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teheranb · a day ago
I’ll never get tired of a trope where Caretaker holding a barely conscious Whumpee tight in their arms, and keeping comfort their miserable companion with soft words, begging Whumpee to wake up for them because they loved Whumpee so much it already scared them. Bonus if Caretaker stroked Whumpee’s hair or rubbed Whumpee’s arm up and down to keep them warm.
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justintaco · 8 months ago
Top 10 anime betrayals
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simpforsadbois · a month ago
Aizawa x Reader, a gift. — ℊ
You sobbed out as you came again, one orgasm right after the other due to your Master giving your tail a harsh yank right near the base as soon as he felt you reach a crescendo the first time cuming. This was the first time you were having sex with him and you knew you were done for. Sometimes, you were certain your Master had a cat quirk, too. Just a more passive one, at least until today when he had come up behind you, pinned you to the couch and bit the back of your neck until you slumped in submission.
Not that he had had to wait very long for you to submits only fighting back from the surprise of the action. You had learned early on that you weren’t one to take the reigns in the bedroom. You were so far from being a dominant person that you had begun to question yourself. It took two relationships fizzling out at your “lack of passion”, as one called it, and an accidental crashing of a fellow heroine’s “dungeon party” to figure it out.
But you did get it figured it out, all with your fellow heroines help. She had helpfully guided you as your first dom, taken you on herself that very night and the next few weeks as well, teaching you as much as having you experiment. She had laughed when you had told her about the passion comment in the aftermath of a session — mainly because she had just gotten through with having you on your hands and knees, begging to taste her, then begging to be used and taken before sucking off her strap on and being bent over a desk where she did indeed take. You had pouted in embarrassment at her reaction, so once more she took you over the desk that night, going farther than before with a wicked smirk as she made you yowl, dissolving into begging to cum again between absolutely filthy promises to all she asked, all just to prove that “a lack of passion” was most certainly the not in any way true. Your former partners just hadn’t known how to be what you needed. And that was fine. You just had to find what you needed in someone you clicked with — after you fulfilled your promises to her. You were going to be sore for months, you had thought, but found yourself enjoying every moment of sinfully wonderful pleasure as you soaked up all she diligently taught you.
Which is when she introduced you to Aizawa Shouta, aka the underground hero Eraserhead, a friend of hers from their school days. You both had moved slowly, learning about one another before today had come.
He had asked you to sit down and then silently brought out an elegant tray with a collar, a beautiful amethyst one that matched your eyes, with a matching lead (that was unattached for now, not even out of its delicately showcased packaging) and set of accessories. There were silk blindfolds, cuffs and ties, three stud and three hooped piercings, a beautiful clit clip that was evidentially expensive by appearance alone, several matching clamps, a y-shaped chain to connect them, an anal plug trainer set, a vibrator, a gag and several other items all complimentary in colour and design to the collar and lead. Your eyes roamed over everything carefully, recognizing pieces from your training that made you gulp, mouth going dry as you couldn’t help but image him putting them on you, using them on you. You squirmed in your seat, rubbing your thighs together before a sharp word has you stilling, your attention back on your boyfriend.
Shouta then carefully and completely set up terms and rules to follow, going as far as to set up three different safe words of your choice. He looked at you as if you were a gift waiting to be opened as you went through the discussion with your well being as the topic. When the collar went on, so too did he become Master. What he said was to be followed. You gave a small whine, already feeling yourself slip a bit. You wanted to be his, you needed to be his and this was taking too slow!
He obviously could tell as he let out an irritated sigh and quickly pinned you to the couch on your stomach. Your hands were held tightly behind your back and a knee was settled between your legs, making it so you couldn’t escape back or forward so long as he held you tight. His mouth was right behind your ear as he firmly commanded you to be still. Your heart dove into your stomach and bounced right back out as he repeated himself before making sure you understood by repeating him.
As soon as you replied with your knowledge of what he said and consent he bit the back of your neck. Just which one of you had the cat quirk again?
Your answer came in the form of a nip to your ear that causes both to flatten to your head in reflex. You had zoned out and your Master looked amused.
“Still with me, Kitten?”, he asked, a hand moving through your hair, causing you to purr loudly.
You gave a soft mewl at the affection in his tone and nodded, leaning further into his hand at your hair, noting the other was massaging your breast, giving gentle squeezes and then tugging lightly at your nipples sending a shiver down your spine. If he kept that up….. “Yessir,” you responded, blinking slowly up at him, not quite looking at his eyes.
“Good,”he nodded, letting out an amused huff as your head presses him for more petting. Shouta pressed back, gripping your hair as he leaned down, capturing your mouth in a firm but loving kiss.
As the kiss broke you mewled questioningly, head tilting as much as you could, “Good Kitten?” You hoped you were. He seemed pleased, but you had to ask to be sure. You didn’t want to disappoint your new Master, not now, not ever. You had already started off distracted, but he seemed to let that pass.
Shouta chuckled, a wicked hint to it, and you felt his clever fingers tweak your nipples eliciting a moan before both hands traveled down your body.
“Excellent Kitten,” he replied, one hand slipping to press against and squeeze your ass, bringing your body even closer to him. The other slipped around to between the both of you and honed in on your clit, rubbing it in even measure. “My Kitten.”
“Oh!” You let out a sound of surprise as you began to squirm as he began to play your body, the first round and break done with the second beginning. “All yours! All for Master! Master’s Kitten, Master’s pet, Master’s, Master’s!”
The words played out like a chant as the hand on your rear moved to cup your hip and readjust your body to fit his. You’re core was matched with his cock and took just one smooth thrust before it slipped into your pussy, bottoming out. You gasped in surprise again before moaning loudly. “Master….!”
“Yessss,” he grunted in pleasure, thrusting his hips forward with a sharp snap to bury himself almost far more impossibly deeper. “Fits perfectly, Kitten. Your used little pussy, opening up and swallowing me right up, Pet! My Kitten’s tight little pussy, taking me so perfectly! Knows who it belongs to! Going to make it so it’ll fit me and only me, Kitten. So you’ll only get wet for me, can only be filled up right by me, can only cum for me. Only for your Master, who you only belong to, isn’t that right?”
“Only for Master, only Master’s.” You nodded quickly, beginning to babble as you repeated his words to show you understood. You wore his collar. You were his Kitten, his pet and only his. You followed his words and your body would only be filled up right by him. By your Master. “Master’s pussy, Master’s pussycat! So good for Master! Only Master, only Master’s pussy, only fit, only wet for him, only Masters Please! Please please please! Master! Oh!”
With each deep, slow thrust Shouta gave you, you promised, you begged. And he smirked smugly with a touch of sadistic. He’d keep you begging for a few more minutes. See if he could bring out some more promises, maybe get you to agree to those piercings — he had the tools for it. You would look so good laying on the table, trying to stay still like he would order, only to fail and have to be tied up. He’d then pierce you, listening to your restrained whimpers as he took care to fasten and clean you up, admiring the gorgeous sight of you with them, then reminding you with a sadistic smirk that you couldn’t have your tight, sweet little pussy used up any until it healed. Same with your sweet nipples, just to be safe, of course. You wouldn’t be allowed to touch yourself, either.
You would whine and whimper, wanting to be filled with your Master’s cock and that’s when he’d bring out the set of training plugs. You’d be so eager, needing to be filled now that you found out you couldn’t. He’d prepare you maddeningly slow, letting you squirm some more on his fingers, but giving your ass a firm warning smack when you wouldn’t settle. Shouta could picture it perfectly, accurately too as you would indeed react true to his predictions, even going further to his surprise. Just because you couldn’t use your pussy didn’t mean you couldn’t use your mouth, too.
And he’d soon learn how addicting your mouth would be. How much he’d come to love watching you be spit roasted between him and your toys, maybe even just between your toys, practically choking on a dildo, drooling around the thick and textured replica like a slutty little kitty as a large vibrator made your tail stand straight up as it pushed into you from behind, slowly and then with a last harsh thrust to bury itself inside that would have you yowling? What of two sex machines, perhaps? Or maybe three, with you tied in his scarf, wrists bound up as you bent forward on your knees, a spreader bar locking your legs wide open as one machine thrust into your delicious pussy, another your ass and the final one into your mouth, slick and drool making for lewd squelching sounds with every movement as he sat back and jerked off to the amazing scene before him again and again? Maybe he’d even tape it. He’s sure Nemuri would appreciate it, as a gift.
Maybe he’s even allow another person to help spir roast you, if there was anyone else worthy of being able to use what belongs to him, that is. Worthy of his perfect pet’s beautiful holes, excellent body. Just perfect, just right, just his.
Shouta’s pet, his obedient little Kitten.
Deepest apologies that this is so messy, but I was in a hurry to share while I have so many things to do. I’m thrilled you want to continue up the last bits I have left you and I cannot wait to read it. Have a lovely week!
Thank you for the wonderful meal, g 😩😩
Aizawa simps, come & eatttt 💕
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hey-hamlet · 3 months ago
For the All But One traitor au, I feel like the only thing that could make this more chaotic and funny is if Izuku (who relatively made peace with his past enough to mess with his classmates) decides to share his traumatic backstory with them.
Izuku, looking at his classmates frantically trying to hide the blood stain: You know you should really use hydrogen peroxide. That’s what I always used to hide the bloodstains from my mom.
Class 1A, collectively having a heart attack: Hide the what from your mother?
Izuku, laughing it off like the gremlin that he is: Yeah from my middle school uniform after my classmates would beat me up.
Dead silence.
Izuku, the one who has decided to use his trauma to traumatize others: I told you guys that I was bullied because of my quirk coming in late before UA right?
Class 1A, automatically wondering if they can get away with murdering Izuku’s former classmates: No. No you did not.
Tumblr media
Bakugo: You are terrible, you know that, right?
Izuku, shrugging: Yeah. It's fun though.
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saltminerising · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
here’s the SALT >:(
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fangirlsftw · a month ago
"that's what opal is, home and safety and belonging," I'm gonna cry
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aaxooli · 8 months ago
tales from the smp is now like the mcu.
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997 · 3 days ago
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