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#this is how we play dress-up
jomiddlemarch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Good morning, Ravkan Fashion Squad! Here’s an entry for a sleek kefta upgrade for Alina, whether or not she is the Tsaritsa of Ravka, the General’s Bride, or some other, to-be-determined title that reflects her decision not to retreat to the orphanage at Keramzin with Mal.
I love the lines on this and the pleats and don’t forget those gloves!
@orlissa @montmartre-parapluie @vesperass-anuna @fericita-s @theburnbarreljester
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morgana-ren · 6 months ago
Sometimes I really do be thinkin’ about bein’ the new member of the League. Like you’re useful and your quirk is powerful so Shigaraki wants to keep you around, but oh my God do you have an attitude. Like you’ll do what he wants you to eventually but you’re always going to complain or throw him a lil’ attitude first. 
So like one day, he tells you it’s your turn to go to the store and as expected, you give him flack. You do it, but you’re rollin’ your eyes and just bein’ an impudent little bitch and what not. As you’re leaving, Dabi makes an offhanded comment that gives Tomura a far-fetched idea. 
‘Christ, it would take a world class brat wrangler to tame that little bitch.’
Maybe that’s exactly what you need. 
So later that night, it’s late. Really late. Only you and Tomura are awake at this point. He’s used to operating on little to no sleep, but he knows you turn into a cranky little thing when you have to wake up early. He tells you to go to bed, and you blatantly refuse. He tells you again, and you look him dead in the eye and go 
“You’re not my dad.”
He sighs, pushing himself up from his chair, and you think that you’ve probably worn him down today and he’s going to go sleep off your poison. What you don’t expect is for him to appear directly behind your bar stool, threading one hand through your hair to the roots and fisting it to yank your head back, arching your spine as you’re forced to look up at him. 
“I don’t remember asking for your fucking opinion every time I give you an order. I’m the boss around here, and you will do as I say, brat.”
You’re flustered as hell, but he knows it’s not going to be as easy as this. You so much as open your lips to retort and he’s going to slam you over the counter and bend you, keeping total control with the hand firmly planted in your hair. His other hand occupies itself by shoving two of his long ass fingers inside your mouth as he kicks the stool you were sitting on out of the way. Anytime you try to make a single sound, he’s going to push his fingers further and further back until they’re padding near the entrance to your throat and you’re drooling all over him. 
“I might not be your father, but clearly you need a strong figure to teach you some manners. If it has to be me, so be it. But you will learn to take orders and shut that pretty little mouth of yours until I tell you I want it open. Do you understand?” 
You’ll nod, because it’s the only option he gives you. With your acceptance of the situation, he’ll remove his fingers and wipe your gratuitous slobber on your cheek. The press of his pelvis against your ass has got your hips squirming and you’re more than a lil’ certain you can feel what he’s packin’, but if you think he’s going to address it right now, you’ve got another thing coming, and it’s definitely not you. 
“Now be a good girl and do what I tell you to. Go to bed.”
And just as quickly as he was on you, he’s gone. You’re left dumbfounded, confused, and aroused all at once cause no one has had the balls to take control of you like that before, let alone your fucking boss who you could have sworn didn’t even know what sex was. Apparently there’s a side to him you didn’t know; apparently there’s a side to yourself you didn’t either. But if he wants your obedience, he’s going to have to earn it. 
The thing about brat taming? You’re not much of a brat at all if all it takes is once.
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lucinferno · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
this pop quiz reminds me of my ac villagers <3
#how they add their little catchphrase at the end of their sentences!!#and plus. they are literally dressed as lil animals in their onsie#onesie*#<333 i literally LOVE the idea of barb n blathers. and wolf jock solomon. and the brothers + human mc mayor#i would bonk belphegor w my net until hes like im DONE here im moving to another island good bye.#i used to be really into acnh when it came out like i dabbled in stalks and paid off everything like. i have the#highest upgrade and its paid off and my island is actually really nice there are just some#parts i still need inspo to fix it#i have a zen garden and a little comm area and a window shopping kinda deal and all the fruits in an orchard#really nice. then i stopped playing like 6 mo ago and never picked it up again#ohhh ok my villagers are sylvia and coach my irst 2 and i literally fell in love w them#coach is SO quirky and sylvia is so badass. and then i have cookie and i dont relaly like her but she calls me#schmoopie and i cannot. get rid of her ebcause that is so fucking cute#then i have lobo and pietro. and lemme just say they are SO in love they always hang out like always#no joke. they are always together. so me + my siblings just kinda assume they are a thing#then i got sherb. my sisters fave i dont realyl care for him#and gladys. also for my sister#then we got hmm... OH we have roald <3#and im sure im missing one... OH APOLLO#i wanted him SO bad bc he is total DILF!#ok wig. im out#doodles#pop quiz toys galore#obey me!
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Barba: The game is on.
Olivia: What are you, Sherlock?
Barba: *suddenly pulls out a Sherlock-esque hat and pipe*
Olivia: Yes apparently you are...didn't take you for the "dress up" type.
Barba: This is strictly to get me in the mindset for deductive reasoning, all business.
Carisi: I'll be Watson!
Olivia: All business, huh?
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ronsenburg · 7 months ago
sometimes I want to sit down and rewrite aa5 and aa6 so that they fit a more consistent thematic narrative and tie in the important elements from aa4 (like the og trilogy)
and then I remember how quickly we escalated from catching a panty thief in a city park to stopping an international assassin spy to deposing an entire country’s government and
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pixelephant · 5 months ago
thinking about the sweetest thing that someone’s done for me and trying not to cry about it
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redrobin-detective · 10 months ago
I would like to preface about the Sherlock Holmes club, it existed before I arrived. It was made by 3 senior girls who wanted an excuse to get together and watch BBC Sherlock. I still remember running up to the table during the club meet and greet and talking a mile a minute about the stories and they’re like “yeah that’s cool but we mostly talk the BBC show”. I loved the club that first year, we watched BBC Shelock and some of the classic Granada stories, even Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century to compare and contrast. 
When they graduated the next year and I was made president (IE... literally there was no one else in the club to do us, it was just us 4) I’m the one who revamped it and made it in a general mystery appreciation club and put so much mental energy, time and energy into creating a cohesive mystery experience so people could learn/enjoy classic detective stories. I made/compiled fun activities, I paid for and hosted a mystery dinner every year, I found easy to read stories and tried to encourage discussion, rented out the local theater to show movies.... and the only people who showed up were my friends who didn’t often want to enage.
I put my heart and fucking soul into the club and no one reciprocated the tiniest amount except when I got tired and caved and just started doing fandom stuff. Its been 5 years and that still stings.
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gremlinhourz · 4 months ago
ive come to the conclusion that im not an outsider or different im just me
#to expand on this more im gonna say#ive been feeling overwhelmed w how much ppl say they feel like they dont fit it#and the amount of media that shoves the its okay to not fit in (if ur white skinny and all that)#bc who am i to say i dont fit in when all these ppl dont fit in#how can we all be oitsiders#and now w what i see as the rise of punk/alt culture (or atleast fashion)#ive been feeling even more distressed bc the one thing that i feel makes me independent makes me myself has become popular#it feels suffocating#and i dont wanna gatekeep anything#if u wanna dress alternatively dress alternatively#but it just feels so bad bc how can the thing that strives for that represents independence and rebellion#become apart of what it was rebelling against#i cant say what true punk is#i wasnt alive when the movement was around#but from its influence and everything i look up to abt it#i just want to say that seeing an infinite amount of ppl who dont care abt the political beliefs of the punk movement play dressup#and only listen cus they like the sound and dont care abt the message#it just feels so bad#i cant tell u how to be punk or what qualifies as punk#bc that would remove the meaning of punk#its a rebellious form of self expression that cant be defined by one signle thing#so seeing it be mainstream and just a fashion statement just feels wrong#and to touch back on the outsider thing i feel like i cant be on outsider if everyone else is so im just me im not popular im not a loser#yes i have so many experiences where ive felt left out or made fun of or rlly just different but i feel the same way abt calling myself shy#some many ppl use it so i feel like if i use it im faking it so im not shy or an outsider im me#but anyways i dont think of me or anyone as an outsider we're all just ourselves and we r all different from each other not outsiders
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rainecloud020604 · 6 months ago
When someone cant tell the difference between a venty poem and one about an oc *dabs* 
#shush raine |random nonsense and rambles|#this is actually 100% amusing to me djafaklsjfklsa like i vent through ocs and also ocs have lots of pain and its pretty funny#those poems are not about ocs for anyone who wants to know actually they are my personal thoughts into a poem and i am about to info dump#Star covered lies is now a favorite like self-reflective demise because they are short simple yet strike deep in a way#both my english teacher loves and the original copy of star covered lies is on her poetry wall and ;;;; yeah#star covered lies is actually based off of the line from ashes to dust or something like that cause i saw a friends play the other day#and his part one of the few anyways was him talking about that called tomb with a view from all i need to know i learned in kindergarten#which that part hit me hard and was my fave part of the play cause god d a m n#the poem is about self worth because i mean..ashes and dust arent worth much are they? then why are we that?#Word Beast is mostly about my selective mutism!! that and also my anxiety and how much it overtakes me and it can make me really distressed#and also my s//cidal thoughts that sometimes come with mental state and like how you need to overcome such cause like..its hard#words are heavy and can hurt or heal you choose what yours do and how you handle your thoughts and the word beast#white stained lace is another venty one about how i feel like a disappointment and how when im really upset i do end up really poetic#i compare myself to a dirt stain on a white dress cause thats how i feel my family views me and they do tend to avoid me in public#and being poetic when a trait that sorta runs in my family according to my dad who is the same way#that and I feel pretty weak and worthless when this hits me all at once#BUT oh my god all of you saying it reminds you of ocs honestly makes me pretty happy cause i want this to be viewed differently#through everyones eyes and it makes me really happy seeing that
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oceanbore · 7 months ago
billionaires individually will never reach the age of highly advanced technology... it’s sad that most people don’t realize we’ll never have normalized futuristic (valerian and the city of a thousand planets type shit) gadgets bc capitalism keeps everyone except that top 1% or so in a constant state of turmoil and survival mode ideologies. i’m just depressed abt it on this sat evening it seems...
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starchild--27 · 9 months ago
9 selifes of 2020
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@myeonplane thank you for tagging me ❤
I, once again, came to realize i took more selfies than I thought last year xD I forgot about more than half of them tbh 🙊
I tag @byuns-coco @diamozi @his-mochi-cheeks @xiu-bee - but pls only do this if you feel comfortable with sharing selfies ok?
I always get in a little crisis when tagging people for this kind of tag game bc I don't want to pressure people into participating in this. same goes for leaving comment. you don't have to do that, if you don't want to - we'll still be mutuals and friends, yeah? I love you 💕
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