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Harry isn’t as rich as everyone believes, even if he’s comfortably in the “never needs to work again” range as long as he doesn’t have children. Seeing as the one woman he would want to have children with isn’t interested in him, that’s not a problem. What that means is that he’s free to devote his life to charity work, but he can’t just throw money at issues. What he eventually ends up doing is working for Make-a-Wish and fulfilling many of the more troublesome requests children have. 

It doesn’t leave a lot of time for friends. When Harry misses a deadline, it’s a lot more disappointing than if he was filing forms at the Ministry. Holidays are especially busy, though everyone knows what he’s doing and they feel bad if they try insisting that they’re more important than a nine year old with bone cancer. 

This particular holiday season, after a row with Ron, Hermione opts out of the usual Weasley activities and spends her time shadowing Harry. Seeing him try so hard to make kids happy, Hermione tries to find out what Harry wants for the holidays. It’s frustrating because he genuinely believes that all he wants is for the people around him to be happy.

When Harry is wrangling a celebrity for a hospital visit, Hermione ends up talking with one of Harry’s coworkers who explain that charities get all sorts of people. They range from religious types doing God’s work to people who have done horrible things in the past that want to make up for them to people who want something to point to on their resume that says that they care. At a place like Make-a-Wish they have more than their fair share of people who have given up on their own happiness and decided to make other people happy instead and they think that includes Harry.

It’s approaching midnight before Christmas Eve when Harry shyly asks Hermione if she’ll visit his parents’ graves with him again. It suddenly hits her that what Harry wants for Christmas is her, and in a way that he would never voice since she was still technically dating Ron. No wonder his coworker thought Harry had given up on his own happiness.

submitted by @johnburtonlee

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Amity at a carnival with Eda, King, and Luz: So why did I come?

Eda: Because kid you have to keep us out of trouble for whole carnival.

Amity:You can’t take care of yourselfs?

Everyone burst out laughing except Amity

45 minutes later.


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literally the only possible improvement i can think of for tatsu is if he also had a stepdaughter who is a bit mean to him and lo and behold

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rules: it’s time to love yourself. choose your 5 favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world. tag as many writers/artist/etc. you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works!

i was tagged by @ricciardos who’s actually one of my fave editors so tysm! ☆

i'm actually including some older works since i’ve just recently made my return to tumblr, after a few years on hiatus. so bare with me, these include some old and new edits!! also, i’m just now entering the f1 editing world.

1. this name etymology f1 edit. it came out quite nicely, although i expected it to be much harder and it’s one of the first works back to giffing which i did awfully before.

2. my lando iconic quote edit. brings me good memories from that vid and kind of like the result!

3. it’s much more complex than a game. this was one of the first where i took a risk from the simple graphics and came out great, i think!

4. different perspectives on football. was very fun to make and i adored the final product.

5. this one’s a funny one, the tiger beat football edition. did it alongside ysa and it was amazing to create, also a few people asked me if it was real so that was quite entertaining! v fun, would 10/10 re-do it.

tagging: bumblewhore + jnny-g + jimmysbutler + redbulllracing + podiumalex + pierregasly + mesutmadrid (at your own risk). ☆

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