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#this is very...supernatural
chikkou · 6 days ago
i dont think enough otgw fans talk about the exploration of complex family dynamics that the show manages to weave through pretty much every episode. like the relationship between wirt and greg seems so innocuous in the beginning, just normal aloofness due to the age gap, but as the episodes go on it becomes clear that wirt full on resents greg and actively dismisses him as “his stepdad’s kid,” while greg openly admires/loves wirt and doesnt understand why he wont spend time with him. theres so many little moments that make the lack of reciprocity in their relationship obvious, and it literally takes almost DYING for wirt to understand that he needs to treat his brother better. like holy fuck man ill be shocked if the person who wrote their backstory doesnt have a step/half-sibling cause WOW they got it right
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gallifreyanwriter · 9 months ago
Hey, you know that one character? The one played by the tall, long-haired actor? The one who was pre-law in 2005, and well on his way to going to law school and getting a degree until an unexpected family issue reared its head, and he dropped out and chose a different career path? Y’know, he’s got that complicated relationship with his father, a parent-child relationship with his only sibling, and has some strange, destructive abilities that tie in with multiple traumatic experiences with fire?
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certifiedfreakcas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
so excited to finally post the finished version of this for the DeanCas Happily Ever After Fest 2021!! this is a more abstract take on riding off into the sunset, because i think they definitely go riding on their honeymoon and of course cowboys are frequently fond of each other, secretly or not
[image id: embroidered portrait of two people with horses holding hands in outline, text around the image says “cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other”]
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thelobata · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Henlo I’m back!! I think :D I just wanted to pay a lil’ tribute to one of my favorite characters of all time, Dean Winchester
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emeraldcas · a month ago
there's just something so incredibly soft and vulnerable about cas loving dean for years but being in denial about it. a celestial being having all these very human feelings - butterflies, heart skipping a beat etc etc and not knowing what it meant!! he was SO IN LOVE and then one day he was finally able to understand and accept that love and tell dean how he felt with his whole heart and with tears in his eyes and now I'm crying too!
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mattmaesonnatural · a month ago
I think one direction should drop the infinity music video just for the narrative
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lulu-zodiac · a month ago
key dates in heller history
september 18th 2008: lazarus rising airs, castiel and dean meet for the first time onscreen and literal sparks fly
sometime slightly later in september 2008: misha collins reads a fanfic about cas giving dean a blowjob, an action which will unwittingly change course of fandom history
2008 - 2015 : endless and gratuitous destiel subtext. see: profound bond, "i need you", eye-fucking, "cas, personal space", explicitly romantic plotlines, even more explicitly romantic body language, "the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you", and a whole six seasons of wistful, lingering looks
august 17th 2015: misha and jensen win best chemistry for their portrayal of dean and cas at the teen choice awards, cementing the fact that literally no one thinks destiel is platonic
2015 - 2019: destiel subtext intensifies
sometime in 2019: after years of subtly fighting for destiel to go canon, misha collins finally convinces berens to write it into the script
also sometime in 2019: jensen ackles comes out officially as the heller we all knew he was
november 5th 2020: after eleven long seasons of UST, destiel finally goes canon with cas's love confession in 15.18
sometime later in the mess that was november 2020: we discover jensen heller ackles had the entire confession scene taped for his own personal viewing
november 25th 2020: destiel goes canon again, this time in spanish
december 2020 - august 2021: destiel goes canon a few more times in various, unexpected, and increasingly stressful ways, featuring: The Rogue Translator, heller d j qualls, script leaks, online cast panels, and the brazilian dean and cas voice actors
august 9th 2021: misha collins posts a celebratory post about destiel fics hitting 100k on ao3
september 4th 2021: at considerable cost to tumblr's ability to function, misha collins confirms cas's love for dean was reciprocated
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