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#this is so cute <33
chapeldean · a month ago
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Sana omg!! Happy halloween to you too!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤
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hobidreams · 3 months ago
Just wanted to send you sunshine and rainbows!
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ have sparkles back sweetie!!!!
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terracyte · 6 months ago
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the shoulder pads look cool but don’t do much against the cold
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athyathye · a month ago
Ok so I read the mikey fic but what about if shin had a gf and Mikey had a puppy crush on her yk
That' cute-
Just to be clear we're talking about young or child! Mikey right?
Tumblr media
"Nii-chan? Is y/n coming today?" Manjiro's little feet padded against the ground in the hallway leading to Shinichiro’s room.
The person called was currently laying in bed, enjoying the quietness of his room before his little brother came barging in.
"Huh? Y/n? Why?" The older of the siblings rubbed his eyes, resisting the urge to just ignore his sibling and continue napping.
"I have this really cool thing I want to show 'em" Mikey walked towards the edge of the bed, shaking Shinichiro’s dangling arm once close.
He made sure to keep eye contact with his older brother, whom looked far too drowsy to even understand.
"Ha? Why can't you show me instead?"
"No, I only want y/n to see..."
"Then no. She isn't coming"
As soon as the words left his older brother's lips little Mikey began to feel the dread of defeat. Tears and sniffles came rushing in. He took small breaths to try and calm himself before he bursted in silent tears.
Shinichiro, who was half aware of what was happening, opened one of his eyes to take a peek after the sudden silence.
Surely, he wasn't really expecting a crying Mikey. The little kid didn't cry even when he got punched and kicked in the face.
"O-oi why are you crying?-" he began to panic, rushing over to Mikey only to trip on his blanket and fall face first on the ground right before his younger brother.
The Mikey he knew would've bursted out laughing right about now, but what's this? Not a single peep? He raised his head.
Nothing had changed, Little Manjiro still had the face of a pitiful puppy.
"Manjiro...why do you need y/n for"
"I just wanna show her something!" He began to bunch his pants, a nervous tick he had that Shinichiro knew well.
"F-fine...I'll try and contact her..."
Tumblr media
What Shinichiro expected? Having a peaceful afternoon for once. What did he get?
His little brother stealing all of his precious girlfriend's time and affection.
Head in his hands, with his elbows propped on the table. He watched you laugh at his little brother's shenanigans. "Little brother? More like little bother. This little b*stard knew what he was doing-'
Shinichiro scoffed, watching Mikey tug at your hand or turn your face whenever you went to take a glance at him.
How badly Shinichiro wanted to take Mikey away from you. But then again, Mikey probably just thought of you as a least he hoped he did.
Tumblr media
You never expected Mikey to be so clingy over you. After all, the kid was rowdy, he couldn't stay put for 3 seconds. But here he was, snug on your lap like a good boy.
"Are you sure you're ok?" You leaned downwards to whisper into his ear. Not noticing the rapid travelling blush, you began to pat his small stubby legs.
Hearing footsteps, you then turned to the front, seeing your own boyfriend with his crossed arms look at you with an unimpressed glance.
Unaware of the child leaning closer to you, you smiled. It was directed at both of them, enough for the other to melt his own irritation....and enough for the other to feel little butterflies in his stomach.
Speechless. You were speechless for the next 5 seconds. The quietness of the room was lost once Shinichiro got back to his senses
"Oi! You little brat- you were actually making moves weren't ya?!" Shinichiro pointed to the young child who still had a hold on your cheeks.
"Don't you know anything about bro code?!" He fumed, taking matters to his own hand. He walked in a fast pace towards you two. Only for the younger to leap away after landing another small smooch on your cheek.
"What's that? All I know is I'm stealing y/n from you! I'll marry her first!" Mikey shouted as he ran away from his older brother who had his hands out in a menacing way, acting as if he was trying to catch an insect.
"Ha?! And who decided that?! You're too young for her you know!"
"And You're too much of a loser!"
What a nice way to cause a ruckus around the rarely quiet house. You watched as both brothers chase each other around the room with anger and indifference etched onto their face.
But you could tell both were trying to hide their smiles. I mean, you didn't really mind having to take care of the Sano siblings.
They provided great quality content- I mean great quality affection and entertainment.
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vicea · a month ago
a dream appearance in today’s event (x)
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non-un-topo · 2 months ago
Don't know if you're taking prompts but it's maybe worth the ask: Joe giving Nicky a piggyback ride, please
ANON YOU'RE A GENIUS!!! But I wasn't sure if you meant a drawing or a ficlet, so... 👀 I drew it! <333
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yllwcrtns · 4 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I honestly don’t know if I’ll be better, or how long it will take. I just don’t want to leave again. I don’t want the feelings to go away again. Stop it. You’re feeling something now. Yeah, but what if that doesn’t last? Then it’ll come back? We’ll make it work together, even if it’s only one day with feelings. Yeah but, what if one day doesn’t work? Then maybe just an hour. Maybe just one minute. Yep, okay. One minute then. One minute with feelings. And then another one and another one. And another. And then another. Now is one of those minutes.
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iheartganyu · 24 days ago
May I request itto,thoma,gorou and zhongli with an s/o who is like noelle? yk wields a claymore,had a geo vision,strong,hardworking and also beautiful (yall are beautiful to dont deny it <33)
Tumblr media
s/o who is like noelle - genshin hcs ⸝⸝
Tumblr media
꩜ warning[s] ; not proofread :’)
𖥻 synopsis ; (char.) with an s/o who’s similar to the best maid in the knights of favonius: noelle !
ᜊ characters ; itto, thoma , gorou , zhongli
★ note : so true anon!! you’re all pretty - no self deprecating 😡 !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— he finds you so adorable !! but also very attractive because like .. you’re so gentle yet you’re also so strong—?
— he’s a massive contradiction to your personality but it somehow doesn’t clash , it’s a very interesting dynamic (the large bimbo w the lovable sweetheart s/o)
— you’re basically like his caretaker :’) but believe me he treats your hard work with pure love and adoration since he knows sometimes he’s a bit too much given how loud he can be
— despite you being his s/o , he’s still extremely competitive with you ! considering the fact you both have a geo vision and use a claymore he wants to learn more about how you wield it (maybe he can sneakily steal some techniques from you too)
— however he will definitely try to take it easy on you since you getting hurt would be the absolute worst !! :( kisses any sort of wounds you got during training
— judging off his idle animation (he combs his hair lol) i’m going to assume he does see value in upholding your appearance - he constantly asks you how you’re so pretty ?? pokes your cheeks a lot just for the fun of it when he gets no response
— ignoring his childish and playful nature , he’s a good leader so if you genuinely are in need of help (whether it be because you’re in danger or because you need help with training) he will always be there to guide you thoroughly
— no wound or injury will go un-kissed by this man !
Tumblr media
— you guys are like two peas in a pod , one and the same , carbon copies, utter perfection !!
— being the malewife he is , he adores all your hard work with a gentle passion and a special twinkle in his eye. but he does worry whenever he sees you overdoing it :(
— fascinated with how you’re able to use your claymore and how your geo vision works ! whenever he’s free from any duties he likes to watch you train and work to learn more about your physical skills
— will attempt to help you out and give you advice however he’s not sure his own advice will be reliable or comparable to someone who also uses a claymore
— he not so discreetly has housekeeping completions with you , as in he keeps a tally of all the chores each of you do and at the end of the week winner gets a kiss ! (it’s a win win situation but hey)
— once time he forgot that you have a geo vision and tried to use the pickup line “hey do you have a geo vision , because you are gorgEOus.” in his defense he was still woozy off the weird ingredients he put in the hotpot that night !!
— whenever you offer your service to people without looking for anything in return he smiles absentmindedly, he just loves how genuine caring you are :)
— speaking of being caring , after a rough day he really loves when you massage him (he will do it to you in return ofc !) your hands are so skilled and even though you carry a claymore half the time they are rather soft and have a nice warmth to them that make him sleepy
— everyone in inazuma adores you two , there’s not a problem that they can’t rely on you for and you both are so adorable together !!
Tumblr media
— you’re taking a big weight off his shoulders with how self sufficient you are , believe me
— adores!!you!!sm!! honestly if he could have a tiny army of people exactly like you he would rule the world 🙄 but there’s only one of you , and you’re his <3
— but seriously , he’s definitely relieved that you can manage without his help ! you two make an excellent duo on the battlefield and it’s extremely cool seeing you both in action
— he can’t help but let his tail wag at the thought of you coddling him with the reason that you just want to love him , gorou won’t appreciate when you try to make him look cute whilst working tho!! (。 ˇ‸ˇ 。)
— gorou’ in love with your skills and the way you carry yourself with your claymore ! bows and great swords are extremely different forms of weaponry and he gets super excited when you offer to teach him some basics plainly for fun ! he will of course return the favour :)
— he’s more than vividly aware of how stressful and exhausting it is to train on the daily and ?? he’s ?? so ?? confused ?? how are you still keeping up with no problem when you’re running on minimum sleep and nutrition ?????
— will not hesitate to force you to take breaks (especially ones that involve you petting him lol) he’ll help you make dinner !! but he’ll most likely get distracted by how pretty you are in the golden hour light <3
Tumblr media
— zhongli’s not a stranger to how hardworking you are , i mean the man himself gave you your vision so when a long day comes to end he can’t help but to hug you right before handing you your jasmine tea
— he’s the best in terms of understanding how diligent and persevering you truly are
— never fails to reminds you of your successes if you ever feel down about yourself (u shouldnt 😡) and he’s also more than happy to help you practice your techniques !
— now, a polearm and a greatsword are extremely different weapons but with his many differing and vast connections he’d probably be able to find someone suited to be your ‘mentor’ in a way :) and if he can’t well then he’ll just do it himself ! he’s not the geo archon for nothing
— your strength never ceases to amaze him ! how you can wield that much physical strength whilst also look so beautiful is truly a sight to experience (although no one will get to apart from him)
— sometimes though, he prefers if you’d take a break he can see the way all this work is taking a toll on you and your health and he explains the problems that’ll come with overworking yourself
— if you still don’t listen to his precautions be prepared to sit down for an hour or two because he’ll be explaining in thorough detail the psychological affects of your behaviours :’)
— those little but painfully long talks he has with you regarding your health never fail to bring you to sleep, and perhaps that’s the entire reason for them ? you’ll never know !
— after a long and tiring day for the both of you (zhongli dealing with problem child hu tao. . .) he loves to just wind down and relax with you in his arms with a nice cup of herbal tea <3
Tumblr media
IHEARTGANYU do not copy, steal or repost <33
notes : sorry this took so long :’’) i’ve been sick for like 2 weeks and had no energy (T . T)
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mikyouknow · 7 months ago
I thought this moment was kinda cute :’) cause here we can see a lil example of dnf reading each other’s minds/knowing each other too well :’) George goes “Dream will guess Sweden cause there’s red houses” when they’re muted and Dream can’t hear them. Then as soon as they talk to him and ask what his thoughts were he says it was the red houses :’)
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serica-e · 7 days ago
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Why is no one talking about Yao nendo here?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[og post: ]
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bunni3i3 · 8 months ago
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