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#this is incredibly accurate
nomadpvnk13 hours ago
what kind of sky are you ?
stormy sky
you don't shy away from expressing yourself. your emotions can be unpredictable, but you try not to stifle them. you're passionate to a fault. you are fiercely loyal and won't hesitate to defend and protect the people and things you care about. but you can be impatient at times - with yourself and with others. sometimes you turn to "easier" emotions like anger when you don't know how to handle things like guilt, grief, or helplessness
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sleepy-poet5 days ago
Google docs really wants to keep changing Sid鈥檚 name to god
????? Okay
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odisn8 days ago
饾悥饾悋饾悁饾悡 聽饾悎饾悞 聽饾悩饾悗饾悢饾悜 聽饾悢饾悕饾悗饾悜饾悡饾悋饾悗饾悆饾悗饾悧 聽饾悑饾悗饾悤饾悇 聽饾悑饾悁饾悕饾悊饾悢饾悁饾悊饾悇 聽 ?
looking at the moon .聽 聽 聽you're gay ,聽 right聽 聽?聽 聽no ,聽 i'm kidding (聽 sort of聽 ) .聽 but i'd be willing to bet that you've spent more than a few nights lingering outside when you take the trash out ,聽 your face tilted up towards the sky in case you catch a glimpse of luna peeking through the clouds .聽 聽the moonlight reflecting in your eyes is the same moonlight lighting up someone else's face ,聽 too .聽 聽no matter how far apart you are from someone you love ,聽 you can look up and know that you're seeing the same moon ,聽 the same sun ,聽 the same stars .聽 even if they're on the other side of the world ,聽 the light coming from your moon is the same light shining from their sun .聽 聽the universe is infinitely large ,聽 but you just happened to be in the same galaxy as them ,聽 聽even the same planet聽 (聽 i hope聽 ) .聽 聽what lucky odds you have .
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nytfythfhtyf10 days ago
craig of the creek is the best kids show ever
#gravity falls and the owl house are also up there but the amount of representation in this show is incredible#the way the kids act is so accurate and funny and#the animation of their imagination makes it so fun and silly#and the character designs are all so awesome!!#and the lessons are good!!#its such a good and pure depiction of childhood#and theres so much DIVERSITY#with race but also like!#gender and sexuality and family dynamics and so much more#like the majority of the characters (as far as i can tell) are not white#the main character is black and his whole family its not like#they just took a white family and changed the skin color they actually made an effort to show the differences in culture and mannerisms#in such a good way#like they change the moms hairstyles and even show them going to a salon to get box braids#and they pretty much explicitly show that his grandparents were part of the civil rights movement#and the love between everyone in this family is so wonderful they all love each other so much#and the two other main characters have unconventional families too#kelseys mom died and she lives with her dad#and jps parents are divorced and he lives with his mom but shes a pilot and isnt home often so his older sister takes care of him#and hes autistic and they show it in such a good way!!#like they never make it a degrading joke he just does silly things and everyone is just like yeah thats just jp hes silly and we love him#i could go on forever im going to make another post#i say things#craig of the creek
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arcenergy13 days ago
i want another rpg to fuck around in for fun but i dont want to spend several years of my life modding it聽
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ninth-mercury15 days ago
You鈥檙e back, now. You want to go home. 聽
There鈥檚 a house at the intersection of two highways. It used to be yours. A multitude of flowers sway in the wind along the cobblestone pathway leading up to your house, far more than the three rosebushes and the cluster of alliums you鈥檇 first planted when you made your home here. Someone else has taken residence in the dirt shack you dug into the side of a hill. You wonder if the recipient of your endowment would find the hidden rooms you鈥檇 blocked off prior to鈥. Do they use the railway to move from place to place, as you did? Would they repair the pathways around the house, make use the quarry you鈥檇 dug out years(?) ago for their own projects? Have your chests been emptied out in favor of their own possessions?
A hotel sits empty just a few blocks away, bright-red roof stark and imposing against the greenery surrounding it. You had it built to prove to yourself (everyone, really) that you could have a legacy, a kind one, but he stole it, your own prescribed salvation, when you鈥.
Your best friend built a new community in the snow just after your brother鈥檚 own legacy had finally resigned itself to collapsing. (You had declined his invitation to settle there. Had you done so you鈥檙e sure the cycle would have only shifted, instead of cracked. And you wanted it pulverized) He has a husband, a child. A new home on the way, courtesy of a god. You learned, earlier, when you found yourself breathing in briny ocean air, that he had made himself a little family while you were, you were鈥. 聽
Your brother is dead and you鈥檝e chosen to bury what good you鈥檇 known of him. Sam protected you, gave you the space to heal and engage in childish activities and he kept you in the fucking prison鈥. You don鈥檛 dare reach out to anyone else. Not now, maybe later. You hear someone opened a therapy office.
You walk past your house and avoid looking past the bridge spanning the quarry. 聽
Nothing much has changed uptown. The buildings stand quiet. Someone rebuilt the community house. The castle still stands tall and empty and the streets are so very empty the world is swelling and pressing against your ribcage and you鈥檙e alone he didn鈥檛 love you there鈥檚 a hole where your heart once stood and maybe it shattered into pieces whey he looked into your eyes and told you it was never meant to be we were the bad guys it was for the good of the people a betrayal it was all for fun you鈥檙e just so much fucking fun鈥.
You have to sit down. The static鈥檚 getting to be a bit much. Someone鈥檚 got a hand on your shoulder and you flinch away with your whole body.
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mctreeleth16 days ago
Okay, time to get completely overwhelmed by the paralysing indecision of聽
do I waste 3 metres of cheap shitty fabric and hours of effort on a muslin just to check the sizing, in the knowledge that I will never be bothered to go back and finish it properly and it will just be thrown out
do I risk 3 metres of good fabric and even more hours of effort making something that might not end up fitting me聽
and then end up scrolling the internet for 6 hours instead of doing any sewing at all.
(not to mention: Do I do it using the techniques in the pattern, that they probably chose for a reason, or do I just do things the easy simplified ways I have worked out? Should I at least try out these techniques, if it is a muslin I am going to turf anyway? But then I am putting in all this effort for these complicated techniques, wouldn鈥檛 it be better if it was worthwhile? Why are there so many ways to do a placket anyway? What if instead I just made my fourth pair of perfect tights for the week? My pile of stretch knit offcuts from them is getting pretty big. I should work out some sort of project for them. Can you make a quilt with stretch? God that must be horrible. Okay maybe I will lay off the tights. I am going to go watch reels on instagram until the sun rises tomorrow.)
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yetremains17 days ago
饾殕饾櫡饾櫚饾殐 饾櫤饾櫢饾櫧饾櫝 饾櫨饾櫟 饾櫩饾櫢饾櫧饾櫢饾櫧饾櫠 饾櫚饾殎饾櫞 饾殘饾櫨饾殑 ?
Tumblr media
Love Letters + Hands
Your desk has seen you cry. your floor is covered with piles of rejected phrasings. how can you ever explain yourself sufficiently? the delicate tenderness of handing over the note is terrifying, so keep rewriting it and you never have to. crumple up this paper and try again. this time will be right, you know it.
The brush of skin on skin makes you go insane. Your touch starvation is getting out of hand, no pun intended. You have a mental list of every time you鈥檝e touched them and you鈥檒l come up with more excuses to expand the list. Bodies were made to fit together, and you think theirs would fit yours nicely. Oh, to hold, to be held.
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hippatize21 days ago
self deprecating humor isn鈥檛 good healthy or funny but the thought of putting this on my grad cap is so fucking funny to me
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bleppojello28 days ago
Tumblr media
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potatotrash029 days ago
hi i saw a talent au a while back (forget the artist, will go looking!!) with a tattoo/piercing artist nagito n i think you'd like that SKDJJDD
i remember him having like a septum piercing and a lip piercing and a few others and he held a lil tablet and pen in his hand it was magnificent
hey hey anon i love you for telling me this?????? (/p) hhhhfkdbdksbdksnx sorry i鈥檓 overloading rn you have no idea how much i鈥檓 into this idea holy crap
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waspgravea month ago
Helping a 5th grader with math has made me feel as though I could be a little stupid
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invisible-nerd-girla month ago
Ok, so you can pause the first Incredibles movie when Bob is getting yelled at by his boss. I did because I was bored and I saw him glance down at the paper his boss moved on his desk. And GEEZ. No wonder he chucked him. I would鈥檝e stole all his pencils and slit his tires.聽
The paper reads something along the lines of
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽You the employee are now in charge of all your stationary, pens, paper, paperclips, ect. Electricity will come from your paycheck as will cell phone charges. Yada Yada聽
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 We are proud to announce that we have the highest profit in years and want to thank our employees personally for their loyalty during these uncertain times. Yada yada
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