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Tumblr media
I have some very exciting good news to tell to all of you. 
and this will image might explain it all. 
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Story time — J.Seresin
Tumblr media
summary; jake tells his daughter all about how amazing her mommy was.
warnings; mentions of death, kids.
this obviously doesn’t follow the characters timelines etc. i know I know
“Okay little lady, it’s bed time!”
Marley scowled “No daddy! Auntie Nat is watching paw patrol with me!”
Jake raised his eyebrows at his daughter, he couldn’t be shocked at her though she was you through and through - stubborn.
Marley smiled sheepishly, tucking herself into Nat’s side before she said “Ok I go bed if you tell me a story?”
“This is not a trade off Miss Seresin, it’s bedtime!”
The little girl looked at the pilots in the room, Nat and Bradley finding this very amusing while Bob put his hands up in a ‘don’t look at me’ fashion.
Marley’s eye went wide and she looked at her dad “please daddy?”
He smirked in defeat, he couldn’t ever say no to her.
“Ok, one! What one do you want?”
She looked around at everyone waiting for her answer before she blushed and said
“I want mommy’s story!” Everyone’s breathes hitched looking at Hangman for his response. He sat on the couch and tapped his leg.
“Okay you come sit up and we’ll tell you mommy’s story baby” so she did, Marley lifted herself up onto the couch and plopped into her fathers lap snuggling into him with a smile.
Bob looked around at everyone, his signature worried look still painted his face.
“I so excited daddy!” and he softly chuckled, a kiss pressed into her hair.
“Okay little miss, where do we start huh? How about when we met mommy?” She didn’t speak only nodding.
“Mommy saved our butts all the time, she was the best”
“I thought you were the best, daddy?”
“Only mommy was better than I am baby”
Going through top gun, Jake had gained a holier-than-thou attitude. He believed he was gods gift to the world and why would the best of the best need to hang around saving everyone else’s asses?
Where he had also gained his callsign; hangman.
“You can’t just leave us fucking hanging up there Seresin!” Nat was screaming at him after landing back on the tarmac from a test run.
Jake just smirked “I can’t hang around waiting for you guys to catch up - it’s not my job to save your asses”
“What are you gonna do when you need your ass saved, huh?” He laughed at that.
“I won’t need my ass saved, by anyone and especially not a girl”
He soon enough ate his words when before graduation the team were tasked with a mission - it was easy, or so it should have been. It was an easy in and out protocol.
It was so easy that it wasn’t enough to bother anyone else with it and so it landed on the teams shoulders.
“Hangman we’ve gotta approach together slow down!”
His chuckle could be heard over the radio “Keep up Nix!”
One moment they were fighting over the radio and the next Phoenix and Bob had to pull back leaving Hangman himself with alot of enemies on his ass.
“Hey guys, a little help over here!” You could hear the panic in his voice.
He was bracing for death at this point. Until he saw the three infront of him all shot down in a row before he heard a voice over the radio - an angels voice.
“I’ve got you - Down into the valley I say we stay under their radar get to the extraction point and get out. Got it?”
“Copy that”
Everyone back on the ground was shocked. Hangman was finally working as a team with someone. When the two of you arrived back safe and having carried out the objective he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.
He watched you hop off the wing and onto the tarmac taking off your helmet you smiled over at him.
“So much for not needing your ass saved by a girl” you smiled, walking over to him. He was never gonna live that one down.
“If you’re the girl, I don’t mind having my ass saved. Who are you?”
Before you could answer Rooster came over “Ah so Clover, it seems you’ve met our Hangman here”
Jake quirked an eyebrow “Clover?”
You blushed “Yeah like a four leaf clover, I just get lucky”
“Yeah baby?”
“Is that why you’ve got… this?” Marley had pulled down Jakes shirt a little to see his chest and the four leaf clover tattoo that he had.
He nodded “Yeah Marls, that’s mommy’s tattoo”
The tattoos placement came from over the time of your relationship your hand would often rest on Jake’s chest - sleeping, dancing or even just standing around at the hard deck.
After graduation you all separated across the world into different places. You and Jake also in different parts of the world.
He had taken you on a few dates before you all separated, you stayed in contact for a while over the phone although it soon dwindled. You guys ended up rekindling a few months later at a new posting in Virginia Beach.
You guys got married and started a family in Virginia. Never would he have ever expected his life to be this way.
When Marley was born he swore to her “I’m gonna protect you forever” she was his girl.
Nobody knew of your marriage or of Marley’s existence until you were both called back to TopGun.
Walking into the hard deck you guys were the last ones, walking to the group who had all gone silent watching you both bounce the babygirl in your arms.
“So you two have been busy” Nat smirked, walking over and cooing at Marley completely ignoring you two.
Marley soon found routine with her new aunt and uncles all while you trained for the mission.
When it settled in just how dangerous this mission was you guys had to sit down and have conversations about worst case scenario - what would happen to Marley.
“I don’t want to loose you y/n, maybe you should just stay here I’ll feel better knowing you’re both safe”
“Absolutely not Seresin, I deserve a place on this mission just as much as you and who will save your ass if I’m not there” he smiled and your joke before kissing your forehead, wedging you under his arm while you both looked down at your little girl hoping you would both be standing here with her when the mission was over.
On the mission the two of you were grounded on the ship until called upon. When Maverick and Rooster were under fire on route back to the ship Hangman swooped in to save the day before he swiftly came under fire too.
You were the last resort - to save everyone. You took down all of the enemy targets, coming between them and Jake having just run out of ammunition yourself you came on over the radio knowing what was about to happen.
“Jake?” “Yeah I’m here Clover”
Your voice shook as you spoke “Look after our girl ok? Tell her I loved her so”
“What? No you’re gonna tell her because you’re gonna make it back stop this-“ He shook his head at your insanity.
“Promise me!” “No-“ “Promise me!”
“Okay, yeah I promise” he said in defeat before he watched you pull up blocking him from the missile.
“No!” You fell out of the sky crashing into the water below. Before Hangman could make his next move Mavericks coice came over the radio.
“Hangman, she’s gone”
“Mav I’ve got to-“ “Marley needs you now Jake”
As disgruntled as it made him he knew they were right, he promised you this.
When they arrived back onboard Jake was not one for celebrations, he just wanted to get home. He just wanted to hold his girl.
Upon arriving home he immediately made his way to Penny’s where Marley had been for the week, her face lighting up upon seeing her dad. He held her all night rocking her back and forth
“Mommy loved you Marls, she loved you so much. It’s just us now babygirl - I’ve got your back”
There was a silence that had fallen in the room, Marley looking up at her daddy with wide eyes “Mommy loved me”
“Your mommy loved you so much” she smiled “My mommy was super cool, wasn’t she?” Looking at the other aviators in the room.
Nat smiled “She was the coolest”
Marley had begun yawning and so was told to say her good nights to the team while Jake put her to bed. Tucking her in and kissing her goodnight
“Night daddy” “goodnight babygirl”
He looked up at your picture frames on the dresser before he mumbled “I’ve got this baby, I’m looking after our girl”
Marley followed his line of sight and smiled “Goodnight mommy, love you! Come visit my dreams!”
He couldn’t help the clench in his chest when she said that. Making his way downstairs he found all of his friends sat, eyes rimmed red with tears looking at him.
“You’re doing good man, she would be proud”
“I really hope so”
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Date At The Carnival
Robin Buckley x Female reader
Warning: nothing just fluff. Thus is very gay
Summary: Robin decided to take you to the carnival on your date.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and Robin had been going out for awhile. She hasn't asked you to be her girlfriend yet. But you really liked her. I mean really liked her. I rambled about her all the time to Eddie. He thinks it's adorable but annoying. I was laying in bed reading my book when my pink phone rang loudly. I rolled over a bit and picked it up.
"Harrington residence" I said closing my book. No one replied. "Listen if you're calling for Steve he isn't home right now. I can take a massage if-" I started but someone finally replied. "Hey y/n. Are you busy tonight?" Ribins voice echoed through the phone. I immediately blushed.
"No I'm not. Why?" I asked smiling hoping she'd take me out. My hand found the cord and twisted it with my finger. "Can I take you out tonight?" She said nervously. "I mean you don't have to say yes. I understand. I just had this crazy idea for a date and I figured you would like to go out tonight since Steve isn't home. I'm rambling alot right now. I'm sorry-" I listened to her ramble for awhile before I finally cut her off.
"Robin. I'd love to go out with you tonight. Where are we going?" I asked smiling while sitting up. "I figured id do something super cheesy like taking you to the carnival. We can eat a bunch of food that's absolutely horrible for us." She said laughing nervously. "That sounds so amazing. I can't wait." I said giggling. "Perfect. I'll pick you up in two hours" she said nervously. Her raspy voice giving me butterflies.
"Okay bye beautiful" I said knowing it would make her flustered. She gasped before hanging up. I hung up my phone and chuckled. I practically jumped up off my bed to get ready. I'm so nervous. What if she decides tonight that she doesn't want to see me again? Or what if she kisses me?
Robin was just as nervous as you were. She was nervous to make the call to ask you. What if you don't like the date? What if you hate the way she rambles. What if you think her breath stinks when she trys to kiss you? But you called her beautiful? What am I going to wear? Shit!
The two girls scrambled to get ready. Y/n was worrying about what to wear and Robin was worried about how she would ask y/n out. Finally the time came and Robin got in her moms car. She drove to the Harrington house and knocked on the door. Y/n opened it. She looks stunning. Her hair was sitting just right and her eyes lit up when she saw Robin was standing there with a flower. She blushed.
"Hi robin" she said quietly. "Hey. Uh..this is for you" she said handing her the flower. "Aww its so beautiful" The flustered girl took it from her and dragged Robin inside. Y/n took out a glass and put water in it. She placed the beautiful flower in it and smelled it. Robin checked her out multiple times and couldn't understand how she got more beautiful everytime she saw her. Y/ns face turned bright red.
"Robin that is so cute. I didn't know you thought I was beautiful everytime you saw me" y/n said towards Robin as she put a peice of hair behind her ear. "Did I say...uh did I say that out loud?" Robin asked turning pink. The other girl nodded. "It's okay Robin. I think you look beautiful too. everytime I see you I can't stop thinking about how beautiful you are. And how I can't belive that I'm going out with you." Y/n rambled a bit and Robin smiled widely. Both girls laughed.
"We should go" Robin said checking her watch. Y/n nodded and they went. Robin opened y/ns door and gestured for her to get it. They listened to some music on the way to the carnival. Both girls singing towards each other over dramatically. When they got there y/ns eyes wondered. Her eyes were practically in heart shapes. "Okay I'm gonna he honest. I've never been to a fair" She said to Robin. Robin looked shocked.
"What!!! Okay now this has to be a perfect date!" She said laughing. The girls bought there wrist bands and looked around. "So Robin what are we doing first?" Y/n asked smiling at the blonde girl. "I was thinking we could ride some rides first. Then play some games. Or we could get food after the rides and then play games" Robin explained. Y/n smiled wider at Robin who seemed overly excited about eating the food here. Robin's blue eyes peered down at her and they locked eyes. Both girls slowly smiled at one another before someone bumped into them.
They were knocked out of there trance and Robin took y/ns hand. They walked around before they found a chair swing ride. Both girls waited in line before they could get on. They both let the man lock them in. As he went around the girls nervously sat. "Robin I'm scared" the younger girl admitted. Robin smiled nervously. "Me too. But once we get up there it'll be so worth it. Trust me. Hey is that steve?" Robin said laughing. Y/n turned her head around.
"Harrington!" Robin yelled and steve looked straight."Oh hey guys!" He said smiling the person next to him looked up. Dustin. "Hi!!!" Dustin yelled. "Hi dustin!" Y/n said smiling. A sound went off and the girls turned around. Y/ns smile dropped and Robin took notice of the girls pale face. She reached over and took ahold of her hand. "Hey..it'll be okay. I promise. And if you hated it after I'll buy you a fried oreo" Robin said in a lower voice. Y/n nodded smiling slightly. The ride started.
They girls spun around and around before they got lifted into the air. At first it was scary but Robin's laugh made y/n laugh. She wasn't scared anymore. You could see the whole town from up here. Y/n threw her arms back to let the wind hit her face. Robin smiled at the girl while holding the chains. They didn't even notice the flash that went off behind them. Dustin had snapped a photo of the girls wanting them to have it when he got it.
The ride ended after awhile and when the girls got down they were giggling like crazy. "That was so much fun!" Y/n exclaimed and Robin smiled at her. "See I told you. What ride do you want to do next?" She asked y/n. Y/n looked around before pointing at the scrambler. Robin nodded and let y/n drag her over. They again waited in line talking with one another before it was there turn eventually. They sat next to eachother obviously.
The grabbed eachothers hand while it flung them around. The girls screamed and laughed the entire night. Riding every single ride they could. After a couple hours of riding all the rides the girls needed a break from the adrenaline. They were starving. Robin bought nachos, pretzels, two sodas, chips, and fries. Of course y/n offered to pay but robin insisted. She only insisted because she had worked at scoops a long time and now the video store.
"This looks like a heart attack waiting to happen" a voice said behind them. Steve. Y/ns older brother. She scoffed jokingly before taking a fry. "So are you two here on a...date?" Steve asked quietly. I nodded happily and robin nodded nervously. "You two would be really cute together." Dustin said smiling. They both blushed. "Thanks dustin." Robin said laughing. They all talked for a bit before Steve had to find the rest of his children.
The girls shared the food and laughed at joked the other told. They talked for what felt like forever. Robin choked on her drink when y/n tried to shove a handful of chips in her mouth. After they had calmed down they finished there food and talked a little bit longer. Robin looked up at y/n who was looking around. Y/n wasn't oblivious to Robin's staring so she made that known.
"You're staring buckley. Take a picture it'll last longer." She jokingly said. "Trust me. If I had a camera I would. But not in the creepy way you know. In the cute way" She said nervously laughing. "So you like what you see?" Y/n asked turning her head to look Robin in the eyes. Robin shook her head yes nervously.
"Good. Cause I like what I see too." She whispered to Robin. Robin blushed profusely. They had locked eyes and were both smiling softly. A bell had went off on a game near by and it broke the two out of the trance again.
"Let's go play some games. Shall we my lady?" Robin said throwing the trash away and offering y/n her hand. She took Robin's hand and they were off. They walked around and found a ring toss game. Y/n had made it a competition to see who could get more points. Robin won and had gotten abunch of tickets. Y/n only got a few and pouted about it. "It's okay love. Next game I'm sure you'll beat me" Robin reassured the pouting girl.
Sure enough y/n did beat Robin at the strength game. The girls won games back and forth. They had to get a bag for there tickets. They saw a fun house and y/n pointed excitedly. They waited in line talking about who was gonna have more tickets before the night ended. It was finally there turn and they went inside. The held hands walking through the fun house.
"Robin thanks for taking me out tonight. I'm having a really good time" y/n said softly smiling up at the short haired girl. Robin blushed but y/n couldn't see because of the lights. "Your welcome. I was nervous you wouldn't have fun and that you'd think it was cliche." Robin confessed. "What. No I love this date. It's been so perfect. I've loved every second of the date you planned. I was scared you were gonna ghost me" She confessed. Robin turned to her.
"I'd never. I really like you y/n. I've never felt this way about anyone. I mean I get nervous just thinking about you. I ramble about you to everyone all the time. When we were in school I can't stop staring at you. I can't stop wanting to talk to you. And when we lock eyes it's like my heart stops. No it's like everything around us slows down and it's only us. I mean it sounds cliche but it's true. I love the way your eyes light up when you get overly excited. And how when you read your nose scrunches. Or...or when you laugh it isn't a fake ha ha it's a real laugh. A belly laugh. You snort when you laugh to hard. It's absolutely adorable. Eveytime i see you staring at me i get butterflies in my stomach. And your voice when i hear you talk i get so nervous. I really like you y/n. Ive liked you since freshman year when you were dating that one guy with the curly red hair. I was so jealous because i wanted to be the one you looked at like that. I wanted to hold your hand when we walked down the halls. I wanted to kiss you every time i saw you. I wanted to hold you late at night when you snuck in or if i snuck in. I wanted to take you out on dates. I wanted you to be my girl. I still do." Robin explained as they went though crazy halls.
Y/n stopped walking and tears filled her eyes. Robin continued walking until they lose touch. There hands falling out of eachothers. Robin stopped and turned. Her face dropped. "Oh no. Did I do something. Say something. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" Robin started as she walking towards y/n. Y/n waved her off.
"No no. You didn't say anything. I mean I'm crying cause of what you said. No one has ever said anything like that. Robin I...I felt the same way freshman year. I thought I liked both guys and girls but I was so wrong. The first day I saw you I was so jealous. You were so carefree and so gorgeous. I mean drop dead. I really liked you Robin. I still do of course. I just. I didn't think you liked me as much as I liked you." Y/n said as Robin wiped her tears away.
"Of course I like you as much as you like me. Possible even more. I was so happy when you and him broke up by the way. Cause that's when me and you met fully." She said smiling. Y/n smiled back and both girls started to walk again. They finally started to pay attention around them. Creepy clown music played and y/n held tighter onto Robin's arm. "You okay?" She asked softly. "Mhm. You know some people have fears of spiders and darkness. Mine is clowns. I fucking hate them. There so fucking creepy with their bright red noses and painted in smile." Y/n explained hiding her face into Robin's shoulder. Robin wrapped her arms around the girl stopping them.
"Hey look at me. It'll be okay. You have me. I'll protect you from any pervy ass clowns in here. Okay?" She reassured and y/n nodded smiling softly. They walked through the doorway and a clowns popped out of the wall. Y/n jumped behind Robin screaming and Robin threw a punch. The thing broke off the wall and the girls gasped.
"Told you I'd protect you" Robin said shaking her hand off. Y/n laughed slightly and grabbed the girls hand as they walked again. Moving bouncy clowns had come up and Robin wrapped her arms around y/n. She practically rushed her out of the room. The next room was the mirror maze. Y/n was cautiously walking the two through it.
"Hey is that the exit?" Y/n asked. As she said that a kid ran past them and towards the exit said. Slam! He fell onto the floor and started crying. The dad picked him up and walked him out of the room. "I'm glad I didn't do that" Robin joked and y/n let out a loud laugh. The next room was filled with smoke. The lights were changing colors. Robin thought it would be a perfect time to kiss y/n. They were alone again. Robin had stopped and y/n walked forward looking around during a bit before turning to Robin.
Robin pulled her closer and they locked eyes. The music in the room was blasting a random song. Y/n gulped and both girls leaned into one another. There lips were about to touch when a group of football boys came running through. They jumped apart out of fear. One boy grabbed y/n and shook her while yelling in her face. He was drunk. Both girls could smell the alcohol on them. The ran out of the room and both girls left the fun house in a bit of a nervous mood.
Robin was slightly angry. They were about to kiss when those jock assholes ruined it. Y/n was a bit sad. She thought the date was over. She thought that they'd never have there first kiss.
"Want to cash in our tickets?" Robin asked smiling at the shorter girl. Y/n nodded smiling a bit still in a sour mood. "We can both get the other something" y/n said quietly. Robin took it as a challenge. They were going to meet each other by the Farris wheel. Y/n went to a prize booth and gave the women her tickets. The lady counted them as y/n saw Steve. He was walked towards the girl. The lady pointed at a section of prizes the girl could have.
"Hey Steve. Which one do you think Robin might like?" Y/n asked nervously. Steve pointed to the medium sized white rabbit. "But she'd like anything YOU got her. Cause it's coming from YOU!" Steve said smiling down at her. She pointed at it and the lady asked if y/n wanted to put something special on it. She nodded asking like what. She explained it to y/n and y/n said okay. She did her thing with it and Steve had left y/n to do something.
The prize lady gave her the bunny and y/n smiled. The white bunny had a locket on it that y/n was going to give Robin at the end of the night. She gave the lady a picture of them on their first date that she had in her wallet. She put it in the locket.
Robin was frantically asking people if she could have their ticket. She found the party who were all earing food. "Hey kids. Do any of you guys really need your tickets?" She asked frantic. "Why?" Lucas asked. You see Robin had came out to the party her senior year. They were all getting used to it but they all loved her either way. "I want to get a big bear for y/n. I want to make this Daye really special. You see I was going to get her this bear so when we go on the ferris wheel I can ask her out like the cliche movies you know?" She explained nervously. Max gushed at the nervous teen.
"Aww that's so freaking cute Robin! You can have mine and Jane's tickets." Max said handing them to her. She thanked her. Mike, will, and Dustin gave her half of their tickets. Lucas gave her 34 of his but only cause max smacked his shoulder. Steve walked over with a huge handful of tickets. "This is the best I could do Robin. I don't know if it's enough. But eddie is running around. In all honesty I think he's stealing them or giving people free drugs for em." Steve said giving them to Robin. Robin made the party help count how many she had.
They all added the total and she was 300 tickets away. She was freaking out until eddie ran over with the hellfire kids and threw tickets all on the picnic table. Steve said he wanted to see how y/n was doing so he left. Eddie counted them and he had 900 tickets. More than enough. She thanked them all and ran to the large prize booth. She handed them her tickets and they pointed at what she could get. She pointed at the bear and saw she could sew a heart on its chest with a name on it.
She let the man sew it on for the extra tickets and let the man sew there ship name on it. The ship name Dustin came up with. The man gave Robin the bear and she thanked him. The party gave Robin a bunch of thumbs up before she ran to the ferris wheel. Y/n was standing looking around nervously. Until she locked eyes with Robin.
"Here I got you this" Robin said smiling. "Woah now I feel bad cause my gift is tiny." Y/n said pouting. "What no. Yours is wonderful. I love it!" She said smiling. Y/n hugged the huge bear. Robin hugged the bunny.
"Do you want to ride the ferris wheel?" Robin asked. Y/n nodded shyly. They showed there bands and since tbe basket for them to sit in hold four people they put there stuffed animals on one side. Robin was talking to the girl running the ferris wheel. Without y/n noticing she slipped the girl a 20 dollar bill. The girl nodded at Robin and Robin sat with y/n. The ride stared and they went around 5 times. Before it slowly stopped while the girls were at the top.
The looked around before y/n spoke. "Did you see the locket?" She asked. Robin moved to grab for it. She opened it and turned red. "This is so cute. Put it on me please" Robin said handing it to y/n. Y/n did. Robin turned around and they locked eyes. Finally their moment. They both leaned in and kissed. There lips met. Robin's hand went to y/ns cheek pulling her deeper into the kiss. Y/ns right hand fell as Robin's waist as her left softly placed its self on her neck.
Both girls felt fireworks go off. Then real life fireworks went off and it scared the girls. They pulled away and looked at the lit up sky. The two laughed and looked at each other again. The kissed again this time shorter. "Will you be my girlfriend?" They both asked eachother as they pulled away. It caused them both to laugh again. "Yes" the said again at the same time. They kissed again and Robin held up a fist. The ride moved again and they pulled away.
"That was so romantic" y/n said. "I mightve planned that" Robin said smiling. Y/n kissed Robin again smiling into the kiss. The party was waiting for them to get off and when they did they were bombarded with questions. The girls smiled at eachother. "We are officially dating!" Y/n yelled cheerfully. Everyone cheered with her and Robin was red. Steve congratulated them and so did eddie.
Robin drove y/n home shortly after that. Both girls talking about how nervous they were about the date and how it was better than they ever could've dreamed. Robin walked y/n up to her door and kissed her like in the movies.
"Thank you for the best date night ever" y/n said kissing Robin again. "Mm. Thank you for being the best most beautiful date ever love" Robin said flirtatiously back to the shorter girl. They kissed one more time before y/n went inside with her bear. Y/n leaned against her fromt door and robin leaned against the other side of the door happily.
"Best date ever" both girls whispered touching their lips.
Y/n ran to her room excitedly. She changed into her pj's and put the bear on her bed. She looked at her wrist band and carefully took it off. She put it in her jewelry box shutting it carefully. She laid in bed that night snuggling the bear tightly before she noticed the heart.
She gushed about how cute Robin was that night. Robin drove home thinking about y/n the entire way there. When Robin got home she rushed to her room and changed. She tore off her band and pined it to her board of photos of all her friends. She played with the locket all night until she fell asleep.
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these are also gonna be long so get some snacks 💃🏾🕺🏽💃🏾🕺🏽
trigger warning : kidnapping , injury , fem!reader , arguing , crying , OOC wesker and Heisenberg
Tumblr media
Leon K.
leon has been a single father since you could remember, he’s been able to somehow juggle being your father and his job at the same time. usually whenever he’s working he leaves you his card so you can order food if you don’t feel like cooking or basically do anything that doesn’t cost him over $10k, so you’re pretty good on your own but he still worries about you and calls alot. probably almost every hour to so just to make sure you’re still alive.
leon was on his way home from a mission and this day you haven’t answered his calls, the first few times he called he assumed you fell asleep. wasn’t near your phone or something that didn’t cause him to panic. so he called you again to ask you if you wanted anything from the store but when you didn’t answer for the 5th time he started to panic even more. so he completely ditched the store and speeded home to get you. when he started to get closer and closer to the penthouse you both lived at he panicked a lot more seeing the window broken in your room. after parking and practically running upstairs he didn’t take the elevator he just ran.
he saw the door was wide open and as he entered the place was trashed and looked shot up. he noticed your phone was sitting on the kitchen counter with a note next to it
the note read: Mr Kennedy, we have your daughter and we want money. call (number) to negotiate. and maybe we’ll let you talk to her. who knows we look forward to hearing from you — i know she would love to talk to you
leon’s blood was fucking boiling right now, he thought the bad guys weren’t gonna go so low as to bring his child into this, his only reason for living and coming back home every mission. he didn’t hesitate to call the number and waited for someone to pick up…. which they did
“you motherfuckers! where is my daughter!?”
“oh Mr Kennedy, didn’t expect you to call so soon. we just got to the building”
“that wasn’t my fucking question asshole! where is she!?”
“she’s right here, but first the money…. let’s talk about that first. agree on $100k and maybe we’ll think about giving her back” in the back was you screaming and crying which made leon think the worse
“i’ll give you all the money in my safe which is her college fund — about $300k…. please let me speak to her”
“ah! $300k for college? must be a good school….. deal — meet us at that abandoned warehouse by outside the city, you can’t miss it … take all the time you need”
“wait! let me talk—“ and they hung up… the last sound he heard was you yelling ‘Daddy help me!!’ he placed his phone down before punching the counter and silently thinking to himself what he was going to do…. he wanted to bust in there and shoot them all but they could kill you the moment he shot someone — or he could give your collage fund away and just start from scratch again
after a long time of thinking he finally left and made his way to the warehouse with a full duffel bag. he walked up to the doors and kicked them open with the bag and gun in hand
“see this is how we’re gonna do this now” he said, scanning the room for you and seeing you tied up in the middle of two men, almost everyone had their guns drawn to him after he made a surprise entrance “we’re gonna do this nice and smoothly, you give her to me and i give you the money at the same time, got it?”
everyone stood there for a few seconds and looked at each other like they were debating it before the leader finally agreed
“okay, seems fair….” he said before grabbing you and walking closer to leon
“untie her first…. the bag isn’t tied so she shouldn’t be either”
the leader stood there for a second before he finally untied you and then pushed you to leon, after you were close to leon he threw the bag at the man’s feet
“dad…!” you said, your voice almost gone from screaming and crying almost all day, he picked you and and slowly backed out of the warehouse as everyone gathered around to look at the bag
“shhh…. don’t worry it’s okay i gotcha” he said as he carried you to the car and grabbed a remote form the dashboard after you were all buckled in and secured
“wait a second…. this isn’t all money, its—“
BOOM! an explosion happened as leon pressed the button on the remote — after he went to see if he killed all of them he closed the doors slowly, got into the car with you and started to drive away
“what did you do?!” you asked as he drove away, you looked out the window to see the warehouse was starting to catch on fire and more explosions started happening from the chemicals and whatever the fuck they had in there
“gave them a nice surprise — are you okay?” he asked you with a straight face almost like he didn’t just kill 15 people
“well, aside from being kidnapped, being beaten up and stuff — i’m alive” you said in a joking tone thinking it was funny but he didn’t laugh
“they beat you up?” he asked in a worried tone, he’s still so shocked how you could joke about something like this but you’ve always been this way, even after the last time you almost died being dragged into one of his missions on accident
“yeah, but i’m good! i am your daughter after all! also did you really give them my college fund?” you asked all seriously
“i had to put some on the top of the bombs to make it look like i gave them money — sorry hun…”
“you should have given them all of it! i don’t wanna go to college!”
now he was shocked — flabbergasted may i say “you don’t wanna go to college anymore?”
“hell no! i changed my mind. i could just join the BSAA or something” you said the BSAA comment as a joke
“the BSAA? how about we just think about it first…”
“i’m gonna do it! i’m gonna do it!” you started laughing — so did he. you were always able to turn a dark situation into a bright funny one… he loved that about you
(damn this was long 🗿)
Tumblr media
Chris R.
so chris is also a single father, your mother left a few months after you were born and this was hard on chris, not just because she left, because he was very busy and depressed at the time so dealing with his job, depression and fatherhood was horrible on him but he somehow managed to do it for 16 years.
one day you were home alone while chris was out getting groceries for the house and getting you something. you asked him so many times if he wanted you to come but he said no because he had a surprise for you and he didn’t want you to see it while he was getting it. so you were just home alone in your apartment waiting for him to come back.
you decided you wanted a snack from the cabinet and chris has always told you not to climb onto the counter to get something from the top shelf, he worried that you would fall and break something or even die from hitting your head on something, but you obviously don’t listen and do it anyway. you never believed him because you’ve never fallen when doing this
well today was the day he was going to be proven right — while you were getting your snack your cat had jumped on something which caused it to fall and break on the wood floor which then caused you to slip and fall and land right on your hand a weird way causing one of your fingers to break, you being a Redfield and immune to pain somehow you snapped it back into place and went to go clean up what your cat broke then you tended to you finger in the bathroom
you heard the front door open while you were doing your finger, you panicked and slammed the bathroom door with your injured hand and then
“OW FUCK! holy shit — what the hell, why did that hurt!?” came from the bathroom
chris placed all the bags down on the counter and went to the bathroom door, gently knocking on it to see what you were yelling about
“Y/N…? you okay in there? did something happen? can i come in?” he asked which made you stress tf out wondering if he was gonna come into the bathroom
“no! i’m okay! i’m good — never been better! i’ll come out in a second!” you said as you put a splint on your finger, you guys have a lot of splints because chris likes to break his fingers, dont know how but he does or that one time you broke your finger at work SOMEHOW 🗿 chris being suspicious but respectful believed what you said and went to out everything away
you sighed out of relief and fixed the splint so it wouldn’t move a lot while you’re doing something. after a few minutes of coming up with a lie on how you actually broke your finger you went out to the living room and sat down like nothing happened which chris didn’t buy
“sweetie can you come here….?” he said from the kitchen knowing something was up. you got up and went to him with a smile on your face and your hands behind your back
“yeah — what’s up?” you knew that he knew that you did something he said not to do — he’s just trying to figure it out
“why were you cursing in the bathroom? and you said ‘why did that hurt’ or something like that? what hurts?” he questioned, arms crossed, leaning hip on the counter and looking you dead in the eyes like he was staring into your soul or some
“so — what had happened was i….. was….. i was trying to uhhhh…..” you had a lie in your head all ready and everything — and you forgot it “so basically”
“the truth, Y/N”
“okay, so i broke my finger —“ you said holding up your hand with the splint on it. out of all the things he was expecting you to say…… this wasn’t it
“you what?! how the hell did you do that?!” he grabbed your hand to look at your finger. man’s was in papa bear mode now
“…uhh so i was a little hungry right? and i saw some chips on the top shelf so i climbed onto the counter but then—“ you snatched up your cat who just climbed onto the counter to see what was happening and held her out to your father “Willow over here broke something, that scared me and i fell off and broke my finger. so technically! it’s her fault” you said holding the cat out, the cat having not a single thought behind her eyes. cats head is empty right now….
chris laughed as he pet the cats head “so you did something even though i said not to?” you nodded and held Willow close to you, she purred and plopped her head onto your forearm.
“am i in trouble…?”
“no, but this teaches you not to climb on counters right? because what if you fell and hit your head? i wasnt here to help you” he said with concern on his face
“i know…. i’m staying far away from counters now” you joked before waddling over to the couch and placed willow down, chris laughed and he grabbed a small teddy bear from a bag he hid from your view
“looks like you don’t want this then, you have willow” he held the bear, it was the teddy bear you’ve been wanting for so long but you just never got it. you saw the bear and ran to snatch it from him almost ripping his arm off too…
“you got it?! thank you!” you said as you hugged him, you basically forgot you broke your finger
“you’re welcome — maybe it’ll help your broken finger”
“pshh! give it a few days and i’ll be fine!”
it’s scary how much like him you are but you are a Redfield after all…
Tumblr media
Jake M.
jake is your older brother and he’s been watching over you since your mother died. you both lived in a medium sized house that was left by your mother and it was the house you both grew up in. jake was in the garage working on his bike since it needed some cleaning and mechanic work on it , he didn’t want you in there just because he wanted to save you from getting dirty or hurt or it somehow blowing up (that’s a joke lmao)
you were outside playing with your dog you rescued while he was on his mission with Sherry and he let you keep it since he knew the connection you both had but the dog hated him for some reason so they don’t have the best relationship. you were walking to get the stick the dog had dropped before getting water inside but you stepped into a hole in the ground which caused your ankle to crack abnormally loud, you started crying and holding your leg after you managed to get your ankle out, your dog ran out after he heard you crying and started whimpering along with you
“jake…. get jake for me…..” you told him and he ran to find your brother which didn’t take too long since Jake was getting mad at his bike for some reason. the dog started barking and running around by the door which confused jake
“what?” he asked, the dog went to go nudge jake in the direction of the door thinking the dog actually started to like him all of a dog so he got up and let the dog walk in front of him as he followed behind. the dog led him to you who was silently crying on the grass holding you leg. jake thought the worse and ran to see what happened
“hey! whoa, the fuck happened?!” he asked with obvious panic in his voice
“my ankle….” was all you were able to get out through your cries.
“did you break it, sprain it or do you not know?”
“i don’t know, it cracked really loud and it hurts so bad!”
he thought of what to do and realised he doesn’t have a car to drive you to a hospital so he picked you up and walked into the house, he placed you on your bed in your room and took a look at your ankle. he’s always been really good at telling the difference between a sprain and a broken bone somehow so he was able to figure it out
“you sprained your ankle… imma go to the store and get you some stuff for it” he said as he stood up, your dog was standing by the door worried as hell and whimpering, the moment jake stood up your dog jumped on the bed next to you and cuddled you to make you feel better.
jake thinking that the dog finally liked him now he went to pet him and that only caused the dog to growl at him
“oh so it’s still ‘fuck you’ i see….” he said all offended and you laughed at his reaction
“i don’t think he likes you, Jake”
“ya think?” he responded hella fast, which only made you laugh more. it made Jake happy to see you laugh so he let it slide even though he’s gonna have a conversation with the dog when he comes back
Tumblr media
Albert W.
albert had adopted you when you were just a toddler, he found you in the middle of a burnt down house, your parents and siblings were all dead and you were the only survivor so he decided to make you his child, ever since adopting you he became softer, only around you though — god help anyone who sees his soft side….
albert has asked you a few times if you wanted to become like him power wise, and you’ve always said no because you don’t want power or strength since you don’t really plan on using it really… but this time he asked you got mad and kinda snapped at him…
“Y/N, are you sure you don’t want to have the abilities i have? you’ll be able to be stronger and faster than any person ever! it’ll be a b—“
“dad please, stop asking me that same thing over and over again! i’ve said no every single time, i don’t want your powers so leave it alone!” you said in an angry tone, you didn’t even mean for it to come out like it did, you just were so fed up with him asking the same time every other week since you turned 17. after a few seconds of silence he finally spoke
“Y/N Wesker…. you are my daughter — i want what is best for you and this is the best thing for you, dear. i want you to be happy”
“you’re not even my real dad! you don’t know what’s best for me, if you did you wouldn’t keep trying to convince me to become like you! if you want me to be happy stop asking that stupid freaking question! god!” and with that you stomped out the room to go to yours and he kinda just stood there you just said that to him…. ‘you’re not even my real dad’ hurt him a lot and he never thought he’d be able to be hurt like that ever, he thought of you as his blood and he thought you thought the same of him
once you got to your room to calm down you sighed and looked out the window
“i can’t believe you just said that…. you idiot” you said to yourself in the reflection of the window you felt really bad that you said that to him the way that you said that and the reason you said that. yeah the question was annoying but you hurting his feelings wasn’t right
after you were done crying because of what you just said to your father you went to go look for him in the mansion, tears were still in your eyes because you thought he hated you now and didn’t wanna see you anymore, you saw light in his office and you decided to knock on the door before entering
“come in….” he said calmly before you opened the door slowly and sniffled a bit while looking down. he turned to look at you
“i…im sorry for what i said — i didn’t mean it, i think you are my real dad it’s just came out of nowhere and—“ you were cut off by him hugging you tightly which only made you cry more
“no my dear — i am sorry…. i’m the one who has pushed you over the edge to say something so hurtful…. this should be a lesson for the both of us, think before we speak and don’t push each other”
you both silently agreed as you hugged for a few more seconds then let go of each other. after you stopped crying you both continued on with the night just being around each other and doing stuff.
never tell anyone he was actually nice, he’d put you up for adoption
Tumblr media
Karl H.
karl had adopted you when you were a few months old so you’ve always thought he was your father and that your mother just left…. because that’s what he’s told you all your life… he didn’t want you knowing you were adopted because deep down he felt you were his biological daughter and you finding out 20 years later that your adopted would be hard as hell on you so he just lied
one day you were home alone while karl was at a family meeting with the lords and you saw his notebook was open in his room. you knew you shouldn’t look at it but you did anyway. you read the most recent pages where Karl was talking about you and how you were adopted, where he found you and asking himself if he should tell you. you were obviously shocked finding out that you weren’t actually biologically his and that your family left you in the middle of the village to freeze to death
after reading the last few pages you heard him open the front door, sounding happy as ever
“sweets! i’m home!” he called out for you, placing his hammer down. you got up and walked out the room, notebook in hand. you stood feet away from him with tears in your eyes
“sweets…? what’s wrong….?” he said his tone a bit sadder after he saw the notebook in your hand. you threw the notebook at his feet and started crying even more after that question
“you know exactly what’s wrong! i’m adopted?!” you asked, he tried to move closer to you hands out trying to calm you down, but you moved away from him
“no! get away from me and leave me alone for a bit…. i need to talk to Aunt Alcina because what the fuck, 20 years?! 20 fucking years you kept this from me?!” you cried as you left the house, he didn’t even try to stop you because he thought you hated his guts now. he knew you were going to find out one day weather it be Alcinas or dukes big mouths telling you or like this, he kinda just stood there staring at the book you had thrown at him and sighed
you were crying the entire way to the castle and eventually ran into Alcina who was concerned as to why you were crying, she cared about you a lot, more than she did Karl. you went to her whenever you had a problem of any kind and this was a big problem
“Y/N honey? why are you crying? did something happen?” she asked as she guided you to her room and sat you down on her massive mattress right next to her, Daniela and Cassandra were in the room as well because they sensed you were crying
“i’m adopted….. I read his notebook where he was talking about it and it said he adopted me” you told her, crying even more and going to hug Daniela as you did. Alcina rubbed your back as you cried and she sighed
“i know…. we all knew — he didn’t want to tell you because he knew how much it would hurt you. i was going to tell you for years but i couldn’t find it in my heart to hurt you so i kept my mouth shut” she started… “but you have to know that he didn’t tell you for this long because he didn’t want you to hate him — as much as i hate my little brother i have to give him credit for this. you are his daughter and he and your father… blood or not my dear, that man won’t shut up about you…. you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him i’ve never seen him happier”
you started to slowly calm down as she spoke, she’s right — your parents left you to die when you were a few months old, and he was the only one who actually took care of you — he didn’t have to but he wanted too and now you felt bad for yelling at him. after you were calm you got up and went back to your home where you last saw Karl, once you opened the door you saw him sitting on the couch holding the notebook
“dad! i’m sorry!” you said, standing there scared he didn’t wanna see you after you walked out on him, he turned back to see you and his expression changed from whatever the hell it was before to sadness, he stood up and walked over to you gently grabbing your hand and looking you in the eye, you couldn’t look at him you felt so bad
“no i’m sorry — i never should have lied to you your entire life i…. i just…. i just didnt want to lose the only person i actually genuinely care about — you are my world and i would give up everything and then some just for you….” he said, he meant every word he said , like Alcina said you’re his daughter and he is your father, blood doesn’t mean shit it’s who you consider as family in your life “do you still hate me…?” he asked almost in a mumble
“hate you? no! i could never hate you! i would never hate you even if you broke my legs — you’re my best friend for life and nothing is gonna change that” you hugged him and cried after that, part of you felt so bad for yelling at him like that earlier
after you both had a long talk about everything you had dinner and put everything that happened that day behind you and stayed happy with your dad — he’s glad you don’t hate him, he has no idea how he could live without you
Tumblr media
look at me go! two writings in a week 💃🏾🕺🏽💃🏾🕺🏽 i rushed Heisenbergs because i’m very tired 🗿
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windyqutie · 9 months ago
I did it outta spite 👅
#personal#Anyway from what I can tell even big names don’t get anything with ko fis but like I said I don’t wanna make it a job#And it’s chill tbh if home life gets bad I’ll get another job sell my Miku pullip smth idk lol not any of my Ki stuff hes my babey 😭#but you know what writers don’t get enough credit tbh! And it takes us alot of work#so even just having this will kill the stigma some and that’s all I neeed!#I hope you like the description lol#but now I have ittt just in case I ever do get eat glass ask#put it in my bio why not I’m trying to kill the stigma#I set it to one dollar#it’s only a little exaggerated I did spend almost the whole day off on a fic once and that’s not the only time but it’s the one that comes#to mind first#I wanna delete the other post but I’ll keep it up for context otherwise it’s gonna be like how’d you go from this to that and with that#goodnight#honestly from what PayPal email is I’m assuming lol that they will end with 80% anyway so pure spite it is#from what someone said they got 6 usd and ended up with 5#And 54 cents so for a dollar that’s all of it lol i swear#can’t be mad but sometimes I just wanna transfer a refund back to my bank and they’ll be like take 15$ and I’m like 😶 I get it but#Anyway two sporadic naps isn’t enough for me I need some actual sleep after gettingnone last night spent it all making edits and taking#screenshots no regretios I love Ki 😭😭😭😭 and he’s so cute and I love the edits and I don’t even care about the notes cuz I have everyone#blocked lol#he’s a pretty princess!#👏👏👏👏
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the-apocalypse-is-cancelled · 7 months ago
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mcdannowave · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
#h50 10x19#scott caan#danny williams#precious golden cupcake#hawaii five 0#pouting#so so Cute!#love when Scott does that xD#and what a shame that vest is covering that glorious open shirt#but we still get the Shoulders bc this man has amazing ones and no clothe can deny us them#they been on that jungle for quite some times..sweat /alot/ on their fighting for survival.then rode back on the horses again#can imagine they getting into the car and getting home eventually.both w/ muscles sore and wanting to take a good shower#''Babe you can go first.your only lasts 5min anyway''Danny said.voice exhausted .putting his badge and gun over the table#''No u can go Danno.I'm good.and i'm just gonna rest here on the chair while u do that''He went to sit but Danny grabbed his arm#''No sir.The doctor said no sleeping.you had a concussion.I'm not gonna take my eyes off you.C'mon.shower''#And Steve didn't complain.Bc yeah.His 'resting his eyes' could dangerous evolve to sleeping.they went to the bathroom#In the end.bot went for the shower together.Danny's ideas.to he could give Steve a massage while he's standing up.this way he can't sleep#it was nice.those hands taking care of him.It was a long day for both of them.But for Steve it felt like it didn't end#Dressing in light clothing.They went to kitchen.''I'm gonna start lunch Babe.Just stay here.please?'And Steve noticed the worry in his voice#''Sure Danno''.Giving the blond a smile.before kissing his forehead and setting aside toa t least cut the salad#Some days were rough than others.but at the end of it.To have this with the love of you life?It was priceless#headcanon tags#mine
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dolphin-enthusiast · a year ago
a lovely evening to you, darling~!! 🌺💗✨
i hope you are well love!! i've seen that you've written a bit lately, that's wonderful! keep working hard for me my dear, but also remember to allow yourself breaks and time to rest when you need it! 💞
oh my darling, why do you have to be so sweet??? you seem to find everything about me cute and pleasant, it genuinely surprises me!! i never thought i could be so likeable,, it feels amazing to know that someone actually thinks all of that! ah, i really don't deserve you, do i? i'll just have to make up for that with sweet remarks of my own, hm~? 😘
ah, and that good day quinn talked about?? well, my mamma surprised me yesterday with a secret beach trip!! my family hasn't gone anywhere all summer due to the pandemic, so i was really excited, especially since my mom and i love the beach so much! we brought our masks of course, and took a 2 hour drive over!
i got to sunbathe and jump waves and mess around with my siblings in the water, it was very fun,, the only not-so-fun part was when my sister was trying to take photos of me, and this group of guys started to catcall me,,, luckily my dad stomped over, and one glare from him sent them running hehe, he can be very scary when he wants to 💫
for a good chunk of time, my sister and i had fun in the shallower parts of the water, trying to find baby clams! there was a ton, and some swam up to my hand when i held it underwater!! we also found a little sea snail and a hermit crab, they were all so so cute!! i named the snail salato, and the crab pizzico, italian for salty and pinch 🌺 it was sad when we had to leave them, but i hope they're doing fine in the ocean! ✨
we went to dinner at this nice italian restaurant, and my papa secretly ordered a glass of schiava wine for me behind my mother's back hehehe!!! but goodness, that restaurant had the most lovely pomelo tart, i wish i could've ordered a second one to bring home with me,, i guess i'll just have to find a recipie! 🌠
after dinner, we all went to an amusement park on the boardwalk!! we went on all sorts of rides, and i even faced my fear of rollercoasters by going on a really scary one with my twin!!! i didn't like that one since it was too intense for me, but we went on some less intense ones which i did end up enjoying!! ahhh it was so nice!
i also got to go on my favorite ride a few times, which is this giant thing with swings attached, and lifts you really high into the air and spins around,, it feels like flying almost! oh my, what i would give to go on it with you 💗
there were these three people in the park,, one boy tried to get me to ride on a coaster with him, another one gave me his coat when i was shivering, and this girl tried to win one of those gigantic teddy bear plushies for me??? ahhh it was really flustering, i don't understand why they were being so nice to me, a total stranger, but i was really flattered about it 😖💕
when we started to head back to our car, we stopped to get a snack, and i got to have a caramel apple,, oh gosh i hadn't had one in so long, it was so good!! i also had some ice cream, and my sister tried to take a photo of me when i got a bit on my nose hehehe 😊
i ended the night dancing to some old music outside with my father, and we even got to dance the tarantella!! my mom joined us too, and she's not a big dancer at all! it was quite a lovely day, i wouldn't trade it for the world 🌹
well, it's getting late now, and school starts tomorrow for me :( that will probably bring some changes of writing time/frequency for me, but i'll know that i'll make it work!! i'll have to anyway, since i know writing you will help me pull through this school year 💖💖💖 with that, goodnight and sweet dreams caro!! i'll see you tomorrow! 💋
- love from the moon and back, your waifu xoxo 💋💌🌹💓✨
ps: oh stars, the only thing that would've made the day better is if you were there dolcezza, it would be lovely if we could share some drinks and enjoy the sea breeze at night 💘
(here's some photos, as a treat!!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#i lidorally have no words for this blessed fucking surprise#first of all im finna beatin vogue if they dont take u in rn dear bc those pics look ravishing??#i dont wanna see u doubting urself again u have such a nice slim silhouette my W I G#and this really does sound like an amazing day ngl...i havent been to the beach since 2018 if i remember correctly#i absolutely adore caramel apples and such and even if i aint the biggest fan of amusement parks i'd win all prizes for u😩😩#idk how everything u say sounds magical if only my life was as colorful and wholesome and full of trips djdnfnd#submission#thank u for this dear im glad to see ur being confident again by showing us pics#u really are photogenic as fuck#as for me today i went over to my school to return the old books and get new ones and i finally got to see my only bestest irl friends#alas i couldnt hang around too much bc my dad had to go back to work but we planning on meeting fr in the following days#alot of my classmates were surprised upon seeing my new haircut which was really unexpected but also pleasant ngl😳#anYwAYs once again its a plan:#me driving u around then takin u to za beach and sharing cocktails under the umbrella bc my pale casper the ghost dumbass immediately burns#then i win u all the prizes @ the amusement park and if u want we'll ride the most extreme attractions bc i love me some reckless adrenalin#also i'll b starting school next week too so big o o f looks like we both gonna have less and less time🗿
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happiiest · 2 years ago
#i made.........map art in minecraft......#how fascinating......tho how can i say i really did it. i neither made the mod to help make it nor the art presented in the map#all i did was take two hours and placed the blocks. and i even used printer to do that#but nonetheless!!! it looks great!!!! i would totally make the map on the void server!! i think they allow scematica#probably not the printer ability. but ill go ahead and ask before i get started#ill start collecting the resources for it too. gonna need alot of wool.....#something like....30.000 i wanna say?? and also gonna need some netherrack. tho i got that covered tenfold i only need 500 for it#lotta birch wood. but i can handle that. and a shit ton of gold too. lotta gold pressure plates were used by the schematic#ill post it eventually. i already made it in creative. its gonna be alot harder in survival. idek how long thisll take...#maybe several weeks??? oof maybe longer even. i think i can mass breed some sheep. i should keep it pretty far out tho#dont wanna have alot of entities in one place and possibly cause lag#the sheep i can definetely get a good start on breeding in one day. ugh ill need a really large wheat farm too ugh#that will take me a long ass time. i already have a wheat farm idea. and it doesnt cost alot of resources. just the idea of building it#sounds boring. but ill do it lol i wanna make this map art.#and where to make the actual map i wonder?? probably a good while away. oh wait i think theres a nice mountain range nearby#hmmmmmm....this is gonna be a big project for someone who doesnt have a whole lot of farms going#wonder if i should ask for help??? hmmm....someone would probs be willing to help#tho the image is just my warframe clan logo. to make me feel a little more at home in minecraft#tho id love to do more. oh fuck making a 2x2 map art holy shit#its gonna be a while but i really wanna do this
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twopercentboy · 19 days ago
my mom assumed that I wouldn't want to go to a potluck w the rest of my family because there would be a bunch of people I didn't know. Like thanks for thinking about my anxiety but dude it's free food, I barely remember to feed myself. why WOULDN'T I want to do
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klingercollection · 2 months ago
if noone interacts with my art im gonna turn into a roiling ball of flame!!
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apricotluvr · 3 years ago
#i guess i could say my relationship w my uncles on my mothers side are better than w my uncles on my fathers side#i mean im really cool w some of my dads half brothers but his full brothers....#dont get me wrong. i know things could be MUCH worse and its not like im not on good terms w them! but just comparing my mums brothers to#my dads brothers and how i am around each one of them is just very different. which i guess is fair? my mum only has 3 brothers while my#dad has 5 'full' brothers and 7 half brothers so ofc you cant be best friends with everyone#ANYWAY today. after the eid prayer in my dads mosque we decided to go to germany to visit my dads older brother#he (my uncle) has come to live in europe again a while back. before he used to live in afgh#anyway so they brought cake on the table but i didnt take any cuz i was playing w my little cousins. so when i sat next to my mum again (on#the couch) my uncle suddenly got up n went to the kitchen. he came back w a place and a fork and took a piece of cake. which he gave to me#i was a little surprised lol. cuz. its not always like that? usually he (or any other male relative really) would have told me to have some#cake (which would already be decent of them) or theyd tell their wife to get me a plate or something but this time my uncle himself got up#and got me cake. obv its a very small gesture but i appreciated it alot#then he asked me if i wanted some tea and started talking about how its really good tea that he got from china or india or something but i#joked that im not a tea person. i would love some coffee if he had some#and like he immediately got up again to go make me coffee#so obv i started protesting like no no i was joking you dont need to get up blah blah and he was like no! its not problem#so i asked do u have a coffee machine and he was like not i got this other thing that makes really nice coffee without much effort and he#was like let me show me so we went to the kitchen and he showed me and i thought it was really cool. i told him ive been wanting to get a#coffee machine for myself but my parents are telling me to wait and he told me i shouldnt get one bc the thing he showed me (idk the name)#is so much better and next time hes in india hes gonna get one for me aswell#and then he made coffee (which was nice) and yeah#but uh this got really long#im just trying to say that im not really used to this#to be very honest with you#i can see how close some of my cousins here are with my uncles and i do get jealous some times? a little? cuz i wanna joke w them aswell?#but its whatever#im really close to 1 uncle from my dads side but he lives in afghanistan so -_- thats not really convinient#and all of my other uncles here (or in afgh) are cool too so its all okay#aight this got way too long lmao if u still reading this................. damn..........
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armin-supremacy · 23 days ago
How about the demon bros with an mc who flusters easily, and they all make it a competition to see who makes them fluster the most
ooooo! say less~
pov : operation fluster mc
pairings: brothers (separate) x gn!mc
format: headcannon
genre: fluffy fluff, slightly suggestive themes
Tumblr media
this man
unlike the others, he's r u t h l e s s
leans more towards whispering suggestive words in your ears rather than actual touches
take much much pride in the fact one simple little comment can turn you into a mess
once again, smug asf
does it as soon as you're alone
only to waltz away like nothing happened
what a prick
and he knows it
that's what makes it fun
for shits an giggles, will on the one occasion do it when the others aren't looking
then will OPENLY out you
"mc are you running a fever? you're awfully red-"
his expression is filled with worry
but you both know he's enjoying watching you stutter an excuse
Tumblr media
swears he's got this in the bag
he doesn't srry
half the time, he ends up flustered too
wack asf if you ask me
def will use this as an opportunity to touch you anyway he can
knows you have a weak spot when your neck is touched
"mc, you've got something in your hair. don't worry. the great Mammon will take care of it!"
now you're flustered
holy shit it actually worked
his go to
that's why he most definitely does not have this in the bag
you smart cookie, you catch on quickly
Tumblr media
hear me out on this one kay
would definitely freak out and hesitate
ya know, being a lil shut in and not the best in this 'area'
he's also smart
can use this to an advantage 😈
'accidental touches' when you're alone
makes sure his fingers are always brushing against yours when handing you something
"a-ah I'm sorry mc! i-I didn't mean to!-"
"Ah i-im such a clumsy g-gross otaku!"
really had to pep talk for this one but
'accidently' huffs just the teensiest breath against your ear when he leans over your shoulder to look at what you're showing him
and oh ho ho was the pep talk worth it
+1 for levi-chan <3
Tumblr media
let's get one thing straight cause I'm not happy pride besties
Satan wins.
I don't accept criticism srry
he's so detail oriented
so observant
how could he NOT
knows just the right places to brush against to drive you wild
knows exactly what to whisper in your ear too
bestie you better stay strong I have faith in you
always has that handsome shit eating smile when he succeeds in flustering you
"That's a cute blush you got there-"
most definitely finds an opportunity to have you pinned against a bookshelf in his room idc he DOES IT
Tumblr media
finally he can touch you and tease you as much as he wants without being scolded 😈😈
a very close winner if Satan wasn't on the ball
man's knows how to drive a person wild
the compliments he usually showers you with become much more suggestive
"You look stunning mc!"
you don't know when he got so close
gently tilts your chin, which he found out you're a sucker for by accident oops
"almost delicious too. you'll allow me a taste, won't you?"
you almost cave
you were too busy dying tho
Tumblr media
okay okay he flusters you alot
but he genuinely does it on accident
and so nonchalantly
like, he really thinks of ways to actually make you flustered
duh it's a competition and you're part of the prize
of course he's gonna think of ways to win this
again the accidental
"Oh, mc you got some food there-"
leans over to like it from the corner of your lip
Ouran Host style
"can't waste it, can we?"
the cutest grin by God
goes back to thinking of ideas on flustering you
meanwhile you're right next to him
about to explode by how red your face has gotten
Tumblr media
this little fucker
slips into your dreams
he may not seem like it, but he knows exactly how to get you how he wants you
like Satan, he's observant but more low key
so he's using everything he's noticed about you in said dreams
makes SURE you're flustered the rest of the day, constantly thinking about the night before
acts completely oblivious when you bring it up to him
and once you're embarrassed
oh ho ho
goes to walk past you but surprises you by leaning to your ear
"I'll try to be more subtle next time."
H O W-
👀👀👀👀 so how'd I do?
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astraskylark · 4 months ago
No but this is kinda special.
Amphibia ends with this season and The Owl House won't have regular weekly broadcasts after this as the rest are specials. I'm gonna make a bet that we won't be seeing shows of this flavour for awhile considering the amount of nonsense the rat has pulled with these two.
I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say these shows have helped alot of us get through the past few years. And they're both going out with a bang, together at the height of their popularity and we're for sure gonna be talking about this particular pocket of time where we got two amazing shows for a long long time.
It's just.... these are the good times we're gonna be thinking about years down the line. These shows have paved a new way for animation and the boundaries you can cross and the representation you can have and I'm kinda rambling but the point is I'm just taking a minute to sit back and admire how cool it is that we got to see these shows with these characters and got to learn and grow with them and they're ending this year but not really because there are a bunch of budding writers watching all of this right now and coming up with ideas that have been inspired by these and the same spirit of telling stories about the characters you love will continue and it's nice to think that though the shows may end their worlds will not cause you'll find specs of them scattered everywhere, in new tales waiting to be told.
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princesszn · a month ago
pick a picture,
˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ your june 2022 🫶🏾!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
disclaimer: this is a general reading, please don’t take it to heart, some stuff won’t resonate.
reminder: this reading is done intuitively, i don’t use tarot at all!
please exeuse any spelling errors!
© please give credits to @princesszn if crediting my work. and don’t steal my shit.
pile 1:
alright pile 1, first things first i heard the word “synchronicities”. theres alot of stuff you must pay attention to, your dreams, angel numbers, signs that you see all around you, i’m hearing this could lead you to something thats worth finding for in the future. you maybe seeing some angel numbers now as well. this is telling you to wait on something, something you’ve been feeing for obsessively. specifically hearing a future spouse/partner or a manifestation you’ve been wanting for a long time. i’m hearing this is now coming and you must wait for it, for now this is a good time to just focus on yourself i’m hearing, doing the things you love as well too.
but for now you must wait because you’ve been thinking about this alot, you’ve been wanting this for forever and now that its coming you must wait on it. i heard its gonna come fast/soon whoever you believe in has heard your prayers, and now pile 1, you’re getting it. so remember when i told you to focus on yourself? DO IT! i’m telling you stuff will come faster to you if you don’t worry about the stuff you want so badly.
but yes this is a good time for you, this is all i got for this pile, i’m gonna go ahead and put some messages for you since spirit told me to do it for y’all!
messages from spirit:
wait on things.
get good sleep.
your energy is intense.
pray every night/say your prayers.
stop thinking so much.
alright pile 1, lmk if it resonated! have a great day :).
pile 2
hey pile 2! how are y’all? lets get started on your reading loves! so for the month of may it might’ve been not easy for you guys, i’m hearing bills? or money situation just wasnt really going well for you, you could’ve released something away from you that was just toxic, you also could’ve made may a period of you just focusing on yourself and manifesting some blessings. now as far as june, i’m feeling a calm energy right now, pile 1’s energy was so intense haha but for this pile i feel so calm and relaxed, this is a good month period where your blessings come in, they come thru for you,i keep hearing you just weren’t having a good month of may but june? buckle up for a ride!
you could have been introverted for may, not going out, cancelling plans with your family/friends but you’ll be going out more for next month of june! it’ll be a nice relaxing period for you guys idk i just feel a nice ass energy for some reason haha. now i did hear you may meet someone this month could be a new friend, romantic partner, or anyone that your just gonna look up to and get inspired by honestly, now as far as finical situations you will be blessed loves! you may get offered a bonus by your job! or a raise.
but all n all, i see manifestations happening for you and coming to light, going out there and meeting new people, calm and relaxed energy, just a good month for june loves!
that’s all for pile 2, lmk if anything resonated babies! have a great day!
pile 3
hii pile 3! hope everythings going good, lets get started on your reading! alright right of the bat i feel a little bit of some intense energy coming from this pile, you guys will undergo and transformation, and i’m hearing you need to be guided? so i’ll leave some messages from spirit down below! but anyways as i was saying next month you’ll be going thru some sort of transformation with yourself, could be cutting your hair, letting go of bad habits, i heard getting out there and exploring the world? take that how it resonates. but yeah you’ll be going thru some shit, i heard “bumpy ride” also, you’ll definitely be more emotional and in-tuned in with your emotions as well, i heard you maybe an empath as well
but yeah next month i mean its looking good but just a emotional period that will last for some months pile 3! idk what transformation you’ll be going thru but your definitely letting go of some bad habits you have within yourself. the best advice i could give you is to not give up on yourself, you may be going thru some mental health problems and i just want you to know you’re loved and appreciated! don’t loose yourself while going thru this process! now i will be giving you some messages from spirit to guide you loves!
messages from spirit:
we love you!
never give up.
your changing for the better!
sometimes you need to let go of some toxic habits!
alright pile 3, ily and i wish you well on this beautiful journey! have a blessed day.
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myschevious · 8 days ago
Fox hybrid! Reader in heat w luxiem MDNI
A/n: this was a long time cumming…but I come bearing good new that I will be using my sideblog: @wwwrinnecom for ENSTARS!! fics and writing :)) so if your interested in that then head on over and request!!
[the reader seems pretty gn!]
Tw: dacraphilia, sadism, overstim, edging, marking, breeding (ofc 🙄🙄) sub! Luca, aphrodisiacs, bondage? Just a bit though, mean! Shu and Ike :)
{{Please do not steal, copy, or use my writing on any platform without my permission. }}
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- he’s flabbergasted, The look of shock and “oh shit I never thought about this” is so clear on his face.
- but would bask in your neediness he loves how much you need him in you and to breed you.
- would fuck you till his cum was dripping down your thighs tbh
- he is enjoying it 10x more than you are despite you being in heat
-bro is feral
“One more please cmon I know you can do it baby” it’s been way too long, when you came to him needy, hot and bothered you weren’t expecting him to fuck you into the bed for several hours. Your so tired, he’s most definitely not so you just have to sit there and take it like he keeps telling you too incoherent mumbles and groans. You’ve also gone way beyond the point of talking, whimpering and begging. Your not even aware of what your begging for anymore, your visions blurry and he ends up fucking you till you pass out.
- just for this special occasion let’s say Mysta goes into heat aswell
- yall fr cant control yourselves because you guys are both losing your absolute shit
- mysta tends to be more aggressive while in heat, more aggressive than usual and you dont mind at all
- cums so fucking much holy shit, you thought vox came alot? mysta is cumming fucking buckets and its thick you feel so full my the time hes done with you <333
“...you feel so goood nd smell so fuckin good mmgonna fill you up im gonna breed youu” he’s fucking into you so fast, his head buried into the crook of your neck and humping into you like a wild animal. You can feel the mixture of your cum and his pooling at the bottom of you both. He’s overstimming himself just as much as you atp, hes sweaty, heavy breathing, and hot but hes more than happy to fuck you till the sun rises ;)
Luca 💰🦁
- bb is worried :(((
- are you okay? whats wrong? why are you riding his thigh so fervently?
- hes more than happy to satisfy your needs, he adores seeing your fucked out face <333
- let me have this sub luca moment 
- youd overstim him sm as you ride him :((
“..haah..please, need time too—relax s’too much” the sounds of Luca’s whimpers and moans, the slapping of skin against skin, and your own out of breath moans fill the room. He dosent even know how long you’ll be able to keep this up for he’s came so many times hes shooting blanks. His thighs are shaking and hes gripping your hips but he’s so weak that the hold he had a few hours ago have worn off, you can see the faint bruising on your hips from earlier when he wanted to fuck you, the tables have turned and hes at your mercy, just your plaything for you to fuck and use until your heat has finished <3
Shu 👟☯️
- knows right away, he can feel it. He has increased senses due to being a sorcerer.
- Shu would edge you and would have soooo much fun with it
- would provide you with aphrodisiacs to make it worse :((
- he’s so mean to you :(( your getting snappy with him due to how much he’s teasing you so he restrained you
“Shu..please, please touch me I want you so so badly need you s’much” he’s been watching you for hours, your tied up and he’s been playing with your cunt for so long. Too long. The aphrodisiacs in your system worsening your heat, tears are flowing freely down your face as Shu coos at you and admires how pretty you are when your crying, how pretty you are when your begging, yearning for him. When he finally fucks you he goes hard and rough because he knows how sensitive you are due to the teasing, your his mess and he loves it :)
Ike ✒️📘
- acts clueless to piss you off
- he enjoys watching you try to explain your heat while being indescribably flustered 
- knows you’ll get off to pain due to the severity of your heat and uses it to his advantage 
- little shit. Ike is a little shit i will not take no for an answer
“do you like when your in pain?” Ike asks as he fucks into you, thrusting harder whenever you decide to answer him, he’s loved this whole ordeal. Enjoys the overstimulation and the edging that he can bring to you...the tears that are falling onto the soft sheets and the bruising, the bites. They make him so excited. He loves when you yelp and say “its s’too much!” or whimper when he bites you hard. He likes when you fuck up it gives him a reason to be “mad” a reason to show you what hes really into. He loves when you go into heat <3
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dielitttt · 15 days ago
My opinion on moon signs💯
Tumblr media
Aries moon: you guys have such warm hearts but I’m not tryna get on your bad side either 😭😭. You guys are so passionate and nice everywhere so fast. You guys are the type of people who walk around VERY fast like you need to go somewhere. You guys always give people motivation to do things and hype up people. There energy is also very strong when they come to a room. feral ass mfs💀.
Taurus moon: I LOVE YALL SMM. You guys are so chill and just go w the flow. When you guys argue it’s always about some stupid thing💀. You either hate or love eating fast food, and like taking naps when bored. You guys are so picky w who you open up to tho. You guys can fall asleep so easily, y’all are the type of people who would fall asleep otp without meaning to. You guys are also either impatient or patient. STUBBORN ASFF, doesn’t give up for shit. I’ve dated a few of Taurus moons and their always nonchalant a lot of times unless they rlly like like u tho.
Gemini moon: You guys always either give off this anxious/chaotic ass energy or a very sly witty type of energy. Funny asf when it comes to arguing and roasting ppl😭. You guys have a solution for problems that come their way and find a way to make it better. I would pick u to be next to me if there was any roast battle or arguement with people. You guy get lost in your own chaotic and anxious thoughts you have on yourself or on others.
Cancer moon: You guys are so sweet and caring!! But please start putting yourself first, I know a lot of people rely on u but sometimes you just have to say no and just do something for yourself for once. I also admire how much you care about animals and other people's feelings. Yet, I think you do it a little too much at times. Start caring about your own feelings instead of others cause your only gonna damage yourself. I feel like u guys get told u look like your mother sometimes 😭😭.
Leo moon: You guys are so admirable and people can develop feelings for u very easily. You guys always keep your promises even if it’s big or small cause they know how it feels to have broken promises. You guys always never forget about the little things about people. Y’all are the definition of dramática/dramático☠️☠️. You always bright up the energy in a room. WE GET EACHOTEHR LIKE ALOT AND I HAVE SO MUCH FUN W U GUYS LIKE OMGG. WE HAVE THE SAME THOUGHTS FRFR. You guys are so bright and compassionate!!
Virgo: You guys are so secretly judge mental or it rlly shows in your face😭. Y’all are so responsible but a little to extra sometimes. Please take a break for one time instead trying to fix everything babes. On the other hand tho y’all are fun ash when you guys are laid back or chill but also rlly mature which kinda terrifies me sometimes… you guys are emotionally mature and know how to express your emotions or sometimes you guys delay your emotions. You guys are kind and very helping tho!!! ☺️ you guys are the type of people who volunteer certain causes or volunteer in general in places
Libra moon: ay dios mío…yall fall for sm people so easily it’s not even funny…💀. BUT YOU GUYS R SO FUNNY AND FUN 😭.. it’s js yalls love interest or love life are 😃…uhm interesting. YOU GUYS R SO KINDDDD AND HAVE SUCH PRETTY TRAITSSS. I WOULD PROBABLY DEPEND ON YOU WHEN IT COMES TO HAVING FUN OR SUM. (I sound so aggressive but it’s wtv) you guys are the type of people who leave other people on seen for the longest and then randomly text someone like heyyyy😇. But I love the fact that your always there for others or to cheer them up even if u don’t need to 😊. OH AND YOU GUYS PROBABLY GAD A FIRST LOVE OR LIKE KISSED SOMEONE AT A VERY YOUNG AGE.
Scorpio moon: ISTG YALL KNOW HOW TO USE WORDS SO GOOD😭😭. When you argue w people you woulf have the most valid points and manipulate the words n shit its scary. YALL HIDE SO MANY THINGS FROM PPL LIKE OMLL. You guys also do the wildest shit ever istg. You guys are so hot tho 😇. I think having Scorpio moon can also make ur eyes like very sly and luring tbh. Some of you guys change yourself alottt in order to fit in sometimes (this applies to more of the ppl who have this in 11h) when I’m with you guys we do crazy shit, you guys r so fun. You guys can lie with a straight face tho 😭😭. I feel bad for most of u guys tho cause from what I’ve seen most of your relationships with ur mothers aren’t the best.
Sagittarius moon: YALL ARE THE DEFINITION OF DOING CRAZY SHITTTT. You guys in general are crazy asfffff, you guys are always so optimistic. You guys are the type of people who ask the weirdest question ever like “do ants have sex?” They also ask them so randomly 😭😭. But I love u guys anyways and you guys also know how to beat someone’s ass tho.. you guys get so mixed up in your own feelings. You guys either care or don’t, you guys are very open towards things and are always willing to try new things. You guys always look lost sometimes tho.. even if ur not. You guys can look “dumb” but are very intelligent and can see through ppls bs sometimes.
Capricorn moon: bye I feel so bad for y’all 😭😭. You guys hide your feelings liek a lot or shield them from other people very often. YALL ALSO BARELY WEAR MAKEUP UNLESS ITS LIKE A FANCY EVENT THO. Just like Scorpio moon y’all have very serious issues w ur mom tho…🥲. BUT BRUV YALL HOLD SO MUCH POWER OVER PEOPLE LIKE ITS SO EASY FOR U GUYS TO MESS UP SOMEONES REPUTATION WHEN THEY MESS W U💀. you guys r also intimadtating or give off an intimating vibe. YOU ALSO KNOW HOW TI FIX THIBGS SO EASILYYY. You guys also be more close to ur father sometimes or not idk. I trust u guys a lot tho ☺️.
Aquarius moon: I BARELY MEET ANY AQAURIUS MOONS SO UHHH YEAH. you guys always deny how you feel most of the time, lack of emotional nurturing most of the time. YOU GUYS ALSO ARE VERY INTERESTING LIKE TELL ME ABT THAT ONE WEIRD ASS THING U WATCHED AS A KID😭. You also have different povs of things and try to understand the other differences towards things which I love!! You guys are so creative when it comes to everything and humor like the insults u make are so funny💀.
Pisces moon: You guys literally get away with everything it’s not even funny at this point, you guys can steal some dress and nobody would notice like ?!?!?! You guys have warm hearts but some of u guys are unstable sometimes 😭. (My mom has a pisces moon) you guys moods change very fasttt like you guys can be mad at someone and then 5 seconds later ur like 😃. Your relationship with ur father or mother might not be the best srry. YOU GUYS ARE SO CREATIVE THOOO AND INTELLIGENT LIKE U MAY NOT SEEM LIKE U ARE BUT IN REALITY U RLLY ARE YOU JS HIDE IT!! I love you guys so much but I can’t handle you guys sometimes..😰
(I sound so aggressive in most of these but ya😊)
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saeyoungs-angel · a month ago
hello! i saw your requests were open, so i was wondering if i could request a drabble where bakugou comforts reader who doesn’t feel like shes feminine enough? and whenever she sees him with a really pretty girl she gets upset thinking he wouldn’t look her way cause she doesn’t act or dress like the rest of the girls in 1-a but she tries (have a nice day!!)
Tumblr media
⨳​ “i like you the way you are.” — mha
Tumblr media
starring. bakugou & you
plot. after attempting to dress more feminine, bakugou states exactly how he feels about it—and you.
genre. comfort, fluff
cw. swearing, female reader implied, reader likes baggy clothes
notes. woo got carried away lol, i relate to this alot so i wanted to give it my best. i hope you like it and thank u sm for the request! im sorry it took so long, writers block is a bitch:( i hope u have a nice day as well!! <3
likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated! <3
Tumblr media
yesterday, you had departed from your classroom in a dismal mood, to say the least. after witnessing a few female classmates swarm bakugou to chat about his astounding quirk, you dawned on the fact that he seemed nicer to them than you—insults were still thrown around, yet they weren’t as heavy as the ones he showered you with.
you had absolutely zero ill-will towards them, the animosity was actually directed at yourself. was he nicer because they were prettier, or because they wore showy dresses and skirts?
here you were, dressed in baggy denim jeans and a hoodie, was that the problem? you never took part in the salon trips or trying on dresses like the other girls, was that what he wanted?
before this, you had come to the conclusion that katsuki bakugou, your bestfriend, never once had an interest in dating and such. recent events have swayed your view, though—so here you are now, standing idly in front of your mirror adjusting your skirt.
you only own one, and it was a gift. while it fits you nicely and the color compliments your eyes, you feel uncomfortable and stiff. you smooth it out a bit more, rolling your shoulders to try and ease the tension in them.
no use, you still have this awkward feeling. you don’t feel like you, you feel like you’re trying to be someone else. that said, you shake it off to the best of your abilities, finishing up your usual routine—just this time, with a skirt.
as discomfiting as it is to don yourself in this outfit, you know you have to attempt it. you can’t jump to conclusions just yet, if you try and are unsuccessful, then you can be dejected about it. a knock at your dorm drags you from your unquieting head, the aggression gives away the culprit easily.
“fuck is takin’ you so long? we’re gonna be late, dumbass!” bakugou’s voice rings in your ears, and anxious, uninvited feelings accompany it.
you dash around your room, snatching your school stuff in a hurry. “it’s fine! just head there without me, katsuki.”
some grumbles flow from your door, then it slams ajar. you swing around, pivoting on your heel at the intrusion.
“what the hell are you doing! you’re gonna be late, just go—and stop breaking into my room!”
the semi-shout does the opposite of deterring him, and he shoves the door closed behind him as he crosses his arms in agitation. he even taps his foot against the wooden floors, you having to stifle a laugh at his demeanor.
“maybe you should lock your door, stupid.—” his head falls to face the ground, “—y’know i’m not gonna walk without you, hurry the fuck up.”
you huff and as his head rises back up, he notices.
“the hell are you wearin’?”
your eyes fly to the wall behind him, arms coming to cover yourself instinctively as an unpleasant feeling crawls up your spine. had you messed up?
“i’m—uh, it’s just a skirt. i just figured that, um, i should.. try something new.” your uneasiness flows through your voice, and bakugou definitely takes notice.
“is it bad..?”
he scoffs, closing the proximity between you both by just a bit.
“do you think it’s bad?”
you open your mouth to respond, but nothing falls out. of course you think it’s bad, but you want to know if he does too.
“uh, i mean, i’m uncomfortable. i’d rather be in my normal clothes but i don’t really.. look good in those, i guess.” the words come out unconfident, much to your dismay.
you begin to play with your fingers, hoping he’ll just let is slide and accompany you to class like always.
“hey, stupid. take it off.”
your eyes blow wide, the hell did he just say?
“i’ll turn around, just put on somethin’ you actually feel fuckin’ comfortable in.” before you can retort, he spins around.
sighing, you settle for the assumption that he simply doesn’t see you like that. it must’ve been weird for him to see you in girly clothes, maybe he thinks of you as one of the guys or something.
slipping out of the coarse textured skirt, you tweak your new agreeable outfit to your liking. a cozy long-sleeved shirt and loose fitting jeans, the normal. before you can finish tidying yourself up, bakugou snaps the silence in half.
“why’d you decide to go and try to change into that shit, anyways? you told me you’d start dressin’ like that when hell freezes over.”
you pause, thinking of the correct way to word it without seeming odd.
“you’re nicer to the girls who dress like that.”
the room falls deadly silent once again, and for a split second, you feel sick to your stomach.
“are you done changin’?”
bakugou swiftly turns to face you, stomping over until he’s directly in front of your pretty face.
“you tried to wear that shit for me?”
you nod, feeling a bit mentally diminutive compared to his intimidating frame.
“don’t. i like you the way you are and i’d rather you be comfortable, dumbass.” he settles his rough palms above your shoulders.
“then why are you meaner to me..?” this is the last question you need an answer to, and the shock hasn’t fully set in yet so you decide to ask it now.
he growls, shaking you back and forth.
“fuck, this is really embarrassin’, so you better not go makin’ fun of me and shit.—” he halts his movements, letting his hands fall to his sides.
he covers the bottom of his face with one palm, the other resting soundly in place at his side.
“—have you, have you ever heard that if you bully someone more—goddammit! i like you, alright? there, i fuckin’ said it.”
buffering, you’re speechless. that’s why he was so rude to you? why didn’t he just say so, it would’ve saved you a lot of trouble!
“really? you like me like this?” you gesture to your boyish looking clothes, arching a brow in questioning.
he nods silently, knowing his words would most likely flow out harsher than he means them to.
“wow, i—i did that because i like you! what a coincidence, right?”
“yeah, whatever. we’re already super fuckin’ late, so if you’re comfortable then let’s go.” he takes your hand in his, uncharacteristically gentle, and stomps out of your dorm.
you flush heavily, eyeing your connected hands as a smile breaks out on your face. bakugou abruptly stops in his tracks.
“the only reason i’d have for hatin’ what you wear,—” his unoccupied hand reaches towards both of yours, tugging up the sleeve that made its way in between them. “—is that these shitty sleeves keep me from feelin’ your hand in mine.”
you laugh a bit, face blazing as you both begin your walk to class once again. before you can say anything to doubt yourself though, he redirects your thoughts.
“the upside is that you look fuckin’ adorable in it, so i probably shouldn’t be complainin’.”
feedback is extremely meaningful!
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happiiest · 2 years ago
#bed so comfy.......i still have my air conditioner in the window. it lets in a lot of cold air during the night#i should take it out. cuz as lovely as a cold room is it makes it even harder for me to get out of my bed away from the cozy warmth#also i've been really sick of watching youtube videos lately. i feel like when i watch someone do something cool#and im like. i also want to do that!! so i go and do it. and its...not as fun?#its so frustrating i dont know why im not having fun!! which is why im avoiding watching videos for new content#like when cyberpunk comes out. nothin. for pokemon while i was playing it for a little?? dont know jack shit#new melee weapon builds in warframe?? i have no idea what the meta is now. well. i only have my previous warframe knowledge#which while its extensive de really changed alot of weapons#minecraft. uhhh ive been handling that differently#its so complex with redstone ideas. so i think of an idea. then i look it up to see if someo e does it and if its possible#and once i confirmed that its doeable. i get the general idea for how to do it. and then i go from there and figure it out#thus making my own idea while simply using others ideas to confirm that its doeable. as one must do in a world where#so many ideas have been put into existence. anyway time to go to work i hope i get to put together the rooms i took apart#i moved furniture at work and shampooed alot of carpets. i doubt they dried overnight. but im thinking that im gonna be assigned#those rooms to clean today. or something
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zaisecretlab · a month ago
atsumu miya x y/n imagine
🪶you know that being in love with a famous volleyball player has its ups and downs. but when he leaves for work just a little too long, you realise how ‘down’ it can really get.
- warning: angst :> , reader gets sick
extra note: i’m back after some time! school just started for me and also i was busy celebrating eid! i have a lot on my plate so i hope this imagine is up to standard! enjoy !!
"you just got back," you murmured to atsumu who was running his hand through his hair for the hundredth time. "i told ya i'd be travelling alot! did you not catch that?" he groaned, sitting on the bed, elbows touching his knees.
you sighed, taking a step back. atsumu travelling for volleyball was nothing new to you. it was something you understood for so long but something about this trip didn't sit right with you.
atsumu had just returned for a long trip and was now leaving again for around 3-4 months. the back to back scheduling made you upset. you hoped that you would at least be getting a month or two with him.
it hasn't even been 2 weeks. and he was leaving?
"i caught that well, 'tsumu. i supported you travelling for volleyball but don't you think you've been gone for so long?" you tried pleading with him but it only garner a snicker out of him.
it threw you off guard.
"weren't you the one who said you'd follow me to the ends of the earth? what happened to that?" his voice raised just a little. you gulped back the rising bile in your throat.
"you know i can't leave Japan," you softly said, looking at the ground. you had just gotten a life changing promotion and you plan to keep it.
"and you don't see me forcing you to leave Japan, right? so why can't you be happy that i'm chasing my dreams?"
something hit you right there and there. you wanted atsumu around more. you missed your boyfriend's presence. but he wanted volleyball. he wanted to travel for volleyball.
and you were being selfish by holding him back. your worst fear had actually became a reality.
"i guess you're right, 'tsumu. i'm not allowing you to do the things you love," you tone was something that atsumu recognise and feared to hear.
atsumu came to the realisation that you were actually letting he leave. not only to Germany but from the relationship too.
"you're not actually gonna- y/n, we'll work it out,"
you mouth turned into a frown and you shook your head, trying to hold back your tears. "go to Germany, 'tsumu. you don't need to do it with me around. you've been fine on your own," your voice broke halfway. tears were falling and you let it fall.
atsumu was already inching closer, but you stepped back with every step he took.
you used whatever energy you had in you to leave your shared bedroom and into the living room. you has no solid plan as to what you were going to do anymore.
you just broke up with atsumu miya. the man you've been with for over 5 years. was it petty for you to do that? you didn't know. but you felt awful the day you heard atsumu left for germany.
he told you that he'd leave the keys of your apartment. atsumu knew how much you loved that apartment but it became your worst nightmare at the same time. you were so used to living with someone else.
all that gone just because you needed him. did you think it through when breaking up wit him? certainly not.
waking up to an empty bed felt different. you couldn't get used to it. even though it was been a solid 2 months atsumu had left. no word, no text, no call. that was all the confirmation you needed to know that he wanted it too.
"you look terrible, y/n," you sat down at onigiri miya, owned by osamu miya. it was the worst place to be at knowing that the man currently speaking to you look like your ex.
"i feel like shit, samu. i think i'm sick,"
"and you decided to dine in? that's the most stupidest shit ever," you flipped the man off as he made some onigiri's for you. you looked around to see pictures of atsumu plastered around the shop.
some of the pictures were newer. especially one’s with atsumu. some taken before he left for germany. a huge smile on his face. something you longed to see once again.
but even you knew your relationship was rocky the day he said he’s leaving again.
"lovesick?" osamu asked out of nowhere. you looked up at the man and shrugged. a sad smile reached your face as you looked at the table.
"was i stupid for letting him go?" you genuinely asked the twin who in return shrugged too. "both of you were stupid for the breakup. he wanted to leave Japan. you wanted him here," he set down a plate of food infront of you.
"but i do know that both of you are idiots who can't seem to grasp the concept that you were made for each other," he leaned against the counter, cleaning some glasses.
you scrunched your eyebrows in confusion. you didn't know what he meant. "he wouldn't stop asking 'bout you. driving me nuts," you felt guilt set into the pit of your stomach.
atsumu was asking about you. you wondered what osamu had told him. did he ask about you wellbeing? how you’ve been holding up? maybe if you still missed him?
the could-have-been’s made the guilt turn into nausea
"samu, do you think i could pack this to-go?" osamu looked at your face and a flash of concern came over him. he nodded and packed it.
"you doing okay, y/n?"
"i suddenly don't feel too good. i'll see you around samu,"
you hailed for a taxi as soon as you stepped out of the shop, not trusting yourself to walk home. you felt dizzy, maybe even feverish.
heartbreak can’t cause someone to be sick, right? given that you had spent most nights crying rather than sleeping, you’d be tired and not sick.
oh how wrong you were.
the day you left onigiri miya, you haven’t left your house ever since. you had caught some kind of cold, leaving you in bed for most of your days. even when you tried to get up and care for yourself, it was almost impossible.
your phone beeped a couple of time but you didn’t bother checking. your head, eyes, nose, whole body was strained. maybe it was the stress that made you so sick.
or the lack of a certain miya in your life.
by day two, you felt as if you needed a lifeline. your body was more in pain that the the previous day and you knew that the fever hadn’t gotten anywhere better.
you did, however, checked your messaged. surprisingly, most of it were from osamu and oddly enough, hinata.
osamu’s messages were asking you if you were alright and if he should send some food to your place. you allowed him to do whatever he wanted and now you had food coming.
as for hinata, you scrunched your forehead and every texts he sent. you and hinata were friendly with one another and even talked relationships with the boy. but the amount of spams from him was unusual.
the multiple messages of ‘are you okay?’, ‘osamu-san said you were ill!’, ‘atsumu’s asking about you!’ had you worried.
atsumu was asking about you? but he’s all the way across the country. by then you threw your phone to the side and snuggled yourself in bed once again. your arm slid to what used to be atsumu’s side of the bed.
it was cold, untouched and still smelled of him. it made your heartache even more than it already had. tears fell from your eyes once again, as you felt a throb in your head pass by.
you were sick because you missed him. it wasn’t something hard to figure out but you didn’t want to agree with it.
atsumu felt the same way too. he didn’t fall ill because he’s healthy and an athelete but it affected him in the way he played his games.
it was messy. he was distracted. even without the band playing in the background, he couldn’t focus. his mind was set on you and he left you so easily.
atsumu knew he should’ve figured something out with you but in the heat of the moment and with the way you two were fighting, he was at a standstill.
you heard the front door open with still half dazed. you didn’t question it for a while but once the footsteps came closer, you were anxious.
could be a robber? someone breaking in?
when the door of your bedroom opened, you squinted your eyes as you watched the person who entered your house stand by the doorway.
moppy yellow hair.
groggily, you sat up while he rushed to your side. “hey hey. don’t work your body so much. you ain’t well,” he slowly pushes you down back into the mattress.
“‘tsumu?” your voice wavered as you felt tears gathered in your eyes. maybe this was your final stage of being sick. hallucinations. “hi baby. i brought food from osamu’s,” he held up a plastic bag with things from onigiri miya.
“i thought you’d still be at Germany. why are you here?” you welcomed the tears as he sat beside you.
“i missed you, y/n. and i hated the way things ended. i was homesick,” he admitted, clearing the tears and stray hair away from your face. atsumu needed a good look at you.
he fucked up.
you fucked up.
“i’m sorry for that day, ‘tsumu,” you shuffled to be closer to the man and he allowed it. “don’t say thing like that, y/n. you had nothing to be sorry about. i shouldn’t have left you for so long,”
atsumu wasn’t the type fowardly apologise. but you knew that what he said translated to an apology.
“about Germany. i left. told them i needed to get home to something important,” you chuckled at his words. you reached out to his hands and grabbed them.
“i know i said i’d follow you to the ends of the world,” atsumu shook his head at your statement but you shush him up. “i think i’m ready to fulfil that,” you voice cracked as a small smile reached your face.
“but yer job-”
“don’t worry about that, ‘tsumu. i’ve sorted it all out,” you pushed you body up so that you were now leaning on the headboard.
“i missed you way too much. i mean me being sick is literal proof of how much i missed you,” you motioned to you being in bed sick. atsumu laughed and leaned closer to you.
“does this mean you’re willing to give us another go?” atsumu nervously asked, fondling with you hands. you hand reached to his face and cupped his cheeks.
he promptly looked at you. “didn’t i say i’d follow you to the ends of the earth? i wanna be with you,” you admitted, a small blush on your cheek.
the moment the two of you were having was equivalent to when atsumu told you he liked you for the first time. both of you were nervous wrecks.
“we’ll take it slow, okay? god i fucking missed you, sugar. if i was here, you wouldn’t be sick right now! scoot i’m feeding you!”
atsumu took the bowl of soup and spoon fed you every bite. you wouldn’t say the miya atsumu was the reason you weren’t sick anymore.
but you felt much better in hours since he arrived back by your side.
now the two of you were cuddled in bed, watching a movie while atsumu coddled you. “i love you so dang much,” he muttered, kissing the top of your head.
“i love you so much too, ‘tsumu,” you sighed in content, happy to be back home. “we should get you back to Germany. your team needs you,”
you caught the pout of atsumu’s face as you brought up the topic that caused you two to fight in the first place. “but i need you. and you need me! they’ll be fine!” he childishly replied, eyes trailing back to the screen.
“atsumu. i love you. but i know how much volleyball means to you. plus, i’ll come with!” you weren’t grounded to a job which you had quit after realising how much it affected your life even before atsumu left.
you had picked back up a skill that you thought you had forgotten and decided to make a business out of it. honestly, it’s been going well so far.
“are you sure? condition there are much different from here. plus you’d get homesick!”
“i’m home where ever you are. unless you don’t want me there,” you gave him a look, eyebrows raised. atsumu rolled his eyes and hugged you closer.
“once your better, i’ll book a flight to Germany and i’ll make sure you’re seat is next to mine,” you giggled and how kiddish atsumu can get sometimes.
“heard from samu that you were asking bout me,” you nudged the man.
“i needed to know if you were fine. the day samu told me you left the shop not looking too well, i took the earliest flight back,”
you heart swelled at atsumu’s words. he left Germany and his team just for you. you swore that if he didn’t propose to you, you’d just do it yourself.
“thank you ‘tsumu. i love you. okay! okay. let me get better so we can go to Germany!” you excitedly said snuggling into his chest.
“easy there tiger! go to sleep, i’ll watch over ya,”
to the ends of the earth you’d follow him and he’d do the same for you. for the first time in years, atsumu didn’t feel homesick when he was abroad.
because this time, you were right there beside him.
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