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Cleric: STOP
Warlock: i'm free real estate
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the council (me) is summarily forgiving complainants rhys darby and taika waititi for being bad at kissing their respective long-term homies. mitigating factors, exempli gratia (e.g.) unbearably tender expressions and gentle clinging hands, were considered in the council’s decision. quote the council, “if my co-captain looked at me like that I would simply fall in love instantly.” council rests
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fuck the joker, all my homies hate the joker]
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Alright guys, you know that I’m not feeling 100% able to talk about politics these days - and especially not on election night when so many of us are biting our nails and watching the numbers come in and seeing states flip from blue to red to blue to red every other minute (oh? Just me, you say? Fair) - but I feel like this is really important for everyone to hear:
Regardless of who wins, regardless of who you voted for, one thing this election is going to prove is just how important our individual right to vote is. Like I said, I’ve been watching the numbers - I’m seeing gaps of less than 100,000 votes in multiple states, and gaps in the 200-400,000 vote range for many more. I’m no voting analysis expert, but from the look of the past...4 hours? As initial vote counts have come in across the country, I can say with certainty that the number of states that are “sure wins” for either candidate this election can be counted on One Hand.
Yes, Electoral College and vote counting won’t be finished tonight and blah blah blah. We can talk about all that another day when I’m not so anxious and it’s not the middle on the night for everyone. My point is - most presidential elections have less than a dozen “key states” or “swing states” to win an election on; this election so many states can flip on a dime and the counts are so close that out of all 50 states, there are far more we’re unsure about than ones we are. And that is huge, it is mind-blowing, it’s even kind of terrifying and exhilarating all at once.
That said, I’ve heard often, especially this year and in this particular presidential election, people questioning how much their vote actually matters. What difference does one person make? Why should I go to all the trouble? Why not just abstain from voting if it’s majority rule? And not just from strangers or people angry about the American voting system, this year I literally heard it from the mouth of coworkers, neighbors, and my very own partner.
So I say to all of you, to every single American that sees this (only because I would never say things about voting in countries that I am not from and don’t know as much of their voting laws and practices as I do the USA’s): this is the year when you find out how much your vote really means, regardless of who you voted for or when and where you voted. I have been in/heard of towns - that’s right, those places big enough to be called something but too small to be important - with populations bigger than the voting gap that are in some states this year. Yeah, I’m saying if One Single Town with a population of, say, 99,000 decided not to vote as a collective this year, that could literally change who all of Florida (29 freaking votes, guys. Florida is in like, the top 5 for states with the most votes in an election, if not then definitely top 8) votes for this year. 100,000 or 200,000 seems like a much smaller number now, yeah?
Well guess what? That’s how close this shit is. That’s what this ENTIRE ELECTION is boiling down to. And now that it’s happened once, how can anyone think things are going to “be normal” ever again? Even if YOU don’t realize it, there are people all over the country watching those numbers tick up and seeing it for themselves - Every. Single. Solitary. Vote can make a “life or death” change in a close election. From this point forward, every election could be this close, because people who didn’t even think it was POSSIBLE before now know their vote can turn the tide.
I don’t want to hear a single American ask if their vote really “matters.” Not after tonight. Not ever again.
Because tonight proves it does, and it will, up to and until the American voting system itself is changed, and even still it most likely will thereafter. Your vote matters. Because your vote becomes ten votes, becomes hundreds of votes, becomes hundreds of thousands of votes, literally turns the tides and changes history. Never forget that.
#politics#venting#that said just to make my stance clear:#fuck t*ump and every single person that votes for him#also fuck people who don’t vote for stupid reasons for good measure#it’s one thing to be unable to vote#mentally physically or because of a corrupt system#but it is literal BULLSHIT to throw away your right to vote on the basis of ‘I don’t really like either candidate so 🤷‍♀️’#BULL#SHIT#there’s a reason the right to vote is considered a RIGHT and something that symbolizes FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY in America#and to have idiots just giving up their right to vote because they don’t really like either candidate??#or using their vote for something equally stupid like writing in a dead fucking gorilla??#(I’m looking at you 2016)#that’s spitting in the fucking face of like. EVERYTHING you idiots think is good and important in America#veterans? fought wars so you can vote. you’ve officially spit in their face#politicians or political views you believe in? voting makes them happen. you’ve spit in their face#THE SUPPOSEDLY GREAT FOUNDING FATHERS AND THE IDEALS THEY BELIEVED IN WHEN THEY CREATED OUR COUNTRY??#IDEALS THAT YOU IDIOTS HOLD UP AS SIGN OF ‘TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTISM/IDEALS’??#IDEALS THAT YOU TAKE FOR GRANTED OR MISINTERPRET FOR YOUR OWN SHITTY AGENDA?#SPIT. IN. THEIR. FACE.#SHAME ON YOU FOR WASTING PRIVILEGE YOU WERE BORN INTO THAT OTHERS WOULD KILL TO HAVE#AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BOOT I HOPE YOU ASSHOLES FALL OFF A CLIFF OR GET RUN OVER AND DIE BECAUSE YOURE TOO STUPID TO LOOK WHERE YOU STEP#*clears throat* sorry about that guys I did not mean to rant in the tags#I just feel very strongly about certain things is all
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unproduciblesmackdown · 2 years ago
speaking of the whole “don’t feel obligated to these jobs and like you have to sacrifice and go the extra mile b/c the jobs do not give a shit about you” remember like not even a month ago when those cops played out some fantasy in response to the ups driver taken hostage in a getaway and used random people as human shields and killed the hostage driver and also the two guys trying to make the getaway and also a bystander died and ups was like “thank you for your service officers” they don’t give a shit also there should be no cops
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how in tf are they verses we all know goose is a power bottom. thats not versing
Look, I think we can all agree that they’d both be bottoms if they were with any other guy. Danton Heinen is not a fucking top. But neither is Sean, so they’re verses. 
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firesnap · 5 months ago
Hey y'all. Quick thing now that we know for certain Wilbur is releasing a dsmp short story. Yes, it's great that Wilbur took a loud stance that fanfiction is just as valid and artistic a medium as animatics or art. That was heartwarming and really validating for some of the hardest working fan creators to hear.
However, we need to be careful about not seriously referring to Wilbur's short story as fanfiction. As a meme it's great, but it's not fanfiction. Fanfiction is non-canon material written by fans and typically consumed only by fans. Wilbur is the writer of a huge chunk of the actual plot and characters of the dsmp. He is writing a story that will be treated as canon by his own and other characters mentioned in the story.
Referring to it constantly as fanfiction is going to give people who either 1) don't like what happens or 2) love the Writer Wilbur discourse an easy way to invalidate Wilbur's writing as not important or canonical. The DSMP isn't the first and won't be the last media to use multiple tie-in platforms to tell a story, but the use of multiple mediums to tell a story is a new thing for our fandom. Look at stories that use mixtures of novelizations, comics and television short programs for telling stories that wouldn't normally fit in their normal formats. It's done a lot and can create really cool things.
Wilbur's work is a short story tie-in to the main medium the dsmp uses. It's still an official work and, by definition, isn't a fan work. If he releases it via a fiction site it's mainly because those are the best places to link a story, that a lot of fans already know how to navigate, without having to set up a special location just for it. When talking about Wilbur's work for summaries, meta and references it should be referred to as a shorty story or written tie-in.
Wilbur is a fan of the dsmp in the sense of he enjoys that community and the collaborative writing that has sprung up around it. However, the term fanfiction has a specific meaning that this doesn't fit. Not a big serious thing, but it is worth noting.
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specialagentartemis · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fanart?  Fan-tableaux?  The door to my lab cosplaying as the door to a Preservation Alliance auditorium?
POV: You are a Preservation Alliance resident coming to the quarterly planetary town hall after Dr. Mensah's return to ask your elected officials about some normal infrastructural issue or something and you see this.
(Comments added by Murderbot, Ratthi, Pin-Lee, and Gurathin, respectively.)
Full text:
Notice on today's Open Forum Meeting: The Steering Committee Councilors will no longer be taking questions about SecUnits. If you came with a question about SecUnits, please refer to the FAQ below.
Is the Preservation Alliance now contracting, building, or using SecUnits? No. There is one (1) SecUnit who lives on Preservation Station and it is a refugee pursuing full citizenship. Is it reporting back to a company? No. Does it want to kill all humans? No. Does it have a guardian like bots do? Yes. Is the guardian controlling it? No.  It is an autonomous person just like you. Do I need to treat it with the full respect and rights granted to any citizen of the Preservation Alliance? Yes. Even if— Yes. Will the Preservation Alliance be getting more SecUnits in the future? The Preservation Alliance maintains its stance that the creation and use of constructs for labor is wrong and antithetical to our values.  However, if other SecUnits in the future choose to request asylum or citizenship in the Preservation Alliance, we will respect their rights as refugees or immigrants equally as we have in the past for humans and bots.
Any questions not addressed here should be directed to Councilmember Halima Shewaye at her professional feed message address.  Please do not ask your question in the open forum to allow others to have their non-SecUnit-related concerns heard."
Next to "Does it want to kill all humans?" is written in red marker, "If you keep bothering Dr. Mensah about this I might decide I do actually."  This is scribbled out in black pen, and beneath it in a different handwriting reads, "IT'S JOKING."
Further down, at the bottom of the paper, in dark green ink, is written, “For information about SecUnit's refugee status, contact Qian Pin-Lee at [email protected]"  On a post-it note next to it, in thin sharp handwriting, is an arrow and the words "I wouldn't".
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luckyladylily · a month ago
Time for another US politics post because I am continuing to see leftists being staggeringly ignorant of the actual political situation in the USA.
I am going to say this once again: If you look at the republican party and the democrat party and think “These are fundamentally the same”, if you look at Donald Trump and Joe Biden and think “these men are fundamentally the same” then you need to step back and reexamine your prejudices and why you think that because it is not the case, there are massive differences and those differences have been growing steadily for decades. If you look at both parties, their records over the past two decades, and what they are currently pushing for the difference is stark and critical. There is absolutely no morally justifiable reason to support republicans and I would argue it is a moral obligation to prevent them from achieving their agenda by voting for the other guy.
On the other hand moderate democrats continue to be disappointing in that they are not progressives, but they do generally slowly move in the right direction on most issues. Even in their worst issues they tend to counter act the truly monstrous positions of the republican party.
Most critically, if you care about climate change, queer rights, disability rights, and voter suppression/voting rights you should be countering republicans at ever opportunity. If moderate democrats had their way we would have significantly improved voter rights over the past decade, we would already be well into compliance with the Paris climate accords and moving towards role model territory, and a range of queer rights far exceeding our current level would be law. They also want to greatly improve the disability rights and financial situation.
These are all things moderate democrats are pushing right now. These are not campaign promises or theoretical goals. Legislation has been introduced and is stopped only by the actions of two centrist senators. If they had even two more senators literally all of these would have been accomplished by now.
And the reason why is very simple: Moderate democrats generally bend to the general population’s opinion. When the left wins culture wars, moderate democrats move in that direction. And the left is good at winning culture wars over time, but we suck at the practical element of getting the actual laws to move left so we never really manage to actually shift the overton window.
Highlighting climate change, if you care about climate change at all you should be voting democrat for that alone. The moderate democrat stance is sufficient for combating climate change. We did it, we won that culture war, people want action on climate change. Now we just have to actually get enough government officials into office that will act on the will of the people for this issue, and that’s democrat. We are past the theoretical and now its time for the practical.
I’m begging you to support practical efforts to combat climate change. That requires you vote for government officials that will do it, as democrats have demonstrated they will by introducing and pushing hard for such legislation. 
The stubborn refusal to support moderate democrat efforts on climate change because “it is insufficient” is pure ignorance born of a despairing attitude. Actual climate scientists mapped out the necessary steps and moderate democrats are following them (and more). If progressives fail to support moderate democrats in their climate efforts WE are the problem now.
Yes it could always be better, but perfect is the opposite of done, especially in the short term.
On the other hand the republican approach is to do less than nothing, get rid of the critical regulations and laws that we do have, and oppose positive change at every opportunity.
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overthinkinglotr · 3 months ago
The Tolkien Estate policy from their website....this is what I mean when I say modern copyright law is a disease that only protects mega corporations and discourages creativity and engaging with the works you love in any meaningful way haha
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Love how the major theme of lotr is that stories are like language, growing and changing with the culture that created them as new storytellers take over.......and yet currently the estate seems to have contempt for any “storyteller” who isn’t a massive faceless corporation.
The estate aren’t even Tolkien’s children anymore??? I find it VERY hard to believe they genuinely care about protecting the sanctity of whatever whatever, and even if they did it’d still be nonsense.
Taking an official stance against people using Tolkien’s languages for any use “commercial or otherwise,” and condemning anyone for making derivative works.....agh. I sorta knew this would happen but I still hurts.
I love for lord of the rings to be frozen in the state that it existed decades ago, legally unable to grow or change 👍. I love for lord of the rings to be shackled to the bigotry of its author even though its author has been dead for like 50 years. 👍 I love for a story supposedly about the way legends and language evolve to be legally prevented from evolving .👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
And I can’t wait until their books are finally public domain in 20 years, as they should be already. Unless of course Amazon does what Disney did and gets the government to change copyright law so the books never enter the public domain.
I doubt the Tolkien estate will be like Anne rice and angrily send takedown notices for fanfic, it’s just really disheartening to see how much contempt they have for anyone who isn’t a corporation.
Agh, I hate to live in a world where all our stories can only be “owned” by faceless media conglomerates that mistreat their workers in order to farm out bland generic content....it really sucks
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lunaescribe · 2 months ago
The Radical, Organic, Love of "Our Flag Means Death"
In the last few weeks, “Our Flag Means Death” has taken over the internet by storm, and well deservingly. Its writing is deeply characterized, comedic, dramatic, progressive, and full of elements of radical rebellion. Most strikingly, is the open depiction of queerness and queer love, without the modern stepping stones of ‘coming out’ moments or barrage of homophobia suffocating the lovers at every turn. It is queerness in the most normalized, present sense, all around the story without being niched into a corner or reserved for a joke.
What struck me the most though, was how its depiction of love takes such a radical stance on a historical, sociological scale. It must be acknowledged the majority of media about romantic love, features heterosexual couples-and in most those depictions the ever present drive of heteronormativity can be felt. Heteronormativity is that drive in our culture that media, advertising, families and so on assume and urge individuals to be straight. And perform that straightness in significant stepping stones: Find a partner while young, gain the praise from their family of your union, marry under the government/church, and then procreate to the nuclear family dream.
Even in the most child adverse couples, or stories, romance seems to inevitably conclude procreation and domesticity. The amount of sequels or fan depictions that place romantic pairings in this setting, create the notion this is the ‘natural’ progression of ‘true love’, and a way a couple seems to ‘level up’ in their commitment to one another. What else is a romantic pair supposed to do once they’ve overcome the odds and settled into being officially exclusively partnered-media and heteronormative culture seem to pose.
This drive, that suggests the culmination of a relationship ends in procreation and domesticity is often the thumping heart which drives romantic pairings in most media too. Take the recent success and objectively well written “Bridgerton” in its first season. While Simon is the exception, (as are many men in romantic stories) not interested in family life, Daphne’s entire arch revolves around her desire to marry for love and have a family. But therein lies the compulsion. Daphne already believes her objective in her life is to find a partner and procreate. Who the partner is doesn’t really matter so long as they fulfill that role of loving her, making her a wife, and mother. Therein lies the contradiction. Of course she does not want to settle for a man who does not love her and she does not love-but she still carries the expectation she must find a man to have that family and love in her life. And of course that desire is shaped by her early 19th century culture, as the story so wisely points out. But the point of the matter is, there is a cultural drive for Daphne to find someone, even if he must be convinced like Simon, to fulfill the role so she can continue on that path of ultimate happiness.
Bridgerton at least performs this heteronormativity with some self-awareness and allowing its pairing to become seemingly friends before they stumble into their marriage, and narrative arch for children. Most romantic stories place such a sense of anxiety in women seeking a partner or a general anxiety to be partnered in youthful couples, that they are rarely shown in sort of bonding beyond acts of limerence. Longing glances, kisses, making one another laugh here and there. But rare are the heart to hearts, a discussion on world views, politics, lifelong goals, or ideoscyrincies-all sacrificed for the drama of pining or desire to feel immensely wanted for another.
Without those blocks of friendship, and so often with an end goal in sight for seeking a partner, it makes sense why so many depictions of romance on screen often ring as shallow, fickle, or hilariously unrealistic. Or even if the blocks are nailed well in a story, it can feel undercut or alienating seeing the romance seemingly become centered around the goal of nuclear family once the couple has officially paired up. For many queer viewers, or ones who can not have or more importantly do not desire a child-caring life it can dampen or at worst stain the core of a romance when two unique individuals seem to end all their on-going goals for the sake of fitting into a cultural mold.
Cue the radical romance of Stede and Edward. Queer love has always been historically radical. That’s not to say some queer couples don’t desire a nuclear family life (and deserve the chance to have it!) but many have often expected or recognized the end goal of their romance is not about procreation. In a society driven by the intense drive of heteronormativity, to choose to be in a queer partnership is choosing love for the sake of love. A love that historically or often times doesn’t bring status, or family approval. A love that doesn’t come with a built in next biological step other than the pure joy of the companionship with the individual you love.
We’ve had a few queer romances show up largely in media in the last decade but nothing that hits the points like shown between Edward and Stede in such detail. They are both men in their forties, beyond the age of culturally expectant courtship. Neither set out to sea in the expectation of finding a romantic partner but for their own life’s fulfillment. It is mutual admiration which brings the pair together-and no other cultural expectation beneath it. To put it simply-it is love for love’s sake. Love in the face of expectations-and love that is culturally deviating rather than culturally conforming. And those factors are what makes it all the more compelling and deeply touching to viewers.
That mutual admiration would be remiss to not explore. In an incredible montage during the season finale true love is described as another finding your ‘idiosyncrasies charming’, ‘learning from one another’, ‘laughing often’ and passing time easily. It’s such a pure description of the idea of finding a soulmate. Finding a person who seems to share the way you see the world, and understand you at your core.
And the show manages that in just ten episodes. Stede and Edward are often in many humorous situations-but each one so cleverly deepens their friendship. Their first meeting in showcases the two showing off some of their most eccentric sides and immediately finding acceptance in the other. Further episodes demonstrates the pair learning from each other, and revealing what was lacking in their backgrounds, whether its Edward’s desire for a more emotionally open, eccentric friend, or Stede’s need for someone just as adventurous, and curious as himself.
What’s key to their romance thriving, and seeming to be allowed in this rare blend of genres so openly is showing one another the least flattering sides of themselves. Stede is pedantic, pampered, overconfident, and at times dangerously stubborn. Edward shows up in the story at his low in the series, when he’s been tricked, stabbed, and put everyone around him in danger. An unideal circumstance for seeing your crush the first time. But that’s one of the things that makes this romance so endearing. The fact Edward sees him at his worst and still grows to care for him, showcases this isn’t a love built on the peacocking or showcasing your idealized self-of courtship or social media.
There’s a similar showcase to Edward’s flaws. Stede sees him on a raid, in a breakdown over his past trauma, and even at his most toxic when paired with Calico Jack. Once again despite all these moments-Stede still comes to love him completely. We even see them get on each other’s nerves a little in “This is Happening” and despite the mutual exhaustion or aggravation still show such adoration toward one another. A topic most romances won’t display unless it’s coded with immense sexual tension. But due to OFMD genre blending, comedy gives them the freedom to show some of the rawer and less-flattering moments of two people growing closer.
It’s the fact we’ve watched Edward and Stede display such emotional vulnerability, eccentric acceptance, and even overcome a series of conflicts together-that makes their culminating kiss so wildly powerful. There’s no future of nuclear family between them, nor are they meeting any sort of societal standard. Many immature stories would see them as falsely too old for desire or new love. The pair share their first kiss when they’re both stripped down to basic linens as equals-without any of their former pomp or performance visible.
Tumblr media
This is a love between two people who know themselves as fully formed individuals, and shared all of those pieces, flattering and messy, with each other. Not young people discovering what feels like their only option-but a pair who feel they've finally found an equal or one who can see them entirely. And even without societal benefits to pairing up-still want each other. They aren’t becoming a couple because they felt the need to find someone-they found each other and felt the need to accept coupleship in their lives.
It is love for the pure sake of love-without any agenda beneath it. It is radical that it happens so deliberately, and for the sake of only being together, finding another who understands them at their most fundamental self-and is completed by all of their messiness and idiosyncrasies. In contrast, Stede’s former nuclear life is shown as unfulfilling, even drowning-and it is only when trying to reinsert himself in that heteronormative mold does he realize the contrast between that and true love. The show radically showcases love built on heteronormativity is a prison, contrasted to 'true love' found for the sake of being together (even in the case of a straight pairing with Mary and her new man Doug). “Our Flag Means Death” is so intensely powerful because it shows an incredibly rare love story which flourishes purely for the love of another individual-and not for fulfilling any single gender, or cultural role. It is my hope it will set the precedent of this kind of organic love, sprung between deep connection rather than role fulfillment in future stories to come. For now, I feel immensely grateful to every writer, director, and actor on the show that offered us this message of hope: there is love and acceptance out there for everyone-especially those who have never fit in the mold, and love beyond any sort of duty.
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dam1994s · a month ago
Jaune Belladonna-Arc Chapter 4: Part 1
Belladonna-Arc: Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Chapter 3
“What Have You Done!?” Sienna’s boot stomped on Adam’s head, grounding against the thoroughly beaten bull. His clothes in tatters from her weapon Cerberus Whip that dangled at her side, the sharp dust blades dripping his blood from the wounds she’d laid across him in their bout.
“Why Did You Attack The Belladonna’s Son!?” Her foot rose stomping back down in anger, any other human, literally any other and she might’ve praised the bull. But not young Jaune! Not the only human she approved of! He was the exception to her after his efforts all those years ago in Vale.
And Adam just like everyone else knew that and yet still!
“Did it feel good Adam!? To break a child?”
“He, he tried to steal my lov-” She kicked him across his face.
“He tried to protect his sister for a man kidnapping her!” The venom was clear in her tone.
“You said, that if she choose to come then you’d accept her.”
“Yes, if Blake Belladonna came to the White Fang it would be accepted, if she cut ties or made her stance known and came her officially. I’d have welcomed her with open arms. But instead I find her being whisked away, her consent a non-factor given her age…” Dangerous eyes turned then on the girl herself, Blake flinching, but sill radiating that same sorrow that’d claimed her ever since she’d arrived several days ago.
“Instead, she was either kidnapped and her bother nearly killed by White Fang or brainwashed and tried to kill her brother herself according to the rumors!”
“I-I’d Never Attack Jau-” Cerberus’s blades shot into the floor right before the brunette.
“You might as well have girl…” She remembered the letter from Kali, demanding to know whether she was responsible for this.
“You watched, watched as your family was disabled before your very eyes… I honestly can say I want nothing to do with you.” She bit her lip hard enough for it to bleed.
“But that doesn’t matter, what’s done is done… The only victory her is to use your name to further our cause.” Her eyes looked to Adam then, the redhead slowly getting up, glaring at her. She’d allow it, after all he’d never go far in her organization, not while she lived and breathed.
She disliked humans, would even admit to outright hating Mistralian and Atlesian… But Adam, Adam she sadly had to admit Ghira was right about. She moved back to her throne her voice cut and short.
“Get out of my sight, both of you…” She waited till the door closed and took her seat, anger still festered, the urge to break Adam tempting. But, what was done was sadly done, Kali would no longer speak to her, Ghira would hate her and she could accept that, because this was her fault.
Was a consequence of her actions, she would not run from it, would not deny or try to justify it, no the weak made excuses. Like Atlas for their treatment of her people. She did not, Jaune suffered because of her choices. His dream in ruins because she choose to position Adam as the Belladonna’s guard.
She only hoped her choice would enrich enough peoples lives so that Jaune’s sorrow and his families despair will have been a… acceptable loss. Even if only on paper, because despite herself knowing better she’d never think it was.
He'd made his decision all those years ago, that he'd find Blake. And whether by force or negotiation get her away from Adam. No matter what, which was why when he departed Menagerie, he didn't head immediately for Beacon, but Vale. To be more precise a shadier section of it, he needed information on his sister and the White Fang. And he was finally in a position with the means to do so.
The Club, that was his target, a information broker name Hei operating it, he, he was excited, finally he could get a lead and maybe, just maybe find her sooner rather then later. Of course he checked his pockets to make sure the lien was there, every last bit he’d gathered up over the past half a decade. He stared at the establishment, it was so big, things really were different here in Vale.
His heart was beating fast, he was nervous, scared… That Hei might not have the information on her, or worse, that he would… That idea scared him more then anything else, what Blake might’ve been doing, what she must have done by now in the Fang…
But even so, he wouldn’t turn away, couldn’t turn away, he needed this. Then he heard it, a crash and, and gunfire! He moved forward suddenly the nervousness gone as he moved with purpose, memories running through his mind. The doors shot open as people came out running, scared and panicked, the cries of men being assaulted, of guns being fired.
He entered just intime to see a women launched away into a pillar, the glass shattering as she collided with it. He moved to the shattered descending glass, helping up the girl who’d been flung into it. Shielding her from the dropping glass.
The struggling girl looked up to him surprised to see a blue-eyed man looking back to her, she felt… Warm.
“What happening?” She winced but could hear it, her sister was still fighting that blonde bitch.
“Ugh, we were attacked by her.” A tremble ran through her when she saw it, the way his eyes sharpened as he looked to the brawler and who he assumed was her twin in a white dress.
“Why’s she attacking this place?”
“Hey didn’t have the information she wanted.”
“So she threw a fit, is some lien really worth that much!?” To this the girl chuckled.
“Bitch Didn’t pay, just came in a made threats.” She watched his expression turn even more pissed as he watched the two fight.
“I see…” And then he put her down, Miltia would admit to being just a bit sad at that but then as he stood, his eyes glaring he rose up, aura filtering through her body as it waved off him. He didn’t hesitate to advance forward, but when he did Miltia saw it.
“Your… White Fang.”
“If your referring to those lot who give my parent’s people a bad name then no…” The white visage of a calm beast fluttered on his robes, twin long crescent fangs emerging from it’s maws clearly distinguishing itself from the well-known sigil.
“My goals to stop them…” Adam’s imagine came to mind, the one who took Blake, who led her down the same bloody path as him.
And kill him…
He didn’t say anything charging ahead towards the fight.
The first sign of a new combatant Yang got was when a gauntlet reached out grabbing the white clad twin she’d been beating real good. Quickly it pulled her back as he charged forward. How someone so big and hulking could close in so silently was a wonder, but she adapted, shifting gears and delivering a blow right into his nose.
Contact was made but instead of howling back or jumping away he glared and struck forward, her head snapped up from the upper cut. In the second the shock and pain of the blow distracted her he delivered another blow, his fist finking into her gut and sending her skidding back.
She grunted, the hit definitely not a light one.
What the hell?
Glass crunched under heel as he stepped forward, a hulk of a blonde wearing a flashy fur lined blue robe and rocking a mane of wild blonde hair like her own. But that was where the similarities ended, the black skin tight compress showed rippling powerful muscles, so much so she might’ve tried to flirt with the guy if he hadn’t just socked her.
“Hell of a sucker punch you just threw big guy.” He reached up grabbing and popping his nose back in place, ignoring the blood as he glared at her.
“’Heh’ Tough crowd.” She stood getting back into stance, getting a closer look at him, at those gauntlets and greaves, fancy looking stuff.
“Is it true?”
“Huh, is what true?” His voice was surprisingly younger then she thought it’d be, must’ve been the facial hair, threw her off.
“Did you really, attack this place unprovokrf?”
“Course not, I did it cuz Junior there wouldn’t tell me what I wanted to know, see, completely provoked.” Her joking tone didn’t seem to reach him though, in fact he looked more pissed off then before.
“So you did attack them…” Aura begun to leak from him.
“Mind explaining something to me…” A flex of his hand was all that was needed, Beowulves claws shooting out of the gauntlet’s ends. The talons on the greaves tearing apart the floor he stepped on.
“Why do you look so happy about using your powers against those weaker then you.” That made her pause, she was about to respond before he leaped clawed hand out and ready, closing her arms Ember Celica blocked the bladed fingertips, metal screeching and sparks flying as he clawed with enough for to force her to take a step back.
This his other fist connected with her stomach, with enough force to knock the air out of her. Crap, she was off her game cause of the other fights, she jumped back, unloading her gauntlets to get more distance and sending dust rounds his way.
She expected him to run, to move or block, something, instead he just stood there and took the bullet storm. Walking calmly towards her, his eyes set in a stern menacing gaze.
Crap, this guys not like those scrubs.
She needed to focus.
“so, how much is Hei there paying you?”
“Pay? I don’t work for him…” That was a surprise.
“Then why are you fighting me?”
“You run on a rampage, destroying everything and one in side and have the nerve to ask why someone would get in your way?” Aura burst and she was shocked, the sheer amount was stagger as it just seemed to wave off of him.
“I came her to get information, information that I desperately needed, that meant everything to me…” A look of true despair slowly showed on his features before suddenly turning into utter rightful fury.
“But because of you that’s off the table, and all because you decided to abuse that power of yours to hurt those weaker then you!” He suddenly broke into a charge her way. She decided lean on her strong point and meet her fellow blonde nice and close. Both advanced with a charge, lunged, leaping, the edges of his claws glowing with aura.
Quickly shifting her weight Yang avoided his attack and begun her own, a fist flying, slamming into his face. Then another hitting into the opposite side making his head whip the other way. He stumbled at that, the blow clearly having jarred him, not wasting beat she closed in and delivered a several heavy blows to his diaphragm.
“Their criminals so what does it matter.” Another strike, this one to his throat and then straight uppercut while he was stunned. He then jumped pulling her fist back to slam into his face, going for the knockout.
Metal screeched as Beowulf clamped around Ember Celica, the razor sharp claws digging into the yellow paint and sinking into the metal of her Ranged Shot Gauntlets.
“I’m or people like you…” Aura erupted through the room, waves of it flooding into the surrounding, licking at and invading those knocked out by the brawler. And slowly like kindle to ashes it grew into a fire, or in this case their auras.
“I don’t care anymore…” His eyes glowed a bright burning blue… Ember Celica begun to creak and groan as his claw broke through outer layer of metal into the gears and insides of it.
“Using your power to get your way, making anyone and everyone who’s in your way suffer and then justifying it however you want.” With all his strength he swung the brawler away by her gauntlet. Sending her flying into a wall, cracking it, making her aura flicker in warning.
“There’s only one way to deal with people like you.” A heavy stomp down, a surge of violent white aura with incredibly violent intent.
“I’ll crush you, so badly you can’t do anything like this again.” A flex of his palms and suddenly aura and dust begun to feed into Beowulf’s claws, the sharp talons extending with a auric blade crackling with lightening.
Yang growled, her eyes red, and officially down being this guys rag doll, she didn’t know what his deal was, until she saw it. The symbol fluttering on his robe.
“White Fang?” And now she was even more pissed.
“A Freaking Terrorist is gonna rant at me!” Jaune ignored the way her hair burned gold, how her eyes flared like the most violent of fire. If she was angry he’d just use that against her, his own aura begun to expand, to flare and morph violently ready to be directed in whichever way he needed in a instant.
The brawler cussed when she realized her left gauntlet was out of commission, the insides sparking and sputtering dust where his claws had torn into it.
“Whatever I don’t need it to deal with you.” Throwing it off she broke into a run, jumping and then punching at Jaune, his eyes widened when his aura gave. Breaking from her blow and slamming into his face. For the first time in years he was sent rolling.
“Hah, well look at that, not, guess your not a tough as I thought you’d be, freaking terrorist.” She didn’t waste a beat, unloading rounds after round into the downed blonde. The floor exploded, cement, glass and others debris spreading at she pelleted with blows.
I see… I got to arrogant. I’m not in Menagerie anymore.
He had to remember he wasn’t the biggest fish any longer, or at the least, there were others as skilled as him. And unfortunately it seemed this girl was one of them. He closed his eyes, enduring the explosions of dust around him, focusing his breathing, his intention as he drew within himself.
Aura once more surged before spreading, spreading across his body, once he’d coated himself he stood up and glared Yang’s way. But not with the same unbridled fury as before, no he had to remember his father’s lessons.
Control his rage, don’t let it control him, otherwise how was he any better then Adam. Violent aura turned into itself, forcibly being drawn back to it’s source and forcibly unriled, until all that remained was a calm, still and constant light that shimmered around his person. He stood up and Yang snorted.
“Well, looks like the terrorist can stand up!” Another unload of her weapon was sent flying but Jaune didn’t tank it like before instead clawing at the air and swung it away. He exhaled a long heated breath, his eyes in a deadlock with her burning red ones. Yang broke their gaze first when she shouted and launched at him.
Not wasting a beat she unloaded round after round at him, each Jaune weaved out from or strike away as he readied himself. Stretching out his leg and crouching as he took position. Her fist came flying for his face, he easily weaved out of the predictable blow before delivering his own strike to his stomach. However instead of dodging or trying to block the girl took it and smiled.
Her aura glowed a faintest bit more intense, her eyes shining a even more violent red as she shot another punch for he leaped back avoiding the blow feeling the wind push against him from the sheer force.
She’s getting stronger?
The furious blonde bolted forward into his chest, letting loose another strike, corssing his arms Jaune endure it and was shocked. The previous power was missing from her blow, not wasting a chance he hit again, his knee raising slamming into her arm. Her teeth gritted but turned in a smile, the grin only growing when punched forward slamming her on the right cheek.
Another punch thrown, connecting and sending him flying this time.
How!? Was it like Adam’s? Was she able to build up power?
Thinking of the redheaded bull he felt his urge for violence grow but fought it down… Spite and hate weren’t needed, not here, not ever.
“Why are you spacing out you filthy terrorist!” Her fist slammed into his face before she twirled and her legs lamed into his temple in a roundhouse. Again Jaune stumbled, but not from the blow but confusion.
“That… Didn’t hurt?” His aura was up and ready just like before but the force wasn’t enough to shatter it. How though, if she was building power it should’ve at least cracked it. He stared back at her, Yang advancing cracking her knuckles.
“I’m gonna enjoy this.” He stepped forward, the was only one way he was gonna find out after all, his own fist curled as he stepped up to her. She acted first going for a straight right hook, one he easily pushed off from his person before she shot a punch himself.
He was surprised when the brawler didn’t just take the blow but leaned into it!?
What the hell?
She grinned savagely before letting loose another strike this one hitting with so much more force, enough to make his aura crack, but the blow that followed it didn’t pack the same power. His mind whirled, confused but her didn’t have time to space out. No so close to his opponent, instead he went for another fist towards the face, the kind she’d have to bloc-
He blinked as her head snapped back, as she just took the hit, grinning the entire time. With a absolutely murderous gleam in her gaze she struck and when it connected Jaune nearly groaned in pain as his aura flickered at the area of contact. She roared as her leg rose up high before kicking down on his head, making him fall to the floor.
“Well, that was easier then I thought it be, then again you are just a criminal.” She readied to turn and make her way out only for a hand to suddenly grab her ankle.
“What the-?” Suddenly lightening streaked through her body, her eyes shooting open and teeth gritting as violent plasma coursed through her body.
“’Cough’ I get it now…” He rose up, his gaze set in a scowl but only a modest amount of anger behind it.
“You stockpile damage and add it to your own next blow.” Yang sneered, the electricity still making her tremble and twitch but also powering her up.
“So what, not like you can counter it big guy.” As if to prove her point she went for another punch, this one aimed to break those teeth of his in.
“Actually.” Her fist slammed into him, and… Nothing, her knuckle shook against a thicker portion of aura.
“Now that I know that I can deal with it incredibly easily.” He reached, seizing her hand in his and twisting it. She screamed but Jaune didn’t care looking surprised as her other hand slammed into his fist, but this time with less force then before.
“I see, so only outside attacks stockpile?” Her twisting arm didn’t matter because the damage wasn’t from a outside force but her own arm twisting. He struck her gut then while she was out of focus, her hair flared, eyes lighting. On reflex she struck again only for it to do nothing against his barrier.
“So it’s triggers autonomously? Whether your focusing on the fight or not, probably as long as you have aura.” He moved, sweeping her leg, grabbing her face as forcing the back of her head to slam against the floor. This time her semblance triggered.
“Hmm? So any outside damage applies as long as theirs something of force behind it I imagine, even if you’re the one who caused it.” Yang glared at the blonde who looked less combat oriented now and more curious and observant. She struck out, aiming to clip his chin with a jaw breaking amount of force, only for her gauntlet to crack against his absurd aura.
“You don’t get it do you, your power won’t work on me anymore, after all I get to determine how much power you can put behind your blows.” Aura surged around him.
“You can’t beat a opponent whose not blindly attacking you, or worse, one who can take stronger hits then you can dish out at once.” He reached down pressing his upper arm against her throat, Yang struck at the blonde, but to no avail.
Each blow only warranting a light flash of his aura as they begun to get weaker and weaker as she lost air. He watched her reach for his arm now, trying to shove it off. He sighed.
“Because of your semblance you think about hurting your opponent first a defending second, or maybe that’s why you got this as your semblance. Regardless it’s over.” If she tried grabbing his arm before she started losing strength she could’ve kept fighting or retreated. But it was too late now.
“I hope you have people you can call when you wake up, you do get one call after all…” Those were the last words she heard before everything went black.
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aqa473 · 7 months ago
First I’d like to welcome all the new arrivals to the Piltover’s Finest fandom! I’ve been a shipper since 2013 and it’s great that the show is bringing these wonderful characters to a wider audience. Before you ask, yes, I absolutely lost my shit when they announced Arcane originally. The name wasn’t decided yet but we got some promo art and a couple other teasers, plus we knew it’d be based in Piltover/Zaun, so all us caitvi shippers were shivering in our boots. I screamed the first time they showed us child Vi.
The thing about Piltover’s Finest is that it was kind of a fan pairing, if I’m recalling correctly. We have another lesbian, Diana, who was made to specifically be Leona’s love interest, but they weren’t allowed to say that she was gay because CEO bullshit. Someone asked on twitter and one of the writers said yes, she gay. Then, earlier this year, they released a short story that confirmed Leona and Diana as queer and quite gay for each other. It’s canon, baby! But what I’m trying to say is it was kind of in the cards from the beginning even if it wasn’t made official until much later.
Our hextech girls, on the other hand, were kind of platonic at the beginning. But, like, really heavy subtext. Vi was one of the first champions to have unique voice lines for other champions. If you ult Jayce, she says, “Hey, Jayce! Powerslam!” Which is a joke on him because he says powerslam when he uses his Q in melee stance like he’s some kind of magical girl naming his moves. When Vi ults an enemy and then Caitlyn follows up with her own ult, finishing the enemy, Vi says, “Nice shot, cupcake!”
The nickname originally came from a move Caitlyn has called Yordle Trap, her W, which lays a trap on the field and momentarily stuns anyone who walks on it. In the middle of the trap, on the springing mechanism, is a cupcake. But the fact that Vi called her this as a nickname gave big pet name vibes to people. They also had a unique buff called “Piltover’s Finest” (yes, that’s where the pairing name originated). If Caitlyn and Vi were on the same side, they received this buff as indicated by an icon above the action bar that depicted the two of them posing together. If they both participated in a kill together, they would get 1 bonus gold piece. Vi had other unique lines for Cait, including both as an ally and an enemy. She loves teasing Caitlyn.
In Vi’s original backstory, Caitlyn was the one who brought her into the Piltover security (I forget what they were called at the time). The name Enforcers, given to the unit in Arcane, originates from Vi’s subtitle, The Piltover Enforcer. She also had a sick song about how she punches people in the face.
All this combined to make Piltover’s Finest the biggest pairing in League of Legends, maybe rivaled by KataLux, KataRiven, or Twisted Fate/Graves. But Piltover’s Finest was big. Like, big big. Large amounts of fanart, and despite a small fanfiction base, quite a bit of fanfic, too. Vi even got a skin based on a fan skin that was inspired by one of Caitlyn’s skins. In the official art, Caitlyn is featured in the background wearing the matching skin uniform.
The pairing was kinda sorta accidental. So I find it utterly hilarious and heartwarming that the writers of Arcane just went, “You know what? Let’s fucking make it canon.” And they did. Arcane is just a straight up feat. Every moment between them, I’m just like “that’s gay.” Not even subtext, text. Just gay. Gay gay, g-gay gay. And the brothel scene? Slay me now.
So I’m making this post to celebrate this momentous occasion in which Riot has blessed us with eye-fucking, cheek caresses, meeting the parents, definitely-for-sure-straight hugs, a near kiss, and so much sweet gentleness I think my teeth are falling out.
Riot is still pissing me off with the whole “if anyone in Riot talks about Hong Kong we’re firing you” and hiding the problems with harassment in the workplace. But Arcane is good. Wow, after that last statement, kinda feels like we shouldn’t be enjoying it. Maybe the situation's changed since 2019? Feel free to let me know!
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positivityjediprince · 4 months ago
How people joined Clan Mudhorn:
Din and Grogu are obvious, there's a whole show about it!
Luke, if Din is honest about it, becomes Clan even before they married, perhaps even before they confessed. He spent so long training and living with the jedi, watching him teach his son, watching him learn from Grogu, watching him sass anyone who came within a 5 mile radius. Din fell in love hard and fast. It may have taken a while for them to get their act together, but Luke had been Clan long before their first Kedalbe Kiss, their wedding, or their move to Mandalore.
Cara officially joining was and wasn't a suprise. She bullied Luke and Din like a sister, and caused chaos with Grogu like the lesbian wine aunt she is. However, what was unexpected was Cara leaving Nevarro, and her job as Marshall, to follow the Djarin-Skywalkers to Mandalore. Naturally, she gave some half assed excuse but anyone could see through it. She lived in the Royal family wing of the Palace, and eventually they all realised that she was their Vod, and having to wear his helmet around his Vod was pointless and unnecessary. "I know you as my sibling" and boom Cara is officially Clan!
Paz...well...Paz's joining was bittersweet. Din could remember the day Paz had been adopted into clan Viszla, Paz had been so happy to have a clan, a family but, everything changed once Pre Viszla and his people finally came to Mandalore. Paz had been on Mandalore for almost a year, a respected figure in the rebuilding efforts, living along side the Royal family, (infamous for causing chaos with Luke and Cara), head of the guard- He thought his Clan would be proud...the moment Pre left his ship he made his disgust for Luke known, hissing when Paz moved into a protective stance, then challenged Din for the saber. Din quickly defeated him, as he was walking way, without sparing him a glance Pre cast Paz out of the Clan.
Paz was in shock. He had been proud of his name, proud to be a Mandolorian, proud to be one of the Mand'alor's confidants and advisor. He had been happy with fulfilling the creed in joining Din to rebuild Mandalore, to bring their people back, and he was happy when he was with Luke. Being cast our for the things he was proud of and which made him happy devastated him. In the early hours of the morning, after several hours of Paz lashing out at everyone, with a fragile rasping promise, Paz joined Clan Mudhorn, took his helmet off, and cried into the arms of his family.
No one knows how Boba Fett and Fennec Shand ended up as Clan...it just happened and that was that. Everyone has their own theories on when they joined, but, the only thing that matters is that they get to join in on holo nights and family dinner.
They find Finn on a mission, he's bright in the Force, but so small and scared. Din removes his helmet to put the boy at ease. A few minutes later, back on the ship, he is fast asleep in Din's arms; and, a few hours later FN-2187 is Finn, and Finn has a family who adore him beyond belief.
Rey is brought in with a group of foundlings, she glows so bright and is adopted within the week of her arrival. She is happy. She is Rey Skywalker-Djarin. And she has a wonderful family.
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hoe4flo · 6 months ago
Fan Theories
Hailee Steinfeld x Reader
Trigger Warnings: a tiny bit of suggestive content (if you squint), coming out
Word Count: 731
Request: "Could I request a Hailee x reader maybe they were co stars on pitch perfect and maybe R joins MCU and maybe fans loved Hailee and R together so they are having a FIELD day and maybe Hailee and R just re-connect? And maybe R joins her on the Hawkeye show and they always post about each other and their character."
Tumblr media
According to fan theories, Hailee Steinfeld and (Y/n) (L/n) were dating. It would make sense due to the fact that they have costarred in two Pitch Perfect movies together and have been inseparable since. However, due to current castings, the internet has officially blown up. Hailee Steinfeld and (Y/n) (L/n) were to costar Hawkeye. Longtime fans of Hailee (Y/n) were having an absolute field day over the fact that they were to star in the Marvel TV series together, and Hailee and (Y/n) were living for the excitement. They even decided to tease them a bit by posting many pictures of each other, flirting with each other on Instagram lives, and complimenting each other's on-screen personas. What made everything better is the fact their assumptions and fan theories were correct.
(Y/n) rolled over on her bed, grinning softly at her girlfriend. Hailee looked up from her phone, catching eyes with her, smiling back. Moving forward, they captured each other's lips before leaning back. "You know, I think the blue contacts are cool, but your brown eyes are definitely more beautiful. I miss looking into your eyes when we're filming." (Y/n) whispered upon Hailee's lips as they hover in front of each other for long moments, kissing each other every now and again until their foreheads touched. "You killed it today, by the way. Watching you act is truly an amazing experience. How am I lucky enough to be able to be in yet another filming experience with my wonderful girlfriend?" She questioned, taking Hailee's hand softly. Hailee grinned, intertwining their fingers.
It was quiet for a moment before their lips met again. Passionate kisses being shared before they pulled away to catch their breaths. "I wouldn't mind going public with you." Hailee admitted, out of the blue. It was random, causing (Y/n)'s eyes to meet Hailee's. She slipped her fingers through hair to attempt to fix the mess Hailee's fingers created when they kissed. "Is that okay? I mean, it's been years. I don't want to keep this a secret anymore. I love you." Hailee stated, letting (Y/n) know how she felt about the situation. (Y/n) understood Hailee's stance on this. She was ready, too, but had been waiting for Hailee to say she was first. She didn't want to make Hailee feel pressured to come out to the world. After all, coming out was a delicate matter.
"No, no," (Y/n) quickly took Hailee's hands, smiling softly. "I'm with you. I don't mind coming out to everyone with our relationship. I mean, our families and friends know, and they are the main people we should tell first. So, whenever you want to tell our fans, I will be right by your side." She assured her girlfriend, kissing her carefully in order to let her know that she was truly there for her. It was important to (Y/n) to make sure Hailee felt secure in their relationship, and it was important for Hailee, too. "We can come out as a couple whenever you'd like, baby."
(Y/n)'s words did their job in calming Hailee down. She was glad to know they were on the page. Excited, even. "What if we do it when we do our scheduled live. We can just confirm their fan theories." Hailee said with a soft smile before looking to her girlfriend for her opinion. Seeing (Y/n) nod, Hailee checked her watch. "Okay, well it's actually going to be soon." She told (Y/n), nerves going high again. After all, she wasn't out to the whole world yet. Neither was her girlfriend. Coming out was nerve wracking. Sighing softly, she moved next to (Y/n), who wrapped an arm around her, before starting the live.
It didn't take long for the fan theories to start rolling in. Hailee and (Y/n) looked at one before knowing it was time. "Hailee and (Y/n) have obviously been dating since Pitch Perfect 3." (Y/n) had read out loud before kissing Hailee's cheek. "I mean, a little bit before that. I think in between Pitch Perfect 2 and 3." (Y/n) said casually as the comments started blowing up, causing Hailee and (Y/n) to laugh and answer some fan questions. Not every fan theory is a theory exactly. Some fan theories are just astute observations.
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bleulone · 6 months ago
Lally Hicks and Theseus Scamander through the prism of visual storytelling: an interesting dynamic in sight…
Okay, just a random thought but— the fact that Eulalie and Theseus’ style of clothing are nearly similar just gets me. We all know for a fact that costume design in cinema tends to reflect a lot of (hidden) things about a character’s emotions and personality... but in this trailer— oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack. Studying visual storytelling can help us grasp/speculate on Eulalie and Theseus’ evident connection throughout this third installment of FB. I don’t know whether the nature of their relationship will be romantic or platonic, still, this refreshing duo appears to be as interesting as it is promising and I’m here for it. (aka in which im delivering a mini speculating meta nobody asked for).
Firstly, I think it’s necessary to understand why I’m specifically focusing on these two. On one hand, we have the official introduction of the queen herself, Ilvermorny’s Charm professor, the one and only Eulalie “Lally” Hicks. Her role in TCOG was very decisive. Let’s not forget that she was the one who ignited courage in Nicolas Flamel’s heart before Grindelwald’s rally at the cemetery of Père Lachaise. Without her words of encouragement to the old alchemist, Paris would have definitely been destroyed. Thus, her voice and knowledge constitute a powerful asset for Dumbledore’ squad. On the other hand, our war hero/auror Theseus Scamander is getting more and more amount of screen time as well (hell yeah!). Exploring his grief, his progressive trust in Dumbledore and the reasons explaining his complex relationship with Newt is going to be particularly interesting. Getting to know the conflicted man the war hero actually is sounds so good! In other words, those two characters are getting a proper introduction in the Potterverse (as it should be!). Not only they’re fully becoming protagonists, they’re also paired up together in 90% of the trailer.
Now that I’ve set the context, let’s dive into the visual storytelling. In order to do this analysis, it’s important to draw on the elements composing the image. I’m gonna focus on the shot where Lally and Theseus are back to back, ready to fight Grindelwald’s followers in (what seems to be) Tibet/China (not very sure?). There’s just so much to breakdown. This beautiful shot appears right after this title card :
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“War of worlds” holds a lot of meanings. At first glance, we can think of the war between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, the good side/peace/unity vs the bad side/chaos/division, ignorance vs knowledge, lies vs truth… Yet, if we link the title card with this following shot, another shade of meaning colors our understanding of this expression. You need to keep in mind that each second, each frame in a teaser/trailer leave nothing to chance. Thus, “War of worlds” could eventually imply the clash between the two professional worlds in which Lally and Theseus belong to : the professorial corps vs the executive branch led by Hector Fawley, the British Ministry of Magic’s minister.
Tumblr media
The rule of thirds highlights even more this opposition, though it also showcases a certain union. Studiobinder.com defines the rule of thirds as “one of the most common camera framing techniques used in film or photography. It's about positioning a character to show their relation to other elements in the scene”. In this perspective, after decomposing the shot in three distinct parts, a visible asymmetry is particularly telling of what we could expect from their relationship. Lally and Theseus’s different background and profession oppose them, hence their back to back stance. But their skills make them as powerful as they are equal (not them being the same height and i oop!). As such, their differences are strengths that build their union. Placed in the center of the middle column, their figure flirt with its frontiers as well as four intersection points mostly known as power lines. They’re usual points where the human eye tends to mainly focus on. The real essence of shot is going to be captured within those elements. Here, it’s the perfect asymmetrical closeness of our professor and auror’s bodies, emphasized by the look they’re giving to each other, a sign of understanding. They’re ready to join forces and fight Grindelwald’s minions.
Overall, I love how this shot conveys both conflict and complicity at the same time.
In the other scenes Lally and Theseus share in the trailer, they’re always seen together : face to face in the nameless fancy train, walking side by side toward the German (?) ministry of magic, standing next to each other in Hogwart’s great hall as well as the room of requirement. We feel like they’re forced to work together, therefore, I can already picture some banter and disregard at first. After all, you can already sense Theseus’ wariness merely by the way he introduced Eulalie : “a school teacher”. Uhm, sweetie, she’s more than that, and trust me, you’ll quickly find out. A partnership might slowly blossom after a series of tensions, potentially transforming itself into something more : pure friendship or a slow burn romance.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Secondly, I’m digging how both of them are sharp dresser. Lally and Theseus sport a very elegant style : a long overcoat, a button up shirt, a tie, a waistcoat, and pocket watch. The finesse radiating from their garments invite us to notice a certain ressemblance. They are meticulous and sedulous, paralleling, mirroring each other. That being said, I tend to remember Coleen Atwood’s comment (FB’s costume designer) about Theseus’ costume design in The Making of Fantastic Beasts TCOG (2018). He’s “more by-the-book feel of someone trying to do everything the right way”… just like Lally right ?
Tumblr media
Furthermore, two colors are mainly present on our characters’ outfits. Let’s start with Eulalie : Burgundy. According to Colorpsycologymeaning.com, burgundy generally symbolizes “high status, prestigious, elegant, luxurious, determined, ambitious, sophisticated and confidence. Dark reds like these are often used for the decor and branding for prestigious schools, universities and other institutions”. An interesting description indeed. This description perfectly fits our Ilvermorny teacher, doesn’t it? She’s almost wearing a formal teaching uniform (a bit like Professor McGonagall and Dumbledore) with her tie and her blouse tucked in her long skirt. Yet, that’s not it. Indeed, Lally’s also a woman of style. Her elegance is assertive, combining both femininity and masculinity. Delicacy and authority originating from her clothings could foreshadow her personality. In my head, she’s radiating a bad bitch energy— my oh my, what a badass!
Tumblr media
After zooming on Lally’s shirt, I noticed how much the motif was practically the same as the handle of Theseus’ wand. The mix of tortoise shell/amber color dotting the black brings an exquisite touch highlighting a “more classic sense of the period” (C. Atwood about Theseus’ style of clothing). I don’t know if this point is relevant to the plot lmao…Coincidence? I think not!
Tumblr media
As for Theseus, it’s blue. We can note a change of color of his attire between TCOG and TSOD. It radically changes form his grey suit he worn in the beginning of TCOG. It represented his inner conflict, his own confusion (and the viewer’s) regarding which side he’s taken in this war : Dumbledore’s? Newt’s? The ministry’s? The fact that Theseus followed Torquil Travers’ orders (the Head of Magical Law Enforcement), yet still listened to Dumbledore’s advices blurred the lines, translating itself into his attire. This conflict is similar to Newt’s, evidenced by his blueish grey overcoat. The magizoologist didn’t “do sides” in FB2 but still executed Dumbledore’s missions. In fact, blue (for Colorpsycologymeaning.com) represents “reservation, confidence, conservation, persistency, trust”. It also illustrates “independence, it is more of a leader rather than a follower and likes organization and is professionally minded”. These are definitions that perfectly captures Theseus and Newt’s personalities. But most importantly, blue is the color of unity, a symbol that the Scamander’s brothers are on the same side : resistance. The dark tone of their garments presage the dark turn their story arcs are going to take.
Anywho, what’s your take on this interesting duo? I might be wrong all the way 😅 but it feels so good to speculate on crumbs to fill the void. I seriously can’t wait to feast upon The Secrets of Dumbledore!
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staff · a year ago
Hey Tumblr,
With the 2020 United States Presidential Election on our horizon, we wanted to proactively beef up our Community Guidelines to stymie any political interference. 
There’s precedent—not paranoia—backing this decision. In 2016, the Internet Research Agency or IRA (a group with close ties to Russian intelligence)  was found to have created hundreds of fake accounts across most social media platforms, including Tumblr. Their sole objective was—is!—to sow dangerous seeds of misinformation. The declassified DNI report refers to the IRA as “professional trolls.”
These “professional trolls” are not welcome on Tumblr, and we wanted our Community Guidelines to reflect that. We clarified our “Confusion or Impersonation” section by renaming it “Impersonation and Non-Genuine Behavior,” specifying that impersonating a public official is not allowed. Parody? Totally fine. Pretending to be Bill de Blasio to spread false info about NYC? Absolutely not fine. Also, it doesn’t even sound fun.
We also added a whole new section on integrity:
“Election Integrity. You may not use Tumblr to defraud nor impede the integrity of the United States Census or local, regional, or national public office elections. Bottom line: do not create or promote content designed to suppress, intimidate, or confuse voters or U.S. census participants. This includes spreading false information about how to vote, when to vote, or where to vote.” 
The last addition we made to our Community Guidelines reads as follows: “Repeat violations of our Community Guidelines may result in permanent blog or account suspension.” This is not a new policy—it’s just reworded to make our stance as clear-cut as possible: We do not tolerate repeat violators of our Community Guidelines.
Democracy requires transparency and honesty. If we are made aware of any targeted disinformation campaigns on Tumblr from the IRA or groups like them, we will swiftly take action. We have a moral obligation to you, ourselves, and the future of democracy to do whatever is within our power.
If you want to help combat misinformation, check out this video on @world-wide-what for some helpful tips, share this infographic by Tumblr Creatr Ellis van der Does (@ellisvanderdoes) for the National Association for Media Literacy Education (@medialiteracyed), and please (please!) make sure you are registered to vote. 
Stay safe, Tumblr.
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mostly-mundane-atla · 4 months ago
Any opinions on what sort of food or other supplies the kids and/or Gran-Gran packed before they flew off to rescue Aang in episode 2? We know that Aang used all the blubbered seal jerky as campfire kindling by episode 3, but what else would they have been eating?
Gran Gran definitely packed akutaq, considering that in its pemican-like bar form, it's the ideal travel food (calorie-rich, light, compact, doesn't spoil easily, isn't messy). It also needs a lot of time to make. About four hours, not counting the prep work in cooking the finely ground/minced meat in it and rendering the fat which serves as the main ingredient. If i'm remembering correctly, the travel bar version needs to set overnight as well.
Which has given me the cutest idea of Gran Gran mixing everything together because the kiddos are going on an adventure and she can feel it in her little old lady bones.
Also, as an Alaska Native and a fan of the show, Sailor Boy Pilot Bread canonically exists as far as I'm concerned. If I have to deal with non-Natives voicing Water Tribe characters, then they can have pilot bread. I can't remember who asked if Water Tribesmen had hardtack in the tags of my bread post, but that's my official stance. Not just any hardtack, pilot bread crackers that come in the long blue box.
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These bad boys. Hell yeah.
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Very good with tea of any kind and a little big of jam (or in this case, homemade cranberry sauce) also divine with smoked salmon but we are tragically salmonless.
Gran Gran and Sokka would have known to pack pokes of seal oil. Seal oil is the condiment of choice and is traditionally said to keep you warm. There are also irl anectdotal mentions of fat or oil being rubbed on the skin for hygiene since we didn't make soap or have things like yucca root. I don't think it would be the same as oil meant for eating but i'm not sure how different it would be.
As for supplies, Sokka's weapons and hunting equpment, at least one pot and one pan, probably a bucket and dipper, rabbit skin rags (for Katara if you headcanon her as cis or for Sokka if you headcanon him as trans), uluit for all food prep cutting needs.
One last comment: i actually can understand why Aang would slip up and use "blubbered seal jerky" to start a fire. Seal meat is really dark, and you'll see in the photo below that seal paniqtaq (meat or fish cut in thin strips and air-dried; think of it as our version of jerky, also called dried meat or dry meat) has an almost charcoal look to it
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It can be a little difficult to distinguish the shapes of the pieces here, but it could be easily mistaken for some kind of tree bark if you don't know what it is.
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