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#this is the future liberals want
akizuke · a month ago
fucking communism i s2g man i boight a bag of beef jerky and all the socialists demanded they get a piece of my link jacks. tried to fight them off but ever since bill GAYtes got into office these toothbrush sharers have legislature backing them up. police came to break up the fight and they sided with the little jerk thieves. i had to split up my entire 2 pound bag among this massive polycule of heretics. my share was the moisture packet.
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odekirk · a month ago
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thegaymerist · 9 days ago
this is the future the liberals want
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youngjustices · 9 days ago
wally never comes back🙏
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sailormoonsub · 6 months ago
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Lupin: Don't worry..... you'll forget all about me as soon as a nice dog comes along....
Clarisse: That's not true! I'll always OMG LOOK OVER THERE IT'S KARL
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tasty-poptard · a year ago
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Found this XCOM Chimera Squad meme featuring an old commission of my XCOM2 OCs, Natasatch and Malcolm SIlva. 
so naturally I need to post it here to assert dominance.
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professionallush · 3 months ago
For my volunteer shift today I called an abortion clinic that also offers gender affirming surgeries, medical marijuana consultations and laser hair removal.
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incorrectzukka · a year ago
I’d like to enlist in you wlw army. I’m bi, 5’3”, street and drag race (plus I do my own mechanics work, so I have a great stomach and back)
if you're not the next protagonist of the Fast and Furious franchise, what even is the point
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violenceenthusiast · 6 months ago
doing trans actions at the gay bank, singing along to green day with the short king teller
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If the liberals had their way they’d all be stealing Hugh Dancy’s gender
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girlbosssalem · 3 months ago
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moderna vaccine pfizer vaccine star crossed lovers AU
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