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official-deutschland · 2 days ago
hello my bestie (german for beast)(im into werewolves)
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ichhabdichvermisst · 2 days ago
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Spatort: Das Herz der Schlange, Real Ending Leaked
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I didn’t need to find out that Ted Cruz was the other person running the unfuckable blog on Tumblr. If anyone else who runs a popular tumblr blog is secretly a politician, please get up and leave now.
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blqckthorne · a day ago
lol what if the ghost is Charles
my evidence is that, if i was a ghost and someone thought that i was my sibling i too would start throwing shit
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illthinkofausernamelater · 2 days ago
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ask-cordelia-sakamaki · a day ago
Cordelia: This horny bitch simply cannot stop 'simping' for my sons. She needs to touch grass.
Yes, I am talking to you @yuikomorii
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so do y’all also picture Billy with a happy trail or are you uncultured
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daggryet · 23 hours ago
ranboo, wilbur, and tommy sharing an office in the future oh em gee office trio
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jessicawhitlysimp · a day ago
tk and carlos broke up bcs carlos couldn’t bear dating an only child anymore
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gurlyousavage2 · a day ago
imagine making a reincarnated!Jennette au and mashing it up with your villainess!Athanasia au lmao
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kujokuko11 · 2 days ago
Reasons Kuko Harai Could Actually Be the Devil
His hair is red. What color is the devil usually depicted as?
That's right, red.
He has mentioned fire while rapping.(See example)
Tumblr media
What place is notorious for being eternally on fire? Exactly, hell.
Sometimes he squats low to the ground. (See examples)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Why? To be closer to hell, perhaps?? 🤔
Keep your eyes open, friends. Thank you for your time.
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randommratt · 14 hours ago
I like to think Joxter is always just a little bit high
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s always just a little zooted , always just a little blazed out of his mind
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tethered-heartstrings · 14 hours ago
Tumblr knows making “Hannibal NBC” trend again is a mistake. But I am convinced the algorithm is just speaking in code at this point.
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weirdwerewolf · 19 days ago
hey genuine question. whats the benift of pegging as the pegger. obv i can understand it as the idk the peggee, but the opposite dont make sense to me
well, as an empath…
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Rb if you pinky promise not to join Tumblr+ and won’t hide your content behind a paywall
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parasiticdroid · 5 days ago
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clairenatural · 3 months ago
nobody prev tagged me even though my tags were hilarious but im being so brave about it
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artistcosmic · 11 months ago
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Man the new Pokemon games look great
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robotpussy · 11 months ago
why do we bash Cruella de Vil for kidnapping and trying to skin puppies to make into a coat but we never question if the dogs just had bad vibes? Or if they’re just unpleasant to be around?
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musicalcompanions · 3 months ago
I’m gonna go ahead and blame the Supernatural fandom for all these social medias being down
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