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Y鈥檏now after the discovery of Spiderman鈥檚 identity imagine Mari talking to all the Kwami鈥檚 about it and Plagg being amazed about his AI twin XD
even better, Plagg being amazed by the KID who made the ai
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legionofpotatoes 8 months ago
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You can create your custom MELE box art using a tool on the official website!
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ottogatto 2 months ago
Obscurial Snape
Yes folks, today I want to explain why Snape probably was an Obscurial in secret. What makes me think it was the case? Well...
The background
First, Snape has many elements that would prompt him to develop an Obscurus or something of the like.
His father hated magic and abused Severus and his mother (OotP, DH). Severus could have resented his own magic if he saw it as the reason his father was so violent. Perhaps he was well on the path of developping an Obscurus that would end up killing him, as he desired to be loved by his father and hated in turn his own magic; up until he met Lily at an early age, during which he rediscovered the wonders of magic, decided to love Lily and despise his father instead (even though inside he could still desire his love). Loving Lily and her magic could have prompted him to accept his own magic, before his Obscurus truly went out of control.
Traumatic school experience. As we all know, Severus was horribly bullied throughout school. He could have come to hate himself for being a wizard and thus having no choice but to study at Hogwarts instead of another school where things probably would have been better (where he wouldn't be tormented and humiliated on the daily by his classmates). He could have resented his magic for being so weak. He could have resented having so little control over himself (and in general, in own life), notably after losing Lily, and that urge to regain control of himself could have prompted him to try and tame his magic excessively. Besides, traumatic and violent life conditions seems to make it easier to develop an Obscurus.
He lived through war, witnessed horrible things and Lily died; again, he could have resented being a wizard, having been born at all. We know he certainly wanted to die.
In summary: His life sucked.
He鈥檚 a Master Occlumens. Occlumency has a lot to do with controlling yourself, your magic, your thoughts and emotions, which prompts me to think that excessive Occlumency could be used to keep check on an Obscurus, but also be the cause of it.
The parallel with Ariana
As you might know, Ariana was described as an Obscurial, regardless she wasn鈥檛 precisely named as such:
She wouldn鈥檛 use magic, but she couldn鈥檛 get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldn鈥檛 control it, and at times she was strange and dangerous.
What I couldn鈥檛 get rid of my head is this:
When my sister was six years old, she was attacked, set upon, by three Muggle boys. [...] They forced their way through the hedge, and when she couldn鈥檛 show them the trick, they got a bit carried away trying to stop the little freak doing it.
Now the parallel I talk about?
Lupin looked sideways at Sirius and then said, "Look, Harry, what you鈥檝e got to understand is that your father and Sirius were the best in the school at whatever they did 鈥 everyone thought they were the height of cool 鈥 if they sometimes got a bit carried away 鈥"
This is how Lupin justifies SWM, the Werewolf Incident, and the years of unrelentless torture from four wizard boys to an innocent. "They got a bit carried away."
What happened last time a similar thing happened?
It destroyed her, what they did; She was never right again.
Dumbledore about Severus:
"But I forgot 鈥 another old man鈥檚 mistake 鈥 that some wounds run too deep for the healing."
(Just like wounds caused by Dark Magic can almost never heal.)
Severus and Ariana are very alike: they both were irremedially wounded, destroyed and changed through the pain inflicted by their respective assaulters.
if Ariana can become an Obscurus from that one traumatic experience with three Muggle boys, Severus can develop one as well from countless traumatic experiences with four Wizard boys + a Muggle father. As well as whatever shit happened in his life later on.
EDIT: The parallel with Credence.
In Pottermore, we learn that Snape was whipped by his father. In FB1, Credence is whipped/betled by his... "caretaker". Credence ends up killing her, so I wonder what Severus could have made of his father.
Also it seems that Credence's love for Nagini helped him keep control over his magic, so it could parallel Snape's love for Lily that may have helped him control his Obscurus as well.
The signs
Severus is not just the best Occlumens of Wizarding Britain鈥攁nd perhaps, the world鈥攈e also show signs that his magic is quite overpowered and explosive.
When Snape uses the Disarming Spell against Lockhart, he actually blasts Lockhart off his feet against the wall, which is not what Expelliarmus is supposed to do. We know that because in DH Harry wants to use Expelliarmus so it'll only disarm the opponent, whereas Stupegy would blast them off their broomsticks and kill them with the hundreds-of-meters high fall. (But if Snape had used Expelliarmus against them, who knows, they might have been blasted off their broomsticks like Lockhart was in CoS, so there's definitely a difference in Harry's and Severus' magic.)
When Severus uses Avada Kedavra against Dumbledore, which is supposed to just sweep the soul away, he blasts Dumbledore and makes him topple over the tower鈥檚 edge to his fall.
When Snape uses non-verbal Incarcerous against Lupin in the Shack: "BANG! Thin, snakelike cords burst from the end of Snape鈥檚 wand and twisted themselves around Lupin鈥檚 mouth, wrists, and ankles; he overbalanced and fell to the floor, unable to move."
When Harry tries to use Levicorpus on Snape? '"No, Potter!鈥 screamed Snape. There was a loud BANG and Harry was soaring backward, hitting the ground hard again, and this time his wand flew out of his hand.'
When Severus shoves Harry away from his mind, his magic apparently also shoves him away physically: '"ENOUGH!" Harry felt as though he had been pushed hard in the chest; he took several staggering steps backward, hit some of the shelves covering Snape鈥檚 walls and heard something crack. Snape was shaking slightly, very white in the face.'
EDIT: as @derschokoladenritter finely pointed out in the comments, "In Chamber of Secrets, Snape cancels a whole room of spells with one Finiter Incantatem during the Dueling Club", demonstrating yet again his overpowered magic.
Perhaps this is just a result of accidental magic, but still, remember when Petunia made a jibd at Severus鈥 clothes being his mother鈥檚 and a branch fell from the tree, falling on Petubitch? Perhaps his Obscurus acted out of his control.
Another instance of Severus鈥 poor control on his own magic too: "A girl was laughing as a scrawny boy tried to mount a bucking broomstick 鈥"
Severus learned to fly unsupported, perhaps thanks to having mastered his Obscurus and its power.
So now we got many in-books clues; but here comes the cherry:
Fantastic Beasts Quote
Ok I know it鈥檚 not in-books and all the problems that come with FB, but still, hear me out.
Why did Grindelwald search for an Obscurial? If you look at this scene, Dumbledore says:
"He had a vision, he said, many years ago, in which an Obscurial killed the man he fears above all others."
"You", Newt will say to Dumbledore.
But we know Credence isn't the one because... Snape fills that role already. Snape is the Obscurial who killed Dumbledore.
Now you'll tell me that not only is this scene out of the books and in a FB movie, which makes it credibility shaky at best, but also that this comes from a deleted scene. True. But does it make it irrevocably irrelevant? There is another deleted scene from FB1 where we are shown a dragon with three heads in Newt's magical zoo. Later, in FB2, Newt uses a description of this dragon with Tina. Meaning that the creators can still consider deleted scenes as valid, at least story-wise.
And this vision makes so much more sense than whatever bullshit they gave us at the end of FB2. Now I hope that, besides a reveal of Tobias Snape as a WW2 soldier, we get the confirmation in FB3 that Severus is the Obscurial Grindelwald was truly searching for. It was not the little girl from FB1. It was not Credence. It was Severus.
It explains why Dumbledore believes (regardless he admits it to himself or not) in visions and prophecies, even though he doesn't like Divination and wanted to stop the subject being taught at Hogwarts.
Who knows, perhaps it explains why Dumbledore treated Snape like shit. Did he know or feel that Severus was the Obscurial that would kill him? Did Dumbledore... fear him? Did he resent Severus, realizing that Grindelwald wasted his time on the wrong Obscurial? Maybe that's why Dumbledore mistreated and neglected chlid-Severus so much, as if he was already the filthiest of criminals. Only, he didn't know the vision would sort itself out in agreed suicide rather than murder. Oh, the irony Dumbledore must have felt when he realized that indeed, Severus would be the Obscurial that "killed" him, and that Dumbledore actually wanted for Snape to do it. That he asked for such a "great favour" from what Grindelwald would call "a miracle".
Severus Snape, the Obscurial Occlumens.
I would have given proper credits to the person who informed me about the deleted FB scenes, but since they don't want, the least I can do is publish as they wanted and ask you what you think about this :)
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Bnha 306 colorspread.
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The Japanese wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax Temminck, 1839) was a subspecies of the gray wolf that inhabited the Japanese Archipelago and became extinct 100-120 years ago. In this study, we determined the whole genomes of nine Japanese wolves from the 19th- early 20th centuries and 11 Japanese dogs and analyzed them along with both modern and ancient wolves and dogs. Genomic analyses indicate that the Japanese wolf was a unique subspecies of the gray wolf that was genetically distinct from both modern and ancient gray wolves, lacking gene flow with other gray wolves. A Phylogenetic tree that minimizes the effects of introgression shows that Japanese wolves are closest to the dog monophyletic group among the gray wolves. Moreover, Japanese wolves show significant genetic affinities with East Eurasian dogs. We estimated the level of introgression from the ancestor of the Japanese wolves to the ancestor of East Eurasian dogs that had occurred in the transitional period from the Pleistocene to the Holocene, at an early stage after divergence from West Eurasian dog lineages. Because of this introgression, Japanese wolf ancestry has been inherited by many dogs through admixture between East Eurasian dog lineages. As a result of this heredity, up to 5.5% of modern dog genomes throughout East Eurasia are derived from Japanese wolf ancestry.
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saw a lot of artists doing this thing so I wanted to join the fun as well <3
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endless iconic f1 moments - fangio鈥檚 greatest victory
juan manuel fangio takes victory and his fifth title in the 1957 german grand prix. the argentine driver led from pole position at the fearsome nurburgring circuit. he built up a lead of 30 seconds over the ferraris of mike hawthorn and peter collins. fangio had to stop for tyres and fuel halfway through the race but the ferraris were able to continue. fangio鈥檚 pit stop was a disaster and he rejoined in third, 48 seconds behind. he broke the lap record nine times to close the gap, at one point lapping 15 seconds faster than his rivals. he caught and passed both ferraris on the penultimate lap. it was fangio鈥檚 twenty fourth and last victory. the five time champion said after the race "I have never driven that quickly before in my life and I don't think I will ever be able to do it again."
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cx-shhhh 8 months ago
My friend (she鈥檚 my potential future roommate and asked me to credit her as 鈥渕y friend鈥) has a form of synesthesia where she associates colors with words, so I asked her what she associates with Les Amis.
Bear in mind that she went into this without knowing the characters at all, but I鈥檓 very happy with the results:
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e just so pretty! (Enjolras being a blend of purple makes me unspeakably excited.)
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gentrychild 4 months ago
Don't know if you've seen the latest Vigilantes but your theory about the o'clock ghost being a certain white haired villain just a HUGE hint towards being right.
I have seen it because my loyal anons dropped messages on my inbox and I feel so validated right now.
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myrddinthewizard 9 months ago
thanks for the tag @reyyya鈥 <3 this is actually really freaking cool. i really said bi colors all the way lmao.
i made a new post bc the other one was getting long so here鈥檚 the picrew!!
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tagging @messandahalf10, @disneyintrovert, @tcs-main鈥, @fallingstarsaredreams鈥, @anyone else who wants to (no obligations ofc i just thought this was cool)
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"That was fun"
Daniel driving Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR
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i excuse myself for the person i will be when i will see viktor in the next episodes of arcane
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apparently Megaman Star Force exist in A Hat In Time universe聽
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Monster Mash Month Day 21: Mula-Sem-Cabe莽a
The terrifying, flaming, headless mule! A Brazilian legend of a woman cursed to be a headless, fiery mule for her sins.
Though technically I added in a head of flame, I couldn鈥檛 get over the idea of this headless mule with a burning fire where it鈥檚 head should be, absolutely TERRIFYING. Thank you @girl-pretty-in-pink for your awesome suggestion.
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lover-of-skellies a month ago
i was bored ok ok,,,,
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Whoooooaaaaa :0 that's super neat, dude! :D
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