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#this is actually such a cursed set. never had so much shit happen while trying to make some gifs.
whats-her-quirk · 6 months ago
jean kirstein x reader 18+ (minors dni) warnings: lactation, semi-public sex, mommy kink wc: 3.5k
Tumblr media
“I’ll stay here, you two go ahead and have fun.” Jean’s mother had been all too eager when you got the group text from Sasha. Niccolo had just proposed, and they wanted everyone to come out to the cocktail bar they were at and celebrate with them. You had sighed wistfully, realizing how much you missed your friends. Your social life had been mostly put on hold for the past month since your daughter was born—justifiably so. You and Jean were both completely smitten with her, plus getting the hang of this ‘new parent’ thing had been pretty intense. You’d never been away from your baby since she was born, never more than a few paces away whenever she needed you, so the possibility of going somewhere without her hadn’t even crossed your mind.
It was already past her usual bedtime, not to mention cold outside. It was a spur of the moment invitation, something you hadn’t planned ahead for. But in spite of all the reasons not to go, Jean’s mother was already over for dinner and more than willing to stay with your daughter while you went out for the first time since she was born. You’d glanced at your husband hesitantly, but he left the decision up to you. “We’ll do whatever you want to do, babe.”
After chewing your lip for a while and some light nudging from Jean’s mother—”You deserve a little break, don’t worry about a thing, I’ll put her to bed and stay as long as you need…”—you agree.
It takes a while for you to find something decent to wear, as the cross section of what’s nice enough to wear to this swanky bar and what actually fits you right now doesn’t leave you with many options. Ultimately, you find the nicest dress you have that also conceals the thick straps of your nursing bra and toss a cardigan over top. All that’s left is to grab the essentials out of the diaper bag and toss them in one of your nicer purses, and the next thing you know, you and Jean are sitting side by side on barstools, chatting with your friends as soft jazz music pumps out of the speakers.
A few of them, namely Sasha and Mikasa, are disappointed that your little girl is nowhere to be seen, though they’ve met her before. You and Jean are the first of the group to have a kid, which is fascinating to some of your friends while others could not be less interested. Still, every time someone asks about her, your stomach flips. It’s not that you don’t trust Jean’s mother; quite the contrary. You know your baby’s in capable hands, it’s just that you’re worried that she misses you. That she needs you. You stare straight ahead into the mirror behind the bar, fretting over what’s happening at home.
Jean puts a finger to your chin and points your eyes toward his; he must sense you worrying. “You ok? We can go home whenever you want to.” He gives you a sweet smile, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He’s missing his little princess too, but he’s doing his best not to show it, for your sake. Even when Marco claps a hand on his shoulder and asks if he wants to do shots, he doesn’t look away, waiting for your answer before he gives his.
You shake the nervousness off. This is your next big test as a new mom, and you’re gonna do your best to make it through the night without rushing home because of a little separation anxiety. Sooner or later, you’ll need to get used to this. “No, we can stay a while.”
Jean leans in for a quick kiss, petting your hair softly before he pulls back. “Just keep me posted.” He pecks your forehead once more before turning around to throw back that shot.
You’re playing designated driver tonight, but you don’t mind. You’re mostly staying away from alcohol until you’re done breastfeeding anyway. Getting the timing right is just too difficult, so it’s easier to just stay mostly sober for at least a few more months. And since Jean’s mom will be around to lend a hand later tonight if you need it, you don’t mind if he gets a little drunk. He’s been a fantastic partner through all this, so he deserves a little break too.
You’re chuckling at the guys fighting over who gets to buy Niccolo’s next drink when a twinge and then a dull pain steals your attention. As discreetly as you can, you reach under your left arm with your right hand to rub at the side of your breast. Shit. The invitation had come so suddenly that you left the house without thinking to pump your milk. There were bottles in the fridge, plenty ready if your girl got hungry while you were away. You hadn’t felt particularly full before you left the house, but you were starting to get a little tight.
But you just said you wanted to stay, and it’s not too bad yet. You try and forget as Sasha slides into Jean’s abandoned seat to show you her ring again. You’ll stay a little longer, you think, as you fawn over her gorgeous pearl set in diamonds.
‘A little longer’ turns into an hour, a move from the bar to a booth, and a few more rounds of drinks for Jean and the gang. You sip on a Shirley Temple, shifting uncomfortably every few minutes. You can tell Jean is having a good time, catching up with everyone and telling stories about his little princess that make you beam with pride. You’re fine, you assure yourself. You’ll pump as soon as you get home.
While the booth is more comfortable than the bar, especially since you’re situated on the end seat, it is warmer down here. When you feel yourself starting to sweat, you slink out of your cardigan, folding it in your lap. You feel cooler yet more exposed. This dress showed a lot of cleavage before your breasts swelled in pregnancy, still plump and almost spilling over the low neckline. You’re not the only one who notices; when Jean leans over to ask you something, you catch his eyes flicking down and back up again. He sucks in a sharp breath, and his hand finds its way to your thigh under the table, thumb rubbing little circles into your leg as he licks his lips, not subtle enough.
Under his hand, your knee bounces. You should say something, just tell him you need to go home, but it feels too late now, somehow. Your breasts are almost unbearably tight, under pressure that you wish you could just will away. You find yourself holding your breath until you feel a sudden tension squeeze your left breast. You hiss as you feel your nipple leak, and though you thank your stars that you wore one of your special absorbent bras, the pressure is too much.
You grit your teeth and hiss again as the pain pulses, forcing you to stand from the table. You have to get to somewhere private right now: a bathroom, anything. You curse yourself, stupid, stupid, as you grab your purse and cardigan.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jean asks. He’s flushed but not wasted, soft but not slurring, and obviously concerned. You can’t stand around here and explain, not in front of your friends and especially not when your tits are killing you. Instead, you grab him by the wrist and pull him away too quickly to judge if anyone notices your urgency.
You walk with purpose, weaving through people standing at the bar or congregating around cocktail tables, conversation at a dull roar over the music tinkling from the sound system. Jean tries repeatedly to ask what’s going on, but you’re working with one track mind, desperate for relief. In a back hallway, you find a single-occupancy bathroom and drag Jean inside and lock the door, hardly caring who sees and what they think.
It’s a nice bar, so the bathroom is clean and decently well-decorated, if a little small. You toss your purse and sweater on the countertop and bend forward over the sink. Jean puts a hand to the middle of your back. “Please, tell me what’s happening. You’re freaking me out.”
The pain ebbs and flows, sharper one moment and duller the next. Once you can finally get a breath in, you turn to him. “My tits hurt so bad. They’re too full.”
The look on his face is a bit dumbfounded, like maybe he hadn’t considered that such a thing was possible. “Did you bring the pump?”
You hold up your miniature handbag, agitated but only at yourself. “I left it in the diaper bag. Wouldn’t have fit in here anyway.” You hiss again, and Jean lunges for you, his hands rubbing your hips.
“Baby, you should have said something sooner.” His voice is soft, laced with concern and pity.
You shake your head. “I know, I know, but I have to do something about this. Like right now. Fuck.” You’re not really thinking about anything but the straining in your chest as you push down the straps of your dress. The entire top falls around your waist, and you don’t waste any time unclipping the strap of your nursing bra from the cup.
The tiniest wave of relief washes over you as the cup falls forward your breast bounces free. You do the same with the other cup before pushing down the band of your bra, bunching it around your waist with your dress. You swear you can feel the milk sloshing inside you, almost too full to move. When you lift one tit in your hand, your nipple leaks again. Without something to absorb it, a dribble of breast milk runs down to the underside of your breast. You’re practically dripping.
“Oh, baby,” Jean breathes, concerned and mesmerized all at once. Carefully not to press against your tits with his chest, he slides his hands around you, his chin pointed down as he watches your full breasts jiggle at the slightest motion. When the pain stabs you again and your back arches away from it, you can’t stop the little groan that slips out.
Twitchy hands move from your hips to your face. “Let me help,” Jean says a little too desperately. “If I suck on your tits a little, will that make it hurt less?”
You’re not in a position to turn him down. “Please, I’ll try anything.” Jean helps you up to sit on the edge of the counter, and you open your legs for him to stand between. You lean back on the heels of your hands as his lips drag down your neck, over your collarbone and down to your swollen breast. When his tongue swipes over the peak of your nipple, you gasp.
He pulls back. “Did it hurt?”
“No,” you pant, pleasantly surprised. “No, it felt good. Don’t stop.” You lean back farther so your tree of a husband doesn’t have to couch over so far to reach your chest. Jean’s eyes widen before he breaks your gaze, leaning down mouth-first to capture your nipple gently between his lips.
He moves slowly at first, like he’s unsure and wary of hurting you. He licks over your nipple with the tip of his tongue, shuddering when he tastes your leaking milk before flicking his tongue out for more. Feather light, he wraps his lips around your enlarged breast and sucks very hesitantly. When you hum instead of gasp, he continues.
A thigh and ass man through and through, Jean doesn’t always give your tits this kind of attention. While he’s sucked plenty of hickies into the soft skin of them and played with your nipples to stimulate you, it’s never been quite like this. But admittedly, your breasts have never looked like this, never felt like this either.
So when Jean lifts his head to meet your eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he’s overwhelmed, and sighs, “Oh god,” you know you’ve stumbled into something much bigger than just dulling your pain.
Jean kisses at your nipple again, pressing his stomach against yours as he sucks, harder this time. You tilt your head fully back, neck exposed to the ceiling, and moan quietly as he takes care of you.
Jean doesn’t just taste you; he gulps, sucking down the milk that starts to flow freely from your pebbled nipple. He breathes hard through his nose, little sounds dampened against the mound of your breast as he presses his face in harder. His nose brushes in your cleavage, the stubble on his chin tickling just above your rib cage. When he lifts his hand to palm under the curve of your tit and squeeze, the liquid pours out faster and he slurps obscenely around you.
“Oh fuck,” he curses when he finally breaks for air. “Shit, oh my god. Is it helping?”
“Yeah,” you pant desperately, reaching to stroke his long, pushed back hair. A drop of your milk runs from the corner of Jean’s mouth, leaving a wet track down his chin that makes you moan and spread your legs further apart.
“Fuck,” he curses again. “Fuck, mommy.” The word barely leaves his lips before he’s attached to you again, but it spurs a burning urge that drips between your legs. He’s never called you that before, not in a sexual context, and you never expected it would make you this wet.
Your legs wrap around Jean’s waist, knees pressing into his ribcage and ankles locked against his lower back. He tugs on your thigh with his free hand, pulling it tight against him as he continues to suck and squeeze at your tit. You breathe hard, grinding your core against his stomach for a little bit of friction so you don’t cry out. Jean, on the contrary, only gets louder the more he drinks you in, moaning and begging for you as his mouth gets sloppier.
“Oh god, mommy. I love you so much. Just let me take care of you, mommy, please. So good.”  The louder he whines, the more you start to wonder if the walls are thin enough to hear through. This isn’t some dive bar, after all.
You grasp Jean by the jaw, pulling him off your chest. His chin is soaked, his eyes glazed. He stares at you, pleading and needy as he tongue darts out to lick at his bottom lip. You let out a heavy exhale because damn does he look sexy like this, but you have to hold it together.
“Do the other one, but you have to be quieter. Or else I’ll make you stop.”
Jean nods his head and whimpers. You tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, stroking the back of his head as you do. You pucker your lips for a kiss, tasting yourself on him as his mouth lands on yours. “Good boy,” you sigh when he pulls back.
A groan hitches in Jean’s throat, but he’s able to keep it down, earning his praise. You shift under him, twisting just a bit to offer up your other breast, and Jean indulges. His tongue swirls around your nipple first, and though you feel a jolt when he closes his lips and slurps, you squirm in pleasure as you feel the pressure in your chest begin to dissipate. You watch as his eyes close and his brows crease, lost in the taste and feel of your heavy breast in his mouth and his hand. He moans quietly in his throat, the vibrations thrumming your pert nipple.
Jean opens his mouth to pant around you before squeezing your tit in his hand, practically squirting your milk down his throat. You twitch and moan softly, your legs clamped around his waist like a vice. His cock is hard against your ass, incredibly so, and you’re turned on because he’s turned on.
“Mommy, oh fuck, yes,” he whines in a whisper. He pulls back to lick his lips only to let them slide, wet and sloppy, over your tit again, pressing hard kisses to the underside of the mound that make your eyes roll back in your head. “Do you feel better?” he pants hard against your side.
You grab frantically at his hair, his shoulders, wanting him closer, desperate to be filled now that you’re so empty. “Yes, baby,” you sigh, reaching down to palm his erection. “Do you want me to help you with this now?”
“Oh god,” is all the answer you get, but you hear it loud and clear. Jean unzips his pants while you wiggle and hike your skirt up around your hips. Your legs dangle loosely around him until he pulls his stiff cock above his waistband and moves forward to rub it against you. The hard ridges of his shaft feel heavenly against your cunt, even through your panties. He ruts against you, dry humping as his lips find your neck, impossibly hungry for more of you. Your toes curl as you pull your panties to the side. You’d be embarrassed about how wet you are if your husband hadn’t just been sucking your tits like a man starved.
With your thighs anchored at his waist, Jean eases forward, swirling his tip around your hole to lube up. He hisses and groans, the sounds growing louder again, but this time you don’t care. You’ve been gone long enough already; your friends will suspect you’re up to something, but it doesn’t matter. All that you care about is the glorious stretch when Jean pushes into you, you realize, for the first time since your daughter was born.
You feel ready for this; you want it more than anything, missing the feeling of being filled completely by him. Every muscle in his body is tight as he rocks slowly into you, holding you firmly against his chest as he does. “You ok?” he asks breathlessly.
“God, yes.” You swear you can feel him inside, outside, all over you at once, and you’re ready to give your body over and succumb almost as soon as you’ve begun. “I’m not going to last long.”
“Me neither,” he says through gritted teeth as he grinds into you, thrusting in and massaging deep inside your walls, sending a flurry of butterflies to your stomach. Your legs and feet clench behind him as your gut tightens around his throbbing cock, dizzy and close to your breaking point. Jean gasps for air, moaning with his mouth wide open as he snaps his hips against you. A particular shuddering groan sends you over the edge, your cunt squeezing down hard around him as you silently scream in release.
Jean moves faster, hurtling toward his own end in your pussy’s vicelike grip, murmuring mommy with every breath until he shatters. His cum spills inside you, hot and thick, sliding out of you when he pulls out. He slides your panties back into place, pressing over your hole with two long fingers, to hold in what’s trying to seep out. He leans forward, one hand on the mirror behind your head as his forehead comes to rest on your shoulder. You pet at his hair, smoothing it down as best you can as he catches his breath.
“That was,” he pants, “not what I expected was going to happen tonight.” He chuckles lightly, and you can’t help but do the same. It’s absurd, in a way, but you can’t say you regret it, even considering how uncomfortable you were for a minute there. Now that you’ve discovered his mommy kink, you don’t plan on letting him forget it, either.
Once Jean has collected himself, he helps you get dressed again, slightly sore but no longer throbbing breasts tucked back into your bra and dress. You opt to put your cardigan back on when you spy the hickies dotted across your chest and neck in the mirror. Your absence together is suspicious enough. You hurry out of the bathroom, feeling flushed and sweaty, with slick and cum dampening your panties, but what else are you going to do?
The party has broken up a bit when you return, your friends spread out across the bar and different booths from where you left them. You and Jean lean close together against the wall, waiting to say goodbye to the happy new couple before you head out to the car. Jean’s hand remains around your waist, holding you against his side as he plays with a ruffle on your dress.
Low enough for only you to hear, he says, “Your body is amazing, you know that?”
Your chest flutters, a smile blooming on your lips. “Thanks.”
He chuckles. “I mean it. It’s done and changed so much, it’s beautiful.” He nudges you, knows he’s being silly now but also somehow sincere at the same time. It’s the kind of easy ribbing you’re used to from him. “I swear, since you got pregnant, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving.”
You lace your fingers clumsily with his. “Maybe you should try knocking me up again sometime.”
Jean pulls you in for a kiss. “Oh, I plan on it,” he mumbles against your lips.
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bukojuiice · 3 months ago
— genshin boys and how you take care of them when they’re sick.
ೃ ft. childe, diluc, kaeya, zhongli, and xiao x gn! reader
ೃ tags: modern au, headcanons, and tooth-rotting fluff.
ೃ 200 to 300 words per character.
ೃ genshin masterlist  ♡ mha masterlist  ♡ aot masterlist
ೃ note: if you enjoyed this, please do reblog! and if you want to be a part of my taglist, answer this form! ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Childe has a very strong immunity system. No lame flu could ever get him. Mayhaps it's the below 0-degree temperature in Snezhnaya that helped his body grow accustomed to certain climates and temperatures? Because according to him, he "takes colds and kicks ass." However, after having too much fun and getting too competitive with Scaramouche at the Dragonspine Ski Resort, he's struck down with a terrible fever. From Sneznaya's Greatest Love Machine to sick babie in (y/n)'s care. He's not necessarily the whiny type but Childe is very helpless. Whether it was intentional or not, he couldn’t help himself at all. He forgets about the cough drops he has to drink and you have to remind him about it, when he refuses to eat Goulash fresh from Dragonspine and demands for alphabet soup, or when you're doing work in the living room and he comes up to you wrapped in a burrito blanket, asking for cuddles because "hugs are the best medicine." to which, you would reply with a hard "no." because you couldn't risk the both of you getting sick. (Even though you were craving hugs from him too.) Due to your boyfriend's stubbornness, it took a week before he could fully recover. And when he did, you bet he rushes to you, screaming, "I'm cured!" peppering you with kisses on your cheek and enveloping you in hugs that you've longed so much from him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Colds are Diluc's worst enemy. Whenever he got remotely sick when he was a kid, whether it be a runny nose or a small allergy, his immune system literally betrays him. So, when he gets sick, he literally gets sick. Since then, He vowed to maintain a healthy body. You've never even seen him get a headache! It's always been Diluc taking care of you whenever you’re down with a cold. You had always wished for a moment where the tables would turn and it would be you taking care of him for once. That would soon happen on a particularly normal day. Diluc approaches you and asks if you could check his temperature. You bring out a thermometer to check if he has a fever, and it read 38 degrees. Diluc suddenly panics. His face red as a tomato and feeling woozy and lightheaded, your boyfriend wraps his arm around you for support as you bring him to your bedroom. Then, he suddenly sneezes. An adorable sniffle you did not expect to hear from your boyfriend or from anyone as handsome as him at all. It was the cutest "achoo." you've ever heard. You giggle, reaching for his neatly folded pajamas in the closet and handing it to him. "Pretend you didn't hear that." He says coldly, trying to not act embarrassed. Since that night and until he became well, you barely left Diluc’s side. He's wrapped in a blanket, his usual well-dressed get up is replaced with a dark gray hoodie and joggers, your stuffed plushies are cuddled up beside Diluc to keep him company whilst he's bed-ridden, and you're bringing him healthy and delicious meals to help him get better soon. When he had finally recovered, Diluc thought that maybe getting sick wasn't all that bad. Especially if the the one most dearest to him could love and care for him so well while he’s at his weakest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kaeya tries to hide his cold at first. He doesn't want to make you worry too much. After all, he's not the type to get so sick easily anyway. T'was the cursed downpour of rain on that particular Wednesday night after his evening classes to blame for all of this. When you're around him, he clears his throat every time he has the urge to cough, He tries to sneeze as quietly as possible so you wouldn't hear, and he takes his daily medicine for colds behind your back. It wasn't til you accidentally hear his loud coughs whilst he was on his phone when you realized that he had a cold for the past few days now. You were a bit sad at first because Kaeya shouldn't have hid this from you, and yet, you quickly understood when he told you why. Since then, you've been taking care of him. He would lie on your lap as you apply a fever patch on his forehead, massaging his temples, as he coos adoringly at your gestures of affection. In fact, he loved the special treatment that he was getting from you  so much, that even if he was getting better, he still asked if you could rub his temples to ease the pain he's been feeling from his common colds. Although it is very clear that he's already free of his illness, you chose to play along with him. and so from then on, giving Kaeya a loving massage became a part of your daily routine, and he was loving every minute of it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As a herb and tea enthusiast, Zhongli is able to keep a healthy mind and body. Chamomile tea before the two of you go to bed and a scented humidifier wafting around your house to rid of the germs. However, after eating something he had ordered for the both of you on Postmates and not knowing there was seafood in it, his mild allergies suddenly strike him with a severe cold. Zhongli hates this feeling. He hates not being able to get up, water the plants, read his books, or stroll around the city with you. He had no physical energy to do anything. He kept your house as clean and as influenza-free as possible. Yet here was, on your shared bed, speaking in a nasally but cute voice, a glass of orange juice on the bedside table, and tuned in to the Discovery Channel because it was the closest he could get to the wonderful world around him whilst he was sick. "I miss hearing your soothing voice." You say jokingly, drying a hot towel so you can pat and place it on Zhongli's forehead. "I'm afraid I can't do anything right now, my love. I'm sorry. A-Actually... my body feels hot. I think I need to take a  shower." Wearing a bathrobe or else he'd shiver and have his condition worsen, you help your boyfriend take a hot bath by washing his hair and help dry it right after. Zhongli wasn't the type of boyfriend to ask for these kinds of things, but it was such a sweet gesture. You gingerly wash his hair, spread shampoo around his auburn streaks and small upward curls, and massaging his head in the process. He hums in delight whilst you giggle at his utters of praise, leaving him once you're done with your deed. After a relaxing bath that had probably defeated the colds that was plaguing him, Zhongli is back on his feet the next day. Unfortunately, you were the next victim of this stupid flu and now, it was Zhongli's turn to take care of you and making sure you would get the love and treatment that you had given him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Calling your boyfriend stubborn when he's sick is quite an understatement. As a very productive person, Xiao always sets a certain amount of things to do as his goal for the day. Going to the skate park, hanging out with you, playing sports, or playing video games were just many of the activities he would do in a span of a day. But, when he catches a cold after staying up too late (sleep is for the weak! According to the Vigilant Yaksha as the mad lad had stayed up till 7 AM) after getting too invested in playing Resident Evil Village, he comes down with a flu that same afternoon. And so, his usual routine of going to the skate park, hanging out with you, and playing video games were soon to be replaced with lounging in the bed, taking medicine, being reprimanded by (Y/N) for moving too much, and feeling like shit because he can't do anything at all. You will literally shoot daggers when you see your boyfriend dashing around because he's supposed to be in bed, getting all the rest he can get. You were very strict with him, simply because you had to. Xiao was very careless after all. You were cooking dinner that same night when Xiao comes up to you, resting his chin on your shoulder, wrapping his arms around your waist and whispering, "I can go to school with you tomorrow." "Xiao... no you won't. Go to back to bed. I'll bring you the Veggie Radish Soup there." You reply harshly, paying no attention to him at all. His tsundere tendencies were showing when you deliver the soup to him and he grumbles, "Y-you don't have to take care of me like this. It was my fault as to why I got sick in the first place. I can take care of myself, you know." You raise an eyebrow, giving him a knowing yet loving look. "I know that. But, I'm doing this because I love you. You're my freaking boyfriend for petesake! Why would I not care for you like this!?"
Tumblr media
ೃ taglist: @mignonextte @inlovewithadeptusxiao @duhsies @qimiie @kozu-zumi @volleybloop​
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angelamajiki · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Father! Yandere! Enji Todoroki x Daughter! Reader
CW: yandere, incest, soulmate AU, fluff, slight angst, nsfw, kissing, praise kink, virginity kink, size kink, bathroom sex
A BNHarem Collab!
AN: my longest piece to date! the prompt this month was sex work, so i decided to stretch the prompt and do sexual slavery. wanted to go for a softer version of daddy endeavor, so please enjoy <3
5.2k words
Tumblr media
The mark on his wrist was one that was shared with yours. Enji had given up on finding his soulmate, deciding that his career and legacy were far more important than some silly marking on another’s body. Love was something he thought he could go without. But when he saw your bright eyes gaze up at him, your chubby hand wrapped around his index finger, his heart had fallen hard—such a sweet, gentle thing. No traces of fear, of disdain, of disgust for him as a human being. Just pure curiosity and unconditional love. His heart leaped for his little girl.
Enji was determined, then and there, that he would never fail you, not like he forgot the others.
Oh, what plans he had for you, his precious princess. He couldn’t wait to spoil you, to marry you and start a new family once you were old enough. Rei realized this as well. Her youngest daughter, her last hope at salvaging her broken family, was to be had by her husband. The thought frightened her, especially after seeing the adoring look in her husband's eyes when she saw him cradle you for the first time. It was so unlike the stoic nature he held for the other children when they were born, only caring to see that they were healthy before leaving off back to his agency, never giving them more than a fleeting touch. It was nothing like when he held you, snarling at any nurse who dared to take his soulmate from the grips of his arms.
Something that had Enji’s conviction more so than his career was something to be feared. Your mother swore to herself that she would not let her husband ruin you.
Once he fell asleep with you tucked in the crook of his arm, a social worker came and collected you to be sent to a foster home and be set up for adoption. It was better than falling into the hands of the monster of a husband.
After the death of Touya, the pair decided to have one more child in hopes of fixing their broken family, but Rei now knew it was for naught. Nothing could save them know, especially now that Enji had nearly burned the building down when he discovered that his little girl was gone, just hours after he had finally found you.
Rei alerted the commission as well for your protection, that utter bitch of a woman. They very well couldn't have the number two hero caught in an incestuous bond with his daughter, now could they. All information of your whereabouts was hidden from him, blacklisting him from working with any foster children, lest he loses his hero license. Enji may have lost you for the time being, but his patience grew as he did. They couldn't keep him from you forever. You'd be reunited one day; he knows it.
The first time he saw you again was when you were fifteen. It was your birthday and the day he had become the number one hero officially, plenty of reason to celebrate. Usually, he would have taken the time to sit near the rose bush he planted in your honor in his courtyard on your birthday, renewing his vows to find and love you to the best of his ability. Enji took great pride in keeping your memory alive with the bush for his beautiful little rose gone too soon from his grasp. But there you were, mere meters from him.
The foster home you stayed at took you out for dinner when he was meeting with Hawks after the billboard awards. Your eyes were unmistakable, a perfect cerulean just like his own. He was so close, yet so far. My, how you had grown since he saw you. Unlike him, you bore your mark proudly on your wrist, not ashamed to admit to the world who your soulmate was. Not like you actually knew who it was anyway.
Enji was prepared to leave Hawks at the table; a new flame lit under his ass, one far more exhilarating than the thought of being the number one hero. He was up and on his way to speak to you before Nomu attacked him. Damn villains, they'd pay for separating the two of you once again. But his conviction only grew stronger. It wasn’t hard to find you after that; he knew what city you were living in. Instincts lashed out at him, demanding that he go sweep you up and hide you away. No, no. That would make you frightened; he can't have that. He’ll watch from the sidelines, waiting until you were of age to make a move. He was curious to see just how life as a foster child was treating you.
Growing up in the foster system had been a nightmare from hell for you. A cursed child is what they saw you as when your skin sprouted flames every time it was touched by the human hand, burning everything and everyone who came in contact with it. From the moment your quirk manifested, you were an outcast, an untouchable, unlovable freak. Someone destined never to feel the touch of their new parents, their lover, their soulmate.
It wasn't long before you realized that you would remain in the foster system until you aged out. Who would adopt a child they couldn't hug when they cried, hold their hand when they crossed the street, snuggle up to when it was chilly outside? Any potential parent was taken aback by your quirk once you reached for the warm touch of mommy and daddy, only to singe their hand or burn a hole in their shirt.
You learned quickly that your touch was something to be feared, that you were something to be feared. You supposed that’s why you looked up to him so much. So much so that you thought about him late at night when the loneliness seemed to drown you in the sea of your insecurities.
Endeavor was the only one who could understand you, understand your quirk. If only your soulmate mark could match him, maybe you feel the warmth of another human being without hurting or mauling them with your power. Abrasive he may be with the media, but there something about him that was so comforting and endearing to you. In your eyes, he was simply misunderstood, a gentle giant amongst the mass personalities of the other pro heroes.
Watching his interviews brought you comfort when you were lonely, his merchandise made you swell with pride and confidence, and his posters on the wall reminded you that you were never alone. It was a silly crush, but it made you feel better about your miserable life.
You even got to see him on your birthday! Well, not exactly. You happened to be in the same restaurant when your foster parents took you out for your birthday. It was apparent that they just felt bad for you, having looked after you for 15 years only to still have custody of your sorry ass. You were almost certain that they were going to kick you to the curb the morning of your 18th birthday.
Too bad they never had the chance. That fate would have been much kinder than the reality you faced now.
Once the Paranormal Liberation Front had effectively ripped society up by the roots and let the tree of life rot for the world to see, your foster parents packed their shit and left the country while you were at school. You’d been alone in the world ever since and were snatched off the streets, ready to be sold into slavery by the villains of the world. Your quirk was the only thing keeping you from being bought like a bitch from the auction floor.
Enji, on the other hand, was more than eager to do just that. After his public smear campaign by his allegedly dead son, he was dead to the world, finally abandoning his family for good in hopes of finding his beloved daughter. His life was dedicated to searching for you, having managed to track you down through his vigilante work. He likes to lie to himself and say that he’s continuing to fight for the greater good, but Enji does it just to have the chance to see your sweet face again. There wasn’t much to go off of, but he’d rather see his fiery end than to give up. That's how he found you at the auction.
Another auction night was approaching, which meant another night of humiliation and being displayed like a slab of meat for a crowd of degenerate wolves. Your quirk was the only thing keeping you from being sold; no one wants a fucktoy they can’t touch. It reduced you to physical labor for your captors, but you were better fed because of it. That didn’t mean they still didn’t try to sell you.
After being stripped down into nothing but a collar, leash, and a muzzle, you were brought to the stage and shoved in front of the ravenous, roaring crowd. You could feel their stares seep into your bones, the grime from the floor on your bare feet only adding to the overwhelming sensation of disgust you couldn’t even begin to describe.
The crowd’s excitement was raucous, jeers and shouts echoing off the halls of the underground auditorium. Masks covered their faces for the sake of privacy lest a vigilante break-in and hunt them all down. Even in the lawlessness of the world, heroes were still crawling everywhere to trail after even the slightest scent of villainy. Doesn't mean they’ll win, but hey, the death of a hero is just the same as the auction was to them.
“Up next, a darling girl with a fiery quirk!”
That was your cue. A handler had a fierce grip on your leash, giving it a few tugs for good measure as the crowd laughed at your stumbling. The auctioneer began to list your qualities and physical attributes, including your quirk.
“And she’s a virgin!”
Added for good measure, the crowd fell silent after listening to the abilities of your quirk. You couldn't hate it anymore; it's what was keeping you from being someone’s onahole until the day you kicked the bucket.
“Can I get $10,000?”
Ah the starting bid. The silence was relieving. Just a few more moments and you'd be off that damn stage.
“No? Going once, going twice, going-”
“One million.”
A booming voice came from the back row, the depths of the shadows to further hide the masked man who just bought your life. Why did it sound so familiar?
“Outstanding! One million dollars for the young lady!”
“Going once.”
It couldn't be.
“Going twice.”
This can't be happening.
“Sold for one million!”
You were supposed to be unwanted, just like you have been your entire life! Yet some mysteriously familiar man outbid the entire auction for little ol’ you.
“Off the stage, bitch.”
The handler snarled, yanking you off the stage and causing you the fall and bruise yourself in the process.
“Watch it!” He spat, picking you up by the roots of your hair. “The merchandise needs to be handled carefully before reaching the customer. Let's hope he doesn't mind some bumps and bruises. For your sake.”
“That won't be necessary; I'll be taking her as is. Immediately, if you will.”
The mysterious man stood had already made his way backstage and behind you, standing formidably over your stark form. Your hair was released, dropping you back to the floor.
“Excellent, sir! I’m more than happy to get this welp off my hands.”
A brief exchange was made while you recovered on the floor, shaking in fear as the situation weighed heavily on your already broken self. The handler took the money and returned to the back room, leaving the two of you alone together.
The stranger crouched down to you and extended a hand to brush the stray hair out of your face, touch remaining tender and gentle when you flinched harshly.
“My poor girl, what has the world done to you?”
His coat enveloped your body as he scooped you up in his arms. The scent of him comforted you more than you would have liked to admit. Teakwood and coffee grounds filled your senses as he held you flush against his chest, leaving the auction house with a renewed sense of vigor.
You were placed in the backseat of a car before he dressed you in simple pajamas.
“Rest. You deserve it.”
At some point in the car ride, you let yourself fall asleep only to wake up in a cozy king-size bed wrapped up in a soft blanket next to a warm fireplace. The false sense of comfort lulled you for a few moments before your situation hit you like a ton of bricks. The anxiety you'd had known your whole life had finally kicked back into gear, forcing you out of bed and into the rest of the house.
It was daybreak, the sunlight slowly trickling in through heavily curtained windows as you walked through the halls and into the kitchen. The man was standing over the stove, sans mask, dressed in a wife-beater and his pajama bottoms. It couldn't be-
“Come in; breakfast will be on the table in a moment.”
Now you were certain.
“Who are you?” Your voice barely above a whisper. “Why did you buy me at the auction?”
A deep, rumbling chuckle flowed from the man.
“I think you know the answer to that, little one.”
His focus was retained on the meal in front of him. “I’ll explain myself over breakfast. Now sit.”
You couldn't help but feel compelled to obey him. While sitting, you took the time to honestly look him over for the first time in your life. Never did you think you would be so close to your childhood crush in such a domestic setting.
He had noticeably greyed but still possessed a majority of his red hair. Muscles were still taught and budging, but he had grown a little bit of a belly. Endeavor was as handsome as ever, aged like a fine wine that you couldn't wait to sip on.
The food was placed in front of you as he took the test next to you.
“Eat and have some water. Then we’ll talk.”
Once again, you obeyed him without question and refrained from eating like a rabid animal. It wasn't even a question, so much so that it is evident that you hadn't had a decent meal in a long time. You were still muscular from the labor you did for your handlers, though.
And Enji liked that about you. How resilient you were, he loved that you inherited his strength but still possessed Rei’s gentle nature. Not that he wanted to credit that woman for anything, but he couldn't deny the obvious. You were his strong, beautiful little girl who had to endure so much because his bitch of a wife decided to separate you from him.
But he was here now, ready to give all his love and protection to his only love. It took everything in his power not to swoop you up from your seat and hold you in his arms until his last breath.
Enji watched you eat, pride swelling in his chest at the thought that you liked his cooking. He couldn't help but wonder what your favorite meals were as well. There's certainly all the time in the world to get to know his little girl now that he had you. And he was never going to let you go.
Your breakfast was devoured quickly, both out of desperation for a real meal and answers to your questions.
“Why did you buy me from the auction?”
It was a complicated question, but you wanted a simple answer.
“I’m your soulmate.” His wrist was on display as he reached across the table to hold your hand.
For the first time in your life, you felt safe. Your one, shining hope was meant to yours and he wanted to be yours. You didn't even question how he knew at all.
His touch was warm and slightly rough, but it was welcome all the same. Even though your skin was lit aflame at his flesh against your, he paid it no mind. He was built to take your quirk, to take you.
“Please, call me Enji.” His thumb rubbed over the palm of your hand. “I’m sure you feel better after having something to eat.”
“Why don't you go take a bath? It’ll help you relax, I can take care of your dishes.”
It was strange how insistent he was on taking care of you, but you can't say you don't enjoy the attention. He seemed to care for you in a way that went beyond caring for a partner, or in your case, a soulmate. But who were you to judge? It wasn't like you had a lot of experiences to use as a comparison.
Making your way back to the bedroom, you took the time to study the house you were in. A traditional, well-kept home, it practically looked like it was untouched. And maybe it was; buildings and homes fully intact were hard to come by these days, let alone ones that were clean and warm.
Enji seemed to lull you into an instinctual sense of safety, even though he bought you out of slavery. Just because he was your soulmate didn't mean that he had good intentions for you, but somehow, his presence alone filled a void in your heart that you had forgotten was even there.
Once you made it to the bathroom connected to the master bedroom, you drew yourself a bath just like Enji had instructed you to do. It wasn't the wisest decision to let your guard down like this, but the man already had plenty of opportunities to fuck you up by this point.
The water was warm and inviting when you sank yourself into it; you couldn't remember the last time you had warm water to clean yourself with. It made you feel light and hazy, slipping into a headspace you had long forgotten—a place of safety and comfort.
Three raps on the door pulled you from your haze as Enji entered the bathroom with fresh towels. Despite the fact that he had already seen you naked, the intimacy of the situation only left you feeling more vulnerable than ever.
“Let me help you.”
He kneeled next to you outside of the tub and pulled a lavender chamomile shampoo from the tub’s shelf. There was room to protest, but you couldn't find yourself willing to do so.
Water was poured over your head before he started a lather in your hair, gently scrubbing your scalp for a while. Even this simple touch made you shudder, it was a long time since you last felt the warmth of someone’s touch. And everything about this man was warm, for you at least. His words, his touch, his heart.
Conditioner was added to your hair as well before he moved onto washing your body. The scrub was gentle across your skin, his hand following after it to help keep the suds from rising too much. Strong hands massaged your back and your neck, both of which needed the much-deserved relief.
“So tense.” He murmured, mostly to himself.
There was a comfortable silence shared between the two of you as he massaged out all the knots and kinks that had built up over the years with your handlers. His touch should have made you flinch but you found yourself pressing into it. A small moan escaped your lips as he worked through a particularly tender spot on your neck.
“Are you enjoying this?”
His lips ghosted your ear as warm breath tickled your cheek and neck.
Your face flushed with a fiery warmth from a combination of the steam, your embarrassment, and the man whispering sweet nothings in your ear as his hands worked at your tired skin.
“Let me help you relax, sweet thing.”
Enji picked you up momentarily to slot himself behind you in the tub. Placed on his lap, you gasped when you could feel his erection hard against your back. Fear started to trickle into your veins as you squirmed slightly, attempting to get out of his grasp.
“Shhh, it's alright, you're okay.” His hand made its way to your throat and rested there gently, stroking over your artery with his thumb. “I’m not going to hurt you, sweetheart. Let me show you how much I've missed you.”
His touch made you feel alive, feel wanted for the first time in your life. You couldn't help but whine when his other hand made its way down your body, gently groping your breast as his lips were pressed to your ear.
“Do you trust me to take care of you?”
His fingers toyed with your nipples, obviously skilled.
“Do you trust me to make the sweetest love to you?”
Another whine caught in your throat as his hand went further, cupping your sex in his much larger hand. He kneaded gently, pressing a soft kiss to your temple when you writhed in his grip.
“Please! Enji-”
Shushing you gently, Enji’s thumb made its way to your clit to stroke in small circles.
“How does that feel, sweetheart?”
You were used to touching yourself, but oh God it never felt like this.
“Good!” You managed to choke out in a wanton moan. “So good! Enji, please, I need-”
A warm pair of lips sealed over yours, silencing you once again. Enji knew how wrong this was, to take advantage of you like this without revealing the truth. But he wanted at least to just once to have you in his arms willingly and eagerly. He wanted to kiss you breathless, listen to your cries and feel your nails dig into his skin as he gave you all of himself without a fight from you. He can worry about revealing himself to you later.
The rough pads of his large fingers started to apply pressure to your clit as his middle finger slipped into your tight hole under the water.
“Don't worry, little one. I'll give you what you need.”
Soft kisses were trailed along your cheek and hand that was on his that was still holding your throat tenderly. Finger pumping in and out of you, Enji whispered sweet praises to you as he felt your hole clench around him.
“Doing so well for me, sweetheart.”
Your breathy moans and whines only served to harden his cock. He felt like a teenager all over again, closing to cumming just from the sound of your voice.
Another finger slipped into your tight core, careful not to overwhelm you too fast. It was obvious you'd hadn't been touched before, not even by yourself. You felt full but greedy for more of his touch.
“Deeper, Enji! Please, can you?”
You were babbling at this point, writhing in his lap as he fingered you nice and slow with thick digits. Enji hummed as he pressed further into, curling his fingers into your G-spot.
Your cry was loud as he began to abuse your most sensitive spot, fully squirming in his arms as tears of pleasure breached your eyes. The sensation was too overpowering for you, making you thrash and arch in his arms.
“Shh, you're okay, sweetheart. You're okay; I'm right here.”
His fingers continued to stroke in a curled fashion, thumb still circling over your twitching clit. Enji kissed you again, deeper and more fierce as he began to fuck you earnestly with his fingers.
“Cum for me, darling.”
Squealing, you gripped his forearm and cried helplessly into his mouth. The build was slow and intense, allowing your orgasm to wash over you in waves of pleasure rather than a blinding, quick light.
“E-Enji!” You wailed. “Enji!”
You shook in his arms, holding onto the larger man for dear life as you experienced your first orgasm. It seemed like Enji knew your body better than you did.
No words were exchanged between the pair of you, but you could feel the tension of your desired hanging thick in the air. This man was going to take your virginity, here and now.
Enji removed his hand from your throat and between your legs in order to maneuver you to sit facing forward in his lap.
“Are you ready for me?”
His honesty made you flush even more. Biting your lip nervously, you hesitated to answer. Were you ready? It wasn’t like you had much of choice; the man could very well take you by force if he so chose to. But you felt safe in his arms, safe with him.
“Let me help you, my love.”
Warm, large hands gripped your backside as he held you steady above his cock. Your hand reached down to line yourself up with his throbbing sex, lowering yourself down on it slowly.
It burned in the best way, stretching you out fully as you pressed your forehead against his chin.
“Good girl, taking my cock so well, darling.”
A pitiful whine left your throat at the praise, hands gripping the forearms that held you in place.
“Can...Can you hold me?” You whimpered. “Please?”
Enji’s arms enveloped you and pulled you flush against his, tucking your head into the crook of his neck as you continued to lower yourself onto his cock. Your breath tickled his ears, making him groan lowly once he bottomed out inside of you.
“Such a sweet girl you are, taking all of me on your first try.”
Another whine responded for you as you ground your hips down on his.
“E-Enji.” You whimpered his name over and over again like a prayer. “Enji!”
“Be still, little one.” Hands back on your hips, holding you in place near the tip of his girthy length. “Let me take care of you.”
Hips in place, the man began to thrust up into you slowly, holding you tight as he stood up from the water. You only gripped and nuzzled yourself into him further, letting out sweet whines and whimpers into his ear while he thrust into you.
Your back was placed against the cool tile of the wall when he tilted your chin up to meet his gaze. Even in this position, he was still at least another head taller than you.
“Look at me when I make love to you.”
Through wet eyelashes, you gazed up at his eyes and let your mouth hang open as he rolled his hips into yours. His eyes shut briefly when he moaned, hissing at the feeling of your wet cunt hugging his cock so well.
“You were made to take my cock, little one.”
Arms reached up to wrap around his neck as he thrust into you, taking his time to make his strokes slow and deep. His hips were flush against yours when you asked him, “Kiss me, please? I want all of you Enji.”
Your bold proclamation stunned him for a moment before yielding, placing a deep kiss and a hot tongue against your lips.
His thrusts became faster as he kissed you with more passion and vitality. For an old man, he certainly had his stamina up to par. Your fingers thread through his red and grey tresses, tugging him closer to you gently as you moaned shamelessly into his mouth.
The pleasure in your core was more intense, fiercer this time around as his thrusts became hard and fast. The sounds of both of your moans and skin slapping against skin echoed off the tiled bathroom walls as the both of you felt your orgasms coming.
“Enji, fuck!” You whined, beginning to squirt on his fast-paced cock. “I-I’m cumming; I’m cumming!”
“Cum for me, princess.”
With a choked sob, you creamed yourself all over his cock, which continued to pound into your hole before he groaned your name and came deep inside you.
Nothing but the sounds of the water sloshing and your labored breathing could be heard as you both came down from your highs.
After a moment of rest, Enji pulled out and wrapped you in a towel before laying you gently on the bed. A towel was wrapped around his own waist as he looked at you fondly, brushing stray hairs out of your eye sight as he sat next to you on the bed.
“I must ask, how did you end up at the auction site?”
What a loaded question, but the intimacy you two shared allowed for it.
“I was kidnapped off the streets after my parents abandoned me when the prison break happened.”
He sighed gruffly and took your hand in his.
“What utter fools, tossing aside a beautiful rose such as yourself.”
His thumb traced over your soulmate mark. You still had yet to know how he knew before ever meeting you.
“It's alright; I never considered them my family. I just wish I could have met mine, but at least I met my soulmate.”
A crinkled smile adorned his face.
“You've done more than meet them.”
What could that have meant?
“I’m your father and your soulmate, little one.”
A rock hit the pit of your stomach as you retracted your hand from his.
“That isn't a funny joke, I'm serious.”
“So am I.” His hand was quick to snatch your back. “What could I possibly gain from lying to you?”
“P-Prove it.”
“Our soulmate marks, I saw yours the moment you were born in the Hosu hospital before my wife separated us all those years ago. I can recite your birthday if you'd like me to, for good measure.”
Fuck, he really wasn't lying. A lump formed in your throat as tears sprung in your eyes.
“Why would you do this to me?” You whispered, barely even able to hear yourself.
“Because I love you. I love you so much, sweetheart. Ever since I saw you for the first time in the hospital, my entire life has changed because of you. All I ever wanted was you.”
Enji was quick to shush your cries, using his free hand to wipe your tears away.
“Will you forgive me for being selfish?”
The disgust and horror filled everyone of your senses, especially when you came to a realization that he was everything you've ever wanted.
What came out of your mouth next stunned the both of you.
“You can apologize by begging on your knees and cleaning me up with your tongue, Daddy.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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eremiie · 6 months ago
a change of heart;
Tumblr media
❥ nsfw | 6.1k words | eren x reader
❥ an annoyingly arrogant childhood friend has never seen the light of day in your eyes... until he does. eren jaeger was an anomaly that you thought you had figured out.
❥ content: cum play, choking, slight size kink, rough sex, unprotected sex
Tumblr media
saying you liked eren was an understatement. you weren't fond of the boy— like at all.
it was something about him that you couldn't pinpoint, maybe it was the way he always had something smart to say back to you when you made the littlest comments, the way his eyebrows were always furrowed together as if he was constantly upset with you, the way he was just so aggressive— a handful if you must. you never liked the way he acted towards you, or anybody else for that matter so you never tried your luck at getting close to him.
or... maybe you didn't like that slight way your eyes widened when you first met him, or that run of his eyes over you on your first meeting. or was it the way you somewhat hoped to get into an argument with him just so you could bicker? something about your arguments thrilled you and sent a feeling you couldn't pinpoint through your body.
nevertheless, the bigger issue at hand was the fact that you couldn't seem to escape eren jaeger.
you were so unlucky and were deemed even unluckier when your mom happened to be the sweetest person on earth. she was the kind to bake a welcoming gift for the neighbors on your street, the kind to knock next door and ask in a sickeningly sweet voice for extra sugar for a recipe she was whipping up.
she'd done both of these things to your next door neighbor, which happened to be carla, carla jaeger.
once again, unluckily carla also happened to be such a sweet mom and you almost felt bad that she was blessed (cursed) with eren jaeger as a son. she was the type to bake something in return and gladly give you a small container of sugar that you would promise to bring back.
she'd done both of these things for your mom.
there advances were so continuous, and over the course of a couple years they became the most best friends imaginable, indulging in every mom-ly activity you could imagine together. this only forced you and eren to spend every unwanted second together.
you knew eren for only a couple years, yes, and you could still remember when his hair was just draped above his shoulders, an awkward length that you never failed to make weak jokes at just to see him get mad. but what you didn't know— or failed to realize that he would get even more annoying then the first time you met him.
maybe you were getting annoyed with the fact that his hair was no longer that awkward length and you couldn't throw the same lame jokes at him, because the length that it was at now? where it touched his shoulders and he threw it back into this awfully messy bun. maybe you were getting annoyed with the fact that now he was older and more occupied with the summer before college, you weren't forced to spend as much time with him, so you didn't see him much.
over these couple years though, your mom (being the doll she is) never failed to throw an annual barbecue that of course, carla always came to, not only did she come but they practically planned it together and had you and eren help out, unwillingly. they claimed it was an opportunity for you and eren to "actually get a long." because trust me— they knew about the tension between the two of you that they tried to break for years.
one of those annual barbecues seemed to be today, at the very minute, actually. you were standing next to eren, both of you with a tray of food in your hands as you awaited instructions, an irritated expression crossing both of your faces.
"okay, take those over to the buffet table you two, and then before you guys go crawl away to god knows where, one of you grab some utensils, napkins and plates and lay them down at the end of the table, and one of you turn on the speaker, guests will be flooding in soon." you chuckled at carla's comment. that's one thing you and eren had in common— the two of you almost completely hating this event if it wasn't for the good food. you would always sneak away to your room and eren would sit in your chair and mind his business while you'd lay on your bed doing your own thing. "and tell your mom i need her, _____!"
it was never an uncomfortable silence— no, as a matter of fact it wasn't always silent, lots of aimless arguments would arise and sometimes, eren would get really angry, but he never dared to leave the safety of your room rather than be surrounded by adults who claimed they'd known him since he was little.
"what?" eren asked you as you reminisced on the thought while the two of you began walking.
you glanced up at him, snapped out of your own head, him already peering down at you with furrowed brows and a slight frown on his face. "none of your business." that's not even what you meant to say but a smart retort was almost instinctive when it came to eren.
albeit your smart response he didn't send one back as he usually would, he just rolled his eyes and sat the food down on the buffet table, you doing the same. "i'll grab utensils and shit." you murmured in slight embarrassment from your quick comment eliciting no reaction. eren didn't look your direction, so you took that as a hint that he heard you as his body headed towards the direction of the old speaker that you knew'd be blasting old "parent" tunes.
you head inside, the smell of food grilling leaving your senses and the something in the midst of being baked filling them instead. you turned the corner of the dining room to enter the kitchen, your mom closing the oven after checking on the brownies baking. "hey, sweetheart, how's it going?" she asked you, smiling when she caught sight of you, all dressed nicely too, which was rare from your usual style; the black slip dress you wore coming mid thigh and lightly hugging your body. you were only wearing socks though, you didn't see the point in walking around in shoes when you'd just be retreating to the hole of your room and lounging around for as long as possible until your mom called you to help some more or to greet someone familiar.
"fine, me and eren just put down the last of the food already cooked. i'm about to set up cutlery and sh— stuff." your mom raised her eyebrow before nodding her head and watching you open up the cabinet at your feet to grab the grocery bag full of a new box of paper plates and napkins." all for the "save the turtles!" magnet your mom had pinned on the refrigerator. "hey, where are the plastic cutlery?" you asked, questioning its lack of presence in the plastic bag.
your mom turned her head towards you, from where she was wiping at her hands. "hm? oh! sorry, honey— i placed them in that cabinet up there because we had extras from that one family get together we had a couple weeks back.”
 ah, yes. you remembered that family get together. despite it being family, somehow carla and eren found their way into the gathering, and not to mention that being one of the last times you saw eren, and one of the most embarrassing times.
you see, the argument you had gotten in with eren that time was over him accidentally walking into your room in the middle of you changing for the event. you had yelled at him even though it was an accident, and that was one of the first times eren didn't try his hardest to win that argument, his face too flushed red, and his apologies and excuses seeming to not calm down your anger that hid your embarrassment.
but geez, for days after you were reminiscing on the drag of his eyes going down your back and over your ass before flickering back up to your eyes and only then realizing the situation at hand. you were just happy the encounter didn't make the next time you were seeing him, being now, too awkward.
your eyes drifted towards the cabinet above your head, the one your mom was eyeing at, and you sighed. "okay, thanks, and by the way miss carla wants you." your mom's eyes widened before she placed down the rag in her hands and scurried out the kitchen. you heard her speak a few words to someone but you weren't paying much attention as your fingertips began to reach upwards to pull at the cabinet doors. when it swung open a groan left your lips when you almost immediately spotted the brightest blue box of plastic cutlery at the top shelf.
"okay, _____... you can't reach that." you opted for climbing on top of the counter, and you did despite you wearing a dress, the fabric stretching as you propped yourself up on the surface, knees together while you used your hand to try and reach for the box.
your hand barely grazed it, but that didn't matter as eren's hands reached it for you, his back pressed against yours as he used his tippy toes and the stretch of his fingertips to knock the box down and grab it in the air before it could drop to the ground. the warmth of him behind you disappeared as he backed up and looked you over from your position on the counter. "if you couldn't reach it you should've had me get the stuff."
it was your turn to roll your eyes, heat rising to your cheeks before you climbed off the counter slowly and adjusted your dress. "shut up."
eren's arm came out to hand you the box. "since when did you start wearing dresses?" he asked abruptly, once again, those thick brows coming together in curiosity as you grabbed the box from his hands, stepping forward slightly.
"i've been wearing dresses, you're just too dumb to notice." your own gaze gave eren a once-over. he never dressed formally for any of these events like your mom made you. carla could never seem to get him into anything nice. plain black jeans with an almost too tight white shirt, and you could never fail to mention the key necklace draped around his neck that he once told you his dad gave him when you had asked "why do you always have that stupid necklace on?" he had gotten really defensive and only today you realized how insensitive that comment may have been considering the fact that he rarely saw his dad— as did you. you could only recall seeing the man twice, and at one time was at one of the barbecues. "i wore one... last time."
eren's eyes went up to the ceiling as he recalled "last time" realization dawning on his face, but before you could wait for his reply you were walking past him with your head pointed towards the ground as you told him, "you can go ahead and go up to my room, i'm gonna go put these down." and he watched you walk away before scratching his chin and doing just that.
you did what you had to do, placing down the cutlery and slipping past both your mother and carla before they could get you to do anything else.
when you opened the door to your room you were surprised to see eren sitting on your bed, shoes kicked off at the edge. you narrowed your eyes at him as he looked up from his phone at you. "what? your chair's broken." your eyes glanced to the chair that sat idle near your desk before you remembered— it was broken— no it wasn't broken, one of the wheels had just been screwed off and you nor your mom had the patience to fix it.
you lowered your suspicions at eren and merely nodded your head. you really didn't mind actually, the chair was eren's self proclaimed spot, he continued to sit their his self after the first barbecue, you never actually told him to.
"wow, i'm surprised you're not throwing a tantrum." he scoffed as you climbed onto your bed stomach flopping down next to eren who was propped up against your wall. your dress had ridden up in the slightest but you made no efforts to fix it, and you didn't make an effort to grab your phone either which was sat on your desk.
your arms held up your head, elbows on the bed as you looked up at eren with a raise of your eyebrow much like your mom. "you can get out." you half joked, eren looking down at you with lagoon green eyes.
"so you can leave me down to suffer with all those people? hell no, i'd surprisingly rather be up here with you."
you tilted your head at eren. "oh? why the change of heart?"
his stare sent a prickly sensation up your bare arms, and you turned over to your side so that your one arm propped up your head, your other draped across your waist. this was basically the first time you had a simple conversation without the two of you bothering each other, the first time you were somewhat amused by the words coming out of his mouth.
where was the old eren jaeger? this new eren jaeger couldn't help but think you looked... good, not to say he's never thought this before; the subconscious thought always in the back of his head, but now it was prevalent to him. the straps of your black dress so thin, and the way it hugged your body in the slightest was almost tantalizing. you didn't seem to be wearing a bra either, he could tell by the lack of support and straps. "huh?" you added when he didn't respond right away, eren's eyes snapping back up to your face.
he whipped up a quick response; "there wasn't a change of heart. you know i'm always up here... and you're tolerable today." he placed down his phone, interested in the conversation at hand. something was laced between your words, almost taunting, almost aware, more aware than you were earlier when the two of you had that encounter in the kitchen, more aware than you were when he accidentally walked in on you a couple weeks prior.
you felt confident today, you weren't sure if it was the mere maturity between the two of you that seemed to just decide to pop up today, you weren't sure if it was eren's new attitude, or if it was your attire that gave you the confidence you possessed. you always enjoyed you and eren's arguments, you loved seeing him riled, but today the snark to his own comments instead of him getting completely heated sent an even better thrill, if you could call it, down your spine. "hm, then it's not surprising you'd rather be up here with me, jaeger... and what makes me more tolerable today?"
eren let his eyes roll to the back of his head for a split second before deciding that the best response to that question would be no answer, lying wasn't healthy anyways.
"what? is it the fact that i started wearing dresses?" you mocked his earlier words, your hand flying up to create quotations in the air.
that was one reason.
"trying to get your little dick wet eren? that little blondie wasn't doing it for you, yeah?" you joked, but the way his eyebrow twitched and his eyes darkened, lowering as a very small smirk formed on his face told you maybe your joke was more than that to him.
he let out another small scoff, face turning away from you so his jawline was visible, the tiny brown hairs that wouldn't fit in his ponytail skimming his neck and forehead before he side eyed you, then turning his head back to you and not even noticing how he scooted forward as he brought his knee up for his arm to rest on. "little?" was all he could manage to get out. he wasn't gonna lie— your comments felt quicker today, and they were catching him a little off guard.
you flipped back onto your stomach before sliding your upper body and shuffling forward to sit back on your knees diagonal from eren. you weren't gonna lie— eren's comments felt quicker today, and they were catching you a little off guard. "did i lie?"
"i beg to differ."
eren's hand went to his thigh. even though his dick was on the other leg, semi-hard, he wanted to tease you with the leg closer, rubbing up and down the fabric of his jeans. "wanna see then?"
your eyes glanced down to his lap and widened, jesus— this was not the eren you knew, nor the eren you expected tonight. you let yourself fall backwards onto your pillows, grabbing one throw pillow and placing it over your face as you hid your true expression. although your voice was muffled you let out an "jaeger, stop! i'm supposed to hate you."
the bed dipped underneath you as eren shuffled forward until he was peering down at you again, grabbing the pillow with one hand, your hand flying up to grab his wrist, then his coming up to pry your fingers off him. after a small tussle he pinned your hand to the bed, grabbing the pillow and chucking it off the bed to see your face.
your lips were shriveled in an embarrassing smile and you turned your head away from eren, only then realizing the presence of his cold gold pendant tickling your chest, and how close he actually was, his thigh pressed up against your side, and his untucked hairs gravitating towards you. those green-blue eyes seemed even more intimidating up close, and the dangerous slight upturn of the corner of his lips didn't seem to help in you feeling small under him.
eren jaeger, an anomaly. who knew people could change right before your eyes.
"jaeger," you brought your other hand to his chest, pushing at his sternum with as much force as possible which didn't budge him, eren only grabbing your other hand with a low chuckle and placing it above your head, bringing both of your hands together and keeping them there with one wrist. you let out a soft whine of the word "move," that made eren's lip twitch before you brought your foot up to kick him.
"kick me and i swear, ______—" and so you did— well at least you tried, eren grabbing your ankle and holding your flailing limb. you guys looked insanely stupid, and it made your little whines turn into small laughs that seemed to be contagious as eren began to laugh too. your body went limp as you soon realized that eren was pretty strong, which the old eren wasn't.
he let go of your leg, dropping it to the bed on the other side of him so he was sitting between them. "i'll let go if you admit that you don't actually hate me." a small goofy grin was on his face and it made you reciprocate.
"nope," you popped the p, eren quirking his brow at you before letting his eyes wander down. he had you in quite a position; your legs on either side of him, your hands pinned together, and your dress scrunched up just enough so he could see the black underwear you adorned. you watched his eyes trail back up, stopping at your lips, his tongue sliding over his own before coming back up to your eyes. "but it's obvious you don't hate me."
eren let out a small laugh and your stomach churned— so did his. 
"nope," he popped his p just like you. "that's just some weird shit we were on when we were younger... you're not that bad." he hummed, leaning down a bit so he was hovering over your face, and god did he look amazing.
maybe he was right— maybe it was just one of those weird things that leave with age, and you were fine with it leaving, especially if it gave you the eren jaeger in front of you right now. your lips parted in effort for you to speak but you choked on your own words, not sure what to say. but you didn't have to say much because just like eren, you let your realization hit you on how he had you, how he looked, and your gaze stopped at his lips too. he took that as his cue— his face inching way too close, but not like you minded.
"the way you're looking at me doesn't seem like it, ______."
you squeezed your legs on his sides as you felt the fabric of his jeans rub against you from the proximity. "well, i—" he didn't let you finish his lips connecting with yours and you almost forget how to kiss for a moment, eren's lips being the only ones moving until he let go of your hands and you cradled his jaw, kissing him back just as fervently.
eren hummed against your lips in content, them beginning to move together as if the two of you were made for each other. something felt like it was lifted off your chest, and you really relished in the moment at hand. one of eren's hand coming up to your hair and pushing your head more towards him, the kiss becoming rougher while his other hand settled at your side gripping roughly as if you could run away any second.
you felt desperate, practically swallowing eren's lips up, him biting at your lip before pulling away for air. he looked down at you with a lustful expression, his lips parted and flushed red while his eyelids hung low. "finally, you shut up."
you looked up to the ceiling with a smile gracing your face. you didn't know if you were in shock at the fact that he could still throw quick comebacks after such an event or if you were in shock at what just happened. "you shut the fuck up— and come here," 
you lifted your head up to connect your lips back to eren's, your tongue sliding over his bottom lip, and he quickly got the hint, pushing you back down to the bed as he parted his lips so that your tongues could collide gently. the kiss was wet, and passionate, you could practically taste the lust that both of you were so oblivious about for years. you could taste how long he craved your lips on his and you almost wanted to apologize for leaving him waiting for so long.
eren's tongue licked around your mouth, doing all the work while you laid back and guided your tongue to follow his almost like a recited dance. his hips moved with yours, beginning to grind against you to relieve some of the ache in his dick, and he was glad you were wearing a dress. his hand on your hip grasped the black fabric and aggressively yanked it up, your hips lifting to help him out a little bit until your lower half was completely unveiled to him.
his mouth disconnected from yours so he could peer down at you. "fuck..." he muttered. his hand slid under your dress, smoothing over your stomach before nearing your breasts, looking back up to you as if to ask if what he was doing was fine. you gave him that confirmation and let your eyes drift close as his warm palm relaxed itself over your tit. the contact that his fingers made with you nipple as he moved his hand down to toy at it caused them to harden and you to whimper.
eren ducked down to your neck so he could kiss it, nibbling at the sensitive flesh which elicit your hand to fly to his messy brown locks. "yeah..." you sighed, elated with the feeling of him sucking at your skin, his tongue occasionally licking at the spot and his teeth grazing over it as well before he completely pulled off, hoping a distinctive hickey you would have trouble hiding from your mom would begin to appear sooner or later.
his hand slid back down to your side until it went over the curve of your back and trailed down your ass until it met your supple thighs. he grasped at your skin, the fat underneath his fingertips leaving his imagination to wonder what it would be like in between your thighs. he brought his other thumb to your plain black panties, pressing it against your clothed entrance just to get a feel and your head flew back so you were no longer watching him— eyebrows turning upwards and mouth parting as uneven breaths left you mouth.
you were so hot and bothered, you needed him now— any way you could take him.
"need you... right now, eren." you mumbled, your hand retreating between your dress to cup at your own breast.
eren looked up at you another smile playing on his lips, and he would be the death of you. "first name basis now that you want to be fucked by me?"
"oh my gosh, just hurry."
you brought your legs closer to your body as eren's hand came to the hem of the fabric that was the only thing separating you and him. he pulled it over your legs and down your feet tossing it to the side. when you didn't part your legs for him immediately he brought his hand to both of your knees and with some resistance parted them for you, the sight of your glistening cunt going straight to his dick.
you were so pretty to him, yet he didn't want to boost your ego any more so he held his tongue and untucked his lip from his teeth before stepping off the bed, grabbing your ankles and pulling your body to the edge of the bed.
your pussy fluttered as you watched eren fumble with the button and zipper of his pants. he stopped for a brief moment, groaning in annoyance before looking back to you. "i don't have a condom."
your hand flew to your forehead and you felt yourself squeeze around nothing at the thought of eren sliding into you without one. "you're clean right?"
eren scoffed. "yeah."
"okay well then hurry!" you repeated, eren going back to pulling his pants down until they were pooled at his ankles, as well as his boxers. his dick was finally exposed to you, and you stifled a moan when you saw it— pretty, hard, big and flushed red in anticipation for you not anyone else. he took himself into his hands and smeared his pre cum over his length while his head tilted back and his jaw dropped at the slight relief.
"this is about to be the best dick you've ever had." he half joked as he grabbed your hips and pressed at your entrance, leaning overtop of you again.
"we'll see about that, ja—" you couldn't even get the rest of your sentence out as you felt his tip slide more into you, a gasp leaving your throat, your walls clenching his tip causing him to let out a slight moan.
he stopped for a moment, bringing his hand up to steady himself on the bed. "eren, not jaeger."
he pushed in a little more, your hand flying over to your mouth muffling your, "eren!" which caused him to smirk. "shit... you—" a little more, your eyebrows coming together like his as he tried filling you up even more.
"me what?" he breathed out, pushing in a little more.
your back arched and your fingers came to wrap around his wrist beside your head for support. "it kind of hurts." you mewled out. of course you wouldn't tell eren this, but it had been awhile since the last time you had sex, prone to getting yourself off instead, and eren's size wasn't helping either.
"well..." he started, sheathing himself more inside you as your grip on his wrist tightened, and small pathetic half-whines left your throat. "you gotta take it." your eyes screwed even more shut as his words rang through your head. you were practically throbbing for him and you wanted this just as bad. "don't start something you can't finish." and with that the brunette let his length fill you up completely, ignoring your slight displeasure until he bottomed out, shushing you and letting his hand come down to rub circles on your clit to soothe you.
a sigh left your lips and your hand relaxed from eren's wrist. "okay."
"you can move." and eren wasted no time doing just that, his hips moving backwards and sliding against your walls causing you and him to groan at the same time.
when you were fully adjusted, and any discomfort you felt had drifted away, eren moved faster, almost fucking you how he wanted to in the first place. he lifted himself from the bed and put his hands on your hips, dragging you onto him as he pushed in and out of you, basking in your moans of pleasure and the feeling of your tight walls trying to consume him.
"yes," you said with gritted teeth as the way eren thrusted into you with purpose felt amazing and left you wondering why you didn't confess to your attraction to him sooner. "fuck, eren..." his hips stuttered from the way you sounded moaning his name. he wanted to hear it again, and again, wanted to hear it so many times that he could hear it when he fucked his fist to your pretty face. "like that, just like that."
"again." he demanded, and the low octave of his voice ordering you to repeat his name sent your head into a spiral. you grind against him, your wetness smearing on his abdomen. eren brought his hand to your hair again, pulling your body up off the bed and you winced at his tight grip as he continued to fuck up into you nicely. "i said again."
"eren," you repeated more like a plea. he pulled your head forward more, smashing his lips to yours again briefly, just wanting to feel more of you, wanting to feel you crave him.
"what do you want me to do?" he asked. he wanted you to tell him how bad you wanted him, how bad you wanted him to fuck you— and with the way his cock stretched you out so well, fucking into you with ease, like it's what he was made for, you were willing to do just that. "hm?"
"fuck me good, make me cum, eren, please."
"if i do you're gonna stop acting like a little brat when we're together right?"
"yes, yes, yes," you babbled not even realizing what he said that had you nodding your head hastily.
eren chuckled at the lack of hesitance in your response, softening his grip on your hair and letting your head fall back to the bed. "good girl." he murmured while slowing down his pace causing you to roll your hips into his as a silent plea to go faster. eren pushed your dress up some more until it was bunched up right to your chest, then having you pull off the straps to free your tits. he stepped out of his jeans and boxers, pushing you higher on the bed to create space for himself, not leaving you once, leaving your cunt fluttering around him as he did all these motions.
the little sad cries that would leave your lips begging him to hurry up so that he could fuck you again made you sound so stupid for him, so impatient and so dirty. eren didn't mind at all though, when he shifted himself up on your bed and pressed your legs to either side of your body so he could hit deeper, he complied with your wishes. "open your mouth." and you complied to his, parting your lips and sticking your tongue out, eren coming down to let his spit drop into your mouth, and the second his saliva came in contact with the muscle you squeezed his member from inside of you, he could feel you tighten around him and your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you swallowed. he watched your throat bob before wrapping his hand around your neck to create leverage for himself.
when you felt him drag himself out and back into you so forcefully, your body jolting as he continued the motion, fucking down into you. he was drilling that soft spot inside of you, and he didn't stop you when your hand trailed down below his arm to touch yourself, rubbing at your swollen clit while he drilled you. "you're gonna cum?"
you were too incoherent to form words, the nods of your head telling him enough. he was on the verge of coming too, but he wanted you to come first, he wanted to feel you pulse around his throbbing cock, spill your slick all over him. "shit, then cum all over me, _____. right on my dick, let me feel it." you let out a sultry moan, eren letting go of your neck going to grasp one of your bouncing breast the other grasping your thigh and pounding into you hard while you got yourself off with your middle finger.
small cries spilled out of your lips as your orgasm slowly approached until it finally did, your vision blanking out, pussy squeezing eren impossibly tight, and every nerve being pinched in your body. your hand unconsciously flew to your blanket, gripping the fabric tight as you moaned a drawled out sound resembling eren's name. you felt like you were the only person alive, like the guests downstairs didn't exist, like your parents weren't just outside your window along with them, not even like eren was there when your climax washed over your body, blurring your senses.
"fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah—" eren was having trouble holding back, but as soon as he felt your juices coat him, and the sound of his name from you he let go of your thighs and chest, pulling out of your wet heat and jerking himself to completion, hot cum spilling all over your lower stomach as to avoid your dress. "shit.." he panted, watching his seed sit idle on your pretty skin.
he felt hazy, almost in disbelief that he just fucked your lights out, almost quite literally as you hadn't opened your eyes since your orgasm.
eren took it upon himself to gather some of his cum with a swipe of his finger then prod at your swollen lips, you lazily opening your mouth to taste the salty taste of his cum. "good?" and you hummed, letting your head fall back to the blankets and closing your eyes.
eren tucked himself in, leaving to head towards your bathroom, and soon enough coming back to help you clean up. when you felt the warmth of something slide over your lower abdomen, you too out of it to open your eyes, you relaxed against the bed. eren adjusted your dress and slipped your underwear on for you, shaking your arm to wake you up. "your mom was out there. she was about to check on you when i walked out the bathroom. that would've been embarrassing."
you were too tired to respond, blinking at eren before picking yourself up and sitting up in front of him, his height allowing him to still be looking down at you even though you were on a bed. "i'm gonna head down cause i'll probably be leaving soon... i'll tell her you're sleep."
you nodded your head at eren before crawling to your bed and under the blankets, turning away from him. eren eyed you for a moment before coming forward and deciding to press a kiss to your ear, then grabbing his phone and slipping on his shoes. he grabbed the damp paper towel and threw it in your trash, shutting your lights and shutting the door quietly.
eren jaeger, an anomaly you thought you had figured out who happened not to be that bad after all.
maybe you did like eren— just a little bit.
Tumblr media
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spencerreidat3am · 4 months ago
Le Soleil du Matin
Tumblr media
Title: The morning sun
Summary: Waking up with Spencer never leads to a dull morning
Category: Smut/Fluff
Word Count: 3.3K
Contains: Oral sex (fem and male receiving), Fingering, Penetrative sex, Switch! Spencer?, A ridiculous amount of domestic Spencer
A/N: HERE IT IS!! I gave yall a sneak peek a couple days ago and I promised it would be here by the end of the week so tada!!! please go easy on me this is my first fic and my first smut so I apologize if you hate it😁
The sun streaming into our bedroom is what causes my eyes to gently flutter open. I take in my surroundings: the curtains we forgot to close last night, case files Spencer had brought home to memorize, the mop of brown hair on my chest with a death grip on my waist. I push my hands through the strands as I gently kiss his forehead. He lets out a small hum and nuzzles into my chest more.
"Good morning sleepyhead," I whisper into his hair and I feel him start to tilt his head up.
"Hi," His voice is laced with morning roughness and I resist the urge to roll my hips against him. He shuffles his body up higher so his face is above mine and starts to press soft kisses all over my face, eliciting giggles from me.
"C'mere," I mumble softly and he knows exactly what I mean, swooping down to press a kiss against my lips. I use his hair to pull him impossibly closer. I don't think I could ever get as close as I wanted.
"You're needy this morning," He remarks as he tilts his head to press kisses to my neck and collar bone.
"I just...can't get enough of you okay?" I smile as he looks up at me with a little confusion on his face. Spencer was still getting used to the feeling of someone waking up in his bed and declaring how much they cared about him. But that was okay. I liked reminding him.
"I don't think I can get enough of you either," He says as he goes back to pressing kisses on my chest. He's obstructed by the fabric of my shirt, stopping him from getting to any more skin.
"When did you put this on?" He whines, clearly upset that he had to stop kissing me. I laugh softly and put my arms up as he slides it off. He lights up at the sight of my bare chest and starts to press kisses all over my boobs. He purposely avoids my nipples until I whimper out a weak version of his name. He finally takes a hard peak into his mouth and my hand tightens in his hair, the other one gripping his arm.
"Spencer please," I beg weakly, with no real goal in mind.
"What is it, princess? What do you want?" He teases and I just groan in response. He switches to the other nipple, taking it into his mouth and sucking lightly. I can't help but roll my hips against him and he pulls off with a laugh.
"Alright! Always so needy," He smiles as he begins his descent. I don't loosen my grip in the slightest as his face is centimetres away from where I need him most. I stay still for this, knowing how much he likes his teasing. When his tongue flattens over my panties and his eyes flick up to mine I can't hold back my begging anymore.
"Please Spence please just...please," I pout, looking down at him desperately. He says nothing, smiling as he slowly pulls off my panties.
"Okay sweetheart," He responds before burying his mouth in my pussy. The moan I let out is obscene and I try not to think about how I am definitely waking the neighbours. That thought, however, immediately leaves my mind as Spencer starts to circle my clit with his tongue.
"Shit baby holy-" I curse as he continues the repetitive motions. Every time we do anything sexual I thank whoever blessed him with an eidetic memory because at this point he knew my body better than I did. My eyes roll back into my head as I feel him slip one of his fingers into me, softly sliding it in and out. At this point, I'm spewing nonsense, just moans and attempts at Spencer's name. I feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge and I attempt to warn him.
"Spence I'm gonna-fuck right there- gonna cum," I sputter out and he hums softly. That's all it takes for my orgasm to wash over me. I moan out as he works me through my orgasm, letting me ride out the aftershocks on his tongue.
"God you're so pretty when you come," He grins as he pulls himself back up my body to kiss me softly. I can't help the small whimper I let out as I taste myself on his tongue. I reach down to grab at his pants but he just hums and pulls away.
"We have time for that later. Right now I just want to eat French toast with my girlfriend," He presses a soft kiss on my cheek before starting to lift himself out of the bed. I groan as his body heat leaves our bed and I'm left feeling cold. As he heads into the bathroom to brush his teeth, I get up from the bed. I grab one of Spencer's dress shirts that he left on a chair and slip it on, only barely buttoning it. I throw on some underwear and head into the bathroom where Spencer has already placed my toothbrush on the counter with the perfect amount of toothpaste.
My heart flutters at the action but it drops at the sight of a shirtless Spencer with his hair a mess, brushing his teeth. 'They don't call him pretty boy for nothing,' I think to myself as I start to brush my teeth next to him. He slips behind me to wrap an arm around my waist and pull me close to him. We stand like that for a while before we both spit out the toothpaste. Spencer steps back as I rinse my face with a cleanser and pat it dry. As I put on moisturizer he does the same, grinning at me as he rubs the cleanser in. As a man with a chemistry Ph.D., he was very intrigued by my skincare routine when we first started dating. I secretly think he likes it more than I do.
We leave the bathroom and head over to the kitchen, separating as Spencer goes to grab the ingredients for French toast and I go to put on some music on the record player. I settle on some Debussy, letting the soft tunes flow through the apartment as I join Spencer in the kitchen.
He's got six slices of bread out, three eggs, the vanilla, the cinnamon, and some almond milk I had forced him to switch to. He cracks the eggs as I set the pan on the stove but turns to me for the rest.
"How much of everything goes in?" He asks me with a confused frown on his face. Most of the time he would just watch me make the toast but now he realizes I never measure out the ingredients. He steps to the side as I grab the vanilla from his hand, pouring some out into the lid and pouring it into the bowl. I do the same with the cinnamon and milk, pouring out some and looking at it to see if it looks right as Spencer sputters next to me.
"You have to measure it! What if you get the ratios wrong and it doesn't taste good? What if there's not enough for six slices of bread? What if there's too much-left ov-mpmh!" I cut him off with a kiss, the only real way to get him to stop.
"Spencer, sweetie, you just have to measure with your heart," I attempt to explain to him. This was the part of cooking Spencer never liked. He always wanted exact measurements, ever the control freak.
"Well the heart is actually a muscle and is NOT a form of measurement so I can't actually measure with my heart," He states with a smug smile and I resist the urge to throw an egg at him.
"...Just mix okay?" I shake my head, fighting back a grin. I turn the stove on and allow the pan to heat up as I grab my spatula. I spread some butter on the pan as Spencer sets down the wet mixture next to me. I dip the bread into the mixture and Spencer watches it cook, flipping when necessary. Spencer places the cooked slices of bread on two separate plates. As I place the last piece of bread on the pan, I place the empty bowl in the sink, shooting Spencer a victorious smile that screams 'told you so'. He laughs softly, shaking his head at me as he watches the piece of bread in the pan with laser focus. I pour out some syrup into two small bowls, making sure to add extra in one of them for him. I start setting the table and set a glass of orange juice for him and a glass of water for me. I look over at him to see him switching around the pieces of bread but don't think much of it
When he comes over holding two plates of French toast he's got the proudest smile on his face and I can't help but laugh.
"Ta-da! French toast for the lady!" He proclaims as he sets a plate down in front of me. However, when he puts his plate down I attempt to bite back a smile at how much crispier his pieces look. 'Of course, he took the burnt pieces for himself' I think to myself fondly. He presses a quick kiss to my lips before sitting down and drenching his toast in syrup. I can't help but laugh and he looks at me confused.
"What?! What happened?!" He asks me and I can only shake my head at him.
"Nothing sweetheart you're just...being you," I state, the adoration shining through in my voice and he looks up at me with a smile.
"Well, it's not like I can be anyone else," He directs his attention to his now drenched toast and cuts a huge piece and shoves it in his mouth. He hums in satisfaction.
"It almost tastes as good as you!" He winks at me and my jaw drops a little in shock. I stare at him for a little longer and he can't help but laugh.
"Princess you better close your mouth before I give you something to put in it," My mouth closes, despite how tempting that offer seems. I instead focus on my French toast, shovelling some into my mouth. It's cooked to perfection and I smile at the mental image of Spencer making sure to not burn at least two pieces so he could give them to me. I offer Spencer a bite and he doesn't question why I'm giving him a bite of my non-burned toast. We continue to eat and talk about small things, but mostly just silently bask in each other's presence. Spencer rarely got to sleep in and spend mornings like this, especially before I moved in.
"Honestly I don't know how I survived without you," Spencer says and I look up in confusion.
"What?" I question with a soft smile and he shakes his head.
"It's just... I didn't realize that life could be like this? I never ate breakfast, never cooked, never performed oral sex right when I woke up. I never thought I would ever be here? I always had an image for myself in the future but I never allowed myself to imagine this cause I was just so worried... that I would never find it," He offers me a shy smile, like admitting this was embarrassing to him. I don't even bother to contain the large grin that spreads over my face. I simply lean over and press my lips to his. He immediately turns to cup my face as he returns the kiss. I pull away after a couple of seconds to see him staring at me with pure love. I can't help but get nervous.
"You wanna pick something out to watch while I clear the table?" I ask and he shakes his head.
"I'll clear it with you," He says and starts grabbing the two plates and silverware. I follow with the cups and bowls. We put everything in the sink but neither of us feels like doing the dishes so we leave them there and head to the living room.
I curl myself into his side as he wraps an arm around me and kisses the top of my head. He selects a random Doctor Who episode and I attempt to pay attention for all of five minutes before giving up. I let my mind wander back to this morning where Spencer told me that we 'have time for that later.' Well, it is later now. I start to draw random patterns on his thigh but it quickly turns into me dragging my hand up and down, getting higher and higher each time. When I finally palm him he lets out a soft sigh.
"Fuck baby you're killing me here," He mumbles out and I can't help but smile.
"You did say we had time later's later! So lemme return the favor?" I ask and he vigorously nods.
"Yeah, yeah okay sure," His eyes are still closed but they open when I pull my hand off. He watches with lust-clouded eyes as I slip down to rest in between his open legs. I slowly untie the string of his sweatpants and he lets out a soft whine.
"C'mon babe can't you go any faster," He pouts a little and I laugh.
"Alright quit your whining," I squeeze him through the fabric before pulling down his sweatpants and underwear. His cock slaps his stomach and he grabs it, pumping it a few times as I pull his pants down to his ankles. When I'm finished with that I take his cock from him and his hands go to push my hair back and hold it for me. I drag my tongue along the underside of it, my eyes flicking up to watch him throw his head back against the couch. I take the tip into my mouth and lightly suck, swirling my tongue around it. He lets out a groan and his hands tighten in my hair.
"Fuck baby jus-just like that," His voice is strained and full of need. I start to take more of him into my mouth and he sucks in a sharp breath. I can't help but moan at how incredible he looks right now. He squirms slightly underneath me and the knowledge that I'm making him feel this good is turning me on more than I cared to admit. I wrap my hand around the base of him and move it in sync with my mouth.
"Shit! Good-fuck-good girl!" He can't help but push me a little further and I let out a gag. He lets go of my hair and I pull off, continuing to pump him with my hand.
"Can I...uh you know?" He gestures to me and I smile at his shyness.
"Use me?" I suggest and he nods.
"I mean obviously if you don't want me to that's fine I don't want to hurt you or anything! In fact, there was actually a case where a woman asphyxiated while performing oral sex because her boyfriend was holding her and I don't want that to happen to-oh," He cuts himself off as I take him back into my mouth but this time without my hands. Using his grip on my hair, he starts to push me further down until my nose is brushing the hairs at the base of him. I let myself relax and look up at him to see him already staring right at me. He gives me a blissed-out smile as he starts to lightly thrust up into my mouth. I shift a little, trying to get some form of friction against my aching core and he raises an eyebrow.
"What are you doing babe?" He asks and pulls me off, rubbing my cheek with his thumb.
"Nothing it's look really good right now," I smile sheepishly and he shakes his head. He gestures for me to get up and I quickly pulled off my panties and straddled him, lightly stroking him once I sit down.
"Did such a good job princess! C'mere," He cups my face with both of his hands and smashes his lips against mine. The spit that had coated my mouth quickly turns this into a sloppy make-out. I can still taste the maple syrup in his mouth and I'm sure he can taste it on me as well. He pulls away and gently rubs away the spit from my face.
"You feeling up to it? We don't have to if you're tired sweetheart," He smiles at me and my heart swells.
"Trust me, Spence I want to," I kiss him deeply and raise my hips to line his cock up. I slowly start to sink down as Spencer starts to unbutton the shirt I'm wearing. He finally gets it open as I take all of him and he can't help the moan that leaves his mouth.
"As incredible as you look wearing my clothes I would much rather you take it off," He grins, pushing the shirt off my shoulders and once again basking in my bare chest. Despite memorizing every inch of my body, he still got excited when he saw me naked. I gently rolled my hips and his hands fly to grab them.
"Look so gorgeous like this," He mumbles and starts to meet my hips by bucking up into me. Neither of us bothers going very fast, just taking our time with each other. I slide my hands in his hair and lean forward against him, grinding against him. He wraps his hands around my waist and the next thing I know, I'm laying sideways on the couch with Spencer hovering above me.
"Fuck you're pretty," The compliment slips out of my mouth and he responds by leaning down to kiss me.
"And you're beautiful," He says and starts to fuck into me. Our moans mix together like a symphony of pleasure. Neither of us closes our eyes for a second as we take in each other's features. While I may not have an eidetic memory I could recall every detail of Spencers' face purely because of how often we found ourselves in this position. I force my eyes to stay open when his hand drops down to play with my clit, a sign that he's close.
"I'm almost there baby are you gonna come for me?" His voice is soft and all I can do is nod. It only takes a couple more thrusts before I come undone, squeezing around him. My lower body fills with warmth as he comes, letting out a soft moan of my name. He lazily thrusts a couple more times before pulling out and laying down next to me. The couch, however, is not made for this so half of his body hangs off the edge. We lay there for a bit to catch our breaths but once I feel his cum starting to drip out of me I start to shift a little.
"Oh right!" Spencer sits up and grabs some tissues out of the box and starts to clean up my legs. When he gets up to throw them away I use the bathroom quickly before he can lecture me on the dangers of UTIs. I get back to find him wearing a new pair of boxers and a grin. He sticks his arms out and I jump into them, landing on him with an 'oompf'. He pulls a blanket over me and presses a kiss to the top of my head. As the sun continues to stream through our apartment I can't help but smile. I really did love mornings.
taglist!: @reidemandweep @jareids @drreidsboyband @reidingmelodies @may-b-a-u-shewritestoo
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roscgcld · 7 months ago
HEADCANON + VARIOUS || daydreaming!reader turning into a toddler
request: Okay you know the turn into toddler on but with bimbo reader, she'd be so cute ❤️❤️as a toddler and they have an excuse to use the leash because children are fast
note: this was originally going to be an ask, but then I decided to write headcanons for our daydreaming!reader - so this was born lmaoooo. i hope you enjoy cx you can find all the original prompts for this under the hashtag daydreaming!reader on my profile!
also - yuta is going to be in this because let’s be honest - stressed yuta is lowkey really cute lol
pronouns: she/her
daydreaming!reader masterlist
Tumblr media
let me say this - when she was first turned into a child, it was absolute chaos
the worse part was it happened mid battle - one moment she was charging to the curse with her katana in hand, next thing the rest of them knew she had shrunk and she was freefalling from the jump she launched herself into
yuji, who was the closest to her, widen his eyes before he ran towards his senior and caught her before she landed on the ground, holding her against his chest as he stares down at the girl with wide eyes; who blinked up at him as well
“Y-Y/N-senpai?” yuji mutters in shock as he stares down at the young girl in his arms, who just smiles back before she reaches up to cup her tiny hands on his sweaty cheeks. 
after the curse was exorcise, the rest of the first years gathered around yuji, since they were supposed to accompany their senior out to exorcise a curse in a nearby hospital
how are they going to go back to school carrying a child with them? 
they did - and the first person they ran into was gojo, who waited by the door to greet his students; only to freeze when he saw the child staring back at him in yuji’s arms
“wait a minute,” gojo mutters as he pulls his blindfold down as he narrowed his sapphire eyes at the young girl, who just blinks and smiles up at him in delight. “holy shit - it really is her.”
the first stop they visited was ieiri, who held the giggling child in her arms after running a few tests. “it’s not permanent - it’s a cursed technique. I can’t reverse it since it’s not an actual wound, so the best remedy is waiting.” she stated as she bounced the young girl in her arms, who was busy playing with her hair in her tiny hands. “my guess is that it’ll last no more than 24 hours.”
24 hours wouldn’t be that hard, right? i mean, they already take care of her on the daily - what’s another 24 hours?
well - the fact that she runs on pure energy. fushiguro looked down as he pulled out a tissue from the packet he was holding in his hands for one second, and when he looked up again, she was missing 
it took the three first years and their tall teacher a solid 10 minutes before they found her
she was curled up in inumaki’s arms, the cursed speech user just cuddling her without a care in the world while maki looked mortified that her already handful classmate was now a child
and she hates children with a burning passion
 after getting the brief rundown by their teacher, they just watch how the little girl, who was now set down on her feet, ran about their legs as she giggles to herself; as if she was trying to traverse an endless maze. “what an idiot.” 
the next person who saw her was yuta, who returned from a meeting with the higher ups
he had entered the campus, just in time to see gojo running past with a child on his shoulders, giggling to her heart’s content
that sight alone was confusing to yuta, but when gojo noticed him and came over with a grin, yuta got a good look at the child resting on his tall teacher’s shoulders
and then almost past out from the shock of seeing his fellow classmate blinking down at him, her small hands gripping onto gojo’s hair as she smiles down at him
after a cup of tea and a lengthy explanation, yuta watches the young girl play with the strap of his weapon’s bag that resting on the ground, making a noise 
“at least now we have a reason to use the child leash.”
“ that you’ve mention it - we should break it out.” maki stated simply before she got up and left, leaving yuta to explain to the confused group of people how him and maki had purchased a children’s leash to use on her whenever they go out to tokyo so they never loose her
they never really had a chance to use it; but since she is the way she is now, it was probably the better option then running around chasing her
so now there was maki, with one end of the leash wrapped around her hand whilst the other was wrapped around the young girl’s wrist as she ran about 
feeding her was an absolute pain - it took a solid 30 minutes to get her eat half of the food since she kept getting side tracked and forget to chew her food. so it just sat in her cheeks as she played with yuta’s fingers or tried to catch a flying beetle 
poor maki got the scare of her life when the little girl gifted her a squirming beetle that refused to crawl off her uniform; her grossed out expression evident as she flicked it off with her fingers
nobara and yuji were laughing their asses off as gojo recorded the entire incident. inumaki was biting his fist as he shook with laughter while yuta grinned and told the confused girl how she shouldn’t be picking up bugs at random unless she ‘wants them to give you an owie’
for once they had a relatively normal day - cloud watching, flower picking, feeding the koi fish in the pond on the school grounds, playing tag in the huge field. she forced everything to do the more mundane somewhat normal things as well, forcing everyone to take a well deserved break 
by the time the evening arrived, many of the students and gojo were laying on the grassy field of the school compound, watching how the sky slowly started to bleed with different shades of reds and oranges as the sun started to set
“is it bad that i enjoyed this day?” fushiguro muttered as he closes his eyes, one arm covering his eyes whilst the other was petting his Devine dog that he had summoned to track the little girl down earlier 
she had escaped to go and pick flowers in the wooded area, almost giving everyone a heart attack when they couldn’t find her. 
“nah, it was nice.” maki said with a tired hum as she watches the clouds, her head laid against panda’s side whilst yuta laid on the ground beside her, watching the clouds with a content sigh. “who knew it took a brat to make us relax.” 
said brat was fast asleep in nobara’s side, who cuddled the sleeping girl close. “well, whatever the reason may be - i enjoyed it a lot, and it will be fun to look back on in the future.” 
somehow they managed to clean her from all the sweat and dirt before tucking her back in her room, and somehow had to read a few bedtime stories after she whines and refuses to go to bed until she was read to
by the time the others went to bed, they were pretty much dead to the world - having the best night’s sleep after having been worked to the bone by one child 
when the next morning arrived, and maki saw a sleepy Y/N walking about tiredly as she tried to fill her bottle of water from the water fountain, she just sighs in relief
to the point where she goes over and hugs the sleepy girl, who just yawned and hugged her back with one arm while the other filled her bottle of water
“good morning to you too, maki.”
when she saw all the videos and pictures of what happened yesterday, she just smiles over at the tired students, clapping her hands softly in delight
“at least you guys had fun, no?”
her simple answer had everyone pausing as they shared a look with one another before they all just agreed, since yesterday was definitely fun 
maybe having her as a child wasn’t that bad after all
Tumblr media
© roscgcld — all rights reserved to me, rose, the author and creator of these works. do not repost/translate/claim my work as yours on any platform
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burnedbyshoto · 3 months ago
for want of a bento box
Tumblr media
– It’s plain and simple, you see, someone is stealing your bento boxes and you will find your lunch thief! Or, in which Todoroki Shouto keeps taking your bento box and you declare war. 
pairing: todoroki shouto x reader
warnings: fluff, cursing, shouto is a bad chef, I believe I made reader pretty gender neutral but I whipped this out in two hours and I can no longer remember if I used any fem!pronouns but im pretty sure I didn’t
word count: 3,060
a/n: this is for the wonder coworker bnharem collab! I had intended on writing a completely different theme and storyline but was very overwhelmed by how much time it actually needed to be written compared to the amount of time I actually had. that version will be out another time! but for now, enjoy some pure flufffffff!!!!
Having a normal, functioning, well-paying job was probably the most desirable thing to you. It wasn’t to say that you were slacking or that you were homeless, broke, and never to be seen again because you were that in debt. But it was nice having a job!
When you entered the prestigious Toshinori Company, you joined not as an entry-level job employee but as a senior representative. You thought it was crazy.
It had to be crazy.
You had no prior experience, and now you were going to be in charge and the lead in certain areas?!
“And that was the entire layout of the office!” Mina chirped happily, throwing herself onto the desk chair across from yours with a big smile. “Any questions?”
“I don’t think so,” you mutter, brows creased as you look around the room again. 
The office space was ample, sleek, open. Each desk has its own grand computer that you currently could not afford with your own money, comfortable chairs, and beautiful wood desks. It was elegant, far superiorly fancy, and yet, you didn’t feel out of place. Strange.
“Oh!” you say with a roll of your eyes as you reach below your desk to bring up your packed lunch. “Where was the break room again? I need to refrigerate my food!”
“Omg, of course, come this way!” Mina grins, standing up and motioning you to follow her. You smile gratefully and do. 
The entire way to the office, Mina takes the time to point at the many different people on the floor and give them names. Everyone so far had sort of acknowledged you earlier as Mina was giving you the official tour. Some were much more open and friendly, and some had sneers or blank stares that left you dumbstruck. 
Definitely a personable group.
“Hm, well, I guess Todoroki-kun isn’t here today?” Mina mutters as you enter the break room that has couches and comfortable-looking chairs. “Such a shame! You would have loved to see the office hottie!”
You snort at that, lips curled into a granulous smile as you place your plastic container with food into the fridge. “I’m sure I’ll live,” you brush off the fact that there was an absent person on your floor today.
“That’s the thing, though,” Mina points a finger at you, a lone eyebrow raised and a confident smirk on her face. “You won’t be thinking that again the moment you see him!”
You laugh, eyes crinkling as Mina joins your laughter. Eventually, she motions for the both of you to leave, and you nod in understanding. And with a weird sense of comfort and belonging, you realized that this job was going to be good. 
Eventually, you had been working at Toshinori Company for two months.
Sixty-two days to be precise, and in all that time, you had only met Todoroki Shouto once. Even then, you had only seen the man walking through the office with a blank face, fingers in his pockets as two other men were walking in front of him, bickering lightly.
Had Mina not quite literally thrown herself across the table and gripped the collar of your shirt and twisted your head to look at him, you would have never caught a glimpse at the man with red and white hair. The three of them walked into the break room and came back out with their own lunches before leaving.
And that was it.
You had learned that the three of them (Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku, and Bakugou Katsuki) were within your department but worked very closely with the very high up members within the company. Many rumors pointed at one of the three taking over the company when the current CEO stepped down. They were, however, on the roster for your floor; they just never appeared except to pick up their lunches. Something they seemed to come to grab whenever you were a) way too fucking busy or b) not in the room.
You weren’t too bothered, though.
It wasn’t like you were trying to date one of them! You had only wanted to say hi.
Now, at ninety days, you had your first and probably most crucial evaluation. 
Toshinori Yagi, the man who founded and currently ran this company, sat before you, looking at papers within a folder with tired but kind blue eyes. He nodded, impressed (hopefully), making small comments about the work you had been able to accomplish, a smile becoming a warming grin as he looked up.
“I’m impressed by the performance you’ve managed to attend to despite the short while you’ve been here, y/l/n-shojo,” Toshinori spoke, his fingers threading together and placing them onto the table. “I knew it was an excellent decision to put you in that position, and you exceeded my entire expectation!”
You flushed at that, lips twitching as you attempted to suppress that smile of yours. 
“Thank you, Toshinori-san,” you practically wheeze as he waves off your thanks.
“No need to thank me, you’ve done all this work!” he laughs, tired eyes closing with a glorious supply of crow's feet blooming at the corner of his eyes. “Typically, at these evaluations, I ask a bunch of questions because there isn’t too much anyone can do in their first ninety days, I must admit.”
“Mhm, but because I am curious, is there anything that has been happening as of late that you feel needs to be addressed with me?”
You felt yourself stiffen but knew your one and only complaint was not something to bring up in this setting.
“No, nothing,” you shrug, and Toshinori beams.
“I’m glad!”
Now, the problem.
The big, fat, stinky, hooligan, wanting to throttle someone problem.
For the past sixty of your ninety days, someone has been stealing your lunch.
Yes, you heard that correctly; someone was stealing your damn lunch! Every morning you woke up and prepared a delicious bento box for yourself. Some days you went as far as cutting shapes into your fruits and veggies just to make yourself grin. You weren’t the best chef in the world, but your bento boxes were pretty enough to make up for it, in your opinion. But the thing is, every day when you went into the communal fridge, you noticed two things.
One, your bento box was no longer in the same place, and two, the bento box was not yours at all.
The food was disastrously organized. Rice and lettuce spilling out in every partition in the box. The fruit and veggies often packed in this box had multiple cuts in them, implying that whoever did this was less than ideal with a knife. The meat was often oversalted, the sushi never sitting together, and everything was just… not it.
The first time you had sighed and eaten it, grumbling about how your precious lunch was stolen. But you had quickly figured out that it was inedible, and Mina, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu thank god, offered to share their meals. 
Seeing that you were distressed about how someone stole your egg and octopus sausages one day, Mina declared that they would watch the break room for whoever was stealing your light blue bento box. The first day you staked out, you had done it with Mina. But ten minutes into waiting around, you needed to pee. So you stood up and left in a hurry, leaving Mina alone.
But when you returned, Mina was gone, instead standing by Kirishima’s desk with a bright grin and a stance that screamed that she heard something she liked (gossip, possible in-office romance, a love confession?). Her jaw dropped as she noticed you and Kirishima had turned and waved in your direction as you raced into the break room to open the fridge, and sure enough, your bento was gone.
The next time, you staked out with Uraraka. Your arms were folded, your bladder cleared, and your lips twisted into a pout as you glared and stared down every single member who entered the room. Uraraka whispered to you her guesses about just who might be the thief, every other person rating an 8/10 likelihood of stealing your lunch.
But as the both of you sat there, your eyes narrowed at each passerby, no one came to collect your bento today.
“Deku-kun, no packed lunch today?” Uraraka asked as the green, curly-haired man you had only met once previously raced into the break room, grabbing the extra chopsticks meticulously hidden in the third bottom draw.
“Ah, Uraraka-san, y/l/n-san! Uh, no,” Midoriya greeted you both, who apparently responds to the nickname Deku, laughs off as he grabs a handful of napkins. “Todoroki-kun left all our lunches in his car by accident, and well… they spoiled… Kacchan’s pissed, so I ran off to get lunch for us today!”
Uraraka laughed, shaking her head, “Leave it to Todoroki-kun to act that way.”
Midoriya laughed, bright and clearly in agreement, “You should have seen his face when Kacchan asked for his lunch! I swear–”
“HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GRAB FUCKING CHOPSTICKS, SHIT-KU! I’M FUCKING STARVING!” a voice roared from nowhere near the entrance of the break room. You did, however, jump a bit, eyes turning toward the break room entrance to see the blond man (Bakugou? Kacchan? You had no idea which was correct) near the entrance of the floor. 
“It’s only been a minute, Kacchan, relax!” Midoriya laughs, completely unaffected by the startling shout as he waves goodbye to both you and Uraraka before leaving, joining Bakugou as the both of them seem to talk comfortably… well, maybe more like bickering.
“Why are they–”
“Childhood friends, apparently,” Uraraka sighed, but the smile on her face betrays her exasperation.
No one stole your bento that day.
Yaoyorozu took up the third stake out, the two of you idly chatting about tea. You honestly had no idea what to talk about with Yaomomo; she was often just so elegant and mature despite being your age. When you learned that her family was in charge of the Yaoyorozu Corp, it had been strangely easy to accept that. 
It made sense.
So as the two of you stood at the kitchen sink, boiling water for tea Yaomomo swore would be the best matchup for your packed nigiri, the both of you missed the man who walked into the room, opened the fridge, and took your lunch.
“I… I am so sorry,” Yaomomo apologized, head bowed dangerously low as the both of you looked at the sloppily cut salmon in your not actual bento. “Please eat my food in reparation.”
“No, it’s okay,” you sigh, chewing on the somehow still warm salmon. “I deserved this loss.”
Luck was just on this man's side, it seemed. No matter what you did, you could never catch the man in action, and you were ready to give up.
But this was the last attempt you said to yourself as you returned to your office floor, the evaluation done, and the rest of your life coming to light. You could do this. No! You WOULD do this!
“Why don’t you just put your name on your bento box?” Bakugou asked, a lone eyebrow raised in what you could only assume was judgment and pity. The explosive man was standing in the doorway of the breakroom, watching as you and Mina were trying to climb up the counters of the breakroom to grab the camera you had previously planted. “Obviously, it doesn’t have your name on it.”
“Um,” you squeak, having been obviously caught by someone who intimidated you just the slightest bit. “That’s a good idea, thank you, Bakugou-san.”
“Tch, whatever, just clean up the damn counters, fucking nasty standing up on there. Some people prepare their food there.”
“We would never forget to do that!” you argue, desperate to not leave a bad impression on this man.
“I don’t know much about you, but I know raccoon eyes over there would.”
“Like I care.”
He left without so much as a wave but did seem to nod with his departure. You sighed as you hopped off the counter, Mina grabbing the cleaning supplies as she cursed out the long-gone man under her breath. 
But you were looking at the fridge with your missing bento box.
“I can’t believe I never put my name on it.”
“It’s okay! Not even Yaomomo thought of it, so I say we are still smart!”
It was the next day, you were at your desk, anxious as hell as you did your work, trying not to focus on the fact that it was lunchtime and you were actively avoiding the break room. You wondered if they wouldn’t come and collect it today. If somehow they were an asshole and wouldn’t care if your name was on it! What would happen then? What if it was someone like Bakugou who was taking your lunch? What then? You were sure you would cave in slight fear and major intimidation if he said that your lunch was his now.
“Want a cutie while we wait, cutie?” Mina asked, waving the small tangerine in her fingers as she grins.
“Please,” you say in gratitude for the food because you were starving. “Thank you.”
Eventually, you lost track of what was happening, becoming all too invested in the conversation that Mina was telling you about that involved Kaminari, Kirishima, Bakugou, Midoriya, twenty-seven Red Bulls, fifteen Monsters, and five shots of sake. It seemed that the former two were quite big instigators when they wanted to be, and the latter two were unable to back away from challenges, especially when the other was involved.
“Y/l/n?” an unfamiliar voice called from behind you, and you turned partially in your chair as you looked behind you.
Standing behind you was a tall man with red and white hair, and from this distance, you noticed immediately that his eyes were a deep grey and brilliant blue.
Todoroki Shouto.
“T-Todoroki-san!” you greet him back, voice unable to keep from trembling as your nerves shot up. What was going on? You two had never interacted before! He was always gone, never present, and whenever he was in the office, it seemed that you weren’t there.
He cleared his throat and raised up two identical bento boxes.
“It seems… I have apparently been stealing your bento boxes,” he concludes, pressing the blue bento box with your name written on it into your hands.
Your jaw drops as your fingers curve around the cool plastic, eyes blinking up a storm as you try to abstain from laughing high pitched and ugly like. 
“It was you?!”
A pink color blooms onto his cheeks as he averts his eye contact with you and nods slowly, “I am so sorry.”
“I just… how?!” you exclaim, exasperated, this man obviously being a bit dense if he had no idea he was taking your bento box!
“I prepare my bento boxes the night before, and I don’t really remember what I put into them….” Todoroki explains slowly, his hand rubbing the back of his neck, his tongue clicking the roof of his tongue. “I just thought that my cooking was improving and that I was somehow doing an amazing job.”
The grin that overcomes your face is one of subtle, strange fondness and soft warmth. “I can tell you that you probably haven’t improved much,” you tease, opening your bento box to see your prepared meal for the day. 
Cucumber salad, bulgogi beef, rice, and some fruit.
It was packed exactly how you remembered.
“I can’t believe I finally get to eat a meal I prepared,” you continue to tease, your eyes moving up to meet Todoroki, who was also looking at your bento previously. “Thank you for returning my meals and apologizing.”
“It was nothing,” Todoroki waved off with a single hand before opening up his own disastrously assembled bento box. It looked worse than usual today. Everything was just thrown in, it seemed. You saw egg and rice, but everything else in there was indescribable. He smiles at you before sighing at his bento. “This looks more like my stuff.”
You laugh, shaking your head, “You want to share my bento box? I’m sure you probably don’t want to return to that.”
“No, it’s okay,” Todoroki gently declined, although he looked at your bento with great want. He cleared his throat, gaze moving to lock on yours, and you swore his cheeks were still pink but no longer from embarrassment. “I just wanted to come and apologize for stealing your lunch for so long and to thank you for the meals; they were all delicious. Especially the soba you had made.”
“It’s all good; it’s in the past now,” you say gently, somehow finding yourself falling for a man you’ve barely just begun to talk with. The both of you stare at each other, and your skin feels warm. You chuckle, gaze averting for a moment before returning as you tease him. “Although, if you steal from me again, I’m not so sure if I’ll be so lenient.”
“It won’t happen again, promise,” Todoroki smiles, and you feel your spine melt. “But I would love to make it up to you somehow. I can make you dinner one night or something?”
You laugh, head shaking, “No, absolutely not; I don’t trust your cooking skills just yet. But you can definitely take me out to dinner.”
“Yeah, I can definitely do that,” Todoroki agrees, and the both of you fall silent as the shy stares continue. “Does, um… is Friday at seven okay with you?”
“That works,” you say, and Todoroki smiles.
“Good, I’ll uh, see you then?”
“See you,” you agree with a sweet smile before turning around, your fingers raised in a small wave. 
You turn to see Mina, Uraraka, and Yaomomo staring at you, eyes comically wide and so very intrigued.
“Oh… my… GOD!” Mina shrieked as Todoroki walks away, and you shriek as she jumps across the table and shakes you, screaming about office romances and meet-cutes being entirely too underrated. “PROMISE ME I’LL BE INVITED TO THE WEDDING!!!!”
It would take about three years of dating, several months of teaching Shouto how to cook, which resulted in a few bellyaches. Still, eventually yes, Mina would be invited to your wedding.
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imagining-in-the-margins · 8 months ago
Lost Time ❤️(Reid Request)
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader and Spencer spend their mandatory leave taking the Spring Break Spencer never got to have. (See Requests Here) A/N: This piece has been a long time coming. It bounces back and forth between Spencer and Reader’s POV! Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!Reader Category: Smut/Angst (NSFW, 18+, Happy Ending) Content Warning: Mutual pining, dub con (sexual assault – reader victim w/ non-canon character), self-hatred, penetrative sex, unprotected sex Word Count: 11.2k
It was that time of year again. The BAU was taking its annual leave. The two weeks, which almost never actually lasted two weeks, where the office would be empty. For most of the team, the time was a blessing; their days would be spent with significant others or family, friends, or fame.
Not me, though. For me, it meant two weeks away from the only friends I really had. The days would be spent in the park playing chess or at cafes, lazing around and counting the seconds until I could stop pretending like I had anything else to do. I didn’t mind it that much, really. I was used to being alone, and it wasn’t like it would be forever. If it had been another year with another team, I might have even looked forward to the time off.
But it was hard to be happy about it that year. It was impossible, really, to look forward to days where I wouldn’t see her. Especially knowing that she would probably be spending the two weeks having the time of her life with her absolute piece of shit boyfriend.
I couldn’t explain that to her, though. I couldn’t give away just how lonely I was or just how much I absolutely hated that horrible asshole. So, when she caught my elevator on her way out of the building, I asked the question I already knew the answer to. At least I wouldn’t have to wonder.
“So... what are you going to do on your time off? Do you have plans with your boyfriend?”
(Y/n) looked at me with an expression I could only describe as utterly bewildered. For a second I thought I must’ve said something wrong, but then the thought came to her with a jolt.
“Oh! No, we...” she trailed off, her voice getting significantly softer and sadder, though she tried to hide it with a laugh. “We broke up, actually. Like two weeks ago.”
Don’t look happy. Don’t look relieved.
“Oh, I’m sorry. You didn’t say anything to me about it.”
With a gentle jab of her elbow into my side, she teased, “Aren’t you supposed to be a profiler or something?”
I’m such an asshole.
There was no avoiding the butterflies in my chest and the way my shoulders straightened from the news. The fact she’d touched me made it even worse, and my entire body practically swayed to chase after her.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
Please say no. He doesn’t deserve our time.
“Nah. It doesn’t matter,” she mumbled with a shrug. It gave me some hope that she’d maybe finally listened to my, granted, vague advice about her abysmal taste in men.
That hope only lasted a matter of seconds before it was crushed.
“He was probably too good for me anyway.”
“I don’t think that was it.” The bitterness laced through my words so powerfully it stained my tongue. I regretted it only to the extent that it hurt her, but that hurt seemed fleeting and minimal compared to the way a smile eventually bloomed over her cheeks.
It looked a little too sad for my taste. Still beautiful, though.
I wanted to watch her hand as it started to stir, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her smile for even a second. Even as she pressed her palm to my cheek, I only barely strayed to look into her eyes.
With a heavy sigh, she said, “Why can’t more guys see me with Spencer tinted glasses?”
If they don’t look at you like I do, they don’t deserve you. I thought the feelings louder, hoping that she could hear them. Considering she let her hand fall, I don’t think she did.
“Honestly, I just want to... get away. You know?” she started, recognizing the confused look on my face before she thought about how to explain. “Like in college when you got dumped by your shitty boyfriend who cheated on you. You just spend the next holiday vacation on a beach somewhere getting your heart broken by another douchebag.”
There was an awkward silence after she finished, but only because I was trying to figure out if that was really all the context I was going to get. When she started to pout, I panicked.
“I relate to absolutely none of what you just said,” I said to explain the silence, “But I think I get it.”
It was a lie, but she didn’t bother pointing it out. I got the impression I’d only managed to make her feel worse by reminding her that these kinds of things only seemed to happen to her.
The elevator reached the garage, and she waited for me to step off before she followed. Deducing that she was going to see whether or not I hung around, I made a point of only stepping out of the way of others before I turned my attention completely back to her. I really, really didn’t want her to leave yet, even though I had no idea what to say.
She looked comfortable in the ambient noise of the wind caught between the cement. I let myself hope that I played some small part in that feeling.
“Maybe I’ll just go by myself. That’s not pathetic, is it?”
My laughter was probably not the result she was hoping for, but I couldn’t help it. The idea just seemed so silly. “No, you’re not pathetic,” I stated like the fact it was. “If I did it, it would be pathetic. But you? No.”
Her whole body reacted to my voice, her arms jumping up in an excited wave before she shouted, “Oh! Spencer! What are your plans?”
Okay, don’t sound pathetic.
“I don’t have any. I was just going to see if I could finally look into some new theories and catch up on recent scientific journal releases.”
Or, worded differently, I would be sitting on my couch and imagining how much better it would be if you were there with me.
(Y/n) narrowed her eyes, drifting closer to me until our arms were pressed against each other. I tried not to let her see how quickly the contact drained the air from my lungs.
“Can you do that from the beach?”
“What?” I asked, just hoping to keep my mind focused on her words instead of the way she spun around to grab hold of both of my hands.
“Come with me!” she cried so excitedly I thought my heart might burst.
I wanted to tell her yes immediately, to throw myself into her life in any capacity she would have me. I wanted to sweep her off her feet and take her away to a world where she would know love unlike anything she’d experienced before. But my brain had latched on to the most recent red flag in the sea that was her romantic preferences.
“With you? To the beach?” I asked first, to clarify. My heart ached when she bounced her head and held tighter to my fingers. There was no nice way of saying the next part.
“Go with you to... get your heart broken by some guy? I don’t know, (y/n), I might get in the way of that.”
Her body language faltered, but only for a second before she brought back the same enthusiasm from before I pointed out the gaping hole in her plan.
“Come on! It’ll be fun!” she urged through a bright, toothy grin, “You’ve never had a spring break experience and I’m the perfect wingwoman!”
That last word felt like a punch to the gut, yet another reminder that even in a world where the two of us ran off into the literal sunset together, it was never as a couple. She would always belong to someone else.
But how could I say no to her? How could I look at her, bouncing on her toes and hands wrapped around mine, and not want to follow her? How could I hurt her and pretend like I loved her at the same time?
I heard myself say it before I realized what had happened. (Y/n) looked equally concerned that she heard me wrong.
“Okay?” she repeated.
“Yeah…” I answered, letting the words come slowly in the hope it would make them sound more genuine. Because they were. “I’ll go with you.”
“Really?” She was bouncing even quicker, knocking both of our bags against each other and eliciting a rather embarrassing giggle from myself.
“I can’t promise I’ll be the best wingman, but I’ll be better than a college girl... I think.”
There was no second-guessing what I’d said, or worrying about whether it was too weird, because as soon as the words left my mouth, she had thrown her arms around me. I caught her in my own, not bringing her closer through sheer force of will. Instead, I let her adjust the pressure exactly how she wanted to and cursed my satchel for getting in her way. But she didn’t even seem to notice, burying her face in my shirt and mumbling the words against the fabric,
“Thanks, Spencer. You’re the best friend in the world.”
Don’t look hurt. Don’t let her see how much it hurts.
Avoiding the thought as best as I could, I cleared my throat when she started to pull away. “You know I hate the beach though, right?” I started with a bit of a whine. Before I got any further, she cut me off.
“It’s non-negotiable.”
“Alright, fine,” I sighed, “You win.”
But from where I was standing, I wouldn’t exactly say that I lost.
The crisp white sheets of the resort hotel weren’t new to me. I swore, no matter how many stars a place had, they all used the same bleached-out supplier. I guess I just hadn’t really had time to think about how much they sucked when I was exhausted from work. And the few times I did go in my free time, I was usually way more distracted by the other person in the bed with me.
Maybe that was why the sheets felt so strange then. Because while I wasn’t at the beach alone, there would be a set of two doors between me and him.
“It feels weird not rooming with you,” I announced to the man who stood on the other side of the threshold, carefully cleaning the wheels on his suitcase before he would let it touch any other surface in the room. The action made me smile because for a brief moment I forgot just how strange it was.
I was just so used to his idiosyncrasies. I actually quite liked them.
“I’m just on the other side of the door,” Spencer chuckled, pointing to the barriers that had remained wide open since we’d arrived.
“Yeah, but, I don’t know. I’m used to staying in the same room as the team, you know?” I tried to argue.
It didn’t work.
“Not really? We usually stay in our own rooms?” he returned with knitted brows and another nervous laugh. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to deflect or if he was actually just oblivious to my very poor attempts at flirting. I figured it was probably the former and let it go. After all, I wasn’t really his type. And considering he wasn’t a raging asshole, I guess he wasn’t my type, either. No matter how badly I really, really wanted him to be.
“Fine, then. I guess you won’t get to cuddle with me tonight,” I said with a triumphant huff.
That time, the laugh he gave was genuine, fading off into the calm, comforting feeling flowing between the rooms. “I’m not really what they call a ‘cuddler,’” he explained simply. Unfortunately for him, I knew him a lot more than he gave me credit for.
“Oh, I don’t believe that for a second.”
The boy who begged to share a blanket with me on the jet couch could not convince me that he would not love a proper cuddle. No way.
Almost sarcastically, Spencer challenged my conclusion with his own observation. “I don’t know, I’m pretty stingy with physical touch.”
I figured it wasn’t worth the argument when I could see from his little smirk that he knew I was right, anyway. Because it was true that Spencer was usually stingy with physical touch with most people— but not with me. Most of the team would get the semi-regular hug from him. I’d even been told by JJ that he’d taken even less time to take that leap with me. It didn’t mean anything, though. He’d grown a lot since he started at the BAU. He was just a different person. It wasn’t anything special about me. Which was why I didn’t linger on the topic, instead shifting it to the remarkably more relevant.
“What about sunscreen?”
Spencer, the non-cuddler that was apparently still fixated on cuddling, didn’t catch on. With an adorably confused look, he asked, “What about it?”
Again, I was too used to him to be surprised by his obliviousness. I held the bottle up to him as I tried to lessen the smile on my face as I clarified, “Will you help me put it on?”
“S-Sure,” he squeaked. That time, it was less obvious if he was trepidatious because he was uncomfortable with putting it on me, or if he would have reacted that way to anyone. He had just told me he was stingy with touch, after all. But he came to me too quickly for me to be concerned. I also saw the way his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat when I finally pulled off my shirt, revealing my back and shoulders to the man who had definitely seen them before.
I wrote it off as him being a gentleman, but it was hard not to feel a little uneasy at how badly his hands trembled when they did finally touch me. I told myself it was just because he wasn’t used to touching half-naked women, but I had no reason to believe that. Spencer didn’t talk to me about his love life… at all. Trying to spare my feelings, I guess.
The same preservation couldn’t be attributed to me. Without even thinking about the sultry nature of the noise that escaped me as he rubbed my shoulders, I drawled, “Your hands are so warm.”
If he was trembling before, he was positively shaking now. Still, Spencer said nothing. He just kept trying to smooth out the stripes of white down my lower back that arched at his touch.
“What’s it like having big hands?” I asked, hoping the terrible conversation choice would help distract us from the way my ass pressed against him.
Spencer was too far gone. Despite the constant clearing of his throat, he managed to finish as quickly as possible and practically threw my coverup back at me before turning away.
“I’m not sure I understand the question,” he mumbled, taking a seat beside me and crossing his legs in a very transparent manner. I didn’t want to think about the effect touching me had on him, but I couldn’t help it. He looked so pathetically polite while he tried to distract himself by poorly applying sunscreen on his arms and face. Like I would blame him for being a man who was attracted to a woman’s figure.
There was still little reason to dwell on it, though. Instead, I just took his hand that had run out of sunscreen and resorted to nervously ruffling his hair. When Spencer looked up at the contact, all he would find was my palm flattening against his, slowly stretching out our fingers to see how different they were.
“Have you ever seen Tarzan?” I asked, unable to hide my inspiration for too long.
“Can’t say that I have.”
It wasn’t that surprising, considering. But it was an unforgivable thing, nonetheless.
“Let’s watch it tonight,” I suggested, intertwining our fingers and pulling him back off the bed.
Spencer laughed as he fell forward, apparently no longer insecure about any signs of attraction. I wondered if it was because I had a similar effect on him as he had on me, but I didn’t ask. No, I just pulled him closer, wrapping my arm around his waist in a very poorly conducted waltz that involved almost no movement. He played along, anyway, moving his two left feet and almost crushing mine in the process.
“I thought you wanted to go find some… ‘douchebag’ to break your heart,” he muttered between missteps.
“I figure I have all week for that,” I sighed, leaning forward in the hope that it would lead to him holding me closer. When it did, I realized that I’d made a mistake. Because the second I was caught in that embrace, I knew I’d never want to leave.
“You never know when someone might come snatch you away from me,” I whispered into his shoulder that smelled of sunscreen and home.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be around,” he reassured me.
I wanted to believe it. I wanted to think that he would always be there. But the truth was that it wouldn’t be fair to him. I wasn’t what he needed and we both knew it.
Spencer Reid had enough pain and heartbreak to last a lifetime. The last thing he needed was another mess.
“Come on,” I said as cheerily as I could with the regretful thoughts demanding my attention, “Let’s go to the beach.”
And as usual, he didn’t put up a fight. He just followed me with that same solemn smile and his hand holding onto mine for dear life.
Despite the setting, (y/n) reminded me more of a faerie or a sprite rather than a mermaid. I decided this after about the third hour of watching her prance along the beach. Between the radiant smile and laugh that seemed never-ending and the way her skin was already practically glowing from the kiss of the sun, it was impossible to draw any other conclusion.
Then again, the way she managed to drag me out into the ocean was definitely siren-like. There were few other explanations for how she could convince me to step into the vast unknown that was the ocean.
That being said, I didn’t regret it. Not even a little bit. How could I when it made her so happy? Even as the waves pummeled us until we were rolling along with them, she never stopped smiling. She’d emerge from the depths with an excited shriek before clinging to me like she was a second skin.
She said it was just because I was taller, but we both knew she was a better swimmer. I let the horrible excuse go because I really, really didn’t want her to let go. Even after my skin started to turn red under the ruthless star, I didn’t want to leave if it meant I would have to exist without her holding me anymore.
But, of course, eventually she tired herself out so much that even I couldn’t keep her up. We still took our time drying off and settling back onto land. We reminded ourselves just how different things were out here, separate but still together. I still didn’t feel lonely, though. I couldn’t when she refused to let go of my hand the entire way back to the hotel. She didn’t have the excuse of the waves anymore. She didn’t have any excuse at all, actually. I don’t think she needed one, either.
Once we got back to the hotel, though, we had to split up. Our showers seemed so long, even though I knew realistically that we had taken the usual amount of time one would expect for two tired sand-covered people. I just wanted to see her again. Every second away from her was agony.
Not that it was all that different from the time I spent with her. Loving someone unattainable is pretty goddamn exhausting. And as it turned out, I wasn’t the only one feeling that way.
“I’m exhausted!” she whined as she threw herself directly into the middle of my bed, “The sun drained me.”
And of course, in my traditional fashion, I couldn’t be normal for five seconds in response to what was definitely not meant to be a question. So, I immediately burst into a rant to distract myself from the fact that not only was she laying on my bed, but she was also doing so in the tiniest pajamas I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
“It’s actually really fascinating why that happens. Aside from the usual predictions like dehydration and overexertion, the sun also makes you tired because the warmth increases your heart rate and metabolic rate, even if you’re just sitting. And that’s not even considering the sudden introduction of melatonin after you’re removed from the sunlight.”
There were only a couple of avenues to take in response to my nonsense. She could, as usual, acknowledge and dismiss what I’d said, or, if she felt particularly brave, she could engage. The former usually came with a bit of a sting, but this time was… different.
“Come lay down,” she slurred.
“With… you?”
She gave a breathy, sultry chuckle as she responded, “Is there someone else here?”
But I couldn’t, right? She couldn’t mean it. It had to be a joke. Why would she want me to lay with her? I mean, she was in my bed. But still — was this a pity thing? There were a million insecurities bubbling to the surface, and I almost listened to them.
All it took was one powerful enough thought to overtake everything else. It was the simple and overwhelming realization that this might be my only chance. There were certainly few other opportunities like this one, with her sleepily begging me to join her while she writhed around on the sheets that I’d brought to replace the hotel issue.
She didn’t know that part about me and hotels. She’d never stayed in my room long enough to find out. She’d definitely hadn’t laid in it, and definitely not with me there, too. So I did it. I seized the day and literally every ounce of confidence I could muster in my body and I joined her.
… Kind of.
Although I didn’t lay down with her, I sat on the edge of the bed. It was close enough that I hadn’t outright rejected the offer, but far enough away that I could test the waters and ensure she really knew what she was requesting. It became very clear to me very quickly, however, that she knew exactly what she was doing. She also made sure I knew that she did not appreciate my hesitance.
With both hands, she grabbed hold of my arm and used all of her strength to literally drag me into the center of the bed. Between my nervous, awkward laughter, I somehow managed to scramble up onto the mattress before she dislocated my shoulder in her insistence.
Once I was there, though, I couldn’t laugh anymore. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs had completely given up any semblance of functioning the second she rolled over to face me. Our noses brushed against one another and her breath fanned over my lips. She smelled of mint and purity, and I was losing any control I had managed to maintain this far.
But while my eyes were stuck on her, she looked away from me with no effort at all. I guess she decided that there were better places to be, because she sunk into the sheets and nuzzled her face into my chest so quickly that I almost worried she’d slip from my arms entirely. But she didn’t. She stayed there, pressing her ear against my chest and undoubtedly being deafened by the pounding of my heart.
“Wow. You are warm,” I nervously chuckled, hoping to muffle the sound.
“So are your hands. Still,” she mumbled back without budging at all.
I could say the same for the lump in my throat, which refused to move no matter how hard I tried to clear my throat. Deciding that I’d rather suffer than disturb the girl half-asleep on my chest, I just croaked out a weak, “So what now?”
“We still have to watch Tarzan,” she grumbled. It was admirable, really, how dedicated she was to the half-baked plan, considering I could practically hear her snoring.
“Are you actually going to be able to stay awake that long?”
“Of course. I’m an adult,” she sneered, “I don’t need naps.”
Unsurprisingly, she was wrong. So wrong in fact that by the time the first music note hit, she was already fast asleep. It bothered me less than I thought it would. In fact, the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest were even more comforting than the gentle thrum of the musical score.
I drew the rest of the words against her skin with gentle strokes across her back, wondering how in the hell a cartoon about a man convinced he was a gorilla could so perfectly describe the strength contained in the woman in my arms.
Because there was nothing that I wanted more than to protect her. I wanted to keep her right there, the one place I could shield her from any of the men who wouldn’t love her right. I wanted to feel her breath against my neck and her heart gently matching with mine.
I took in the moment to the best of my ability. I barely watched the movie, too caught up in the sight of her at her most vulnerable. I selfishly wished she would realize just how much better she slept in my arms and want to do it more often. But I knew that was silly. She was just tired from the beach.
This was a once in a lifetime event, and I needed to remember that. But it was so hard to not wish for more. To not hope and pray and beg whatever gods that might exist to recreate this moment over, and over, and over again.
But of course, it didn’t work. After a while, she started to stir in my arms just enough to alert me that she’d woken up.
“Is the movie over?” she said through a dramatic yawn. After that was done, though, she just returned to her previous position with her cheek pressed tightly against my chest. That was, until I regretfully caught her attention with the honest answer.
“It ended… an hour ago, yeah.”
She shot up so quickly that our faces almost collided. I prevented disaster by a couple of seconds and a few laughs at the state of her hair after she’d fallen asleep in such a ridiculous angle. I was sure mine was just as bad, but she was too sleepy to notice.
“Why didn’t you wake me up?” she whined like it was all some massive inconvenience instead of exactly how I’d wanted to spend the entire trip. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to tell her that. I had a fantastic explanation that also doubled as the perfect cover.
“If you’ve been asleep for longer than 30 minutes, you shouldn’t wake up until after the 90 minute mark so your body is able to complete one sleep cycle, so you don’t wake up feeling groggy.”
“I don’t know…” she trailed off. I saw the mischievousness forming in her eyes, but I was powerless to stop it. Per usual, I was weak to her whims. Then, with an accusatory yet playful tone, she snickered, “Spencer Reid, I think you enjoyed cuddling with me.”
When I scoffed, she took it as yet another challenge. This time there was no clever comeback or caution. No, she threw herself on top of me with enough force that her impact knocked the little air from my lungs.
“Admit it!” she dared. It wasn’t until I shook my head ‘no’ with my lips pursed shut that I realized our noses were touching.
“Fine,” she grumbled, narrowing her eyes to focus more on the impossibly close quarters. Whatever she found there must have been convincing, because she let out an exasperated sigh before she conceded with one final threat. “Your secret is safe with me.”
My hands made their way to her waist without my instruction, but I wouldn’t have stopped them even if I could have. The little gasp of breath she took in response fueled something dangerous in me. I felt the familiar tightness forming, but couldn’t bring myself to make her move. She was still on all fours, hanging her face above mine and letting the cutest little flush form over her cheeks. I had to wonder if it was from the position or because she felt that feeling, too.
Regardless, I had to do something to break us from this moment before something happened that I would regret.
“I appreciate your discretion,” I finally replied in a register lower than I’d expected. The rumble it produced in my throat was just enough to make my mouth move closer to her. But just before they touched, just before she closed her eyes and gave in my prayers, she turned away.
Barely audible and entirely out of breath, she quickly rasped, “I’m starving.”
The disappointment I felt wasn’t nearly as suffocating as I thought it would be. Because as much as I’d rather have kissed her and consumed her until there was nothing left of us, I knew we’d have to face the real world again eventually. And I still had the rest of the trip left, right? There would be other nights.
“Let’s get food,” she said as she stood up, leaving my bed a little bit colder in her absence.
I shouldn’t have been surprised when it stayed that way. If I’d really wanted her to come crawling back to my bed that night, I should have begged her to. But I didn’t. I gave her the space I assumed she’d need and simply enjoyed her presence from whatever distance she created.
Still, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when she wished me goodnight and left the door between us open.
There would be other nights.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I’m not really sure why I decided to pursue some of them. Most of them, really. But there is always this feeling deep in my gut that tells me the mistake is inevitable. So certain, so sure, that the energy taken to try to avoid it would be even more fruitless than my attempts to pick up the disaster in its wake.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes. It was inevitable one would happen this week.
But something about this time was different. Normally when I had someone else on my bed, I was at least able to enjoy the warmth of their skin pressed against mine. His hand on my back should have been comforting, a reminder that for the brief period of time that he stuck around, I wouldn’t be alone. This encounter would be the glue holding together the broken pieces I barely recognized as myself anymore. I’d done it so many times before.
So why did his hands feel so cold? Why were his fingertips sharp despite dull nails, and why did the gruff sound of his voice whispering my name feel the same as metal scraping against a chalkboard?
He didn’t kiss me, and for once I realized that I didn’t want him to.
With one hand against his chest, I applied just enough pressure to hopefully catch his attention. When nothing changed, my voice came out, too meek and too scratchy to sound like an order.
“Actually, I don’t think I—”
He kissed me then, but the alcohol on his tongue tasted more like acid.
“Wait,” I mumbled, pulling my face away but still able to feel where he had touched me. Louder and harder, I cried, “Stop, I just—!”
His hand grabbed hold of mine, and for a brief second, I realized why they felt so cold. My mind replayed Spencer’s palm pressed against mine. I thought about how perfectly they interlocked. It’s cheesy to say it was like the pieces of a puzzle, and truthfully, it isn’t entirely true.
Because puzzles have imperfections. Our hands didn’t.
But my hands were pinned against the bed under someone else. I looked into his eyes and I saw something that terrified me. I saw myself, splayed out with a self-inflicted vulnerability. I looked away because the darkness felt less painful than facing myself. I wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t. They were too busy, too stuck on the soft yellow glow coming from under the door.
I heard my name, but it sounded so far away. It sounded wrong. It hurt. The hands on my body felt like scratches on a sunburn that didn’t exist. My lungs filled with the smell of regrets that I still had the chance to end if I could just make myself move.
“Please!” I croaked, and something in the way he returned a laugh told me that he was choosing to interpret the desperation as the opposite of how it was intended.
Self-preservation was a powerful thing. Self-hatred was stronger. Until that night, I was convinced that there was nothing strong enough to combat it.
But then the light flickered away, drowning me in a darkness and pain so overwhelming, the fire in my stomach burned through my throat until the words burst out like plumes of smoke.
“I said stop!”
My eyes snapped back up to meet a disgusted rage in a stranger’s eyes, snuffing out the newfound confidence and leaving me paralyzed underneath him once again.
“I’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to yell,” I blubbered, regretting the words before they ever even touched my tongue, “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have—”
I hated that I meant them, and I hated that he knew that. But to his credit, he abandoned me almost immediately. I realized that his hands weren’t as cold as I’d previously thought, and a guilt shrouded my thoughts and prevented me from noticing the way the light in the room next door had turned back on.
“I’m sorry. I just… I don’t really feel well. I guess the sun and alcohol aren’t a good mix,” I joked, chasing after the wrong person out of fear and shame and something else.
“Whatever,” he mumbled, gathering his things with a haste that hurt me even though I wanted it to be over faster.
My thoughts ran separate from my mouth, pathetic pleading to the man already halfway out the door, “Maybe I can call you later.”
The door slammed shut just hard enough to rattle the paintings practically nailed to the wall. I wondered if it was possible that the force was also the reason tears dripped from my chin, but I knew I couldn’t blame him for that.
It was my fault. I made a mistake. And this time, I had an audience.
My eyes fell to the sliver of light still peeking under the door beside me and I felt the nausea crash into me much like the waves against the shores we shared together earlier. The seasickness spread, making my vision rock and my breath catch as I suffocated under the weight of what I’d done.
With my hands and forehead pressed against the door, I hoped he’d be able to hear me when I quietly called, “Spencer? A-Are you still awake?”
Silence followed, but I could still hear him within it. I could hear him weighing his options, trying to decide whether it was worth it.
Eventually, he answered, “The door is still unlocked on my side.”
“Oh… Right,” I breathed, letting numb fingers flip the latch and pull the door open to reveal his, still slightly ajar, just as we’d left it before.
At first, all I saw was an empty room. It wasn’t until I pushed the heavy door open that I spotted him, his forearm pressed against the wall and his head resting on it. But the most painful thing about it all was the way his chest heaved with heavy breaths that sounded just like mine had earlier. Like he was still caught in the fray he hadn’t really been a part of.
I don’t know what made my arms seek him out, but they did, wrapping around him despite tremors and trepidation. Spencer didn’t move; his body remained frozen in place but still shaking until he let out a deep breath that felt connected to my own lungs.
Then, he turned within my embrace, enclosing me in a familiar warmth that extended beyond the physical. His fingers, while undoubtedly tighter and more insistent in their grip on my shirt, didn’t hurt.
It felt… safe, which was terrifying in an entirely different way.
“Do you want to watch another Disney movie?” I heard myself ask, muffled in the soft fabric of his shirt.
Again, Spencer paused, his answer coming slow and strained. “Sure,” was all he said. But there was another answer in the way his hands never completely left me, lingering on my arm and guiding me with absolutely no signs of force until we both stumbled into his bed.
Within his hold, there was nothing but a comfort that induced its own guilt from my selfish indulgence in him.
And I thought to myself: Why do I do this? Why let myself feel something that could never actually be mine?
“Are you okay?”
The question caught me off guard, and I opened my eyes to see Spencer staring back at me from the other pillow.
“What?” The syllable broke in my mouth, and I cleared my throat before I continued, “What do you mean?”
“I heard you... you…” he crackled. The words must have stung him as harshly as they hit me, because he never finished the thought. Instead, he pulled me tighter to him until there was no avoiding the red-rimmed eyes that were still filled with nothing but empathy as he repeated, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine,” I lied. He knew it was a lie, but he didn’t say anything. He held the words back with his tongue between his teeth and his jaw steeled shut.
“You know how I am,” I laughed nervously, “Can’t really blame him for leaving, can I?”
Spencer’s nostrils flared and his teeth ground together. The tension permeated every inch of him, but he never let me feel the pain that forced the words between still tight teeth, “That wasn’t your fault,” he said, “It is always okay to change your mind.”
Butterflies flooded the spaces that desperately craved air, leaving me only able to shrug unsurely before I whispered, “I guess.”
“It is,” he said again, the words harder to ignore when they were spoken with his whole body holding me like I was made of already cracked glass, “Always.”
I bit down on my lip and tried to laugh, but all that came out were almost silent sobs. He caught the tears that flowed down cheeks still hot from the sun and embarrassment, but he had no air in his lungs, either. Together, we struggled to find oxygen in the too-small room, knowing damn well that breaking apart would be easier, but not wanting to let go.
Somewhere within the battle of wills and worn out hearts, I managed to slur, “I’m sorry, Spencer.”
He waited until I was comfortably nestled against him, my face hidden from him while his hard-beating heart beat clearly against my ear. It wasn’t until he knew I could feel the way it sped up when he asked, “For what?”
There was no verbal answer provided, and I told myself that the fact he didn’t let me go was already more than I deserved.
I’d always hated the beach. The sand stuck to everything, and the crashing of the waves, the incessant cawing of the seagulls, and the chatter of tourists created a cacophony of sound that I’d simply rather be without.
But I had never come to the beach at night, and I had never come to the beach with her.  It took less than an hour for me to fall in love with the rumbling water that seemed farther away when the sun wasn’t glaring off of it.
The moonlight, pale and unforgiving, was drawn only to the woman lying beside me on the blanket. I was so lost in the way her profile somehow seemed flawless that when she turned to see me, I didn’t even try to hide my shameless staring. A gentle curve appeared on her lips, and I couldn’t decide if it was because she was flattered or uncomfortable. She looked too beautiful for me to think it was the latter.
“Tell me something about the stars,” she said, breaking the silence and drawing my attention back to the sky if only for a second.
“Like what?” I asked. There was so much to say, but my breath seemed better spent on her than the fiery gases light years away. I looked back at her, and her following words reflected what I saw.
“Something beautiful.”
She didn’t expand on the thought, and I followed her eyes to the sky and considered what natural wonder might compare to the vision next to me.
“Okay… Well, you see that star?” I settled, scooting closer to her and tilting my head to the side so that we were almost touching.
“I think so?” she laughed as she closed the few inches between our shoulders. “The one that looks brighter than rest.”
“That’s Sirius A, meaning ‘glowing’ or ‘scorching.’ It’s also been designated ‘canis majoris.’ It’s the brightest star in our sky, only outshined in our perceptions by the full moon and the International Space Station. But in reality, it is more than twenty times brighter than our sun. It just doesn’t feel that way, since it’s 8.6 light years away. Which is actually pretty close, considering.”
Normally when I talked this much, people would either tune out or tell me to shut up. (Y/n) wasn’t most people. Not only did her eyes stay wide and full of wonder fixed to the sky, but her hand also strayed over my lap until she found mine to hold on to.
After only a little bit of hesitation, I took the offer. She laced her fingers between mine like they were always meant to be there before whispering, “Keep going.”
I wished she wasn’t talking about the stars. I wished she was talking about us. But I knew better than to assume that, and so I continued with my impromptu astronomy lesson.
“It was one of the oldest recognized stars, and ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Polynesians used it to track the progression of Summer. It’s actually where the term ‘dog days’ comes from. It was the entire basis for the Egyptian calendar, although they called it ‘the Nile star.’”
“A star by any other name,” she interrupted with a goofy smile.
She was the only person who could interrupt me as much as she did and yet never hurt my feelings. It was like it was her way of showing that she was still listening. I wouldn’t complain even if it wasn’t. I just loved hearing her voice, especially half-breathless and threaded with laughter.
“Exactly,” I mumbled, even though what she’d said made little sense in the context. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was her smile that never waned, even as I continued. “That star was what would signal the rising of the river that would revitalize their lands. A symbol of hope and life.”
“What a well-loved star,” she sighed. The sound reminded me of the waves still rolling in the distance. I wanted to stop the lecture and point it out to her, but I was worried that comparing her to something as vast as the ocean might come off differently than I intended.
But what I really meant was that she was so breathtakingly beautiful. So full of life and strength and perseverance. I wanted to liken her to the ocean because of the way I found myself caught in the riptide of her. The way I had been lost in her since the moment I met her.
I stayed there; my mind stuck in the gravitational pull of her until she tore me away from it with a question I would’ve already answered if I hadn’t been distracted.
“Does it have any planets?”
I cleared my throat and my mind before I gracelessly answered, “No. Well, probably not. We aren’t really sure, but it’s probably too young for that.”
“How lonely,” she mumbled back. The answer turned her smile to a frown, and I tried not to blame the stupid star for making her sad. I didn’t stop myself from blaming the people who had hurt her, though. There was nothing to stop me from resenting anyone who ever made her feel alone.
I just needed to show her that even when it felt that way, she wasn’t. I squeezed her hand just hard enough that she broke from her reverie. She didn’t look at me, though, and I had my suspicions that she didn’t want me to see the sadness in her eyes.
“It’s not exactly lonely,” I explained, hoping that the literal truth might serve as some sort of metaphor, “It has a companion star, although astronomers didn’t find it until much later. And one day it’ll probably have planets that orbit it, too. Just like ours.”
Just like us, I wanted to say, but I was scared to be too bold.
I’m right here, I called to her from my thoughts when she turned to face me. Our noses were almost touching, and I felt that same soft breath ghost over my lips as she spoke words I could barely understand over the sound of my heartbeat.
“Do you think people will lay on the beaches of those planets and tell beautiful stories about our sun?” she whispered into the little space that remained between us.
“If they’re lucky,” I replied, my words crackling like softwood in a fire.
Be bold, something in me called, or be quiet forever. And I must have lost my mind, because I wanted to listen to it. I watched as her gaze bounced between my lips and my eyes, and I swore I heard her giving the same desperate plea.
Be bold right now, it said even louder, or be quiet forever.
“If they’re really, really, lucky…” my voice trailed off, but my free hand found its way to her cheek that was still warm from the earlier sun. As I stroked her cheek, she came closer, her lips just barely touching mine as I finished, “they’ll find someone even more beautiful to share that moment with.”  
I think that she smiled in response, but I couldn’t be sure. Because as soon as she had the chance, she closed the space between our lips. Just like that, she kissed me like it was the most natural thing in the world. She let go of my hand, but only so she could lace her fingers through my hair and pull me closer. That action alone made me gasp, and she took full advantage of the opportunity by sneaking her tongue between my parted lips.
Meanwhile, my hands struggled to decide how to hold her. Eventually, they settled on not holding her at all. Instead, the two of us rolled until I had her pinned beneath me on the blanket. I would’ve felt bad about the escalation if she hadn’t already wrapped her legs around my waist like the cutest little koala. Her whole body clung to me the same as the sand, and I found myself hoping that I would also find her everywhere.
The first time she moaned into my mouth, my heart nearly stopped. It sounded so much smaller than I imagined, so gentle and shy and not at all like the rest of her. I wanted to hear it again, and again, and again, until it echoed in my mind like the crashing of the waves.
“Spencer,” she purred against my lips before she even took a breath. That sound was even more beautiful than the last. Her hands, too, were wandering from my hair down my back. She arched her own until our chests touched, and I wondered if she could feel the way my heart reached out for her.
I didn’t trust myself to say her name without it sounding like, ‘I love you,’ so I kissed her, instead. I kissed her with all of the passion and admiration that had stayed locked inside of my chest for over a year, and suddenly I wondered how it had ever fit. There was no stopping it anymore. I didn’t want to.
I didn’t want to stop kissing her, but I had to. Like every supernova in the endless oblivion, the moment reached its inevitable end gracelessly and with a bang. This bang, though, was actually the persistent blaring of a car alarm somewhere in the distance. Although not deafening, it was enough to shake us both from the moment.
The two of us had already reacted exactly like our job had prepared us to when we realized that we hadn’t driven to the beach. By that point, it didn’t matter that it wasn’t our car, because the momentum had come to a screeching halt.
“We should probably head back, huh?”
She said it so nonchalantly that I wondered if she could still feel me on her lips the way I still felt her on every inch of my body. She wasn’t even looking at me, her eyes stuck to the blanket as she fiddled with her top and her hair and tried to pretend like nothing had happened. Like we hadn’t just lost ourselves so much in each other that we forgot all about the stars.
“I have sand on basically every inch of my body,” she chuckled as she brushed the particles off of her. It felt like she was trying to do the same to me.
“Yeah, sure,” I forced the words out like they didn’t hurt, “Let’s head back.”
I used to love this part of the beach. After spending all day in sand and sun, I looked forward to stepping into the shower and watching the evidence of a day well spent flowing down the drain. It felt cleansing. It made me feel new.
But this time, there was no relief as sand fell and disappeared at my feet. Because in that moment, all I saw were failed attempts to wash Spencer from my skin. A fruitless attempt to force myself to forget the way it felt when he kissed me.
It felt wrong.
The plushness of the robe didn’t feel like a comfort or a luxury. It felt like a costume, an attempt to hide away and hope that Spencer wouldn’t see just how hard I’d tried to avoid this exact situation.
But the second I stepped over the threshold into his room, I couldn’t avoid the truth. His eyes roamed over the exposed skin of my legs but stopped on my face. He looked at me, unlike any man I’d ever met. So full of such a pure adoration that it made my chest ache. It reminded me of just how lonely it felt when he wasn’t there.
I approached him with steps full of trepidation but lacking any regret. How could I think this was wrong when my legs moved towards him without my permission. My body sought him out so clearly and strongly that I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure derived from his company.
So why was it that my hands reached out, but stopped before they touched him? They stayed suspended just beside his face, begging him to do something to take the last step to close the distance between us.
He didn’t. His hands came to mine just as slowly as I’d come to him, and he led them away from his face and down to his chest. Silently, he pressed our hands against his heart like the harsh beating held a morse code message for me. Words in a language I didn’t understand.
I was so frustrated that I had to bite my tongue to hold back tears that slipped out, anyway. That was the only thing that tore Spencer’s hands away from mine. He wiped them away with so much tenderness I could only cry harder. Gentleness was such a foreign feeling that my body must have mistaken it for pain.
A different kind of pain. An ache that I wanted to throw myself into and drown in. A feeling so overwhelming that there was nothing else except for the two of us, lost at sea and hoping to never find land again.
“Break my heart, Spencer,” I whispered, surprised to hear my own voice but glad to have broken the silence. “Kiss me again.”
I could see the thoughts behind glassy eyes, that same desire to let go of the control and the fear. But his words betrayed those thoughts, and with a sad, pathetic voice, he answered, “I… can’t.”
I felt my dreams slipping through my fingers, even though my hands held tightly to his shirt. Everything I’d ever feared was coming to life in front of my eyes, and I tried to fight the inevitable with everything I had.
“Why not?” I begged in the form of a question.
“Because it means something to me,” he replied, and I felt the familiar words like a punch in the gut. I’d felt them before, but he still felt the need to explain it to me like it wasn’t currently tearing my soul apart at the seams, “Kissing you means too much to me.”
I laughed. It was a breathy, exhausted chuckle that made his frown falter for just one self-pitying second before our eyes locked again and he saw the full force of the feeling behind it.
“Then do it,” I said with an almost silent whine, “Please.”
I should’ve known better. It would take more to convince him than thinking things really hard. But the mere thought of spilling my heart out to him was its own kind of paralyzing. My mouth wouldn’t move, and while his lips opened and closed, he also couldn’t make the words come through. Until they did, weak and scratchy.
“I can’t do it unless… It means something to you, too.”
The words, spoken by a bona fide genius, were simply too stupid to acknowledge. I couldn’t even formulate enough words to explain just how ignorant they were. So I didn’t even try to string together a sentence filled with the frustration and admiration I felt for this absolute idiot in front of me. No, I just forced my way through the little space left between us until our lips met again.
They were so much shier this time, our hands inching by instead of flowing freely over one another. His breath came out hard, and our cheeks slid against one another with salty tears. They were the evidence of how much our bodies were overflowing with love, unable to contain the feeling any longer.
The kiss was shorter, too. It ended abruptly, with my lips breaking away to take in a shaky breath and force out an answer, just in case he needed it. Because he deserved to hear it.
“It does mean something to me. It always would have.”
“Then why didn’t you tell me?” he whined back, his pitch wavering with his hands that still weren’t entirely comfortable holding me like this.
I thought about the question because I didn’t know the answer. I closed my eyes hoping that it might clear my mind and make it easier, but even then, all I saw was him. I was faced with all the lies I’d told myself to keep us apart. There was no denying that I’d loved him for a long time, and if I was really being honest, I’d seen that same love reflected in his eyes. But I ran away from it and into someone else’s arms. Always someone who I knew would never look at me like he did.
Then the words came, through small sobs and with a life-altering wave of relief. The truth came out, genuine and untainted and raw.
“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
And he tried to accept the answer. He tried to see what I saw in myself, but his eyes were too clouded, too colored to see me exactly how I was to him. He looked at me like I was perfect exactly as I existed in that moment, because to him, I was.
“You deserve so much better than that.”
Those were the last words he spoke to me before our bodies crashed together like waves on the shore, always returning to kiss the surface of sand that would mix with the water to create something new. Spencer didn’t just kiss me. There was something else there, too, something deeper than a meeting of mouths.
For once, I didn’t try to identify it. I let the feeling flow through me, opening my mouth to him and feeling the way our bodies started to tangle together faster with each passing second. I barely registered his hands tearing my robe open, noting how I didn’t feel even the slightest tinge of fear as I stood bare before him.
His arms wrapped around my waist felt more comforting than any fabric, and when he spun us around, I fell back onto the sheets trusting that he would follow me. Which, he did… after he took a few seconds to appreciate the sight he’d worked so hard to have displayed for him. But seconds were all that he allowed himself, with hands too excited to find me again.
We tore the last barriers away in a mess of clothing and covers until we were back to where we were on the beach, with him hovering above me and protecting me from everything else. Within the confines of his arms, I felt safe in a way I’d never experienced before. My breath got faster to match my heart, and Spencer must have seen the way it made me shake. Because he kissed me again, returning me back to equilibrium before he spoke the unavoidable truth again.
“You’ve never let anyone love you right.”
But the meaning behind the words was lost on me, my mind too stuck on one word to move past it. My thoughts paused, but my body continued to explore the way it felt to slide against his. Somehow, my skin burned hotter with each second I got closer to asking him the question I needed him to answer.  
“You… love me?” I finally said aloud, granting myself the grace to stop all movements while I waited for his response. It came seconds later, with a full-hearted enthusiasm presented with a little bit of a laugh.
“Yes,” he whispered through it all, “I love you.”  
I bit down on my lip, but the laughter came through, anyway.
“You love me?” I asked again, just hoping to hear it again.
Spencer understood the request, and right before he kissed me again, he repeated the words. “I love you,” he said, again and again, each time our lips broke apart enough to allow him to speak.
“I love you,” he said for what must have been the millionth time before I could manage to return it.
My “I love you” was returned through uncontrollable giggles, urged on by his lips tickling my neck and his hand working its way over my stomach with soft, barely-there touches. There was so much joy, so much love, that by the time his hand landed between my legs, I’d almost forgotten what was going to happen.
It had never been like this before.
Everything shifted when he brushed knuckles over my sex, reminding me of what we were about to do. The laughter stopped, but it wasn’t replaced with an apprehension or sadness that I felt so often. It was pure, unadulterated joy so unfamiliar to me in this context that I’d almost interpreted it as a mistake.
But then he said it again.
“I love you,” he said, and the anxiety transformed to lust that couldn’t be sated by his finger delving between my folds. My back arched to meet him, and his mouth chased after my lips to make sure that we were never too far away from one another. The slow movement of his hand mimicked the softness of his tongue as we freely explored the new parts of each other.
“Please,” I slurred, earning a chuckle from the man above me.
He knew what I was asking for, and although his retreat was slow, it was in the best way. My body continued clinging to him for as long as I could, begging for his return however he would allow. When the head of his cock pressed against me, I felt my lungs cease all function. I froze, trying to memorize exactly what it felt like to be in this moment with him before everything changed.
“Spencer…” I sighed, relishing the way the name tasted on my tongue.
Before he began to sink into me, he gave me one last assurance. “I’ve got you,” he promised, “I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
And despite the words sounding so honest, I still had to ask, “Do you mean it?”
He didn’t mind. He never did. That impossible, wonderful man would sing my praises until his voice wore out and he was forced to write them on every surface he could find.
“God, yes, I would do anything to make you happy.”
The words were paired with more feathery kisses and an unbearable pressure as he entered me so slowly I thought I might scream. I tried to pull him forward, to bring us together faster, but Spencer stubbornly took his time. I could feel his lips curve into a smile against my throat that forced me to return my own, trusting that he would feel it all the same.
“You do,” I answered just in time to be cut off by his hips swiftly snapping forward, entering me with a momentum that carried through my whole body. A deep, guttural moan tore through my chest that so strongly contrasted all of the noises we’d made so far. It was a desperate, animalistic sound that demanded an equal energy from him.
It was a challenge that Spencer was ready to meet. He wasted no time in increasing the force behind each movement. With one hand resting against my cheek and the other digging into my hip, we continued to blend together into a new creature made up of cries of pleasure and overwhelming relief.
Each passing second felt like a lifetime that would still never be enough. There was so much happening that my mind couldn’t decide what to focus on, instead choosing to let my body act of its own accord and Spencer’s guidance.
It was… easy. He commanded each of my muscles with nothing more than a glance. Like he could feel every part of me. I swore it was like his soul held my heart in his hands, helping it beat in harmony with his own until we couldn’t tell them apart. He read my mind and answered all of the fears and the thoughts until there was nothing left but happiness and home.
He felt my ending before I’d even noticed it was approaching, and somehow, he created an even gentler touch as he asked, “Are you ready?”
There were no words I could say to explain the feeling, and I knew he didn’t need me to speak to understand, anyway. I nodded and let our lips catch together again as my body tensed around him.
“I’ve got you,” he whispered, and I believed him.
I gave in to the pleasure and the safety of his embrace. Still, even in the greatest heights of pleasure, I never lost the clarity in how it felt to be held by him. When my vision went white, I saw his eyes in the light. My nails dug into his skin and pulled him over the edge with me until we were shaking messes of euphoria and catharsis.
His movements faltered as he filled me with a warmth that spread beyond the physical. I felt the very essence of our beings twine together so tightly that they would never be separated again. He found a home in me, and I held onto that feeling until our bodies collapsed together and brought us back to the hotel room bed.
But even as the yellow lights and strange artwork became obvious again, I didn’t feel any different than I had seconds before. Because that feeling wasn’t forged through atmosphere or alcohol, as it so often was for me.
I still felt at home because that was where I was.  
The feeling persisted even after we fell into bed together again, silent and seeking each other out among the sheets. His embrace was more insistent, hungrier in a strange contradictory way. I had a couple theories why, but I had the grace to let him off the hook… sort of.
“Alright. Admit it.”
“What?” he murmured into my shoulder, burrowing his face in my chest like he could actually melt into me if he tried hard enough. But he couldn’t hide from the I-told-you-so I was chasing.
“You know.”
“Fine,” he sighed after a moment of pouting that got him nowhere. “I like cuddling with you.”
“I knew it.”
“You did,” he happily chirped. If you’d told me even an hour before that Spencer would accept his defeat in grace, I would have never believed you. But there he was, openly admitting that I had been right all along while proving my point.
I pried him away from my chest because I needed to prove to myself that it was all real. That Spencer Reid had really told me that he’d loved me. I needed to see the love in his eyes to convince myself that happiness was really possible and within my grasp. And when he looked up at me, he told me all of that and more with a dopey, lovesick smile.
“I…” The words caught in my throat, fighting past one last obstacle. My heart stubbornly held its final wall up, trying to prevent me from giving Spencer all of me.
But I wanted to. I wanted him to see the ugly because I knew he would still find it beautiful. I wanted him to feel the weight I’d carried for so long because, despite skinny arms and a fit test that would beg to differ, I knew he was strong enough to carry it.
“I didn’t realize it could be like this,” I finally admitted, smashing through the theoretical brick to find Spencer patiently waiting on the other side with open arms.
“That’s okay,” he promised, “I’ll never let you forget it.”
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slytherinchevy · 4 months ago
Such Children ~ MCU Cast x Teen!Reader
A/n: Part 2 for ‘Get Popcorn’ . 
Reader: female, 18 years old.
This is a completely platonic oneshot. 
A lot of you liked the first oneshot and wanted a second part to it so here it is! I’ve not proofread so excuse me if there are any typos. 
Feedback is always appreciated.
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Actors: Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland. 
Warnings: sexual mentions, mature language. 
Words: 1.5k+  
The director sighed before mumbling for a five minute break.
Scarlett just shook her head as she witnessed the scene in front of her, trying to not laugh and make the two kids feel even worse.
Lizzie wasn’t thinking about any of that and was almost rolling on the floor, only shutting up when Joe Russo sent a warning glare at her.
You on the other hand, wanted a giant hole to appear below you and swallow you right then and there. And you were pretty sure Tom wanted the same exact wish as he looked pleadingly at the floor, as if willing it to open up.
You and Tom had started filming your scene about an hour ago. You were able to go through the quarrel scene pretty effortlessly. The place y’all were hiccupping on was the make-out scene.
Big surprise…Not.
It seemed as if you had been filming that one scene forever and everyone on the crew was going tiresome.
But that wasn’t even the worst part. Oh no, the worst part was that you two hadn’t even begun making out yet!
The build-up towards that scene was the problem. You and Tom are to quarrel and almost shout over each other as you were supposed to be discussing a mission plan in his room and at one point the tension gets so much that one second you are quarrelling and the other you are making out.
He has to have you against the door, kinda ferociously make out before the scene can cut.
The very first time you two blanked out on your lines just before the make out so you had to do the quarrel scene all over again.
The next Tom was able to back you up against the door but his hands could not stay on waist for too long because it was way too awkward.
The third time, you almost did it, going as far as kissing each other but y’all started laughing within five seconds of it.
And since then on, every single time you start laughing when you look at each other’s face. It went to the point that y’all started laughing even while just saying your “quarrel” lines because you knew what was about to come.
The director gave you two a wary look before asking,” You think, you can do this by tonight?”
Sharing a guilty look, both you and Tom nodded your heads before resuming your positions.
Robert sauntered into the set just as the scene began,” So...what’s up with these two?” he whispered to Scarlett.
She smirked as she glanced at him before looking at the scene again,” Holland and Y/n/n have a make out scene right now and both of them are….killing the entire thing.”
Robert raised his eyebrows but before he could comment, Lizzie intervened,” And she actually means killing the scene. Those two aren’t able to even get to the part of making out.” She chuckled.
Robert huffed,” Well that’s good” earning him a playful punch on the shoulder from Scarlett,” Don’t go all dad on her right now! These kids are struggling.” As much as she tried not to laugh, a breathy one did escape as she finished her sentence.
“Scar, you went all mother on her just a few moments ago, you don’t get to talk” Lizzie reminded as Scarlett looked at her in mock betrayal.
“Whose side are you on!?”
Before they could continue bickering, they heard a tiny squeal,” TOM, STOP TICKLING ME!”
“Oh god, this is torturous to watch” Robert laughs, the other two women following along.
You on the other end were hitting Tom’s shoulder, not specifically for any reason other than that was the only thing that came to your mind to do after having to try and fail to make out with him.
“Would you stop hitting me!?” he asked after a while, holding your wrists and accidently holding you against the door without really thinking about it.
It didn’t really mean anything for you two other than playing around and he was about to let go of your hands before both of you heard a faint murmur of the director telling the cameraman to keep rolling the camera.
That was when they realized what kind of a position they were in.
Tom leaned near your ear and whispered,” You thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Go with the flow?” you whispered back, slightly tilting your head so you could be heard discreetly. Feeling a faint nod near your neck, he pulled back before leaning in to take in your lips.
Since the mic wasn’t near you two, the short conversation wasn’t picked up and it just looked like your characters were having a secret exchange before leaning in.
“Di-Did they plan that or…is there something going on there?” Robert asked, not knowing how to feel about the scene in front of him.
“ I have no fucking clue” both the ladies said in unison.
And before you knew it, you heard cheering from the entire audience that had gathered to see your disastrous performance and a loud “CUT” telling you it was okay to part now.
Pulling away you both looked at each other for a solid minute before laughing your freaking heads off.
No, seriously, if someone were to witness you two laughing, they’d think you had gone mental.
But it was the relief of being done with this pain of a scene that had caused such boisterous laughter.
You both got off set, immediately getting greeted by the three older actors who had been there. Joe Russo came over as well,” Good job at finally getting that scene down, guys. It was a bit slow-paced than planned but it worked beautifully. You can go rest now.”
And with that, he walked off. You sighed in relief that they weren’t absolutely livid at you two for not being quick enough with this script.
Scarlett slung an arm across your shoulder as the five of you walked towards the trailers when Robert asked,” So children, is there anything you wanna tell us?”
It was playful but you could pick up a hint of seriousness in his tone. But you had no idea what he was talking about and it seemed like Tom didn’t either.
You heard Scarlett sigh, slightly shaking her head at Robert who wasn’t about to about to let go of this,” There was something there you know. Did you plan that scene?”
You furrowed your brows as Tom answered,” Uhm, not really. We were playing around and kind of just went with the flow I guess.” You nodded, agreeing to his statement.
“So that was it?” Robert narrowed his eyes, analyzing both of you.
“You know, good friends can also have chemistry” Scarlett defended.
Now you were even more confused even more confused,” What??”
Lizzie rolled her eyes before stepping in front of you,” Are you two fucking?” Both Robert and Scarlett looked at her, mouth agape. But their expressions were nothing compared to what you and Tom looked like.
“WHAT!?” you two shouted, not caring that it was night.
“What, what? That’s what he’s asking.” She answered matter-of-factly.
“THAT WAS NOT WHAT I WAS ASKING” Robert exclaimed as you and Tom looked at him suspiciously,” okay…maybe I was implying but that’s not the same thing!”
“Lizzie… what part of ‘I’ve never kissed someone’ did you translate to ‘I’m fucking someone’”? you asked incredulously.  
“Well to be honest, I was just telling you two clueless children what Robert was asking so you wouldn’t look like gawking chickens like you did a few minutes prior.” She paused before a silly smile spread across her face,” also, it’s a lot more fun than asking ‘are you two dating’ “.
You couldn’t help but laugh slightly at that,” Sadly, I agree with you on that.” You turned to look at holland, scrunching your face a bit,” but dating Holland? Nuh uh, I have better standards.”
“Hey! I’m an absolute catch” he exclaimed, causing you to laugh,” Yeah, you are a catch if a catch is some slang to say ‘trash’ “.
“Oh you are going to pay for that” he threatened and soon you two were Tom and Jerry, running around the trailers, one trying to catch the other.
“What would you rather have me say?! That I’d fuck you but not date you?” you shouted as you ran.
“EW NO! That is way worse, you little shit!” Tom hollered back.
“Well, those two are back to normal” Lizzie laughed before yawning,” And I’ve got an early shoot tomorrow so I’m going to hit the sack. Good night.”
She heard a faint “goodnight’ directed back at her as she turned around, before disappearing out of sight.
Robert slowly turned to Scarlett who still was processing that she just witnessed a conversation about her daughter figure fucking someone,” I…can’t believe that just happened, but …that was absolutely hilarious”.
He patted her shoulder as they watched you two being reckless children…well children who were cursing each other back and forth,” You and me both Scar. You and me both.”
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Hi! Can you Do a Bo Sinclair soulmate imagine where the reader meets him while she’s with Carly, Wade, Nick, and the rest? Maybe where you feel your soulmates pain, or something. Sorry if this is too specific lol.
Bo Sinclair X Reader
Soulmate AU: shared pain and shared scars:
You had been friends with Carly for a little while now, which was how you got invited on the group’s road trip. You weren’t a massive fan of football and didn’t care much about the game you were going to see but you thought that getting away could be a little fun.
It was the night before the game when the group decided to camp out for the night and keep driving in the morning. After setting up the tents, you all sat around with drinks, talking among yourselves. 
As the group talked and laughed, you held your wrist in your hand, gently tracing the faint scarring with your thumb, an absentminded habit you had developed years ago. 
“Damn, they look nasty” Nick’s voice made you look away from the others and towards him, seeing how he eyed your wrists. 
“Leave her alone, Nick” Carly scolded her brother, already knowing about the scars you had received due to your unfortunate soulmate. 
“Are they yours?” Nick asked, completely ignoring his sister. You weren’t sure whether he was genuinely curious or actually trying to get under your skin. 
“” you answered honestly. 
“Unlucky bastard” Nick muttered before turning his attention back to his drink, like your conversation never even happened.
With everyone’s attention going back to more light-hearted conversation, you looked down at your scarred wrist and sighed. 
Carly had once asked you if you held any resentment for your soulmate, as have others in your life, and you had been perfectly honest with all of them. You held no resentment, you weren’t angry with your soulmate, you were nothing but sympathetic towards them. It wasn’t their fault that somebody hurt them like this, you just hoped that they had been able to get away from it.
Though, you doubted it. The injuries aren’t as frequent as they were in childhood, however they still occurred and they could be pretty bad. Once, you had even woken up in the middle of the night, bleeding from what looked like a knife wound.
“Here” Carly’s voice brought you out of your thoughts, making you look up to see her standing beside you with a smile. You returned her smile and accepted the can of beer she held out to you.
Opening the can, you hissed slightly as your thumb slipped and you cut yourself on the sharp metal, cursing your own clumsiness. You brought your thumb up to your mouth before lowering it again, taking a sip of your drink. 
“Ah shit” Bo quietly cursed at the sudden stinging sensation in his thumb, it wasn’t particularly painful, just a shock.
He lifted his hand, noticing the slight cut on his thumb, and sighed. His soulmate must have done something stupid but he couldn’t find it within him to feel annoyed about it, not after everything he must have put them through.
He would probably be returning the favour pretty soon, since Lester had informed him of a group camping out nearby, they should be coming into town pretty soon. 
After the car broke down and everyone decided that there was nothing they could do to fix it, a man named Lester had offered to take three of you into a nearby town so that you could visit the garage there. So, you, Carly, and wade ended up walking into the town that Lester had left you on the outskirts on.
Walking under the hot Louisiana sun, you had to pull your jacket off and tie the sleeves around your waist. The three of you headed straight to the garage, which was easy to find, but found that there was nobody there. 
“Maybe there will be someone in the church?” Wade suggested, nodding towards the church at the end of the street.
“I’ll stay here in case someone comes back” you offered, thinking that the owner that Lester mentioned could be back any minute. 
“You sure?” Carly asked, not too sure about leaving you alone in a strange place. 
“What’s the worst that could happen?” you shrugged.
Carly and Wade nodded before heading to the church to find somebody who could help while you waited at the garage.
You sat down on the curb, glancing around the street. From where you were sitting, the church was just out of sight but you could see the top of the Wax Museum in the slight distance. Ambrose was a small town, extremely quiet. It almost seemed empty, only the sound of birds flying overhead breaking the silence. 
After a little while of waiting, you started to wonder why your two friends hadn’t come back. Surely they would have found somebody by now and if they hadn’t you thought they would come to tell you that. You were just about to go looking for them when footsteps caught your attention. You looked in the direction of the church, seeing a man in a full black suit walking towards you.
You paused for a moment, just staring at him as he approached. It felt like the air was sucked from your lungs, like the earth stood still just for a moment. The strange feeling was all consuming, you didn’t notice the falter in his steps that suggested that he might have experienced something similar. The sensation reminded you of the description Carly had given you when she was explaining what it’s like to meet your soulmate. Though his casualness in his following question made you doubt it. 
“Can I help you?” the man asked with a charming southern drawl. 
“Do you work here?” you asked as you stood up, dusting off your shorts. 
“Own the place” he nodded before walking over to the garage and unlocking the front door. “Are you here with two friends? I didn’t catch their names” he asked, nodding at you to follow him inside. 
“Yeah, Carly and Wade. You saw them?” you nodded as you followed him into the garage, feeling some relief to be out of the harsh sun. 
“Said they needed a fan belt, I sent them up to the wax museum to kill some time before I could help them. Didn’t realise they left someone else waiting here” he explained. You frowned a little, it would have been nice of them to have let you know rather than just leaving alone on the curb. 
Shaking the thought away, you put another smile on your face. “I’m Y/n, by the way” you introduced yourself politely, holding your hand out for him to shake. 
“Bo Sinclair” he introduced himself and took your hand, giving you a firm hand shake. His charismatic smile remained on his face, something closer to a smirk than a friendly smile. His name spoken in that alluring southern accent. You simply couldn’t help but be a little charmed by him.
His smirk faltered for a moment as he glanced down at your hands, noticing the scars that wrapped around your wrists. He paused for a moment, holding your hand a little too long as his gaze lingered on the scars. 
Bo didn’t comment on it, so the small feeling you had that his man could possibly be your soulmate left your mind. There was no way he didn’t recognise them if he had the same ones. They were too unique.
In that case, you figured his staring was just because of the scarring. You had experienced people staring at them from time to time, wondering how you got them, but you never let it bother you. You weren’t ashamed of them. 
Bo plastered the smirk back on his face as he released your hand. He couldn’t help but catch himself stare a little. You didn’t hide the scarring like he did. Yours were also a little fainter than his, probably because you had them tended too properly unlike him and they healed better. The intense, all consuming, feeling from earlier and now seeing the scars so similar to his own. It couldn’t be a coincidence... 
“You seem a little over dressed for a mechanic” you commented to break the awkwardness, understanding the tension that had developed but the two of you seemed to move past it relatively easily. 
“I was at a funeral before you’re two friends crashed it over a goddamn fanbelt” Bo told you, irritation clear in his voice. You couldn’t blame him in the slightest. 
“Oh...I’m so sorry” you apologised on behalf of your friends, now feeling a little bad for dragging him away to fix up your car. “Who did you loose, if you don’t mind me asking?” you asked, hoping to be sympathetic without prying too much. 
“My mother” Bo told you, making you even more apologetic. 
“I’m so sorry...about my friends and that you have to fix our car” you frowned, feeling even more awful than before. 
“Ain’t your fault, darlin’“ Bo assured you, truly not seeming angry with you. 
You couldn’t help but blush a little at the petname, you just couldn’t deny feeling an attraction towards this man. Having felt an instant connection to him. It was strange, and you were already finding yourself a little longing, knowing you’ll have to leave once the car was sorted. 
“C’mon, let’s see if I can find that fanbelt for you” Bo’s smirk quickly returned as he gestured you to follow him further into the garage. “One of your friends told me what size you needed” he informed you as he started searching through his supply of fanbelts. “And...we don’t have it” he hummed.
“You don’t? What now?” you asked with a frown, having no idea what you were supposed to do now. Where the hell were Carly and Wade?
“Don’t worry, no need to frown, sweetheart. We have the rest of the delivery up at the house, we’ll have the right size for ya” Bo assured you with a charming wink.
“You could have lead with that” you chuckled to yourself, feeling relieved and trying to ignore the way he had winked at you.
“C’mon, we’ll go up to the house and get it for ya. I’ll get my brother to tow your car and we’ll get you all sorted” he told you, quickly putting you at ease and making you feel like everything was going to work you.
“Thank you so much, Bo” you sighed, giving him a sincere smile.
“It’s not a problem” Bo nodded. “We’ll take my truck, it’s just outside” he informed you, placing a hand between your shoulder blades as he guided you outside.
The two of you got into his truck and Bo started driving towards his house. Normally this would be something that you would be suspicious about but something about him put you at ease.
“Those scars of yours...they’re pretty intense” Bo finally commented on them, he needed to know what you had to say. “They yours?” he asked, reminding you a little of your talk with Nick the night before.
“No, they’re my soulmate’s” you told him, gently rubbing your wrists.
“You must have really ripped into him when you met them, huh?” he joked half-heartedly, something in his tone that made you curious.
“Oh, I haven’t met them...but I wouldn’t rip into them” you frowned at the accusation. “I’ve had these scars since childhood, which means they likely did’s not their fault somebody hurt them. I’m not angry at them at all” you shook your head, clearly meaning every word you said.
“I’d be pretty pissed” Bo scoffed before his voice softened slightly, “but you’re probably a good person.”
“They were hurt by somebody, how can I be angry at them for that? I’m angry at whoever did it to them...honestly, I just hope they’re alright now” you confessed. “Just wanna give them a hug, y’know?” you laughed lightly.
“I hope my soulmate feels the same as you, they’ve probably been through hell because of me” Bo told you.
You weren't sure what that meant, of course. You didn't know what Bo had been through to worry about his soulmate's reaction to him like that but you were sure your soulmate had some similar concerns and you didn't want to pry further.
“They won’t be mad at you” you promised him with a smile.
Bo gave you a slight smile as he pulled up outside of his house, the way he looked at you leaving you curious. You couldn't quite explain it.
As Bo and you climbed out of the truck, Bo knew that you were his soulmate and that he couldn't let you go. A part of him had been relieved to hear that you didn't harbour any resentment towards him but he knew that if you didn't hate him now, you certainly would by the end of the day.
Still, Bo was selfish. He could let his soulmate, especially such a good one like you, slip between his fingers. You were his, and you had come home. He wouldn't be letting you leave any time soon.
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sukirichi · 5 months ago
total opposites
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Toge swap bodies after encountering a fairytale curse, and similar to its origin, it also takes a fairytale method to break it.
REQUEST. body swap au + best friends to lovers
CONTENT/WARNINGS. slight crack fic, some cursing, implications of nsfw but nothing explicit, just Toge being a not-so closet pervert, usual best friend bickering, reader is fem bodied, unedited story (I should stop saying this, everyone knows I don’t edit my stuff)
NOTES. I enjoyed writing this, tysm for the request anon, this was really cute! definitely this is shooting up in one of my fav works ever (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
You stretched your arms overhead, feeling great after sleeping in. It wasn’t common of you to sleep this late, but you and Toge had gone stargazing the night before. A smile made its way to your face as you reminisced him reciting rice ball ingredients, signing that he was telling poetry to ‘match the mood’ until you’d both fallen asleep on the soft blanket atop a hill.
You don’t remember how you made it back to your room, but figured that Toge had carried you back home before the sun rose. Making a mental note to thank your best friend later, you yawned as you padded out to your room, hands rubbing in circles at your stomach.
Hopefully breakfast would be amazing today.
The door next to you opened, revealing your younger classmate, and you frowned, because wasn’t Kugisaki your next door neighbour? Well, whatever, he, Yuuji, and Kugisaki might’ve taken advantage of the rare, peaceful weekend that they probably had a movie marathon the night before.
“Morning, Megumi!” you greeted, coughing a bit when you sounded off, throat a little horse and itchy. At the sound of your voice, Megumi stilled in his tracks, eyes wide at you. His comical expression had you barking in laughter, shooting finger guns his way as you wiggled your eyebrows. “Ey, be a good dog and bark for me, will you?”
Semi-visible sonic waves drifted like waves after one another out your mouth. Megumi scowled before he froze the next second, ears perked up and backside wagging in replacement of a tail. “Woof woof!”
“What the hell?” you reeled back in slight disgust, your underclassman’s cheeks burning red. Then, your lips grazed against a soft cloth, making you look down.
You blinked back once. Twice. You were definitely...built different today. Curiously, you tugged at the zipper peaking out from your black collar, the familiar zhoop sound of the zipper burned into your memory after hearing your best friend do it countless times before.
In front of you, Megumi screeched – the most noise he’d made ever since you met him – his jaw dropped open while you – or rather Toge stood at the end of the hallway, his hands squeezing at your breasts that were still under last night’s pyjamas. You blinked back once. Then twice, steam pouring from your nose when Toge, in your body, pointed at his body. 
“Oh, oh!” your scream bounced off the hallways hard enough that Panda slammed his door open, about to tell everyone to shut up when your voice let out a high-pitched scream.
“What are you doing in my body?!”
Looking down at where Toge was pointing, you were greeted by the sight of his dark uniform and sock clad feet, your chest replaced with hard muscles instead of the soft flesh. You turned to Toge with a stupefied look that mirrored his, both of you falling on the ground with fists pounding on the hardwood floor.
“I’m a fucking girl!” he cried out, whether out of happiness or frustration, it was hard to tell.
Meanwhile, you zipped his collar back up, tugging at his off-white hair as you forced yourself to remember his limited vocabulary. “BONITO FLAKES!”
Now you understood Toge’s frustration of being a cursed speech user. 
“Bonito Flakes” definitely did not hold the same fury as “FUCK” did.
Tumblr media
“You and I need to set down some boundaries,” you signed to him, brows pulled together. Toge seemed to be enjoying this sudden body swap a lot more than you did since he hadn’t stopped posing in the mirror the moment you pushed him back to your room, locking it shut to get some privacy. “You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to shower, do you understand?”
Toge scowled at your words, sassy as ever with his hands placed on his hips, buttocks jutted out. You hated, absolutely hated that he used your body this way because this time you couldn’t even laugh – not when seeing your body felt this awkward.
“You would really rather me stink?”
“You can’t undress too! Ever! Or if you will, your eyes better be closed. No peeking too!”
“Y/N, you and I grew up together. I’ve already seen everything,” he rolled his eyes, earning him a hard slap from the arm. Considering he was a lot more muscular than you were, your hit came a lot harder. “Ow!” he protested, rubbing the sore spot that ached, only to laugh at the sounds emitting from his lips. “Wow, I have to admit that this is really fun though. I’m actually talking,” he announced, “Hey, say salmon for me.”
“Bonito flakes!” you shook your head, “The moment Principal Yaga is back, we’re going to talk to him, okay? I don’t want to be stuck in your body any longer!”
“Please, you’re lucky you get to feel me up,” he winked at you, taking your (his) hands to flatten it on his stomach. “Come on, come on, feel my abs!” Whack. “Would you please stop slapping me? Your body is a lot more delicate than mine and my hands are – stop slapping me!”
Feeling bad for your friend and not wanting to abuse your body too much, you raised your hands in surrender with a roll of your eyes. “I can’t take you seriously with that voice. You’re too cute.”
“Complimenting ourselves now, aren’t we?” he scoffed, “Well, whatever, you are cute, especially when you’re angry. Such a shame I can’t see you do that right now because my handsome face is looking back at me.”
“I won’t hesitate to choke you, my friend.”
“You wouldn’t. You adore your body too much,” contrary to his words, Toge pulled a defensive stance. You threw a pillow at him, to which he easily dodged, clutching at the hem of your pyjamas afterwards. “Speaking of bodies, I really need to pee.”
“Hold it!”
“Are you insane? I’m not holding it, you’re going to kill us both!”
“Fine, I’ll take you to the rest room then,” you tugged at the hood of your shirt, pushing him inside the communal female restroom. Toge stood in the middle shock still, evidently flustered at the stalls and lack of urinals. You flicked a finger on his forehead, finger pointed to a stall. “Go pee. That’s my body – I need to make sure you’re not going to do anything weird with it.”
“I thought you trusted me, friend. Why would you think I’d touch you that way?”
You gave him an ‘are you serious?’ look. “You jack off every fucking night, Toge. I can hear you even from the next hallway. Plus, you’re a horny teenage male, who’s to say you wouldn’t be curious and try to see what female masturbation feels like?”
His eyes lit up at the idea, fist coming down to bounce at the palm of his hand as he nodded. “That’s actually a good idea—”
“Don’t you even dare.”
Tumblr media
“What?!” you and Toge both exclaimed. He faced you with utter horror written on his face and you gasped, slapping both palms over your lips.
“It is true,” Principal Yaga affirmed with a grim look on his face. He’d recently got back to fetch your troublesome Gojo-Sensei who’d been caught starting a ruckus in Roponggi while women flocked around him, leading to your principal to haul his ass back to the school grounds. “Some curses are manifested through daily objects, and sometimes even through nature. That shooting star you saw was an example of that.”
“But is kissing really necessary?” Toge queried with a wary gaze sent your way.
“It’s a fairytale curse. It can only be broken through a true love’s kiss.”
“But sir, Toge and I have never dated anyone before. How can we miraculously fall in love with someone to break this curse overnight?”
“It doesn’t have to happen overnight. Sometimes, a simple crush will do,” Principal Yaga sighed, scratching his bald head with his face pulled deep in thought. “Y/N, you have a crush on Gojo-Sensei right? I’m going to kill him if he actually kisses you – and knowing that damn brat he might if you ask him – but I think a kiss on the cheek will suffice. For now, you both just have to...broaden your relationships. Maybe go out on dates.”
“I don’t mind that. In fact, I’m going to have the time of my life,” Toge cheered, his mood dampening once he saw you stiffen. “But my body is...”
Knowing full well that he’d get insecure over his lack of speech again, you glared at him hard enough that your best friend straightened up, lips puckered out in a pout as if you hadn’t just caught him talking badly about himself again when you’ve told him countless times he was perfectly fine the way he was.
It made you sigh, feeling slightly bad that until now he still couldn’t see himself the way you saw him – not that you’d ever vocalize this; Toge would never shut up (in the best way he could) if he had the slightest idea what went inside your head.
“You’re lucky you have a pretty face. Otherwise, it’s going to be impossible for anyone to like you,” you teased instead, somewhat flustered at your indirect compliment.
Toge merely scoffed at you, his gaze burning and hard, contrasting the teasing little shit grin he wore. “Oh, please, if I wasn’t the cursed speech user, I would’ve banged—”
“Kids!” Principal Yaga threw his dolls at you hard, the both of you clutching at your heads in pain. How were those dolls as heavy as rocks? “Take your bickering back to your rooms please. No more of this mess and noise. It’s late.”
You frowned at the old man, face pleading as you signed, “Principal Yaga, can’t we really do anything else? Aren’t there any techniques to undo this?”
You and Toge knew that combination so well – pitch black eyes, jaw clenched, lips pursed and palms interlaced under his chin – one that meant his words were final and irrevocable. None of you could argue or suggest more solutions the moment the words left his lips like an ultimate decree. “The technique is the kiss. Now leave.”
Tumblr media
You and Toge tried, you both really did. 
But following Principal Yaga’s suggestion of dating others had turned out to be a complete fail – even with your normal body and Toge’s physical charisma. 
It simply didn’t work; not when Megumi ran away from you every time you tried to get him to kiss you with your arms wide open, and Toge wasn’t helping either by pushing Gojo-Sensei away from you every time the cheeky eyed teacher announced his willingness to help.
Eventually, you and your best friend had retired in his room, the scent of him coated all over his pillows and his shirt that you wore. That felt comforting, at least, and you buried yourself in the crook of your body’s neck, bodies tangled with one another.
Who knew dating could be so tiring?
A wave of irritation flashed over you from today’s events, knowing full well that this could’ve been avoided long ago. Scowling, you cuddled Toge closer, lightly flicking your fingers on your body’s chest. “This is your damn fault, Toge.”
“You were the one who asked me to stargaze with you.”
“You don’t always have to say no to everything I ask of you, you know.”
“You’re really dumber than I thought if you think I could easily say no to you,” he snorted above you, his chin resting atop your head. “I don’t have a lot of weakness because I’m a strong sorcerer—” another flick, a harsher one this time around. “Okay, okay, I’m just kidding! But I mean it though – you’re my best friend and my weakness. Of course I’d do anything to make you happy, even if it’s something as stupid as stargazing.”
“Hey!” you made a sound of protest in your throat, looking back at him with a frown. “It wasn’t stupid, it was romantic.”
Hell yeah, it was romantic indeed – your heart still skipped a beat every time you remembered Toge’s starry eyes matching the night sky’s beauty, the words salmon and mustard leaf surprisingly sexy every time it came from him. It was stupid – so fucking stupid – that you groaned into his chest to hide your flushed face.
“Yeah, I suppose it was.”
The room fell silent, your syncopated breathing soothing during this stressful times. Taking advantage of your voice, Toge began to hum, singing the songs you both had always listened to in the privacy of your room during lazy days. It brought a smile to your face as you clutched to him tighter, heart pounding in your chest as you gazed up at him, tapping his chin to get his attention. “Toge, can I say something weird?”
“Please, nothing you say surprises me anymore. Shoot.”
Your mouth began to dry as you cleared your throat in an attempt to hide your awkwardness, gaze pointedly averted from his prying ones. “You and I...we’ve known each other for a long time and we love each other. As best friends, of course.”
“Sheesh, friendzone much?”
“Would you please shut up and listen to me seriously for once?” you huffed, making him snicker, but nodded at you anyway to continue. “As I was saying – why don’t we kiss? It could be true love’s kiss.”
Toge didn’t speak for a good minute, the pregnant pause filling in the gap filled with tension. You taped his cheek, waving his hand in front of his eyes when he dazed out. When his gaze focussed back on you, Toge was surprisingly calm – although beneath that composed exterior, his mind had simply short-circuited. “If this is your way to get to make out with me, I’m going to sock you in the face.”
“Toge, I’m serious! Let’s kiss!”
“I don’t want to!” he shook his head indignantly, hiding his face by hugging you close to his chest instead.
“Why not? Don’t you want to swap back to your original body? Both of us haven’t showered in two days and I’m sick of the way you smell. You’re lucky I love you though, otherwise I’m going to cry. Come on, Toge, what’s holding you back?” you tried to fight back from his grip, but he’d surprised you both when he only squeezed you tighter, both your erratic heart rates matching the other.
“I said no.”
“Toge, it’s just a damn kiss, what’re you so afraid of?”
“I’m afraid that if we don’t swap back, then that means you don’t love me the way I love you!” he finally admitted, breathing hard before continuing. “Principal Yaga said it must be a kiss between lovers and not just platonic friends okay?” you attempted to scramble away from his arms again, and this time he let you, though he’d closed his eyes, cheek squished on the pillows as he murmured, “I don’t want you to reject me... even though I messed up already.”
“Wait,” you snapped your fingers to make him open his eyes, hesitant as you signed, “ love me that way?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Why not?”
“Because my face is staring back at me and it’s fucking awkward – I wanted to see your face when I confessed!” he sat up with a frustrated groan, childishly kicking off the sheets of the bed as he clutched his head in his hands. “I had everything planned, okay? Nobara and Yuuji helped me think of everything because Megumi is shit when it comes to love. Listen, I was going to ask you on a candlelit date and then maybe kiss the life out of you – if you feel the same way—”
“Kiss me.” The body he possessed a victim of his own powers, Toge was left with no choice but to grab your face before his mouth pressed against yours, fingers entangled into the other’s hair. You were smiling into the kiss the whole time, barely able to recognize when Toge had shifted your bodies until you were under him, his hands running down your sides lovingly the whole time. 
Pulling away to get some air, you opened your eyes, unsurprised when Toge laid above you, his strong arms planted beside your head.
Both of you were breathing hard from the passionate kiss filled with so much sexual tension and longing, your tongue darting out to swipe at his taste on your lips. The laughter that bubbled out of you was pure, wholesome and swollen like your heart. “I love you too, idiot.”
“Salmon!” Toge peppered your cheeks with kisses, pulling out more gleeful laughter from you, his playful and loving attacks more of a gift than a punishment. Once you’d recovered from your happiness – although really, who could recover after that? – Toge unzipped his collar, his smile nothing but wicked when he commanded, “Kiss me again.”
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oblxvion · 4 months ago
how can i help? | armin arlert
Tumblr media
-> pairing: tutor!armin arlert x f!reader, a bit of eren jaeger x f!reader
-> genre: smut
-> wc: 5.1k
-> warnings: cheating, fingering, oral (f receiving), slight voyeurism?
-> note: it was inspired from this post but i kinda tweaked it a bit.
Tumblr media
you were a good student, always getting good grades. you put a lot of effort into your work, wanting it to be the best it could be. but recently, you had been slipping and you didn’t know why. it could be the fact that you had been spending time with your friends, not leaving enough time to do your work, and now you were stressed. your grades had all dropped down a letter grade and you couldn’t feel worse about yourself.
your friends had noticed that you were overwhelmed, but they were shocked that a person like you was struggling to keep up with school. your boyfriend, eren, was very supportive and offered to help you study, but you knew where that would go.
“eren, i don’t know what to do!” you groaned in defeat as you looked onto your computer with all your assignments that were piling up. you didn’t know how he did it, he managed to keep his grades up with all the shit he was doing, you envied him for it. “i need to get all this stuff in or i’m going to fall behind!”
“you know, i could help,” he smirked over at you from your bed. ‘studying’ with eren had always consisted of at least 15 minutes of actual work and then eren helping you ‘relieve’ stress. you didn’t complain, the sex was nice but you were desperate, you needed to catch up with the rest of the class. “but i don’t wanna distract you, princess.”
“i know, i know. i appreciate it, really.” you turned around in your chair to face him, giving him a small smile. “but i really need some way to focus and get this done.” he set his phone down, trying to think of a way to help you. you were his baby, he wanted you to be happy and for that to happen, you needed to do well. 
“well, i’m sure armin could tutor you, he’s an amazing student.” 
armin was a close friend of eren’s, he was one of the students in the small percentile that were in the honors program at your college. he was nice, and you thought that he was somewhat shy at first, but once you really got to know him and spend more time with him through eren, you realized that he was actually a very lively person with his own dreams he wanted to pursue. you thought about eren’s idea, having armin help you would be perfect.
“that actually sounds like it could work,” you said to yourself, then looked back over to eren. “i’ll shoot him a text and ask.”
“that sounds like a great idea,” he agreed as he got up from his position on the bed, and giving you a quick kiss on your head. “i’m gonna head out, ‘kay? don’t wanna distract you while you’re doing work.”
“okay, text me,” you smiled up at him as you wrapped your arms around his waist, giving him a squeeze before sending him off. “love you!”
“love you too!” he called as he exited your dorm, giving you his cheeky smile before he shut the door. you had been alone in your dorm since your roommate, hitch, was back at home checking on some things with her family, but you didn’t mind, you enjoyed the space and time alone.
you reached for your phone, clicking armin’s contact before typing out a text.
hey, i’ve got a quick question
armin was more than welcome to talk with you what you needed help on and the two of you agreed to meet at a local cafe the following saturday afternoon to discuss the terms of your tutoring. you planned on talking about what you needed to learn, when some assignments needed to be submitted, and what he could do to help. you grabbed your computer and placed it into your bag as you slipped on a pair of shoes before leaving. 
it took you around 10 minutes to walk to your destination. you hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time outside due to your attempts to get your work done but it was nice, refreshing even. once you arrived at the cafe, you noticed that armin was waiting for you in the corner where the more comfortable chairs were located. 
“hey! how’ve you been?” you sat down in the chair across from him as he looked up, putting his phone in his pocket. 
“hey, y/n! i’ve been great,” he laughed, “how are you?”
“you know, the usual,” you sighed, setting your bag down beside you. “just super stressed that’s all.”
“yeah, totally. i get that. how can i help?”
“i just need some help catching up on some assignments and some subjects that i’m not too confident in.” you felt weird for some reason, he was super smart and you were afraid that he was going to make fun of you for falling behind. but armin would never, right?
“like what, math?” 
“yeah,” you replied, burying your head in your hands, trying to hide your embarrassment. math had not always been your strong subject, ever since you were younger too.
“i’m sure i can help you, i enjoy math.” he says with a smile. “can you show me what you’re working on?” you nodded your head as you pulled our your computer, opening the assignments that you had due. armin visibly tensed up but eased himself when you gave him a worried look. you had a lot of work that you needed to be done but with time and effort, he was sure that he could help you get back on track.
“okay, yeah. i can help. when are you free?” you gave him a list of the days that you were available after classes and he was able to make it work.
“perfect, thank you so much!” you gushed, standing up to give him a quick hug. “this means a lot to me, thank you!”
“uh, yeah, of course! anytime!” he chuckled, checking the time in the process. “shit, i gotta go but tomorrow works, right?”
“yeah, you know where my dorm is right?”
“of course i do,” he rolled his eyes playfully, saying bye as he exited the cafe. 
you were relieved, now that armin was here to help you raise your grades, you felt better. you felt confident that he was the one to help you. as much as you would’ve loved to have eren help you, you knew that it wouldn’t go well. he’d say that he’d help you but you’d end up on the bed with him balls deep inside you while your work sat untouched on your desk. speaking of eren, you decided to call him and tell him the news.
“hi angel,” his voice deep, you could tell that he had just woken up. “what’s up?”
“armin said he’d tutor me,” you told him eagerly, he was going to be a huge help and you greatly appreciated it. “thanks for the idea, baby.”
“really? that’s great, y/n!” you could almost hear his smile through the phone. “as much as i would’ve loved to be the one to tutor you, we both know what would happen.” you scored him for his comment but you agreed with him.
you and eren continued to talk on the phone about what you had planned for the day and if you were free later in the day to spend some time together since as of tomorrow, you now would be busy learning and doing you assignments with armin on top of school. not that he minded though, he wanted you to get back on track as much as you did. he hated seeing you so stressed and overwhelmed, it made his heart ache. he trusted armin that armin would help you in bring your grades up so he knew that you were going to be set
Tumblr media
your day had gone by pretty quick following that phone call with eren. you relaxed shortly after the call ended and gathered your work together so you could talk to armin about it when he arrived without looking for it and stressing. 
by the time you had woken up the next morning, it was already 11:50 and you had barely any time to shower. even worse, before you could even get out of bed, you heard a knock on your door.
“fuck,” you cursed, getting up from the bed. you had no time to change and armin had shown up early. “just a moment!”
“take your time, i’m in no rush,” he told you with a small chuckle. armin knew that he was a bit early and felt bad for it but he’d rather be early than late. 
you frantically rushed around your room, trying to find something to wear only to find that all your clothes were dirty and about to be taken down to the wash, just your luck. the only option you had was to wear your pajamas in front of armin, not that you didn’t mind but they were a bit revealing. you pulled your tank top a bit higher to cover your cleavage and pulled your shorts a bit further down than you would normally wear before walking over to the door.
“hi armin, i just woke up, sorry,” you apologized, giving him a small smile as you opened the door for him, urging him to come inside. you moved over to the side as he walked in, taking his shoes off by the entrance before setting his bag down. 
“don’t worry about it, it’s a weekend, i wouldn’t expect you to be up early, especially for doing school work.” he assured, sitting down on your bed before giving you a look. “can i sit here?’ 
“oh, uh, yeah, go ahead!” you smiled as you sat down at your desk before opening your computer. “you can also grab hitch’s chair, she’s not here.” you motioned your head over to her desk where her chair was sitting unused. armin mumbled a small “thanks,” before he nodded his head and went over to bring the chair next to yours, reaching over for his bag in the process.
“i brought some snacks just in -” he began but was soon cut off as you whipped your head around to look into the bag. you hadn’t had time to eat since you had woken up but armin really came in clutch with the food. 
“ohmygod, thank you, holy shit,” you cried, “i didn’t eat this morning so i’m starving.” you reached into the bag, rummaging around as armin smiled at your eagerness, thinking that it was somewhat cute. when you finally chose the snack you wanted, you sat back and showed armin your math work on your computer screen. 
“oh, this is easy, let me show you,” he says softly before scooting himself closer to you and the desk as he explains how to solve the problem. your eyes switch from the screen to the paper that he was writing on as he talked and back to his face. during this time, you paid close attention to his words, trying to understand what he was saying, repeating it back so he could explain further if something confused you. 
armin looked as if he were in his element when he was helping you, and you noticed how pretty he actually was. his ocean eyes looking at the screen and over to you to make sure you knew what he was saying and could understand it the slightest bit, the way his hair looked with the sunlight coming in slightly from your window. your eyes lingering over to his hands as he held the pen to show you the work, wondering about how they’d feel on your body. 
you could feel yourself getting embarrassed for thinking such things about him, about your boyfriend’s best friend. you felt gross for it, but there was no denying the warm feeling in your shorts. 
“hey, y/n, are you with me?” armin called out to you, noticing that you were zoning out as he brought his left hand to your thigh, patting it slightly. you blinked twice and looked over to him, apologizing for zoning out as he continued to help you through your work. he was truly being so kind, whenever you didn’t get an answer or understand, he wasn’t mean, he just helped you through the problem and told you what to do.
but your mind was somewhere else once again. all you could think about was how his hand still hadn’t left your thigh, gently tapping it as he wrote. you wanted to know what it felt like, if his hand moved just a couple inches up to your core. your breathing grew heavy as you continued to fantasize about him, completely forgetting about the fact that you had a boyfriend and were in a very happy relationship. the way armin’s warm touch hadn’t left you was slowly driving you insane, you wanted more.
armin, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to your actions. he hadn’t noticed that you weren’t paying attention until he felt your leg tense up from under him and heard your heavy breathing. he noticed your hands were at your lap as you played with your fingers. armin looked over to his phone, it was probably a good time to pause, seeing that it was almost 12:40 and that your attention span probably ran out. 
“let’s take a small break, yeah?” he whispered, turning his head over to yours as you snapped out of your daze with a small “okay,” while angling your body towards him when your heart nearly skipped a beat. armin’s face was millimeters away from yours, you could feel his minty breath on your face. he was beet red, embarrassed and worried that he had crossed your boundaries as he pulled back and brought a hand to try and cover his face.
you were just as flustered as he was, but when he was so close to your face, you couldn’t help but look at his lips and want to feel them on yours. before you could even do any rational thinking, you reached your hand up to his shirt and pulled him back towards your face your heart pounding rapidly inside your chest as armin’s lips ghosted over yours. his stomach was churning with butterflies, not sure whether to believe if this were really happening. 
“y/n, we can’t,” armin says under his breath, knowing how badly he wants to feel your lips in his, to feel you. 
“but i want to,” you whimper against him as he can barely feel your lips moving against his. the things your voice does to him, he wants to show you. the sexual tension in the room is so thick, you couldn’t take it anymore and neither could armin. before he could stop himself, his lips came crashing down onto yours. 
armin’s always had some feelings for you but pushed them away because he couldn’t do that to eren, his best friend. he couldn’t do that to him, but yet, here he was now. 
he pressed little kisses onto your lips, earning a small moan from you. you were drunk on the feeling, it was so addictive. they were passionate and had purpose, similar but felt so different compared to eren. your whines against his lips only pushed him to bring you closer to him, he could tell you were desperate. 
‘c’mere,” armin urges as he breaks the kiss, tugging your arm and motioning you to sit in his lap. you obliged and swung your legs over his, your crotch over his erection as he placed his hands on the fat of your ass, rolling your hips against his. you brought your lips back to his, the kiss needier than before as you wrapped one arm around and behind his neck, while the other clutched onto his shirt. you both wanted this and more, badly. 
armin could feel the heartbeat from your cunt through your thin shorts and his sweatpants, and it was driving him crazy. he wanted to feel your body, to see your body; he wanted to pleasure you. you could feel his length through his pants as you ground your hips into his, wanting to feel any sort of relief. 
the two of you knew that in this position you weren’t going to get anything done, and your math work was long forgotten about. 
“let’s go on the bed,” you whispered as you pulled away from the kiss and tilted your head over towards the bed. armin nodded his head, and stood up while carrying you with his hands on your thighs and ass before setting you down onto the mattress gently. he never would have thought to see you like this, hair splayed out behind you, face and body hot, all because of him. you reached for his hand, bringing it down to your clothed breast, waiting for him to continue.
“are you sure you want to do this? because —”
“yes,” you say quickly, interrupting him before he could finish his sentence. “yes, i do.” just hearing you say those words earn a groan from him as he leans down to press a chaste kiss to your lips once more, pulling back after to remove his sweatshirt along with his shirt underneath to reveal his chest. you took to notice that he was quite more toned than you’d thought he’d be but he does work out with eren, so that’s that.
armin leaned back down to you but tilts his head to kiss down your jaw and neck ever so slowly, earning a sigh from you at the feeling. he continued to kiss, making sure not to leave any marks on you as he slid his hands under your tank top, looking up up at you for approval before he moved any further. you gave him a nod, urging him to continue on with his movements. 
he gently lifted your shirt up, revealing your bare chest to him, cursing quietly at the sight in front of him. he brought his lips down to the valley between your breasts as his hands cupped them both, massaging them softly while his fingers played around with your nipples. 
you could feel yourself getting more aroused by the minute and he had barely done anything to you. armin’s fingers ghosted over the nubs, twisting them ever so slightly, causing you to moan at the sensation. you looked so pretty like this, and now you were finally letting him have you. 
armin continued his ministrations as he placed open-mouthed kisses down your body, hands moving from your breasts down to your hips to hold you in place. his eyes never left yours as he reached the waistband of your shorts, tugging them down slowly to reveal you completely to his vision. 
“fuck, y/n, you’ve got such a pretty fuckin’ pussy,” he groans, bringing his face closer to your heat as his arms latch themselves around your thighs to keep you in place. your heart was beating with anticipation, waiting to feel his tongue on you, where you needed him most. 
“touch me, armin, please,” you whine as you threw your head back, waiting for him to do something, anything.
“i got you, i got you,” he says under his breath before pressing a kiss to your inner thigh, sending shivers down your spine. 
his lustful gaze stayed on you as he brought his mouth to your pulsating cunt, licking up to your clit earning a moan from you. you were so wet, and all armin could think about how nice you’d feel on his cock, squeezing him just right. he continued to lick and suck on your swollen bundle of nerves, lapping up all your juices as if he hadn’t eaten in forever. 
“oh fuck, put a finger, i want a finger,” you whimpered, slightly bucking your hips up into his face but were held down by his hand as he maneuvered the free one right to your pulsating hole, circling it slowly before his middle finger slid inside. the way that you clenched down onto his finger went straight to his dick as he thrusted his finger in at a steady pace, his tongue not leaving your clit. 
“fuck, baby, you taste so good, so fucking good,” his voice muffled, sending vibrations against you. 
it all felt too good, too fucking good and you could feel yourself getting closer to your release by the second but your heart dropped at the loud sound of your ringtone. you whipped your head to your nightstand to see that you were getting a phone call, from eren. 
what were you going to do? there’s no way you could pick up the phone while you were getting eaten out by his best friend. 
“pick up the phone,” armin ordered, voice monotone as he glanced over to your phone before looking back over to you. something had switched inside him, he wanted eren to hear.  “pick it up.”
your heart was pounding, you felt horrible but the adrenaline was pushing you to continue as you reached over and clicked accept on the call.
“hi eren,” you whispered, trying to keep your voice as normal as possible to not give yourself or armin away but it almost felt impossible as he had picked up the pace of his fingers and his tongue, as if he were trying to make you fail. 
“hi princess, how are you?” eren’s voice rang from the other line, happy to hear your voice. 
“i’m — fuck — good, how are you?” there was no way you could play that off, you were done. armin seemed to be enjoying this as he chuckled against you, finding it amusing as you tried to keep your composure. he continued to be a menace towards your pussy, not once letting down his speed, if only he picked it up or angled his fingers a certain way to try and get a reaction of you.
“are you okay? is everything alright?” he asked, concerned at why you seemed so different, like something was up.  “where’s armin?”
“oh, yeah, ‘m fine. just stubbed my toe, that’s all,” you sighed, thankful for your quick thinking. “armin’s supposed to be coming later, i think he had something.”
“oh, i see,” he responded, slightly confused because you had mentioned that he was coming at around 12 and it was now around 1 in the afternoon. “that makes sense.”
“yeah, but i was about to take a nap, so i’ll call you later, ‘kay?” you wince, hoping that he’ll believe you and end the call sooner because with the way that armin wasn’t letting down his movements, chances are you’ll cum with eren still on the phone. armin notices that you want the call to end sooner and for eren to not hear you, but he has other plans. as you were waiting for eren to respond, armin slid in his ring finger to join his middle inside you, causing you to gasp and bring your free hand down to his head, intertwining your fingers in his hair. your slick coating his lips as he rutted himself onto the sheets, hoping to get any sort of friction. he could feel himself throbbing in his sweatpants, he needed you.
“uh, yeah, sure. are you sure you’re okay, baby?” eren asked.
“yup, told you i’m fine.” you had to keep your sentences shorter, your orgasm just around the corner as armin thrusted his fingers inside you at a fast pace, angling them perfectly as they hit your sweet spot over and over before your vision turned white as you were sent over the edge, legs twitching at your release. 
“fuck,” armin moaned softly, taking everything your release had given him. the way you opened your mouth in a o-shape as you came, trying your hardest not to make a noise made him go crazy. he brought his tongue back and pulled his fingers out of your hole and up to your clit to ease you out of your orgasm.
“alright, i’ll come over later to see you,” eren says, slightly skeptical but knew you were going to sleep, so he didn’t mind. “i love you.”
“love you too, babe!” you responded as you quickly hung up the phone, looking down at armin. “what was that about, we almost got caught!”
“oh, c’mon, i know you enjoyed it,” he smiled at you as he crawled up the bed, planting a soft kiss on your lips. “but i wanna fuck you now, feel you on my dick.” you nodded, pulling him in for another kiss as he leaned back to reach into his pocket and grab a condom from his wallet before taking off his sweatpants to reveal his boxers and his length leaking precum through the cloth. 
you inched yourself up to him, bringing your fingers to his boxers and slid it down to reveal his throbbing cock to your eyes, tip red and swollen. he was average, slightly longer than eren but eren made up for it in girth. just as you were about to bring your mouth onto him, he pushed you back. 
“lemme fuck you, i need you,” he pleaded, gently pushing you back down on the bed as he opened the package before sliding the rubber over his length.
“needy, are we?” you teased, giving him a playful smirk. 
“shut up,” he chuckled as he pressed a kiss to your cheek as he aligned himself with your entrance, sliding his tip over your folds to tease you before he pushed himself into you inch by inch until he was fulling sheathed inside your pussy, causing you both to moan at the feeling. 
“oh my god, armin!” you cried out, the stretch was a lot, surely something that you weren’t used to but he was hitting every spot inside you so well. he stayed still for a moment, letting you adjust to his size as his hands came and caressed your waist. once you seemed to have loosened up and calmed down, armin began to thrust into you slowly. 
“oh, fuck, you feel so good, so tight, shit,” he groaned, throwing his head back as he relished in the feeling of your pussy wrapped around him, sucking him back in with each thrust, the combination of your slick and previous orgasm making it even berrer. 
it was addicting, you were addicting and he hated the fact that this would probably never happen again because of’s the way that he made sure that you were okay, making sure that you were comfortable this whole time and it made you feel ways towards him that you shouldn’t be feeling. for god’s sake, you shouldn’t even be doing this. 
he couldn’t even fathom that he was inside you, he’d been wanting this for so long and now he had it, he wasn’t going to let this go to waste. 
armin continued to fuck himself into you, picking up his pace as you wrapped your legs around his waist as an attempt to bring him closer to you. his eyes glazed over with lust and mouth slightly open, it was a sight to see. 
“getting fucked by my tutor, who would’ve — fuck — known? ” you laughed causing armin to smirk mischievously.
“yeah? you like getting fucked by your tutor?” he teased, enunciating each word with a thrust. “you like having me balls deep inside your cunt?”
“shit, yeah,” you moaned, rolling your hips up to meet his. he could feel the way you tightened when he talked to you, wanting to feel and hear more. armin moved his hands from your waist up to your head, using his forearms as support.
“hm, maybe i should fuck you every time you get an answer wrong. you didn’t even get a single one right today, huh?” he whispered right on the shell of your ear as it sent a tingling feeling throughout your body, shocking you at his sudden change in mood.
“yeah, you should do that,” you sighed, feeling yourself near your second orgasm. armin could feel it too, the way your velvety walls were squeezing and pulsating around him. “fuck, ‘m close!”
“me too, shit,” he grunted, breathing heavy in your ear as his pace never faltered as he rocked his hips into yours. you could feel him hitting your cervix with each thrust, you knew it would hurt later but it felt so good now. “wait, fuck, ride me.”
in one swift motion, armin maneuvered the two of you so you were now on top of him, grinding your hips down into his pelvis. he was so deep inside you, you swore you could feel it in your stomach. he was in awe, you looked so perfect like this. your breasts bouncing, hands on his chest for support as you lifted yourself up and down his dick.
“oh, shit, i’m gonna cum like this,” he groaned, bringing his hands to your hips as he guided you on his length. you could feel yourself trembling as you neared your orgasm.
“armin, ‘m gonna, fuck,” you panted, swiveling your hips as your fingers circled your clit as you felt yourself tumbling over the edge, juices coating his cock. your orgasm was electric, something you hadn’t felt in a long time, it felt surreal.
“fuck yeah, cum on my cock, baby,” armin’s release was not too far behind, he continued to thrust inside you a few more times before spilling inside the condom. you eased yourself out of your high, collapsing onto his chest as both of you tried to catch your breath in silence. 
“i think that was a good break,” you chuckled lightly, before sitting up off of him.
“yeah, you ready to study now?” he teased as he got up off the bed and took off the condom before tying it and throwing it in the trash.
“let’s do it,” you say with a smile.
Tumblr media
eren walked into your dorm later that afternoon and noticed that you were still sleeping from when you had called. before getting into bed with you, he peered over to your desk and saw all the work that was done, and he was proud of you. 
but something caught his eye in the trash, seeing that there was a used condom and he felt his stomach tighten. 
so you lied?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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dreamerstreamer · 8 months ago
Toxic Taste
Pairing: Dream / Clay x gn!reader
Summary: [Dream SMP!AU] It's a perfect day for a picnic with your friends. Well, it seems like one until you suddenly fall very ill.
Warnings: very minor cursing
Word Count: 4.5k
A/N: this was requested by @amintyworld​! everyone just loves protective dream, don’t they? i had fun exploring this concept, and i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You hummed, fixing your hair in the mirror before giving yourself one last once over, nodding to yourself. Looks good. Just then, you heard the door swing open behind you, creaking with a quiet groan. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was.
“Hey, are you ready to go?”
Whirling around, your hand quickly grabbed the woven basket on the table beside you as you flashed Clay a bright grin, bounding over to his side with a skip in your step. “I am, now.”
Without having to say another word, he lifted his arm toward you, and you looped yours through his, your fingers tightening around the basket handle. The two of you stepped outside together, locking the door behind you before making your way down the oak path. Above you, only a few clouds dotted the cerulean blue sky, drifting along the gentle spring breeze.
It really was a perfect day for a picnic.
Turning, you cast a curious glance over at Clay. “Are you excited to see what everyone brought?”
He bobbed his head, his lips quirking up into a wicked grin. “Yeah—I can’t wait to make fun of whatever George made.”
You frowned, shooting him an unimpressed look. “George is a good chef in his own right,” you chided.
His smile widened, reaching over to gently tap your nose. “Yeah, but you’re the best.” He patted your basket cover, his viridian gaze swirling with mirth. “They’re gonna love your cookies.”
You rolled your eyes at him, snorting, but he didn’t miss the way your lips twitched. “You just say that because you’re my boyfriend.”
He hummed. “Just because I’m biased doesn’t mean it’s not true.”
You raised your brows at him. “Oh? So you admit that you’re biased?”
Leaning over, he brushed his lips against yours in a peck, pulling back with a dazzling grin. “Of course,” he murmured in that soft tone that made your cheeks grow hot, “without a doubt.”
You swallowed, trying to calm your frantically beating heart. “You’re so cheesy,” you said, adopting a passive tone, “no more dilly-dallying, now. We have a picnic to get to.”
He sent you a crooked smile. “Okay, okay.” His eyes flashed. “I’ll race you.”
“Huh, wh—?”
Before you could even process what was happening, he had suddenly bolted, his arm leaving yours. Almost immediately, your body yearned for the warmth of his pressed against yours, and you found yourself stumbling after him.
“Wait, Clay!” you called after him, your basket bouncing beside you as you watched him crest over the grassy hill. “That’s not fair! Get back here!”
He only turned to shoot you a goofy grin, laughter bubbling on his lips as he disappeared from view, his hoodie fading to nothing more than a tiny speck of green among the swaying blades of grass. You couldn’t stop the laughter from spilling from your lips, bursting from your chest like fireworks.
“You are so dead when I catch up to you!”
He called back over the horizon. “If you ever!”
Your grin only grew wider.
Oh, he was so dead.
Tumblr media
“Your bread sucks.”
You gasped, lightly smacking Clay’s chest. “Clay!” Whipping around, you sent George an earnest grin. “George, I think your bread is wonderful.”
Beside you, Tommy made a face, setting his slice down on his plate with a disgusted glance. “Nah, I agree with Big D. This bread is pretty shit.”
Now, it was Wilbur’s turn to gasp. “Tommy!”
Tommy’s brows knit together as he scowled. “What? I’m just telling the truth.”
George let out a long groan, his glasses threatening to slide off the crown of his head as he hung his face in his hands. “I am never baking, again.”
In an instant, Niki was on her feet, flailing her arms. “No, no, no! Don’t say that—baking can be a lot of fun!” She paused for a moment, then her eyes lit up. “I can teach you a new sourdough recipe, if you’d like!”
George lifted his head, blinking at her with wide, hopeful eyes. “You would?”
She nodded, a bright smile tugging at her lips. “Of course!”
Sapnap snorted, taking another bite of steak. “I can’t believe you have to learn from someone else how to make good bread.”
George groaned again, glowering at his supposed best friend. “Why is everyone ganging up on me, today?”
Clay was quick to butt in. “Haven’t you heard? It’s National Be Mean to George Day.”
Tubbo blinked, confusion clouding his features. “That’s not a real holi—” He paused, then gasped. “Oh, wait.” He grinned. “Never mind.”
George’s glare only intensified, and he sighed. “Niki, forget it.”
While Niki practically shriveled into a puddle, Wilbur spoke up, offering him a reassuring smile. “Well, I think your bread is delicious, George. Genuinely.”
George flashed him a thankful grin, adjusting the glasses on his head. “Thank you, Wilbur.”
Letting out another laugh, you leaned back against Clay’s side, his arm firmly wrapped around your waist as you snuggled against him. Your friends were always up to weird antics, and while you didn’t necessarily agree with their actions, you were willing to indulge in them, if only to see what would happen next. In front of you, you gingerly picked up the half-eaten fish skewer from your plate, lifting it to your lips as you took another bite. It was sweet, and vaguely tasted like saltwater, but you liked it. It was unique, in its own weird way.
You watched as Clay reached across the patterned blanket for the plate of cookies you had brought, gingerly picking one up. Glancing up at him, you opened your mouth. “Do you actually think George’s bread is bad?” you asked softly. “Or are you just trying to rile him up?”
He paused, the cookie halfway to his mouth, then shrugged, biting in. “It’s a bit of both. It isn’t half-bad, I guess.” He shot you a cheeky wink. “Yours is still better, though.”
You groaned, feeling your face grow warm. “Stop that.”
He tilted his head at you, a cocky grin spreading across his face as he chewed. “Stop what?” he said, leaning in close to you. “Being honest?”
You did your best to send him a glare, but you knew it was half-hearted at best. “Yes.”
His grin widened, his eyes glimmering with affectionate arrogance. “Never.”
As his eyes locked onto yours, you felt your glare melt away. With a small hum, he dipped his head to yours, pressing his mouth to yours with a smile. His tongue lapped at your lips, and you grinned back. He tasted like chocolate chips and sunshine. You pulled back with a quiet gasp, your cheeks burned with heat as his emerald eyes bore into yours, crinkling at the corners.
“I love you, sweetheart,” he whispered for you and you alone.
Your heart swelled. “I love you, too.”
He stared at you for a moment longer, then pressed his forehead against yours, mischief dancing in his eyes. “Also,” he added, “you taste like fish.”
You sent him a horrified look before smacking his arm again, your heart flipping as he wheezed at your reaction. “S-Shut up!”
He only wheezed harder in response, and despite your embarrassment, you felt a smile tugging on your lips. That was the thing about Clay that got you every time—as much as he would tease you and make your heart go wild in your chest, you knew he meant every single thing he told you. He was just so sincere like that, and it made you want to sink straight into him.
God, you were so, so in love.
Just then, a howl pulled you away from your attack on Clay. You turned to see Quackity, his mouth agape as he pointed at Niki, a bewildered look plastered to her face. “Niki!” he screamed. “You brought cake?”
She blinked, stunned for only a moment before she smiled, nodding. “Yeah! It’s homemade and has vanilla frosting.”
Quackity immediately sank down to one knee, one hand outstretched toward her as he said dramatically, “Marry me.”
Niki’s smile didn’t falter for even a second. “No thanks.”
Quackity’s arm dropped, and he let out a whine. “Damn, you didn’t have to say it so quickly.” Crossing his arms over his chest, he sat down with a pout. “You could have at least pretended to think about it.”
You all burst into laughter, giggling as Niki simply set her cake down on the blanket next to George’s bread. Wilbur had brought three watermelons—how he carted them over by himself, you had no idea—while Tommy brought pork chops. Tubbo had also caught fish for the occasion while Sapnap packed steak. Meanwhile, Quackity had carried a sack of apples over to the picnic, but you had a feeling he may or may not have stolen them, since he didn’t exactly own an apple orchard of his own.
You opened your mouth to ask for a slice of Niki’s cake when you suddenly froze, a bolt of what felt like lightning tingling up your spine. Your head spun, and you could have sworn your vision darkened at the edges. An uneasy pit grew in your stomach, and you frowned. Why do I feel so... strange?
Pushing yourself forward slightly, you tried to sit up straight, only to feel your arms wobble before you crashed back into Clay’s side once more. In a flash, his arms were around you, holding you steady as his green eyes peered down at yours.
“Hey,” he said, his tone growing serious, “are you okay?” He wrinkled his brow. “You look a little off.”
You blinked, feeling your stomach churn with uneasiness. “I’m, um—I feel kind of sick.”
Without an ounce of hesitation, Clay was on his feet, stretching his arm out to you. “Here, let me help you up.”
You slipped your hand into his, doing your best to hang on tight as he tugged you upward. You expected to simply stand on your own two feet just as you would in any other situation, but the moment you were up, you suddenly felt your knees buckle beneath you, your legs going numb. You gasped as your feet went flying out under you, your fingers digging onto Clay’s palm.
With a whirl, his arms held you to his chest, your sides shaking. A rush of anxiety rolled through you, and you looked down, desperately trying to move your foot, only to find that you couldn’t. It remained as still as a rock, and you wanted to cry.
“[Y/N],” Clay breathed, his hand on your face as he supported your weight with his other arm, “what’s wrong?” His eyes desperately searched yours for any clue as to what was happening, but all you could manage was a broken, choked whisper.
“Clay, I—” You swallowed, your hands trembling around his arm while something stung at the back of your eyes. “I can’t move my legs.”
He froze, his voice dropping to a deadly low whisper. “You what?”
You shook your head, hanging onto him for dear life. The spinning had gotten worse now, and you felt sicker and sicker by the second. “I-I don’t know, I don’t feel good and something’s wrong and—Clay,” you breathed, tears welling up in your eyes, “I’m scared.” Your heart pounded in your chest, but for all the wrong reasons. “Am I going to die?”
His gaze hardened, filling with determination as his hold around you tightened. “No,” he said without even an inkling of doubt, “you’re not.”
Before you could react, he suddenly swung one arm beneath your numb legs, easily hoisting you up so that you were carefully pressed against his chest. You gasped as your friends’ eyes landed on you, their faces full of worry as your head lolled against Clay’s shoulder.
“Everyone,” he said, his voice booming across the field, “there’s something wrong with the food.” His eyes narrowed. “Don’t eat it.”
He turned his head, dipping his head toward George as he said, “George, I need you to get me as many regeneration potions and golden apples as you can, ASAP.”
George was on his feet as fast as he could, already turning on his heel. “I’m on it,” he shouted as he took off, already booking it down the hill.
Finally, Tubbo spoke up, asking the one question that had been on everyone’s mind. “Dream, what’s going on?”
Clay’s eyes darkened, and you could just barely feel his hands tighten around you while your vision swam.
“[Y/N]’s been poisoned.”
Wilbur gasped, slapping a hand over his mouth. “Oh my god.”
Sapnap whipped his head around, gazing at the once serene picnic blanket with sheer terror. “What the fu—”
Suddenly, your hand shot up to grip Clay’s collar, his eyes immediately darting to yours. You gasped, your head absolutely throbbing as your heart rammed against your rib cage all too quickly. You opened your mouth, your spit tasting like salt and ash.
“Clay, I—”
The words died in your mouth as the world went dark, enveloping you in cold darkness.
Tumblr media
You awoke with a start, bolting upright as you gasped, the cool air flooding your aching lungs. Immediately, you felt your stomach churn in retaliation, and your skull practically screamed at you to lie back down again. Slamming a hand over your eye, you felt the spinning of your head slowly fade away. Disoriented and dizzy, the blurriness of your vision began to lift as you blinked, taking in the sight of the room around you.
You didn’t recognize the windowsill at your side or the mattress you were lying on. The closed door stared back at you as your gaze swept over it, almost as if it knew you were confused. Not even the sheets looked familiar.
Where... am I?
You swallowed, something sharp and uneasy prickling up your spine.
What happened?
Your eyelids fluttered shut, and you tried to recall the events that had led you up to this moment.
You remembered... cookies. And a picnic. Clay’s hand in yours. There was food, and laughter. Then suddenly, you were queasy. Sick. Something wasn’t right. Then... nothing.
You blanched. Did I pass out?
Just then, you heard the door click, the hinges swinging open with a creak. Your eyes flew open and your breath hitched in your throat, and you turned, your fingers curling tighter into the sheets. Your eyes went wide as Clay walked in, one hand on the handle and the other holding an apple. The moment his eyes met yours, he froze.
“Clay?” you whispered, your voice sounding hoarse.
The apple dropped to the ground.
In an instant, he was in front of you with his hands on your face, his thumbs brushing over your cheeks. His emerald eyes bore straight into yours with an intensity that sent your heart reeling. The words flew from his mouth in a flurry, his gaze never leaving yours.
“How are you feeling? Can you hear me? Is everything feeling alrig—”
“Woah, woah,” you said, waving your hand to cue him to stop, “what happened?”
His fingers trembled against your cheeks, and you could have sworn his eyes flashed with something wet. “[Y/N], oh, I’m—” He swallowed, his neck bobbing as he sent you a grateful smile. “I’m just so glad that you’re here.”
His hands pulled away from your face as he stood upright once more, heading for the open door. “Here, I’ll be back in a second.”
You raised your hand toward him, opening your mouth to say something, but he was already gone, having disappeared down the hall in a flash. Blinking, you sat stunned and even more confused than before, left only to wait and hope for an explanation once he returned.
Hardly even two minutes passed before you heard the rumbling of footsteps racing toward the open door. You squeaked when a series of faces filled the room, their cheeks red and chests heaving as they caught their breath. Clay immediately shuffled back to your side, slipping into the space on the bed next to you before grabbing your hand, squeezing.
“[Y/N]!” Niki cried, her eyes filled with panic. “Are you okay?”
Beside her, Tubbo’s hands shook at his side. “We only just heard from Dream that you were awake.”
You opened your mouth, then closed it, your mind still hazy with everything that had just happened. Struggling to come up with an answer, you found yourself blurting the first words that came to mind. “How long has it been?”
You saw George shoot Sapnap a look, shrugging his shoulders before glancing back at you. “Uh, like, half a day.”
You shot forward, gaping. “Half a day?!”
Tommy flashed you a bright grin, leaning against Tubbo’s shoulder with a teasing look. “Yeah, you should have seen Dream run around! He spoon fed you regeneration potions and probably even read three whole fuckin’ libraries’ worth of books on poison antidotes while you wer—”
A hand suddenly smacked into Tommy’s skull, and he yelped. Behind him,  Wilbur scowled. “Tommy!” he scolded. There was a soft giggle, then Wilbur whirled, his eyes narrowing. “And Quackity.” The giggles stopped. “Don’t think I didn’t see you laughing. This is serious.”
There was a slight pause. “Okay, but it is funn—”
“[Y/N],” Clay suddenly said, cutting Tommy off as his hand squeezed yours.
You blinked, trying to ignore how low his voice sounded right about now. “Y-Yeah?”
He cocked his head at you, gesturing to the sheets covering your lower half. “Can you move your legs?”
“Um...” Lifting an arm, you flung the sheets off of you, carefully shifting your leg back and forth. “Y-Yeah. I’m still feeling kind of funny, though.” You wrinkled your nose. “I’m not sure if I can stand, yet.”
He frowned, his eyebrows furrowing as he ran a hand through his hair. “Damn. I had a feeling this would happen, but I still wished it wouldn’t.”
Quackity took a step forward, his hand outstretched toward you. “Here, [Y/N], try—”
A snarl ripped itself out of Clay’s throat, and his shout echoed off the walls. “Don’t touch them!”
A tense silence immediately fell over the room, and Quackity back-pedalled, pulling his hand back as if he had burned it on hot coal. You watched as a pang of guilt shot across Clay’s face before he sighed. “Sorry, I mean—” He shook his head, lowering his head. “Fuck.”
Sapnap sent him a small smile, sincere and reassuring. “Hey, man,” he said softly, “it’s alright. We get it. You’re stressed. I’d react the same way if I was in your position.”
Clay raised his chin a little, his lips quirking. “Thanks, Sap.”
Wilbur suddenly spoke up, his eyes trained on you. “Dream, I think we still have some questions we should ask.”
Clay blinked, then nodded. “Right, thanks, Wilbur.” Clearing his throat, he turned to face you head on.” Do you still remember the picnic?” When you nodded, he continued. “Did anything out of the ordinary happen?”
You paused, then shook your head. “Not that I can remember. I woke up, packed up a basket, walked over to the field with you, ate with everyone, then...” You gestured vaguely. “Well, y’know.”
His gaze hardened. “What did you eat?”
You thought for a moment. “Um, I ate an apple, and I had two slices of George’s bread.” You paused again, furrowing your brows. Then, your eyes lit up. “Oh, and I also ate some of the fish.”
Clay stared at you. “Fish?” he parroted.
You bobbed your head, humming. “Yeah. That’s about as much as I remember.”
There was a brief moment of silence, and you could practically see the gears turning in Clay’s head. “Did anyone else here eat the fish?” he finally said after a while.
Your friends cast curious looks at one another before George raised his hand, shaking his head. “No.” He jutted his head toward you. “[Y/N] was the first and only person to, I believe.”
Clay pursed his lips. “Tubbo.”
Tubbo jumped, looking panicked and shaky as he stammered out, “Y-Yes, Dream?”
Clay narrowed his eyes. “Who exactly brought the fish?”
Tubbo gulped. “Uh, it, um, ah—” He inhaled sharply at the look on Clay’s face, then sighed. “I did, Dream.”
For a moment, it was quiet. Then, Clay sighed, his thumb brushing over the back of your hand. “Oh, it all makes sense now.”
Now, it was Tommy’s turn to speak, his expression clouded with confusion. “How the fuck does that make this make any more sense than it did before?”
Clay suddenly slipped his hand out of yours, your palm meeting nothing as he rose to his full height. You felt the air grow cold.
“Tubbo,” he said slowly, casually—almost too casually. A crooked, charming smile spread across his lips, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “What kind of fish was it?”
Tubbo lowered his gaze to the ground. “Pufferfish,” he said in a tiny whisper.
Tommy stared. “Oh.” Understanding flickered across his face before being replaced by horror. “Oh.”
Clay took a step forward, the grin never leaving his face. “Tubbo—”
Your hand shot forward, grabbing onto his wrist before he could take another step. His arm was tense underneath your touch, but he stopped the moment your skin met his. “Clay,” you said quickly, your words rushed and hurried, “stop, please.”
He turned, looking back at you over his shoulder. You shook your head at him. “I’m sure it was an accident. Tubbo would never poison anyone deliberately, let alone me.”
You heard a soft hiccup, then Tubbo spoke. “I-I wouldn’t, I swear it! I just... I thought cooking pufferfish would make them less toxic for other people.”
Niki raised her hand, her face pleading as her eyes darted back and forth between Dream and Tubbo. “I can vouch for him, and not just because we’re friends. He might have built up his own tolerance for pufferfish poison, but I don’t think he realized just how bad it could turn out to be.”
Tubbo nodded frantically, looking smaller than ever as he finally lifted his head. “Seriously, Dream, I would never do it intentionally, I promise.” He turned to look at you, his sides shaking as your gaze met his.
“I’m sorry, [Y/N],” he whispered, honesty and desperation soaking into every syllable he spoke, “I really am.”
Your face softened immediately, and you could only hope he knew how sincere you were being. “I forgive you, Tubbo.” Your eyes flit to the man in front of you. “Do you, Clay?”
You couldn’t see his expression from where you were sitting, but the look of terror on Tubbo’s face said it all. “Yes,” he said, “but only because you do.”
Your grip around his wrist tightened. “Clay, I’m positive. Please, just let it be.” You tugged a little, and he turned, watching as you kicked your legs at him with a small smile. “I’m all better now, see?”
The coldness in his gaze finally seemed to melt, and he shook his head at you, his lips twitching. “Fine.” Walking back over to you, you tucked your legs back against you as he sat on the bed, levelling a glare at the crowd gathered in front of you. “Now everyone, get out.”
There was a whistle. “Jeez, aggressive mu—”
“Tommy,” Wilbur said again, already tugging at the blond’s collar as he tread toward the hall, “an angry Dream is not someone you want to mess with.”
Tommy glowered as everyone filed out of the room, his voice fading away as they disappeared outside. “Ugh, you are such a killjo—”
Sapnap sent you a friendly smile as his hand wrapped around the door handle. “I hope you feel better soon, [Y/N].”
You returned his grin with a grateful look. “Thanks, Sapnap.”
With one last wave, he pulled the door shut, leaving you alone with Clay. Shifting forward slightly, you swung your legs off the bed, nudging him with your side. “Clay?” you murmured, your eyes searching his face. It was at times like this he was easier to read.
With a sigh, he hung his head in his hands, the vein in his neck bulging out. “God, I know he means well, but I still kind of want to wring Tubbo’s neck, right now.”
You leaned against him, pressing your cheek to his bicep. “Clay, don’t say that.”
He lifted his head, growling. “I know, I know! It’s just—”
He bit his lip, then sighed again, his arm reaching up to pull you onto his lap. Shifting you around so that you were facing him, his leaned his forehead against yours, his hot breath tickling your skin.
“You don’t know how scared I was,” he whispered, sincere and true. “I never want to lose you. Ever.”
Heat crawled up your neck, and your head spun, but not for the same reasons as before. “C-Clay.”
His hand stroked along your back. “It’s the truth, y’know? I’d never lie to you, and I mean every word.” Leaning upward, he pressed his lips to your forehead as he spoke, the words shaking against your skin. “You mean more to me than you may ever know.”
You hummed, your heart blossoming in your chest. “Even if that’s the case,” you said, “you don’t need to be so upset, anymore.” You felt his lips leave your forehead, and you peered up at him through your lashes. “I don’t plan on going anywhere.”
You leaned back in his arms, reaching up to brush your fingertips over his freckles. A soft smile tugged at your lips as you watched him melt a little at the gesture. “Now,” you said, quiet yet firm, “promise me you won’t be mad at Tubbo the next time you see him.”
He blinked. “W-What?”
You pursed your lips. “Clay.”
He chuckled. “Alright, alright. I promise.” A sly grin slipped onto his face. “But only if...”
You raised a brow at him. “Only if...?”
You half-wanted to smack the stupid grin off his stupidly perfect face. “Only if you give me a kiss.”
You giggled, slipping your arms over his shoulder and around his neck. He always knew how to make you laugh, even at serious times like this. Leaning forward, you pressed your lips to his in a sweet kiss. He still tasted like freshly squeezed lemonade, gleaming in the light of the sweet summer sun. You felt him smile against you, and you pulled away mirroring his expression.
“There,” you whispered, running your fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck. “Does that seal the deal?”
He hummed, tilting his head at you while mischief danced in his eyes. “Maybe you should do it again just to make sure.”
You rolled your eyes at him, but couldn’t stop the giddy smile from spreading across your face.
Your picnic may have been a disaster, but you wouldn’t mind ending your days wrapped in Clay’s arms more often.
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bestofbucky · 8 months ago
Pairings: Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 5.1k
Warnings: none really, enemies to ?
A/N: This is my first time posting something I have written. I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much @tuiccim for your help, couldn’t have done it without you.
Tumblr media
Being an Avenger is tough. Of course, there are the obvious missions and kicking ass that are exhausting, especially because you don’t have any sort of enhancements or powers. You are just a regular human being, fighting with and against some not so regular human beings. Naturally when you have downtime, you spend it doing things with the least amount of effort. Watching Netflix, listening to music, taking baths, etc, meaning that your social life outside of the compound was, to put it simply, non-existent.
You had just returned from the worst date of your life, well, one of the top five worst dates of your life. Over the past couple of months Steve and Natasha had grown tired of you whining about being single but not making any effort to change it and began sending you on blind dates. Somehow, they managed five different times to find five completely awful people. This time they had set you up with Arthur, a recruit for SHIELD and a good one at that. You wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the elite squad soon, but when it came to your date, he was really blunt and inappropriate, and you had cringed your way through the entire thing.
Once you got back to the compound, you first went to your room to get changed into gym clothes for training with Nat, then headed to her room. On your way you passed one of the common rooms and heard two voices. One familiar but one you didn’t recognise, you decided to check it out and found Steve and another man.
Steve called your name inviting you over to them as they both stood up. ‘This is Bucky. He’s moving in today to begin training.’ Steve explains. You nod and smile at Bucky, remembering Steve told you about him and that he would be living here and eventually joining the team.
You have to stop yourself from gasping out loud at the sight of him. He is a 6 ft something hunk of muscle and beauty and you can’t stop yourself from trying to take him all in with your eyes.
Steve then introduces you to Bucky who looks in your eyes for all of two seconds to say, ‘hi’ before looking down at his feet. He is probably really nervous. Even from that two second glance, you could tell he had one hell of a past. They had you hooked already, you wanted to stare into those eyes and let them tell you the stories of the lifetime they had seen.
‘You were just in Wakanda right? How was it? I have only ever seen it in pictures but I really want to go.’ You let your excitement show, hoping to relax him a bit.
‘Yeah, it was nice. I was frozen for most of it though’ Shit, he curses himself. He didn’t mean to come across so rude but he was really nervous, you are really pretty and it is messing with his head a little. It doesn’t help that he has had to meet a lot of different people today and he is all socialised out. He sees your face fall slightly before you quickly compose yourself, any normal person would have missed it but he has his past of being a trained assassin.
‘Well, Nat is probably waiting for me, she told me she would show me some new moves today.’ You say realising that Bucky had probably been under a lot of stress lately and most likely just wanted to be alone, or with Steve rather than chatting to you, a stranger. At least you hoped this was the reason and it wasn’t that he already disliked you. Saying goodbye to the two of them you head off to Natasha’s room.
Not even bothering to knock, you walk into her room leaving the door open behind you, since you’ll be heading down to the gym soon anyway. Natasha is sitting on the end of the bed braiding her hair. ‘You almost ready?’ You ask.
‘Yeah, just got to finish my hair then put my shoes on.’ She tells you so you take a seat on her bed while you wait.
Meanwhile, Bucky told Steve that he wanted to go get his room sorted. Really it was just an excuse to be alone for a little while. On the way there he walked past a room with the door open and heard two voices talking, recognising them to be you and Natasha. He was just about to carry on walking to his room when he heard Natasha ask, ‘did you meet him yet?’
Bucky assumed she was talking about him and wanted to hear what you had to say. He hoped you would be understanding of his reticence after his taxing morning. 
‘Yeah, I met him today.’ You sigh and roll your eyes.
‘That bad?’ Nat asks, raising her eyebrows with a slight smirk on her face.
‘Yes, I tried to be as friendly as I could but he seemed like a jerk.’ You huff.
‘How so?’
‘He was so blunt he just came across really rude. I had high expectations, especially after hearing Steve say so many nice things about him.’
‘Maybe he was just having a bad day?’ She attempts a defence. 
‘Bad day or not, he should have the courtesy to smile and be polite even if it is fake.’
Bucky was so hurt to hear this. Yes, he wasn’t the nicest to you but your reaction seemed a bit dramatic. He didn’t want to hear you say any more so he rushed off to his room.
‘So, I guess you aren’t going to go on a second date with him then?’ Nat asks.
‘No, I really appreciate you and Steve trying to set me up but seeing as this is the 5th time and none of them were any good, I think I’ll go back to my old methods.’ You smile at her.
‘What, never putting yourself out there and waiting for the right person to just fall into your lap?’ Nat teases and you both laugh when you nod. She finishes tying her shoelaces and you head off to the gym.
Tumblr media
The next day you were leading a meeting of recruits who have the potential to be moved up into the squad that worked with the Avengers. The elite squad. Unfortunately for you, Arthur was in the group of recruits and was probably the next one to be promoted.  You finally dismissed everyone and started getting your stuff together to leave as well when Arthur came up to you.
‘What’s the word on who is moving up next, dove?’ You look up in shock, surely, he didn’t just call you dove.
‘Excuse me?’ You look him dead in the eye.
‘I said what’s the word on who is moving up next? I think you might need to get your hearing checked.’ He laughs at his own joke so you fake laugh with him.
‘That’s confidential., we’ll let everyone know when we have made the decision.’ You say and go to walk past him but he grabs your arm.
‘Does someone need a little convincing. If it’s you, then I can think of some ways.’ He whispers seductively in your ear. You pull your arm out of his grasp and frown at him.
‘I’m only joking, dove, come on, you can’t even take a joke?’ He laughs again.
You put on your best fake smile and your customer service voice. ‘There will be no convincing necessary. You are a good agent but you also have good competition. We will inform you all of our decision when it is made.’ You say and quickly turn and walk out the door before he can say anything else. When you get into the lift you ask FRIDAY where Steve is.
‘Common room A, Agent Y/L/N’. You make your way there as quick as possible. Heading around the corner, you slam into a solid object. You hiss at the contact on your fresh bruises, a frown appearing on your face. As soon as you look up to see what or who you bumped into, the frown quickly fades into a smile when you see its Bucky. He is already looking at you.
‘Sorry I should have been watching where I was going.’ He mumbles quickly.
‘No, it’s just as much my fault as yours. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry.’ You apologise to him. As much as you would love to stay and chat  with  Bucky, you need to get to Steve to explain what just happened with Arthur and hopefully you can get him kicked off the team.
Bucky had left his room to try and find someone to help him figure out a few things with FRIDAY but as soon as he bumped into you that completely left his mind. You were all that filled his mind ever since he met you. He stood in the hallway for a while before realising he should ask you to help. Maybe this would be a good excuse to make up for his poor first impression. He heads in the direction you went but stops short when he hears your voice.
‘I think he bruised me. The dick.’ You say and Steve frowns at you ‘Come on, Steve. I’m  allowed to be angry. He has been nothing but a jerk to me,’ you explain and shift to get more comfortable.
‘What did you say to him when he did this?’ Steve asks, holding your arm and examining the newly formed bruises in the shapes of fingers.
‘I put on my best fake smile and pretended like everything was ok,’  You joke and Steve laughs, ‘as much as I hate the guy, I don’t have the confidence to actually show it.’ You sigh and Steve pulls your sleeve back down and leans back into the sofa. ‘Is there any way we can kick him off the team?’ You exaggerate batting your eyelashes at him.
‘He isn’t even on the team yet and you already want to kick him off?’ Steve questions.
‘Yes! I really don’t like him. I know he is your friend but I trust him about as far as I can throw him’ You explain and Steve nods.
Bucky had heard enough. He can’t believe you could be so horrible. You had the sweetest exterior and, from first impressions, you didn’t look like you could hurt a fly. But as he heard you say, you clearly put on a fake act to come across as polite and kind when really you are rude deep down. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop on you. Twice now. But he is so glad he did, because now he knows not to waste his energy on you. He knows what you think of him and he has formed his opinion of you. He hurries back to his room.
‘He’s not my friend Y/N, I only said that to you to make you go on the date with an open mind. I’ve only ever had one conversation with the guy,’ Steve jokes and you playfully push his arm, ‘All jokes aside, his behaviour breaks a lot of conduct rules and is a good enough reason to have him knocked down a few squads.’ Steve replies and you sigh with relief. You hug Steve and thank him for his help, he’s taken slightly off guard but hugs you back before you go your separate ways.
Tumblr media
 A few weeks later, you walk into the kitchen to find the whole team eating their breakfast. Sam is cooking and when he sees you, he makes a plate and hands it to you.
‘Thank you Sam.’ You hug him and take the plate, turning around at the sound of Bucky’s scoff. You haven’t had a conversation with Bucky since you bumped into each other in the hallway. You had tried to but he either completely ignored you or just rolled his eyes and left the room.
At first it hurt, you wondered if you had done something wrong. The team seemed just as confused by it as you. Bucky didn’t have a problem with anyone else. That wasn’t to say he was extremely friendly with them, he wasn’t there yet and nobody blamed him but he could hold conversation with the others. He even laughed at their jokes. You were starting to get fed up with it so after breakfast you headed to Bucky’s room to talk to him. You knocked on the door and it wasn’t long until he answered it. As soon as he saw you his face fell visibly.
‘Can we talk?’ You asked hoping he would let you into his room. He paused to consider it then stepped out of his room, closing the door behind him. He stood there with his arms crossed and waited for you to talk.
‘Is there something I did wrong?’ You ask him and he keeps a blank face.
‘Why do you care?’ He asks still arms crossed over his body.
‘I care because you are always scoffing or rolling your eyes at me whenever I try to talk to you.’
‘I’m not scoffing or rolling my eyes now.’ He points out.
‘No but you’re not exactly being very friendly.’
‘Would you prefer for me to fake it then? Just put on a smile and pretend to like you?’ He jabs. You take a moment to process what he just said. You didn’t realise he could be so mean.
‘No Bucky I would prefer for you to maybe make an effort to get to know me before making a judgement.’ You scowl at him.
‘I have a perfectly fine judgement of you. I am not going to fall for your fake smiles and fake friendships.’ Bucky snarls and walks back into his room closing his door in your face. You are left to stand there in shock.
On the other side of the door Bucky is leaning there conflicted. The shock on your face looked so genuine. No, he has to remember it is all an act with you.
From that day on you decided you weren’t going to make an effort with him. It wasn’t the most mature decision but you were tired. What used to be eye rolls and scoffs, now turned into snarky comments and you were no longer afraid to throw them right back at him.
Steve had tried a few times to talk to you about it but, when he couldn’t tell you why Bucky hated you, he realised there was nothing he could do to change how either of you felt about the other. What he could do was change up your schedules so the two of you were rarely ever in the same room together.
Unfortunately, instead of the arguments happening quite calmly but consistently over the course of the whole day. They were now much shorter, confined to just mealtimes, and much more heated and intense. None of the team knew which was worse.
You were sparring in the gym with Natasha trying to work off some steam from this morning’s argument with Bucky.
‘Your moves are sloppy, get whatever is making you emotional out of your head.’ She grunts at you but this only forces you further into your head.
You go hard at her, but she blocks every move so you go to defence. She smirks at you, ‘Has a certain super soldier got into your head?’
That causes a surge of anger to hit you and again you go hard at Natasha, but your anger only allows her to catch you off balance and you are pinned to the mat in a matter of seconds.
‘So it is Barnes.’ She  pulls you up and you brush yourself off before getting back into a fighting stance.
‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ You grunt at her and start your attack. Your moves are still predictable and anger clouds your mind. You feel yourself getting more and more worked up with every hit she blocks.
You retreat to take a breather, you hear the door open and you glance over, the man of the hour has just entered and you roll your eyes but continue to spar with Natasha.
Out the corner of your eye, you see him make his way over to you both, watching as you take a lot of hits from her and barely manage to land any of your own.
‘I have seen toddlers fight better than you Y/N.’ You hear him chuckle.
‘I don’t need your opinion.’ You grunt, still trying to keep your focus on Natasha.
‘Fight like that on the field and you’ll be dead in two seconds.’
‘Keep talking and you’ll wish you were dead.’
He laughs ‘Is that a threat?’ You ignore him and continue sparring. ‘Your punches are so weak, how did you become an Avenger again?’ He is still smiling knowing exactly which buttons to push.
You stop and make your way over to him. ‘I became an Avenger because of my talent and my strength, that I worked hard to earn.’ You are right up in his face, almost chest to chest. You are breathing hard, partly from the exercise but mostly because of how riled up you are. You notice he is breathing hard as well, his breath fanning across your face.
Your mind can’t help but drift, is this what he would look like in bed, his chest rising and falling faster than normal. Small beads of sweat gathered at his hairline from his recent run. You suddenly realise how close the two of you are and force the inappropriate thoughts from your mind. You hate how seeing him so riled up is actually a huge turn on. How could you let yourself be attracted to such an asshole?
‘You wouldn’t stand a chance against me.’ His voice drops so low that in a different circumstance you would have happily dropped your panties.
‘You’re right. I wouldn’t stand a chance against you and your metal arm that you were given. Or you and the super soldier serum that you were given.’ You know they are cheap shots but you just couldn’t help how absolutely fuming he makes you. He had managed to get under your skin and the thought of him being successful only made you angrier.
He leans down even more, your noses almost touching ‘I don’t know how everyone else can’t see through your little nice act. You pretend to be so kind on the outside but deep down you’re a bitch.’ Ouch. You deserved that one for what you said to him but it didn’t make it hurt any less. Especially because if you were hooked up to a lie detector and asked to say those things again, it would flash up as a blatant lie. However, looking into his eyes there was not an ounce of regret for what he said.
Bucky knew he shouldn’t have said what he did, but you had hit a nerve and it was the only thing he could think to say back. He saw the hurt flash across your eyes but it was too late to take it back now. The only thing he could do was exit the situation before it got any worse. He turned on his heels and left the room, leaving you standing there in complete shock at your exchange. 
Natasha calls your name but you quickly leave for your room before anyone can see you like this.
Tumblr media
The team was split all across the base. This wasn’t how you would usually handle missions but as soon as you arrived the mission started to go sideways.
‘Target headed towards the west elevator. Anyone nearby copy?’ You hear Steve’s voice through comms.
‘I'm on it.’ You say back, your comms crackling more than usual.
‘Copy that.’ Bucky said, his comms crackling from the two of you talking at the same time.
The rest of the team had heard both of your voices but neither of you had heard the other. So it was a big shock when you were waiting for the elevator and you heard his voice behind you.
‘You have got to be kidding me.’ He sighs and slowly walks up to you to wait for the elevator as well. ‘Did you not hear me say I got it?’ He snaps at you.
‘No because I was the one that said I’m on it.’ You snap back and thankfully the elevator dings it’s arrival. Normally in creepy Hydra bases you would avoid elevators but seeing as there was no stairwell nearby, this was the only option.
‘Age before beauty.’ You say to him, gesturing to the elevator.
‘Very funny’ he says sarcastically before stepping inside. You follow after him and press the only floor button available.
Silence permeates the small space as you prepare for what’s to happen once the doors open. Instead, the elevator jerks to a stop.
‘No.’ You panic and start pressing the floor button over and over. ‘No no no no no.’ Nothing is working.
‘Let me try.’ Bucky says pushing you out of the way, you so badly want to say something but the only thing you can focus on is the fact you might be trapped. Bucky taps the button and looks around for anything else to press but there is nothing. You can feel yourself start to get light headed as claustrophobia takes hold and the thought of falling to your death in this metal box takes over your thoughts. You shrink down onto the floor and hold your head in your hands.
‘Do you always have to be so dramatic?’ Bucky huffs. You don’t answer him, the only thing you can think about is the pain starting in your chest and your breathing getting heavier. 
‘Stop breathing so fast. You are going to make yourself pass out.’ Bucky grunts but when you don’t reply or make any effort to slow your breathing he gets worried. He kneels down in front of you ‘Hey? Doll? Can you hear me?’ You can’t answer him, you just feel the impending doom and the immense pressure on your chest. ‘I’m going to move your hands.’ He announces then you feel him take your hands and pull them away from your face. You look at him, tears in your eyes, a look of pure fear across your face. ‘Breathe with me, doll. Can you do that?’ He asks and you manage to nod. He speeds his breathing up to your pace then gradually slows it, you follow him as best as you can and eventually you get your breathing back to normal, with the occasional hiccup or sharp intake.
Once he sees you are ok, he lets go of your hands and sits on the floor as far away as he can. You both continue to sit in silence.
‘Thank you.’ You eventually manage to whisper, he nods without meeting your eye.
You can’t help but feel disappointed, you just got to see a caring side of Bucky and it felt amazing to be on the receiving end of it, but now you are back to him not giving a shit about you. You go back and forth wondering whether it is the right time to bring up the issues between you two. If not now, when?
‘Why do you hate me so much?’ He looks across at you and sighs before he answers.
‘I don’t hate you.’
‘Yes you do. It seems like you go out of your way to make me miserable.’ You push, making him lean his head back on the wall behind him.
‘I don’t hate you. I just don’t like how you formed opinions about me so early on. You wanted me off the team before I even got cleared to be on the team.’ Bucky explains. You stare at him in confusion.
‘How do you know what opinions I formed of you? I may have wanted you off the team but it was only because you were mean and that was after you were cleared.’ You could feel yourself starting to get angry.
‘Then how come I overheard you talking about the first time we met to Nat, you said I was blunt and rude. Then after I accidentally bumped into you, you told Steve you wanted me off the team.’ Bucky says agitatedly.
‘I never-‘ you think back to any conversations you had with Nat and Steve about Bucky. The only ones that came to mind were asking them if they knew why Bucky didn’t like you. Then it hits you, he had overheard you talking to Steve and Nat about Arthur. You sighed.
‘Let me guess, you overheard me and Nat talking not long after we first met. We were in Nat’s room getting ready to go train?’ You ask and he nods.
‘Then the conversation you overheard with Steve was straight after we bumped into each other. We were in the common room?’ Bucky looks confused but nods again.
‘You are such a prick. You eavesdrop but don’t even listen long enough to hear who we were talking about.’ You can’t help but chuckle at the situation, even though it’s not particularly funny.
‘What?’ Bucky looks more confused than ever.
‘Well, if you had listened properly to the whole conversation you would know I was talking about that asshat agent, Arthur.’ That came out more blunt than you intended.
‘The recruit that got bumped down a few squads even though he is really good?’
‘Yep. That’s the one’
‘I don’t understand.’
‘Before you came Steve and Nat had been setting me up on blind dates with people. Arthur was the fifth one, I really didn’t want to go so Steve convinced me by saying they were friends and all this nice stuff about him.’ You pause to take a deep breath. ‘The day we met, I had just come from the date with him and it was awful. That's what me and Nat were talking about. Then when we bumped into each other in the hallway, I had just come from a meeting with the recruits. Arthur had been inappropriate and he hurt my arm, I was rushing to Steve to tell him and ask if he can be kicked off the team.’ You finally manage to say and Bucky just looks at you. You can see the cogs turning in his head as he is finally getting context to the snippets of conversation he overheard.
‘Shit. I am so sorry. I am such an idiot.’ He scolds himself and you can’t help but feel bad for him.
‘I am not going to disagree with you, but we have both said and done some pretty nasty stuff. I am sorry for any hurt I caused you.’  You say sincerely and he looks over to you and smiles.
‘So you didn’t think I was rude when we first met?’ He still holds your eye contact and you take a moment to look at him. You have never seen him look so vulnerable before, he almost looked scared.
‘No, Bucky, I thought you were probably nervous or tired from meeting loads of new people.’ You explain and his shoulders fall.
‘I feel like such a jerk.’ He sighs and you scoot yourself closer to him so he has to look at you.
‘I’m not all that innocent in this either. It was a misunderstanding. I am just glad we have cleared it up now.’ You say meaning it and he smiles earnestly back at you. It is something you have never experienced first-hand. You have seen him give those gorgeous, slightly lopsided, smiles to other people but seeing one directed at you causes a rush of heat to your cheeks and you find yourself blushing.
Bucky must have been thinking along the same lines ‘You’re cute when you blush. I have never seen this side of you before.’ He brushes some hair out of your face and behind your ear. ‘You know, part of the reason I was so nervous when I first met you was because I was taken off guard by how beautiful you are.’ His cheeks flush slightly at his confession.
Before you can say anything the elevator jerks again and starts moving, you and Bucky are quick on your feet, preparing yourself for the doors to open.
When they finally do you are met with a group of Hydra agents ready to attack. You and Bucky work in tandem, playing off each other’s strengths. When the Hydra agents realize this, they work to separate you. The majority of them are on Bucky but you are fighting four at once. You are onto the last one when he raises his gun to shoot but you force his arm down. Not quick enough, it fires and clips your calf causing you to cry out from the pain 
It is not as bad as actually being shot in the leg but it still hurts like hell and you can’t put pressure on it. The room is pretty silent apart from footsteps you recognise to be Bucky approaching. You move quickly and uppercut the guy in the nose. The crack echoes throughout the room as the guy falls to the floor at your feet.
You turn to Bucky, his mouth agape and eyebrows raised in shock. ‘That was hot.’ He announces finally, making you laugh, you go to take a step towards him but realise too late that your injured leg won’t hold your weight. You would have fallen to the floor if Bucky hadn’t rushed to catch you.
‘Thanks.’ You chuckle, your faces are extremely close. Your eyes completely entranced in his. Your whole body warms at the safe feeling of being in his arms. You start to wonder what it would be like to fall asleep in these arms, to wake up the next morning still wrapped up in them. Protected.
You force yourself back to reality by clearing your throat. ‘We should probably get back to the team.’ You say and he nods. He puts his arm around your waist and you put yours over his shoulders to use him as a crutch.
The ride back up in the elevator goes smoothly this time and before you know it you are hobbling up to the quinjet where the rest of the team awaits. Natasha and Steve are both looking back and forth from you to Bucky in confusion.
‘What the hell happened?’ Steve asks not trying to hide how baffled he is that you and Bucky are holding onto each other and not arguing. Natasha simply smirks. Bucky helps you into a seat then sits opposite you with a wink as you smile at him.
‘No, this is too weird. Please argue, bicker, roll your eyes. Anything.’ Sam begs Bucky who doesn’t break his eye contact with you. Bucky simply laughs knowing his behaviour is unsettling Sam and enjoying the newfound comradery with you.
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hearts1ck · 6 months ago
what, you didn’t think i could clean up this well? – sapnap x reader
for @quackitree‘s writing event!!!!!!!! im very late lmao but despite that yall should check her out if you don’t follow her already and send her love <3 she deserves every single one of her followers and more :] the title is the prompt i snapped up because i wanted an excuse to write a prom sapnap fic with my ideal prom plans, which actually has very little prom involved fjdkhsjkfd i have never gone to like… any school party since middle school bc i didn’t want to (and covid for senior year, which i would have gone to) lmao so this whole thing is probably very flawed, forgive me
set in spring 2020 in an alternate universe where covid doesnt exist and also this streamer friend group does in the way i want it to lmao idk i just wanted to give yall something feelgood. because apparently the habit i can’t break is appearing to give you guys 5k+ works and then dipping again JFDKH
warnings / cursing, but otherwise this is very g/pg! super cheesy and kinda long so understandable if you want to skip the whole laser tag bit
✧₊∘ make sure to read this before following me - i have (tagged) nsfw on my blog!
“oh my god, quackity, that is not fucking safe, leave bad alone –,” george yells from beside you in the lounge space of bad’s thousand-year-old, baby pink estafette.
“you wouldn’t know!” quackity shouts right back, pausing from where he leans between the front seats. “mans has never been to drivers ed –,”
“all good, bad?” dream checks, and bad makes a hmm? noise from where he leisurely turns onto sapnap’s street.
karl giggles shrilly while he slaps the back of quackity’s headrest. “big daddy of driving?”
bad makes a displeased version of his humming noise while quackity flails – “nooo, is rat’s big daddy two-timing?”
“be quiet!” bad pulls at the funky old-ass-car gear until it settles to a stop, and points one finger into the air. “y/n, you getting sapnap?” you’re already struggling up through the back and pulling yourself out of the sliding camper door until you plant your feet firmly onto the curb.
“go pick up simpnap –,”
“wittle sappy nappy –,”
you book it to sapnap’s front door before you can hear the rest of it. it’s unlocked, has been since you texted sapnap ten minutes ago, and you slip into the front door after texting him a second time –
breaking in rn gonna eat ur valuables 🤩🤤
piss master: noooooo not all 8 crates of kraft im hoarding
sapnap appears in the hallway with a soft smile just after the text chime comes in. “excited for our last school dance?” he starts casually, looking quietly pleased and calm despite not particularly wanting to go to prom in the first place. (it’s senior year, anyway, and sapnap is a sucker for teen cliché.)
you want to answer him, you really do, except he – well, sapnap, he – he looks gorgeous.
you’d expected him to cut his hair, something you routinely begged him not to do throughout the week – “it gets in the way,” he’d said – but, as the unconscious hand smoothing it down proves, he did not cut his hair. it looks like he’d combed it back while it was still wet, so it falls, feathery with the barest waves, through his nervous fingers.
his scruff is neatened up, too, a confident brush instead of something he just ignored, and the lines of his suit stretch over the width of his shoulders in confident lines. his suit jacket is charcoal grey, but the dress shirt underneath is an unconventional slippery black, opened at the collar. it cuts an imposing figure, and the color combination works especially well since you were fully prepared for a simple, unoriginal black-and-white ensemble.
he looks down at himself, adjusts his cuff-links self-consciously before jerking his face up fast enough to mess his hair up just a bit, breaking the clean lines of his figure while staring at you with his pretty eyes, and despite opening your mouth you cannot think of a single intelligent thing to say.
suddenly, you remember the customary boutonniere in your right hand and let it save you. your hand goes out to offer the indigo burst of the bluebonnet stalk, but your body follows last minute, cautiously crowding up to sapnap’s wide chest as you wordlessly pin the pigmented flower to his lapel. he breathes under you and your heart jumps to your throat, loudly beating and useless. this isn’t your first time being close to him, but your hands shake like it is, and it’s stupid.
you don’t even have the willpower to step away from him when you’re done. sapnap leans sideways to grab something off a nearby table and presents you with the sibling to his boutonniere, the only thing the pair of you really decided on together; you both liked the subtle sign that you came together, belong together.
even if his mother expressed very good-natured disappointment over the flower being bluebonnets. she’d seen enough of them on highway curbs to think it the equivalent of wearing milkweed, but sapnap loved the color and you like lupin flowers, and honestly seeing the quiet excitement on sap’s face when you suggested them… you’d wear a mcdonald’s happy meal toy if sapnap made that face over it.
“you good?” he says eventually, smoothing his hands down your upper arms. you suddenly realize you have not said a single thing yet.
“uh. i.” you wave a hand over his chest, as if it will help you, and then point a thumb back towards his front door as if anyone in the van could help you.
sapnap grins. that mischievous, that i just got your ass grin that makes you immediately want to die on the spot with the explosion of butterflies in your chest. “are you blushing?” he coos. “what, you didn’t think i could clean up this well?” he says it with that faux, testing confidence, but the minute he sees you duck your head down to look at the both of your shoes – he is, surprisingly enough, not wearing vans – he guides your chin back up to him with his fingers.
he looks like he’s trying not to smile. you already know, factually, his eyelashes are very long, but the knowledge seems to be pounding against the walls of your skull despite this.
“i mean,” you mutter, “you do look very, very good. pretty – handsome. good. very good.”
it’s sapnap’s turn to blush, brilliantly too, and then his mom walks into the hall.
“oh! i hadn’t heard you come in. you always sneak in so quietly,” she says kindly, gives you a little wave with one hand, but sapnap’s face gets even redder at the implications.
“we should get going, actually,” you stammer, knowing the only two reasons why quackity hasn’t reached over to assault the horn already was either bad’s stone-cold control or karl and george’s particular talent to distract him with their own bullshit.
sapnap’s mom pulls out her phone before you can follow through. “just a couple pictures, and you two kids can run off.” you pose and let her do her thing, sapnap’s palm firm on your waist, big and spanning, even when his mom comes close to hug you both and kiss your foreheads.
“bad’s driving you, right?”
“uh huh,” sapnap says, kisses her forehead back and waves while picking up an extra pair of sneakers.
“if you dare distract him –,” you grimace at quackity going insane on the front passenger seat. “– just stay safe, okay? try to get home before sunrise.”
“nice curfew, mom,” sapnap teases before the door closes behind him, and a skull-shattering horn slams into your ears.
“get in losers, we’re popping off!”
“you’re soooo funny,” sapnap shouts, and karl screams back, “i know right?”
sapnap lets you in first, dapping up dream and flicking george’s forehead before giving karl a friendly shove.
“you took forever, guys, holy shit,” quackity complains.
dream grins like a jackal and innocently suggests, “sapnap makeout session era?” while pulling at the olive green tux he chose, and george gasps.
“hickeynap? did i hear a hickeynap?” karl leans half his body forward, necklaces over his turtleneck winking in the evening streetlights.
“yeah, and there’s no hickey jacobs so who's winning here –,”
“that makes literally no sense sapnap, not a single sense –,”
“wait, guys, grand feasting where? mcdonald's is a bit… overdone,” bad calls, eyes on the rearview mirror.
“WHATABURGER!” sapnap yells way too loud for a cramped van. you want to kiss his cheek for it.
“okay, does anyone have any actually good suggestions?” george offers primly, and sapnap threatens to stand and mess up his pale blue velvet tuxedo.
“we should just hit all our favorite joints and set up on the hill.” you high-five dream for the idea, since the original plan was to essentially raid a fast-food place, pretend to be british like every place in the area didn’t know prom was happening tonight, and then set up on the hill behind the venue and feast until they could be fashionably late.
“i’m ordering online from raising cranes,” you say, and quackity jerks in his seat to order from his phone.
“get me something!” bad calls, and you blow him a kiss – he is driving you all, anyway.
“you want me to order you whataburger?” you mumble in sapnap’s ear, and he grins at you.
“can i pay you back with kisses?”
he pulls your face to his and leaves a wet smooch somewhere on your temple, and you squeal at it – and punz, who was just climbing into the van you didn’t even realize had stopped, calls out “aww, two out of ten! where’s the passion, y/n?”
“they had some passion earlier when we had to wait for eons outside sapnap’s house,” dream accuses, and sapnap kicks him.
karl does his theatrical, high moan and sapnap absolutely rats your ass out: “y/n was just completely mesmerized by my beauty, guys, i was forced to stay at least a couple feet away for my safety –,”
“you dirty liar,” you spit, until everyone goes quiet as bad says, “i feel like the safety threat makes it better for sapnap?” with far too much innocence in his voice. (quackity loses his shit first).
eventually, you manage to collect the absolute mess of food you’d all ordered, even stopping by a mcdonald's with george and ordering in the worst british accent with sapnap, which left the cashier telling george he could drop his, and so george was obligated to throw fries at the two of you once you’d made it back to bad’s van.
the “feast” was cool, slowly watching the sky burn with sunset and darken over the venue building while you all passed around tacos and chicken fingers and soda, shoulders bumping as you laughed. from up on the hill, you could see people start to filter into the building just a bit before seven, and you all cleaned up together with easy excitement.
sapnap takes your hand as you walk down towards the black and gold balloon archways. that’s another thing you weren’t expecting when you started dating, besides his appreciation for ceremony; he’s softly romantic, just a guy who wants to express his affection in kind, teen-movie fashion.
you twist his wrist to take a look at his cufflinks. “no creepers?”
“mmm… my tie’s got creepers on it.” (he didn’t bring a tie.)
“shoulda bought a custom creeper suit,” you mumble while you walk into the building and hand over tickets while the floors thump with bass. “with all that streamer money you’re getting now.”
“you really overestimate my popularity.”
“dream’s starting to get places, isn’t he? commit theft.”
he grins a little bit, says a soft, “deal,” before you all enter the main party room.
sapnap immediately stiffens, since it already got crowded, and you squeeze his hand while you all pick around the dance area to pick a table to settle at. dream immediately wiggles away to pull some goofy moves, beckoning george and sapnap with the self-consciousness of a guy who wired wifi from his neighbors, which is to say, with no self-consciousness at all.
quackity tugs karl into a tango that is miraculously on the beat, and bad stretches from the drive. punz already disappeared to grab snacks for the table, so sapnap doesn’t have an excuse not to follow dream, and based on the very incredulous look george passes him, you figure it's time to help with encouragement.
it’s a shitty prom playlist but you make do, refusing to give a shit for your own dignity when you twirl up to dream, taking his hand to very awkwardly twirl him (he’s too tall to go under your arm gracefully) and then starts doing a frantic kind of macarena, which sapnap mimics, and eventually you all give up trying to get george to dance gently and just grab his shoulders and drag him onto the floor, forcing his completely lax arms into the robot. punz saunters in just in time to hip check him, which makes dream hip check his other side, which makes you hip check sapnap, and something about it breaks the initial dance fear and suddenly you’re goofing off to “happy.” the dj must think enough people have come in to hit you all with the cha-cha slide next, and then you’re right back to that questionable playlist.
well. questionable until “starships” starts playing, and suddenly something unlocks in you – and honestly, everyone else – as you just lose your shit in the ten-year-old hype music. it’s followed up by “dynamite” and “california girls” (dream screams the chorus so loud you could actually hear it over the music) so maybe you all go a little apeshit.
you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and suddenly sapnap’s hands, which had previously been holding yours as he tried to salsa, wrap around you and hold you close to him as he laughs. you’re pressed to his chest while he gasps happily into your hair and you could not be more delighted in that moment, especially when the energy slows down after “yeah!” bleeds into “we are young.”
it’s so stupid, a classic from the 2010s making your heart and body thrum like this, but a long drawn out “toni-i-i-ight…” flows through the whole room, and you can’t help but forget everyone around you in sapnap’s presence, the dressed-up emphasis of his body.
when you look up at him, chin still on his chest, his smile makes his eyes crinkle and half-disappear into his cheeks. god does he look good as you sway together, his new cologne suddenly obvious. the prom theme is starry night, blinking fairy lights everywhere in your peripherals, but it’s sapnap’s eyes that shine the brightest. he spins you, giggling under his breath, just holding you close. you want to kiss the two freckles on his neck, so you do – the closest one, at least, because sapnap’s nose scrunches before you get the chance to peck the one under his jaw.
after the song, it’s clear people’s Big Social Event batteries are running down from the crowd, george and sapnap most obviously. you pass around those cheap cupcakes and cookies while everyone recovers, and everyone subtly eyes each other.
“so… we thinkin’ we can handle some more?” punz checks through a sip of punch.
“i’m a bit exhausted, but i think i could recharge in the car?”
sapnap nods with you, agreeing, and it looks like the others do until everyone’s eyes settle on karl.
because karl’s the one with friends in some cool places who are perfectly willing to take a couple of risks.
“phase two?” karl says with a raise of his eyebrows, and everyone nods. he grins. “then we dip.”
the drive to the laser tag place is mellow from all the gruesome movies about teen car crashes on prom night, but it’s good for your energy when you actually get to the darkened door. a woman appears from the shadows and lets you all in, setting up the queue and explaining how everything’s gonna work while turning the general lights on.
“you get three rounds, practice, free elimination, and then capture the flag. karl knows where the cleaning supplies are and how to shut down the systems, but you all better help him, kay? also, you have to obey the safety rules in there ‘cause i’m leaving, and i don’t want teenager blood on my equipment.” she runs through the rules – no body slamming, no purposeful tripping, and nothing that leaves any stains, ex: fighting.
karl salutes her and leads everyone into the vest room, where everyone starts to suit up while karl records the numbers. he puts them into a randomizer on his phone for the team game later and then explains the rounds. practice gets respawn points under the big lights scattered around the course, elimination is everyone for themselves plus power-ups and three lives, and capture the flag is self-explanatory – though, karl points out loudly, the flags are cool bandanas with a bulky sensor in the middle, which means a cool automated surprise for the team that wins.
you turn to sapnap to see if he wants to ally for elimination, knowing full well some of the others were going to do the same, only to watch him shrug off the grey suit jacket with ease. his back is facing you, so you just meet the sight of the stiff fabric sliding off his wide, dark shoulders. he turns so he’s in profile, then, and carefully rolls up one sleeve of the dress shirt. he does the same with his other arm, pressing the cuffs behind his elbow and flicking his thick forearms, and you think you might die on the spot.
he twists to raise the vest over his head and shimmy into it, arms tensing as he clasps the fastenings together, and then does that thing where he looks up from where he’s bent, hair gone messy again.
yeah. you’re dying.
“need help with the vest?” he checks, because you’ve been standing there silent for a minute and a half again.
“um. yes.”
bad move, since he’s pinching his brow as he focuses on fitting the vest on you gently, tightening the straps, spreading his hands over your shoulders in admiration of his handiwork. he looks really, really good in the dress shirt.
he (sort of) snaps you out of it by pointing at both of your shoes, and you change into the spares everyone brought.“wanna, uh. team up for elimination?” you say so you don’t start drooling on the spot.
he hums, unholsters the bulky laser gun on the hip of the vest, and squints down at the small screen on the back of it. “maybe if you do well in the practice?”
“stone cold, damn. where’d my soft sappy nappy go?”
you all start filtering up the next hall and into the course, the uv lights petering out into a soft purple glow. it’s a bit more risky as far as courses go, still all ramps and soft corners, but just above the doorway is a net bridge made from thick, glowing rope connecting two high points.
“killed him myself,” sapnap whispers. there's a big tv at the other end of the arena, counting down from six until the mercy timer hits, and sapnap grabs your wrist so he can kiss you quickly. “‘course i’ll team for elimination.”
and then the mercy start bell chimes, and you separate to go figure out the course yourself. the two tallest points are similarly built towers on opposite ends of the arena, each marked by those big, octagonal lights. respawn points.
they’re not the only ones lit up; you catalog each one you pass while making your way over to one of the towers, where you notice they’re built a little bit like bathroom stalls, with an upper platform, a space, and then the wall. underneath the platform is a half-level you could probably crawl under if you wanted.
you do, in fact, do well in the practice, only shot five times with just as many kills during the short practice period and coming in third place for it. (george comes in first, shot once, with over ten kills.)
and then there’s elimination. you and sapnap nod to each other, moving back to back before george taunts sapnap and he abandons you to take chase. in seconds your vest buzzes and makes a shattering noise, your gun flickering.
shot by your nightmare
two lives remaining
“funny name, dream!” you shout, and take off towards one wall with a light, bright to signify a power-up. you have to wait for the cool down but then immediately get an extra life, and eye the arena for more power-ups. you catch a lit vest, too tall to be sapnap, and shoot, before following whoever it is back into the course proper, where he’s sniped immediately after cool down.
“i can cover you!” quackity calls out, and the body shifts to reveal karl in the subtle light. you can’t take them both so you pull back, hearing punz shout, “i’m on my last, i’m on my last bad, stop!” and a subsequent, all too cheery, “good!”
then: “oh, muffin, was i on my last too?” and what you assume is the sound of punz running away, laughing.
you notice sapnap is back with quackity and karl, all three of them moving into open space cautiously, and you set your gun up to aim.
“you’re literally so hot sapnap,” karl mocks after sap misses a shot at dream, and quackity, running with it, suggests they all get married, to which sapnap agrees wholeheartedly. he turns around to make fake kisses at the two of them before he, without any warning, presses his gun against karl’s vest and shoots.
karl, gasping, falls flat back onto the hard floor – you could see his wince from where you are.
“we trusted you!” quackity shouts as karl pretends to die. “we loved you!”
“well, clearly you shouldn’t have done that,” sapnap replies, and guns down quackity’s second life.
karl rasps, “go, my love – you can return for my body later –,”
“no! i’m not leaving you!”
“live, quackity, so that i may not die in vain!”
“watch your back, sapnap! i’ll get my revenge!”
“i’ll kill you first!” but quackity already disappeared. sapnap does one more batshit thing and turns to look up at you, where you were sure they hadn't noticed you, with an overconfident grin.
“back for more?”
“cover my six and shut up,” you say fondly, climbing down to the lower floor.
together, you launch a joint attack on george, only to lose one life each to dream, who has apparently been acting like his goddamn guard dog the whole game.
punz nearly takes out quackity a little later, who thinks he died and so threatens to haunt sapnap for his unfinished business – until he realizes he still has one life left.
“i’m gonna make you feel exactly the way i felt!” he shouts, launching himself at you. you dodge narrowly, let him shoot twice before going offense, and just barely manage to clip his vest enough for it to count as a shot.
you turn happily to show off to sapnap, but you’re interrupted by the shattering death alert coming from your vest.
you check your gun.
shot by sapdaddy
no lives remaining
“sapnap!?” you cry, falling to your knees and onto your back.
“i’m sorry, i’m sorry my love. it was the only way.”
“only way for what?”
“i could not bear it,” sapnap rumbles, “to see another man kill you. to see someone else cause your suffering. to see you fall from an uncaring… laser… beam? and uncaring laser beam. it had to be me. if i cannot have your life, i’ll have your death, bloody and true on my hands.”
you blink up at him. “now i get why people have safe words in dnd.”
sapnap flashes a grin and kisses your forehead, before stalking slowly towards dream, who eyes him from afar, walls blocking his laser.
at least until sapnap bursts past him, cutting through open spots and charging towards george. “oh george!” he calls, but before dream can react, punz exoplodes out of nowhere and shoots.
it’s his last life.
he dusts himself off and meets you where you’ve stationed yourself on a convenient perch to watch the game, messing up your neatly-done prom hair when you sing-song “karma…”
it’s tough – punz is an excellent shot, even if he missed quackity, but george is freakishly talented and dream is defending him like he wants to get made fun of.
in the end, it’s inevitable; punz goes down, under dream’s hit no less, who turns brightly to george. he tries to step forward, but then –
george trips him. dream falls to the floor with a confused noise, and george shoots his second life away.
“there can only be one winner,” george says, clear as goddamn crystal. it’s freaky, that he can do that.
“don’t do this, george!” dream shouts from the floor. george points his gun down cooly, before placing his foot on the space between the vest censor and dream’s neck, a firm and dramatic move befitting whatever the hell this elimination game turned into. “we could end it here! go home, live on forever in peace. we’d have a – a farm! you’d love it, george!”
george tilts his head and smiles. waits until dream’s death cool down disappears and his vest lights up again. he chirps, “hmm. i don’t think so.” and shoots dream square in the censor.
he dies dramatically as the light in his vest goes dark, screaming and twitching like madman while the rest of you cheer.
“you know i’m never forgiving you for taking my last life, right?” you tell sapnap as you both jump down from the perch and make your way over to karl, who’s settling teams and grabbing bandanas for the final round.
sapnap mewls in a faked high-pitch, “aww, you awre? how will i evew suwvive, oowoo?” before you turn your back and rush over to karl, begging to be put on opposite teams. “wait i take it back! i take it back! you need to be on my team, we’d be so op.”
“too bad,” karl snaps with a little smile. “your numbers got randomized in different teams. it’s me, sapnap, quackity, and punz on that base,” he points to the tower with the big light that glows a soft red, and “you with dream, bad, and george.”
“y’know blue teams statistically lose more?” dream points out while staring at the color of your teams lit tower, a competitive set to his mouth.
“handicap for george, since the motherfucker is a freak cs:go player.”
“quackity,” punz feigns his hurt tone, “i’m right here.”
“third placers really think they can talk shit,” quackity says right back, like he wasn’t third to die.
karl hands dream a blue bandana and has everyone split up to their bases. when the four of you huddle under yours, dream labels everyone immediately.
“you’re scouting on offense,” he says, pointing at you. “bad’s defense. you’re an organizer, you got this. stick to the base, make sure no one gets close – they’ll think the flag is with you.”
“ohhhhh,” bad says. “i see where you’re going with this. i thought you’d keep it on george and protect him like last round.”
“nah, george is better put to work.”
george smirks. “ohhh, am i, dream?”
you can’t see a blush in the darkness, but the lights reflect off of how wide dream’s eyes go, and you cover your face on instinct.
“george and i will – we’ll – uh. we’ll pass the flag between each other when we can, but if we both get shot the flag’s getting on the floor, and neither of us can run fast enough to respawn and then come back before they get to their base, even with interference.” he demonstrates where the bandana sticks to one part of the vest harnessing with the blocky middle bit, yanking it off and throwing it close enough to george’s vest for it to snap into place. it doesn’t look difficult, but the flags don’t light up at all; you can’t distinguish a color from the one at dream’s side.
“i trust you both to decide when we need help,” george adds, and the mercy timer rings a five second warning. you ready yourself at the base boundary until the counter gets to zero, and then you dash off on quiet feet into the first hiding spot you can reach. you hear bad shoot someone, and realize he’s perched strategically within the base tower, keeping the magnet piece of his harness hidden.
you holster your gun, apologize to yourself and promise to wash your hands after this, and crawl next to the wall until you get yourself under a ramp. you couldn’t see the light of anyone’s vest from the opposing base tower, but it’s the best, least risky spot for the guy carrying your flag because he immediately respawns under the light. you’d have to pry the flag directly from his body without him shooting you first.
suddenly, footsteps pound above you, and you hear punz’s voice shout “dream on offense, no flag!” which is honestly a smart move. you don’t know where the rest of his team is, but they know dream’s position – although, chances are george is subtly passing the flag to him right then.
you decide to make a mad dash to get just a bit closer to the red base tower, and hear karl scream “i seeee you!” as you hear the telltale shooting noise beep somewhere above and behind you – and then the electronic breaking sound. your gun screen grays out. shot by your mom.
you run as fast as you can back to your base, before once again crawling to a new hiding spot. “c’mon, c’mon,” you whisper, before you hear footsteps again, shooting electronic noises, and then eery silence.
“hey now,” dream coos from the bridge that splits the two upper levels that lead to the bases in half. “you shoot, we shoot. bad’s watching.”
“three v. two is pretty good odds,” quackity mumbles in his villain voice, low and challenging and darkly gleeful.
“is it though?” that’s george, tone innocent. there’s the faint sound of him messing with his gun.
“well i’d sure say so!” shifting, then –
“karl, wait.” punz.
punz, karl, quackity. which means – which means –
you can’t fight down the smile. you move as quietly as possible, moving fast only when the stand-off on the bridge coughs up a couple of swapping words.
and soon you’re on the ramp up to the base tower. one turn and sapnap knows you’re there; he aims his gun and you put two surrendering hands up, palms open.
he pauses. you didn’t think he would.
“just wanna say hi and go,” you placate, inching up the ramp towards him. “maybe more than just say hi.”
“begone, thot,” he says weekly.
“ew, dude. expiration date long passed. c’mon, just a kith?”
“...we should wait until we’re married?”
it’s… it’s definitely dastardly, your secret goal here, and you almost feel bad when your toes touch the base threshold. but, well – fuck it. payback for the way he rolled his sleeves up his forearms.
“aww, sapnap,” you whine. “i didn’t get to kiss you in hours.” this is an obvious lie.
“no no no i do not trust you,” he says, pointing his gun at you.
“i’ll move back so fast i won’t even have time to grab the flag!”
he squints. his hair’s getting in his face. you need to kiss this boy. “dream set you up to this, didn’t he?”
“i don’t need dream to wanna kiss you, pandas.”
sapnap wilts, just a little bit, like you knew he would – his older username is weird for him to hear since he changed it, but it’s still nostalgic, and you using it is always soft, always brings him home. “okay,” he sighs. “just one. a peck! less than a second!”
“deal!” you say eagerly, bouncing up to him to hold his jaw and press your lips to his. he sighs into it, even smiles just a bit, and cradles the back of your head and your hair with one wide hand, letting his gun fall slightly to the side.
he pulls away, and you whine, completely, totally, definitely on purpose to distract him and not because you really haven’t had the privacy to kiss him for real in a long while and all you want to do is kiss his stupidly, unfairly soft lips while your hands clutch at his smooth dress shirt. it’s enough for him to dive back in again, and by the time you both pull back you’ve completely forgotten your original plan. shit.
sapnap pats the bandana around his vest fastenings and slowly puts the gun between you two. “it’s what we must do. our love is forbidden.”
“tea, i guess,” you say and skip off like you didn’t completely forget to grab the flag.
that is until you walk under the platform and see that he’s slumped back against the black plastic walling – you wait, realizing he doesn’t know you’re there, until he slides all the way down to the ground. he mutters something, but you’re only focusing on the bandana that’s perfectly within your reach between the walling and the platform edge.
you grab it, yank it off, and run.
“no!” sapnap screams from the platform, alerting the stand-off and sending everyone running towards you. karl skids in front of you and you twist in time to body him, which was definitely against the rules, but suddenly bad is nearby and you shove the bandana into his fist just before karl collects himself enough to shoot your last life away.
“let’s fucking go!!” you scream when bad slides onto your home base, bandana in hand.
“i’m going to kiss you! bad! oh my god!” george shouts with glee, and bad points back at you. george looks over with a massive smile, which only gets bigger when his gaze shifts to something behind you.
you turn to find sapnap storming towards you, eyebrows pinched, and you barely have the time to scream before he tackles you – picks you up in all your formalwear and makes a long frustrated noise into your body.
“i did it fairly! i did it fairly, sapnap!”
“no you didn’t.” he’s muffled by your clothes and vest, but he lets you down slowly so you can look at the face he’s pulling. “you distracted me.”
“no, i took it after i kissed you.”
“i was still distracted!”
“y’all were making out again? yeesh,” dream comments.
“sapnap makeout era,” karl adds gravely, like he’s mourning.
you squint at sapnap, ignoring them. “you couldn’t even see me, how was i still distracting you?”
“you always distract me,” sapnap pouts. “i love you.”
yeah, your whole face heats up. “i love you too,” you say nervously – you haven’t gotten the hang of it yet, but it’s honest.
quackity mimes throwing up so hard he grabs onto bad’s shoulder for balance.
you clean up as promised, locking everything up behind you before you all pile sleepily back into bad’s van. the mellow air is back, but this time because quackity fell asleep on the passenger side and bad made everyone talk quietly while he snoozed.
he changes the route because of it, and drops quackity off first, everyone kindly waving goodbye while he grins, suit mussed and duck tie shoved in his back pocket. the energy doesn’t really return, but the volume sure does, dream wheezing at something george says to punz, karl kicking sapnap’s nice pants and earning a “try that again karl, i dare you,” from your boyfriend.
soon, the van rolls to a stop in front of sapnap’s house, and you step out on tired feet together so you can kiss him goodnight without the whole friend group watching (and then shouting out ratings – you really could do without one of them yelling “four out of ten!” as punz debates how many points the lack of tongue deducts from your score).
you stumble a little on the grass of his front lawn from the height of the van, and his arm slides over your waist with ease, steadying you with warm, happy eyes. his hands don’t leave, either, as you walk towards his front steps only to be pulled back, because sapnap stays decidedly still.
he leans into you so his voice is low and close when he asks, “so, i may have… done something.”
“huh?” you slip your arms over his shoulders just hug him close again; might as well since he’s here and you’re apparently going to stay that way for a hot second.
“i wanna show you something? i’ll drive you home afterward, since i don’t think they,” he nods his chin over at the idle van, “can wait for us, so if – you know, if you’re sleepy or wanna go home, we don’t have to.”
“i am sleepy, but…” but you don’t want the night to end. it's like those two-am discord calls on saturday mornings, eight seconds away from being dead to the world but pulling yourself out of it to hear sapnap’s opinion on whatever weird cheese he picked up at the store. you don’t want to go home and fall asleep without sapnap there, but a sleepover isn’t really an option so you settle for wanting to be awake more than you want to snooze. “show me anyway. your room?”
“nah, it’s – follow me?”
you both wave at the van, where everyone sticks their hands out the passenger side window to return the gesture, and then sapnap is leading you between his house and the adjacent. the worn-down grass cuts a path between the two properties and down towards empty parkland. your eyes just manage to adjust to the half-darkness, moonlight catching on shrubbery, when you notice a soft warm beacon of light in the distance.
“is that the gazebo?” you ask, and sapnap squeezes your palm. your steps crunch satisfyingly on the ground as you climb the slight incline, your eyes widening slowly at what you realize sapnap did.
the pillars are very messily decorated with fairy lights, candles lit around the railing. he had to have help for this, and the idea of sapnap begging his sisters to take time out of their days to do this?
one hit k.o.
especially when you notice the gazebo floor is covered in picnic blankets and pillows, all bright – there might even be a beach towel, not a sliver of scuffed wood to be seen. no, no, there’s definitely a beach towel – and definitely a couple of blankets scattered, too.
“isn’t this like… public property?” you flop onto it anyway, pulling a plush blanket over your legs and expecting sapnap to follow behind. he throws his suit jacket down and does so, cuddling into the pillows and your body.
“we’re actually not allowed to be here after dusk,” is sapnap’s answer, which. well.
“i love you,” you say, because you don’t think you were that convincing back at the laser tag place.
“i know, i know. i love you too.”
and then he’s tucking his arms around you and hugging you in the pillows, face pressed to your hair, leaving you to blush madly at him until he releases you.
you banter back and forth, falling into easy conversation that’s mostly there to keep you awake. it’s always so nice like this, listening to him ramble and then start asking you questions – and poking for real answers.
“i’d be a demon, sappy –,”
“i just said i would be a demon slayer, why would you want to do that. why.”
“you literally killed me today.”
he balks. “in laser tag. because i’m competitive.”
“and i’m a terror to this earth.”
sapnap gives you a look.
you grab the wrist he’s settled between you two and bite very softly. “thsee?” you say through his skin and arm hair. it’s a good skin flavor. washed.
“you’re actually a crackhead.”
you bite higher up on his forearm and he giggles, and then you’re leaning into him to make soft bites up his arm and over his dress shirt until you get to his neck, where you remember sitting your chin on his chest hours ago.
you’re not fixated on his neck, alright? it’s a good neck. anything on sapnap is good. even stupid basketball shorts and high socks at the same time. he’s just… good.
you press your lips to that big freckle there, on his good neck, then do it again and again until sapnap’s chin is moving too hard from laughing, scruff scraping your cheek as you lean away.
“you know that thing about having freckles where the lovers in your last life kissed you the most?”
sapnap shakes his head while he squeezes your waist, kissing the meat of your thumb tenderly where he’d pulled your hand up from its hold on his collar. “i do now.”
“well,” you say shakily, before leaning forward and kissing over his neck freckle even more before he shoves you lightly away, calling you a freak under his breath. “i’m gonna kiss you there, so much,” you roll into him again and then back again before sapnap can fight you off, “so much that in our next life i’ll be able to find you. just cause you’ll have a giant mole right here from when i wouldn’t stop kissing you.”
he stills, then, eyes blinking big. your pointer finger had fallen over the spot while you tussled, and sapnap puts one hand over yours. “i,” he tries, once, before averting his gaze. “i really hope it works like that.”
he doesn’t add anything else, but he does take the hand he’d trapped and brings it forward, just like he did earlier with the other one, to press his face to your wrist – lips quickly following, pursing and pressing against your veins. once. twice. again and again, just like you did with the freckle on his neck.
you grin and shove your face into the pillows as your ears warm at the realization.
eventually, he pulls off and drapes your arm over his side, muttering a soft, “there,” before settling on his side to look you in the eyes.
“hi,” you whisper, and he giggles, which is so… ugh. it’s impossible to do anything when he giggles like that while literally being in your arms.
“you know you’re adorable for doing all of this?”
“you’re adorable. that’s it. end of the sentence.”
“shut up before i fall in love with you.”
he bumps your noses together, and you feel his arms flex where they hold you. “that’s the whole point, idiot.”
“you really do clean up well,” you say quietly. “it’s messed me up all night.”
he shoves his face in-between your neck and shoulder to hide it. this time, you might actually be able to feel the heat coming off sapnap’s face.
“thank you,” he says, a little like he doesn’t know what else to say. then: “i… i like that you like how i look.”
“good, because i always like how you look.”
he tucks his face tighter against his skin. you think he’s going to say something, until your phone chimes once, twice, and you have to groan. you know the ringtone.
sapnap checks your phone for you.
“parents,” you both say in unison. “it’s almost one am,” sapnap tacks on.
“wow, we could have partied much harder.” the effect of your claim is a bit stunted when you closely follow it with a massive yawn, vision fuzzing out where sapnap is still tapping through your phone behind your head.
“bruh, why am i ‘piss master’ in your phone?”
   “because you are one?” he pulls that fake-offended face again and grumbles, so you have to bite. “well, what am i in your phone?”
   he immediately shoves his phone behind him, and you gasp and jump over to grab at it as he screams out “no no no no –,” while you’re going “please please please!” until you get the corner in between your thumb and forefinger and just barely snatch it, throwing it in the air until it lands somewhere in the pillows. you scramble to grab it while sapnap makes his frustrated scream into the blanket he’s closest to.
   “oh my god – at least piss master is funny, how many of these emojis are there?” you tap your name above his messages, and see your name followed by a solid five lines of emojis. the icy face emoji appears in three of them and… hearts are everywhere. “awww… sapnap.”
   “what.” he says into the blanket.
   “you like me!”
   he rolls back up and looks up at the gazebo ceiling like he’s talking to god. “i swear. did i not just throw a game for you?”
   “you put hearts next to my name!” and a ring emoji, but you’re not going to bring it up. not now, anyway. plus the peach and droplet emojis were there too, so. “can i change it?”
   sapnap’s face turns, looking worried for a second. “i guess?”
   you end up deciding on typing out “distraction” with as many emojis as you have the energy to put, sprinkling the ring emoji in, but also at least four toilets because sapnap deserves bullying for talking about piss.
sapnap checks your phone again, since it's the only one he has access to at the moment. “your mom offered to send an uber?”
“face it, babe, bad’s the only one any of our parents trust with driving this late at night.”
“keep calling me babe, it’s cute,” he murmurs. then, in his regular voice, “my car is safer than a van literally produced during world war two.”
“twenty years early, babe.”
“how the hell do you know when bad’s car was made?”
“sapnap.” you drop his phone to grab the sides of his face, now that he’s sitting up. “think about what cars looked like during world war two.”
he squints, then relaxes as it dawns on him, then squints again. “that’s not a sixties car either.”
you roll your eyes and get up, taking a blanket with you. “look it up, dude –,”
“awww, ‘dude’? where’d babe go?”
your phone chimes again, and then so does sapnap’s phone.
“…my mom has your number?”
“why wouldn’t she?”
“alright. okay. come on –,” you start walking, but sapnap isn’t following again. when you look back, he’s looking down at his phone, ears red yet again.
“what in god’s name did my mom text you?”
“oh, no, i just – i like what you changed your contact name to.”
sapnap finally gets up for real, grabbing his jacket and walking around the gazebo to search for the electricity box, turning everything off and leaving the memory behind your eyelids.
“piss master liked the toilet emojis?” you say a little too late, and sapnap socks you very lightly in the shoulder, before dragging you back to his side as you walk back to his house and clamber into his car.
the drive back is easy, a little slow, and sapnap holds your chin when you kiss him as you kick open the passenger door. you bid him goodnight and slam the door closed, hobbling on tired feet to your front door, before you hear another slam and the sound of sapnap’s steps on the grass.
he kisses you like he did in the laser tag arena, in the dark – hard hands, soft mouth, the slightest of smiles. “love you,” he whispers, and you say it back.
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What about filming with Seb for the avengers? 🥺
This contains mentions of smutty times but I don't think it needs any warnings? Other than shitty writing lmao!!
Tumblr media
Ok, ok, hear me out. You had been on the cast for quite a long while, maybe something like ever since The Winter Soldier or Iron-man 2, so you obviously knew your way around and how everything works. Even though everyone was always a bit on edge when it came to the fate of their character, only a few days were left until wrapping up Infinity War, so you were pretty confident everything would be fine.
One day, when you got to set, a little bit later than usual, the first thing you did was say your hellos and head for the makeup trailer. You had Lizzie on your right, her eyes barely managing to stay open as two pairs of delicate hands worked on styling her hair, and on your left, Sebastian was almost done. The atmosphere was eerie to say the least. Everyone was quiet, none of the usual banter or jokes, but you just rolled with it - putting it on account of the long hours. Boy were you off.
About 9 hours later, those worries had no place left in your mind. You were covered in blood, frantically looking from left to right. 
It was the scene right after Thanos snapped his fingers, and you were thankful your character was supposed to be visibly confused, since you didn't have any idea what was going on either. You just remembered the Rossos saying something along the lines of "Yeah, yeah, just like that. You got this, go" but the problem was that you had never actually given them an idea to agree to. You asked them what you were supposed to do, but they just patted you on the back and left.
So when the camera started rolling, your heart was beating out of your chest, your ears ringing as you knew, deep down, that something big was about to happen. 
Your eyes snapped to the right, seeing Chris, or Steve, fully in character, panting his lungs away as he too looked around, lost. 
Just when you were about to turn around, you caught out of the corner of your eye, some form of movement. 
"What the-" you screamed, completely breaking character and not giving a shit about it, as you saw Sebastian fall to his knees. When he tried to steady himself against his palms, his elbows gave in and he crumbled completely to the ground. This wasn't scripted, and adrenaline washed over you.
In a matter of milliseconds, both you and Chris sprinted in his direction, throwing yourselves on your knees and rushing to turn him around. It all happened so fast, it was mostly a blur, but the fear you felt when you saw him collapse, broke you. And in all that haze, it took you a moment too long to realise that as soon as Sebastian uncovered his face, there were tears running down his cheeks as he laughed his soul out.
"Cut!" Joe called, excitedly standing up and waving his hands in the air. "Perfect! We're keeping this!"
"Seriously!?" Chris exclaimed amused, unable to hide his smile as soon as he realised what had happened. 
"You idiot!" you yelled, looking down at Sebastian who had his arms wrapped around himself, holding his abdomen as his face turned red from laughter.
And maybe, had you not been the one who acted like the world just ended in the middle of a set full of people, you would have found this funny from the beginning too. Literally anyone else could have fallen and you wouldn't have freaked like that. And that was why you were mad at Seb, but proceeded to laugh and make jokes about the situation with everybody else from the cast.
About two hours later, when you were both done for the day, Sebastian couldn't find a way to keep his distance from you. He followed you everywhere, his mouth not shutting for even just one second.
"Come on-" he pleaded, jogging a few steps in front of you so he could see your face as he spoke, "You can't be mad at me, please don't be mad at me-"
"I hate you" you simply said, turning around on your heels and sprinting in the opposite direction.
"No, come on, Y/n" he followed you, arms outstretched as he maintained your pace, "It was funny, and it looked great on camera"
Taking a deep breath, you stopped dead in your tracks and looked into his eyes for the first time ever since it happened. "Seb, you know what? I looked like an idiot, it was a dumb idea, I hate you, goodbye"
Frankly, no matter how dramatic you sometimes got, this was too much, even for you. You were perfectly aware you were exaggerating, and had to struggle to keep yourself from bursting into laughter - but you just needed to see how far this could go.
"No, don't say that.." he argued, stepping in front of you again and grabbing your shoulders, "Don't ever think that. You didn't look like an idiot, you were just worried". As he spoke, his voice softened and his eyes warmed up. "You were just worried about me…"
"Of course I was worried about you!" you rolled your eyes, "And you thought it was funny"
And those words right there, hurt him. "No.." Sebastian mumbled, "No- I'm sorry, I- come here"
Without giving you a chance to object, he gathered you to his chest, his arms tightly wrapping around your body. He genuinely felt bad, and now, you did too.
"Seb," you sighed, pulling away, "I'm sorry too- I'm not really mad. I was just messing with you, wanted to see how far this would go"
He seemed confused - genuinely surprised with the turn of events, but he didn't complain. Instead, he just frowned, and searched for your eyes, "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure" you nodded, "I'm not a child, I act like one sometimes but still"
"You really do" Sebastian laughed, as you both mindlessly started to walk towards your trailers. 
"Look who's talking" you mocked.
"If it's any consolation, I didn't know this until like a few hours ago either. I just found out this morning, that's why I've been off. I knew you'd pry the information out of me somehow"
"Yeah!" you giggled, "I definitely would've"
Just when you were about to reach your trailer, you heard Sebastian groan in pain before he abruptly stopped walking. You turned around to see him clutching his right knee, wincing in pain. "Shit!" he cursed under his breath.
"It's too soon" you scoffed, "I'm not gonna fall for that again"
"No-" he waved dismissively, "I'm fine, it's been hurting for some time, don't know what started it now, though"
And despite your brain yelling 'No, no, don't fall for it', that was exactly what you did. Your heart panged when you saw him limp, and you didn't even think twice before rushing to his side to help him walk.
But of course, not even a step was taken before he burst into laughter, causing you to shove him away from you with all your might.
"Can't believe it worked-" Sebastian said in a high pitched tone, laughing as tears threatened to fall down his cheeks.
"I'm never talking to you again. I hate you" you groaned, turning around and storming off.
But he didn't let you get too far. In a matter of seconds he had caught up with you, wrapping his arms around your body from behind, his face right above your shoulder, "No, you really don't hate me"
"Yes, I do!"
"Come on" he chuckled, "Let's go get a beer"
"No, Seb"
"Two beers?"
"Seb-" you threatened, trying to wiggle your way out of his hold, but all he did was follow you around, still holding you in his arms.
"Three beers!?" he asked playfully enraged.
"Let me go, or else-"
"Or else what?" he taunted proudly, leaning over your shoulder to look you in the eye, "What are you gonna do, hm?"
"Don't test me" you threatened, the proximity making you a bit more playful than usual.
"What are you gonna do?" Sebastian grinned, "Spank me?"
And the following words just slipped out of your mouth, your brain having never been involved in any kind of thought process whatsoever. "Only if you spank me first" you said, and then his mouth fell open.
"Deal!" he cheered, letting you go, and moving to stand in front of you, "It's a deal, it's done"
"Yeah" you laughed, "Ok"
"Ok… to the beer and the spanking?" he teased, and you couldn't hide your amusement.
"Just the beer, Seb"
"And what about the spanking?" he pouted.
"Ask me after that beer"
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sunshineandaisies · 4 months ago
Dirty Paws & Wet Kisses
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)
Words: ~3.7k
Warnings: language, floofs and fluff
Note: if you ever read anything written by me that includes dogs, their names will always be kinda extra or related to historical figures (i.e. my dog is actually named Theodore Roosevelt) and I will try my best to make their names increasingly extra with every fic that involves dogs
Tumblr media
You’d argue that your four year old sheperd mix was the most well behaved dog in all of New York until your dying breath.
Most days.
During your weekly trips to the park on Sunday afternoons, she would sit at your feet, lounging in the sun as she watched joggers go by and playfully saying hello to anyone - be they human or dog - that stopped by to pet the pretty pup while you read whatever book you’d picked up from the bookstore earlier that week.
Sure, there were a few times that she would whine and stare down any squirrel that strayed too close to her, but she never left your side.
Maybe that’s why you had grown so complacent, why you’d stopped looping her leash around the bench to secure her to your side and simply kept the leash within your reach beside you on the seat of the bench.
And it was because of that complacency that you were sprinting across the park, chasing your naughty dog and drawing judgemental stares from other park-goers.
“Hazel!” you called after her. “Hazel, I swear to god I’m taking all your toys away when we get home!” Right after you took a nice long bath to soothe your aching muscles. When was the last time you’d run this much?
You lost sight of her when she disappeared around a hedge, and the internal panic that set in was almost worse than the time that you accidentally emailed your creative writing professor the Harry Potter fanfiction you’d written instead of your final paper. (You still got an A on the assignment, but that’s besides the point).
You see her as soon as you round the corner, happily licking at a stranger’s face as she sat between his legs, and-
Holy shit, your dog led you to the most attractive man you’ve ever seen.
The stranger took note of you before you had a chance to say anything, and he raised his brow at you while angling his face away from Hazel’s kisses. “Does this belong to you?” he asked, pinching the tags on Hazel’s collar between his thumb and two fingers. “Hazelnut Mocha.” He snorted. “Is that your dog’s name or your Starbucks order?”
You weren’t sure if it was the amused smile that curled his lips or the quirk of his brow, but his teasing made you feel personally attacked. You crossed your arms across your chest. “Maybe it’s both.”
He shrugged, scratching the spot behind Hazel’s ear. “I suppose that’s one way to never forget your dog’s name or your coffee order.”
You hummed noncommittally before approaching and tugging Hazel away from the handsome stranger. It took considerably more effort than you had thought it would. “I’m really sorry about her,” you apologized. “She’s never like this. I don’t really know what happened.”
He brushed your apology off with a smile. “Don’t worry about it. If a cute girl wants to give me kisses, I certainly won’t complain.” He winked at you, and you wanted to just melt on the spot.
“Well, uh, I should, um-” You cleared your throat, stepping away and dragging a disappointed Hazel along with you. “Again, I’m really sorry. Even if you didn’t mind.”
You turned and hurried away before his smile made your mind any more frazzled.
Two weeks passed before you decided to show your face at the park again, and this time, you were sure to secure Hazel’s leash to your bench, ensuring that there would be no chases across the park and embarrassing encounters with handsome strangers.
The pup resigned herself to her fate and laid at your feet in the grass, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and her golden eyes shining in the sunlight. She greeted the other dogs that passed, and you thought nothing of it until you heard someone call her name.
Well, shit. You knew that voice. That voice had haunted your dreams for three nights straight after the incident two weeks ago.
“How have you been, pretty girl?” he asked, and you hesitantly lifted your gaze from your book to see him knelt in front of you, patting Hazel’s head as she yipped happily and dragged her tongue over his face in sloppy kisses.
Despite your proclivity to stare at handsome men that showered your dog with attention, your eyes were dragged away from the pair when a wet nose nudged your leg. “Well hello there,” you greeted the brown and white dog that sought your attention. You quickly marked your page and returned your book to your bag before petting your newest furry companion. “What’s your name, handsome?”
“Bucky,” the stranger answered.
You glanced up at him briefly before turning your attention back to the brown and white dog. “Aren’t you a handsome boy, Bucky. Yes, you’re so handsome,” you cooed. The stranger chuckled, and you glanced up expecting to see Hazel mauling him with more sloppy kisses, but instead, he was staring at you, amusement dancing in his blue eyes. “What?”
“I’m Bucky,” he clarified before nodding towards the dog. “That’s Dodger.”
“And you just assumed that I was talking about you when I called him handsome?”
And in complete contrast to how he had acted in your previous interaction, he actually looked embarrassed, nervously scratching the back of his neck while fending off even more kisses from Hazel. “I seem like a complete asshole, don’t I?” he asked sheepishly.
You laughed. “Well, I mean… Don’t let this go to your head or anything, but I suppose you are kind of handsome, too. You know, in a handsome stranger kind of way.” You felt your cheeks flood with warmth, and you averted your gaze, hoping he didn’t see just how flustered you were after your admission. You tried to breeze past it altogether by giving all of your attention to Dodger once again, petting him and praising him for being such a sweet boy.
After a moment of you and Bucky speaking only to each other’s dogs, you cleared your throat and commented, “I didn’t realize you had a dog. Was he at the park with you the day that Hazel practically assaulted you?”
“He’s not my dog.”
You blinked. “Oh. Is he your girlfriend’s dog?”
And just like that, all hints of embarrassment disappeared from his face. He quirked a brow and smirked at you. “My girlfriend?”
“Or boyfriend,” you added hastily.
He snorted and shook his head. “It depends on who you ask.”
You cocked your head to the side, and the action conjured up an image of Hazel doing the same whenever you would try to hold an actual conversation with her. “Uh, what?”
His gaze flitted to the ground as he smiled an amused little smile that had you biting your lip and shamelessly staring at the man. “It’s a bit of a joke among my friends,” he began. “Dodger is my buddy Steve’s dog. Some of our friends like to make it seem like we’re dating, but we definitely aren’t. We just know each other way too well.” His smile widened when he looked back up at you. “So to answer the question that you indirectly asked-”
You furrowed your brows in confusion. “What?”
“-I’m single, sweetheart.”
You gaped at him, trying to form an appropriate response. This man was frustrating - frustratingly handsome, frustratingly smug, frustratingly able to read you like a goddamn open book. How dare he correctly assume you were trying to figure out if he was single or not?
The sound of a phone ringing interrupted your thought process, and Bucky gave you an apologetic look after glancing down at his phone. “I gotta take this,” he told you. You heard him greet the other person on the other end of the call before calling for Dodger. As he turned to go, he paused for a moment, pressed the phone against the front of his shirt to muffle the receiver, and called over his shoulder. “See you around, Hazel and Hazel’s mom.”
Right. You never gave him your name.
You were cursing yourself for nearly a month for not getting his phone number before he disappeared, and you’d be lying if you didn’t admit that you had a smidge of hope that you’d run into him at the park again... But alas, no luck.
You were starting to think that you’d never see your handsome park stranger - although, he wasn’t really a stranger anymore, was he? - but exactly 37 days after your last encounter with Bucky (aka handsome park stranger), Hazel brought you back together in the most heart attack inducing way she could manage.
You’d been sitting on the patio of your favorite little cafe, catching up with Carol and Val over coffee and fluffy pastries, and Hazel had been behaving herself aside from the occasionally whining and begging when any of you would touch your food.
She was behaving until she wasn’t.
You still don’t really know what set her off, but one moment she was sitting prettily and staring up at you with her golden eyes and the next she was breaking free from her leash and sprinting down the street and out of your sight.
You posted on social media asking everyone to be on the lookout for your Hazel and called your friends to help you search for her. You spent hours walking up and down the city streets and through the park that you frequented with Hazel. You called all of the shelters and animal control to see if anyone had brought Hazel to them instead of calling you. You talked to anyone and everyone that you passed on the street, asking if they’d seen your girl.
You tried so much to get your girl back, but nothing panned out.
You were in tears and your feet were sore from walking all over the goddamn city by the time you and the others returned to your apartment, resigned to wait for someone to contact you. Just as you were about to say goodnight to everyone and turn in for the night (read: cry yourself to sleep), your phone rang, and an unfamiliar number flashed across the screen. You shushed your friends and answered the phone.
Please be someone who found Hazel. Please be someone who found Hazel. Please be someone who found Hazel.
“Hey, sweetheart.” Your heart leapt into your throat at the sound of his voice, and for a moment you forgot that you had just been on the verge of a panic attack. “Take a deep breath for me, okay. I can practically feel you panicking through the phone. I have Hazel. She’s okay.”
“Thank you,” you breathed, nodding at your friends in response to their questioning looks. “Thank you so much, Bucky. Is she okay? Where did you find her? Should I meet you somewhere?”
He chuckled. “She’s fine. A little dirty, but she’s fine. As for where I found here...Well, I think your dog has a little crush on me, sweetheart.”
You grabbed your jacket from the coat rack and slipped it on before grabbing your keys. “What does that mean?”
“I came home and found her wandering around the courtyard at my apartment.” He sounded far too amused with the situation, and you definitely weren’t feeling up to dealing with his smug attitude. “She certainly made herself at home here. I may need to fight for shared custody after this.”
You rolled your eyes. “Just tell me where I should meet you.”
“I’ll send you my address.”
And just as he had told you, as soon as you ended the call, he shared his location with you. You swiftly assured Carol and Val that Hazel was okay, and you asked them to lock up when they left before beginning your walk to Bucky’s apartment.
Ten minutes later, you were sat on the floor of his living room, holding Hazel close to you and alternating between scolding her and telling her how much you love her as you tried to hold your tears at bay. Bucky sat on the couch, arms rested on his knees as he watched the teary-eyed reunion with a small smile curling his lips.
“You know, sweetheart,” he spoke up, drawing your attention away from Hazel, and you finally noticed the muddy paw prints on the front of his white tee. “I’m not much of a dog-person but-”
You gasped, covering Hazel’s floppy ears. “How dare you say such nonsense in front of Hazel!” You pressed a kiss between her eyes, whispering, “It’s okay, girl. Bucky didn’t mean it.”
“I did,” he countered, chuckling when you glared at him. “I’m more of a cat-person, but I suppose I can make an exception for Hazel. After all, she seems pretty attached to me. Not that I can blame her.”
You snorted and rolled your eyes. “She has awful taste in men,” you teased.
“I don’t know,” he argued. “People say that dogs are impeccable judges of character.”
You stood, dusting your jeans off and turned to face Bucky. “Thank you,” you told him, the sincerity clear in your voice. “I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t find her. I- I seriously owe you. Whatever you want, just name it.”
His blue eyes twinkled with mischief, and you immediately regretted your offer. “What about shared custody of Hazel?”
“Whatever you want that’s not that, just name it,” you amended.
“What about a date?” he asked instead.
Your eyes widened in surprise and you gaped like a fish, mouth opening and closing, opening and closing, over and over again as you tried to form a response. You certainly hadn’t been expecting that. He watched you with curious eyes, waiting patiently for your answer. Finally, the gears in your brain began to turn again and you answered, “As flattered as I am, I’m not really looking to date right now.”
Disappointment flashed across his features, but he smiled and all trace of disappointment was gone in an instant. “Don’t worry about it, sweetheart. You don’t owe me anything for being a decent person and making sure Hazel got back to you.”
You smiled softly at him, your fingers carding through Hazel’s fur. “Thank you, Bucky. Really.”
“You’re welcome, sweetheart.”
After that night - and after you and Bucky officially had each other’s numbers - you and he would text throughout the week, and you often sent him pictures of Hazel being increasingly goofy as the days wore on. You’d even invited him to the park one Sunday to see Hazel again, but he’d quickly turned you down, asking for a rain check.
He had a date, after all.
So instead, you took Hazel to the park and sent him pictures of the pretty pup lounging in the sunshine, greeting other dogs that passed by, and even licking the camera lens on your phone when she finally noticed you holding your phone out towards her to get the perfect angle. A smile never failed to appear on your face every time he sent a heart eyes meme in response.
Despite the near constant texting, you didn’t see Bucky again for over three weeks, and you’d only seen him because you had run into his friend Steve at the dog park.
It took a moment for you to realize that the brown and white dog that Hazel had instantly greeted once she’d been released from her leash was Dodger, but as soon as the realization sunk in, you looked around for Bucky.
There weren’t many people present, but you couldn’t find Bucky among the dog parents that lingered around the edges of the dog park.
You crouched down to greet Dodger, scratching him behind the ears and happily accepting his greeting kisses. “Hello, handsome. Is your uncle Bucky here?”
You turned your head in the direction of the voice, and you furrowed your brows when you saw a tall blond man that you didn’t recognize. Holy shit, was Hazel a handsome stranger magnet? “Do I know you?” you asked, doing your absolute best to keep your voice steady.
“Right, sorry,” he laughed. “I’m Steve. Bucky’s mentioned you a few times.”
You put two and two together quickly. “You’re Dodger’s dad!”
You spent the better part of the next hour chatting with Steve as Dodger and Hazel chased one another around the enclosed area, and you sent a picture of you and Steve to Bucky, happily claiming that Steve was telling you all of Bucky’s most embarrassing stories. (Bucky had sent a text to Steve within seconds of reading your text, but Steve refused to tell you what Bucky had said all while laughing so hard he nearly cried).
By the time Hazel and Dodger were laying at yours and Steve’s feet, panting and entirely worn out from an afternoon of playing, you were ready to say your goodbyes, but Steve quickly caught your attention before you could go.
“I’m meeting Bucky and a few other friends at the bar in about an hour. Would you be interested in getting a drink?” he asked, smiling so widely at you that you just couldn’t say no.
And that was how, after dropping Hazel off at home and making sure she was fed and had a full bowl of water, you found yourself at a sports bar, slinking through the Friday night crowd towards a table in the back.
You spotted Bucky immediately, and you smiled widely when his eyes widened and he choked on his beer before promptly standing to greet you. “What are you doing here, sweetheart?”
“Sweetheart?” you heard one of the men you didn’t recognize ask the others.
“Y/N,” Steve explained, and as if that was all they needed to know, the other two nodded. Steve smiled up at you, greeting, “Glad you found the place okay.”
Bucky quickly ushered you into the booth, sticking you between him and the only other woman present. As he introduced you to the others - Clint, Sam, and Nat - his arm snaked around your shoulders casually.
“So you’re the famous Y/N,” Sam asked, a teasing smile on his face as his gaze flitted from you to Bucky, and Bucky groaned in response.
You chuckled. “I wouldn’t necessarily say ‘famous’.”
“Oh, trust me,” Sam said, “as much as this guy talks about you, I’d say you’re pretty damn famous in our circle.”
You glanced at Bucky, biting your lip in a futile attempt to hide your amused smile. “Is that right?”
He huffed. “Hazel’s the real famous one, sweetheart.”
“Liar,” Nat accused. She turned to you, one perfectly shaped brow raising. “For weeks, it was Hazel’s mom this and Hazel’s mom that, and after that it was Y/N sent me this picture and Y/N told me this joke. I feel like I already know you, and I just met you.”
“So how’s Hazel?” Bucky asked in a clear attempt to change the topic. “Did she have a fun day with Dodger?”
You spent your evening getting to know Bucky’s friends better, sharing stories about Hazel, and listening intently anytime one of them told you a story about Bucky that had your sides aching from laughter. At the end of the evening, you had four new contacts in your phone and plans to meet up with Nat for lunch the following week.
“Need me to walk you home, sweetheart?” Bucky asked when you walked out together, but you shook your head.
“Nah.” You held up your phone, showing him the screen. “I got an Uber.”
He shoved his hands in his pockets, nodding. “Okay. Text me when you get home?”
“Of course.” A red Toyota Camry pulled up to the curb, and after confirming it was the car that was supposed to pick you up, you stepped towards it. Ever the gentleman, Bucky opened the door for you, and you slid into the backseat. “Good night, Bucky.”
It was while you laid in bed that night, unable to sleep while Hazel snored beside you, that you realized that the handsome park stranger - the one that was more of a cat-person but would make an exception for Hazel; the one that was dating Steve depending on who you asked; the one that was constantly talking about you to his friends so much that they felt like they already knew you - had wormed his way into your heart.
Did that make Hazel your wing-woman? She certainly did have a proclivity for bringing you and Bucky together, even in indirect ways.
He was on your mind all night and throughout the following day, and by the time your customary trip to the park rolled around on Sunday afternoon, you were buzzing with anticipation. Would he be there again? Would Hazel inexplicably get loose from her leash and lead you straight to the man that had you feeling like a teenager with a crush again?
As romantic as it might have been, you didn’t want to leave those answers up to fate. Instead, you sent him a text not long after you woke up, letting him know where he could find you if he wanted to see Hazel that afternoon.
Unsurprisingly, it was Hazel that saw Bucky first that afternoon when he arrived at the park, and unsurprisingly, she tore her leash from your grip and sprinted towards him, nearly tackling him as he crouched closer to the ground to greet her.
Surprisingly, you were actually jealous of your dog as you watched her give him sloppy, wet kisses.
“What’s that look for, sweetheart?” Bucky asked, angling his face away from Hazel. “Everything okay?”
“Quick question,” you told him. “Is that date still on the table?”
He grinned at you with that smug grin that you had scoffed at the day you first met, that same smug grin that made your heart flutter in your chest and made your breath catch in your throat and made you want to press kisses to his face and-
“I was wondering when you’d take me up on the offer, sweetheart.”
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fineanddandy · 5 months ago
Let’s Be Roomies
Summary: Needing a place quick after getting a new job, you answer an ad and end up living with Ari who you’re desiring after, even with a boyfriend. Coming home Ari discovers your inner freak.
Relationship: Ari Levinson x black!reader
Warnings: cheating/adultery, angst, lusting, smut, graphic, noncon(?), daddy kink, minor age gap (let’s say 5 years), 18+
A/N: this one went on for a bit but the smut is 👀👀 lol another Ari story to add to the list because I lust after him HEAVY...I’d call Ari daddy so fast...
Tumblr media
An ad in the local newspaper called for a quiet tenant with no pets or kids, looking for possibly temporary living because the guy who was renting out the place would be coming in and out due to work. He just needed someone to keep an eye on the place and help pay some bills while he’s gone. You were wary about it at first but you were getting desperate on finding a place.
The oddball uncertainty of his actual appearance in the home appealed to you; you just needed a place until you got on your feet after landing your first real adult job. And when you met him for a quick interview/run down of his place, you couldn’t help but stare at your amazingly handsome landlord. The most beautiful head of hair that flowed so gently around his super pretty bearded face he had you mindlessly agreeing to whatever he said. Newly divorced, Ari is the finest daddy you had ever seen before, showing you a picture of his kid that stayed with his ex-wife. You liked the way his biceps flexed in the sleeves of his denim shirt, showing you about the duplex, letting you know about bills and appliances. A wave of his cologne blanketing over you as followed closely behind, shadowed by his large stature. Closing your eyes and inhaling deeply you almost bump into his thick back but catch yourself mere millimeters away from collision. You should really stop; you do have something of a boyfriend that will be helping you move in this place but you couldn’t help it. This man was a looker.
“I’ll be gone for a few months on a business trip so you’ll be here by yourself—,”
“Wait,” you interrupt him as he walks you to the door, “I do have a boyfriend…kinda…”
Ari turns to you with an indifferent shrug. “Whatever. Just keep the place clean…and remember another person does live here. I’m liable to come home any time so I could be in and out without notice.”
He was gone by the time you started moving boxes in with your boyfriend Dean. Good thing though because you didn’t want to be exposed ogling your roommate, even though it would have been nice to get another good look at his thick body before he left. But you had Dean, sweet good natured Dean who worshipped you. You couldn’t give that up just for a good looking stranger that you shared a living space with. No matter how much you thought about him at night while Dean slept beside you. As time went on you got used to being alone in Ari’s space, lingering by his bedroom door curious as to what it looked like on the other side. Was he a neat freak or did he keep his room just a little messy, his bed unmade. There were moments you thought about opening the door but you needed to respect his privacy.
Really the living situation wasn’t bad; you got to walk around the house in your panties or make a mess and leave it to clean later. Or have obnoxiously loud sex with Dean whenever and wherever you felt like it. And damn weren’t the two of you bangin it out everywhere. To have sex with no roommates possibly listening in thrilled the two of you like no other so you guys took advantage of it often. Dean couldn’t match your freak but he would always put in top notch effort, pushing his limits a little bit more and more each night he would stay the over. Still couldn’t get behind choking you yet but he got a kick out of tying you up and taking advantage of you, spanking and edging you. Making you shout and squeal all night because a man loves to be in control. And boy, Dean could wear you out. But even when he was driving you crazy, you had all these fleeting thoughts about how Ari would fuck you.
“Do I make you feel good baby?” Dean grunts pile driving you real late one night as you shout to the heavens. For whatever reason, you’re extra sensitive from all the edge play…maybe because you imagined Ari at the reins, controlling the vibrator on your clit. Slamming your fist down on the mattress, you howl into the pillows as Dean rolls his hips gripping your ass. Thank god Ari wasn’t here you’re completely out of control tonight. Or so you thought.
Ari didn’t deem it necessary to tell you he was dropping in, especially since he was coming in so late. He thought you would be sound asleep but that was far from the case. His heart hammering so he could hear you as soon as he started silently coming up the stairs. Carding his shaky fingers through his long soft hair, he leans on the wall close to your bedroom door, entranced by your passionate moans and sighs.
You sigh, “yessir. You make me feel so good.” The desperateness in your whine went straight to Ari’s cock swelling and growing in his jeans. Shit you sound so good, Ari places his hand on his sweaty forehead, feeling so lightheaded listening to you getting fucked into by what he was guessing the boyfriend you told him about. A part of him wished he could see if he was even worth all the hype you were shouting, immediately thinking of all the ways he could make you scream and shout louder. So sure his dick was way larger than the young dude in there. God he wondered how tight your sweet pussy was. Ari wipes away the beads of sweat collecting between his brow. Your whines grew more high pitched and quicker in pace. Ari’s cock throbbed so hard he winced; was he about to hear you cum?
“That’s it baby. Squeeze my dick.” Dean strained and groaned, holding onto the ends of your hair. Your hips and thighs were trembling because your orgasm was beginning to erupt but you still follow his orders.
“OH FUCK I’M—I’M CUM—,” A rough groan breaks your announcement as you crash, your orgasm overtaking you growl into your pillows. Listening to the way you howl makes him weak; Ari’s back slips down the wall as he wrenches his eyes closed, almost creaming the crotch of his pants. He was never going to look at you the same now, his mind racing as he tried to envision how you looked on your bed all exhausted and sweaty. You giggle and whisper with your boyfriend now, sounds of the bed moving as the two of you lay beside each other. Stalking to his room Ari had to go take care of this burning hot dick in his pants.
Early the next morning, his phone’s ringing off the hook. Ari felt like he barely slept a wink, constantly hearing your sexy moans even in his dreams. Waking up with an annoyed sigh, he snatches the phone off his nightstand.
Groaning, rubbing his eyes, Ari snaps, “God, what. What is it?”
“Well good morning to you too, Ari.” Ethan’s soothing voice comes through the ear piece. “Have you not gotten any rest since you got home?”
Masking his eyes with his big hands, Ari recounts what he came home to and groans again. “Not really. My roommate kept me up all night.” Technically he didn’t lie and was only partially complaining. He just wishes he could get it out of his head. Checking the time Ari frowned at his phone concerned. Ethan only calls this early with bad news.
“Well, you’ll have some time to sort all that out. The company is putting everything on hold for a bit so you’ll be staying grounded until further notice.”
That was the last thing Ari wanted to hear, already cranky and irritated he rubs at his eyes silently cursing to himself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…c’mon Ethan,” he grumbles turning to his side tempted to hang up the phone the moment Ethan started singing his chorus of excuses.
“It’s out of my hands Ari, I’m sorry. I’ll be in touch but in the meantime, get some rest.”
Tossing the phone across the room, Ari throws his covers over his head, still mumbling curse words to himself. Flying out today would have helped him avoid an awkward conversation with you about him being here, about him possibly coming home in the middle of your…night with your boyfriend. Going away for another month or so really would have helped him get his mind off you. He barely noticed how cute you were when you came to meet him and see the place. He didn’t need to notice because you’re just his roommate, nothing else to it. Now with no work to distract him, he was going to have to get to know you, to really look at you and honestly, he doesn’t know if he can handle it. Newly single and lonely, Ari knows himself, knows what he’s capable of once he has his mind set on a conquest. You’ll become dangerous. Forbidden. He’ll be craving a taste…and then he’ll get obsessively greedy.
Just as Ari’s about to slip back into slumber, a sudden urge to pee alerted him awake and out of the bed in a hurry. Everything will be fine with him being here, he thinks as he scurries to the bathroom, maybe you two will get along perfectly. Ari reaches for the silvery door knob that’s being snatched out of his hand. You and Ari collide with a smack, completely unnoticing each other there for a second, gasping and yelping out of fright. For a minute, everything is fuzzy, rubbing your eyes trying to figure out what you bumped into then noticing his thick hairy sculpted chest, his hair falling into his face looking down at you startled and embarrassed.
“Oh shit! Sorry!” Ari nervously brushes his hair back.
Jumping back some, it dawns on you what’s happening. “Ari! You’re here?” When did he get in? And why didn’t he mention it? Then it really dawns on you, glancing down between the two of you, that he’s in boxers and you’re in a long oversized tank top. No bottoms. Not even panties. You take another step back, putting more distance between you and Ari’s hips confusing him.
“Uh yeah…” he drops his head rubbing the back of his neck, “got back late last night. Definitely was supposed to be a quick drop in but seems like I’ll be here for a while.”
The news alarms you but not entirely in a bad way, just shocked that he’ll be around all day, every day so suddenly. You’ll now have to learn how to cohabitate with him, hopefully half naked like this more often. You two can’t help but check each other out behind awkward glances. Damn Ari is in shape. Under his thin coat of chest hair his pecs bulge, so perfectly round and full while all six of his abs were bold and present, looking good enough to rest your cheek on. You try not to stare at the opening of his boxers, peeping to see if you could just a peak of skin. Meeting eyes again, the two of you chuckle nervously.
“Oh!” That’s all you could chirp but you recover. “Uh…that’s cool um…I’m gonna cook breakfast if you want in?” You offer attempting to move past him so he could use the bathroom. Since he’s here you might as well feed the man.
Grinning down at you, Ari shrugs with a small nod. “You sure your boyfriend won’t mind?” Ari bites his tongue as soon as the words left his lips. His question stops you dead in your tracks. How did he know he was here? Shortly after you climaxed last night, Dean got up and went home since he had work early this morning. So really…what time did he get in? Ari knows your wheels are turning and he wished he could take the words back. He didn’t want to give any inclination that he came home to you shouting your head off. Maybe he saw him in passing as Dean was leaving. Or maybe just saw his car out front and didn’t bother coming in yet. All sorts of hypotheticals but was he going to tell the truth?
“He’s not here.” You say slowly turning to face Ari. Should you ask or should you leave it alone? He couldn’t hide the guilt in his blush. “Sooo…more food for us.” You shrug as you walk back up the hall to your room, not realizing that Ari is staring at your smooth milk chocolate legs saunter away. That was enough to make his dick swell just a little bit. God this is going to be difficult, he thinks as he closes the bathroom door with an eye roll.
Ari never mentioned to you that he heard you that night or that he hasn’t been able to stop fantasizing about you since and you wouldn’t dare tell him how you got off so many times to the image of him standing before you in his boxers. So the two of you carry on, pretending things are completely normal but as time went on, you guys eventually learn how to put all those feelings and desires to the side and start to act for real normal around each other. Spent a lot of time watching movies together, and loved cooking for one another. You guys share a lot of laughs and a lot of late nights stoned and talking about life. You were definitely bonding and becoming pretty good friends. Which only made the two of you desire each other more.
Nights were hardest though, imagining him lying in bed a few feet from you, who is thinking about you lying in bed a few feet from him. So many nights you stayed awake with your thoughts, wishing he would come knock on your bedroom door and ask if he could come in and lay in bed with you. Even if it’s just for some pillow talk you wouldn’t mind. You just loved being in his company that much. And Ari felt the same. It scared the shit out of him, fresh out of a divorce and all, so he wasn’t expecting to have feelings for anyone. Not so soon at least. So desperately he wanted to hold you in his arms as you slept but you had a boyfriend. He couldn’t get between you guys like that and besides, you seem very happy with him. It just wouldn’t be right. So with each passing day, you and Ari go on secretly lusting for each other until one night, there’s another…incident.
Sometimes on the weekends, Ari goes away to spend time with his daughter, which gave you guilt free time with Dean to wild out in your room. You’re still suspicious about Ari hearing you that night he came home so you keep a mental note not to get too loud. You know, just in case Ari decides to just randomly come home without giving you a heads up again. Just like last time Dean was giving it to you too rough, spanking and tearing into you like the world was about to end. No matter how hard you tried to contain your shouts and bite your tongue, there were moments where you got too caught up and let it all go, which only influenced Dean to go harder. And well…Ari had come home early because his little girl was sick. Pacing outside your room, Ari felt tempted to bang his fist against the door, to tell you to shut the hell up so he wouldn’t have to deal with the intensity of his dreams tonight. He could tell you were trying to keep it down some, simply whimpering where you would usually groan and shout. Fuck, he really needed to start giving you some sort of head’s up but on the way back home, a part of him was hoping he’d catch you again. He couldn’t get enough of your cries of pleasure, the way you begged your boyfriend to let you cum. Ari kept ruffling and tugging his hair as he paced and listened and stressed as you cried on and on,
“Yes baby right there.”
“Please…please don’t stop...”
“Oh fuck…oh baby…you me feel fuckin so good.”
You breathlessly sigh, whine, moan and all Ari wanted was for it to be him. God he wanted it bad. Ari stalks to his room and slams the door shut when he couldn’t stand to hear another blissful sigh fall from your pretty pouty lips. His dick so stiff in his pants, he pressed and rubbed it down with a frustrated huff as he fidgeted about his room. Ari was pissed but only because he wanted you and he didn’t know what to do with all the crazy hormones brewing up inside of him. It was becoming a problem and the only way to solve it was to talk about your lewd behavior. But how could he without spilling the beans? Ari had an inkling feeling that you wanted him too but he thought it was just all in his head. Ari felt like he was overheating, his palms sweating profusely. A sharp pain aching in his balls, Ari grunts and rips his jeans open, grips his aching veiny dick. Wrenching his eyes closed, choking on deep throated moans Ari gently tugs on his cock to stabilize himself. The best thing for him to do was to shower and get himself off before he did something stupid.
Hearing Ari’s door slam shut silenced you so quickly, freezing your every move. Your heart dropping into the pit of your stomach. Shit he definitely heard you tonight. No doubt about it. You push Dean off you, all of a sudden no longer in the mood. He could finish himself off.
“Hey what the fuck?” Dean’s pissed but he’ll live. Getting dressed you almost head to the door but stop yourself from going to check on Ari. Suddenly you realize that’d be so weird to do right now. Maybe it should wait until the morning. Dean still sat on the bed confused probably phasing into blue balls area. “You seriously not gonna let me finish?”
You should help him out but damn you felt like shit about Ari hearing you act a fool. You didn’t mean to be disrespectful but…did you really stop having sex because you felt bad he heard you? Or because it’s not him fucking you into a blubbering idiot. Snapping to, you look back at Dean with a worried look on your face.
“Yeah, of course, it’s just…I think Ari’s home and probably heard us.” You thumb towards your door. “You didn’t hear his door close?”
Catching his breath Dean smiles weakly at you, cocking his head to the side. “No? But how could I with you shouting at the top of your lungs like that?” He shoots a flirty wink at you then reaches his hand out. “Come back babe. I wanna cum on your tits.”
Any other time his dirty talk would have you ablaze but all you could focus on was Ari. You hoped he wasn’t too mad at you and as much as you wanted to go poke your head in to see, you knew it’d be best to wait. You try to get back in the right headspace for Dean, yanking your shirt back off as you fall to your knees and he stands off the bed, stroking his dick in his hand. Smacking your lips open, he menacingly grins down at the sight of you begging.
“That’s a good girl.”
You sleep deep into the afternoon and Ari doesn’t bother you. He figured the smell of bacon would pull you out of your slumber but nothing. Guess Dean did a number on you last night. The thought burns Ari up. His twister of emotions decided to settle on pure anger right now, jealousy wiping away any bit of his common sense in his head. Ari stews on the couch not even focused on the news. He’s got to do something and fast or he was going to snap. Eventually you emerge in some tights and an oversized hoodie, yawning and stretching walking past him to the kitchen. Huffing and pouting with his arms crossed his chest, he watches you from the sofa make yourself a cup of coffee then spot him as you leave out, lookin all pissed off and cute. You grin at him, hoping it would diffuse his ticking time bomb but all Ari does is tut and turn his head.
“Good afternoon.” Ari sulks ignoring his urge to admire your sleepy face. He always thought you were the cutest when you’ve just woken up but he wants to be mad. Why? He’s totally unsure. You eye him skeptically throwing a silent hissy fit. What the shit is this.
Sighing loudly, you shrug your shoulders. “What’s up Ari.” Might as well come on out with it. “Is this about last night? Look, I’m sorry I…I was really trying to keep it to a minimum but…you know…” Taking a sip from your mug you shrug shyly, hoping it would break the tension but it just made it worse.
“No, I don’t know actually.” Ari snipes rolling his eyes, still refusing to look your way. He can’t be that mad can he? So annoyed that he keeps his focus on the television, like it hurt him to look at you.
“Ari…” You call out to him but nothing, doesn’t even flinch. Now you’re rolling your eyes, heading back to the kitchen to put more creamer in your coffee. Opening the fridge, you shout to him, “So you just gonna ignore me all day or…” and pour the creamer into your mug, watching the liquid spin and swirl. How could he be so pissed off about one inconsiderate night? What is he not telling you? Entering the kitchen behind you, Ari still huffs and pouts, leaning against the opposing counter. His eyes lingering up and down your backside. So tempted to press himself up against you since you’re distracted.
“You’ve slept most of it away so no, guess not all day. That boyfriend of yours must have really worn you out.”
You could hear every bit of bit disdain on his words as you turn to face him. Or was it jealousy? Neither of you could tell right now. A crooked grin flashes across your lips, taking another sip of your coffee and it makes Ari’s eyes narrow more.
“Sometimes he gets too carried away.” You shrug nonchalantly, mug at your luscious lips Ari can’t take his eyes away from but he finds nothing humorous about it. Ari could only focus on how your legs stretched out between the two of you, the soft golden undertone of your skin calling out to him but he continues to gripe. Ignoring his dick flinching in his short shorts.
“You could keep it down. Another person lives here and I’m not keen on hearing your sex noises.”
You couldn’t help but search Ari’s sour face with an intrigued brow, sitting your mug behind you on the counter. “I apologized Ari. And I meant it. I would never purposely disrespect you like that and I thought you were gone. But as usual, you don’t have the decency to shoot a text or anything to prevent this.”
Ari bites down on his cheek, unsure of what’s his next argument could be. He should give it up but his jealous pride egged him on, barreling his narrowed eyes into you. “Honestly, if I’m here or not, you should just tone it down. The neighbor’s might think you’re being murdered or something.”
“What am I missing here Ari.” You abruptly retort, tired of his attitude because you felt like it was unnecessary. You felt like you didn’t cross a line and if you did, why couldn’t he talk to you properly about it? “I apologized. I’ll change. Can we please move on?” Reaching back for your mug, you roll your eyes, getting ready to storm out of the room but Ari blocks your exit by slamming his hand down on the counter. You buck your eyes up at him with a sigh but he won’t look at you, his hair falling into his eyes.
“Ari what are you doing?” but he doesn’t say anything, just keeps his eyes on the counter. “Ari if you have nothing else to say let me go to my room.” You walk into his arm that still won’t budge. “Ari what’s your probl—,”
Out of nowhere Ari snatches up your chin, pushing you back into the edge of the counter. Your mug falling into the sink with a loud clatter. Your eyes shoot open as your breath audibly catches looking up at him. His blues eyes smolder back at you but you weren’t sure if it was out of lust or fury. “You’re my problem.” He finally speaks, grumbles, tightening his hold around your mouth.
Lips pursed together between his fingers, you frown and ask, “What?”
Ari’s mesmerized with how your chest quickly rises and falls, how the heat overtakes your body. Damn he wants you so bad but he didn’t want to risk what you two had going currently but he couldn’t ignore this gut wrenching lust for you anymore. Relinquishing his grip some, his fat thumb swipes over your lips and it sends a shiver over shoulders. Is this the moment you’ve been silently screaming for? Ari taking you as his? Closing your eyes, you tilt your head up to his lips, begging for him to make a move. Do anything. You’re so close you can feel his warm breath hitting against your nose and upper lip but he won’t budge.
“You heard me.” he grumbles, tugging down your bottom lip with the edge of his thumb. “You’ve been my problem for some time now.”
Totally lost in his eyes and how he thumbs your lips, you whisper, “that sounds like a personal problem to me.”
Slowly shaking his head Ari shushes you. “I don’t have time for your smart mouth,” he murmurs, dipping his thumb in your mouth and with zero hesitation, you wrap your lips and tongue around it and suck. “I think you want me to hear you…you know it’s driving me crazy, don’t you.” You softly nod with sick grin, sucking his thumb deeper into your mouth. Ari’s jaw drops with a soft sigh. You can feel his dick stiffening against your thigh. “You like that I stand by your door and listen like some jealous creep?” he sighs again, pressing his hips harder into you, your back digging against the counter, it makes you squirm and moan around his pruning skin. “You think about me when he’s fucking you.”
Ari retracts his thumb from your pretty lips with a soft pop, wiping your spit all over them as you gently grind your heated crotch against his hard on. “Mmhmm.” You hum pressing a delicate kiss on the pad of this thumb, keeping your soft doe eyes on him. “I can’t stop...” You take his hand off the counter and guide it under your hoodie, “I want you to touch me Ari.” You whimper behind a tiny pout, dropping his callous palm on your hard nipple. Ari squeezes your tits with a satisfied smile, pressing his hard on into your thigh.
“Is that all you want me to do baby girl?” he squeezes your breasts together under your sweater, pinching and tugging your nipples kissing your whimpers away. As he drives you crazy he wedges his knee right against your damp crotch. Giving you something to ride on.
You pant, “no—more,” as you grind your burning slit against him, your body jerking under the twists and turns of your sensitive nipples between his thick fingers.
Ari raises his eyebrow. “More?” He digs his knee cap further into your tights, leaning down to talk lowly in your ear. “You want to feel me deep inside of you?”
The timbre of his deep baritone voice hit you directly in your g spot, sending a quake over your nerves. “God yes.” You hiss, grazing your cheek against his full beard, still winding and grinding your needy pussy all over his knee damp from your wetness. Pulling your sweatshirt off you, Ari watched you keep your eyes opened and alert, chin up, whining directly into his face. Eyes darting all over your awed face and beautiful bare tits, Ari asks you another question.
“You think I can make you cum harder than he can?” Asking you that only makes you grind down harder on his knee. Your skin engulfed in flames you desired his gentle touch inside your folds, stroking fluid out of your hole. “Think I can make you beg louder? Cry harder?” He drops his hot mouth onto yours, inhaling your pouty lips, tongue smoothing over yours. You could melt into him, feeling like you’re floating off the floor behind the intensity of this kiss. Tasting and feeling him like this fulfils every fantasy you’ve ever had about him. You needed him to do everything to you and more. Break your back. Turn you out. Fuck your shit up. Reaching for his shorts, you frantically push the elastic band off his toned hips, pushing you both off the counter breaking the kiss.
“Yes. Fuck yes.” You sigh between kisses, pushing him down to the floor with one hand and the other yanking his shorts the rest of the way down then gripping and tugging on his thick hard cock. Sighing brashly, you knew he felt so fuckin amazing in your hand. Shoving his back on the tile floor, Ari grunts a chuckle helping you climb out of your yoga tights. “God I wanna fuck you Ari. I wanna fuck you so bad.” You confess, freeing yourself from the spandex and quickly straddling him, still firmly stroking his cock between your fingers. Ari lowly groans and huffs under your controlled touch, grinding behind your hold.
“Mmm that’s so fuckin cute…” he bounces you up with his thigh, quickly positioning his hips so when you fall, you fall perfectly on his dick. Filling you up with ease, your folds already drenched when he pierced his way inside you. Softly growling to himself, adjusting to your weight and tightness. “I’ve been wanting fuck you for so long.” Holding on to your hips, you gradually rise up his length, slapping your ass when your opening circles the head of his dick. A breathy moan hitching in his throat. Slapping his big hand against your neck, Ari arches your back, planting his feet flat into the kitchen floor, and rolls his hips into you. Knocking a moan out of you.
“Then fuck me daddy…fuck me senseless.” He snaps his hips again, his dick splashing every time he fills you up deep. Another desperate moan knocked out of you. Your fingers under his shirt are digging into his beefy hairy chest, steadily riding him out. Somehow he’s hitting you so deep you can’t help but cry out you sit down in his lap, your ass cheeks slapping loudly against his thighs.
“Ride me out baby girl. Fuck me like you’ve always dreamt about.” Ari braces his hold on your neck, hunkering down to rapidly drive his dick between your clenched walls. And you take him pounding into you like a pro, shouting and hollering louder than you ever had with your dumbass boyfriend. Each time you howled out his name, Ari would crumble and have to fight back letting loose and coating your walls with his load. He’s never felt a woman so sopping wet on his lap before. Afraid he’s going to slip out of you every time you swiftly bounce up his veiny cock. Elongated and tense, your back slopes up, panting and sobbing silently to yourself, nails clawing into his meaty pecs. You look so amazing on top of him like this, your whole body shifting forward each time he slams into your worn pussy. Praising his name and thanking God. Ari could do this all night, watching you squirm and beg for him to dig deeper.
“Go harder,” you sigh, removing your hand from under his shirt to play in his hair, panting louder, “Fuck me harder daddy.”
Promptly Ari flips you over onto your back and rolls his hips stronger, slower, really digging deep into you pussy. His dick stretching you out perfectly. “Oh fuck baby girl, you sound so beautiful.” Ari places small kisses up the slope of your neck, “Scream my name,” he growls, snapping his muscular waist, “scream who’s fucking your brains out right now.” It’s all he’s ever wanted. To own you. To make you lose your mind. Your nails drag and scratch across his broad back as you let loose, loudly groaning out his name over and over. So loudly in fact you don’t hear your boyfriend coming through the front door downstairs. Ari’s eyes dart over his shoulder noticing the soft creak in the third step. The door closing shut as you outlandishly moan out,
“Oh daddy! Fuck me Ari! Daddy!” to make Ari chuckle sinisterly at how pathetic your cries sound. Knowing that your silly little boyfriend was listening made him laugh harder, land against your pussy louder. He wanted Dean to hear how wet he made you, how desperate and needy you sound for his dick.
“That’s right, baby girl, I’m your daddy now.” Smiling Ari bites at your nipples to make you yelp and cream.
Dean’s steps stop on the stairs, the air being punched out of his body at the sound of your voice filling the apartment. Really? Your fuckin roommate? He’s old what the hell?! He can’t be that good…but you’ve never sounded that…pitiful with him before. The way you cried his name, groaned out so dramatically, this guy is clearly a veteran…or you just wanted him that badly. Ari kept nibbling at your bouncing tits, thinking of ways to really torment your boyfriend. Slipping his hand between the two of you, he swifts his fingers over your oversensitive clit. You whine in his ear, arching your back off the floor.
“I’m the best you’ve ever had baby girl?” he asks, sitting up to watch you fighting to hold your shit together. Picking up speed, Ari presses his fingers harder so you can squirt down onto the floor. Your whine high pitched and long.
“Yes daddy…yes…” your voice fades and he slips his soiled fingers into your mouth, wiping the tips of his fingers clean on your tongue. “The best ever…” you pant some more, swallowing your juices around his limp fingers. His devilish smile reaches past his ears, so tickled to hear it.
“Such a good little girl. Why don’t you tell him yourself then?”
Dean slowly steps into view, stunned to see you sprawled out and sweaty under your very much in shape roommate. As you begin to freak out, Ari shoves his fingers further into your mouth to gag your protests. Ignoring your sad punches into his chest and stomach, he continues to powerfully pound you, determined to make you cum so hard in front of him since he owns you now. Dean needed to see why. Your shouts muffled behind Ari’s fat fist in your mouth. You were trying to tell him you’re sorry but it gets lost behind your orgasmic moans, so close to blacking out, so close to losing every ounce of this life all over Ari pumping into your clammed walls.
“Come on baby girl…” his hips stutter, his dick throbs. He’s ready to cum with you. Scooping you up into his arm, Ari leans down into your ear and softly whispers, “I can’t wait to make you cum like this all day…and all fuckin night.”
You shrill and grunt behind his hand still stuffed in your mouth, throbbing and gushing all around Ari who can’t hold on. Yanking himself away from your cushiony pussy, he spurts his load all over your tits and stomach, moaning your name with such passion. Hoping your cries of joy sent Dean running out the door. Your body heaving, gasping for air. Your arms and legs limp and tired but there you weakly grin, resting your hand across your forehead. Admiring you with a sadistic smile, Ari swipes his cum off your tits and shoves the finger in your open mouth. Without thinking you suck it clean, happy to taste him. Looking back at the stairs, Ari sees Dean gone, the front door left open, letting the evening air in. Kneeling to stand, Ari shakes his head with a disappointed suck of his teeth.
“Such a shame for him to come in on us like that. Must’ve been awful to see someone fucking your girlfriend better than you.”
Chuckling, Ari takes his shirt and wipes you clean, kissing where he came on your tits. You felt paralyzed, completely empty and even with the way you were feeling, Ari kissing on your chest like that aroused you all over again. You wanted to be embarrassed about Dean walking in on you going bizzerk under Ari like that but you felt too good, too worn out but in the best way. He was going to have to peal you off this floor. Sitting between your legs, Ari looks down on you with an intrigued eyebrow.
“You done?” His crystal blue eyes scan down your tremoring body. Looking so good there on the floor depleted like that only made him want you more. Weakly sitting up on your elbows you smirk and shake your head no. Fuck Dean. You’ll deal with that later. Extending your hand out to Ari, he takes ahold of it and tosses you over his shoulder. Whisking you away to your bedroom first…he wanted to crack your bed frame. Cupping your ass as he stalks to your room, Ari grumbles, “Good…because I’m not even close.”
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vannybarber · 5 months ago
Let Me Teach You
Summary: Jake hasn't had any sexual experiences before, so you decide to take the next step in your relationship and start him off.
Tumblr media
Virgin¡Jake Jensen x Reader
Warnings: SMUT, virgin Mary Jake, oral (m to f & f to m), cum play, cursing, MAJOR fluff, Jake being so innocent 🥺, you corrupting him 😏.
Tumblr media
"If it gets too much or overwhelming, just tell me and we'll stop okay?" You turn to Jake, closing the bedroom door.
He looks at you and nods his head nervously.
It was obvious as soon as the subject was brought up the first time, he was uncomfortable about it until he finally told you he was a virgin.
You thought it was sweet and you even got a little cocky knowing you're the farthest he's gone in a relationship and would be his first. You constantly let him know that your relationship was based off of love and he didn't have to do this yet, but he insisted, also adding on that he didn't know how he resisted you this long anyway.
And here you guys were, about to do something so life changing for him. It was an honor that he trusted you with his body and you were gonna take care of him.
You walk to the bed and sit on it, him following your movements. His face is red and he's smiling so nervously. You giggle at his state and rub his ram tatted arm.
"You don't need to be nervous, honey. I'm gonna make this the best experience for you. I won't hurt you, I promise," you calm him, giggling at the last sentence.
"I know, it's just so weird that this is literally happening. I didn't think it would come honestly."
And he had a point. When he first asked you out, it was a complete mess. You were searching for a new keyboard for your PC and he was trying with much difficulty to get your number. He ended up knocking an entire row of keyboards on the floor. It was the most adorable thing ever. He ended up coming over and setting up your tech.
"Well you trust me, don't you?" You wiggle a little closer till your thighs are touching.
"Yes, I do." He wraps his arm around your waist and smiles at you. You cup his face and kiss the side of his mouth.
"Well then you don't have to worry." You plant your lips on his and move in sync with his. You pull him back to the headboard, mouths still connected.
You lie back on the bed and Jake climbs over on you. One thing he was really good at was kissing, which you also taught him as well. He almost enjoys it more than computers.
Your hands slide up his shirt and he disconnects to get it off. You admire his toned torso. He goes red again when he sees you staring.
"You're so perfect, sweetheart," you tell him, then continuing to kiss him again. He takes his own lead and trails his lips down your neck, concluding a soft moan from you.
"Can I take your shirt off, babe?" He looks at you for approval. Your heart jumps at his need for consent, although you've made it aware that he could do whatever he feels with you when he was ready. But he's such a gentleman and you loved it.
"Of course, baby", you get out, before he scrambles to remove your top. You sit up on your hands, completely bare on top and it legitimately took his breath away.
"Jake, breathe." You laugh, but cautiously wait for him to get himself together. He shakes his head before looking at you again.
"You wanna touch them? You can. Their just for you." You're getting really aroused by his shyness to seeing you in such a vulnerable state. He reaches his hands out and starts squeezing your boobs and playing with your nipples.
You bite your lip and give him a smirk with your eyes.
"Taste them if you want. Do whatever you like," you challenge him. He surprisingly, but quickly latched his mouth on them and starts flicking his tongue on the buds. You lean your head to the side and exhale. He switches over and does the same to the other one, biting it a tiny bit.
You squeal in shock and he pulls back fast.
"Did I hurt you? Was that too much? I'm sorry, I just got a little carried away! I didn't mean to-"
"Jake!" You cut him rambling, something he tends to do often. He stops and looks up at you hesitantly.
"It's alright, honey. It just caught me by suprise. I liked it, don't worry." You caress his cheek and kiss the corner of his mouth. He lets out a deep breathe.
"You wanna try something else?" you suggest.
"Yeah there is something- I well...I wanted to try. saw it in a -a video?" He struggles to form a sentence.
"Jake, look at me. Just relax okay? This is safe place. Tell me whatever you need okay? Don't be nervous."
"Okay..well I wanted to try uh...or-al." He scrunched up his face, scared at your reaction. But you're overjoyed. You haven't received oral in you don't know how long. You grin at him, making his expression soften.
"You really want to?" He nods his head. "Well alright then!" You unbutton your pants and Jake yanks them down and off your feet. Heat is radiating off his body as he grabs the waistband of your panties.
"Go ahead, love." He drags them down effortlessly, with your help of lifting your lower half up. He chucks them behind him and runs his hands up and down his jean covered thighs.
You slowly open your legs and allow him to bathe in the glory that lies between your hips. He made a very audible gasp, which worried you for a second, but passed when you remembered the circumstances; he's never seen a pussy in real life.
" beautiful, oh gosh." You laugh and he chuckles with you.
"Thank you, but it would look so much better with your mouth on it." He meets your eyes, taken aback and you just wink at him. "Do you know how to do it?"
He gets all shy and looks down. "No, not exactly." You lift his chin up.
"Its super easy, Jakey. All you have to do it lick on my clit for a while and then I'll have my orgasm."
"Okay but where's" You grab his right hand and hover it over your sopping pussy.
"You feel that little bud right there?" You take his index finger and plant it right on your clit. He nods his head.
"That's the clit, okay? Just keep licking there and don't stop."
"So right here?" He rubs a tiny bit on it and you throw your head back with a low "shit".
"Yes baby, exactly right there." He wastes no time laying on his stomach, face directly above your heat. You look at him once more.
"Whenever you're ready," you say, giving him the okay. He give you a smooth wink and licks a long strip to the top of your pussy. You suck in massive breath, completely thrown off. But he doesn't stop.
He maneuvers his tongue to find the bud that you helped him locate, which was now quicker to find. He flicks it 3 times and sucks on it, making a wet noise and a popping sound.
"Jake, what the actual FUUUCK!" You moan out, the top of your head literally in the mattress and he lifts his head in confusion. You jerk your head back up, with wide eyes.
"Did I do something wrong?"
"Nonononono! Baby, you're doing so good for me, just keep going. I love it. It's perfect."
He grins at your desperation before diving his head back in. This time his flicks his tongue faster and raisies his eyes up to you, just like he learned in the video.
You catch his eyes and arch your back in response. Out of nowhere, he sticks two of his fingers inside you, throwing you off once again. You sit up on your forearms trying to process everything.
He raises his head and bites his lips.
"Does that feel good, baby?" You nod your head and groan, words not coming so easily to you.
"Jake, oh my goodness, I'm gonna cum all over your face! Please don't stop baby, fuck!"
This motivates him ten times harder knowing he's going to make a girl come for the first time in his life. He picks up the speed of his tongue and moans, pumping his thick fingers quicker and even deeper.
Your abdomen heats up and prepares for the huge wave of an orgasm. You grip the sheets as it consumes your entire body, all the way to your toes.
"Jake, I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming !" Your body slowly dies down from the intensity and your lower half starts feeling the sensitivity. Jake stops his movements and proceeds to lick up the mess he caused. You grab his face and force your lips on his, wanting to taste yourself, but mostly express how he just made you feel.
You moan in his mouth, chasing his tongue then pulling back after a few seconds.
"So I'm guessing I did pretty good, huh?" His face is absolutely tomato red and he's cheesing so hard.
"Pretty good ?! You did fucking amazing baby! And the fingers? I didn't expect that at all." You breathlessly laughed. "That was the best oral I've ever gotten. I am so damn serious. That was amazing for it to be your first time."
He can't even form words to express himself, but you can certainly feel it.
"You deserve something for that. Can I suck you, honey?" As you ask, you grab him through his shorts, palming him. He makes a tiny groan before nodding his head. You move from your position and he lies in your place.
Unbuttoning his khakis, you watch him and he watches you. Giving him a reassuring smile, you remove his shorts and rubs both hands on his hard on over his briefs. He balls his fists up and moans slightly.
You finally pull down his briefs to a suprise. His length hits his lower abdomen and you just freeze. One thing he also knew was that he was big. Especially in width.
You try to speak, but nothing comes out.
"Like the angle of the dangle?" You look up at him and he wiggles his eyebrows. You just shake your head laughing. For someone who has a small presence, he has an big present.
"I'm just hoping I can take all of it." And you were being completely straight up. He was really big. Not that you were complaining though.
"I guess we're gonna find out, aren't we?" He was getting really bold after his little performance on you and you were living for it.
"We sure are. Get comfy, baby." He wiggles his back and places his hands behind his head, waiting for your move.
You take the head of him and suck on it with a pop. It was your favorite part. Just swirling your tongue on it's surface got you off. You look up at him and he's already gone.
"Geez, Y/N." His head is thrown back and his toes are curled. You move down on him till his shaft is three quarters in your mouth. You gag on him, which makes you moan. This causes him to jerk his hips up, pushing himself further in you. You quickly bob your head and twist it around all while keeping eye contact.
"Baby, that feels wicked!" You almost laugh at his choice of words, even with tears forming in the bed of your eyelids. He grabs your hair and thrusts himself up in your mouth.
"I think I'm gonna come! Y/N, I'm gonna come! HELP ME!" You pull away from him and pump him while trying to calm him down.
"Jake, baby, it's okay. Just let go for me. Just let it happen. It'll feel so good, I promise." You go back down on him and move your head faster. Not a minture later, do you feel him twitch in your mouth. He let's out a long strain of what sounds like a groan/moan/scream. You feel his warm cum hit the back of your throat and slide down.
You release him from your mouth and get a good look at him, licking your fingers. He's completely disheveled and is clearly not in reality at the moment. You give him a second to come back down and straddle him.
"Oh my fucking goodness." You smile at his adorable reaction. "That," he jerks his head up at you, "was absolutely amazing! Did you swallow it?" He genuinely wonders and its so funny.
"Every last drop," you say, licking the palm of your hand.
"That is just so hot. What the actual shit." You lean down and devour him, desperate to have him inside you now. He grabs your ass and squeezes it, kissing you back.
"Want me to ride you, honey? I can ride you so good. You don't have to do anything. Just lay there and show me you like it, okay?" Again, he just nods, probably still shocked this all is even happening to him.
You rub your pussy, getting it wet all over and grab him, lining it up with your entrance. You slide down, wincing a bit as it stretches your pussy to adjust to his size. Once you're good you set your hands on his broad chest and start moving on him.
"Fuck, Y/N. You're literally squeezing me right now."
"You're so big, baby. I'm trying to take it as best as I can," you moan out, looking back and watch your ass jiggle on his pelvis. He grips your hips and slaps your right cheek, which encourages you to move faster.
"Oh my gosh, you're stretching me so good, Jake. Damn."
"I know that tight little pussy can take me. C'mon babe." You have no idea where he got this talk from, but he's doing it very well. You move so you're bouncing on his lap, skin slapping against his, making large echoes in the room.
"Shit, you're gonna make me cum, Daddy." You were so into it, you didn't realize you let it slip. But he didn't mind not one bit.
"Keep riding Daddy just like that. Want me to fill you up? Want Daddy to cum inside with pretty little pussy?" All you can do it let out a lengthy whine. You bounce harder at his words.
"Daddy, I'm gonna cumm" You let bliss take over you for a moment as you cum all over him. Just as you come down from your climax, Jake starts thrusting in you, chasing his own. You bend down and capture his lips, helping him out. You move down next to his ear, breathing into it.
"Cum for me, honey. I wanna feel you cum inside me. Take what you want." Holding on to his shoulders, Jake adds a few more hard thrusts at your 'encouraging' words.
"That's it, Daddy. Do it just like that for me. Fill my pussy up." And that does it for him. He squeezes your ass one more time before he shoots his load deep inside you. You moan at the feeling of his warm load filling you up. He goes limp, attempting to catch his breath.
You sit up and look at him, smiling proudly.
"Jakey, you did so amazing for me." You kiss his swollen cherry lips. He just sheepishly smiles. You can tell he's impressed with himself.
"I always knew you had it in you. Now it's inside me."
Tumblr media
Let's just give a round of applause for Jakey. He learned so fast and so good. 🥺 I love him so much.
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