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#this is what i live for

There is no union, 

he wants to just get what he cant have.

There is a spell. 

A love spell. 

A lust spell.

He doesn’t love her, 

he just needs someone to fill a void.

She falls for it each time though,

because she also has a void to fill.  

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finally, i’m done work. now i can get extremely high and watch cartoons

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i follow you now and are you speaking with my lawyers because we will see you in court

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Zeus: I would fuck a nun

Dionysus: Listen here you lil gay shit

Ares: If ___ happens I will commit genocide

Aphrodite: I just wanna SMOOCH

Dionysus: *drunk texting* spellning we don’t know herw

Hera: bitch it’s almost 3 in the morning, stop listening to mother mother and go to sleep

Eros: bruh i’m tryna fall in love when my own dad doesn’t love me

Athena, to Ares: bitch i’m starting to freak out with how much we share the same brain cell

Hermes: god be testing me too much STOP PLAYING

Artemis: mmmmm monkey

Zeus: ah yes make me horny in the morning

Athena: bruh if i get bad grades i’ll jump dick first into an ocean with sharks

Ares: ait do u want me to punch u

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one day im gonna be famous and make an offhand comment saying that i have a tumblr and watch my fanbase go apeshit

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“The last photo in your gallery is what you live for.”


I found this challenge in tiktok. This picture belongs to BamSara in Tumblr!!!

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/When Dartz and Doom just get so fed up of fighting one another, they go to the beach and get absolutely smashed on Atlantean Ale. So much that they are flopping on one another and cuddling. Because.. There’s only so much fighting one can handle and it only gets them so far.

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Me talking to my therapist: So yeah I woke and found out i was not in fact a bee hunter but i was living in my childhood house which was sentient and making me think i was

My therapist: and how did that make you feel

Me: Mary I don’t feel emotions

My therapist: *pulls out the jolly rancher bag*

Me:*squeals of indescribable joy* gimmegimmegimmegimme (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

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look, if i can’t have a big vintage mansion where i live with two vampires and also have a sword fight, then what’s the point?

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Just so you know… if you post Sherlock or Johnlock, I will follow. Period.

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“Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” mission from Dragon Age Inquisition is what my fucking dreams are made of

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Everyday I suffer..

Having to fight my bleeding heart, crying and screaming at me to adopt all the cats

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