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#this is not serious

As a bottom, I can confidently say that Draco Malfoy is, in fact, a bottom. A power bottom, but still a bottom. 

Thanks for coming to my TED talk. lol

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crack theory time–what if they don’t all have three canon lives after all and actually have NINE (like a cat)? jack manifold didn’t lose his final life and go to hell and drag himself back, he just thought he did because he thought he only had three, but he’s actually on his fourth life now. schlatt and wilbur just both said “no❤” and chose not to come back. ghostbur is just being a dramatic little theater kid about being resurrected because he actually has several lives left.

none of them know this until someone unequivocally loses their “last” canon life and everyone’s mourning and devastated and then the character just pops back up like “hey guys so about the three lives–”

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I’m stuffed animals soft, but if you mess with me or my friends

I’ll put your bones on display

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Big clown conspiracy theory In the time between 9/23 and 10/01 Sam and Cas did the nasty and thats how Sam really hurt his shoulder.

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imagine if you could give your dragon the appearance of a gene for half of the price of a gene scroll, but it doesn’t pass onto offspring. like instead of being gened, they just did the equivalent of dying their hair lmao

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so how bout that coup huh. If destiel goes canon again im conspiracy theorizing it’s a distraction

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A frequently neglected measure of magick is whether or not the entity/thoughtform/ergregore/whatever the hell you connect with counts as a Jojo stand.

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me and my sisters decided on a ciocolata fit 2nite ig 😳 here is me LMAO

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we should have a 3 month long break from school in the winter instead of the summer

summer is an f-tier season and we’re conditioned to like it because that was break 

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I swear to god, yugyeom and bambam could be open-mouthed french kissing at a bus stop in new jersey and people will still be like “best friend culture 🤪”

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instead of nanowrimo I’m just going to make 50,000 text posts

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sorry for the hiatus guys i was rigging the election

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disclaimer: im using my french analysis major brain for this. it means REACHING. this is barely seriousi will make a Post with screencaps but main thoughts while i have a head full of dye are:

1. biggest shadow in galos hair is a rectangle… but one end turns to a triangle. yeah thats just his stupid hair shape but consider. consider. shapes. this is the scene where galo Genuinely faces the truth of the world he lives in, which is dominated by blocky rectangular buildings to literally Block ppl in… & he has a shadow that is a rectangle turning into a triangle

2. consider light. galo in the dark of the cave is easier to read than galo lit up by ainas light. the cave where lio metaphorically illuminated him to reality has him more in focus than shining a light on him… also it’s aina shining the light & it shadows his eyes (hiding true feelings & thoughts, since he clearly doesnt tell her what just happened as aina is later confused as to where galo could have ended up)

3. also light but im throwing this under Symbolism. galo in the dark is his whole self - u see all of him! his expression, concern, w/e. lio just told him his hero is a creepy terrible murder torture orchestrator. he’s upset. hes thinkin. hes tryin to process that. then aina shows up & shines a light & what gets illuminated while galo’s expression goes dark? The Medal…. dun dun

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hear me out. how about we put boris johnson on the bonfire this year

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pisses me off whenever someone says 

lowey ville 

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Yo which character do you have a weird connection with? I’ll start

Like frodo, I too want to sail away to a new land rather than get married

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yes, uhhhh I stan Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters 😍 Hipkins is like, almost a fave as well. Labour is my fave. Anti-everything else. 

Non-Labour supporters DNI!

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absolutely terrible night for romys everywhere

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