#this is my first time publishing a poem let alone my own writing so pls be gentle
yuniblob · a year ago
The Season of Success
Why is it you still strive hard,
Into doing exhausting things,
That you’ll eventually discard,
When you’ve finally reached spring?
Ah, the reoccurring spring,
Where flowers are prettily blooming,
And birds that are gleefully chirping,
The season of success.
The season you longingly yearn for,
That you sadly can’t obtain,
Like a bottle of liquor,
Tis’ why you’re alive, feeling in vain.
Success cannot come so easily,
Since spring, summer, fall, and winter—
Follow one another regularly,
Thus patience is the trigger, so do let it linger.
It may be your winter right now,
So it’s alright to quiver and shout,
Your worries may make you say ciao,
But you’ll find a solution for it,
Without further of a doubt.
We don’t know what tomorrow may bring,
But I ensure you, everything has a reason.
So, patiently going through the seasons,
Will take you, to your long-awaited spring.
— a poem made by me
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ndoandou · a year ago
Hi!! I saw your requests were open, so uh could I request an Ikevamp headcanon for Arthur, Theo, Vincent and Isaac reacting an MC who is super energetic. Like, as in she could literally dance around the mansion without having a care in the world? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Yeah lol pls feel free to take your time with this request and have a nice day!! ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ
This is cute 😳😳
This ended up being wayyy longer than i thought it would be. Arthur's part went deeper than i thought it would be-
This is probably one of my longest headcanon/scenario, i hope you enjoy 😌
Lets say for context, MC is sweeping through the hall while humming, and as time went by her humming becomes louder. Eventually she straights up start singing while twirling and dancing around
The first encounter with this trait of MC kind of surprised him. He wasn't expecting young lady to be this active and bright
Gets along very well with her actually
He doesn't mind her energetic personality, but sometimes in gets in the way when he is working on his stories.
He doesn't see her as "annoying" like what most people woukd describe her
He just thinks that she has so many things in her mind (in a good way) that she expresses them all at once //my mans pulling off a doctor doyle 😳
Arthur was in his room, trying to concentrate on his writing when he heard MC singing loudly outside
"I dare say, she is one active lady." Arthur said to himself as he exhaled.
Arthur got up and openned his bedroom door, revealing MC who was singing and dancing around with the broom
MC noticed arthur who was leaning on the door frame with a defeated expression
"Good afternoon to you arthur!" MC greeted him cheerfully, which then she went back to singing and dancing around
"Good afternoon to you too, dear" arthur said which MC probably didn't hear
Once he tried flirting with her but it all flew over her head
This one time MC and arthur was left alone and he tried to make a move on her
Arthur leaned over to MC's ear and whispered
MC seemed unbothered and let him lean over to her
"Seems like we're left alone, love.. would you like to have some fun?" Arthur whispered suggestively
MC was an innocent and very bright girl but she wasn't stupid
"Hm? No. Oh! Arthur can i ask you something?" MC asked unbothered by arthurs invitation
This took him by surprise
"Oh..ehm, go ahead poppet."
"Am i annoying?"
Arthur was blown away by her question.
"Annoying? No, no. That's not it, love. Why do you ask?" Arthur asked her curiously. He wasn't expecting this question from her.
"Ahahaha..! It's nothing important, its just when i lay down at night, i start realizing the unpleasant looks i get from some people whenever im doing something or saying something. I tell myself not to be annoying but i lose control of myself the next day." MC said cheerfully as if what she felt wasn't anything serious at all
Arthur felt really bad after hearing that. He realized that she was being misundertood badly.
He realized that behind that cheerfull personality, she had such deep thoughts
He wasn't expecting her to reveal her most vulnerable side to him out of everyone
He realized that the time he looked defeated arounded MC must have been in her memories
"Oh..oh dear me. I didn't know you felt that way, and im sorry if im one of those people who made you feel that way." Arthur said, with a sympathetic look on his face.
Arthur realized that MC never wanted to cause discomfort to anyone with how she is.
"Hmm i probably sounded REAL silly with what im saying, you can pretend that i never said anything, honestly!" MC said casually as she got up from her chair
"Wait! Hang on a second, poppet. Sit back down" arthur said as he gestured her to sit down, which she did
"I dont think you are annoying. You are just misunderstood, love. It seems to me that you have many going on in your mind that you express them all at once, like a big ball of energy." Arthur explained to her
MC's eyes widen
She found his explanation rather accurate
"Oh..you..you think so?" MC said taken back by the way arthur described her
"Yes, yes. I have an idea for you, poppet. If you want to learn how to express yourself better, how about you try writing all the things in your mind- in any form you want." Arthur suggested
MC's face lit up
"That sounds very fun!" MC exclaimed
"In fact, i want to do it now!" MC said as she jolted off her seat hurrying over to the door
"Oh, and thankyou very much arthur. You are the first person to understand how i feel" MC said smiling genuinely as she headed out
Arthur felt his heart skip a beat.
Without realizing, his cheeks were tinted pink
"By jove! What is this feeling?" Arthur said to himself
Surprisingly, MC was seen in the library writing away in peace most of the time, when she isn't doing her chores
If arthur was working on his own work, MC would sit next to him and start writing aswell
She would write poems
Everyone was worried if MC had fell sick because it was very unusual for her to be this quiet, but arthur just explained that she found herself a new hobby.
Mc would show arthur what she had written, and arthur woukd be blown away everytime.
Everyone got curious with what MC was writing, and when they read her poems, their brains just melted away
Even when vincent brought one of her poems to shakespeare, he became shookspeare
Everyone actually encouraged her to publish her works to the public
MC was excited with that idea, but she said she would give it a thought
Occasionally MC would be the ball of energy she was, but she settled down more
He would find it extremely adorable!
Just combine MC and Vincent together would make them the angels of all angels
For context, vincent would be entering the mansions gate after visiting shakespeare
He noticed a dancing figure in the hallway through the window
As he entered the mansion, he could already hear MC's singing voice from the second floor
He goes upstairs and there was MC singing and dancing around with the broom
"Hello MC! You seem very energetic as always" vincent greeted with a smile
He would ask MC if she was singing a song from her time period
He would even ask her to teach him how to sing the song
Vincent isn't an energetic person, but MC's personality rubbed onto him
He would only be energetic around her as she is basically the catalyst xD
Vincent would end up dancing around with her, spinning around through the hallway, laughing and singing
The night after goofing around with MC, she was stuck in his head
He got up from his bed and went over to his art supplies.
He had the strong urge to paint her
The way she danced, sung, and laughed created a crystal clear image in his head
After spending the whole night painting, he was knocked out asleep from morning to afternoon
MC was sent by sebastian to wake him up
She recieved no answer when she knocked, which then she invited herself in
When she came in she saw a beautifully done painting of her
Feeling her heart skip a beat
For once she felt really shy instead of her energetic self
"V-vincent, its afternoon" MC shook his shoulder gently
Stirring up, vincent woke up
"Oh..good afternoon MC. Thats strange, usually you would yell at everyone to wake them up."
Being fully awake, he noticed that her cheeks were tinted red
"Whats wrong MC? You seem rather flushed" vincent asked softly
"The painting.. it's beautiful." MC said, smiling shyly
Realizing his painting was exposed in his room, he blushed into a deep shade of red.
He wasn't mentally ready for anyone ESPECIALLY her to see it
It went silent for a moment and they both avoided eye contact
Not being able to take any more of the awkward air, MC went back into character
She started giggling
"W-what are you embarrased for vincent?" MC said surpressing a laugh
"You tell me MC." Vincent said with a chuckle finally melting away from the awkward situation
Eventually they were both laughing full of joy, even everyone was wondering what was going on in vincent's room
Long story short, they are the inseperable ball of joy 😌
He finds it SO iritating but he can't bring himself to hate her
Despite being so annoying she still had that angelic aura that reminded him of vincent
He already finds the mansion's residents irritating (except vincent ofc) and they arent even as energetic as MC
Wont admit that he adores her at the same time
"HONDJE! For the last time, shut up!" Theodorus shouted, his head poking out of his bedroom door
He was trying to have his afternoon nap after a long day of wheeling and dealing some art.
"Dancing and singing is good for the mind and body! Would you like to join theo?" MC said ignoring his harsh tone
Looking at her with annoyance painted on his face, he glared at her then slammed his bedroom door shut
"Guess he doesn't.." MC said to herself, continuing to sing and dance around
A few hours after that theo payed vincent a visit in his room
He wanted to ask him for advice on how to deal with how loud and energetic MC is
He would have asked arthur but he would most likely give him advice on how to get into her pants
"Come in, what's bothering you?" Vincent invited him, noticing the conflicted look his brother had
Theo sighed folding his arms
"Broer, how do i get hondje to shut up? I keep yelling at her but she never stops" Theo asked, irritation clear in his voice
"Don't call her that! She's a very sweet person" Vincent scolded
"S-sorry broer.." theo appologized looking like a sad puppy
Vincent gestured theo to take a seat next to him
"Well, i understand where you are coming from. She is very energetic indeed." Vincent said
"So..how do i stop her from driving me crazy?" Theo asked
"You say you would yell at her to be quiet right? How about.. you try talking to her VERY nicely" vincent said, emphasizing the word "very"
Theo looked at his brother, confused
"Broer.. are you sure?" Theo asked
"Yes! She is someone you have to speak kindly to for her to listen. Trust your big brother!" Vincent said cheerfully
Vincent ended up teaching theo how to speak to MC the rest of the night
As expected, the next day MC was singing loudly once again
Theo was going to go shout at her but he remembered what his brother said
He gulped and exited his bedroom approaching her
MC who was singing and dancing stopped in her tracks when she noticed a figure standing behind her
She turned around greeted with theo who had a stiff expression
"Good day to you theo! How can i help you?" MC asked cheerfully
"I.. uh hond- i mean MC. C-could you please lower your voice p..please? I am- i'm trying to rest. I would v-very much appreciate y-your coopera..tion." Theo said stuttering allover the place while fidgetting
He wasn't used to being nice to people
It went silent for a bit
"Oh my! How strange, you aren't yelling at me! My appology theo, i didn't know i put you in such distress!" MC said with a guilty expression
Theo was blown away by her response as it just sounded way out of character, making him feel guilty
"O-oh! Don't worry, i appologize for always yelling at you." Theo said flailling his hands all over the place.
MC looked at him and started laughing softly
"O-oi! What are you laughing at hondje!" Theo exclaimed, his face red with embbarasment
Secretly, he felt refreshed after hearing MC laugh again
"Ahaha! My appologies, you just looked and sounded very adorable! It's..ahaha.. very unlike you theo!" MC said, laughing
Theo's brain stopped working, i mean did MC rly just call him adorable
"Whatever! Im going back to my room!" theo stomped away, face still red
"Alright, alright! Have a nice rest! MC said still giggling
Theo slammed his door shut and slumped down against the door
"Maybe.. hondje isn't that bad at all..." theo said to himself
Poor boy will have a mental breakdance
ESPECIALLY when hes reading or doing some cool kid stuff //p h y s i c s
Atleast she doesn't tag along with arthur and dazai...
He knows that she is a kind soul, just has too much energy >:(
He doesnt hate her of course! He just wish she would tone it down :(
Isaac was in the library reading a book when MC started humming while she sweeped the floor
The humming slowly became a string of "lalala" and soon enough she was singing
"Goodness me, MC! This isn't the first time you have distracted my concentration.." isaac said as he burried his face into the book he was reading
Considering how soft isaac's voice was generally, MC did not hear him.
Having enough of it, He shut his book close aggresively and proceeded to walk out the door, slamming the door
The sound of the door slamming alerted MC causing her to jump slightly
"That was really loud..where did isaac go?" MC asked to herself
That was when she heard the door open, revealing leonardo
"Hello leonardo! By any chance, did you come across isaac? He suddenly left and i dont know why..." MC said
Leonardo lit up a cigarrilo and spoke
"Ah yeah, by the looks of it.. you might have upsetted him by accident, cara mia. I saw him stomping through the hallway with a sour look on his face" leonardo said calmly, inhaling his cigarrilo
"W-wait what? I..upsetted him?" MC asked in disbelieve
Leonardo noticed the unsettled look on her face
"Calm down cara mia, here take a seat" leonardo said as he gestured her to take a seat in front of him
MC sat down with a conflicted look on her face
"Heres the thing cara mia- you are a very bright soul and isaac..he is a quiet kid. He finds loud noises distressing especially when he is focussing on something. In this case.. i assume you were singing loudly around him?"
This realization hit MC like a truck
"Oh no! I never meant to make him feel uncomfortable.." MC said sadly
"I need to make it up to him...but how?" Mc continued
Leonardo leaned back to his chair
"Well, as you know, isaac has a monstrous appetite. It will be his meal time in a bit. Maybe you could bring his meal to him and talk things out with him
MC's once gloomy face lit back up
"Thats a great idea! Thankyou very much leonardo!" MC said as she stood up, hurrying out of the library
When MC arrived in the kitchen, he was greeted by sebastian who was plating up some food and rouge.
"Good afternoon sebastian! Is that for isaac?" MC asked
"Indeed, why?" Sebastian asked curiously
"I will take it up to him, since i also have something to discuss with him" MC reasoned
Sebastian stared at her for a bit
"Very well." He said
As soon as sebastian finished plating things up, MC took the tray and headed to isaac's room
She took a deep breath and knocked his door
"Come in." He said calmly
MC went in and placed the tray next to him
Isaac looked up which then his face twisted into discomfort
"Oh..thankyou" he said simply
"Im sorry.." MC said sadly
Isaac's expression showed confussion
"Huh? Why are you apologizing?" He questioned
"You left earlier, because i was bothering you right?" MC questioned back
Isaacs heart melted a bit. He felt like he did something mean considering how he saddened someone who he thought would be the last person in the world to be sad
"Oh! Oh..that.." isaac exclaimed not knowing how to respond to her question
"I really am sorry. I have always been a loud and active person that sometimes i forget about the people around me. I just fall deep into my own world once i do something..." MC explained
Somehow isaac could relate to her words. He knows how it feels to be so engulfed in what you are doing that you just forget about everything else
Maybe her peronality is like his deep interest with physics..
"Dont worry about it... i kind of understand what you mean..im sorry for storming out like that" isaac said, guilt in his voice
It went awkwardly silent for a bit
"Oh! I have an idea! What if... you shout out "gravity" whenever im being too loud around you? Im 100% sure that will alert me!" MC suggested cheerfully
"P-pardon?" Isaac asked unsure if he heard her right
"I guess that was an awfull idea..." MC said as her expression dropped once again
Isaac felt really bad when he saw her sad expression
"N-no! I.. i will think about it.." isaac mumbled, which MC heard
"Really?! Thats great!" MC exclaimed
"So...are we on good terms now?" MC continued
"I suppose you could say so.." isaac said shyly
"Good, good! I will head out now, give me a shout if you need anything" MC said as she left the room
Since then MC and isaac had formed some sort of frienship. Leonardo was glad to see that isaac was finally speaking up, guess its thanks to MC that a tiny portion of her personality slightly rubbed onto him
The day came when MC was being too loud
This time, isaac was playing chess with arthur as dazai watched them
Just like always MC started singing loudly
Isaac took a sharp inhale
"GRAVITYYY" isaac shouted on top of his lung scaring arthur and dazai at the point they probably ascended to a different dimension
"Oh! Sorry isaac!" MC said
"Bloody hell, isaac! I know you came up with the concept of gravity, but what the on earth was that for?!" Arthur said with a hand on his chest that was beating fast
" i think i pooped myself" dazai said as he hurried out of the room holding his butt with his hands.
Isaac stayed quiet, not answering his question
"Back to the game please" isaac said calmly
Arthur just sighed still wondering what all of that was
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rainydayhogwartsimagines · a year ago
Uhm hey! I love me some Draco hehe... What about a slytherin reader that's deaf? Both of them knew each other already since she's from a rich pure blood family? And just Draco protecting her from mean people (even tho he is a bully) and just like their relationship throughout the years (without voldemort and those shenanigans pls... I want Draco to be a happy boi, also both of them have cheesy moments like every 5 seconds)
Cheesy and cute? UHM FUCK YEAH MY DUDE
Warnings: Swearing. Obviously.
You met Draco when you were nine.
Your parents introduced each other and Draco said something but you didn't respond to anything.
It confused the kid, why weren't you listening to him? At all?
"And this is Y/n. Our daughter... She's deaf." Your father finally said making it register.
Draco didn't know how to talk to you but you had this journal that you just whipped out.
"I can answer yes or no questions." You wrote down.
He nodded. Okay... "Have you enjoyed your time here?" He asked.
You gave a "meh" response.
"How can... How can you talk to me?" He asked.
You started writing again.
"I read lips." You wrote.
Draco could work with this.
So you two ended up talking all night and you had a ton of fun with him.
Your parents saw the excitement on your face after you left and set up more dinners with the Malfoys.
So Draco started learning sign language. He was able to learn that quick too.
The next time you came over Draco was able to sign his name, ask how you were doing, "slow down" and "I only know a little right now".
You and him became quick friends and Lucius was lowkey grateful to see his son open to up to someone who wasn't Crabbe and Goyle.
When you two were together you'd show visible happiness and your parents were psyched because you hadn't done that before.
They'd tell you "Hey we're going to the Malfoy's" and you'd smile.
Your next few birthdays were spent with them and Draco's were spent with you.
By the time Draco and you entered hogwarts Draco knew how to use sign language almost completely.
You were naturally nervous about going to a place with a LOT of people who most likely didn't know sign language. Draco kept close to you though.
Dumbledore did issue a warning about you that you were deaf so no one would just walk up to you and start talking and be offended by no response.
The sorting ceremony happened and you were sorted into Slytherin and Draco was naturally like "FUCK YEAH MY BEST FRIEND IS WITH ME!" And you were pretty psyched to be with him too.
However a lot of kids who knew Draco were surprised to see him use ASL and so quickly too.
You would sign back and everyone was literally the embodiment of the "???" Meme.
Students around you were confused on how this was a means of communication but went with it.
However there was the added challenge of the fucking passwords on the doors.
They had to basically assign a kid to always be with you so you could get back in to the common room.
Any guesses to who the kid was? If you said Draco then congratulations, buy yourself something pretty.
Draco was always with you and if he was for some reason unavailable, Snape actually would help out.
To everyone's surprise, Snape actually didn't hate your guts
He seemed to almost enjoy your presence and he knew sign language as well so if you needed something he understood.
Course, this gave Harry Potter the wrong idea about you at first.
He didn't get the memo apparently that you were deaf and he was alarmed that you got along with both Draco and Snape.
He watched your every move like a fucking hawk.
And then he saw Draco use sign language and uhm.
He felt fucking dumb.
Harry actually went off and learned it on his own time
Draco was sitting in the library and Harry asked if he could sit with you two.
In sign language.
This shocked both of you because Draco thought he was the only kid who could do that
You nodded and Harry told you he was trying to learn
So Draco and you became somewhat of a teacher for Harry
Hermione, to everyone's surprise, already knew sign language.
She has a deaf Aunt apparently.
Ron learned it too and suddenly all of the Weasley's were interested in learning.
Draco was excited to see you have a friend group.
Like yes: he loved being your friend. But he wanted the best for you and he wanted to see you interact with other people too.
Fred and George would never prank you because that's just a dick move, but my God did they go to you for advice and alibis.
You didn't mind it either
When you were all able to go to Hogsmeade, Harry wanted you to meet his Uncles
You were down but also worried that they wouldn't know sign language
But apparently Harry had wrote to them like "Hey uhm guys, I met someone cool but they're deaf, can you learn sign language"
James already knew how to do it because Sirius's go to excuse was "You're deaf and I'm blind" when he did something... Not so legal
Sirius learned it from Remus
Remus learned it before becoming a substitute for Quirrell just in case
Lily learned it because she wanted to know
Peter also learned it from Remus
When a group of adults other than the Malfoys and your parents started talking to you in sign language you actually cried
Draco was panicked and they were all worried until you signed "No one except Draco has cared this much before"
James is literally "I just met Y/n five minutes ago but if something happened to her I'd kill everyone in the room and then myself"
You loved hanging out with these adults and when they invited you for Christmas your literal response was "Only if Draco comes with"
So there you were at the Potter house, Draco next to you the whole time
He loved seeing you happy oh my God
He'd see your smile and it'd make his whole week.
You'd go to bed and sometimes Draco would stay up downstairs and read
Sirius talked to him one night though
"So. How long have you loved her?" Sirius asked.
Draco looked up from his book.
"...What?" He asked.
"How long have you loved Y/n?" Sirius asked.
"How did... You know?" Draco asked.
"Because James looks at Lily the same way you look at Y/n." Sirius told him.
So Draco vented a little bit and Sirius basically told him "Draco. Boy. Just GO FOR IT."
When you all went back to school you had your first wonderful experience with bullies
They tried to fuck with you
Bad choice.
Terrible choice really.
Ron nearly killed them, along with Draco
Fred and George pranked them later with some... Explosives?
Harry jinxed them
Hermione just did the normal thing and REPORTED THEM.
You almost felt bad for those two guys.
You felt glad though that you had this group of people who would go to the moon and back for you
Your parents suddenly had a very crowded house during the summer
But they didn't mind because they all made you happy.
Draco and you would take these walks in the garden though.
It'd just be you and him.
The whole group kind of shipped it and wanted you two to have some alone time.
Draco would talk to you and you'd smile and laugh at some of the things he'd say.
He seemed very happy with you.
Draco would have small moments with you where you'd be cold and he'd lend you his jacket or keep an arm around you.
Fred and George became DETERMINED to get you two together
When the Triwizard tournament happened Draco signed up as a "Meh. Why not"
And got selected...
He was wanting to die internally the whole time he was with the other champions
He was so used to being around you that he would sign when he spoke verbally.
Viktor and Fleur were very confused until they met you.
One day they strolled over to say good luck and there you were, signing.
Then it made sense like "OOOHH HIS GIRLFRIEND IS DEAF"
And the group had to correct them "No no, just friends... For now" "Wait what--" "Shhh Draco, look at the pretty girl"
Then came the first trial with a dragon.
That's the first time the group had heard Draco scream... Like a little girl.
You were on the edge of your seat, very worried though
When he managed to get the egg you were relieved.
He ran into the tent and literally collapsed.
The boy was COVERED in soot and dirt but you didn't care.
You hugged him and he was panting because he just ran a God damn marathon running from the dragon.
But you looked at him and he looked at you and... Well you kissed
Rita Skeeter ate it up and published an article and Draco nearly killed the woman.
She made it sound like he was with you because you were deaf and he pitied you
Like no. That shit does not fly with Draco
Guess what: his father did hear about that
You didn't care though, you now had Draco
He'd always be showing you some sort of affection, playing with your hair while he read, sleeping in the common room with you on his chest
Because you couldn't speak, he would write you little poems and you loved them.
Fun fact: Draco is actually really good at putting up hair.
Whenever you needed to have your hair up for something Draco was the one that did it.
He always had scrunchies on hand and if he noticed your hair bothering you in class, he literally does not care who's watching he'd pull it back and just do it then and there.
Well one day Mcgonagall walked up to you while you were with Fred and George and asked for your assistance
She basically told you that you were needed for Draco's challenge
And so Draco was very confused when you weren't there.
"Where's Y/n?" He asked.
"Mcgonagall said she needed her for something, we haven't seen her since." George answered.
Draco's heart DROPPED.
The second that that shot went off he had no hesitation jumping in.
He was the first one out of the water with you.
He was PISSED that they would do that to a student they knew was deaf
You assured him though you knew what you were getting into when you agreed to help them though and he calmed down a little.
Draco did not let you go though, he kept a arm around you the entire time he was out of the water.
He was scattering kisses across your face apologizing over and over again and you kept signing "Draco I'm okay"
Then Fleur came up empty handed and you were looking at the lake like "DRACO. BABE. DO SOMETHING. PLEASE."
And because Draco would literally go to hell and back for you he jumped right back in.
He came back up with the kid and you were so happy that he did that and almost tackled him right back into the water.
He was smiling and holding you close.
Warming up in the Slytherin common room with cocoa and talking to the group
Slytherins watching you all like "Gryffindors aren't supposed to be in here--" and then all of you plotting their deaths in your heads.
Slytherin just becoming used to them being there.
Try saying no to you. Like truly. Do you want to be that asshole?
Draco asking you to the Yule during the dance course
You nodding enthusiastically and making him laugh before pressing a kiss to your forehead.
Him seeing you and nearly dropping to the ground.
Him enthusiastically signing "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL"
Your smile not leaving you the entire night
Draco signing "I love you" for the first time
You signing "I love you" back.
Draco going into his last trial and literally screaming like a little girl when that maze seemed to reach out and almost grab him.
Draco running and somehow finding the cup and winning.
You kissed him of course because CELEBRATION BIATCH
Slytherin celebrating but you and Draco slipping away and celebrating with the group instead.
Draco giving the money to Fred and George because he literally does not need more money.
Now that a bigger group knew sign language you were able to take other classes that wasn't limited to what Draco could do
Most of your classes were still with him though but you did enjoy herbology
You were literally the only student who didn't need ear muffs during the Mandrake lesson.
You actually loved herbology
You met your friend Neville there.
And then you met Luna
Both of which already knew sign language.
They were your buddies and you loved being around them
Your final year was approaching and you were taking an extra class but no one knew what for
You wouldn't tell the group, all they knew is that Dumbledore and Mcgonagall were both in on this.
Then there was one morning where the group was eating breakfast.
"Hi." You yawned and everyone didn't think anything of it until they realized.
You just spoke. Like... Verbally.
Everyone lost their shit and found out your were doing speech therapy.
You were a little insecure about your voice but Draco thought it was ADORABLE.
Your last year approached and while you rarely spoke it was still nice to see that you were doing things outside your comfort zone.
So graduation happened and Draco was talking about the future and something very unexpected happened.
You were watching this boy sign enthusiastically about how he loved you to James and the marauders and you just..
"Draco will you marry me?" You asked.
Everyone looked at you surprised and Draco smiled.
He said yes of course and so you got married
You, Fred and George all worked together.
You made their potions and grew whatever herbs they needed
Draco became a healer (I am absolutely convinced he does this after graduation) and starts a push for more accessible options for possible deaf students at hogwarts
You guys have a kid, Scorpius who is fluent in sign language (he's not deaf though)
James is the babysitter. You don't even have to pay the man
Just call him "Hey James we need you to watch our kid"
And he'll show up like "My daughter has called me"
Fred and George love seeing you happy when you work at the shop
Draco will occasionally pop in for a visit during the summer and he'll help out too.
You may have had a couple of mandrake accidents.
You kind of forget that the plants make noise and when you move the baby plants it knocks people out.
But it's okay because you never forget with the adult mandrakes for some reason.
Neville and Luna some times help out with you and you all have fun
Neville always faints for some reason.
"Didn't I give him ear muffs?" "He just fainted." "Again?"
You love to just look at your family when they're over.
Draco, Scorpius, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, James, Lily, Lucius, Narcissa, your mom, your dad, Luna, Neville, Molly, Arthur, Remus, Sirius, Peter... All of them... You loved the crap out of all of these idiots
Yes. They're idiots
But they're your idiots.
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genepaddlew · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
is that [AVAN JOGIA]? no, that’s just [ERICH TAILOR]. [HE/HIM] is [TWENTY EIGHT] years old and is an [ENGLISH TEACHER]. rumor has it they’ve been in town for [THREE MONTHS]. on a good day, they’re [INVENTIVE & OUTGOING]. but watch out! they can also be [PRETENTIOUS & CYNICAL]. [WASTELAND, BABY BY HOZIER] plays in my head whenever i think of them. can’t wait to see them around springhill! [fry, 22, est, she/her]
hello all! my name is fry! cannot wait to start writing with you all! if you like what you see, go ahead and like and i’ll come to you for some plots :)
full name: erich malli tailor.
nickname: er (pronounced like the word air).
height: 5′10.
hometown: portland, oregon.
occupation: english teacher.
birthday: march 10th.
zodiac: pisces.
early childhood.
erich’s therapist said once that sometimes people imagine things so often that they cannot tell if it is a real memory or not. unfortunately, that’s all erich has of his birth parents. fake memories of happier times.
what erich does know is that his mother was a teenager. she wanted to raise him on her own but simply couldn’t. now, as an adult, he doesn’t blame her or hold any resentment. 
growing up in the foster care system was all erich knew. switching from family to family created many longterm issues for him. as a kid, he had zero hope that he would ever be fully adopted. he had hopped in and out of so many different homes that he wouldn’t even unpack. 
erich didn’t have many friends. he liked it that way. he found saying goodbye to friends was harder than making them. so he was alone for the most part. 
adoption day finally arrived at the age of ten. a nice, liberal, lesbian couple who lived in the middle of san diego. they were kind and wanted to open their home to a kid who they wanted to grow to love. lucky erich. 
after his adoption, erich’s longterm issues would begin to rise to the surface. he showed lots of behavioral issues, signs of abandonment issues, and clear commitment issues. his new parents were there for him through every step of therapy. 
things seemed to be turning around for erich. therapy was really helping him work through his issues, he was beginning to make friends, and his grades were starting to boost. 
his parents really pushed for him to get into the arts. mainly for mental health reasons, but also because they both appreciated the arts and wanted their son too as well.
it wasn’t long until erich’s hobbies and passions only consisted of artistic activities. watercolor painting helped him convey the loneliness and anxiety he felt growing up. creative writing helped him expand his imagination and patience. music was just fun for him.
he submitted short stories and poems into contests in high school and eventually won a couple. it was then that he realized writing was what he wanted to do in his adult years. 
around this time, erich was beginning to grow popular with the ladies at his high school. he had hit a growth spurt, he was beginning to grow into a self of style, and was beginning to grow into a handsome young man! however, erich was not interested in any of them.
to put things simply, it was a different time back then. this was the year lizzie’s iconic “that’s so gay” commercial had aired. there were plenty of developments that still needed to be made for the lgbtq+ community to be where it stood today. so, with this logic, why would erich want to come out as bisexual? he didn’t even know bisexual was a term.
so, erich would date girls publicly and cheat on them with guys behind their backs. things were going as smoothly as possible until one of the guys were outed. they then felt the need to out erich too. 
it was a dark time for erich. he was hated by most females, the males he had been seeing wanted nothing to do with him because of the amount of bullying he had started receiving, and all of his friends turned their backs on him. when things got really tough for him, his moms turned him to the typewriter and encouraged him to write.
erich and his moms ended up moving back to portland his junior year. a smart move and one that was definitely needed for him to grow. 
surprisingly, the culture was completely different in portland. he was able to become his true self in portland. he was surrounded by incredible friends and had an incredible support system.
erich came out as bisexual and finished a novel his senior year.
young adult life up to now.
erich never tried published his novel. he doesn’t think he ever will. it’s incredibly personal and he thinks it needs a ton of work. he’ll probably let you read the first chapter if you ask him though.
erich took a gap year to travel before attending college in oregon. he and his boyfriend from senior year roadtripped across the united states. unfortunately, the two broke up halfway back to oregon.
sadly, erich’s mother died of a car accident during his senior year of college. the two were extremely close and so it hit erich really hard. 
in college, you party. it happens. however, after erich’s mom’s death, the partying picked up for him, and that wasn’t all. erich’s drinking habits started growing to new heights. not only that, but erich had decided to do a couple party drugs in the process.
slowly but surely, erich’s grades began to drop and soon enough he was placed on academic probation. after that, he did the bare minimum to get his degree and that’s what he continued to do.
while erich desperately wants to be a well-known author, he has a feeling he never will be. so, he became an english teacher instead.
some of erich’s favorite places are when harry met jerry, cloak and stagger, and sunshine diner. he’s probably fucked up on something or working on another never-to-be-released novel. 
yes, erich teaches your high school aged children. sometimes, he shows up to class hungover. he is also an incredibly laid back teacher. there are also rumors going around the school saying erich sleeps with parents sometimes. despite all of this, he creates one of the safest spaces for his students and truly cares about them. 
erich is the sponsor for the high school GSA club.
erich has a puppy despite how much he hates dogs.
if i think of anything else, i’ll update!
*means capped / taken.
other teacher friends. please. imagine the workplace gossip.
if your muse’s kid is 14-18, they probably have some sort of opinion on erich. let’s plot that out!
in regard to that second one, maybe the two have slept together?
matched on tinder / bumble. they could have slept together or the two just met and became friends that way!
friends w/benefits.
a good ol’ bromance pls.
enemies maybe????!!
if your muse works in at when harry met jerry, cloack and stagger, or sunshine diner, there is a chance that these two are going to see each other a lot. let’s plot that out!
erich has only lived in springhill for three months so most connections are going to be present connections so please keep that in mind!
erich has also cut ties with everyone from his high school / childhood so! none of those please!
maybe our muses went to college in portland together!
i’m pretty much an open book and love plotting ! 
ALRIGHT ! that’s pretty much it ! can’t wait to write with yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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