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lets-jam a year ago
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yall ever just happen upon a passing tip of the iceberg.... and
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like this is so bad... sooo bad... wtf... play the original game im gonna die
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youaremysunshinekt 8 months ago
Me standing in the dark in front of your figurative room, trying to strike a pose and entice you but ends up turning shy, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.
"Uh, the floor looks really nice. Have you freshly cleaned it for my arrival? You shouldn't have. I appreciate it though, seeing as how I'm gonna possibly be standing for the rest of the night."
*chuckles nervously, gripping onto the doorframe for stability*
It's fine, I can wait, I'm the epitome of patience, calm and collected.
I'm not worried, panicked and paranoid. No, not me, never... 馃憖馃檲
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haraldsigurdsson a year ago
I'm not a person that prays, but I'm asking for healing & good energy for my grandma. She was rushed to the hospital today in Germany. She hasn't been feeling well. Her heart is beating slowly and her lungs are filled with liquid. She could not breathe properly tonight. We don't know what it is, if it's Coronavirus or not, but my aunt says it doesn't look good. I hope she gets through this...馃様
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annadesu 2 years ago
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queenangella 2 months ago
obsessed with sokka鈥檚 name kinda popping up everywhere in school books years after atla. like yeah ur learning history about the end of the hundred year war? oh right with the avatars amazing team and some non bender named sokka who probably wasn鈥檛 all that important. on to gym class where u learn different fighting styles, did you know btw that the first guy to ever train with the kyoshi warriors was some random guy named sokka? oh well. can鈥檛 be late for physics where we learn about the invention of the air balloon and the submarine by 鈥 sokka? huh okay I guess, on to politics where we learn about all these important decrees over all the different nations which were first proposed by.. ah man, sokka? again? anyway art class now, here look at these paintings made by sokka
#鈥榳ell at least this fucking dude won鈥檛 come back in my favourite class spirits and mythology where we will read how princess yue became the#moon spirit with one last kiss to fucking sokka again I guess. anyway here鈥檚 a list of the very little people who ever managed to go into#the spirit world and come back guess who鈥檚 on there too鈥#鈥榓w man I鈥檓 still so mad about the loss of the spirit library imagine all that knowledge. the only thing we have left is a description of#one of the last people who visited the library. guess fucking who again鈥#like obviously all the names of the gaang will be remembered but everyone else鈥檚#name when u first learn about them u know you need to remember them bc of course they will be important to history. like of course you鈥檙e#gonna remember avatar aangs name bc you know his name will surely come back. of course you remember firelord zuko who led the fire nation#into an era of peace. meanwhile sokka鈥檚 name is kinda a side note like yeah this guy was also#here you might need to remember this random detail for a test#except then he keeps coming back in every single class and by the end of your school career you鈥檙e just like 鈥榦h this test is asking me for#the name of whoever invented this or did that? well if I just answer sokka there鈥檚 like a 50% chance it鈥檒l be correct do鈥#obviously then it becomes a meme#if tumblr exists 200 years after atla someone would make a post with a screenshot of some show with the text 鈥榓h they really invented love鈥#and someone also will reblog with 鈥榥ice try but I think we all know who really invented love鈥 and then it鈥檚 one of those long posts in which#everyone reblogs with 鈥榮okka鈥 probably in a bunch of different fonts#atla.#sokka#mine.
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artofalassa 28 days ago
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Let鈥檚 Go Home
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gothteddies a month ago
also im so sorry for anyone that ever compliments me on here, I know I鈥檓 very stale with the same 鈥淚鈥檓 glad you like 鈥!鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 happy you like 鈥!鈥 over and over again I鈥檓 just really bad at taking compliments I promise I鈥檓 not icing over at you. I promise I reread them and think about them at night giddily kicking my feet in the air like a lovesick teenager
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the-little-fox-in-the-box 7 months ago
My fatal flaw? I can't name genres of music.
How can people hear a bunch of funky tunes and think "Ah yes, this is Indie Folk Rock with Punk influences" like what???
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hawkofkrypton 7 months ago
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nordic-language-love 2 months ago
I just. my heart is so sad for Ukraine. If I have any Ukrainian followers reading this, I really hope you and your loved ones are safe and well and that everything is resolved with minimal bloodshed.
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casketears 7 months ago
cannot stop thinking about how good the fabrication of consent in squid game was鈥 like yeah, the participants consent! over and over, from agreeing to the slapping game to ringing up the number of their own accord to meeting at the location to signing a separate sheet once more upon arrival鈥 they can even disband the game if the majority decrees it. but this is all performative. because of course they鈥檒l agree - of course they鈥檒l come back.
the second episode is even all about addressing this 鈥榗onsent鈥, and that potential audience superiority: 鈥渟o why don鈥檛 they just leave???? if they can??? why did they even do all this to start with?? it鈥檚 so extreme, to do all that just for money, i would never鈥
because, the show says, look at what they鈥檙e returning to. look at the life that鈥檚 offered as their alternative. debt up to their ears, money-brokers beating them up, poverty at its worst. do you see? do you see how yeah, joining that game is optional, but it鈥檚 optional in the sense of choosing to be stabbed or shot: theres consent, but not actual desire. that theres agreement, but under exploitation. there鈥檚 a reason only poor people are chosen to compete and it鈥檚 so obvious but i fucking love how the show handles it and addresses any audience superiority anyway
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ta0xu 6 months ago
sometimes i think about how in 2012, when andrew garfield was asked which avenger peter would like most he said聽鈥榠dk but he鈥檇 hate tony stark, too arrogant, ethics are dubious, and peter's a man of the people, peter's the working class hero鈥
and how andrew got dropped from the franchise bc he refused to shut up and聽鈥榖ow down to homophobia鈥, and said multiple times that peter should be bi
and how in response to those things, marvel changed the contracts so all future incarnations of peter parker had to be caucasian and heterosexual. and then they made mcu spidey very much reliant on tony stark
which is a long winded way of saying that andrew garfield was the realest peter we ever had, and how angry it makes me the way that marvel absolutely shat on him and went out of their way聽to go against what he tried to fight for... and that there is a huge聽smugness in me that despite all of that, marvel couldn鈥檛 quash people鈥檚 love for andrew and they needed聽him and tobey for NWH, and that in the run up to mcu spidey 3, what i see trending every day on twitter is WHERE IS ANDREW GARFIELD and yk what it鈥檚 what he fucking deserves
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happyheidi 7 months ago
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鈥榓 potion is brewing鈥 by titsay 鈾
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weaver-z 2 months ago
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I truly truly truly can't do this anymore
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sadclowncentral 11 months ago
there is literally no funnier way of annoying your friends than choosing the stupidest hill imaginable and then refusing to die anywhere else
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obsob 8 months ago
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preview of a print im gna have in my next shop update >:)
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lizzy-frizzle 8 months ago
One time at the bowling alley a league member paid only in coins because they didnt like how I did something. It was like, $50 in coins.
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yellenabelova 16 days ago
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Don't worry darling (2022) + letterboxd reviews
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shesnake 27 days ago
this is what i mean when i say i want to see myself represented in film
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cloudiness a month ago
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鈥淓d Teach gazing at Stede Bonnet鈥 is now the most precious flower of my 鈥渂otanical diary鈥
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