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midnightsramblings 3 years ago
Tumblr media
If you鈥檙e the puppet, who controls your threads?
I commissioned the amazing @methodicalmadnessv1 to draw the other villain of my personal story, Lucian, and he turned out absolutely stunning!!!!聽 I still can鈥檛 stop staring at it
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odonowest 4 years ago
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one year of captain swan: 182/365
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thesilverstreets 3 months ago
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animunerdery a month ago
Tumblr media
Hi guys, thanks for liking my half-assed one piece scribbles!
While I don't reblog on this tumblr (to keep it streamlined), I do follow a TON of insane artists like all of these sick one piece blogs for your viewing pleasure:
@ahou-dori聽prob the best doffy blog out there. incredible drawings.
@ceceru聽you all know her highschool AU stuff. everything she does is so full of life
@pepegle聽omg I love this person鈥檚 drawings so much. beautiful, simplified, just insanely good.
@avenoirn聽jesus christ these are so freaking good. Dem paints, dem lighting hnngg
@fangirl-of-the-end聽all the trafalgar lawsss. Come quench your thirst!
@8thousand聽another insanely good person who also reblogs other insanely good stuff.
@toboldlymuppet聽so intense and so goooood, fantastic shapes and those pops of color are chef鈥檚 kissss
@sameconcarne聽holy shit yessss what are these insane drawsssssssss.
@thebaratie聽great art and great art recs with the reblogssss
@mygiorni聽fantastic super clean super good, super cute
@peqchesssss聽so cute so good so sweet T_T
@cranity聽hell yessss so stylish and with so much attitude lets gooooo!
@bugslap聽oh hell yes let鈥檚 push them ink drawsssss
@humans-are-tasty聽hell yesss doffadile contenttttt
@dailyrebranded聽omg soo cuuuute diabetes inducing goodnessss
@wellfine聽you know this person鈥檚 comics. Gives sanji so much more depthhhhh
@deadbutnostink聽yes good hot boys thirst content
@sunclown聽yes good more thirst content for your eyeballsss
@teazingsassy聽yes more good drawsss
@abdocado聽god i love these draws so much T_T
@i-bez-togo-toshno聽fantastic let鈥檚 freaking go
@waybomb聽love these cute draws
@l208p聽very good very cute, very accurate modern luffy head canon聽
@lorillee聽mostly walls of text but they occasionally also draw stuff and everything they write/draw is GOLD
@a-tsute聽sick draws let鈥檚 goooo. also not as much OP recently but still insanely good anyway!
@feriowind聽currently doing more Our Flag Means Death but holy shit LOOK AT THEM DRAWS SO GOOOOOD
@zoeychuanart聽plz check out my girl Zoey鈥檚 stufffff. She hasn鈥檛 updated in a while but she has the best Sanji and Nami content T_T
@kankalin聽really cute general stuff
I don鈥檛 know how many of these still update but they鈥檙e all great:
@doodlepiece聽:聽 everything about this dude鈥檚 drawings are beautiful, charming and engaging. i love pretty much everything about this person. I love his sanji comic, i love the simplicity of his design and shape. i love the tangibility of his textures. This guy was my all time favorite one piece blog for the longest time T_T
@nobodyanybody0聽:聽obviously amazing minimal shapes, adorable expressions, and one hell of a painter. There is so much to learn from this person! s/he is a blessing to OP fandom.
@wanssan聽(aka聽@yongi聽)聽: they kinda abandoned the OP blog, but it鈥檚 still awesome. s/he claims that his/her drawings are wonky, but they are far from. simply delicious line quality.
@monstertrio聽: super cute babies! everything she draws is amazingly cute. those lines are super expressive and the color game is on point.
@luffydraws聽: omg鈥 whoever the hell this is is a genius. TOTALLY NAILS IT EVERY TIME.
@asknicorobean聽: I love her style so much, so loose and so warm.
and more good ones:聽
@nupp聽: korean blog. mainly zosan.
@laskapsy聽: russian blog? mainly dofadile.聽
@dumatree聽: korean blog. mainly ASL.聽
@zfedraws聽: bunch of nice drawings all around, there鈥檚 something vaguely 90s manga about her work which is awesome.
@pitiablelaw聽: mainly trafalguy.
@onepancake聽: so many cute cartoony drawings! lots of cool western-ish redesigns.
@opdoodless聽: cool redesigns in a more western style!
@yaboybokuto聽: look for her art tags, she鈥檚 also got a warm cartoony style.
@eyerispez聽: i love how this person tries experimenting with different looks.
@clover-ya聽: the great thing about OP is the diversity of the fanbase, this one also has a super expressive western aesthetic.聽
@itsamemarshallbanana聽: completely ridiculous one piece snapchat artist. is probably a genius. Or is an idiot. Maybe both???
There are SO many amazing artists who love one piece (even if their blogs aren鈥檛 primarily OP side blogs) which I haven鈥檛 listed here but just suffice it to say they are聽everywhere. for example鈥β燖thisismollym聽MOLLY FUCKING MENDOZA LIKES ONE PIECE Y鈥橝LL
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rainbowspines 4 years ago
trans peeps: did you go through a phase of deadnaming yourself in your dreams? the last couple nights I鈥檝e finally been introducing myself/being referred to by others with my new name and I feel so fucking VALID
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danyok 5 months ago
wow this is a dramatic reaction to ... nothing. so i really think that there's definitely more to their story that we don't know about. between yi's "i hate being lied to" to the full on crying and "i didn't mean to lie to you" - which yes you did, you didn't intend to cause harm but the moment you told a lie it was what you meant to do but that's another thing entirely - BUT it just feels like there's stuff we're not getting about them yet
a;fljalfkdjf kuea is sooooooo drunk omggggg. the dude getting too handsy and lian showing up just in time of course. but kuea doesn't think it's him. a;lfjdlj
omgggg and jay just signaling for lian to take kuea while kuea is looking for him. and he used The Voice with the full name which immediately gets kuea to shut up. and then immediately "no you're not lian he wouldn't wear this"
and the wall brace alf;jdsl plssss. and his constant back and forth on if this is actually lian. a;dlfjafdlkj FOEI GRABBED LIAN FIRST OMGGG i love him so much
THE HEAD PET a;lfdjalfj; "have you ever wanted to hug me?" babbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy "why can't you love me?" AL;DFJALJ MY BBY PLS T_T
oh goooood this all hurts. and lian's slow reactions - i hope he realizes just how much he's fucked this up by making kuea feel this way.
such a good kiss tho like a bit of dub-con cause of how drunk he is. but we also all know that he 100% wants this to happen. this would definitely be the worst if he wasn't lian but he is so i'm willing to ignore that for the sake of the show.
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honeydazai 9 months ago
hello oh my goooood i saw u playing mayoi too and i just started playing too! tbh i played it back then but did not quite understand how you the game works so i uninstalled it 馃槶馃槶 so if u dont mind, can you pls explain how that game works? pls everything with bsd is so hard to understand t_t thank u sm in advance!
welcome to mayoi hell, anon! though i don't know what exactly you're struggling with, i'll try to explain the basics as best as i can under the cut!
so basically - it's a gacha game. that's what makes mayoi attractive; the gameplay in itself is quite boring. (or at least i think so?? 馃槶)
if you don't know what the point of a gacha game is; it's that there's banners you can pull on using ability stones (the rainbow coloured moons) and you can get SSR cards - if you're lucky. like these of Fyodor, which I desperately want and crave:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they're gorgeous. also, is it just me or is that last card of the Dead Apple trio hot? unholy thoughts....
you can also set your favourite cards as your mayoi homescreen in game and they have like little bits of dialogue and everything. 馃グ馃グ
so that's the purpose of the game: get ability stones to pull on your favourite characters' banners.
in the beginning, you start out with some R Atsushi card i believe, though i think there's one free pull for beginners with a guaranteed SSR, which will definitely help you move through the levels.
then, the actual gameplay is - well, you try and shoot those funny looking bubbles with your marble. the more you destroy, the better, i guess, since destroyed bubbles equal damage to enemies.
your cards have elements - the R Atsushi you get at the beginning is red for example, so if you destroy red bubbles, he'll deal damage to your enemies. so always destroy bubbles that are the colours of your characters.
OH, something i wrongly thought was that those bubbles with the skull on them hurt you. that's not true. destroy them when possible since they raise your enemies' attack.
your cards also have skills which you can active through tapping on their little icons, though only once in, like, 10 turns or more.
for the skills, i recommend choosing the ones that deal direct damage, or maybe healing skills for difficult stages for your team. if you've got that many cards to choose from, that is.
there's also two banners which use friend points and scene points - one for scene cards which you can choose to give a bonus to your team (ATK UP for example, etc.) and one for power up materials, which you use for, well, levelling your characters up so they get stronger.
the rarer, the better, of course - it's N < R < SR < SSR < UR
there's also those EX cards, though i'm not sure hat those really mean - i think they're just special cards that sometimes get banners? anyway;
you can't get URs through pulling for them on banners, you need to complete stages to level certain SSRs up to URs - those stages can be found under quest -> event -> daily -> awakening materials for character xy
they change daily! there's also stages to get more power up and evolution materials there.
there's more game modes like the 鈥渓imited鈥 one, where there's events that are limited to a certain amount of time. i recommend doing those since they give great rewards and aren't there forever compared to your normal story stages.
there's the floor conquered thing, which you need to have really many cards for, since you can only use them once - i think? i haven't done that one yet!
the academy and memories section basically are like events, though not time limited - play them for more ability stones, a new story in a high school AU and SR cards like Dazai in a school uniform.
i recommend reading or skipping the story since each chapter gives you one ability stone, btw.
there's login bonuses daily and also daily tasks, which include shining the marble for Ranpo, collecting rewards from the office, scouting with friends points and playing three ability stages (not events!).
for the office - you can level each section of it up using power up materials like cr锚pes etc, though i recommend focusing on Dazai and Kunikida since those are most useful.
i also strongly suggest to not spend ability stones on marble shining or the office. it's not worth it.
ability stones are really difficult to get in the late game, which is why i suggest saving them up for characters you really really want.
more on banners;
you need 25 ability stones for one pull, 250 for 11 pulls. sadly you're not guaranteed to get even a SR card at 11 pulls like with other gacha games 馃ぇ馃ぇ you are, however, guaranteed a SSR after 100 pulls. this sadly doesn't mean you'll get a limited SSR, though.
there's a banner yearly on each character's birthday which focuses on, well, said character. increased chances for their cards.
i don't recommend pulling on the standard banner at all - only pull on the limited banners. you occasionally get scouting tickets which you can use as one pull on the standard banner. that's all you basically need there.
there's also limited scouting tickets for, well, the limited time banners.
when you use cards, their, uh, friendship level (?) rises and you get rewards. check those out and collect rewards by tapping on the card in the character menu and then on the arrow that'll slide their menu to, like, the right. if you've earned a reward, there'll be a little exclamation mark on the arrow. you'll find it, i'm sure, and if you don't, ask me again and i'll explain that more thoroughly!
if you sell characters, you get bungou points, which you can exchange items for in the shop. shop -> bungou pts shop
that's a good way to get scouting tickets, AP drinks to fill up your stamina bar and more. the shop refreshes, uh, monthly, i think?
you can also buy skill beads there, which you can level up a character's skill with. these are mainly useful for characters with a special image that you unlock at skill level three, like this Fyodor card below. when you first get the card, it'll look like the first picture, and once you reach skill level three, it'll look like the second one. you also unlock more rewards in the friendship thing i explained above, as well as new voice lines for the homescreen.
if you prefer the old looks of the card, you can switch back to it, don't worry.
[you can also level up the skill if you have the character more than once.]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
when you play stages, you'll be asked to select someone else to join your team as friends or guests. don't worry, they won't get a notification or whatever. just choose someone. they only work as, like, a fourth team member for you with a card you don't own!
sending friend requests is something i recommend doing a lot, seems useful. if you get achievements, your friends can react to them using stickers - and the other way around. you get friend points for both! to do that, click the button on your homescreen next to the one where you collect your rewards.
to make your profile look appealing, go to menu -> my profile and set a personalised memo and your best/favourite card. that's the one other people will be able to "use", btw!
this is all i can currently think of! if you have more specific questions, feel free to let me know and i'll try to explain! 馃グ馃А
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galaxxiwrites a year ago
Sorry I just have to vent this out; I really wish more BSTS content would be out right now. T_T not much is coming out since it's slow at the moment but I'm being as patient as I can. Though I do wish there is more content for this fandom, it's really good! (Plus I wanna have more Mizu moments cuz I love him and his team so much. XD like I will go to the moon and back for them I swear! XD)
Honest to god I understand this!!! It doesn't help that the summer event is just a grind fest because all them cards looks so goooood hnnnmmnnnnnngggg
Tumblr media
Like LOOK AT RAN!!! Steals my friggin heart everytime (锝°兓//蔚//銉伙健)
Anyway, before I get too off topic XD I hope more people do get into BSTS because I swear only like 3 or 4 people use the tag and it makes me sad everytime 嗖モ苦播
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sereneextremist 10 months ago
Oh my god, oh my goooood, I just finished the main Moonlight Merriment quests and, not gonna lie, I'm crying a bit!! Spoilers under the cut, the ending hit me like a truck T_T
HOLY SHIT, the SECOND Xiangling said she met him in the mountains at a shrine I SHRIEKED. Like girl, why THE FUCK did you not mention that shit earlier?? Also Xiangling as a baby just about gave me a cavity from how sweet she was lol.
When I started the quests I had NO IDEA that Guoba was even ALIVE, I thought he was a plush toy like Baron Bunny (since both of them are tossed out / attract enemies) so just seeing him casually WALK UP at the start was a shock. And of course, watching him in the backgrounds made the whole quest line fantastic lmfao.
When his statue finally popped out of that stone I just laughed, it WAS a buff Guoba like I was imagining!! That cutscene when Madame Ping was explaining what happened to him totally made me cry, he loved people so much and gave everything of himself to make sure humanity was okay :'( Then when he saw Zhongli and STILL RECOGNIZED HIM, omg, after all the shit both of them went thru to protect Liyue to think they'd have this moment of enjoying a happy dinner together T_T
I think this may be one of my all-time favorite events, each part has just been so much fun and the story was awesome! Plus we got to see so many people!! AND that fish claymore is hilarious / actually semi-good!! A++ event lmfao
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federicobernardeschi a year ago
Goooood morning! I realized that I didn't actually do an individual songs in English rec! And I do still have Spanish and Dutch to do XDD
Architecture in Helsinki - The Owls Go
This is, bar none, on an emotional level, my favorite song on earth. Period. I am getting a tattoo based on this song. I have listened to this song HUNDREDS of times since I first heard it-- in 2005, the year I moved away for college. XD It just reminds me of sitting and enjoying the peace of the wee hours in my crappy first apartment.
Also Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High, It's 5!, Escapee, I Know Deep Down, Heart It Races, Imaginary Ordinary, Souvenirs, B4 3D, ... okay honestly I WILL list almost every one of their songs if I try to pull out multiple favorites. I just have Seeeeerious Feelings about AiH.
of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse, Oslo In the Summertime, Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games, Gronlandic Edit, A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger, Suffer For Fashion, The Party's Crashing Us, to name a few. They also have an album called The Gay Parade, which is delightfully chaotic the whole way through, I think I'll go with Fun-Loving Nun as my fav off of there.
The Hush Sound - Wine Red, Honey, We Intertwined (which is like one of three songs I would be comfortable ever doing for karaoke) Lighthouse (which has great lyrics and a great little ending to go with them), Lions Roar (which has a very cool kinetic typography video on youtube that someone did as a project but it was never finished and it's a tragedy honestly), Weeping Willow... man, again, just... literally everything. T_T
I should probably do a second English one for everything NOT part of my holy trinity here. 馃槀馃槀
well it鈥檚 evening here now so good evening lol.
OH, i really really love the owls go ashjkl. can definitely understand why it鈥檚 your favorite song. 馃ズ
songs that we listened to in important times of our lives just hit different sghjl.
鈥渢he gay parade鈥 sounds like the type of stuff i鈥檒l definitely enjoy. 馃槈
WAIT i know weeping willow and absolutely LOVE it.
love that you keep sending me those. 馃ズ馃檹馃徎 thank you sm.
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y4ngy4ngs a year ago
OMG SUB NCT BLOG HI- i also have a sub NCT blog that鈥檚 new! (: it鈥檚 @1-800-ten (shameless self promo, it鈥檚 a side blog tho so i can鈥檛 send ask from it T_T) bUT YOUR WORKS ARE SO GOOOOOD LIKE GIMEE THAT TALLET 鈥 tens cat ears (1-800-ten)
STOP OMG your writing is so good please !! i feel like sub nct blogs are so few and far between which is weird because all of nct are canonically bottoms
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writings-for-bean-chan 3 years ago
OH MY GOOOOOD I JUST SAW THE FANDOMS YOU'RE WRITING FOR AND I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF PLEASE PLEASEEEEEE COULD YOU do something like "Being Crona's best friend" I love them so much, they deserve all the good things in life T_T
UMM I AGREE! Since it hasn鈥檛 been confirmed (except the anime where they were kinda forced to) but Crona is gender neutral in these HCs :) Platonic HCs for characters like these always warm my heart bbys :3
Please enjoy my dears~!!
-They were so nervous after the events that took place with the Kishin and everything
-Maka was finally able to relax after healing and school had a break so she asked you, one of her friends and close classmate if they could stay with you
-You of course said yes, being the kind soul you are
-Crona was amazed and in complete wonder with everything
-They loved your cooking
-They loves cleaning with you
-Listening to music while cleaning was so much fun
-Watching a movie and laugh was so comfortable with you
-You grew close quickly over the small break and it made them so very happy to have someone besides Maka and adults care about them
-When school was back in session they wanted to sit next to you
-You welcomed them to sit with your friends during lunch
-Your friends were cautious at first but soon relaxed when they noticed their shy personality
-Even Ragnarok enjoyed your company
-Crona loves spending time with you and Maka鈥檚 company
-Having a big support group for their struggles while adjusting into a normal life is definitely a challenge
-But somehow they manage to make it thanks to your help :)
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sugawalmartwobble a year ago
my name is ellie hehe (but you can call me sachirou-senpai if you want, it's kinda a joke between my followers and i)
um,, i'm doing well kinda,,, i'm really sick but i'm happy!! so good!! i think.
how are you? 馃ズ馃挒
hello 馃ズ馃憠馃憟
you鈥檙e sick?? are you taking care of yourself? drinking lots of water and warm tea? keeping warm?? be careful bby
i鈥檓 goooood, but still getting over wisdom teeth surgery stuff.
it鈥檚 nice to meet you, my name is ryn 鉂わ笍 also affectionately known as 鈥榙umbass鈥 or 鈥榶amaguchi鈥檚 wife鈥 (hahah T_T)
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ruuari 2 years ago
there鈥檚 so much ARR stuff that鈥檚 underrated T_T
the dungeons are great and so is the music
wanderer鈥檚 palace hard mode song is so goooood
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yzssie 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Characters: Loki/Reader(Y/N)
Chapters: 4/7
Warnings:聽smut and smut (dominant Loki), mentions of self-harm, a little angst (added some fluff to compensate it)
Short summary: You find yourself in the midst of another attack by Loki, but little did both of you knew that things will get complicated, a strange attraction to each other will change everything.
Words: 2.9k
Disclaimer: I DO NOT ROMANTICIZE OR ENCOURAGE SELF HARMING! Mental health problems are very serious and real. If you have any struggles and you want to talk with someone, I am right here and I truly wish to help you!
Late Valentine鈥檚 gift! Though it鈥檚 a chapter more, domestic to call it like that, the next one will be smutty /smirks/. Sorry for the cliffhanger T_T 聽Trouble coming up? What do you think?
Please do tell me if I mistakenly added you to the Loki/Tom tag instead of聽鈥淔ANFIC GONE... GOOD?鈥 or if you meant to be added on the general tag and I misunderstood you want only for the teacher au. I said I have only a general tag list, but then I had a lot of tag requests only for 鈥淔ANFIC GONE... GOOD?鈥 so I am a little bit disorganized. Please mention which tag you prefer (the specific fanfiction or the general one for Loki and Tom), or if you want to be changed or removed from the list! SEND ME A MESSAGE OR COMMENT! Thank you and sorry darlings!聽
Also, we are going to have the next chapter for聽鈥淔anfic Gone... Good?鈥 next week, stay tuned! I wanted to make it slightly longer so I am currently thinking of expanding it in 3 chapters, that鈥檚 why I couldn鈥檛 double gift you this week! Thank you everyone for all the support, it means a lot to me!! SENDING LOTS OF LOKI LOVE!聽 鉂 鉂 鉂
*part 7 is out, check Masterlist*
You eye him while he takes his seat again and notice that the food was left exactly how it was before you threw your little fit. You get rid of that memory and aim for more basic and calm conversation in order to make up for whatever you two fought off.
鈥淪o鈥 what is this?鈥 you point to a plate which looked delicious.
鈥淚t's a rolled pastry with beef, vegetables, some you don鈥檛 know because they're Asgardian and cheese?鈥 his eyebrows furrow at his explanation. 鈥淚t sounds terribly normal but I have to keep it simple for your Midgardian tastes.鈥
鈥淚'm fine with everything honestly. And I would like to know more about this one,鈥 you take a bite of the roll and your eyes widen. 鈥淚t's so goooood,鈥 you throw your head back and Loki can't help but smile shortly at your overreaction.
鈥淥k, I would actually like to know about everything here,鈥 your eyes scan the table and a hint of pride can be seen in Loki's glimpse. He feels pleased with your own satisfaction.
鈥淭here will be enough time.鈥
You look at him and can't help but feel content at his remark. This has to mean something, he wouldn't keep you with him just to toy with you, right?
鈥淚 recommend this,鈥 his golden magic shoves a plate in front of you and you smile.
鈥淚t's beautiful.鈥
鈥淭he dish? Well, I wouldn't call it聽beautif鈥︹
鈥淵our magic.鈥
He raises an eyebrow and you cough.
鈥淚 mean, the colours and the way it works. Better than that blue thingy you have on your scepter.鈥
The Tesseract? Have you just assumed his magic is better than a cosmic box combined with an Infinity Stone? He shakes his head in amusement at your statement and continues eating his food. Sure, he worked intensely on developing his magic skills while he was 鈥渄ead鈥 and he reached a point where he can be called one of the best sorcerers in the nine realms, yet he also analyzed the Space Stone and he indeed grasped a better hold on its power. He took his time giving the fact that he was hidden from everyone over the assumption of being dead, but, even if he still needs time to comprehend them, he wanted to show off his new powers. And what wouldn't be a better target than the planet he almost owned and the race that caused his mother to sacrifice herself?
His hatred is paused by another satisfied sound escaping on your lips when you bring a piece of cake in your mouth.
鈥淲hat did I tell you about鈥︹
鈥淚 am sorry but I usually don't eat a lot. And since I wanted this cake so much I should refrain from eating much of a meal before it. You know, counting calories and macros, I bet you don't worry about getting weight and so on. Trivial things for a God right?鈥
鈥淢y strength requires a lot of replenishment.鈥
鈥淥bviously,鈥 you take another bite.
鈥淚 would much prefer you to be as replenished as I am than starving for such an idiotic human goal.鈥
You roll your eyes and take a bite from another cake.
鈥淵ou know Loki, life on Earth is really hard. I mean, you underestimate the hardships a Midgardian goes through.鈥
鈥淚s this why you hurt yourself?鈥 he asks and you stop your fork from getting another piece of cake.
You're afraid to reach this subject with anyone, moreover with the God of Mischief.
鈥淟et's make a deal,鈥 his voice interrupts your thoughts but you still don't raise your head to meet his eyes, 鈥淵ou answer a question I ask and I will also answer one of yours.鈥
You finally look up at him and chew on your lip.
鈥淚 assure you that I can get all the information I need with only a touch, so you should be thankful that I am feeling a little bit鈥 generous today.鈥
鈥淥k鈥︹ your fingers are starting to fiddle with the fabric of your robe and wait for him to start.
鈥淲hy did you self-harm?鈥 the question sucks all the air from your chest and you gulp.
鈥淟ife,鈥 the word barely escaped from your lips with a choke.
鈥淵ou're testing my patience.鈥
鈥淚'm sorry鈥︹ you whisper.
鈥淲hat exactly in your life made you do that?鈥
鈥淲ell, I did warn you,鈥 his body vanishes and by the next second your back meets his chest, one hand wraps around your stomach and the other one sticks to your forehead. You feel a weird pressure trying to get in your head and you lean on Loki's shoulder when your memories start to project in your mind. From high school when comments about your appearance made you starve yourself, to college when you felt useless, stupid and hopeless, to your boring work life. The times your heart broke because of failed relationships, the times you felt your existence a failure to your parents and friends. Nights you barely slept, anxiety attacks, moments you let your blood flood the sink, scenarios on how you could just end your life鈥 he watched everything. You pant when the memories stop and struggle to get away from his grasp.
鈥淣o鈥︹ a muffled sound meets his neck and he does something you both get surprised of: he hugs you tightly, warmness from his body taking over your, making you totally give in.
鈥淪top,鈥 his voice is stern and you do as you're told. 鈥淚 would have done it anyway, sooner or later.鈥
You lay in his hold absent-minded, realizing that he knows everything now. You are ashamed, embarrassed, you never told anyone details about your depression.
鈥淚 am鈥 not exactly proud that I invaded your privacy in this forceful way and pained you by reminding of those鈥︹
鈥淵ou mean that you're sorry?鈥 you would have laughed at his attempt to avoid this word if you weren't in the given situation.
鈥淚 do鈥︹ there's a long break and then a soft whisper, 鈥淎pologize.鈥
He would have never said that to a mere mortal. But he can almost feel all your misery radiating through your delicate frame. He now concluded how easily to break you are, not just physically but also mentally. There was a slight panic in his chest when he blood on your skin. He now has second thoughts on this whole matter. At first, he didn't mind breaking you, wrecking you, that was his plan, but now it鈥檚 different. Why? He keeps questioning his actions. Why? You're messing his plans, his鈥 crave for power and domination.
鈥淲ell鈥︹ you shift awkwardly.
He clears his throat and let's go of you, even if the absence of your touch makes him sigh.
鈥淚 guess this didn't work as I wanted,鈥 you sit back in your chair and drink a glass of wine to bear with another awkward exchange.
鈥淟et's say I would prefer you not to drink a lot, it doesn't seem like you can handle alcohol,鈥 his hand pushes the glass away. 鈥淚 will answer some of your questions if you behave.鈥
You look at him standing to your left and search his eyes. God, how can someone have such a beautiful pair of eyes? The blue irises are like an unknown yet mysterious place that fascinates you, wishing you would never stop falling into their profoundness even if you know it鈥檚 dangerous.
鈥淵ou're staring.鈥
鈥淥h, yes,鈥 you break the eye contact. 鈥淪o, we're in Asgard.鈥
He nods.
Great. You've been drifted to another realm, though it sounds tempting to explore.
鈥淧robably somewhere pretty far from the palace you're supposed to be at.鈥
He nods again and sits on the chair near you, prepared for more nonverbal replies.
鈥淲hat happened to you after the鈥︹ you pause, 鈥淎vengers crash and so on?鈥
鈥淣othing special. Imprisoned and then,鈥 he takes his time to think the answer, 鈥淔reed by the oaf of my brother.鈥
鈥淎nd what have you been up to?鈥
鈥淪tudying magic and getting stronger.鈥
Good question. He wanted to attack Earth again, revenge his mother鈥檚 death but now everything seemed stupid in your company. But why? You are nothing but a mortal, as Thor's lover is. He somehow understands why his brother was so protective of Jane when the dark elves approached. But his mother鈥 Did she also feel as Thor felt? As he still feels now? When she sacrificed herself for a mortal? Was it for Thor's happiness?聽
Of course, the mighty real son of Odin and Frigga.聽
He wants to hit himself for a moment that he actually assumed his mother didn't care as much for him as she did for Thor. She was the only one, the only person in his life who truly loved him.
鈥淵ou鈥︹ he snaps.
鈥淔or me?鈥 your face contorts in bewilderment.
鈥淣o. What's it with you? Is this a trick? Are you sent by one of my enemies? By Father?鈥 he jolts, hitting the chair on the floor and you yelp. 鈥淭ell me,鈥 he grabs your chin threateningly.
鈥淟oki鈥 you took me here.鈥
鈥淵es, yes I did! Because there is something about you, something that attracts me. Did he cast some spell on you?鈥
鈥淟oki please, calm down.鈥
鈥淐alm down?! You dare to inflict me with your affection? Affection? For whom? For what reason?鈥 he鈥檚 screaming now and you're shaking at his outburst.
鈥淚'm鈥︹ your lip quivers but no words are coming out.
鈥淵ou're what?鈥 his fist pounds the table.
鈥淯nderstanding you,鈥 you finally manage to respond, making him frown.
鈥淚 know how you feel. You're misunderstood because of your actions. But those actions were simply a reflection of the pain you're going through.鈥
He laughs ironically, 鈥淯nderstand me? You?鈥
鈥淚 was in New York when you fought with the Avengers. And I saw鈥 your eyes. It was for a couple of seconds while Thor evacuated the building. And I just鈥 felt it鈥 knew it from your eyes.鈥
鈥淵ou're completely stupid.鈥
鈥淢eeting you twice鈥 I will not call it destiny, merely a chance to鈥︹
鈥淭o?鈥 his tone is low.
鈥淜now your true self. I know it sounds crazy, who do I think I am? You're a God, I'm a very non-significant human, more non-significant as usual people are. I don't know,聽to be honest, I am also clueless about my actions towards you. They're just led by鈥 my inexplicable feelings.鈥
鈥淔eelings?鈥 a strangled sound comes from his throat. 鈥淔or someone who almost killed you? For a monster like me?鈥 his pale skin changes to blue and the ocean you adore becomes crimson.
So that's how a Frost Giant looks. Nobody from Earth seems to be aware of Loki鈥檚 true identity except you. When you were hiding under an office for safety while Thor was fighting Loki, you overheard the small conversation between them, including Loki stating that he's a Frost Giant, a species which they both hated. Your eyes follow the lighter blue stripes on his face and can't help to trace them with your fingers.
Loki's eyes聽widen聽and for a moment he leans in to feel your touch but hastily grabs your wrists to stop you.
鈥淚 will freeze you.鈥
You chuckle. 鈥淚n case you haven't observed, my body鈥檚 temperature is literally 15 Celsius degrees.鈥
He is not amused by your joke and your lips tighten.
鈥淥k鈥 it was not appropriate for this mome鈥︹ your words stop when Loki's hands wrap around your waist and his head rest on your stomach, his Frost Giant form gradually disappears. Unsure about how your movements could push him away, you hesitantly bury your fingers into his hair and gently play with his long black curls.聽
Your scent is taunting him, you feel like鈥 a place where he'll always be welcomed back whatever happens, a place that waits for him, longs for him... You feel like home.
鈥淵ou are not to discuss about this moment,鈥 his voice is muffled in your embrace and you smile.
鈥淥f course I am not,鈥 you roll your eyes. 鈥淲hat will happen to your enormously evil reputation if words are out about cuddling with such a weak Midgardian?鈥 you massage his scalp and he hums in approval.
鈥淐an you show me around?鈥 you mumble while you're still stroking his hair.
鈥淲hy would you give up your life to accompany someone like me?鈥 he ignores your question and you take some minutes to finally respond.
鈥淏ecause I have pretty weird standards as you might have already noticed.鈥
鈥淚ndeed,鈥 he agrees and lets go of you. His hand tangles in your hair and pushes your lips onto his, gently tugging on your lower one. His hands travel to your thighs, your muscles tense at his touch. He grabs and wraps them around his waist, jolting you up on the table. Your arms tug his leather blouse, while the kiss is getting sloppy, slow, as if he has to retrace a lost map. His tongue is looking for yours which gladly joins his dance for dominance. You thought this kiss will steal your soul, you have never been kissed like this before, needy but in the same time steady, passionate. His fingers brush your back and you shiver in his arms, moment which he breaks the kiss.
鈥淚t's not entirely safe to do so鈥 but take a quick shower and I will show you around,鈥 he grazes his fingers on your right thigh. 鈥淎 quick one.鈥
You nod and storm for the bathroom while Loki grins stupidly at your excitement.
What did I get into?
After what lasted like 10 minutes you return to the dining room where Loki sits on the couch, reading a book.
鈥淲hat are these clothes Loki? Renaissance times much?鈥
鈥淭hose are Asgardian clothes.鈥 He takes a glimpse at your figure and his gaze drops on your revealing shoulders marked by his bites. You squirm uncomfortably under his stare and he stands up.
鈥淵ou would have to stay near me and don't touch anything or speak to anyone, understood?鈥
You nod as he grabs your waist and your body feels weightless for some seconds before a weird sensation hits you and you hold onto his shoulders strongly. Your eyes shut close and your breath stops while his arms are now rubbing your back.
鈥淲e鈥檙e here,鈥 he states and your legs go jelly but he holds you in place. 鈥淏reathe.鈥
He has just teleported the both of you in an Asgardian square but your body is not adjusting really well to his magic.
鈥淚 might throw up,鈥 you gasp but a sudden warmth envelops your chest and you instantly feel better.
Did he just use his magic to make me feel better? Oh God, I'm starting to like him more than I already do.
鈥淭his is an Asgardian square, though it is not as fancy as it is in the center. We鈥檙e in a very reserved place in the mountains.鈥
You glance at him and gape at his changed appearance.
He rolls his eyes at your reaction, 鈥淚 cannot be seen here, especially with someone like you.鈥
His features could be still seen slightly due to his blue haunting eyes which remained the same but he now he has shorter curly copper hair and a beard. His face is less visible from the black leather hood he wears.
鈥淪o are we shopping?鈥 you smile widely while you take in the surroundings.
He grabs your hand and drags you back, almost sticking your body to his.
鈥淭here are some people here who can feel if someone is not Asgardian.鈥
鈥淎re they dangerous?鈥
鈥淭hey might be. My magic is covering your smell but I would prefer you close.鈥
You ignore his death stare and return your attention to the blue decorated stands with different objects. The sellers are wearing simple brown and beige clothes. You wouldn't know that they're Asgardians if you weren't on another planet.
鈥淚 actually do need some things like make-up? Skincare products? Comfy clothes?鈥
鈥淚 much prefer you naked, body and face.鈥
You roll his eyes and he tilts his head.
鈥淒id you just鈥?鈥
鈥淪o if you can transport things,鈥 you interrupt him, 鈥淐an't you like have a short trip to Earth and steal a Chanel make-up stand? Or a鈥︹
鈥淚 beg your pardon?鈥
鈥淚 was just trying. I mean鈥 since you would do this, at least let it be something expensive.鈥
鈥淐hoose whatever you want from here.鈥
鈥淟oki鈥 I have no idea what these are鈥 what language is this?鈥
鈥淕ive her whatever she needs.鈥 his gaze fixes the seller and a green glow flashes in her eyes.
鈥淥f course, your majesty.鈥
Did he just cast a spell on her? Her mind-controlled gaze fixes on your face as she studies it. She quickly packs a few bottles in a box and she handles it to Loki.
鈥淟et's leave.鈥
鈥淲ell if you can steal from a merchant in the square I assume you can do the same to a whole line of cosmetics which probably gains 100.000 times more than this woman.鈥
鈥淵our tone pet, you better lower it and stop complaining,鈥 he groans and grabs your waist to crash your body into his. For a moment you thought he would kiss you but it appears he鈥檚 sensing something and checks his surroundings from the underneath of his hood.
鈥淲e鈥檙e getting out of here, now!鈥
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