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#this is kinda sad

I wanted to say I love all haikyuu ships equally, but after looking at my longfic list’s bookmarks all I can say is…


I love all BokuAka fanfics and non-BokuAka fanfics equally.

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i got u bb! 

warning: alluding to violence against women/abuse

“Babe, it’s 3 a.m., why are you up and baking?” 

The sleepy voice of your boyfriend startled you, the sudden interruption almost causing you to to fling the dough attached to your spatula across the kitchen. Annoyed, you glanced at him, a yawn causing him to miss your look. 

“Can’t sleep,” you mumbled, tensing up as he stepped closer to you, his arms moving around your midsection. When his lips connected with your neck you pulled away, gently pushing his hands off of you. “Please, Garret, not now.” 

Your boyfriend groaned. “Do you know what a tease you are?” He asked, his body moving away from yours. “Won’t let me interrupt you-”

“Stop,” you said, pressing your hands against the cool counter, palms on either side of your mixing bowl. “Go back to bed, please, I’ll be there once this is done.” 

Garret grunted but followed instructions, mumbling whatever complaints he had on his way out.

You sighed and continued on with your baking, losing yourself in the familiar movements while your thoughts made your head spin. 

Garret’s oblivious nature was the only good thing about him to you, especially after his “incident” a few weeks ago, the painful reminder on your side making it impossible for you to sleep at night. So instead, you took to your greatest stress reliever: baking. 

All of your neighbors had gotten gifts in the form of various baked goods, different notes attached thanking them for being a good neighbor. The only except was the one directly to your right, the home of two boys and the cutest little dog you had ever seen; you would leave plenty of cookies for the boys and treats for their dog every day, a huge escalation from your occasional gifts to them. You never stayed to talk to them, just left your gifts and ran, but sometimes you wonder what kind of hobbies they have or what their stress relievers are.

The oven timer went off as the sun started to rise, your home smelling like heaven as you put together another basket for the boys. Quietly, you slipped outside, still in your pajama bottoms and long t-shirt as you quietly padded over, your bare feet quickly being covered in dirt.

By the time you got to their door you noticed some movement by a window, making your movements a bit faster as you gently placed the basket in front of the door. When you stood the door swung open, a surprised man in a hat staring at you. 

You froze, meeting his brown eyes as the little dog moved into your vision, a little smile on his face and a leash in the man’s hand. They were probably going on a walk, you now being the only thing in their way. 

The man finally broke the silence, his eyes taking in the basket at his feet. “Ah, you’re the mystery baker,” he chuckled, claiming the goods and setting them out of sight before turning back to you. “You know, we still haven’t finished the other baskets…” 

A fiery blush burned your entire body as you finally found your voice. “U-Uh, sorry,” you said, ducking your gaze to the ground. “I’m just, uh-”

“Hey, hey, no,” the man said gently, his little dog now sniffing at his feet. “We, uh, we love it. Thank you.” 

You blushed again and nodded, still not meeting his eyes. 

The man raised an eyebrow, the energy around you making his lips tug down in a frown. “Hey,” he said softly, starting to reach towards you. “Are you okay?” 

You flinched away from his touch. “Uh,” you said, looking back at the house. The sun was rising quickly, and you knew your boyfriend would be awake soon and looking for you. “I’m breaking up with my boyfriend today. Jus’ been stressed about that.” 

The man took a second and nodded, obviously not buying your reasoning but letting you get away with it for now. “Well, if you need a place to crash, we have an extra room,” he said kindly, holding out a hand. “I’m Calum, by the way, everybody calls me Cal.” 

You took his hand and introduced himself, stepping away once you let go. “I should get home,” you said, turning on a heel.

“O-Oh, okay, bye,” Calum said after you, his eyes following you until you were inside your house, breathing heavily as you tried to calm down. 

Well, you thought, pulling yourself together. Guess I have to do this now.

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god I just miss snow. holding it until it melted in my hand, it hurt but the cold grounded me. I miss laying in it, and hoping I would fall asleep. pretty fucking sad nothing has changed through these years, I guess now I don’t have a forest to hide in anymore.

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Whumpee is in captivity. They have been for quite some time now. Hope of escape/rescue is wearing thin, and they’re breaking down.

And above all else, they just want to go home.

Even if the whumper was gracious enough to provide them with a bed, its just not the same as sleeping in their bed. They miss their family and want to see them again. Even if it’s just one last time- because they never got to say goodbye.

Which makes the rescue even better.

They don’t want medical care, they don’t want to testify, it can wait. All they want is to go home.

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Here I go, talkin about my killjoy oc, Hologram King

  • Hung around the sphere of the fab 4 when they were kicking around
  • When they were gone a buncha people looked to him bc he was kinda close with the fab 4 and they thought he would band together a new group to lead the rebellion
  • He got v stressed because of it and went into hiding for a while
  • But kept a line of communication with Cherri Cola to get news and updates
  • During the comic timeline (12 years after Danger Days) he comes out of the shadows and has been thouroghly forgotten
  • Very much disaproves of Val Velocity and his whole idea of a takeover
  • Still holds a grudge against Korse for killing the fab 4
  • Was with Dr. D outside when the fab 4 died and saw the whole thing
  • Was basically having a panic attack but kept it together for The Girl, who was having an even harder time
  • He was 15 at the time of Danger Days and at that point was basically adopted by Party Poison and Jet Star
  • The secret adopted child
  • Picked his name because of a lyric in a song that he loved
  • Stuck with a grungey glitter theme his whole life
  • Died at the battle of the takeover because he went so the kids wouldn’t have to die with the only leader being Val who’s kidof an asshole
  • Got shot by a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W that was nearby and saw a killjoy standing there talking with his back to them and took the shot
  • They turned him into a Draculoid, so that sucks
  • When he never came back, some of his friends from when he was in hiding gave him a small tombstone by the few that were set up for the fab 4
  • But he eventually faded out of legend
  • He is very, very ace, but had a partner a while back
  • Their name was Venom Zero, and they were pretty badass, used a sword and stuff
  • One day Venom never came back from a clap
  • On the battlefield he died on, Hologram saw that they had been turned into a drac
  • Hologram held the hand of the drac that was Venom as he died
  • He’s an absolute boss at pretending to be okay
  • Was so close with the fab 4 that some people started calling them the fab 5 bc they never saw them without Hologram
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Rob Sheffield, Dreaming the Beatles - The love story of a band and the whole world
“Strawberry Fields” was an unusually open song for him—it’s hard to imagine he could have written it with the others around—exorcizing the social anxiety he’d made a coy joke about on Revolver with “I’m Only Sleeping.”
However estranged John became in his last two years as a Beatle, at this moment he was the one who got most clingy about the other three and the most dependent on them for his emotional needs. He had no ability or desire to make new friends. The Beatles were the human faces he saw, along with devoted attendants Aspinall and Mal Evans and his Liverpool school chum Pete Shotton.
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carefully, very carefully, she reaches up and gently tugs him down by that ridiculous, high collar. and then she tugs down that ridiculous, high collar to expose the lower half of his face. and finally, she leans in to give him a very quick, soft kiss on the lips.

  he watched carol do the motions, and he almost pulled away when her hands grasped his collar. he figured maybe she wanted to be eye level, and let himself be pulled down, though he didn’t expect the next half.

  membrane was frozen to the spot, brows furrowed in … confusion ? maybe some slight delight ? he wasn’t sure, at all, what just happened. what had happened, anyway ? that thing she’d done, it was a familiar gesture he vaguely recalled happening in, what, romance movies ? what was it again ? a KISS ? no, that can’t be right.


  he stammered, feeling his face get hot, too hot, but he just straightened his back, averting his gaze and hiding his face back into that collar, almost all the way.

    what … what was that ? 

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Today is a chill day… but also a sad day.

I quit my last job several months ago and ironically, despite all the horror stories, found a job at Amazon, haha

I’m glad I’m out of the job that I felt stuck and unhappy in for so long, but today, I made the mistake of looking back at the past memories of that place… and made myself sad and hurt again.

On one hand, it was a shitty environment full of people I should hate, but… I just don’t.

I even miss them. I wish the best for them.

I don’t know how to feel, how I should feel, but right now, I just feel sad.

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9:14 pm /

jaemin wasn’t ready for summer to end just yet. he couldn’t stand the thought of not being able to see you, after you two just spent an entire month or two together. not being able to see your shining smile that appeared on your face whenever he did something silly. not being able to pick you up by your waist at the beach and running towards the ocean with you in his arms. not being able to have you on his shoulders as you two feel the rhythm of songs at your favorite concert.

he wasn’t ready. and neither were you.

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Originally posted by annieliinaa

My breath freezes in my chest. All the noises and lights fade into the rush of blood in my ears. He’s not supposed to be here. He’s not supposed to be here with her. “Alex?” I whisper. That’s all I can manage. He turns around lazily with his hand resting underneath her shirt and just looks at me. I can smell the alcohol from where I am and I think that’s what does it. Everything goes numb as I watch him roll his eyes at me. He slurs my name over and over and it sounds angrier the more he says it. It makes me flinch but I don’t think he notices. The girl beside him, already half inside him, notices. She leers at me and it occurs to me that she knows. She knows that he was moaning my name yesterday. She knows that half of my closet is filled with his clothes. She knows that he is supposed to be mine.

“What are you doing, Alex?” it comes out as a whisper again.

“What does it look like?” he waves a hand in front of the girl and she winks. I don’t say anything, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say anyway. “She’s better than you. She’s better in every way,” he says again. The words tumble out of drunken lips but that doesn’t mean they are any less true. I’ve been waiting on him to decide that he wanted someone else. It’s a miracle we made it this long in the first place. “You aren’t good enough anymore. Go home,” he throws at me one last time before he turns around. I stand there for a second longer to make sure that he isn’t going to turn around and this was supposed to be a twisted sort of prank. He doesn’t turn around so I do. I turn around and walk out with his words rattling around inside my head. They change from his voice to my parents’ voices, back to his and then finally mine. You’re not good enough You’re not good enough I’ve never been good enough I shove it away, the way I’ve done it before until it is barely a mumble at the back of my mind. I go home and methodically, robotically, I put all of his things in a bag. I take his t-shirts out of the drawers and fold them into the bag. I drop his deodorant and toothbrush in there too. I pack and pack until all that’s left are the bare bones of me. Who am I without him? I shake my head as I look around the apartment. My apartment. It was never his. I was never his. I simply wanted to be. He was a mess and hurting and he needed me. We were friends but I wanted to be more. I thought loving him would be enough. I should have known nothing I do is ever enough. I sigh and flop into my bed. These feelings, these thoughts, they’re nothing new. They almost provide comfort with how familiar they are. Almost. I pull the comforter up over my head and make a promise in the dark to not let them consume me again.

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