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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#this is overwhelming

God. When Rhett talks about, why believe in a god that would let someone be born without faith and then make them suffer eternal pain and torture when they die…I felt that. I wasn’t in religion for very long but I had that exact same question for the brief years I was involved in Christianity.

Why would god allow innocent people to suffer just because they didn’t believe in Him. What kind of god is that?

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Things in the pipeline: 

  • He’s Not Here part 20
  • Just a Place part 8
  • (s)He’s a Tiger part 2
  • His Favorite Place epilogue
  • Triple D part 2
  • Christmas in Wyoming continuation
  • HCtS Logan/Reader weddings
  • Reader and Ben nonsense
    • 2nd NYC visit
    • Thanksgiving (MEETING YOUR FAMILY)
    • More text interludes (Ben in Australia… Ben filming in Colorado… reader and Adam)
    • The explanation for the ‘setback’ text exchange
  • Caspian secret AU
  • Billy Russo Halloween one shot
  • Thanksgiving with Samuel Adams (and Rogue… and ???)
  • Logan Delos NSFW alphabet
  • The Real Deal (a collaborative one shot)

I shouldn’t have written this out because now it’s overwhelming.

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i am so late to this party, i'm so sorry everyone
raine hozier-byrne: i think the thing, though, that's really unique about the work – it treats his audience with respect. i think that people are really hungry for that now, that people are actually able to know when they're being fed kind of homogenized, factory-produced music, and they've had enough of that.
andy: *picking at his nails gleefully* i won’t corroborate that. i am a panderer, absolute peddler of muck.
raine: it’s not true.
andy: PROUD peddler.
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