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Fun Fact

In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#this is how i procrastinate

Daily routine :

*shamelessly procrastinates*


*makes up impossible romantic scenarios in my head*


*reads fanfic* *adds more books to the list/cart*

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*looks at myself in the mirror after an entire day of procrastinating and yearning*

You. Yes you. Come back here, where are you running now? You have like a million pending assignments, will you ever get to them? Look at me. Listen. No do not go back to yearn and overthink again. Hey listen. Work. Hey. Helloooo!!!

*slips away shamelessly*

*yearns and overthinks for the next few hours*

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Ignihyde: Dullahun Boy Thoughts Music Persona

Since his main thing is making music, I kinda have an idea for the type of persona he puts out for when he performs and does music videos. I’m thinking has like heavy Oliver Tree vibes and maybe a little bit of Studio Killers influence?

Like he can be very random and a huge meme but makes some sick beats and songs.

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I have found that doodling Zuko all over your planner, although fun, is not, in fact productive.
So yes. I’ve drawn motivational Zukos on every to do list and schedule in my planner. And what about it?

** I’m no artist by any means** but idk for some reason I’m not terrified? By these? Except for some mistakes that I just can’t unsee but they’re rough sketches and until I’m caught up in work and can start my fanfic again or be more active on here thought I’d post the ATLA related stuff I have done

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It’s 2 am in the morning where i am at and guess what I’m doing?

Well it’s definitely not of my missing assignments for school that I need to GRADUATE…

No, I am focused on writing a fic. Forget graduation this is more important than the 42 I have in Brit. Lit.

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