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#this is the content i signed up for

My YouTube recommended page is on fire today.

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the rules: tag five or more people that you are thankful for in your 2020, that you’re thankful for exist in a world that is hard to live in. Wheter that be through random reblogs on your posts, or people you’ve had full blown conversations with, whether it’s just seeing them on your dash, or interact with them. 

I already told you this, but this nearly made my cry @lilolilyr You’re just great, you know? I couldn’t ask for a better friend, so thank you so, so, so much for tagging me! 

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This year has been crap, but a lot of people have made it as special as a crappy year can be.

@lilolilyr is a given (I promise, you don’t have to redo this XD), but also @ringwraith-4  @s-s-s-senp-p-p-pai @justqueeerious @mortt-artsy

And of course, my lovely @morgondagar here’s to hoping you’ll carry my handbags for years to come!

and if you’re not sure who i am, my main is @mxsiriusblack and the blog i’m most active on is @redrisingsun

And there’s so many more!! All my mutuals, the Wolf 359 fanbase as a whole and a person I know isn’t on tumblr anymore (i’m sending them this, don’t worry!). If I haven’t tagged you, it’s not because you haven’t made my year special! It’s likely because I have ADHD and 1) this has already taken ten minutes and 2) my memory is shit. Thank you all for making this year just a little brighter! <3

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my dash is overrun with hq blogs and frankly this is how I like it

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They’re just…bullying jack manifold

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I got bored so here are some quality comments I found on some fanfics I’ve been reading

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3 icons, 1 photo. what more could I ask for?

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@likebroth​ said:  “  just let me take care of you.  ” pretend its peter // @realjazzed


“ uff  .  .  .  ”

FOR A MOMENT , THAT’S ALL the response peter will receive . harvey’s mind is moving at about an inch a minute – his DENIAL will run through his brain for quite awhile before he opens his mouth to SPEAK . ( and even as he does manage to grumble the words out , they’re HOARSE , and WEAK . )

“ i’ll be fine . i can’t – ” harvey pauses to COUGH . it sounds awful . “ – i can’t take a day off . i have patients . and you have responsibilities too  .  .  .  ”

it’s NO USE , though . even as he denies peter , the doctor struggles to even SIT UP . there’s no way he’s doing anything today , and he knows it . ( that doesn’t mean he wants to let peter hang around , though . well – he does . but his conscience won’t allow him to CARELESSLY spread his germs . )

“ you really shouldn’t stay , ” he mumbles . “ i don’t want to get you sick  .  .  .  ”

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Can we talk about how Carlisle just picked a random day for his birthday for Esme’s sake?????

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Tami blessing me with selfies and cookie this morning 🥺💛

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When Allison was running away from those 3 white dudes her first night in Dallas, you could feel the fear through the screen. The helplessness. Girl couldn’t talk and she just trusted the salon would help her.

That scene was phenomenal, yet heartbreaking.

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this song is gonna be stuck in my head-

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