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#this is a joke i never pay attention to class
nezukoz · a month ago
idk anything about genshin impact maybe pay attention to your literature class to "impact" your grade hope this helps
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kaytyart · a day ago
POST Mortem
# Hello everyone i want to introduce you to this personal proyect and story i have been writing , and i wanna said sorry for my grammar mistake because inglish is not my first lenguage .
# This will have chapters so if you like the story wait for the next part.
* Come meet the adventures of Katherine... her world is about to have a bad turn in a Zombie world*
Chapter 1 Life of nightmares
POV (Katherine)
The cold blizzard of the night was hitting my face in an unkind way, at this point I couldn't even feel my lips anymore and like in the cartoons , I felt like my nose was about to fall off because of how cold it was , but the culprit of this little icy misfortune was not entirely because of the wind , it was also mine , I doubt very much that someone else would also run through the desolate streets of the early morning. Icould feeling my heart racing and having adrenaline as my only engine, after all it is the only thing that allows me to keep running, because if I pay attention to my senses I can feel a stabbing pain throughout my leg, and that if I stop at this moment surely my whole body would collapse.
Again I think that I am running , could it be that I am in a marathon ? ha! that sure is a good joke i was never good at sports ,but again why am I running and... why...I feel...I feel...I feel...I feel fear...oh god it is the most horrible feeling ,I can't think of anything else but to keep running and escape... Escape?...I am... running away... but why ? running away... all my mental images are so's like I have no memory of anything, like in video games when the character appears in a room and starts his adventure...a very dark one...and at this moment i start to stress out feeling my breathing get even heavier and how my throat closes up .
Wrenching growls and moans are heard from behind me , that's what I'm running from ... from their putrid smell and existence that make all my skin bristle in terror . Out of nowhere my legs start to feel heavy and no matter how hard I try to pick up the pace they won't let me, causing me to panic....
God, God, GOD, please don't let their jaws chew my skin!
Their growls start to get closer as my legs slow down .
No, no, no, no, NO WHY THE FUCK MY LEGS DON'T WORK !!!!
Their pitiful moans get louder and louder until I realize that they are not moans... they are talking to me... they are calling my name, the fucking dead know my name?!
Everything moves in slow motion while I feel how my name goes from being whispered to being shouted several times in a desperate way until, out of nowhere, the dead one finally manages to catch me. Out of nowhere and in a very hurried way a bony hand grabbe me by the shoulders making me turn around been greeted by a scream coming from the shattered throat of a non-living who saw me with her empty and milky look, making with that same scream her fallen jaw tremble, I try to break away but my arms have an impressive weakness.
My God I don't want to die ... I DON'T WANT TO DIE!
- KATHERINE WAKE UP! - shouted the dead woman who was holding my arms.
That was the last thing she said to me before her jaws snapped into my throat.
- KATHERINE WAKE UP!- shouted the class teacher who had had enough of moving one of her most clueless students in the middle of Biology.
- DON'T EAT ME!!! - shouted the jet-haired student as she broke away from the teacher and fell to the floor.
That was enough for the entire class to burst into laughter and an exclamation of concern from some of her few friends who accompanied her in that class.
- The little weirdo is even dreaming about her own death! - was heard from one of her classmates.
- Silence! - said the teacher - this is not a laughing matter, her classmate could have hurt herself - she scolded while she lifted up the young girl who was now blushing with embarrassment.
- S-sorry... heh,- said the jet-haired girl as she sat down again and arranged her books.
- I hope you at least study for tomorrow Miss Katherine, I don't want to see you fail again another exam because i don't think your luck will help you this time.
The young girl only nodded as she smiled apologetically and lowered her head with a sigh, she knew that now she would be the one to receive a scolding from her friends, what a nightmare life she had.
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undying-vagabond · 3 days ago
Feelings for you
Tumblr media
pairing: levi x fem reader
warnings: angst w/ happy ending, filming without consent, blackmail, unwanted advances, mentions of physical violence
part 1 ⬌ part 2 ⬌ part 4 ⬌ part 5
“I don’t feel anything for Leviathan. He’s just another number in my body count.”
Hearing those words shattered Levi’s poor, brittle heart—especially in when they came from the person he loved most.
It was like (Name) had taken a knife and plunged it into his chest, twisting till he couldn’t breath. The pain Levi felt at that moment was unbearable.
Tears rolled down his cheeks.
Even when the three of them turned to look at him, (Name)’s cold expression never left her face. Levi expected her to laugh and reveal it was a prank.
He would’ve believed her.
Just a few days ago, they’d slept together. Levi even heard (Name) say she loved him. She thought he was asleep, but he heard it. Her precious confession.
“You’re.. joking right ?”
Desperate, Levi offered her another way out but (Name) crushed that too. “No. Why would I want to be with a gross otaku like you?” She couldn’t even look at him when she said that.
Levi shook his head vehemently, denying those hurtful statements. “No no no. No!” He couldn’t accept this. It didn’t make sense. Why would (Name) suddenly say something like this? There had to be a reason for it.
Grabbing her shoulders, he begged. “Stop lying! I know you—”
(Name) pulled away from him harshly, “Leave me alone, freak!”
A whimper escaped him.
The two guys beside her were having a field day. Astaroth and Mephisto snickered, catching the attention of Levi.
His bullies.
What was she doing with them? (Name) had once defended him against them, so why was she with them? Was her relationship with him truly an act?
Doubt seeped into his heart.
Levi’s world was falling apart. He couldn’t think straight—the tears made his vision blurry as he ran away from the scene. Laughter followed him until it eventually faded the further he got.
The bluenette had to leave. He could not stand there any longer, listening how his darling delivered blow after blow with those awful words. Coming from anyone else, Levi would’ve ignored them but this wasn’t just anyone. (Name) was Levi’s most precious person, which made the pain worse.
Levi slid down the nearest wall, knees pressing against his chest as he let out all his anguish in the middle of an empty hall. Part of him wished (Name) would follow after him, explanation in hand but no such thing happened.
“Oi Levi you should eat something!”
Mammon banged on his younger brother’s door; the rest of the brothers looked on solemnly when Levi threw a pillow against the door.
“Go away!”
None of them knew exactly what happened. Levi came home, eyes clearly red from crying and when he was questioned by Lucifer, the bluenette ran to his room and shut himself in.
“I suggest we give him some space.”
The next morning, Levi had stopped his isolation but he looked miserable. It was like a cloud of grey surrounded him.
Nearly dragging himself to class, Levi turned when the crowd parted, people whispering as (Name) walked by, sporting a black eye and a busted lip. Students ogled, wondering how she’d gotten those injuries.
(Name) seemed to pay them no mind, that is, until she made eye contact with Levi. He stood near the lockers, clutching his books close to his chest.
Turning away, she walked faster.
Levi’s legs moved on their own, following after her.
Although (Name) had hurt him deeply, he still loved her. Levi honestly thought it was impossible to hate the young woman.
He wasn’t the most athletic but Levi ran all over the academy looking for his beloved (Name). He finally stopped to catch his breath, heaving as sweat dripped from his forehead to the floor.
Straightening from his hunched position, Levi’s gaze settled on two nearby figures. They sat on a bench in one of the gardens, chatting casually.
“Seriously (Name), why would I believe that a cat attacked you? I’m not that stupid.”
The latter’s roommate rubbed some ointment on her wounds while (Name) placed an ice pack on her bruised eye. “If the shoe fits.”
That response earned the injured female a gentle wack to the head. It kinda hurt but she brushed it off, making smooches at her friend to mask the pain. Both laughed, causing (Name)’s swollen lip to split open.
Blood trickled down her chin. Immediately, her roommate stood up, handing (Name) a napkin to hold onto. Red bloomed across the whiteness of the paper. “OH!! I’ll get the nurse! Stay here, I’ll be right back!”
Nodding, (Name) watched her friend go before glancing in Levi’s direction. She’d spotted him earlier. Said male flinched at being caught, as he had been hiding behind a pillar.
While Levi pondered if to approach, (Name) had already directed her gaze elsewhere. She had put the ice pack down awhile ago. There was a certain sadness in the way her lip twitched, brow furrowing slightly.
Slowly, Levi joined her at the bench, fiddling with his fingers. “Are—are you okay?” Hesitation laced his voice. The previous connection they had was severed. Things were awkward now.
“That’s good.”
It was silent for a moment. (Name) still refused to look at him. Levi considered leaving, feeling unwanted. Still, he needed to address something that had been bothering him since yesterday.
Both of them spoke at the same time.
“Do you hate me?”
(Name)’s and Levi’s eyes widened. He was the first to answer, “I don’t... hate you..”
It was a small, but (Name)’s face softened. “I’m glad.”
Pursing his lips, Levi blurted “What about you? Do you, hate me?” before he could help himself. He was desperate to know.
The female shook her head lightly.
“Then, why won’t you look at me?”
She went silent.
When she faced him, Levi could see the tears threatening to leave her eyes. “Because—I don’t deserve to look at you..” grabbing his hand, (Name) continued, “Yesterday I said a lot awful things. Although they weren’t true, I still hurt you and I’m sorry for that. I don’t expect you to forgive me.. but I wanted you to know.”
Levi felt something wet hit his hand, it took him a second to realize that it was (Name)’s tears. She brought his hand to her forehead, “You mean so much to me...” she whispered, almost to herself.
The small confession was the straw that broke the camels back. After that, (Name) couldn’t stop crying. The tears kept on coming, it was suffocating. Her head began to throb.
“A-ah.. don’t cry..”
Levi hated seeing her like this. Perhaps he was weak when it came to her. Only (Name) could hurt him as much and still hold his love.
“I can’t— hiccup— stop..!” She truly couldn’t, it was like a curse. Levi placed his lips on her, gentle. Still, she winced slightly.
The action was so sudden that (Name)’s eyes resembled saucers; well, as much as they could when one of them was nearly closed and black. It worked. The tear works stopped. “If.. if you really like me then why did you say all those things?”
He couldn’t forget about that. He desperately wanted to know what pushed her to insult him that badly. He couldn’t forgive her till he knew.
Wiping her eye, (Name) opened her mouth to explain. “Remember our first encounter?” Pink tinted Levi’s cheeks as he nodded. How could he not? It was the first time he’d been able to confess his love, to kiss her and have her touch him. It was forever engraved in his mind.
Digging around in her bag, (Name) brought out a device. Making sure that no one was around, she pressed play.
The screen showed Levi in the restroom, dick out as he jerked off, moaning her name. He still had her panties on him.
Embarrassment burned on Levi’s face, grabbing the thing from her and erasing the evidence. He remembered now. After he’d left her room, he became hard at (Name)’s last words to him.
It would’ve been shameful to walk back to his dorm with a hard on, so Levi headed towards the nearest restroom to take care of his problem. He thought it was empty, unable to hold back his whines.
“Why would they—?”
It was obvious. They hated him. “I rejected Astaroth around the time we began to you know. He always took things personally. This was his revenge.”
(Name) didn’t have to elaborate why it was a bad idea if that video circulated throughout RAD.
Not only would Levi would be humiliated, but also expelled for behaving indecently in an educational institution. Him and his brothers were part of the student council, meaning they represented the school.
This would’ve brought shame to his entire family.
“I had to do it. I couldn’t allow them to ruin you.” Her head hung low. “They wanted me to reject you, just like I’d rejected them.”
(Name) immediately got payback, jumping them after school. “They won’t be coming to RAD anytime soon. Although...” she touched her swollen eye, hissing. “They did get in a few hits.”
Levi was silent, processing everything he’d been told.
(Name) sneaked a glance at him. His lip had some of the blood that was on hers, probably due to the kiss. “Do you feel bad for them?”
“Not really... they hurt you..”
“That’s what they get for threatening the person whom I hold dear to my heart.”
Suddenly embarrassed by her words, (Name) sighed and leaned her head on the crook of Levi’s shoulder. “I think I have a concussion.”
“L-let’s take you to the infirmary then!”
“No, i want to stay here for a while.”
Levi held her close; his hand rested on (Name)’s back moving slowly to ease her. They remained in silence for a couple of minutes till he broke it—the ultimate question popping into his mind.
“(Name)... what are we?”
They never got the chance to put a label on it. For all he knew, they were merely friends with benefits.
“I’ll be whatever you want as long as you’re mine.”
His heart skipped a beat. She really had no idea how much her words affected him.
“And you’re mine too right?”
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tetsunormous · 3 days ago
Provoking the captain
Tumblr media
pairing: dom!Kuroo x f!reader
genre: smut (18+), established relationship
word count: 2.4 k
warning: swearing, fingering, choking, daddy kink, exhibitionism (?), edging, clit spanking, degradation
Tumblr media
You and Kuroo have been together for a few months now. It was routine for the two of you to have lunch together with the team, and you could tell how happy it made him to know you get along so well with his teammates. He gets jealous quite easily, although he completely trusts you, so it’s hard for him not to feel some type of way when you go off joking around with the rest of the boys.
You were feeling a little bratty today and before you went your separate ways after lunch, knowing fully well you didn’t give him as much attention as he’d like, you grab Kuroo’s tie and pull him close enough that your lips barely touch.
It’s clear his team was watching with wide eyes, you look up at him before softly saying, “I’ll see you in class, make sure you pay attention, yea?”
You pull away with a faint smirk resting on your lips before turning to the team, “I’ll come by practice later, see you soon!”, and with that you start walking away knowing teasing Testsu like that will definitely come back to bite your ass later.
Kuroo stood there shocked that his baby girl would act out like this infront of other people, but he was also in awe of your confidence. That all changed when he heard Yamamoto and Lev snickering about how you have their captain wrapped around your pretty little finger.
“Oi! Who knew sweet little y/n was actually in charge” Yaku says, knowing it would egg Kuroo on further.
“Get your asses to class! If any of you show up late to practice I’m making you run extra”, and with that Kuroo walks away to the sound of Kenma’s snickers in the back.
It's the last period and you both have chemistry together. Normally he’s very good at staying focused but you couldn't help but smile at the sight of him constantly fidgeting and scrunching up his nose. “Are you okay, Tetsu? You seem a little distracted today” you ask as you rest your hand on his thigh.
“I don’t know what game you’re playing right now, but you know how I feel about you getting so close to others, especially right in front of me”, he turns towards you and whispers just loud enough for you to hear, “you didn’t give me any attention at lunch, and you top it off with a tease in front on my team? You really are my naughty girl aren't you chibi-chan?”
“Is that what I did? I’m sorry Tetsu” you say before shyly smiling, “maybe you can tell me more about what I did wrong after class, okay daddy?”
At this point, you knew you were screwed but watching your boyfriend’s eyes darken never fails to get you excited.
The rest of class went by slower than you hoped but the not so secretive glances Kuroo kept making made it entertaining to say the least. You tried your hardest not to pay him any attention, but the way his leg was bouncing against yours told you what you already knew. Practice was going to be different today.
The two of you start packing up your books as the bell rings and he’s already standing behind you with his large hand caressing your side.
“You better be good and finish your homework while I’m in practice chibi-chan, I’m not sure you’ll have time to complete it later after your little games earlier” he whispers, sending shivers down your spine.
“Is that a threat, or a promise Tetsu?”
You could taste the lust in his voice, “My pretty girl, I promise I’m going to fuck some manners into you”
And with that he leads you out of the classroom and over to the volleyball gymnasium. He taps your ass as you head towards the table in the corner where you normally get your work done while he's practicing.
“Alright kitten, give me a kiss before I go change for practice”
“Hmmm I don’t know Tetsu, for someone complaining about my manners, you forgot the magic word when you asked”
“Is this how you want tonight to go? Because if you keep this up, I will drag you into that janitor closet and remind you of your place”
Right as you were about to give in and offer him a kiss, the team floods into the gym and starts shouting at the two of you.
“I think it’s time for you to go captain. Don’t worry though, I’ll be a good girl and finish my homework”
He chuckles dryly, “You better.” and heads to the locker rooms.
Practice goes as usual but you can tell he’s on edge. Everyone in the room could tell Kuroo was on top of his game today. His serves are more powerful, his spikes are breaking through all their blocks, and his read blocking was scary accurate. Every so often he would make eye contact with you and it was nearly impossible to keep yourself from squeezing your legs shut. Kuroo is an incredible player but seeing the effect your little act has on his skills was shamelessly attractive.
You’re normally pretty well behaved and it’s a given you’d finish your work so completing your homework was never something that troubled you. However, the sounds of Kuroo’s hands smacking against the balls was distracting enough to make the process longer than normal. You finish all your work just in time to his two hour practice ending.
As you start packing up your work, you feel a presence looming over you and Kuroo’s scent fills your mind. He takes your hair and sweeps it behind your shoulder before leaning close to your ear, “I asked Yaku to lock up, I’m giving you two minutes to meet me in the janitors closet. If you’re late, I’m sure the boys wouldn't mind watching me put you in your place.”
A shiver runs down your spine instantly, but you know there's no hiding the wetness leaking from just the thought of what might happen next. He begins to leave and you can physically feel your body blushing as you scramble to pack up your bag. You knew teasing Kuroo would lead to a ‘funishment’ of sorts, but you’ve never heard him speak to you in such a sadistic tone.
As you pick up your book bag and head towards the janitor’s closet, your heart feels like it wants to burst from the anticipation. It’s common for Kuroo to get a little rough when you’d have sex but perhaps acting up at school wasn’t the best choice. Especially if the team has a big game next week.
You quickly slip into the closet and you’re met with your gorgeous boyfriend wearing a shit eating smirk, “Just in time kitten, I was beginning to think you want the team to see how desperate you are for my cock. No worries, I’m sure they’ll hear you either way.”
He kisses you softly and takes your bag from you before setting it on the floor. You’re standing there playing with your fingers with your legs pressed tightly together as he tucks a strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Why do you look so nervous? What happened to the attitude, kitten?
“I’m not nervous!”
“No? It doesn’t make you nervous that the boys are going to do some individual practices before locking up? It doesn’t make you nervous that I plan to fuck you dumb so you know what happens when little girls try to give me an attitude, and the only thing separating us and the team is that door behind you?” He takes his hand and tilts your chin so you’re looking straight at him. He gives you a small smile, “My, you must really be a whore if it doesn’t make you nervous that anyone who’s in the gym will be able to hear just how desperate you are. We both know how loud you get”
“I know how you get when I’m bratty, for someone so smart you’d think it was easy to figure my intentions by now”
“Do you really think you’re in any position to talk to me like that?” His right hand now gripping the sides of your neck while his left hand travels under your skirt and begins to caress your thigh, “especially after admitting you acted out on purpose”
His hand is more than big enough to fully grasp your throat. You begin to feel a little lightheaded from the lack of blood flow, but that only makes you want him more. You know his left hand is snaking its way up towards your heat but you can’t help but to want to push him one step further.
“You gonna keep your promise from earlier daddy?”
Kuroo almost wants to laugh at your words, but part of him is still in awe at your boldness today. “I’m going to have so much fun with you tonight”
He slams your body against the door as the two of you begin to makeout. You moan into his mouth as he kisses you with urgency. You grant him access as his tongue swipes across your bottom lip and his left hand finds itself situated between your legs. You feel a tap against your inner thigh and you spread your legs open while your tongues move in unison. The grip on your throat tightens as his fingers begin to stroke your pussy over your little panties. He pulls away and leans in close -- kissing, nibbling, and whispering into your ear knowing how sensitive you are, “what’s got you so wet kitten? We’ve barely just begun”.
“You Tetsu” you whimper into his shoulder as his fingers start to hover over your needy clit.
“Yeah kitten? I barely touch you and you’re already soaking. Do you think you deserve to feel good after teasing me today?”
“T-tetsu, please” as you clutch onto his arms looking up at him to see his expression. However, you’re met with his piercing eyes, now a shade darker, staring intently into yours as he starts rubbing you over the thin fabric you still wear.
You continue to whimper and his speed increases but he suddenly stops and takes a step back.
“I asked you a question, didn’t I?”
“I promise I’ll be good Tetsu, please, I’m sorry for being a brat” you quickly respond with your hands reaching out to him but he just chuckles.
“Of course you’ll be good now kitten, you want me to help you get off. You want me to fill you up and remind you how good my cock feels inside you.” He walks towards you and cages you between his body and the door, “bad girls don’t get what they want, but for now all I want is to fuck you with my fingers. If you even think about trying to cover your mouth I will make sure you don’t get to cum for days. You want to act up? Daddy’s going to make sure everyone knows who you belong to, go it?”
“Y-yes yes, please fuck me with your fingers”
He roughly tugs your panties off and uses his foot to spread your legs wide open. His left hand spreads your pussy open before spanking your clit, sending a sharp pain up your body, and you can’t help the moan that escapes your lips, “That’s not my fucking name.”
“Daddy! Yes, yes daddy I got it!”
His lips attach to yours and he strokes your wet folds feeling how you shudder at his touch. You moan into the kiss and he bites your bottom lip slightly as his thumb finds its way to your clit. “So fucking wet.”
“Only for you. I’m only this wet for you daddy. Please, I want to feel your fingers”
“Yea?” His thumb continues to rub you as two fingers lightly trace over your folds teasing your hole. “Let me hear how much you want my fingers in you.”
“Please! I’m sorry for teasing you today, please just let me feel you daddy”, you whine into him trying to keep your knees from buckling. “I promise to be your good girl, I need you in me! Please daddy, please make me feel good!”
He smirks down at you before plunging two fingers in your tight little hole and your body arches back while you let out a whiney moan. “Let me hear how good my fingers feel inside you baby” His fingers begin to curl and continually hit your spot while his thumb persistently pays attention to your clit.
“F-fuck daddy, you make me feel so good”
Your arms latch onto his for balance, and your head falls back against the door. Kuroo takes the opportunity to run his tongue against the exposed curvature of your neck before planting kisses against your jaw. He sucks against the skin where your neck and ear meets before biting on your earlobe, “I want everyone out there to hear how needy you are” and inserts another finger into your dripping cunt.
“Oh my god” you breathe out, “daddy it feels so good!” you scream not caring who’s on the other side of the door. All you can think about are his fingers expertly pumping into you, hitting your g-spot every time, while his left hand spreads your pussy lips further making it easier to continually rub your clit.
He can feel how close you are by the way your walls are squeezing around his finger. By the way you’re shamelessly moaning out his name asking for permission to cum. By the way the grip you have on his arms tighten and the heavy heaving of your chest.
So he stops.
“Bad girls don’t get what they want, remember?” He sticks his fingers into his mouth and sucks all your juices off before bending down to pick up your bag. “Maybe next time, you’ll think about how badly you want to finish before you become a fucking brat. Now, let's go out there and show everyone what a needy slut you are, yea?”
“T-that’s it?”
“I’m sorry, you didn't think I was actually going to let you finish, did you?”
The blush on your cheeks only grows darker at the thought of facing his teammates. You bend down to put your panties back on before you feel his hand rubbing your ass. “When we get back to my place, I promise to leave handprints all over this pretty ass. If you behave yourself, I’ll think about letting you cum”
Tumblr media
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messrsmoonee · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
A Cut Above the Rest. «PART TWELVE»
Cedric Diggory x Reader; Harry Potter x Reader; Golden Trio Era; series
Part: 12/?
Summary: Y/N is still feeling lost after talking with her aunt, and Cedric wants to know what’s wrong. Snape takes over one of Lupin’s lessons.
Word Count: approx. 4.8k
Warnings/Notes: Depressive-ish mood. / My brain has felt like an actual potato for the last week or so, so I don’t know how good this will be but we’re doing it anyway. — 🥔
Tag List: @p0gues4l @savvy7392 @fuckingalohomora-bitch @vsawyer1989 @thewayilookatbacon @outrebanx (ask to be added or removed)
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
6th of November, 1993.
Y/N had not smiled once since her aunt had visited the school.
It felt like she was operating on autopilot. She woke up in the morning, ate the bare minimum at breakfast and always chose the most bland foods, went through the motions of half-heartedly taking notes in class and completing homework, and went to bed early every night even though it took her longer and longer to fall asleep each time.
She caught herself thinking a horrible thought on one of those restless nights. The thought that she wanted to see her dad again. It only left her feeling guilty and disappointed. No, she reminded herself. You don’t want to see Sirius Black in your memories anymore.
The weather had been growing worse, with wind howling loudly outside the castle and skies filling with grey. Y/N had not visited the forest again, either, and she went to the library only when she needed to for studying. She did not even visit the Clocktower, which had been her main refuge ever since her first week at Hogwarts. As hard as it was to focus in class, she was working harder than ever on her homework outside of the classroom. It was a useful distraction.
It was the most frustrating mixed bag of emotions that Y/N had ever felt. She’d always missed her parents dearly, mourning the family she couldn’t quite remember having, but she had still lived a happy life with her aunt that she was grateful for. But the knowledge that her family history was partly a lie, and that her real father was Sirius Black of all people — it did things to her that she was struggling to cope with on her own.
She was sad. Angry, hurt, confused. She felt guilty because she felt angry, and sad because she felt confused. Angry that she’d been lied to her whole life, then guilty for acting bratty because of it. And yet there still managed to be a sort of apathy and numbness that overshadowed it all like a dark cloud, and that was the worst part of it. She didn’t care what people thought of her uncharacteristic behaviour. She didn’t care if she got into trouble for being late to class or not paying attention. All she could think about was the fact that she now had no idea what exactly the idea of family meant to her. Would she keep it a secret for the rest of her life, or would she tell people? Cedric, Leanne, Harry, Hermione — would they ever know who she really was, and would they care? Did it even matter that much where she came from, or was she just being dramatic and selfish for being so bothered by it?
Her friends had noticed and had differing responses, though none of them had yet managed to figure out what had caused her sudden shift in mood. Hermione thought it was because of homework-induced stress. Leanne thought she might have been homesick — Ernie and Justin followed her lead on that assumption and Ernie offered to let Y/N borrow his owl to send more letters back home.
Harry had been a bit less observant, being busy with everything else on his mind and with the intense Quidditch practise. The first match would not be played with Slytherin anymore on account of Draco’s exaggerated whining about his arm, it would instead be played against Hufflepuff. Even still, Harry had noticed the difference; Y/N had never been particularly loud, but there was a noticeable lack of jokes and laughter from her.
But none was more concerned than Cedric.
Y/N looked as miserable as the worsening weather outside. As soon as Cedric approached her the morning after her mysterious meeting with Dumbledore to see if she was okay, he noticed the lack of sunlight in her eyes. He had immediately wanted to know what was wrong and when she tried to casually brush it off — saying that she was fine and that Dumbledore had only been checking in on her — he decided to let the topic rest for the time being, not wanting to pressure her while she was clearly bothered about something.
But she didn’t show any signs of wanting to open up about it. She didn’t look any happier or any less stressed out as two very long days passed, and Cedric wasn’t sure how much longer it would last nor how much more of it he would be able to take. He wanted to do something to help, but he didn’t know how. He had no answers, no solutions, no insight, no magic fix, and it frustrated him. It was now the third day, and as he watched her stare blankly at a piece of toast over breakfast, he decided that he’d had enough. As soon as they were alone, Cedric was determined to figure out what the problem was.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Y/N walked between Leanne and Ernie to her next class, with Justin and Hannah following not far behind. She felt some relief that it was Defence Against the Dark Arts.
Professor Lupin had been noticeably more gentle with Y/N over the past few days. He spoke to her differently to how he spoke to other students. It was hard to explain how exactly, but Lupin was certainly more considerate with Y/N, even if nobody else noticed. He did not call on her to answer questions in class anymore as she was too in her own head to have been able to focus properly. And to make up for her wandering mind, he gave her a small piece of parchment with a list of helpful books and chapters to read through in the library. A small bar of chocolate had been sneakily handed over along with the reading list. Y/N thought it was a bit strange, though not unwelcome, and she had already done away with any of the suspicions she had about Professor Lupin possibly being untrustworthy.
Professor Snape, on the other hand, had been no less horrible to be in the same room with. Y/N still didn’t understand what he had against her — and Harry, for that matter. She was more than displeased, then, to find that in place of Professor Lupin was Snape himself.
The students were confused as they settled into their seats in the classroom, seeing Snape sitting at Lupin’s desk. It almost made Y/N angry to see him using Lupin’s classroom, knowing that Snape would jump at the chance to take his job.
He went through roll call and then started the lesson, though it seemed like he was more interested in making Lupin sound incompetent.
“Professor Lupin has failed to leave a simple record of the topics you have studied —”
All of a sudden, the doors of the classroom burst open and Harry rushed in.
“Sorry I’m late, Professor Lupin —”
Harry stopped when he saw Snape.
“This lesson began ten minutes ago, Potter, so I think we’ll take ten points from Gryffindor. Sit down.”
“Where’s Professor Lupin?” Harry asked.
“He is feeling too ill to teach today. Sit down.”
Harry remained exactly where he was.
“What’s wrong with him?”
Snape looked to be growing more irritated by the minute and Y/N silently hoped that Harry would keep asking questions to annoy him all day.
“Nothing life-threatening. Five more points from Gryffindor, and if I have to ask you to sit down again, it will be fifty,” said Snape.
Harry finally gave in and sat next to Ron behind Y/N and Leanne.
“As I was saying before Potter interrupted, Professor Lupin has not left any record of the topics you have covered.”
“Please, sir. We’ve already done Boggarts, Red Caps, Kappas, and Grindylows, and we’re just about to start —”
“Be quiet,” said Snape, cutting Hermione off. “I did not ask for information. I was merely commenting on Professor Lupin’s lack of organization.”
“He’s the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we’ve ever had,” said Dean.
The rest of the class murmured in agreement.
“You are easily satisfied. Lupin is hardly overtaxing you — I would expect first years to be able to deal with Red Caps and Grindylows. Today we shall discuss werewolves,” said Snape.
Y/N thought that was an unfair jab. By the sounds of it, the last two teachers had been no good at all. It made sense that Professor Lupin would’ve been heaped with extra material to try and teach them to help them catch up.
Hermione looked ready to burst.
“But we’re not supposed to do werewolves yet —”
“Miss Granger, I was under the impression that I am teaching this lesson, not you. And I am telling you all to turn to page 394.”
The class, nobody happy with their substitute teacher, grumbled and flipped to the correct page.
“Which of you can tell me how to distinguish between a werewolf and a true wolf?” Snape asked slowly.
Hermione quickly raised her hand, and Snape ignored her.
“Anyone? Are you telling me that Professor Lupin hasn’t even taught you the basic distinction between —”
Parvati Patil spoke up next. “We haven’t gotten to werewolves yet, we’re still —”
“Silence! Well, I never thought I’d meet a third-year class who wouldn’t even recognize a werewolf when they saw one. I shall make a point of informing Professor Dumbledore how very behind you all are...” Snape said, a twisted smirk on his face.
Y/N, already far more sensitive than usual, felt her pulse racing with anger. Perhaps not all of it was directed at Professor Snape, but a good deal of it was and she needed something tangible to direct all of her confusing negative feelings towards — a target to aim at.
Hermione’s hand was still in the air and she desperately tried to answer the original question Snape had asked the class.
“Please, sir. The werewolf differs from the true wolf in several small ways. The snout of the werewolf —”
“That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”
Y/N felt her skin tingle again with the urge to yell at somebody — a feeling that didn’t overcome her often, but when it did, it came very strongly.
Hermione went pink in embarrassment and lowered her hand, staring at the floor with visible tears in her eyes. That made Y/N angry.
“You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?” Ron called out angrily.
The rest of the class, annoyed as they were at Snape’s unfairness, watched tensely as Snape approached Ron.
“Detention, Weasley. And if I ever hear you criticize the way I teach a class again, you will be very sorry indeed.”
“Can’t take the hit to your ego, I guess,” Y/N mumbled.
The class, if it were at all possible, went even more silent than it had been.
Y/N had spoken quietly enough that not everybody would have heard it if they weren’t sitting close enough, but Snape certainly did.
He turned so quickly that his robes whipped behind him and he marched over to Y/N’s desk, leaning down to her level with the most unpleasant expression he could muster.
“Locke,” he started. “You think you’re quite the little comedian, don’t you?”
Y/N didn’t respond to that, only matching Snape’s hardened expression. She did not care if she made Snape angry. She wanted to make him angry.
“You’re very impressive, sir,” Y/N started, her voice coming out much steadier and calmer than she felt.
The class watched with bated breath. Leanne was tightly clutching her textbook from beside her.
“Very impressive indeed, making a fourteen-year-old girl cry just because she’s smart. Maybe you were picked on as a kid, I don’t know, but don’t take it out on us to make yourself feel better about it.”
The entire class was stunned. Not only had someone so flippantly told Snape off, but it was Y/N Locke. It was the new Hufflepuff who, despite her rocky introduction with Professor Snape, had otherwise been nothing but polite, a little reserved, and respectful — especially to the teachers. Some of them almost wondered if someone else had taken Polyjuice Potion and replaced her.
Even Snape himself could not speak for a moment, though this was for a different reason entirely.
His face was red and it looked like his eyes might pop out of his skull and roll onto the floor. He wasn’t even yelling yet — but the blindingly harsh glare on his face and simmering rage just waiting to be released was somehow much scarier to all of the other students. But Y/N would not let him intimidate her like that. He had insulted and embarrassed her friends one too many times and now she had no problem whatsoever with telling him what everyone else was already thinking. With the week she’d had, she was well past the point of caring anymore and she was discovering a side of herself that she never knew was there. Whether she liked it or not, she didn’t know.
When Snape finally did speak, a few students cowered or covered their ears in anticipation of the loudest yell they’d ever heard. But he didn’t yell. He spoke quietly like a deadly snake.
“You,” he started, hands shaking slightly. “Detention, and I will be personally speaking to the Headmaster and your head of house. I have had enough of this insolent behaviour and blatant disrespect —”
“So have I, Snippy. Respect goes both ways.”
Someone snorted quietly from somewhere behind Y/N — Harry, she suspected.
Snape clenched his hands into tight fists and lowered them to his sides like he was trying to restrain himself. He lowered himself and hissed:
“Enough! I will not tolerate a second more of this, Bla— Locke!”
Y/N’s steely expression faltered. He knew.
She hastily grabbed her books and her bag and stood from the chair. She noticed now that every eye in the classroom was watching with a mix of admiration, excitement, and fear of Snape’s response — though none of them seemed to have noticed Snape’s near slip up of her name. Hermione and Leanne both looked horrified, and Harry and Ron were trying to hide their smiles. With her adrenaline still running fast, Y/N walked quickly to the door of the classroom before she could rethink it.
“Wha — where do you think you’re going? You have not been dismissed! Sit down!” Snape yelled as her hand touched the door handle.
“Sorry, sir, I need to go to the hospital wing. I’m afraid you’ve given me a rather nasty headache,” she said scornfully.
Y/N closed the door behind her before she could hear him say another word and she walked away so quickly that she was almost running.
When she arrived at the hospital wing, it was largely empty. Madam Pomfrey — who Y/N had only met briefly once or twice — looked over and waved her inside. Y/N entered the wing and sighed, her entire form deflating.
“I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, to be honest.”
Madam Pomfrey smiled sympathetically and walked over, patting Y/N on the shoulder and leading her over to one of the beds. As soon as Y/N sat down, all the adrenaline and anger she’d felt rushed out of her. And she was still left with everything else.
Tears started to well in her eyes. “I’m so stupid,” she muttered.
“Oh, dear. Hold on one moment,” Pomfrey said gently.
She left and reappeared shortly after holding a small bottle.
“Drink this.”
Y/N hesitantly took the bottle. “What is it?”
“Calming Draught,” Madam Pomfrey answered.
“I like the sound of that,” Y/N said, drinking the concoction.
It took a few moments, but Y/N started feeling less panicked and disappointed in herself. Less sad, less guilty, less confused. And then she was just tired.
“Have you been sleeping properly?” Madam Pomfrey asked.
“Not for the last couple of days,” Y/N said, yawning.
“Well, that’s enough to make anyone upset. I think it would be best if you stayed here and got some rest.”
“I have more classes,” Y/N protested weakly, her body betraying her words as she sunk lower onto the bed.
“Don’t you mind that now, you can catch up on that later. Right now you’ve got some sleep to be catching up on,” Pomfrey said as she put Y/N’s things down on the chair beside the bed.
“Okay...thank you,” Y/N whispered, pulling the covers over herself. She couldn’t stay awake anymore.
━━━━━━━━━ ⌁ ϟ ⌁ ━━━━━━━━━
Y/N wasn’t sure what time it was when she awoke. Her sleep had been dreamless for once, her mind and body too tired for anything other than complete darkness.
She could hear Madam Pomfrey’s quiet voice from somewhere nearby. She was talking to somebody, but Y/N could only hear Pomfrey’s parts of the conversation so she couldn’t tell who it may have been on the other side of the heavy doors.
“No visitors at the moment. She’s perfectly fine, but she needs to can come back later...oh, Mr. Diggory...well, I suppose that’ll be alright then...but only the one, we can’t have too much noise...the rest of you —”
Y/N did not try to listen to the rest of it as when she opened her eyes, she saw Cedric be let in by Madam Pomfrey. He looked around the room and spotted the bed she was in, and he started making his way over. Y/N cursed and tried to sit up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she did so.
“Hi,” Cedric said as he reached her.
“ it tomorrow or today?” Y/N asked tiredly.
“What do you me— oh, it’s still the same day. It’s only early evening,” Cedric answered. He moved Y/N’s things from the chair to the empty bed closest to them and sat down.
Y/N exhaled and leaned back against the bed frame.
“What’s wrong?” Cedric asked in a quiet voice.
“Nothing. I’m fine, just a bit tired.”
Cedric gave her a look like he didn’t believe her at all. “I heard through the Hogwarts grapevine that you caused quite the commotion in class today.”
Y/N groaned and covered her face in embarrassment. “I did. I’m becoming a problem child.”
Cedric laughed and took one of Y/N’s hands, moving it away from her face and holding it tenderly.
“Hardly. The students in your class have all been talking about it like mad, though. I didn’t know you were so spunky.”
“I’m not.”
“Our reduced house point total would beg to differ,” Cedric said in a lightly teasing tone.
Y/N frowned, shoulders slumping. “I’m sorry.”
“What’re you apologising to me for?” Cedric asked.
“Well, you know — losing house points. It seems like that’s a big deal here. And you’re a prefect and everything,” Y/N tried to explain.
Cedric was the kind of person who would be earning house points left and right, and because she couldn’t separate her personal issues from her education, she had gone and lost who knows how many points in a single class. She didn’t even want to find out how many points she had lost.
“Hey, don’t worry about it. We’ll earn them back. I don’t care about that — I’m more worried about you. Something’s obviously happened, or there’s something bothering you. What is it?”
Y/N sat silently, struggling to meet Cedric’s gaze. There was no way she could tell him. She didn’t even know if she was allowed to say anything — her aunt clearly didn’t want her to be associated with Sirius Black, and she didn’t want to be either. Y/N knew she could trust Cedric. She just knew inexplicably that she would trust him with anything, but she was still afraid of what he might think. It was a difficult thing to just come right out and say. ‘Hey, my old man is a mass murderer on the loose who recently broke into the school. We should definitely go on more dates!’
Uncomfortable with her long silence, Cedric tried again.
“Whatever it is, I only want to help. Did someone do or say something to you? Because I can —”
“No, Cedric, it’s okay. Nobody did anything,” Y/N said, stopping him before he could delve into a rant.
She finally looked at him and saw that he was watching her intently with a worried expression. She was annoyed at herself for being the cause of it.
“I don’t...I can’t...I...” Y/N couldn’t figure out her sentence, struggling to know what to say. She didn’t want to lie but she didn’t want to tell him the truth either — not yet, at least, not until she herself had finally figured out how she really felt about it.
Cedric exhaled slowly and nodded, looking down at her hand. “It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me anything. I understand I may have overstepped.”
“No,” Y/N shook her head. “You didn’t. And it’s not that I don’t trust you or anything, I just — I don’t know if...if I actually can say anything. It’s complicated. It’s thing,” she said, a bitter taste left in her mouth.
Cedric looked mildly surprised but it barely registered on his face. “Oh, I see.”
They sat in silence for a minute, all while Cedric traced a finger along the creases of her palm. It was doing wonders to wash away any of the tension still weighing her down.
“Well,” Cedric started slowly, “I may not be able to help you with whatever it is you’ve got going on. But I can try and make you smile again.”
“Most definitely. You see, I haven’t seen you smile in a few days and I’ve missed it quite a bit. It’s very pretty, you know,” he said softly.
Y/N could already feel the muscles in her cheeks start to move upwards. “I just woke up, I’m a mess.”
“A pretty cute mess, then.” Cedric reached forward and moved a strand of her hair behind her ear.
Y/N felt her pulse start to accelerate rapidly again, and this time it wasn’t because she was angry or stressed. It was something else entirely new but not at all unpleasant — a feeling she wanted to chase after forever.
“You’re just saying that,” she said, a smile ready to bloom at any moment.
Cedric shook his head and took a breath before lifting Y/N’s hand up and placing it flat against his chest. She felt her face heat up even more and she gave him a confused look.
“Do you feel that?” he asked quietly.
Y/N paused. Then, she felt it. Underneath her palm, through his school shirt, his chest was warm. And beneath that, she could feel Cedric’s heart beating just as fast as her own.
“That’s for you,” he said.
Finally, Y/N’s lips curved upwards, her smile genuine and bright. Her cheeks were significantly warmer than the coolness of the hospital wing. Cedric smiled in joy and triumph.
“There it is,” Cedric said, his hands still encasing Y/N’s.
Y/N, now beaming, nudged him gently.
“Thank you,” she said. “For coming to visit me, and for caring.”
Cedric lifted her hand and pressed a warm kiss to her knuckles, sending a pleasant tingling sensation shooting up her arm.
“You’re welcome, sunshine.”
The doors to the hospital wing opened with loud creaks, and a group shuffled in. Hermione, Ron, Harry, Leanne, Ernie, and Justin.
“What did I say? I said one visitor only!” Madam Pomfrey said firmly.
“It’s okay, I’m awake now,” Y/N said, dangling her legs over the edge of the bed.
As soon as they reached Y/N, her friends started bombarding her with questions.
“What on Earth were you thinking? I’m touched that you stood up for me, of course, but —” Hermione rambled.
“But what? It was brilliant! Best thing I’ve ever seen,” said Ron, a wide grin on his face with Harry nodding in agreement. “Have to wonder what your detention will be like, though.”
“You know, I’ll have to agree with Granger on this one. Professor Snape isn’t one to anger like that,” said Ernie.
“Who cares? I’ll admit I was quite surprised by the whole thing, but it’s about time someone told him off,” said Leanne. “What’s the worst he can do? Detention?”
“Well, the worst would be campaigning for her expulsion, but I don’t think Dumbledore would let that happen,” said Justin.
Hermione looked scandalised at the thought of Y/N being expelled.
“Fred and George had a good laugh when I told them about it. Said they’d have to try and one-up you now,” said Ron.
“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on making a habit of this sort of thing,” Y/N said, smiling sheepishly.
Cedric looked more amused by the conversation than anything.
They all walked to the Great Hall for dinner shortly after, and Cedric sat next to Y/N. She wasn’t sure if the Calming Draught was still working its magic or not, but she was already beginning to feel like herself again. And how could she not smile when Cedric was holding her hand under the table?
Y/N avoided looking at the high table all throughout dinner, instead trying to focus solely on the conversation she was having with Cedric. After a while she noticed his attention be drawn to something, and she followed his eye line to the Gryffindor table where several of said students kept talking to each other and looking over at him and some of the others.
“Oh, it’s the first match tomorrow, isn’t it?” Y/N asked.
Cedric nodded, “Yeah.”
Fred and George were looking right at Cedric as they said something to Harry. Then Oliver Wood hastily jumped into their conversation and said something else to him, which made Harry look apprehensively at Cedric. Y/N didn’t understand why at first, but it was probably because they were both seekers going head to head in the morning. Cedric was physically much larger than Harry, which would likely serve as an advantage given the crazy weather they’d been having all week. Y/N just hoped that the two ginger twins wouldn’t hit a bludger at Cedric’s head or at any of his extremities.
“Are you nervous for tomorrow?” Y/N asked quietly.
Cedric shrugged, a small frown on his face. “A bit, yeah, but we’ve been training hard. I s’pose I just don’t want to let everyone down as the new captain.”
“I’m sure you won’t,” Y/N said. “I may not know much about Quidditch but whatever you were doing that time I came to watch tryouts looked pretty impressive. Besides, even if you don’t win — which I still have a feeling you will — that doesn’t mean you’ve ‘let everyone down’. I don’t think you’d be able to do that if you tried.”
Cedric smiled and squeezed Y/N’s hand, “Thank you. You’re coming tomorrow, right?”
“Of course I’m coming. It’ll be the first match I see, too, so you better make it entertaining and memorable,” Y/N said, poking him playfully.
“Entertaining and memorable — got it. I’ll wear my party socks,” he said.
“Your p— what? Party socks? Oh, you mean like you’ll wear a positive attitude?”
“No, they’re really just socks.” Cedric then leaned in and added in a whisper: “And they’re green.”
Y/N pretended to be shocked. “Green? Heavens above, how unorthodox of you!”
Cedric laughed, “I like to live life adventurously, can’t you tell?”
“That explains why your study notes are all colour-coded, you dirty rebel,” Y/N said with a small smirk.
“Hey, I have a system and it works.”
“And you have designated fun time socks?”
“And I have designated fun time socks,” Cedric said nonchalantly.
“You’re so weird,” Y/N giggled. Cedric, as normal and traditional as he appeared, had some strange little quirks that she was becoming increasingly fond of.
She could still feel a piercing glare from the teacher’s table and without looking, Y/N knew it was coming from Snape. Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors alike would send her looks occasionally all throughout dinner, and she figured it was because they were itching to ask her about what happened in Snape’s lesson. Y/N was still wondering how he knew about her father — her real father. Because he was about to say it, wasn’t he? He was about to call her by her birth name. Either he knew her parents in school and found out somehow, or perhaps Dumbledore told him. Which begged the question: how many other people knew about it? Dumbledore said it wasn’t common knowledge, but that didn’t necessarily mean that nobody else knew about it. Professor Lupin, did he know? Is that why he’d been acting differently towards Y/N ever since she found out herself?
The unanswered questions kept swirling around in her mind. Questions about her family, both her real father and her stepfather, about whatever it was that the portrait of Phineas Nigellus had been talking about. She was better able to put those thoughts on hold, though, with Cedric’s laugh in her ear and his hand in hers.
[ Next Chapter: xiii. The Grim ]
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valwentinefics · 7 days ago
Hello!! Could I request a Zemo x reader fic where he overhears the reader making a joke with Sam and Bucky, “I wonder if any rich people out there would want an Avenger trophy wife”? Thanks <3
A/N: Thank you for the request! I’ll let you guys decide if he’s manipulating the reader or if he’s just ooc. I decided to make the reader very poor and selfless so it would fit better and kept her power ambiguous.
Trophy Wife - Helmut Zemo x F!Reader
Warnings: Swearing, describing poor living conditions
Word count: 1169
Tumblr media
Y/n was poor. She rejected all the money and fame she could have gotten from being Avenger, not wanting to profit off of a job that had previously ruined a country, even if that happened before she had joined. Instead, Y/n considered herself nothing more than a concerned citizen taking action to help, even if that meant she had to eat cup noodles for every meal in a water damaged studio apartment.
Now she sat on Zemo’s couch, a cup of tea nestled in her hands as she looked around the home. It was nice, not overly showy but was visibly upper class. Y/n couldn’t believe this was how she was living now, pulled around by a rich guy. Truthfully, she could get used to the perks that came with being around the Baron.
“I still can’t believe I can say I’ve been in a private jet.” Y/n said out loud, getting the attention of Bucky and Sam. “I mean just a few days ago I was poor as fuck, living off of dollar store cup noodles and sunny d. I was able to eat a steak yesterday!” She laughed, only earning a concerned look from the three men at her living arrangements, Zemo now no longer staring into his cup and instead at Y/n inquisitively, his head tilted slightly.
“Damn Y/n, you lived like that?” Asked Sam, “Like, you’re not exaggerating?”
Y/n laughed. “God, I wish I was.  But no, I actually lived like that. I should invite you guys around to my apartment sometime, you can meet the rats that live in my walls.”  Her words caused Bucky’s never ending stare to morph into serious concern and Sam’s jaw to drop. Zemo showed indifference, grabbing her empty cup she had placed down and going to the kitchen to wash it. “That’s a joke, it’s actually mice.”
“How do you live like that?” Asked Bucky, “If you need a place to stay, I don’t use my bedroom much.”
“It’s hard to hold another job when you’re an Avenger and it just feels wrong to get money from it. Unlike you two I became an Avenger right out of highschool, I didn’t have savings like Sam and I wasn’t in anyone’s will like you Bucky. All my money comes from the occasional government mission that I allow to pay me. But don’t worry about me, I'm an Avenger, I’ll make do. I don’t need any help” She smiled at the two.
“Alright, but you need anything you call me. God, I can’t believe you live like that. Do I need a tetanus shot just because I’ve been standing close to you?” Joked Sam, easing the tense concern that filled the air.
Y/n giggled. “No don’t worry, I’m safe. But being with Zemo has made me start thinking,” She paused for a moment, wondering if she should really say this. “I wonder if any rich people out there would like an Avenger trophy wife?” Sam let out a laugh, about to say something when an unexpected voice interrupted.
“I would.” Spoke Zemo from his place in the kitchen, popping a turkish delight into his mouth. 
All heads turned to the Sovokian Baron, earning a casual shrug from him. Y/n felt her cheeks turn red as she processed his words. Bucky’s fist clenching as he shot a glare to Zemo. Sam looked between the two, his nose wrinkling in disgust.
“No, no, no this is not what’s going to happen. I need some air, I’m going for a walk.” He headed to the door, followed by an awkwardly silent Bucky. “You two, don’t do anything weird while we’re gone.” Sam tossed on his jacket, muttering about the situation under his breath as he headed out with Bucky in tow.
The room became consumed by silence soon after, the only sound being made was from the wrapping on Zemo’s turkish delights as he tossed another one into his mouth. Y/n couldn’t keep his eyes off him, thinking of his words. She hadn’t really realized how attractive he was before now. Not a hair out of place, his long jacket slung over his shoulders, the air of casual confidence he gave off. She wasn’t sure why she liked him, the man that caused a rift within the Avengers, who had caused so much pain to those she cared about. She almost felt guilty for it. Almost.
“I meant what I said.” The sokovian accent filled the room after a few moments, Y/n’s eyes snapping to his instead of looking at his body. “About an Avenger trophy wife.”
“And why would you mean that? I thought you hated us?” Y/n asked, confused. 
Zemo walked over, his steps slow and back straight as he approached, looking like the royalty he was. “Because you’re not like them, you’re not a supremacist. You live in squalor because you believe it’s the right thing to do. You don’t show your power to the world and become a glorified image, you try to remain human. You’re humble, altruistic.” He paused right in front of Y/n. She turned her head away from him, looking out the window, his words making her cheeks painted red.
“You flatter me Zemo.” She spoke nervously, not used to all the praise. She wasn’t a popular avenger so not many people paid attention to her efforts, and she didn’t care if they did or didn’t but it felt nice to receive a compliment. In a way, Zemo’s praise meant more to her in her eyes than anyone else's. He was against the whole group and wasn’t scared to make that known, yet here he was complimenting her.  
“It’s the truth.” His hand cupped her cheek and guided Y/n’s face to look at his. “You don’t deserve to live like that when you’re the only good one in the damn system. If the others were like you, maybe my country would still be around.” His eyes held sadness within them for a moment as he almost stared through her before going back to how he was before. “I know I can’t marry you now, however just think of at least being my sugar baby, let me reward you for being the only hero with a good moral compass.”
Y/n stared into his dark eyes for a few moments, mulling over the situation. Was it right to accept? No. But she hadn’t felt true appreciation for her actions and sacrifices before, nor such genuine praise, that she decided for once and only once it was time to be selfish. She reached into her pocket and ripped a page out of her notebook, scribbling her number onto the sheet and handing it to Zemo. 
“I accept.”
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imhereformr · 10 days ago
23 or 41 for Bloom and Sky? Sorry I know you hate Sky but I can't help but love them for nostalgic reasons and I really enjoy the way you write them 💛
Thanks! It's nice to know I write them well despite my dislike of Sky. ☺️🧡
41: overhearing they have feelings for you.
Note: this story is canon divergent and the Sky/Brandon switch never happened. Set in early S1.
Bloom wasn’t sure why she’d agreed to accompany Stella to Red Fountain anymore. Maybe it was that she’d never seen the inside of the military fortress, or any really, and she wondered what it looked like. Or maybe, and much more likely, part of her had hoped she’d see Sky and that he’d pull her into some swooping, romantic kiss and confess his undying love for her. Not that that would ever happen since she was pretty sure Sky saw her in the same way he saw Brandon. Besides, Crown Prince Sky of Eraklyon would never be interested in plain ol’ Bloom the Earth girl. 
“They’re up on the fifth floor” Stella informed her as the blonde turned up the hall that led to a large staircase. Stella had decided to surprise Brandon since she knew he had a free afternoon for once. The couple had been officially dating since the Trix had tricked Stella into thinking he was asking her out only for them to kidnap her. Brandon had been so concerned that he’d called and texted Stella incessantly until he got an answer. They’d gone on their real first date the day after. Stella had joked that maybe Bloom should get fake kidnapped to see how Sky would react, but Bloom thought that was a bit much.  
From the top of the stairs, Bloom followed Stella through several twisty hallways until they’d come to a solid wood door – painted, unsurprisingly, in cream – that had the number 527 and four names listed on it:. Sky, Brandon, Riven, Timmy. Stella lifted her hand to knock, but the door opened before she could. In front of them stood a surprised Timmy, books overflowing in his hands and his cape half attached. “Hi” he breathed, not having been expecting to find anyone on the other side of the door.
“Hi Timmy.” “Is Brandon here?”
“Uh, yeah. He and Sky are in their room.” Timmy adjusted his glasses and moved to let the girls in, excusing himself as he shut the door behind him.
The common room was plain, like Red Fountain put no effort into letting the boys show their personality. A simple black couch sat facing a TV with a wood coffee table between the two. The only thing that showed the people who lived in the space existed was the books and magazines littering the coffee table, a sweater on the couch, and the video game console with a stack about half Bloom’s height beside the TV.
“Shit, I have to pee” Stella whispered, telling Bloom she’d be right back and then they could surprise the boys. Bloom had to wonder just how little Stella had planned this. She had no idea if Brandon would be in his room, just that he wouldn’t be in class, and hadn’t thought of going to pee even though Bloom had made her stop at one of the guest washrooms on the first floor before they’d headed up.
While she waited for Stella, Bloom wandered around the space. She flipped through one of the magazines on the coffee table, not paying much attention to anything on the pages. There were two doors besides the one Stella had gone into. One was Timmy and Riven’s room, the other Sky and Brandon’s. Bloom wondered which was which, receiving her answer when she heard something fall behind one of the doors. She jolted up, stopping short of the door. Behind it, she heard Brandon laughing.
“Why did you do that?” Sky questioned.
“Because you’re being an idiot.”
“How am I being an idiot?” Sky sounded offended, but Brandon just laughed again. Bloom leaned against the door to hear better, praying the creaking of the floor as it shifted under her weight wouldn’t give her away.
“Just go to Alfea – right now – and tell her. I’m confident you’ll get the reaction you want.”
“And how do I do that? Just walk up to her and say Bloom, I’ve got a huge crush on you and I’d really like you to be my girlfriend? That wouldn’t work. She’d ne-”
Bloom had no idea what force took over her body, just that she’d heard her name followed by the words crush on you and acted. She opened the door abruptly and bolted in. “I have a huge crush on you too” she announced, before what she was doing hit her. Brandon and Sky sat on their respective beds, upright and wide-eyed. As the realisation of what she’d said and done hit her, she saw Brandon smile. Sky, however, remained slack-jawed. “I’m so sorry. I- what the fuck am I doing?”
Bloom shot out of the room, running past a confused Stella who had just exited the bathroom, embarrassment growing in her. It was bad enough she’d admitted her feelings to Sky, but she’d done so by hurtling into his room unannounced. He’d obviously know she’d been listening to the conversation and think she was a complete weirdo.
She didn’t know where she was going, but, somehow, she found the courtyard. Faces passed her, looking confused at the lone fairy running through a boys campus. She was almost at the bus stop where hopefully a bus would arrive soon when she heard her name being called. Her initial thought was that it was Stella, so Bloom stopped and turned back. It was only as she completed her turn that she registered that the voice had been male.
Sky approached her, slowing in the last few steps. He stopped just a foot short of her and took a deep breath, smiling down at her as he exhaled. Bloom could feel her heart about to beat out of her chest. Why was he smiling at her? Was he trying to stop himself from laughing at her? Her heart began to beat much faster as Sky took a step closer to her, followed by another step and another. He cupped her chin and his head bent down to meet hers. What was he -?
He was kissing her.
Bloom melted into him, wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him in closer. His hand slid from her chin to her cheek to caress it, as the other hand wrapped around her waist. His lips were soft and sweet, and the kiss the perfect combination of passionate and gentle. A fire erupted in her stomach, warming her entire body. How was it possible for one kiss to affect her this much?
A shy smile danced on her lips as Sky pulled away and rested his forehead against hers. He returned her smile and Bloom swore she saw the stars. He had such a beautiful smile, and this one was all for her. “Please tell me you were serious” he whispered, the warmth of his breath hitting her face and reminding her of the warmth in her body when he’d kissed her.
“Yes?” She laughed, wondering why he even had to ask. What kind of jerk would burst into somebody’s room to lie to them? Besides, she’d returned his kiss, hadn’t she?
“And the second bit?” Bloom tilted her head, not quite understanding what he was referring to. “About being my girlfriend” he clarified.
“I’d like that.”
“Oh, good. I’d like that too.” Bloom laughed as she pulled him in for another kiss, relishing in the warmth that spread through her once again as their lips met.
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slashsidney · 13 days ago
Slashers with an S/O who worships them (insert the lip bitting emoji)
“ A very sick obsession. ”
TW? Mentions of minor character death.
Tumblr media
It was strange to him that you cared so much about him, he had only just met you and you were basically kissing the ground he walked on. It reminded him of his mother in a way, the way she loved him and cared about him. He sighed before allowing you inside his cabin, and I suppose you could say that’s when your relationship first took place. It was rare for him to allow you outside the cabin just in case you wanted to do something sneaky, but you never left without his permission. He was confused, did you not notice he left the door unlocked? He started leaving subtle hints, signing that the door would be open in case of an emergency just to see if you really just didn’t notice. He came back an hour later and you were still there.
He was actually happy you wanted to stay with him! He would bringing you gifts in return for your cooperation, like flowers and jewelry he stole from dead victims. That’s when he first began to notice you had saved all the stuff he had given you. Even when the flowers had died you kept them beside your shared bed, complaining whenever he would throw them out to bring you new ones. You never took the jewelry off, which to be fair he found adorable. He shrugged it off, it was weird but it wasn’t bothering anybody. That was until he noticed the collections of photos you had taken of him, newspapers that had been written about him, and all sorts of stuff in that area. That’s when he began to freak out. Was his sweet (Y/N) actually a spy? He couldn’t have that.
He brought the photos up to you, his eyes behind the hockey mask were wide, with either fear or anger it was a bit difficult to tell. None the less you admitted to taking the photos, confessing that you had taken them for your own satisfaction, staring at them whenever he was gone or whenever you were upset. If that was true, he found it super endearing, but he couldn’t trust you just yet. You would have to convince him that you did truly care, which would take a lot of hard work, ( but I believe in you dear (Y/N)! )
Tumblr media
An obsession with him? Usually it would be the other way around with his victims. None of them usually cared for him or his well being, not willingly anyways, but you were different. You were a student at the university, Asa acknowledged your presence but you never really stood out to him. Not until he noticed you would draw him instead of focusing on the work he had been presenting to the class. Most people wouldn’t have noticed but he wasn’t most people, it was rare for something to get past him. So you decided to willing throw yourself into the spiders web little fly? Interesting. He began to watch you and learn more about you.
He would call on you more during class just too see if you were paying attention to him more than others. He would purposely give you bad grades on assignments so you would come and visit him after class, so he could lecture you while also getting a good look at you. Were you going to be apart of the collection? He couldn’t decide yet, you were different. He invited you to his house, for a study date, making sure to tell you that it wasn’t mandatory and by no means did you have to go if you didn’t want to. When you showed up, he felt pride rumble in his chest, opening the door for you.
After a couple of dates he would tell you about his collection, he was ready for the most likely reaction. Calling him a monster, trying to run away, it all was a sick game of cat and mouse to him. But your reaction stayed neutral, shrugging it off before continuing on with whatever you had been talking about previously. Tf..? Did you not just hear him confess to brutally murdering random people and turning them into his collection? Perhaps you took him as a joke, so be prepared to go to the abandoned hotel. Again a neutral reaction- HELLO?? Are you okay..? There is a literal corpse right in front of you. Oh. You already knew? He’d be pretty impressed with how far you’ve dug, but be careful because anything could set him off into turning the hole into a burial ground. Just be careful, and try not to freak him out- and that’s saying a lot considering the stuff he’s seen.
Tumblr media
Oh? So you’re interested in the executioner? You’re weird, lucky enough he’s very into weird. Honestly with this one just tell him how you feel, or he’ll him find the photos of him you have by leaving clues. He wouldn’t go through your personal stuff because he wouldn’t care. He’s very respectful of privacy, he might glance over them not knowing what they are, but when he sees them he’s a bit confused. He’d just pick them up then place them down neatly, leaving them be. If you bring them up to him, he’ll just nod. He’s a bit awkward with crushes, on both him and you. He’s trying his very hardest to understand okay- let him take his time to understand what he’s feeling and soon enough he’ll let you take even more photos of him for you collection. Oh you want to use his blood-soaked butcher's smock and a bathing towel? Go ahead, he’ll find another one to wear.
He genuinely doesn’t mind.
/ I TRIED my brain stopped functioning halfway through writing this also this got really long so I ended up only writing for three characters
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laceyeb · 14 days ago
If you were paying attention this time last year, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that I have once again found myself in the midst of trying to find a new position for next school year at work and feeling very stressed. 
Last week a sixth grade teacher told us she had been offered a job in another state and was considering it. I would love to teach 6th grade, but she ultimately decided to stay at our school. I wasn’t surprised by that and recovered from my disappointment fairly quickly. 
Then yesterday I heard about another possibility. A couple weeks ago there was a position posted for math and language arts intervention positions “at multiple school sites” within our district. They never put the actual school sites on the flyers, which is very annoying. (I mean our district only has 4 schools and I could just ask, but that’s beside the point.) Back to yesterday... A group of teachers, including me, walk a mile on the school track at 1:00 each afternoon. We were walking and chatting and they started talking about a math intervention position at our site next year! I assumed someone would have mentioned if there was going to be a full time math intervention position offered at our school site next year. I assumed wrong. So then I went to talk to the principal and asked him what was going on with that and he said we are indeed planning to have a full time math intervention position open at our school site next year!
The downside: This is a temporary position and it is contingent on one-time grant funding coming into our district. When the money is gone, the position is gone. If I were to take this position and it then disappeared, I would (according to our contract) be put back in my current position if it was available (no thanks) or be put back in an open position that was the most similar to my current position. This could of course mean a move to a different site which I have no interest in. HOWEVER! Year after next (2022-2023) it sounds like our school board is going to finally go forward with a (stupid) reconfiguration plan and the grade levels and teachers at my current school site would change. So it may ultimately not matter where I would end up once this temporary math intervention position was over. I did put in a letter of interest today and we’ll see what comes of it. Lots of people at my site are working very hard to get the numbers down in my current class next year, so I may actually end up staying. I wouldn’t hate that, but I do need a break and I would LOVE teaching math intervention. 
BUT WAIT! There’s more! if you were paying attention this time last year you may remember that (long story short) our former principal basically guaranteed me a 7th grade position I wanted for this current school year. And then someone else swooped in and took it after she told this person to take it! That teacher has seniority and that’s how it works and I understand all that, but it was all a bit shady how it went down. That teacher is now doing 7th grade this year after swiping it right out from under me. 
So today I send my letter of interest for this math intervention position off to the appropriate people and then I think, “I should go tell her about this.” I never see her these days and I don’t mind chatting with her and I knew she would be happy to hear that I was going to try to get out of my current position. (Even though the reason my current class is so difficult is because she threw a bunch of kids in there who didn’t need to be in there, but that’s a story for another day.) So I go to her class after I sent my letter today and I said, “So guess what... I put in a letter for the math intervention.”
And she gasps and says, “You did?! I was going to do that, too!” Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?! She doesn’t like or want to teach math!!! What is she doing?! When she said that, I legitimately thought she was joking. She was not joking. 
But then I got to thinking. If she took that position, that would open up a general education position for me (either 6th or 7th grade probably, but likely language arts and history which would not be my preference) and that position would actually be permanent and I wouldn’t have to worry about it disappearing. She very convincingly told me that I deserve the math position and she wants me to take it and I would be so good at it and blah blah blah. Which would be more convincing if I hadn’t heard all that a year ago from her. But I told her to take it if she wants it because I understand that she has the right to apply for a position and get hired for that position if she has seniority. She says she won’t, but I’m not holding my breath. 
So now I’m torn between going for the math position (which I would like better but it is temporary) or telling her to take it and going for her position which would be less enjoyable, but permanent. (It’s worth noting that I’m not worried about finding a position should that math intervention disappear after a year. We always have a dozen positions open each year in our district. It’s just a matter of finding a position I want.) I know I would enjoy and be good at the math intervention position which tells me that’s what I should go for, but the stability of the other position is enticing. But after next school year, our sites are all getting reconfigured so it may not even matter anyways!!! And maybe I’ll just stay in my current position after all! 
Regardless, here’s hoping the drama of finding a position for next year is less stressful and tear-inducing than it was for this school year. 
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prettytoxicrevolver · 16 days ago
Glasses | Corpse Husband
Requested? I’m pretty sure no one would ever think about this so no 
Warnings? None? 
Summary: Corpse notices the little things about you. 
Word Count: 985 (it’s short but cute)
You got glasses in the sixth grade when you realized you really couldn’t see the whiteboard in any of your classes. After an uncomfortable eye doctor appointment, and an unfitting pair of glasses you finally got the right ones. You were excited to show up to school the next day, one of those dumb things like braces that every kid wants because everyone seems to have it except you. 
But, when you get to school that day and see everyone asking you if they’re real and overall disbelief and rudeness an annoyance and sadness cascaded upon your day. You shrugged it off, knowing a lifetime of jokes was ahead of you. 
It never bothered you having glasses, of course, you got the typical “four eyes”, “blind”, “smarty” and lord knows what else jokes thrown at you by your brother and others. But the one thing that did bother you was when you started dating. 
You’d never tell anyone this, maybe your best friend, but you hated your glasses when it came to your dating life. Kissing became massively awkward with your glasses on. Keeping them on, made for them either being pressed against yours or his face. Taking them off left you blind and slightly annoyed. 
You couldn’t figure out a compromise, besides probably contact lenses which you just weren’t up for, and overall you were left annoyed. It was a dumb thing to be insecure and frustrated about but you just were. Why couldn’t you be born with perfect eyesight? Again, dumb. 
When Corpse entered your life his presence was a blessing in more than one way. You had never felt such comfort in a person, an unbelievable amount of understanding flowing in between the two of you. You had always said timing was bullshit, but between you and Corpse timing meant everything. 
Your relationship showed you what true love was, one that was pure and calm and happy. You couldn’t describe the elation you felt being around him. He was gentle and sweet, the two of you whole together. 
You didn’t notice it at first, the small action of your love but when you did your smile grew the minute you realized what was happening. Corpse was always pushing your glasses up for you. 
You had been sitting across from him at the kitchen island, he was cooking dinner, music floating around the room. Your textbooks laid out on the countertop and your head half-buried in them. 
Your glasses slid slowly down your nose, a habitual occurrence in your life. Before you know it, Corpse’s hand appears before your face, carefully moving your glasses back up your face before pulling away again. The action causes you to look up, a slow smile creeping onto your lips. 
“Did you just-“ you begin and Corpse looks up, cocking his head to the side in confusion. 
“What?” he asks his deep voice echoing around the room. 
“You pushed up my glasses,” you state. 
“I did?” he asks but a ghost of a smile gives him away. 
“Cause they were falling?” he explains in a “duh” tone. 
You don’t have a response, just a wide smile for the older boy as he continues to work on dinner. You lift your hand out, Corpse immediately plopping his face in your palm and you pull him towards you. You press a kiss to his lips making both of you smile before returning to your work once more. 
From then on you noticed it constantly. You had been driving, listening to music, and not paying much attention besides the driving before you. Corpse glances over at you, seeing your glasses practically on the tip of your nose. As you roll to a stop at the stoplight, he reaches over, pushing the glasses back to their proper place. 
Before he can pull his hand away, you catch it in yours pulling it towards you. You press a kiss to the back of his hand and he smiles wide at you. Your hands staying interconnected the rest of the drive. 
It made your heart pound knowing Corpse noticed the smallest things about you. You couldn’t believe he would recognize the little things, or anyone for that matter. Even if it was as simple as pushing your glasses up when they were falling. You had always dreamt of a love like this, ever since you were a teenager obsessed with romantic comedy movies that made you dream for a love like that. You felt like you always noticed the little things about other people and to find someone who did the same for you made you want to cry happy tears. 
You were laying in bed, phone held above your head, scrolling through endless TikTok’s your friend had sent you. You giggle loudly after watching one after the other and just as you’re practically scream laughing over one Corpse walks into the room. 
You look up, a shadow of a wide grin still apparent on your face. Corpse reflects it instantly, heading straight over to you and tackling you in a hug making you land on your back in bed. You let out a loud giggle, your glasses getting knocked off in the process. 
Corpse reaches for them, propping them back onto your nose before dropping his hands down to cup your cheeks. Your eyes search his for a moment before reaching up to meet your lips with his. You fall back into the mattress, letting the feeling of Corpse’s hands and lips consume you. 
He slides one hand up, carefully pushing your glasses up and on top of your head, before pulling you even closer. You smile halfway through the kiss, effectively breaking the connection. Corpse grins down at you, a shared moment between the two of you. 
“I love you so much ya know that beautiful boy?” you question and Corpse blushes at the compliment. 
“I love you too darling.” 
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froggybagels · 16 days ago
our babies deserve some peace so je te presénte:
a lil nugget of domesticity for (most) of the major cm ships
(feat. jemily, moreid, garvez, morcia, and jelle!) :)
(i think in this au, jj and emily got together when henry and michael were really young. maybe will and jj got divorced? idk)
even though they’re not her kids biologically, emily takes to henry and michael immediately. they absolutely adore her and she would die for them. the kids call her emmy, which was michael’s endearing first attempt at her name and it just kind of... stuck. she’s a great mom.
jj and emily are disgustingly adorable, much to the dismay of their kids
“moooo-oom!” “whaaat? i can’t kiss my wife?” “not at the dinner table, no!” “groooosssss!”
they always make time for date night, at least once a week, and penny watches the kids. (its as much for her as it is for them)
look me in the eyes for one second and tell me your heart doesn’t melt when you think about derek and spencer adopting a little girl. RIGHT?????
anyways, they do, and they make the best dads the world has ever seen. spencer reads to their daughter every single night, and derek teaches her self defense skills and tackle football.
they’re both utterly clueless when it comes to anything girly, but penelope is always one call away. she’s essentially the little girl’s aunt -- and bff.
neither spencer nor derek has any idea when it comes to cooking, so they dedicate themselves to learning their way around the kitchen with their daughter. they have family cooking nights where everybody ends up crying from laughter and covered in pasta sauce, and usually decide to order takeout and watch a movie.
this kid has the best vocabulary and the strongest punch in the second -- and third, and fourth -- grade. she makes her dads so incredibly proud.
i actually have kind of a hard time seeing garvez with kids of their own, but i can 100000% see them being the #1 babysitters for all their coworkers. penny loves all her friends’ little ones, and luke is so good with babies
they bicker like an old married couple but love each other so much, and spend so much time together just sitting on the porch or in their living room, just basking in each other <3
luke is a really good cook, and penny loves to watch baking shows, so she and luke recreate them in their kitchen. she acts as judge, host, and cheerleader.
penelope drags luke shopping with her, and he pretends to hate it, but his heart just melts when he sees her twirling around in the dressing rooms and giving him fashion shows afterward
i just luv these two sm i could write about them 5ever
oh my god, these two are my everything. i think they would be the cutest married couple, and i bet they never stop being disgustingly adorable towards each other
(im cryin rn picturing old old OLD morcia sitting in rocking chairs on their porch, trading dirty jokes and yo mama one liners while the neighbors stare in horror)
penny bakes muffins at least once a week and derek always eats all of them (she playfully scolds him and slaps him on the shoulder, but she really just loves making him happy)
ohmygodohmygod i just pictured derek and penny going to one of those wine and painting classes (who knows whose idea it was, does it really matter???) and theyre so giggly and not at all paying attention and getting paint everywhere and they have a great time so they make it a monthly tradition
u just know these two are the nosiest bitches in the world. they know allllllllll the neighbors’ business
penny fills their whole apartment up with her cute lil figurines, and they’re totally growing on derek. every time she adds a new one to her collection, they have a welcoming ceremony.
elle normally hates pet names, but lets jj call her anything she wants and secretly loves it
and elle calls jj “jennifer” once and its all jj can think about for a solid week
their apartment is so cute. jj is a total pinterest mom and elle pretty much lets her do whatever with their space.
for some reason i imagine jj getting elle a fancy coffeemaker for a birthday or something and elle just. goes crazy. it’s like jj has a personal barista in her own house (and elle loves how cute and happy jj gets when elle makes her coffee or tea or something <3)
i love jelle because i think elle shows jj how to be strong and jj shows elle how to be soft. i think they’d be so supportive and good for each other, staying up late sitting up in bed talking each other through their days and helping each other with their problems
i know im a slut for the pretends-to-hate-it-but-secretly-loves-it trope, but i can totally see jj being so cuddly and loving physical touch, and elle usually shrugs her off but snuggles with her at night and just dies
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sheeple · 24 days ago
Itchy sweaters | 8: The dinner party part two, electric boogaloo
Tumblr media
PHOTO NOT MINE. THIS IS ALL FICTION. Genre(s): CEO!au / arranged marriage!au / Fashion designer!au Fandom(s): MCU Pairing(s): CEO!Bucky Barnes x fashion designer!reader Summary: For the people who think arranged marriages are something happening in the last century, are very wrong. They still happen. More low-key, but are still very prominent in the upper class. That's how two people who would never meet, get thrown together in the deep end. Warning(s): Age-gap / misogyny / homophobia / sexism / Thor being a dick / mentions of grooming [Masterlist] [Mini masterlist]
Tumblr media
By now I should have known that no matter how much I protest, mom always gets her way. It was when I was a child, deciding over which schools I went to. It is now with my marriage. And now that all my brothers are back in town ─ very suspicious, I must add ─ she wants James and me to be there too.
I angrily tap my fingers against my knee as I glare at the navigation. James, who's driving, grabs my hand and intertwines our hands. 
"Don't be nervous. I'm sure your brothers are going to like me." He smiles down at me, squeezing my hand reassuringly.
"I'm not nervous, Jamie. I know everything's going to be fine. But I am just suspicious about all three of them comming home. It has been five years. They weren't even home for Christmas!" I lift our hands and press my cheek against the back of his hand.
In the last couple of weeks, James and I grew closer. We're in the stage where we're comfortable around each other. Hugging, cuddling, and skinship is natural. But we haven't kissed yet.
Not like I want that to happen... Okay, no, that's a lie. I've been dying to kiss James ever since we baked together in my apartment. But I don't know if he's ready for it. I usually fall fast and hard for someone, so it's not strange for me to feel like this only after a month or two.
A smile creeps up James' face at the nickname I use. I noticed that his friends call him Bucky, from his second name. When I asked if he minded me calling him Jamie, his reply warmed my heart.
"I love it when you call me that", he answered with a shy smile, "Everybody calls me Bucky, and you calling me Jamie makes me feel... like I am special to you."
"Hey, (Y/n/n)", James calls out softly, waking me up from my daydream. "We're here."
With a sigh, I get out of the car and hold out my hand so James can take it. Together we walk to the front door, and I ring the doorbell.
"Oh, by the way. I haven't told my brothers that I am engaged", I say quickly before the door open.
Mom tsk's disapproving as she takes in my appearance. "Didn't I tell you to wear a dress?" She scoffs, her hands already reach over to tug on the blouse.
I take a step back as I roll my eyes. "Hi, mom, nice to see you too. No, the drive wasn't that long. James is a good driver, thank God."
At the mention of James, mom turns towards the man with a wide fake smile plastered on her face. "So good to see you, James. Come in, come in."
I throw James a look of 'you got to be fucking kidding me' and step inside my parents' house, him taking my jacket and hanging it over a clothing hanger, placing his own coat over mine.
A scream followed by ear-piercing crying echo's through the hall. I cringe. "Great, the demon spawns are here."
I pull James further into the house and the orangery where everyone's already seated. Bennie and Clayton are talking to each other in hushed tones, Bennie's youngest in his lab. Zahra, Bennie's wife, is talking to dad, laughing brightly at something he said. In the corner is Drew with Thor next to him.
Wait, Thor?
"Well, if someone told me I could bring a friend, I would have definitely dragged Pete with me", I say with a sarcastic undertone, announcing my arrival.
Everybody looks up. Dad beams a broad smile at me, standing up from his chair and hugging me. "Dove, you look lovely."
He also gives James a firm handshake. "Good to see you again, James. Have you been treating my daughter well?" Dad narrows his eyes at James. The latter swallows with big eyes.
"You know he does", I say with a smile, laying a hand on James' chest.
"What is the meaning of this?" My brothers ─ and Thor ─ all stand up from their seat, eyes all serious and nostrils flared.
I roll my eyes. "Calm your tits, will you? Everybody, this is James, my fiancé."
James sets a step forwards with his hand outstretched towards Clayton. Mocking laughter comes from my brothers, and James slowly lowers his hand, taking steps back towards me. I subconsciously grab his arm, not really fond of what's comming.
Drew is the first one to speak. "Oh man, fiancé. Good joke. Tell me, how much did she pay you to play this part?"
"Yeah, because (Y/n)-" Clayton points towards me "-is a dyke."
"Clayton!", scolds mom.  "Not in front of the children!" She points towards the ones playing outside, pulling on each other's hair and biting on another.
I make eye contact with Zahra as she gives me a sorrowful smile. She knows firsthand how the treatment of my brothers towards me is. She's actually really kind, always treating me with compassion and giving me advice whenever I need it.
"It's gonna be one of those days", I say under my breath, James turning his attention towards me. "Can we please eat so we can go again?"
The boys roll their eyes, but we move towards the dining room. I take place at the end of the table, James sitting next to me.
Great. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic. I should have come alone, so James doesn't have to see our absolutely amazing family dynamic.
"So, James", begins Bennie as the first course is served, "what do you do?"
James lays down his cutlery and grabs his glass of wine. "I own a real estate firm; Barnes Real Estate. We're going steady, planning to take over a real estate firm with properties in Baltimore and Washington."
I raise my brows impressed. Damn, that's pretty impressive.
"How much is your net worth?"
"Bennie!", say Zahra and I both shocked at his blatant question. Zahra swats his hand with an angry expression on her face.
I slightly lean towards James. "You don't have to answer that", I whisper as I see him getting more uncomfortable with the minute. I grab his hand under the table and give it a reassuring squeeze.
My eyes travel over the table and end up by Thor, who has a mischievous smirk on his face. I give him a warning glare with a slight shake of my head.
He licks his lips before opening his mouth. "Aren't you a little old for her?",  he asks, opening the floodgates.
Drew, Bennie, and Clayton all begin to talk over each other. First, aiming their comments and criticism towards James before focusing on me, calling me all kinds of things that I would rather not repeat. But dyke is kind compared to what they call me.
"Enough!", I snap, jumping up from my chair and slamming my hands down the table making everybody fall silent.
"How dare you? How dare all of you to act as if you care about me?" My chest rises as I breathe angrily. "You all acted like I was nothing, filth under your shoe for years, mentally abusing me for my whole childhood. Let's not count the many times I was locked in the basement for hours because of you!"
At this point, tears are streaming down my cheeks and my face is red. My brothers look at me with their mouth gaped open. Thor has a guilty expression plastered over his face.
"For once in my fucking life I am happy, and he makes me happy!", I point towards James, who sits motionless in his chair, his eyes big and scared. "I know you guys know this is arranged. Mom must have told you. And don't you dare to call me just a womb for some rich guy. I am much more than a babymaker, you sexist fucks."
I straighten myself once the last word left my lips, composing myself. I give dad a kiss on his forehead before making a beeline for the exit. I can't stand being a second longer in the same room as my family.
As I make my way outside, I hear heavy footsteps following me.
"(Y/n) stop." Thor lays his hand on my shoulder and pulls me around. He stands just mere inches away from me. 
I look up at him. "What do you want? Don't you see I'm not in the mood?" I push his hand off my shoulder, making sure there's a distance between us.
"Why him?", he asks, his eyes unreadable.
An irritated sigh leaves my lips. "What why him? I really don't want to do this now, Odinson."
"If you needed to marry someone that badly to you got in an arranged marriage, you could have asked me! You know that I would have said yes without a second thought." Thor takes another step closer to me, wrapping his big hands around my upper arms so I can't move away.
"Jezus Christ, Thor, is that why you're being such an insufferable prick? Because you're possessive?" I struggle to get out of his hold, his strong grip hurting me.
"Do you blame me?! I've been in love with you since you were seventeen! I've been trying to let you love me back, but nothing worked!", he screams in my face, veins bulging out of his neck.
At his sudden confession, I stop my movements and look at him with big eyes. I mentally do the math. Disgust waves over me. I do what feels the most logical feels to me, and with as much force as I can muster, I swing my leg upwards and hit him with my knee in his groin. Hard. 
Thor lets go of me and doubles over, grabbing his neither regions while gasping in pain. 
"Fucking disgusting! You were thirty at the time!", I sneer towards the crumbling man on the floor. "I was a child! So all this time, when you were kind to me, took me out to amusement parks and hung out with me, you were grooming me?!" 
Bile rises in me, feeling disgusted by everything. I kick against Thor's stomach with all the anger swirling inside of me. Sobs leave my lips as I see James standing in the opening of the front door. A shocked look on his face.
"James..." My voice is small and fragile. I let out a loud wail, feeling hopeless.
He closes the distance between us and wraps me protective in his arm, turning me away from the disgusting piece of shit on the ground.
"I heard everything. I am so sorry I wasn't here. Your mom held me up with endless questions about the wedding. Come, let's go home." He holds my face in his hands and wipes away the wetness from my cheeks.
I nod mutely, letting him pull me towards his car. James buckles me in before getting behind the wheel and driving as far away from there as possible.
Subconsciously, I reach for James' hand that rests on the gearshift with trembling hand and bring it to my lap, holding his with both of mine.
"Can I stay with you tonight?" My question comes out in a weak whisper.
"Of course, doll. You're always welcome to stay over at my place whenever you want. You don't have to ask." He gives me a reassuring smile.
That's all I need before the floodgates open up. I start ugly crying. James says nothing and just lets me cry, helping me out of the car and into his house.
By the time James sets me down on his bed, my crying has stopped. I'm hiccupping softly, watching James move around his bedroom.
"Here", he says as he holds out a folded pile of clothes for me to grab, "some sleeping clothes. I've also put underwear in the mix. It is my sister's... bu-but clean!" A bright red blush spreads on his cheeks.
A faint smile forms on my lips and I take the pile. I give James a shy kiss on his cheek as gratitude before I walk towards the bathroom that's connected to his bedroom to get changed in privacy.
Once changed, I shuffle out of the bathroom and see James already sitting on his bed, his back resting against the headboard and his phone in his hands. I lay my clothes on a chair and slide in next to him, cuddling close. James wraps his prosthetic arm around me so that my head rests against his shoulder.
"Tell me about your family", I whisper, looking up at him. It can never be worse than mine.
James thinks for a moment, chewing on his bottom lip. "I have a younger sister, Rebecca. She's very nice, a bit annoying at some times. I'm sure you guys will get along. She's also a big fan of your brand, always gushing about the new lines you create." 
I feel my cheeks heat up at the compliment. "I would love to meet her one day."
"I can ask Becky to come to dinner once with mom and dad when she's back in town."
A snort leaves my lips unintentional. "Bucky and Becky. Cute."
James rolls his eyes playful. "Not you too. Do you want to know more or are you just going to tease me?"
I swat his chest with a giggle, a sign for him to continue.
"We grew up in Brooklyn in the same house for almost twenty years. But when I was fourteen and Bec was twelve, mom and dad divorced. The never fought ─ at least not in front of us ─ but there was always a tension in the air. When mom moved out to her own house in Manhattan, there was this breath of fresh air through the home.
"Mom and dad are pretty civil to each other for two divorced people. We always come together on Christmas and mom brings around her new husband."
A faint smile paints James' features as he reminisces the past. It may all sound very sad at first, but just by the way James talks about it, it's filled with happy childhood memories.
I cuddle closer to him, basking in his smell. "Jamie?", I ask softly, James humming lowly "Can you please promise me something? To never leave me? I... I lost one of the people I thought I could rely on. Please, I need for you to be that rock for me to lean against. And I know I'm asking a lot..."
James shakes his head, his pointer finger and thumb pushing my head upwards to our eyes meet. "Without a doubt, darling. I'll be there whenever you need me."
He gently presses our foreheads together, closing his eyes. I look in wonder up at this man, who is so kind that I almost don't deserve it.
"And I'll be there for you", I whisper, closing my own eyes and letting the sleep drift me off, drawing circles on his chest.
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ellitx · 25 days ago
Hi hi! ⚔ Knight Anon here! Feel free to add me to the anon list. ❤❤❤
I'm also here because I saw Professor Venti stuff and HNGGGHHHH brainrot is just beautiful right now. My back is injured right now but let me be honest he could blow it right tf out right now 😭 so I want to share not only nsfw but sfw headcanons and stuff too.
The SFW stuff first!
• Professor Venti is the kind of professor EVERY student loves. I see him walking in late to class sometimes with an ice coffee and some weird but entertaining excuse to get some laughs from students.
• Quiet class? Nah. That won't fly. He is the kind of teacher who will say, "Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening" and if he doesn't get a good response, he will ask for more enthusiasm and try again to get a better response. Not in the cringe way though.
• Inside jokes GALORE. He loves to entertain and if you cannot have fun while learning, what is the point? He wants his students to feel comfortable with him too and laughter is always the best medicine.
• Absolutely a great and open communicator. If you are having trouble in class, he is always willing to help and will happily set up private tutoring sessions if you need more practice.
• He also is a teacher that will find ways to bend the rules because to be honest? The Education System can be be quite a scam sometimes.
• Music is the key to the soul and Professor Venti wants everyone to enjoy the music they make. I see him allowing students to bring in pieces they want to learn and play to practice. He'll even learn it too to make you smile.
• Random "tests"? Absolutely. He will throw in stuff to boost the grades of his students so they can pass. Though he does want to make sure people are actually trying to work hard in his class! No slackers allowed!
The NSFW Stuff
• Oh he definitely is a roleplayer. He LOVES the whole, "TeacherxStudent" scenarios and will love to tease any students that want a better grade in class both verbally and physically.
• He didn't get to Professor status by sheer looks alone, he has skill and unlike other teachers, those long, slender and beautiful fingers he has can easily pluck your strings all the way from G, and go from major to minor c to d (yes that is a SIX The Musical reference ;) )
• If you are a perfectionist like I am, boy I hope you will be okay because to piggy back off of the other comments made, he will use it against you to make sure you play every single note correctly. All the while, he will purposefully try to make you fail and test not only your patience, but your focus and willpower.
• Be prepared to be a pretty little cockwarmer for hours on end to perfect what you are doing. Professor Venti is not only a tease, but he is a very patient individual who seems to always have all the time in the world for the arts.
• He will CONSTANTLY and casually tell you to see him after class for your, "Private tutoring". While the connotations are innocent enough, it never is just music. Of course, he will make you work for your rewards, but you won't get any kind of release until you do your work and do it right. After all, he is a humble teacher who only wants your success. ;)
• He will NEVER degrade you during any practices. If you ever mention to him that other instructors would talk down to you, he will not tolerate it and do his best to not only make you forget about them, but pay attention to only him and what he wants to say/do to you.
• While pianos and violins are beautiful instruments, no instrument can quite compare to your body and soul. Your voice and the sounds you make are beautiful music to his ears and he will absolutely say you are his favorite instrument to play with.
• Be prepared to not only study hard, but "play" hard as well. Remember, your grades can depend on your performance. Perform well, you not only pass your classes with him, but you definitely get rewarded in the form of whatever love, affection, and attention of your choice.
• He absolutely will leave marks all over you if possible as you play. Why should he not get to hear a beautiful voice accompany the wonderful piano playing you are doing? It is almost criminal not to let the instruments play together!
• Especially when you do well, he LOVES to praise you during the most intimate moments together. "You are doing so well [Name], I'd almost say you are better than me at this." "You sure are a fast learner, but we have much more work to do." "What a delightful instrument you are, please keep singing for me. I need to hear your harmonies more."
• He absolutely would bend you over the piano (with the top part closed of course!) and depending on how he is feeling will either be painfully slow while taking you from behind or rougher with you. He may even juggle either side of the scale just so he can hear you beg for him even more.
• "Professor Venti!" Absolutely hits different for him and he is down for it. Every time you would say his name and title in class will make it a bit harder for him function, but he does manage.
• If you try to tease him during class by wearing more provocative clothing or acting in a slightly lewder but "innocent" manner, be prepared for a more "challenging" lesson.
That's it for me! I could keep going but I may melt my own brain doing this! 😭❤
This isnt just a food...
This is a high class gourmet meal for every simps to dine in 😭🍽
Im grinning so widely at the nsfw hcs because you know how thirsty i am for nsfw hcs of professor venti and you literally blessed my inbox with this 😭😭 thank you so much for this i really appreciate every single bits of these hcs you wrote anon 🥺💕💕
These are my favourites 👉👈
Be prepared to be a pretty little cockwarmer for hours on end to perfect what you are doing
He absolutely would bend you over the piano (with the top part closed of course!) and depending on how is he feeling will either be painfully slow while taking you from behind or rougher with you
Ive been reading these repeatedly and imagining all the possible scenarios i can think of with just these bits of information
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jillotinesting · 25 days ago
I might have posted something like this before, but I’m having a really bad night for it and need to try and banish these thoughts.
As is hopefully fairly evident, I am a transwoman. I am certain of this, I have no doubt. The thoughts and desires I have, combined with the euphoria I feel when I perform femininity (that sounds clinical I know) have removed any doubt in my mind as to who I am. However, I do have a feeling that drifts in sometimes, a sort of impostor syndrome that tells me that I don’t count. That because I seemed to be an average cishet guy until I was almost a legal adult, that because I don’t really feel bottom dysphoria I am somehow less trans. This post is going to be kind of long. It might be pointless and rambling. I will leave one or two things out, though anyone likely to ever read this already knows those bits. I’m writing a bit about my sort of gender history because I need to banish these demons if I want to sleep.
When I was a kid you’d have never known there was anything up with me. All indications were that I was a bright, somewhat sensitive, and kind of naive boy. I had a Barbie once, but it was less engaging than a PlayStation, and I was done with it quickly. I never had a problem with identifying myself as a boy, though I didn’t really go for the “girls all have cooties” crap. I tended to have at least one female friend always, sometimes more and sometimes none.
My self identification didn’t really change when I started to get older. I never liked having hair on my legs and I was so opposed to being shirtless that I refused to even wear tank tops, and I often wore shirts at the pool. Once I grew my hair out for a year, but only out of curiosity to see how long it would get. I was “mistaken” for a girl a couple times, but I never really had a feeling about that. I got called gay in middle school, but only because I was friends with a couple kids that no one else liked. A couple kids teased me and called me a girl because of how I crossed my legs in the bleachers at gym class. I devoured romantic fanfic, though I was really picky about my pairings.
I didn’t even know being trans was a thing until kinda late in high school. I’d seen trans women before that point, but I never really considered them too deeply, never thought about them beyond an idle curiosity of how someone’s body gets to be like that. At this point I hated my legs so much that I stopped wearing shorts altogether. Finding out I was showing signs of balding at 17 was crushing, though regrettably not enough for me not to completely blow it. I was reading a lot of Yuri manga. I’d told my best friend, eventual ex-girlfriend that I was a big fan of it, despite in retrospect very obviously having never read any. I only really started to get into it because of her; before that, I’d dismissed anime and manga as stupid Dragonball bullshit.
My breakup with her was messy. I spent a lot of time thinking about myself. She had once said something about how her life would have been easier if she was born a guy, and that idea stuck with me. I thought about the girls in my manga and the ways that they always seemed to feel about the girls they loved. I felt more like that than the boys in the het romance I used to read. I decided that I was a lesbian, and I was so proud of this I basically couldn’t shut the fuck up. I cannot help but cringe when I think of shitty high school me of this period. Eventually I went off to summer camp. It was an atheist camp, I had a good time. I was too old to be a camper so I was a counselor in training, and hung out with the two other CITs and one younger counselor girl. She and I were into each other, I told her about how I felt about myself, and we began to plan our life together.
Anyone irritated with my seeming lack of any research or preparation or planning of my transition now should know that compared to back then, I have a plan like the most detailed heist movie. All I knew at the time was I would be Jennifer, and I would have red hair. I didn’t know anything and never really looked into it. I continued to do nothing at all that would indicate I wasn’t cis.
Except, the girl and I sent letters to each other, and one of them mentioned my gender struggle, and my mother read it. I had a miserably bad talk with my parents where they told me I was wrong, that trans people know right away when they’re children, and my dad helpfully offered that it was probably my “cartoon anime porn books” that put this thought into my head. I tried to weakly argue about body hair and a love of Lolita dresses, but that didn’t really seem to get anywhere. That I was still interested in women exclusively was evidence against me to them. I was told I couldn’t play video games for a week, for some reason. Still though, my mom came to me later and asked me what she should call me. I told her she didn’t have to change what she called me for a while.
There was an assembly for seniors about getting your cap and gown. They gave you a packet that had all the relevant information that they went over in the presentation, so I didn’t really pay attention. Deadlines were months off. I forgot about it for a couple days. My parents asked about it, and I couldn’t give them hard details. They decided that this girl was a poison and this gender thing was a problem and a distraction. My dad yelled at me. He asked a lot if I wanted to cut my dick off. He told me I would never have a good life. He grabbed me by the neck and held me, though he didn’t choke me. He told me my manga was all written by perverted Japanese men, despite my corrections that all but one of my collection was written by women. He made me bring my phone, iPod touch, and all my manga so he could get rid of the manga and look through all my photos and all my messages. By this point, my natural paranoia led me to hide any shall we say explicit images in a password locked app that I then hid on my devices. Unfortunately there were still some things that hadn’t been moved over. I was told me and the girl were done, that I wouldn’t be getting my phone back for a while, and that I was a boy. Later that night, my mother let me break up with the girl myself. She figured it wouldn’t be right for my girlfriend to hear it from my dad.
After this, I was different. My previous breakup may have done most of the damage to the confident creature I used to be, but this was the finishing blow. I was required to explain in depth to my parents what I did in select classes, as if I was a preschooler. That didn’t last too long as it became apparent that I was paying attention and had been the whole time. While all of this had been happening I was in therapy for the first breakup. (It was really bad, it’s own whole post.) I was supposed to talk about my gender problems with him, but by that point I had had it beaten out of me so thoroughly that I had nothing to say. After some family sessions that I barely remember, it basically never came up, and my therapy returned to what it was previously: somewhere to bitch about my classmates.
I graduated high school. I was kind of a shitty edgelord at this point. I went to college. I was miserable. I made no friends. I briefly had a group of people I hung out with, but it became very clear to me from experience that I was a charity case to them, a weird kid to be pitied. I didn’t think about my own gender the first year. The second year I looked into crossdressing. I loved the idea of a boy that was indistinguishable from a girl. I started to question my sexuality. A friend who is no longer a friend became my confidante about this. By my third year I was certain that I wanted to crossdress and also I was maybe kind of bi. Last year of college came and I had a job on campus. I bought a few things, but never much because I was so lost in this world. I had an aversion to actually looking anything up lest I be served information for transwomen. I did not consider the anguish I felt when I looked bad in something very deeply. I graduate college. I begin failing at life, which I continue to do in spades. I make a new friend, she’s great. Hello friend. I drunkenly admit to being a crossdresser. I eventually go on to think about myself more. I consider the pain I feel at the idea of growing into an old man. My aversion to mirrors and the trouble I have with my own reflection. The disproportionate fear of being confronted with my own voice. I browse r/egg_irl. I see myself in the dumb memes.
All this time I have been joking about acquiring an immortal robot body, and this body is always a beautiful woman. I finally put some consideration into the recurring thought that I would probably transition if my whole family died. It all comes together for me. I tell my friends, at some point. None of us remember when. I do not tell my family. Eventually I move out. Just before I do I tell my mother. We both cry, she apologizes profusely. She wants to have a talk later. I talk with her. She asks me things. I don’t answer very well. I fear she doesn’t believe me. I planned on telling my brother soon after. She asks me not to, points out it would throw him off and stress him out as he starts virtual college. I still have not told him. My parents have split up since I was first outed. My dad knows nothing currently. Despite what he did, I still love him. I want him to accept me as his daughter. I fear he won’t.
To this day I have trouble admitting my identity. I am still resistant to looking things up for no reason other than a strange irrational sort of almost fear. I can only joke to my best friend because he was around back then, and speaking seriously reminds me too much of those days.
I went slightly off topic but that’s okay. It’s good to get these thoughts out of my head too.
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aloneandunreal · 25 days ago
march 26, 21
wow, i really have not posted in a long time. i decided to post just because i feel like ranting i suppose, and this is what that account is for. i've been thinking about things a lot, but it doesn't feel right to push it onto a friend. most of it is meaningless anyway, or at least it would probably be meaningless and stupid to anybody else. but first of all, i cannot believe i created this account last may (i think?) and that's coming up on a year!
anyway, i've just been a bit sad and anxious about school/graduating and college. i think a lot of people feel this way, so it's not like my feelings are completely abnormal. still, i wanted to rant a bit about it. i don't really know where to begin. this year started off crazy, with school being online and all. i remember the night before school began i was so anxious knowing it was my senior year, but having slight hope that maybe, just maybe, things would go back to being somewhat normal and i could finish off high school feeling satisfied. i don't really think that's going to happen. even with all of the senior activities my school is trying to set up (graduation, prom, etc), it just won't be the same. they're talking about reopening for hybrid on april 17th or sometime around then, but even so, i don't think i'd go. it's a bit too late for that now, it would be kind of pointless, honestly. i've talked about this in (many) previous entries, but i just really, truly wish i could've had more of a senior year. or just more of a high school experience in general. there were some moments where i felt like a true, reckless teenager, but that was a small amount. a very small amount.
now, i don't particularly care about high school that much. i know if everything was "normal" i wouldn't be doing anything differently, but it would've been nice to be at my school, feeling accomplished because i was finally a senior. at the top. almost done. it doesn't feel like that now. because covid began in march of my junior year, and i haven't stepped foot in that school since then, i still feel like i'm sixteen. i feel as if i haven't learned anything or really changed at all. maybe if i could've had a normal end to my junior year and senior year things would've been different. last year i was terrified of turning seventeen, but now i cannot believe i'm going to be eighteen. it absolutely feels unreal. and i also cannot believe that little fourteen year old me romanticized this age so much -- it's really not that fun at all, sorry to break it to you 14 year old me.
it's even more odd how i kind of miss this time last year in a way. there were no video calls for school and, for the most part, it was kind of nice to be away from school and not having to worry about SATs and such. of course there were things to worry about, but at the same time, i don't know. i feel like i had more time. i was a junior, and that summer would be the summer before my senior year. in retrospect, it sounded fun. sometimes i wish i could have appreciated it more, but then i think to myself... i did? or at least i think i did. it was a pretty okay summer for covid. but now, now is really my last summer before college. i'm not going to be going back to the high school i've been at for the past few years. i'll be starting somewhere new. and that's terrifying to think about.
i regret a lot of things throughout my life, but especially my high school years. i really wish i could have enjoyed things more. my freshman year i was really depressed and doing horribly in school, sophomore year i did amazing academically but i had no fun and was too anxious to do... anything, really. and then my junior year of course got cut short. i just never got to experience being in a friend group, having my first kiss, getting a significant other, etc. thinking about it, it makes me feel like a total outcast. sometimes i'll be in class (well, on a video call), and we'll be having fun or laughing, and yes, technically the whole class is included, but i... just don't feel apart of my class. you know, class of 2021. i feel like an outsider. i'm there, but i'm not. i wish i could relate to kids my age more, understand their inside jokes, whatever. there are people i know of that i know for a FACT i'd be friends with... but i never got the chance to pursue anything because of anxiety and now... this. having no contact with anyone my age because we're no longer in school. overall, it's just hard to explain. i just want to feel included in something. i've always just been a loner. i mean, i sat by myself for two years in a row during lunch. junior year i sat with one friend, so that was an upgrade i suppose. i also always hated when we had parties or "fun days" in class, because that meant no learning. people would talk to their friends and i'd be sitting alone. they'd only talk to me if class was in session because they kind of... had to. i don't know. it's hard being a loner, especially when you don't want to be one. it's a bit too late to change anything now, whether that be making new friends, getting a s/o, etc. my school actually plans to have prom, and although anxious, i'm considering going with a friend. but, really, what am i going to do there? i have no friends besides her. i know she wouldn't ditch me, but at the same time, she'll probably gather with her friend group and i'll be standing there, silent, awkwardly listening. and it's fine if she wants to talk to her friends. but i wish i had a friend group like that. or at least a friend i'm close with. the girl i'm going to (potentially) go with isn't even great friends with me.
it's always been like that with my friends. i'm their one outsider friend. not included in their group, but still friends with them. and that's fine, i never felt the urge to try to squeeze and force myself into a friend group that wouldn't want me. but it just hurt sometimes when they'd treat me differently when i was with them alone vs. with them AND their friends. i'd never be included. sometimes one of my friends might completely ignore me when they're talking to their group or with a separate friend. and i'd just be there like a total, utter burden. i never understood why people treated me so differently when they were around other friends. sometimes i wouldn't even be with them, they'd just ignore me and go with their other friends. which is fine, it's fine, no sarcasm. but sometimes i just wish i could be that other friend, the friend who doesn't get ignored and treated differently. in so many different friendships, i have to go through those types of things. and it's confusing... why me? especially since it has become a trend. i just want to be A PART of something.
i guess this is a bit of a topic change now. but another thing i've been thinking about constantly, like any other teenager who has applied to college, is, well, college. yes, i've probably established that i'm terrified and don't exactly feel ready. yes, i've probably established that i don't know if i'll be good enough academically. what if college is just high school all over again? another wasted four years. but that's not my top worry about college right now. instead, it's the fear of not knowing what college to go to. i want to pick the right one; i don't want to be wrong. i've gotten accepted to most colleges i applied to, except one where i was waitlisted (a whole thing in itself), another where i was rejected, and two which have not given me a response yet. i've wanted to go to new york city for school for SO LONG, but i don't even know if that's where i'm going to end up, after so much talk about going there. i might not even end up in a city!
then of course is just the sadness that i'll feel when i get rejected from the one school i've been dreaming about for forever. you're going to laugh if you're reading this, but NYU. yeah. i don't know why i fixated on it, but i haven't gotten a response from them yet. i believe that comes on march 31st. and i have a strong feeling i'm going to get rejected -- i've had that feeling even before i applied to colleges, in the beginning of my junior year. and it's so stupid, because even if i was accepted, i likely wouldn't be able to pay for it. i guess i just want to get accepted so i'll actually feel worthy. so, if that doesn't happen, my self-worth is going down the drain, sadly. i'm not as fixated on NYU as i was, say, in the beginning of my junior year, but i will still be upset if i don't get in.
i feel so pretentious saying this, but i also want to go to a school with a low-acceptance rate. it will make me feel smart. which is DUMB, because there are some amazing high-acceptance schools. but i just feel like, if i go to a high-acceptance school (which i likely will), everyone will be like "of course she went to a high-acceptance school, she's not smart." which i KNOW is irrational and dumb, but it's something that won't leave my mind. i'm so insecure about my intelligence and all of this college stuff has really just made me feel worse. even when i do get accepted to colleges, i haven't felt happy. i haven't felt excitement or joy. and i wish i could. i wish there was some sort of excitement in me, but it doesn't feel like anything special. i just wish i had more of a direction on what college i want to go to or what i even want to do in life. it's so complicated and there's so many little things i'm worried about. if i could, i would explain, but it's hard for me to. some of these worries i can't even explain, they're that minuscule and dumb. overall, i just wish i could be happy with myself and feel accomplished. i don't feel that at all.
thirteen/fourteen year old me probably wouldn't be proud of the person i am now. she imagined someone completely different, i'm sure. i used to dream of graduation and the end of my senior year, now i'm dreading it. both because it's the END of high school and because i'm just nervous about all the attention that will be on me during that time. dumb, i know, i know. the end of high school, for me, will just be clicking the red "leave call" and that terrifies me, of how i'll feel when i leave that call, sitting back, realizing that that's it. it's over. and don't get me wrong, i do in fact want to graduate. i obviously do not want to stay in high school. i am excited for this to be over with. but, of course, at the same time, it's, quite honestly, terrifying.
but, i guess that's really it for now. i'm sure i could talk about this forever, unleashing all of my worries onto this tumblr account nobody will ever find or see or read. but i think now is a good time to stop. overall, i just wish things would be different. not just high school, but my whole life. i'd do anything to start over as someone new. but, alas, that will not be happening.
so, yes, that's it. i guess. i don't know when i will be updating this. maybe in a week, or maybe 3 days before graduation. who knows. (this is not edited, by the way, if anyone is reading this, so i'm sorry for any grammar or spelling errors or just overall cringe. none of my entries are edited).
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moosoobi · 25 days ago
In the night: Chapter 2
T.Jeff- Hamilton: the musical 
Y/N can’t hold all her secrets. She’s tired of hiding. The people deserve the truth. Here’s her confession: the one she should’ve told us long ago
I started to write this chapter the day after I finished chapter 1, yet before the first chapter was even published (time management queen). As I’m typing this message, I’m currently distracting myself from finals LMAO. Anyway, I wanted to finish this chapter as soon as possible to give some explanation of the events in the previous chapter, so I hope I do exactly that. I’m still manifesting that I articulate through this story smoothly, please give me feedback <3 
MC (aka Y/N’s) POV 
Modern au 
Word Count: 5.4k
A few unrealistic realities, but I’m working with what I got
This chapter will most likely answer many questions about chapter 1 
THIS CHAPTER OCCURS AT THE SAME TIME AS CHAPTER 1! all events in this chapter line up with the events of chapter 1
TW: violence, abuse, mentions of blood, themes of injury, itty bitty angst?
photo not mine <3
If you have any questions/concerns about this story, DONT BE SHY TO ASK ME! This is my first time writing a whole series, so I apologize if the plot gets confusing. 
-Now Playing: Broken Clocks by SZA-
Tumblr media
Where to start… 
My attention was taken from Professor Washington’s lecture the moment I felt a pair of eyes attempting to pierce a hole in the back of my head. As I look back, I realize that it’s no one other than Thomas Jefferson, the spoiled francophile, or so people like the whisper, but gossip’s not my thing.
Upon being called out by Professor Washington, I couldn’t hold in my giggle as Thomas’s head ducks down in embarrassment. I suppose he sure knows how to lighten the demeanor in the lecture hall; It was a nice excuse to take my eyes off of Washington’s low-quality power-point presentation, but I appreciate that the man is trying. 
This class feels like it’ll last forever, and I contemplate if I could just perish in my seat at this very instant, yet Thomas’s presence seems to make it worthwhile. I don’t know him that much, or maybe at all for that matter, but since he’s been seen with a Schuyler, the locals around here can’t seem to keep their mouths shut about him. 
From what I’ve heard, he’s another silver-spoon raised boy representing Virginia up here in New York. A few scholarships here and there, as well as a trip to France for a semester. I don’t see what all the fuss is about; He seems like a pretty cool person, probably has an exciting life, and isn’t throwing away his shot. It’s odd, even with parents to piggyback off of, Thomas is very similar to a certain orphan I know. 
“Class is dismissed” Is all I heard from Professor Washington’s mouth before that obnoxious but relieving bell sounds off. 
Desperate to get out of this class, I hurry to put my stationery items into my burgundy-magenta backpack. You’d think after those turbulent years of high school that college would motivate me for fancier bags, but I can’t say no to my favorite color. It’s simple, won’t bring attention to my presence, unlike every other decision I’ve made in my life. 
After I finally finished packing up, I can’t wait to take a breath of the fresh, polluted air of New York City. I quickly spotted my roommate's car within the crowd of vehicles next to the sidewalk. He’s on time, as always, to pick me up from class, and I’m grateful that he sacrifices his time for me, but it’s not like he had a choice. I toss my bag into the trunk, surely crinkling a few important papers. Upon reaching the door of his expensive car, my roommate greets me with joy to see me. 
“How was class, Cherie?” 
Lafayette, my roommate, shoots a smile at me, his white teeth are almost blinding, but he always says I’m exaggerating. 
“Boring as always, but I’m still here, sadly” I say as I hop into the front seat of Lafayette’s car. He pouts in my direction 
“Ahh, c’mon, don’t be like that.” Once he acknowledges the buckling of my seatbelt, he begins to power up the car. “C’est la vie, Y/N” I roll my eyes, my hatred for him grows just a little more every time he says that. 
“Can we get McDonald’s?” I attempt to change the subject, earning a small chuckle from him. He prepares to drive off “You know I can't say no to you and your American junk food” 
And so we begin to drive off  
Lafayette and I indeed have a bit of history together. After I got mistakenly involved with Alexander and his clique, Lafayette was the next best (or worse) person to walk into my life. He’s sweet, charming, probably all the things Americans are not; the gentleman hails from France. Yet he’s so much more than that. 
Ever since I caught his eye at that obnoxious high school party, he and I hit the ground running. Disclosing the events which took place in his-
our bedroom won’t solve the problem, but the stubble on his jaw and the way he holds the steering wheel with one hand nearing my thigh reminds me of the unresolved sexual tension between the both of us. 
I’ve only been living in his apartment for a few months, an idea he proposed when I mentioned my dreadful rent. A nice view, nice coffee maker, and nice bedsheets were more than enough to convince me, but I know there’s more to that “nice” list that I shouldn’t disclose. 
Though I know his intentions were good, I’m sure he invited me into his abode to protect me from Alex. 
Since I began to band with Alex and his gang, Alexander’s been strict about getting me home on time. It wasn’t only because I was a helpless high school student, but also to prevent me from ratting him and his group out to the authorities. 
Upon joining Alex's posse, a strict curfew has been placed on me, only to ensure I stay safe at night, or perhaps to make sure I don’t betray them. 
Moving in with Lafayette made following this time limitation easier for me, especially since he volunteers to drive me home or takes a stand for me. If the unfortunate event of my arrival past my ‘bedtime’ timer occurs, Alexander ensures I pay the price.
Speaking of arrivals, Lafayette passes me a box of hot, salty fries and a smile spreads across my face. His eyes visibly soften as my entire demeanor changes.  
“Have I ever told you that you’re the best person ever?” I spilled my thoughts while stuffing my mouth with fries. He lightly chuckles, watching me. 
“Maybe a couple of times..” He prepares to drive off again “...too many times, actually.” he shot a wink at me. 
Blood didn’t have any time to rush to my cheeks before I could slap the side of his shoulder, causing him to whine in discomfort. I sigh before returning my focus to the steaming fries in front of me. The tension grows, and so does the silence between us. Eager to break the tension, I propose an idea. 
“Let’s go home?” we turn to each other at the same time 
I enter Professor Washington’s lecture hall and my attention is driven to the two curly-headed Virginians. I watch in secondhand embarrassment as Thomas Jefferson and his friend playfully argue in front of the entire class, seemingly a heated debate of the greatness of Mac and Cheese. One argues on behalf of the gooey pasta, while the other simultaneously retorts with a mix of “you’re so stupid” and “God help me”. 
Feeling a rush of confidence and suaveness, my brain urges my body to intervene in their conversation. Maybe it was to make new friends, or perhaps to stop the class from staring at their dumb dispute, but I swiftly walk over to them. The next few words to come out of my mouth fell into place oh-so-perfectly. 
“Hey, can I sit here?” 
Upon sitting in between the two Virginians, they introduce themselves. The calmer, self-collected man among the two introduced himself as James Madison, while the bolder, upbeat man introduced himself as no other than Thomas Jefferson. Both of them seemed happy that I interrupted and decided to reach out to them, maybe one was a tad more excited than the other. 
And ever since then, Professor Washington can’t seem to split up our trio. From childish jokes and a few inappropriate inferences, Thomas and James make great company. The idiotic smile that spreads across Thomas’s face whenever he’s capable of making James and I break our silence during class would become more annoying than Lafayette saying “C’est la vie” whenever I make a poor life decision. 
Nevertheless, Thomas and James dangerously remind me of Alexander and his goons. The abundant amount of self-praise and cocky remarks said by both Thomas and Alexander is almost astronomical. In the case of Thomas and Alexander’s meeting, I’m sure they’d be the best of friends. But likewise, I could also envision the two attempting to tear each other's heads off, the chaotic clashing of two powerful minds. 
They always know what to say and when to say it. I’ve never met anyone as clever as Thomas and James, and they’re even worse when they’re together.  
“‘ ‘s Adams here today? Washington told me to turn in my papers t’ him.” Thomas whispers as he eases into his chair, Washington’s booming voice seems to become background noise to us 
“Is he ever?” I reply, attempting not to giggle at my own response “I haven’t seen him since Washington initially introduced him to the class.” 
“Maybe he’s jus’ sick or somethin’. Kinda reminds me of you, James'' His head of curls turns to stare down James, in which James replies by rolling his eyes 
“He can stay home, he does the same amount of work there anyways.” James cleverly retorted. 
And that seemed to be our last straw before bursting out in laughter. Thomas’s body flung forward as he laughed his head off, James ducking his head to hide his glee behind his laptop, and I quickly slap a hand over my mouth to prevent anyone around us from drawing suspicion. But apparently, Washington wasn’t having our disguises. 
“Can the three of you even tell me what I just said?” Washington turns around from the board to scan the crowd, his eagle eyes find us quickly 
The silence was all we could emit, and soon enough, He turned back to his lesson. I sigh with relief; the last thing I need is to get kicked out of a class I don’t even pay for. 
“Washington sure got a shiny ass head. D’you think he uses shampoo and conditioner?” Whispered Thomas as he leans over to me 
And just like that,  we’re faced with the same struggle all over again.
Lafayette adjusted the hot pan, erupting a few sizzles. The wall clock ticked, the hour arm froze pointing to the “11” written in roman numerals. Lafayette and I decided to agree on a home-cooked meal, and although it’s too late for an average dinner, yet too early to be defined as a midnight snack, I’m sure Lafayette’s cooking will satisfy me for the night. 
“Y/NN, would you prefer salt on your omelet? Or did you decide to be healthy tonight?” He said holding a salt shaker in the air to steal my focus from the swirling red liquid in my glass. 
My head lifts to meet his eyes. I tilt my head, the wine causing me to ponder for a little longer than I should’ve. He continues to stare at me, holding in a laugh, before I force myself to nod. 
“Yeah.. a little won’t hurt” I hear him chuckle at my drunken dialect, but I know the French man isn’t about to lecture me about English “Your wish is my command.” 
I watch as he conducts the kitchen perfectly. He knows where everything is, exactly what to add into the sizzling pan, maybe even the exact second to take the meal off the flame. 
“I thought you weren’t a fan of monarchy?” the sarcasm was evident in my tone “but I appreciate the submission” I shot him a playful wink, to which he responds with a pompous smirk
A few sips of wine later, I recognize notification that has been staring back at me for hours. 
1 Message from Thomas
A text from Thomas? And I’m barely seeing this now? I silently scold myself for giving into the wine before opening the message.
“Thomas: Hey this is Thomas from class, wanna come study with us at the library sometime?”
My eyes become glued to my phone. It was certainly necessary for me to reread Thomas’s text, I was unsure if the alcohol was beginning to make me see odd things, but I assured myself I was correct.
I could feel the blush spread across my face. Maybe it’s just the wine taking control, or maybe it’s the butterflies in my stomach forming every time I reread his message. A harmless invite, perhaps evoked from Thomas due to James stroking his ego, but I know James’ wouldn’t promote such a bold, straight-forward message. Though Thomas is known for his meticulous confidence and certainty, a message this simple could be notably deceiving. 
But a little socializing won’t damage my self-respect. “Be bold, Y/N” is what I used to tell myself at the beginning of the semester, and what do I have to lose? I begin to type my reply.
“Y/N: yeah I’m down :) just send a time and place and I’ll be on my way”
 My introspection was soon interrupted by the screeching plate being slid in my direction by Lafayette, the steam circulating the meal 
“Y/N, Mangeons.” My head comes up from my phone, my eyes meet his eyes momentarily. 
“Thanks, Laf.” I reply before taking a fork from him and digging into the steaming meal ahead of me. Lafayette’s cooking never disappoints. Ever. 
My body couldn’t help but pick up my phone every few minutes to respond to Thomas’s messages, Though they were just the details of the hangout-offer he previously proposed, I felt enclosed in my little bubble while texting him. Those few moments of interaction with him somehow made my day better. I’m sure even Lafayette could see my radiating energy, but I’m not sure how he took it.
We’re technically not a couple; a few hookups and moving in together don't make us an official couple, right? 
“Merci, Laffy.” I watched as he visibly cringed at my poor attempt at french. “Let’s just stick to our mother tongues, angel.” He retorted. I laughed it off, yet inside his reply left a scratch on my pride. 
Another class of absolute foolery and childish inferences, and I can’t help but laugh as Thomas, James, and I exit the lecture hall. The New-York cold hits us harshly, but being about a month into this semester, students already know what to expect. 
It was indeed embarrassing, running to Lafayette’s car to remind him of your library study session. 
“Alright, I’ll pick you up before your curfew, okay?” He asked with one hand on the wheel. His faux-leather jacket contorting around his toned arms made it difficult not to remember the moments they shared around midnight. The imagery of their candle-lit room appearing in her head as he sat at the wheel stopped her from replying for a moment. 
“Y-Yeah sounds great. You’re the best, you know that?” She thanked him for sacrificing his time to make sure she arrives home on time. 
“You remind me all the time.” He sneaks in a small wink between his sentences “I’ll see you tonight, Cherie” 
Y/N smiled before turning around to prance over to her friends. Y/N heard the faint sounds of Lafayette driving off, sighing in relief
After briefly explaining my situation to the boys, we quickly head over to the library. 
A woman in a coral-pink blazer and pants set is waiting impatiently at a table she rented out just for us. “What in the world took you guys so long?” She pressured for an answer 
“C’mon Angie, that wasn’t even ten minutes.” Thomas rolled his eyes before removing his backpack and opening a chair for Y/N. Real smooth, Thomas, I can’t lie. He looked over to me, seeing stars in my eyes as I realize I’m standing next to the oldest Schuyler.
 “You’re-” She interrupted me with a smile, sticking out her hand to shake mine
“Angelica Schuyler. And you?” I swear her name sounds familiar. I’m sure I’ve heard it around but I just can't place it. I do see her on my social media feed from time to time, and I must admit, she looks even more heavenly in person. 
“Y/N L/N.” My hand meets hers in a firm handshake. 
“Nice to meet you.” 
At first, I thought nothing of it. 
Though Lafayette’s text at 7:30 (on the dot) did push me out of my zone, I did appreciate his promise to me. 
Thomas on the other hand seemed disturbed by my sudden leave, but it’s not like he’d understand. Alexander would literally kill me if I were home late.
But Thomas and I would continue to hang out. His evening texts would slowly become a weekly routine. Whether it was a scary movie or an ice cream date for just the two of us, he always found a way to spend time with me. 
“Don’t tell me that mint chocolate chip is actually your favorite flavor, darlin’.” He adjusted his position on the park bench and raised an eyebrow, his gaze focused on the green ice cream atop my ice cream cone “You might make me regret takin’ you out tonight” he chuckled and I couldn’t help but smile 
“You know you love me” I jokingly retorted, scooping part of my ice cream with my tongue, and relaxing against the bench.
It’s very rare to get to relax like this. Not only am I a fully-fledged college student, but also one of Alexander’s goons. The weekends are merely just ‘weekdays: the sequel’, but add forbidden literature and alcohol to that equation.
I look back up to Thomas, seeing his disgusted face. “Wait.. are you actually against mint chocolate chip ice cream?” I cocked an eyebrow towards him
He shrugged before chuckling “I recall telling you of my unfortunate arguments while visiting England..” 
“ what does mint chocolate chip ice cream have to do with your political upheavals in a foreign country?” 
He smirked in an ‘all knowing’ manner. “Well, Darlin, if you did your research—“
“—You’ve got to be kidding me—“I start to wonder why I even asked 
“—you’d learn that the monstrosity in your ice cream cone, mint chocolate chip, originated in England.” He completed his statement with triumph “Ever since my disagreements in England, I swore to despise such a concoction until the day I die.” 
I looked at him like he was crazy. “I can’t believe you did your research on English creations. You’re so dramatic sometimes” I respond 
“Hey, I wouldn’t be a Jefferson if I wasn’t.” He stared back to his cone, the mesmerizing ice cream almost reflecting himself back at him. 
We shared silence for a moment. Words were unnecessary when we were together. 
“I suppose..” Jefferson started “...I might be able to tolerate mint chocolate chip ice cream, but only for you, though.” He turned towards my direction 
My eyes soon met his. “Well, I’m honored to be your exemption, Jefferson.” I smile with triumph, recognizing my effect on him. 
He swiftly takes my hand, his skin feels burning compared to mine. Our eyes remain connected as he dips his head down to kiss the back of my hand. I attempt to hide the fact that my heart stopped beating for a moment, but the breath hitching in my throat wouldn’t help me at all. 
“Let’s drop the formalities, Darlin, you can call me Thomas now.” My hand remained between his. I try my best to keep my hand still, wanting to marinate in this moment forever. 
A new feeling courses through my body. Something unfamiliar. Perhaps it’s the charm of a Southern Gentleman. Maybe the feeling of being treated right for the first time, something I’ve never experienced from anyone.
What have I ever done to deserve this chivalrous kindness? 
‘What a gentleman’ I repeat to myself in my mind. What makes him so different from the others? 
From a simple kiss, I suddenly crave more.
More than the unresolved sexual tension between Lafayette and I. 
More than I was ever granted the opportunity to. 
Maybe ‘more’ is what I deserve. 
My mind bleeds with the thought of Lafayette, but Thomas seems like he has so much more to offer. What if I do deserve to be happy? I may not have earned it, but who gets to declare my right to happiness? I was once happy with Lafayette, but the times have changed
He’s just not him. He’s just not Thomas.
But no matter how much I enjoyed spending time with Jefferson himself, I was always the first one to leave. I had to. 
I remember the way his smile would fall at the sound of Lafayette’s car horn. 
The way his jaw tenses whenever my phone vibrates across the table 
Whenever Lafayette came to pick me up, I also can’t help but feel a part of my soul crack within me. 
“I’ll see you this weekend?” He kisses the back of my hand once more in an attempt to savor this moment, continuing to maintain eye contact.
“I’ll try, Thomas. Not sure if I’m busy.” I sigh with fatigue. “But I’ll let you know.” 
“Alright. Get home safe, darlin’” I hear him stand from the park bench as I wander to Lafayette’s car, his eyes following my figure. 
I hop into Lafayette’s car before taking one last glance in Thomas’s direction, watching as his figure begins to walk in the opposite direction that our car was heading. 
“Ahh, Y/N. Don’t tell me you’re cheating on me” his sarcastic tone wouldn’t pierce deep enough. 
I speak without thinking. “I do recall you claiming that you and I were never a couple, remember Laf?” My change in demeanor was certain to shut him up. And he did. 
He’s just not him. He’s just not Thomas. 
I remained turned away from Lafayette as we drove through the city. The memories built between Lafayette and I constantly falls like a house of cards, but I prefer to avoid the subject.
Lafayette felt otherwise, yet respected my choice. 
He was the first to speak.
“Alexander needs me for a transport this weekend.” He stated, “I’m not sure when I’ll get back, so it’s very important that you get back from whatever plans you have before your curfew.” He takes a glance over to me and briefly meets my eyes 
“Don’t test the waters, Y/N.”
Ah yes, the monthly literature transportation of Alexander’s gang. 
The Notorious Sons of Liberty. 
A popular group roaming the streets of New York. But instead ironically of selling drugs or performing homicide, they produce and sell illegal, banned literature and disperse them to the highest bidders. 
How else do you think I pay for college? 
Although gang violence isn’t really their thing, that doesn’t mean they’re not in possession of such weaponry and devices. I’ve never seen anyone take literature as seriously as they do.
They’re also known for their bold publicity stunts, which are indeed fun to watch from a nearby coffee shop. Watching Alexander, Lafayette, and some other friends, John and Herc, run from the authorities on a Sunday afternoon, accidentally laughing at the sight of John tripping over his own feet, Lafayette mouthing ‘help us out’ in my direction. Very entertaining. 
On the contrary, their security on me has become tighter and tighter. I know they worry for the gang’s reputation over my safety, but it feels nice to imagine having a battalion of book-worm gang members watching over you. 
“I know, I know. You guys can stop treating me like a kid” I attempt to contain a giggle to portray my seriousness. 
He takes a glance at me before returning his attention to the road. “You cannot say that until you have another way home other than me.” He sighed rather loudly 
“Be careful, or I might do just that, Lafayette.” 
I sipped on wine and ate cheese at Thomas’s place without a care in the world on a Saturday night. Of course, I had to accept Thomas’s offer, I never knew how to say no to him. 
Jefferson has sure been taking his sweet time to put a title on us. Now, I’m no philosopher when it comes to dating, but Ice cream at the park, fancy dinners, and wine and cheese sure sound romantic. 
My night was going well. All until the 7:30 alarm on my phone rang, and before I knew it, everything began to go downhill
[events of chapter 1]
And next thing I knew, the cold New York air slapped my face, following the harsh slam of the apartment door. 
As my adrenaline began to settle down, panic rushed through my body. 
Fuck. At this rate, I won’t be home until after my curfew. Although my immediate instinct was to sprint my way home, those thoughts were quickly followed by the idea of passing out within five minutes. My apartment isn’t too far, but being fueled by wine and cheese doesn’t sound like the best idea. 
“Don’t test the waters, Y/N” echoed throughout my head. 
I begin to walk down the street before whipping out my phone to contact an Uber. 
The small talk produced between my driver and I worked a bit to calm myself down, but that would all change the moment I walked through my apartment door. 
Once I turn back around from locking the door, I’m met with exactly what I didn’t want to see at this very moment. 
Lafayette stood staring at me, his lips pursed with anxiousness, recognizing my significantly late arrival. 
Hercules, another good friend I’ve met through the sons of liberty, stood beside Lafayette. His mouth hung open in shock as he also recognized my mistake. 
John, the group’s smallest yet mightiest, leaned against the wall, perhaps planning my fate right in front of me 
And none other than Alexander Hamilton himself, sipping scotch on my couch, similarly to how I was not too long ago at Thomas’s place. The glare on his face quickly reminded me that I was in big trouble. 
“Y/N, I thought I told you—“ Lafayette began but was quickly interrupted 
“You’re late.” He swirled his drink before standing up. The clock ticked, and the hour hand notably passed the 8:30 symbol. I was not getting out of this one. 
Although I feared for the following moments, I attempted to contain my emotions within myself. I kept my straight face for the time being. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. 
“I’m well aware.” That came out of my mouth  a little too harsh for my liking 
“May I remind you that being out past your curfew could severely damage our image.” 
I saw John look over to Alex from the corner of my eye. The air became thinner if that were even possible, and I refused to meet his eyes.
“And I do recall reminding you of your consequences.” He walked towards me and I felt my heart froze. “Having you out so late could raise some suspicions among our competitors, L/N.” 
I couldn’t find the right words and resort to nodding instead 
“I always fucking told you—“ he harshly slammed his drink onto the table beside him “—not to test the waters—” 
“—I-I know—“
“So why the fuck are you stumbling in here past your curfew?”
 At this very moment, I wondered if I had pulled the last straw. 
I couldn’t speak. God forbid I spat out the wrong words. Contained within my thoughts, I didn’t acknowledge Alexander closing the distance between us. 
“Ow!--” I watched as Alex shoved me to the wall, the moment playing in slow motion in my head. 
Lafayette’s throat grew dry “Hey, Alex, Calm dow-” 
He was interrupted by the sound of Alexander harshly slapping me across the face. My hands quickly went to soothe what felt like fire burning my cheek. 
“We do so much for you, Y/N.” Alex growled 
The sharp pain in my side grew, almost echoing throughout my body. I could feel my body giving up on itself. I mean, this wouldn’t be the first time Alex has acted like this. 
Occasionally, Alex would stop by Lafayette and I’s apartment just to ensure I was home before my curfew, and he wasn’t the most forgiving. 
--He owns an apartment key and has every single one of his gang member’s location tracked on his phone. Sometimes I wondered what was so special about us to have to keep all of us in check 24/7--
One time Hercules and I went shopping a little too late after sunset, part of me felt like a reckless teenager, probably because I was. I still remember Alexander’s face when I entered my own apartment, he looks identical every time. 
In an attempt to shelter me, my body curled into itself against the wall. I shrunk to the floor, feeling his shadow intensely stand above me. 
“Arghh!—“ the sound spilled out of me when I felt Alexander’s shin connect with my rib cage. 
My lungs felt punctured under the pressure.
My arms felt like they could give out any second.
Part of me had wished I’d stay at Thomas’s place tonight, even if it meant telling him the truth. 
What a predicament I’ve gotten myself into. 
I looked up, wondering if my torment was over until I was met with a —Crack— Alexander’s knee encountered my face. 
It was only a moment before I could hear the shuffling of the others’ shoes. I prayed they were coming to help me out.
Alexander lifted his glass of alcohol, previously forgotten, and hauled it towards me
The piercing shards of glass combining with the stinging alcohol were the last thing I needed on a Saturday night. I didn’t notice the tears falling from my eyes until now, and the way my heart felt like it was just on a rollercoaster. 
I kept my head low, watching blood drip down my face and onto the floor below me. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one to notice. 
“Alex! What the fuck?!” I heard Laurens yell
“Are you trying to kill her?!?” I recognized Lafayette’s scream
Before Alex was able to make another blow, Lauren and Lafayette were quick to hold him back, attempting to calm him down. 
Hercules swiftly knelt beside me, the guilt was obvious in his gaze. I hated the pity in each of their glances towards me. He attempted to wipe away the blood from my forehead with a paper towel. 
Alexander fought back against the two, trying his best to prove his point. There’s the Hamilton we all know, unwilling to stand down no matter the cost.
Hercules turned back to me, his words were ready to leave his mouth from the moment we reconnected eyes. 
“Y/N..” He pulled me up and shoved me out of my apartment door. “..Run.” I almost stumbled into a nearby pole, but I began running, if running in my condition was possible, back to Thomas’s place. 
[events of chapter 1]
The next thing I knew, I woke up in Thomas’s bed beside him. I took a moment to soak in the feeling of his satin sheets. Part of me can’t recall the events before I passed out in front of Thomas’s apartment, or maybe my mind refuses to remember them. 
The sun hasn’t risen yet. 
I turn to my side and reach for my phone, wincing from the pressure applied to my rib cage. 
The bright light of my phone hitting my eyes felt like I was transported to another dimension. 
54 notifications: 
12 calls from Lafayette 🥐
24 texts from Lafayette 🥐
1 text from Alexander 💡
3 calls from Mariah 💋
14 texts from Mariah 💋
“oh fuck..” I sigh, wondering how things will play out. 
Out of curiosity, I open the message from Alexander. Perhaps it’s an apology? Maybe a reminder? 
Alexander 💡: I know where you are, Y/N. Don’t drag your friend into this. Because I can.
Where I am? I ask myself
My heart dropped, remembering that Alexander tracks my location 24/7. He knows where I am at this very second. 
By escaping to Thomas’s apartment, I’ve just dragged him into this mess I’ve made. If my worlds collide, it would all be because I ran to this exact apartment. 
Panic once again rushed through my body. 
I need to get out of here. I need to leave. 
I slip out from under the sheets and grab my belongings. Unprepared for what’s to come, I steal one of Thomas’s jackets from his cluttered desk chair. I’ll give it back eventually, I thought to myself. 
After I put on my shoes I take one last glance toward Thomas. 
He seems so peaceful when he’s asleep, tangled in his blanket, not to mention his name-brand Mac and cheese pajama pants. 
I’m sorry if I drag you into this, Thomas, you just wouldn’t understand.
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wrestlingwithhistory · 26 days ago
Why do I like Pro Wrestling?
Even though I’ve put a few posts up on the page already I wanted to introduce myself a little and break down why I’m doing this and give a bit of history about me and why I like pro wrestling.
My name is Kyle, I’m 33 from South Wales, I am married with 2 children. I first started watching wrestling when I was about 7 which I will go into as we go through the post. I started this blog for 2 reasons.
1.     I love stories about pro-wrestling and wrestling itself.
2.     I am starting a creative writing course and want to keep on top of writing so that I am comfortable with writing as I haven’t done it since I was in school.
Now, there are a million stories from Pro Wrestling that you’ve heard from the Benoit Murders to The Montreal Screwjob to The Plane Ride from Hell, but I have an interest in writing about the stories that people are maybe not as aware of that still involve some of the biggest names in Wrestling history.
Nowadays, we can be thankful as wrestling fans that we have a multitude of ways that we could watch wrestling thanks to the rise of streaming sites, Youtube and online stores which you can buy DVD’s or digital copies of your favourite events. Being a child of the 90’s, you would stumble across wrestling almost out of nowhere. I remember being in my grandparents’ house maybe aged 5 or 6. I never had satellite or cable TV growing up, only terrestrial, and coming in one morning and seeing Hulk Hogan on the TV in my grandparents’ house really caught my attention. I couldn’t tell you what show it was or who else was on it, but I remember as I watched Hogan, waving his arms to the crowd and cupping his ears to the Hulkamaniacs as he did throughout his career, that I held a curiosity toward wrestling and did ever since.
I can then remember a few years later one of my best friends growing up had a video at home which on the cover, a man would be fighting himself! Undertaker vs Undertaker. Back then, it was the most amazing thing possible, the mystery of how a wrestler could square off against himself in the ring was unimaginable for a then 7–8-year-old. Of course, that event being Summerslam 94 would not be the great event you look back on, but you appreciate the spectacle of it. I do look back fondly on that VHS and as I watch the event back, the standout match-up is clearly the Owen Hart vs Bret Hart Steel cage match, but it’s not the type of thing you value as a child.
You value spectacle. You value entertainment. At least I did anyway. You treat it the same way you treat a cartoon or movie, you suspend your disbelief for a few moments and take in the pageantry of it all. Some people class Wrestling as 3rd hand entertainment, and I have had many occasions where people have made jokes of the fact I watch wrestling, to the point where I would not even mention it if asked.
But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to not care and be happy with the fact I like it so much. It’s not a guilty pleasure, It’s just a pleasure. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also embraced less of the spectacle side of it I once did and look at the athletic feats that take place in the ring, focusing on the technique that these men have to make it look as dangerous as possible, all the while keeping their opponent safe. I do still appreciate the entertainment value, but I definitely look at things like the work rate of the competitors and what they are capable of.
During my teens, we used to travel to video store not too far away from us in a town called Bargoed. Global Video was one of the first places to stock ECW VHS cassettes. My friends Daniel, Josh and I would go there, pick out a few VHS and go back to Josh’s room to watch them. One of the first ones I can remember watching was Living Dangerously 1999. For its time, the pacing and the layout of the matches were a perfect fit for that show. I remember thoroughly enjoying Tajiri vs Super Crazy, Sid and Spike Dudley vs The Dudley Boyz and also New Jack vs Mustafa which was enough violence for a teenage to endure at that point.
The one match from that event which today I place in my top 10 matches ever is Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn for the TV Title. Watching the opening exchange between the two men figure each other out, reversals of pins, hammerlocks and wristlocks was fantastic and when they separated and looked at each other, it was rapturous. The crowd ate it up. You could tell something special was taking place. As the match continued, I saw things that I never would have seen on WWF during that time realistically speaking. There was a reason the E stood for Extreme in ECW. They always took things to the next level, and while the TV Title was far from being the most brutal match on the card (in part due to New Jack!) it was creative in the way it structured the use of weapons, tablet spots and fighting outside the ring. When the bell rings at the end for a timer limit draw, as a first-time viewer you feel almost cheated, not by the quality of the match but by the fact it could have gone on for another 30 mins. When Jerry Lynn requests 5 more minutes and is granted it, you think you are in for a Jerry Lynn victory but RVD pulls it out of the bag at the end hitting the 5-star Frog Splash. And great ending to a great match.
Throughout this time the Attitude era was in full affect. WWF had a huge roster of stars that any company would have been proud to have, Stone-Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle. It was a pleasure to watch some of these events. My friend Michael would record Raw and later Smackdown and let us borrow the tapes so we could get our fix. In January 2000, Channel 4 had gotten a deal to show a few WWF Pay-per-views for free starting with the Royal Rumble. I stayed at Daniel’s house and we watched it live on a small TV. We were extra excited that Taz showed up on the event to face Kurt Angle with an extra ‘Z’ in his name, especially after find ECW a few months previous. Add to that the shock factor of Mae Young’s striptease, the Rumble result, the street fight between Cactus Jack and Triple H, the tables match between the Dudleys and Hardys, it was a phenomenal show.
With the events now being on Channel 4, I would look eagerly on internet forums during school hours trying to find out which ones were next. I remember staying up and watching Backlash 2000 and Fully Loaded of that year, also recording them to go back and watch and study the matches. I would cover the back of the VHS case with white stickers and write the match card on the back in order, so I knew where to find my favourites. They also stared showing Sunday Night Heat as well, which I later years would also have an RVD vs Jerry Lynn match up but not at the same quality as the ECW Event the years previous. These events on Channel 4 ended with the Invasion PPV in 2001 after WWE bought WCW and ECW acquiring many, but not all of their top stars.
Tying this in with Video games like WWF Attitude, Smackdown, WCW/NWO Revenge, WCW Mayhem it helped nurture my love for it even more especially WWE Smackdown 2: Know Your Role because you can create your own shows, wrestlers and storylines. We would have nights playing the game having Royal Rumbles and tournaments, finding how to create wrestlers from online forums like
My friend Daniel got the internet at home and we would spend hours searching Kazaa for wrestling videos we couldn’t find on VHS, in-between searching for Create-a-Wrestler guides for Smackdown games. They would usually be the Music Video highlight reels of matches we would want to see. Being early 2000’s it was usually set to Creed, Godsmack or Limp Bizkit but it would be things like Sabu vs RVD in a stretcher match, seeing Goldberg jackhammer The Giant/Big Show, and whatever we could find of these old matches you would read about in Power Slam magazine like the Exploding Barb Wire matches involving Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Onita.
A few years later, with the introduction of freeview satellite there was now more channels in homes than before and one of those was The Wrestling Channel. I turned it to this station thinking it would be WWE but was amazed to see companies more similar to ECW. US Promotions Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling, TNA/NWA and a few smaller based promotions were present as well as a mix of local British talent. It was on this channel that I first saw a match that involved light tubes, obviously CZW. Although not my favourite style, death matches certainly have a car crash factor to them. You know something gruesome is going to happen, but you can’t look away. But on the opposite of that, with ROH you got to see unbelievable work rate wrestling with the likes of CM Punk, Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson and Low Ki and with TNA similar talents but with more professional looking, AJ Styles, Teddy Hart and Jeff Jarrett being stars that shone there.
Getting to see high flying stars like Amazing Red, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, AJ Styles was enthralling. It was a side of pro wrestling you never saw on the more methodical WWE and I would watch whenever possible but still getting my WWE fix via VHS recordings Michael would lend us, especially as some of our favourites from ECW and WCW were now competing there.
From around 2006, I began to wane off watching Wrestling as often. I was playing in a band and focusing on that was well as starting a relationship with my now wife. My band mates Lloyd and Ryan were into Wrestling, so I used to and still do talk to them about it now and then. We used to go to local wrestling shows in Merthyr Tydfil for Celtic Wrestling. Back then, they were just Joe Nobodies wrestling in a bar, but as I look back over many of the people on that show, they have foundations on Wrestling all over the world.
A list of some of the names I got to see in Merthyr Tydfil; Sheamus – Now WWE, Steve Corino – ECW Legend, Zack Sabre Jr – Current New Japan star, Tracy Smothers – Wrestling Journeyman passed away in 2020. I remember seeing Tracy Smothers and I was a fan from ECW when he was with FBI and he was great and a nice guy after the show too. The fact that someone who was wrestled for WWE, ECW and WCW was in Merthyr wrestling, to me was mind-blowing!
A few months later I found out they were doing Wrestling training at The Studio Bar in Merthyr in around 2008 (could be way off), so I went along. I didn’t tell anyone, I got dressed in football gear and told my girlfriend Sara I was off to play football. Instead, I went into this bar and rolled around on some mats for beginner lessons on a Wednesday learning basic holds and how to bump. I really enjoyed it and it was better than bumping on the grass like I used to do as a kid in my local park. I went twice in all, as much as I wanted to go back and keep going, I was thinking that playing music would be easier to justify to someone than saying you were a wrestler so that was that.
I always kept an eye on wrestling but not as intently as I did before, maybe it was my way of disconnecting from wanting to do it as much as I did. I would watch the odd Raw or Smackdown and just buy the Big 4 Pay-per-Views and this went on for close on 8 years, just dipping in and out casually but still knowing who was in the business and doing things else were. We still had TNA in the UK so getting to see that was great, especially with the talent they had there for a while.
It wasn’t until 2016 I started to get back into wrestling as much as I do now. AJ Styles had finally joined WWE after seeming he would never appear there and that interested me because AJ is probably one of my favourites of all time. Twitter was blowing up because of a match between Will Ospreay and Ricochet in the Best of Super Juniors during that year. Seeing mostly positive comments and the odd one or two negative comments from old school wrestlers. So, I clicked on a then Youtube video of the match and it was such a great match. I felt the buzz straight away and immediately started to get the itch back for watching wrestling again.
I had no experience of much Japanese wrestling, but I always enjoyed reading in magazines about people like Jyushin Thuder Liger and The Great Muta and seeing their matches on WCW years ago, as well as people like Taka Michinoku and Tajiri but the Ospreay-Ricochet match convinced me to sign up to NJPW World. That summer I followed the G1 closely. Bullet Club madness was in full effect, seeing the iconic t-shirts and the way they were in the ring were similar to NWO, almost too much to a fault. I didn’t really know any of the performers in the tournament but after watching matches, would go back through the New Japan archives and watch the matches of Okada, Tanahashi, Naito, Shibata and the others, getting to know their styles and gimmicks.
One that immediately jumped out to me was Kenny Omega. He was one of 4 non-Japanese wrestlers (Gaijin) in the whole tournament. I learned that he had turned on AJ Styles and took over as leader of Bullet Club. I went back and watched AJ’s final matches against Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10, and then the tag match the following night between AJ and Kenny vs Nakamura and Yoshi-Hashi. I followed Kenny closely over the G1 and into the finals against Hirooki Goto which was an absolutely brilliant match. Omega ended up winning, going onto Wrestle Kingdom 11 to face Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. I checked my work diary to see if I had work that day, and I was off! Due to the time differences, I was able to catch some of the pre-show in the morning, drop my oldest daughter off to school and come back in time for the Naito-Tanahashi and Omega-Okada matches.
I got back and watched the Naito-Tanahashi match, a really fantastic match to which I remember saying to myself ‘the main event is going to need to be special to top that’. Cue watching my personal favourite match of all time. The pacing and the psychology of the match were so well done, Omega targeting Okada’s back ready for the One-Winged Angel but never getting to hit it through the match. The springboard moonsault to the outside over the guard rails, the Tope Con Hilo over the top which still holds one of the iconic images of the match as a whole, Okada’s resilience as a champion, back dropping Omega over the top rope to the outside through a table. It was and is incredible, debatably one of the greatest matches of all time. Not just in my opinion but for many others as well. And so, I was back in. From that point onwards, I was an ardent fan once again. I would use the archives of WWE Network, NJPW World, Youtube, Highspots Wrestling Network to feed my addiction, following twitter pages which is just GIF after GIF of just the craziest moves.
I would try and watch as many of the live shows in Japan as possible to watch Omega perform and throughout 2017, even though it probably could have been savoured a bit more, we got to see 2 more amazing Omega-Okada matches at both Dominion and G1 and also a lead to Omega-Jericho for WK12. Both my current favourite and my all-time favourite meeting for the first time for a great match. From a Kenny standard it was not as good as some of his previous but for Jericho it was probably one of his best even compared against some of his classics against the likes of Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.
In the Summer of 2018, I watched the Dominion show where again Kenny Omega went up against Kazuchika Okada for the IWGP Heavyweight championship. It was a 2 out of 3 falls match with no time limit. I couldn’t get the time off work for the event so I managed to smuggle my phone into work and would watch intently while selling mobile phones. It was another amazing match up, but I had to watch it over again after finishing work so that I could experience with sound, but even on silent, you could feel how brilliant the match was and Kenny finally defeated Okada for the title. Even though Kenny won it, I much preferred him fighting from beneath, almost as if achieving the pinnacle of wrestling was never going to happen. Even though he had a good handful of matches as champion, the ensuing AEW venture obviously scrapped any possibility of a long-term reign. Also disappointing to see New Japan miss a trick by letting Ibushi win the G1 and then the title from Kenny at WK13, instead vying for Tanahashi who, for as great a performer as he is, was not in his prime and the story between Ibushi-Omega would have been concluded or at least cliffhung until a later date. That aside, the show killed. It was amazing, but you could see the writing was on the wall in terms of Omega, the Young Bucks, Adam Page leaving to start AEW in 2019.
That kind of takes it up to current day, or at least as close to it as possible. It was possibly a long-winded diatribe of saying ‘Yeah, I like Wrestling’ but I hope it helps people to understand what drives me to write about it, why I enjoy watching this often joked about form of entertainment and why I think people could probably appreciate it more.
My messages are open if anyone wants to ask me any questions about wrestling or share stories about your own experiences, favourite matches or even stories that you would like me to cover, and I will try and find something to contribute to the page if possible.
Please read through the posts, like and share if you enjoy and leave comments if you wish to appreciate, critique or contribute towards the stories if you know anything I may have missed out.
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official-weasley · 26 days ago
The Irreplaceable Charlie Weasley: Pt. 2, Ch. 2
In the last week of August, the Weasleys and I met my mum in Diagon Alley just like my mum and Molly planned. We bought our books and got Pip his favorite treats. Charlie and I were drooling and pressing our hands on the window display of Quality Quidditch Supplies.
We then stopped at the café Tulip's mum owned just to find out that Tulip wasn't there but her mum told us that she would tell her to meet us on the Platform 9 ¾ on the 1st September. Molly also took Bill to get new robes as he grew quite a lot over the Summer and Charlie got Bill's old robes. His freckled cheeks turned pink as his mum told that in front of me and my mum but I didn't care.
On several occasions, Charlie got embarrassed as he talked about his home or his things, most belonging to Bill before him. I have never seen it as a bad thing that they didn't have as much money as some of the other Pure Blood families. My parents had quite a stock of gold in our Gringotts vault as a Curse Breaker and an Auror but what good did that do me if I didn't see them most of the year.
I would've done anything to have my mum or my dad at home as Molly stayed at home with Charlie and his siblings. Their house was also something that wasn't embarrassing at all. I liked the smell of wood and honeysuckle and I liked the fact that it was a bit cramped. You feel more like a family rather than in a big house.
When we got all of our things, my mum said goodbye to me as she had to hurry back to work. She gave me a big hug as tears gathered in her eyes. I knew she felt bad that she wouldn't be able to accompany me to the Station in a week's time and I knew she wanted more than anything to spend my last week out of Hogwarts with me but she couldn't get time off work.
That's why I returned to the Burrow with the Weasleys, something I really didn't mind. I couldn't deny that I missed my mum but being surrounded by such a loving family made me forget just how much I miss spending time with my parents.
On 1st September Molly took me, Bill, and Charlie to the Platform 9 ¾, accompanied by Percy, Fred, and George while Arthur stayed at home with Ron and Ginny as it was a Sunday.
She hugged her sons and wished them a great year at Hogwarts and then she looked at me.
“Oh, Nova dear, it was so nice to have you in our home.” She cupped my cheeks.
“Thank you for having me Molly, I had a great time.” I smiled.
“Have a good year, study hard, and take notes.” She stopped for a second. “Your mum told me to say that to you.” She winked at me. “And take care of my boys, will you? My heart is lighter knowing that they have you, especially Charlie.” She pulled me into a tight embrace.
“Mum!” Charlie frowned, embarrassed.
“Bill, you look after these two. Make sure they stay in line.” She hugged both, Bill and Charlie, again and gave them a soft kiss on the cheek.
We wanted to enter the train when I heard someone calling my name. It was Tulip who was looking all over for us in the crowd. Together we got on the train and found that Tonks and Penny already reserved a compartment for us.
We all hugged and I couldn't help but feel happy as we were all together again. Jae, the Gryffindor Charlie spent time with and spent more time with Tulip and Tonks than any of us by the end of our First Year, joined us for a second but couldn't stay as our compartment already had 6 seats taken.
Tulip started to explain what a mundane Summer she had as she was mostly helping her mum in her coffee shop but she didn't mind as she made quite a lot of money and was saving it for Zonko's Joke Shop next year when we are going to be allowed to go to Hogsmeade for the first time.
Tonks showed us all the scars Merlin gave her over the Summer and we were puzzled as to why her parents didn't use a charm to heal her hands. She admitted that she liked spending the time with the cat after all and that she kicked him off the bed one night as she didn't know he was there and felt sorry for him as he came back to cuddle.
She also told us that 2 out of 4 pranks she planned for her parents succeeded and that to her astonishment her parents still loved her.
Penny gave us a rather short version of her beach vacation as all of us sent her a confused letter when she sent us greetings from Brighton. She instead told us that mum taught her how to brew 3 new potions, 2 of which we won't learn in class for another year. She also told us how annoying her little sister was as she kept bombarding her with questions about Hogwarts and wanted to know when she could meet all of her friends.
It was fun to see the Sorting Ceremony from the House Tables instead of being sorted. Ravenclaw gained 4 new witches and 2 new wizards. Tulip and I couldn't help but reminisce about our Sorting Day and admitted that we don't miss it at all.
After the feast, we went to our dormitories, and much to Tulip and mine's surprise we knew exactly how to get to the Ravenclaw Common Room. Our room was still looking good and still had the best view of the entire castle.
A little before we went to bed, Professor Flitwick gathered us all in the Common Room, giving us our class schedules as tomorrow was Monday and the classes were ready to begin.
Our schedules this year were packed way more than the previous year where we only had 2, max 3 classes per day. Now we had at least 4 classes per day except 3 on Friday.
The schedule read:
Monday – Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology
Tuesday - Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Double Charms, Astronomy at Midnight
Wednesday – Double Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic
Thursday – Transfiguration, Double Potions, History of Magic, Herbology, Astronomy at Midnight
Friday – Potions, Charms, Transfiguration
We had classes with the same Houses as last year and even though we knew that we had History of Magic, Tulip and I kind of hoped that the teachers would forget about it and we wouldn't have to go. That, of course, was not the case.
I decided that I wouldn't try out for the House Quidditch Team this year just yet. I still felt that I could use a bit of practice and I teased Charlie that I would let him have the Quidditch Cup this year as we would win every year after that with me on the team.
Charlie tried out for the Gryffindor Team but wasn't picked as the Quidditch Captain picked his little brother as Team's Seeker. He was pretty bummed out about it and we had to go to Hagrid's every day after school for almost a week so Hagrid could cheer him up by telling us stories about different creatures he encountered or owned at any point in his life.
Penny, of course, loved the fact that we had so much more school work and Potions 3 times per week made her heart pump faster.
Tonks however made me and Charlie question our prediction that she would wait until the end of the year to have a breakdown as she already refused to do her homework. She and Penny got into constant fights because Penny couldn't understand how she doesn't care about homework one bit and Tonks didn't understand why she cared so much about it.
I did pretty well and kept up with most of my schoolwork. Penny only had to help me with one of my Potions essays and Tulip and I always did Astronomy homework immediately after class. It did mean that we stayed up almost all night since Astronomy classes were at Midnight but we enjoyed each other's company and the little chats we had together as we didn't have the opportunity to spend that much time alone outside of class.
She was sneaking around the Castle with Tonks and Jae most of the days as I spent my time with either Penny or Charlie by the Lake, at Hagrid's, in the Owlery with Pip, or in the Courtyard, which was still my favorite place to draw.
It seemed that Charlie rarely left Hagrid's and I am sure he wouldn't even do that if it wasn't for me and he wanted to spend time with me. As Second Years, we were allowed to bring our own brooms to school and when the weather was nice Charlie liked to practice his flying by the Lake, me throwing a ball for him to catch.
One Tuesday it so happened that we had a free period when we were supposed to have Herbology. Apparently, one of the Forth Years accidentally angered a plant and it trapped them in the Herbology classroom resulting in our class being rescheduled for next week. As Tulip and I wandered around the Castle, we decided to see what was so bad about the girl's bathroom on the Second Floor.
See, the day before, we heard a couple of Slytherin girls from the year above us say that they are never going in there again and that they wouldn't wish it upon their worst enemy to get locked in there and that said a lot about Slytherins.
My school bag was unusually heavy that day but I didn't pay attention to it as I was sure that I misread the schedule and put an extra book in there.
When we got to the bathroom it looked quite normal to us. We knocked and nothing happened. We peeked inside and it didn't smell bad or seem in any way out of the ordinary.
We took a deep breath and went in, eyes closed as we were expecting something bad to happen. We thought we came upon a completely normal-looking bathroom and almost left but then we heard something in one of the bathroom stalls. We stopped, turned around and listened carefully.
It sounded like a girl was crying and for a second we were really mad at Slytherins for making fun out of a crying girl.
All of a sudden a ghost of a girl came through the door of one of the cubicles. She looked at us startled as much as we looked at her in shock. At first, she looked quite happy to see us. She told us that her name is Myrtle and that she lives in the bathroom. We didn't see anything wrong with that until Tulip made a very big mistake. She asked her what happened to her.
Myrtle burst into tears and started to cry rather loudly. After the crying stopped she started screaming and became angry and just as we were about to leave, the belt on my bag ripped and I heard something broke inside it.
“What the bloody hell was that?” Tulip whispered as she was quite taken aback by Myrtle.
“I have no idea.” I replied as I watched Myrtle getting closer to my bag.
I took a deep breath and ran towards it. I had my drawing notebook in there and I didn't know much about ghosts so I didn't know if Myrtle could ruin it or not. I grabbed my bag and out fell something that looked a lot like a...
“Dungbomb! Nova run!” Yelled Tulip and opened the bathroom door.
We got out just in time and as the doors were closing, we saw how the bomb exploded straight into Myrtle's face as she was too slow to realize what we were running away from.
We ran down the corridor and all the way to the Great Hall and when we finally caught our breath did we manage to understand what happened. We knew we were supposed to feel bad but just by exchanging looks, we burst out laughing.
We laughed so hard that I was beginning to feel cramps in my stomach and Tulip was clapping in a way that reminded me of a clapping seal.
Our friends ran to us, asking what was going on and upon telling them how we sneaked in and detonated a Dungbomb on a crying ghost, Tonks finally spoke.
“No! I was saving that for tomorrow!” She got sad.
“Wait, the bomb was yours?” My face puzzled. “What was it doing in my bag?” I frowned at her.
“Well, you take care of your bag the most as your drawing notebook is inside and I needed a safe place for it until tomorrow to execute my plan.” Tonks' face was as pink as her hair. “See, I wanted to hide the bomb from myself as I knew I wouldn't be able to resist using it today rather than tomorrow.” She explained.
“And you put it in my bag? The bag that has my most prized notebook inside?” I was trying to keep my voice as normal as possible. “What if I didn't grab the bag and the bomb went off with my notebook still inside?” My eyes narrowed.
“Blimey Nova, I'm sorry. I did package the bomb carefully but I didn't think about that.” She scratched her nose.
I couldn't be angry at her, not after what Tulip and I just witnessed, especially because my notebook was alright.
We had to tell the story again as our whole lot laughed, including Penny who wanted to feel sorry for Myrtle but the whole incident was just too funny. Tonks, however, promised that she would never put anything that would either rip or ruin any contents inside my bag ever again as I sewed it back together with a spell.
I spent most of my weekends after lunch with Charlie by the Lake. We got a few new books from Hagrid as he reckoned we were ready for them. While reading them out loud to each other, we usually daydreamed about playing Quidditch and we couldn't wait until the end of the school year when the Second Year students had to pick Elective Subjects as we already knew one of them was going to be Care of Magical Creatures.
Bill sometimes joined us, however, Charlie and I both thought that he was daydreaming about a girl rather than creatures and that he joined us as an excuse to keep an eye on us. Pip also accompanied us to the Lake often and was quite surprised when I started drawing other creatures, inspired by my Self-Doodler rather than him. Serves him right for not wanting to pose for me over the Summer.
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atinysunbaby · 26 days ago
💎You get caught staring by ATEEZ💎
💖Park Seonghwa💖
Tumblr media
"Hahaha stop it!" Rosé pleads while laughing hystericaly. "I can't breathe- haha" Jisoo adds breathless. You just sit there watching them unamused. "Guys, I think I missed the part where it's supposed to be funny?"
They turn to you blinking rapidly, before making eye contact together and going back to laughing. You sigh loudly, then stand up to get another coffee.
When you come back to the table, they seem to have calm down. You guys start talking about boys, Rosé has a crush on a guy named Jaehyun. Jisoo says she prefers staying single. While you, are quite lost.
You never fell in love, nor ever had interest in anyone. You friends think you're into girls, but that's not it. You know you like guys, you just didn't meet the right one yet.
"You're so boring Y/N! Like seriously, there's not even a guy you find a little bit cute?" Jisoo dramatically ask and you answer by shrugging your shoulders. They both keep talking, leaving you into your own thoughts.
Ding! Ding! The shop bell sound brings you back to earth. You look at the entrance and you're met with a feeling you never felt before, butterflies.
Your eyes are glued to a boy around your age, he looks like a god. You swallow nervously and your palms become sweaty. "Hey you remem- What are you looking at?" Jisoo asks suspiciously.
She's about to turn around, but you quickly change the subject. "Nothing- Hey what were you saying about Rosé's cooking again?" While she starts explaining her poor skills, you try to steal glances at the guy. Your cheeks turn red the moment his eyes make contact with yours and he smiles.
💙Kim Hongjoong💙
Tumblr media
Hongjoong's your classmate. His desk his close to yours, you never talked to him though. He's always with his friends and you're to afraid you'll end up humiliated.
He seems kind, but since you don't know him and he's quite popular, you sure don't wanna make a fool of yourself.  "Hongjoong do you know the answer?" The teacher ask him.
He responds correctly, you turn around a bit to look at him. Even after everyone go back to listen to the teacher, your eyes never leave his face.
You uncounsously stare at him, thinking. You also start to look him up down. When you look back up your eyes meet his and you instantly turn around.
'Great! that wasn't suspicious at all? Stupid! If he didn't think I was a weirdo before, he definitely does now'  You mentally scold yourself. "Miss Y/N! Since you're so interested in this class, you should answer the next question."
As if you weren't embarrassed enough. "I'm sorry, I don't know the answer.." You lower your eyes. "Well, you would've known if you weren't paying attention to boys instead." You're face heats up and you feel tears threatening to fall.
Others were laughing before being shushed and returning to the lesson. You lay your head on your desk, hiding in your arms. You fall asleep.
After the class is over, someone wakes you up. "Y/N~" Your eyes open in shock. You look at him, Hongjoong. He smiles at you and laughs softly seeing your lost expression.
"You're cute~ Come on, we gotta go eat lunch!" He extend his hand for you to take and you don't hesitate to let him drag you.
💛Jeong Yunho💛
Tumblr media
You're friends. Tonight he invited you at his house so you guys can study. You're having fun, he cracks a few jokes when the atmosphere becomes too serious.
You laugh a lot and can barely concentrate on your homeworks. After a while he stands up. "You hungry?" You answer him while trying not to tear your gaze away from your book. "Umm.. Yes please, anything's fine."
He hurries to get a few snacks and drinks, then comes back. He puts some music on. After some time he gets tired and suggests you should watch a movie together, you agree.
You start to watch it, but Yunho falls asleep on your shoulder. You try to pay attention to the tv, but get bored after a few minutes. Yunho's head gets heavy, you push him softly so he can lay on the other side.
There'a nothing to do, you take this as an opportunity to clean up the mess you both made. When you finish everything, it already is past midnight. You need to go home but before, you make your way to yunho.
"Hey~ I need to go, it's late. See you tomorrow, alright?" You whisper, but don't receive any reaction. While looking at him you take the time to admire his face. After realizing what you're doing, you shake your head.
When you're about to get up, he grabs your wrist. "You know? Staring is rude." He opens his eyes, smirking. You stay there flustered. "You weren't asleep?"
He shakes hid head and you close your eyes before sighing. "It's ok, I don't mind. I do it sometimes too" You open your eyes to find him about 2 centimeters from your face.
💜Kang Yeosang💜
Tumblr media
Yeosang's handsome, obviously. You always find yourself flustered and clumsy around him. You work at the same shop as him. Your shifts are always at the same time, meaning, you have to talk to him.
Honestly, it always ends up with you embarrassing yourself. It happened that he was too shy to respond to you, because you were too straightforward. Because you're nervous, blurting out to him things like 'you're hot today' or 'nice thighs'.
It even happened once, he asked you to taste a cookie he had made and you said 'you taste really good' by mistake. The both of you didn't look at each others for a few days.
Today, Yeosang arrived with a new haircut, he looks good. The whole day, you found yourself looking at him. It's almost time to leave, you're doing it again, staring at him.
He finishes to clean and joins you behind the counter. "We're done! We can go home now. You need a ride hom- Y/N?" He stops talking when he notices you're looking at something on his pants.
"You're zipper's down." You answer calmly, while he quickly turns around to zip his jeans. Surprisingly this time, you don't feel shy, there's a wave of confidence invading you.
The following days he avoids you, clearly flustered. You brush your body against his on purpose to see his reaction. When he finaly looks at you, you wink at him.
🖤Choi San🖤
Tumblr media
Your mother invited her friend and his son for dinner. She wants you to be there. She said you should meet new people, tired of your boring life.
You're not to keen about it but you'll do it so she'll leave you alone. The bell rings and since your mom is busy, you hurry to answer it. "Hi you must be Y/N?" He greets. "Yes that's me! It's nice to finaly meet you Mr.Choi!"
You shake hands and you tell them to come inside. "Oh and this his my son, San!" You look at him, and try to keep your composure.
You've been in love with him for years. He's at the same school as you. Suddenly, you're nervous, your palms are sweaty. You force a smile and bow your head. "Well.. uh. My mom's almost finished cooking-" You're cut off by your mother. "Dinner is ready!"
She appears from behind you and greets the boys. You all make your way to the table. Later in the night, after being humiliated by your mom, her and San's dad started a conversation.
She reveled embarrassing stories about you and now she lets you to deal with it. You and San are sitting next to each other, listening to them.
You discretely steal glances at him. Sometimes looking at him longer then you previously planned. Until, what you end up looking at, are his eyes.
He's looking at you with an emotion you can't read. You quickly understand what it's about when you feel his hand on your thigh.
💚Song Mingi💚
Tumblr media
You are enemies, you both hate each other with a passion. Just hearing the other breathe is enough to trigger a nerve. You're fighting since elementary school. It got worse with time.
Neither of you remember why it started in the first place. "Here we have 'the' gollum! Don't be surprised guys it's total-" He tripps because of someone's foot and the burning coffee in his hands ends up on you.
The following events bring the both of you to detention. You glared at each other for a while, then started an insult battle.
Now you've calmed down. Mingi his writing on his desk and you're watching him. You start to analyze him up and down.
He's attractive, you never really saw him that way but damn he's ho- Wait no, no no no. I mean he's ugly, he's an asshole. Being so lost in your thoughts, you haven't notice him approaching you.
He's kneeling between your legs, grinning cockily. You jump from surprise and try to push him away. He takes your arms in his hands. "Calm down, I'm not gonna kill you!"
You don't listen to him and hit his chest after freeing one of your hand. "Don't touch me perv!" You angrily tell him. "I'm the pervert one? I remember 2 minutes ago, you were the one checking me out~"
He smirks. You feel your heartbeat quicken, something weird in your stomach. Before you have the time to yell at him, his lips are on yours.
❤Jung Wooyoung❤
Tumblr media
You don't have friends. There are rumors about you, no one wants to approach you because of them. They think you're crazy, you're dangerous or disgusting.
They don't know you and judge you based on stupid gossip. All of this started when you and your bestfriend Hyuna had a huge fight.
She was mad at you, she had a crush on your boyfriend. You had been together for two years, even before you became a couple you guys were friends. The both of you always had been in love, until she ruined everything.
Her jealousy broke your happiness, your trust, your reputation. She lied to Wooyoung, told him you cheated on him with her brother. He believed her and broke up with you, now they're together.
She told everyone about her 'story'. She even went as far as hurting herself, blaming you for beating her up. She told people you were harassing her out of jealousy.
You were expelled for 1 month and your parents scolded you, took your phone and computer. They forbade you to go outside for months. Today's a day like any other.
Your at school, depressed and tired from the sleepless nights and mess in your life. While walking your eyes fall on Wooyoung, your steps become slower.
You can't help yourself but to admire him. You weren't expecting his eyes to directly meet yours, your heart skipping a beat.
The emotions are too much, you enter the bathroom to put some water on your face. "Hey.." You jump at the unexpected voice, Wooyoung.
🧡Choi Jongho🧡
Tumblr media
"Ryujin~ Pleeaase buy this for me~?" Yeji whines and makes puppy eyes. Ryujin, obviously ends up giving her what she wants.
You look at them laughing, it's always the same thing. They have a cute relationship, the only problem is that you're always third wheeling. You don't mind much though, your last relationship was a mess.
It might take a while for you to welcome someone else in your life. "We're ready to go!" Yeji sings happily. You roll your eyes, scoffing. "Of course. Got what you wanted?" You tease, she just tugs her tongue out and makes weird faces.
You squint your eyes. "Stop being weird." She laughs in response. The three of you visit a few other stores. Then the girls get hungry, they suggest on taking a break and eat.
You wait for them at a table, they went to get food. You're texting some other friends when someone calls your name. "Y/N? Is it really you?" You look at the owner of the voice and take a moment to remember him.
"Oh! Jongho right?" He nods and giggles. "It's been so long! How have you been you?" You ask suddenly really enthusiast. "Great honestly-" You didn't hear the rest, your eyes locked on his face.
You guys were young when you last saw each other. He's your childhood friend, he had moved away and you lost contact. He definitely became even more handsome, he has more muscles, he's more mature, his-
"My eyes are up here~" Your eyes widen, you look into his eyes. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mea-" He cut you off by kissing your cheek.
He titles his head and smirk. "Call me, beautiful~" When you can't see him anymore, you realise you have a piece of paper in your hand. His number.
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ptersmj · 26 days ago
hi my love! i was wondering if you could do something to do with teacher!tom and teacher!reader, where they’re dating but their students don’t know it, until they see one of them walk past the others zoom class or something. it’s okay if you’re not accepting requests atm! 💛
caught in the act
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
w/c: 1.0k
warnings: one swear and suggestive joke
a/n: hi sorry this took me a little! if only you could hear the way i squealed when i read itttgvsfs i adore the concept :,)
tom’s alarm goes off before yours, shrieking at him to start his day. he’s insistent on waking up early because it’s the key to success, and he has to set a good example. you’re more of a roll out of bed and turn on the computer kind of girl. you have pretty different teaching techniques, but it keeps your work lives fresh. there’s never a dull moment after you receive school emails or attend a meeting.
you’re an english teacher, and tom teaches history. you both teach the same grade, though. a lot of your students have you both, so you come up quite often in each other’s classes. your assignments sometimes go hand in hand together also. whether it be his students using writing techniques you taught them, your students doing essays based on events he covered, you work together all the time.
you like to plan your lessons together over wine and many, many kisses. it’s honestly super fun.
you’ve got a bunch of tweens on your hands, which means they gossip. that includes about school faculty, you and tom meeting the requirements. there was once a rumor circulating that you both have your own families and started an affair. you laughed it off because it was so elaborate and so not true. but, you never confirmed or denied if you’re a couple.
“please turn that off. please, please, please,” you whine as the alarm buzzes in your ear. tom retrieves his phone with a chuckle. “since you asked so nicely.” after putting on his glasses to see the screen, he snoozes it. he then leans over and presses a warm kiss to your temple. “‘m gonna make a quick breakfast, if you’d like to join.” although that sounds nice, his healthy eggs aren’t worth losing sleep for.
“i wouldn’t,” you hum, tilting your head up to peck his lips. tom smiles against yours, you turning onto your other side. “right,” he mumbles to himself. “still want your cuppa?” he’s taken the liberty of making you tea each morning because you don’t give yourself enough time to do it. you nod lazily in response, eyes drooping shut. “mhm, thanks. love you.” “love you more.”
he makes his way to the kitchen while you head back to dreamland.
you’re awoken a little later to a mug of tea on one side of you and tom on the other. he shakes your shoulder gently, grimacing when you kick your covers around in protest. your first class isn’t for another hour. “ugh, what?” you groan at him. tom runs his fingers down your arm apologetically. “have you seen my, erm, yellow button up anywhere?” you open your eyes only so you can roll them, in a lighthearted way.
you pay tom back for the morning tea by laying out his outfits every night. he’s pretty forgetful about those things, right now being an example.
“on the dresser. have a good day, mr. holland.” you shoot him a grin over your shoulder. tom pushes his glasses up and squeezes your arm. “i will, thanks. tea’s right there when you want it.” he’s hopped out of bed to change before you can say another word. now, there’s a man who’s committed to the craft.
once you finally get up, tom is halfway through his first class. he’s talking about what sounds like some revolution, sat at your desk. you love to listen to him teach and sip your earl grey. he makes history actually interesting, recounting things like they’re one of his wild stories. even the most difficult kids pay attention. he’s got a gift, and getting to witness him use it is a treat on its own.
it’s tempting to keep watching, though you should probably use the bathroom before your class. you wait until the kids are doing independent work, and head in. tom calls everyone back to go over the questions while you’re gone. he’s usually done by now, only someone didn’t understand the last one. that means class goes over a bit.
unaware of this, you come into the room with a toothbrush in your mouth and paste coating your lips.
“no, don’t worry. i’ve recorded the lesson so you can watch-“ tom cuts himself off when you appear in his camera tile. amusement instantly flashes across everyone’s faces. you’re still scrubbing at your teeth without a clue. “um, love? i haven’t finished,” he lets you know quietly, your eyes going wide. “sorry!” you say through a mouthful of toothpaste.
you dodge off camera quickly after. it’s too late, the damage has already been done. “hey, was that ms. y/l/n?” michael asks, one of your more outspoken students. he tries to look for you in the reflection of tom’s glasses. “it’s... well...” tom glances back at you. not sure what to tell him, you only offer a shrug. he decides to change the subject.
“you know what, i’m gonna let you guys go. we’ve gone over!” he plasters on a grin. his face feels hot, having so many eyes on it. another student unmutes herself, snickering. “that’s gotta be her! look at him, he’s blushing!” “mr. holland has a girlfriend,” someone else sings to him. other kids point and laugh along.
this is all in good fun, and their reaction is sweet. at the same time, you’d rather not have your students see you like this. you wipe your mouth clean and wince as tom endures their remarks, cheeks burning pink on the screen. this is the first time he’s out of things to say.
“maybe they’re just hooking up-“ “ok!” tom yells over michael, moving his curser to the end call button. “see everyone tomorrow, same time!” he leaves the class and immediately lets out the biggest sigh. his rosy face is hidden in his hands now, you coming over to the desk. you put a comforting hand on his back.
“sorry about that,” tom murmurs, taking his hands away. “i’m the one who crashed your lesson,” you dismiss him and sling both arms around his neck from behind. he rests his head on one of your arms and looks up at you. “i held class late.” “well, that is your job.” your remark earns a low laugh from him. the hint of a smile crosses his face. “god, what are we gonna do?” you cringe at the situation.
“i don’t know, but i really need to. i’m about to see these little shits... again.”
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