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#this is such aa bad idea
manda1orians4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@thecottagecorepadawan suggested the tooka doll might鈥檝e been crosshair鈥檚 as a cadet 馃ズ i imagine he would鈥檝e been a pretty nervous/anxious kid聽
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wickedpact6 months ago
I ordered The Old Guard books and they have arrived today which in a small way makes up for the stress I鈥檓 having planning a wedding in 2021 (that is already planning take two because it got postponed from last year)
Do you think Joe and Nicky are actually married?
- the annoying Anon but you can call me AA if that鈥檚 better
its funny you ask bc i do have an opinion on that and the opinion is: no
im not like... sure, but i have two reasons why i dont think theyre married / why they dont think of themselves as married
聽 1.) if they did think of themselves as married, the answer to the question 鈥榳hat, is he your boyfriend?鈥 would just be 'no dickhead hes my fucking husband鈥
1b.) i mean, in the comics speech, joe says 鈥楬e is not my 鈥榖oyfriend鈥. He is not my 'lover', nor is he my 'partner鈥. He is all and more. He is my everything.鈥
so if joe dislikes labels like 鈥榩artner鈥 or 鈥榣over鈥 because theyre not, idk, expansive enough to describe their relationship, (and he doesnt even mention 'husband鈥!) i cant imagine hed give a shit about marriage one way or another either. i made a post about it a while ago but theyve been together so long i doubt marriage is any more significant to them as a ~symbol of dedication~ than a couple of plastic promise rings two teenagers would buy at walmart. you know, like... theyre so beyond that
2.) im not an expert at queer history and im definitely making a lot of generalizations here that would make a historian flinch, but whenever i look at like,, historical queer media (poems, mostly, i read a lot of poetry for someone who doesnt like poetry) you dont really see gay people Yearn For Marriage like we do in more modern times; i mean, im not an expert on sappho鈥檚 writings, but she was kind of [waggles hand] mehhhh abt marriage, while also talking abt how great 鈥樷欌樷榝emale companionship鈥欌欌欌 is. het marriage, and consummation, are often compared to theft and violence in her poems (albeit subtly) while the relationships between women who were...... involved were seen as erotic and comforting.
the two are never conflated, you know, she never talks about maidens marrying each other or wishing that they could, despite talking about marriage pretty frequently. m/f relationships and f/f relationships, which we would both define modernly as the same thing (just plain old love) are shown to be separate things from sappho鈥檚 perspective.
i mean, you see more recent stuff about gay people wanting to be married, but like, thats usually within the last couple hundred years. idk what the cultures joe and nicky grew up in taught on marriage, but a lot of Ye Olde people didnt expect to love the people they married (& of course these things depend on where youre from, era, class, gender, etc)
聽 i mean, i imagine that joe, as the heir of his family鈥檚 business, probably had to dodge arranged (economic) marriages, and nicky, well-- there are tons of 鈥榞ay person becomes priest to avoid het marriage鈥 stories out there. joe and nicky honestly for a good majority of their lives probably saw marriage as an unfortunate inevitability that they luckily got to avoid. and i imagine its likely that they didnt associate love with marriage-- or at least, they saw it as a social or economic thing?
i mean, women being married off to create children and be 鈥榩rovided for鈥, or men getting married to create heirs and for.. sexual satisfaction (i guess).... where does what joe and nicky had comply with that kind of relationship, you know? neither of them was a woman who needed to be economically provided for, neither of them needed or wanted heirs-- just nothing about that specific type of social contract would appeal to them. they probably just saw their relationship with each other as something entirely different than the relationship of a marriage
and by the time the concept of marriage more or less began to change, they were in a relationship for so long that getting married wouldve probably be seen as silly to them
(but again like i said im probably generalizing a lot here)
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jessicaisautistic1502a month ago
Lovestruck with an Aspie/autistic MC like:
You: I got you coffee!
Mac: aw, really? You shouldn't have..
You: I shouldn't have?? GOD I'M SO FUCKING STUPID
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toastific8 months ago
CW: implied character death; blood
Tumblr media
Been thinking about a dark AU where Phoenix goes rogue after he's unable to save Maya.
Was mostly thinking about this one bit of dialogue from AA6 馃
Tumblr media
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queenlua6 months ago
i zoned out of an entire meeting today because i was too busy trying to construct a Complete Theory of Simon Blackquill TM in the back of my mind
i cannot get over his whole deal.聽 what was this dude like in prison?聽 how the fuck did Edgeworth look at THIS dude, of all the dudes, and think聽鈥測eah there鈥檚 no way he鈥檚 guilty鈥?聽 also what does Simon even do聽once he鈥檚 out of the clink?聽 i mean, he prosecutes, obviously, but like, for instance鈥攖ake Athena. can you imagine聽how weird it鈥檇 be striking up a friendship with the dude who metaphorically took a bullet for you after seven years.聽 the inevitable聽鈥淎thena and Simon hang out at Waffle House after he鈥檚 released鈥 reunion must be so聽cringingly awkward
...also, all his weeb knowledge probably ossified, like, seven years prior.聽 like, i remember when i was obsessed with Bleach, and then college happened and i forgot anime existed for several years, and when i paid attention again it was all this Attack on Titan shit that i did not understand???聽 that鈥檚 the mood Simon鈥檚 having, except, y鈥檏now, with everything
i am only the slightest聽provocation away from going feral and spitting out a bunch of fic,
so if you have any headcanons or prompts or whatever you want to share with me before this all ossifies and i finally go wild... now鈥檚 the time to do it
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letapollojusticesayfuck11 months ago
Or, Apollo can say fuck you to reason, to logic, to everything that鈥檚 telling him that this is a bad idea
You鈥檙e not going to see this chapter until Next Tuesday (because it鈥檚 the Last Chapter, aaa) and I can鈥檛 post any other聽quotes because Spoilers but STILL I needed to share something because somehow my own writing is destroying me
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if you are a Christian who struggles with SSA, it is unwise to label yourself in such a way that may hinder your sanctification. when you call yourself a 鈥淪ide B Christian,鈥 are you leaving room in your worldview for the real possibility that God will remove your sinful desires? that the 鈥淪ide B鈥 adjective will no longer be accurate to your person?
do you consider your sexual temptations a permanent state of being? if so, do you consider any of your other temptations permanent burdens?
identity-based philosophies and terminologies are insidious threats to the Christian鈥檚 private walk with God. before we label ourselves anything, sexuality-related or not, are we confident that the adjective we鈥檝e chosen will never overshadow our ultimate goal, which is holiness? and is that confidence based in truth?
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italianeyes12 months ago
we're watching dream boy in this house tonight!!!!!!!!! spooky season is herw!!!!!!!!! 馃巸馃懟馃暞馃崄馃崈馃崅馃崄馃巸馃巸馃巸馃暞馃懟馃崄馃懟馃崈馃暞馃暞馃崈馃崄馃崈馃崄馃崈馃崄馃懟馃懟馃暞馃巸馃懟馃暞馃巸馃懟馃暞馃崄馃暞馃崅馃崄馃懟馃崄馃崄馃懟馃崈馃懟馃崄馃崈馃巸馃崄馃暞馃懟馃暞馃巸馃暞馃懟馃巸馃暞馃崈馃崄馃崈馃崄馃懟馃暞馃巸馃暞馃巸馃崄馃巸馃崈馃暞馃暞馃巸
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