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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A sort of follow up to a friend’s fic which can be found here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34148944
Go give it a read if you haven’t already! It’s super sweet and not at all cringe like this is!
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bianca-di-stangelo · 4 months ago
Idk if anyone else has this headcanon but
I've always thought that Nico and Will were very intimate even before dating. Not in a romantic way, since they were too shy for that. But even when they were just friends, they'd cuddle and hug a lot. Cause Nico really needed that comfort from how touch starved he was/is
Reyna, Jason, and Will were/are really the only friends Nico has that he allows to touch him (Hazel too, but she's his sister so)
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i’ve got some REALLY crazy news for you
(from this post)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Possibility of what? Hidden depths? We met two minutes ago.
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dabisqueen · 20 days ago
Best summary of the Rockstar Dabi chapter so far.
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Are you ready for Ch.2? 🤣🤣🤣
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beardedmrbean · 21 days ago
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Should work on summoning a therapist instead
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RT GENSHIN AU!! (or at least my personal take on it)
did i just make a comprehensive genshin character, with talents icluded, from scratch? yeah lmao. I know this AU already exists but theres not enough content for it so, I made some. I've been browsing rtumblr for a while but have never posted so, don't eat me alive please and thank you.
Title - Cataclysmic Constant
Nation - Inazuma
Vision - Electro
Weapon - Catalyst
Affiliation - Sumeru Academia
Special Dish - “Soba Junction”
Talents (ATK):
Normal Attack - Voltaic Stars - Preforms up to 4 electro damage attacks.
Charged Attack - Consumes a certain amount of stamina, dealing electro damage after a short casting time. If fully charged will perform all 4 electro attacks simultaneously.
Plunge Attack - Using the power of electro, he plunges to the ground, damaging all opponents in the way and dealing AoE electro damage upon impact with the earth.
Elemental Skill - Cosmic Facsimiles - Summons up to 2 faded clones that deal AoE damage upon casting and will continuously deal electro damage to nearby opponents.
Elemental Burst - Convergence of Matter - Channeling the power of the cosmos, a manifestation of a shooting star will converge with the earth below, dealing AoE damage. Any illusions from Cosmic Facsimiles will also shatter dealing additional AoE damage when burst is used.
Ascension Passive I - Incessant Chatter - Charged attack stamina costs are decreased by 30%.
Ascension Passive IV - Thunderbolts and Lightning! - If illusions are on the field electro damage will increase by 20% of RT’s ATK.
Utility Passive - Drift King  - When using the Waverider, stamina consumption is decreased by 20%.
Astra Fortunae - Stars of Fortune
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1800wolfsbane · 2 months ago
Odd dream(drabble)
Azul x Reader, fluff?, enemies to ‘enemies but one develops a crush and is in denial’, gn!reader but there’s no pronouns mentioned(yet?). ‘you’ is said so many times its kind of ridiculous. might make a pt 2 if people rlly like this one. also not proofread 👍🏽
Seawater felt like a cold shock on your skin, warmed by the remaining light of the setting sun; Your own heartbeat loud, pounding in your ears in rhythm to the crashing of ocean waves. Azul Ashengrotto, your mortal enemy and academic rival for life and yet here knee-deep in water he stood with you on the beach his warm hand in yours. His pretty blue eyes were on you like you were the only other person in the world, so sincere, a silly grin on his face like the boy had struck gold. He loved you, clear as the purest waters he loved you with every bit of his being. Oh seven… It was like a calling, an impulse really to just gently sandwich his face between your hands and kiss him right then and there! No time to ask questions about how you got there or why the hell you were both wearing your dorm uniforms and at the beach completely soaked from the knees down!
Y/n, your name slipped from his lips so softly it had nearly been drowned out by the seagulls and the waves crashing. He stepped closer embracing you, one hand in yours and the other on the small of your back,
“Let’s go out again soon, okay? Just like this, just the two of us again..” please. His hand gently squeezing yours like a silent plead for you to say yes. Azul’s breath just faintly blowing against the shell of your ear, it drove your heart and mind mad. Cheeks tinted rose you blurted out,
‘Can I kiss you?’ and nothing else needed to be said, because his soft lips planted on yours conveyed the message well enough. Sweet and pure it was like a fairytale kiss and it had your mind buzzing and your heart about to flatline. His touch was so warm against your skin compared to your itchy wet socks and—
Oh. Oh my god. Eyes bleary and staring wide at your popcorn ceiling, your heart thumping against your ribcage with such force you’d think the whole dorm could hear it. There it was again, that same fucking dream with Azul where’d you be on some sort of date. The same dream that had been reoccurring for about 3 nights now and its starting to drive you insane. Pretty blue eyes? Sincere and utterly love struck with the sweetest and dopiest smile you’ve ever been on the receiving end of?! WITH AZUL???? HIM? WITH THE MOST KISSABLE LIPS?! The hell is this! Your fingers curled into your blankets as your mind began to reel. 3 Whole nights in a row with that bastard in your dreams, another day of dream Azul being nothing like the real one; Azul Ashengrotto, the real one, was a menace and a total headache, NRC’s biggest scumbag and you stand by that. Oh but dear seven just that the way he said your name and his lips on yours.. So why, what do these dreams mean to you? You hate him, he hates you. That's how it's supposed to be, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little though. Just a little.
based off of the insane dreams i had about scaramouche from genshin impact good god those dreams were so funny but they made me so mad bc i would never date him😭
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funkyness · 4 months ago
oh so now the ao3 fans are gonna be paying for tumblr
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auraaldemir · 4 months ago
do you get déjà vu?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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narutoad · 8 months ago
i was messing around on photoshop and wound up with this! idk, i think boruto and himawari could use a super cool older cousin like her.
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wittyworm · 14 days ago
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those ppl where right after all
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lovelygirlinbleu · a month ago
I'm crying 😭 the insta stories why lord please
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altcvnningham · a year ago
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“bad idea, v.”
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iamfezcosblunt · 4 months ago
What about the reader knowing when urban comes home and she starts to use her vibrator and urban walks in as she’s climaxing 💀
One night you were at home alone bored. You couldn't stop thinking about Urban as you started to touch yourself. You then saw a text from him saying that he was almost home and you quickly grabbed your vibrator turned it on to the highest setting and you you out on your bud as you moaned and started to pump the vibrator in and out of you. You then heard the door unlocked as Urban came in and you came right on the spot. Urban just looked in awe on how pretty you looked railing yourself and get off on him.
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cl0udydays-crxctor · 4 months ago
the green-eyed monster
Fandom: Descendants
Word Count: 2384
Warnings: n/a
Synopsis: You get along with everyone. There's just one person you hate, and that's the son of Jafar. You hate Jay, and Jay hates you. The only conversation you guys have ever shared is under the apprentice of arguing or generally bickering over everything. So why do you feel this twinge of anger, of jealousy, when Jay asks Lonnie out to the ball?
Ships: Jay x Reader, Carlos x Reader (Platonic), Lonnie x Jay (Platonic)
Notes: Descendants as Marauders -> James is Mal, Sirius is Jay, Remus is Carlos, Young Peter (the nice, kind one) is Evie -> i need to know if someone agrees with me
Tumblr media
You were generally loved by the school population. Beautiful, charming, polite, clever little girl, is what they would say when they were told to describe you. You generally tried to be those things, to be beautiful, to be charming, to be polite, and to be clever, but all those thoughts would disappear as soon as your eyes met his.
Jay was also loved by the school population, for an entirely different reason. Handsome, flirty, arrogant, muscular tourney captain, is what they would say when they were told to describe him. He was those things, and you wished he wasn't because that boy would get on your nerves so easily.
One reason why you two hated each other so much was that we were so similar, yet the two of you were just too stubborn to admit it. There was a list of similar things you could list — in fact, you actually had a list for how many things we had in common, written by Evie. You refused to admit it because, in your mind, you were miles away from being similar to that asshole.
While his social circle was made up of Carlos, Ben, Chad, and god-knows-what, your social circle was made up of people Jay had used for one-night stands and just dumped. It was a dick move, and you were sure Jay knew that; he didn't have the capability to change, and he didn't even want to change.
That was the main difference between the two of you. You at least had the decency to tell the people you were dating that you wanted to break up with them because the least you could spare them was some sort of decency. But Jay didn't even tell them.
That pissed you off. Jay was deliberately using the girls at the school for his own pleasure, and no one was saying anything about it. You would've told Fairy Godmother about it, but as she always says, no proof, no crime, so you couldn't really do anything.
People might call you a snitch or whatever, but once 3/4 of your friendship circle has cried over a boy that hurt their feelings and just played their hearts like a god-damn violin, that was the breaking point.
You decided that you hated him.
Tumblr media
"L/N," Jay smirked at me, enjoying the way your face twisted as you looked at his. "Enjoying the show?"
You were sitting on the bleachers, watching the tourney players as you read your book, Pride and Prejudice calmly, hoping that if you ignored him, he would leave.
But of course not, he was Jay. He wouldn't leave, and instead, he started annoying you to pieces as he stole your book and started telling you about how he had won a tourney match all by himself.
You felt a migraine forming in your head. Sighing, you snatched your book away from his grasp and left the tourney pitch. Jay turned to Carlos, who gave him a look that signified he was dead inside.
"I've totally got a chance with her," he said dreamily. Carlos simply stared at him as if saying, you're a fucking idiot, before slapping his head.
"You stole her book then made her so annoyed that she left the damn pitch," Carlos said slowly as if it would help Jay understand anything.
Apparently, he didn't and continued rambling about the girl for a complete minute until Carlos reminded him that he was the captain and had to make sure Auradon kept their winning streak going.
Carlos was seriously contemplating his decision to become Jay's friend.
Tumblr media
You genuinely hated yourself. It was quite obvious that Jay was going to ask Lonnie out. You were happy for the couple, you really, really were, so why were you so miserable over the fact, even if you were sad for just a second?
When Jay did this big promposal (deemed a word by the girls of Auradon) to Lonnie, you felt as if the universe hated you as Evie turned to you and said quietly, "I thought Jay was going to ask you out."
You laughed at the thought. Jay? Liking you? No way.
First of all, he hated you, and you hated him. You thought that both of you had made that very, very clear. You would often threaten to cut off his hair or some other death threat when he would be very annoying to you (such as stealing your books, yelling your name loudly in corridors, or generally just being a dickhead).
Second of all, Jay showed no interest in you whatsoever. He flirted with everyone, and you certainly were one of the victims he had decided to target for his affection. Sure, he certainly gave you cheesy pick-up lines and went out of his way to start a conversation with you, but according to the students of Auradon, he did this with everyone else before he dumped them, so you were determined not to fall for his flirting, no matter how cute it was.
Third of all, maybe — just maybe — you felt a little bit sad. And a little bit jealous. Because even if you acted like you didn't care or act like you hated him, you still wanted him to actually like you for you. The past few guys you've dated were all assholes that only wanted you for either the throne or your looks, and Jay had always talked to you and flirted with you. You thought that he liked you, but he ended up just asking Lonnie out instead. And you thought you were pathetic for thinking that one person in the world would like you romantically, but guess what? You were going to be a single pringle for the rest of your life.
Fourth of all, you couldn't help but be happy for the couple. Because Lonnie looked perfect with Jay. Both of them were athletic, both of them did fencing, and the two of them looked happy with each other, playing with each other's hair or carrying each other's things to class. And you couldn't find anything wrong with that, and you weren't a home-wrecker. You were not going to ruin Jay and Lonnie's happiness for your own. But, then, why did you feel so furious when Lonnie would kiss Jay or run a hand through his long hair?
You genuinely, actually hated yourself.
And that was that.
Tumblr media
You were never more thankful for Carlos.
Jane couldn't go to the party because she had to go take care of something for her mother, so Carlos was left without his girlfriend.
You and Jane were good friends, even after the whole wand fiasco, so after sending a message to her asking if she was okay with you and Carlos going to the ball together, she replied with a thumbs up and a sympathetic message about Jay.
You and Carlos were going to the ball as strictly friends, and Evie had never been more excited to dress you up. Mal was going with Ben, but she had refused to let Evie dress her up, claiming it was too 'girly' and 'princessy', although you were pretty sure that Mal just wanted you to suffer under Evie's affections.
Evie had designed a dress for you, and it was absolutely beautiful. The dress ( https://pin.it/4amLeXy, trust me the picture's better than my description but choose any dress you like :] ) was a darker red, decorated with sparkles. The top part perfectly showed your curves and your frame, and the bottom part of the dress was splayed apart like a giant rose, a ballgown fit for even the most pretentious of princesses.
Your jaw dropped when Evie had brought it out. You even looked backwards to see if it was for someone else, because that dress certainly wasn't for you.
But when Evie winked and basically threatened you to change into the ballgown, you found that it fit your measurements perfectly, and you looked gorgeous in the dress.
"Jay is going to regret not asking you to the ball," Evie squealed excitedly.
"Why do I feel like you're more excited about my love life than your own?" You placed your hands on your hips, a fake scowl on your face, and Evie only tutted like a mother hen.
"No scowling. Remember, smile. It makes you look more beautiful," she assured me as I chuckled at her. It was impossible to stay mad at that girl.
Tumblr media
You were hiding behind the corridor. Carlos was waiting for you down the stairs, and the entire school population was going to be there, including Jay.
With a small smirk on your face, you realized that most of the princesses had just worn flimsy dresses that looked like they were made 10 years ago. Or, they (Audrey) had just went for the most basic look ever, a dark pink princess dress that looked like the knock-off version of Aurora's one.
Lonnie's dress was incredibly... common. She hadn't gone for a traditional chinese look, which was quite a shame, in your opinion, because it would've looked miles more special from what she was wearing now.
She was basically wearing the same princess dress as everyone else was wearing, except it was white, like she was going to a wedding. She was wearing a tank top over it, and even though she was dating Jay, you wished you could help her change her dress to look more attractive, because Lonnie was a lovely girl; it was the dress that was completely wrong.
Jay looked as handsome as ever, and this time, he actually wasn't wearing a leather jacket or a vest. He was wearing a suit, an actual suit, and you felt like you were about to die.
You took a deep breath, and nervously stepped into the spotlight. Everyone turned to look at you, and you stopped yourself from fidgeting with the threads of the dress, and instead smiled kindly at everyone. Carlos looked stunned to see you, but quickly recovered by offering you his arm.
"My lady," he said dramatically in a posh, terrible British accent, and you laughed. The laugh was like music to Jay's ears.
"Handsome gentleman," you teased him in a just as horrible accent. The two of you burst into laughter. You started looking around the room. The girls were glaring daggers at you, except for Evie and Mal. Evie was waving to you, giving you a huge grin, whereas Mal winked at you and mouthed, look at Jay!
You turned your head to look at the VK, and his eyes couldn't leave yours. He looked shocked, even more surprised when Carlos had first seen you. Compared to everyone else, you were like a goddess, and Jay definitely noticed that.
Tumblr media
When Jay had seen you, all he could think about was how beautiful you looked. Lonnie liked him, and he liked her too, but it was nothing compared to the things he felt when you were next to him. He was planning to reject Lonnie after the ball, but he had forgotten all about it when he laid his eyes upon you.
You were wearing his colour, red. He must have looked like an idiot now, staring at the girl that was probably dating his best mate. He felt a stab of betrayal, but it washed away quickly.
He had been nothing but rude to the girl, so why would you ever like him? He didn't know how to project his emotions back on the Isle, and he certainly didn't know how even if he was in Auradon.
He felt Lonnie's gaze falling upon her, and he saw a sad smile appear on Lonnie's face.
"Hey," she said, and Jay turned to look at her. "I know you don't really like me." Before Jay could say anything, she shook her head. "You don't like me the same way you love her. So go get your girl, tiger." She gave him a friendly punch in the shoulder, and Jay realized the meaning behind her words.
Jay hugged Lonnie, not as lovers, but as friends, and he immediately walked over to you and Carlos.
"Mind if I borrow your date for a few minutes?" Jay's voice broke into you and Carlos's conversation, and your response was to look at Carlos worriedly. Carlos gave you a supportive grin, and nudged you to talk to Jay.
Before Jay left, Carlos grabbed Jay by the shoulder. "Just so you know, I'm not dating Y/N. She's a wonderful girl, though, so if you dare hurt her, I will kill you." Carlos narrowed his eyes, and Jay gulped.
"Sir yes sir," Jay saluted, and Carlos pat his friend on the shoulder before pushing the two of them away.
"Before you say anything, Y/N," Jay spoke first, "I'm sorry. For how I treated you, and your friends. I broke up with Lonnie because I realized how much I loved you. I like Lonnie, sure, but I love you, because you're the one that I can imagine myself with. You're kind, you're beautiful, and you're undeniably smart, and I know I don't deserve you. But please, give me a chance for me to redeem myself."
After Jay's little speech, how could you not forgive him? You gave him a smile, and pulled him into a hug. "I like you too, Jay," you said, giving him a cheeky grin, and stood on your tip-toes to hug him.
Jay smiled at you, and all of a sudden, he pulled you into a kiss, trapping you so your back was facing the wall. You ran a hand through his locks as his hand pressed against your face. It wasn't a perfect kiss, but it was a real one. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as the two of you kissed in the night, eyes closed and lips locked.
Finally, the two of you seperated, and your lipstick was stained on his lips as the taste of his lips lingered on yours.
"You're an absolutely idiot, Jay." You told him, but you smiled. "But you're my idiot." You pushed Jay from the wall, and your hands were entwined with his.
"Come on. We have to break the news to our friends, and you certainly have a lot of people to apologize to."
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dragonselfship · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Her hair feels like silk between his fingers as he brushes it away from her face, revealing the sharp purple accents on her cheeks. She hums, the titanium scaling on her arms and back shuddering like a wave. It’s so incredibly rare for her to let her guard down like this.
“You okay, Kai?” He traces the patterns on her face with the back of his fingers. Her eyes flutter open.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She meets his gaze, her eyes keen and calculating as they search his face. For a moment, he becomes lost in the piercing purple glow.
“No reason, you’re just not usually this cuddly.”
To his surprise, she averts her eyes, before grumbling and turning her back towards him, her head still remaining in his lap.
“It- I- Just wanted to be close to you, I suppose.”
He turns his attention to the large pods floating just above her shoulders, positioned in the least obstructive way when it came to their cuddling. They pulse with their usual purple glow, humming softly. He furrows his eyebrows, looking from Kai’sa in his lap to the massive Void creature by his head.
He reaches out slowly and places his hand on it.
“What are you doing.” She sounds entirely unamused, but she doesn’t move. In fact, her second skin seems to ripple, and the pod his hand was resting on moves closer, nudging him.
“Oh my god,” He grins, his sudden joy manifesting in bubbling laughter as he strokes the pod with his thumb. “Your symbiote loves me.”
Kai’sa huffs, burying her face in his legs.
“It does, It absolutely does. Can you feel this?” He scratches the shell-like material gently, running his fingers over the fine grooves and indents with a visible sense of awe.
“Yes, of course I can.” She snaps, her voice taking on a familiar metallic edge as her second skin begins to crawl up her neck. From contentedness or panic, he wasn’t sure.
He pauses, wincing. “Sorry if I-“
“No,” She grumbles, shifting her body closer to him. The shining grey plating of her symbiote shudders along her body for the third time, as if it was readjusting. “Keep going.”
He does his best to suppress the full-body shiver that comes with his joy, as not to disturb the purring void creature in his lap. Nodding (though she can’t see it), he returns his attention to her shoulder pods and watches with open, uncontrollable affection as she melts into the kind touches.
Her breathing evens out into these sort of chirps, these metallic murmurs that catch on every exhale. My god, she was actually purring. Winter could cry.
“Tell no one about this.” It’s hard to be intimidated by her words when she’s very visibly falling asleep, but he nods anyways.
“Of course.”
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