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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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i reallyyyyyyy wanna buy some new boots but I have no idea what would look good on me 🥺🥺🥺🥺 so if anyone has boots they like or that they think would be cute pleaseeeeeeee help me !!!!

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Feeling really insecure about something and trying super hard not to fall into that self-doubt and self-hate trap I always fall into. ^^;

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mom says i should tell you that you have 24 hours to come home or i’m done .. she says at least that way i’d know .. keeps bringing it up

“maybe she’d come back home”

“you should do it”

“do you want me to type it”

“get your wife back tf”

“when’re you going to do it”

“i know i didn’t raise no bitch”

i can’t find it in me to tell her that i don’t want to do it because i’m sure i already have the answer ..

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Ughhhhh I’ve had ZERO caffeine today and already had 33oz (1 liter). I’m going to burst soon. 😳😒 It sucks being dehydrated.

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The persistent fantasy of throwing away my entire sock drawer and starting over is an aspect of adulthood no one warned me about.

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girl help, i kinda wanna make my s/i a demon slayer now because it’s badass but the only blade i could see them having is pink/love but she can’t have that one because Mitsuri made it up so that it could only be used by her. how do i do this without making them conceited or bananas.

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I got a digital drawing pad for Christmas and I’m taking it for a test drive. I love attempting to illustrate my work so we’ll see how it goes but i enjoyed messing with this far more than I anticipated!l

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Yayy, make sure to eat some~

And my day was good, i’m cleaning now so-

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I’m constantly stuck between “If he wanted to he would” and “if you want something done just do it yourself”.

~ I have had “Doing it wrong” on repeat for the past 20 minutes and after some tear spill I feel better. Thanks Drake💗👑

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the second hardest part of writing a fic is writing a captivating summary for the fanfiction you’re STILL writing. 

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HEY THERE DIM! (Ngl ‘dim’ always makes me think of dim sum xD) Thanks for the ask! Also, yes! I feel much much better today! :D A great start to the new year, eh?

Oh heck,,,,blu already asked all of these oijdisfjldjsanv I will,,,,copy and paste,,,

🐷 Junk food you can never get enough of 

Chips ;-; Specifically, low-sodium lays normal flavor. It’s my go to snack when I’m studying lolol

🎁 Best gift you ever received and why 

Um…it’s unfair to rank all gifts like that. But….out of the gifts this year…you guys are the best gift. Especially, the folks who, unprompted, got angry on my behalf and said they would fight someone for me or die for me. No one’s ever really said such a thing to me before and it almost made me cry the first few times. Like….I don’t have to face these things alone. I have people who will look out for me, not for their own selfish reasons. And honestly? That’s a gift, even if they don’t know it.

👾 Do you believe in aliens

Heck yeah! If by aliens, you mean, living things not from earth. They may look like cells or bacteria, or look like us, but I do believe we’re not the only living things in the universe. They’re out there….somewhere….

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Trying to figure out how to add a permanent active effect to the player… Time to challenge my modding skills 😅

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Write a book with Papyrus, read a book to Alphys and hit Mettaton with a book (bcs he’s probably the one taking less harm or no harm at all if I do it softly).

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my order of preference for evermore:

ivy, tolerate it, no body no crime, champagne problems, cowboy like me, tis the damn season, willow, gold rush, long story short, evermore, closure, coney island, dorothea, marjorie, happiness.

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Okay you have to admit this shit looks wayyyyy better than the first one and I’m learning how to blend okay!? The white didn’t work in the first one and this ttime it started changing the shade of blue to like a peacock blue? It was weird. Anyway enjoy

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<div> —  Edna St Vincent Millay from The Lamp and The Bell  </div><span>I swear by the moon I am most melancholy soft, and most outrageous sentimental</span>
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I’m torn between wanting to write a fix-it with Dean and Cas finding each other again in heaven (and they talk and smooch) and one that has the final bad guy be a djinn and Dean doesn’t die, but Cas comes back from the Empty and they have to figure out things and actually live.

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just wanted to let anyone who cared know that i’m about half done the first chapter of coming home, i think?????

ok bye

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