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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#this is why I draw cats

As always, reblogs are really appreciated 🌟

So this is my progress of 3 and half years. In this course of time I learned a lot! About myself, my art, my desires, my goals.. And since I started painting digitally I would spent way to much time on a drawing. Like especially this one, I spent so much and wasted so much time on this that I’m almost ashamed. So, don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I spent months on this 💩 well, all that cheesy stuff aside, now my biggest motto is ‘finished is better than perfect!’ Don’t overwhelm yourself people, I assure you you will improve, and your art will do so as well.

Anyways, here’s the progress, enjoy!

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@bxstiae​ says   →   ✎ do me. well i suppose its also you since we both have tp link. but no do ME. like me me. the mun. if you want. my fc is masotan or lukas or honestly anybody that i feel like. either or. or do link too. honeslty i love link . .
   (   i’ll draw your muse.   /   accepting.   )

HOW could i pass up an opportunity to draw my boy ( featuring a lil doodle that u can hardly tell is lukas but trust me. its him )

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Okay so um

We been done knew how into Ace Attorney I’ve been recently

Well, there’s an AU called The Loaned Turnabout by @collabwithmyself that I found, and honestly? I love it. Tbh kinda cried over it earlier. And screamed. This thing makes me feel okay. If you’re interested, I suggest you check it out!!!!

Anyway! I’ve been experimenting with a new art style recently, and I decided to do a messy colored sketch celebrating Phoenix being back in his own body!

(Keep in mind I’m still working on this style and I didn’t start drawing AA characters until recently I know this isn’t amazing but I really tried guys hhhh I just wanted to draw something from this AU)

And I say “celebrating” but no it’s sad


Look at the babey. What a boy. He and Miles can (hopefully >_>) be happy together now <3

Might take some work, but they’ll get there! I think!

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Like, I have a square on my Bucky Barnes Bingo that is “Art style: realism” and so I spend like an hour and a half in gimp and, by the end of it, what I have is a splodgy mess that looks nothing like Bucky.

After an hour and a half of writing I have, like… 3000 words. That’s an entire scene. By the time you finish writing 3000 words you have moved the plot forwards, you have developed characters and relationships. You have usually learnt something about your plot you didn’t know before, because plots are as tricksy as hobbits.

But an hour and a half of drawing and I have a mess that could appear to be in the shape of a man, if you squint.

Art is really fucking hard.

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Does anyone else have that feeling that you’re sooo good at drawing a few things, like people, people in different clothes, etc, but in other things you’re like: “Uuuummmmm….. what…”

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