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#this is canon i swear
offbrand-rat · an hour ago
Okay we have got to get Cartoon Network to reboot OK K.O.
Well, many reasons, but I just found out that Raymond and Rad were supposed to become proper rivals and their mutual crush on each other was supposed to be more than that and NOW I’M SAD ABOUT IT
If Cartoon Network was a physical being that had an ass I could kick, oho boy, it’d be over for them
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malyenoretscv · 6 hours ago
😍 + Leah!
jj (age 16?): this one's obvious because, like, i don't shut up about them. the question mark at 16 is relevant because honestly she doesn't really know when it started veering from "my friend is really cool and i love him" to "oh fuck my friend is really cool and i love him but also i wanna make out with him."
unnamed boyfriend (age 14/15? undetermined): freshman year bf, didn't last very long, he's too irrelevant to deserve a name, and he was a total dumbass. jj probably wanted to punch his face in.
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dusky-dancing · 15 hours ago
Length: ~3k words
Summary:  A pining human who’s blind in the dark. A touch-starved drow with superior darkvision. What happens when they’re stranded with neither light nor magic in the depths of an ancient buried city?
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nightcrawlercrypt · a day ago
moral of the story is listen to taz amnesty. its got gay people. its got found family. its got aliens (several!!). its got canon gay bigfoot. its got mothman. whats not to like
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butchsophiewalten · a day ago
man i really wonder how important of a character jenny is actually going to be. seems so far that she exists mostly to provide the catalyst for bunnyfarm (and seemingly thus the rest of the series) and also to be a character sophie trusts to talk out her feelings with so she’s not just thinking-out-loud all the time. i dont even really mean this in like a ‘hehe i wanna see more of the lesbians’ way, but i would really like it if jenny were a significant character, or at least if she were significant to sophie. it feels really important to me that she’s a person sophie trusts and cares about. because otherwise sophie has nothing and no-one. i get this hasn’t been stated explicitly or anything, but losing your entire family at 14 and being put on medication that so severely dampens your long-term memory are kinda things that will seriously alienate you from the world and from your peers. i cant imagine her having a particularly active or healthy social life. like. she just has jenny!! thats why jenny feels important!!! why i want jenny to be important!!! miss jenny letterson please be there for your girlfriend
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80hdean · 2 days ago
I don’t want to call it prematurely but I kind of think the latest sobsicles fic might have actually cured me of some of my winchester derangement syndrome ?
✨I may have been granted early release from turbohell✨
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sa1remake · 2 days ago
OG 80s Lance Voltron is very gender and I'm kinda gay, wish I watched this show growing up bc I'd realize I was gay and trans via this man
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He ran so every other version of him could trip and fall
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life-lullaby-writing · 2 days ago
Admittedly Guilty
477 words, 1.9 pages
Characters: Naohiko Shinsuke, Mondo Oowada, Makoto Naegi, Byakuya Togami
TW(s): Swearing, pre-execution scene(?), angst
Feedback is always welcome!
A/N: Ugh I swear we write more than this, promise! Don’t worry, this was one of the first writings done so just consider this to be...a sample of sorts or whatever (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ also came to say that updates on everything are gonna be a bit slower since EVERYONE hit a fucking writing block! ~Admin Crumb👑
“Naohiko Shinsuke has been found guilty!"
Time seemed to stop as the words echoed throughout the room. His classmates stared at him in disbelief, in horror. All Nao could do is allow a small, solemn grin to appear on his face. Not once did he try to deny his crime. Not once did he let his smile fall.
"Congratulations, you guys were right! Not that I doubted any of you in the first place, I just didn't expect the trial to go by that quickly. I applaud every one of you," he exclaimed with a hint of a somber note.
"So, you...actually killed Ally? Why? Don't tell me it was..." Makoto started, before allowing Byakuya to interrupt answer it for him.
"No, I'm pretty sure there was no real motivation behind it. Am I right, Naohiko?"
The high schooler nodded, "That is correct, sir." A pause. "It had nothing to do with the videos we received."
"Then what was the real reason?"
"Nao, you son of a bitch you're just bluffing! Tell them you didn't fucking murder her!" Mondo shouted before even allowing him to answer. His cry was enough to get the blackened to shut up unintentionally. He didn't want to believe, he didn't want to hear the truth. All Mondo wanted was for Nao to stay with him. But all he got in response was a single expression of guilt and tears threatening to spill over. "Tell them that this is all just one big stupid prank! Someone else is the real blackened isn't it-"
"The votes have already been cast, Mondo," he interrupted, gaining a bit of last-minute confidence. It was obvious to the rest of his classmates that he was on the verge of breaking down. He took a sharp breath, "I'm afraid to say there's nothing left to prove me innocent."
Before he could go on, Mondo had engulfed him into a tight hug, refusing to cry in front of the others. Nao in his best efforts hugged back, letting him feel that last bit of love he would ever receive. No one dared interrupt them for the first minute before Taka had to pull Mondo back. In turn, Nao was proven to be crying, and yet...still smiling.
" I was saying, my real reason for killing the Ultimate Drummer was simple: I just followed the orders of those above me," he sniffled, quickly wiping the tears away with the back of his hand. "Although, if it makes it better, I had no wish to murder her personally. I accept any punishment for my crimes."
This was it; these were the final moments. His final words, final moments, final chance.
"Oh, and Mondo?" Nao quickly pulled the biker down to him by his jacket and gave him a quick kiss, just before the lights went out.
"I will always love you."
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Barbara au. God help me.
Ok! So @dogin8 expressed interest in my Barbara au and i will not defy one of my mutuals. This is all crack, btw. These are just the basics! i have loads of other stuff for this au.
Essentially, this is a Dadbur au where Tommy is his son. Who might the wife be?? Well! I’m glad you asked. It’s a blonde racoon it is literally a blonde racoon named Barbara.
Now, don’t worry! I know you’re worrying. stop that. Nothing funky went on! Wilbur married Barbara, and then they held hands for a very long time, very intensely, and so Wilbur got pregnant with Tommy! See? nothing funky :)
Shortly after Tommy is born, though, Wilbur divorces Barbara. She doesn’t know how to care for a human child; she keeps trying to feed him trash, take him foraging, and Wilbur is NOT happy that she is trying to do this with their newborn son, so he leaves her and takes Tommy. Wilbur raised Tommy as more of a brother because... LITERALLY how do you explain to your son that his mother is a racoon.
Tommy was born with small racoon ears and basically no other traits, and Wilbur always made sure to cut his hair so the ears were hidden. The ears never grew, until recently. For some reason, Tommy has been growing ears, strange markings on his face, and... some weird little poof of a tail? Huh. Pretty weirdchamp if you ask him! Luckily enough, he can just say his ears are just particularly unruly curls in his hair, the markings aren’t very noticeable, and the tail can easily be hidden within his clothes! Wonderful news for the Tommy Innit community! He is doing a great job at hiding this!
Never mind! Terrible day for the Tommy Innit community! Quackity knows something is up. He notices Tommy’s hair seemingly moving all by itself, twitching... perking up at sounds??? Bruh.
He confronts Tommy about it and he flips. NO ONE can know about this! He really thought he was doing so well at keeping this a secret. Quackity gets tired of Tommy’s shit and asks Wilbur, who ALSO lies, because how do you explain to your new lover rival that your brother is not in fact your brother but your son and his mother is a blonde racoon????
So now, Wilbur knows, and big Q knows, but Tommy doesn’t know either of them know. Big Q suspects Wilbur, but Wilbur doesn’t know. So they just do this dumb game of trying to hide/out each other and no one is winning.
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littlepuffy4ever · 4 days ago
what the fuck??? well for one youre definitely NOT toxic for disliking him, you know, a creator who donated to a racist and transphobic fuck? like he used OUR merch money to donate to someone who wanted us to not have rights?? I don't understand why people are so nasty over it, you're definitely not in the wrong. It's not going to blow over anytime soon, unfortunately, even with smaller events that happened, this fandom will go on for MONTHS. I wish that was an exaggeration.
Legit, twitter is more okay-ish at the moment (at least from what I'm seeing, but i havent been much on it bc I've been studying lol) but Instagram is constantly "hes not bad stop being cruel to him"
I even saw someone calling him a hero
I hope AT LEAST the fandom stops biting each other for having different opinions
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