#this is just me trying to go crazy with designing a character thats very different to the norm
jadequarze · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Random color palette, with lionfish- inspired design
💥  [Ko-fi | Redbubble | Twitter | Youtube | INPRNT] can be found in pinned post.      
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magentapint · 10 months ago
crenny brainrot
idk i normally dont post my thoughts here on tumblr but since im becoming active again i want to ramble on about my favorite crenny headcanons.
mostly because i have the agenda of embedding it to the crenny nation collective consciousness. i am a woman in a mission.
Disclaimer: these are literally headcanons with either 0 or the bare minimum canonical basis. its all for good fun pls don’t attack me for rambling about south park characters on main.
1. Kenny is an English gay, Craig is a Science gay || alt title: my craig is bad at english agenda.
I don’t need to explain myself but I’m GOING to explain myself. In the series Kenny is normally the point person whenever the boys don’t know the meaning of a certain term. That’s on rich vocabulary baybee! Ok but ALSO Kenny’s is legit good at English (e.g. When he wrote the boys a letter from Hawaii, His entire Princess Kenny cold open, his Mysterion dialogues)
And now Craig, sweet precious illiterate Craig. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
need i say more? 
Craig as a science gay just makes a lot of sense to me, bc duh...space...and stuff. Leave it to Craig to calculate the rate of xyz when abc, but if you ask him to write 1 (one) single essay he will slap you. 
I love contrasting my Crenny bc that’s their primary appeal for me! I’m on that stem student x liberal arts student agenda.
2. Kenny loves his town! (Craig is on the Fence) 
It’s a really common crenny trope for them to hate the fuck out of South Park, which leads to countless runaway fics (which I ADORE, keep making them.) But you know when I thought about it, Kenny’s definitely the type to love South Park (and its inhabitants) from the Bottom of his heart.
Dude he literally took on the role of Mysterion to protect the town from the shadows (he’s been doing it for Months???), He sacrificed himself in the South park movie just to bring back things to normal. This man. Loves. His. town. 
I think Kenny’s the type to be all “Come with me, I’ll show you my secret spot.” Then have like 17 secret spots around the town. He definitely knows stuff like the quickest route to school or the best spot for stargazing. All that. 
Now Craig. I could see why he’d hate the town TBH. And that offers a nice counterbalance to Kenny (a comic is forming in my mind as we speak.)
I want Kenny to teach Craig how to love the town (kenny voice “you’re just not experiencing the town the right way!”) and I want Craig to call out Kenny (craig voice “maybe you’re just romanticizing the idea of the town because you’re scared of letting go of the last bits of your childhood”) AHAHAHAHA. Idk Man, it would be a nice dynamic to study.
lmao i just realized that most of my headcanons are just contrasting crenny. IDC!
3. manlet kenny and taaaaall craig
yall KNOW ive been on that short Crenny agenda since day 1!
Tumblr media
(behold my first rendered crenny art ever)
DAY ONE! 初日!Unang araw palang!
BUT! but! BUT! this goes deeper. because of course im going to ramble on about this. 
*clears throat*
Craig tries to occupy as little space as possible, Kenny tries to occupy the biggest space possible.
BAM! Visual and Thematic Interest! 
I can imagine it now, Craig keeping his limbs as close to himself. Kenny stretching out his arms trying to “take more sunlight and air!” 
Tumblr media
I like the idea of Kenny being small but no one really thinks he’s small because he carries himself like a large person. Sometimes he’d just stand up and Craig would see the top of his head and go “oh wow i forgot that you were a foot shorter than me for a split second.”
Fun stuff.
4. Mole placements because I’m a graphic design student and this is the type of shit that appeals to me.
As yall know I draw Craig with a mole under his eye and Kenny with a mole under his lip. Want to know why? Visual interest BAYBEE. Have i told you that I’m a graphic design STUDENT. 
Tumblr media
I like it because it leads your eyes from Craig’s face to Kenny’s face or vice versa. It adds a sense of movement to any of my crenny pieces. 
Tumblr media
Also I noticed how most crenny fics focus on how striking Craig’s eyes are and I think it’s just fitting to add a lil mole to accent it. 
As for kenny, I’m on that...........kenny kissable lips agenda.......I hc his mole to be less noticeable but MAN once you notice, it’s all you see. I can just imagine Craig going fucking crazy once he realize that there’s a mole under Kenny’s lips.
5. Craig and Kenny are innately perceptive || alt title: Crenny Bluetooth Couple
This is kinna one of my tenet headcanons. Like my entire crenny characterization hinges on this one headcanon. 
Okay get ready its DISSERTATION time. 
5A: The angst of it all
Craig and Kenny are both very perceptive. They notice. The different lies in the way they act on what they had notice.
Kenny’s an empath so he tries the best to subtly help the people around him when noone else can. Stan having a bad day? Kenny would stay with him. Kyle’s pissed off more than usual? Kenny would crack jokes he knows Kyle would laugh at. etc.etc.
Craig is very pragmatic. If it doesn’t affect him, he won’t bother. But with Kenny he just can’t help but be so concerned. 
He notices it when somethings off with Kenny. He’d notice when Kenny’s disoriented (after dying and not knowing how reality warped or sum). He’d notice when Kenny’s tired (after working overtime at city wok). He’d notice how Kenny would look at his friends lunches.
What pisses Craig the most is how Kenny just, smiles through it all. Craig’s so frustrated with how Kenny’s own friends are too caught up with their shit that they can’t notice telltale signs. 
And so he finds himself gravitating towards Kenny. Inviting Kenny to join his Wide-angle lens show after he got rejected for looking too poor. Offering to be his partner during school trips. 
5B: craigs cold hard exterior = kennys happy go lucky attitude
Craig and Kenny don’t express their true emotions. 
But the difference is: Craig doesn’t show his because he doesn’t feel  the need to. Kenny doesn’t show his because he has to. 
BAM! Interest!
Kenny has to be strong. To not worry his siblings or friends. So he just pushes through and hides it all with his hedonistic facade. 
Craig’s just.....idk he just doesn’t want 2 show his emotions for funsies idk what’s up with him. 
I like how on the surface they seem like polar opposites but fundamentally they are the same. (bc theyre soulmates)
5C: Reading craig
Kenny’s one of the few people who mastered the language of Craiganese. Alongside Ruby, Clyde, and Token. 
Kenny’s skill was innate tho and it pisses off Clyde so much.
Clyde learned how to read Craig after years of being his closest friend. It took a lot of trial and error, but he’s proud that he can understand Craig’s mood and all that.
But then comes Kenny who can read Craig immediately! What the heck! Unfair!
Tumblr media
5D: Bluetooth couple
which leads me to the point. 
It’s funny.
It’s just funny I can imagine Crenny having entire conversations just by looking at each other.
Tumblr media
okay thats all.
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residentevildash · 2 months ago
why dont you wanna play re2make?
short answer: it simply doesnt appeal to me
long answer: going under cut LOL
[warning its really long and i start to sound mean near the end i think]
re2make lands in a specific & unfortunate spot where i cant enjoy it at face value as a res evil game, and i cant enjoy it in a dismissive "woah look how crazy this is lol" way, either. it just irks me a lot. ill try to explain
my first res evil game was the re1 remake, which was very faithful to the orig re1, in terms of gameplay and style. i LOVED this. then i went to play the next game in the series, and went for the re2 remake, since i (naive, new to this cruel world) figured it was a remake like the re1 remake, in terms of style & stuff, and. um! well. it isnt! right? its different, since it was made in 2019, and REmake was in......2002? i want to say? hold on. . . yeah 2002. so of course they werent going for the same style of remake. they were making it to appeal to modern game audiences, so it was less of a 1:1 and more of a re-imagining. and it doesnt try to say otherwise, it knows that its a re-telling/re-imagining, i was just not expecting that (again, naive, unaware of the hell that is capcom games)
right, so, i played maybe 5 minutes of re2r, and was like "i dont like this, im just going to play the original re2" and did that. i loved re2 a lot. i mean. <3 <3 <3 . so, as someone who's now attached to the orig re2, i have my perceptions of each of the characters and everything all living in the delicate ecosystem of my brain; near and dear 2 me etc. re2make is a whole different animal, and if it interacts with said ecosystem, all the little bugs are going to explode and blood disaster forever. this brings us to the section of my answer where i explain my beef with re2 remake leon
Tumblr media
[id: "My beef with re2make Leon" in all caps]
i just dont like him. i dont like what they did with his character, i dont like how he looks, and i hate how fans talk about him, which he is unfortunately getting blamed for since seeing him reminds me of the vile shit that ive seen (whoever made the naked sexy whatever leon mod(?) is going to hell and im smashing them with hammers). ok. taking a step back. what actually wrong with him?
the simple answer is "hes just not leon." leon, in re2, is kind of a bitch, a guy who got blackout drunk (bc he was upset abt a breakup) the night before driving into raccoon city to be like 8 hours late for the first day of his job. which turned out to be zombies. which he fought while hungover the entire time. while being ridiculous & stupid. re2make 'leon' (i need the ' ' for my own sanity) is just some regular guy who doesnt have any of that going on. he has a lukewarm, generic personality and could be named matthew and it wouldnt make a difference. design wise, re2make 'leon' was also made to look friendly(?), or whatever the fuck, and his haircut is more generic, while re2 leon looks kind of mean (on purpose) and has the iconic curtain bangs. theyre just different characters, so it irks me that the re2r guy is considered to be leon. i know its subjective, but this is all just my opinion anyways. i do appreciate his existence though, because hes fodder for horny people, dbd players, and annoying people who call anything that moves a twink. its like this
Tumblr media
so thanks 2 him for that
i also dont like what they did to claire, sinc she looks like debbie ryan and her dialogue is less cool. shes just lamer and more .. i dont know. generic Girl. claire is a badass and re2r claire is kind of nothing, but not as nothing as 'leon.' i just feel bad for what capcom did to her
you may have seen my other response to an ask abt wtrc, where i said i was ok with it being different from the source, so i just wanted to add that its different with re2r because 1. it takes itself seriously, 2. its a videogame so thats many hours of psychological torment as opposed to 1-2 hours 3. avan jogia as leon
i hope this answers your question? i guess the true answer is that i cannot play it because it will make me mad. i think its a fine game for other people to like, like, its a generic whatever """resident evil""" experience, but i just really dislike its entire angle. heres my fav image ive made abt this
Tumblr media
and some bonus re2 pics/concept art if you made it to the end thanks for reading
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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inosukeslefttoe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
SO i just finished wonder egg priority and i think that with confidence i can say it has been one of my favorite animes like... ever ?? and not even from hyperfixation or obsession over it just... its so fucking real yet so simple in a way that i havent rlly seen shown in any other shows you feel ??
but first i wanna talk about how sexy the art and animation is real quick... HOMIE ITS SO GOOD LIKE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT JUST... serotonin... the characters are all so unique and iconic and fun but not over the top in their designs yknow ??? they seem like regular every day girls but they stand out and theyre all sO CUTE !!!! also i love how the style is like this soft bubbly slice of life lookin stuff with bright happy colors and the most beautiful scenes you could find but they also have the SICKEST fight scenes complete with whimsical animal helpers and terrifying villains and crazy weapons unique to each character. and the animation. god DAMN shawty i am obsessed with everything in this show. i might make a post solely about the art later lol bc i wanna get into the other stuff.
so the themes in the show right ?? it starts just as this cute lil magical girl kinda deal but within the first episode we see that like.. oh damn... thats kinda heavy... tbh i was a little shocked and thought about stopping bc yknow bad mental health BUT i was so intrigued that i had to keep going and i am SO GLAD that i did. because this show just so beautifully discusses all these heavy topics in such an eloquent and artistically expressive way. and also like, , the juxtaposition of the charming childlike vibe with bright colors and 14 yr old girl protagonists against the dark themes of suicide and so much else,, i think is just perfect. bc a lot of heavy animes are more of the seinen genre and have some middle aged dude as a protag or make the entire color palette dim or offer little relief to the pain of these heavy themes right ?? but NO not wonder egg bitches B) because these problems arent just things that ppl face later in life or just problems that need to be talked about among adults or the edgy seinen watching squad,, these are REAL problems that face people of every age, gender etc and i think its awesome that wonder egg addresses that. some may cringe at the thought of their high schooler watching animes that discuss sexual harassment, suicide, abuse, self harm, eating disorders etc,, but in reality it is the most comforting thing i have ever come across and is basically jsut free anime therapy. because not only does wonder egg present these themes to the viewers as something real that happens to all kinds of people (making said people feel heard in a way that maybe they hadnt before), but it also makes sure to vanquish all of these forms of trauma. and the way the trauma is vanquished isnt always beautiful and it isnt always just magically gone with a poof. the struggles of overcoming or living with that sort of thing are shown in such a real and relatable way that addresses every hardship trauma survivors have to go through. and i just. god i cry bro. 
oh m y GOD and the lgbtq+ rep in this show ?? like shawty... as soon as i saw episode one i was picking up on some gay/lesbian themes but then again im sapphic and project that a lot so i tend to see that sort of stuff like... everywhere... but NE WAYS... episode ten made me FUKCING CRY BRO LIke i cant believe there was a whole trans character with a whole trans pride hoodie like LKGHKDGH my heart is just so.. so fucking full thinking about him. bc like yeah i know there are trans characters in anime but i feel like theyre always very ambiguous about actually being trans or not or erased or portrayed as a harmful stereotype or theyre constantly misgendered and still refered to as their assigned gender at birth and i hate it. HOWEVEr... Kaoru.. *chefs kiss* it was so amazing to see a character straight up say “yeah im trans” in such a casual yet powerful way bc i personally have never seen that before. and i love love loved how he went into his backstory and talked to momoe about gender bc i think thats what she rlly needed and that it helped her find herself and it makes me so happy oh my god,, and the way they talked about it never seemed forced or like it was the focal point of his existence yknow ?? like yeah he existed to help momoe overcome some of her trauma but he also just existed to be HIM yknow ?? also... personally, i headcanon momoe as a trans girl even though i dont remember it being explicitly stated plus the school scenes of her and stuff would seem like they suggest otherwise ??but,,, SHAWTY THE AMOUNT OF SUBTEXT and her complicated relationship w gender is... something i feel like a cis girl would not go through so harshly yknow ?? with all of the questioning and feeling detached from femininity or feeling like ppl dont see her as an actual girl and only like her as a guy or for her masculine traits,,, but dont take my word on this bc i myself am a cis girl but that was just my take on it as someone in the lgbtq+ community trying to educate myself on the transgender community :) either way,, wonder eggs portrayal of momoe and kaoru and the way that momoe becomes so passionate about expressing herself the way she wants to as a girl is just... good lord im gonna cry its so perfect,,,.so ... i just love this show way too much. i also am honestly super lost about the relationship btwn acca and ura-acca ?? bc i was gonna mention ura-acca as a canonically gay guy bc when i was watching i interpreted ep 11 as him being in love with acca and being jealous of Azusa (bc i mean,, they lived together (i swear to god there was only one bed in that apartment) and had a daughter together and def loved each other and also when Frill said they were husbands and then when ura-acca said he wasnt attracted to azusa but he was def jealous of their relationship ??) but then i saw somewhere that theyre brothers ?? which would make sense ig since they look kinda similar and accas daughter called ura-acca “uncle”.. but at the same time its ANIME SO THEY ALL LOOK SIMILAR and referring to gay couples as siblings is an EXTREMELY common euphemism soooo... IM JUST LOST HERE... but yeah i tried doing research and found different things so i cant say anything for sure >:( however,,, if they are canonically a lil fruity for each other... when frill refered to acca as ura-accas husband i imploded dude you never hear that sort of wording in anime.. but if theyre related i am so sorry. 
god this is so much longer than i planned it to be oops but i also love the theme about like.. relying on friends to help carry your weight but at the same time not becoming completely dependent on those friends and using their support to learn how to love yourself and rely on yourself yknow ?? bc that is exactly what healthy friendships look like. bc i think ai sort of had a codependency thing goin on with koito maybe ?? but now she has a whole squad of funky friends that are so so different but all struggle with different kinds of trauma and although they fight over it, they always get through it with each other together. and they push each other no matter what to be the best versions of themselves and they teach other that getting hurt is okay because theyre always gonna be there to pick up the pieces no matter what happens. they can give each other space when they need and adapt to meet each others needs but theyre always able to balance it out with their own needs and thats such a beautiful thing in friendships especially at their age like damn i wish i had that maturity when i was 14 but no all i had was depression. another thing is that through these friendships you get to see all the different sides of each girl; you get to see them being strong or a shining light to their friends when theyre hurting but you also get to see them being hurt and weak and allowing themselves to be on the receiving end of the comfort. their friendships allows them to have weaknesses but it also allows them to highlight their strengths and thrive off of each others. I LOVE FRIENDSHIP DUDE
next i wanna briefly mention some of the themes connected to suicide that ive noticed. a big one is the survivors guilt that ai feels once koito is dead. several times she screams that she wishes she couldve gone with koito and she dreams of a “perfect world” where they committed a double suicide. one of the main reasons for her troubles is that she blames herself for koitos death and feels like it should be her thats dead... but at the same time she feels like too much of a coward to do anything now that koito is gone. she just has all these complex and contradicting feelings that wear away at her in ways that ppl that havent gone through the suicide of a loved one could never imagine. a lot of the times when things like this are portrayed in media i feel like its more in a way thats meant to guilt trip those that have taken their own lives and paint suicide as this selfish sin thats unforgivable but... not only does wonder egg reject that idea and instead portray it as a heartbreaking tragedy with,,, so so many terrible reasons, but it focuses on the feelings of ai separate from koito without blaming her in any way. not once did i feel like the show antagonized koito or that ai blamed koito for doing any of this, but they simply mourned her loss and touched on ais reaction towards the event but separate from koito herself if that makes sense. and i think that discussing survivors guilt without painting koito as the bad guy is something so beautifully done in wonder egg that can really resonate with those that have lost a loved one to suicide and have struggled with these same things.
okay i think this is the last thing ill mention,,, but HOMIE THE PARALLEL UNIVERSE BIT AT THE END. I AM. OBSESSED. i am such a whore for anything about the multiverse okay n e ways...,, not only did this make a super epic trippy ending of season one and add a little bit more magical girl whimsy to the show,, but it had such a powerful message. from the perspective of og ai,, finding out that you killed yourself in another world is... i mean its definitely not a surprise but at the same time it rlly makes you think how close og ai herself couldve been to that point and what decisions led her out of that dark place in her life. if i were in her shoes i would be terrified and id cry bc the thought of going back to such a dark place and actually going through with something like that is my worst fear and probably something that ai fears too. but at the same time,,, think from the perspective of ai two !!! like yeah its true that theres this awful terrible version of ai that dies but theres also a whole version of ai that is a superhero magical girl fighting off monsters to save countless ppls lives !! and she has a badass lizard and a gang of awesome friends !!! at first i was worried that ai two would be jealous of og ai and compare herself to her and feel inferior but like.. THEYRE LITERALLY THE SAME PERSON AND CAPABLE OF THE SAME THINGS !!! and ai two realized that !! just within the span of one episode, she went from the version of ai who took her life,, to the version of ai jumping in front of a friend to take a bullet for them and save their life. and that just inspired THE SHIT OUT OF ME. i think that ai was sent another version of herself to sort of beat her own worst enemy yknow ?? those doubts and fears that shes no good or that shes that same bystander from episode one and that she hasnt changed at all. but getting to interact with her parallel self and see her grow was just what she needed to realize that while yeah sometimes the worst thing can happen and things can be terrible but on the other hand sometimes the most wonderful thing imaginable can happen because she has the power to do either. 
so im gonna go ahead and stop rambling bc i got all my thoughts out that i wanted to for this post :D but yeah lol i might make another if i feel like it sometime. long story short: this show is perfect and it is going on my favorite of all times.
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kiimmyko · 11 months ago
So I know you're not doing a ton of drawing rn but I was wondering if I could ask you a question. You have a ton of awesome OC's on your blog, so I was wondering if you have any advice on how you design them/come up with them? Thanks! (Also your stuff is amazing)
Hiiii!! Firstly, just wanna say thank youuu sooo very much! 😭
I don’t have advice- I’m not the best advice giver?? I can only tell you my process. It’s really me being inspired by multiple things and fusing them together to make one character. And then tried different colors til I come up with something I like!
Digit the Ermine is a good example of this.
Here’s how she started:
Tumblr media
Yes, its a non sonic oc!! I’ve been trying to make my own stuff but thats a conversation for another day jdbdjdn Long story short why i made her into a Sonic oc instead: cuz I gave up and making sonic ocs make head go brrr
She’s based on D.va! I’m still trying to design mechas for her.. robots are hard 😔. I didn’t want it to be based on one character alone, so I started looking for other things I like! I went with adding a goofball energy like Junkrat (lets be real. We need more crazy gal characters.. im love them 🥺), made her very techy like Eggman, took some elements from IEWSF!Amy, and gave her some sharp claws and fangs cuz... 👀 worw.. and I also went with an asymmetrical design to spice things up!
As for colors, I tried different combinations.
Tumblr media
I didn’t know which to choose so I asked my sis which she liked the most after telling what Digit is like. She went with the green one soo.. i did some last tweaks annnd there she be!
Tumblr media
The Digit we all know and love hfbsja
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katewaliss · 10 months ago
! write with me or fight with me!
you either die by my sword or the most painful head canons imaginable! *merida vc* choose yer fate
just kidding!
 hey there gaymers, i am crissy! i am 22, live in pst, go by she/her pronouns and honestly would very much like a distraction from life -- preferably in the form of 1x1 and rp in general. i am currently doing online school plus trying/failing at adulting, being a crazy pink haired college student living on microwave dimsum with my crazy fluffy demon cat, but that still leaves me with a lot of time and what better way to spend that time then crying and dying, am i right, boys? 
so without further ado ( adieu? idk gusundheit ) here are a list of discomboblulated plot things that have been floating around in my head that i might be fun to do ( plot fragments, ideas, ocs, fcs i like, settings, genres etc )! i’d prefer a message if u liked any of these in the inbox or dm form, my tumblr ims are open and my discord user is mr. worldwide#2918 ( pitbull supremacy ) but if ur shy i will message u and be annoying! 
lastly: i prefer hcing in the dms to replies, however i will do replies/ask memes slowly, i don’t really like making blogs and prefer google docs/discord and i ask ( gently and respectfully ) that minors do not interact.
thank u and happy hunger games! xx
Tumblr media
COLLEGE TOTALLY SPIES -- i was really obsessed with this picture right here and i thought that the picture would be a good premise for a little four person group based on totally spies. i was thinking that these three college students/young adults some friends maybe not some enemies or just on completely different ends of the social agenda get bonded together when they accidentally end up roped in a top secret spy organization that is fronted by a record store. the details and flesh of the plot i think would be cute to figure out all together maybe in a google doc or a big discord so we can make the rp to perfect world building specifications. right now i have two spots open! 
my friend lexi over at comradc has taken the cool goth asian girl and is using lyrica okano
Tumblr media
i am playing the freckly backwards hat lesbian in the red polo named aj mccallis and i think im using diana silvers ( not sure might switch to tati rodriguez )
Tumblr media
we also have the cute blond girl w the dyed hair who is giving me kind of like sydney sweeney energies, blonde girl maybe like lalisa manoban/jinsoul,
and we have the rad black girl with the bandids who i would only accept black fcs for for such as diamond white, ryan destiny, salem mitchell, 
i’d prefer if this stayed kind of sapphic and female and enby friendly. we can def make make npcs and characters but i’d prefer if the characters looked like they do in the picture ( minus the white girls who can be racebent as long as there are vibes ) mostly bc i want the poc people to stay the correct poc! but yeah! if u like this message me specifically!!!!! seperately and hit me w a role ud like maybe an fc an idea anything < 3 im working on a google doc and discord sever
- i really want to play a himbo skater boy evan mock like its my dream i know nothing abt him other than he probably goes by something like mouth or juice or tris or dex or dante but !!!! he has buzzed hair he buzzes designs into, does stick n pokes, hates cops, will kiss anyone, likes to mosh at house shows, smokes a lot and sounds like crush from finding nemo, probably ur parents worst nightmare if im honest rodrick heffley energy -- adopt him for any plot
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- i also really am obsessed with simay barlas who is my mascot rn -- i want to play her in some sort of dark academia setting with like gossip girl blair waldorf energies lu from elite and have her be really mean and cold and pretentious and play the cello and probably have secrets and be uptight idk the name mallory is resonating hard w me ( we could even do a gossip girl the secret history type group if people liked that ) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-ok i also really really want to play streak aka silas montgomery who is like very like sidekick best friend to the golden boy main character, does a kick ass goat impression, class clown, relentlessly hits on like the most difficult person in school, does crazy things for laughs and attention, just wants to make people happy, only wears hawaiian shirts, finger guns, is going nowhere in life, his dad is probably the dean at whatever prestigious school also he is very very depressed and drinks often! love u! a I Feel Like Im The Worst So I Always Act Like Im The Best electra heart baby PINTEREST
also yes his hair is pink reg verse he did it on a dare but hp verse he did a potion wrong and it never came out
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SOMEONE DO A LADY HANNIBAL WILL GRAHAM RP KILLING EVE RP W ME! i made this will graham adjacent gal for a genderbent hannigram rp her name is bisexual disaster enida johnson and sometimes goes by needy or will bc her middle name is willamena! has basically all the will things wears flannels is a mess but has a bunch of cats instead of dogs in her woods log cabin and im using crystal reed bc it fits perfect in my head idk if u like her hmu hit me w a lady hannibal PINTEREST
Tumblr media Tumblr media
other stuff
ok i really want to do a princess and knight plot but with knight zendaya and princess anya taylor joy ???? ALKHALKSHALK LITERALLY HELLO literally modern or like dnd style i do not care but know i love dnd! we could make it like them goin on some skyrim quests like hi
speaking of dnd and skyrim if anyone wants to do like anything based in dnd stuff or skyrim stuff i am DOWN
jennifers body plot!!!! maybe set in college!!!!! sounds spicy i will do a f/f or m/m version leggo leggo 
UNTIL DAWN UNTIL DAWN!!!! i wanted to do a little like 6 person or mumu until dawn thing where everyone either makes new characters or characters based on the existing six! i made a girl adjacent josh character named riley PINTEREST who i love very much ( fc might change im thinking maybe medallion rahimi ) pls hmu if ur down
i looooooove breakfast at tiffanys!!!! like i really love breakfast at tiffanys we love a call girl broody author ship and i want to play a mishti rahman holly golightly type character so so bad 
pygmalion plot!!! basically like an author and the main character of their book comes to life and the book character is probably from a different period of time or realm so doesnt know how to do modern 2020 stuff like microwaves and the tv! and then maybe they get sucked into the characters book world thats written by the author and have to navigate that! enchanted! w the kdrama! energy!
any sort of the secret history murder society until dawn ahs horror type setting i am on a kick rn 
i still really want a deaf sailor and siren plot bc that is so spicy or even like anything involving sirens like maybe one thats like vegetarian and doesnt like to eat humans so it ariel rescues one and keeps it safe!! or like only men are susceptible to the sirens song but aha! i am a woman! Romance!
anything in the realm of percy jackson i love mythology lets go i kind of want a echo narcisuss plot and i want it to hurt me so bad 
i will do harry potter stuff but only if its completely removed from the current canon like years in the future no existing families also maybe beauxbatons salem and drumstrang plots bc thats what matters
iiiiiiiii really like anime so i will do anything kakegurui, soul eater, ohshc
i kind of like grew up on the hunger games so i will gladly take any hunger games plots like young effie and haymitch is spicy or like a career tribute and one of the weaker poorer distracts enemies to lovers leggo
i have a kind of oc that had their parents die in a factory gas leak that was the governments fault and it turned them into a vigilante assasin that is slowly picking off bootlicker government people one by one pretending to be one of them until bam! gets attached to the rich asshole son or daughter of the head hauncho or one of the higher ups ... drama
rich little celebrity fussy wussy being held captive by the mafia and the tired stoic mafia guard but they fall in love 
i kind of like any plot that involves one person that is really loud or angry or dramatic or whiny and the other one is kind of sweet and gentle or does not talk much idk make brain happy 
speaking of!
no nonsense law student studying abroad in a european country and an artist there falls in love w them and is all romantic and gush and is like ur my muse!!! and they are like Go awAy and they explore the city together and themelseves its nice!
i want to be an avan jogia super villain idk why i need to but i do 
not to be a disney adult bc i am not but anastasia princesses dont kiss kitchen boys 
rival cheer captians? best friends brother? pop princess celebrity singer and like antiestablishment really angry rockstar in a publicity relationship? broody detective and sunshiney diner person that works at the diner they eat at everyday?
idk i will think of more hmu these can all be made f/f or m/m if they arent 
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reallyhardy · a year ago
regent’s open air theatre LSOH (2018) breakdown
act two. continuing on from [this post about act one!]
after the intermission they went back into mushnik’s for ‘call back in the morning’ which featured the ensemble in the number with a bunch of telephones kind of tangling/tying up audrey and seymour with them, but by the end they’d all been disentangled - it looked so chaotic i was so impressed with how well organised it was to free them by the end of the song :’) found a backstage clip showing some ensemble members from this scene:
Tumblr media
then it was time for more heartbreak!!! the scene where seymour shows audrey his leather jacket. i kinda loved the jacket itself tbh, it had all this fringe on the back and sleeves (which was another visual call to audrey ii in drag queen form, who wears a jacket with chain “fringe” on the sleeves) and there was a rhinestone plant and ‘seymour’ written in rhinestones. but of course audrey is horrified and backed herself up against the wall and started crying and after seymour threw the jacket away they go into suddenly seymour which was done quite sweetly - seymour handed her his ‘kleenex’ (but it was a wet wipe because she actually did take off her lipstick with it)
Tumblr media
ALSO notably there to cast a sinister light on the emotional moment - the mushnik’s shop rotates to reveal the audrey ii plant, which was grinning behind audrey and seymour as they hug at the end of the song. LOVED THIS extremely ominous the fact that the plant was smiling evilly behind them was just chef’s kiss things are about to go horribly wrong.
Tumblr media
but anyway. now that seymour and audrey are ‘official’ they kiss!!! kind of. it was more like… seymour leaned in and kissed her nose and then sort of…slid his face down kind of towards her mouth??? it was so awkward but...v cute :’)
and of course now that we’re in act ii things are going a little worse and it’s definitely showing on seymour, who has not been beaming nearly so much and looks pretty stressed out and upset a lot of the time. by suppertime he’s freaking out and looks genuinely so mad and angry with himself when mushnik gets eaten by the plant: which was done by having the plant mouth open, mushnik step inside, and then drag queen audrey ii step up behind and attack while vines close in, and then the mouth closes up:
Tumblr media
i think... there was more of audrey ii trying to be flirtatious with seymour either before or after this, but he is much more disgusted by it and doesn’t have to try to snap himself out of it:
Tumblr media
(note by this point audrey ii’s wig no longer resembles OG audrey’s, and by now seymour hates her guts.) this continues into ‘the meek shall inherit’ and i loved the staging of this one because the ensemble are still in black-and-white but now wearing these pink-green gloves with pointy ends (so they look like audrey ii’s vines) and they had vines extending out from the scenery/props too, all closing in on seymour who’s freaking out even more.
Tumblr media
in this one matt willis made multiple quick changes to play all the different characters trying to buy seymour/the plant, and he was brill each time (this wasn’t all of the looks but it was all i could find from the show trailer:)
Tumblr media
oh, and when it came to the “then there’s audrey” part of the song, seymour takes the kleenex from suddenly seymour out of his pocket.
so seymour plots to try and kill audrey ii by grabbing a bunch of weapons (and tying a green rambo-style headband around his head) but before he can get to it audrey comes in with her seymour-costume!!! (she was even shorter next to seymour then because she was wearing converse instead of heels) and argghhh it was just so cute!!! and the sweater she put on was the one she had to come back for during ‘feed me’ which was a cute touch.
Tumblr media
(i could only find a design sketch for the main actress in that costume, but did also find her understudy rosalind james in the same outfit.) then... sadness again though because then they go into the ‘would you still like me/i’d still love you’ scene. ‘somewhere that’s green’ plays instrumental while seymour promises he’ll find them a better life. they do their adorable little awkward kiss again and then audrey leaves.
heading toward the end then into suppertime reprise/sominex, and then the confrontation… the whole time me knowing what’s coming i was just like audrey don’t but then of course…audrey does. (also she had another costume change, this time into a half-blue-half-pink nightdress with a transparent pink raincoat on top.)
Tumblr media
she steps into the plant ‘mouth’ and audrey ii bites her neck vampire style (so there’s no doubt that she has been wounded, no “she just fell asleep because of the sominex” theory here,) before seymour can get her out.
Tumblr media
somewhere that’s green reprise of course i was crying again – the actress kind of played the ‘when i die, which should be very shortly’ line for funnies rather than sincerely BUT. then she went into the reprise and ohhh my god i was so sad watching seymour hold her. i noticed they never really properly kissed on the mouth (because seymour’s bad at kissing) but he was really desperately hugging her and shaking and kissing her all over on her shoulders and her hands and it was DEVASTATING.
Tumblr media
after audrey dies seymour kept crying her name which was…i thought a bit much but sure, why not. he was sad. then he carried her to the plant and she stood up and walked backwards so they were looking at each other as she went into the plant’s “mouth” and he held onto her hands as long as he could. (this time there were no vines and the drag queen version of audrey ii wasn’t there either so it was more of an emotional parting than watching a violent/comical death.)
after that seymour tries to kill the plant (drag queen audrey ii was standing above, on top of the mushnik store prop) so he shot at her first with his halloween prop gun and then tossed the boxes of rat poison into the plant mouth, and then of course charged into the mouth and the vines are back and grab and crush him and then he’s dead. RIP that silly fool who i loved.
Tumblr media
then it’s don’t feed the plants! the urchins come out and are wearing new outfits and open the number…
Tumblr media
then there was the ‘characters come back onstage as plant buds’ version of the ending, but oh my god. this was so much fun i loved it so much. mushnik, orin, audrey and seymour dash out of the plant opening wearing audrey ii-ified costumes and!!! it was amazing. mushnik was in a sparkly green sequin jacket and kilt, orin was wearing his black combat boots  and a sequin minidress, audrey was wearing a big poofy 1950s-ish (you know, because of her somewhere thats green dreams) pink-and-blue dress with flowers and little white gloves (and still her glasses) (and i remember as she ran out on stage she mouthed WHAT THE FUCK lmao) and seymour’s was this big puffy clown suit (probably because…he’s kind of a fool) over his blue shirt (now with sparkly red blood on it, implying that his arms/legs have been eaten) and all the ensemble also had similar crazy plant looks, very flytrap with a lot of teeth and big floppy tongues.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
seymour and audrey had the little ‘we’ll have tomorrow’ line too which made my LSOH-obsessed ass get tearful again too - they grabbed each others hands for it and !!! my emotions.
there were a few bows after that but then audrey ii interrupted and was like wait we ain’t finished!!! and they did mean green mother from outer space as this huge dance number which was extremely fun. this finale was very similar to how the spongebob musical ends - after the song they tossed huge green beach balls into the audience and had a huge confetti cannon explosion. of course i went nuts for it lmao. and the best part is that THERE IS A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE:
and then it was over. iirc it took a total 10 hours for my sister travelling there and back in on day, but it was 1000% worth it!!! next post: gonna look at costumes in detail!!!
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themultimore · a year ago
i’ve made a post like this before where i describe a character i’ve made, but that was only for 1 universe, i will instead just be focusing on all 4 psychonauts ocs i’ve made in one post
hi, welcome to the madness that is my brain, i am your host Tim Multimore :)
i will be going in order from my first character to my most recent
also note that the names they have are not their real names, just names i’ve made for them so i dont confuse myself since they all have the same first name
Tumblr media
Bubblegum is the first character i made. since she was the first she looks the most like my everyday generic oc.
she isnt a psychic(unlike the other 3), instead she just has normal super powers. for her world i made a whole other organization called CELL that specializes in people with powers that aren’t psychic related.
Nucleis, or Nuke, is the girl that runs the organization(havent drawn her yet). she is also the leader to the top ranking team known as Mitochondria. i hope you like my joke.
Bubblegum is apart of the team Mitochondria since she’s been apart of CELL since it started. her powers are transformation via chemically altered candy. her actual power is that when certain crystals are mixed with sugar it turns her into certain things, her different forms are heavily based off of terraria and calamity mod bosses. this is a fan character though, so that shouldn’t matter to much.
other things about her is that her scars glow if she is feeling strong emotions, i mainly did it cause it think its cool/cute. and i think i want her to be related to the Galochios but im not certain yet.
Tumblr media
as you can see i decided a different approach with her character design, and i’m honestly glad i did, i love her face qwq
she i a psychic. her psychic theme and element are space and lightning. what the hell is a psychic theme and element you ask? its a handcannon me and a friend came up with a bit ago.
her whole deal is that she is a psychonaut from age 10-16, “dies”, is a brain in a jar for 7 years, meets raz when he’s 13, is still a brain in a jar for 3 more years, becomes a robot skeleton for a few days thanks to raz and lili, and eventually finds her body and is alive again.
LEMME TELL YA SOMETHING THO. i made her before the second trailer with the brain jar guy, and i was all like :Y(pogger face) at that cause that was almost exactly my idea.
and now i continue. i made her around the time i first discovered sasha and the potential stupidity i could use him for. i decided to made him a parental figure to skele-brain. why? honestly i dont know anymore, but MAN am i sucker for the found family trope.
Tumblr media
had to make a villain character at some point.
she’s your typical misunderstood villain character, as in she blows stuff up for good reasons. do people realize she’s trying to help in a really weird way? no, cause they’re all to focused on the destroyed factory.
her lab is located underground, under an old cabin. its like a big dome(main area) with tendrils(side rooms) coming off of it. a GIANT green crystal is what powers this underground laboratory. is this crystal what made her skin green/made her semi crazy? that up for you to decide.
she use to be friends with sasha when they were younger, she still sees him as a friend in present days too.
she is also psychic. her theme is unreality and her element is phobia(an element can be literally anything). she also has an undead psychic dobermann named coin.
Tumblr media
i made her after i read the entirety of loboto’s wiki.
again, she’s psychic. what is her theme and element? i dunno her theme but her element is paint.
she knew loboto for a good majority of her life. got the same procedure as well. but she ended up working at a zoo.
at this zoo she met Gus, a psychic monkey. when she retired she took Gus with her cause 1. they were friends and Gus wanted to be more human , and 2. one of her old coworkers wanted to use Gus for money.
Gus learned to be a doctor specifically so he could help anyone who got surgeries that got rid of there psychic powers. he tested things on Nobody of course and figured out how to make ones brain not mushy. now of course not everything was fixed, you’d have to go into ones brain to fix the rest of it.
but a decent amount was fixed to where Nobody can use weak psychic powers and doesnt forget things that easily anymore.
she’s my newest one, so her story mite not make that much sense but thats okay. also i absolutely love her face. is very nice and pleasant to look at.
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bean-bam · 2 years ago
This post contains spoilers for the Guardians of Ga’hoole books.
So I watched the Legends of the Guardians movie last night and forgot just how many inconsistencies there are with the books. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie but fuck. I just feel like I need to tell someone. 
Sorry for the long post, but there is just so much different.
Here we go:
1. Soren is not fully-fledged at the beginning of the books
2. Eglantine hasn’t even hatched yet
3. The legends all the chicks are told are not about Lyze of Kiel
4, Lyze of Kiel never fought Metal Beak 
5. Kludd is Metal Beak 
6. Mrs. Plithiver does not have eyes, she is blind
7. The Guardians never fought in the Battle of the Ice Claws
8. Literally, everything about Metal Beak is wrong
9. Eglantine and Marella don’t have the speckle under their eye
10. Kludd and Soren were not branching at the same time
11. Soren didn’t really roleplay as a guardian
12. Noctus would not have told Soren that when he started branching, the noise wasn’t important. Noisy branching leads to noisy flight.
13. Eglantine would not be eating fur on meat or meat on bones yet, her first pellet would not have bones or fur in it.
14. Soren did not try and branch/fly while his parents were gone
15. Kludd isn’t as much of a dick in the movie as he is in the book.
16. Kludd didn’t push Soren off a branch, he pushed Soren out of the hollow
17. Kludd pushed Soren to kill him, not because he wanted Soren to shut up.
19. Kludd did not fall out of the nest. 
20. Soren did not get attacked by an animal on the ground
21. There were no Tasmanian devils
22. The books were not explicitly set in Australia/New Zealand/that general area
23. Jatt and Jutt are doofuses in the movies, they are a lot more serious in the books
24. Kludd wasn’t snatched
25. The St. Aggies owls didn’t sing their song when bringing the owlets back
26. Soren was a lot more confused and frightened by the different owls because he had only seen Tytos before
27. The Pure Ones did not control St. Aggies
28. Nyra is not the Ablah General of St. Aggies
29. There is no Skench and Spoorn, the Leaders of St. Aggies in the books.
30. St. Aggies is not affiliated with the Pure Ones
31. Soren and Gylfie worked in the Pelletorium by choice
32. Not pits or pit guardians. In the books, Gylfie and Soren were kept in different pits and both of their pit guardians make a comeback later in the books.
33. St Aggies, in general, is just all messed up
34. Jatt and Jutt instructed the owlets in the sleep march seemed a lot cooler in the books
35. Soren and Gylfie weren’t given number designations
36. Gylfie doesn’t know how to navigate
37. They don’t start their first moonblinking session together
38. Soren would be the one bad at acting moonblinked, not Gylfie
39. Jatt and Jutt didn’t instruct the new owlets in the Pelletorium.
40. Again, no Pure Ones in St. Aggies
41. St. Aggies owls care a lot about number designations
42. Flecks were kept in the Library and no owl except for Skench or Spoorn could go in there.
43. Bats literally had nothing to do with the flecks
44. Flecks didn’t immobilize owls like that, they are just little bits of magnetic metal
45. Honestly, the Metal Beak in the movie doesn’t even look like a Tyto
46. Grimble didn’t confront the owlets about not being perfectly moonblinked. Gylfie confronted Grimble.
47. St. Aggies didn’t take Grimble’s family. They tried to snatch Bess, Grimble fought back, and St Aggies promised to leave his family alone if he came with them
48. There were a lot more flying lessons with Grimble
49. No Hortense :(
50. In the Pure Ones, Tyto Albas were much more highly ranked than other Tytos and would not have been trained together
51. Soren and Gylfie had to fly straight up out of the canyonlands, they didn’t get a ledge to fly off of
52. Grimble was killed in the library
53. Grimble didn’t say shit about finding the Guardians
54. Soren and Gylfie met Twilight first, not Digger, when they tried to land for the first time
55. Twilight and Digger were not buddies/living together, they didn’t even know each other.
56. Soren, Gylfie, and Twilight found Digger running in the desert
57. Digger is not eccentric and crazy
56. Twilight did not catch Mrs. Plithiver for dinner.
57. Soren found Mrs. Plithiver
58. Digger was the one that had a slip up about eating Mrs. P
59. Mrs. P didn’t know what happened to Soren’s parents
60. Twilight didn’t have a lute
61. Twilight was not a poet or musician. He. is. a. warrior. He just has his battle taunts
62. Mrs. P flew on Soren or Twilights back, not in a lute.
63. Soren and Digger went and looked for their parents, Gylfie wanted to but just assumed they were dead.
64. Twilight talked A LOT more about the Orphan School of Tough Learning
65. The band got mobbed by crows during one of their first flights together, Digger was hella injured
66. The crows did not try and steal Mrs. P
67. Um. Mirror Lakes? Hello?
68. There were no echidna’s in the books
69. Nice
70. Um. Ice Narrows? Dumpy the puffin? Hello?
71. Seriously who is this echidna?
72. Digger isn’t a tracker yet. Gylfie still isn’t a navigator yet. Twilight would not refer to himself as a poet warrior
73. Pretty sure Boron was the one to speak to the Band when they got close to the tree, not Barran. I could be wrong
74. Nearly forgot about this, what about the rogue smith in the beaks and the bobcat? What about the “You only wish”?
75. Ezylryb is not a crazy owl
76. I really hate how they portrayed Ezylryb
77. Who the fuck is Allomere? He sure as hell isn’t in the books.
78. The band does not know about the Pure Ones when they get to the Great Tree
79. Barran is the leader of the Search and Rescue Chaw
80. Ezylryb would not get in a fight with another owl
81. It’s tweener, not dinner
82. Otulissa may be snobby but she isn’t a total bitch
83. Nestmaid snakes are the tables in the dining hollow
84. The band did not have their classes together
85. Using an Owl City song was very cash money of them (not an inconsistency)
86. Ezylryb doesn’t lead colliering, just weather interpretation.
87. What happened to getting tapped for a chaw
88. Pretty sure a big part of Soren’s character is that he is a phenomenal collier. They made no indication that he is a collier in the movie.
89. Eglantine wasn’t moonblinked, she was stone stunned/damaged by flecks
90. I’m kind of sad there is no Poot
91. Ezylryb didn’t just tell owls to rely on their gizzard when flying in a storm
92. No Octavia :(
93. Guardians didn’t fight with metal swords
94. They also didn’t use helmets until the band and Otulissa figured out mu metal could protect them from flecks
95. Ezylryb didn’t tell soren he is Lyze of Kiel
96. Ezylryb had his old battle claws hung up in a secret hollow
97. Eglantine was found in the Great Downing
99. Hundred of owlets, not just two
100. The downing was this huge operation, took the whole tracking and search and rescue chaws
101. Also, no Primrose, Martin, or Ruby :(
102. The guardians didn’t go straight into a war.
103. Ezylryb would NEVER PUT ON BATTLE CLAWS
104. Ezylryb would NEVER FIGHT IN A BATTLE
105. We just going to ignore The Rescue, The Siege, The Shattering, and most of The Burning?
106. This battle is the most like the battle of the canyonlands but in reality this battle just never happened in the books
107. No trader Mags
108. Strix Struma is still alive in the movie
109. Really, everything after this point is different than the books
110. Bats didn’t fight for the Pure Ones or St. Aggies
111. Ezylryb would never.
112. Why the fuck are they having Twilight carry a lute into battle. Fuck that
113. Fire doesn’t stop the flecks by destroying the contraption that is exposing them.
114. Fire literally demagnetizes flecks
115. This really isn’t how flecks impair others. Like at all
116. They really don’t show Soren getting one coal in the movie :(
117. I’m serious, this battle and everything that happens in it did not happen in the books
118. Oh yea, Kludd and Nyra were mates
119. By Glaux I hate that they show Ezylryb fighting
120. Kludd would never beg for help, especially from Soren.
121. Soren didn’t kill Metal Beak. (See 5 and 121)
122. Metal Beak wasn’t killed by a burning branch, he was killed by an ice sword
123. Speaking of ice swords, where the heck are the Northern Kingdoms in the movie.
124. Soren’s parents are fucking dead. They literally did not come to the Great Tree because Kludd killed them. (Ngl I like the ending of the movie better because its a happy ending with Soren and his family all together.)
125. Kludd most definetly died after the Guardians had their big battle with the Pure Ones in the canyonlands
Okay, thats it. If there are any inconsistencies I missed, feel free to let me know.
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booksbookandmorebooks · 2 years ago
The shining : Movie VS Book!
Hello my lovelies and welcome back! Today im going to be bringing you one of my favourite posts to write. The inevitable and on going war between movie adaptations and the books they originated from. Due to the fact im not only am I a huge book nerd im also a huge movie buff so this is always so much fun for me, today Im going to be looking at my most recent read, the amazing novel by Stephen king ‘The Shining’. Now to start with im going to be looking at certain differences quite thoroughly and others I will just list below for a quick skim read. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this post!
To begin with incase you have been living under a rock for the last 39 years im going to give you a quick run down of the story thanks to a little website called IMDB.
Signing a contract, Jack Torrance, a normal writer and former teacher agrees to take care of a hotel which has a long, violent past that puts everyone in the hotel in a nervous situation. While Jack slowly gets more violent and angry of his life, his son, Danny, tries to use a special talent, the "Shining", to inform the people outside about whatever that is going on in the hotel.
Tumblr media
Jacks mental health
The way jack is depicted in the movie:  from the get go its as if he’s completely given in to the hotel and its urges and desires within a matter of 20 minutes. Yet in the book we see his character fight throughout and try to remain strong against all of the hotels temptations and hallucinations designed to trigger something in jack. We even see jack fighting to the very last moment in the book, fighting the entity as it begins to take over every last human thought in his head while breaking the hotels bond with his body for a split second and reminding Danny (his son) how much he loves him and to run away while he can.
The explanation of the shining ability:
The explanation of the shining is more in depth in the book, not only that but there is a huge plot point missing from the movie, Mr Halloran who shares the gift of shining has a special bond with Danny due to this shared skill and is so much more intense in the book. Mr Halloran is seen training Danny in one scene to send him these strong telepathic messages, little clips of audio that Danny can send him in case he ever finds himself or his mother in danger. Which is why Mr Halloran comes to check on the family, not because of a hunch which is the way the movies decides to go. I much prefer the books version of this due to the fact it makes the story even more crazy and gives so much more of an interesting character arc.
Tumblr media
Jacks issues with his wife:
Jack shows a lot of resentment for his wife in both movie and book but in the book we see it initially start with issues they faced as a couple, jacks obsessive drinking and anger issues, his occasional violent tendencies towards his son which ultimately result in many conversations about potential separation and divorce as we see the screaming resentment present on both sides of the couple, while in the book it is very one sided and is portrayed in an almost bullying manner on jacks part towards his wife and feels very misplaced as it lacks an explanation. There is the obvious blame on the hotels entity which is where I believe most people would think this anger comes from but in the book it’s a lot more clever as we see the hotel build on the issues already there and exacerbates them.
Jacks issues with his son:
We see jack ending up showing extreme jealousy of his son Danny in the movie due to the fact this is the first thing jack has been granted real responsibility for and been trusted with since the loss of his job due to an altercation with a problem student but also the first time he’s felt in control and able to prove himself as a reliable role model since his attack on his child. So his dedication to this hotel is tangled up with this insatiable and incessant need to prove himself which is why his obsession and strong love for this place is the catalyst for his jealousy towards Danny once he realises the hotel only wants Danny but will settle for the parents as an almost type of collateral damage/second thought. Something jack cannot and simply will not accept.
The most iconic scenes:
Any fans of the movie will be left in total shock once you have read the book due to its straight up lack of iconic scenes. Something that although I had never seen the movie knew of and was left disappointed as I was so excited to see these haunting scenes written in Stephen king’s hand! The most famous scenes we see from the movie are amongst them missing are
·        The elevator of blood
·        The twin flashback in the hall
·        Danny’s rides around the hotel in his bike
·        There is no beautiful lady that turns into a rotting corpse, just the vile                    evil old lady.
·        And the most shocking of all was there is no ‘Here’s Johnny!’ moment.
When I came to this scene in the book, I was so excited to see the original scenes where this revered and well known scene had be born and when I realised it was missing I found myself reading this page over and over to see if id surely missed it! But sadly, not guys.
 The death of the hotel:
The ending of the hotel – the movie has a somewhat creepier ending as we see the hotel still standing and has taken jack as a spiritual prisoner, one we know will be used to torment the next set of family members that reside in the hotel over the winter break. While the book shows the hotel go up in flames due to another huge missed plot point in the book. We learn that the boiler needs consistent assistance and if they are not checked twice a day and the pressure released, they will explode. So due to the events that take place at the climax of the book/story this is a job is we see completely forgotten about and is then used as a end to the book and hotel as it goes up in a fiery messy.
Tumblr media
 Smaller details that differ:
· The number of the hotel room the old lady in bathtub resides was originally 213 but was changed in the movie due to the requests of the hotel it was filmed in as they were concerned potential guests would be swayed from staying there due to the nature of the movie.
·Jacks weapon of choice in the movie is an axe yet in the book it is a mallet.
· In the movie we never see why jack is going for an interview as it is mentioned  in the first few minutes, he lost his previous job but is never delved into. In the book it is explained that jack was a teacher and has a problem teenager in his class that after being accused of cheating was found slashing jacks tired in the parking lot, in which we see jack snap and beat the child to a pulp. Resulting in his termination at the school.
· The hedge maze is also a massive difference we see in both movie and book. One I can understand why they decided to change. In the book we hear of huge hedge shaped animals that come to life and not only guard the hotel and keep the family prisoners but also attack people. Something that I can imagine would be not only hard to show but difficult to depict in a movie without making it look tacky. There are just somethings that would not adapt well into live action.
·Jacks death in the movie was something of a disappointment to me. I felt really deflated that there was this massive build up and we are just presented with an intense chase and a hard cut to him frozen in the hedge. The books version of jack’s death was so much more interesting! In an altercation between him and Wendy on the stairs, we seem him chasing her and hitting her repeatedly in the back with his mallet, as she takes one big breath she reaches around a stabs jack in the back expecting him to die but due to control the hotel has over jacks body it sustains him and continues moving as him but we later find out he did die from that stab wound and it was not him towards the end of the scene in control anymore.
 so thats all i have for you guys, im sure there are a few i missed but Thanks for reading my post and I hope you have a fantastic day!
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j3mjj3m · 2 years ago
gaming au
headcannons because im lazy but i love this idea
- neil is the same sort of vibe as RTGame, who plays whatever the fuck he wants, screws everything up majorly every time, and loves to roast everyone and everything 
- andrew is callmecarson and his career is literally just fucking with people 
- they’re both mostly streaming on twitch: Neil has no face-cam, whilst andrew does and its just him being completely deadpan and apathetic 
- “person101 has subbed for 3 months!” andrew: looks deadpan into the camera, says “you’re wasting your money”
- kevin and riko used to be fOrtNitE bOiiiis WHERE WE DROPPIN but then kevin didn’t want to play fortnite anymore and riko kicked him out, so he moved in with andrew cuz andrew hates fortnite 
*this was getting too long yikes*
- nicky’s a sims player bless his soul, he loves sims 3 and wont let it go even though it breaks his computer
- dan and matt absolutely obliterate 1st-person shooter games together 
- renee loves story games: life’s strange, detroit: become human, etc 
- allison’s a survival games bitch, loves don’t starve together, hardcore minecraft, but also plays shitty barbie fashion games and nitpicks at the programming 
- i imagine seth as like an angry 12 year old on twitch, that everyone just laughs at for getting aggressive too easy
- aaron plays whatever, mostly riding the mediocre cash inflow for med school and gets popular because of his criticism of surgeon games, but he loves VR (andrew does too) and sometimes he streams instead of andrew until someone notices
- gamers always coordinate into little groups: this bunch have a discord chat together and often collaborate, except andrew, cuz he’s a *lone wolf* (get over urself andrew) 
so how do andrew and neil meet, u wonder? how does neil get initiated into this discord group? where does the nickname foxes come from? where’s wymack in all this? 
- so basically i imagine wymack as a game developer and he’s found this group of gamers who are actually funny and are slowly getting popular, so he reaches out and asks them if they want to try this game out, he’s just getting started with it, what are their opinions?  
- it obviously can’t be everything each of them every dreamed of, but Mission F0X is actually a lit fuckin game with aspects that everyone can enjoy:
- nicky loves making new characters 
- dan and matt fucking ace the shoot outs 
- renee loves the choose-your-destiny aspect, and how you can see the percentage of people who went different routes 
- allison just loves the adorable fox companion 
- seth is pumped for when it’s getting released so he can blow other people up 
- aaron doesn’t care but him and kevin end up finishing all the minigames in two weeks so wymack has to make more because kevin’s getting pissy 
- andrew zones out as soon as anyone mentions fox because he couldn’t care less 
- until 
- this “””””neil josten””””””” streamer plays Mission F0X upon its beta release, and tears into the game. like, brutally. he actually praises it too, but everyone’s distracted by his character, who he’s designed to have eyebrows on his chin and backwards ears and eyes on his forehead because wymack allowed that for some reason, and then he’s able to yeet the fox companion over a cliff but it bounces back, and all this ridiculous, crazy shit
- the foxes (as theyve dubbed themselves) think he’s high-key hilarious. they’re planning to reach out to him, but andrew doesn’t trust a streamer who doesn’t have a face cam, it’s fuckin 2019 bro, wtf
- so he goes onto Neil’s minecraft server, because he has this series, where he goes onto famous streamer’s servers and griefs shit until he gets kicked, because he’s andrew 
except this time, it’s not one of neil’s mods (robin or brian or jack or sheena), it’s neil himself. he’s streaming. they’re both live, looking at each other as a building behind andrew blows up 
- “thats not very nice” 
- “whaddaya gonne do, kick me?” (andrew is like an angsty emo 12 yr old i love him) 
- neil instead says “nah ill let you be a mod”
- everyone’s like ????? he’s griefing your shit, and you’re gonna make him a moderator?
- andrew is also thoroughly confused 
- neil’s popularity, meanwhile, is skyrocketing. everyone wants him to get together with the foxes and play Mission F0X. Wymack has gruffly acknowledged all of the glitches and quirks neil’s criticised and is working to change them. andrew’s a mod on his minecraft server, and sometimes they work together (out of stream) in complete silence (not even on a call, just sometimes private messaging on discord about details or coordinates) as they clean up some shit on neil’s crazy server. they also work super hard on a map room (like RTGame’s server’s crazy fuckin map room holy SHIT goals)
- then all of a sudden andrew announces that he and neil are doing a fuckin mission F0X letsplay together, when he’s openly hated on the foxes’ obsession with Mission F0X, and neil has refused to work with the foxes because he’s scared of his new-found popularity. 
- everyone, once more, is like ????????
- unbeknownst to literally everyone on the planet, they’ve met up. neil explained why he’s avoiding kevin, even if his father’s dead, and he’s technically safe. the moriyamas own his ass and he can’t out himself like that. andrew thinks he’s being ridiculous because he’s never signed a contract and there’s nothing legally binding him to play for riko and moriyama gaming. 
- i just have this scene in my head where andrew has killed neil’s fox companion, carved “u r hot” onto it and chucking it at Neil’s head (who, mind you, is neil’s interpretation of his appearance, but god-knows he’s watered down his hotness because he’s so oblivious and andrew hates him)
- neil just laughs and tells andrew to pick him up at 7. andrew uses half of his health to revive his stupid fox companion, just like neil knew he would.
- andrew’s the only one streaming this episode: they take it in turns. he’s blushing like mad.
- nicky’s yelling THATS GAY and aaron is shaking his head and kevin is still Fuming that neil has refused to work with him but will work (and hook up) with andrew 
- eventually wymack sponsors him to play the prerelease of the Full Game and neil meets up with the rest of the foxes absOLUTELY DEBAUCHED BECAUSE HE HITCHED A RIDE WITH ANDREW AND THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THAT
- and everyones like. yep. okay. this kid managed to wrangle the monster of online gaming, makes him blush on stream and now walks in with their hands entwined like they’ve been dating for years. Respect. 
aaaaaaaaand yea thats all for now gnight
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mirandashadowborn · 2 years ago
Aside from some (for want of a better term or the know how to execute it) “improved” character design on the Dark Riders and maybe the Soul Riders (I’ll go into this on another post), I think what I’d like to see is their Motivation. 
“Evil just cause” don’t cut it for me. And I don’t necessarily mean a tragic backstory to explain away everyones case (used sparingly is fine). 
First off, is Katja alien or Human? Jorvipedia says she’s human?? But I heard otherwise so…?! Explain that shit, right off the bat. An alien with psychic powers whose been dragged to earth by her boss and hates humans cause she reads their minds and it drives her CRAZY and she not only learned to block it out but to PROJECT thoughts and dreams to turn it around on them? That sounds like a plausible villain. Otherwise why is she working for Mr Sands? What kind of compensation is there? Doesn’t seem like he’s offering her a very glamorous life out there at DC HQ.
(The way the concept art looks though- she looks like a druid turned bad and THAT would make an interesting backstory too- Did elizabeth find her and try to train her only Kat could read minds and could SEE the lies and deception and BULLSHIT in the Druids, and was cast out?? Inquiring minds want to know!) 
Sabine I saw more as like, Bellatrix to Voldemort. Maybe he found her when she was younger and impressionable and offered her Power or status.. Maybe she wanted a Sugar daddy and he seemed wealthy and emotionally aloof enough for her. She may not be living in the lap of luxury but she’s dealt with it for so long there’s no leaving now. Yea her dude didn’t give her everything but - What would she go back to? Competing against younger, better girls in Equestrian events? Uh uh too late for that. So she’s bitter, hates these little up and coming champions, and is eager to follow his orders when it comes to destroying their cozy little island.  
Jessica I see as Alex gone wrong. She grew up not having a lot and maybe did some work modeling but didn’t have “it” (the “it” that Anne had- fashion is so fickle), at least not enough to make it big. What was she supposed to do then? Find a job cleaning horse shit? Na Uh- she had a taste of glamour and won’t lower herself back to a simple life. Enter Mr. Sands. He senses an ability in her (The portals? So she’s the opposite of Anne? the Sun but like- eclipsed?) and tells her “don’t get mad, get even”. Its not glamorous but its not simple. He might be a dick but its not as bad as her family who came to depend on her (but she cut them off). He finds Jessica in the midst of her rebellious phase and is exploiting the shit out of that. 
Elise is- ok so I’ve read she has the power to cause Discord and Chaos and is the opposite of Lisa- can bring illness and Death (but anyone can kill anyone really so let’s ignore that for now). I don’t think they should make her WANT to really kill people or be a bad guy, and I really really don’t want them to be lazy and use any sort of mental illness as an excuse (lord I beg you). 
And wait- tangent. If its Katja/Linda, Jessica/Anne, and Elise/Lisa then its Alex/Sabine? She’s the warrior?? That seems weird to me. I would have done it as Sabine/Lisa (youngest-oldest, English-Western, A giver-a thief) and made Jessica the Lightning/Warrior and then Elise could be the anti Anne. But that’s just me. 
Anyway. If Elise is discord and chaos then I need her to be a bit of a mess, asymmetrical, curves and angles, etc. I want her to be a little older but kind of lost (like she is now?? lol) and maybe one of the only ones that can be negotiated with (chaos goes both ways, you know. I can see her being a tiny bit traitorous to Sands if it suits her). Maybe she’s from Jorvik but left to try things and travel but .. can’t finish things. She’s too disorganized. Unlike Lisa, who became an int’l pop star, maybe Elise has failed at everything she’s tried to do. So along comes Mr Sands and tells her she HAS a talent and CAN be successful-  just let him take over, like a manager, and then he kept her lazy and complacent until he needs her and then basically goads her into unleashing her powers. But where is she? Is she hiding from him cause she doesn’t really want to be a bad guy? 
And I need a little more emphasis on their powers being a foil for the others. Like Linda is psychic and can look into the future, but Katja is projective with it. Cool. Having Katja be pale and angular and cold while Linda is darker, rounder and warmer works for me. I like it. 
Jessica and Anne looking similar with a different color scheme works for me too, actually. Sun and Eclipse. Anne more tailored and crisp while Jessica is a little more edgy and (faux) sloppy. (and personally I would have put Jessica vs Alex, since she looks more like a fighter)
Sabine vs Alex is a little weird but would again be the Privilaged vs Poor look and thats redundant lol. What is her power? Again, I would have made her the opposite of Lisa and she can sap energy, cause Sabine as a warrior is strange. She doesn’t strike me as proactive, more like sneaky thief in the night…. I don’t know. Maybe they need to make Sabine a little tougher. But then maybe they’re going with “she plays dirty cause she’s a warrior who isn’t so tough”
Elise vs Lisa? If lisa is pop/rock, make her goth/punk (she’d match her horse better lol). Not cause goth or punk is bad, mind you, JUST so she’d match the horse (its all I got). Also I don’t want her to commit fully to any one thing. (Again- if it was me, I’d have made Elise the anti-Anne in the Group- lost for most of the game, messy while Anne is cool and collected, apathetic where Anne wants justice.) 
Also I need Sands to have some hold on them. I need there to be some: 
Do you want to go back to your old life?
Do you really want to be my enemy? 
You’re only really powerful when you’re here with us, but leave if you want u_u 
Otherwise, Why are they there? I need to see the manipulation going on there, cause evil for the lulz ain’t it.  
Ok rant over. 
(keep in mind all this is coming from someone who hasn’t played the original games but they’re changing old canon anyway so anything goes woop)
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lets-jam · a year ago
great! please talk more about ff7! your opinions, how time has affected how you view the game, what you love most about it, if you'd remake it which parts are you going to change, if any? and anything else you want to mention
this is extremely fun to try and answer in a way that i hope satisfies you and myself.
i think i will start with the question of ‘what would u do if remake?’ and ive mentioned my boring answer would be to not remake it because uh well... its still excellent... for many many various reasons ive listed out prior. in the ‘no remake scenario’ id rather just brush up the translations like the reunion translations did. maybe add a vhs filter lmao so u can experience what it was meant to look like with the whole crt effect. actually there is something i want restored... its the original fmvs... to something maybe not.... 240p r whatever (iirc like they legit dont have the original files r smthn anymore???)
but in my ‘remake this game’ scenario id basically give it an ff9 touch up. and ive spoken about this before too. more field model articulation, better field model to background meshing, maybe throw in some nice lighting effects so the character models actually cast shadows and have the lighting actually interact witht heir textures. basically the game designers all had a big lament about not being to mesh game to art as much as theyd like even with shiny new ps1′s so lets make that desire come true. keep it silent even though i love sakurai as cloud (i almost just wrote reigen right there) the game was made for and designed with text crawl in mind. its part of the vibe. maybe streamline the materia ui for some orginization capabilities, more volume control options (PLEASE let me turn some ui effect sounds off they become insanity sounds after a while). and on the models themselves i dont think its good to make them realistic sized as the worlds that were designed for ff7 were made with cartoony field models in mind and vice versa for the models. maybe more emote capabilities on the models besides the animation cycle blink. but yeah to sum it up think ff9 but higher res texture, lighting and backgrounds....
in a case scenario where you wanted to completely change the style though... i say dont make it as a new fuckin game, make it an animated anthology or smthn. get voices in there if u want them that way. with animation anything is possible, no way to get bogged down by having to render a city level thats 10gb n all the physics n washed out lighting or whatever the fuck. in fact the original ff7s style was all drawn from animation so its be a visual style that could and would fit eachother well. better way to communicate a sense of scale in an unrealistic way like the og did (ff7 CANNOT on principle be ‘grounded’ in terms of style in ANY which way IT WAS NEVER MADE TO BE EVER AT ALL IN THE FIRST PLACE) of course with this comes in the trouble of no longer incorporating the player choice dialogue stuff from the og or any of the friend point background dynamics or the mini-games in their original form. but this visual form would be far better suited but just different enough to maybe call it a ‘re’-anything. and ofc with this it cant be movie length... ff7 on average can take like 80 hours... it just find it funny that with how much squeenix pretty-fies and focuses on cutscenes so much youd think they just do smthn animated... but not 3d... and not by anyone at squeenix... and not advent children. besides smthn smthn og creators were heavily interested in the film to game parallel so it could work...
and on the question of if i would change anything (im viewing this as in terms of story content) theres not a whole lot that comes to mind... like maybe how cid treats shera... but not in a way that removes or handwaves n doesnt deal with his assholery... but part of me does wish it didnt ring so much like abuse (i dont want to use words like these lightly but idk what else to use). im of the firm camp that a character can be an asshole, downtrodden bitter cynic taking his despair out on others what have you, without being ‘sexist, homophobic, abusive or anything else’ to fall back on to show this assholery. cid clearly does apologize once he rlly gets hit with what he did n doesnt try to excuse anything (iirc) but i feel like cid n shera couldve been handled differently (and maybe with story stakes that had a little more... nuance??) in a way that can reach the same emotional conclusion. might just be me nitpicking, i dont want to sound like i want cids flaws to go away, in fact that would be no fun and wouldnt warrant any character struggles, but yeah... i just think this facet couldve been handled... in another way. im adding this in later cause i just remembered but maybe the game giving more voice and credence and actual TIME to tifas experience of the nightmare that was the nibelheim incident. we get clouds take n affects on him alot... but never hers... they both lost ppl they loved, an entire town, a whole other LIFE they could have been living had shinra not royally fucked shit up per usual... but we only ever get to rlly hear cloud about this stuff... so more tifa perspective... r smthn idk
anyways to the meat of the question now....
time has CERTAINLY changed how i view the game esp as ive gotten older (same age gang with the game!). in fact, sadly like alot of us, i used to take the compilation seriously, and by seriously i meant a legitimate part of the ff7 canon. exposure to the og and wonderful people like @fury-brand actually got me to thinking about what the hell is actually going on here in this old rpg, and what its (and its creators) trying to say n make the player feel whether intentionally or not. and in a case of truth being stranger (or more nuanced and entertaining) than fanfiction the original game on its own is alot more interesting than ppl might think
and i really first connected to the game through its character relationships, but my loss of affection for (or just really not finding it entertaining n meaningful anymore mostly on the ‘community’ *shudders* side of things) shipping. id say i still really enjoy the character relationships and that its true this is an important factor of my enjoyment but like the... place? from whence this enjoyment comes has completely changed. think: the wonder n beauty of human connection during trying times, less ‘are these 2 fucking or not’. but as time has gone on i really have started to appreciate the world n the whole vibe of this game. i mean it hits off on so many things i love, cyberpunk, some level of intrigue, ELDRITCH ALIEN VIRSUSES THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE MALEVOLENTLY SAPIENT AND IF IT IS WE HAVE NO BASIS FROM WHICH TO UNDERSTAND ITS INSIDIOUS MOTIVES, swords, dragons, ancient mysteries, robots, GIANT (BIOROBOT???) KAIJU, cute horse birds yadda yadda
on the vein of relationships what also drew me in and im certain many many others for good deliberate reasons (as in the creators wanted this to happen) is the characters. all of their stories as i previously summed it up struggling with identity, my kind of shit. cloud was a standout for me though at first, not so much on like a ‘i really really relate to this personally’ kind of thing but like his journey (once you actually discover the real untarnished version in terms of compilation bs vs og) is so delicious, he struggles, hes vocally afraid, faking it till he actually doesnt make it and oh crap now i have to choice but to confront a truth im uncertain i will like.  but then seeing the wonderful result of him choosing to pick up the pieces??? and move on (with lots of help)??? and then really coming into form as a leader with no illusions... growing to the point of being able to challenge his fellow friend/comrades with the very challenge he tried and failed n tried again to surmount??? and at the very end confronting the be all and end all of all life (the planet) with all of his now assuredly real n personally valued memories (negative and positive) as proof that theres some worth n meaning!?!?!?! *screams* its always fun to enjoy a toiling cloud, but man the fuckin payoff of his character/arc.... ugh makes me go crazy stupid... wish square knew this cloud was an extant thing tho :/
and another thing ive definitely found very entertaining is how cloud and sephiroth are dark mirrors of eachother... so juicy
its all very human fears on a more aggrandized dramatized scale n stage (as befitting of a rpg) and ive always enjoyed the freakiness factor of throwing jenova into that mix to make the whole ‘struggling with my truth’ thing a bit more literal. i did focus on understanding cloud, tifa and nanaki alot at first but as time has gone on im really trying to understand the other characters just as deeply too, and i love that all their journeys come at the whole identity thing from completely different angles... like what a WAY to have a nice thematic thread while keeping things different n just as meaningful. tho if i HAVE to admit it i have the hardest time ‘getting’ aeris as a character maybe in part to her short time with us but i always get stuck when doing comics with her n what dialogue to write... im working on it though, theres quite alot to her
i could list out my favorite moments but this is getting long so i have to get general. but im a sucker for stories that deal with meaning in meaningless worlds... now more than ever maybe. maybe its just a 90s thing lmao alot of my favorite series n stories are from that time and quite alot of them have very similar themes in the vein of truth, meaning and how we can create it... and worn cyberpunk futures... and i do like that ff7 on some sort of design level has a more ‘leveled’ world feel as in sure, yeah we can do super meteor blast from our sword but the planet is a place where ppl toil to survive under hell megacorporation... its a bit more familiar than ‘high concept’ empires and tyrants in my opinion and i like that. idk if i want to call that gritty or ‘realsitic’ because final fantasy 7 is none of those things... but its certainly familiar (uncomfortably so in some bits) 
mmmm oh and found family... thats also like the... well its kinda the most important part... especially for cloud lmao. embodiment of ‘mr. oh god please i just want to belong n have friends’ that he is. but also for so many other characters like vincent refinding... or finding another conviction to live because of them? for them? with them? good stuff. and the other characters too, cloud asks them to all search deep for their truth, and its lovely that even though all their truths are personal... they all lead them back to eachother, forward
and the way that the game deals with death has kind of resonated with me more, especially as ive experienced more of it at a different stage of understanding, i really appreciate how the game tries communicates what someone just being suddenly ‘gone’ feels like. shits weird. i used to not really get that death was dealt with in a bit different way in this game, i just labeled it as sad not cause i didnt understand or didnt experience it but maybe there was a lack of wanting to explore how this game dealt with it (for no deep reason whatsoever)
as time has gone on i really find that there some sort of gentle human core to alot of what this game deals with, everyones lost, crying out for friends or connection, for meaning n purpose, uncertain, afraid, torn between 2 worlds (never want to aggrandize things tho ff7 is a silly game i love it but contrary to what alot of ppl think u can be silly and just as meaningful nay even more meaningful because of a nice balance) but its these moments that i love to draw, to think about to make comics about. how all these characters grow throughout... mostly i feel in the way of becoming unafraid (of the future, themselves, their purpose etc), and unafraid around eachother (prime example that i can think of is cloud himself choosing to tell the truth (himself!) to all his friends in the meetup table on the highwind... beginning cloud would never even DREAM of doing that without fear that everyone would leave him r not think he was cool enough to belong with them ugh that line ‘im the master of my own illusions, but i cant live in an illusion any longer’)
and man that ending top ten things i wont ever be able to stop thinking about... like its literally the end of the world, everyone knows it, fights on in spite of it, in fact it daunts all of their convictions very little, cloud now genuinely himself n a leader can be satisfied telling everyone that we did all we could, n everyone has grown to the point where they can be satisfied too... in the face of it all ending... and im sure despite all their efforts n convictions to see it fail then the planet respond with help??? mustve floored them n filled them with such awe n joy (of a variety that went well beyond just their current well being) n the music... n aeris’ face... n the future shot... that mf logo drop... with birds chirping n kids laughing joyfully in the background....
all our party is dead 500 years later!!! yet the ending is poignantly happy... it leaves me happy... it might seem to say ‘we never mattered’ and maybe it kinda does n wants to but i dont think the game communicates this in a nihilistic despairing sense. idk how to explain it well but its like... life got to carry on! the planet lives n actually flourishes now that we see midgar a lush jungle, kids are playing... theres a future that gets to exist and it belongs to the people.... its so... lovely
this whole game makes me 
Tumblr media
on a final note: i got a little general with it but its an answer nonetheless! im always down to talk about more specific things, moments, characters, aspects, places too!! i mostly talk about cloud cause its easy to just generalize that but dont understand it as thats the only character ive devoted alot of time n care to. i dont want to seem like i fall into the squeenix misunderstanding of cloud being the only protagonist rather than a central one. but its hard for me not to write a billion words unless i trim shit down or else id be up till 5am writing this
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wick-de-la-vela · a year ago
2020 Facts
Thanks @anethara-solas for tagging me!
1. Do you make your bed?
When i change my sheets or when someone is else is gonna be sleeping in it, otherwise no. I know I live like this.
2. What’s your favorite number?
favorite number is 3? Idk a lot of important dates fall on the third for me, also three is just a powerful number. Triangles and illuminati bbeyyy 
3. What’s your job?
I go to school but recently I’ve picked up a minimum wage job scooping ice cream at marble slab for a boss that steals my tips :) 
4. If you could, would you go back to school?
I’d like to be going to a different school, that’s for damn sure. I’ve been accepted to pretty reputable universities but I’m confined to community college bc I literally cannot afford to leave my town, even tho it floods every year now
5. Can you parallel park?
I learned for my driving test and then promptly forgot :’) there’s no real need to parallel park where i live so i just lost the skill 
6. A job you had which would surprise people?
Uhhhhh well I worked a lot of odd jobs for my theater a bit, had to plan/organize events and build shit and haul shit and do sound/light design for things
7. Do you think aliens are real?
Hells yeah dude! I think it’s honestly pretty selfish to believe that life could not have formed elsewhere in a space as incomprehensibly large as our universe, yknow? It just may not be the kind of alien life we’re picturing. What we find out there may very well challenge our preconceptions of what life even IS
8. Can you drive a manual car?
No but i really need to learn bc both my parents do and its landed me in a pickle a couple times
9. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Doing literally anything other than work when i know there’s work i could be doing. All pleasure comes with guilt for me. Maybe i should become a monk
10. Tattoos?
Dont got any but i want some really Really bad,,, probably won’t live enough to regret it with the way the world’s going anyhow
11. Favorite color?
Blue, black, and soft daisy yellow
12. Things people do that drive you crazy?
Taking advantage of people who are young, inexperienced, or helpless to do anything at risk of losing a home/job/etc, be smug and condescending when they can’t cite a Single source, dismiss any evidence that is contrary to a belief, people that don’t put on their blinkers to change lanes
13. Any phobias?
Um, yeah? Loud, sudden noises freak me out and make my heart race. Spiders and other bugs freak me out if they can touch me, I’m scared of drowning/asphyxiation/being somehow deprived of breath, uh, also that one phobia of the holes in skin????????? Fucking awful and now im thinking about it and its not good very bad
14. Favorite childhood sport?
Basketball!!!!!! I may have only played on the town soccer team but i’d go for pick-up b-ball games with the boys sometimes and I was really good and I kinda regret not pursuing it further
15. Do you talk to yourself?
Absolutely constantly,,, it’s like a never ending stream of chatter. I argue with myself, i argue with people i know, i have heartfelt discussions and try to plan out how conversations might go ahead of time. It sucks sometimes bc ill say things out loud while other people are in the room, and sometimes my family freaks out bc theyll hear me talking at full volume alone in my room at 3am
16. What movie do you adore?
I’m really not Much of a movie person bc it’s a lot harder for me to get attached to the characters than in a show/book/game, but I guess i’d have to say the princess bride! It’s a classic and it always makes my heart happy to revisit it
17. Do you like doing puzzles?
Sometimes, but i give up quickly if I don’t make any headway 
18. Favorite kind of music?
indie/alternative/classic rock 
19. Tea or coffee?
Chai tea specifically
20. The first thing you remember you wanted to be when you grew up?
God. uh. Mostly when i was a kid i just wanted some fairy or wizard to reveal themselves to me and i could go off and leave the real world behind. Otherwise, i think i just wanted to be a Scientist. No specific kind, but i wanted to Do Science. (maybe thats part of why i like carlos from night vale so much) 
I tag @beckily @coldturkeyshivers @burgerpents @marlinguine @fantasticblazepoetry and whoever else would like to have a go
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deusn-determined · 2 years ago
Hey Deusn. I like the name change. If I had a question to ask, it probably be how you came up with the ARC ideas or story behind the Knight and his/their personality.
Hello Michael ! And i am very sorry for not asnwering your ask sooner ! :D
Thank you for the name change, i honestly could not come up with anything that i liked, so i did the most cringe choice and just went with it xD
And your ask is really good so i will try to do my best to asnwer !
So the idea to the ARC´s as themselves actually came up with a thought of what i actually want to do with the Knight. Since till now i still had many things about the Knight that i wasnt confident about, the ARC´s always served as story-checkpoint that i could use to navigate the story.
Since i rebooted the story of the Knight, and i even added the existence of Exe!Chara into the fold, i had to cook up different things and explanations for the character. And working on it from a certain part of the story to the other was the best way i could come up with, of how to achieve that.
Thats just for the ARCs.
Now for the personality of the Knight i think i have to explain what the Knight is actually supposed to be, just from the narrow personal perspective that i have as a content creator.
The Knight, is in my mind, supposed to be a creation of an unknown origin, questioning its own existence i the crazy universe of Undertale. And that was the main, first thought i had with this character.
Now, from where does this “chivalry” crap come from ? When i designed the Knight, in his first concepts, he was supposed to be this “anti-hero” knight, that speaks fancy and fights bad guys/girls, protecting everyone, while being this...cold revenant of a Knight with unknown origins. Just look at these two illustrations that were made in the early days of the Knight.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These were the first depictions of how the Knight was supposed to be. But as the time moved on, and the Knight actually became more of a character i decided that it needed more polishment and work. And well, thats what i have been doing for almost two years. 
Which is freaking too long and i should have stopped in the very least a year ago, and probably move to a different character.
Anyways. The primary choice for the Knights personality was the three things i wanted to have in my RP´s with this OC.
The Knight is unknowledgable in many things that make the modern world. In some cases even more then the characters of the original undertale game. Technology doesnt tell him much, just as much as many different professions or abilities of current times.
This is in cross, with the naturally born abilities that he was given when he was created and for the purpoeses he was made with. His abilities in fighting or his experience in using weapons. If you look at the Knight, you are supposed to see this calm, calculating and highly strategic mind that understands his own limits and the clear line he will never come across. While also being of a open and accepting mindset, willing to learn, teach and grow.
The question of DOUBT about his own existence is supposed to be for a few arcs one of the biggest questions of the Knight. Since he isnt a monster, but also he isnt human. What is then the explanation ? And this bites deeply into the confidence or assurance of the Knight as a being. Not having a name, people, race or anything you could anchor yourself to, can be a self destructive thing.
In the end, the Knight story is the story of change and evolving.Starting as a lost soul, to someone who has found his purpoese or better yet. Finding the assurance he was so desperately seeking.
Tumblr media
I would go into more and more details, but if i did that, i would discover some story bits and as my friend Varric from DA taught me. 
“Making sure a story is never finished, is to tell someone your whole plot.”
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thalassophobe · 2 years ago
damn ok time for mod fs first movie review. were reviewing jokers trick 2019 buckle up (spoilers are in there too btw) ...... also PLEASE read the whole thing b4 u go ham on my ass
ok i will sum this up here. if i liked this movie. i didnt because i did. no i didnt <3
ill start with things i actually liked about it. from a technical standpoint, this movie is beautiful. great visuals, costume and set design, score, and acting. the feeling this movie came to give was both fear and freedom and i was most definitely feeling that. not only that, but the themes actually exceeded my expectations -- i expected this to be a mess of incel propaganda, but its theme of oppression and revolution were solid and actually very good for all those crazy leftists like myself and admin!
plus..... god do i just love stories of traumatized characters that get to go ham and get revenge and shit. and like i know that sounds funny when its about mr the “marginalized clown” joker but he actually is shown to be disprivileged in a way that is relatively realistic and relatable. his experiences as a poor mentally ill person and survivor of child abuse actually seemed like a possible thing that could happen, at least to me. and him getting revenge on the bourgeoisie is perhaps a little bit epic
......and heres where it gets shitty lmao
good god this wouldve been SO much better if they had casted a person of color to play arthur. or if it had been directed by one. bc good god, it seems like they really wanted to compare his experiences with poc. like i said he is legitimately marginalized but the oppression he faces should NOT be compared to the struggles of poc. different forms of oppression shouldnt be compared and instead us minorities should stand in solidarity with one another !!! it kinda felt like thats what they were trying to say too but they did NOT do well at it lol if they wanted him to be as oppressed as us pee oh cees then they shouldve just...... made him one lmao
and also..... i feel like they made him so sympathetic in the beginning that his ~dive into madness~ just made no sense for his character. arthur is actually a really sweet guy and even if hes kinda socially awkward pretty much everything he does comes from the heart. him killing the 3 businessmen made sense because he did it from the heart -- he did it because they were hurting him and making a woman beside him uncomfortable. he rarely actually wanted to harm people and whenever he did (up until the end) it felt justified in some way, like he did it to defend people he cared about.
HONESTLY I JUST WANNA REWRITE THE WHOLE ENDING LMAO GCKJSHLJCS.......... if it were up to me id portray him more as someone who views his crimes as his duty and doesnt see what hes doing as wrong, even though it falls into more of a morally-grey area. he kills and fights cops, rich people, fascists, and abusers because he wants to help all the people theyve been hurt by. hed still keep the funny, flamboyant mentality and persona, but do so from the heart and only want to play the leader of a revolution because he feels like he has to, because thats how much he wants to help people who have been hurt the same way as him. if they had gone this way it would be more of an in-character and unique take on this classic character, AND more of a real morally grey character than just making another “this man commits atrocities! but its ok because hes sad :o(”
all in all there was a lot of stuff i liked and a lot of stuff i didnt. id recommend it to anyone with a strong stomach bc theres lotsa death and blood and also to fellow mento ewwness people who just wanna go ham
anyway this is way longer than i intended thanks for reading and we are all clowns xoxo
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spearxwind · 3 years ago
Hey Windy I was wonder do you have any tips for making dragon ocs? Cause I started drawing as a kid because of dragons but feel out of them and now I cant seem to get any shapes that I like/are original. And all your ocs are so unique and fresh, and the details like Cer's energy/magic spines is hella cool. So i gues like how do you start designing a dragon character? Thanks!! Have a good day/night!
heya! Also sure, I’m not the best but i can try! 
first off, let me recommend [ this wonderful set of tutorials ] by sammy torres.. theyre very good and hold up really well. I used to idolize these four years ago and it helped me a lot with design nitpicks Dont be scared at the amount of stuff in them though, a lot of it are pointers and helpful tips!! and youre by no means obligated to follow them to the t, theyre just good to nudge you in whatever direction you wanna take! 
second, let me say. as someone who has been drawing dragons for 17 years straight. my designs feel very, very plain to me so I’m still trying to push past that haha 
a lot of my design choices come from brainstorming. ill just sit down for a WHILE and scribble as many ideas as i can come up with. sometimes itll be an entire sketchbook page/canvas and sometime itll be just two doodles if anything at all. but everything counts! and its all just chipping away at what shapes are easier to draw or more fun to work with for you
the thing with dragons is that we have no real life thing to compare them to. You’d be able to compare a real dog to any number of art and immediately see differences, patterns, mistakes etc. but you cant really do that with DRAGONS 
this is both bad and good. bad because.. we’re all on our own. theres no right way to make them, so theres no wrong way to go about them either. Theres no original and unoriginal. The sky’s the limit (or even the cosmos, if you want to make space dragons) 
also, the classics™ are classics for a reason. theyre cool!! 
one of my thought processes for making ocs is... dragons are automatically outlandish so i just stick them onto my most outlandish ideas. want an oc that can rip mountains right from where theyre anchored with crazy laser beams? its a dragon. want an oc that can turn water into crystals if they step on it? thats a dragon also. its probably why so many of my designs end up looking like ‘vague lizard thing’ aaah,,, theyre less vague and scary than “monster” but theyre more wild and weird than “animal” you know? 
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vitrei · 3 years ago
jascnbrody said:
i feel like itd be like.. more compelling. if they show j struggling to like. Do shit. and still having just a really good time. and just being totally oblivious to his Own Struggling. the whole game has a kind of. clean. feel? when it needs to feel nasty. like jasons in the middle of civilization but hes like. Choosing to live in the dirt?? and out in the wilderness hes got this book abt Surviving but he doesnt do any Survival and it Makes Sense bc jason just. doesnt really get it. but i wish the game itself pushed it more instead of having to stick. to just being an fps. but i Get that they had to bc far cry is JJust an fps series.
hoyt n buck both just the same kind of uninspired.. just Bad bc theyre Bad. they like to do Bad things and they do the WORST things at ALL times theyre so baaaad.. dep and joseph have like Got to be gone by the time new dawn takes place. like they cant show either. theyve got no story now. with fc5 being done the dep has nothing. joseph can just Leave. go somewhere else. see him in 50 years talking abt the glory of atom.
i feel like.. w citra gone. itll take everyone a little time to really stock up. for a Long Boat ride. back to a charted island. and with nothing to really fight against j would just be around them and theyd all get a. better understanding. of j esp riley b c he wasnt even around. go from yay my brother! to oh god. Fuck my brother. the y can leave him just fine. he wants to stay no ones gonna argue w him after having to stick around him for like, a week. and i can fill in my own blanks w his friends b c so little. is written it doesnt bug me as much esp since theyre not sticking around.. it Does bug me w citra tho bc its like jason is doing everything on his own yet somehow he feels reliant on her. like if she herself just Did More then like.. itd be Interesting. like in the game shes Not. Concinving at all. she doesnt even seem to be the kind of person j would Want to be with. in the long run. like hed fuck her but he wouldnt Dedicate himself to her. shes not up his ass like liza or vaas even. she doesnt give him One speech. not ONE. she makes HIm give a speech. (which was awful . .. second hand embarrassment thru the fuckin roof) and liza just.. yeah. yeah. like i just want her to go home and move on. get her acting job and get Focused on it. daisy has like One line that expresses. how she feels and i ts a Star wars quote?? "fine take care of yourself. its what youre good at" like Thats Tru but also its just what luke said to han solo. and on the topic of references Fuck ubisoft for that "his name is buck" line like was that supposed to be funny? is it funny to you? is it?
vaas' death is SO fake. does anyone even believe he died? i dont think anyone does. ive never seen anyone believe hes dead. it literally makes 0 sense ubisoft you Fucked it. llike he doesnt even Have a Funeral. they dont do Shit w his body when hes like. Still a Really Important person, not just to j but to the rakyat?? thats citras brother?? like is he rotting in his camp?? i dont think so. the rakyat move in there and like, set a bonfire up. but theres no person in there! is not even person Sized! like hes Not dead?? we Kno hes not??? i rly wish there was just some Reference to vaas after his "death" like just something.. is he at home. patiently waiting? is he in the shadows stalking j? whats he Doin whats he UP to.... he cookin?
i t really gets me. how few people like retire from film making like.. arnold schwarzenegger is still popping up and he stopped to be a Governor. im so tired of remakes too like.. can we make something new. hello? any new ideas? can we make a sequel that isnt just part 2 like its got More to Say. something Different. video games too.. im still fuckin PISSED. im so MAD abt skyrim 2.0 and i rly hate everyone that bought it or defended it bc "i only have it on ps3 and i want it PRETTY on ps4444" like?? You Will Live... Dont Pay $60 for "New Water" also i just really want a fo1 and 2 remake like god. i love the games and i like to play the m i just wish it wasnt.. like.. so hard. for me to like. stay. into. like i dont play for a day and i get like 100% lost on what i was doing
yea they sanitized the shit out of what should be the most intense and terrifying experience in the protagonists life like. fuckin. imagine if war movies were like this. imagine if platoon was filmed in a botanical garden and theres so little ambient danger to where the main characters can just go and pick flowers and go fishing for a week straight if they feel like it, and also if any of the Good Guys get shot they can just inject some plant matter that they found and be fine. wouldnt that maybe... undermine the message a little..... people Talk a lot about how media tries to be all grimdark nowadays but theres really only like a handful of examples of that and the reason people remember them is bc they stand out. bc most media is Not like that. most media especially mass media is just offensively inoffensive. you got all these dark gritty setups but nothing is ever, ever, ever treated as seriously as it deserves. like, star wars is a theory about a farmer rising up to take on a gigantic fascist empire, which in theory is like, unbelievably serious, but how is it treated? how are audiences made to perceive it? they sell you merch so you can dress up as the fascists for halloween. great. god i hate media and art
why does no one ever commit to their own setup.... if you wanna tell a story about the worst of what human beings can do to each other. just do that. maybe look up List Of Atrocities on wikipedia. whats w/ all this cartoony over the top violence when real violence is so, so blunt. real violence is unglamorous, messy, sudden, unexciting, and if you showcase it that way, itll be so much more impactful. the violence in fc (and every single fucking shooter EVEN spec ops the line and ill hold that game up as the paragon of good storytelling until the day i die but god does it have problems) is just so. sanitized is what it is. yknow whats one scene in a war drama that just had the biggest impact on me? at one point in hbos the pacific theyre trying to dig sleeping holes but the rainy season has made the ground so muddy that its literally impossible, so first of all, sisyphean task, great shorthand for the futility of the war as a whole, also love the image of them digging their own graves; and then a marine slips in the mud and slides into a pool of muddy water, and just instantly falls onto a dead japanese soldier thats covered in maggots, and he cant get away from him bc theres nothing to grab onto and climb out of the water. and no one else acknowledges this. theyre just like get back up here and get back to work. theyve just accepted that the land is literally full of death, and its supposed to mean nothing at this point. youre just supposed to shut up and go back to digging and then get a good nights rest, five feet from a rotten dead body. i barely remember anything else from that show but god did that stick w/ me. bc i can kind of relate to it: ive never fallen into a watery mass grave but i have fallen into a bog and i remember that initial moment of shock when i felt my feet slip on the wet mossy log i was walking on, i remember the fear when all the branches i tried to grab broke off and how heavy my wet clothes were and how hard it was to get out of there and then walk all the way home, wet and freezing and miserable. i cant relate to what flamethrowers do. ive never seen anything like that. i cant relate to seeing people 500 yards away thru binoculars just dying bc somebodys shot them. dropping like flies. their faces covered, completely anonymous. i feel nothing watching that. and thats by design. youre not supposed to feel anything — other than Success. the Satisfaction of clearing out an enemy base, akin to the satisfaction of finishing the dishes and looking over your pristine kitchen counter.
i know its an fps and i know ubisoft is just a regular normal mainstream video game company and i dont actually like, consider any of my complaints to be sensible demands. i dont Really expect them to give me a remake that would make fc3 the best it can be. bc then it would literally only appeal to me and like half a dozen other people, and theyd lose millions and millions of dollars. i understand that. but also like. it could be better and im never gonna stop thinking about that
honestly buck is basically like.. jason from a darker timeline... hes just here to have a good time and do vile shit to people. he has no stake in the conflict. hes not fighting for anything. he came here bc he wanted to do terrible things and theres no law enforcement here to stop him. hes Worse than jason for obvious reasons but also like. theyre kinda. cut from the same cloth. no offense. like. buck isnt as Out There and Crazy as they frame him as. his character actually makes perfect sense. hes. very simplistic
you know what real actual cult leaders do when they fail (and they dont end up in prison)? they buy a house in the countryside and just. chill out. they retire. if joseph wasnt so weird and cryptic hed just go and get himself a cat and pick up crocheting. and hes not interesting enough to make that premise into a deep psychological character study. i just. i dont want this. i want fc5 to be behind me
yea riley hasnt seen him in god knows how long and then the first time he does, j is apparently working for the guys who did All This to him, like, he mustve felt like he was in a bad dream. i cant even imagine what all that mustve looked like from his perspective. the hope draining from him as quickly as it surged in. hes probably so confused after all that hes in no position to make a choice thatll impact the whole rest of his life. thats a lot to ask of a kid, even if he was in the right state of mind. he shouldnt have to make that call, and i think he welcomes the others taking charge of the decision so he doesnt have to think about it too much.
yea like what did citra even do except give him drugs? from jasons point of view shes literally just hot. nothing more. theres more than enough attractive women on the island and hes not above sleeping w/ sex workers so like. whats so special about her that hed just. do anything for her. what did she do. and dont even get me started on the "is he only attracted to citra bc she looks like her brother" discourse like first of all she doesnt. they dont even look like theyre full siblings. or like theyre even the same fucking race.
literally did they just make daisy bc they figured they needed another girl. is that it. if so why not just replace vincent. hes not pulling his weight either. i just..... have so many questions about js friends its just. unbelievable to me that youd make his whole entire motivation hinge on them and then. basically not write them at all. theyre so bad. did they use one of those random identity generator things. What Happened There
YEA GOD thats the worst fucking line in the entire game. i cant think of a single attempt at humor in this game that doesnt fall flat on its face. the tone is so light-hearted and fun youd think some actually comedic writing would be a natural fit for it? but jesus fucking christ did they fuck that one up
Exactly theres like, not only zero evidence that hes dead, theres actually plenty of signs pointing to the opposite. so... evidently..... hes supposed to be back..... so. unless they literally forgot about that. it has to be a setup for a sequel. right? so like. where is it. whats the deal. im waiting
theres so many pieces of media out there that Deserve a remake, bc they have good ideas in them that deserve a better execution, or simply to be introduced and made accessible to a new audience. i want a remake of the legend of chun li. i want a remake of the max payne movie. and god fucking knows i want my call of duty ghosts sequel!! they literally put an after-credit stinger into that shit and then it tanked and nobody but me liked that game and now were never gonna learn what happened and it! makes me so angry! that thats Allowed! remakes n sequels arent inherently bad i just. i just want the ones i specifically happen to want
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trifrost17 · 3 years ago
YGO Advent Day 18: Adventure
Summary:  The gang plays the new Monster World VR game that Yugi created and things are going great until Atem and Yugi fall down a hole. Yugi doesn't take Atem being unconscious very well at all.
Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16811635/chapters/40398353
Tumblr media
18: Adventure
“Ryou just messaged me. He’s on his way over now to our meeting spot here.”
“And Kaiba? Is he coming?” Yugi shrugged, sighing.
“I’m not sure. I texted him our party’s code so he could join the quests with us, and Mokuba, too, but I’m not sure if they’re going to join or not. He never responded back.”
Joey sighed, sitting on the ground and dragging the tip of his sword back and forth on the dirt. “I was hoping the whole gang could be here. Since Téa is supposed to come and all.”
Atem looked like he was going to say something but thought better of it, shifting back to stand in Yugi’s arms. Yugi instantly wrapped an arm around his husband, enjoying the feel of the costume that clung so nicely to all of Atem’s assets. He was very glad that Atem’s avatar looked identical to him. It would be so much harder to fawn over his avatar in the VR world if it didn't look like Atem.
“Hey guys, I made it! And look who I found on the way over!” Ryou grinned and pushed Téa in front of him. She laughed and waved, accepting all the cheers and hugs with relish from the group.
When they finally stopped, she turned to Ryou and Yugi. “This is amazing, guys. I almost feel like I’m here with you even though I’m halfway around the world right now. You guys did incredible on this game.”
“That’s all Yugi!” Ryou responded cheerfully. “I may have been the lead designer and story writer, but Yugi was the one who really put this to life with Kaiba. He’s a mad wizard at this VR stuff.” Yugi blushed, trying to wave off their compliments, but he did feel secretly pleased that they liked his game.
Monster World had been his grandest project yet, even when comparing it to Spherium II. It had taken him two years to program the game fully, even though the code had been something he had been working on since he began his programming classes in college. But it had always been one of his dreams to translate the tabletop Monster World RPG into a VR RPG. Kaiba had been fully on board with the idea and had helped him immensely with creating the game, making it compatible with the KaibaCorp VR Duel Disk-Headset.
He had asked Ryou to help him design the game and the story mode, too. In that way, it did make it less taxing than Spherium II since Yugi wasn’t responsible for everything. But after all their hard work, the game had finally been released.
And if the reviews, pre-orders, and first weekend sales were anything to go by, Monster World VR was turning out to be a big hit.
“All right, so I figured since we’re all different levels, we could start on a mid-level quest to encompass all of us. Téa, Tristan, and Duke are all low leveled, so you guys can get the boss kills and level up like crazy. Joey, Atem, Ryou, and I have all been playing in our downtime so we’re a little higher leveled." That was an understatement. They were actually rather high leveled, he and Atem especially. "We won’t take any kills, though. We’re just there for back-up.”
“No way!” Tristan exclaimed, pouting. “Let’s go on a hard quest! If we have you guys, we got this in the bag!” Yugi hesitated, looking around his group. Ryou and Téa shared his apprehension while Atem, Joey, and even Duke looked amped for a more dangerous mission.
Finally Téa sighed and shrugged. “Whatever. Let’s do this and make it epic. The hardest one that you have—that you know we’ll actually win!” Yugi nodded, pulling up his quest menu. He scrolled through it until he found the mission he was looking for. With a smirk, he nudged Ryou, who hissed when he saw it.
“Yugi, no!”
“Yugi, yes,” he responded with a grin. “They wanted hard. Let’s give them hard.” Ryou groaned while Joey and Tristan cheered. Even Atem looked excited.
Of course, considering it was rare for their entire group to get together and play games like this, no wonder everyone was excited. A more intense quest would make them play together longer and bring an extra level of thrill to the game. Yugi was okay with that, even if it would be more challenging and definitely way too much for the lower-leveled characters to fight on their own.
He clicked on the quest and the world melted around them, reforming into the new lands that applied to their new adventure.  
“So, this is called the Signer quest. We have to defeat six dragons to make the seventh and most powerful dragon appear. But after we defeat them, they’ll join our sides. Actually, whoever KOs the dragon gets the Signer mark permanently after that and can summon the dragon from here on out in the game.” Yugi grinned, shifting to the balls of his feet excitedly. “Then, if we beat this quest, it’ll unlock the Dark Signer quest. That’s when we use the seven dragons to defeat the seven Earthbound Immortals and the evil Crimson Devil. It’ll be fun!”
Duke was the one that opted to respond. “Sounds like it. After what you've made, if you're saying it's fun, it will be. Let’s go, then. Lead the way, Yugi.”
“Wait, wait, what is everyone?” Tristan asked, pointing at Atem for an example. “I'm a Magic Gunman. White Wizard for Ryou; Warrior for Joey; Téa is a... ?”
“Magician,” Téa supplied.
“Thief,” Duke said, pointing to himself.
“I’m a Beast Tamer!” Yugi told him. At Tristan’s blank look, Yugi elaborated, “It means I can convert enemies to our side. I already have a few from previous quests; I can only have six on me at one time.”
“And I’m an Illusionist,” Atem finished. “I can create images and mental traps to attack enemies with. I also got an ability to summon different magician friends, so I have four magicians I can summon to help me, too.”
Tristan nodded, seemingly pleased with the explanation. He gestured for them to continue moving, so Joey took the lead, loudly proclaiming he knew where to take them.
He didn’t. They wandered in circles, fighting enemy spawn after enemy spawn. After the third circle around a forest, Yugi waved his Marshmallon and Winged Kuriboh back to his side and reached out, halting Joey from going further.
“This way, Joey.” He pointed towards the left. “Kuriboh saw the pathway from over the treetops.”
“I knew that! I was just lettin Tristan and Téa level up and stuff.” Yugi gave him a patronizing grin and nodded. “Ah, hush up!” He gave Yugi a noogie before walking off in the direction Kuriboh was leading them.
They found their first dragon almost immediately once they were on the right path. It was sleeping on the ground, surrounded by plants. As soon as the party stepped into the pathway, the black dragon poked its head up, glaring at them. It flared its beautiful wings, covered in large rose petals, and stood, roaring. It’s spiked, thorned tail thrashed against the ground in warning.
“Yeah, this is what I’m talking about! Hiyaaa!” Joey let out a war cry and rushed forward, his sword held over his head. Tristan was hot on his heels, shooting magical laser shots from behind Joey.
Everyone grimaced as the dragon’s tail lashed out, catching Joey and Tristan in one fell swoop and sent them flying. “Yikes. Maybe we should be a bit more coordinated,” Ryou suggested. Yugi and Téa nodded.
“Téa and Ryou, you two should provide back-up since you’re both long-range. Atem can summon his spirits and provide extra coverage. Duke, you can dart in and out when the dragon is distracted and cut down its health points. We’ll let Joey and Tristan continue to be the distraction. And I’ll bring one of my own friends out to help defeat this.” With the plan set, the group spread out.
“Timaeus, come forth!” A miniature version of the green dragon rose from the ground. It nuzzled Yugi’s hand, wanting to be pet, before it turned to Atem and waddled over to him, nudging the magic user. He smiled and ran his hand up and down Timaeus’s neck.
Téa raised an eyebrow. Yugi laughed at the picture Atem and Timaeus made. “Atem and I sometimes just come in here to play with the pets instead of questing. Timaeus really likes him.” After the dragon had gotten his fair share of petting, he turned towards the Black Rose Dragon and zoomed off, shooting blasts of water.
Atem was next, summoning the Dark Magician Girl and the Dark Magician to his side. They were tiny, toon versions of the characters, both spirits that were missing legs and having ghostly tails instead. The two began to circle around the dragon, attacking, while Atem stood back and began shooting spells to disorient the dragon.
Joey and Tristan continued to get smacked around (keeping Ryou rather busy with constantly healing them) while Duke weaved in and out between people to slice at the dragon with his dagger. However, it was Téa that shot the killing blast. The Black Rose Dragon gave a cry and then exploded into a red light that shot down onto Téa’s hand, leaving a mark behind.
The group as a whole felt themselves level up, some gaining more levels than others. They collected the monster drops and loot, finishing up their first battle.
“Whoop! One down, six more to go! Let’s do this guys!”
Dragon number three was when Mokuba and Kaiba dropped into their team. Mokuba was a Bard while Kaiba was an Enchanter. While Mokuba played songs on a flute to up their stats, Kaiba used surrounding objects to throw at the current dragon—the Ancient Fairy Dragon—to weaken it.
Duke had defeated their second dragon, the Life Stream Dragon, and gained its power. As for this third dragon, Mokuba stole the kill right at the end from Joey, taking the Ancient Fairy Dragon as his new summon, too.
Their next dragon, the Black-Winged Dragon, was a tougher opponent that had Yugi summoning a second dragon. It was the Red Eyes Black Dragon and Joey nearly had a fit when he saw his favorite dragon at Yugi’s side.
“It was a new summon I found a few nights ago,” Yugi explained sheepishly. Joey continued to glare at him throughout the entire fight. At least until the dragon was defeated and Joey had a new target he could direct his pouting to. In this case, Tristan took the kill and Joey's whining.
Dragons five and six appeared together much to the group’s horror (besides Yugi, Ryou, and Kaiba who all knew what the quest entailed). They were the strongest dragons and Joey and Kaiba both fought over trying to get the final kill. It was a difficult battle, though; enough so that Ryou had to revive Joey twice and Tristan three times.
Atem had to summon his final two magician spirits: the Magician of Black Chaos and the Silent Magician. Yugi was also forced to summon his final two dragon companions, the Blue Eyes White Dragon (which had Kaiba apoplectic when he saw it) and Gandora, the Dragon of Destruction.
Atem nearly had the final kill but was nice enough to freeze the Stardust Dragon for Kaiba to take the kill. Ryou also had the final killshot on the Red Dragon Archfiend but Joey swooped in right at the last second and stole the kill.
“You’re lucky there is no friendly fire. If there was, I would roast you alive,” Ryou grumped out, pouting as the dragon’s mark appeared on Joey’s hand. “I wanted a dragon.”
Yugi nudged him and smiled. “Don’t worry. You can get the next one. Think of how cool that’ll look, too! Summoning that flaming beast will make you legendary.” Ryou gave a laugh, nodding.
“You’re right. I’ll be the most badass White Wizard in all of Monster World. Come on, let’s go get that Crimson Dragon!”
When they made it to the sacred summoning ground, the six members of their party who had the Signer marks had to lift up their arms to draw forth the dragon.
If Yugi was being honest, the Crimson Dragon was one of his and Ryou’s most beautiful creations. It was slender, like a snake, but it had flaming stick-like wings, almost skeletal in appearance. It was nothing but pure flame, though. No body, no actual wings, no teeth or claws; nothing but pure molten energy. They could feel the heat radiating from its body.
“Amazing…” Téa breathed, staring up at the creature in awe. Tristan and Duke both made similar sounds.
“Let’s take it down!!” Joey was the one to charge in first, again, like always. But this time, the creature was too strong.
“Joey, no!” Yugi reached out to stop him but was too slow. His best friend was slashed across the chest by the dragon’s claws, sending him to his knees.
“Joey!!” Their entire team rushed to his aid but everything happened in a blur after that. Yugi wasn’t sure what happened, exactly. He was reaching towards Joey, there was screaming, Téa went flying backwards beside him, Atem was yelling, Kaiba grabbed him and threw him backwards, and then there was a lot of earth shaking and rocks.
And then… and then the ground was cracking open and a huge fissure split the earth. Yugi was sitting up enough to see what happened and it was like a movie playing in slow motion. Atem was shoving Ryou out of the way from the hole but he didn’t move fast enough, and then he was the one falling down the crevice. Yugi watched Atem’s body disappear into the blackness and it felt like his heart stopped.
He knew, deep down, it was only a game and that no true harm would come to his husband. But in that moment, it was like his world stopped. He couldn’t hear anything around him, couldn’t see anything except Atem’s falling body, couldn’t think about anything except saving his husband. His heart thudded in his chest and Yugi simply moved on pure instinct. He dived after Atem, ignoring Ryou and Kaiba’s shouts for him to stop.
He managed to grab Atem around the waist, holding him to his chest, as they plunged into icy waters below them. Before he lost consciousness, he was horrified to feel his hands slip from Atem’s body.
Yugi blinked his eyes open slowly, feeling like his mind was in a fog. How he hadn’t died from the fall was beyond him. He should really be waking up back home, in the real world, after being booted from the game. But he wasn’t.
The rush of memories came back and Yugi sat up, panicked. “Atem? Atem! Atem! Where are you?” He stumbled over himself to stand, wincing as his leg nearly gave way instantly. Yugi groaned as he fell back on his ass. He pulled up his status menu, taking inventory of his wounds. It looked like his ankle was sprained, so until he found a healer, his walking ability would be limited. Luckily, that was the only real damage. Everything else was just bruises and cuts.
As well as the fact he was freezing. That was delightful.
He groaned, chanting a few spells to summon his dragons back to his side. All four appeared in front of him, as well as Marshmallon and Winged Kuriboh. “Timaeus, Blue Eyes, go search the surrounding area for Atem. I need to find him. Red Eyes, I need your flames to warm me up, but then I want you to go find our team and let them know where I am.” Timaeus and the Blue Eyes White Dragon took off at Yugi’s command, while the Red Eyes Black Dragon lit a small fire to let Yugi warm up.
Once he was dry and his body temperature back up to normal, the Red Eyes took off up the cliff to find the rest of their friends.
“Gandora, help me walk. I have to find Atem.” Gandora let out a whine, clearly wishing Yugi to remain sitting, but Yugi was stubborn. He stood, wobbling on his good leg, but began to hobble off, following the river he had washed up from. Gandora trotted along beside him, steadying him slightly. Kuriboh flitted around his head nervously, clearly worried about Yugi’s health.
Thankfully, Timaeus let out a cry that had Yugi stumbling towards him in a rush. The Blue Eyes found Yugi and steadied his other side, helping him get to Atem’s side faster.
And there was his husband, lying prone on the ground. He wasn’t moving.
It’s just a game. It’s just a game. It’s just a game. This isn’t real. Atem is fine. Atem is fine. This isn’t real.
Yet no matter how many times he repeated it, Yugi couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down his cheeks or the panicked breathing. This was his husband and he was hurt and just lying there and Yugi didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t lose Atem again.
He made it to Atem’s side and scooped him up into his arms, shaking and doing his best to hold back sobs. “A-Atem, darling, please wake up. C’mon, babe, wake up. Please get up.” He gently tapped his cheek but Atem didn't stir in the slightest.
It was just a game but at the same time, it was way too real. Yugi felt this strike something deep inside him and felt as his innermost fears began to bubble up to the surface. He couldn’t breathe.
“Please, Atem, please. Please wake up. Please.”
It was like a nightmare. Yugi felt himself slipping into his darkest memories; he was back there, kneeling on the ground in a dark temple, watching the love of his life walk away. Feeling like he had killed him, forced him to leave. Watching the doors slide close behind his king, forcing a smile on his face as his heart shattered.
Yugi’s breath hitched and he let out a sob. “Atem! Please, Atem, please… Please!” He wasn’t even sure what he was begging for. He wasn’t sure why this was destroying him inside so much, but it was. Yugi couldn’t handle it. He couldn’t handle Atem unconscious like this, slipping away from him just like before.
He couldn’t have him walk out of his life again. Yugi wouldn’t let it happen. He’d die before he let Atem leave him again. This time, if he wanted to walk through those doors to the Other Side, Yugi was going to follow him no matter what Atem said.
“Yu… Yugi?” The voice was hoarse but it snapped Yugi out of his spiraling sobs, making him open his eyes and give a relieved whimper. “What’s wrong?”
“You’re okay,” Yugi told him, trying to steady his breathing. He was still hiccuping from his tears. “Gods, y-you’re o-o-okay.”
Atem looked perplexed for a few seconds but he seemed to realize that Yugi’s tears were not normal. And that was why he loved his husband because instead of probing and asking why Yugi was overreacting from a video game, he simply reached up and hugged him. “I’m here, Yugi. I’m not going to leave you. Ever.”
Yugi let out a sob, unable to hold it back. “I-I-I’m sor-sorry. I don’t—I don’t mean to b-b-be like this but… but… you were—-”
“Shh, shh, it’s okay. Don’t apologize; I understand. But I’m here, my love. I’m right here, solid, in your arms. I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m not going to leave your side for all eternity. Remember? We promised that.” Yugi nodded, unable to say anything.
“Do you want to breathe together? Or do you just want me to talk?” Atem asked him, stroking Yugi’s hair.
“J-just talk. I want to hear your voice.”
“Okay. I thought your dragon was beautiful. You and Ryou have done so amazing on this game. Even the pain reception. It’s not too much but enough to feel sore; to make it real. That heat, though, from the dragon! It was incredible, partner. I’m so proud of what you’ve made. And all of our friends are enjoying it, too. Even Kaiba is playing, so you know it’s a great game.”
Yugi felt his heart begin to fall into its normal rhythm. Everything was okay. Atem was there. Atem was real. Atem was alive.
“I love you,” Yugi whispered. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too, Yugi.” Atem seemed to feel him calming. “Do you want to talk about it? What triggered that reaction?”
Yugi took a few more deep breaths before he trusted himself to speak. “I saw you… just lying there. And all I could think was that you were… you were dead again. And then I remembered the last time I saw you die and leave me and I… I don’t want you to go away again. If you want to go back to the Field of Reeds, I’m going with you this time. I won’t let you leave me.”
Atem cupped Yugi’s cheeks, tilting his face down so he could reach up and kiss him. He kissed him long, gently, and deeply. He kissed him until Yugi felt like he was seeing stars; all he could think about was Atem. He could taste Atem, smell Atem, feel Atem, see Atem, hear Atem—Atem had his every sense and it was perfect.
He broke away and wiped the tear residue remaining on Yugi’s cheeks. “I will never leave your side. Anything we do, we do together. Until the end of time.” He didn’t wait for Yugi to respond, leaning back up and kissing him again.
Yugi wasn’t sure how long they sat there kissing, but it was long enough that all the traces of panic and anxiety eased from his chest. It was long enough that he could breathe normally and think logically again. He knew Atem was there and it grounded him to the present.
“Wow, seriously?” The annoyed tone of Joey had Yugi and Atem pulling apart with embarrassed grins. “Here we are, worried sick about finding you two, and it just turns out that you’ve run off to go canoodle! What the hell, guys?”
“It’s… not what it looks like?” Atem tried with a cringe. No one in the group believed it.
However, ever the perceptive one, Téa seemed to notice Yugi’s red-rimmed eyes and his death grip on Atem’s back and seemed to process that there was something underlying going on. She waved Joey’s rants away, rolling her eyes at him. “They’re the married ones; let them do what they want. After all, this is Yugi’s game. If he programmed spots to go be alone with his husband, well, he deserves to use them!”
Yugi gave a sheepish laugh, not feeling like correcting Téa’s assumption that this was a spot that he could do, ahem, other things with his husband. He technically couldn’t. Those spots had been programmed into the game, of course, though they were very difficult to find for other users. But this particular place wasn’t one of those spots.
Which was probably a good thing. Yugi wouldn’t have liked getting caught by all his friends doing his husband.
“So did we defeat the dragon?” Atem opted to ask, working on redirecting the conversation away from them. “Or after Ryou heals us, are we going back up there to give it another go?”
“We killed him!” Joey declared proudly, puffing out his chest. “It was hard. And Ryou had to revive almost everyone. But we finally did it!”
Yugi scanned their arms, trying to see who won. Ryou held up his arm, the crimson mark glowing all the way down the front of his hand to his elbow. It was in the shape of a dragon. “I did,” Ryou said proudly.
“So, we up for doing the next quest?” Duke asked the group as Ryou healed Yugi and Atem. “Or are we calling it a night?”
Yugi caught Téa glancing over at them worriedly; she could definitely sense there had been something else going on when the group wasn’t there. Giving an exaggerated yawn, she said, “I think we should call it a night. I’m beat. Remember, it is like 14 hours difference over here. So I know it’s like 5:00 over there, but it’s like 3 in the morning here. So call it a night?”
“Oh shit, yeah. Sorry, Téa. We’ll have to time this out better next time.”
“Meh, it’s Friday. No biggie. Anyways, don’t do the next quest without me! I want to use my dragon, too. I’ll see you guys later?” There were choruses of agreement all around her, making Téa smile. “Awesome. Later, guys.” Before she logged out, though, she flashed Yugi a look that asked, Are you okay?
He gave her a grateful smile, nodding, and mouthing, “Thank you.” She nodded and smiled back before logging out. From there, everyone else said their farewells and logged out after her.
Back in the real world, Yugi pulled off his microphone piece and headset. He took a deep breath, leaning back against the couch.
Only to open his eyes, startled, when a weight settled on his lap. “I thought I would show you how real and alive I am. Just in case you needed more convincing,” Atem told him, smirking flirtatiously. The look sent fire flooding Yugi’s veins.
“I think I’d like that,” he admitted.
“Good. I’ll make us both come alive.” And his husband proceeded to do just that.
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heddo-pewpewpew-gudbye · 2 years ago
Hey can you talk about what it is like for you to be a core 4 and an ENTP? Cuz core 4s are said to be so protective of their emotions forming the basis for their significant identity, setting them aside from others I want to know how NeTi works with a 4 core.
Oh cool, my first ask!
I honestly don’t know how to answer this, but I’ll do my best. I guess I’ll just try to explain who I am (?) in the abstract and hope that’s good enough.
I mean, I’ve always typed as a lot of different things MBTI wise, but I figured out ENTP based on how my life has worked out in the big picture: when I was a kid, I was a really energetic kid, but I was always playing in an imaginative way, and loved to immerse myself in different worlds. As I grew up I became a lot more logical and withdrawn, and was quite the nerd, especially in middle school. Around the end of high school to now (middle of college) I’m starting to become a lot more social and getting good at it, and I kind of get the whole “ExTP being manipulative” thing (and perhaps more importantly I had started consciously caring what people thought of me to an extent that was probably unhealthy. I was flooded with a deep necessity to care about other people’s feelings/what others thought of me and I just didn’t know how to deal with it). Even though I’m not doing it with malicious intent, I’m beginning to instinctively understand how to act to get people to like me. Another thing that makes sense for me being an ENTP is the way I loop Ne-Fe and I definitely grip Si, I become super withdrawn and just watch sitcoms until I pass out. Personality Hacker has a diagram about your different functions and how you should use them based on their position and it really helped me realize I need to start using Ti in social situations and only use Fe with people I’m comfortable with or if I’m already using Ne and and Ti in a healthy way.
I really think the best way to type yourself is to look at how you’ve developed in the long term over the years. @confusedinfj has a good post about how kids of different main functions act, and I really do think that your main function shows up when you’re a toddler. Something else I’ve noticed is that you tend to consciously focus on your next developing function. When I was developing into my Ti stage I was really focused on reading and learning as much as I could. When I started to develop my Fe later on, I really focused on figuring out how to socialize and where I fit into the world, and as much as I hate to admit it what I did that people liked and didn’t like, having good hygiene and getting a good body, etc. It’s weird, but it seems to me that when you’re in a certain stage you start developing the next function by consciously focusing on it and eventually it just becomes a part of you (this is all anecdotal of course, so I suppose some people may disagree).
Now as for your actual question, I’m not sure how being a 4 fits into all of this, so I guess I’ll just list the reasons I felt like it makes sense. First and foremost, when I took the keys2cognition test my Fi was off the charts, and I found this really weird:
Tumblr media
Furthermore, when I read the type description for INFP both on his website and 16 personalities, it did ring true in a weird way. Now, I know most people will say you shouldn’t trust the tests and I 100% agree, so I’m really just saying this to show my journey of figuring out what I think is my being a type 4.
Secondly, I took the RHETI enneagram test from the Enneagram Institute and got a type 4 much higher than other options:
Tumblr media
What was crazy about this one was how it explained the way I act with people I get too close to down to a tee: I have a REALLY bad habit of idealizing people, getting really close to them, and then when I’m around them too long little things about them start to annoy the bejeezus out of me and I start to avoid them (I know it’s really shitty and I’ve been working on it). Also, isolation is how this type gets away from their problems and it’s definitely what I do.
The last thing that sort of helps the idea along is that I did some career services evaluations to determine what field I should go into and one of the tests I took was the Clifton Strengths assessment. You have to pay for it but it’s actually extremely helpful, at least in my experience; it basically tells you what your top strengths are. My number 1 strength was individualization: basically I can look st myself and others and determine what their good at, what their bad at, their aspirations, worst fears, etc. and this makes me really good at team building and such. It explained why I love self-discovery and MBTI and all this personality stuff despite most ENTPs probably not really caring.
I would say some miscellaneous reasons that I think I’m a type 4 have to do with how I understand Enneagram to work with MBTI: I think MBTI is how a person operates, and Enneagram is what DRIVES them, or is the “why” behind the “how” of MBTI. For me, I definitely seem to operate in an ENTP way, and when it comes down to functions an how they work together they seem to make sense for me. Besides this though, other ENTP stuff is very unlike me. For instance, I’m always trying to define myself, and take pride in my own originality; maybe less so trying to be unique, but more so trying to figure out who I am and separate myself from the rest of the pack and be the greatest version of myself so to speak. Another good example is how I play video games. Other ENTPs seem to enjoy video games for letting themselves take on different personas and try different things, and I do this to an EXTENT. The reality though is that I’m trying to figure out who I am the whole time, and I want to do this in order to be able to discover and define myself. For instance, I love Skyrim, but if I ever create a character who does things like murder innocent people, steals, etc. I have to design the character as some other person; when I create a character as myself, I have to follow my own moral code (even though it’s a damn video game) or else I feel icky. Actually, to be completely honest, I feel this way even if it’s just because my character isn’t what I would imagine I would be like in that world. I always feel gross when I’m playing and maybe I’ll try to use a sword and shield for a while but the whole time I’m just like “this ISNT ME” and it bothers me a lot. Idk I guess it always comes back to wanting to really discover who I am and trying to define myself so that I can discover what makes me special and use it to live my best life. It’s just like I have this constant subconscious drive to figure out who I am and be myself like doing so can allow me to overcome any obstacle.
I hope this is what you wanted, I kinda just took what you said loosely and ranted. Feel free to ask more questions (also I hope I’m doing this right since it’s my first ask 🙃). I know there’s Enneagram/MBTI purists out there that say only certain MBTI types can fit into certain Enneagrams, and perhaps they’re right too. I’m still on what I guess you could call my “journey of self-discovery” and what’s more important to me than being right is getting it right, so I’d love to hear anyone’s two cents on the subject.
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