but nodded nonetheless.
“okay, i will. can i kiss you now?”
you rolled your eyes. “yeah.”
and he did.
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words-for-holland · a year ago
Quarantine Series: Burnt Out
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Summary: Y/N has to work from home during Quarantine, but when she gets extremely busy it’s up to Tom to find a way to help her relax .
A/N: This is my second attempt at this piece. Last time I created this it was super long but it got deleted 😩
Check the Rest: Burnt Out | A New Look | Secret Cuts & Kisses | Breaking Friendships |The Birthday Week | Movie Night | Silence is Golden?|
Tumblr media
All Y/N ever wanted was an opportunity to work from home. Then again, who wouldn't want that opportunity? All she could think about was how nice it’d be to work in the comfort of her own home, not have to dress up in business professional clothing, and most importantly be surrounded by the people she cared for the most. But as the saying goes, “Be careful for what you wish for.”
When a global pandemic decided to take over 2020, Y/N certainly got her wish. Her company was forced to work from home until further notice, but what she didn’t expect was the amount of work she would be given. Y/N was pulled from project to project with deadlines thin as paper, and was expected to pick up the extra work of those that were no longer with the company. There was no time to catch a breath, and there certainly was no time to spend with her beloved boyfriend, Tom. This only made Y/N more depressed and made the Holland boys only more concerned.
“Mate, you got to get her to take a break. She’s gonna overdo it.” Harrison commented to his best friend, as they watched Y/N type away like a zombie from the kitchen.
“You think I don’t know that?!” Tom responded with a defeated sigh. “Every time I ask her, she always brushes it off and claims shes fine. Don't get me wrong, Im proud of her and admire her work ethic, but damn its sucking the life out of her.”
Both Harrison and Tom continued to observe Y/N with a cup of tea on hand, wondering how long it would take before she snapped. Tom hated seeing her like this. To him this wasn’t fair. It’s not fair that her 8 hour shift now became a 15 hr shift. Its not fair that she had to work 3 weekends straight, and it certainly wasn’t fair that her company took precious time away to be together. It was hard enough already that he couldn’t spend time with Y/N like a normal boyfriend would because of filming. Now, that he has the opportunity to make up for the lost time, it’s taken away.
“What if you surprised her?” Harrison quipped.
Tom looked up at his best friend with curious eyes. It took a few minutes to sink in, until the brightest idea figuratively smacked him in the face. “Yeah...yeah!” he responded, a smile forming “And I think I know exactly how to do it.”
As Tom was working through the thought process of his brilliant plan, his younger brother entered the kitchen, looking for his usual afternoon snack. “Hey, does anyone know where —. Oh no...” Harry groaned as he looked up at Tom and Harry. “Whatever it is that you two are planning...Leave me out of it.”
“Come on, mate. You dont even know what were planning.” Harrison defended
“Believe me, I know enough and any plan that involves you in it, is likely to fail 99.9% of the time.” Harry opened up his bag of crisps as he continued to list out the other 99 possible reason why they should have left Y/N alone like she wanted. “Cmon guys, you know how she gets. When she doesnt want to be bothered, she doesnt want to be bothered.”
“You’re right Harry, but she’s so stressed, she’s homesick, and one day she’s going to overdo it. Id be a shit boyfriend, if I let it happen.” Tom reasoned. “Look, Im not trying to do anything crazy here. I just want to give her that sense of comfort and see her relax.”
Harry looked at his brother and then at Harrison, both displaying their best puppy dog eyes, in hopes that he’ll join in. “The face doesnt work on me...but I’ll help for Y/N’s sake.”
Meanwhile, Y/N continued her work in the living room, her eyes firmly glued to the computer screen. After being dragged into the kitchen and the Holland plan, Tuwaine slowly made his way to Y/N. “Hey Y/N.” he happily greeted. “I think it’s time for you get some fresh air, don’t you think?”
Y/N looked up, her glasses slightly shifting forward down her nose. “You know theres this thing called being stuck in Quaratine right?” she responded, continuing to code her project.
“I think the real question is do you really want to work here when there’s just nothing but CONSTANT NOISE !” Tuwaine yelled out, hoping the others would catch on.
“What?!” Tom yelled back. It took him some time to realize what Tuwaine meant by his statement. “Oh...Right!” Quickly, Tom grabbed whatever pot or pan he could grab his hands on and dropped them on the counter. Harrison and Harry gave Tom the strangest look. “What? I gave him some noise?”, he shrugged.
“See?” Tuwaine smiled back at Y/N. “You wouldnt want to distract that working brain of yours with all this going on, right?” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows as Tuwaine as she looked at him and the closed off kitchen. Did they think she was born yesterday? Of course she knew they were up to something. None of the boys were subtle enough to keep everything hush hush.
Y/N shook her head and decided to just go with it. The faster she complied, the faster they’d leave her alone, which only meant more time to finish her work. Tuwaine helped carry her laptop, mouse, and charger to the porch as he led her outside. “See, arent you glad your outside, breathing in fresh air with no distractions?”, Tuwaine spoke out.
Y/N took her time to admire the view. “Wow”, she whispered under her breath. Y/N couldnt remember the last time she set foot outdoors. Seeing the sunlight hit the flower beds, the gentle breeze rustle through the grass; it was beautiful. Of course, the moment was short lived with a simple ding, which only multiplied by the second.
Y/N dripped her head back, trying to rub out the frustration from her face. “Yes, well it was fun while it lasted. Duty calls.”
“Im sure they wouldnt mind if you just took five minutes for yourself at least.” Tuwaine commented, feeling bad about the amount of work he saw popping up on your screen.
“Yeah well that’s Corporate for you. Doesnt matter if you’re 500 km away or if a virus is hurting the population. If you’re not working, you’re useless.” Y/N shrugs. It wasn’t like her company was completely evil, this was just how business worked.
“I know Y/N, and we all see that you care deeply about your work but we’re all so worried about you too. We want you to be mentally okay as well. I know Tom is worried about you the most...He misses you, you know.”
Y/N’s heart dropped the second she heard him say it. She knew that all of this was gonna take some time away from Tom, but she hadn’t realized how much he would be missing her, even though they’re living under the same roof. “Yeah I miss him too, more than anyone will know. Believe me.” Y/N pondered for a moment as she stared at the work in front of her. Perhaps five minutes couldn’t hurt. “Maybe I will take that break after all.”
“Really?”, Tuwaine was surprised she had agreed so quickly, and at the same time he panicked. Tom and the others were not ready for Y/N’s surprise yet. “On second thought, Im wrong. You should keep going and try to finish up that project of yours or else you’ll never be done.”
“Excuse me?” Y/N asked as she tried to close her laptop. “You just spent a whole half hour trying to convince me to stop working, and now you want me to go back and work?”
“Yeah..I mean what do I know, right?” He laughed nervously. Tuwaine looked back at the door, for some sort of signal. Come on man it’s not like your preparing a break for the Queen of England.
“Listen Tuwaine, if I go back there and you boys break anything in that house...I swear— I’ll”
“Y/N!” Tom interjected as he stepped out to the porch. He wrapped his arms behind her waist, giving her a gently kiss on the top of her head. “How’s work, my pretty girl?” He looked back at Tuwaine and mouthed a thank you to him as he left the love birds alone.
Y/N turned around to face Tom, taking in his features and running her hands at the nape of his neck. “Busy, but what else is new? I’ve been missing you a whole lot”
“Me too, darling. Anyway, Im really hoping you can take a break from all this because I’ve got something special for you.”
“Oh no, babe. You know you didnt have to anything for me. Really Im fine..I-“
“I wanted to. In fact the boys wanted in on it too. So this is really from all of us, if you think about it.” Tom grabbed Y/N’s hand as he led her back in to house. “Come.”
As they both enetered the house hand in hand, Tom led Y/N into the kitchen, where the rest of the boys waited with diner burgers in hand and warm homemade chocolate chip cookies on the side of table. What seemed like a simple meal was a cure for any bad least for Y/N it was. It represented a sense of home for her, while being far from Jersey. Even though she hadnt realized it, Tom and the boys knew she needed it. “Wow” Y/N breathed “I...I dont know what to say.”
“Dont say, just eat” Harrison laughed. “In all honesty this was Tom’s idea. We just wanted to make sure you had the support you need.”
“Yeah you deserve this, so please enjoy it.” Harry added. With that, everyone dug in and bonded over a family dinner, sharing laughs and stories. Tom leaned toward Y/N whispering in her ear, “I have a few more surprises after this.”
The next few surprises did not disappointment. He set up a nice warm bath for the two of them to relax and enjoy each others compny. A few subtle kisses, laughter, and silence was shared between the two. Y/N leaned back into Tom’s chest, feeling the water gently flow back and forth. Breathing in and out, she had forgotten how good this felt. Being close to Tom, was a different experience, one that no one could ever do justice. This was what she really needed.
After the bath, Tom led her into their shared bedroom. For a moment, Y/N stopped him as she pulled his head down to hers, giving him the kiss he rightfully deserved. Her lips crashed with his, his hands gently holding the sides of her tiny face. He picked her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist and situated themselves on the bed. Reluctantly, they both pulled away, catching their breath. Their foreheads touching and noses gently rubbing the others. “I love you. I love you more than you could possibly know.” Y/N whispered to him
“And I love you. I just want to give you the world because you deserve it all. My hardworking pretty girl.” Of course all good things must come to an end.
After a great well spent break was shared between Y/N and Tom, she was back on the work grind. Only this time she was working in their room as Tom was reading a script for his next upcoming project. The more Y/N coded, the sleepier she was getting. It onyl took a few minutes before she started leaning into Tom and her eyes started to flutter. Her breaths became slower and she was out like a light.
Tom turned to look at Y/N, smiling to see the sight of her finally at peace. He removed her glasses and set them by her table side. Tom made sure to clock her out of work abd checked to see if her work was saved. Just as he was about to turn off her laptop, another message popped up. “Great”, he muttered, rolling his eyes at the fact her team is still working at this hour. He couldnt help but read it though. Just how badly did they need her anyway?
We all know how hard you’re working and going above and beyond to get these projects out the door. For that, we thank you! On behalf of the company we’d like you all to take a day off on us!
Tom smiled, relieved that shell finally get some time for herself. Feeling triumphant, he shut off her laptop and set it aside. Crawling back into the bed and covering themselves under the blanket. His arms wrapped her waist once again. “Goodnight, my love. Im so proud of you.” he whispered.
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arthurflecksgirl · a year ago
Gemstone eyes *Arthur being your savior*
This one was requested by the wonderful @damnrightobsessedwithim <3
The idea was being stuck in the underground subway with Arthur. And him saving you from getting hurt.
I made it a lonely christmas eve. Because my mind wanted me to XD I hope thats okay and I hope you`ll like it :-)
It was a lonely afternoon in Gotham city. I was watching you the window of the subway, even though I couldnt see anything but blackness and my own reflection in it. This represented exactly how I felt inside. Trapped in this darkness surrownding me, driving right into an unknown destination.
The truth was, I really didnt knew where I was heading. I still couldnt belive I was alone at christmas eve. Since I moved here, I was always alone. My family lived far away and since we had a lot of trouble the last months, I wasnt invited to their christmas party. I didnt had one single friend here in Gotham. It was difficult to get to know people who lived here. Everyone seems to have his own problems.  There was a wall build around every citizen I met. So I built one,too. Trying not to let the cold get me. But I already felt it crawling throgh my skin, freezing my insides. The feeling of being abandomend from the rest of the world grew inside of my guts every day. And I couldnt do anything about it.
If Gotham had a face it would be the face of someone who just realized that he lost everything. That there was nothing left. Like me. I was Gotham tonight.
I couldnt stand being alone at home on christmas, so I decited to just drive around the city to clear my head. This was something I did a lot. Driving in the subway, tram or bus. Without going anywhere. It gave me a feeling of "everything was possible". I was on my way to nowhere. It may sounds sad and it was but there was something comforting about it,too.
I felt the eyes of two guys sitting across my seat on me. They were staring for too long now, it started to get uncomfortable. Everytime I gave them a quick look, I felt like they wanted to come up to me. I wish there was more people there but the subway was usually empty at this time of the year. I mean, who would be outside, driving around on christmas eve, anyway? Most people would be at hoe right now. Preparing the food. The presents. How did I even ended up at this point of my life?
"Hey doll. " one of the guys raised his voice "Why so alone on a day like this?". I put on my cassette player and pretended I havent heard him. I saw the other one`s lips moving , but turning up the music helped to not hear what he was saying. I didnt wanted to. This really started to scare me. Looking out the window, not seeing anything. It all started to make me feel anxious. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea to drive around Gotham ally by myself today. This city was a ghost town
Next station. I was hoping the guys would have to get out here, but they didnt stood up. Maybe i should? But this station wasnt a very good neighborhood to get out. This would have been just as dangerous as staying with the guys. So I just sat there, frozen, trying to concentrate on the song that was playing.
And then, just as the doors closed again, some other guy walked in and sat down three seats away from me. My first thought was "Oh please, no. Not another man." I just wished that I wasnt the only woman in this room. I tried to watch him closely, but careful, so he wouldnt notice I was looking at him. He didnt. The man with the brown, almost shoulder long hair and worn out clothes seemed to be in his own world. He wasnt looking at any direction, totally lost in his throughts. He had a huge bag with him. Clothes sticking out of the unzipped parts. And he was wearing rests of clown make up. I could tell that it wasnt painted on proberly anymore. But I could make out a big, red mouth, some white on his cheeks and blue above his eyebrows. Some parts  smeared into one another. Like he was crying before. He looked indeed very sad, staring into the distance.
A sad clown. Kinda of an clishee. But he didnt seemed like a clishee at all. I have never seen anyone like him every before to be honest. I wasnt scared of him at all. He also seemed to be lonely on christmas eve. Which made me sad . I wondered what his story was. Was he a citizen of Gotham city?He could be. He looked like he didnt had a ot of money.
He grabbed his bag and took out a journal, starting to write. Now I had the chance to take a closer look at his face. Still feeling the other two guys staring at me. I told myself to ignore it and to concentrate on him instead. His face looked like he has been through to some bad suff. Dark circles around his beautiful, green eyes, which reminded me of gem stones, shining through the dark. But oh, so sad. So lost. I wondered what he was writing about. He looked like someone who would write poetry or song lyrics. Something artistic I guessed. I was getting really curious about him. The man with the brown curls scratched his face and I stared at the white face paint that covered his hands now. He had beautifu hands. They looked like they must be very soft to the touch, very gentle. And those spots on the back of his  right hand.
For a moment I was very irritated by myself, staring at some strangers hands at the subway station. I was shaking my head. Stop it. I told myself. Stop it or he will notice.
And out of nowhere, the lights started flickering strangely. He wasnt looking up, still concentrated on his journal. And at the blink of an eye  it was all  dark.
Being here and not seeing anything made my pulse get up in between seconds. There was only silence for a brief moment , right before there was a loud noise as the lights came back,, but very dim. The subway stopped !
"Ohhhh Its getting cosy in here" one of the guys mumbled. Drunk maybe. "They even turn the lights out for you and me now, doll. Too bad because I really need to SEE you."
I felt my heart racing from anxiety as they kept staring like they were about to come up to me.
I eyes focused back on the sad man. He was looking right at the other two now. Thinking. Maybe he will say something? I really hoped he would. But he didnt. He just kept looking, his eyes switching between them and me. Our eyes met for a second. I felt my knees getting weak. But now from fear this time. His piercing eyes did something to me. He was indeed very atrractive.
It was then when I noticed that the subway was stuck. Now the announncement. We got stuck for unknown reasons. They were workig on it. Great. Now I got stuck with those creepy guys on the subway. I should have started to panic right now. But I was glad hat the sad clown was with me. I knew that I had no idea who he was. He might have been just as dangerous as the other two. It was Gotham city after all and you couldnt trust a soul. But my intuition told me that he was a good guy.
The other two started to laugh "Oh we might get lucky tonight. Huh? Now you`re all stuck with us, honey. How do you like that?" I`ve heard them becuase I wanted to know what they were saying, tuning down the music, my headphones still in so they wouldnt know.
And suddenly I felt a rough hand grabbing my headphones, pulling them out of my ears "Hey you stupid bitch. Better start talking to us, instead of listening to music!"
"Just leave me alone, okay?" I said, shocked as I was I couldnt think. I didnt even knew how to act. "What did you just say?" the tall, big guy gave the othe one a look "Have you heard that? We should leave her alone." They both laughed. "Not today honey, not today" he grabbed my arm violently as I tried to get him off me, but he was too strong.
"HEY!" another voice. The sad man.
The tall guy turned around "What?"
"Leave her alone!"
The hand around my arm loosened  up a bit.
"Who are you to tell me what I have to do?" he took alook at the mans outfit.
"God, where did you get these clothes from? And what the fuck is up with your face? Are you a fucking clown or what?"
"I said" the clown took a step forwards us "Leave her alone!".
The tall guy turned around to his buddy but he was just sitting therein the background, doing nothing.
"Do you really think a small clown like you  can tell me  what to do? Again. Who the fuck do you think you are, buddy?"
The green eyed man looked indeed very small standing next to the one who`s hand was still around my arm, which started to hurt. He wasnt much taller than me. He must have weight  about 124 pounds.
"Wann know who I am?" he asked, one more step closer, almost facing my attacker now " I am the clown with the gun!"  his gentle hands pulling a gun out of his pockets, pointing it at the tall guy, who stumbled back immediately. The other on ein the background laughing from dunkness. "Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down, buddy. You can have her, okay?"
The clown didnt said anything, he just kept staring at the talls guys face and waited until he backed off, grabbing the other one "C`mon, lets go find some other seats. This guy is a real psycho."
A minute later they were out of my sight. My body started to relax again.
The beautiful man picked up my headphones and handed them to me "I`m so sorry these guys were harassing you." He put the gun back into his pocket.
"I....I dont know h-how to thank you" I stuttered.
"Its okay" he shurug "People can be aweful these days. I`m glad I could help. It seems like we`re stuck in here for a while...."
"Yeah...." I looked t his shoes. Big clown shoes.
"Are you working as a clown?"
"Yeah. I work at Haha`s. I just came back from a christmas party. You know...making kids laugh and stuff."
"Thats great!"
He nodded. His eyes even sadder than before.
"I was wondering if I....could sit with you? These guys just stared the hell out of me."
He pointed at the seats "Sure".
We sat down. Not saying a word for about four minutes. I was unsure what to say. He seemed like someone who doesnt really enjoy conversations. But then again I could have been wrong. Maybe he was just shy.
I really felt the urge to talk to him, so I pointed at his journal "So...You`re a writer?"
He shook his head " really. i´m not sure" he said "I mean I do write. But its more like a diary. Thoughts. And some jokes. Wanna hear one?"
"Yeah sure" I smiled at him. ´He still had this serious look on his face.
My eyes focused on his hands while he was turning the pages. He touched the journal as it was something holy to him.
"Here`s one" he said, clicking his tongue.
"My mum asked me to stop making jokes about suicide. I said "Dont worry mum, I´ll stop soon."
His instense eyes gave me look I couldnt interpret. It went right though me.
"Oh" I said "Thats... thats a good one!" I didnt knew how to feel about his joke but I didnt wanted to hurt him.
He smiled. He smiled for the first time since I saw him and it was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It was pure. Almost childlike. Oh I felt like I could fall for him.
"Um....." he nerveoulsly went through the pages "I have a lot ....I´ll find another one. Oh right here :
"What do suicidal people do in their spare time? -----Hang out!"
He was laughing at his own joke, before his face got back to sad again in between seconds.
" I hope we get out of here soon" he said " I bet your family is waiting for you to join them for christmas dinner?!"
I look down, focusing on my hands "Not really... I...I live alone since I got here. "
" you spent it with friends, huh?"
"You`re alone tonight?"
"Um...kinda. I just drive around, walk around the streets, to kill the time. I just want the holidays to be over. So yeah...I`m alone."
"Me,too." he put the journal back in his huge bag carefully "I always am since my mum is at the hospital"
Silence filled the room.
It made me even sadder that he was alone at christmas eve than the fact that I was.
He played with the  buttons on his shirt  "I....I would ask you if you would spent it with me...but I guess its not a good idea to ask a girl I don`t even know  to spent the evening with me. I just dont want you to be all by yourself. Its dangerous out there on the streets."
I was really surprised about what he just offered me. I didnt knew this man. And I knew for a fact that he had a gun. But he was just saving me with this gun. And for some unknown reason I rusted him. Even though he was a stranger.
"Thats so nice of you..." I replied "but i dont want you to think that I am the kina girl that is hooking up with strangers."
"Oh I get it. I wouldnt  go to a strangers house when I was a girl eighter.  I just want to let you know that you can come with me if you want. Just to be save. You know? Not to be alone on christmas eve. You....dont deserve that".
"You deserve better, was your name again?"
"Arthur. I`m Arthur." he ran his finger through his hair, offering me his hand.
"I`m Y/N...."
The subway shook. A noice interrupting us. We are driving again.
"Oh. There we go" he said "So.... I live only one station away from here. I guess we have to say goodbye now"
I didnt wanted to say goodbye to the man who saved my from these guys. I wanted to spent the evening with him so bad. I wasnt sure what it was exactly that made me trust him exept from saving me.
I guess it was his sad, gemstone eyes.
"You know what Arthur? I you just saved me from who knows what....I trust you. I would love to spent christmas eve with you!"
Arthur smiled and reached for my hand "I will protect you, I promise. C`mon lets go."
As the subway stopped we got out together. He lived in a bad neighborhood but I didnt cared. I felt save with his hand in mine.
"We could watch some funny movies together if you want to?" he asked while we walked across the street.
"Oh this would be wonderful."
"I dont have dinner I`m afraid. I....don`t eat much."
"Thats okay. Don`t worry about that"
"And.... I dont have a christmas tree or anything. I hope you will not be disappointed" Arthur looked at me with a worried look upon his face.
" I won`t be, Arthur. Spending christas eve with my savior is all I can ask for."
The man with the smeared clown make up smiled at me and the christmas lights on the dirty streets seemed to shine a bit brighter than usual.
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