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#this is what social media was meant to be
taeyohonic · a day ago
control. (1)
Tumblr media
summary: min yoongi has everything: fame, respect, money, and his manager. and the idol will do anything to keep these things.
pairing: idol!min yoongi x fem.manager!reader
warnings: yandere tendency, submissive/passive reader, mean min yoongi, “dark”/unrealistic version of bighit, alternative timeline (bighit has a board, bv season 4 is set after the grammy nom,... stuff like that.)
ratings: dunno; there is smut planned for later chapters, but this one is most likely pg-13
words: 1000
links: next  [masterlist]
info: these are short chapters (drabble style). if you want to be tagged in future chapters, just leave a comment! lower case letters intended.
at first, they used you to pressure min yoongi. you were just a small manager assistant, not even the head of his management team. but the way the new idol looked at you was enough to make the higher ups smirk in secret glee. to have a young man like yoongi so… devoted to an unimportant employee in their company provided them with much needed leverage.
the rapper would turn to you the second you stepped into a room, be it on set, in a conference room or a backstage area. as soon as you were in his reach, the idol would do anything to get you closer. normally, relationships like these were frowned upon in the industry.
but min yoongi wasn’t known to be the easiest trainee, often unmotivated and cold towards his instructors. like many others he’d be thrown out of the agency if it weren’t for his unchallenged talent. he spent less than one third of the time in the practice room – and even then his most favorite position was lying on the floor with his eyes closed. still, he danced without flaws during performances, making the dance line green with envy.
and this is not mentioning his unreal ability to write heartfelt, heartbroken and heartclenching lyrics on the back of empty coffee cups and the receipts of said caffeine treats. even well-established songwriters contacted the agency to get a helping hand from a little teenager.
nobody from the board would like to admit it, but that consulting money saved them from their first year slump, making them financially liquid. not even kim taehyung’s side modeling could rival yoongi’s value to the company.
so, you were like their shiny bargaining chip; they dangled you in front of the young idol and he would be attentive and eager. it didn’t matter that you felt uncomfortable under the hot stares, not only from yoongi but the other boys and employees as well. you were still in university – the assistant job only a side gig to glam up your resume.
you weren’t asked when you suddenly weren’t tasked with coffee runs but instead sat in on important meetings, held a fan to yoongi’s damp neck during shootings and ironed his crumbled shirts before a performance.
min yoongi didn’t change his personality just because of you – no, he was still the aloof idol who would leave questions unanswered and refused to update his social media accounts. but that didn’t mean he didn’t reserve his limited patience for you. it didn’t mean that he didn’t share his protein bar with you after a long day of driving from location to location.
nowadays, bangtan held themselves high, their fame outshining many established kpop groups. even the president had invited them countless times to the blue house. their discography was decorated with famous stars overseas. they even had to put an end to the fan gifts because the presents became too expensive.
with their rising power came a shift in yoongi’s behavior – there was no more pressuring a grammy nominated superstar.
“what do you mean with ‘no’?” the head of management asked.
“i said no i will not do the bon voyage segment,” yoongi says coolly, not even looking at his manager. the atmosphere in the conference room is tense, even the good hearted hoseok is frowning at his member. this meeting was meant as a formality. the vocal line had already signed their respective contracts this morning. only the rap line was left, having moved their meeting to the afternoon to accommodate namjoon’s recording session.
they have done bon voyage annually; apart from the hawaiian heat, hoseok thought yoongi enjoyed the paid vacations. why is the rapper rejecting the contract in front of them so easily?
“wh-what is the issue with this segment, yoongi-ssi?” his manager questions, as if reading hoseok’s inner thoughts.
but his hyung doesn’t look up from his coffee cup. you had handed it to him first thing in the morning. right before you had to run to your lecture. the last year of university is upon you, making you more stressed and less flexible. still, you found time to give him his morning coffee. but now you are not here and he doesn’t care for your absence.
both hoseok and namjoon muster their colleague with interest. this level of unsympathetic behavior is unusual – even for yoongi.
namjoon tries to find a flaw in their contract. he as well as the others had read it over yesterday with his lawyers. the pay was phenomenal, the destination reclusive and the timetable favorable. with haste eyes the leader scans his document again, a thought crossing his mind. they wouldn’t, would they?
“mr. yang, where is ____-nim’s name?” namjoon asks the manager in front of him. yoongi hides his smirk behind his cup. his leader does know him quite well.
the front of managers looks uncomfortable as the head – mr. yang – clears his throat.
“she won’t be able to join us, namjoon-ssi. he- her classes won’t allow the three-week absence,” he explains with a slight stutter when yoongi huffs at his answer.
“can’t she hand in a compensational work for the missed classes?” hoseok asks. yoongi is slightly touched by his bandmates’ comments. his attitude has changed in the last months. if they can’t fulfill his wishes, then he won’t bargain. yoongi is too old for this.
“he- her professor declined th-e o-offer,” another manager says, frightened as the cold rapper begins to pack the folders with the unsigned contract into his bag. for him, this meeting is over.
“as do i,” yoongi answers before getting up. there is no dirt on his suit, still he takes to time to brush off the nonexistent lint from his shoulders.
yoongi walks out of the meeting with only a slight nod at his bandmates. with the closed door behind him, he breathes deeply, looking at his watch. you should be finished with your seminar any minute now. his steps quicken just thinking about you being back in the building soon.
yoongi wakes up the next morning to a revised contract in his mailbox. the idol scrolls with sleepy fingers to page twelve and smirks at the rewritten paragraph. so, he will get to enjoy the new zealand snow after all.
this has no point. i’m sorry. i’ve had a “bad” dream about this scenario and couldn’t let it go. i’d love to hear from you! love, dana
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thepointoftheneedle · 2 days ago
Riverdale, art and commerce.
(I'm sure this is well understood by most people but I didn't know it and I figured it might be interesting for others.)
Do you feel puzzled about why Riverdale got so… bad? I’m not talking about ships here, YDY in that regard but it seems to me that it has dropped the ball with regard to continuity (2021- again!) and consistent characterisation. That’s confusing given that it is made by talented performers, set designers, directors and cinematographers. I know we love to rag on the writers but, while some of them certainly seem to be hapless with regard to their use of social media, these are people who are making lucrative careers writing for TV. They have skills.
I was confused, and a confused Marxist like me looks to economics to explain culture, “Follow the money” in other words. I thought I understood basically how tv revenue works. The producers make content for a network that will draw in an attractive target demographic. The network sells that audience to advertisers. The show is not the product, we are not the consumers. The product is us, our eyeballs, our disposable income, the network is selling us to advertisers, they are the consumers. So it seemed to me that the show runners and the network would be concerned about falling ratings since that generates less product (us) to sell to their consumers (the advertisers.)
But I didn’t understand syndication which meant my grasp of the economics was all wrong.
“While the other nets are in the business of making money off their live viewership, The CW was created as a vessel for first-run domestic broadcast, for the purposes of creating programming ripe for syndication and, thus, a much more profitable second-run deal. It takes 88 episodes of a show to achieve that number, and The CW was created with the singular purpose of getting the shows of its parent companies to the qualifying numbers. There is also an ongoing output deal the network has with Netflix, which means that eight days after any CW show ends its season, even if it’s only the first season, all episodes of that show will become available on the streaming service. Which means that those CW shows are an immediate source of income for their owners, regardless of original viewership.” (Turitz 2017)
The product here is the show’s ability to fill a slot for 20 weeks of weekday reruns ie 100 episodes. (These days 88 episodes is the minimum but obviously 100+ is better.) In addition, the product is the square on the Netflix (or other streamer’s) matrix that gets folks clicking “Next episode” in a hypnotic trance.
Because the CW is targeting the syndication market then live viewership is much less important, it isn’t how they turn a profit. What they want is a show with significant brand awareness in the prime demographic, a show with a mountain of episodes that can be shown ubiquitously, a show with cliffhangers from ep to ep to get streamers transfixed, and from ad break to ad break for conventional viewership.
Crucially cohesive narrative arcs are not really important. Shows in syndication are often shown out of order, holiday episodes do better if they can be shown at the right season, narrative through line be damned. If a show runner begins with a vision and an aesthetic you can be pretty sure it will have run its course after a couple of seasons, then it's a case of holding on, switching things up enough, often enough, in order to get to the magic 88 or 100 if you're really lucky.
See now it begins to make sense doesn’t it? They aren’t making a bad show. It streams on Netflix, mission accomplished. It’s at 100 episodes, mission accomplished. It will continue in syndication until the ice caps melt and we all grow fins. Mission accomplished. The problem is us, we’re watching it all wrong. We should be thinking of it like one of those William Burroughs cut ups, seeing how narrative is accidentally created by putting random scenes together, or just watching to see the pretty people wear the clothes and sing the songs. Sometimes people make out with each other, doesn’t matter who or why. It's all about spectacle not catharsis-- but spectacle with minimal overheads and easily reusable sets.
Of course we wish the show were better, but it isn’t, because it has to have episodes that will appeal not to a devoted fan base but to the casual streamer, the channel surfer, who just want to see if this is the episode where the red headed dude fucks the bear or whatever happened. And I'm sorry, but now they are at 100 there is simply no incentive to give loyal fans what they want, they won't make a lot more out of us anyway, they want fresh meat in the syndication market. Understanding it makes me feel better about the whole thing, I mean, I still hate it but at least I know why I hate it now.
Neil Turitz The CW Redefines What It Means to Be a Success (Network Series) 2017
Amelia Rankine “What went wrong with ‘Riverdale”
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comfy-characters · 2 days ago
have you ever feeling jealous with the characters your f/o being shipped with? like—it's not even canon. even in a certain ship their love interest is a dead character. at first i still can brush it off, but then it's building, building, building and finally getting onto me. you know that some people can get really too much with their ship, right? (something like bringing their ship hcs to the new fans as if it's canon). i found that it hard to watch my f/o official content in social media cause there will always be people who bring up the ships, saying something like my f/o and this character are meant to be together and such thing. i know some people found comfort in their ship, and i feel bad feeling this way towards them... but still, this feeling makes me sick so much... ;______; i don't know what to do.
oh—i just discovered your blog today. i hope you don't mind with this kind of ask. feel free to ignore it if this makes you uncomfortable! ^^
hey friend!
sometimes you just wanna have things to yourself, and thats ok! my best advice is to block people who post that kind of stuff. theres no personal hard feelings, just that you dont like the way they portray a character you have certain feelings attached to.
if we're gonna take it to the full extent of imagines and escapism, then it's similar feelings to if you heard people irl talking about how they think your irl crush would look cute with someone else, or also crushing on them. of course you would feel a bit jealous and uncomfortable. the good thing is, online you can do your best to customize your experience with fandom. you can block people, you can avoid comment sections, you can block the tags if you need to! tailor your fandom experience to yourself as best you can.
honestly i dont really follow the tags or anything for my comfort characters (specifically my main one) or post about them, both bc of that and not liking certain interpretations by fandom at large. as long as no one is harrassing anyone, it's ok!
and if the feelings persist-try to remember that hcs and fanon are not canon, and they hold no precedence over your own.
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tallaroo · 2 days ago
genuine question, why do you think you are owed likes and reblogs for posting art? as an artist myself, i find myself deleting social media often because if i’m on one site for too long i start equating my art’s value to my numbers. it doesn’t harm artists to not reblog their work. at the end of the day, likes and reblogs are really just numbers that show how many people both saw your work and wanted to let you know they appreciated it to some extent. if you care so much about the ratio, would you rather people not like your work at all if they don’t want to share it on their own blog? just because a person thinks your art is good doesn’t mean they’ve done you wrong by not sharing it with their friends. you have to admit that mindset sounds pretty entitled.
what i want to know is: what do likes and reblogs mean to you? if even 1000 is a small number for you, i’m curious why it’s so important for people who appreciate your work to press buttons to let you know. why do you create art? is it for yourself? for others? because you want to make a living? if you plan on making money off of it, i can maybe understand why exposure is very important to you, but if not, i think you really need to take a step back and look at how you are reacting to your numbers. compare your numbers to smaller artists’ and think about how you might sound.
if i know tumblr, i imagine there’s a possibility you might just read this and call me something like “deranged” for writing such a long message about this, but i hope you can take it as a genuine and heartfelt message instead. i’ve simply seen this attitude on this website far more than any other and it’s disappointing to see; the numbers on this site really don’t mean as much as people here seem to think they do. it’s important to reflect on why you create and why you choose to share your creations, because you aren’t owed attention or even any expression of appreciation for it. each like and reblog is a gift in its own — sure, a very easy gift to give, and not one of much value, but a gift nonetheless. people give you them out of kindness and appreciation, they don’t pay them to you as part of an exchange.
I’m going to start this off by saying that my post was meant for all fan artists but mostly the smaller ones on this site. I used my numbers cause that’s whats available to me so I can get the numerical point across. It’d be an asshole move to pull up random numbers from an artist smaller than me. The point was to show that if it hurts with bigger blogs it will hurt smaller blogs even more.
I’m in school for art, I plan to be a professional in the field and the biggest thing my professors have told me is exposure and outreach means everything. You get the job through connections and visibility. Yeah social media and fanart is a hobby in the end and you shouldn’t get obsessed with numbers, it’ll lead to toxic thinking that will do you more harm than good. But artists big or small run on validation for their hard work. Disagree all you’d like on that but I’ve never met an artist who doesn’t share their work with someone.
Tumblr is a platform that only works if you reblog. Likes mesn literally nothing here, this isn’t twitter or instagram. Most fan artists I’ve spoken to do or plan to do commissions to support themselves. They can’t do that if no one sees their art can they? That post was never about me and my own numbers it was pointing out a universal problem this platform has. I don’t know why people can’t seem to get that through their heads.
Every time an artist speaks out about this we’re called entitled. The ‘small gift’ of a reblog is what allows more content for your fandom to be made. I’d love to see how y’all would cope if you didn’t have the amount of fanart and fanfic that you do. Fan content is the only reason fandoms stay alive as long as they do, remember that.
And since you’re going to put the words in my mouth anyways, yeah you’re deranged : )
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boycottyashahime · 4 hours ago
What do you think about Ken Narita saying in the SR Yashahime guidebook (lol) that he doesn’t consider Rin as Sesshomaru’s love interest, and that in his opinion Sesshomaru is her Hogosha? I just cant wrap my head around publishing something like that in the guidebook that exists specifically for their fanfic ship 😂
I'm sorry, he said what?
Good for him, I guess. I don't put too much stock in what voice actors say, since I'm not all that familiar with the anime anymore (manga-exclusive fan). But, if he really said that, he managed to have at least a LITTLE sense and dignity when most of his colleagues can't be bothered, so...
As for HOW a comment like that could have ended up in a propaganda pamphlet written specifically to justify their child grooming narrative, I haven't the foggiest notion. The Inuyasha fandom has a tendency to jump to conclusions before it has all the facts, so I don't know if I trust that's what he really said until we have scans and a trustworthy translation, frankly.
Still, if it turns out to be true, there could be a few possibilities. Whomever was doing the editing might have been asleep at the wheel. They might have thought nodding to the controversy around the pairing in the guidebook would keep both camps talking about it on social media (so far this seems to be true). I've talked before about how the entire show and all the content around it is starting to look like a troll job meant to collect attention on social media.
Or, maybe Ken Narita pissed off a higher-up at Sunrise and they're trying to set their rabid ship defenders on him. 😂🤣
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plangentia · 3 months ago
one of my favourite things about tumblr is how it's all lovingly handpicked. there's no algorithm forcing things onto your feed, but instead long chains of mutuals and followers passing posts around simply because they liked it and ooh, maybe you might like it too. the entire website runs on people's sheer love of other people's posts and it's probably the best thing about this website. at least it's definitely the reason that this place feels more like a community than any other social media.
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larrywhispers · 2 months ago
#I am still not sure why Louis pushed babygate last week#not even for the public but he meant it to be for the fandom !!!#as far as I know no articles were written about that vid ! (pls if I am wrong tell me if they used it in tabloids or not)#What was the point#plus the 28 Tomlinson shirt is a bit weird#cuz I believe Louis not sering Freddie cuz he doesnt want the kid to be attached to him ! so did anyobe saw that kid' face ? are we sure#this was really Freddie ?#cuz why Louis will want the kid now to go out with him and plan a fan yo take a pic or vid !!!!!#I dont want to create rumours and say this wasnt Freddie cuz maybe we will get more contents that confirm he is indeed F#but for now it doesnt make any sense to me that Louis will take Freddie now like Louis is higher than that and won't use that innocent kid !#plus why the 28 TOMLINSON shirt like this gesture is so so so stupid ! its like very obvious that they r faking fatherhood relationship!#so why the made the kid wear this if they could have took more clear pic/vid of Louis and him at least showing his face !#like this kid' pics & vids r all over social media ! So why they chose to leak a vid from his behind wearing that silly tshirt !#and does Louis pushing babygate has anything to do with Harry agreeing to stunt again with the witch ???#Idk 🤔 very confusing that babygate push in this time#also Idk what the jungworse fam did after that vid#did they took advantage of it or not (pls someone tell me if they did or said anything about Louis
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darcyolsson · 4 months ago
what does queue mean, like f.e. 'queue's that girl/person'
help me pls
in this context, it's a tumblr feature :) by pressing "queue" instead of "post", a post will be added to your own personal queue, which will automatically post posts at set intervals (once an hour, once every 2 hours, etc.) some people use it a lot so they don't spam posts when they're online and leave an empty blog when they're online.
loads of people have a queue tag, aka a tag that they add to posts to show that they were queued and that the user probably isn't actually online. people get creative with them a lot, and the one you specifically mentioned is alex's tag (who, by the way, uses the queue an insane amount which i really respect, she really found a way to be good at tumblr). "#queue's that girl" is a reference to the new girl theme song, "who's that girl".
also, some people will just write q when they mean queue, so you might see that around too :)
most people aren't adding these queue tags by hand, they're using a desktop extention called xkit that automatically adds the tag to all queued posts. hope this clears things up!
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ohnomyedge · 3 months ago
What I would give to be one of those people who actually know how to use social media
Like seriously, I consider myself pretty decent with technology, but that goes out the door when it comes to social media. This is why I pretty much only use tumblr
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pixelatedrose · 9 months ago
Still pissed off that when i was diagnosed with adhd no one actually explained to me what that meant or actually helped me much so until like two years ago i thought everything that was 'Wrong' with me was just my own dumb fault.
Still think that schools should like offer a course in like middle school that goes in depth about mental disorders and takes time to explain what they actually mean and encourages students who see syptoms in themself to ask their parents to get them evaluated
Still feel like kids and adults/parents (especially parents) need to be taught that its alright to have mental disorders and anything caused by the disorder isn't their fault and understanding that their disorder sometimes prevents them from doing things and that knowing that doesn't make them lazy/make their disorder 'An excuse'
Still extremely bitter that everything I've learned about my disorder has been through the internet and because i heard/read about other people's stories/experiences and not because anyone sat down with me and explained that the things i do are not my fault and are in fact because i am neurologically different from others
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ihateboys · 4 months ago
Haven't been able to stop thinking about the anna taylor joy coping mechanism tweet
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pyrokinetic-loser · a month ago
#dont mind me just rambling but honestly idk if this is weird but im so...grateful towards my time in old fandoms?#like not just a few years or anything but fandoms that were alive and kicking before i was even born (and were in their hayday then)#idk it just. i mean 1) it meant there was tons of content already even if it all had dried up but it meant most of the fans were older#and older fans generally know how to like. exist in a way that doesnt immediately cause drama and things are usually chill#and reading a bunch of old fanfic has kinda really challenge my notion of like. fanfic-purity bullshit or whatever because#way back when the internet was still the wild-west there were no rules and some of the stuff would just be really weird!#and id stumble upon something and id be like this doesnt belong in fic! what is this! but the sheer amount of it made me realize that.#no. EVERYTHING belongs in fic specifically because its fic.#plus so many of the older fans were really nice to me and were willing to give me tips for my art and for my writing#and since the first real fandom i was in was small it really fostered a sense of community that just...isnt always there in todays#social media scene.#like not even kidding i know some people my age who dont even know about ao3 and ffn and only go on...wattpad or whatever#and i realized i probably wouldnt know either if i hadnt been in fandoms that THRIVED in ffn and due to that i had to#dig through and learn the sorting and tagging systems and conventions of each place. and because of that i learned how to#build moderately healthy distances between myself and what i was consuming since a lot of the time it was WEIRD to me.#idk im just. really grateful for the experience i had. and this isnt a kids today bad speech or anything (i am a kid today) but it IS true#that our experiences with media are vastly different from our forebears experiences! and i think being - at least in very small part -#shown that side of the internet made me appreciate how fandom worked and how connected things were#even if i do feel a strange sense of loss at all the forums ill never see active and all the fandom history i miss#im just glad i got to see a part of it at least. even if it was a desecrated carcass of what it used to be.#it definitely makes me appreciate ao3's filtering system though that's for sure#OH and old fandoms means usually older fans and that means so! much! more! meta!!!!!! seriously its so fun#idk man im just feeling good vibes towards fandom today#pyro's rambles#i mean like i definitely dont know OLD fandom sites more than recognizing some names but damn at least i know that#ao3 exists. some girls in my class dont and they say they really love fanfic. which is fine and all but! ao3! its there!!!!#ignore me im not going anywhere with this kasks;l
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fmdjeonghwa · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
🔔 New tweet notifications for Kim Jeonghwa
@cherry1010: i can’t help it! i have to pause to type! @cherry1010: wah... my first appearance... to look like that... i am no longer lucid’s jeonghwa i shall recluse @cherry1010: han jaein! eye smiler! @cherry1010: i know, everyone wants to sit by lee hyunseung. i’ve heard he looks a lot like this idol from a very famous group 🤔 @cherry1010: too many pauses i know! i’ll let us watch @cherry1010: thankfully, it’s only fantasy @cherry1010: cd switch! story switch! let’s go hyunseung! @cherry1010: han jaein the guy friend 😎 @cherry1010: kim minwoo needs a date. please raise your hand if you would take him on a date! @cherry1010: ah? you want to save minwoo for jaein? i think she deserves happiness too @cherry1010: han jaein is so cool, right? i want to be her friend @cherry1010: it’s not fair for jung jiwon to be so pretty when she cries @cherry1010: aren’t they a cute couple? @cherry1010: 👀👀👀 @cherry1010: han jaein has secrets @cherry1010: do you have a guess who she might have a crush on 🤪 @cherry1010: i can’t say anything guys!! you’ll have to watch with me next episode 🤪 @cherry1010: ttyl [img]
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angelsaxis · 9 months ago
every day I come on here and am assaulted by tweets and posts demanding that homework be totally done away with and 90% of high school classes be exclusively dedicated to things that directly correlate to your future as an adult. 
these are the same people that complain that america’s current educational structure is designed for an industrial school-to-work pipeline
btw these are also the same people that are able to draw the connection between reading shakespeare in high school english and greater critical thinking and close reading skills
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queerstudiesnatural · 7 days ago
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