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#this is just a tiny thing okay
lynnesgalaxy · a month ago
Tumblr media
hmmmmmmmmmmm emilette time
#Emilette#ive been focusing a bit more on frankley and creetus as of late so i decided to give her some love#because last time i drew her she just looked.... so odd?? like. it was hard to draw her#but now she just. worked perfectly. so i just had fun filling the page with doodles#i deleted a huge one that was a spoiler and replaced it for a buncha tiny emilettes#alsO ive been thinking a lot about her because. i realized some things i haven't developed about her#like. the others have very specific things they're good at#but she's just... regular at most? and the ones she IS good at are not things that are like... SUPER defining for her. y'know?#i dunno. i might be thinking about that too hard#i do like the vagueness of it. like... you don't need to EXCEL at something specific to be happy#and that's something that could apply pretty well to her#but. i dunno. I make fun of her a lot because she's an idiot and its funny#but like... am i taking it too far by not giving her something MORE like i did with the others?#she's bad at a lot of things. i can name those. i can also name the things she's not proficient at but good enough.#im not sure if theres anything she's particularly excellent at#and the fact that there's more things she sucks at than things she's good at feels. hm.#im not even sure where im going with all this i didnt even explore those things in these doodles lkJLKDSFJ#okay yEAH IM RAMBLING A LOT#also this isnt going in the tag its too messy#just have some emilettes!!! have fun!!!!
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worstloki · 7 months ago
i like to HC that the Grandmaster was like “here Loki :) I’m gifting you an outfit :) it’s in my signature colours gold blue and red :) You should wear it :)” 
and Loki went :/ and said “I hate red” and put his own boots on instead and then went “bad shade” to the gold cape just to spite the man and changed it to that yellow because “it just works better” and he got away with a 90% dark blue outfit that ended up barely matching the GM who was trying to woo him through clothes and didn’t kill him because he hasn’t gotten what he wants yet all because he was acting nice and smiling through it with a customer service face
#someone said all the Ace Loki headcanons are angst#but#have you considered Loki is generally just angst?#so anyway#please imagine Loki tearing apart the GMs gift and getting away with it but barely#''ew I don't like bright blu--'' ''what :) was :) that :)  loki :)'' ''nothing Grandmaster. you don't mind if I darken this do you?''#like he can't outright disobey the Grandmaster or he'll be killed/thrown into the ring but he also really doesn't want him to have ideas#so he just minorly tweaks things up#toeing the line that lets him do SOME stuff but also stay away from the s*x and all#dying over the Grandmaster gifting Loki some elaborate glitter outfit after Loki said he likes gold and Loki turns up in yellow#''what about the boots I gifted you? they were sexy :('' ''i think my black ones are fine :) and hate red :)''#''well at least you still put on the leather--'' *goes to touch* ''this is a repurposed ikea bag actually :)'' *touch=crinkle plastic noise*#Loki foils every plan with excuses of 'trying to acclimatize to the culture' and 'i don't like it'#''if you're trying to acclimatize to the culture you should sleep with me  we're notorious for... culture... :)~''#loki very visibly disgusted stuffing breadsticks into his tiny tiny fake pockets: i have to go#grandmaster sweating: no wait! we also have a gladiator ring! i'll let you have some starting credits!#loki: ...i'm listening#the grandmaster has to adapt to not getting what he wants and trying to bribe with things other than The eventually try get The Sex#there we go a happy ace loki on sakaar HC :) see I managed fine :)#(loki throws away all the red that's given to him and it has nothing to do with him thinking thor is dead okAY)
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septimus-heap · 4 months ago
Wait fuck,, marcia and silas at zeldas after marcias escape
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aquafanart · 7 months ago
I know MXTX has a thing for Hua Cheng holding Xie Lian around the waist but consider:
Xie Lian is the perfect height to just lean over and rest his hand on Hua Cheng's waist and hugs would be so cute, like as a 5'3" woman, I can attest to the fact that it feels really nice to hug taller people around the waist. And Hua Cheng could just pull Xie Lian into his chest and rest his arms around Xie Lian's shoulders like guys it would be so cute and I might just be projecting the way I like to hug tall people but goddammit, it would be adorable
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doemons-blog · a month ago
my depressingly bittersweet postcanon hc is that dean and cas do grow old together as human beings but dean dies before cas does. like even tho they're old and wrinkly and saggy and gross and happy, they're human. and idk. I just feel like dean's lost cas so many times, you know? I think when their lives on earth really end, dean would go first. and cas would grieve, but he'd have this big, beautiful family right by him. and he'd know his time is soon, too, but he'd not be consumed by it all because now he's had a lifetime on earth and he's going to have eternity in heaven soon.
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danny-williams · 2 months ago
actually i wanna talk more about this because Danny and Lori could've really been something if the show creators didnt constantly sideline Danny for Steve. And I'm not just talking about romantically (tho loridanny is my beloved) but h5o creators have a history of almost distorting characters from their initial forms in order to fit them into meaningful relationships with Steve when they're actually so much better suited to be friends with Danny
Chin and Kono are really the only characters in the show who are equally close to Steve and Danny (though that changes a lot in the later seasons as well) and its something that bugs me a lot
Lori and Danny are both from the mainland, both from traditional law enforcement, both have very strict ideals about police procedure (until they warped Danny completely) and could've honestly been such good friends and had a really meaningful bond. The same goes for Lou and Danny if I'm being totally honest -- I never understood why they continuously tried to force Lou and Steve together, when literally nothing would've happened if Lou had bonded with Danny instead. Even Adam and Tani start out with really meaningful relationships with Danny -- but those relationships end up getting sidelined for their relationship w Steve.
Hell they even do it with Jerry. Jerry is Chin's friend from highschool, and yet somehow by the end of the show: Steve is the guy Jerry is closest to.
I know that Steve was the main character and its important to show him as a vital part of the show, but there's so many dynamics in the show that I personally feel would've been better suited to be Danny focused -- and would've given so much more depth and nuance to these characters
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batshit-birds · 7 months ago
You got ideas about Tim & Dami being close brothers in the wing au bc I would love to hear them
Yes. Yes I do. Sorry if any of this contradicts things I’ve said before, the au evolves and changes as time goes on and I get new ideas
- their relationship starts to patch after Tim saves Damian from falling to his death (they were over the ocean, and they were high up enough that hitting the water would’ve been like hitting concrete). They have a couple of half conversations afterwards that put them on better ground
- if they catch each other plucking, they’ll grab the nearest projectile and chuck it at each other. Alternatively, if there’s something that’s stick like, they will whack each other. Tim once used a spray bottle - it was very effective
- they become really close when Dick ‘dies’
- Tim basically takes over as the primary older brother for Damian. I’m talking movie nights, emotional talks, preening each other, patrolling together, Dami crashing at Tim’s apartment increasingly often, the whole enchilada 
- Damian starts fledging during this time and Tim is the one that finds his plucked flight feathers in the trash, thus being the first one to find out he’s fledging (extremely early, might I add)
- as The Big Brother, Tim takes it upon himself to teach Damian how to fly. Bruce helps, of course, but more often than not it’s Tim
- Dick comes back halfway through Damian’s fledging, and is completely floored by how close Tim and Dami are now
- I think I’ve mentioned that Tim teaches Dami how to soar and dive? 
- such things can’t be taught in the flight training section of the cave, so Tim takes Dami waaaaay up into the sky to find some nice thermals. No one else really has wings built for such high altitudes (except for Jay), so it’s some quality bonding time
- when Tim notices Dami needs some peace and quiet, he’ll take him up for some soaring time (and vice versa)
- a lot of times they’ll vent to each other while soaring
- now that they’re super close, they won’t hesitate to just start taking care of each others’ wings. If Damian sees a crooked feather on Tim’s wing, he’ll casually put it back in it’s place. If Tim notices a spot that Damian plucked, he’ll go get a little bandaid and slap it on
- They refuse to acknowledge it, of course, and it’s kind of an inside joke between them.
Dick, catching them preening each other for the first time: are you guys preening each other?
Damian: tt, don’t be ridiculous, Richard
Tim: like i’d let the demon anywhere near my wings
Dick: okay...can i -
Tim: no
Damian: there’s nothing to join in on
- they have a game called Let’s Steal Jason’s Wings And See How Long We Can Keep Them Hidden. no one else is allowed to participate
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