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#this is so cute
formidxble · 5 hours ago
me and you :)) ~ 🍥 anonnie from cherry’s blog
AHHH i love cats sm siukfhsk i have two myself and they’re always cuddling!!!! thank u, that’s me and you, but i’m the smaller one HEHEHEHE
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applepiekyuu · 9 hours ago
Ik Oikawa canonically bought his glasses by accident but for the sake of argument if he actually did have shit eyesight and was scared to put his fingers in his eyes? He would trust you to put his contacts in I say this bc it is a weirdly intimate experience to let someone so close to ur eyes
WAIT..... this is adorable?? he’s all like “aughhh I can’t do it I can’t do it” and ur like “tooru it’s literally just contacts; just stick em in” and he wrings his hands and screws up his nose until you relent and do it for him
and when you lean in to place one hand on his cheek, he’s staring at you cuz ur nose to nose and you can smell his spearmint gum and he can see the flecks of color in your eyes and HAGSHDKQIEK the TENSION
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drewbersstarkey · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drew with his dad in Moab 🥺
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goetias · 14 hours ago
@hazmoonxmuses​ Stella said: ’ " oh, love... what have you done? " 
Tumblr media
A SQUAWK of discomfort and, quite frankly, alarm as the Prince flails off of the footstool. He’s become wrapped in the drapes to their shared chambers, their crimson fabric caught in his talons. The owl titters, nearly upside down now, his back to the window. “I-- these infernal-- dear Satan!”
His arms flap as he tries to regain some balance. How truly embarrassing for a bird. Finally, he gives up, watching as his wife discovers him... helplessly. He nearly laughs while replying, “I haven’t the foggiest.” A small hoot follows, red eyes blinking.
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thesunflowersutra · 15 hours ago
hello I hope your day is going good!!!
helloooo!!! thank you so much, this made me smile! <3 I hoe your day is going good as well, anon! 
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sleepysnk · 15 hours ago
streamer! eren who has an s/o that can’t fluently speak english so when they’re on stream together, he’s translating things to his audience
also good morning/afternoon/evening summer :)
also good afternoon mushroom anon! <3
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mynaismau · 19 hours ago
Sometimes I wish I was an Octopus.
So I could slap eight people at once!
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backwhereyoustood · 20 hours ago
You're the cutest, kindest person! You're always so wonderful and supportive and your edits are beautiful!!! I love seeing you around. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
awww anon! this made my heart melt 🥺💗 I’m sorry I just now saw this (I got super sleepy last night). But you are the sweetest to say this omg I adore you so much. I hope you have the loveliest day imaginable! 🌸
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heartboudoir · 23 hours ago
i’m like a kid when i get hungry angel, ya know that... *i immediately dig in, nodding enthusiastically*
d’ya want some of this angel? it’s really good! *as i sit and look at you my mind wanders to all the dates that led to this point, all the firsts; first kiss, first cuddle, first night together, the long distance phone calls, the tears and arguments, the secret giggles and whispers in the early hours of the morning*
*i lean across to wipe some sauce off your bottom lip and hold your face gently*
i love ya angel, just wanted to remind ya
(omg bby! make sure you eat please! 🥺💛)
*I press my forehead to yours Briefly whilst I whisper back to you* I love you too, so much tsumu
*I pull away and take a deep breath to stop myself crying, taking a bite of my pizza and audibly moaning* fuck, this is so good, have some *I push the plate towards you, loving how eager you get around food and giggle*
Do you ever... regret anything tsum? With us? *I don’t mean it in an angsty way, just wanting to reminisce*
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lovesakusa · a day ago
planting with papaguro
let it be known that there is almost nothing in the world that gives me more serotonin than papaguro 
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hanji-is-life · a day ago
another thought while cooking. the Bakusquad + y/n are roommates and they have a YouTube channel. Bakugou and y/n got together but they are not ready to tell there fans. but bakugou wants to so bad because people are crazy shipping kirishima and y/n. and that's makes Bakugou joules.
omg this idea is so frikin cute!!!!!
a cooking channel with the BakuSquad, but it’s mainly Bakugou doing all the hard work while the squad just makes comments, gets yelled at for picking at the food while he’s cooking, and having the best reaction when the meal’s finished.
omg you and Kiri literally having a shipping name trending on Twitter. Bakugou just explodes and posts a pic of you two kissing, a visible smile tugging at the corners of your lips. you and Bakugou’s ship name ends up trending after that lmao
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jupiturt · a day ago
lOLOL yeah fluff is one hard genre to write for esp when it doesnt even happen irl like ?? y'all give me brain damage not butterflies anymore lMFAO >> but hi hii anna !! hru ?? i was thinkin of nicknames to give to u but i thought of pancake and i was like : how ('= - 🌠 anon !! <3
WHY- is it so hard to write fluff, you’re so right though— (it doesn’t even happen irl </3) But hello 🌠!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening/night :D and omg pancake is such a cute nickname, I love itttt. You can call me whatever you think is good, I don’t have a problem with it! Ooo what nickname should I give you then? How bout uhhh something candy related? :)))
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fullsun-s · a day ago
i made a thing for the thing
Tumblr media
I can sense the homoroyalty in this, i love it so much, hohong superior 💘👄💘
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lessathelittle · a day ago
My adult pacis came in! 🧸🌈🍼
Tumblr media
I am sooo happy! They are amazing! I got them of amazon from the brand LittleForBig and I absolutely love them!
Also, yes, I was listening to the Lion King soundtrack hehe... 🦁👑🧡
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