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#this is a submission by an anon

The Armed Detective Agency was in something of a chaotic frenzy.

This, in and of itself, was not anything new- Day in and out, if one listened hard enough, they could hear the infuriated screams of one Kunikida Doppo as he frantically chased after his coworkers in a futile attempt to get them to complete whatever paperwork they were avoiding that day. Hearing the terrified screams of the patients- Or perhaps, the victims- Of one Yosano Akiko’s medical practices also wasn’t too out of the norm, for the area.

What was out of the norm was the genuinely fearful air about the workers of the Agency- Every single one of them was rushed, in some way, and they all bore a frenzied energy that seemed to refuse the idea of sitting still.

And if one looked into the Agency’s office space, they’d find the reason why.


There was not a single member of the Armed Detective Agency that was having a good day, and it wasn’t even in the “we’ll laugh about this later!” way that Dazai Osamu liked to torment his coworkers with. To be fair, the man himself was hardly in the mood to be pulling pranks and making a mockery of everyone- And it was all for one simple reason.

Nakajima Atsushi had gone missing.

He wasn’t sick or calling out of work for some other reason, because Izumi Kyōka had seen him before she left their shared apartment, Kunikida had called to make certain that he wasn’t feeling ill and had forgotten to notify them, and Dazai had even broken into the apartment (without asking Kyōka) after all was said and done, just to double check.

He wasn’t lost in the depths of Yokohama, because Miyazawa Kenji and the Tanizaki siblings, Jun’ichirō and Naomi, had been combing through the city on foot to make sure he hadn’t gotten sucked into any trouble, and Tayama Katai has been looking through the security records in every available place, both legally and illegally, just to cover all their bases.

He wasn’t in the custody of the Port Mafia, which they admittedly only knew because at least three separate people would have sent a message to gloat about having captured the weretiger.

(Also, Dazai had not-so-secretly pulled some of his older strings and broken out a few threats of dismemberment, but that was neither here nor there.)

No one knew where the white-haired male had gone, and it was becoming increasingly obvious that someone outside of the usual suspects had interfered in their lives.

Now if only they knew who the hell this new subject was.


When he opened his eyes, it became clear to Atsushi that something had gone very wrong between Point A and Point B on his way to work.

Admittedly, the day had started off somewhat badly to begin with- Kyōka has dropped the breakfast crêpe he’d made her on her way out the door, so he’d promised to make her a new one while she went on ahead. Then, once he’d finished with it, he’d realized that he was late, and that he was certain to get an earful from Kunikida about it. So he’d stepped up the pace and started running for the Agency, and then-

And then-

And then what?

He… Remembers, somewhat vaguely, someone stopping him as he ran. They wanted something, he thinks. Then… Nothing. The last thing he remembered seeing was-

Ah, he thinks, somewhat dully, I dropped the crêpe.

It wasn’t actually that big of an issue, all things considered- Clearly, he’d been kidnapped- And yet, that’s what stuck out at him. That’s what he remembered.

How stupid.

You couldn’t have remembered something actually useful? Your captor’s face, perhaps? Your surroundings?

Useless, awful beast-

Atsushi breathed in. Breathed out. Not right now. He couldn’t handle hallucinations right now. He needed to think. Whoever took him had to want something, right? Something from the Agency?

But what, and why-


The door opens, slowly and loudly, and for the first time, he realized that he was, in fact in an inclosed space- He just hadn’t thought to use his senses to confirm it. He isn’t wearing a blindfold, but the light is flickering and dull- Certainly dim enough to offset anyone else, if they’d been caught. The air is stale, too, an old kind of scent that makes him think of earth and dirt- Underground, then. Maybe.

How would you know? You can barely even function as a detective on a normal day, much less when you’ve been taken by someone.

Should’ve left you to die in a ditch.

Should’ve let you starve.

Should’ve left you rotting in the basement-

With a shaky sigh, Atsushi manages to ignore the words that have always haunted him, and the figure of a man standing just at the corners of his vision. Instead, he takes in his captor.

They’re taller- Taller than him, anyways- With messy, frantically rumpled brown hair and wild, dark brown eyes. He looks like he just rolled out of bed- Or like he’s been too worked up to take care of himself.

Atsushi catches a whiff of his scent and immediately decides its the latter.

He doesn’t… Register everything the man says- He’s still groggy from being unconscious, and there’s a distractingly sickening pit in his stomach that gets deeper the more this man talks.



Stay away.




And it’s only as the man tightens his restraints and lets out an unhinged laugh that Atsushi realizes, with a dullness that only comes from experience-


There’s a nail above his foot, and a few more set aside.

His captor raises a hammer.

I’ve seen your kind before.

Atsushi doesn’t scream.


It takes them four days, some intense virtual searching from Katai, and the intervention of Edogawa Ranpo (Who had been away on a mission for the Agency for the first three days, and who they hadn’t been able to contact) for the Agency to realize when Atsushi was taken, who took him, and where he might be at the moment.

Most alarmingly, alongside this information, they discover what might be happening to the weretiger while they tried to find him.

Hanmura Ryō was a man with an extensive criminal history, and the connections to make sure he never really had to suffer for it. He was well know for kidnapping and torturing people- Usually, those people are between the ages of seventeen and twenty one, and they mostly had silver or white hair. This torture could apparently range from a single day to a month, and he’d initially killed his victims after becoming bored of them.

Then his connections had proven to be powerful enough to keep him from facing any real consequences, and he took to leaving his victims alive after he was done with them- A last sort of mockery on their inability to do anything to him.

Needless to say, this information only worked the Agency up even further.

After all, Atsushi, as far as they were aware, had never really had any experience with being tortured- Which wasn’t to say that they’d be alright if he did have experience with it, but it made them worried that it would break him irreparably.

(Of course, unknown to them- Or perhaps, ignored by them- Atsushi did, in fact, have experience in that field.

It wasn’t his fault they didn’t believe him.)

Luckily, it only took a few more minutes of digging from Katai (Minutes filled with some very colorful threats from Dazai, and a distinctly murderous feeling from Kyōka) to narrow down the kidnapper’s location- And, with any luck, it will be Atsushi’s location, as well.

It’s Dazai, Yosano, and Kunikida that end up getting in the car to go on their rescue mission.

(Kyōka had wanted to go, but Fukuzawa Yukichi had very firmly put his foot down, regardless of her past experiences, and told her that Atsushi would much rather have the first face he sees upon returning be that of his little sister.

She was now waiting very stubbornly by the door to be exactly that, but he’d take what he could get.)

They just hoped they wouldn’t be too late.


Atsushi doesn’t know how long it’s been, exactly, but he does know that he’s… Surprised? At how little this is all affecting him.

Oh, don’t misunderstand- He’s terrified out of his mind at being in a place that he never asked to be in, that’s so similar to a place he hated (Hates? Hated? Dazai and Jun’ichirō had made things so confusing…). He’s terrified that he can’t bring himself to use his Ability in such a place. He’s terrified that the Agency might not come for him- Because they can’t? Or worse, because they don’t want to.

But- While the nails going up and down his arms and his legs hurt- The torture itself isn’t getting to him. Oh, sure, the hot pokers that his captor had shoved in his gut hurt something awful, and getting his bones broken, only for them to heal, was an… Interesting experience, but.

But this wasn’t anything he hadn’t dealt with before. If anything, it was tame in comparison.

The man hasn’t even tried to sew his mouth shut, like one of the Sister had when he was a child. He isn’t being forced to do labor while injured. There’s blood- His blood- But he isn’t being forced to clean it up. Words on his own worthlessness as a human being aren’t being forced into his head, day in and day out.

Well, they are being forced there, but he isn’t sure if a hallucination counts- It isn’t anything new, after all.

It hurts- Everything the man does hurts. His body aches, and he knows that, without Byakko, he’d be irreparably broken, physically speaking.

But he’s used to this sort of thing. “This sort of thing” is one of his earliest memories.

His captor screams, frustration coating his voice as he kicks Atsushi’s chair down. The pokers twist in their wounds, making him wince, but he still doesn’t make much of a sound at the feeling.

Breath in, breath out.

The man shrieks again, foot coming down on his spine with an audible crack for what must be the fifth time.

Remember- What’s better than being alive?


It doesn’t take all that long for the trio to arrive at their location- A fairly normal house, all things considered, if somewhat rundown and a bit out of date. The key feature is, of course, the basement they’re almost entirely certain is holding Atsushi.

(Everyone hopes that’s where he is, at least. They’re pretty sure that Dazai will actually go on a killing spree if it isn’t- And they don’t think they’d stop him.)

The entire building is silent upon initial observation, though, and none of them are quite sure how to feel about that.

Is he okay?

Is he gagged?

Is he dead is he dead is he-

Yosano enters first, and Dazai would complain if he didn’t know it was to give her quick access to Atsushi if he had a fatal injury. (Also, she was generally a badass, but that’s another story, entirely.) The two men follow behind, all three quiet as they scan the first room for anything potentially alarming.

There isn’t much, really. Just some dull, ratty carpets, thrown over the floor in haste, and cracking wallpaper.

Also, there’s a padlocked door at the far end, and they could’ve sworn there was screaming of some sort.

It doesn’t take much more than that for them to break down the offending door, which was apparently soundproofed somehow, because the screaming, while still indistinct, became much louder without it. In fact, the screaming itself didn’t even stop at the noise of the door falling.

They take the stairs two at a time, with the exception of Dazai, who simply skips walking down entirely to throw himself at the bottom, hitting the floor in a neat roll as he gets back up.

All three of them get weapons out, turning to face the source of the noise.

None of them were quite expecting what they saw.


Atsushi doesn’t know what he did to make his captor so mad, but he’s kind of wishing he hadn’t done it, regardless.

The man will. Not. Stop. Screaming.

For someone with sensitive ears, like Atsushi, it’s hardly a pleasant experience, and he isn’t entirely certain what he’s yelling about in the first place- Wasn’t he the kidnapped one, here?

He shifted again, causing the plethora of nails, pokers, and stakes that his captor and pressed into his body to tug at him uncomfortably- Any bruises created from the beatings he’d been given had long since healed, much to the man’s ire, and he’d eventually chosen to keep going with the only things that left lasting marks.

(That they only left lasting marks because he wouldn’t remove them was ignored, apparently.)

His head fell back against the dirt floor he’d been laying on ever since the man had knocked over the chair that was holding him.

You deserve this.

Weak. Useless. Mindless.

It’s your own fault, couldn’t even hear him coming-

Monster monster monster monster-

He shut his eyes, trying to block out the voices hissing in his ears- But concentrating was a lot harder with the hunger twisting in his gut. His captor hardly felt the need to feed him, after all.

A foot lashed out, driving a trio of nails on his collarbone deeper into his body, and he choked at the sensation.

It still wasn’t a scream, though, and the man snarled, foot reeling back to repeat his actions-

Thu-thud thu-thud thu-thud-


If he’d been using them, Atsushi’s tiger ears would’ve twitched at the noises- As it stood, he simply raised his head, attempting to peer into the front of the room, where his captor typically used as his entrance and exit.

He blinked.

To be fair, he didn’t think the man was expecting the sight behind him, either, if the look on his face as he twisted around was any indication.

Behind him stood Dazai Osamu, Yosano Akiko, and Kunikida Doppo of the Armed Detective Agency.

And they did not look happy.


When they found their missing coworker, they’d expected blood- Lots of blood, to be honest. Broken bones, screaming, the whole nine yards- And they technically got that.

They just. Weren’t expecting the screaming to come from Hanmura.

Oh, Atsushi was clearly in pain, sure- His eyes were glassy, and his breathing was far to rapid for their comfort- But he wasn’t screaming or cowering, as they were afraid he’d be.

By all rights, he seemed almost… Used to this.

Had they still been too late? They’d moved as fast as they could-

Had he broken completely?

Was he just stronger than they thought-

God, they hoped he was stronger than they thought he would be-

It takes them only a moment to regain their bearings, and within seconds, Dazai has shot Hanmura in both kneecaps with pinpoint accuracy, with Kunikida moving in to fully restrain him a moment later. Yosano, meanwhile, had immediately moved to Atsushi’s side, carefully removing him from his restraints with some quickly applied bolt cutters and lock picks.

After that, it doesn’t take long at all for her to begin examining one of her newest coworkers- Senior only to Kyōka, really. With as much care as can be afforded, she begins checking the wounds around every intrusion to his body before removing them and allowing the tiger to do its work.

Better safe than sorry, she thinks. Super healing or no, if infection had set in-

She pushes the thought aside, only really intervening in the healing itself to remove any cauterized areas- The fucker had used heated pokers at some point, then.

How lovely.

(And maybe she would typically be more sadistic, but even she has her limits- And she won’t make things worse for Atsushi after he’d just spent four days being tortured.)

Luckily, it takes only five minutes for her to remove all of the nails and stakes and pokers that had been shoved in the silver-haired male’s body, and soon enough, she’s able to help him to his feet, though he’s a bit unsteady, and far, far too light.

(He probably hadn’t been fed at all, and she sees Dazai stomp a foot down on one of Hanmura’s now-broken kneecaps.


Once he’s up, she steps aside and let’s Dazai hold Atsushi, instead- The man has been worried out of his mind, after all, and she can’t say she blames him.

True to expectations, Dazai immediately wraps an arm around Atsushi’s back to steady him again before pressing his face into his neck in a sort of half-hug, and after some rather impressive, nonverbal back-and-forth, he convinces him to at least get on his back so that he doesn’t have to walk too much.

(Healed or no, the man had still be starved. So what if he wanted to take care of him a little bit?)

A mutual look between all three rescuers tells them that they’ll talk about this later- About why Atsushi seemed so unaffected, and about how the hell to make sure that Hanmura stays down- But for now, they have more important things to focus on.

It was time to go home.


Author’s Note: Yes! It is I, Nyanon!!! Anyways, you mentioned wanting a fic of the “Atsushi being tortured” idea I sent you on anon- Hopefully this is good enough!

Also, if you’re wondering why Atsushi didn’t just turn into a tiger and eat Hanmura- It was sort of meant to be a “he’s been in this situation before, and just pliantly doing what they wanted was how he survived” sort of thing? Because Trauma. Hopefully that makes sense!

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Hello, guys..

Any talks or feedbacks ? :’)

Assignments and works are getting too much because of which I can’t write. I am waiting for the vacation break

(as if, we will get one but still…)

*bitter laugh*

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Amnesia AU where Louis and Harry were going to celebrate their year anniversary but but Harry loses his memory and thinks that Louis is only his sister’s best friend that he barely knows and that he’s in love with someone else. Louis doesn’t tell Harry the truth because he wants him to get his memories back naturally (it was a long road for them to get together and he doesn’t want to have to travel it again) but it gets difficult the longer it goes on and Harry doesn’t remember. Louis pov pls + lots of angst + bonus if the someone Harry is in love with doesn’t like Louis but has been pining over Harry for a while. 


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“I haven’t noticed it until you mentioned it, still a bit new here.” She explained, “I hope Jeremy will be okay.” She added on, being a bit worried for the faun.

Fair enough point, he supposed.

Looking back at his book, he thumbed through a few more pages before shutting it with a snap, “He should be fine… If the purple bastard is in one of those moods, he’s probably just making Jeremy play his panflute for him.”

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i dreamed her like mother dreams child,

fluttering ribbons in hair like she is a gift to

the heavens. she has tied them to her cellar

door now, a stark contrast to its grayed metal

beams. what a glorious creature she is, to see

with no eyes. how painfully twisted that i taught

her to lick a flame and yearn for it too. a body

without balance, a love with no altar, she waits

every night for me to come home knowing that

i never will. it is too unbearable to see your failings

gaze back at you. she is indestructible, my atrocity,

and i cannot breathe in her presence without the

overwhelming cold that follows.

- ghost

. The Dead Anon Poets Society .

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Just look at a band Cell :

There’s something maybe… Cunning underneath there. I don’t know why but he looks kind of off somehow with that smile when he meets everyone. XD 

It’s also funny 2626, 2048 and 4989 are all chipper while 1146 looks as unfriendly as they come. 1146 really must be the stoic grumpy bear of the group. 

It’d be hilarious if Band Cell ended up being really sweet and get along with everyone… Except 1146. 1146 already gets into a lot of weird and extreme situations. Imagine if he had this rookie who just caused him nothing but grief. Right now I’m kind of thinking Band Cell looks like a chaotic sort of individual who doesn’t j8ve well with 1146’s disposition at times. 

Lol I just hope 3803 shows up and Band Cell becomes really attached to her like 1146 did. If only to have 1146 go ‘what a day. At least I can spend some alone time with RBC. She always makes me feel relaxed and happy’ *Band Cell pops up and joins them* ‘ugh, I should have never introduced and just kept walking’. It’s too soon to theorize (but still fun) but I stand by thinking it’d be funny if Band Cell was actually similar yet total opposite to 1146 and they kept clashing over it (but Band Cell is so chipper and nice acting that no one believes 1146 that the rookie could be anything but pleasent). XP


Perhaps 1146 knows what hides behind that cute smile… That, or that’s how he reacts to new people. I mean, did you remember how he first met 3803? He was all professionalism and bluntness. Poor 1146 is always a bit behind when it comes to social interaction. 

But I do love your headcnaons here.

PS, I am absolutely in love how the neutrophils look so devilishly evil and attractive when covered in blood. It’s just… *chef’s kiss*

Anyway, thanks again for your submission. :D

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“Well He acted… different from what i had prior experienced and gotten described about him, He started to give me lectures, and when i thought He was going to kill me He instead put me down, and on the way home He didn’t trap me in his coils once. He also didn’t like looking into a spring we crossed.” She explained, keeping it short and simple.

Scott frowned, “It’s not that weird, he sometimes has weird mood shifts, though Jeremy sees it more often than I do because the snake is almost always dragging him off. He, uh… also doesn’t like his reflection very much. You haven’t noticed the lack of mirrors in this place yet?”

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🦈; bad phone quality strikes again 😃 hes a thresher i plan on doing naga daishou and tiger shark suna next hehehehhehe daishous prolly gonna be nsfw but thats the price you pay when your a monster fucker

hes sharkboy looking for his lava girl 😳😳😳


HSJSHSJ WAIT YOU TALENTED BABIE SHARK KUSA !!! SHARK KUSA THOUGHTS !!! SIR SAKUSA SO ADORABLE 😭🤚 Kinda want him to take me after I drown in a shipwreck and turn me into a merfolk so we live happily ever after or something 👁

Daishou is gonna fit the Naga one so well ! Do you have any idea on what color you’ll make him? ALSO !!! SO EXCITED FOR TIGER SHARK SUNA

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“Yeah it’s Shella.” She replied with a polite smile.
Had it really been two days? Didn’t feel like it, then again a lot happened and She did loose track of time because of her fear. “Well, i had to do something, and He allowed it as long as He made sure i wouldn’t run away.” She explained it simply.

“That… sounds about right actually,” he half muttered to himself, glancing at the hallway the naga had gone down. “He probably didn’t want to bother with the same spells he put on me again. Did anything happen while you were out there?”

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She hoped Jeremy would be alright, as Vincent was, in her mind at least, behaving a bit oddly.
She took notice of Scott and walked over to him, “It was Scott right?” She asked, doing her best to be polite.

He blinked when she spoke up, as if he wasn’t expecting her to actually talk to him, “Uh, yeah, it’s Scott. And you’re… Shella right? Is there a reason you were gone with the purple asshole for nearly two days?”

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Shella did jump a little at the coiling, but soon saw it let go again. She watched him slither off and She remained there for a bit. She looked back at the way they came from, but She wasn’t going to tempt fate now. Instead She began walking around the place.

F̸l̶u̶f̸f̴y̵,̸ ̴c̷o̵m̴e̸ ̴w̸i̸t̴h̵ ̸m̸e̶.̷ the naga called out before disappearing down a hallway.

“Y-yes, Vincent!” the faun half squeaked, trotting after him.

Scott looked up from the book he was reading, frowning as Jeremy ran past him, but it wasn’t like he could really do anything about it… At least it would keep Vincent busy for a few more hours. Hopefully for the rest of the day…

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She didn’t like the glare He gave her, but it was better then physical harm or him threatening the child. She didn’t say anything during the entire walk back to Vincent’s home.

Not a direct threat anyway…

He did wrap a loose coil around her when he opened the door to one of the tunnels that led inside. This was quickly dropped when they were fully inside and the door shut and sealed behind them. Without a word he slithered off elsewhere, leaving Shella alone again.

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I’m going to cry;;;;;;


I’m really happy to know that. It fills my heart with joy everytime someone says they like my stuff or even knowing that something I did made you smile. It’ll always be a big achievement to me to make people happy, because nothing makes ME happy than that.

Seriously, thank you a lot for this.♥♥♥♥♥

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rU WHY anywho this one is for both of us to suffer -dragon anon

ru :: aaAHHHH DHGSHSGSHFD he looks so hawT A DHGFHGFHG

wHY ANON- not complaining thO-

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