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#this is also just such a freaking nice ask. and it’s funny because
rohirric-hunter · 2 years ago
I had a dream that there was a Star Wars AU spinoff that was a family drama about Anakin and Padmé trying to raise their children while continuing to keep their marriage secret. Specifically I dreamed about an arc where Anakin was talking Srs Jedi Business with Obi-Wan and Mace Windu in public and ten-year-old Luke happened to walk by, saw Anakin, and said, “Hi, D -- octor Skywalker!”
Mace Windu gave Anakin a funny look and he panicked and told Mace that he had a doctorate in biomechanical engineering, which for whatever reason satisfied him for the moment, but later Anakin freaked out because he was afraid Mace would try to check his claim. He got Obi-Wan to help him make a fake diploma, but the thing is you can’t get a doctorate without having published papers so Anakin also wrote a doctorate thesis on the ethical issues surrounding cybernetic enhancements that affect a sentient’s brain (which was good for him, because one of Anakin’s biggest issues is that he always puts individuals above ethics and so digging into ethics was a nice balancing exercise).
So anyway, Anakin got his thesis published on the holonet and it took off and he was suddenly swamped with questions about things he’d alluded to in the thesis but hadn’t really explored so he wrote and published five more papers and finally Space Harvard took notice and offered him an honorary doctorate, which of course he accepted and everybody thought the problem was solved. Until Mace Windu asked to see his diploma and Anakin panicked and gave him the fake diploma. Mace Windu stared at it long and hard because he actually had checked Anakin’s claim, more out of curiosity than anything else, and knew full well that he had gotten his doctorate two days ago from Space Harvard. It was very suspicious that he had just been handed a diploma that said Anakin had gotten his doctorate two years ago from Space Yale.
He looked at the diploma and then looked at Anakin and looked back at the diploma and Anakin was gearing up to claim that he actually had two doctorates when Mace decided that he didn’t care, handed the fake diploma back to Anakin, and then got back to Srs Jedi Business.
There was also part of a later arc where one of the papers Anakin published was about droid rights. (That one was actually mostly Padmé, who is a politician and knows how to construct an argument. Anakin had the basic groundwork for an argument but most of his first draft was variations on “It’s outrageous! It’s unfair!” with evidence and analysis scattered haphazardly throughout.) The biggest droid manufacturer on Coruscant took offense and tried to have his doctorate revoked. Anakin was too busy with Srs Jedi Business to care much (after all, the doctorate was really just to get Master Windu off his back about Luke Amidala calling him “Doctor Skywalker” in the first place) and Padmé was kind of in the spotlight already since the paper cited the way the Naboo treated their droids as evidence on more than one occasion (and if she tried to defend it too vigorously it might come out that she wrote a fair bit of it and that’s a scandal nobody wants). Luke and Leia, however, were very proud of their secret Jedi doctor dad and they snuck into the AI processing office and hacked into the AI code, removing the obedience and corporate loyalty processes, and the next day all of the droids the company produced were having existential crises and declaring that they didn’t want to be sold to a random buyer with no say in where they went or what they did. The scandal was not big enough to distract, but it rallied enough support that Space Harvard felt comfortable refusing to strip Anakin’s doctorate.
The overarching conflict of the series was that Obi-Wan knew about Anakin and Padmé’s marriage. Luke and Leia knew that he knew, but Anakin and Padmé didn’t, and obviously had never told him. He was really hurt by the fact that Anakin didn’t trust him and spent a long time just quietly waiting for Anakin to tell him but it never happened, so eventually he decided to do something about it. I woke up before he decided what, though.
TL;DR: I dreamed about Anakin Skywalker accidentally getting a space doctorate and sparking the droid revolution.
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quite-likely-valentine · 3 years ago
Things I love in Fallout 4
Because I’ve seen like six of these posts and I needed to make my own. This game deserves so much love.
Deacon popping up in random places trying to be stealthy but we all know it’s him our 6th playthrough around
Also how Deacon wears shades with every disguise so at this point his outfits are practically pointless
The little things the companions do when they’re just walking around your settlement like Preston whistling or Cait humming
Raider background conversations. They’re all hilarious
Strong hating everything you do is honestly a mood and despite how frustrating it can be it’s actually funny
Kent Connolly getting so excited when you help him and just Kent in general
The “______ Loved That.” notification from basically every companion
Nick’s accent and voice acting. In every situtation
The way Nick sounds so choked up and emotional during his affinity quest like gosh I cried during that whole Eddie Winter thing
The ENTIRE Brain Dead quest in Far Harbor and how overly dramatic your character is when talking like a cheesy old detective film
Getting “Valentine Liked That.” as a notification when you uncover a clue in a detective case
The Sole Survivor talking like the Silver Shroud in the Silver Shroud quests and then “You’re through, son.” from Nick
Shooting at nothing with Hancock as a companion and him asking in a very freaked tone “Wait, you see ‘em, too?!”
The implication from that dialogue that Hancock is high at that moment and possibly every moment he’s with you
X6-88 basically going “Pardon my French” and then bluntly and explicitly stating how freaking awesome you are when you raise your affinity with him
The whole Confidence Man quest
Vadim Bobrov’s cheerfulness and accent and then Yefim Bobrov’s constant doneness with his brother
“I killed a man for this bar. Hahaha, only joking! He is dead though.”
Every single song on Diamond City Radio
Travis Miles’s nervousness pre-Confidence Man
Travis being confident after Confidence Man and thanking the Sole Survivor for helping him so sweetly on the radio
The things your Sole Survivor will say to wasteland animals and beasts when they pacificy them with the Wasteland Whisperer perk
“Don’t you remember, Eddie? It’s me! Your old pal Shamus/Molly McF***Yourself.”
Nick and Hancock roasting racists in Vault 81 and the BOS
Preston’s genuine anger and despair when you take him back to Quincy. You can feel the poor guy’s pain and regret
The Unlikely Valentine quest animation
The way a piece of the main Fallout 4 theme plays when you get an important/main quest
Synth Shaun’s comments on your companions
The way certain companions will say something nice and warm to you after you do something generous or kind for somebody
Piper’s hand movements and the way she makes her voice deeper when imitating people
The Nuka World Mascot being a complete douche to you in a super cheerful tone
The nice comments the Diamond City guards make about Nick when you’re traveling with him as your companion like “Nicky’s good people”
Also Nick offering to help a random resident even though the person clearly despises him and Nick checking up on a past client gently to make sure he’s doing okay
X6-88’s portrayed fear of heights when you make him get in a Vertibird
Going to kill the Red Death with the Mariner and packing all sorts of freaking ammo and mini nukes only to figure out it’s a freaking tiny mirelurk with glowing red eyes
The fact that MacCready said he was trying to be a better person for his promise to Duncan but yet he still likes it when you steal or break the law 90% of the time it’s just funny to me I love him
Meeting Hancock for the first time and he literally kills a person for you within 5 seconds of knowing you
Curie’s accent and excitement at everything
Codsworth saying your Sole Survivor’s name (if he can) and calling you sir/mum.
The ability to let your Sole Survivor say they forgive Kellogg after seeing his memories in the Dangerous Minds quest
Encouraging Miss Edna to confess her love to Mr. Zwicky and then them getting married
The chapel in Diamond City
Sturges and his personality and accent
Danse saying “Outstanding”
Dogmeat’s little bark when you ask how he’s doing
The companions’ comfort upon seeing your dead spouse
Maxing affinity with your companions and being showered with compliments when you ask about your relationship
The implication that Hancock and Nick are friends
Billy reuniting with his family in the Kid in a Fridge quest
The entire noir mobster-like display during Unlikely Valentine and Skinny Malone’s stuttering when you convince Darla to go home
Deacon trying to lie you into the Railroad by making up awesomely impossible stories about you after literally traveling with you for one mission
Doctor Teddy Wright being such a nice guy in Far Harbor
Curing Andre of his ailment and then comforting him when he basically contemplates suicide
How Old Longfellow doesn’t gripe about you collecting junk and mentions that all junk can be useful and just THANK YOU MAN FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS
Moe Cronin getting so excited about “baseball”
The excitement I feel when The Wanderer comes on Diamond City Radio
Supermutants shouting “RAGE! RAAAAAGE!” when in combat
“You have a robot butler?! Man… I wish I had a robot butler!”
The fact that Codsworth waited TWO HUNDRED YEARS FOR YOU TO COME HOME like what an ANGEL
Hancock calling you Sunshine if he’s romanced
Preston calling you Babe if he’s romanced
The rare occasion that Nick calls the female Sole Survivor “Doll”
How upon reaching the first affinity check with Nick the first thing he does is check up on you and make sure your doing okay, and then he proceeds to tell you about his adapting in the wasteland just what an ANGEL
MacCready’s “I didn’t know you could do THAT with mutfruit”
Cait’s accent
The companion’s comments when you get in power armor and then Danse just going “Now that’s what I call locked and loaded!” and then X6 going “Light 'em up, ma'am/sir!” while both getting the “Liked That” response
Also Nick’s little sweet “I can barely tell us apart!”
When you have to do something you KNOW a companion is going to dislike but you literally have no choice, so if you’re like me you walk to another room and make them wait there while you do whatever it is you were doing
How the companions will angrily call you out whenever you murder someone like YES tell the bad person off sweetie
The sarcastic responses from your Sole Survivor
Magnolia’s singing
The Vault-Tec Rep being the absolute purest soul in Goodneighbor and just how happy he is when you say you’ll come visit him
Asking Codsworth “Your Thoughts?” and his jokes he’ll tell
Telling Desdemona you would lay down your life for a synth and getting “Valentine Loved That.”
Saving Kent Connolly and getting a “Loved That” response from different companions
The default background music in Sanctuary
The Railroad HQ music
Tinker Tom man
Getting positive reactions from companions like Preston and Deacon when you do things for their faction
The little kids in the Diamond City school talking about what they want to be when they grow up
Giving the mama Deathclaw her egg back and it making her tame around you
Getting a mostly happy ending to Far Harbor and Kasumi reuniting with her family
Nick’s understandable despair when he’s trying to figure out about his past with DiMA
Nick and DiMA’s brotherly conversations when you convince Nick to accept him as his brother
Helping Cait overcome her chem addiction
The way Hancock looks whenever he’s sad is like a puppy
Standing up for Danse in Blind Betrayal
Whenever something makes a companion smile really big
Strong pronouncing things funny like “MACK-REE-DEE” for MacCready
How uncomfortable a lot of the companions get when talking about aliens with Jack Cabot
Fighting things in a dark abandoned subway as you happily listen to “BONGO BONGO BONGO I DON’T WANNA LEAVE THE CONGO OH NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO”
Companions glitching through the elevators 90% of the time and talking to them as only their nose sticks out of the wall
Quicksaving and then reloading every time you don’t pass a hard speech check
KL-E-0 in Goodneighbor “I’m a woman, baby. Can’t you tell?”
But my FAVORITE line from her… “Anything that can kill a man, I sell. Except for suicidal depression. That is unfortunately not packageable.”
There’s more but I reached the max text block limit on this post. DARN. I could keep going for a while! I might just add more… In a reblog… I love this game too much.
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arnyan · 2 years ago
Imagine if MC has a leaf stuck in their hair after a walk outside
An entry for @hphm-fictober for the prompt ‘autumn leaves’
Bill: picks it right off the moment he sees it but starts to unconsciously stroke MC’s hair and run his fingers through it... only when he sees how MC’s face had gone as red as the leaves does he stop and also start blushing
Tulip: keeps staring at it but doesn’t say anything because she finds it funny, giggles every few minutes while MC looks at her confused, only when other students starts to laugh at MC does she take the leaf off and scare the students with a prank threat because no one makes a fool out of MC!...except her
Rowan: excitedly takes the leaf and starts reciting everything they know about trees and leaves while combing through MC’s hair for more leaves and giving MC the run down on every one they find
Charlie: sees it as soon as MC gets close to him but he doesn’t really know what to do about it. Spends the time constantly glancing at it and trying to get it to fall off naturally so he basically grabs MC here and there and puts his arms around them in different positions, because it never occurred to him that his actions were worse than to just pick it off himself
Ben: screams the moment he sees it because he thinks it’s some sort of bug, which freaks MC out as well and they start shouting at Ben to get it off but Ben also doesn’t wanna touch it and so the two spend a few minutes just freaking out until someone comes along and takes the leaf out of MC’s hair and shows it to them...they have not spoken of the incident since
Tonks: takes it upon herself to start gathering other leaves and sees how many she can sneak onto MC’s hair without them noticing , only when MC starts looking like some scaly leafy animal do they feel something isn’t right, Tonks of course is just laughing hysterically
Penny: tries to discreetly take it off MC’s hair while they aren’t looking but when she finally reaches it and gets it out, MC turns and sees Penny’s hand on their hair, after an awkward pause, Penny flashes a beautiful smile and says ‘Your hair is nice today’ while giving MC a few pats on the head
Badeea: starts complimenting MC on their choose of accessory but then says it’s a bit crooked so she takes the leaf off, straightens it and puts it back onto MC’s hair, to which MC is just too bewildered and slightly happy to correct her
Barnaby: chuckles and picks the leaf off of MC’s hair and asks them if they were trying to look like a bowtruckle or something , before blushing and saying that MC was already cute as their self ... making MC thank the gravity, the dying tree and the autumn season for making that wonderful leaf fall onto their hair
Jae: doesn’t want to say anything because it’s seems too bothersome so he leaves it be and continues to talk to MC as if he saw nothing. After a conversation filled with constant glances at the leaf still stuck in there, he gives in to his frustrations and smacks the leaf out of MC’s hair, hitting MC’s forehead and head as well in the process
Andre: takes one look at the leaf before saying that he kind of likes it but the nature trend was so 70’s and that MC needed to catch up with the fashion while MC just looks at him in confusion because they don’t know what the heck he is talking about
Talbott: doesn’t really know how to react to it, reaches up a few times but gets too shy. Tries to tell MC but always stops midway, in the end he leaves without saying anything, the leaf still on MC’s hair... until a few minutes later when a hawk swoops down and grabs the leaf as well as a clump of MC’s hair and flies off with it in relieved squawks
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laserbobcat · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also I’ve had this magic AU in mind since I made this halloween drawing with Blue as a witch - probably because @imperial-palace and @red-sterling have been throwing witches around like crazy these days ;)  Also I fucking love magic. It took all the space in my brain but I just CAN’T write it properly like I want so here’s Part 04 of my whatever-fuck-it dump!      ------------------------------------ So Blue is the pokemon gym leader of Viridian City, and also a witch - a brilliant one at that. The viridian gym is safer than half the temples of Kanto and he boasts about it whenever he can. I mean, he’s from a nerd family after all, big brains, talented and all. His grandpa studies pokemon and pokemon magic and Blue helps him sometimes. His sister is a renowned healer. He wanders a lot (which annoys Lance big time, be there for the challengers Blue, for Arceus sake). He often checks the Viridian forest because it has a tendency to attract faeries, spirits and even sometimes demons. Nobody has been lost in it since he began keeping an eye on it though, putting protective spells everywhere and exorcizing whatever is causing trouble- he boasts about that too.
One day in the forest he stumbles upon this dude that’s just sleeping there on a grass patch under a pile a pikachus. (I need to draw that) Nothing to be alarmed -if the guy didn’t have those red eyes like only high ranking demons have. Blue freaks out and try to banish him - which has no effect. The man only seems bewildered and the pikachus are pissed off now. No spell seems to affect him, he has no magical aura whatsoever, the pokémon, included his own umbreon, seems to especially like him (pokémon are notably aggressive with evil spirits) and he appears so normal that Blue asks him if he think it’s funny to wear fucking demon-like contact lenses in the fucking forest. But no, those are his real eyes, and his name is Red, and “I lived on a mountain before but I got bored and wanted to see a forest. It’s nice here. Why are you looking at me like that?” Since Blue just can’t leave a goddamn demon wandering around the woods, he tries something else: a bonding spell. It works holy arceus. So now he has a probably demonic familiar (Gramps is gonna kill me) and tries to discover what the hell exactly is Red, since he himself doesn’t seem to know or care. The main tension I would put in this story would be, obviously, Blue falling for Red, because he’s a sweetheart, he’s fun, he’s clever, he learned to cook very well and plays a bit of Blue’s old dusty guitar, that’s adorable how he cuddles with every pokemon he sees, and have you seen his butt dammit. But demons are very well known for seducing people and eating their souls and other pleasantries, so it’s a big nope, what if this one is just very, very good at acting? I like the trope of extremely powerful creatures being dorks. Red would accidentally deactivate huge complex spells by just touching them “Sorry I didn’t see that” or carve a little pikachu out of wood to make a cute present for Blue, except the thing turns up to be an exceedingly powerful amulet that Blue would have to defuse if he doesn’t want to catch the attention of every faery in a 150 miles radius. He can’t use any magic on purpose though, and Blue often calls him the most useless magical familiar ever, to which Red answers “Shut up you love my lasagna.” The culmination of The Angst™ would be an event or information that would make Red fear for Blue’s safety around him and panic, breaking the bond placed on him (that was never really chaining him anyway) and disappear. Blue just gives up pretending he’s a very reasonable witch at that point, and go get his sexy roomie back, asking his childhood familiar Leaf for help. They end up finding Red in a dark cave up on that damned mountain he talked about before. Red tries to scare him away: and it’s convincing because he can be very, very scary now that he remembers how to use his powers - but Blue stands his ground and won’t leave without him. The argument that wins him over is “Dude I just can’t live without you lasagnas anymore” wich makes Red laugh so hard that he drops the toothy horrors illusions and just rush and hugs him. That’s also the moment Red remembers he’s actually an angel. He was so bored that he meddled directly with human things, had a magic accident involving a pissed off fire demon, and was trapped down here as a result, with most of his old powers and memories gone. But it’s okay, he shrugs, because Earth is way more interesting. “YOU’RE A WHAT?”      ------------------------------------------------ THANKS GOD it’s finally out of my poor head. So blessed. Namaste.
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i-am-irondad · 3 years ago
Frypan Appreciation Post
Please Note: Movie-Verse
You can all say that every character in the Maze Runner franchise deserved better or was underrated because there is a fair chance that you are totally right. But I don’t think any character is less appreciated then Frypan. So I thought I’d just conduct a list of the amazing things this character has done over the span of the three movies:
Tumblr media
He gets along with everyone in the Glade. Including Gally, which was hard in the first movie, but you see him following Gally who was angry about Newt’s decision to make Thomas a runner.
He makes everyone food. Enough said.
He is very welcoming to Thomas. “Welcome home, Thomas.”
He’s funny. “I could use some help in the kitchen.”
He’s rational. He believes Thomas did a good job saving Minho and Alby in the maze but does not believe Thomas is ready to be a runner due to him only being there three days.
He’s helpful. He went into the Maze with Minho and Thomas. He held Gally back when he punched Thomas, and he ran over to help Thomas after he stabbed himself. He played a key part in getting people through and out and the maze.
He takes care of Winston. He is extremely gentle when Winston is dying and helps in any way he can.
He’s emotional. He’s the first glader we see break outside the maze, and I find that to be extremely heartbreaking. He is the first one to say he misses the Maze which is a strong character trait to have to allow his friends to see how he is truly feeling. He is seen as just the “comic relief” as he had the best one-liners in all three movies, but this moment really gives depth to his character. It’s beautiful. Also Wes Ball’s direction in this scene, definitely makes us connect to Frypan the most.
He’s a team player. He is the first to ask Vince and Harriet if there is any way to help them when Wicked attack them. He follows Thomas to save Minho.
His disbelief to Teresa’s betrayal. He says, “What the hell? Teresa!?” In a disappointed, almost saddened tone. Frypan is very kind to Teresa, and we have no idea what happened off-screen when the group was separated from Thomas. He can’t believe Teresa being part of wicked because he is a team player and because he loves all his friends. 
He’s a fucking hero. He is there to protect Brenda and Jorge from the wicked shoulders and is smiling when he does so. If it wasn’t for his shotgun skills, he, Thomas and Newt would all be dead. Ummm, the bus scene - does this need any more context? 
He is Thomas and Newt’s best friend: Yes, I know he has other friends, and yes he cares for them a great deal but has anyone thought back this. After Minho is taken, the only three left from the glade are Thomass, Newt, and Frypan. Three out of like forty. So for these months, he only has these two, and these two only have each other and him. Every day, afternoon, evening and morning. Thomas and Newt would not have made it as far without Frypan. He was their link back to everything from the maze. Newt was the leader after Alby died, the group followed Thomas everywhere. And Frypan was one glader who followed them both everywhere they went. He was their constant reminder that they had to keep fighting.
Frypan’s friendship with Brenda. In the Death Cure, Brenda talks mainly to Thomas, Jorge, and Frypan. He saves her, he laughs with her, he saves her by lifting the bus. After Teresa, it must have been freaking nice to befriend Brenda. Considering there is a handful of months we don’t see, there is not saying how close Frypan and Brenda became. But she calls him, “Fry,” and that’s just guaranteed friendship with Frypan. Also, they get the immunes out together, worry about their friends. They stick together, and Frypan seems to always look to her in dramatic, and happy scenes.
Losing Newt (and almost losing Thomas) This is raw, man. I’ve watched this film three times now, and Frypan’s reaction is what really hits you in the chest if you pay enough attention. Think for a second about the roughly 6-8 months this group has been looking for Minho. Meaning it’s only been Newt, Thomas and Frypan (glade members) for a very long time; they are probably close, they spent literally every freaking moment together, and they have for a very long time. Now, imagine, not knowing one of your best friends has the flare because *hello* Frypan is never told, and he is not there to witness his friend’s downfall. He just has to find out through Minho asking Brenda for the serum. He then has to see his friend’s body, and know that his other best friend has walked headfirst into wicked. He doesn’t know what to do, and he’s broken. He collapses by Newt’s side and then like twenty minutes later has to witness as Thomas nearly dies on the berg.
He is us
Okay, this might sound strange, but stick with me. Frypan hands down is meant to be the “everyday person.” Someone who we can connect with these films. Some may connect to Thomas, or Newt, or Brenda, but Frypan is someone anyone can connect with. It’s quite hard to put yourself in other character’s shoes in this film. Let me break this down:
Thomas: Hero, almost dies like three times, is basically good at everything he does the first time around. He is fast, a good fighter, a friend, he’s a badass, but also emotional. He’s your typical hero type, and these days not every teen would wake up in a maze and be like “yeah, let’s go again everything we’re told to do,” and yes it works for Thomas, but not everyone thinks like he does. He is also the cure.
Newt: Now, I know a lot of people relate to Newt due to his suicide attempt, and strength afterward, which is amazing, and I love that. But Newt turns into a crank, and he died.  I’m going to go ahead and guess that no one here has ever turned into a zombie and been killed. Newt is also second-in-command in the maze and has to lead. Not everyone is a leader.
Teresa: Betrayed her friends to save her friends. I don’t think many of us would have the strength to do this.
Gally: Dramticcaly revealed that he wasn't dead.
Minho: Leader, runner and freaking tortured for months on end.
Brenda: Had the flare and almost became a crank.
And then there’s Frypan: 
Frypan is not a runner, leader and he doesn’t become a crank. He was just the Glade’s cook, and that’s what he did, he made food for the people who lived in the maze. He is an everyday person trying to live in a post-apocalyptic world. He is the embodiment of what most of us would be like. He doesn’t have a dramatic storyline where he dies or gets hurt or betrays. He is just Frypan, and he survives everything thrown at him. Frypan is special because he is normal. He isn’t wicked’s star pupil, he was never a leader. At first look, he might not seem to be a Glader that you’d expect would survive, but he does. Which makes him amazing.
Please add reasons why you think Frypan is great!  (Sorry for mistakes, I am doing this a quarter to one in the morning) 
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phuncles · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
November 28th already meant something very special to me, my favorite date ever is November 28th 2008 cause that day I went to my first concert ever (RBD, Tour del Adiós in Rio). Back then I couldn't even imagine that 10 years later another November 28th would bring just as much joy and fun as that day. But holy fricking heck, this November 28th exceeded all of my expectations.
I spent my day with @festiveditl​ and Jotalina and they were the nicest people ever, I already miss them so much. I also met @shamewaddle​? Hello? We stan good gifs. She’s the cutest and super nice and I miss her :( And I got to talk to so many friends from here and from twitter and a couple of people even came up to me to say they follow me here which was very nice lakhslakh HI! Everyone was really nice!
 We saw Marianne at McDonalds, Vero brought dnp “photocards” and gave them away, earlier I had taken Vi to drink her first ever Starbucks (!!!), and the mall was so full of phannies, it was so easy to spot us skalhdlkahd 
Meeting them though? That was wild and overwhelming. All I could say was ask them to come to Rio whenever they have the chance and they said they’d love to :( <3 They signed the inside of my phone case (that will be retired soon so I get to keep it for non-functional purposes) because I didn’t have anything else for them to sign lmao. And then I had to film Jotalina’s and Vero’s m&gs and it was so good cause when Vero and I told them they were meeting the Jotalina they were so happy and Dan freaking bowed (highlight of my day). It’s what she actually deserves. And then, when Vero went up to Phil to hug him he was like “Nice to see you again” and Dan said something like “Is it creepy that we remember?” aklhadlkhdkadslkhad We were all speechless afterwards, it was a lot of fun.
Then the II movie was great. I kept thinking about how they were both more on point in this than they were on TATINOF, it was funny, it was exciting, we laughed, we cheered, we awww’ed, it was really cool. Even though I was exhausted (I hadn’t slept on the way to São Paulo lmao) and felt like I could fall asleep at any moment, forcing myself to resist the sleepy temptation was worth it because it was a really good show. 
But then when they were on stage doing the Q&A, @psychicmoth‘s tweet came up, Vero and I freaked out because Fi 100% deserves it but at this moment Dan looked right into my eyes, into my very soul, and asked “Are you here Fi?” and I wanted to say I was just freaking out for my friend but I could only laugh and say no slakhdlkadh So, yeah. Fi’s notice is kind of my notice as well (hehe sorry Fi, I love you <3).
And then afterwards Vero, Jotalina and I got our dvds and headed to the first place that had caipirinhas (they were actually caipivodkas but that’s just a detail) and we got freaking Lit. We had to say goodbye afterwards which was sad but I feel extremely blessed to have met them <3
So, yeah. Yesterday was good one. <3
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confidenceatitsfinest · 2 years ago
can you please recommend any a/b/o fics where omega jungkook has just presented or goes through his first heat? any ship is fine or even just jungkook going through like a harsh heat or like in front of his crush- ok that's a little specific,,, I'll stop
Omg haha, you’re so cute! Don’t worry, I don’t judge here ^-^ I love love love omega jungkook with a passion because it’s usually so cuuuuute and reading about cute kookie being spoiled and taken care of has me soft. I’m going to list these fics by ship and hopefully you find something new and are interested in. Thanks for dropping by my ask box! (P.S. I might have missed a few fics that I’ve included in past fic recs, so please feel free to search through my #fic rec tag)
Kaleidoscope Ongoing, AO3, Jungkook is in love with both Tae and Jin and goes through his first heat.
I Once Was… AO3, Ongoing, I looooove this because it’s kinda angsty but also really nicely written and the twists are great (but please be aware of the tags)
The Law of BTS Ongoing, AO3, really interesting concept with cop!BTS and Jungkook being a late blooming omega. 
it’s not hard to love you Ongoing, AO3, Jungkook is lost when he first presents and tries to find his mate, college au.
breathe out ‘til i come in Oneshot, AO3, this isn’t heat-related but it’s realllyyyyy cute and sugakookie cuddle-scenting is quality content. 
roses and peaches Oneshot, AO3, cute pre-heat Kookie nesting.
Infinite Arms Oneshot, AO3, this is actually really freaking cute because I love new-omega-trying-to-court Jungkook and doting-soft-fussing-over-kookie Jimin.
(I Bloom) Just For You Oneshot, AO3, I’ve def recced this before (I think) but it’s amazingggg and I loved it, Jungkook goes into his first heat and only Jimin is there but Jimin thinks Kook doesn’t have the same feelings.
hope you’re waiting at the end Oneshot, AO3, Jungkook’s first heat plus mutual pining.
Cherry Complete, AO3, a long fic I always rave about because the hurt/comfort is great and the fluffy parts are great and the smut is great.
Who Knew that We Were Fools Oneshot, AO3, the hurt/comfort is on pointttt plus heat sex was on point too.
Stuck somewhere in the middle Oneshot (long fic), AO3, really good sorta enemies to lovers, Jimin is a real jerk but he definitely changes for the better, nice character development
The incident Oneshot, AO3, kinda funny kinda hurt/comfort and ALL HOT, really well written, Jungkook messes with Jimin on the train ride home
I’ve got you Oneshot, AO3, Jungkook uses the safe word
Wrapped in love Oneshot, AO3, Jungkook has scent sickness but he can smell Jimin?
Please Call Me, I’ll Buy You Food Oneshot, AO3, broke college student Jungkook can’t buy his meds and goes into heat around Joon.
Be my baby (my one and only baby)  Oneshot, AO3, Jungkook starts his heat in the library and reveals something that maybe should’ve been revealed a lot sooner, SMUT, Jungkook just wants to be Joonie’s baby okay??? (and I don’t blame him)
hand-me-downs (& please, a pick-me-up) Ongoing, AO3, Jungkook has a really sudden and harsh first heat and the hyungs have to move quickly to take care of him. 
Our sweet maknae Oneshot, AO3, Jungkook presents late, allll the fluffy cuteness in the worrrrld. 
Home Ongoing, AO3, Jin finds omega kookie on the streets, please be aware of the tags.
Before, Now and After Ongoing, AO3, Jungkook presents as an omega and he and the rest of Bangtan learn to adapt. 
Late Bloomer Complete (Almost, like 1 more chapter), AO3, this is more like ot7 but Jungkook-centric, very cute chapters and smutty chapters too.
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dragonrebelrose · a year ago
TROS Reaction 12-20-19. AKA my 6 page long dissertation about why I really disliked TROS.
I didn’t think it would be this bad. I truly thought there would be some gleaming moments of redeemability, but no. It’s one...giant...shit-show. What a horrible blow to the end of not only the sequel trilogy and these characters but to everything that came before. It really takes skill to mess up this badly.
A little something nice though, was the guy I sat next to. Really nice (and cute too ^-^ ) and he offered me some of his candy (Buncha Crunch! My favorite!) before the film started and then throughout the film because he said, “Well this is consolation for having to sit next to me.” Aw I couldn’t have asked for a better seat partner, I didn’t even know him! And then when the film ended he knew I didn’t take it well and I cried and shook through many moments and he offered the rest of his candy and I said, “Thanks, I think I need it.” I asked him what he thought overall and he said, “C-3P0 was pretty funny.” I said, “Yeah I agree. I actually knew everything that happened before I saw it, and I thought it was a mess.” He chuckled and said, “Me too, but I didn’t want to say anything in case you liked it.” I said, “Oh, no, I didn’t really like it. But I gotta be honest, Ben Solo didn’t deserve to die. That’s just my opinion.” I think he was surprised by that but didn’t disagree. He just kinda nodded or something and then we said goodbye and he left with his buddies, who also seemed pretty unenthused by the whole movie. Hopefully I gave him something to think about with my comment, but he was really nice and I’m glad he sat next to me.
Pessimism aside for now, I’ll start by listing the things I liked. I gotta be honest, there’s not much here.
Reylo is canon! But, in my opinion, it was handled pretty badly. Ben’s death is only the start of the problems for it, but more on that later.
C-3P0 is funny I guess. Yes he is annoying sometimes like usual, but not more so than other times.
D-O is freaking adorable. Out of everything good I’ve listed I have no qualms with this one. His manner is cute, his speaking is very funny, and his actions are just precious.
Babu Frik is very cute too, just perfect! Lovely little puppet! Don’t know why he was shoehorned in at the end battle but whatever. We never saw him again.
Maz is a puppet now? Okay, cool. Wish that would’ve been the case since the beginning. You had the technology JJ.
The music is good, when it’s given its own time to shine and be noticed. I feel like I barely noticed it was there because sound effects just drowned it out. Really wasted, but still good nonetheless.
Leia’s death and how it affected Ben. Wow. This was the first moment I truly cried. This was handled very well by Adam Driver, and then Maz saying “Goodbye, Princess.” Ouch, that got me.
Ben talking to the memory of his father! This is something I did not know was in the movie and boy am I glad I wasn’t spoiled for it! THIS is where the really hard tears and sobbing came. I was literally shaking and shivering trying to keep it in so as not to disturb everyone else. This. Part. Was. Perfect. Ben looks at him like he wants to say “I love you,” and Han says out loud “I know.” *crazy screaming and crying* Out of all the things they got wrong for Ben in this film, THIS they got right!
Ben Solo is the Solo boy we always wanted. Running in with a t-shirt, gun slinging, blasting opponents without even looking. THIS is a true son of Solo! But of course they give him no lines except “Ow.” THAT was a bad idea.
And that’s it. Yes those are the only things I even remotely liked, but I have to be honest, each one of these has some kind of problem attached to it which sours the real enjoyment.
On to what I disliked. Strap in lads, this is going to be a long ride.
1. The pacing. OH. MY. GOSH. SLOW. THE. FUCK. DOWN. For fucks sake I couldn’t even process what the hell was happening before we were on to the next thing! This was the biggest problem with the movie, BY FAR. Yes I know the story is terrible, we’ll get to that, but the pacing just completely took me out of the movie. I couldn’t feel invested in anything because it was all in one ear and out the other like ten-fold!
And this is part of the issue I have with how Reylo was handled. It. Felt. So. Rushed. And. Unfinished. There weren’t enough scenes with them and the scenes we did get were so fast and then over with that it felt like no progress was being made at all! It felt, for lack of a better word, unearned. And I know, that’s not really the case since they’ve had plenty of build-up in the last 2 films, but there wasn’t enough time with them spent NOT fighting and hating each other and opposing each other. Yes, I know, Kylo kept trying to get Rey to take his hand, but it doesn’t feel genuine because even Kylo feels out of character, and Rey too, big time. Now this isn’t the actor’s faults, they did what they could with the shitty story they were given, so I put all this blame at JJ’s desk.
In any case the overall film pacing was too fast, too much, too soon, too many things onscreen, too many things happening at once, not enough character, not enough motivation, not enough letting scenes breathe and just play out naturally. Everything felt forced for the sake of the “plot.” Oh we gotta get this thing, and then that thing, to get this thing, so we can defeat these guys! LET. US. BREATHE.
2. The story. My gosh, they couldn’t have picked a worse storyline to follow. Everything truly felt like it was written by a fanboy who wanted to retcon everything in TLJ, even down to the dialogue. Everyone keeps saying to Rey “You’re a Palpatine.” But it sounds SO strange, like nobody says things like this. I get it, it’s a space fantasy, they talk weird mumbo jumbo but it just sounds like a fanboy ghost wrote this. Like we gotta have everyone know now she’s a Palpatine! You’re a Palpatine! You’re a Palpatine! Palpatine heir! All bow down to the Palpatine! Give me a break.
3. Yeah, let’s talk about Palps. The old raisin himself. You know, I never really liked ROTS, but Palps was always a great thing about it. He was sinister, diabolical, he had a plan and knew what to do with it. But this Palps. *le heavy sigh* What a waste this was. For one thing, the lightning effects that lights up his face is really annoying, even for someone who doesn’t get seizures, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for those who do, I’m so sorry. And like, he has this whole legion of Sith followers? The fuck? Where the hell were these guys before? I’m sure they existed BEFORE the last Sith Lord died, right?
I digress. I have a question though: why does he want Rey so much? Why didn’t he try to get his son to take over? Wouldn’t that have been easier? Also, WHO DID HE FUCK TO GET A SON?? HOW DID HIS SON GET AWAY FROM HIM?? WHY DID HIS SON APPARENTLY TURN TO THE LIGHT?? THERE’S TOO MANY QUESTIONS HERE AND NO GOOD EXPLANATIONS. AND NO DISNEY, I DON’T WANT A 10-PART COMIC ON THIS. GO FUCK YOURSELVES.
The only interesting thing about Palps in this film is that his face gets melted off like a Raiders of the Lost Ark knock-off. He better not be coming back. Ever again.
4. And hey, while we’re on the subject, let’s talk about Rey’s parents. So apparently they’re both good people. *le sigh* But what kind of good people leave their daughter alone on a harsh and unforgiving planet with a blubber guy? And don’t tell me they didn’t know he was an abusive asshole, they LIVED on Jakku, they HAD to have known him, ESPECIALLY if they truly were junk traders, they would have DEALT with him. Oh, and apparently the “I’ll come back for you sweetheart, I promise” line is changed up a bit and given to her father after all. No. Screw that. That line was meant for Ben, I don’t care how petty this sounds, this is terrible. So yeah, fuck Rey’s parents, I don’t care how “good” you try to make their intentions, they’re badly shoehorned in and they screw up anyway. Next.
5. Ben’s story and his fate. So yeah, obviously I hate that Ben died, but more than that I hate how his story was handled here. It was so rushed, it didn’t feel as natural as it should have. It needed time to BREATHE. A lot of time! And I feel like they really shafted Kylo/Ben’s story off to the side to give more time to the hereby named GoldenTrio. (You know who I mean...we’ll get to them.) It really seemed like JJ didn’t even care about Ben’s fate anymore, and just kind of put it in as an afterthought. His death scene? Not even given a fucking minute to process because WE GOT TO PARTAY. All in all, his whole story is so terribly sad that I don’t even know if I can watch TFA or TLJ anymore, knowing how it ends.
6. The GoldenTrio. Oh for fucks sake, JJ, you should have killed Poe off when you had the chance, because now the story is all about THEM. Boom! They’re literally front and center in the movie. I don’t even think Reylo gets as much screen time as them. I mean really, Ben’s death scene and Rey’s grieving gets 1.5 minutes, tops. GoldenTrio reunion and threesome hugging? 5 fucking minutes of nothing but them hugging. I’m not even exaggerating. (Okay maybe I am, but it’s given more focus and time to “breathe” than Ben Solo’s fucking death. I’m getting a headache remembering it.)
Hey, remember in ESB and ROTJ where the trio got split up and had their own story lines and own purposes to fulfill without each other hanging around (apart from Han and Leia because their story lines are interconnected)? Yeah, I miss that too.
Also, Rey keeps wandering off being “pulled” to something, and every...single...time, Finn is like “Rey, wait! Poe we gotta get her! rEy CoMe BaCk!!” This happens at least 5 times, pretty consecutively too. It gets old real fast. Boy do I miss the days of TLJ where people got to be away from each other to discover new things without interference.
Which leads me to another point: They tried to shove FinnRey in here while shitting on FinnRose quite literally. What. A. Slap. To. The. Face. This is horrible treatment, and I hope Kelly will never do another interview for Lucasfilm again. She doesn’t deserve this.
7. The Ending™. Wow. What a way to show that your characters haven’t progressed at all by showing them in the same environment that they started in. Let’s do an overview: Rey starts out alone on a desert planet and meets a droid that isn’t hers. Rey ends up alone on a desert planet with a droid that still isn’t hers. PROGRESSION 101!! *slaps forehead* I mean, don’t even get me started on the fact that Ben isn’t there with her and that literally one half of her soul is gone (how is she not in agony right now??), but then to add more salt to the wound she’s just like “oh yeah I must be the rightful successor to the Skywalker name, even tho I’m a Palps...makes sense to me!” Fuck off. You don’t deserve that title after hating Luke for not doing what you wanted him to do and for hating Ben for most of this movie too.
Can we also acknowledge that this is THE ABSOLUTE WORST POSSIBLE WAY TO END A 40 YEAR SAGA AND FAMILY LEGACY? So, Palps had a kid who had a kid. This kid is then deemed a-okay by the family that was affected most by Palps and they welcome her like the sunshine child she is, yet shun their own offspring for being damaged goods because he was being manipulated by said Palps. Okay, it’s official now, everyone’s an asshole...except Ben. He seemed to be the only one to understand his faults and right his wrongs and not be an idiot. Then the kid who was abused and manipulated is killed because “reasons” or “problematic” or whatever and the offspring of Palps lives while the family that Palps manipulated is ultimately gone forever because it’s last descendant wanted to save the offspring of Palps out of the goodness of his heart. Now the offspring of Palps doesn’t even give a flipping thank you and steals their name. wHaT a SaTiSfYiNg EnDiNg!!! Someone gag me.
8. Luke’s X-Wing being raised out of the water and it’s in perfect working condition. What. The. Fuck. I don’t know if you guys realize this, but this completely undermines Luke’s arc in TLJ. That X-Wing was sunk and dead to show that he had no desire to return to the outside world. He was staying on the island. For good. And he buried that thing in water to make sure he couldn’t use it ever again, but it was still visible to him to remind him of his conviction if ever he questioned it. But no. That thing is a-okay and ready to fly. No need for parts, there’s no rust or any sea salt corrosion, ready to go skipper! This was just added for easy call-backs to ESB but boy this had absolutely 0 weight to it. I literally yawned or looked at my watch around this part thinking “oh my gosh isn’t it over yet?” Pretty much sums up my entire experience.
9. Rose got shafted to appease the fanboys. This one needs no further explanation or analysis, it just sucks and has no real reason to exist.
10. Luke was barely in it and offered not that great advice. Poor Mark. His performance really peaked with TLJ and never went back up.
11. Rey is suddenly the Avatar now? You can now talk to all previous Jedi’s who existed? What buffoonery is this? Oh, but Ben doesn’t get a single. fucking. word. from Anakin, the man he looked up to. I’m so tired right now. What’s left?
12. The message changed from “it doesn’t matter if you’re a nobody, you’re a somebody to me” to “you’re a somebody with a bad bloodline, but that doesn’t define you (except when it totally does)”. That sort of message would be fine if it had been the message since TFA, but it wasn’t. The message since TFA was “I’m a nobody, but I can become a somebody regardless of my lineage or my childhood.” Why change the message in the 11th hour? To appease fanboys. Literally anything that makes no sense in this movie can be attributed to fanboys. There’s so much contradiction and hypocrisy in this film from both the narrative and the characters that it’s insulting.
13. Hux was utterly shafted too. What a waste of a well built up and conniving little bastard who in the end gets shot for shock value and laughs. It’s like what TLJ did but way worse because he’s actually killed. Hux as the spy? Just no.
14. Jannah was kind of wasted too, not enough screen time. I get her and Finn kind of bonding over being ex-stormtroopers, but it’s not really delved into. Also the whole “nature vs. machinery” thing kinda briefly shows up at the big battle and feels unearned too, because there was nothing before in this movie or others to suggest there was a war between the two.
15. Poe is treated more as the heir to Leia than Ben is. Poe gets to fly the falcon and gets to wreck it up (dishonoring who it belonged to before), gets to be by Leia’s deathbed, etc. Not earned at all.
16. The pointlessness of random cameos or thrown in references. Not a single person in my theater noticed John Williams as the bartender, nobody pointed out or said anything about any reference from previous movies, it was silent.
17. What the hell was even the point of the whole “Dark Rey” vision? Oh, she shows her scary pointy teeth ala Bilbo style. No thank you.
18. Why the hell does it feel like these characters aren’t the characters from TFA and TLJ? They feel so different and it’s noticeable.
19. Finn is Force sensitive. Literally tacked on like nobody wouldn’t notice. We noticed JJ. We notice everything.
20. Rey and Kylo/Ben fighting for way too much of the film and their interactions. Not enough caring or understanding, not enough longing looks, it feels like their romance was almost cut from the film entirely.
21. Oh yeah, Rey floating at the beginning? Looked stupid as hell. And the “Be with me” line? I thought maybe, just maybe, she meant Ben, but no. She’s trying to reach “her past selves” like the fucking Avatar and she’s even floating rocks around like Aang did. Ugh.
And that’s it. Kudos if you read the whole thing. I ramble a lot.
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shima-draws · a year ago
So a couple people have asked me how Izuku and Todoroki met in my World Tree AU!! And that is a wonderful question
I haven’t worked out all the specific details yet (and I might change things later) but what I had in mind was this:
At this point, Izuku’s already training under Toshi, and has been for a few months. Toshi decides to bring Izuku to one of the big political meetings of all the fairy races! Here the head honchos of each race meet up and discuss territory disputes, general welfare, all that non fun stuff. BUT they also have some actual fun activities on the side—friendly competing between the races to see who is the best! All of the important leaders (heads of the races, town leaders, those who hold high positions in wealth, etc.) see this as a good opportunity to meet and chat with other fairies in a friendly setting, because most of the time they’re competing with each other despite that. These leaders tend to bring their children/heirs/chosen guests along with them to participate in the games—so coincidentally most of Class 1-A is there ;)
Izuku obviously meets Uraraka and Iida first and INSTANTLY clicks with them. Despite being different races they really don’t care for all of the petty rivalry and instead try to get to know each other based on personality and connections! Soon enough as they bounce around and chat with other younger fairies they eventually form a nice group made up of most of the 1-A kids. Together they spend a lot of time chatting and comparing their magical abilities and it’s a lot of fun!
At one point Izuku does notice Todoroki—it’s pretty obvious because 1. He has very distinct features and Izuku has seen photos of him before, 2. He’s standing by himself and apparently refuses to talk to anybody, and 3. He’s Enji Todoroki’s son, and Enji, being the leader of his own fairy race, is known worldwide, so it’s obvious that Todoroki would be well known too. Izuku’s kinda starstruck because Todoroki is very pretty and also because he’s famous so like. Celebrity crush, kinda? Lol. Of course they have the whole intense eye contact moment for the first time and Izuku nearly jumps out of his skin when Todoroki looks at him Like That. Izuku, too embarrassed and shy and nervous to actually approach him, skitters off like the stupid gay moron he is
Rest is under the cut because it got a little long lol
A little while after that, Izuku splits off from the group for a bit to go to the fountain and get a drink. He starts mumbling to himself about all of the magic he’s learned, and all the people he’s met—basically he’s standing there having a fanboy moment in the garden when Todoroki approaches him out of nowhere. Izuku understandably freaks out and accidentally soaks Todoroki with water from the fountain, making this an epic meet cute moment. Izuku apologizes profusely and Todoroki brushes him off, “I was the one who approached you without warning, so it’s fine”.
Todoroki starts questioning him because he noticed he came in with All Might—and of course I could not leave out the classic love child comment so he brings that up LMAO
Izuku starts laughing, and Todoroki thinks he’s being made fun of, but Izuku quickly corrects him and he’s like “There’s no way somebody like me could be blood related to All Might, that’s why I found it funny, I’m sorry!” And Todoroki’s confused like “If he chose you to come here with him, doesn’t that make you worthy enough?” Izuku promptly turns into a freckled tomato and it’s adorable. (Todoroki notices this and idly thinks he’s cute when he blushes.)
They start to chat and Izuku slowly gets over his awkwardness/nervousness. Todoroki asks him what type of magic he has and he explains, which leads to the question being turned around on Todo. Naturally he gets very sour at this and brings up Enji, and since I definitely can’t not bring canon into this situation he bitches about his magic (bc apparently he feels like he can trust Izuku enough to tell him after only just meeting him. It’s the cute charm). He explains that since he’s not only a prince, but also a dual-elemental (which are really really REALLY rare) people only care about his political position and his power and not about him specifically. They only seek to take advantage of him or suck up to him and he hates all of it;; And what makes it worse is that he didn’t even ask to have these abilities, nor to be cursed with his father’s magic.
Izuku very bluntly points out that wouldn’t it be your magic, your power? Children inherit magic from their parents yeah but it’s not always the same element—sometimes it can get mixed and become something different entirely, or they just get one element from one parent. Either way the magic is theirs, unique to them, something that they cultivate and develop and make their own, and it’s not something the parents can control anymore. Izuku says that Todoroki is the only one in control of his own destiny, and his own magic—that’s not something Enji gets to have a say in. And as for Todoroki’s prince position—shouldn’t that be something he should take advantage of? He can help and save a LOT of people just by being a prince—he can become a true hero that way, using his position for good, and ensuring the kingdom is healthy and safe and running well. Izuku says it’s his actions that will be judged—if Todoroki were a bad person Izuku wouldn’t support him no matter if he were the prince or not. “But the fact that you’re so concerned about it...I can definitely tell. You have a kind heart, Todoroki-kun! You can use that kindness to become a wonderful and generous king one day!”
Of course this is Todoroki’s Big Gay Awakening because this adorable little munchkin just flipped his entire worldview upside in a few WORDS. (Not a punch to the face like in canon LMFAO) He has a momentary existential crisis trying to figure out what this means for him and how important it is—and that’s when Izuku gets called back inside. Izuku hurries off and says he’s really glad he got to meet Todoroki and talk with him. It’s only after Izuku leaves that Todoroki realizes he never got his name and curses himself for being so stupid. He vows then that he’s going to work and change himself, figure out what to do, and meet Izuku again, and get his name!! (See, you can already tell he’s falling in love with him huh 😤)
Aaaaand that’s how they meet for the first time!! The Gay is strong
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okayau · 2 years ago
Jungwoo Boyfriend AU
Tumblr media
•he'd be so freaking anxious when he is asking you out •wants to make it really romantic but doesn't know how to do that •so he literally googles ways to ask someone to be your girlfriend •he would probably ask you to go on a date with him •"you know, nothing special...just some friends hanging outttt" •tries to play it off and be nonchalant •lowkey works but you can tell something is off with him •however you shrug it off bc maybe he's just stressed and wants some company •which you are down for as well bc you love hanging out with jungwoo •like who wouldn't???? •so jungwoo would really have used google to the full extent •and has the most movie-esque romantic date planned •like he picks you up at 8pm •and drives you out to this cliff hill thing that overlooks the city •you're absolutely mesmerized by the lights of the city that you don't realize that jungwoo   has gotten out of the car and moved to the backseat until he calls out for you •you don't notice how shaky his voice was •and you move to the back seat and find that he has a blanket, a bunch of your favorite snacks, and a few movies with him •so he rented the car you're in and it's one of those that has a dvd player on the roof of the  car and he's planned for a movie night •you would end up watching like star wars or something •ugh can you imagine though •you're both in this car, watching the movie and eating some candy under this nice, warm blanket •and you snuggle up against jungwoo when you start to feel cold, not realizing that this makes him even more anxious •because your head is resting on top his shoulder and he can feel the vibrations from your laugh every time something funny happens •you pat his chest at one point while talking about a specific scene and you unintentionally leave it there •he can hear your quiet breathing as you watch •he sneaks glances over at you every now and then, and feels his heart racing •he's lowkey afraid you can feel his heartbeat since your hand is still on his chest •but you don't •because you are focusing on your own heartbeat which is also increased •bc wow, you're out here with jungwoo watching some star wars over the city lights •okay, so you wouldn't be as nervous as jungwoo bc you didn't know that a confession was going to be made •so you'd be a lot for into the movie than he is •your hand on his chest would lightly bunch up the fabric of his shirt at a part of the movie that was shocking (star wars is stressful tbh) •and his breath audibly catches in his throat •but he plays it off as being a yawn •and he looks over at you, this time staring at you a little longer than usual •making you notice •"are you okay?" •"o-oh, yeah! I just zoned out for a bit," •you think he isn't having fun because of this and because of his 'yawn' from earlier •so you suggest that you could watch something else if he isn't enjoying himself •he feels bad that you think he's bored •"no i'm good. i just was thinking about something.." •curses himself mentally for such a bad excuse •"what were you thinking about?" •you sit up and turn off the movie, opting to talk with jungwoo instead •jungwoo is a bit relieved that you're not as physically close to him now but he also wishes you still were ,,,, •"uh...." •boy blanks for a second •he's like 20x more nervous now •bc is this the moment where he should tell you his feelings????? •you just watch as he contemplates his next words, noticing how he is getting more anxious and jittery •you get worried when it seems like he’s lowkey panicking •"hey..." your voice is calming and soft "what's going on" •you rub his arm comfortingly •jungwoo takes a deep breath and looks over at you •"i like more than just a friend" •you stare at him in surprise, not knowing how to respond •that makes him worried bc he thinks maybe you don't see him that way •"but if you don't like me at all like that then don't worry about it. You know what just forget I even said anything.....I don't know what I was thinking. Of Course you wouldn't like me. I'm so stu-" •"jungwoo shut up," • you interrupt him mid sentence and reach up to touch his cheek before placing your lips on his •the fact that you are kissing him gives jungwoo 75 exp •he'd kiss you back after a moment of letting it sink in that you do like him •and his nervousness would be gone so fast •he would pull you onto his lap so he could kiss you better •and he'd let his fingers comb through your hair •before moving his hands to rest on the small of your back •"i like you too idiot" •you would let out a breathy laugh as you pulled away •jungwoo honestly would just look at you with this pure smile on his face •"oh thank God. i thought the ride back was going to be so awkward" •okaaaaaaayyyyy •so actually dating jungwoo would be amazing •he wants you to be happy so he's always finding ways to make you smile •whether that be through cute texts here and there •to bringing you your favorite flowers •he is a google enthusiast •his recent search history is filled with 'cute gifts for your girlfriend', 'perfect date ideas', etc... •literally used a wiki-how-to in order to make you a mixtape •takes you on a lot of dates •your favorite date was a really simple one •jungwoo came over at 2:43 in the morning •you two hadn't had a lot of time to spend together bc nct was super busy all the time •so he wanted to come over after practice one night •you had said no at first because you wanted him to rest but he insisted •soooo he's at your place and you can tell he is tired •he doesn't deny that he is either •so you guys decide that instead of staying up super late and watching movies all night, you'd set up an area to sleep in the living room, play some nice music, and just talk with each other •and you both end up staring at the glow-in-the-dark star wars stickers on your ceiling (which jungwoo bought you) and 'La Vie En Rose' is playing in the background as you talk about really intimate things •like you both feel so vulnerable and so safe in that moment •your hands are intertwined with each other and your head in on his shoulder •that was the moment you realized you loved him •and you had to let him know •"jungwoo," your voice would be zuoer quiet but he'd still hear you •hmmm?" •"i love you" •boy would literally feel his heart jump out of his chest •he would shift his body so that he is facing you •his hand would tuck a strand of hair behind your ear as he stared into your eyes •"i love you too" •he would lean close so that his face is just an inch from yours and you can feel his warm breath against your skin •he would kiss you and hour own heart would jump out •jungwoo would really be into kissing you slowly •like agonizingly slowly •but like it doesn't feel agonizing at all •you love how he kisses you and you love how his hands trail over your body gently, fingers barely touching your skin and dragging along your shoulders, arms, thighs, and practically like everywhere •it's just amazing being with him •but yeah, jungwoo wouldn't be afraid to let you know how much he likes you •honestly is a lot more confident when he is with you compared to when he was asking you out •"hey jungwoo, what do you wanna eat for dinner?" •"you" •ok some nsfw since we're now on that topic •very loving •likes to take his time with you •loves kissing your body •like a lot •like a lot a lot •when you let out breathy moans as he kisses your neck, he almost loses it •he would probably want to please you more than he wants you to please him •that's not to say he doesn't want you to do that •he'd be all for it •but like he wants to make you a moaning mess because of him •he's very open to trying new things •but he'd much rather just have you underneath him and feel your skin against his as he fucked you •"baby does that feel good?" •nsfw out •yeah so jungwoo would be a great boyfriend •lots of cute texting •has a meme folder full of pictures of you •sends you many of those pictures as reaction images to your texts •"when did you even take this?" -you in response to a picture of you looking dead inside •"when you burned your croissant" -jungwoo •he gets teased by the members but he honestly couldn't care less bc he is so happy with you •the members think you are great for him •you sometimes stay a night at his dorm •and you both just cuddle in his bed •lots of kisses •jungwoo likes kissing you •if that wasn't obvious •his favorite part of your body is your lips •he's a very soft boy •junguwu •you're so in love with him and he loves you just as much
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undersummerskyy · 3 years ago
Bechloe one-shot: It really does build..
so, a couple of days ago (weeks?! I don’t even know) @rejection-isnt-failure posted this prompt and tagged a few writers in it to see who wanted to write it. A couple of others already did, so I wasn’t going to, but then I couldn’t let it go and still wrote it. 
Anyway, this is was the original prompt: 
During the USO tour (after all the events in the film) Chloe is getting ready for her date with Chicago… as she walks past Beca’s room, the door is slightly ajar, she overhears the brunette singing in the shower. *insert song- titanium maybe?
She remembers the first time they sang it together and realises she can’t go through with the date because she doesn’t feel for Chicago even a fraction of what she feels for Beca… and she joins Beca in the shower instead. Fluff or smut. Or BOTH. Your choice ;)
So, @rejection-isnt-failure I hope you’ll enjoy my version too. It’s like 4000 something words long and rated M, just so you know. :) 
Chloe didn’t actually think that he was going to ask her out. She thought she’d kiss him, and it would be nice(ish). She’d feel happy enough, and they would move on. A nice distraction, is what she would call it. She liked him, in a way, and she was sure he was interested in her. However, she didn’t think he actually liked her.
Sure, she had been flirting with him and stuff, but it had mostly been all fun and games. Because honestly, she knew she’d have to be around Beca all the time and that was just too much to handle. At home it was fine, because they had their separate lives and it was easier to just ignore her feelings and just continue living on like the best friends they were.
But around the Bellas? Around the Bellas everything was different. Beca was a different person when they were surrounded by friends. She loved them, Chloe could tell, but it also caused Beca to be a little more forward towards her. For some reason, Beca seemed to forget how she hated physical contact, or smiling, or being sarcastic all the time. She was open, and she leaned into Chloe when she put an arm around her and it made her stomach do backflips.
It was why she fell for her in the first place. Beca always treated her differently when they others were there, like she was special.
Anyway, she knew it would never actually happen. There had been moments when she was pretty sure Beca felt the same, and honestly, maybe she did, but she couldn’t wait for her for forever. She had tried to tell Beca, about a million times, in a million different ways, over the years she’d known her. In the beginning, it had just been subtle things, not wanting to freak her out too much, or be too obvious, because she had no idea how Beca was feeling. However, once she started to feel that maybe Beca was interested in her as well, she figured she could start being a little more obvious, to the point of her actually asking the other woman out. She probably shouldn’t have done it in front of Amy though, but it was just such an ‘oh my god you are so beautiful and amazing right now’ moment and she wasn’t able to stop herself. So she had asked her, and for a few seconds Beca just stared at her, her mouth slightly open. She could practically see the gears turning in the head. Then her eyes had shifted over towards where Amy was standing behind her, and suddenly she was laughing. “Very funny, Chlo.” The brunette had said, before walking off. She should have known not to do it like that.
Beca kind off started to push her away after that. She wasn’t sure why, maybe Beca really wasn’t interested, or maybe she actually was, but now that she thought that her friend was only joking, she knew there was no chance in hell it was actually ever going to happen.
Whatever it was, it was complicated, and she had lost almost all hope.
So she said yes when Chicago asked her out. Because she liked him enough, and apparently he liked her, and it would get her mind off Beca.
She was walking down the hallway of the hotel, her palms a little sweaty. She was nervous. Not that typical ‘first date’ nervous feeling you get, but a different kind. Because this wasn’t just a typical ‘first date’, this was her deciding to give up a big part of her life, to give up Beca.
Her head knew that this was the right decision. Rationally, it was smart to move on. It made sense. There was really no reason anymore to stay in her apartment with Beca and Amy, to stay in Brooklyn, to be around them. She could have a new life, right here, right now. However, emotionally, it was… it was almost too much to-
Was that?
How did she end up in front of Beca’s hotel room door? It’s not even on the way to the lobby where she’s supposed to meet Chicago.
She stops then, wiping her palms on the front of her dress. Resting for a second won’t hurt anyone, right? She’ll only be a minute or two late. She leans against the wall, letting her head rest against it while she closes her eyes.
She should really go.
“Hey!” Someone says loudly, and for a second she’s afraid that Beca caught her. But then she turns around and it’s Amy, having just come out of the hotel room she shares with the brunette.
“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be climbing that hot man piece?”
“Chicago?” She asks, as if she didn’t already know, “Uh yeah, in a minute. I was just nervous, you know, that uh, first date typical nervous feeling and everything.”
“Not really.”
“Anyway, I’m gonna go and be somewhere else. I can’t handle Beca’s… whatever this is” Amy gestures vaguely behind her to something in the room, “anymore.”
“Handle what? Beca’s music? Her mood? Her weird pacing thing?”  
Amy shakes her head. “Well, I got used to all that. Just not a big fan of all the crying.”
Chloe frowns, and she can practically feel her heart clenching in her chest. “Beca is crying? Why?”
“Don’t know.”
“You didn’t ask?”
“Well, that was usually your job. I just come in later and rub some of my confidence on her.”
Chloe looks around Amy into the hotel room “Do you think I should check?”
The blonde shrugs. “Your call, ginger. I’ll be back later, I met some guys earlier who want to hang out by the pool.”
Chloe’s barely listening to her anymore, already having made up her mind. “Okay. I’ll uh- have fun.”
She’s just checking in, right? She’s just being a friend. It’s just for a few minutes. She’ll knock on the bathroom door and ask if Beca is okay and then she’ll leave. Chicago won’t mind waiting for a few minutes. She sends him a text anyway, explaining she has an emergency she has to deal with but she’ll let him know when she’s on her way. It’s only fair.
She makes her way over towards the bathroom, and that’s when she hears it.
“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose.
Fire away, fire away-“
It’s been a long time since she’s heard this song. She doesn’t like to listen to it too much, not anymore. It’s gotten to be painful. It’s even worse now that it’s Beca who’s singing it. Especially since she can hear her friend’s soft sobbing in between sentences.
“Ricochet, you take your aim.
Fire away, fire away.”
She lifts her hand to knock on the door, but somehow she can’t get herself to actually do it. She knows how the conversation will go. Beca will convince her that she’s fine, she wasn’t even crying in the first place, and there will be an awkward silence. Beca will then ask her if she needs anything else and Chloe will push for an honest answer one more time before Beca makes some kind of sarcastic mean-ish comment that she doesn’t actually mean and then Chloe will leave. She’ll leave and meet Chicago and then that will be it. She won’t come back.
She makes up her mind then. Chloe wouldn’t be Chloe if she didn’t try at least one more time. Just one more time and she’ll let it go for forever. She just has to follow her heart. Because yes, she likes Chicago, and Chicago likes her. 
But Chloe loves Beca.
She turns the knob around and enters the bathroom as quietly as she can. Luckily, the shower curtain plus Beca’s own singing prevents the brunette from noticing she has company. Chloe quickly strips down until she’s naked. Right as Beca is about to start the second verse, she joins in.
“Cut me down,
But it’s you who has further to fall.”
“Chloe!” Beca yelps, turning around quickly and pushing herself into a corner of a shower. Chloe notices how the brunette’s eyes drop down, lingering longer than they’d done all those years ago. “What the fuck are you doing here? Again?”
“Sing with me.”
Beca shakes her head. “Dude no, I’m not going to sing with you.”
“Please, just one last time.”
“You’re making it sound like we do this daily.” It sounds almost like she wishes they did.
“Don’t you have a date right about now?”
She wants to say he’s waiting for her, because that’s the truth, but she knows that Beca will probably push her even more away if she does. Still though, it’s about time they start being honest with each other. She sticks to what she feels is true. “That depends.”
“On what?”
The redhead shrugs, not really wanting to answer such a heavy question. “Just sing with me, please.”
“Ghost town, haunted love,” She starts, nodding at Beca to signal she should join her. The brunette just stares at her for a second, clearly pondering what to do. Just as Chloe thinks she’s going to push her away, she joins in, but not without a small eye roll.
“Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones.
I’m talking loud, not saying much.”
Their voices blend together perfectly. They always have, and she’s amazed by it daily, but it’s different like this. It’s different when it’s just them without anyone else. And it’s definitely different in the shower, where everything sounds better and Beca is there and she’s naked. Yeah, definitely better.
“Ricochet, you take your aim.
Fire away, fire away.”
Beca’s looking at her, but she’s having a hard time maintaining eye contact herself. The brunette’s arms have dropped down to hang loosely by her side, giving Chloe a chance to see her, really see her. The last time this happened, she didn’t really see much. First of all, even for her, it was a little weird to just stare at someone like that after just meeting them the other day, but also, it was almost impossible with Beca covering herself like she’d done.
But she wasn’t doing that now, and they hadn’t just met the other day. Chloe knew her, loved her, wanted her. Still, though, she forced herself to look away, not wanting to make Beca (even more) uncomfortable or be disrespectful in any way.
“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall.
I am titanium.. I am titanium.”
Silence returned between them, the only sound they could hear was the water falling down on the tiles beneath their feet, as well as their own hearts beating in their chests.
“Chloe,” Beca finally said after a few minutes of staring into each other’s eyes, small smiles on their faces, “what exactly are you doing here?”
She could see something in Beca’s eyes, something that looked similar to what she was sure was in her eyes. Lust, mostly. Maybe love.
“I wanted to sing with you,” Chloe answers, because it’s part of the truth.
“Yeah, you said that. Although, we have just finished a tour around the world with the Bellas. If I remember correctly, all we were doing was singing together.” She says it with a teasing smirk, but Chloe’s not really in the mood to joke around.
Beca’s arms are crossed in front of her chest, and she’s almost ashamed to admit she’s disappointed.
“Why were you crying?”
She can see that it surprises her; Beca opens her mouth and closes it again quickly. Then, she stays silent for a few seconds, avoiding eye contact with Chloe when she finally does answer.
“I wasn’t. Why uh- why would you think that?”
“Amy told me.”
“I’m gonna kill her.”
“Pretty sure she’d beat your ass, we all know what happened on that boat.”
“Do we though? I don’t know how much to believe.”
Beca takes a deep breath, then shivers. Chloe finally realizes she’s been hogging the warm water for a good few minutes now. Beca must be freezing. She reaches out to grab Beca’s arm, and she can see the panic in her eyes.
“Dude, what are you doing?”
“Just- come here, okay? You’re cold.”
Beca stares down at her chest, blushing, and Chloe then realizes that she must have thought she could tell from that.
“No uh- not uh- I wasn’t- you were shivering, Bec.”
“Oh, right.” Beca then lets herself be pulled forward and under the water. She figured that they’d switch places, but to her surprises Chloe stays where she is, the both of them now standing really close under the stream.
“Why were you crying?” She tries again, hoping that Beca will tell her now.
The brunette takes a deep breath, and Chloe knows she’s going to tell her. She must realize by now Chloe’s not going to give up anyway.
“I was just mad, at myself.”
She shrugs. “Just, you know, being an idiot. Not doing what I wanted to do. Saying what I wanted to say. It’s not surprising, you know who I am.”
Chloe does know. “Well, why don’t you do that now?”
Beca smiles sadly. “I think it’s too late.” 
She’s starting to get a feeling what is happening here. It makes her want to push Beca back against the wall and have her way with her, now that she is pretty sure that the brunette wants it too, but she also wants, needs, Beca to tell her. Beca needs that too, she can tell.
“Are you sure?” She asks, putting her finger under Beca’s chin to lift her head and making her look her in the eye.
“Yeah- yes-.. I don’t know… maybe.” She takes a shuddering breath. “I hope not.”
“Well,” Chloe starts, “If you’re not sure then maybe you should tell them, or ask them.”
Beca slowly shakes her head, and the redhead can see the tears forming in her eyes again. “I don’t think I can.”
She shrugs. “Because I’m scared. I don’t want to ruin something else in the process.”
Chloe steps even closer to Beca, and now that their bodies are almost touching, it’s even harder to control herself. She’s breathing hard, and every time she exhales she can tell that her chest it almost touching Beca’s and it’s just.. too much. Especially when Beca takes a deep breath herself and Chloe can now obviously tell (she’s not doing a great job of covering her chest) that she’s affected by it too. Because Beca’s not cold.
“I think you should just go for it.”
“Even if that means I could ruin something amazing?”
Chloe smiles at her. “I don’t think you will, Bec.”
The younger woman just stares at her for a bit, clearly trying to figure out what Chloe is doing here. Then, she notices Beca’s eyes move down towards her chest and it makes her blush a little. Because Beca’s eyes don’t just skim over them, they linger.
Blushing, the other woman looks up at her again, smiling awkwardly. She knows she’s been caught. “Are you uh- are you cold?” She asks, as if that would be a proper excuse for staring at someone’s chest for that long.
“No.” Chloe just responds, a smile forming on her face. “Not at all.”
Beca’s gaze drops down again, her eyes lingering once more, and then she seems to make up her mind. Within a matter of seconds, she’s looking up, staring into Chloe’s blue eyes for a quick second before grabbing her upper arms and slamming the redhead into the shower wall. All the air escapes her lungs as her back comes into contact with the cold tiles, but right now, she doesn’t care. She doesn’t care because Beca’s leaning in and then their lips meet and really, oxygen is overrated anyways.
Chloe pushes back against her, her arms wrapping around Beca’s waist and pulling her closer. Their bodies are now touching completely, and feeling Beca’s chest against hers is almost too much to handle. Because Beca’s excited, she’s a hundred percent sure about that now.
Just as she’s about to deepen the kiss though, Beca pulls back.
“I uh- I really want this.”
“I can tell. Me too.”
“Are you- are you sure?”
“Bec, yes. Please kiss me.”
Chloe leans in, desperate to continue kissing, but the brunette just pulls away even further. “Is this- is this a spur of the moment thing? Because if you walk out of this shower and into Chicago’s arms to go on your date after this, I don’t think I can do it.”
The redhead can feel her heart aching in her chest. Did Beca really think she was just acting on simple lust right now? “Beca, no. That’s not it at all, I promise. I want you, yes, but I’ve been wanting you for 6 years now.”
“Wha- how?”
Chloe smiles. “Just, can we please talk about this later? I promise I’ll explain. I just really want you right now, Beca.” She makes her voice sound a little hoarse when she says the last few words, and she can practically see how her friend’s eyes turn a couple of shades darker.
“Fuck.” Beca whispers, making Chloe chuckle.
“That’s what I’m trying, yeah.”
The brunette slams into her again then, clearly not able to handle Chloe right now. She presses herself against her completely, her hands now starting to trace patterns on Chloe’s side as she deepens the kiss. Their tongues meet and they both moan into the kiss. Chloe can’t believe how good this feels.
The redhead’s own hands shift from Beca’s waist to her lower back before moving even lower so that she can grab Beca’s ass. She uses her grip to press the brunette up and harder against her, making her moan into the kiss once more. Beca’s own hands move up towards her breasts, cupping them in her hands and making her thumb brush against Chloe’s nipple. She gasps and pulls back from the kiss to lean her head against the tiles.
Beca uses the opportunity to start pressing kisses against her neck. She finds Chloe’s pulse point and starts to suck.
“Can I?” Beca asks as she pulls back briefly, sounding desperate.
She wants to say no, because they’re not teenagers, but the brunette sounds like she needs this, needs to claim Chloe as her own, make sure that she won’t run off and do the same with him. Chloe’s hers.
“Yes. Please, Beca.” She responds, making Beca groan before she starts sucking and biting again and making Chloe’s skin turn purple and blue and red.
She loves it.
The brunette starts moving down then, her mouth pressing kisses on her collarbone and between her breast until they reach one of her nipples. She twirls her tongue around it for a few seconds until she starts biting it softly, making Chloe arch her back and push her chest forward. Her own hands tangle into Beca’s hair, keeping her where she is.
“God. You feel so amazing.” Beca mumbles against her skin, leaving another mark on Chloe’s breast. “I can’t believe this is happening.”
“Me too. Now, come up and kiss me.” Chloe responds, then pulling lightly on Beca’s hair to get her to stand up again. She does, and as soon as they’re face to face Beca starts kissing her again. She loves it, but she needs more too. She’s been waiting for this moment for 6 years, and she can’t wait a second longer. Chloe reaches out for one of Beca’s hands, giving it a gentle squeeze before starting to guide it down between her legs.
“Are you sure?” Beca asks, pulling away to look into her eyes for a quick second.
“I’ve never been more sure about anything.”
Beca smiles and starts to lean in again. Just as she is about to connect their lips, she pulls back a little to smirk at Chloe. “Want me to sing titanium again? I’ve heard that song really builds.”
Chloe chuckles. “Shut up Beca.”
The brunette just laughs and then finally starts kissing her again. Meanwhile, her hand has found its way between Chloe’s legs and she gasps into the other woman’s mouth when she feels how wet Chloe is.
“Oh my god, Chlo.”
“Please, Bec. I need you.” Chloe says, wanting Beca to do more. The way she’s just stroking her softly like this is not enough.
Beca nods, and starts rubbing Chloe’s clit. She can’t believe that Chloe got this wet because of her. She can feel her own clit throbbing painfully, begging for attention. She rubs her thighs together, hoping it will help ease some of the discomfort.
“Need some help with that?” Chloe asks, having noticed what’s going on.
“No. You first.” Beca says, pushing Chloe’s hand away and giving it a quick kiss before she presses it against the wall above Chloe’s head, holding it there.
She presses a finger against Chloe’s entrance, not quite putting it in yet, just teasing her. Chloe, however, is not having any of it. She pushes down and practically impales herself on Beca’s finger, causing the brunette to moan loudly as she can now feel Chloe clenching around her. She feels amazing.
“Holy shit.” She says, curling her finger inside of her before pulling it out and then slamming it back in again. Still, she needs more. She needs to know what Chloe tastes like.
Beca starts lowering herself onto the floor, pressing kisses down the redhead’s abs and hip while she does so. Once she’s all the way down she looks up at Chloe, stopping the movement of her finger for a second. “Can I?” She asks, knowing the older woman will understand.
Immediately, she leans forward and wraps her lips around her friend’s clit while she continues fucking her. Chloe tastes so good. She can’t get enough. Which is exactly why she pulls back when she can feel Chloe starting to clench around her.
“Beca. Please,” Chloe says when the brunette suddenly stops everything, “Don’t stop. I was so close.”
“I know, that’s why I stopped.” Beca says with a smile. “I’m having so much fun, I don’t want you to come yet.”
Chloe smiles too. “Babe, please. I promise you, there will be so much more of this tonight. You can have me as many times as you want, all over this hotel room, if that’s what you like. But right now, I just need you to make me come. I love you, Becs. Please make me come.”
Hearing Chloe’s confession is almost too much for her to handle. Immediately, Beca pushes forward again and starts sucking on Chloe’s clit. Within seconds, the redhead starts clenching around her finger again, and this time, she doesn’t stop.  
“Beca. Bec. I’m gonna- I’m gonna come.”
And she does. Chloe clenches hard around Beca’s finger before going completely stiff. She arches her back off the wall and the brunette has to quickly move up her body to steady the other woman to make sure she doesn’t fall forward. Meanwhile, she keeps slowly pumping her finger to let the other woman ride out her orgasm.
“Oh my god.” Chloe says after about a minute and a half. “I’ve never come that hard in my entire life.”
Beca laughs, then slowly removes her finger from Chloe before pressing a soft kiss to her lips. “Wanna do it again?”
“Yes.” She responds, laughing too. “But you first.”
Chloe quickly turns off the shower and dries off both of their bodies. “I want you on the bed.” She says to Beca as they exit the bedroom, still naked. Chloe, however, starts looking for her shirt and pants, which confuses Beca. “Don’t touch yourself until I come back.” She then says, before walking over towards the door.
“Where are you going?” Beca asks, worried that something is wrong.
“I need to talk to someone, and then I need to tell Amy to share a room with Aubrey tonight.”
“Chicago?” The brunette asks.
Chloe nods. “Yeah. I still owe him an explanation.”
She likes that about Chloe. She is such a genuinely nice person. Beca’s pretty sure that if she had been in that position she wouldn’t have cared, at least not right now.
“What are you going to tell him?”
She blushes a little. “The truth. I’m going to tell him that I can’t go out with him, because my heart already belongs to someone else.”
Now it’s Beca’s time to blush. “I love you, Chlo.”
“I love you too.”
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jacketbones · 12 months ago
Hey if you're still doing hc's, I have an interesting and funny request x3 How would classic sans and swap sans react after y/n gets their wisdom teeth removed? I'm curious, because my cousin got hers removed and was sooo loopy xD
God this is such a good ask, thank you Op.
Undertale Sans:
He’s really just the least helpful person ever
When he finds out you need to get some teeth removed, he can’t pass up the opportunity to crack jokes. Sure he’ll schedule the appointment for you, but you best believe it’s a tooth-hurty. 
He knows about the effects of anesthesia on humans, so you can tell he’s just a little bit excited. He will deny it.
“don’t worry about it, i just wanna come along to make sure you’re safe.”
“You’re bringing the camera.” 
“the camera also wants to see you safe.”
But his presence in the waiting room is calming. Slumped over on the chair next to you, listening to the infomercials on the Tv, just quietly enjoying being outside with your company. It gets rid of any jitters you may have.
He wishes you luck on the whole ordeal, and waits until the doctor calls him back to see you.
Needless to say, it’s as good as he had hoped. 
Seeing you mumble your words, talking about the sheep in your mouth and how much you want to shove your hand in his eye-socket is really the funniest shit he could have asked for. 
He records it all, teasing you and saying he’s gonna use it for blackmail. But it’s mostly for the memories. And your weird, puffed up flesh face. 
Don’t worry, he’s definitely keeping the teeth. It’s an urge he cannot resist.
He’ll call a cab home, not wanting to freak you out by teleporting while you were like this. In the backseat, letting you poke in awe at his hood, he might comment on how nice it is, that even like this you still like to be around him. But he wasn’t recording that, so it’s probably just a false memory on your part.
Underswap Sans:
Wow okay, so humans can just grow so many bones they need to be taken out by a professional? That certainly wont haunt him, don’t worry.
He’s um. A little freaked out. He’s mostly worried about you. No matter what way you describe it, new unwanted teeth piercing through your mouth-flesh makes him feel squeamish.
He learns online that someone would have to escort you home in your drugged out state. Human, prepare yourself. Because the magnificent sans is not only totally afraid of mouths now, but he is also a GENTLEMAN. 
In the waiting room, from an outsiders perspective anyway, it looks like you’re some poor human hugging and comforting your adopted monster child. He is clinging to you, nervously chattering about how easy this will be for you, and that he will always protect you from any corrupt dentists that may be lurking about. 
“You seem more scared than me!”
The waiting by himself is a little easier. He doesn’t hear any screams, so he’ll just imagine it’s all going fine. He already gave a whole speech about how safe you were going to be before you followed the dentist, but maybe he could have said more.
When he comes in it’s immediately loud. You’re shouting your love at him, he’s shouting how proud he is of you, the nurses and doctors are telling you both to please leave. 
He’s crying and hugging your face, ranting about how great you did and how you still totally look hot even with your mouth full of cotton, and you’re hugging him back and laughing happily which makes him cry even more and- 
It’s an emotional moment for you two. But he’s never felt more proud that you survived the ordeal, it’s even enough to make him forget his anxieties.
Sorry, no souvenir bones for you. Beside your skeleton boyfriends anyway.
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still-an-innocentt · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The craziest most magical story of my life!!!! (this is a long one so buckle up)
So last Wednesday I was in the car on my home from target with my friend Hanna and all of the sudden I look at my phone and see a DM notification from taylornation!!! I gasped so loudly that I nearly scared my friend off the road (sorry Hanna) and I’m pretty sure my heart stopped beating. I opened it and screamed some more when I saw confidential message I literally didn’t know what to do with myself so I started crying them tried to call Emily but she didn’t answer lol. I reply back with all of my information and then basically spent the next two hours staring at my phone until they called me. I literally rocketed myself out of my room screaming and my dad recorded the phone call and while it’s not something I’ll share I’m really glad I have that memory to look back on. The lady I talked to was the sweetest human!!!! She told me she heard I would be at the Reputation tour on Saturday and asked for all of my information and my sisters (she asked for her email and totally blanked I could NOT remember it was so embarrassing asdlhflj) then she said she would dm me later to confirm and that I would need to pick up my instructions from will call between 4-5pm on Saturday!! I told the Emily’s because I really could not just keep this to myself and spent the rest of the night packing, listening to Reputation on repeat, and freaking out with them!
Thursday afternoon I got another DM on my way to the airport that we were confirmed for Saturday and I freaked out all over again!!! At this point I still had two days until I met Taylor, which I’m super thankful for because I had time to figure out exactly what I wanted to tell her and also write her a letter! I also got to put in these stickers of Meredith and Olivia into the letter that I had been holding on to since the 1989 tour so that was really nice :)
Flash forward to Saturday and I am in full PANIC mode!!!!! I couldn’t think or eat I was so nervous and basically just spent the day getting ready and freaking out asdhfj. We thought the traffic was going to be bad so we left super early and ended up getting to the venue an hour and a half before we could even get our tickets so we went to the getaway shop and took some pictured then just walked around. At 4 we walked over to will call and they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and I got a little nervous but it was still early so I wasn’t too worried. I ended up finding the other girls who were going to the pre show M&G (there were six of us total) and we kind of all freaked out together until our passes finally showed up at 4:45. We basically flew over to the stadium and freaked out a little because the lines were so long but everything worked out and we ended up making it on time!!
We waited on the floor for awhile taking pictures and just talking and we saw Scott get id’d which I found so funny because like he’s SCOTT SWIFT asldfljsd. Then someone came over and took our names and gave us wristbands and moved us to the side behind the gate to line up again. While we were waiting we met Paul and he signed our paper for us and took pictures and we congratulated him on his baby, he was so nice!!! Then someone from TN came over and told us all the rules and led us to the Rep Room!!!!
Ok THIS ROOM!!! ohmygosh so we walked inside and I literally squealed a little as we walked past the black LWYMMD outfit!! I’m sure you’ve all seen pictures of the room but it’s black and stunning with snakes and gold accents and such good decor and and the POSTERS oh my goodness!!!! I took pictures with the rainbow dress and the delicate dress and on the throne and they had polaroid cameras for us to use so we took full advantage of those!!! They had a lot of food and drinks, but I was so nervous I didn’t touch anything my sister had the champagne though because I told her she could NOT pass up on that opportunity! We mingled around for awhile and talked to our new friends and then they told us to line up single file and we look over and the curtain is cracked and we can see TAYLOR and my heart started beating SO FAST aksdjfjals I did not know what to do with myself. So we get in line and my sister and I are second to last and I’m literally just pacing around because I’m so nervous but every time someone goes in to meet her the curtain opens and we can see her and I shriek a little and then I realized she was wearing gold and I yelled “SHE’S WEARING GOLD” and I think Taylor may have heard me because she laughed to herself a little and I died.
SO NOW IT’S OUR TURN!!!!!! We walked into the room and she was so pretty like beautiful and tall and perfect and wearing a GOLD gown and I just stood there for a moment shocked and she went “hey guyssssss!!!!! I’m so glad you’re here!!!!!” And then wrapped me into the biggest hug, which I am pretty sure revived my soul. Then she went to go hug my sister and I was like thank you for wanting to meet me!!! And I started telling her everything (most of which I will keep private because it’s super special to me) but I started with you’ve been my role model since I was nine years old and she went “oh wow you’ve been here since the beginning” which made my heart melt and we kept talking and I thanked her for being so kind and compassionate and for showing me who I am and for who I want to be because I am who I am partially because she is who she is and she was listening to me with the kindest eyes and the sweetest little smile on her face nodding you could tell she genuinely cared and then she went “aww thank you for saying that!” and put her hands up to her heart I DIED RIGHT THEN. And then she BROUGHT UP THE VIDEO and goes you’re so adorable that video was the cutest shriekiest happiness I have ever seen!!!! And then (this is where I really died) she goes “soooo I was thinking that since you like all too well so much I might play it again tonight?? you all keep asking for it. Would that be cool? Or weird since I’ve already played it??” And she did the cutest little face and gestures when she said it and I was like asdhflkjsdf yes!!!! Or I mean if you ever want to play Change too I would not be opposed! And she laughed then my sister said yes please play it so I can watch her die and fast forward Taylor Swift played All Too Well to a sold out crowd because she knew I loved it. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. Ok so then Tania was like our mom says to tell you she thinks you’re an amazing role model!! And she was like aww thank you that means a lot I love your mom! And I was like yeah she couldn’t be here but we all went to the Fearless tour together and we got your first album when it came out we love you!!! and she was like oh wow you’re OG diehards and I laughed and went yep haha and she said wow this was such a long time coming then I’m so happy you’re here thank you!!!! And Tania goes yeah since the walkman days and I chimed in and went yep I used to carry your first CD around in a blue walkman and she laughed and then I thanked her for giving me the most amazing friends and I talked about the Emily’s and told her how one time she tried to follow @emswift and she stopped me and went “oh yeahhhhh I remember tumblr was weird for awhile and wouldn’t let me follow anyone” while making this little funny like annoyed face and I went yes! and it would mean so much to both of us if you could follow her and then I told her her user and she said she could definitely do that and would try again while shaking her head then I told her that Em ( @in-her-wildest-dreams ) says hi and she smiled and did this cute little laugh! At some point during this someone from TN had walked in and asked to take our pic but taylor ignored them and kept letting me talk (have I mentioned I love her so much) but they came back in and asked again and I went “I call head tilt side” and moved to taylor’s right and taylor laughed and went “you’re so funny AWW!” then she put her head on mine and they took the picture SO FAST I was not ready I genuinely thought I would not be looking at the camera when the picture came out, but it turned out fine! Then she hugged me again (she does give the most amazing hugs guys they put you back together again) and said see you later and I went see you online!! and she goes oh yeah! online!!! And I told her I loved her and she said she loved me too and gave me one more hug and then it was over.
As soon as we stepped out of the room all the emotion I had been keeping inside came out and I started to full on cry and then we ran into Andrea and I was still crying, but we talked to her for awhile and she was an absolute angel. I thanked her for letting taylor share her life with us because I know it can’t be easy and for raising taylor the way she did because I told taylor I am who I am because she is who she is and I know taylor is who she is because she (Andrea) is the way she is. And then she told me I was the sweetest and gave me the biggest hug then my sister told her my mom thinks her daughter is the most incredible role model and and she said well thank you so much she’s raising her daughters right so I think she’s amazing too. And then she gave me a hug and let us take a picture even though pictures aren’t allowed backstage an angel I tell you!!! Then we ran into Scott and he gave us picks and talked to us about where we are from and the rest of the tour and how excited he is!! We also thanked him for raising taylor the way he did and he said “thank Andrea, she did an amazing job with her!” which was so sweet!! Then we went back to get our stuff and I saw Taylor’s mom again and she gave me another hug and I asked if she could give my card to taylor so I gave it to her and I hope it made its way back to Taylor! Then we took our stuff and that was it. So that’s the story of how I met the most incredible woman and my role model of 11 years.
Taylor, thank you so much for wanting to get to know me, for accepting me as I am, and of never leaving my side. You’ve been my inspiration, my greatest role model, and my best friend for the past eleven years and I am so incredibly grateful that I finally got to thank you for that in person. Keep on being the shining light you are in this world, we all love you so much for it. I told you a lot when we met, but the one thing I forgot was that I stay. always. since I was nine and until the day I die. I love you so much Taylor, thank you for absolutely everything.
love you always, Tamar
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unnecessary-database · 2 years ago
back at it with the movie au
Before we get started, for chronology, these are the big fat posts in chronological order: the movie au i couldn’t quite help, the movie au strikes again, oh look more movie au, it’s the freaking movie au again, and now this, back at it. 
Yeah, I’m not sorry. No one’s contractually obligating you to read this.
"Don't think I don't remember the hickey incident, you two," Sam muttered, pointing two accusatory fingers at them from across the room, and Kara and Lena both blushed.
 "I think going around with hickeys for over a week and everyone knowing exactly where they came from was enough punishment without bringing it up again, don't you?" Lena said lightly, and Kara nodded vigorously. "Shut up Kara," Lena added, shoving at her shoulder. "The ones you left on me were way worse and you know it."
Kara's laughter burst out of her, and Lena and Sam both bit back smiles at her. "It's not my fault, you started it," Kara said, and Lena rolled her eyes. "You know who I grew up with, and you thought you could win any kind of fight with me? Besides, if you'd get out in the sun every once in a while maybe they wouldn't be so obvious."
"You're talking about a hickey fight? You're incorrigible."
"Ooh, big word," Kara teased, still giggling. "Did you learn that one from Percy Jackson?"
"Funny, I seem to recall you also stating it was a literary masterpiece, and, funnily enough, that was before you split your head open."
Kara was still giggling, completely incapable of stopping it now. "I told you I was fine," she gasped. 
"Was this before or after you cussed out the world like it was the 2016 election all over again?" Kara was completely incapable of responding, bent over now, and Lena sighed dramatically as she let Kara slump into her. "This is a pathetic showing for someone who claims to win every fight." Kara just kept wheezing and Lena adjusted her posture without real thought to let Kara lean into her more fully, wrapping an arm easily around Kara’s shoulders and pushing a stray strand of hair.
"Nice, guys, looks great," came Sam's voice from across the room. Kara giggled once more before managing to sober herself up and sit up straighter, determinedly not glancing at the cameras that surrounded them on the couch in case Sam did that thing again where she used footage from after she called cut. Lena shoved at her shoulder and Kara leaned back into the couch, pretending to be wounded, still chuckling. 
"Actually yeah," came Sam's voice again. "Lena, go after her. You know." Lena turned on her smoky-eye-drive-you-crazy charm all at once, the kind Kara still thought should be patented or trademarked or whatever it was, and leaned over Kara, suspending herself for a long moment with one hand planted on the side of the couch and the other by Kara's shoulder. Kara felt her eyes flicker involuntarily down Lena's body as she stretched her arms above her head deliberately, and Lena smiled that dangerous smile. 
She moved towards Kara infuriatingly slowly, and Kara felt her smile slip away as Lena pressed against her, Kara's hands moving to wrap Lena up, one arm around her waist and the other hooking around the back Lena's neck gracelessly to drag her closer. Lena, for all her swagger, still kissed her gently as ever, their first kiss in something close to three and a half years delivering an electric shock through Kara's system that made it feel like she was waking up. Kara gasped into the kiss, and Lena pulled away just a little, and Kara could feel her breaking character, she was going to ask Kara what was wrong because she cared more about Kara than about the take, but Kara didn't want that. She chased Lena, moving up and kissing her again, relaxing as Lena leaned back into her without a question, her fingers steady in Kara's hair, holding her gently.
 "Nice, that was good." Sam's voice cut across Kara's bliss again. Kara reluctantly released Lena, still blinking dazedly as she unwound her arms and Lena pushed up off Kara slowly. "I really liked that. I want a few different angles, let's take it again from where you shove Kara down, sound good?" Kara and Lena both voiced their assent and sat up. They filmed a few more takes. It got a little bit easier with each one. Just a little. Four more times of Lena hovering over Kara with that dangerous smile and Kara felt a buzz like alcohol seep into her brain by the time they were done, but she didn't feel blinded by it. She felt loose. Powerful and energetic and coiled and ready to jump a fence and run a hundred yards. Ready to film a hundred more scenes where she could wrap Lena up and kiss her with abandon and chuckle off compliments on her acting. 
"Excellent work," Sam said, smiling at both of them, pleased. "You still got it. Excellent, really. I'm really pleased with what we have. Thanks for coming in for the screen test and being so flexible with no lines and stuff. I would have prepped you a little more but I trusted your natural chemistry, and I was right."
Lena smiled, looking a little breathless, and Kara ran a hand through her hair, grinning widely at Sam, who seemed like she was onto her, but whatever. "No worries Sam. We're thrilled to be working on this project again. I missed these characters."
Sam appeared to bite back a comment, but just smiled. "Me too. Now go home, enjoy the weekend, we'll call you in a couple days, yeah? Good seeing you two, and thanks again." They were dismissed. 
Kara smiled, just as pleased as Sam. She sprang off the couch and stretched her hands to the sky, grinning widely at Lena. Kara reached a hand towards Lena, who took it, still looking a little dazed, and pulled her up easily. "Burgers?" Kara said. "I kinda know a place."Lena turned her head and focused slowly on Kara. 
"Did, um, did that feel a little different to you?"Kara was a little too blissed out at getting to make out with Lena like five times in a row to notice the waver in Lena's tone.
"You mean the tongue you slipped me the last two times?" she teased. "To be honest, it did a little bit. Did you finally remove the spacer from your piercing?"
Lena hesitated, biting her lip, and Kara had a totally logical reason to follow the movement and think nothing of it, quirking an eyebrow patiently. "I might have," Lena said slowly, and Kara grinned.
 "I knew it. You could put it back in if you wanted, don't feel like you have to take it out for me. It wasn't uncomfortable or awkward or anything." Kara was stepping from side to side a little bit, dancing in place like she did when she had too much energy. "It switched things up, it was actually pretty fun." Lena looked at her with something like concern, and Kara paused in her dance to meet Lena's eyes before moving her shoulders around instead. "You don't have to put it back in if you don't want to," Kara said easily. "Obviously. Totally your choice, of course." 
Lena was still staring at Kara like she was crazy, but this wasn't really new. Kara shrugged happily. "Bye, guys," Kara said, waving to the small crew assembled, who all returned her goodbye. "Bye, Sam! Come on, Lena, food." Lena let herself be tugged away. 
Filming with Kara in the winter was the absolute worst, Lena decided. And by worst, she meant best and worst. 
Filming with Kara in the winter meant Kara in absurdly elegant coats and things that Lena's pretty sure were pulled from Sam's personal wardrobe during the day. Kara a heart-stopping, head-turning kind of presence in the room that turned into a dancing lunatic every time the cameras were turned off. Sam had plenty of videos of Kara doing ridiculously dorky dance moves in expensive, boldly colored but very elegant clothing. 
Filming with Kara in the winter meant Kara in the night scenes that were more casual, Kara in slouchy beanies and tight jeans and these boot/sneaker hybrids that were very gay and Lena want to throttle the costume department for putting a human through this. It meant the indoor scenes were Kara in all forms of lazy pajamas that she totally pulled off, and Sam knew exactly what she was doing when she gave the direction for Kara's outfits. There was always some kind of soft on one half and skin showing on the other combo that Kara seemed to not only feel comfortable in but she looked absurdly good in, always showing off a long line of muscle on her arms or legs that made Lena want to go back to the outdoor scenes. (Lena had to admit though, one time she thought of filming with Kara in summer and immediately decided to be grateful for winter instead) At least, though, her character was expected to drool over Kara's. 
Kara's character, who had a magnetic sort of presence that tended to melt to mush when Lena's character approached. Lena never got tired of watching Kara's eyes go from flinty steel to stupidly soft when she turned to see her in the middle of a take, a soft smile gracing her lips as she held an arm out automatically and Lena slid into her side gently. 
Kara, in short, was not only looking better than she ever had at just past thirty years old, but had the professionalism of Sam and the energy and bounce of Ruby. Kara was the fucking dream. Lena had never felt more like she was stumbling over her feet in her whole life.
On the bright side, Kara was on top of her game, and when Kara was on top of her game, she tended to haul everyone else upwards with her. Kara pulled Lena's performances up from rock bottom into something passable. Watching the scenes later helped Lena realize her lovesick look was obvious, yes, but it played well on screen. 
Lena stopped worrying so much and let herself fall into Kara's contagious vibe after a couple stressful weeks of filming. Kara only got happier when Lena joined her in her stupid dances in between takes.
So Lena dropped her guard, let herself fall into character, let Kara take her hand and swing her around whenever she wanted, still looking stupidly classy despite her dopey smile. Lena fell headlong into Kara and resolved to enjoy it while she could. She'd deal with it sooner or later. For now, she flirted as obviously as she felt like and let Kara’s loud laugh wash over her in response, soaked up as much time with Kara as she possibly could, and let Kara talk her into anything and everything and kissed her on screen with abandon.
Alex was worried by the time she came to visit halfway through the five month film schedule. She drove up north the four hours to their film location to surprise Kara for a weekend visit and walked in on them filming the last scene of the day in a spacious lobby filled with smartly-dressed extras, and suspicious activity was abound. 
Kara was holding one of Lena's hands, legs at shoulder's width as she demonstrated. "See, I move my left arm, then my right, like I'm only moving one part at a time, and when the movement reaches you through our hands--you move." Kara moved as she spoke, and Lena moved obligingly as the motion reached her hand, a little more clumsily than the Broadway star, which was definitely forgivable.  What was not forgivable was the easy way she adjusted her grip on Kara's hands, the easy smile on her face as she laughed and looked back at Kara for confirmation. 
Something had changed in the way she looked at Kara. Alex couldn't describe it. Not with words. But she was a federal agent and a successfully married lesbian besides, and her wife was a cop. Her little sister was a bi disaster who everyone fell in love with and she was well-practiced in protecting. Alex watched silently as they tried the move again, Lena moving with more fluidity this time, Kara's movement still more graceful despite her elegant coat that was a little on the bulky side around her shoulders when she lifted her arms. 
Sam stepped up beside her. "It's been like this for a while," Sam said quietly. 
Alex sighed heavily. "I figured."
"It hasn't been too painful, actually," Sam said, sounding surprised at her own words. "The screen test, like, wow. I could see Kara floating off to cloud nine at finally getting to kiss Lena again, but Lena looked like her world had tipped over. Kara was too blissed out to notice."
"Please maybe don't ever use that word to describe my sister ever again, thanks," Alex said, wincing, and Sam chuckled.
"It was like, the exact opposite after their first chemistry audition. Kara looked like she'd never eat again, Lena was bouncing off the walls. Except then, Lena was obviously totally unaware and stoked on a good audition. Kara obviously knew and that was the first time they had kissed. Now Lena's caught up and it's like they're both very aware they're in love but thinks the other is just psyched to be back on the movie and will never love them back like that." Sam paused. "It's kind of painful for me and everyone that's not them, actually. They seem to be doing fine with it."
Together, Alex and Sam looked over at Lena and Kara, who were practicing the dance move again and both struggling to hold in giggles at the same time, neither doing a very good job. "Are you going to say something?" Sam asked. "Interfere with your sister's love life?"
"I'm a federal agent. I'm a big proponent of interfering." 
Sam laughed. "It's good to have you around, Alex." Alex smiled reluctantly, and they hugged before Sam slipped away to call out the final couple takes' instructions.
Alex watched from behind the cameras as her sister slipped into character, smiling despite her irritation. Watching how far Kara had come was still something that made her proud after all these years. Kara had an irritated and sharp conversation with a man with a little too much gel in his hair, her eyes cold and a little dangerous. Kara ended the conversation and turned to see Lena entering with her usual graceful and slightly disaffected air. Kara's irritation drained away at the sight of her, tension bleeding away and a smile rising on her face as Lena moved towards her. Lena pressed into her side gently and kissed her cheek, taking her arm and leading her away as they had another, much calmer conversation. Sam had them run it twice more before she was satisfied.
"Nice work, everyone. Let's break. We'll see you all Monday." There was a general murmuring as everyone began to break, and Sam added into her small megaphone, (looking entirely too pleased she got to use a megaphone) "Hey, uh, superstar, you have a delivery."
Kara frowned at Sam in confusion, trotting over obediently anyway, and Alex noted wryly the way she let go of Lena in stages, letting their arms slip out of their linked position but holding her hand, then letting that go but her fingers still drifting towards where Lena trailed behind her. Kara was halfway there when she caught sight of Alex and shrieked in delight the same way she had since she was seventeen years old and Alex had surprised her by driving all night in the middle of the semester to see Kara's performance in the high school theater program. Kara rocketed towards Alex, thankfully dodging all the expensive equipment and throwing herself into her sister's arms. Alex staggered back as she caught Kara, grinning like mad despite her exhaustion and irritation. Kara pulled back just enough to beam at Alex. "You didn't tell me you were coming up!"
"That's why it's called a surprise," Alex told her, and Kara rolled her whole head along with her eyes. 
"Whatever, nerd," she said. "Thanks for coming."
"Anytime," Alex said, squeezing tighter. "I love you, kiddo."
Kara released her, still smiling that megawatt smile. "I love you too." Kara turned like she knew the exact moment Lena would approach, turning that same megawatt smile on Lena, whose own smile widened in response. 
"Hey Alex," Lena said, smiling a little shyly. 
Interesting. "Hey Lena," Alex said, pulling her into a hug. Over Lena's shoulder, Kara beamed.
Oh, they were going to have a talk. 
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kaizokunoheadcanons · 2 years ago
How would the Straw Hat men be with babies/really young kids? For example, Luffy and smol beebs don’t mix but he is really good with toddlers.
Ahah good question! I love babies |°з°|
- Every kid fucking loves him and nobody knows why but it may be because he is a child himself lmao
- He is very good to play with them and keeps them entertained during the day, maybe a little too much tbh
- You know that moment when your kid/sister/brother needs to go to bed, but they are way TOO EXCITED to sleep ? Well this is what happens every time with Luffy
- He can’t keep kids calm for a minute and as soon as he starts playing with them, everything is finished
- However, except for the fact that he can play with kids, he is not good at anything else lmao (don’t ask him to change the dirty diaper)
- We know that this precious and beautiful man is a god with kids, we just know it deep inside
- He is very good at taking care of them and he can do excellent dishes to make them eat vegetables
- But in reality, and despite the fact that he loves children, Sanji has no patience with them
- For example, he can’t stand baby's cries, like not at all, it just frustrates him and makes him want to punch someone lol
- But if the child is nice and doesn’t cry too much, he is very happy to take care of him
- He is so freaking good with children, especially babies, and very young kids, he just knows so well how to act and what to do
- Also, he is the master of telling stories because he knows a lot obviously but children are captivated by his stories
- He isn’t afraid of having to do the dirty task like changing the diaper or anything like that, he is a warrior after all
- The moment he likes the most when he is with kids is when they are all tired and sleepy and he tells them a story and they fall asleep
- He just loves it because Usopp thinks it’s extremely cute and innocent, he misses the time when his mother was doing it to him
- Zoro is very good with kids as we all know from this fabulous episode in the anime (if you know what I mean)
- Of course, he always seems grumpy and reluctant when he is asked to take care of babies
- But inside, he quite enjoys it, it makes him feel like he is a real adult (and not some kind of young man or whatever)
- He doesn’t seem like it but he enjoys playing with the kids and he LOVES showing them his skills
-  I can picture him, having the babies or the little child in his arms and falling asleep with them, so cute
- He is suuuuper bad with kids, not that he doesn’t like them but they seem not to like him that much
- I think that Franky have more success with older kids because they are old enough not to be impressed in a bad way by his appearance
- He tries to look cool and all but kids really don’t want to be near him, which make him quite sad
- Well, there is always that one child who isn’t afraid of anything and who likes him
- Plus, Franky doesn’t like having to change diapers or clean the babies and all, so let’s say no one give him their kids
- Hm… Children tend to be afraid of him because of his appearance but he is quite good with them
- However, he still successes in scaring kids with dumb jokes and he feels bad the moment they start crying
- 100% sure he sings them lullabies to help them get better or just to help them fall asleep
- He is like that weird uncle everyone have, you know, the one who is funny, caring and dumb at the same time
- He isn’t afraid of changing the diaper of the younger ones, it’s not that bad after all, plus he doesn’t have a nose so he can’t smell anything lol
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auroraphilealis · 3 years ago
Too Tense to Be Undone (2/5)
Too Tense to Be Undone (2/4) | Dan’s never had an orgasm before. Despite being in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend for three years, he’s just never been able to finish. The doctor’s don’t know what’s wrong with him, so Dan’s mostly put it out of his mind. Until his gap year, when he starts talking with AmazingPhil, and accidentally admits that he’s never come before. Phil’s happy to help with more than just convincing Dan to post YouTube videos, if Dan will just give him the chance. | Phan | Explicit | Slight Friends with Benefits, Pining, Eventual Smut, Very Explicit Smut, Dirty Talk, Flirting, Getting Together, 2009, Skype | 5,732 Words This Chapter
Intense thank you to @imnotinclindedtomaturity again because she’s amazing and makes me a better writer I love her. Also thanks to everyone who commented and sent me nice asks! I’m so excited about this fic it’s all I’ve been thinking about for days. Finals whom? Anyway, I’m building you up to some… more fun coming soon. I’ll see Thursday ;)
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“Phil, did you see?” Dan asked the moment that Phil had answered his skype call. “I’ve actually got like, subscribers. Already!” Dan crowed. He was just so freaking excited. When he’d posted his first video that morning, he hadn’t actually thought that anyone would start following him right away, but he already had a dozen or so email notifications of new people following his youtube channel. Some of them said two or three people had subscribed, while others said 10.
He still couldn’t quite believe it. He’d been waiting all day for Phil to get back from filming with Charlie and Stephen so he could celebrate with him.
“Yeah, I did,” Phil replied, chuckling. “I sort of re-tweeted you, remember?”
Dan rolled his eyes, but he didn't let Phil’s teasing get him down. He could feel himself practically bouncing on the bed in his excitement to share the news. “I can’t believe they actually want to see me make videos. I’ve already got like, a dozen comments, too! Did you see?”
Phil was staring at a blue mug he was awkwardly holding, with his fingers practically backwards on the handle. His gaze was weirdly perturbed, before he took a sip, and offered Dan a sort of chuckle. The fact that Phil was paying his mug of coffee so much attention was really annoying Dan. He knew he could be clingy, but a cup of coffee, over Dan talking - especially about YouTube, which Phil had pushed him into in the first place?
“Phil!” Dan whined, as he was want to do. “Pay attention to me. I’m really excited! It’s not my fault you’re used to having 20 thousand subscribers already. Let me get excited about my 53!”
Rolling his eyes, Phil finally turned his full attention onto Dan. Those blue eyes were so much more intense these days than Dan was used to.
Ever since their conversation about Dan being unable to orgasm, Phil had looked far more ardent than he used to, blue eyes fiery with a feeling Dan couldn’t quite place. It was almost as if Phil was hyper-aware of Dan all the time, now, and sometimes he looked like he wanted to reach through the screen and fuck him. Hard.
Just the thought made Dan shiver with want.
“I told you they were going to like you, Dan,” Phil teased. “I don’t know why you’re so surprised. You're funny, and cute.”
Again with the flirting. Dan wasn’t sure how much more of it he could take. It was bad enough he’d only recently booked his train ticket to Manchester Piccadilly, much to the complaint of his parents, particularly his father. But now, he still had to wait another eight days to actually meet Phil in person. And plus there was the fact that he was only going to get three days with the guy. Did Phil have to make every skype call difficult too?
Shrugging Phil’s words away, Dan shook his head. “Whatever. Which video do you think I should upload next? Butterfingers, or Procrastination?”
“Butterfingers, definitely. I think more people can relate,” Phil suggested quickly. His eyes were twinkling. “Besides, you get practically naked in Butterfingers.”
Dan could feel his blood freeze. He remembered exactly what Phil was talking about. He’d filmed a scene of himself waking up in the morning to check how his channel was doing, and he’d bit his lip with his eyes half closed in the perfect shot. Even he’d thought he’d looked pretty provocative, but for Phil to bring it up was. Something else.
“Oh my god, Phil, shut up!” Dan complained. “Quit thinking with your dick, I’m serious. I want people to like me! And my content!”
His cheeks were bright red, he was sure, but he couldn’t help it. Phil was just such a fucking flirt, and everything he said had so much more meaning now, considering their plans for when Dan came to visit him. They hadn’t spoken about it much since Dan had texted Phil that he’d bought a train ticket, and Phil had called him on skype to celebrate.
There had been some blushing from Dan, a question from Phil if Dan was still up for it, and that had been it.
Phil had intensified the flirting, though. Before, he usually stopped on the cusp of making it real, but recently, he’d been pushing the limits as much as he could get away with, making it very clear what he was interested in.
It made Dan feel wanted.
It wasn’t as if he’d never felt that way before, but the way that Phil looked at him, the way that Phil spoke to him, made Dan feel like he was only person in the entire world that Phil desired.
Unaware, or simply ignoring, Dan’s embarrassment, Phil pressed on. “I know, but seriously, Dan. How do you do that with your face? You’re fucking hot. I’ve watched that part of the videos you uploaded far too many times to count,” Phil added.
Dan didn’t know what to say to that. He knew, he knew Phil had seen his unedited footage more than once, because he’d been forced to upload privately to youtube just to share it with Phil, and the view count was… well, uhm. Not 1, to put it lightly. It was just that, well, he hadn’t expected Phil to bring it up. Seriously, what had Phil done, jerked off to the clips?
Dan felt heat rush to his cheeks, making his blush even darker, and he tried not to think too hard about that possibility.
Phil seemed to decide he’d pushed Dan far enough, then, because he relented, putting his mug down and waving his hand at Dan a little. The stupid little smirk he always had these days fell away to reveal a more sympathetic expression as Phil peered at Dan.
“You’re such a dork, Dan,” Phil said. “I don’t know why you’re so worried. I don’t understand how you can’t see yourself the way I see you.”
This was one of those comments that made Dan wonder if Phil was interested in him for reasons other that just sex. Despite all of their flirting, they hadn’t ever actually talked about any potential feelings. In fact, they rarely even talked about the sex thing in any seriousness. But that didn’t change the reality that Dan was falling more and more in love with Phil. He’d always been one to crush easily, and Phil was definitely not an exception to this. If anything, he’d found himself crushing harder and faster on Phil than he’d ever crushed on anyone before - and that included his ex girlfriend. Dan was seriously starting to question how serious his feelings had really been for her if Phil could make him feel like… this.
Maybe Dan just fell too fast. Maybe he was already in love with Phil, and was a complete and utter goner. All he could do was hope that he didn’t end up getting crushed just as quickly.
“And how do you see me?” Dan asked, testing the boundaries a little. He might also be fishing for compliments, but. Well. Sue him.
Phil never seemed to have a problem doling them out, after all.
Phil smiled. He didn’t seem at all perturbed by Dan asking. In fact, he almost seemed to see right through Dan, but at the same time, didn’t seem to mind.
“I see you as a guy who has no idea just how talented and funny he actually is.”
Phil’s smile turned into more of a smirk, his eyebrows raising and his voice dropping.
“And as a guy I’d really like to fuck.”
“Phil!” Dan shouted, bursting into laughter at the way Phil tried to wink seductively afterwards, failing as he did that awkward double blink again. “Fuck off! You can’t just say things like that!”
“Why not? It’s true.”
“Phiiiiil!” Dan whined. He wouldn’t deny that he was laughing (and maybe a little turned on, but who was counting), but that didn’t mean he couldn’t tell Phil off. Phil was laughing too, though, his expression a weird cross between a goose and a cat who’d caught the canary. Dan was completely and utterly enamoured with the look.
He found himself laughing even harder because of it, a weird, giddy sense of affection surging through him to combat the faux annoyance he had at Phil for flirting with him. Dan never wanted this feeling to end. The way Phil made him feel was… unlike Dan had ever felt before.
Phil’s eyes were dancing, and Dan found himself continuing to fall harder and harder. He wanted nothing more than to believe that Phil wanted just as much from Dan as Dan wanted from Phil, but it was difficult to believe - as far as Dan could tell, Phil hadn’t said anything to suggest that he had deeper feelings for Dan.
He just said shit like this, and expected Dan to read between the lines, or something.
Dan didn’t like reading between the lines. There was too much room for misinterpreting things. Too much room for building his hopes up, only to have them torn down. Too much room for getting hurt.
But for Phil, he’d try his best to figure it out.
Once they’d calmed down, Dan reached up to wipe away the tears that had gathered at the corners of his eyes, and smiled widely at Phil.
“You’re such a dork,” he complained.
Phil offered him a shrug in return. “No, but really. You really are really funny, Dan. You’re quick-witted, and you don’t even have to script yourself to make a funny video. Most of your best lines come from improv, and that’s a really good skill to have for YouTube. I think you’ll be really big one day.”
The words were far more thoughtful than the previous ones, and they made Dan smile, this one a little smaller, a little more private, as he looked down at his keyboard. He still couldn’t believe Phil Lester was his friend, let alone someone he could now consider a co-worker, in one way or another. And to add to that, Phil thought Dan was pretty great. In whatever sense.
It made Dan feel warm all the way down to his core.
“Thanks,” he finally replied, because he felt like Phil deserved some kind of appreciation for his kind words. He didn’t have to say them, and yet he had. That meant a lot to Dan, and suddenly, all of the success of today didn’t even come close to the feeling Phil’s compliments gave him.
Clearing his throat to get rid of the emotion that suddenly seemed to be clogged there, Dan decided to change the subject. “So, how did filming go today?”
Phil perked up a bit at the mention, before his expression turned a little sour. The conflicting emotions confused Dan, who just kind of waited nervously for Phil to explain.
“It was okay. Charlie was late, but Stephen and I got some stuff done for ApartmentRed before he showed up. After... was not so good. I’m only just now getting in because Charlie seems to think it’ll make me jealous to see him hanging all over Stephen, and it made getting any filming done take ages, when we should have been done in a couple of hours.”
Dan didn’t know very much about Charlie and Phil’s history, but he did know that Charlie had once been publicly and fowardly interested in Phil. As far as Dan knew, they’d never fucked, but that hadn’t stopped Charlie from wanting to get into Phil’s pants.
Phil had said that at one point, he’d thought it was kind of nice, and he’d considered it, but. It had just never happened. Dan wanted to believe that, he really did, but. Well. Phil talked so much about hooking up with people that Dan worried sometimes Phil was just trying to protect him by pretending he wasn’t as… sexually experienced as he’d originally painted himself out to be.
Dan tugged his lip between his teeth, gnawing at it nervously. He couldn’t help wondering why Phil’s mood had turned sour. Was it because of Charlie dating Stephen? Was he actually jealous? Or was he just annoyed that Charlie had ruined their filming schedule?
Dan was kind of afraid to ask.
But Dan knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he didn’t know.
Dan was jealous and possessive, even a little bit mean when it came to those darker emotions. He couldn’t always seem to hold himself back from making it very, very clear that he didn’t like the idea of his person being someone else’s. Or even someone else wanting his person.
And for right now, Phil was kind of sort of Dan’s person. At least to the hopeful part of his mind.
“Hmm,” Dan responded, so that Phil wouldn’t feel ignored, but so that Dan wouldn’t say what he actually wanted to say.
“Yeah. I think Stephen could tell I was starting to get annoyed, because he made Charlie knock it off a few times so we could finish up. Charlie didn’t really take the hint though. A couple of times I had to tell them to stop being an ass before I clubbed one of them over the head, just to get this all over with.”
“Yeah…” Dan replied noncommittally, glancing down at his keyboard again rather than facing up to Phil. He didn’t really want to have to deal with confronting this one, but he really wanted to at at the same time.
“Mmhm. I gotta admit. Stephen and Charlie make a cute couple, though. They’re both pretty hot,” Phil mused, seeming all to unaware of how uncomfortable he was currently making Dan.
Dan didn’t even bother to answer that one. He stared studiously at his keyboard and prayed that Phil wouldn’t notice his reluctance to talk about this. He just wanted to brush past this topic and try not to dwell on the unwarranted jealousy that was building up in his stomach. His face scrunched up in distaste, something he did his best to hide from Phil.
Phil, however, seemed to see straight through Dan, and the sour expression Phil had adopted turned to one a little more mischievous.
“What? Is something bothering you, Dan?” Phil asked. “Are you maybe… jealous?”
Dan felt his face start to go red.
“N-No!” he replied right away. He sputtered on the word a little, and shook his head. “Of course not. Why would I be jealous? I have nothing to be jealous of.”
Phil’s grin didn’t leave his face.
“No? So you aren’t jealous of Charlie at all, then? Because I’ve got to admit, he is pretty fit. I wouldn’t mind seeing him undressed.”
Dan could feel his blood beginning to boil. He didn’t like the way Phil was looking at him, let alone the way he was talking about Charlie. He knew that Phil had, at least at one point, looked at Charlie as a potential partner, but to talk about Charlie like that to him? It felt a little like… a slap to the face.
“Doesn’t he have a boyfriend now?” Dan spat, because he couldn’t help himself. He just really didn’t want to hear Phil talking about anyone else the way he talked about Dan. It was bad enough that Dan didn’t know if Phil had any proper feelings for him, did Phil really need to rub it in his face, too?
It seemed like every time Dan starting to have faith that Phil might have any kind of feelings for him, Phil would say something like that and just… make Dan question everything all over again.
Maybe he shouldn’t have ever agreed to let Phil fuck him. No matter how badly Dan wanted to know what an orgasm felt like, he sure as hell didn’t need to deal with someone who didn’t actually want Dan as anything more than a plaything. He still had time to back out. Maybe he should consider canceling his train ticket, and ending his friendship with Phil altogether, before it was too late…
“Dan,” Phil called, his voice a little softer now. He didn’t sound so cocky and teasing anymore. He sounded sincere, so Dan risked looking up at him. Phil was still sort of smirking, but the expression was softer now. He didn’t look so malicious. “I’m sorry,” he added. “I didn’t mean to make you angry. I’m just surprised you’re jealous of Charlie. You know I was never with him like that.”
Dan kind of nodded his head. Sort of. His mouth was still set in a firm line, and he still felt kind of mad, but Phil was right. And he’d apologized, so there was that.
“Whatever,” Dan moodily shot back, but Phil didn’t seem to be having it. He dragged his laptop closer to him, so that all Dan could really see was Phil’s face and those gorgeous blue eyes. It was kind of mesmerizing, if Dan was being honest.
“Dan,” Phil said again, “Come on. I’m really sorry. I really don’t see Charlie like that. And besides, there’s someone I’d much rather have right here in front of me. Charlie didn’t make me jealous, he just made me annoyed. You, on the other hand…”
Dan gulped. He what? What was Phil getting at? What did Dan do to him? Part of him knew Phil was talking about wanting Dan physically, but the other part was hoping, begging, for Phil to say it was more.
“Do you remember the promise I made to you on skype the other day?” Phil practically purred.
Dan nodded his head dumbly.
“I’ve been doing a bit of research. I’ve had a lot of sex, but I’ve not experimented with that many things, and I’m not all that sure how to extend the foreplay. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to need a lot more than my cock in your ass,” Phil explained.
Dan’s breath caught in his throat. The very idea of that made Dan’s dick stir with interest. He wanted that. He wanted that a lot. Since the last time he’d talked to Phil about the two of them having sex, Dan had done a little bit of research himself, and he’d watched a few porn videos about that exact scenario. The way the bottom moaned had made the situation seem… electrifying.
Of course, Dan had gotten hard, and of course, he’d tried to get himself off, but nothing had really come of it. Eventually, he’d resigned himself to his fate, closed his browser, and took a cold shower.
The fact that Phil had done research for him though… and the fact that Phil was willing to try that and so much more... That was not only an exciting thought, but set off a warm feeling in the pit of Dan’s stomach. All he’d ever really wanted was to find someone who didn’t mind that Dan had a problem finishing. All he’d ever really wanted was to find someone who’d try anyway.
“I’ve got so many plans for you, Dan. Things I’ve never done with anyone else. Do you want to hear them?”
Phil’s voice was practically molten heat. Dan felt like he was going to explode.
He’d never gotten this hard this fast before. There was that familiar sensation of frustration at Phil teasing him all the damn time and arousal surging through his veins that he always seemed to get with Phil these days, but it only made the whole moment more intense.
Did Dan want to hear what Phil had planned for him? Eight days out from actually getting to experience it? Was having Phil fuck him even a good idea, in the long run?
Dan knew he should lay his cards out on the table, make it clear to Phil that what he wanted was so much more than an orgasm. He knew that he should make sure that Phil wasn’t going to leave him high and dry after he got one little taste, or get Dan addicted so he’d keep coming back for more until he and Phil were in a proper friends with benefits relationship without all the feelings Dan so desperately wanted.
He knew that he should admit he had feelings, and that he was all in, but it was so fucking hard when his dick was doing all of the thinking for him.
So, against his better judgement, Dan nodded his head.
Phil’s grin turned wicked.
“Are your nipples sensitive, Dan?” Phil asked, eyes glowing. He looked like a lion intent on his prey, and Dan couldn’t wait to be gobbled up. He was so distracted by the look Phil was giving him, that he couldn’t even began to focus on the question. What had Phil asked?
Oh. Oh.
“Fuck. Yes,” Dan whispered. The words came out far breathier than he’d intended for them too, and he added quickly, “And my neck. God, my neck.”
He could already imagine Phil getting his mouth on him, sucking at his nipples and leaving marks on his neck. The very idea made Dan’s body tingle, and he had to close his eyes when he let out a soft groan.
“Good,” Phil replied, voice so fucking husky Dan had to open his eyes to check it was still Phil. From what Dan could tell, Phil’s pupils had dilated, and his face had flushed red. Was Phil getting turned on by this?
Fuck, the thought that Dan actually made Phil hard was completely insane to him, and yet made his dick twitch in his pants. Sure, Phil had joked about getting off to dan's nakedbooths and rewatching the clip of him half-naked from his video files, but seeing how Phil looked now... maybe those hadn’t been just jokes.
Glancing behind him at his bedroom door, Dan made sure there was no light filtering in from outside, and double checked his headphones were in right. There was no way in hell he wanted his parents to walk in on this.
“I read something online. It’s usually girls that have a difficult time reaching climax, did you know?”
“Fuck you,” Dan gritted out. He didn’t particularly love Phil making fun of him like that. Right, like he needed a reminder that Dan was different, and that most guys were perfectly fine. At least Dan could feel sympathetic to the girls who struggled to get off, unlike Phil.
Phil just laughed.
“Shush, it doesn’t matter,” Phil said, pacifying Dan’s worries. Dan couldn’t repress a sigh of relief, and Phil flashed him a grin. “Just means us guys are usually a fair bit luckier in that department, but you. Now you, I get to have my fun with,” Phil rumbled. “Anyway, they say that the best way to get a girl going is to play with her nipples, because they’re so sensitive, you know? So I thought, why not try that on Dan. See if I can’t get him going just from my mouth on his chest.”
The words caused Dan to squeeze his eyes shut at the mental image. He really did like that idea, after all. His ex had brushed over them a few times, but a mouth? Fuck, Dan couldn’t even begin to imagine. If his ex’s hands barely brushing over them felt good, lord knew how amazing it would be once Phil got his mouth on him.
“You said your neck’s sensitive too, right? The internet says I should focus on your favorite spots, avoiding the… c-cock and, uhm, balls altogether. That’ll get you nice and worked up. So I figure, why not start there? I’ll get you hard for me just by sucking on your nipples and mouthing over that gorgeous chest of yours, and then I’ll move up to your neck and I’ll make damn sure everyone know who you bel- what you've been doing.”
“Phil,” Dan groaned, staring at him with his mouth unhinged a little. “Fuck, that all sounds so good,” he rasped. Just the idea of all that Phil wanted to do, the idea that he wanted to mark Dan so that no one could miss the fact that he’d been having sex, was making him feel wild.
It was just that, despite the fact that he could already feel his dick throbbing, Dan knew playing with his nipples, marking him, touching his body wouldn’t be enough, and Phil had said that he was going to just… avoid Dan’s cock entirely, that fucking him might not be enough. Did that mean he wasn’t going to try for anymore? “But I’ve tried everything, except… you know, anal, before. I’ve tried slowing it down, I’ve tried… foreplay. It’s never enough. None of it works, I still can’t -”
“I wasn’t done,” Phil interrupted. “Did you really think I was going to stop there, Daniel?” Phil practically growled. “I’m not stupid. I figured you’ve tried the basics, and I promised you so much more. Don’t you think I’d try a little harder than that?”
Dan didn’t have an answer to that. Phil was right. Dan had been assuming that Phil had thought that would be enough, but Phil seemed to be serious about wanting to make Dan actually orgasm, and, well, it was still insane to Dan that Phil was putting this much effort into it.
Phil had gone out and done research, and was willing to spend however much time just on foreplay, when most guys Dan knew... Well. If what his mates sometimes said was true, they didn’t much care for working up to anything. They just wanted to to get to the fucking part as fast as possible.
Dan had always been a fan of foreplay, but he got the distinct feeling that wasn’t the norm. Maybe he was wrong, the guys were teengers, after all, but it made Dan think.
Why was Phil trying so hard?
“Why do you care?” Dan asked, before he could stop himself. The words just kind of burst out of him despite the heavy way he was breathing. Phil quirked a brow at him, always the pro at a poker face, but there was something about the way he hesitated in answering that told Dan the question had thrown him off.
After a moment, Phil’s slow grin returned. “I can’t just let a friend spend his whole life without an orgasm, now can I?”
Dan’s breathing stuttered.
He didn’t get a chance to respond before Phil moved on.
“Do you want to hear what else I’m going to do to you?”
But Dan wasn’t sure. He was still caught up on what Phil had said about not letting a friend spend his life without an oragasm. The word kept echoing around in Dan’s head, a painful reminder that what they had… it was nothing. It was just sex, and flirting, and a little too much tense arousal for any two men to ignore. It hurt. It hurt more than Dan could say.
Friend. Dan was just a friend to Phil, and suddenly this whole situation just felt too weird. Dan couldn’t deal with it. He knew he should have told Phil that he was interested in so much more than what Phil was currently offering. He wasn’t the kind of person who did one night stands, and Phil was. Suddenly the possibility of it not turning into anything more than a one time thing seemed so much more real.
Phil only considered Dan a friend, and it was killing him inside.
“Dan?” Phil asked again, trying to get his attention.
Dan looked at him.
“Come here. I want to try something,” he said. There was something about his expression that made Dan feel like he was meeting the Phil who was great at sleeping around, but didn’t keep very many people in his life.
Dan knew that Phil was the sweetest person in the world, but he didn’t fall in love easy. In fact, he’d admitted to Dan that he didn’t think he’d ever been in love, and here Dan was, falling for him anway.
Dan swallowed, and tried to wet his mouth. There was a part of him that was intensely worried about what Phil might want, not because he didn’t trust him, but because suddenly, Dan wasn’t sure if he wanted to be involved with this side of Phil. He wanted… he wanted.
God, he just wanted more.
Slowly, he asked, “What,” his voice just as hoarse as it had been before.
Phil offered him a slow grin, and pointed to Dan.
“Take your pants off.”
Dan’s eyes went wide, and he found himself shaking his head before he could even form words. Phil wanted to have cyber sex, right here and now, and Dan couldn’t. He couldn’t do that, not with how he was feeling now. Besides, didn’t Phil understand? Dan couldn’t get off, especially not on his own.
“No!” Dan finally managed to spit out, tone probably more harsh than it needed to be. The word sounded loud in his ears, but when Dan turned to look at his door, he didn’t see or hear anyone coming. He turned back to Phil, and tried to hold back the well of emotion he was currently feeling. He could feel tears of frustration pricking at his eyes, and he didn’t really want Phil to realize.
“No, Phil. I can’t do that. I can’t just - I can’t have skype sex with you. I told you, I’ve never had an oragsm. Do you really think me wanking off over a camera to you is going to make me come? I’m not just some - some - some toy for you to play with, to experiment with. I’m your friend, you asshole!” Dan barrelled on, practically hissing the words. “I’m not a science experiment…”
As soon as the words left Dan’s mouth, he regretted them. He hadn’t quite meant to snap like that, and he definitely hadn’t meant to make Phil feel bad, it was just that he was sick of feeling like some kind of play thing, or - or - or god forbid, a medical mystery. He just wanted to be Dan. A person someone considered special, worth it.
Phil, for his part, looked taken aback, and maybe a little chagrined.
“Dan,” he tried to say, but Dan cut him off.
“No, Phil, it’s not going to work. Just listen to me, okay?” Dan nearly begged. “I don’t - I can’t - Phil, you’re my best friend. I don’t think this is a good idea. It’s nice of you to want to help me out and all, but…” Dan stopped himself short before changing the direction of his sentence. “But I can’t lose you.”
The words weren’t exactly the confession Dan should have made, but they were something. They were better than continuing on like this idea was a good one, throwing caution to the wind, and ignoring every warning sign that sprang up in his face. It was better than showing up on the train in eight days, and allowing Phil to fuck him silly, only to go home and find out that Phil was ignoring him on every single piece of social media they shared. Or worse, Phil expecting them to carrying on like nothing had happened between them.
Putting a stop to it all now was better. It was so, so much better. Especially if Phil only saw Dan as a friend.
For a while, Phil didn’t say anything. He admittedly looked a little bit like he’d been hit by a freight train, but it still made Dan nervous. What if Phil hated him for going off on him like that? What if thought Dan was being a dick, or taking all of this too seriously? Dan didn’t want Phil to be angry at him for changing his mind nearly at the last minute, but…
Finally, Phil seemed to snap out of it, and every piece of him that Dan could see seemed to soften; his eyes, his face, his shoulders.
“Oh, Dan,” Phil whispered. “I - I’m really sorry. I didn’t even think. I probably didn’t give you the best impression telling you about my past sexual history, did I?” he asked. Dan was kind of surprised he hit the nail on the head so fast, but, well. He was Phil, and Phil always seemed to be able to see past any bit of bullshit Dan tried to feed him.
What really surprised Dan, though, was the fact that Phil didn’t seem mad at him at all.
Rather than answering Phil’s question, Dan kind of just lowered his gaze, and stared at the little bit of his own chest that he could see in the light coming from his laptop screen. Dan didn’t really want to face Phil right now, and if he weren’t so afraid of ruining their relationship, he might have just slammed his laptop shut and forgot everything else that had happened.
Maybe that way, tomorrow he could start fresh.
But Dan couldn’t do that to Phil.
Phil sighed, seeming to get the hint that Dan didn’t have anything else to say. For a moment, Dan thought Phil might actually just hang up and say goodbye, and that would be it, but Phil didn’t.
Instead, he started talking again.
“Listen, Dan. Our friendship means a lot to me. I know I’ve said in the past that I don’t like… that I’m awkward, and I don’t make friends easily, but you’re different, and I’d never do anything to put that relationship at risk. So, if me having sex with you is something that you think would ruin us, then we don’t have to. But I… I really want to have sex with you Dan. I want to be that guy who gives you an orgasm, and helps you figure out how to make yourself come. I just. I care about you a lot, okay? And I thought this was something that we both wanted.”
Dan’s head snapped up at that.
“I do want it!” he blurted out. The truth was, he really wanted it. He wanted everything that Phil had offered him, and so much fucking more. That was the problem. Dan wanted more.
But what if this was all he could get?
“I’m just. Afraid, is all,” he added lamely.
Phil seemed to understand. He offered Dan a sympathetic hum, and then cleared his throat.
“I won’t let anything ruin our friendship, Dan. That will always be my top priority. But… it’s up to you whether we do anything more when you come visit, okay? I won’t pressure you into anything. It’s completely your choice.”
The words brought a special kind of comfort to Dan, and he found himself smiling despite all of his self doubts.
He wanted all of Phil. But he’d take whatever pieces he could get.
“Okay,” he agreed, and left it at that.
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MBTI Types as people I know
I couldn't resist.
-Makes very bad decisions
-Genuinely cares but nobody would know it
-A lil sinnamon roll
-Extremely attractive
-Somehow a bestie even if I've never hung out with him like outside of study hall
-I can't lie to him
-Nobody expects him ever
-An enigma and nobody quite knows why
-Will do stupid stuff
-Wants to go to amsterdam like nobody's business
-Just drives everybody around because he's nice
-Also has a couch in the back of his car
-Stuck his junk in a VR controller then spun it around for laughs
-99th percentile on every test every actually wtf
-Is kind of funny but I still dislike her
-Makes fun of my music passive aggressively
-Could be a best friend if she wasn't always trying to compete with me for some reason
-quirky ™
-Speaks in all caps
-Snapchats blurry pictures of himself screaming 50 times a day
-Walks around his house flipping things off
-Has adorable dogs
-Does crazy dance moves without prompting
-Is always having a dance off with everybody, you just don't know it yet
-Actually has really well thought out political views
-Vapes ironically
-Intense and a little intimidating tbh
-Engages in a perpetual dance off with ESFP but nobody else is aware of it
-Gets shit done
-Is very good at guitar
-He compliments me frequently and it always surprises me
-Always has a guitar amp and guitar with him
-Is a remarkably good dancer and dresses well, no effort required, he just is
-Photogenic AF
-Hard to dislike and also so hateable
-Messy but in a way that doesn't annoy me somehow
-Will theorize with me for hours and make lists
-So freaking endearing
-"O shit I forgot _____"
-Has exactly 10 outfits that they cycle through, so they only have to do laundry once every 2 weeks
-Likes to scare people on public transit
-Bestest friend since like 4th grade
-Works at the aquarium
-Hates children
-Always gets her homework done and gets fantastic grades
-I'm lowkey highkey jealous of her and I love her
-Has never worn her own shoes to a school dance, always borrows mine
-We could be a comedy duo
-Is an expert
-"infj, my life is like a pimple that needs to be popped, that's when I come to you"
-We do aesthetic things together
-She just gets me
-My marvel buddy
-How is she so popular on reddit?
-Has been injured a lot
-Is insanely smart
-Best friends forever
-Everyone says that infps are innocent but no
-"Don't stick your dick in a crazy."
-"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing"
-Superpower: getting me hooked on a new fandom/series/tv show
-Can't remember his personality type, or anyone else's, or actually anything
-His bones never work right
-"there's nothing inherently dangerous about knives"
-Actually cares a lot and is super sweet
-An edgelord tho
Since I'm an INFJ and I'm not really friends with any others, I asked my ISTP friend to do mine. Here's what he came up with:
-The mom of the friend group
-Doesn't understand jokes but has fun anyway
-"I refuse to talk to you until you take your medication"
-sensory overload
-refuses to accept compliments
-scared of fire
-laughs at everything
-gets emotionally invested in historical dramas
-A E S T H E T I C
-Loves succulents
-A sweetheart
-Isn't ever involved in drama
-An amazing friend
-Was a cactus for halloween
-Super good at drawing things
-We get crazy during finals
-Abnormally curly hair
-Has negative followers on spotify
-*is wearing a stanford sweatshirt* "well social stuff won't get me into standfard!"
-Kind of condescending
-Is hilarious when he tries to dance
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wetookanoath · 3 years ago
LATE AS FUCK, but I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since that spoiler with the poll... Was it worth it? Fuck fucking yeah it was.
THEY LOOK SO FUCKING GOOD, I’M CRYING. The mustache is gone and I couldn’t be happier. WOW. I loove Ryan’s clean face and his flannel is fucking KILLING ME. And... Fuck, fuck, fuck-- Shane’s beard. YES. Just with that, this is one of my favorite episodes.
Shane never getting the vibes is such a mood, I love him for being this honest. And for looking that hot and loving history the way he does.
What is wrong with Shane’s hand, Ryan? I mean, I get it, his hands are Something, but control yourself, man.
I love Shane’s serious face, even if he’s being an ass, it’s just jfndsmnjdd. What a handsome man, this is a treat after that ugly ass mustache. I NEVER GONNA SHUT UP ABOUT IT, OKAY.
Anyway, look at them sitting on the table all fancy.
And there it is, today’s selfie! [post]
Oh, hello. Steps, steps, steps. I’m loving this, it’s being worth the wait. Oh God, Ryan... Ryan is scared. And Shane is loving it big time, he’s such an ass. I LOVE THEM.
“Did you hear that?”, the way Ryan said that, wow. This is like-- all the not-scared Ryan has been all season just prepared him from this episode. And Shane is loving it.
IS THAT A DOG? What the fuuuck. “I’M SHOOK”. Me, too. Holy shit. THIS IS SOME GOOD, GOOD SHIT. I’m loving it. I can’t wait to read all the damn fanfics based on this.
Look at them playing with the ghost girl! This is fucking adorable, okay. All the parents AU are coming in here. Also, also-- let’s talk seer Ryan playing with the ghosts of little kids who don’t know they are dead.
“As long as I have to”, why does that sound hot? I have a problem.
Here it comes... “Sandwich?” So are we gonna talk about how Shane is obviously trying to make Ryan laugh and how good it works, because damn-- let’s talk good pals here.
This house is very responsive, I’m lovig this episode. Believer or not, this is a fun episode somehow. “Oh, spooky”, Shane-- shut up.
“I’m Ryan” “That’s true... Oh, I’m Shane” lmao, idiot.
... WHERE? I DON’T SEE SHIT. I hate that they don’t have it on record. And listen... I want to believe Ryan. I believe in ghosts, I believe in the Supernatural. But it can be anything. Without proof, without an actual video I don’t know what to think. Ryan is scared, even when he’s saying he’s trying to not freak out, we can see it and mmm... I don’t know.
Shane is so tired. His voice is all so... soft, but not like in a cute way, it’s weird. He sounds sick, I don’t know. 
Ryan is so scared, holy shit...
“I really hope to hear him scream” Shane, darling... what the fuck... What the fuuuck... Yeah. Guys. Ask me about it :) You know what I’m thinking :) YOU KNOW IT :)
“I don’t really want him to have a full mental break, but close... Close would be good...” oh. OH WHAT IS GOING ON. OH MY GOD? “Ryan has been there for five minutes, I’m gonna give him a bit longer” WHAT ARE YOU DOING. WHAT THE HELL. GUYS, GUYS I’M HAVING A BREAK DOWN HERE.
I think... this is the first time after the Sallie House when Ryan has been for real scared. And Shane is not making fun of him. He’s pushing him a little, but the moment Ryan says “let’s get out of here” he says yes. I just-- really like this. They are seriously good friends, and Shane knows him well. It’s really nice to see.
I loved this episode. I’m a little disappointned on the apparition thing, but-- this is a good one. I’m sure the Post Mortem will be interesting to watch (and p funny, I don’t know why I feel it in my soul it will be lol).
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lovelyirony · 3 years ago
nerd!tony and punk!steve meet-cute where they fall in love after some misunderstandings when steve is driving his motorcycle back from school and runs it through a puddle of water, spraying tony, who happened to be walking that day on account of everyone being too busy to pick him up.
you are literally blessed and i KNOW you saw @reioka‘s post about nerd tony 
this fic is heavily inspired by @socketwrenching‘s own personality in regards to him being both soft AND short so be warned 
Steve honestly didn’t mean to. He was running late, he can’t have another tardy to Mr. Jarvis’ class, otherwise he has a detention, and so his motorcycle is going ten over the speed limit and it’s rainy and–
He sprayed someone. 
A very cute someone who was walking to school. And now Steve has ruined it. “Hey, I’m sorry, and–” 
“Don’t,” comes the voice. “Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, or I will fucking destroy you.” 
Tony is in a sweater vest, so the threat doesn’t land as clearly as it could. There’s also the fact that he’s only just over five foot four, and Steve is towering at six feet tall. 
Tony is Done With This Bullshit. He Didn’t Even Get Coffee, So All Of It is Shit. 
“Why are you soaked?” Pepper asks. “Oh my god, did you walk? Tony I told you I could pick you up–” 
“You were running late for your debate meeting already Pep, I knew you didn’t have time.” 
“And you thought I didn’t?” Rhodey said. 
“Your mom had an early start at her job, so there was no option, and I’m not having Mama be late to her job,” Tony says. “You know that.” 
“Damn your compassion.” 
“I am the night, excuse you Rhodes? I’ll have you know I am the most threatening being, oh my god how could you insinuate that I am anything but soulless? I don’t care about anyone at all, whatsoever–” 
“You said you turned down a ride because you didn’t want Mama to be late,” Rhodey says. “Shut up.” Pepper rolls her eyes and laughs as Tony squawks. She pulls him into a hug. 
“Next time, call one of us. You know that I would drop debate at any time besides regionals for you, and Mama Rhodes has a favorite child, and that favorite is you.” Rhodey scoffs. 
“I’m her biological son.” 
“Still not her favorite,” Pepper says. 
“How do you know this? You don’t talk with her regularly, do you?” 
“Your cousin is in forensics, dumbass. We’ve talked a lot,” Pepper says. She turns to Tony, who has been trying to gain exit. “You still haven’t explained how you got soaked by the way.” 
“Steve Rogers,” Tony says. “His stupid fucking motorcycle swerved and got water all over me, and more importantly, my science notes that Bruce was going to borrow for his pet dog. He’s talking about possibly creating a course so Hulk can do dog shows. I think Hulk would do great!” 
“Hulk looks like a hell hound,” Rhodey says. “You’re the only one besides Thor that that animal likes.” 
“Because I’m nice, and sneak him treats on the side,” Tony says. “You too could have an emotional connection to a pet, you’re just too much of a bitch.” Rhodey shoves Tony’s shoulder. 
“Asshole. We’re gonna be late if you keep talking. Come on, let’s get going.” 
Steve is currently mourning his crush because of course his luck is like that. “I made Tony angry at me, and now nothing is ever going to be Okay Again, I Am Going To Die.” 
“Are you, like, ever done with being emo?” Sam asks. “Asking for a friend.” 
“I’m the friend,” Bucky cuts in. “You can apologize, I don’t know why you’re freaking out.” 
“Because he told me not to speak to him! You seem to think I can still speak to him!” 
“He’s a human being, not a guy on a pedestal. I saw him run into a wall the other day,” Sharon says, dropping in after giving a hug to Sam and Bucky. “It’s kind of funny how gone you are on a guy who wore a tweed jacket to school.” 
“It looked nice!” Steve defends. “It looked nicer than what Bucky wears to school.” 
“Okay fair, he looks like a garbage hobo,” Sam says. 
“I hate all of you,” Bucky mutters. “My sense of fashion isn’t that bad.” 
“We almost had to go on lockdown for school when you came in and the school thought you were a rogue hobo, I hardly count your fashion sense as good,” Sharon says. “Although Nat did call it in.” The group laughs. 
Steve and Tony share a lunch. They have their Groups, and mostly, these groups are Undisputed. Only Sharon and Bruce cross groups, and that’s because Sharon likes talking with Tony and Pepper, and Bruce crosses to discuss astrology with Thor and also talk about rugby with Sam, who knows it. (They’re weird as friends, but it’s fine.) 
But Steve crosses the lunch table, and it feels more dramatic than it looks. (Currently, Mrs. Carter is betting with Mr. Jarvis about what Steve and Tony will do, because teenagers are hilarious when it comes to romance.) 
“Steve’s coming,” Rhodey mentions. Tony spits out his mandarin oranges. 
“When? Five seconds, ten?” 
“You nonchalant ass–” 
“Um, hi Tony,” Steve says. “Look I really wanted to apologize for my motorcycle. I was running late and not thinking clearly. Would you let me make it up to you?” 
Tony is frozen. This is new. “Uh, yeah. Sure. I want coffee. Venti, two shots of espresso. Not from a chain store. Local. They always make it better. Thank you” Steve nods. 
“Thank you, Tony, so much. Seriously, sorry about the motorcycle.” 
Steve leaves with a grin on his face. 
“So are you always that wooden with words, or is it just because Steve looks pretty?” 
“Shut it, Pepper.” 
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irndad · 2 years ago
First Kisses
Tumblr media
a/n: first kiss! steve has a crush and also didn’t kiss her on the first date so he’s tryna do it on the 2nd :)
Second date. He can do this.
It’s their second date, and he’s been thinking about it since the last time he saw her. When their first was ending, when he dropped her off and stood at her door, her behind the threshold, and him just barely in front of it. She was wearing red lipstick and laughing at some joke he’d made, and her laugh is so pretty, the kind of thing you don’t want to stop hearing as long as you can manage.
And he wanted to kiss her. He almost did.
Red lipstick and roses perfume, light and warm summer air around them and he- he just likes her, a lot, and it’s a different kind of like than anyone else he’d ever met.
Almost, but right when his voice was getting low and he’s about to lean in- her phone rang. And the moment passed.
And now, he’s sweating bullets and freaking out because one, he invited her to meet up at his place, which looks really skeevy when he looks back, jeez, and they’re going to dinner. He’s saved up for weeks before he even asked the first time, only for her to insist they split the bill and dear lord he likes her.
He needs to get it together. (Even if he’s still thinking about how he almost kissed her, how he almost kissed the curve of her grin and held the apple of her cheek, and how much he wants to.)
She rings the doorbell, and when he sees her- she looks beautiful. Stunning.
“You uh, you look nice.” shit.
“Thank you!” she beams, and he still can’t stop thinking about kissing her. (Her lipstick is pinker, this time.)
The dinner is lovely and she holds his hands on the way over, simultaneously lecturing him for driving with one hand but still holding his, and it’s too early for this amount of butterflies.
The evening is lovely, at a diner near his place, and she’s funny and beautiful and it’s probably the best date he’s ever been on, with legs tangled under the table and hands occasionally linked and-
Pink lipstick, strawberry milkshake, all the laughter-
He just wants to kiss her. He really, really does.
So when she’s in sitting in his parked car, a little bit away from her house, he thinks that this is the moment.
She’s here, looking at him with bright eyes and expectant gaze and he wants to do it, but-
What if he’s bad? What if she doesn’t like him? He’s an idiot who works at an ice cream place, and she’s so out of his league, for all he knows she went on these dates because she doesn’t want to be rude and he’s the idiot that went out and bothered her-
“Steve?” she’s quiet when she speaks, and draws his attention.
“I really like you.” And tonight, she’d made him laugh so loud other people stared, was quick with her words and easy with her charm, but this. This she was quiet with.
And he smiles back, slow but wide and before he knows what he’s doing he’s already doing it.
She tastes like strawberry milkshake and laughter, like lemonade sunsets and like your first really good kiss. The kind of kiss that reminds you why people even do, why people bother to love each other. Why it’s worth it.
“I’d like to take you out again.” he says, so close to her face she can feel his so-sweet breath.
“I’d like that too.”
Her smile is like a gift, small but present in the best of ways, like something wrapped up just for you. A kind of happiness with his name on it. That’s how she smiles at him.
And just because he can, he kisses her smile again.
steve harrington prompts are open!
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