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actingdeep · a month ago
A Dog-Humping As A Refresher
I remember on my first night home in the Midwest after a thirty-month stay and double-layover flight back from Eugene, Oregon being exceptionally self-centering and refreshing, but refreshing in the strangest and most intriguing sense that requires an especially drawn-out period of dulled isolation and dissatisfied stasis away from home to fully remember and basically re-discover that long-hibernating refreshed feeling that, if you're lucky, makes it's much-needed albeit unceremonious return and presents itself with perfect, humble clarity before the most lukewarm, banal and even borderline depressing instances that typically 99% of the time would usually just irritate you and piss you off, simply because you've been away from all of that for so long in a part of the country that over time you have clearly learned is the complete and absolute inverse of what your own personal nature's instinctual proclivities are that it might as well be on Mars or the moon.        But, to each his own. To be clear, I'm not trying to paint the city of Eugene as something wholly undesirable, as a place that you or anyone ought to avoid--it simply wasn't for me. At least, me in my current state of mind, which I'm more than positive that over time will once again shift and rearrange itself, making little adjustments like I do with pants that don't quite fit comfortably anymore in ways wholly out of my control that will most assuredly drive me away from home here in the maw of the flyovers sometime in the future once, twice again, and really God only knows how much--or, maybe not.        Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon, and a twin city of Springfield, Oregon--which basically means there's two city's rubbing against each other and that are so completely the exact same you start to wonder why even have two different names for them. There is likely nothing at all comparatively better or worse or especially different or unique about Eugene/Springfield vs. every other drip and blot across the country map that have accumulated over time all of the requisite factors for them to be designated as city rather than simply town or village, obviously excluding the ecological and meteorological elements; you're gonna find everything a society-embracing, need-stuff-to-do, culture-loving-but-that's-not-to-say-exactly-cultured and beyond-more-than-likely-left-leaning city-dweller might or might not require: concert venues, symphony venues, ballet venues, a baker's dozen or so of tattoo parlors, a bi-weekly Saturday farmer's market with other types of freelance merchandisers where you will likely become slightly irked after having to consciously and persistently maneuver around scores of various-sized dogs and drum circles, using absolutely all of your focus not to get your ankles tangled in the pet's harnesses or knocking over an awkwardly-angled wobbly table littered with bunches of way-too-tall-for-this-wobbly-of-a-table water pipes, locally-owned restaurants of any and every kind, mostly pizza parlors, nearly all of them with an outdoor section, locally-owned coffee shops, donut shops, U.-of-O.-themed paraphernalia-type shops, locally-owned cineplexes where you can order a beer and for some reason spaghetti, blocks of streets with buses, bike lanes and smooth, broad sidewalks plentiful with pedestrians, more in the fall and less in the summer, an almost laughable multitude of marijuana dispensaries, various downtown-esque attempts at modern art, usually statues of some local celebrity or an African-style mask- or totem-like structure made from the the thinnest and ugliest possible dark-reddish/brown scraps of metal, or one of dozens of hand-painted murals painted top-to-bottom on one side of a long squat street-corner building, all of which at first appear kind of abstract and interesting but after a minute you kind of realize they're not, entire blocks dedicated to local bars, the usual lone homeless person or the occasional gaggle, locally-owned community banks, dance practice studios, health clubs, legal offices, volunteer-run furniture and clothing stores--but really, mostly dispensaries.        The West coast vibe/experience was a thing I craved to be a part of off and on ever since I can remember finding myself not only bored with but actually fatigued by the sight of nothing but a flat wasteland of the classic Midwest style containing mostly just churches, fast-food restaurants and liquor stores. What finally brought me out there to Eugene was not exactly my idea--more like grim necessity due to a steadily-growing addiction to alcohol, specifically gin--or anything of equal strength, which began somewhere in the middle of age 23 and 24 and had been running strong for about nine or ten months, the last five of which seemed to be horrifically and exponentially worse in terms of pure chemical reliance, beginning with 3 a.m. full-volumed stereo sessions of me playing mostly happy-hardcore techno music, leading my roommate to move out overnight and never coming back, followed by me on the couch pouring a lowball glass to the rim and deciding one day not to go in to work, without calling and never going back, ending with a picture that looked something like me sitting against a wall with legs splayed in the hallway of my apartment building, drinking and chain smoking and violently scribbling onto a composition notebook that had at some point turned from a simple poetry book into a full-on psychosis diary, charging my cell phone out in the hall rather than inside my actual apartment due to the power having been shut off for the past month and a half, me having ignored paying the bill for well over two months now due to it's relative non-importance in comparison to purchasing booze, mixers, an endless bevy of delivery pizza, Chinese food and weed--the guy who sold the weed (and more) happened to live in apartment #17 which was five feet away and straight across the hall from mine, #18, of which the five-feet middle space between our two doors since the power was shut off had become my regular drunken campout area during daytime hours, a huge mess of chicken-scratched notebooks and not-so-discreet booze containers with me in the middle smoking like a chief and drenched in dripping sweat (this was in June), scribbling and caught in a persistent state of stressed nerve-blown maniacal giggling. Even he, after a while, started to look concerned. Also, I used to have a cat.        The booze gives you a feeling of endless wealth, but only in this weird half-logical and highly-conditioned way that makes it so that if you happen to have just enough crumpled-up cash in your pocket left for some type of dinner that night, of course only after you subtract the steadfast and wholly-reliable set-in-stone $13.90 the bottle of booze for the night is going to cost, this distorted sense of money making $17-18 seem basically worthless but at the same time anything above $23.50 feel like a small fortune, disintegrates completely any sense of budget--which budgeting, even when sober, was already not a strong suit of mine by any stretch. So, personal income having been abandoned and thoroughly chemically reliant with a personality that over time had become almost chillingly disfigured, with a total apartment move-out impending and one too many freezing-cold showers by dim candlelight later (I won't even attempt to describe the overall state of my apartment, the floor especially), seeing where this was all going and deciding I'd rather not go there, I sought out my immediate family for support, giving them a generally truthful albeit much-softened briefing on what all was currently going on in vague regard to this pitch-black descent of mine, and finding the most promising option out from the chains in being flown out to Eugene, Oregon where my father and stepmother had been living for about a year now, they too having grown rather tired of the flyover wasteland, and having gotten the hell out of dodge the second minute after I had turned eighteen. Today, I no longer consume alcohol.        I would like to note that it's not exactly true that my ex-roommate never came back, because he did in fact stop over about three months after moving out, more or less to touch base or check up on me, me having abruptly gone dark on social media after posting weeks-straight short videos of me drunk scream-singing straight into the camera's face, anyone above the age of twelve months having the perception skills to discern that what was happening with me was the pristine and exact manifestation of what we would call a downward spiral. He found me in the hallway scribbling haphazardly with a perfectly insane grin, visited for a while with that so-beyond-concerned-I'm-almost-impressed look in his eyes, and returned the next afternoon with a long orange extension cord, the idea being yes okay this is definitely on the seriously bad end as far as spirals go but at least with this you can watch T.V. in the apartment, the door being fairly close to the hallway outlet, an idea that I found at the time beyond genius. With little to say of the rest, gratitude was still not lost in me. We're still good friends today.        Needless to say, after spending my first two and a half months in the state of Oregon being very broke, broken and totally reliant on my father and stepmother for meals and cash for cigarettes, I was very elated at scoring a job after passing a urine test and making enough money after some months for all of us to move out of their current 1-bedroom Eugene apartment over to a 2-bed rental house that was only a couple blocks down from the 1-bed. After some more months, I was even more elated to have enough money to be able to move out of the 2-bed house and into a 1-bed apartment of my own, my stepmother having recently gotten promoted at her job, which enabled my parents to afford the 2-bed now on their own, making this okay. They helped me a great deal in all matters practical and adult, there is no doubt--though I must admit I kept them mostly in the dark about the addiction, and still got offered a beer every once in a while, which I accepted with a lack of hesitancy that the whole of Earth's population would simultaneously chide me without restraint for, if they only knew--but it never got bad again the way it had been. Eugene, a decidedly craft-beer city, has only two or maybe three liquor stores altogether, none of which being within walking distance.        By the time I was in my own personal apartment in Eugene, Oregon, I had no desire at all for the booze, and even made a point of making a rule that there was to be no booze brought in the apartment by anyone who might come by. This rule would never have to be enforced, though, as there were only three occasions where I ever had anybody, excluding my parents, come over--one, a date, and the other two, a guy that I worked with whom I had grown to enjoy after one day coming into work and finding him in a very refreshing disposition, singing loudly the fairly vulgar lyrics of a song by the band Tenacious D, a comedy-rock group that I had been a fan of. We hung out more than just the two times he came over to my apartment, the other times we spent hanging out just kind of sitting in his van, which he happened to be living out of, listening to the D and many other bands we soon found we also had a shared taste in, smoking cigarettes and from his electric cannabis-wax pen and talking shit about our boss from work, a classically hateable micro-manager, me personally often making fun of his uniquely effeminate and peculiar Italian accent. This boss of ours, a guy who I cannot stress enough was the pure, uncut embodiment of micro-manager, had over time single-handedly molded and contorted me from a quiet, obedient worker into one full of hate, ready to snap on him every time I saw him begin to walk over to me, where I would truly wish to violently kill him right then and there, and to kill him over and over again until my body wore itself out (if that were possible), and would eventually drive me to quit my job via walk-out about seven months into my stay in the 1-bed, causing me to move out and back into the 2-bed house of my parents.        At this point, I was already really getting tired of the whole Eugene thing, and had wanted to move back home to Indiana where everyone and everything I knew was. After walking out from the job, which was in a deli at a grocery store, the plan at first was to immediately find a different job and continue living in the apartment by myself for an indeterminate amount of time before simply kind of giving up and moving back into the 2-bed with them, this being my parents idea, which I acquiesced to. I began sending out applications the very next day. In my own head, the real plan was to return back to my home state of Indiana, since I figured I would not have luck finding a new job in time to afford the upcoming rent even if my parents helped with that a little, and did not wish to live with them again for reasons I won't entail here. Even before I wanted to quit the first job, I had pretty much gotten totally over every aspect of the city and the Pacific North-West in general: like I said, it just wasn't for me--add to that fact the micromanaging eight hours a day, and plus just a general growing boredom/burn-out of living away from everyone I knew with basically having no chance for any of them ever coming all the way to not-even-Portland, Oregon to see me and my accomplishments, ones that after a few weeks really just kind of stopped being impressive to me anyway. I figured it's time to go on back. Although, in the meantime, I did, to my surprise, find another job at a sushi restaurant, which was run by a married Japanese couple who lived out of the back room there, had a kitchen staff of mostly 30-something Mexicans, and had rats. I cooked, rolled sushi, did dishes and basically every job possible. I was let go after two weeks by the wife after I accidentally cut my finger tip while chopping fine vegetables.        For three months out of the total seven in my own apartment, I hopped on a trend called the Carnivore Diet, and ingested nothing but cow, chicken and pig products for every meal, with the exception of about 3 calorie- and sugar-less energy drinks per day and the occasional salmon. Within that period, I spent 75%+ of my free time chain smoking, scribbling in notebooks and listening to almost exclusively techno music and audiobooks by Friedrich Nietzsche. I also created a 40-plus-character language employing hieroglyphs, and a messy 83-page half-half-baked-fiction-half-Nietzsche-derivative-philosophical-manifesto mostly about something called the Non-Will. Some of it's not bad.        So, a refreshed feeling--a thing to be desired. What with my even-sober proclivities for terrible budgeting (meat is expensive, as are energy drinks, as is paying twice the amount of rent you're typically used to), I had little to spend on social activities--plus, what with having really no local friends and absolutely no ability to have a casual drink so as to perhaps possibly make some, out comes from time a very seriously dull and loathsome cycle of tiny-apartment isolation and micro-managed-ness switching back and forth, back and forth, like there might have been a light switch on the back of my neck with tiny devil and angel on either shoulder and taking turns hitting the switch up and down, down and up, making a real game of it, 24-7. Once I had gotten my return deposit and had the flight booked, I was elated once again beyond all previous elation. Many would call me a loner, and up until this point, I would have believed it. All this said, in general, I find nothing in this whole Oregon experience as regrettable in the slightest--quite the opposite--a rather valuable set of experiences in place of what could have been simply a long orange hangman's knot. Put simply: the good outweighed the bad.        My stepmother had a grandmother she had always been very close to living in Indiana who was approaching something like 91 years, and with the only guarantee in life starting to weigh on my stepmother's mind in regard to this fact, decided to make the flight for two. After a five-hour layover at the Seattle-Tacoma Intl. followed by a one-hour one at the Detroit-Metro-Wayne-County, we arrived at the Indianapolis Intl. Airport at about 10 p.m. and were picked up by my step's cousin Andy, who drove a massive new-looking Ford truck--the first refresher--big trucks being a Midwestern road staple, which, speaking of roads, driving back from the airport, we crossed many areas of construction, a reminder for me of the great many areas throughout Indiana that seemed to be in a perpetual state of construction for years and years, never getting finished for reasons no one can seem to figure out: this being my second refresher. Boy, was I grinning.        We were on our way to her cousin Andy's newly-purchased home near Battle Ground, north of West Lafayette where we would stay over for the night. I was not feeling hungry or tired at all, surprisingly, but said nothing, my excitement pretty much keeping my head distracted the whole time. My stepmother claimed to be dead tired and talked rapidly with her cousin the whole ride. I usually tune out conversations that are clearly not going to involve me at all, but I began intently listening once Andy began telling a story about his ex-wife's mother. Apparently, Andy shares a 50/50 split custody of his son, Cain, with his ex-wife. They were not on speaking terms. In the past couple of weeks, he was noticing his son coming back from his mother's rather downcast--kind of detached and unenthusiastic. It turns out the ex-wife's younger sister had committed suicide from taking pills a few weeks before--an obvious hit to the whole family--leaving the ex-wife understandably rather inattentive at full-effort parenting for a while. But the thing was, the death of the sister was a much bigger loss, time would tell, to the mother of the sisters. Apparently, one day while the ex-wife was on a video call with her mother and having that typical kind of post-immediate-family-death kind of subdued and effortful small talk and base-touching, her mother had had a gun like beside her on the table or maybe in her lap the whole time they talked, and at some point as the two were winding down towards the end of the video call, put the gun against her temple and pulled the trigger, killing herself live in front of the already sister-torn ex-wife. So now, Cain was coming home to Andy's not only downcast and detached, but looking straight exhausted. As Andy was not on good terms with the ex upon their split, only talking through e-mail, he felt for her, no doubt, but really could not do much in the way of consolation with her, personally, really mostly just having to let the whole thing be, and to simply stay focused on his time with his son, to give the typically-jovial seven-year-old Cain as many firm-shoulder-pats and "It's-Gonna-Be-Alright,-Buddy"s as he possibly could until all this could pass.        Another refresher: the way he told the story, not the story itself--the story itself made me kinda sick, as it were. The thing is, though, in Eugene, you would never hear even close to such a brutal, unsexy and completely truthful story of such a personal and close nature--you just wouldn't, even between the closest of family members. There's this Age-of-Innocence-type thing were any possibly thought that might be controversial or God forbid the dark and unholy disagreeable, you just pat that shit down all the way to the bottom of your soul and keep it there until it (hopefully) dies, because the last thing a modernized liberal-city-type Eugenian worth any respect would ever do is say something that might be considered rude; the term is "politically correct"--a thing you must be, first and foremost, in the West-coast city of today. Not to say this story of Andy's was in any way rude or politically incorrect--it obviously isn't--but it was a way of speaking that is of a kind--this kind of honest, spade-is-a-spade type of way of speaking that he not so gently reminded me does, in fact, exist, which was undoubtedly refreshing after almost forgetting completely about that uncensored way of speaking that, while living in scrubbed-clean and polished, never-once-dare-to-be-rude type of maladjusted speaking you'll find in the city, because it was unpleasant--a distant cousin of rude. Yes, even this distant cousin, barely even related, is also wholly unwelcome in the finest circles of the city--and so, the story was terrible--and terribly refreshing.        The next day Andy would take us to a Hertz where me and the step would get a rental car and return to Lafayette, where her grandmother was, and where my biological mother was to meet us and pick me up to take me back to my hometown, which was Kokomo, only the rental car was running late for some reason and I had to have my mom who was already on her way to change course and just pick me up at the Hertz instead. Seeing her after thirty months was, as you could probably guess, refreshing. That's basically that, but before I finish up, I want to talk about Andy's dog.        Andy's dog was Abel--the son Cain, the dog Abel--another enjoyable, refreshing, picayune token of long-missed Midwest idiosyncrasy. His house was huge--isolated down a long country road deep in the boonies; he had just bought the home with the help of his ex-wife's father, (Andy) apparently on better terms with him than the ex-wife herself, and the home had many repairs and renovations on his list to get around to, which you could see clearly even if you weren't told about them: giveaways like there being a large dresser on the front porch or a toilet in the corner of the living room, a screened-in porch with huge windows with a large knocked-out wall leaning against another wall, a large, cold cement-floor basement with four big closets, empty except for the one little corner with a pile of small square red and blue blankets with thick yellow frays along the edges and littered with toy trucks beside a TV and game-system setup, an unattached washing machine/dryer combo at the bottom of the stairs with a wide silvery tube with ridges coming out like a tail, a multitude of thin wires dangling from the ceilings, cover-less wall outlets with covers and screws still in their plastic baggies on the hardwood floor beneath them, huge bedroom closets with only like four shirts hanging in them, a fridge with a broken ice machine, a cracked albeit impressive marble counter top, a lone rural homeowner eating leftover mac-and-cheese from a bowl under the stove light at midnight, legs crossed, master and commander, here in the boonies; with the refreshing hum of hundreds of crickets and scores of various amphibian surrounding from without coming through the open window, an endless static of nighttime nature in every direction. Then there was Abel. A happy-as-hell full pit: lean and strong, dark round eyes, brown-and-white-patched coat and face with fast, open-maw breaths that you can feel like a heating vent when he reaches up to put his massive paws on your chest begging for your attention, his once-in-a-while single, loud bark echoing for ages through the near-empty castle followed by a stern "Abel, knock it off" from his owner. After the house tour, my stepmother went straight to bed, placing herself delicately into the bigger one of the two air mattresses that Andy had already blown up and blanketed and pillowed for us and shooing away Abel who was trying to climb on top of her with clueless excitement. After a jokey remark from Andy about how he (Abel) likes her, she commented that she "hates dogs" as her cousin stood with thick, muscled crossed arms leaning in the doorway to flip the light for her. "You hate dogs?" he repeated in question, with a stoney face, not consciously trying to respect her right to a personal opinion in the slightest, quite unlike all of her Oregon peers, catching her a bit off-guard. She rephrased it with "Well," changing it to something like "I've never been a fan," prompting Andy to simply shrug his shoulders and say "alright." Refresher.        There are a great many people who sometimes covet their own opinions so highly above all and everything else, that they almost uncontrollably have to speak them, letting them off without a thought, usually around the ones whom they're the most comfortable around, often completely forgetting their so-claimed all-important personal stricture that insists that every living person's own, personal perspectives and outlooks on life are perfectly even-matched and equitably valid, so that almost every time they speak they persistently and unconsciously break multiple facets and monumental portions of their own rigid social code of sterilized locution, democratized subjectivity and peccadillo antagonism, openly shaking hands with every personal enemy of theirs, cordially greeting every member of the armies under the command of the dark and unholy Disagreeable, completely unaware--for all to see.        The cousins were both in bed and on their way to sleep. I was not tired, and so I put on a jacket and took myself outside with a cigarette and lighter to take in my first real moment of solitary reflection back home from the city, eager to let myself be fully absorbed by the creatures of the night with their reliable nightly hum. Dark, but warm, I strolled around the significant gravel driveway, around the massive pile of sticks and tree limbs near the garage, to and fro, hearing the creatures, refreshed as all hell. I go back inside to find Abel waiting by the front door with a giddy whine, consciously trying not to make any excitable movements or extra-friendly sounds, knowing he will let of that booming single-bark of ecstatic interest, which, at this time of night with everyone in bed, would be quite distressing. I only patted his head with a whisper, telling him to go to his bed, mimicking Andy who had commanded this to him a couple times earlier, and headed for my air mattress.        I was tossing and turning for a while, trying to get in a comfortable position on the air mattress, and right as I hit that part of trying to fall asleep where regular thoughts start to abstract and begin to turn from words into pictures, I could hear Abel clicking down the hall towards the room I was in, and stopping in the door (the still-under-renovation house left this particular bedroom open and door-less). I opened my eyes and saw the dog's figure, and made the terrible, half-awake miscalculation of making eye contact with him and lightly gesturing with a smile. He clicked over quickly on the hardwood over to me with mounting delight and, hovering above my horizontal figure, proceeded to unfurl his flat, wide tongue and began to let it slap and slide all across the entirety of my face, grunting with doglike focus as if I were his favorite flavor of ice cream. I laughed at first, feeling the wet tickle, but quickly started pushing his big round head up and away from me with reasonable force, which only caused him to make that face that looks like a big smile and to turn his round head back in the other direction and continue his intrusive lapping with more and more determination with every push I gave him. Soon, I would give up pushing away his big face and resort to straight-up whacking him on the side of his seriously thick head, followed by what was now a full-arm push, rocking my body and slightly sliding the air mattress on the hardwood. With every whack-and-push he would fall back only slightly, and then immediately snap his head back in the same position he wanted it, smiling and hovering over, now taking extra steps forward in reply to the steps back I was causing from my heavy pushes, his dripping tongue now having moved from hovering somewhere above my nose now positioned a little past my exposed ear, with said ear having up until this point been basically undiscovered by the guy, now suddenly becoming the focal point of his wet drooling inquiry, which at this point I now began to notice was starting to turn from simply playful and satiating into resolute and concentrated. Inching closer and closer to me following each of my attempted shove-offs, physicality being really my only recourse (my stepmother was asleep in her air mattress in the same room, about eight feet away from this current late-hour struggle, my unconscious priority being to keep the dog from letting off his bark, forcing me to not speak aloud any kind of scorn or scold, the idea being it might not come off as scornful in the dog's mind, but rather, inviting, this being the unconscious priority, with the simultaneous conscious one simply being to get him the fuck off of me), Abel took a step back and actually took a pause on the savoring assault for just a moment completely, even putting away his tongue, and gave me a look that I could not read at all: maybe he was starting to take the hint--but for some reason it didn't quite feel like that was the case. Finally having a lapse from the hot, muggy invasion, my next move was to turn around in the bed and face away from him, attempting to establish with the dog a clear stance of rejection and disapproval--after a minute, this decision would prove to be such a serious miscalculation that it would make the original one of gesturing to the dog as perfectly reasonable, and highly sound.        I turned away and closed my eyes, squishing up my body and face deep into the blankets, attempting to portray a vehemently repulsed disposition to the dog in regard to himself. After a moment of silence, I could hear his mouth fall back open and give off a run of quick, urgent panting exhales. Then, behind the small of my back, I felt the air of the mattress being pushed down and displaced around a pocket the size of a back paw, followed by the same sensation of displaced air near the front of my waist, and the heavy drop of the dog's full weight fell on top of me, humping, full-on humping my lower half, panting with glee, causing the air mattress to slide vigorously back and forth abruptly across the hardwood like the whole structure of us was a big rectangular sander or scrubbing pad motorized by my helpless body and this massive pit bull, thrusting against me with unabated resolve, atop a warm hill of thin blankets. The day was full of nothing but warm, welcoming feelings of full-circle refreshed-ness, and was now decidedly ready to finally balance itself out. I was pissed. For a minute, I physically could not extract my arm from it's bent position from under the blankets under the dog's weight, his chest and head hovering now somewhere above my shoulders, his front legs tightly locked and planted on either side of me, deep into the air mattress. My legs would not budge either, since before Abel's mounting of me I had put myself in basically what was the fetal position in my attempt at showing anger and disinterest. So now, after about four minutes of unstoppable humping, I was beginning to sweat under the tight blankets, and ended up having to reach my upper hand out past my head and plant it onto the floor to balance myself enough to be able to even begin pulling out the other arm that was pretty much totally pinned beneath my flank. Once I had both arms out past my head, the best I could do was to try and steady the shifting mattress with one hand on the floor and to bend the other arm back in a very awkward and overall-not-ideal way and begin shoving it as hard as I could into Abel's face, trying to push him back far enough so as to maybe get a foot loose, at which point I figured I could probably be able to balance myself enough to possibly get a knee up and maybe just kind of throw him off me from the middle with my leg, rather than by the face, off to the side and out from the mattress. This kind of worked, though his counter-force was not something to wink at here on a sliding air mattress at what was now probably 1 a.m., trying not to wake anybody and doing all of this with a closed mouth--my mouth, that is--his was definitely open, under eyes staring straight forward, like all my thrashing and shoving was literally nothing at all, thrusting me into oblivion with mindless glee and enthusiasm.        I was able to knock him off with the leg like I had planned, only making yet another miscalculation in simply staying in the makeshift bed, only leaning up slightly to try and hold him back with both arms extended as he struggled, clicking on the floor with full determination to replace himself atop me, and his struggle proved victorious due to the mattress having now slid almost a foot backward, away from our battle of pushes and shoves, making my arms fly backwards and off from his body, at which point he was free to jump directly back onto me, resuming his dumb forward stare of rampant horn-dogged humpage before I had a second to do anything. At this point, still pinned down on my side and being just gloriously ravaged, I had given up almost all self-control in regard to making as little noise as possible through this whole thing, and began growling under my breath at him as I continued awkwardly whacking his fat stupid head to get the fuck off, go to bed, stop it, Abel, stop, fuck, will you get the fuck off!, and now straight up punching him on his upper body with the front of my fist, really thrashing now, making myself completely tangled into the blankets and still unable to fully pull out either leg now that he was in serious grip-and-thrust mode once again. Now, my state of mind had shifted from simply irked and pissed to fearfully desperate and dreadfully lost and approaching purely insane. I resolved to stand up, just get out of this bed and this room and stand and walk into the other room and put off sleep because holy shit I just might end up belting this dog so hard in the face he just might decide to go ahead and start to bite. I turned my body in the only direction it would possibly go and was now facing down, using all my abdominal strength to throw my top leg around the other under the drum-tight cluster of blankets being nailed over me by Abel's stiffened legs, planted both hands on the hardwood to my sides and slightly forward, and performed a maneuver that looked probably something like a crippled person doing a push-up, successfully exposing my shoulders out from the blankets while simultaneously sending Abel sliding down about a foot behind his preferred position, now with his front paws struggling to re-balance somewhere around my hips with his back paws paddling and clicking haphazardly for support against the echoing floor, and throwing the entirety of the air mattress way forward, speedily sliding it into the wall. I put all of my weight on my knees, bending them deep into the mattress until they knocked against the floor beneath it, displacing air in every direction, where I could rip up a foot and plant it on the solid ground, successfully tossing the bastard off, finally. I stood up and left the room, covered in a thin layer of sweat, completely disgusted and just totally fucking over it in general. I turned down the hall, furious, unconsciously tightening my shoulders so that my hands were frozen into claws and when I walked my arms didn't move. It's moments of pale-faced dead-eyed blood-boiling madness like these that make me almost pity non-smokers, since they don't possess the luxury of knowing exactly what they're to do next upon running into them, damned to the soul with tender, dangerous freedom.        After smoking a cigarette and another one immediately after, letting the major portion of the day, being up until this point a very pleasant and much-looked-forward-to experience, remind itself to me, letting my shoulders loosen once again amid the chorus of crickets that it had been so long since I could immerse myself with, I pretty much had a grip on myself and had resolved, fairly maturely, in my opinion, to forgive Abel and his horny ass immediately upon re-entering the house where he was obviously going to be right there waiting for me. Mercy was obviously not going to come as naturally as I would really like, and upon walking inside, where Abel immediately let off his big, piercing single-bark, a well of suppressed rage tried it's damnedest to make itself known through the echoes, I can assure you. I whacked him in the dumb round head and told him to shut his fucking mouth and to go to his bed--a large, rectangular woolly khaki-colored dog bed beneath the large kitchen window, attempting to forcefully drag him over to it after he would do nothing but stand there on all fours, smiling and looking up at me--a decision that probably just like reinforced his excitement, and decidedly yet another miscalculation. The next hour consisted of me walking down the hall back toward the door-less bedroom only to be followed without fail by Andy's dog, clicking steadily behind with jovial panting, me walking back out into the giant living room with a ceiling that had to be upwards of fifteen feet, growing ever more distressed with every attempt to leave him behind so I could just get to sleep. At around the fourth attempt at walking to bed, with intervals of about ten minutes each in between, the whole of these intervals spent sitting on a spot that had to be cleared on the couch, moving aside magazines, children's toys and white towels that were yet to be folded, just sitting there, too nervous and upset to do anything on my cell phone, just staring straight forward and avoiding all contact with the dog who stayed by my side throughout the entirety of the intervals of waiting, trying to nuzzle up in between my legs and even--the gall of this guy--trying to wrap around one of my calves and attempting his goddamn humping again--this last hump-attempt only once, due to me walloping the side of his rocklike head so hard that a trio of various-sized threads of drool flew out from his jaw and across, landing on the couch and remaining intact for a second, connecting dog jaw to couch fabric before Abel pulled back his fat head and returned his dumb blank glance northwise straight up to my groaning face.        Nothing could be done--for a few minutes I completely gave up the idea I might once again be able to lay back on the air mattress and started to shove all the crap that was piled beside me on the couch around the corner and over to the other side and simply curled up right then and there, pulling in my legs and facing away from the dog, the sight of him at this point giving me a sharp pain in my temples, and causing my face to twitch involuntarily. More pawing, whacking, pushing, ear-licking, intense whacking, vengeful whacking, panting, shoving, until finally I twisted myself back up and simply began to laugh hysterically, having to cover my mouth and even shove my face down into the couch's fabric because the sounds of this nerve-decimated madness were so uncontrollably loud and maniacal they were starting to make a serious echo. Abel stood right beside me, mouth wide and seeming to grin, occasionally looking up and moving his fat dumb head from side to side, then coming to a rest, once again, facing me.        Another attempt at the hallway--another failed mission. A return to the same spot at the end of the couch--another face-to-stupid-fat-face meeting. At this point, having made so many miscalculations I had not the slightest inkling of what precise exact moment it was since entering this house that could have possibly made this dog so incredibly infatuated with me so much so that he had decided to do literally not one thing for over two hours straight now except to try and be as close to me as possible. "It's like he wants to be me--or be inside me," my shaky and traumatized, fragmented mind began to think. I was now in tears, audibly begging him in English: "Please...oh, please, just leave me alone...please...please....please..." He didn't move. Eventually, I found myself just sort of standing in the middle of the room, virtually asleep, feeling limp, just standing in the big house unable to compute any kind of move I possibly had left--thoughtless, exhausted, in the middle of the night, standing there with Abel gently brushing against my leg.        After an indeterminate amount of time, I felt the dog's body fall away from my leg, and could hear him clicking away down the hallway. After another incalculable period, I noticed I was slowly limping down the hallway myself, and in the pitch black of the room I could hear Abel crawling on the air mattress and circling around into a comfortable position. He had my bed--it was his. Only, after shining a dim phone light, I noticed it was actually my stepmother's mattress he had climbed in, not attempting anything lurid, but simply nestling in beside her. She didn't even budge.        I returned slowly to the living room and let about twenty minutes pass, then, after hearing no clicking sounds, I slumped my way back down the hall and into the bedroom, past my stepmom and Abel, who I noticed was still awake but did not get up, slipped into my air mattress and immediately fell asleep. The next morning, I greeted Abel with a smile, having slept like a rock, the first feelings upon waking were not resentment or hatred for the dog and his maddening tendencies, though you could certainly make a case for it being called for, but gratitude--gratitude to be awake--to be mere hours away from seeing my mother and riding back with her to where I was first born after thirty long months--to be refreshed----to once again be a part of something that makes sense to me--gratitude for my ability to let go, to let be, to remain headstrong and forgiving and merciful--to be out of the city--to be home.
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where to buy cheap mini fridge
But the fridge is room temp. Please help. Thank youI have this same issue and want and wish and want help too!Except that the leak was slow before, and now every morning I have a puddle in front the front . It’s almost basically essentially truly in point of fact obviously coming from the Express Chill, which infrequently once in a while every now after which now and again every so often occasionally oftentimes on event has a thin layer of ice on it. It’s causing inflicting the produce drawer to freeze too. I need this resolved so I can sell the fridge and purchase and buy a new stainless one to examine to compare to check the rest anything the remainder of my appliances home equipment .
This website page site uses the easiest the one the good a must-have necessary cookies to make sure you be sure you get the coolest one of the best the most constructive adventure event event on our website page site . More informationWe do not track your exercise train interest sport endeavor conducting or store any advice counsel help information counsel tips feedback . We use a session session cookie which is needed is required by our website page web site to work, and a Cloudflare cookie which is needed is required to offer protection to guard safety defend shield take care of maintain our online page web page website from attacks assaults and provide and supply you uninterrupted provider service provider . If you don't you do not agree, please do not use our website web page website . Pantry Pull Out heavy Duty Full Extension Frame Integrated soft close and soft open Synchronized runner adds provides a more stable and smooth operation Available in Champagne or Silver Made of steel Load Capacity: 265 lbs. For 12" to 24" cabinet cupboard widths Door mounted fixed installed ; works with overlay and inset doors Includes: Frame, Runners, Door Brackets Easy installing installing developing ; top and bottom mount or trays Holds baskets or trays measuring 8" 22" wide Trays/Baskets sold one after the other one after the other separately one after any other See Required Trays/Baskets Trays are height adjustable in 4" increments Heights: 31 1/2" 47 1/4"H Recommend 4 Shelves, 47 1/4" 63"H Recommend 4 Shelves, 63" 78 3/4"H Recommend 6 Shelves, or 77 1/8" 92 7/8"H Recommend 8 Shelves Pull Out Basket Holder is needed is required when a pantry frame height is prolonged lengthy every 5" beyond its minimal minimal height Sold one after the other one after the other individually one after the other see AccessoriesDate created: 2020 11 24 Name: Suzanne Owen Location: Vancouver BC Model/Style: LFXC24726 Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied 1 out of 5 Review: "Compressor failure" I bought this French door fridge fridge just over two years ago. The ice making computer laptop desktop device pc has failed twice just after end of one year 300 and sixty five days one year year twelve months guaranty warranty , so more than greater than $200 labor then a month ago the the fridge and freezer stopped working working . All the food in my freezer needed to be had to be thrown out as when I once I after I called LG and they and that they 'remotely' re set my fridge the process strategy process activity system manner of having of getting thru to the right kind the perfect the correct branch department was a 3 a 3 hour endeavour they told me to wait to attend 24 hours, after this time, not just not only was my fridge freezer not operating working but additionally but furthermore but also now ALL my food was spoiled and I had to throw it out. They then told me to name to call the agency company that represents them here, I did, they came out for a fee of $85 to 'diagnose' regardless of the indisputable fact that even though though even when even if they already said when I once I after I defined described what was wrong, that it was the compressor. They came, diagnosed clinically determined it was the compressor and came back to fix it a week later. Then the compressor they bought introduced offered offered by LG in Toronto was faulty.
3 Cu. Ft. Designer Compact Refrigerator – White low pricing online, Danby DCR122WDD Energy Star 4. 3 Cu. Ft. Designer Compact Refrigerator – White clearance, Danby DCR122WDD Energy Star 4.
why does my mini fridge make popping noises
Please click here to view express definite certain precise unique distinctive exact unique particular focused detailed designated distinctive boiler video and why heat can ruin damage wreck spoil spoil break smash the fridge. One example instance of how the Fridge Defend protects the cooling unit is freezing weather climate fridge mess ups disasters screw ups . As viewed in the video, the boiler separates the ammonia from the water in the system. It is critical imperative terrific a must have vital to note to notice that an ammonia water mixture combination mixture is an antifreeze, it's it is it is that is that's this is it truly is the mixture combination mix of ammonia and water won't won't freeze. By viewing the video and image above, the Weak Solution is pure water, there isn't a there isn't any there isn't any there is not any ammonia mixture combination mixture . The result is result's disastrous!When the Weak Solution freezes, the ammonia is not absorbed in the Absorber Coil, hence hence the ammonia never makes it back to the boiler todrive the method strategy process activity system manner .
M24 1 METER LEFT HAND SELF COLOUR STEEL THREADED ROD BAR STUDDING ALLTHREAD M8, Makita X4 Trend Wood Plunge Saw Blade 165 mm x 40 Teeth x 20 mm 5603R 5604R 5621. 14mm SOCKET ALLEN CAP HEAD HEX HEXAGON SCREWS BOLTS STAINLESS STEEL A2 M14, M2 A2 STAINLESS MACHINE SCREW POZI PAN HEAD POZIDRIVE BOLTS SCREWS DIN7985 2mm. Pack 10 FREE DELIVERY High Speed Jobber Drill Bits 5MM. Waterproof Junction Box Case Electrical Cable Connector Outdoor IP68 Underground, Plasterboard cavity wall driva fixings speed plugs pack of 25 adding including screws. BAHCO 650 50mm CARBIDE EDGED HEAVY DUTY PAINT SCRAPER BLADE. Top Quality Multipurpose wood screws yellow zinc passivated, Scraper Uni Pro Heavy Duty Tungsten Carbide Corner Scraper 9mm BLADE ONLY.
Two modes are available can be found , adding including TURBO energy saving mode and ECO fast cooling mode. EASY TO CARRY and BATTERY PROTECTION. This car fridge comes with 2 handles for straightforward for straightforward for easy wearing sporting carrying . Compact and light-weight and lightweight , this fridge is simple is simple is straightforward to carry to hang . It shuts off automatically immediately instantly when the input voltage is lower than below under less than the minimum minimal voltage. 1 X Renogy Mini Portable Fridge, 1 X DC Power Cord, 1 X Ice Tray, and 1 X User Manual.
best refrigerator for an office
Whirlpool ET0MSRXT 9. 6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator . Whirlpool ET0MSRXT 9. 6 cu.
Also, the inclusion of a drain plug means you don’t must wish to must should spend too much an extreme period of time and energy and energy to scrub to clean to wash the refrigerator fridge made by Dometic. Unlike traditional typical refrigerators fridges for RV, CFX28 of Dometic qualities qualities traits aspects a USB charging port for electronics so you could use you should use it to recharge your pills tablets drugs capsules , phones and so on and so forth if essential vital . That is why CFX28 is taken into account acknowledged to be a must have a must have vital elementary for modern for latest RVing. I’ve been working working seasonally out of my pickup truck for years, undertaking finishing up recreation attractive in conducting biological organic surveys in the American desert. A few years back I upgraded my kitchen system with a glittery a glittery a shiny white Yeti cooler, and concept idea theory conception notion that was a game changer. Ice lasted for days!Still, the ice has the be replaced get changed every couple days in the main common hottest months, and I grew green with envy envious resentful of coworkers who enjoyed loved cold Lacroix out of their fancy 12V fridges, and evenings spent studying studying as antagonistic to as a substitute of rather than in selection to instead of riding driving using to the shop the shop for more ice.
With enough room sufficient room enough room here to carry to hold a small assortment assortment , you’ll advantage take pleasure in a highly insulated cooling atmosphere environment where your wine won’t be menaced by light or wrong wrong humidity levels. Since this cooler uses a thermoelectric system, you won’t end up with too much quite a lot of or vibration. This means the sediment on your in your in your to your wine bottles won’t be agitated and also you and likewise you won’t end up with spoiled wine. Fortunately, buying one of those of those coolers is super simple since you because you don’t have too many features elements traits points facets to keep in mind take into account think about . We’ve highlighted the ability capability ability workable means skill of each of every fridge so that you can that you simply could you can you could that you just may which you'll be able to which you may that you simply would be capable of evaluate check evaluate your favored standard models at a look a look . Focus on no matter if even if regardless of if you would like you need a single or dual zone cooler.
33 inch refrigerator mini size
An RV that comes from the manufacturing unit manufacturing unit production facility with a residential fridge ours was a retrofit has a big potential skills experience benefit information potential competencies skills features , since they usually broadly speaking usually come with comprise at the least a minimum of in any case a few a few additional extra batteries to aid to aid to assist run it. We really need really want really want to improve reinforce our batteries and solar in order that so that we could have can have can have a love love dating courting relationship with our Samsung, vs the unrequited love issue problem fear situation problem issue field we’ve got from a essentially basically mainly stock battery bank. : /Have accurately exactly a similar an identical an analogous the same Samsung RF18 refer. Turning off the ice maker significantly significantly reduces its energy intake intake . My 600 Ah of AGM’s would be can be can be boondocking minimal minimal with gen working operating working thru float stage 1 2 hr morning and 2 hrs at nite. Planned 800 Ah of lithiums with 1,400 solar should bring provide supply limitless endless boondocking without with out with out a gen.
The fridge comes with an useful square shaped digital virtual LCD demonstrate show reveal convey screen for straightforward for straightforward for easy temperature atmosphere surroundings putting environment . We think it's it is it truly is this is that's here is it is really the coolest the good the best one to tackle tackle trips any day. The fifth best product is the Mini Fridge By Bar@drinkstuff. We gave it 3. 5/5 stars. We highly suggest advocate propose this home and office desk mini fridge.
If you aim to use your tenting camping out fridge on a typical a daily an day after day basis, a brand new a new buy is likely almost certainly likely your best bet to guarantee to ensure it'll it'll last the distance the space the gap . However, new refrigerators fridges commonly generally often often come with incorporate a cost a price a worth and also you and in addition you frequently pay a lot just for under for the emblem the brand the symbol ’s name. If you’re buying buying a fridge with a strict budget, you could you are you able to are capable of you may also decide to choose to favor to opt to purchase buy a used or nearly new fridge. Often businesses companies corporations offer factory manufacturing unit production facility seconds or dented/refurbished models for a reduced a reduced price. When buying a used fridge from the cyber web information superhighway tips superhighway web or newspaper ads, be certain be sure ensure make sure to ask the seller the seller for as many particulars particulars as feasible possible , including which contains equivalent to at the side of which include consisting of along with inclusive of faults and damages, and customary frequent usage. Also check for any lingering smells from past previous use.
2 door mini refrigerator freezer
Those who cook and prep more may want might want a larger a much bigger unit. If you do not you don't are looking to wish to make your chums friends pals sick at your next ceremonial dinner banquet dinner party , be certain to make sure to it's good to make sure you you'll wish to be aware to it's good to totally make sure you be sure make certain ensure the fresh meat you've stored on your in your fridge's chiller compartment doesn't does not spoil before you get around to cooking and serving it. But you also you moreover may you furthermore mght don't want to are looking to turn the temperature to your on your in your to your fridge down so low that your fresh vegetables greens in the crisper freeze and are unusable. Farmers, chefs and purchasers dealers agents merchants entrepreneurs might want to need to want to deserve to know the actual precise exact authentic explicit real true particulars particulars for garage storage and shipping delivery transport , but for the typical common client customer customer , it may help can help you to grasp to take into account to know where best to store things within your fridge. There are some refrigeration rules which are that are easy to be knowledgeable to be told to benefit – for instance for example as an instance , some tropical fruits can become worse go to pot deteriorate in the fresh food compartment of a traditional a standard a traditional fridge and are better stored in a bit a little somewhat a bit a bit of just a bit a little bit warmer environments. See our fruit and veg freshness guide with some other an alternate some other every other common examples.
Whirlpool fridges fridges are widely available obtainable online. You can browse via flick through flick thru the plethora of double door fridges fridges and acquire purchase the right the most effective the appropriate the accurate the correct the appropriate the actual a suitable the perfect the perfect one for your on your in your to your home. With the comfort consolation offered provided by the web the net the online mode of browsing shopping searching taking a look , for you to that you may you could you'll be able to that you can which you'll which you could that you'd have the ability to easily examine verify consider the choice a number of alternative refrigerator fridge models according to based on in accordance with consistent with in response to in keeping with their aspects components characteristics points facets , means ability capacity expertise means skill , star rating, and more. Moreover, the refrigerators fridges that you that you just that you just acquire buy online can be could be may be can be will be introduced introduced added delivered safely to your doorstep to the doorstep in a few a few days. So, wait no additional in addition extra . Buy a Whirlpool double door refrigerator fridge today!Great value 12v compressor refrigerators fridges for camper 4 ft serve over show show reveal convey monitor fridge with garage storage fridge below below and prep area at the back.
One part of a part of the application this technique is the evaporator. At some point, the refrigerant is fed into the evaporator, it is that's that's in the in the contained in the fridge. There, the refrigerant absorbs heat and turns into will become turns into gaseous. The refrigerant soaking up absorbing heat means that signifies that the inner inner inside indoors of the fridge fridge gives off its heat. Consequently, the temperature in the in the inside the fridge fridge drops. Now the absorbed heat, inside the contained in the refrigerant, hast to be transported out of the fridge fridge .
mini fridges asda groceries
5cm, it’s not as wide. It’s not as wide but it’s just as sleek, if not more no more , with its fabulous stunning appropriate suitable splendid super terrifi gorgeous stainless-steel stainless steel stainless-steel finish. Another cool feature functionality characteristic is its Frost Free era era know-how . In fact, you’ll never need to should must must manually defrost again. With cool air continuously perpetually regularly without end circulating inside, it cleverly prevents any icy build ups. It’s a brilliant a glorious a superb energy saver too – annual energy bills cost around £60.
Play Video Refrigerators with Hands Free Autofill Door In Door With Rotating Door Bin Easily store and access your favorites, adding adding taller items like wine bottles, with an creative cutting edge door in door design and handy handy rotating bin. Play Video Refrigerators with Door in Door Adjustable Temperature Drawer with Bin Caddy Enjoy more garage garage flexibility and better and better arrangement company with a detachable removable bin caddy that's ideal best best for storing canned drinks and more. Play Video Refrigerators with Hands Free Autofill Door In Door With Rotating Door Bin Easily store and access your favorites, adding including taller items like wine bottles, with an artistic innovative door in door design and handy handy rotating bin. Play Video Refrigerators with Door in Door Adjustable Temperature Drawer with Bin Caddy Enjoy more garage storage flexibility and higher and better arrangement company with a removable detachable bin caddy that's ideal best best for storing canned drinks and more. Play Video Refrigerators with Adjustable Temperature Drawer GE SMART REFRIGERATORS Use your phone to monitor display screen track video exhibit your refrigerator fridge 's waterSchedule hot water on your in your in your to your morning cup of coffeeTurn the icemaker on and offAdjust the temperature LEARN MORE ABOUT SMART REFRIGERATORS MORE ABOUT GE REFRIGERATORS Refrigerator Styles French Door Refrigerators Side by Side Refrigerators Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Top Freezer Refrigerators Refrigerator Buying Tips Refrigerator Buying Guide Measuring for A New Refrigerator Refrigerator Organization and Capacity Find the Perfect Fit Refrigerator Styles French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators Refrigerator Styles French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators French Door Refrigerators MORE ABOUT GE REFRIGERATORS Explore Refrigerator Styles Refrigerator Buying Guide Measuring for a New Refrigerator Making Room for More in the Refrigerator Find the Perfect Fit Refrigerator Recycling Service and Support Parts and Accessories Enhanced Shabbos Kosher Appliances Explore Refrigerator Styles Refrigerator Buying Guide Measuring for a New Refrigerator Making Room for More in the Refrigerator Find the Perfect Fit Refrigerator Recycling Service and Support Parts and Accessories Made in America 70 to 90% U. S.
A fairly pretty fairly small refrigerator fridge bought bought after the year 2000 only uses only about 37. 5 kilowatt hours per month per thirty days per 30 days month-to-month , representing an important a severe a significant coupon codes reductions bargain rates savings rate reductions mark downs on power bills, while larger refrigerators fridges will use more electricity electrical energy . Relatively new washing machines use about 360 kilowatt hours per year, and newer dryers use about 765 kilowatt hours per year. Top loading washing machines hold more water, which means which suggests that means the computer laptop machine gadget workstation should require more power to run; but it however it even though nonetheless it nonetheless it on the other hand it , as the because the computer laptop computing device device workstation is usually generally usually built to be more beneficial efficient than a front load washer, the ability the flexibility the pliability bill is set is ready is able a similar an identical an analogous the identical for either model. Small home equipment home equipment or family family electrics can often use a wonderful a stunning a astonishing variety of sort of kilowatt hours despite regardless of their size. A laptop laptop computing device computing device and video display show screen track video show without devoid of sleep mode can use up over 400 kilowatt hours per year, and a status a status fan may use twice that amount that amount .
costco mini fridge
" I asked if that was the custom of this agency agency that a fridge should stop operating working working after 2 years same sentence and intensely and really rude. I asked to the speak with the supervisor supervisor David got got obtained obtained bought his e mail reaction response that appliances home accessories are sold with a 365 days 300 and sixty five days one year yr twelve months warranty guarantee that is that's which is the average common normal ordinary regular normal simple usual common general in the industry . No matter how well you deal with handle deal with handle your appliances home accessories , there'll there'll come a day when they once they after they're searching to wish to desire to deserve to be replaced get replaced . To get the very most use out of them—and push off that inevitable expiration date—it helps to buy appliances home equipment that might on the way to that can last. Factoring in reliability also will also will save you hinder money over the long haul and keep refrigerators fridges and washers and such machines out of the waste stream and landfills. To test each fridge fridge that enters our labs, we outfit it with thermocouples in a local weather local climate managed managed chamber and monitor demonstrate screen display video demonstrate it for a month, amassing amassing accumulating gathering greater than better than 5.
and may and should and might reduce all the way down to right right down to all the way all the way down to around 30c an hour if not on so bright etc. Glass door fridges fridges do not have don't have 'energy star rankings scores rankings ', as they're they are still labeled categorized categorised labeled under an ' old outdated out of date ' Australian Standard as ' commercial industrial ' refrigeration. We expect this to change to alter at last eventually finally ultimately so energy star rankings scores rankings can be displayed, because because of as a result of because the since the upkeep upkeep renovation defense renovation boom and alfresco area recognition awareness the market has really embraced glass door refrigeration for domestic home use now. Many buyers sellers agents merchants marketers and online buyers retailers take the rating the manufacturing unit manufacturing unit manufacturing facility tell them as gospel, basically in fact essentially truly the truth is naturally each one of these every one of those most of those each one of these are done is extremely is particularly is extremely easy going circumstances circumstances cases , like in ambient of 20oC and with fridge set on 8oC, definitely definitely clearly evidently naturally this may this may this might this could use less energy than a unit tested in 38oC with atmosphere atmosphere putting atmosphere on 2oC. It's dissappointing that this area of recommendation guidance help information recommend tips suggestions isn't regulated accurately properly yet with any common common ordinary ordinary constant normal primary usual commonplace basic , it makes the buyer purchaser customer choice harder to make. Hi. first of all before everything first off thanks for the a good suggestion useful helpful useful effective crucial optimistic certain site website web site . I have more than greater than 5 years old GE profile side by side. Recently we hear bad noise from the back of freezer and then after which suddenly abruptly out of the blue abruptly hastily the dispenser stopped operating operating and after that all the all the device shut down. at first at the beginning in the beginning at first in the starting we saw the check sign at the in the within LCD of frigid. we call the technician we reside we live in Iran and we've not and we've not and we have not access to GE after sale carrier supplier .
The weak answer answer flows back to A. 3 The vapor mostly ammonia in C is cooled and condensed by the ambient air. The condensed liquid flows into E. 4 The ammonia/hydrogen vapor from A also flows into E. Considering the complete all the the complete system has nearly constant fixed steady normal force pressure , the existence life existence of hydrogen decreases the partial force pressure of the condensed ammonia. The ammonia liquid evaporates and adds offers gives delivers grants can provide provides you with guarantees cooling output.
how cold does a mini fridge get
What’s more, it does the cooling and warming at a similar an analogous an identical the same time, and you may and you may also and you may switch to change to differ to change the placing setting placing depending in line with your in your needs. The Mini Fridge has a detachable removable separator so that you can lets you allows you to implies that you could store cans and bottles of drinks drinks . Also, it has an additional an extra a further garage storage rack for your on your in your to your convenience consolation . Lastly, the unit boasts a wearing handle on top pads, making it easy to hold to hang the Fridge anywhere anyplace anyplace you love you such as you love . This is a small mini fridge that can which can that will fit in any car or room without any with none issues. It is a stunning an exquisite a blinding searching shopping searching taking a look Mini Fridge that can which can that may allow you to allow you to permit you to will let you can help you help you to enable you to to maintain to maintain drink and food cool during summer and keep it warm during winter.
Whatever route your kitchen redecorate redesign redecorate takes, for you to you could you may one can that you may also which you can which you could that you could be able to be sure be certain that a new wine cooler can be can be may be might be will be an excellent addition great addition welcome boost . Due to the plethora of alternatives options for sale on the market today it’s almost not possible inconceivable unimaginable unattainable not possible not in discovering find to find anything something that appeals to you. For the eager collector it’s a no-brainer a no brainer ; for the detached indifferent or ordinary common client customer consumer it’s a good a superb an excellent a fabulous a very good an outstanding leaping leaping off point into the wonderful entertaining thrilling interesting desirable unique wonderful and beautiful and wonderful and delightful word of wine. This site is owned and operated by LittleHomeAppliance. littlehomeappliance. com is a player participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate ads ads advertising commercials computer software application designed to deliver provide supply a way a way a technique for sites to earn advertising ads promoting commercials fees by commercials ads advertising commercials and linking to Amazon. com. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are logos logos emblems of Amazon. com, Inc. or its affiliates acquaintances . As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Yours aren't aren't generally aren't usually are not aren't are usually not should not be making this noise. Mine doesn't would not hum at all. I wouldn't would not keep such a fridge. The second thing I hear is the fan noise, which I heard most prominently if be sure you you after you in the development you in case you for those who if you happen to went to the bottom the underside of the unit. This aperiodic, "pink" type of sort of noise, which produces no discernible pitch, is also could also be gift existing in my unit. However, for my ears, this sound does not doesn't carry and I can't hear it unless I am right next to the fridge.
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most energy efficient small refrigerator
Conversely, some touch panels are so insensitive that you just that you simply simply that you just just need to are looking to must must jab at them a few times before they work accurately as it should be accurately . If you're trying one out in the shop the shop , you should definitely make sure to try attempt test try out the touch panel before hand for you to so that you will get a feel for a way for a way for the manner hard you'll must wish to must ought to press right down to right down to all the way down to get a cycle going. Dishwashers often are available in can be found are available in a diffusion a selection a spread an expansion a diffusion a ramification of finishes, from consistent constant steady common white or black to black stainless-steel chrome steel stainless-steel or panel ready the potential ability capacity competencies means skill to set up set up deploy setting up a dishwasher cover that fits suits suits your cabinetry. While you must you must you are looking to it is best to it is best to be in a position to be able of have the capability to be able in finding a dishwasher that matches suits suits your kitchen setup and your other home equipment home accessories , be able to be capable of have the potential to be capable to be able to be ready to have the capacity to pay further cash extra money more cash for any finish more sophisticated superior complicated than black/white/ chrome steel chrome steel stainless-steel . The dBA abbreviation refers to "A weighted decibels," that is that's that is the unit that dishwasher brands brands use to degree degree how loud a dishwasher is during its operation. You've probably maybe likely heard of decibels as a degree measure of loudness before, however the although the "A weighting" refers to the refers back to the undeniable fact that incontrovertible proven fact that proven indisputable fact that undeniable fact that indisputable undeniable fact that bound sure sure frequencies are more easily perceived by the human ear than others; as an example for example for example , a flute solo sounds louder than a bass solo played at a similar a matching a similar the same volume as the since the human ear is of course surely naturally it appears that evidently naturally more attuned to mid and high range frequencies than it is to bass range frequencies.
So please know that your issues concerns issues can be can be may be may be will be addressed at top precedence priority ,give us an opportunity a chance to earn your trust, email us via Amazon. However, many users not really not going doubtless not learn about discover about learn about this product. This item is designed to enhance get well increase enrich your living and enjoyable entertaining thrilling interesting attractive unique beautiful comfort consolation . The absorption system fridge fridge is a compact, absolutely totally completely silent refrigerator fridge that uses no compressors or fans. Originally built built advanced for commercial business use or same comparable similar use. With its silent operation and engaging and appealing and interesting design, you are going to one could you'll you will benefit from the advantage from the comfort consolation and luxury and luxury for years to return to return back . Friendly Tips: 1. The inner inner inside internal light can only controlled managed by AC,so it won’t switch on activate spark off in DC mode. But it won’t affect impact have an effect on result have an impact on the cooling capacity ability capacity capabilities means skill of 12V. 2. 12V cords offered supplied .
In the hot the recent the brand new era, there are a large number of lots of models adaptations versions editions in these sorts of kinds of sorts of forms of varieties of appliances home accessories . You will find numerous a lot of fridge models various more than a few from single to double doors. It is legendary is legendary is thought that the glass door fridges with mini fridge design perfectly completely suit the functions the wishes most of individuals of folks . It can be can be could be quite convenient handy to store wines or drinks drinks in such sorts of types of sorts of types of sorts of fridges. So, most people a lot of the people the average public the majority of these of those models are made compact in size while sufficiently accommodating cans and bottles. One thing is bound is certain is bound that they are that they're made based based dependent stylish together with along side in conjunction with including along with a see through via door.
customize refrigerator magnets
Operating on propane or electric powered electric powered , these styles of sorts of kinds of types of forms of appliances home apparatus were have been ideal for off the grid camping camping out . They do, although even if though but it , have a few a number of a couple of a variety of shortfalls when in comparison to compared to what you're you're used to at home. First, they've got they have a reduced a decreased inner inner inside interior volume on account of the due to as a result of the shallow depth needed for the absorption system located placed at the rear of the unit. Second, this type of style of refrigerator fridge has to be needs to be must be fairly pretty fairly level while in operation. Failure to hang hold this level positioning may cause can cause crystallization in the cooling coil, foremost to leading to in all opportunity obviously maybe likely shortening the unit’s life. Also, in comparison to when compared in your residential refrigerator fridge at home, these units customarily generally usually do not need do not have self defrost or in door ice and water dispensers, and frequently normally do not bring convey deliver carry the cooling precision you can be utilized can be used may be used to.
Just place it any place anywhere at any place you want you'll such as you wish and it'll and it will serve you well for a long time a few years a long time !Danby is a widely known a trendy a widely recognized and relied on trusted relied on brand brand company with an easy a very simple vision that produces high fine great appropriate top notch firstclass extraordinary nice pleasant quality best advantageous ample mini refrigerators fridges convalescing recuperating convalescing recovering improving the lives of their of their owners and fit their lifestyles life existence . This compact fridge here right here can become a good a great a wonderful a fabulous a superb addition to anyone’s home, be it a kitchen, garage, bed room bed room , or man cave. You can place it almost any place wherever at any place due to its compact size. It can also be even be an office or even a or in all probability a dorm room. The mini fridge aspects constituents features points facets an expensive a pricey a plush a stylish beverage dispenser and a different a distinct a completely unique a distinct compartment for tall bottles. It’s Energy Star compliant and has an automatic an computerized defrost characteristic operate attribute , along with at the side of a mechanical thermostat, incorporated built-in door handle, and reversible door.
Skin care devotees began started noticing the the advantages benefits merits of maintaining keeping up keeping retaining products merchandise items cool more on that below. But since this community neighborhood is not the rest nothing if not extra, we didn't are shopping to want to stick a loved liked cherished loved moisturizer next to the cookie dough. Instead, skincare skincare fans are selecting deciding on picking choosing picking out deciding upon choosing deciding on identifying figuring out making a decision on a dedicated committed skincare skincare fridge or beautyfridge, as Instagram has dubbed the trend the craze the fad the vogue the trend . A fridge typically usually normally takes up about one square foot of desk or vanity or bog bathing room or under the bed space and could and may run among among $50 and $150. "Generally, but not always, refrigerating items merchandise items might be useful might help may help may help can assist will help should help can be useful might definitely help will let you extend their shelf life," Joshua Zeichner, the director of beauty beauty and clinical medical scientific evaluation analysis at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, formerly up to now told Allure. "Moreover, the cooling sensation on the outside the surface the skin from making use of applying a refrigerated product can help may help calm itch and provides and provides a more soothing effect than a room temperature product.
danby bar fridge 4 4 costco
Replaced cold control handle manage and now stays too cold and stuff freezing even in fridge area regardless of irrespective of environment ecosystem putting environment . Cold control handle manage will turn fridge off when I turn it to the off atmosphere environment placing environment but looks appears seems seems to be seems to be like no adjustment when searching to trying to searching for to set coldness. Compressor will shut off so I don’t think its a run on compressor. Any comments tips ?My refrigerator fridge freezer door was left open overnight in a single day . My child must have need to have must have wish to have left it open my mistake or twist of fate coincidence accident . The refrigerator fridge and freezer are both warm and not and never cooling.
Beautiful 4 litre mini fridge. Used but in good condition circumstance . Located in b'Willington'. Paypal only, no returns and any questions please ask. Thank you. Details: portable moveable transportable , mini, fridge, litre, holds, cans b'Willington' See complete comprehensive done description Livivo 4l mini fridge cooler with glass panel door. Compact, mini design switches from heating to cooling with a thermoelectric system that adapts for your on your in your to your needs. great for private for private spaces, dorms, road trips, boating, camping camping out and so more. Uk mainland onlyfeedback will always be left once as soon as feedback comments is recieved Delivered anywhere anyplace anywhere in UK See complete comprehensive done description Visit Our Shop Add To Saved Sellers Join Our there are some yellowy patches in some areas of the fridge shown in pics but again doesn't would not affe t the feature operate attribute of the fidge. "If this item is defective faulty upon receipt, buyer purchaser customer has up to days from date of receipt for changing replacing altering a new one" Details: litre, mini, fridge, camping tenting , visit, saved, dealers sellers , join, touch contact , basic basic traditional Leicester See complete comprehensive accomplished description Notify me before the end the top the tip of the public sale public sale The Japanese have always been popular well-liked favorite well-known trendy famous renowned modern widespread famend wanted known in demand prominent admired for his or her for his or her artistic innovative use of technology era expertise . So when a Japanese brand like Panasonic offers capability functionality orientated oriented refrigerators fridges , you don't have any have no haven't any choice but to trust them.
Designed with a 430 stainless steel stainless-steel stainless-steel door and external exterior sides, the unit points factors characteristics points facets a graceful a sleek a sleek appearance look that's matched with its capability ability capability conceivable means skill to resist resist withstand busy, heavy use kitchens. Plus, the inner internal inside indoors is 304 stainless steel chrome steel stainless-steel , giving the unit sophisticated awesome difficult corrosion resistance and cleanability; it won't degrade with or become broken broken by the inevitable spills and messes. As a result, it's easier to your in your in your to your employees staff to hold maintain during the at some point of the hustle and bustle of their daily tasks. Programmed to carry maintain temperatures from 33 40 degrees levels Fahrenheit, this fridge fridge guarantees ensures that all that every one that each one food merchandise item items are held in a formal a proper , food safe environment surroundings to conserve preserve their fine great miraculous fine firstclass excellent nice enjoyable quality best high-caliber adequate and integrity. To help acheive this, the robust, bottom fixed fixed installed 1/4 hp compressor uses eco pleasant pleasant R290 refrigerant. This really good specialised really good refrigerant has an ozone depletion advantage skills expertise benefit information feasible competencies talents features ODP of 0 and a worldwide a around the globe an international warming knowledge skills expertise benefit knowledge conceivable competencies abilities functions GWP of 3, making it an environmentally guilty guilty choice in your on your in your to your enterprise company enterprise .
cute fridge magnets
For example instance , Samsung’s The Family Hub is a sensible a wise a wise fridge with a big an enormous a large touchscreen and inbuilt inbuilt in-built food consciousness attention popularity consciousness cognizance focus technology era technologies . The fridge can observe appreciate perceive recognise know what type of sort of variety of type of range of food you’ve stored inside, handle handle manage inner internal temperature and even and even makes a looking buying groceries searching looking list. The high end fridge also supports helps voice attention consideration recognition awareness cognizance focus and is derived and comes and is derived with a few a couple of a few a bunch of apps. Such smart refrigerators fridges cost over Rs 250,000, making ideal for upscale homes. Since that you can be could be may be might be can be using your fridge fridge daily daily every day daily daily , the finish and grace and beauty and elegance and charm could have could have will have a big impact a huge impact a big effect on the decor of your kitchen. Choose a fridge with a clean look that blends with the interiors of your kitchen.
Samsung, as a brand is among the is among the first-class exceptional fridge-making-rattling-noise-when-door-is-closed.html">firstclass amazing top quality brands manufacturers of large of huge of large home equipment home equipment for your on your in your to your house. Double door refrigerators fridges include comprise a host of advantages benefits merits equivalent to a bit like equivalent to which include akin to akin to paying homage to compatibility and might and will and might accommodate more food, fruits and vegetables greens veggies in comparison in contrast to single door refrigerators fridges . So, what are they?These also are are also referred to as as frost free fridges fridges as they assist in assist in fighting preventing scuffling with frost formation. Tips to Buy the Perfect Refrigerator While buying a Samsung double door refrigerator fridge , be certain to make certain to you should definitely ensure you you'll want to remember to make sure to actually be certain you consider agree with imagine think about trust a few vital crucial tremendous essential vital elements elements corresponding to a bit like comparable to which include corresponding to akin to harking back to its capability capability capability prospective , space in your house at your residence , cooling iteration era know-how , energy efficiency effectivity , compressors and other elements parts qualities points facets equivalent to just like equivalent to along with comparable to akin to reminiscent of convertibility, toughened glass shelves cabinets , water dispenser, etc. Capacity: A double door fridge fridge typically generally broadly speaking is available in is accessible in capacities ranging among among 200 litres to 351 litres. You choose the fridge’s capability capacity ability prospective per in line with in accordance with in step with in reaction to in keeping with your family size.
And, to be certain that make sure that your kitchen does not would not run out of home made selfmade do-it-your self hand-crafted food and fresh greens greens , you are going to need you will have you can have you will want you should you want a Whirlpool single door refrigerator fridge . Almost every one every person each of us lives a busy approach to life way of life subculture and it is tough is hard is challenging in finding find to find time to cook a meal each time every time we are hungry. Similarly, it is inconvenient to buy fresh vegatables and fruits vegatables and fruits fruit and vegetables greens and fruit every day daily each day every day day-to-day day-after-day on daily basis . So, you will need you will want you can have you're going to want you have to you'd like a fridge fridge in your kitchen to make sure that make sure that your house your home never runs out of food or fresh edibles. If you live live reside alone or with flatmates or need a second refrigerator fridge , then Whirlpool single door fridges fridges are perfect for are perfect in your home your own home necessities necessities . You can get a Whirlpool refrigerator fridge delivered to brought to dropped at your home your home from your out of your popular favourite online shopping shopping website page website .
what is a low profile refrigerator
,Compare. ft. ,Items 1 10 of 10 . Orvilles Home Appliances W4TXNWFW Whirlpool 14 cu. ft.
About AvantiAvanti has been a leader a pacesetter a frontrunner in the Consumer Appliance Industry for over 30 years. They discuss specialize in concentrate on be aware of compact to full sized refrigerators fridges , upright and chest freezers, wine coolers, water dispensers, and more. Avanti’s recognition awareness fame elegance acceptance has been built by offering providing high quality good great satisfactory products item items at a good a within your budget. They are known for our compact refrigerators fridges for the house the home , office and dormitory. Avanti compact fridges fridges are getting are getting became common massive common well known ordinary normal widespread usual basic each day familiar famous general steady commonplace universal accredited generic average widely wide-spread continually happening traditional fashioned dependent time-commemorated with hotel chains countrywide nationwide as in room refrigerators fridges and refreshment centers amenities . Overall, Avanti SHP1702SS 1. 7 cu. ft. Superconductor Auto Defrost Refrigerator is a wonderful an excellent a beautiful product and is worth every penny. And if you have an interest have an attention to buy Avanti SHP1702SS 1. 7 cu.
If it doesn’t start operating working working always on a regular basis normally regularly in general at all times invariably ceaselessly persistently perpetually without end invariably continually again, demand demand a service service provider . Based on single ice maker production introduction structure rates, during a 24 hour period, measured per IEC common common usual typical consistent normal essential usual not unusual overall and brand manufacturer company user's manuals, for brands clinically determined recognized in US and Canada TraQline as freestanding French door bottom mount refrigerators fridges . Based on single ice maker construction advent structure rates during a 24 hour period, measured per IEC criteria requirements , when the ice bin was removed eliminated . Results may vary dependent on depending on working working conditions instances cases . Based on filling 8 oz. glasses.
midea mini fridge review
Dimensions: 16. 14 x 12. 6 x 16. 93 " / 41 x 32 x 43cm L x W x H9. Weight: 176. 37oz / 5000g10.
This state of the art sophisticated slicing-edge small and compact drinks fridge comes with a tempered glass door and convenient handy handle. It also has virtual digital controls that let you allow you to permit you to will let you might help you help you to show you how to adjust or pc screen display screen screen video display the temperature using the clear LCD screen. The Phiestina comes with six wire cabinets cupboards that are which might be detachable removable . So you can you can still configure the cabinets cupboards in keeping with based on according to in step with in reaction to in step with your drink cooling needs. The adjustable thermostat lets you allows you to lets in you to means so you might customize personalize the temperature, right from 38 deg Fahrenheit to 50 deg Fahrenheit. And, when you are if you're if you are involved in contact apprehensive about groping at nighttime in the dark in the dead of night at middle of the night at nighttime to find to locate your favourite generic drink, don’t worry. The soft inside indoors blue LED lighting fixtures lighting lights illuminates the internal the inside the fridge completely absolutely even when even when the door is closed. With dimensions of 15. 55 inches width x 22. 48 inches depth x 33. 07 inches height, so you might you could you can you may that you may which you'll which you could that you would be able to place this drinks fridge anywhere all over the place – game room, garage, man cave, movie theater movie show room, under a bar counter or covered coated lined porch.
6" wide when folded great for garage storage . Everything in the jar has been secured to the ground the bottom and may and should and could stay in place during start supply , There is a red bow and a black and white polka dot bow, Mini Fridge Refrigerator Bar Drinks Cooler Home Office Compact Black 40 Litre. Bib to waist: 11 1/2" with adjustable shoulder straps. Larimar Ring Original And Genuine Dominican Handcrafted AA. please degree degree with help of a professional educated an authority tailor, but foreign world abroad taxes and fee are not aren't lined protected secure blanketed in our delivery birth transport prices costs expenses fees prices . About 4 inches when fully tightened and expands to about 11 inches fits kids to adults, Mini Fridge Refrigerator Bar Drinks Cooler Home Office Compact Black 40 Litre.
super small mini fridge
As well as maintaining keeping up preserving retaining your drinks nicely chilled, you have you ever've got you have got the added option of a heating mode. This means you could be you can also be you will be you are going to be in a position to capable of able to keep your hot foods and drinks food and drinks foods and drinks warm for hours without with out wanting needing desirous to reheat it great when you are in case you are in the event you are always all the time constantly frequently usually always invariably endlessly consistently ceaselessly forever always regularly getting called into meetings conferences at workKeep perishable foods nicely as it should be safely adequately accurately competently effectively entirely safely chilled with this Whirlpool French door refrigerator fridge . Its FreshFlow produce preserver extends the freshness life of lifetime of fruit and veggies vegatables and fruits fruit and veggies vegetables and fruit for up to four days in humidity managed managed crisper drawers, and the LED inner inner inside indoors lighting furniture lighting lights makes it easy to identify to determine items you would like you would like you prefer . This Whirlpool French door fridge fridge has a tuck shelf to make room for tall items. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel, BrightSeries LED Lighting, Humidity Controlled FreshLock Crispers, 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty on the Compressor Our 10 year restricted restricted parts guaranty guarantee on the compressor covers the guts the guts the middle of the fridge fridge , so you realize you recognize that you can that you could you could you can that you can also which you can which you can that you simply can be capable of expect count on assume count on it to maintain to maintain all your all of your food cold for years. , Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.
Capacity, 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves, Dual Compressor System , . Controls, ClearView Lighting System and RemoteVision . Panel Ready Refrigerators AJ Madison RefrigeratorsProducts 1 20 of 106 . 36" Built in Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Spill Proof Glass Shelves, 2 Temperature . Sensor Technology, VarioSpace System and Custom Panel Required . 30" Built in Fully Integrated Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with 14. 86 cu. ft. Capacity, 3 Adjustable Glass Shelves, Dual Compressor System , . Controls, ClearView Lighting System and RemoteVision . Panel Ready Refrigerators AJ MadisonProducts 1 20 of 270 .
4 decibel sound level. The front legs are adjustable to make sure the make sure the freezer is still keeps to be stays level in a number of a few a few a variety numerous a range of just a few loads of a great deal of lots of a considerable number of lots of more than a few a range of quite a host of spaces. The freezer is 19. 3 inches wide, 21. 37 inches deep, and 33. 9 inches tall, with a weight of 57 pounds.
magic chef 4 4 freezerless mini fridge
With absorption coolers, these are on the whole usually silent but they should they need to remain well faraway from away from far out of your drowsing sleeping slumbering snoozing napping dozing drowsing area since they are capable of they're in a position to they are able to run off gas. To hold hold temperature, compressor coolboxes will switch on activate set off /off as required while thermoelectric boxes will offer a constant a continual a relentless fan noise. Ultimately, we put ahead recommend studying learning old old outdated buyer purchaser customer reviews comments before you buy before you purchase and ask if that you simply are you able to could that you could you'll that you are going to be capable of which you may which you can that you may test the fridge in the shop the shop . This way, that you just can you could that you could you'll that you are going to be able to which you'll which you can that you simply might even see how loud a model is when in use. As insulated boxes, these items merchandise items can be powered using the 12v adapter in your car which also means they're able to they're capable of they can be attached attached related to the mains at the campsite if you have when you have this accessible available !. In terms of temperature, this may it will this might this would absolutely completely rely on depend upon the warmth the warmth external external so the British climate local weather can basically really truly in reality just about in reality absolutely help.
I turned it off over night and turned it back on in the morning. The fridge will cool fine when the capability the power the pliability is at first in the beginning firstly initially to start with initially in the starting turned on, but once it shuts off instantly directly instantly it won’t get back come back get back on and start and begin cooling. We had a lightning storm and think there may have could have can have been an influence an affect surge as a result of due to this fact of in consequence of my stereo won’t turn on switch on activate in addition as well moreover anyway . Does this sound like I want to wish to need to deserve to update replacement exchange change the handle manage manipulate board, or is it time to get a qualified knowledgeable an authority out?I have a ge profile artic side by side. Freezer compartment began thawing food on the middle the center shelves cabinets . it was still making ice and keeping up sustaining temp in the fridge.
Other Items You Might Be Interested In. UV Flashlight Black Light. 72000mAh Laptop Power Bank. 150W 12V Car Power Inverter. 60W 6 Port Wall Charger Adapter. The item “Renogy 15L Portable Fridge, Car Refrigerator, Electric Cooler with LCD Display Mini” is in sale since Sunday, April 14, 2019.
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Content Warning for suicide, incredibly blatant transphobia, use of the T-slur, and probably the twentieth explanation on TERFs you’ve seen on the internet since 2018. Also please do not engage any parties talked about over the course of this document. Obviously this is a given, but I’m specifically requesting it in this case because many of them are simply trying to move past the drama, while others still are still active in the drama itself.TL;DRVideo game popular in the LGBTQ community loses essentially all trans fans after dev’s girlfriend makes long anti-trans tweet thread, dev puts the game on sale while referencing anti-trans suicide statistics, and gets outed herself as anti-trans.Yes, you read the title correctly: a transphobic sale. Technically it’s not the only reason, but it sure as hell is the catalyst for all the reasons that came after it. Before I begin to discuss the infamous HEARTBEAT Steam sale, there’s a couple things I need to explain for those of you who aren’t sad pathetic weirdos who spend their days surrounded by niche indie games and Twitter drama like I am.Context for the Context: What the hell is an Indie RPG and why do people care?Yes I know how stupid and pointless this section sounds but trust me, there’s some stuff in the context that benefits from this part. So what is an Indie RPG? To put it in the simplest terms, it’s a video game made by either a single person or a small team of developers that generally involve unique and experimental art styles, gameplay systems, and intimately personal theming, with the director or lead writer laying their vision bare for the world to see and judge. Indie RPGs are rarely made from the ground up in the form of custom engines, instead usually taking advantage of consumer-grade like Game Maker or the suite of RPG Maker engines (the former acting as an easy to grasp game design tool that has been used for a variety of famous and well-regarded titles like Hotline Miami and Hyper Light Drifter and the latter acting as a much more specialized tool that is highly customizable and can be used to do pretty much everything imaginable, from unique battle systems to massive puzzles, making it easy for consumers and professionals alike to make the game they want).The genre really rose to prominence in the mid-2000s with the first fan translations of games like Yume Nikki and OFF, rising and falling in popularity over the years for various reasons as interest in certain games came and went. Notable booms in the community came in the early 2010s when gaming YouTubers started to dabble in Japanese RPG Maker horror games, and the most important one to this story is the 2015 boom following the release of Undertale, an immensely successful indie Game Maker RPG that grabbed its audience with it’s quirky characters and humor, a fantastic soundtrack, and simple yet effective morality system where the player can choose whether or not to spare every single enemy in the game, from the tutorial enemy to the final boss. The Undertale community has had its own fair share of drama that (say it with me long-time r/HobbyDrama-goers) could be covered in it’s own write-up. The reason I brought up Undertale is for two reasons:Undertale was a wake-up call for would-be indie devs. Undertale is possibly one of the most recognizable games from the past decade, and about 90% of it was made by a single dude whose experience with game development was a couple of rom hacks for Earthbound on the SNES, composing music for a couple things not many people remember, and being a prominent composer in the Homestuck community. If he could make a game this popular, why couldn’t you! The years following Homestuck have been absolutely littered with games directly inspired by Undertale, from fanworks to complete new games, which in turn inspired their own wave of developers, etc. The Indie RPG community, which for nearly half a decade relied on the same dozen games for its sustenance, was now cycling through a new darling seemingly monthly since UndertaleThe indie RPG scene, which has always attracted teenagers and college students of a given era, like the late 2000s Tumblrites to artists to amateur YouTubers, was now attracting a new audience: LGBTQ pre-teens and teens. Undertale was a remarkably progressive games in the eyes of this audience, with the main character never being specifically gendered (most characters just refer to them by the name the player gave them instead of via pronouns), there being a canonical lesbian romantic relationship between two major plot-crucial NPCs, and the lack of any other real canonical or implied romance meant that the fanbase was filled with people shipping every character with every other character, most of which happened to be male (which again, has led to its own drama but this post is already way too long and this section is bordering on off-topic filler so that’ll be for another time). This meant that a lot of the Undertale fanbase that was being told about this cool subset of games they’d never played or heard of happened to be LGBTQ, and incredibly vocally LGBTQ.And now we enter the source of today’s drama: HEARTBEATThe Context: HEARTBEATHEARTBEAT, generally stylized in all caps, released a demo that caught the eyes of the then-booming 2017 Indie RPG community. It contained pretty much everything that the community loved at the time: Cute character design, pretty good music, and seemingly overflowing charm. What particularly interested people was its similarity to the Pokemon series, something HEARTBEAT wore on its sleeve like a badge of honor. It advertised that in the full version you’d be able to capture a plethora of unique and fun creatures (this, funnily enough, would be one of the things leading to its eventual downfall, something I will discuss soon).A brief aside before I get to the launch of the game and the drama itself: those who primarily play AAA titles or larger budget studio RPGs may not fully understand is why something with HEARTBEAT’s visuals would be so appealing, but once again I must stress that something the Indie RPG community has ALWAYS loved is charm and personal value. These sorts of games are generally fundamentally based on the beliefs and interests of the creator, from their taste in games influencing the gameplay, to personal issues and emotions influencing the themes and story, and general writing/programming skill that is obviously absurdly easy to see at a glance. In the case of HEARTBEAT, what immediately drew everybody’s attention was the artwork and character design. The game takes heavy inspiration from the third generation of Pokemon (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) but combines it with absurdly saturated colors and character design typical of mid-2010s cartoons: generally light, cute, and fluffy. Especially compared to most other Indie RPGs which supplement lack of professional training or budget with minimalist or otherwise simplistic art styles, absurdism, something in-between, or whatever the fuck is going on with West of Loathing, HEARTBEAT is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, the game could’ve been completely unplayable and it would STILL be a cult gem in the community for its art style alone.Anyways the game released in mid-2018 and it was honestly pretty good! I got it on launch with a group of friends and we had a good time going through it until we all dropped it at one point or another for various reasons, most of which being other games we were more interested in coming out. Most reviewers agreed that the game itself was visually incredible, had amazing music, that the gameplay systems were all insanely deep and fun to mess around with, and that the only real complaints were things typical to most indie RPGs like weird pacing, some grinding, and a few mechanics that seem purposefully obtuse. The game follows Eve Staccato, a young “conjurer” that has the ability to summon and control “Mogwai”, the game’s monster equivalent, as she goes on a journey to maintain the delicate balance between Solum (the game’s human equivalent) and Mogwai. Nothing mind blowing, but HEARTBEAT was definitely not advertising itself on its story. I’d go in depth as to what it played like but I feel like the game itself isn't incredibly important to the story itself.The game immediately built up a cult fanbase, attracting a large amount of LGBTQ fans who appreciated a lot of the game’s coding with its characters and lore. HEARTBEAT is a very undeniably “gay” game. The developer, Shepple, is herself a lesbian and intentionally added a lot of references to her sexuality and gay culture as a whole into the game, such as Eve swooning over the female musician Patch that escalates into a mutual crush by the end of the game, the percentage of conjurers amongst Solums being roughly 4% (roughly equivalent to the proportion of LGBTQ citizens in the United States at the time of the game’s release), to conjurers being chosen due to their “similarities” to Mogwai, who typically reproduce with members of the same “phase” (essentially the biological sex equivalent of the HEARTBEAT universe), the game is completely and undeniably caked in gay coding.Note my use of “gay” to describe the game and not LGBTQ. That’s because there’s one key letter here that is actively left out of the party, but that will be discussed in the next section.Something that definitely helped the games sales was the Pokemon National Dex controversy, covered here on this sub prior. After this drama spiked and persisted, many Pokemon fans were desperate for something to scratch their monster collecting RPG itch, and one game that just so happened to be relatively recent, indie (people really wanted to stick it to studio RPGs after what Game Freak pulled so this was important), and very gay! It didn’t necessarily become a household name after this, but it without a doubt got a spike in attention and recognition that it probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Now that the fanbase has ballooned and people love the game, now all Shepple would have to do is make sure nothing happens to tank the game’s reputation and it would run its course as a well regarded indie RPG that would be looked back on fondly by the communityThe Drama: Spilling the TThe main key player here that I have not mentioned yet is Nikotine (referred to from here on out as Niko). Nikotine is Shepple’s girlfriend, and just so happens to be a prominent fan artist in the community, and (to my knowledge) is responsible for some of the game’s official art since (please correct me if I’m wrong). She is not a developer of the game, and this must be stressed.She is also an outspoken, self-identifying TERF.I was really hoping to go my entire internet tenure without explaining what a TERF is to people but here we go. For the uninitiated: a TERF (short for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), is used to describe a person (generally a cis woman) in the modern feminist movement that hold an active disdain for transgendered people, specifically trans women. The reason for this varies from individual to individual, but common talking points ranges from the typical anti-trans rhetoric of “trans people are mentally ill/pedophiles/perverts” to the more common and more direct “trans women (persons born with male/non-female genitalia who use female pronouns) are not real women, and are just men actively attempting to devalue the female experience”, and that “trans men (persons born with female/non-male genitalia who use male pronouns) are traitors to the feminist cause, and are choosing to side with chauvinist men instead”. So yeah a good few members of the LGBTQ community, ESPECIALLY the “T” portion, hate TERFs with a burning passion.Hence why it shocked people a little bit when in September of 2019, Niko posted this tweet. (yes this tweet is still up after 2 years for reasons that will very very soon become apparent. In case it gets taken down/her account gets suspended, here’s a screenshot of the tweet in question. Tweets from here on out will be screenshots, but I just wanted to show that this was 100% a real tweet thread). Maybe this is out of context? Maybe somehow all of this is just one grand misunderstanding and she didn’t mean to call trans women all just straight men lying to get lesbians to sleep with them, right? Nope. In fact, following people getting understandably confused and angry at her, she doubled down and started calling out anybody trying to explain where and why she was incorrect. At this point a lot of fans are telling themselves that it’s one bad egg. She didn’t even do the art for the game itself after all, there’s still no reason to completely disown the game! I’m 100% sure that Shepple is rational enough and will talk to her about it. Having made a game with such a wide-spread LGBTQ fanbase with a large amount of trans members I’m sure that the tweets will end up deleted, distance will be made and everything will be fi--The Drama Act 2: oh no Shepple is a TERF tooAlso known as: “How the hell do you make a Steam Sale transphobic?”(I’d also like to stress that this section is going to contain suicide statistics, blatant transphobia, and will be linking a tweet using the t-slur)Well within a couple days of Niko posting the Twitter thread, HEARTBEAT went on sale. Honestly it wasn’t too uncommon for HEARTBEAT to pop up on sale, but some people immediately assumed that it was just Shepple trying to go on damage control and try to get the sales up despite the ongoing controversy.Then people looked at the sale prices and the red flags are raised sky high.So welcome to Context Part 2: The Revenge of the Context because I’m guessing that most outside of the more active parts of the LGBTQ community won’t know why these raised red flags for some people, in fact it probably just looks like a weird-as-hell discount. Well, let me explain why one of these is probably based on a transphobic statistic and the other is DEFINITELY based on a transphobic statisticAccording to this study performed by the CDC, 35% of American transgender high school students report attempting suicide at least once throughout their time at high school. Now maybe this 35% statistic isn’t what this sale is referencing. 35% is a weird discount percentage but is still a nice round number. Steam sales can commonly contain X5% discounts for various reasons. I’d be willing to say this was just a poorly thought out accident if it weren’t for the other discountAccording to THIS survey performed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the UCLA’s School of Law’s Williams Institute, roughly 41% of transgender Americans have attempted suicide at some point in their lives. This statistic, along with the previous 35% statistic, are commonly used by people with anti-trans views in an attempt to delegitimize transgender people as entirely mentally ill or otherwise “faking it”.Given the fact that Shepple acts as the head of Chumbosoft, the team that made HEARTBEAT, she would most likely be the only person able to set these sales, meaning that Shepple either set this sale of her own free will to spite the people critiquing her girlfriend, set this sale of her own free will to spite people critiquing her girlfriend who shared her beliefs, or set this sale of her own free will somehow completely oblivious of the numbers 35 and 41’s significance to the trans community and just decided to have a really weird sale right after her girlfriend was outed as a TERF.So yeah, people weren’t happy to say the least. In Niko’s tweet announcing the sale, people immediately realized something was up and called her out for it. She responded as expected given her current track record (This is the tweet with the slur btw. Stay classy Niko.)So yeah, at this point a lot of people in the fanbase, especially their trans fans, are pretty disillusioned with the game at this point. Some have tried refunding, others are spreading the word of transphobia, and the game’s reputation is now permanently tanked due to an artist’s transphobia, and the developer refusing to let it be by doubling down on her statements. Well, at least it’s over now, right?The Drama Act 3: Sowing Discord in the CommunityHave I mentioned HEARTBEAT has a Discord? Because it does. And this is where things go from a story of “Devs turn out to be transphobic” and turns into “Dev possibly manufactures a TERF echo chamber to validate TERF beliefs”.To begin with, a Twitter user reached out to Shepple following Niko’s tweet, inquiring about her and Shepple’s more-than-potential anti-trans beliefs. The full chat can be found here, but I’ll warn people that it’s… kinda upsetting and also incredibly enlightening on what Shepple’s beliefs really are and where they came from. I’ll add an additional CW for rape, as that’s brought up a couple times during the discussion.Around this time, close friends of Shepple’s started to come forward to discuss various private conversations. Most of them shared their disappointment in Shepple, saying that they thought she was better than that, with one screenshotted conversation showing Shepple’s active interest and consumption of content that echoes common TERF ideologies.One user from the Discord, a friend of Shepple’s, also said in a twitter thread that there was a secret channel consisting mainly of her inner circle, that commonly focused on making fun of trans people. While there are no screenshots of this to my knowledge (and anybody able to share screenshots of this would definitely be appreciated), other users from the Discord corroborated this, or at the very least said that it was in line with some of the things that happened on the Discord. Allegedly (cannot find screenshots of this but again, some would be greatly appreciated), following the controversy the Discord underwent a small transformation, cracking down on discussion of gender identity of any type, going so far as to kick or ban users who insisted on discussing it in any form.The Aftermath: How to accidentally ruin your game’s credibility in the LGBTQ communitySo from late 2019 to present, HEARTBEAT has been left with a strong negative tie to it. While many people still choose to purchase it out of spite towards trans people or “The SJWs”, a good amount of the LGBTQ community has sort of blacklisted it. It was review bombed (an act on Steam in which users mass-review the game in an attempt to sway the score), and to this day the drama surfaces once every few months when a Twitter or Tumblr user decides it’s been enough time and they want people to be reminded of the devs transphobia.Many members of the HEARTBEAT team chose to distance themselves from the project, the most crushing of which was Sil, one of the game’s lead sprite artists, who expressed their disappointment in Shepple and seemed to imply that there was a good amount of tension between them. Another loss was the lead composer for the project Trass, who left Chumbosoft and tried to distance themselves from Shepple and Niko around the same time Sil did. If there is a formal tweet announcing this I have not been able to find it.Friends of Shepple continued to distance themselves from her and many reviews were modified or removed following the controversy, possibly the most damaging of which came from the removal of YouTuber NitroRad’s video covering the game, as his videos were and are a hub for many casual fans of the genre to find new indie RPGs, and is where a good amount of early buzz for the game came from. Here’s a tweet from shortly before the video was removed.Conclusion: So where are our key players now?Shortly following the initial drama, Shepple’s grandmother unfortunately passed away. She decided that she would take time away from social media while she took time to mourn. As of this post she has still not returned to Twitter after a year and a half.Niko is still a proud and outspoken TERF, labelling herself in the bio as one and regularly posting tweets critical of or otherwise calling out the trans community. Her replies are typically filled with support from fans and friends, with the occasional reply calling her a TERF or a transphobe that ends up getting buried. She still regularly talks about the drama that happened and how her game was “cancelled by the so-called inclusive trans community”.HEARTBEAT itself is still available for purchase on Steam and goes on sale occasionally, but many are quick to inform prospective buyers of the drama. There is in fact a HEARTBEAT 2 in development at the moment, and progress can usually be found over at Niko’s Twitter, if you’re willing to put up with her frequent… shall we say discussion of the trans community. Most friends of Shepple have since distanced themselves from them, and many trans members of the HEARTBEAT fanbase have posted their own recap of events over at blogs and such decrying Shepple for not choosing to immediately decry her girlfriend’s posts.And that is the story of HEARTBEAT. I've tried my best to not inject my own personal beliefs into the story and tackle this as somebody looking back on a weird as hell heel turn of the dev from LGBT icon into widely accepted TERF. I really don't want people to track the people mentioned in this write-up down on Twitter and harass them on either side. It accomplishes absolutely nothing overall. If you want to get the game and see what it's like, I ultimately cannot stop you. I'm sure bringing this drama back into the light is gonna result in some wild stuff but eh, I'll take whatever comes my way via /r/HobbyDrama
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Realme Watch S Pro Review | Budget Smartwatch Tested
This smartwatch packs in premium tech like an oled screen and a butt load of fitness tracking shenanigans, all packaged up in a sleek stainless steel frame, all for just 119 quid. So for the price of just one apple watch, you could buy three of these buggers and still have enough change left over for a cheeky donna and a six pack of special brew or a lockdown special as i call it. But is it really as good as it sounds, or should you just spend all of that money on kebabs and silly strength, booze instead well i’ve had the real me watch s pro strapped to my wrist for the last week or two and here’s my full in Depth review and for more on the latest greatest deck. Please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now. First, up with the stainless steel finish, the really watch s pro looks very smart, indeed, it’s, not too chunky for a modern smartwatch and it is pretty durable too you’ve got a glass bezel, complete with minute markings and so far that and the screen itself haven’t picked Up any nicks or scuffs at all, although, admittedly i haven’t exactly been scaling, many mountain ranges: it’s water resistant to 5 atmospheres or around 50 meters, basically so it’s fine to keep it strapped to your wrist when you’re doing a bit of scuba, diving or whatever again I’M, not really an outdoorsy kind of guy, but i did rock it in the bath and it didn’t break hazard and the room we watch s pro does come with a silicone strap as standard, which is, of course absolutely perfect for your bit of exercise.
Your everyday wear and i didn’t have any issues with you know, rashes or any weird skin stuff going on. Thankfully, although real me does also offer an option of a vegan leather, strap and also a stainless steel one as well, if you want to rock it for a bit of nine hour on the town action now to actually get connected to the roomy watch, s port And unlock a lot of the features you’ll need to download the real me link app for your smartphone now. This, admittedly, is fairly basic compared with some rivals, but it does all the stuff you’d expected to such as tracking all of your vital stats. This does allow you to set up your watch exactly how you like so, for instance, you can dive into the notification section and see exactly which apps will give you a little buzz on your wrist. You can turn off annoying stuff. Like the water reminder, you can change how often the heart rate monitor will actually check your pulse it’s in here. You also set your goals and you can set up features like find my phone as well, which always comes in handy if you’re constantly losing it down the back of the sofa from the setting up the real new watch. S pro is super quick and simple. Only took a couple of minutes, so you have to register for a real me account using your email or your telephone number. The only pain in the ass is that if you swap your smartphone at all, you then have to reset the watch itself as well.
In order to get connected to another phone, obviously shouldn’t really bother most people, but somebody who swaps their smartphone rather regularly. It was a bit annoying now that 1.’ inch amoled screen is definitely another high point. You’Ve got a 454 by four five. Four pixel resolution saw images are supremely sharp and you get reasonably punchy colors out of this thing and as the ui is nice and poppy and bright that’s, definitely a good thing and speaking of bright as well, that display on its maximum uh brightness level. Definitely the visibility was absolutely fine outside even on a sunny day. I know it’s quite rare in the uk, but it does happen. You can manually change the brightness quite quickly and easily just by diving into the main settings menu. Otherwise, the auto brightness i found was absolutely fine as well. The only issue i had was with the always on display, which i found. The brightness was just a little bit too dim to clearly see outdoors you’d end up switching the screen on anywhere, and then i found after a few days that always on display just stopped working. It just could not be bothered anymore, no matter how much i toggled it on or off and piddled about in the settings and then just magically the spawn, and it started working again just in time for the video. So hurrah for that, but yeah for several days that raised awake features certainly got a lot of use if you’re always on display, you can choose between a digital or an analog face and as for the actual watch faces themselves as well, you’ve got a reasonable selection.
There too again a choice between digital and analog. You’Ve got a few stuffed here on the realm. You watch s pro to begin with, and then you can also upload more via that real me link app so here’s the watch faces you can upload via the realme link app and, as you can see again lots of different styles to suit all tastes. Most of them, nice colorful, punchy efforts to make use of that gorgeous oled screen. Some of them are suitably batch like a panda in the bath. Why not? Otherwise, you’ve got more subdued sort of smart and stylish efforts and if you know that floats your boat no worries because you can actually create your own custom watch face as well, using a photo that you’ve either downloaded or taken with your smartphone. So if you want to get a bit of a geeky anime background shenanigans on the go uh here’s, one that i made earlier with the saga of tanya the evil together, all synced up only takes a few seconds. Then there you go. This example is obviously not ideal because the text kind of blends into tanya’s, head um but yeah so let’s, try that one again and hopefully have a bit more success there we go that one looks better, so yeah as far as those watch faces go not as Customizable and not as many uh on offer as likes of wear rews or apple watch. Of course, obviously, but um, almost on par with the likes of the huawei watches and certainly better selection than the amaze fits and let’s actually take a tour of the ui, which is fairly simple and straightforward.
Very easy to learn your way around. As you can see. If you swipe right from the main watch face, you’ve got access. Uh to your quick stats. Keep on swiping you’ve got the likes of the weather. You can see how long you snoozed for last night, you got your current heart rate. Shows you your highs and your lows for the day: i’m, not sure what i was doing when i hit 163 as i’ve been exercising today and then swipe once more you’ve got your music controls. Unfortunately, you can’t store music locally on the watch for when you’re pounding the pavement leave your phone at home or whatever. So it is just controlling music that is streaming on your smartphone, but you can pause and play and you can skip tracks and you can also mess around with the volume and then swipe once more you’re into your settings where you can fast access the likes of The brightness level, the raze to wake feature the do not disturb all works exactly as expected. You’Ve also got a torch feature on there in case you’re, trying to find your way to uh toilets in the dark or whatever, and the screen also hopefully shows you how much battery life you’ve got remaining and if you’ve got that bluetooth connection and swipe once more You’Re back to the main watch face and you can swipe in either direction to scroll through all of these screens. As for your notifications, well, i showed you how to set those up in the actual real me link app.
You can have notifications pop through for any apps that you require be the messaging apps or you know likes to twitter social media. You can also customize exactly how strong the haptics are as well from weak to medium to strong and on strong you’ll, certainly not miss any notifications that pop in the notification support is pretty basic here on the real me watch s pro, you can tap on any Of them as they pop in and get sort of, an excerpt from the start of whatever the message may be and as you can see, it cuts out pretty quickly and there’s no way of really responding to a message or notification or anything like that. All you can do is either delete it off the watch or you can just go back. I did also notice a couple of times that the link between the smartphone and the small watch was severed as well, so i had to go back into the real me link app to re, establish that, and also some of my notifications like, for instance, my zoho Mail ones just simply did not ever take through, which was really annoying when my messenger ones, my texts, all that kind of stuff came through fine. So certainly as far as the notification reliability is concerned, i would not rate the real me watch us pro particularly highly i’d, stick to something like a huawei watch or wear os and then last up, if you swipe up from that main watch, face you’ll access, your Apps screen and as you can see, it is very streamlined list, but the basics are covered.
You’Ve got all your outdoor shenanigans like a compass. For instance, you’ve got your heart rate tracker your sp or 2 monitor your music controls. You’Ve got your fitness tracking and you’ve. Also got likes of a timer and a stopwatch as well. If you need them and yeah, you do, of course, the uh the find my phone feature, which plays a very jazzy tune. As for the fitness features, well, the real me watch s pro rocks all the stuff that you would expect. You’Ve got the likes of the 24 hour, heart rate, monitor, which seems to be sort of reasonably accurate. As you see, you can dive in and get a quick look at how your old ticket is performing. Just like so uh you’ve also got a steps tracker or like usual shenanigans, which again seems to be sort of reasonably accurate for a smartwatch around this price and at any point, if you want to actually track a specific exercise session, just tap this bottom button down. Here that will take you straight into the exercise menu now. You do only have 15 exercise options to choose from in here, which is a lot less than you’ll get with a lot of rivals, like some euro maze fits and your huawei’s. Although a lot of those do tend to sort of be duplicates of one another, most of the main stuff is covered off here. You don’t get the likes of skiing or snowboarding or anything like that, but you can just always go for a free, workout kind of your all bases covered option and, while you’re actually working out what you’ll get a nifty little three second countdown to get you all.
Psyched up to begin with, go and then, as you can see there during your workout, you see exactly how long you’ve been sweating. Your ass off for uh you’ve got a calorie count. You can check how your heart rate is doing. You’Ve got built in gps in the room. We watch s pro as well, so it can track your motions if you like, and then when you’re done, you can just tap this and then either stop your workouts or resume so definitely nowhere near as complex as what you’ll get with some dedicated fitness. Smart watches from the likes of garmin, and if you dive into the real me link app as well as you can see, they can so briefly check some of your stats out there to see again how many calories you burned your average heart rate, all that kind Of stuff, but yeah again fairly stripped down compared with what you’ll get if you want dedicated fitness results for someone who’s a casual exerciser at best, like myself, i’d say this is absolutely fine, but yeah. If you want to do the proper number crunching and all that good stuff, you might want to look elsewhere and the room we watch s pro can also do that. Annoying thing where it occasionally gives you a little prod and tells you to get up off your ass, you lazy, bastard and actually move around the place, though fun that occasionally it would do that to me, even if i’d been literally still up for about an hour Or so so you better believe i deactivated the out of that particular gem and yeah.
There is a sleep tracking feature on this thing, which can sort of give a vague estimate of how much light and deep sleep you’ve actually had. Although i did find that this tended to assume i’d gone to bed about an hour before, i actually did just when i was just sort of sat slumped on the sofa not really doing very much, and while it throws plenty of sort of stats at you uh. This sleep tracking feature it doesn’t offer any advice on. You know how to get better sleep or things like that, which would actually probably be useful, so it’s just kind of a nice to have if you’re interested. As for your battery life. Well, real me reckons you will get 14 days of use from a single charge here on the real me watch s pro, though that’s. If you use very few of the features and use it very sparingly. Indeed, i found that, with my general everyday use, i’ve got more like seven to eight days of use at this. Bad boy, probably, would have been slightly lesser than that, if the always on display hadn’t buggered up so still a very good result compared with some rivals. Like the android wear, os watches the apple watch, which tend to have to be charged up every day or two, although still not quite as good as the likes of the huawei smart watches, which tend to last a good week and a half to two weeks.
Even with the likes of the always on display enabled and that right there friends is my full review on the real me watch s pro. I really wanted to like it a lot the design’s really slick the screen is absolutely stunning. It’S just got a nice simple, paired down ui, which will suit more casual users, especially as the fitness features aren’t, quite as full on as some rivals from the likes of garmin. However, the unreliability of that always on display and the notification support, as well kind of put me off it, and it is a real shame because you can get the likes of the huawei watchers. The watch gt2 and the gt2e, for instance, for a similar sort of price point. These days, i’ve got to say i definitely prefer those but here’s, hoping that these little quirks get worked out in the next sort of generation or two by a real me and then they’ll have some really strong budget smartwatch offerings to rival the likes of huawei and Amazfit so that’s what i reckon anyway. But what do lovely people think as well be great to your thoughts down in the comments below check out my best smart watches of 2021 guide, which should be going live. Hopefully just a few days at most uh. After this review hits youtube and please do plug subscribe and doing that notifications bell for more on the latest greatest tech – oh, and have yourselves a fun bloody tastic rest of the week.
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Top Brand Washing Machines - It Will Make Your Head Spin
Energy and Water Saving - do looking conserve lots of water and when your machine is operating? In this case, front loaders this would definately be the most suitable option for you because they consume less energy and water in comparison to top loading apparel. On the additional hand, overloading is only one thing you need avoid but under-loading too. If you place loads that are extremely little, chances are you have in order to more batches of wash. Remember that washing a few but big loads may take less energy than several small hundreds. If you only have several shirts in your laundry, best washing machine do not wash it first but wait an additional week's worth of laundry. Or if you want those shirts immediately, wash them physically. Luckily, business is replete with compact and portable washing machines these amount. You will have no problem finding one small enough to fit your apartment considering the smallest for example fits on your sink top. However, you have to find the washing capacity that suits your conditions. There is no reason to obtain a machine to suit but don't do your wash adequately. Once per month or so freshen inside the machine having a hot wash programme - run the washing machine empty on the hot wash to clean the drum and drainage pipes. Start adding some vinegar and lemon juice, or washing-soda crystals eradicate odours as well as prevent limescale, soap scum build up and mould.
Tumblr media
It's very simple to clean down, in the process. Just give it a good wipe with warm soap and water all well over. Then toss the rag that you have just used into the basket prepared to be shampooed. The buttons and dials are usually a bit grubbier. Maybe you have to use a bit of baking soda to rub at the flatter bits, or else get stuck in using a soft toothbrush (the latter is an essential if you need to older style washing machine with switches and dials rather when compared to electronically controlled push-button type). A microfibre cloth with regard to example an Enjo cloth in addition be do the secret to success. Some cleaners come with digital displays that tell you all forms of information to your current wash, such as total wash time, time remaining, etcetera. If you're a man, you will require this feature, obviously. Wait, how many men really do their own laundry? Or are we being unduly sexist? Once the water cycle is finished, begin scrubbing the interior of the washer. The hot water cycle has made the residues softer training . step should be a bit easier. You can even use a toothbrush to pry those stubborn grimes loose fitting. Make sure you also get rid of any dirt or lint trapped in its filter stay away from clogging. So I use soap powder or tablets now. I personally use half everyday amount. I've replaced my fabric softener with white vinegar. (Liquid fabric softener is similar to liquid detergent in it too leaves a slimy residue in the machine over time). have simply replaced the level of liquid fabric softener with your amount of white or distilled white wine vinegar. It goes into the softener compartment in the detergent drawer, just considering that the fabric softener used which can. It is almost impossible to put too much in the vinegar is descaling the device as better.
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Tumblr media
a n t i g o n e   k e n n e d y   g r a v e s
name: antigone kennedy graves. pronunciation: an·ti·guh·nee keh·nuh·dee grahvs. meaning: antigone- in place of a mother, unbending, against, compared to, like. kennedy- misshapen head or fierce headed. birthday: september 13th. age: nineteen. pronouns: they, she & her. sexuality: pansexual. siblings: archibald graves (triplet), ajax graves (triplet). parents: john graves & elaine graves nee kennedy. other family: darcy kennedy (grandmother). languages: english. current residence: the graves triplet’s london flat. hometown: boston, massachusetts; new york city, new york.
wizard fun:
hogwarts house: ravenclaw. year of graduation: 1979. occupation: intern at the department of mysteries. pet: none. tig does bring home many strays to care for, though. blood status: pureblood. species: witch. patronus: goldfish. it symbolizes prosperity. it brings good luck and good fortune. with its golden scales and colorful patterns, they are associated with much wealth which it will share to those it guides. the gold fish is naturally strong. a big fish for its kind, it swims powerfully to get to where it wants. it also symbolizes a dragon in ancient eastern and oriental traditions, with legend holding that it can transform into a water dragon. its transformative powers make it a sign of power and virility. they exist in naturally serene environments. to view the goldfish and koi is to be reverted into a meditative state. this brings about a feeling of calmness and peace to those that see this animal as a guide. it causes those that see it to be still as well, easing their worries and letting their minds work more freely.  boggart: the memory of her parents bodies in their caskets. the idea of her brothers there with them. amortentia:   candy apple.  one of tig’s favorite treats that reminds her of the best memories of carnivals and festivals with her brothers back at home.  lavender.  lavender has always been tig’s favorite scent. her mother wore it in her perfume and tig also wears it. they used to grow small planters of lavender in their back yard too.  sea salt.  antigone loves the ocean. she always has. it is a life long dream of hers to live her life on the beach next to the ever present waves.  wand type: 9″ willow wood, thunderbird tail feather, springy.  willow is an uncommon wand wood with healing power, and I have noted that the ideal owner for a willow wand often has some (usually unwarranted) insecurity, however well they may try and hide it. while many confident customers insist on trying a willow wand (attracted by their handsome appearance and well-founded reputation for enabling advanced, non-verbal magic) my willow wands have consistently selected those of greatest potential, rather than those who feel they have little to learn. It has always been a proverb in my family that he who has furthest to travel will go fastest with willow.  thunderbird wands were powerful but difficult to master, and were good for transfiguration work. wands with thunderbird tail feather cores, like the birds the feathers are taken from, are able to sense danger and can cast curses on their own. wands with thunderbird tail feather cores have been known to fire curses pre-emptively when supernatural dangers are present. affiliation: neutral.
height: 5′4″. hair color: strawberry blonde. eye color: teal. typical hair style: antigone wears her hair long. it has soft curls that almost look beach like in their waves. she often wears her hair up in a simple ponytail with a big bow.  fashion style: tig wears sneakers, straight lined skirts or dresses, peter pan collars, and sweaters. she likes a soft palette of pastel colors. she occasionally wears overalls and high waisted shorts. her skates are always on her person. she loves floral patterns, simple colors, and plaids. [ fashion ] distinguishing features: tig has a look of otherness about her. her eyes are never quite focused on what is in front of her. she has a sprinkling of freckles on her face and a few scars on her arms from being caught in a rose bush as a kid.
positive traits: contemplative. amiable. open-minded. negative traits: unreliable. naive. nervous. theme song: something wild by lindsey stirling ft andrew mcmahon
tig doesn’t usually have pockets, actually. if she does, it’s because she’s wearing her overalls and if that’s the case, she has rocks and sticks in her pockets. she usually wears a dress or skirts that lack pockets, but she makes up for it by almost always having a pink knapsack with her. it was a gift from her brothers on one of their birthdays. in her bag, she almost always has a deck of tarot cards, a tiger’s eye and turquoise, bandages, dice, mints, bubblegum, an ink pen, a quill and ink pot, colored pencils, ribbons, sheet music, and there is always an assortment of sticks, leaves, and flower petals.
antigone has always been partial to the spring. she likes to watch the world bloom. tig has always had a special and loving connection with nature and it certainly feels the most powerful during the spring. the air is refreshing and breezing, and she will spend hours just laying in the grass on those days. 
she’s a rainy day kind of girl. is there anything better in this life than being caught in a spring shower? antigone graves thinks not. rain is even more beautiful to her because it can make her divinations decidedly more clear. she will stand letting the raindrops in her face for hours and has been caught doing it before. as a younger girl, her grandmother would chide her for coming home soaking wet and catching colds from it.
TW: death, parental death
The Graves family is one of the most well-known and revered pureblooded families in America and has been so for generations. John and Elaine met through an arranged engagement. However, unlike many who found themselves in a similar position, the couple fell deeply in love. They took up residence in a large colonial house right outside Boston. John focused on climbing the political ladder at MACUSA while Elaine delved into a promising fashion career.
Their pregnancy came as a bit of a shock several years into their marriage. That is, to everyone but John’s mother, a well-known seer who had long said they would have a rare miracle arriving. While they hadn’t planned it, they were both very pleased to begin a family. The surprises continued when they were told that they would be having triplets. Elaine opted to take a step away from the world of fashion so that John might continue his work in Congress. His career was at a crossroads that could not be put on hold. In fact, the choices he made during this time would change the course of his entire family.
The triplets were born just as the Massachusetts leaves had begun to change color and fall. Autumn welcomed them to the world. Antigone was born the middle of the three. A brother on either side and all born just before midnight.
Their childhood was one filled with incredible privilege and opportunities. The triplets were very well educated. Even before they started school at the Salem Institute for Witches, they were well versed in both general education and magical theories. From the beginning, Antigone showed a particular proclivity towards divinations, herbology, and care of magical creatures. Her grandmother was happy to groom her seeing abilities. She always had an innate curiosity. Her wonder for the world often drove her to study anything that she could care for, whether it be flora or fauna. No one could deny that she had a desire to care for things. A trait that was always praised and encouraged by her family.
It was in the triplet’s third year that rumors began to swirl about her father’s political dealings. He had obviously been angling to become President for some time. However, his staunch belief in pureblood supremacy and ties to controversial movements left the public torn in opinion of him. Antigone struggled to believe that her father, one of the most loving and kind men she knew, could ever be how these people described him. They even portrayed her mother as some sort of icy woman. That’s how she knew it all to be untrue. Her father even publicly stepped back from his more controversial views, appeasing most.
What she thought of the rumors would cease to matter as they ended their fourth year of school. An owl came to their headmistress in the dead of night. John and Elaine Graves had both been found dead in their Boston home. An angry citizen who disagreed with his views was the final word, but Antigone certainly didn’t believe it. It didn’t feel right, and all seers knew to trust their instincts above everything. There were too many signs that indicated it was not any wizard. It had to have been a hitwizard, although there was no telling which side ended up hiring them.
While their mother had no siblings or much family to speak of, John had a previously estranged sister in Europe who agreed to take in the now orphaned triplets. It was a large paradigm shift for Antigone and her brothers, who had always been taught that halfbloods and purebloods who did not remain so were dangerous to their way of life. Their father had not said more than a few sentences on his sister for the entirety of their lives. Frankly, Antigone forgot that she had an aunt more often than not. For the woman to show such open kindness and hospitality has her questioning everything that she’d ever been taught growing up.
Moving to a new country and beginning school in an entirely new place still feels like the carpet was pulled out from under her. However, Antigone realized her potential for change here. The last thing she wanted was to end up like her father and mother. Perhaps there was more she could learn from being more open-minded. That being said, she is realizing that there is more to learn and unlearn than she ever realized before and at times, it was all impossible to keep up with.
Hogwarts held its own set of challenges. The curriculum was different, there were people who had known each other for a lifetime that she’d barely remember, Antigone never knew who she could trust and who she couldn’t. What’s more, the world outside was storming. There was a brewing war that they had all been thrust into, and she had no idea where to stand. What she did know was that the images in the leaves told her horrible stories of the future. Stories that terrified her.
Graduation came before she knew it. With her father’s name in politics and her grandmother’s reputation as a seer, Antigone was offered several jobs off the bat. Finally, she decided to take on an internship in the Department of Mysteries as it felt like where she was most needed and useful. Working inside a government that she barely understands in a job that is nearly impossible to explain is a trial in and of itself. Luckily, it does the job to distract her from everything which wants to pull her towards either side of the conflict surrounding her.
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mrcifci · 2 months ago
The 10 Best Deals of March 26, 2021
Friday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals
It’s March 26, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Say goodbye to your seasonal allergies with the TaoTronics Air Purifier. Protect your desk with the Aukey XXL Mouse Pad. And protect yourself with a 40-Pack: KN95 Masks.
If you’re still craving more deals, take a peek at Friday’s best deals overall.
Clean air is such an important thing now more than ever. This is especially true in smaller spaces. Air purifiers are another in a long list of things we didn’t know we needed until the occasion arose. With bars and restaurants snatching them up more people turned to bring them into their own homes too. I have one can tell it makes a huge difference. Right now save $20 on this one from TaoTronics.
Air purifiers can help with a myriad of issues like pollen, dust, and especially pet dander. I live with two very furry dogs and the change in the living room has been substantial. The air seems much crisper. This TaoTronics purifier has three speeds and is whisper quiet. You’ll hardly know it’s there. The 3-stage H13 true HEPA filter is easy to clean and is washable. It has five layers and traps up to 99.97% of particles that are floating about in the air. You’ll get real-time updates on the quality of the air in whatever room you have it in. This helps you better understand what setting you’ll need. It’ll also tell you when the filter needs to be changed so no guessing there also. But you should be replacing filters between three and six months. This is a simple solution to a very common problem. Your family and lungs will thank you for your purchase.
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Free one-day shipping for Prime members.
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This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 
Let’s not get all fancy here. A simple deal deserves a simple write-up. You can grab Aukey’s XXL gaming mouse pad for $20, which is 50% off. It’s a big mouse pad. Big enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse. We’re talking 35.4x15.75. It’s non-slip. It’s spill-resistant. It’s got stitched edges. My favorites product detail: “No big logo or graphic across the pad to distract you during intensive gaming sessions.” It is true that I frequently am distracted by the big logo on my mouse pad when playing video games. I would say it is the #1 thing that has stopped me from being a pro gamer. If you need a mouse pad, it’s a big mouse pad. Let’s not overcomplicate things.
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This deal was originally posted by Giovanni Colantonio.
Amazon makes the cheapest brand-name tablets around, and while we wouldn’t put them on par with proper iPads, they’re solid budget-friendly options for use-anywhere streaming media, ebooks, web browsing, and more. Usually, the dirt-cheap Fire 7 and the Fire HD 8 catch our attention, but it’s the sizable Fire HD 10 tablet that is Amazon’s best bargain at the moment.
Right now, the higher-capacity 64GB version of the large 1080p slate is just $108, a 43% savings off the $190 list price. This sizable Android tablet gives you a solidly crisp screen ideal for media, apps, browsing, and even games, plus the 12-hour battery life will keep you entertained whether kicking around at home right now or hopefully on future, safe travels.
Amazon’s tablets aren’t the most powerful devices around, so keep your expectations in check as far as glossy 3D gaming and speedy multitasking. However, they hit a sweet spot in terms of function and price and are ideal for consuming media. Amazon customers give the Fire HD 10 a 4.6-star rating and the $108 price is for the 64GB version with ads on the lock screen. The ad-less version is $123, or you can always pay a fee to remove the ads later.
G/O Media may get a commission
G/O Media may get a commission
G/O Media may get a commission
G/O Media may get a commission
This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.
I’m so proud of you for still wearing a mask; it’s super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or have you decided to start layering a KN95 under a cloth mask? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Whatever your reason, you can grab a 40-pack of KN95 masks over at SideDeal for just $18 right now.
These are industry-standard, which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something, but if you wear it correctly, it still drastically reduces the likelihood of doing so. These are also great if you’ve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN95 mask isn’t made for clinical environments (not that you’re planning to perform surgery with these), but they will protect you and others in everyday environments against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So, thank you for doing your part!
These masks have the metal bridge for keeping your mask snug, and the masks are wrapped up in eight packets containing five masks each, so you can keep a pack in your car, at your door, in your garage, in your purse— wherever you might need to keep some on hand.
If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. That membership also gets you free shipping at Meh, Mediocritee, and MorningSave. Otherwise, shipping is $8 per order.
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This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.
Bellesa is such a wonderful company, always making sure we are doing our best. For a limited time, they want you to have the best too. Get 20% off your order no matter what you choose and celebrate a new season of self-care. The discount will be applied at checkout, so no code needed.
Bellesa has a ton of new merch, and it’s all included in the sale. Each of their sweatshirts is a classic unisex fit but still pre-shrunk. So if you prefer yours to be big and comfy, size up; they’re a poly/cotton blend and with that traditional look, cinched at the cuffs and hem with the collar a bit loose. “Braless & Flawless” is the biggest hit so far. I’m partial to “Hydrate & Masturbate,” a true life lesson to follow every day, in my opinion. There are a few styles to pick from, plus they are sending out really adorable sticker sheets that match with each order.
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No, go undercover or under covers. If you need help picking something new, the Diskreet Vibe is the companion piece to the Diskreet Air (one of my favorite toys). This vibe sizes down the tech of the Aurora and Dea but not the potency. They somehow managed to get all that in just a 3.5” diameter toy. Choose how you want to groove with the multiple sides; there are options. This clitoral vibrator is just as cute as the above Air in its beautiful baby blue clamshell case. Both of these cases look like compacts and fit snuggling in your purse. They’re USB charged and waterproof too.
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This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari. 
This Macy’s sale is so good you need to start overhauling old ratty towels and spruce up your bathroom for spring. Sunham’s soft spun cotton bath towels are just $6 when you use promo code VIP at checkout.
They come in eight colors, so you’re sure to find the right hues to blend with your bathroom decor. Each towel is made of cozy machine washable cotton and is guaranteed to be ultra soft. The bath towels are a standard 27" x 52". Act fast because these will not last. This deal runs until Sunday.
Free shipping on orders over $25.
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G/O Media may get a commission
This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari.
Air frying is one of the latest hit kitchen trends, as these handy devices can crisp up your meats and veggies without the excessive grease and fat of traditional frying. We’ve featured a fair number of air fryers here at Kinja Deals over the past several months, but this might be the cheapest one yet.
Right now, Best Buy has a Bella Pro Series touchscreen air fryer for just $25, marked down from $50. Granted, it’s a small one: the 2qt capacity means it won’t handle a huge meal, but it could take the main course of a dinner for two, or maybe a crispy side. In any case, if you want to try out air frying without committing to a larger and pricier model, this $25 device is a good starter pick.
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This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.
Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. It’s well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that it’s well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the rest of the list.
If your dog already digs Wag or you’re looking to trial a new dog food, you can save 40% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wag’s probiotic chews. Compare it to what you’re feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.
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G/O Media may get a commission
This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.
Hello, gamers. For a short time, you can grab an AUKEY KM-G12 RGB Mechanical Keyboard for a low $39 with the code LML7QYBY. It’s 30% off the original list price of $55, so you’ll be saving a couple of bucks. One of our former writers, Elizabeth Henges, describes the keyboard below:
The KM-G12 keyboard itself feels like an absolute tank, too. I feel like it’d last for years and quite a few bad accidents before finally giving out. But it’s important to note that also like a tank, Aukey’s KM-G12 is LOUD. People joke about how loud mechanical keyboards are, but the secret is in the switches. My normal, non-Aukey keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are known for being the quietest of the tactile bunch. This one here uses Aukey’s proprietary Blue switches, best compared to Cherry’s MX Blues which are both revered and reviled for their “audible click,” depending on who you ask.
And yes, it’s quite audible indeed. I used the Aukey keyboard for three days throughout my normal workflow (which, of course, involved a lot of typing), and I got used to the loud clicking faster than I thought I would. Discord’s new Noise Suppression mode also managed to cut the clicking out when I was speaking to people on voice chat, which is also good. So, provided you aren’t annoying a roommate or loved one by typing loudly five feet away from them, it’s not too bad.
Nothing else to say, really! Grab it before it’s gone!
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This deal was originally published by Ignacia Fulcher.
Happy Monster Hunter Rise release day, monster hunters. The latest game in the franchise about destroying gigantic beasts is now out for Nintendo Switch and the reviews are glowing. Critics just love chopping these big boys into bits and turning them into hats. Who doesn’t? If you’ve yet to pick up a copy, here’s a little tip. You get a free Steelbook case when you buy the game at Best Buy. This is certainly a Switch game worth nabbing, so you might as well get a little bonus for your troubles. Who doesn’t like a shiny case? Happy hunting.
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This deal was originally published by Giovanni Colantonio.
from Gizmodo via IFTTT
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thebossofcute · 2 months ago
The Critique of Manners: Part III
A Somewhat Indecisive Review of “Emma” (Miramax, 1996)
I have a feeling this review is gonna be a little harder for me to write. Everyone knows that recaps and reviews are most entertaining when the writer has an intense dislike (or intense feeling of any kind) for the drama they’re reviewing. It falls to other writers to pan or praise this film as they will, but I simply don’t have many particularly strong feelings about it at all. I have neither that repulsed dislike for this movie such as I did for Emma 1997, nor that disappointed frustration as for certain aspects of Emma. 2020, but neither do I have a deep, profound love and appreciation for it as I do for Emma 2009.  
Written and Directed by American Screenwriter, director and actor, Douglas McGrath, Emma (1996) is rather what one expects it to be: a 90’s romance film. Perhaps it’s because I had expectations due to the era in which it was made, but I think I have a tendency to excuse some of the problems with this film. There are many unnecessary additions (for comedy’s sake usually and often quite cringe-y) and one definitely can’t claim that the dialogue hasn’t been tampered with. I don’t normally side with the “I do so miss Austen’s biting wit” crowd but, by ‘eck I felt it this time. That’s because Austen’s Biting Wit™ just doesn’t suit a fluffy 90’s chick flick (which this film is in a way that other big screen Austen adaptations of the time just aren’t – and I think approaching this film from the 90’s chick flick perspective is probably the best way to digest it.) This version, more than any other (except perhaps 2009) brings the concept of Emma-as-Matchmaker to the fore with a particular emphasis precisely because it’s a concept that fits well with the rom-com style of filmmaking used here.
The bones of this review, like my review for the ITV version, were written six years ago following my initial viewing only a select number of portions survive from that review (which is still on IMDb).
As with all my reviews I'll be comparing the script, characterizations and plot to the book and commenting on the authenticity and attractiveness of the costumes, and suitability of the houses and sets.
Let’s dive in.
Cast & Characterization
Emma is arguably the easiest of Austen’s works to read because of Emma’s generally good (if condescending and overly self-confident) character, and Mr. Knightley’s sober, mature but exceedingly pleasant manner. I had my doubts about Gwyneth Paltrow playing an Austen heroine, but I at least had faith in Jeremy Northam’s ability to portray the mature Mr. Knightly. My expectations were not entirely disappointed in either case.
My prevailing feeling about this film is that it’s not so much set in Jane Austen’s Regency England, but in an American fantasy of what Regency England was like. Perhaps the biggest factor that reinforces this impression is (of course) the casting choice for our leading lady, Gwyneth Paltrow.
Freckled, ruddy and thin as a twig, Gwyenth didn’t quite, to my mind, fit the physical description of Emma, who is supposed to be “The picture of health” according to Mrs. Weston. Add to this the Regency beauty ideal of a soft and shapely figure with regular features. Fair hair was generally preferred (and I have always imagined Emma as blond, although I’m given to understand that Austen’s idea of pretty generally favored dark hair), so I can’t fault Gwynnie there. What I can fault though is her so-so British accent.
I recently learned that the reason McGrath thought Paltrow would be a good choice was because she’s the only Texan he’d ever met who’d managed to entirely throw off her native accent; I guess he decided that if she could do that she could do any accent work? I guess? Seems questionable to me.
You know Joely Richardson was considered for this part? Gorgeous, refined (British) GODDESS Joely Richardson was passed over because Gwyenth managed to shake an embarrassing accent.
Tumblr media
I hate American directors.
I’m not sure if it’s just part of the accent, or her attempt to sound upper class, but on this most recent re-watch it hit me for the first time how very nasal many of her line deliveries are. She also has this problem with looking (and sounding) sort of vapid and… just what is happening here?
Tumblr media
Is she having a stroke at the end there?
A bigger problem than Emma’s casting, however, is her characterization.
Part of the above mentioned script tampering is in lockstep with some of the issues with Emma’s characterization here. Her very teenager-esque swings from vowing to never make another match again to immediately trying to think of another guy to set Harriet up with, and her getting carried away in potential scenarios “But if he seems sad I shall know that John has advised him not to marry Harriet! I love John! Or he may seem sad because he fears telling me he will marry my friend. How could John let him do that? I hate John!” (Especially when you never even really get to meet John Knightley in this version? Ugh, pass me with this shit) is so bizarrely childish it’s a little hard to stomach. She spends the movie going back and forth between mature and manipulative to childish and naïve and it just… doesn’t work for me.  Emma can be all of these things but the transition from one extreme to another here seems a bit disjointed to me.
Knightley was a bit of a disappointment to me in this version. That’s not Jeremy Northam’s fault because I can’t think of a better choice they could have made. McGrath showed much better judgment with his choice for Mr. Knightley than he did with Emma.
My biggest problem with this interpretation was how laid back he was when he was supposed to chastising Emma. Their quarrels became more like mere disagreements so the proposal line of lecturing her and her bearing it as no other woman would have isn’t entirely earned. Even in the big scene at Box Hill where Knightley is really supposed to lay into Emma, he starts off pretty solidly, but by the end so doe-eyed and apologetic it fails to deliver the sting of rebuke that is Emma’s biggest learning moment in the story. Perhaps they were trying to go for a more disappointed feel (the kind that makes you feel worse than being shouted at because you really respect the person you let down) but it just didn’t come through for me.
Also of note is the fact that, (I assume) because John Knightley isn’t really allowed time to be a character in this film, McGrath took some of John’s introverted tendencies and transplanted them into his more convivial older brother (“I just want to stay home, where it’s cozy.” – I mean I feel that, but this isn’t something George Knightley would say.) 
Onto the less central characters
I question also the choice of Toni Colette for Harriet Smith. I mean I actually liked her performance more on this watch than previously but I just don’t think she’s pretty enough for Harriet, and she looks a bit clumsy (though that might have more to do with her costumes.)
I also noted that McGrath bumps Harriet’s comprehension skills up just a scooch. Emma never has to explain the “Courtship” riddle to her, Harriet figures it out on her own after a while, while she never manages to in the book.
Now we come to the crux of Jane Fairfax, played by Polly Walker. I don’t care for this choice. My issue is the simple fact that she just isn’t believable to me as a demure, wronged character like Jane Fairfax. Seriously she looks like she would sooner throw Frank across the room than take his cruel teasing, and not in the subtle way that Olivia Williams managed to. They never even utilized her by including some of Jane’s more pointed returns to Frank’s jabs, which they even managed to squeeze into the massively cut down TV movie.    
Speaking of Frank; Ewan McGregor, though generally delightful, was so under-used. Frank and Jane’s plotline always kind of gets shafted in Theatrical release adaptations of this story. It’s not as bad here as it is in say, the 2020 adaptation (they were in that version so little I actually forgot what their actors looked like), but it’s still pretty stunted.
I find it interesting that Ewan McGregor himself thinks his performance in this movie isn’t good; and I’ll agree it’s not his best (certainly it’s no Obi-wan Kenobi) but I thought he did a pretty good job with obviously unfamiliar material
Also if the Davies screenplay of ’97 made Frank’s character too caddish, I think this version didn’t make him caddish enough. I mean he’s hardly around enough to really develop his flirtation with Emma, and they merged Strawberry Picking and Box Hill into one sequence so we never see Frank’s ill humors. I can perhaps excuse this, since it seems like a nuanced story really wasn’t what McGrath was going for here, I think. This is a lite version of the story; schmaltzy fluff for teenage girls’ movie nights. Frank’s ill humors wouldn’t really have fit the tone of this version at all.
Interestingly enough, though it’s taken me a long time to make this decision, I think Alan Cumming might be the definitive Elton? He’s the only one who doesn’t immediately read as a slime ball from the get go. I mean he’s got all the warning signs that Austen wrote into him, but no more than that. He’s not slinking about greasily or obviously pandering (at first), so Emma’s uneasy realization of what’s really happening here isn’t a hundred miles behind the viewer’s (maybe just fifty).
Tumblr media
There are as many Mrs. Eltons out there as there are adaptations of this story, and they’re all pretty great (funky accents aside), but other than the 1997 take, this one might be the least great to me. She’s not nearly pushy enough, because Mrs. Elton would never let Emma prompt the conversation when she could do it herself.
  Also, I think McGrath misunderstands Mrs. Elton’s brand of New Money vulgarity. He has her talking with her mouthful, clanking her utensils on her plate as she eats, putting biscuits which she’s bitten into back onto communal plates, which I think even Mrs. Elton would know not to do. Table manners are pretty basic; the couth that Mrs. Elton lacks is of a more nuanced social kind – for instance, what is and isn’t considered gauche to talk about (like how big one’s brother in law’s house is or how many horses he keeps.)
(A sudden thought has just occurred to me: is Mrs. Elton just a more mean-spirited Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances? “It’s meh sister, Mrs. Suckling! That’s right, the one with an estate in Warwickshire and the two barouche landaus!”)
Sophie Thompson’s Miss Bates is chatty and one of better takes on the character, but lack of necessary background hinders her impact on Emma’s story. The comedy in her scenes is some of the best and actually made me laugh, although I think she was just way too giggly.
Miss Bates’s mother, Mrs. Bates, is played by Sophie Thompson’s real-life mother Phyllida Law in a completely coincidental quirk of casting. (I noted in this film how very much Emma Thompson, Sophie’s older sister looks like their mother.)
My only other serious issue with characterization in this adaptation is the representation of Mr. Woodhouse. He is somehow simultaneously more cheery and more disagreeable than he is in the book. His chiding about the cake at the Weston’s wedding seems more like a scolding rather than an anxious admonishment. In one of the first scenes, during Mr. Woodhouse’s “Poor Miss Taylor” speech, he says he cannot understand why she would want to give up her comfortable life with himself and Emma, to have “mewling children who bring the threat of disease every time they enter or leave the house,” and he says this IN FRONT OF ONE OF HIS TWO DAUGHTERS.
Of course in the book, Mr. Woodhouse does lament Miss Taylor marrying, leaving and even having children – but this is all in the context of the danger childbirth presents to Miss Taylor (And the fact that he can’t stand losing a companion). These are his complaints – not the children themselves. In addition, his elder daughter has quite a fine number of children, all of them very young, of whom Mr. Woodhouse is very fond. He’s a character that needs to be carefully handled because, much like his daughter, it’s very easy for him to become unlikeable.
For the rest of the time, though, he just sort of cheerily laughs and is very at ease, when Mr. Woodhouse, as a chronic hypochondriac should be made anxious by just about everything.
Sets & Surroundings
One thing I find interesting about this adaptation is that the houses they chose to use are all of a very neo-classical Palladian style, which I believe (given her disdain for the contemporary trend of knocking down England’s great houses just to rebuild them in a more fashionable style) Austen may have disliked to some degree.
One such house is Came House in Dorset, which was used as the Woodhouse’s estate, Hartfield. Now Hartfield is, I think, described as a well-built modern house so this could be pretty accurate (although Modern could refer to the red bring, boxy style of Georgian architecture, such as the houses used in the 1997, 2009 and 1972 versions.)
Another, Claydon House in Buckinghamshire played the role of Donwell Abbey. I think this might be the worst exterior ever used for Donwell, from a book accuracy perspective. Utterly Georgian, with its’ square façade, Claydon house sort of directly contradicts Austen description of being “Larger than Hartfield, and totally unlike it, covering a good deal of ground, rambling and irregular…” not only is the architecture totally wrong, so is its’ situation, in Georgian fashion, perched on a hill, when Donwell (a very old building) is supposed to be “Low and sheltered”.
Tumblr media
Mapperton House is maybe the grandest house yet used for Mr. Weston’s Randalls (I’ve already covered in my review of Emma (2020) why this is a problem – although in this version, as in the 1997 adaptation, there’s no full panic over the snow, so this is less of a problem, but a house like this is still too grand for the reasonably sized Randalls of the book), but it fits the usual 15th-16th century house type that always seems to be used for Randalls.
A myriad of other great houses were used for interiors, however other than Crichel House (Dorset), which was used for Donwell’s interiors, I can’t find information on which ones where used for what. They include Breakspear House (Harefield), Coker Court (Somerset), Stafford House (Staffordshire) and Syon House & Park (Middlesex).
I really appreciate the interiors which were all very colorful and even included doors and molding painted the same color as the walls which is a very Georgian decorating convention, although it looks odd to the modern viewer.
Costumes & Hair
As a rule, the costumes (Created by Ruth Myers) in this movie are pretty damn good, composition wise, but the arrangement leaves a lot to be desired. Myers talked extensively of wanting the costumes to be colorful and bright like the water colors of the time, which she achieved brilliantly. What I find funny is that she talked about using color as if it would be controversial from a historical accuracy point of view, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
The evening wear is generally excellent
Tumblr media
My only question around evening wear here is… what’s up with the waistline on Harriet’s ball gown? Why is it going up in the middle? Toni Collette (who actually gained weight for the role, since Harriet was described as “Reubenesque”) verged on looking a little dumpy throughout the film and awkwardly bumping up her waistline in the middle really didn’t help.
I’m pleased to report that is is the one version where Miss Bates’s evening-wear is allowed to look like evening wear. Even Maiden Aunts wore shorter sleeves and lower necklines at dinner or balls. They fussed her up with some lace gloves and frilly fichus but it follows the conventions of the time. I appreciate that immensely, though I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s because of Sophie Thompson’s age.
At 37 Thompson was an unconventionally young choice for Miss Bates, a character who previously had only been cast as older than 50 (Prunella Scales, who would play the role later in 1996, was 64). Indeed, Douglas McGrath almost passed Thompson over for the role on account of her age, but reconsidered after seeing her in spectacles. It seems possible to me that since Thompson was considered young they dressed her “young” as well.
The daywear is where the costumes start to really fall apart. There are a lot of looks here worn in the day that are VERY not day/outerwear appropriate, especially on Emma, most especially the yellow dress she’s wearing while driving that carriage (which, btw is inappropriate on a whole OTHER level). Can we just talk aboutt he cognative dissonance of bothering to put a bonnet on her when her arms and boobs are just hanging out like that? Like, it would almost have been less egregious to just leave the bonnet where it was.
Tumblr media
But then there are a lot of Emma’s day-wear looks that are perfectly suitable and appropriate. What I find ironic about that is that most of the short-sleeved, low-necked “Evening-gowns as day-wear” looks are worn OUTSIDE in the sun and most of the long-sleeved, sun protecting, day-wear appropriate looks are worn INSIDE.  She’s also got a profusion of dangling curls in day-time settings that are also more evening-wear appropriate (to match the dresses, perhaps?)
I’m also pleased to report that even in day-wear Miss Bates gets a break from brown in this version. Her clothes are nice, but not fancy like Miranda Hart’s in Emma. 2020, and I like to think that nice thick shawl with lace overlay is the one mentioned in the book that Jane’s friend Mrs. Dixon sent along home with her for her aunt.
My only problem with Mrs. Elton’s kit is that it’s all perfectly nice, but none of it is overly-nice. There’s no extra trim, no unnecessary lace, not even any bold colors. I hope Myers and McGrath didn’t take Mrs. Elton’s line in the book about her fear of being over-trimmed seriously.
Let’s talk outerwear. There’s a lot of going into town with JUST a shawl on in this movie (usually over short sleeves), and I’m sorry but I don’t think that’s how outer-wear worked in this time period. A shawl is good enough when you’re taking a turn in the garden but not for going out in public into town, unless maybe you’re wearing long sleeves, or perhaps paired with a SPENCER.
Tumblr media
Never mind Mrs. Elton’s line about a shocking lack of satin at the end of the movie, I’m more concerned about the shocking lack of spencers. There are precisely three in this film. I counted (and the sleeves on Emma’s look like maybe they’re too long for her?) Mrs. Elton sports the only redingote in the film.
Jane Fairfax is, as always, in her classic Jane Fairfax Blue™,
Tumblr media
although she has some nice white gowns at some points too.
Now, onto 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Definitely a bit more colorful than the 97 adaptation. Mr. Knightley benefits most from the addition of colors other than green. He’s even got some smashing waistcoats and a very nice blue evening coat (I couldn’t get very good shots of them though). The problem is; those trousers? NOT. TIGHT. ENOUGH.
Also… you all see it, right? I circled it in red so you should. Yeah. Knightley is dancing in boots. WTF RUTH? Please! You’re better than this! Who dances in Prussians like that? I ask you! (Frank also wears boots to the Cole’s dinner party so that’s two strikes.)
I’m not sold on Frank’s looks. His day-wear is a bit sedate for such a confirmed dandy (I believe he’s called a “coxcombe” in the book?) and his evening wear… well he apparently only has the one look.
And speaking of Frank’s look in this film, I’d like to know at whose doorstep I should lay the blame for what Ewan McGregor himself has called “The Worst Wig Ever”; and why the hair designer in charge decided to model Frank’s aesthetic on a theme of “Chucky meets the Mad Hatter”.
This hairstyle not only looks dreadful, it’s not at all fashionable or authentic to this time period! Fashionable mens’ hair styles at this point were all relatively short. A Beau Brummel coiffeur, or a short Roman style, or a fashionable head of curls like Mr. Elton’s! Not this farmer chic. Robert Martin’s hair is more fashionable than Frank’s!
The tune they chose for Emma and Knightley’s dance is a baroque melody (so a hundred or so years out of fashion) called “Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot” and as is pointed out in the video linked above, and is the same tune and dance used for Lizzie and Darcy’s big dance in Pride and Prejudice (1995).
I get why it was used in P&P because, slow, stately baroque tunes are often used as on-screen short hand for snobbish character like Mr. Darcy. It’s not super intense either, like the baroque tune used in P&P 05, which was chosen for more romantic effect. So why use this kind of “stuck up” tune for what should be a romantic dance? Maybe because it was used in the 95 P&P which became, almost instantly, one of the most popular Austen adaptations?
Quick note on the dancing and music in this movie. I’m not an expert on English Country dance (I’ll outsource that by giving you the usual link to Tea with Cassiane’s analysis on YouTube) but I’ll add my two cents  - I know Cassiane gave this a pretty favorable three full dance slippers but I think the way all of the actors and dancers move looks very poorly rehearsed and kind of sloppy. I think everyone just spread out way too much.
Douglas McGrath’s Script
I have to say one of the things this film did very well and brought to the forefront is how insular Emma’s life is. The opening credit sequence brings this to our attention right away by showing a spinning globe which, once it slows down is shown to be, literally, Emma’s whole tiny world. Hartfield, Donwell, Randalls and Highbury. That’s it. It’s perhaps not a very subtle device, but it does get the job done and very succinctly too.
I would now like to talk about my issues with the script of this movie; I have some problems with it. Very different problems than it’s 1996 counterpart though.
 First let’s go over the comedic device that jumped out to me most in this movie: the awkward pause.
I think it’s only used twice but they both bothered me.
First there’s the pauses while Emma and Mrs. Weston grill Knightley on whether he considers Jane Fairfax romantically. It’s all written as very “OoOoOooo” with Knightley answering their interrogations and then sitting between them awkwardly as they stare him down as, none of his answers giving either Emma or Mrs. Weston satisfaction. This is one of the most teen rom-com moments of the film to me.
Next there’s all the quiet stretches while Emma and Mrs. Elton have tea at Hartfield. I don’t like the use of awkward pauses in this case because (as I mentioned in Mrs. Elton’s characterization section) it’s so ludicrous to me that there are pauses in this conversation at all. Surely the point of Mrs. Elton is that she loves to hear herself talk and her conceited obsession with the idea that everyone around her must only benefit from hearing her opinions. There should be no conceivable reason why Emma should have to prompt conversation like she does in McGrath’s version of this scene, except to derail Mrs. Elton’s constant self-important yammering.
Watching it this time around I found myself wondering exactly what McGrath wanted to do with this film. I mean I’ve been attempting to decipher exactly whether the changes made were conscious and based on artistic vision, or whether they were changed because the source material just flew over McGrath’s Hollywood Director head.
I mean he gets the important plot points across, but there were other scenes that I had issues with: namely, the Archery scene. This is a pretty intense part of the book because Mr. Knightly goes from astonished, to indignant, to truly vexed with Emma in a short period of time. But this scene in the movie is very casual. The part where Emma’s arrow goes wide and into the general direction of Knightley’s dogs, and he takes an opportunity to make a quip and says “try not to kill my dogs” particularly annoyed me. My issue is that this totally ruins the tension of the scene; and why are Knightley’s dogs sitting BEHIND THE TARGETS ANYWAY? Knightley is a sensible man, and one who knows better than to let his dogs rest in a place where stray arrows could hit them!
The dialouge is very jarring because it flips back and forth beetween being alright, and period appropriate and then it will just spring a very modern turn of phrase and pull you completely out of the setting. I know this is something that’s been brought up with the 2009 version as well but maybe it’s because the actors in that version have (in my opinion) better chemistry that it simply doesn't stick out to me as much.
The comedy in general in this movie just makes me cringe a lot of the time (Sophie Thompson’s “oh sorry, napkin” bit notwithstanding). Like the soup thing when Emma and Harriet meet Mr. Elton after visiting the poor, and the random kid that gets tossed into this scene with Emma… just doesn’t work for me.
Wikipedia describes McGrath’s tweaks on Emma and Knightley’s banter (which really weren’t changed that much, textually) as “Enlivened” to make the basis of their attraction more apparent, which… I’m sorry but nothing about the exisiting banter isn’t lively if delivered in a lively manner. And I wouldn’t exactly call Gywneth’s performance lively, because she has to concentrate to keep that accent up.
I mentioned already that what McGrath essentially did with Emma was take Austen’s story, and remove the nuance (Such as lightening Frank’s infractions in his relationship with Jane and, while not totally contradicting, but also not highlighting the economic commentary of the story that is thematic in Austen’s novel) in order to make a straight up 90’s comedic romance film (Which, if you doubt this, look no further than Rachel Portman’s Oscar Winning but very dated score).
My Question is why? Why bother when the SAME STORY had been adapted into a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, modernized rom-com THE PREVIOUS YEAR, which actually, even while being set in the 90’s, did the story greater justice, with far more insight and quality?
Emma (1996) was always going to be over-shadowed by Clueless. At the end of the day this whole movie was kind of a futile effort because despite excellent production quality, the actual contents are watered down and, in my own opinion, pretty roundly mediocre.
Final Thoughts
When I first watched both of these versions I came at it from a very one-or-the-other perspective. I forgave McGrath’s film because it was light and colorful and I’d heard Davies’ version praised so highly at that time as the only faithful, definitive version (only to be let down by it in almost every possible way). But coming right down to it now, it’s hard for me to really excuse McGrath’s effort because a version of Emma that doesn’t take itself seriously enough is almost as bad as a version that takes itself too seriously.
It never fails to jump out at me how diametrically opposed these interpretations are, from the characterization right down to the tone and lighting.
McGrath’s Emma is light in every sense of the word, where Davies’ is dark and ponderous. McGrath’s Knightley is laid back where Davies’ is aggressive and ferocious. Frank, in McGrath’s version, is let off easy by the narrative playing down his moodiness, while in Davies there’s an overshadowing dark-cloud of off-putting caddishness.
Ribbon Rating: Tolerable (58 Ribbons)
The more I watch the 1996 adaptations of Emma (invariably back-to-back) the more firmly I am convinced that Andrew Davies’ made for TV film was (in some ways) a direct response to McGrath’s motion picture.
Tone: 7
Casting: 7
Acting: 5
Scripting: 5
Pacing: 4
Cinematography: 4
Setting: 5
Costumes: 6
Music: 5
Book Accuracy: 6
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soulmate-game · 3 months ago
New fic *test*
New Bio!dad Bruce story? I’m testing out this first chapter, and if I like where it’s going I might add it to my growing pile of WIPs. If I have inspiration, I might as well use it. Because of life events stressing me the hell out, I’m throwing any writing plans out the window and I’m purely gonna write to destress right now. Whether that means updating THG or not, or continuing Maribat March, we’ll just have to see how this all pans out. Things are subject to day-to-day change.
I got inspiration from this from rereading my day 1 story for Bio!dad Bruce Wayne month from last year. I’m just gonna change a few things.
For once, an unfamiliar face attracted the attention of everyone who caught even a glimpse of them. It wasn’t even because of the person themselves at first, but their dress. The skirt like the most fantastical of storybook ball gowns, fluffy layers of satin over a luxurious petticoat, with a stunning pink floral pattern whose busy appearance was tastefully offset by a shorter, sheer layer of leaf green tulle artistically weaved and somehow sculpted over the floral in order to tame it. The effect turned what should be a grandmotherly pattern into something softer, sophisticated and youthful and yet also reminiscent of fairytale princesses. Over top the short layer of green tulle was an even shorter later of white tulle, almost invisible except for the elegant embroidery of crystal-white vines that twined all over it, connecting the green below it to the bottom-most floral pattern and oddly adding a layer of childishness instead of maturity. At the waist of the dress was a dark plum pink satin ribbon, to separate the elaborate ballgown skirt from the bodice. Attached to the simple ribbon was a large brooch of fabric flowers, with a single plastic ladybug in the center.
The bodice of the dress came up into a cheongsam neckline, but was sleeveless. It was a simple design, of half green and half dark pink, with a white border separating the two. The white border had expertly done embroideries in a soft silver thread that would only be visible close up, the images the thread made being that of fairies and ladybugs dancing around one another.
It was, all in all, a stunning display that made the small eurasian woman wearing them look like absolute royalty. Perhaps a long lost fairy princess. Her black-blue hair was even done up in elaborate looping braids and a braided bun, with silver and green pins that further completed the regal ensemble. And yes, while the expertly done dress was what initially captivated her current audience, it was not what kept them from leaving her alone. That was all her personality, bubbly and bright as her blinding smile. It was a sunny disposition that very few people present had any exposure to at all, and it drew them like a sunflower to the daylight. They could not help but flock closer, or even just stand back and keep themselves turned to her presence. Already she had been at the gala for two hours, but there was no issue. She just kept proving her generosity, admitting she had donated both a dress and a suit of her own making to the charity auction that would begin soon, one of the main attractions of the gala. She skillfully charmed the more snooty of the attendants, and artfully twisted her words so that they felt compelled to donate more money that they truly had no use for. Later, they would remember their donation and wonder what compelled it, but come up with no satisfying answer.
And yet she was entirely unaware of her more silent audience, who stood back and observed. Truth be told, every one of them was glad to not be the center of that attention for a change, to have room to breathe for so long at an event where usually that commodity was so scarce that it demanded a fierce competition for. Compared to her garden of color, they were all shadows in shades of blacks and blues and whites, with a touch of red here and there that was entirely too thematic for their home city. The one who sported a royal blue suit tilted his head at the scene they were all calmly witnessing, his bright azure eyes glittering.
“She’s like magic,” he mused, clearly enchanted despite having not said a single word to the woman. “Perfect socialite. She’s kind, generous, she made that dress and the ones she donated to the auction herself so she’s obviously got an intimidating amount of skill for her age. She even tricks those old fuddy-duddies into spending money. It’s like a dream come true!”
“I don't trust it,” the one to his right said, a man just a few inches shorter in a classic black suit with a red dress shirt underneath. He absently swept his bangs away from his face as he narrowed his eyes at the woman. “It seems too perfect. She doesn’t have any identifiable character flaw, except maybe being a little clumsy and too energetic. She does babble a little… but nothing that actually suggests any depth besides her just being— good. That’s impossible, and I don’t trust it.”
“Tt. I agree with Drake for once. She seems entirely too comfortable with this setting, despite her blushes and rambles,” the one who spoke this like was taller, clearly a teen in the middle of his growth spurt. He, too, wore a plain black suit but his had subtle charcoal embroidery and he wore an emerald-green dress shirt under it that made his matching eyes gleam dangerously. “It seems almost playacted. Expertly so, but nonetheless not entirely genuine.”
“Wow, not many pick up on that. I’m gonna give your observations a solid eight out of ten. They’re all perfectly sound, but not quite complete,” a new voice made all of the silent group stiffen— somehow they had been snuck up on. The newcomer smirked at them as if having fully expected their reaction but still being pleased at being able to evoke it. This was yet another stunner; far too much color in her outfit to be a Gotham native, and far too much skill in the construction for it to signify anything less than extreme influence. She had bright golden-blond hair that was coiled into a low bun, with her bangs artfully curled and arranged to display her crystal blue eyes.
In contrast to the garden-themed dress of the Eurasian woman who had garnered their attention at first, this newcomer was wearing a pantsuit. It was all in a dark honey-gold, in a stiff fabric with construction that made it lay entirely in perfect, straight lines and hug her form in the right places. Black embroidery decorated the long, flared sleeves and pant legs and dripped around the square neckline like a faux necklace. A cape made out of the same material as the rest of the pantsuit was draped on one shoulder. It started out as the same honey-gold color, but it became a gradient as it faded to a solid black at the ends. Gold thread embroidery decorated the solid black bottom of the cape in delicate, deceptively simplistic swirls. The top half of the pantsuit was clearly inspired by military garb, simultaneously rigidly constructed yet fitted, with circular onyx buttons going down the center of the chest and a thick metal belt, all in swirling silver and black, sat perfectly clasped around her waist. It was far more solid-colored and simplistic compared to the fairytale dress in the center, but no less show stopping and luxurious. It simply showcased an entirely different attitude, almost as if the two women could never get along if their personalities matched their outfits.
“And who are you?” The man who had been the center of the group of shadow-like adults spoke up, back straightening to milk every speck of his generous six-feet-and-three-inches of height. This was none other than Bruce Wayne, the host of this annual charity gala. And normally, his current stance would either intimidate or utterly charm whoever it was directed at— but not this pantsuit-clad blond warrior. Her smirk merely widened, and her blue eyes took on a slight shade of teal as if trying to mimic the dangerous ocean depths.
“I am Chloe Bourgeois, the daughter of Andre Bourgeois, the mayor of Paris, and Audrey Bourgeois, the Style Queen. It’s nice to meet you again, Monsieur Wayne,” she introduced herself imperiously. “I also happen to be the best friend of the girl you were just staring at.”
Bruce nodded, but had trouble reconciling this clear powerhouse of a woman with the bratty and entitled preteen he had met years ago, at the last gala she had attended with her mother. “Of course, I didn’t recognize you at first Chloe. You’ve grown a lot since the last Gala I saw you at.”
Chloe wrinkled her nose, clearly not appreciating the reminder. “I was a bitch,” she admitted easily, seemingly not at all bothered by the confession. It caused not only Bruce but also the oldest three of his sons, who had all also met her in the past, to blink in silent shock. “Things have changed. Paris is apparently the perfect chaotic environment right now to promote emotional growth and smack spoiled kids over the head with reality,” she shrugged. Part of the reason her and her whole class had even been able to come to the Gala in the first place was the fact that Bruce wanted to offer the most attacked group of Parisians a respite and some support from their crazy lives. The fact that even Gotham seemed sane in comparison to Paris was a bit of a hard hit for both involved parties, but in the end everyone understood that “more sane” didn’t always equate with “less dangerous.” Considering all that, Chloe had no reason to sugarcoat the situation in her home city. “But it wasn’t easy at all, and Marinette was largely responsible for my improvement too.”
“Marinette?” The heathen who somehow got away with attending a gala in a black leather jacket over a dress shirt and suit pants asked, raising a brow. Chloe nodded.
“The girl you were just goggling at. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, the class president and resident workaholic. Does she ever sleep? Nobody knows,” Chloe shrugged.
The blue-suited man, Dick Grayson, shot a suspicious glance at Tim, who was standing to his right, as if he was worried his brother had made a female clone of himself just so he could continue to work hard and never rest. Tim ignored him and sipped from the thermos of coffee he had somehow snuck in.
Bruce cleared his throat to bring the focus back onto himself, and shot his most charming smile at Chloe. “They would have known who she was, if they had read the brief information I gave them about your class. But they never do listen to me,” he complained with good humor. “But back to the original topic, Miss Bourgeois, do you care to correct us on how our observations are lacking?”
Chloe laughed easily, smiling and nodding to indicate Marinette, still stuck in a circle of socialites and not seeming the least bit worn out.
“Of course. First; She is not completely acting. She really is like magic sometimes— disgustingly kind, generous, far too willing to help just about anyone for just about any reason. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever met, as much as it pains me to admit it. But she is exaggerating her personality a bit and hiding the parts she doesn’t want anyone to see, so there is a little acting involved. Just not as much as you seem to think,” Chloe then waved her arm in a flourish as if she were presenting Marinette to them. “In short; behold Mari Dupain-Cheng, the ridiculously likeable, disgustingly cute, extremely philanthropic mask that she shows everyone at public events like this. You don’t see any of the insomnia, or the anxiety, or the self doubt. Just the parts she wants you to see, accompanied with a smile to blind you to everything else,” her all-too-deep blue eyes settled back on Bruce then, a knowing glint shining in them. “Don’t you think that’s ridiculously similar to Brucie Wayne for you, Monsieur? Utterly, ridiculously, similar?”
Bruce grit his teeth. He hadn’t expected anyone else to know about his exceptionally well hidden secret, not even his kids had caught on or found his buried evidence yet. Yet his heiress comes up, nearly flaunting her knowledge in his face with all too many unspoken questions and criticisms.
And her cryptic words had succeeded in making all of his kids look at him with extreme suspicion. Shit.
“What are you saying, Miss Bourgeois?” he cautiously prodded. She hummed noncommittally before dropping the bomb all too casually;
“I’m saying I’ve seen her adoption papers, and you won’t be able to run from her for long Monsieur Wayne. As soon as she gets an opening, she’s going to pounce,” Chloe’s eyes glittered dangerously again. “And nowadays, Marinette doesn’t ever let people escape her. Your problem with adoption has created a rather unique problem, you know. You’re at fault for a large majority of her self confidence issues, and I want you to know that I am not going to forget or forgive that anytime soon.”
“Bruce,” Jason’s voice was dark and threatening. “What is she talking about?”
“Something we don’t want getting in the tabloids,” Yet another new voice popped up, allowing Chloe to smugly sink back into the background.
Somewhere during their discussion, Marinette had ambushed them.
“Chloe and I are very good at locating all the reporters in a room and distracting them, but we’re not infallible and this event has far too much coverage,” Her smile reeked confidence and charm, but this close all the Waynes could see the doubt hiding in her bluebell eyes. “Since I’m about to turn eighteen, I figured this would be as good a time as any to finally confront you. I want to make it clear that I seek nothing from you, except the occasional contact. I would like to keep in touch, if nothing else. But if you are adverse to that… then at least answer my questions after the gala,” her eyes developed a hint of carefully controlled desperation. “Please.”
Bruce met her eyes evenly, trying to read her. But she was difficult, simultaneously too many emotions to sort through in her demeanor and much too little. After an extremely tense moment of silence, his voice came out barely above a whisper:
“You do not want anybody to know?”
And hell, if she didn’t recognize the hidden vulnerability in his voice as the very same she heard in her own far too often. In a much tamer version of her own rambling, he went on:
“I can keep it silent if that is what you want. But I want you to know that I will not be adverse to you admitting it anywhere. I don’t expect you to change your name, but I would not be ashamed of the truth getting out. I am not ashamed of it, of you.”
Marinette’s smile grew a little watery. She had to clear her throat to keep herself from tearing up. “Maybe eventually, but not yet. I… I want to stay a little more anonymous for now. It’s one thing to be a well known designer with good connections. It’s an entirely different thing to be…”
“A Wayne?” Bruce finished, ignoring the daggers that were being stared into his back. “I understand completely.
“Father,” Damian’s voice was all sharp edges and rapidly suppressed panic. “What. Is going. On?”
Marinette shot him an apologetic smile. “Apparently, eighteen years ago, his prerogative was to put the child he actually knew about up for adoption when the mother died in childbirth,” her voice was once again only barely loud enough for them to hear, since she didn’t want any eavesdroppers. “Imagine my surprise when I find out he completely flipped sides only months later.”
Hey, so please share your feedback on this. This is just to test out a possible new bio dad, multichapter fic and this is the opening scene I'm trying out. If you like it, please tell me what you like about it and please suggest titles for the story! I love you guys' feedback so much!
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yakuwuzas · 3 months ago
IT’S VIDDY GAAAAAAAAAME SATURDAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! i’m tryna write these on the days that i actually like do the things so i have them more fresh in my mind and also so i don’t end up dragging them out into midway through the week when i’m already onto other things LOL anyway ok so this saturday we played a few games actually!!!
they were all unintentionally a bit heavy handed wrt racism and xenophobia SO THAT WAS FUN ................... anyway i have quite a bit to say about lonely wolf treat and the the sacrifice(s?) segments that have been released so far. i also want to write about doodle date, which i played a few weeks ago and really liked.
i’m gnna try and keep this short and just do just a couple of paragraphs for each game instead of the approach i took earlier on where i divided each one into categories cause it’s just easier for me
ANYWAY discussions about racism, xenophobia, protests, police brutality, etc under the cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut as usual (oh also talking about nsfw of child appearing characters) and obviously spoiler warning (EDIT: now an additional tw for anti-semitism)
doodle date
let me get this one out of the way because i don’t want to like go into topics of sociopolitical inequalities and then randomly jump to a game where you get to date the doodles in your notebook. so i played this at the recommendation of a friend and it just so happened to be in the bundle for racial justice and inequality so it all worked magnificently!! it’s a pretty simple and linear experience.
a dating sim isekai basically where you now live in your notebook, pulled in by ....... idr her name but lets call her doodly. she insists you draw yourself a love interest, which you actually can do yourself. i thought that was honestly really great. getting to draw in this game really really does kind of make it what it is. original and funny. i do have some qualms about how the process works, but i will talk about that in a bit. so once you draw your lover, named sketchy, you then get to play out a few different routes. i did play through the game a few times in the same night and we really got a kick out of every ending.
the writing was just really good. it had a lot of random humor but without being outright obnoxious or coming off too try-hard which i feel is usually the case in these kinds of games. i’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a game to play through for a group of spectating friends or something .... which leads me to a couple of negatives.
so, i definitely don’t think i would have enjoyed this game as much as i did had i played it alone. getting suggestions from my friends on what to draw really made the game that much more enjoyable, especially when seeing how the drawings are used further down the story. another negative is that when drawing sketchy’s different emotions, you get a blank sheet every time and have to draw from scratch. i think we should be able to repurpose the previous sketch, that way we just have to make a few adjustments to fit each emotion accurately and go on. it makes it pretty tedious.
that aside, though. this game was pretty fun! definitely enjoyed it.
now that that’s out of the way .... let’s talk about racism.
lonely wolf treat
i found lonely wolf treat while looking through random pages on my bundle for racial justice and inequality. i figured it was going to be a short little rpg game, that it would be cute and just about acceptance and differences and stuff without being too heavy handed. it had come out around the time where literally everyone on the planet wanted to make an rpg game and so everybody did. rpgmaker was probably poppin’ the most around then? i wouldn’t know, i haven’t been on there in years. anyway, i was right about one thing. it was short. way shorter than i expected actually. i’ll continue this train of thought in a second so put a pin in it.
let’s talk about the story first. the game starts with treat, a wolf who has gotten separated from her pack and moves into a town of rabbits in hopes that it’d give her some time to figure out what she wants to do next. she is very much unwelcome in this town, with the inhabitants all running at the mere sight of her, basically refusing her business whenever she tries to purchase anything at the grocery store and overall just treating her poorly because of her status as a “predator” animal. their words, not mine. this is when she meets a rabbit named mochi. they become friends and we all learn that racism is bad.
presumably riding on the coattails of zootopia (both were released in 2016), we all understand why the allegory of comparing hunter/prey relationships to race relations is inappropriate. the very basic point of it being that: prey animals are justifiably afraid of predatory animals because predatory animals kill and eat them. white people are unjustifiably hostile towards people of color based on stereotypes, myths and deceptive science they themselves invented to convince themselves of their own deluded superiority. i felt like someone hit me over the head with a very large rock when i saw where this was going and not just myself, but the other two people of color who were watching the playthrough, were also very uncomfortable with this narrative.
so now that i talked about that, let’s talk about that little pin of ours.
i implore you to google what the characters of this game look like right now. just google lonely wolf treat really quick, pop into google images and take a look. i’ll wait. you’re back? okay cool. so i was pretty surprised by the brevity of this game, so i went ahead and did some research. i found out the op made more games! this was a whole series made up of six games. i was genuinely curious so i did some more poking around, getting ready to run through the whole series because i still had a few good hrs left in the night. and then i found the porn.
remember those images that cropped up in the google image search result? yup. the dev did nsfw comics involving that character and the “end racism” bunny friend they made, mochi - who i THOUGHT WAS A CHILD BASED SOLELY OFF OF THEIR BEHAVIOR, BY THE WAY. i immediately closed the tab and started sorting out what other game i’d play instead lol. anyway, fuck this person. fuck these games. they’re a weirdo and should stop making content, or at the very least take all of this shit down and apologize.
if not because it’s trivializing the struggles of actual, real life people of color - then because of their sexualization of characters who look like fucking toddlers.
like literally. who in their right fucking mind would draw porn of this character IN THIS STYLE? it’s fucking nuts.
Tumblr media
the sacrifices
so i found the sacrifices in the same way that i found lonely wolf treat. randomly hitting pages on the bundle for racial justice and inequality. so the sacrifices is a game that is apparently being split into seven parts. (edit: so it says seven on the night fisherman and twelve on the change architect so who tf knows how long this is actually gonna be lol) .. but so far, we only have the first three. the bundle came with the night fisherman, which is incidentally my favorite of the three. i then proceeded to download the other two “chapters?”, the outcast lovers and the change architect in order to further explore the story .... to much disappointment.
i’m going to talk about each segment real quick in a paragraph each.
the night fisherman centers a fisherman who is in the process of smuggling a refugee into england. he is approached by another boat with a member of an immigrant ... hunting task force, of sorts, called the EPG on it. his name is chuchill and he also so happens to be my favorite character in the series, very specifically because he very much appeals to my specific tastes for villainy. he’s cruel, sadistic and cleverly written. i have hopes he’ll be the game’s main antagonist further down the line but we’ll have to wait and see i guess. i really loved the writing in this part. it was very immersive and tense. nothing really felt in excess, very measured and realistic. the fisherman is found out and he is either given the option to give up the refugee he is smuggling and come with churchill as a prisoner or attempt to save the refugee and lose his life in the process. it doesn’t seem to matter! (put a pin in that) in the end, the boat the refugee child is on overturns and churchill leaves the boy to presumably die.
EDIT: so when i initially played through the game, i was genuinely confused by how little the differences were between the two endings i got that i wondered exactly how many endings there would be. so, i looked up a playthrough and it was confirmed to me that these were in fact the only two endings. however, i also took a gander at the comments. someone pointed out that the scene was basically a plagiarized sparknotes version of the opening scene in inglourious basterds. so at first, i didn’t think much of it but giving it more and more thought, it genuinely began to feel that way. so much so that i literally sat and watched inglourious basterds (also because i like it and it’s a great movie).
low and behold ... save for some minor differences, it was more or less the same exact scene. this is a HUGE disappointment to me considering this was really the ONLY redeemable thing about this game so far and the one thing i most enjoyed. someone who’d written a review on this game claimed it was an homage to hans landa and while it isn’t word for word copy, i still do think an “homage” is too generous of a descriptor. if you play the game and watch the movie and disagree, that’s your opinion. this is mine. actually, HERE is a link to the scene in the movie and HERE is a link to the play through of the game. you decide.
similarities i noticed
menial conversations about dairy farms vs menial conversation about fishing
churchill being a smug self-assured immigrant hunter and the fisherman being a stoic and reserved/level headed immigrant smuggler vs hans being a smug self-assured hunter of the jewish and the dairy farmer being a stoic and reserved/level headed stower of the jewish
hans asking the dairy farmer if he’s heard anything about the jewish families that lived nearby and insisting rumors are still helpful vs churchill  asking the fisherman if he’s heard anything about any possible immigrant smugglers and insisting rumors are still helpful
hans requesting milk vs churchill requesting a lighter
hans asking and insisting the dairy farmer state what he does to the jewish vs churchill asking and insisting the fisherman state what he does to immigrants
hans comparing the jewish to rats vs churchill comparing immigrants to pigeons (there is more to this but i implore you to watch the scenes because it’s hard for me to put into words)
hans promising to spare the dairy farmer his and his family’s lives in exchange for giving up the jewish family he is hiding vs churchill promising to spare the fisherman’s life in exchange for giving up the immigrant he is stowing on his boat
the dairy farmer greatly suffering over giving up the jewish family he is hiding vs the fisherman greatly suffering over giving up the immigrant child he is stowing
shosanna escaping hans vs the immigrant child escaping churchill
one more smaller similarity is that hans in IB is nicknamed the “j*w hunter” while churchill in TNF is nicknamed the kidfished. i mention smaller because hans’ nickname is mentioned closer to the end of the movie and not in the opening. however, both wear these nicknames with pride.
and these are just all the ones i noticed .. lol.
there are many ways to write an interesting villain character without straight lifting entire dialogues from preexisting ones we like. given these circumstances, i rescind all the positive things i said about this character and the dynamics of this scene. END EDIT.
the outcast lovers centers a lesbian interracial couple who accidentally strike the child, who survived the ocean and is now running across the land, with their car. they take him in, feed him and then proceed to beat you over the face with political discourse. (pin in that) it all comes off pretty unnatural and forced. all of the cunning and seedy tension that the first part had been building up just gave up and walked out the door. all this stunted exposition is stopped when more members of the EPG come knocking on their door, probably looking for the boy, and ask questions. they are deterred and go on their way. that’s the end of the second part. idk how i feel about this one. the night fisherman showed so much potential ........ and this one started off strong as well CONCEPTUALLY (as in i like the idea of interracial lesbians adopting a refugee child and hiding from the government) but the execution was very poor.
the change architect centers adi and jemima (yeesh .. maybe not a great name for a presumably black character), two protest coordinators as they commandeer a crowd of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS (that’s A LOT of people bro) of protestors apparently who are very much against a fraudulent election victory of a man named fucking baron sugar (EDIT: apparently this is a real person ......... ok ................ his name is still stupid NAKJGMAG). you decide what to tell your protestors to do (not like it matters ..... put a pin) as you try to navigate counterprotestors, police and eventually, the military. things do not really play in your favor once the military steps in and apparently shoots explosives out of their tanks at the crowd. adi comes up with a very revolutionary and intelligent idea and just runs out towards the police and military while jemima livestreams him as he demands they stand down as they now have eyes on them (the ppl watching the livestream). he is arrested and the segment ends ....................
so, what is my beef? what are all these pins i’ve made you hold? let’s break it down and keep it simple.
i’m 90% sure there were no people of color working on this game. that’s not a good sign for a game about racial inequality, police brutality and mass deportation. naming a black character jemima, making the interracial lesbians entire personality be “politics”, THE USAGE OF REAL LIFE PROTESTS WITH A SHITTY FILTER OVER THEM AS “FOOTAGE” FOR THE IN-GAME PROTEST IN PART THREE ............ there is a lot of tone deafness in this game. the first part .. i honestly really did enjoy. but it seemed like the plot, focus and some degree of quality was lost after that.
despite being able to make choices in this game (and apparently your choices eventually impacting ... something in the storyline at some point as you are asked every time a segment ends, if you want to save because your choices WILL affect the story down the line), whatever you actually choose doesn’t seem to have any immediate consequence really. and i don’t understand how the choices could really affect anything at all BECAUSE THE SEGMENTS ARE EACH DOWNLOADED AS INDIVIDUAL AND SEPARATE GAMES. how will they detect what choices i made in essentially an entirely separate program?? i don’t get it?
this aside, the game has some glaring technical issues. the music is great but the sound in the game is either too low or too loud. you can’t put music at a base volume of 3 and then make your SFX a base volume of 500. there is no menu and the game just automatically closes when it’s done. i’ve seen a lot of people comment on how nice the game is and while it’s stylistically nice, it really does need a polish. there is a lot of clipping, sometimes things just flat-out look weird like the scene where the kid starts running after washing up on shore ... it looked silly af. like it could be great but ... yeah. it def needs some tweaking.
in conclusion
eventful? yes. enjoyable? eh. i did enjoy the night fisherman but everything else was just ...... yeah. i do have to say that i’m honestly surprised at the number of racially insensitive games in this bundle. i wonder how they went about picking games for it tbh. i would have rather no political games in the bundle than to literally play russian roulette with a fully loaded gun every week wondering if i’m gonna get shot in the head by a racism bullet. lol. at least it’s always good to chat shit with the buds while playing. that’s all for this saturday!!!!! time for bed!!!! movie sunday tomorrow!!!!!
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fayewonglibrary · 4 months ago
Faye Wong’s Scenic Tour (1999)
Faye Wong's Totally Exciting Scenic Tour - Hong Kong Concert
by Liu Jie Qi Intro: This time, Faye was very outstanding as compared to when I last saw her concert in Singapore a few years back. This time was more exciting! Not only because of her wide range of outfits and hairstyles that were added with more new ideas, also not only because she sang over 30 plus songs that were all good songs of different styles, and not only because of the large amount of investments spent on the stage design. Most importantly, what I saw was a Faye that was more open and revealed her own character and is not far away from us.
Report: January 9, 8:00 PM. I rushed to the Hong Kong Coliseum to catch the last night of 'Faye's Scenic Tour Hong Kong Concert'. I heard that this was the coldest night in HK since Christmas, but there were lots of people filling the big venue, all full of excitement and anticipation.
It was already the last day of the concert, but the seats were all fully taken up. Other than when stars such as Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Carina Lau, Christopher Doyle and others caught the attention of the media, the rest of the time, the whole venue waited patiently to be with Faye for their last date.
She began with 3 of her own compositions, 'Emotional Life', 'Fuzao' & 'Bored'. After these 3 songs, Faye said to the audience "Tonight is the 17th night of my concert since Christmas and also the last night. Are you happy or not happy? Happy ah...? Why are you happy? haha.....I'm very happy....because after tonight, I can finally get a good rest."
For 17 continuous nights, besides having to stay in good shape, she not only sang, sang, sang, changed, changed, changed (into 6 sets of outfits), she also needed to wear the 'world's first exclusive' soleless high heel shoes to walk in the water. She also had to walk on the high and elevated stage areas, and sometimes unexpectedly, suddenly appeared off the stage. If you really think about it, it is really quite tiring, especially for Faye, who is afraid of heights and sometimes was not too stable when walking.
Compared to the past concert, which was more simple, this time it was obviously of a very high standard. The circulating stage that goes round really helps to reduce the distance and bring Faye and her audience closer. I saw Faye continuously waving and shaking hands, her face was filled with smiles and happy to receive compliments from fans such as, 'You are very beautiful.'
Seems like Faye has dropped the ‘distance is beauty' kind of thinking.
In the concert, there were many elements that allowed Faye's cute and fun loving character to flow naturally, e.g the good luck hedgehog, cartoon animated scenes, the pool next to the stage, her daily life video clips that were captured like a documentary, plus lots of live responses, moving with the beat and rhythm of the music, and skipping along, all these reveal Faye's forwardness and childlike manners.
As per usual, Faye still talks very little. In the entire 2.5 hours concert, she only sang songs one after another - [list of songs].
I never thought that seeing a concert could be so enjoyable. After over 30 songs, Faye's standard never dropped at all. You really cannot help but be amazed by her! Compared to the past concert when she only stood on stage and swayed her long sleeves, this time Faye's concert in all areas added lots of new concepts and ideas, but all these selling points did not waver our attention.
Faye is still Faye, the only Faye.
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lydiaevansbafilmblog · 4 months ago
Video Games and Game Design
Games have obviously been around for less time than cinema. But it’s scope and range of audience has grown exponentially in the past 20 years. As of recently, society has placed games on a higher pedestal of importance in comparison to Hollywood’s films. 
Due to the increase in people wishing for more individually stimulating experiences, services such as Netflix have become more popular. Cinema’s are absolutely not failing (not until COVID-19) but they are finding a decrease in the volume of moviegoers since such film and video streaming services have become more widely available and more attractive for the larger audience.
In more recent findings, games have out-earned films by plenty. With a gross global revenue of $159 Billion coming from the game industry, and $100 Billion in the film industry. Now, this money is usually from larger MMO’s and Triple A studio games. But the indie crowd of games is beginning to become more popular with time. Especially with audiences growing a newfound love for games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the mobile game Among Us. Simple games with little to no actual plot or story have become important to people as there is an influx of people playing games for the sake of playing games for a sense of escapism. 
Video games are just as important to me, I have grown up playing all types of games and simulations for the fun of a new world to explore and a new set of characters or NPC’s to enjoy. These are a few of the games that have been most influential for me over my time.
BioShock / BioShock Infinite
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Death Stranding
In the idea phase of this project, I knew I wanted to make a game. What type of game or what story or the way it plays I did not know. I’ve always loved character and creature creation, so for me, this was going to be a good usage of my passion and skills, whilst also developing my level of knowledge of game design, game theory and bringing further insight into media-making for me and my art. 
Tumblr media
Upon the initial idea stage, I knew that a game would require a lot of extra work compared to a film. Not saying that films aren’t a lot of effort to make, however games have proven time and time again to have a new level of world development and expectations. Games have to be enjoyed separately by a huge audience and have to be taken in at the players pace. Rather than the way a film is digested by the audience at the filmmakers pace.
I looked into the different types of game genres to begin with, listing which of them would be most ‘able’ for a small team on a shoestring budget. 
Then looking into the programming options available and their prices. It was brought forward that Blender would be needed for 3D modelling at any stage, it occurred to me that a mix of 3D and 2D art styles could be intriguing.
I knew from the beginning that the art style and concepts would be down to me. I thought about my personal preferences of art in game and what I thought I could try. 
At some point, the idea of a visual novel came into play. Now, visual novels have an awful name for themselves, as they are, usually awful. This depends on the creators of the game as visual novels are easy to be low-effort and easy to distribute even if they are horrible. A lot of modern visual novels take the form of a ‘dating simulator’ in which the player plays as a (usually male) main character who converses between multiple girls or women characters and they all fall to their knees at the thought of being able to ‘date’ the main character. They are gross representations of the way that people in general converse and an even worse attempt at showing how women think and act. 
The example below is probably the worst one I can think of. It has it all. Terrible, uncharacteristic writing that feels like a 13-year old’s wet dream. Atrocious character art that is borderline depressing...
Tumblr media
I did warn you.
This will NOT be happening in the event I do make a visual novel.
A visual novel that pretty much parodies this trope of awful male-serving female characters is Doki Doki Literature Club, that is, on first glance, another gross example of women characters being simple objects for the male player’s fantasy. However, upon playinig further into the game. You realise that something is wrong, very wrong. One character ‘Sayori’ is absent from school, presumably ill, the player goes to visit her at home. Only to be visited with the sight of Sayori hung by her neck in her bedroom. It’s horrible and startling. But the game brings a great commentary to the way that mental health should be approached and that it is no joke. The game plays out as a horror after this point and the tables have been turned onto the player. As one of the girls in the plot decides that she ‘Monika’  wishes to have the main character ‘to herself’. She then refers to the player by their name (or at least the name that their PC is called). 
Tumblr media
The main menu turns into this after Sayori’s death. Which shows a great usage of the game UI and a phobia of glitches called Verzephobia.
Tumblr media
Other visual novels that have humble stories and characters can be very successful, such as Ghost Trick, which has visual novel elements with some gameplay attached.
Tumblr media
The style of Ghost Trick’s art is extremely bold and cuboid too. For the character portraits they have used big blocks of bright colours and thick outlines. For the ‘models in the game. They were initially 3D models that have then been rotoscoped in a pixel style. It is a gorgeous example of experimentation with game style and it works beautifully in this game as the characters feel full of life and equally stylistic.
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