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#this is heartbreaking

tbh i feel for tamara the most because she honestly seems to love every single one of the other girls to pieces and it’s obvious that she really enjoys being part of a group

i feel a bit like this split might have actually blindsided her

she is always hyping the other girls on socials

and interacts with fans so genuinely 

i mean since day 1 she’s been nostalia’s biggest stan </3

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Elections are giving me so much anxiety rn. I literally want to down a bottle of melatonin and hibernate.

Might wake up w/o rights to my body and my friends can’t adopt, join the military, or get married or protest for the safety of their skin color, but like whatever right???

As long as birds don’t die from all the wind turbines


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stop getaway car AND cruel summer were supposed to be singles? cruel summer right before lover fest and getaway car as the last one before reputation era ended? and she couldn’t do getaway car because she was negotiating her new contract and record deal?

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“I think it was close to Freddie’s birthday. We gave him a kaleidoscope, and he was deeply impressed turning it because he didn’t have that much of a blessed childhood. He asked me not really to [talk about it]. He told me a lot of things about that because he was given to a boys school out in [India], and he really didn’t want to talk about it. So this kaleidoscope was really dear to him.” - Reinhold Mack at QueenItalia, 2012

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