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#this is a chimney han stan account
kitkatpancakestack · 11 days ago
The episode hasn't aired yet but I just wanna say that Kenneth Choi, you really killed it tonight, kick ass and take names baby this is your world we're all just living in it ❤️
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heartachebf · 8 months ago
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118hasmyback · a month ago
every other post on my account be like:
Tumblr media
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118hasmyback · 2 months ago
i just KNOW that chim has the best taste in music out of everyone at the 118
no i will not be taking any criticism at this time
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kitkatpancakestack · 21 days ago
the way chimney han owns my entire ass
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118hasmyback · 3 months ago
looking through shows I used to watch, and in one of them the main character went from "Chaotic Pretty" to "dilf" in the span of like three seasons
tell me this isn't about everyone's favorite chaotic short king and devoted father, mr. chimney han
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118hasmyback · a month ago
choose one: Buck, Eddie, Hen, Chim, Ravi (for something I'm writing)
You know I gotta say Chim <3
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kitkatpancakestack · 10 days ago
not only did they ruin Chimney's character for maddie's sake, they straight up pulled him off screen and said #no maddie no Chimney. 9-1-1 really is the maddie show and he's just his supportive, now violent boyfriend and the father of her child.
I wasn't going to answer this originally but I'm feeling feisty today so now I'm gonna.
Firstly, @evcndiaz said it best on this post so regardless of what I say here, defer to their eloquent brilliance.
I'll say this: Chimney's character hasn't been ruined. He punched Buck in the face. That is it. Let's establish the lead-up of events to this moment. Maddie left without saying a single word to him. He knows she'd been struggling and they hadn't seen each other in a week, and then she was just gone, leaving only a video message. Chimney has been spiraling and in an extremely dark place. On top of this, he finds out his daughter took a trip to the ER he didn't know about before Maddie left. And then he finds out Buck (despite his good intentions) actively kept this information from him while watching him spiral.
This is the same shit that happened to Eddie after his "fight club arc" in S3 and it's so ridiculous.
I fully expect Chimney to return within a few episodes, probably not with Maddie, but maybe with the knowledge that she's seeking help and they have a line of communication open and he feels good about returning to LA.
This isn't about who is justified for doing what. This isn't about vindicating or villainizing a character. These are brutal storylines that demand you to settle in the uncomfortable gray area of life. I'm not going to tell anybody how to view a plotline and I'm not going to tell anybody how their experiences mold their views/opinions. I'm just saying we've all done some stupid, angry shit, and that doesn't necessarily mean we're all violent maniacs. People are people. Sometimes we snap! Chimney had precedent. Buck understands that, too.
Embrace depth and nuance and complexity. And empathy. 9-1-1 isn't trying to make you feel good with syrupy goodness. They want you to reach for hope and goodness through the turbulence of life, which is sometimes messy and shitty and complicated. The show goes out of its way to paint its characters as nuanced individuals who are good people who sometimes make bad choices, who end up in tough situations, who do what they can with the tools they have, until they know better and can do better. That's the whole point.
Also, this is a chimney han stan account, and it will remain as such.
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