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#this isn’t like the social media wars do whatever you want but this is how it goes every time i open twitter
strawbeb · a month ago
i fucking hate twitter because it will literally spoon feed you the worst fucking takes. at least tumblr is so saturated with bad takes that the absolute worst ones are in like the ninth circle of bullshit that you’d actively have to seek out to find
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writing-with-olive · 9 months ago
How to write essays fast
I've been writing a lot of papers, so that's what's on my mind.
So this mostly applies to your standard 5-paragraph paper, though it's fairly straightforward to adapt it to longer (or sometimes shorter) assignments.
One of the main things to note is that essays are VERY formulaic, so knowing the formula and being able to write down your ideas in a way that fit into the formula is probably the number one way to get stuff done fast. Because of that, most of what I’m covering is breaking down the formulas so they’re more accessable.
Also this got very long. If there’s anything you want me to expand on just let me know in the comments or send me an ask/DM and I’ll make another post that goes more in-depth about it.
Structure (I hate this step, so I’ve figured out how to do it very fast becuase it’s still important)
The first thing to consider is prewriting and structure. To start, there are two major paper structures I usually consider. The first goes
Main point #1
Main point #2
Main point #3
This is good if you have a lot to say on the topic, or if it's something closer to a summary essay where there's not really an opposing side. In something where there are distinct sides, (or if you have less to say to support your own side), you may want something that looks like
Main point #1
Main point #2
Why the other side is wrong
The "why the other side is wrong" side is involves thinking through the MOST credible arguments the other side might make, and methodically breaking them down to show how they don't work. The stronger the argument you choose, the more effective this is.
Since I personally hate prewriting with a passion, I usually do this step very fast and end up with an outline that looks like
Intro [insert thesis statement]
P1: [three word summary]
P2: [three word summary]
P3: [three word summary]
(thesis statement, introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion tips are all below the cut)
Usually, this is enough so when I look at my outline, I can see what I'm trying to focus on for each paragraph - and do so without straying from my main point.
For the prewriting, the main things to do are identify with basic structure of the two will serve your purposes better, and write a thesis statement that solidly supports your argument.
Thesis Statement
There are so many guides about creating thesis statements that are powerful, but I'm just going to quickly go over how to be fast about it.
The first thing to know is that a thesis statement is usually a complex sentence: it's your entire essay distilled down to a single line. The general formula I follow goes something like this:
"In their [media type] [name of specific piece], [creator's full name] explored/demonstrated/other verb [theme you're going to be arguing about] demonstrated/using/as evidenced/as shown by [example 1], [example 2], and [optional example 3]."
For example, a thesis statement that follows this format might go
“In his short film Job at Place, David Davidson explored the manifestations of human stupidity through the absurdity of the main character’s home, school, and office.”
Or, if you're writing a historical piece, it might look something like this:
"In [place/time period], [thing you're arguing was happening]: they had to/the conditions were such that/other thing to set up a list [example 1], [example 2], and [example 3]."
For example, a thesis statement that follows this format might go
“During the Tusken Invasion of 32nd century Tatooine, it was the lives of the children that were most affected, from their social development and connections with others to more personal struggles they didn’t yet have the tools to overcome.”
The examples you give are going to correlate to your paragraphs - example 1 is for body paragraph 1, and so on. 
I like to think of the introduction as a funnel that gets more and more specific.
First, write a broad statement that touches on whatever theme you’re referencing. 
Job at Place is about human stupidity, so something like “while great minds have flourished throughout the ages, so have the not-so-great.”
Tatooine is about war, and about child development, so something like “children’s development has always been impacted by the state of the world around them.” or “war has many effects, many of which impact those not directly involved with the conflict.”
The idea is that it’s a broad statement that can almost be looked at like a universal truth.
Next, you’re going to go deeper - two sentences that narrow down the time and place you’re talking about specifically, and how that time and place fit into your universal statement. 
The fourth sentence gets even more specific - introducing how the thesis sentence fits into your first three sentences.
Then the last line is your thesis statements. 
Body Paragraphs
Your three main body paragraphs all follow the same formula. (I’ll get to the “why the other side is wrong” paragraph in a minute)
The first sentence you’re going to want is a topic sentence. For this, you’re going to want to look at the example you gave in your thesis statement that corresponds to this paragraph, and see how it relates to your central claim. 
If we’re going with the Job at Place example from above, for the second paragraph, you might open with a line like:
“A striking characteristic of Davidson’s short film was the abnormality of the main character’s school, used to showcase exactly what happens when poor decisions get taken too far.”
Everything within the paragraph will then back up the claim you’re making in the topic sentence (which in turn is backing up your thesis). 
For each paragraph, you’re probably going to want about three pieces of evidence, either in the form of direct quotes (plucking words directly from the source) or paraphrased quotes (summarizing what happened in your own words). The quote should be used to directly support your argument.
After each piece of evidence, you’re going to want about... twoish lines of analysis (this number can change as you need it to, but two lines is something solid to fall back to). 
While analysis can take all kinds of forms, one pattern you can use if you’re stuck is
evidence sentence 
what it means
how that meaning ties back into your main point
Following this pattern, a piece of analysis of Job at Place might look like:
“One of the first images of the private school is that it’s a tall spire with creaking stairs and loose floorboards. Despite this, the principal has eight personal cars parked outside on full display. While the first glimpse of the school might indicate that there is little money to care for the structural integrity, the notion is directly negated by the principal’s actions. By using these two images, Davidson demonstrates what can happen to the youth when those in power let greed carry them away.”
After you write your analysis, include some kind of transition phrase, and go onto the next piece of evidence.
The last line of your paragraph is going to transition into the next paragraph while also summing up the main point of what you talked about in the current one. (This line can also get moved down and tacked onto the beginning of the next paragraph, before the topic sentence, but I have found it tends to look less cohesive that way).
You might choose something like:
“While the school was a disaster in its own right, it wasn’t the only example of human folly.”
If you’re writing a “this is why the other side is wrong” you’re going to want to think about the MOST compelling arguments the other side could make. Take the top one (or two), and figure out ways to crack them apart using evidence from your source material.
In this case, your topic sentence might start off with something like
“While opponents might say [insert compelling counterargument], their reasoning breaks down when one takes into account the evidence.”
At this point, you’re going to follow the same formula as above. The main thing to keep in mind is that for the duration of this paragraph, your point is that the other side’s claim of X is wrong.
If you know what you’re doing, this is actually the easiest part.
(wait, what??????)
The thing is, you NEVER want to introduce new ideas into your conclusion. Instead, you’re summarizing your main points.
The formula I follow per sentence is:
Thesis statement but reworded (you can change the sentence structure too)
Topic sentence for paragraph 2 or 3, but reworded (I’ll explain why you shouldn’t do the sentence for P1 in just a sec)
Topic sentence for paragraph 1 or 3 but reworded
Topic sentence for paragraph 1 or 2 but reworded
Wow sentence or question (i’ll get to this too)
The idea for the middle three sentences is you don’t want them to read as repetitive, so you’re going to mix up the order so it doesn’t match the order of the rest of the essay. This will help to keep it fresh.
The wow sentence is basically the last impression you get to make. I find it’s usually a good idea to go just a tad dramatic (it sounds dumb, but it has never failed me). If I can’t think of anything, a declarative statement on whatever major theme was being discussed throughout the essay usually does the trick.
All of this shows that in the absence of friendships and platonic love, humanity will falter.
Fiction may seem far fetched now, but if the world falls into those same mistakes, it’s only a matter of time until it becomes a reality.
Art has existed for as long as humans have populated the earth; it’s not going away any time soon.
A lesson everyone must understand is the most powerful weapon isn’t anything physical or tangeable: it’s the ideas that exist in the minds of those who care.
(I told you they were going to be dramatic) A way I look at it is if you can’t imagine dropping the mic on the last line, it needs to be stronger (yes I found that plagiarized with not even a whisper of credit on Pinterest, but it works).
If you wrote a SOLID essay, consider ending with a question aimed at the reader (this will push your essay in the direction of either the positive or negative extreme: a strong essay will become stronger, a weak essay will become weaker). Questions can be a call to action or rhetorical as a means to drive home your final point. Becuase they’re more nuanced to the content of the essay, I don’t really have great examples to give you though (sorry).
Hopefully this is useful to at least some of you - good luck!
If you want to be added to or removed from any of my taglists (found pinned to the top of my blog) just let me know :)
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jjiimin · a year ago
Tumblr media
friends don’t love like we do 
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 6.7k
you’re trying out that whole ‘staying friends with your ex’ thing. there’s a famous tiktok which tells you it’s totally possible if you 1) keep your distance, 2) refer to them only by name or in friendship terms (absolutely no cute nicknames), and 3) try to force yourself to forget you ever loved them that way. but it’s easier said than done where park jimin is concerned. 
how to woo your girl 
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 2.9k
jimin in those horrific floral red pajamas is an image you cannot help but adore.
coffee, with a side of you 
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 3.3k
the new barista at your favourite café is really bad at making coffee, but you keep drinking it. what else are you supposed to do when he smiles at you the way he does?
always something more 
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 6.5k
ever since you met, you and jimin have been tip toeing the thin line between friends and something more. perhaps it’s about time you crossed it.
all over again
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 0.6k
he regrets it, and so do you. does this mean you both are ready to try again?
meet your match 
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 7.7k
you’re trying to figure out what you want from life. it’s hard when nothing seems to keep your attention long enough. park jimin happens to be an exception.
the art of being yours 
↳ roommates to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 6.8k
your roommate was practicing for his dance competition when he broke his right arm. guess that means you’re helping him eat now (among other things).
everything we want 
↳ friends to enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 20.4k
the person you despise most at hogwarts is the person you once loved most. with misunderstandings and arguments constantly surrounding you, all you can think is: how did we get this way?
wherever you are 
↳ friends with benefits ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 11.5k
he’s in love with a girl you could never be. so you try your hardest to be okay with being second best; but it hurts, and it sucks, and you have had enough.
me after you
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 3.4k
the same voice, the same laugh, the same heart, the same man. that’s the thing about falling in love—it’s never only once: it’s over and over again, always with the same person.
something about you 
↳ coworkers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 5.8k
the new guy is as much of a mystery to you as he is to everyone else in the kitchen. but where everyone else could care less about who he is, you want nothing more than to find out. and when you do, well, lets just say, he ends up being the kind of guy your parents think is…perfect for you. 
art in motion
↳ coworkers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 8.4k
as jimin’s personal stylist, your job is to create impressive wardrobe looks and avoid fashion catastrophes. so what are you supposed to do when one such problem takes place during jimin’s solo rehearsal the night before his iconic filter performance? fix it, while jimin does everything possible to break you. 
last first kiss
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 4.5k 
when your sister requests your signature cookies on christmas eve, you find yourself overwhelmed all alone in your bakery. that is, until your best friend swings by to help.
this isn’t how it was supposed to go
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 15.0k
you and jimin are best friends, and you love him more than anything else in the world. but by god, he sticks to you like glue, taking ‘clingy’ to a whole new level when he consistently third wheels your new relationship. so what do you do? the only rational thing there is to do—get him a relationship of his own! but in helping your best friend fall for someone else, you end up falling for him. this totally isn’t how it was supposed to go. 
forever in love
↳ childhood friends to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 18.1k
the formative years you spent with a boy whose smile could outshine the sun were the best years of your life, and though it has been years since, seeing him again does little to sway your heart from the truth you have always buried deep inside you  – you are in love. 
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 10.8k
your best friend sets you up on a blind date (against your will, for the most part) after one too many nights you spend alone or otherwise occupy with activities she labels stupid. and though your heart is a nervous wreck when you meet said date, everything starts to feel calmer when he smiles at you.
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 8.0k
once a lover and now an enemy (ha, yeah, right), jimin is the bane of your existence when he shows up on your tennis court after a month you spent apart, thus forcing you to re-examine why the two of you ever broke up in the first place (spoiler alert: you still love each other).
↳ roommates to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 2.5k
jimin doesn’t know how you like your eggs, and you both don’t know how much you like each other. today’s a good a day as any to find out. 
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 65.2k
you need money to right a few wrongs in your life, but getting money is not as easy as thinking about it. so when a chance encounter with the country’s it-boy gives you the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some cash, you are ready to go all in. you just wish someone had told you falling in love was a part of the deal.
never let me go
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 5.6k
you and jimin have always been meant to be, from the first time you meet to forevermore. 
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 0.9k
your adorable boyfriend comes home after a night out with his friends and makes you fall in love with him all over again. 
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 1.3k
as a firefighter, your job is to protect civilians and save their lives. and sometimes, by whatever means necessary. 
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 4.2k
on a trip to the beach, you end up on jimin’s lap — the man who ‘rejected’ you in favour of your roommate. 
a little thing called love
↳ fwb to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ social media au
in which, you and jimin have been friends with benefits for a few months now and things are good, maybe even perfect. until he starts to fall for someone else and you’re forced to re-evaluate how much you love him.
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 4.8k
there’s history between you and jimin. some good and some (okay, a lot) bad. the only problem is, there should never have been any ‘history' between you to begin with. not when you’re supposed to be family. 
drama moment
↳ neighbours to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 0.3k
jimin wants to kiss you.
after rain
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 2.9k
six months ago, you and jimin were together. now you're not, and all you can do is miss him.
four kisses
↳ best friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 2.2k
you and jimin share a first kiss.
↳ friends with benefits ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 55.1k
jimin thinks you are a hurricane who crashed wildly into his mundane life. he’s never met a woman quite as enticing as you; someone who manages to anger and arouse him all in the same breath. if someone asked him about you, he would say he has a crush. a tiny, little crush which should disappear any day now because you have eyes for someone else and he is just trying to help.
your biggest fan
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 3.7k
when he shows you love, it’s the end of everything else.
comfort ground
↳ coworkers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 1.8k
when life is waves of anguish and uncertainty, there is always one person by your side who never is.
love of my life
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 1.2k
domestic bliss with a man who is the perfect keeper of your heart. 
favourite things
↳ best friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 1.5k
it’s the wretched time of the month, and you’re at home wallowing in your sorrow. but then your best friend pays you a visit and everything becomes perfect.
every last inch
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 1.1k
he’s nervous before a big event, and you are his comfort embodied.
beautiful monsters (upcoming)
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
a person gone. another one at fault. another one angry. all grieving. all in loss.
i love you
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 3.7k
it’s his birthday, and all yn wants is for him to be happy on this day and all the ones to come.
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 5.1k
after a bad break up, yn swears off men for eternity. then, jimin happens.
a game for two
↳ roommates to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 4.9k
he’s a boy, you’re a girl. could it be anymore obvious?
my country
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 1.0k
he sees his happiness in your eyes.
boyfriend material
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ social media au
in which, campus it-boy, park jimin, has a crush on your best friend and he needs your help to land her. why would you say no? oh right, because you hate him.
down, down, down
↳ established relationship ♡ fluff ♡ 2.6k
you and your boyfriend argue about something stupid.
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 6.0k
in the new world, life is lived in abundance by those who survived the war. but for those who were strewn aside (known as ‘the forgotten’), life is lived in starvation and thirst, and under the rule of an oppressive leader. jimin is one of the forgotten who’s main task involves theft of riches. he’s been doing it for years, and nothing has ever ruined his plans. until he meets yn who knows nothing of the world he lives in.
rumour has it, i’m into you
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 4.1k
he’s someone else’s boyfriend, but you want him just the same.
say it
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 1.9k
he’s jealous of the attention you’re giving another man because that attention belongs to him.
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 5.5k
he’s your new roommate and your new headache.
the handsome bachelor (upcoming)
↳ rivals to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ ?
never have you desired anything more than to be a free woman. independent. unchained by society’s standards. so what happens when you’re presented with a man who has the potential to upend such a desire?
my name is yours (upcoming)
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ ?
hot shot criminal defence attorney, park jimin, has just landed a career-defining case. this means weeks and months of hard work with even less time than usual to devote to his six-year-old daughter. so he hires a live-in nanny, and stumbles face first into the best decision of his life.
endlessly (upcoming)
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ ?
cast out of society under suspicions of being a harlot, yn has no prospects for marriage, and at age twenty-six, the shame this brings upon her family is far too much to bear. until, a man of great status proposes a relationship of convenience. his wife, unable to conceive, pushes him to find a woman who will bear his heir as is custom in society. in return, he will find yn a suitable match away from the town where word of her unsuitability will never harm her nor her family again. but what begins as a contract between two strangers, soon transforms into a love neither was prepared to fall into.
us, from yesterday (upcoming) 
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. 10k
back when things were right, you and jimin were together and life made sense. then life went and turned things upside down when you decided that while you loved the man who made you happier than anyone else in the world, his lingering eyes may one day lead him away from you. and you, with your faith in things never quite working out the way you dream of them to, ended things with him before he could get the chance to leave you. so the only question now is... was it worth it?
body language (upcoming)
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
you and jimin are incompatible. two sides of two completely different coins. the least likely of any two people in the world meant to be together. until you’re forced together by fate — or an impending dance assignment neither of you can afford to mess up. 
hey, jimin (upcoming)
↳ best friends to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ est. ?
being secretly in love with your best friend has been the highlight of your youth. but now you want to confess to him, and what better way to do so but through song?
promise (upcoming)
↳ enemies/rivals to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
jimin has been your rival all through high school after he repeatedly beat you for class president year after year. now, you are both seniors, and with prom at stake, it’s up to you two to save it (and perhaps, fall in love, too). 
love letter (upcoming)
↳ best friends to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
the day before your best friend is set to propose to his girlfriend, he finds your love letter tucked between the pages of a book. 
king of my heart (upcoming)
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
the kingdoms of monestri and varye invite you to the illustrious wedding celebration of the young king and queen — long may they reign.
you & i (upcoming, final)
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ est. ?
through hardship and ease, through love gained and love lost, through the darkest of days and the lighter ones to come, you and i are always meant to be. 
Tumblr media
poetry of the stars
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 25.4k
yn and her family are social pariahs a year after her older brother confessed to the murder of his secret girlfriend, who was also yn's best friend. with normalcy as a thing of the past, all yn wants is to work through the summer and save up enough money to leave her town forever. but what happens when the job she gets hired for means working alongside the brother of the friend she lost?
Tumblr media
your ride’s here 
↳ strangers to lovers ♡ fluff ♡ 3.7k
after an awful day at work, all you want to do is go home, curl into a ball, and cry your eyes out. making a new friend along the way wasn’t really a part of the plan, but you’re not complaining.
the likelihood of being on your mind 
↳ enemies to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 18.2k
you don’t think about jeon jungkook that often, but when you do, it’s always followed by feelings of antipathy. and really, why think of him when you could be thinking about soccer captain, kim seokjin instead? you have your heart set on seokjin. there is nothing you want more than to make him yours. but of course, jungkook has to throw a wrench in it.
the inevitabilities of love 
↳ friends to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 15.2k
your best friend is a hope[ful] romantic. love, and all its parts, are of particular importance to him. so much so that he has convinced himself his soulmate is out there waiting to be found. when a new girl walks into your class one day, he thinks he’s found her. 
a quarter past us 
↳ exes to lovers ♡ fluff, angst ♡ 13.8k
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fiction-is-not-reality2 · 8 months ago
@that anon about age: I thought that too! There's a 60 year old woman in my fandom who reads and comments on smut and my first thought was "ew that's so creepy and gross"'s not! It's not at all and the more I thought about it and the more they were nice to me and everyone and just having fun like us and enjoying dark content too and being just...the exact same as me but older (and antis hate and attack her too and the way she doesn't care at all is beautiful), it made me feel really good that I won't have to stop liking fandom if I still want to like it! Because I'm not an anti but some of their harassment and bigotry and bias can always ends up rubbing off on us somehow if we get it shouted at us enough you know? And they reaaaally like to shout. So it was cool to find that out and cool to get more comfortable with the idea that there really isn't any age limit in fandom, I think the reason there aren't a lot of older people in it right now is because I don't think many of them care about the new media and shows haha, maybe in the star trek fandom! But all of us right now will get old together and still be in fandom if we want to and it'll still be fun! It's still a fear of mine that I won't WANT to anymore, like I won't find it fun anymore :(, so someone being 60 and still enjoying the same things I do right now was really helpful to see! And I hope maybe the ants will shut up a little more by then because they'll all be old too and maybe fandom can be more fun again. Also 28 isn't old. 30 is so young. 60 is (getting) old. And you can still be 60 or older reading and writing whatever you want :)
(additional comment)
“there aren't a lot of older people in it right now”
Nonnie... I can assure you there are way more “older”* people in fandom** than younger ones, for a simple matter of numbers: a 10 year age span for the youngsters that are “supposed” to be in fandom, vs the entirety of someone’s average lifespan. Where do you think you’ll find more people? 
You might think you’re not seeing them because older fans are not losing their minds in fandom discourse (they’re just minding their own business and going their merry way) or putting their entire ID on social media. 
*If by “older” you exclusively mean >60, there are plenty of fandoms that started back in the 70s and are still going strong now (star wars for one, marvel started in 1939, Sherlock jumps century entirely, etc.) and you regularly get remakes from the 70s and 80s canons too. Also, people hosting and organizing cons (especially the bigger ones) weren’t exactly born yesterday, how much more fandom than “I’m making the fandom space for myself and others” can you get?
**Of course you have variance in single fandoms, but on the whole? Fandom isn’t ‘young’ and has never been. 
There are no gates for joining or leaving fandom, you do whatever you want, and the joy of growing is that the older you get the less you give a fuck about what others think you should or shouldn’t be doing to have fun. 
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little-fairy-forest · 7 months ago
WAIT. The (bnha) boys with a chaotic you-tuber y/n!!
like her content is like Drew Phillips or Enya Umanzor or Josh Ovalle or Danababy WHATEVER!
just a chaotic youtuber that does videos similar to them 😭😭
🍀hello! Honestly love chaotic people in general, there like a pick n mix. You never know what you will get but you hope its good
Boy's x chaotic youtuber!reader
Bakugou,Midoriya,Todoroki,fluff, gn!reader
Tumblr media
He remembers how chaotic you were before you started dating. He would never admit he found it hilarious because those thoughts were over shown by the immense headache he got just by being in the same room as you
When you went slightly viral on tiktok for your chaotic videos you decided to start a youtube channel thinking only a few hundred people would find it and like your content
How wrong were you when you seen your number soar through the roof in only a few months! Bakugou was very proud to see your success
When you would do silly thing from making a cardboard castle and declaring war on the ducks in the park to playing human buckaroo on your sleeping boyfriend people loved it
You started to include Katsuki in your videos after he made a few appearances not by his choice and people loved his blunt attitude towards you
You started getting ship names and Instagram accounts that were so funny to loon through
Bakugou did not like how his reputation went from "strong" "handsome" "scary" to "soft" "simp" "funny" the last one caught him off guard since he isn't funny? Like his hunour compared to yours is very differnt but he enjoys your jokes..especially if they are directed at someone :)
When your merch gets released let's say a simple hoodie, he buys it. Refuses to let you just give it to him since?? Hello?? You need to recognition of your hard work??
He defends your name in any drama! Seriously if you are to get caught up in drama online he is the first to respond with receipts!
@bakugou_katsuki : Since you can't seem to find the amount of bullshit you are saying I have linked why you are wrong below 🖕🏻 *images linked below*
@bakugou_katsuki : wow imagine being such a low life you result into being a social media creep. Keep taking shit and you'll be catching these hands 💥
Your humour blends into the bakusquad perfectly! You and Kaminari are dangerous if your left alone.
You guys went to the store one day to get food for the dorms and you and Kaminari were somehow trusted to go get your own things...not to long after there was an intercom announcement made to the customers about your whereabouts
"Can the guardians of Kaminari and L/n please head to customer service"
Kirishima was crying laughing too see you both covered in tomato sauce and holding a lollipop as you both giggle as you're getting scolded by the manager
Katsuki did think it was funny...until you have him a bear hug when you seen him and he was covered in tomato sauce
Everyone loves how you both interact and theres countless videos on YouTube of your best moments! You have definitely sent katsuki a few just too see him blush~
Jesus did you stress Izuku out
He knew who you were, you were in Present Mic's music course and were known for your very good songs
Especially the funny music videos you had to make for some assignments...
When your last music video went public on youtube, it got so many views! Mic was very impressed at how funny but professional it was!
News got around the school of you and your youtube channel and Midoriya was interested, he generally hasn't laughed like that in so long after watching a few of your videos!
You also made sketches of absolutely nothing e.g. "how to intimidate a Segal" but the funniest one you done was "Bakugou Katsuki's sport festival screaming the remix"
Holy fuck was he pissed, loved the clout, but Midoriya felt so bad for laughing
When you both started dating you tried to convince him to join a few of your videos, he was hesitant but if it made you happy so be it :)
The latest one you both done was "Midoriya's ribs breaking to the sound of a xylophone"
He even made an appearance in your music video about heros...he was so precious when he watched it :) it was a montage of him and the dekusquad training that you managed to take video clips of when you watched them...his heart soared!
After this people knew you both were dating and it was so cute
Inko seen some of the videos that Izuku sent her..this lady wants you to marry izuku so hard! She's deffintly routing for you both so hard now!
Izuku has a little notebook filled with your video ideas and little sentences that he thinks would work well in a song...nothing rhythms but that's besides the point!
Everyone loves the effort Izuku makes in your videos and the admiration he has for your hard work ♡
Manages to get all might in a video 💀 yep went viral in mintues
Overall Izuku is your little sidekick in your adventures and people are the little simp he nicknamed "simp shrimp"
Todoroki seen you a few times on his tiktok- which he only got since a few of his classmates were sending tiktoks into the class gorupchat and wanted to see the app for himself
I think he actually giggle at your videos a few times, like you made Todoroki giggle?! Wow you must be funny
He was curious about your youtube channel you have mentioned a few times before, when he went to go to go it he wasn't surprised at the amount of subscribers, seriously, your what? Gorgeous, funny, unpredictable- the full package
He seen that you went to a school not to far from u.a, a small school- but he recognized a few of the places you went to to film some videos
When you posted "asking strangers if they would kiss,marry or fuck all might" he was very surprised to see Bakugou watching your video whilst eating his lunch in the dorms
"Oh bakugou you find them amusing as well? That's another thing thing we must have in common, but on the online quiz to see if your compatible- your star sign isn't" he said whilst slurping his soba
You managed to run into Shouto when you were out getting food supplies for a video when you seen him buying soba
"Excuse me, what's the best brand to buy for soba? I'm not sure what to get" you ask Todoroki, "they're all good? No soba is bad" Todoroki says plainly
You asked Todoroki if he could show people his soba recipe in your video for your cook off your having with a few friends, Shouto agreed since he knew who you where and- seriously?? He is not going to pass the chance to be around you?? Hello?? Marry him??
After you filmed your next video you asked shouto to hang out some more since you really enjoyed his presence but you also may have a little crush on the boy :)
After many soba testing dates and little shenanigans you had along the way, you posted a tiktok with you and Shouto doing a 'couples' challenge to let people know that your dating...only moments prior did Shouto asked you out but he was itching to let people know to leave you alone about your love life since he was the one to get you first ;)
After many broken hearts in your comments and a happy Shouto reading through them as you both cuddle after you hurt yourself filming a tiktok prank on Iida leading him to injure your hand as he chopped his own- you needed some rest :(
People found your dynamic hilarious, like a crazy person who may be on acid and a quite aloof boy? Get these people their own tv show because you are hilarious, like you'd make a sexual joke and Shouto would correct you on your grammar? Or answer in an innocent way? So cute~
So many fan accounts dedicated to the both of you, Shouto loves watching them it fills him with so much joy :')
Tumblr media
Took way longer then it should have so apologies!
It was nice and sunny yesturday so I was out enjoying with until I got sunburnt...
Please remember to wear suncream!
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aliensunflower-fics · a year ago
Marinette Changes Schools: A funny little Lila salt prompt
So, there are a lot of ‘Marinette changes schools’ au’s and I love a whole bunch of them don't get me wrong. BUT the one thing I haven’t seen yet is Marinette changing schools not because of Lila or salt but simply because her parents are moving and they want her to attend a school close to home. So without further ado let me sell you on my little idea: 
Lila has been plotting weeks worth of plans and lies, she’s thought up some sob stories about being stalked, about near death experiences, about celebrities that are like her family. She has plans for Marinette all the ways she could make the girl look bad and all the ways she could force Adrien to see her. That all goes out the window one day when she gets to school and it's a sob fest. There is a clear air of dread and dismay, the blue skies she saw on the way to school replaced with heavy storm clouds. And when she gets to class it's worse. Marinette and Alya are hugging and crying, Adrien looks like he's been shot, Nino and Kim are demanding to know ‘why’ even Chloe looks upset, her blue eyes a little glassy. Lila quickly learns why, Marinette’s parents' business is doing GREAT so great in fact that they have decided to open a second location! The twist? They also decided to move INTO the new location and with it being on the other side of Paris and her parents fears for their daughters safety that means Marinette is moving to a new school!
Now Lila doesn’t even have to school her face into a practiced expression of shock. She genuinely is shocked here she’d been planning months in advance picturing the ways she would destroy her rivals life and steal her friends! And now just like that Marinette is MOVING? Of course Lila quickly decides this is a good thing! After all if Marinette is out of the picture ruling the school will be that much easier. Sure Chloe might be queen bee but with Marinette gone people will be looking to replace her! In walks Lila Rossi, a gorgeous upstart model with a heart of gold and connections coming out of her bangs! She’d rule the school and Adrien would fall for her, then Marinette would probably come crawling back desperate for her old friends only to learn she’d snatched them all up! It was brilliant! And with Marinette gone she could probably do it in record time! So Lila covers up her smirk and says she’s devastated to hear that the twin tailed girl would be leaving and begins plotting.
In the month that follows Lila leaves Marinette alone letting her have her friends for what would be for the last time. After all if everyone still loved the designer when she left they’d be all the more eager to replace her with a new and better version. Of course just because Lila is playing nice doesn’t mean she enjoys it. Alya is practically glued to the girl and ignores Lila even when she’s not trying to sabotage Marinette. Adrien is acting like his life is ending and all anyone will talk about is Marinette. When she checks social media it's all just pictures of ‘old-great times with Marinette’ or new photos and videos of helping the girl pack up and move into her new room, which Lila seethes about for a week when she sees the photos of the spacious luxurious room with a private bath. Apparently the Dupain-Cheng’s new bakery was in a pretty ritzy rich neighborhood. During school Marinette is mobbed by a constant stream of people begging her to stay and when they accept that not happening they all at least beg her to ‘come back and visit’ Marinette promises and Lila has to hide her snort. Fat chance of that actually happening. 
Finally the last day arrives and Lila has to hold back the urge to gag as everyone fills the nearby park giving Marinette gifts and heartfelt goodbyes. Adrien is the last one to offer his gift and Lila seethes as Marinette gingerly opens the box with a gasp and pulls out two brand new pink hair ribbons, and Adrien goes on to say that they’re made of imported silk! SILK, as if the little baker brat deserved silk! The whole exchange is cliche and romantic as Marinette removes her current hair ribbons to tie in the new ones and Adrien ties the old ones around his wrist like some idiot who doesn’t realize what a love struck longing look he's giving his ‘good friend’. But Lila just keeps reminding herself its just a bit longer and sure enough not long after the hideously gooey exchange between Adrien and Marinette is over the designer is leaving with more tears and farewells. FINALLY Lila thinks she can get back to what matters! Ruling her empire.
As it turns out ruling her empire is not what she thinks. For the first month after Marinette leaves all anyone will talk about is the photos she’s posted online. The first week its ALL about HER new school is a private well known academy with uniforms, and isn't Marinette cute in it? And look at her in her custom black kitty thigh highs? Lila wants to scream, but not as much as when she catches Adrien drooling over the photo of said thigh highs and twirling the old nasty hair ribbons around his wrist. The second week its all about the video tour of her new home and school that Marinette sent Alya. Lila glares the whole time as Alya puts the video on the projector at lunch so everyone can see the big new gorgeous bakery and the beautiful house on the second floor and her stupid big bedroom that should belong to someone like herself and not some bratty bakers daughter! By the third week Lila has had enough and fakes some nasty texts from Marinette hoping to speed up the process of helping her classmates move on to HERSELF. It backfires spectacularly with Alya going on the warpath to learn who would dare frame Marinette now that she’s gone. Lila is starting to realize that somehow Marinette has reached a higher level of popularity now that she’s gone. But she reminds herself it won't last forever that in ‘just a little bit longer’ everyone will forget the baker. Right?
A little bit longer. Never happens. Lila asks the girls to hang out that weekend with plans of winning them over with some juicy celeb story? Alya says they all already made plans to hope aboard the train to spend the whole weekend at Marinette’s new place! Lila tries to corner Adrien into a date after a photo shoot. He disappears and all she hears from the workers on set is that he's been looking up some new bakery on the other side of town. [Marinette is suddenly being visited by Chat Noir every other night but she figures she must have moved closer to where his civilian self lives if hes dropping by so much.] She tries to throw a party for the class? They can't. Marinette will be coming out to the park today! With her new school friends!
AH HA! Lila see’s opportunity and decides to tag along. After all if Marinette has new friends Lila can twist it! She’ll whisper about her replacing them all! Make them hate Marinette’s new friends! Fill them with jealousy till they hate Marinette! It's BRILLIANT! And, it fails in less than two minutes, with Alya learning about Aurore being a ballet dancer and the two girls bonding over their mutual love of DANCE?? How the heck was Lila supposed to know Alya had been a champion ballet dancer in her younger years! Then Nino is bonding with some kid named Allen or whatever about classical vs modern music and how to blend the two! And some kid named Claude is joking with Kim, Max, and Alix! And this is definitely not how things were supposed to go!
The worst part is Adrien, who is passive aggressively fighting for Marinette against Kagami AND Felix who are both all too eager to show how ‘close’ they’ve gotten to the baker's daughter while Adrien’s been across the city. Kagami is all to happy to show off that she ALSO bought Marinette some new silk hair ribbons [in a red shade that happens to match her fencing uniform] while Felix eagerly wisks Marinette away the moment Kagami and Adrien are distracted the two fencers find him openly flirting with an oblivious Marinette her hair down because ‘oh felix was nice enough to help me get some leaves out of my hair and said i should leave it like this!’ [while both Kagami and Adrien agree she looks beyond cute they know this means war.] Needless to say Lila didn’t realize that Marinette was that damn popular with men and woman.
The week after the meet up Lila is worn so thin she’s ready to snap. Not only did the class not get jealous but they actually became FRIENDS with all of Marinette’s new buddies and were planning many more meet ups including a paintball war over the baker girl that saturday. Adrien had taken to openly mumbling to himself about changing schools and how he ‘cant believe’ his own flesh and blood would so openly flirt with HIS very good friend! And what was with Kagami showing off how easily she can pick up and carry Marinette? And why did she invite Marinette to watch their next tournament! He needed to train, what if he lost?? In front of Marinette?! And then she thought he was too weak to keep her safe like all good friends are supposed to do! Clearly Kagami was trying to replace him as Marinette’s very good friend! Poor Nino who was sitting next to the boy had actually volunteered to switch with Lila but she came up with a lie to avoid it, she’d had enough of hearing about Marinette from Alya and Juleka and the rest of the girls, she didn’t also need to hear it from Adrien! 
It all comes to a head that Saturday during the paintball tournament when Lila now at her wits end her plans out the window her schemes barely thought out hopes to find something ANYTHING to ruin Marinette’s day and reputation and everything. But Lila just so happens to get completely pelted with paintballs everytime she so much as moves and then later gets ignored when trying to wow Marinette’s new friends, and then gets called out by Felix and Kagami snaps and finally she snaps and SCREAMS and runs off and not even a dark little butterfly comes to help her ruin the perfect day. As it turns out Hawkmoth was a little preoccupied with trying to save his business after all the computers and data involved in his precise scheduling were mysteriously corrupted suddenly freeing up his son's time and schedule so he could spend more with HIS very good friend and no one else's. Kagami and Felix apparently had the same idea as when he gets to her new house their already their doing their best to get on her parents good side.
Basically just give me some comedic, fluffy, Lila salty, Marinette changes school fics. Because I love them ok.
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romanianwilkinson · 6 months ago
A collection of sentence starters from the game Monster Camp. Feel free to change words and pronouns as desired. CONTENT WARNING(S) FOR: Monster Prom/Monster Camp spoilers, suggestive, cursing, crude content
“ I just have it here because [NAME] insisted that I offer it, as a marketing stunt. ”
“ And lastly, super-horny-type players no longer get a charm buff against tsundere types! ”
“ War machines don’t turn me on or anything! ”
“ I don’t wanna be weird, but do you mind if I climb inside of you and play around with your main turret? ”
“ A wine to DIE for, you say? Well, darling, don’t threaten me with a good time! ”
“ This one just says ‘ hmu with that reaper dick, daddy ’. ”
“ You on your phone, as always! Probably making blogposts on your Tik Tok page. ”
“ Yeah, you really don’t want to witness a repeat of the last time [NAME]’s diehard fans went without a selfie for fifteen minutes. My tailbone still hasn’t completely healed. ”
“ Now hold still, this will only hurt for a moment --- ”
“ Yay! You found a shenanigan! ”
“ My poems all have two or three emotions in them, AT LEAST. ”
“ No way, really? The way to WIN at poetry is by LOSING at life? ”
“ I dunno, maybe fall in love with someone who’s married and develop an opioid addiction? ”
“ It’s morbid, but... kind of romantic? ”
“ GASP! Google+? Are you kidding me? The psychopaths behind that global tragedy are here?! ”
“ Prison has changed me, [NAME]. Would you like to trade me some cigarettes in exchange for my fundamental dignity? ”
“ Undermining the laws of reality, subverting life and death, that’s the kind of stuff my followers expect. But CHEATING? No way. ”
“ Though we are imprisoned in chalk jail, we are free in our hearts. But our hearts are also imprisoned in chalk jail. ”
“ Um, no, I am NOT groveling. I am posing a dignified query to [NAME] that just so happens to be performed on my hands and knees. ”
“ I didn’t know you condoned playing the friend card to get free labor, [NAME]. ”
“ Ah, but saving the world doesn’t put avocado toast on the table. We indie seancers and necromancers need to pay our rent too, you know. ”
“ And as you know, I am illustriously Internet-famous, so if you could shower me with adoration and give me the pizza that would be fabulous. ”
“ Do you wanna fuck the pizza or not? ”
“ Are you ready to go swimming? I must admit, darling, I’ve always wondered what you would look like while... wet.”
“ Did you turn this date into an orgy without consulting me? ”
“ Gosh, I love it when you insult me! Please do it more! ”
“ Now who wants to make a baby? ”
“ What if she puts a curse on me that makes me magically forget the location of the clitoris?! ”
“ Hey, don’t knock wacky decisions that endanger us all! That’s how I always manage to stay a step ahead of my nemeses! ”
“ Oh gods, I’ve killed so many monsters, just for being monsters. This is making me question my entire moral foundation. I NEED MORE THERAPY. ”
“ I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: fish give better pedicures than people! ”
“ You’re not tricking me into parenting a stupid egg. I’ve never fucked even ONE chicken! The egg is not my son! ”
“ You came to visit me at camp, Daddy! ”
“ Don’t be ridiculous, I know your brand of horny, [NAME], and this ain’t it. ”
“ I thought we both agreed to be nothing but vague and haughtily aloof about our past dalliances. ”
“ Point EAST, compass! EAAAAAAAAST! You dumb fuckboot!!!! POINT! EAST! ”
“ One time I was told a soul’s worst fear was bugs and I inadvertantly sent The Beatles. It happens to the best of us... And the worst of us. ”
“ Why do you keep suppressing your monster half? Embrace your true nature! ”
“ Wow. I didn't think this was possible, but I guess I was... wrong? About social media? Oh dear God, is this how grandparents feel?!?! Am I a GRANDPARENT?! ”
“ I don’t know! I was relying on my friends to cover up my bold and idiotic statement! ”
“ ... I ate the oars. ”
“ PSYCHE. The ocean can eat my ass. ”
“ So pucker up, [NAME]! I'm about to declare mouth war on your FACE! ”
“ That's right. I'm talking about a classic Transylvania Hot Tub, a Seth Brundle, and a REVERSE Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. ”
“ Sorry, I was in your ribcage seeing if I could use it to cut strips of crepe paper into confetti and then I got lost in your kidneys. ”
“ There's nothing sexier than a doomed romance between a dating sim player and a hot fictional character. ”
“ That's right! I secretly replaced one of you with a bear while no one was looking, to teach you a valuable lesson about the art of disguise! ”
“ Enchant my armor. I’m going into the lake. ”
“ This stupid lake monster called me short the other day, but I was too low level to crush him like he deserved. ”
“ That dumb wet dinkhole won't know what hit him! But it will be me! I will hit him! ”
“ No, YOU'RE a fuckshark! Also, what does that even mean?! ”
“ You seriously didn't notice the enormous needles those interns jabbed into your veins as soon as [NAME] got here? “
“ It all makes sense! The Camp Dome is just an elaborate ploy to distract us from the giant mouth that eats campers! “
“ This is the BEST show I've ever seen in my life, which is now at an end! “
“ Am I high, or did he just tell us EXACTLY how to foil his evil scheme? “
“ What, like a few severed heads and visions of my grandpa screaming in horrendous pain are gonna freak me out? Where I'm from, you can buy that stuff at IKEA. “
“ ERROR: Due to the sixth mass extinction, the slaying of leprechauns is inadvisable. “
“ Then why do I have half-finished scarves, decoupage, pot-holders, friendship bracelets, and a taxidermied rabbit in my skeleton? “
“ The wang elemental. ”
“ I also have an uncle who works at Nintendo as a copy machine! “
“ What flavor of ice cream AM I?! Now I gotta know. HA! You know what I should be? 'Pistachio.' Because my outside is HARD, but I'm full of NUT. “
“ I mean, life is a bit like... this sandwich! No, stay with me, I'm going somewhere good with this. “
“ A survival situation without any sexy fun time isn't worth surviving in the first place. “
“ Rut the RUCK?! ”
“ The ' ambulance of the heart ' is just a regular ambulance! Ambulances treat all organs! ”
“ Yeah, that's why I made sure that my so-called ' emotional armor ' was also ' actual armor '. “
“ And being yourself is the key to living your dreams, which is the key to self actualization, which is the key to being really good at sex! “
“ So hot I'd buy that even without free shipping. 10/10, call me some time. “
“ Hi, quick question: does it count as kidnapping if I'm abducting you so you can help me do a thing you already agreed to help with? “
“ I could be wrong, but are you just upset because you DON'T have a skeleton that's inside your body? “
“ Whoah, whoa, hold up. You're fucking my grandma? “
“ No, [NAME], that is a popcorn bag full of more dynamite. Put it down. “
“ I hear that at least 70% of people on Patreon aren't murderers! “
“ If you want cash, just rob banks like the rest of us! “
“ Did it work? Do you feel any less horny? ”
“ Yes... incidentally, we are no longer allowed to enter Italy. “
“ Is anyone else turned on right now? ”
“ Yes! Yes! I know what you're feeling! I suddenly see how marrying a corpse isn't okay! “
“ Look, choose whatever you want, but I'm not responsible for whatever you put in your mouth. ”
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fallstreakfeathers · 7 months ago
[More] Obey Me Headcanons
[ I didn’t edit this at all, really, but I have around 30 headcanons so far that I’m using for my fic and would like several backups- so, I’m posting it here.) 
The ‘Devildom’ is a planet that is larger than ours. ‘Hell’ refers to a part of each territory the Avatar’s govern that is reserved for retaining and torturing human souls. These areas are actually quite small compared to the rest of the land. Each environment is unique, with its own native flora, fauna, land formations, climates, and dangers.
The Devildom resides on a tall, mountain-ringed plateau that towers over the lands around it. It is not the tallest point in the demon world.
Demons have elemental affinities that also define certain weaknesses. A demon that’s used to the heat and gasses of flowing magma would have difficulties in the colder parts of the world, or fighting against a demon or creature who uses a lot of freezing attacks.
There are many places in their realm that even Demons refrain from going, or simply cannot. One such area is a vast frozen land in the far northeast that drops to temperatures low enough that even demons that are developed for icy area’s cannot survive without magical assistance. However, this also makes the area a great place for criminals and the exiled to live should they be able to fight the cold. Demons and such that failed to pass the test of the cold are frequently found encased in the tall, pointed ice spires that jut from the ground- trapped in an unending preservation until the end of days.
There’s a massive crater in one part of the world, in the land Mammon governs, that’s referred to as the ‘Fear Pit’. It’s the aftermath of a massive battle between two demons, and the entire area is cursed with illusions that prey on your fears. It gets worse the closer you are to the bottom. Demons occasionally travel to test their own resolve, though few ever make it to the center- usually opting to turn back before their fear drives them mad.
Beelzebub dislikes thunder because it sounds similar to some sounds he heard in the war
Demon’s are immortal only in that time cannot destroy them, They can still die from wounds and even disease.
Not all demons can speak human languages. There’s plenty in the Devildom/Hell who’ve never set foot in the human realm and have never bothered to learn the realms languages.
On that note, there are more than a few specific demonic dialects spoken in the devildom. The Avatars and most high nobility are required to be fluent in the most common 3 demonic languages.
Demons who came to the Devildom by falling from the Celestial Realm are not considered ‘true demons’, and many have challenged the Avatars solely because of their origins
Demons may have pacts with multiple humans. If a demon who has more than one pact is ordered to do something by multiple pact holders, the demon will obey whoever has the strongest bond with them OR the orders will cancel each other out.
Many species found in the Devildom/Hell and the Celestial Realm are not exclusive to one or the other- dragons and unicorns are found in both, for example, but with different traits and personalities. Dragons in the Devildom are ugly things that spit an acidic venom, while those in the Celestial Realm are sleek and able to shoot blasts of fire from their throats. Some creatures remain the same in each realm, but are referred to by different names. Many mythic creatures from every human culture can be found in both the Devildom and Celestial realm
Though their human forms look rather perfect, everyone who fought in the Celestial War bears a great number of physical scars, some of which affect their human guise as well
Belphegor's right eye is completely blind in all his forms. He tends to hide it in his human appearance because it’s sometimes seen as a weakness by other demons who might try to challenge him. He has the most trouble with demon’s attempting to fight him because he’s often seen as the weakest Avatar due to his sleeping habits and general outward appearance. This is, of course, a massive mistake.
Belphegor frequently wraps his tail around himself (like a hug) for comfort- particularly when he’s alone
Belphegor’s horseshoe was broken during a fight with a demon who wanted to challenge his title/status.
Demons don't usually bury their dead because many simply disappear upon death. How they disappear depends on their primary sin (Wrath erupts in a blast of fire)
Leviathan changes the order of the smiley pins on his clothes depending on his mood (green for happy/content, yellow for neutral, red for angry/upset)
Satan dislikes chocolate
Demons are practically infertile. Children born naturally (human standard) are extremely rare. As such, all demon children are cherished and protected by modern demonic societies as a whole, and intending to harm one is punished harshly.
Lucifer may have birthed Satan from rage, but a demon can create another being from any emotion so long as it’s powerful enough (love, envy, etc). This is much more common than the physical way of creating children. The offspring will generally exhibit whatever emotion spawned them and will behave accordingly to whoever the emotion was directed at. After their birth, they grow very fast until they appear 10-15 years old, and their growth slows immensely.
A specific ritual is required for a demon( or angel) and human to crossbreed with each other, as they are completely different species. It would be like trying to cross a dog with a giraffe. These births are always extremely dangerous for the human mother. There are a few exceptions to this, such as Incubi/Succubi but successful crossbreeding is still extremely rare.
The older a demon is, the more horrific their true forms are. Anyone who has existed before the Celestial War is referred to as an ‘Ancient/Old World’ demon. Those born after and those who fell are considered ‘New Age/Modern’ demons. There are a handful of creatures referred to as ‘Primordials’. These beings are neither demons nor angels, but are immensely powerful and are very secretive. Not much is known about any of them, and they rarely show themselves. They also rarely partake in the social/political conflicts of the three realms. They did not have a presence in the Celestial War.
These titles have no bearing on how civilised someone may be.
There are technically four realms known. The Celestial, Devildom, and Human realms are commonly spoken about but the fourth realm is known as ‘Oblivion’ and isn’t so much a world as it is multitudes of platforms floating throughout a nebula. It’s useless overall but is used as a prison and punishment for the worst of demonkind. Few have ever made it out, but those that have come back a blubbering, maddened shell of who they were. Diavolo and Barbatos both are capable of opening a portal to it.
All demons/Fallen have the capability to return to a monstrous form, but Ancient demons have a particularly difficult time making themselves look human again (some Ancient’s are incapable of returning at all). New Age demons are able to transform much more freely, but if the transformation is brought on by strong negative emotion (rage, fear, or a physical reaction such as pain), it takes much longer to change back
The final stage of demonic courtship involves seeing each other's truest self. This display is a form of trust in the highest regard, the goal being total acceptance of each other. It should never be taken lightly. Not every couple goes through this, but those that do form a deeply personal and permanent bond.
A demon in full form is rare outside battle, though some choose to remain in their appearance as a way of showing off.
Some demons (nobility and such) have several forms outside of their human/humanoid guises
Demons are compelled to chew on things. There are several businesses specializing in ‘demon chew toys’. Gnawing on these can release both stress and anxiety and also helps maintain healthy teeth.
Demons shed their horns, scales, teeth and fur, and will often use these shed materials in their own clothing, jewelry, and other such items. Shedding season differs for every demon- it happens to some every half year, year, couple years, or even centuries. Being given an item made from a demon’s shed is considered a personal gift
Demons can tell the basic emotional state of any human they have a pact with. Whether they react to it or care is another story.
Despite the common opinion that the Devildom doesn’t have a sun, the sky brightens every 3 human world days thanks to the passing of a dwarf star. However, it would be a mistake to believe that the demon world is devoid of light without it! There are plenty of natural light sources that provide the lands with a way to see (for those without night vision), such as glowing crystals and mushrooms, magma, etc.
The Devildom’s planet’s core burns hotter than ours, which counteracts how cold it would be otherwise (though it’s still quite chilly in many parts of the planet)
When Diavolo ordered that no human be harmed in the Devildom again, he also banned all media portraying humans as prey. These books, videos, and movies are now sold on the black markets and hoarded by those who disagree with Diavolo
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fixyourwritinghabits · 5 months ago
On Writing Advice
Requested Anon Ask:
So I have been writing since I was a teen, have written several novels and countless short stories. All of varying quality. I used to follow and worship writing advice because as a teen I faced a lot of ageism in writing spaces and so I had to conform or else any deviation was pointed out by adults as a result of my age. It was pretty bad. Now, a lot of the generic writing advice makes me cringe and it feels patronizing to me, not to mention lacking in nuance. I perceive it as overly Western and harsh much of the time. However, it is everywhere in writing spaces and sometimes people quote writing advice (like show don’t tell) just for something to say.
For example, I asked a writing group about how handle body language when it isn’t universal and may be understood differently my readers. The only response I got was show, don’t tell. I feel like I want to experiment now, but part of me still feels like anything less than perfect will be attributed to my age or gender or lack of experience even as an adult. I feel like writing is agonizing now and writing spaces make me grit my teeth. In-person writing groups tend to be nice now and I usually get positive feedback and feel more relaxed. However, so much of the writing community is online and you make an author platform online. I have to be online. So I’m asking you for advice because I like your blog and feel comfortable here. How should I handle this aversion to typical writing advice and why do I hate it so much now?
Very unfortunately, my copy of Matthew Salesses’ Craft in the Real World: Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping is packed in a moving box, but I overwhelmingly recommend it when tackling the Western approach to writing. Take this quote for example:
For more privileged writers, their decentering in workshop is countered by their centering in the rest of the world. A cis able white male who leaves workshop feeling disempowered usually finds the rest of his American life more than willing to empower him again. Someone less privileged leaves a disempowering workshop and faces the same disempowerment on a larger scale: though they should be in charge of their story, they are again made to listen to other people telling them what their story is or should be. The result is exactly the opposite of finding their voice—the real-world silencing simply reinforces the idea that the marginalized writer should be writing toward the workshop and power.
Salesses goes on to cover how most writing advice centers on a very specific formation of writing workshops done in the Cold War - to view fiction as separate from politics, and to focus on individual experiences with a stress on personal agency (rather than on social or historical circumstances). So yeah, if you’ve ever wondered why American media is Like That... there’s a reason why it’s like that.
So this creates a problem, not only in what we view as writing advice, but in publishing as a whole. It’s much harder for BIPOC to sell stories with a non-Westernized structure because “they won’t sell.” And in writing advice in particular, whatever gets your book to sell whether it’s traditionally published or not is what controls the narrative. This permeates writing advice so much that it doesn’t seem to occur to most people that the writer might not want to write to a market, might not want to sell anything to people who won’t read outside of their comfort zones. It is a very common problem.
As much as I try to diversity my reading and stress the importance of only taking to heart the writing advice that works for you, as a white person who grew up in America, I’m also trapped in certain structures of thinking. I sometimes worry I overemphasize the Save the Cat outline structure, something I’ve found very useful but has rightfully been criticized for being too rigidly structured. I’m never sure if the advice I give is as helpful as I want it to be, because I’m coming from a very particular place that others aren’t. There’s no real way around that.
What I can say is that if online writing advice and online writing communities feel rigid, harsh, and unhelpful, you do not have to listen to it and you do not have to remain in those spaces. I’ve spend years reading writing advice that just doesn’t work for me in an effort to find advice that does. I admire people who can be very active and open on writing Twitter or in big writing groups, but I just can’t do the same.
Take what works for you and discard what doesn’t - regardless of who it comes from, regardless of how much pressure there is to conform. There are plenty of ways to tell a story, and while you will have to make changes to find the best way, you don’t have to tear out your soul doing it. Don’t let others talk you into rigid writing structures or making your work less experimental or more Westernized or stripped of everything you felt was important. It takes work to find the writing space for you, it really does, but it is worth keeping true to your ideas and what works for you. You’ll find your way, don’t worry. It’ll be well worth the trip.
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elizabethsharmon · a year ago
So. Poland has chosen its "president" yesterday - if we can even talk about real choice here when he won by approximately 422k votes. When he won in 6 out of 16 regions, all of them with significantly lower number of eligible voters. When there are huge discrepancies between the results displayed in each polling district and the ones published on the website of the National Electoral Commission. When there were recurring instances of some voting cards not having the necessary stamps which automatically classified the vote as invalid. When some people went to vote and it turned out they're not registered in their designated district because of system error. When people abroad didn't get their voting cards on time. When his party sent over 150 buses to villages in Eastern Poland to take older, conservative people to voting stations. When this is how the results map looks like - and somehow the blue wins with orange.
Tumblr media
In the last five years, Du*a and his party PiS (literally lAw AnD jUsTiCe but believe me, they're none of these things) have completely ruined the country and regressed it to Middle Ages.The democracy practically doesn't exist anymore, not since they have the majority to rule (the opposition won the senate back in the parliamentary elections so it's a small win but it's still not enough). They started with the judicial system, appointing conservative judges who are always ruling in their favour. The courts are not independent anymore. The Constitution is being broken over and over and over again. People have been marching and protesting for years now but to no avail. 
The national television, TVP, is practically owned by the ruling party. The propaganda, fake news, hatred on the opposition and minorities is getting stronger each day. What you need to know is that this is literally the first channel on every TV set in the country. No matter where you live, no matter if you have cable or satellite, you turn on TV and TVP is what you get. Their reach is so much higher than other TV stations from the big four (TVP1&TVP2, TVN, Polsat). Poland has fallen to 62nd out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index compiled annually by Reporters Without Borders. Before PiS took over in 2015 we were 18th. For du*a's presidential campaign now they gave TVP 2 billion PLN in order to strengthen the propaganda. There was a project to give those money to hospital oncology wards but PiS said no. TVP has only been showing him during the campaign. The other candidates have either been showed in a bad light or haven't been showed at all. Voters for whom TVP is the only source of information haven't seen other candidates nor their campaigns.
During the second round of the campaign, when another tv station, TVN, with two major Polish online media, Onet and WP, invited him and his opponent, Rafał Trzaskowski, for a debate. Du*a declined because he said he won't participate in a debate which isn't available for everyone and he asked them to reach an agreement with TVP to host the debate together. In the end there were two debates. Du*a on his own in TVP, answering predetermined questions from journalists reporting to his party and people in the studio that were paid to be there. Trzaskowski on his own in TVN and live on his Facebook channel, answering questions from the journalists from 16 independent offline and online media teams.
At the beginning of his and PiS first term of destroying the country, they started their crusade against women, because as we all know middle aged men are the most eligible people to make choices for women and their bodies. Abortion is Poland is (was? honestly who knows now) only allowed in three cases: if the woman's life was in danger, if the prenatal testing indicates severe damage of the fetus, if the pregnancy was the outcome of rape. With their pro life and anti women initiative, PiS was determined to ban abortion completely and punish it by prison. The bill was so flimsy that in some cases even miscarriage could be turned against woman. Even if the baby would've been born sick or severely disabled, even if the pregnancy could be fatal for the mother, even if it was caused by rape. We went on the streets. All dressed in black, with umbrellas in hand. Hundreds of thousands of women and allies marching and protesting together against the government. And they got scared. The bill proposal was dropped but the fight wasn't over and it still isn't. They tried to bring it back now during the pandemic just because they knew we wouldn't go out protesting. But we did, we blocked the streets with our cars.
The day after pill can only be bought on prescription. But if you end up going to the conservative ob/gyn they can invoke conscientious objection to abortion and they won't prescribe it for you. They want to ban sex ed from schools. In their opinion sex ed “demoralizes children and teaches them masturbation.” They want young people to be uneducated and have sex and get pregnant and give birth. They want to make kids have kids just so they would depend on the government and social wage programme 500+ which gives 500PLN (approximately 125€) each month to families with 2 or more children for each of their children. Right now you can be a woman raising your three or four kids and you will get the equivalent of minimum wage just for that. This program made people vote for them in 2015. First Du*a used it in his presidential campaign, then PiS was blackmailing the voters saying the program will only happen if both president and the government will be on board aka they have to get in so Du*a will sign the bill and people will get the money. People still believe only they can ensure the stability of the program even though almost all the other candidates said it will not go away.
In the last couple of weeks of presidential campaign, it became more clear than ever how Du*a is planning to win the elections - by trying to reach to the mindsets of elderly and conservative voters by attacking the LGBT community. He called us “ideological hurricane”. He said we are worse than communists. His party members have been saying we're not humans. He was saying over and over again how he doesn't care what people do in bed as long as they're not obnoxious on street and in real life about it. How sexuality is a private thing and we shouldn't be proud of it. How there's no place in Poland for “LGBT propaganda that wants to demoralize our children”. How there's no space here for unions for same-sex couples, not even mentioning marriage or adoption. How he'll do everything in his power to protect the “traditional Polish values and family model” (whatever that means). The most conservative parts of the eastern Poland has claimed their towns and villages as “anti-LGBT zone”. It's been going on since last year. After Dua's words now the hate crime is stronger than it ever was. When LGBT activists asked him to apologize for his spiteful words, showed him proofs that suicide rate among LGBT teenagers is higher than it was since his party is ruling, showed him the photographs and shared the stories of the people we lost because of the bashing they encourage and support, he said he won't apologize because he stands by his words and there's a freedom of speech in the country. Not for everyone I guess.
The journalists have been interviewing many people in different parts of Poland after it. What stuck with me were the words of some old man from the countryside who has said that “LGBT should be exterminated in Majdanek”. It's one of the places where the death camp was during World War 2. I don't think I have to tell anyone what words like this mean, how much they hurt, and how much worse it is when they’re said in the country that’s lost so so many lives during WW2. In a country that fought so hard for so many years to reclaim its freedom from the nazis and then from the soviets. In the meantime of this bashing, Du*a has pardoned a pedophile so he could return to his family (and the victim he abused). So that would be it for protecting family values.
The exit polls results yesterday were so close that they gave us so much hope that we would wake up in a new reality today but the hope died quickly. Now we're stuck again with a man who said in the middle of the global pandemic that he's anti-vaccination and he doesn't think vaccine for covid-19 should be obligatory. With a man who thinks climate change and global warming isn't real. With a man whose actions are constantly destabilitizing economy because he only acts like there is today and doesn’t look forward in the future and doesn’t know the way he and his party ruin the country will have terrible consequences in a few years. With a man who is homophobic, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and many, many, many other things. With a man who is a "president” of Polish people but only if you're a straight catholic man voting for his party.
Now our fear is that with him being “elected” as the “president” again, his party will try to meddle with the Constitution and try to change it so they could either extend his term for more years or extend the number of terms a president can have. And even if the change can’t happen so easily, what’s sure is that they will try to take away basic human rights from women and LGBT community. They made it perfectly clear in the last five years and during the campaign now.
So if you’re asking yourself now what can you do about it the answer is simple: spread the word. Read about it. Educate yourself. Make a buzz in the social media. We need as much help as we can get. We need foreign media to pick up the topic, we need them to talk about it and to make the noise. We need the foreign governments to know about it. European Union has already declared that if the bashing on LGBT continues, they will take away the development aid from the self-proclaimed “anti-LGBT zones”. Our country has suffered so much and somehow we’re still standing but I don’t know for how much long we will last. So please. Don’t leave us alone.
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adorascake · 10 months ago
Catradora Fic Rec List!
soo i decided to make a fic rec list with a few lesser known fics, aka some fics you wouldn’t see on other fic rec lists that only recommend more popular fics! those fics are great, of course, but there should be some love for other writers as well! keep in mind that a lot of these writers have other fics on their ao3’s that are amazing! I’m also the worst at commenting on fics (i want to, but i usually forget/tell myself I’ll comment later and then never do bc my memory is horrible), so i hope this kinda, sorta??? Makes up for all the comments i never left agasksk<3 im so embarrased by myself omg
Hand in my hand, together we’ll stand by waitingforaflame
Rating: teen
Word count: 18,910
Adora takes a deep breath and turns toward Catra. “I can’t stop thinking about what Glimmer said a few weeks ago. About wedding traditions.”
“What about them?”
“Well, it’s just we don’t exactly have any.” Adora nestles her fingers into the grass and makes a fist, gently tugging at the blades. “Glimmer made it sound like a big deal.”
Or, Adora and Catra get married.
My thoughts: oh my goodness. This is such a sweet fic set in the future. I read it some months ago, but i still think it’s a really good fic, and the writer has many other fantastic fics! If you want something super fluffy with just a pinch of angst, and of course a catradora wedding, this is for you<3
Red Lines by DazzleYourMindsEye**
Rating: teen
Word count: 4,334
Growing up in the Horde isn’t easy, where punishment for infractions is swift and brutal. Adora didn’t get all of her scars from battle.
My thoughts: another one i read a while ago, but im a sucker for fics set before the show! I think this does a great job showing just the kind of leader adora is. Slight warning, there is physical injury and a slightly graphic cruel punishment
Adore You by mariuspunmercy*
Rating: teen
Word count: TBD (unfinished)
Adora’s fine with Glimmer lip singing over her vocals. She’s fine with Shadow Weaver’s constant nagging to take over as the lead singer. She’s fine being the backup vocalist and playing her bass. She’s completely fine with everything.
Not being able to make out with the drummer?
Not as fine.
My thoughts: omg, ive been following this fic since it was first posted last summer, and it’s such a cute and entertaining one. There’s also a LOT of miscommunication, and two dumb, oblivious people in love. There’s just one chapter left to be posted, and the writer updates every couple of weeks usually, for those of you who only read complete fics.
The roots that sleep by sevensevan
Rating: teen
Word count: 73,079
She’s double-checking her locker to make sure she hasn’t forgotten anything when a voice from behind her says, “Hey, Adora.”
Every nerve in Adora’s body sparks. The voice is impossible—subtly raspy, teasing, familiar.
(Four years after Adora moves away, Catra walks into the University of Bright Moon gym locker room and back into Adora’s life. Some things have changed: Catra’s hair is short now, they both go to therapy, Adora has a tattoo. Some things—Adora’s hair poof, Catra’s laugh, the magnetic draw between them that only grows stronger the closer they get to each other—are still the same.)
My thoughts: i loosely followed this fic, but it’s still very much amazing, and deserves more recognition! The writer got the characters down so well, and i enjoyed every bit of it (minus all the angst ofc, but i suppose it’s a good kind of pain lmao). It’s super gay, and if you like angst, this is for you!
Maps by strongcat
Rating: mature
Word count: 9,503
Catra learns how to navigate the Whispering Woods.
“You have done some bad things, dearie.”
The fur on Catra’s spine stood up and she furrowed her brow. “Yeah, I know, okay? No need to rub it in,” she grumbled. She sipped her tea and turned her gaze toward the wall.
“But do you think the trees are scared of you? Angry at you? The Woods have been around for longer than even Madame Razz. The scars of this war that you and Adora fought are not the first, and they will not be the last.” Razz sipped her own tea, then breathed a deep sigh. “I must have taught you this lesson a thousand times already, dearie. Magic does not hold petty grudges! Magic is simply there, waiting for you to decide how to treat it. Will you try to destroy it? Control it? Or will you let it into your heart?”
My thoughts: i really enjoyed reading this fic, simply. It’s not too long and just four chapters, but the writer does such a good job diving into Catra’s mind, which is why I love it so much. **Quick note: the writer here on tumblr doesn’t want minors following them. they said since ao3 has a tagging system, they let people decide for themselves what they can read, but to minors that follow me/see this, please be respectful of their wishes and don’t follow their social medias!**
Glory days by strangehunger**
Rating: teen
Word count: 8,649
“Let’s make a bet.”
Catra straightened, ears perking up. She liked bets. She liked winning them.
“If we win the game tonight, you’ll go to the dance with me tomorrow.”
Laughter ripped from Catra’s throat. She tossed her head back, fangs bared in open-mouthed giggles. “Wow, you really don’t want to go with me. The Rebels kick our asses every year.”
“That’s not true!” Indignation sparked and died in Adora’s blue eyes. “Well, we almost had them last year.”
“Almost isn’t winning, Adora. Besides, if we don’t win,” asked Catra, shuffling to fit her arms into the sleeves of Adora’s letterman as discreetly as possible, “what’s in it for me?”
Adora blinked. “What do you want?”
Not that she was stupid enough to say that.
In just a year, high school senior Catra has overcome everything the universe managed to throw at her — a manipulative parent, a broken system, a ruined friendship. If only she could get over something as stupid as a crush.
My thoughts: probably my favorite high school au. It’s so incredibly cute, and has that football player!adora/cheerleader!catra dynamic that is just *chefs kiss*
Aftermath by Shockodile, SolarPoweredFlashlight
Rating: explicit
Word count: 162,327
After Horde Prime is defeated, there’s still much left to be resolved. What to do with all his abandoned clones? What punishment does Hordak deserve for his role in Etheria’s suffering? How to restore the Fright Zone to Scorpia’s family and what to do with all the indoctrinated soldiers still living there? What to do about the possibility of more magic-based worlds that were converted to weapons by the First Ones - or the possibility that Horde Prime was smart enough to make a backup of his consciousness? And the most important question of all - will Catra and Adora ever be allowed some alone time to explore their newly admitted love for one another?
My thoughts: holy mother of french bread,,,THIS FIC YALL!! It. SLAPS! This is not the first time ive nagged people to read it, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. It acts as a sort of season 6 that covers what goes down post war and includes a space adventure to get rid of Prime for good. It’s rated explicit because of the violence and a few more sexy scenes, in case anyone was wondering. (And if you want to read it but don’t care for the sex scenes, you can dm me or whatever and i can tell you which chapters they’re in—of course, it’s pretty easy to tell just from reading what goes on beforehand, but if you want that heads up, I’d be happy to give it!). It’s 40 chapters of amazingness, and it’s easily one of my favorite fics ive ever read.
Why would you ever kiss me? by scrawnycatra*
Rating: explicit
Word count: TBD (unfinished)
Catra gets attacked by an angry civilian while they’re restoring Salineas. She’s put in charge of Bright Moon’s military to avoid any more mishaps, while the rest of the Best Friend Squad travels around Etheria to fix its kingdoms. Though initially hesitant to part with her girlfriend, Adora decides that Catra’s safety is more important. They have all the time in the world to be together anyway. Or so she thinks.
Alternatively: Catra breaks up with Adora a few weeks into their relationship. They remain friends, and Adora nearly falls apart, except...she can’t shake this feeling that Catra still wants her. Still loves her too. So why did Catra call it quits?
Alternatively, alternatively: Growth is a journey. Catra and Adora still have lots to learn, about themselves and each other. (post s5)
My thoughts: i feel like im required to include this fic even though its not necessarily a lesser-rec’d fic because Michelle is michelle ANYWAY this fic?? It’s one of the stupidest yet also one of the best fics ive ever read. The writer is really good at making you an emotional mess—one minute, you’re crying your eyes out because your heart just got ripped out of your chest, and the next minute you’re busting out laughing at a really dumb line someone said. Filled with vine references, dumb of assery, plenty of angst, the occasional sexy scene (they have a link to a google doc on their tumblr that tells you where the scenes are if you don’t want to read them, if i remember correctly!), this is such a good fic. Only Michelle could get away with having catradora break up post canon and making it make sense, i stg.
Break me like a promise by brightbolt, NSFWAdora
Rating: mature
Word count: 66,840
"As soon as she saw who the client was, her words died in her throat. Her drink slipped out of her hand a second later, but Catra couldn’t bring herself to care about the stain it would leave in the carpet.
Across the table from her boss, wearing a perfectly-tailored suit that looked more expensive than most of Catra’s tuition payments, was Adora.
As in, that Adora. The one Catra dated for all of college.
The one that broke her heart four and a half weeks before graduation.
The one that, according to what she’d said on the last day Catra had seen her, had fallen out of love with her."
Or, six years ago, Adora and Catra were college students in love. Then, in one fateful meeting at a coffee shop, Adora broke Catra's heart.
Now Catra's a junior partner at a law firm handling a patent dispute for Adora's family company. The two of them have to re-enter the other's life in an attempt for closure, catharsis, and connection.
My thoughts: okay first of all this is one i KNOW i haven’t commented on yet, so if the writers happen to see this, i am so sorry—i will get to it one day, i promise (you really shouldn’t believe that though im gonna forget). with that said,,,yall, this fic FUCKS. the amount of times i had to leave my room at 3am for a tissue because my nose was ridiculously runny and i was choking on tears (tmi, i know) from straight up sobbing,,,yeah<3. it’s gonna hurt you, but you’re gonna be happy about it. it has literally all the sexiest elements—college/post college au and modern au, CEO adora (in a SUIT TOO LIKE FUCK), lawyer catra, exes au, and more. seriously, i hope the writers are proud of themselves for this absolute gift, and possibly slightly cocky about it, because they deserve it!! they managed to mess me up but in the best way possible, and i would do it all over again tbh.
notes on fashion by slowdown
Rating: mature
Word count: 51,341
In the private world of high fashion and paparazzi headlines, it's a practiced art to lose a piece of yourself in pursuit of more. It's made to be enticing like that. It's easy to ask for excess when all you had was less.
And when it wears Adora down, breaks down her resolve, taking it apart and apart until there's nothing left, she meets her again.
"You need to learn how to be selfish. To take what you want." She trails a finger from her neck to her jaw. It's intimate. It's devastating. "Don't you want me, Adora?"
My thoughts: ahh i just read this a couple weeks ago!! ive seen it on a couple fic rec lists, but it’s one of my favorites now, so i wanted to add it! Also, if you keep up with my blog, you know im writing a famous au, and this was the famous au that finally pushed me to write one of my own (after reading quite a few). it’s so, so good and excellently written. it deals with catradora as exes, both now famous years after breaking up—adora’s in a band with bow and glimmer that is widely loved, and catra’s a model. if you love famous au’s like me, and drama and a bit of angst (with a happy ending, ofc), then you’ll love this one!
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tennessoui · 4 months ago
The divorced fic was so cute i want to scream. Does Obi have any time to be sad or are Anakin and his little demons always there to distract him from his infinite sadness
so i know most everyone wants to know what anakin does about The Kiss but here's a bit of light hearted angst a year before that (because humanity is inherently whatever but i am inherently evil)
the immediate aftermath of the Router Incident (1.4k)
The night of the day of what will come to be known as The Router Incident starts off with a bang.
Obi-Wan gets home a bit later than normal. Not because his work drags on longer than usual, but because he is, on the subject of all things even passably related to his personal life, a coward.
It’s been at least ten hours since he left the house with the goddamn wifi router tucked under his arm because Anakin had said something about finding a new place.
As if this isn’t the twenty-first century. As if Anakin doesn’t have a phone with unlimited data. As if Anakin isn’t the sort of person to walk five miles to the nearest coffeeshop with his kids in their stroller, just to use their wifi to email Obi-Wan a series of italicized question marks.
Obi-Wan’s been practicing his apology ever since he got that email. I’m really sorry, I promise I’m not a controlling megalomaniac. I just panicked because I’m not that good at letting go of things. You’d think I’d have learned by now, but apparently I only know how to dig my heels in whenever I think people are starting to pull away. Apologies again, life is not a game of tug-of-war, and I promise I do know that.
He practices his apology, of course, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t also try to put it off until the last possible moment. When he leaves the building, his car is the only one still in the lot.
I’m really sorry. Here’s the router back. I support your decision. Your kids will be great. I know you probably won’t let them see me, because that’s a bit weird if we don’t all live together, and you also don’t use social media, which is great because I also don’t use social media, but I would have made a Facebook account just to keep up with your family. It’s meant more than I can say to have something to come home to this past year, and I understand that you can’t put your life on hold for a lonely old man like me, and I will endeavor from now on to not impede your search for a new place to live.
No, too needy, he thinks at a red light, dragging his hand over his beard in defeat. He won’t beg Anakin to stay.
He would very much like to beg Anakin to stay, but he hadn’t even begged Satine to stay, and he had been in love with her.
He just enjoys Anakin’s company. His presence. Unwinding next to Anakin after a difficult day teaching is one of the things he looks forward to the most.
And this past holiday season, they’d had a big dinner at his house, filled to the brim with Anakin’s friends and his friends and some people from the local grocery store they’d met when out shopping together, and it had been so loud and so amazing. Nothing had been left untouched, there had been food on the ceiling (Obi-Wan suspects Leia to this day, but Luke had confessed), there had been leftovers for days.
You can’t just give me holidays like that and then take them away, Obi-Wan thinks angrily as he turns into his neighborhood. What will I do next winter, then?
He has to sit in his car for a second after parking, just to calm down. He’s the one in the wrong, he reminds himself. Anakin has all the right in the world to want to leave. It was never Obi-Wan’s family to begin with.
It was never Obi-Wan’s family to begin with.
When he opens the door, he’s met with the sound of children screaming and crying.
Luke rushes at him and jumps on him with enough force that he reels backwards, almost out of the house. He drops his bag on the floor in order to steady the child.
Luke is bawling his head off right next to Obi-Wan’s ear so it’s very, very difficult to hear what a red-faced Anakin is trying to say.
And then Leia runs up to him, tugs at his free hand until he looks down at her, and then stomps her little foot with a scowl. “I hate you!” she declares just as loudly as Luke is crying, before her tiny face breaks into tears and she runs off.
“Oh, for the love of--” Anakin shouts, throwing his hands up in the air and chasing after his daughter.
Obi-Wan, ridiculously hurt beyond measure and without a clue about what’s happening, goes to sit down on the couch, still gently cradling Luke’s body to his as the boy continues to weep.
“Hush,” he says soothingly. “And, ah. Please tell me what’s gotten into the Skywalkers now.”
Luke only sniffles and rubs his snotty nose all over Obi-Wan’s shoulder.
Well. It’s laundry day tomorrow anyway.
“Daddy says you hate us,” Luke mumbles, just as Anakin comes back into the living room, notably sans Leia.
Obi-Wan feels his mouth fall open in shock. “Daddy says what?” he asks, very slowly, making dangerous eye contact with Anakin over the top of Luke’s blond head.
Anakin flushes an even darker shade of red and looks around the room, as if that’ll save him.
“Daddy says we gotta go because this is your house and we don’t wanna stay over our, um. Welcome. We can’t reproach on your space, which means you hate us.”
“Encroach,” Anakin corrects, which Obi-Wan does not think is the thing that really needs to be corrected. When he tries to communicate this with his eyes, Anakin gulps and says quite quickly, “I’m gonna go check on Leia actually.”
“Luke,” Obi-Wan says gently. “Your daddy is just being very, very dumb, a trait I pray with all my heart skips a generation.”
Luke blinks at him, his little eyebrows furrowed and his button nose bright red from all of his crying.
“I don’t hate you at all,” Obi-Wan says. “I love both you and your sister very much.”
“Then why do we gotta leave?” Luke complains. “I don’t want to go, we could never play Space Pirates and Lava Dragons at the old place, it was way too small.”
Obi-Wan thinks privately that his house, while certainly big enough, is by no means the proper size for how rambunctious the twins get when they’re playing Space Pirates and Lava Dragons.
“Well,” Obi-Wan hums consideringly. “I don’t want you to leave either.”
“You don’t?” Luke asks, eyes wide and hopeful.
Obi-Wan shakes his head. “I really don’t. But it’s not my decision to make, Luke.”
“It’s Daddy’s,” Luke concludes, head hanging low. “And Daddy wants to go.”
Obi-Wan ignores the way that sentence drives what feels like a knife straight through his heart. “Yes, well,” he coughs. “Your daddy won’t do anything he knows you and your sister really don’t want.”
Luke looks contemplative. Obi-Wan wonders if he should feel really bad or downright awful for manipulating a child in this way. But needs must.
“And he won’t listen to me,” he continues gently, smoothing down the front ends of the boy’s soft hair. “Because your daddy can be very stubborn when he thinks he’s doing something right.”
“He’ll listen to me and Leia though?” Luke asks, head cocked and eyes bright.
Obi-Wan nods very seriously. “I think he would if you both asked very nicely and thought about a lot of good reasons why you should stay here.”
“I can think of loads! And Leia can think of a ton more probably!” Luke exclaims with renewed energy, launching himself off of Obi-Wan’s lap and up the stairs, ostensibly to their shared bedroom.
Obi-Wan leans back against the couch, equal parts amused, exhausted, and hurt. He’ll need to have a serious talk with Anakin soon. He’d thought the man knew that his home was his as well. Yes, Anakin still paid rent, an unfortunate but necessary sort of system, but they’ve never been normal roommates. And Anakin isn’t a guest who could overstay his welcome.
He’s. Well.
Obi-Wan doesn’t know exactly what Anakin is to him, but he had hoped it was obvious to Anakin at least that Obi-Wan would not ever grow tired of his presence in his life.
So they do have some things to talk about.
But hopefully this means that Obi-Wan won’t actually have to apologize for the router incident, seeing as Anakin’s fuck-up caused much larger waves.
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watcherinwater · 5 months ago
FYI-In no way am I calling out all shippers who ship the ships I will mention-just the militant ones who invade tags and harass people for not shipping their ship or who harass people for saying it’s not canon.
I’m getting really tired of all the stupid ship wars over the Loki show. I don’t care if you ship whatever you want but stop invading other peoples tags just to belittle what they ship . I can’t even filter them out because some you guys are invading the mainstream tags without even tagging it as ships. And just because your ship is the most popular doesn’t give you the right to harass people and to try to force them to say it’s canon. Newsflash-none of these ships are canon. Will they be? Possibly-though I don’t think so-especially since the head writer has already said that the most popular ship won’t be although it’s true that he could be lying. They are all controversial in some way-even though a queer relationship shouldn’t be; at least not for being queer. But guess what guys-not everybody sees chemistry of a romantic type among all these characters and I really wish some you all would stop acting like everyone is supposed to feel the way about it that you do.
Yeah some people ship some controversial and sometimes distasteful stuff-like self-love, incest and other weird shit has been available in many fandoms for some time. And no it doesn’t automatically mean people do it in real life. It’s also a pretty small corner of fandom-you’re literally giving it attention by even talking about it so much. You don’t have to like it but you do need to accept that it exists. I guarantee you there’s all kinds of stuff that’s a lot worse than what I just mentioned in many fandoms and it’s usually not that hard to ignore that part of fandom-especially on social media-just filter out the tags and don’t go looking for them. That some of you bitch about it but literally go looking for it in the tags says a lot. I see several people who do this who have no problem with rape, torture, clone f******, and even underage stuff in the fandom so quit moralizing. There are profiles that invade tags that go around talking about ships that they feel are morally wrong-dude seriously keep it on your profile all you want but quit invading tags. If you have a problem with stuff that’s “morally wrong” I hate to break it to you but it’s all over the world and all over fandom. And those of you complaining about incest type ships-how many of you were fine with Jamie and Cersei in Game of Thrones because it was canon? How many of you are fine with writing about the weird romantic situations Loki gets into in both the myths and the comics (more on the below).
On the other hand-those of you who ship controversial ships that the majority find distasteful need to understand that most mainstream fans aren’t going to like them. People don’t or at least aren’t supposed to do this stuff in the real world and if you want to write in in your corner of fandom that’s fine. But most people aren’t going to like it and you need to stay in your lane and tag your stuff and not say it’s canon. To be fair until recently most of you did do this.
People ship Loki with a lot of weird ships. We’re talking about the guy/girl who in the myths and some parts of the comics turned into a mare and gave birth to a horse! And who in both the comics and the myths has monster children. Who ate a witch’s heart and gave birth to monsters. Many of you are fine with this because it’s canonical in most media.  I doubt you’d be okay with it in real life-or that you assume that everybody who writes fan fiction (and there’s a lot of it) about it is okay with it in real life. Some people literally ship him with the Tesseract (SpaceFrost). Some people ship him with his clones (LokiCest). Some people ship him with Tom (FrostPudding). Yeah sometimes it’s crack ships-but sometimes it isn’t. I quite enjoy the SpaceFrost one and find it amusing-as well as FrostPudding-is some asshole going to come after for me for that? They’re actually popular ships although people usually turn the Tesseract into a person. 😁
Personally, I don’t ship any of the new ships (I’d rather see Loki with someone who doesn’t threaten his life or automatically want something from him; I’m kind of worn out on the enemies to lovers thing) but I really don’t care as long as people aren’t trying to force it on me or force me to say it’s canon. This is literally FrostMaster all over again-which isn’t canon but because it was a popular ship you had militants trying to harass people who said it wasn’t canon. Not everybody ships Loki with an older man who is supposed to control him in some way. If you do that’s fine and if you don’t that’s fine too.
I know a lot of people don’t like the Thorki ship-but I’ll say one thing for those shippers-at least most of the time they stay in their lane, understand that many people don’t appreciate their ship, don’t harass people over it, and tag their stuff. Several of you could stand to learn to do the same. And FYI, even if your ship does become canon that still doesn’t give you the right to harass people who don’t ship it or ship other ships. I’ve seen people saying racist stuff to people who ship Loki and Casey, and Mobius and Renslayer. Like, these are tiny ships and you’re threatened by them?? Your ships are the majority-isn’t that enough? I’ve also seen the some people trying to say that if you don’t ship Lokius you’re homophobic. Of course while there are some asshole homo/biphobes-there’s plenty of other queer people and others who aren’t homo/biphobic and who don’t ship them and some of you need to get that through your heads and stop using our queer identity to prop up your ship. It’s not always about canon though-it’s usually about what’s most popular. Bruce and Natasha was actual canon and I remember people who shipped them getting all kinds of shit from people who shipped a much more popular ship.
In no way am I calling out all shippers who ship these ships-just the militant ones who invade tags and harass people for not shipping their ship or for saying it’s not canon. Y’all getting ridiculous over fictional characters. Seriously, mind your own business and stay in your lane and stop messing with mainstream tags while not including your specific ship tags. I don’t want to look through the Loki series tag and see shippers fighting without these posts being tagged appropriately. It comes across that there’s no reason for you to do this other than spite. You can also tag stuff as “x negative” or “x critical”.
TLDR: Militant shippers (and only those) please stop invading each other‘s tags and stop invading mainstream tags. Tag your stuff and stay in your lane. And remember none of your ships are canon (although that may change but even then don’t harass people) so stop trying to push people into saying they are. Also people are going to ship Loki with all kinds of weird ships- considering his history in both mythology and the comics. If you don’t like it then stay out of the tags and also those of you that ship these ships please tag your stuff. And don’t use things like racism and queerphobia to either support or disparage ships.
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earthly--truth · 6 months ago
What I believe in
These are my beliefs as someone who aligns with democratic socialism and progressivism. Feel free to critique it, challenge it, even just a few sections, whatever, but this is what I believe will make the world a better place, because people (and animals) deserve to live the best possible lives they can live with the only chance at life they got. This is going to be super general and long, and not get into nearly everything, but I hope it sheds a positive light on leftism.
Strong unions so that workers (the majority of people in society) have the ability have better footing to negotiate better wages, work hours, vacation days, benefits, etc. I also believe that in instances where it’s pragmatically viable that there should be a push for more worker co-op’s, in which every employee has a stake in the company they work at, and the ability to give their input (all companies should strive for more democracy). Both of these contribute to healthier, happier, and, and better payed people.
Raising the minimum wage in the U.S to $15 an hour. The current wage of  $7.25 is way too low. It’s just not a livable wage. There’s a reason why McDonald’s and Walmart are called corporate welfare queens, and it’s because they’re employees require welfare to survive, despite being the biggest corporations on the planet with multi-billionaire CEO’s. The richest in society should also pay more in taxes.
Stop investing so much in the American military, cut it by a third if you can. (Firstly this frees up a lot of money for other things) Get the military out of the middle east, and create other more peaceful avenues to ensure it doesn’t crumble like every single time the military pulls out and doesn’t try to actually fix the mess they created. The people in the middle east deserve to be able to rebuild and they’ll need help to do that (just not the type of help where america installs their own leaders).
Healthcare should be universal, paid for by taxes. Every developed nation is capable of doing it. Many developing countries are doing it. Americans pay more in taxes for healthcare than so many other countries, yet a trip to the hospital still can put you in debt for the rest of your life. That is inhumane, and people shouldn’t have to choose between crippling debt and their health.
There’s also an argument to be made for free/way cheaper university, since countries like Canada or America force people to get a degree if they want to live a decent life, yet in order to do that you have to pay $15,000 a year for university. A system like that either forces people to skip out on uni, or again go into major debt. If Europe can figure it out, I think the U.S and Canada can figure it out too.
Black Lives Matter. To be more specific, I want police/criminal justice/prison reform. I want police de-militarized and to stop acting so abusive towards to civilians and real justice for the police that do, I want an end on the war on drugs (this helps drug addicts get help and delivers a blow to gangs and the cartel). I want an end to mass incarceration and laws that make it easier to throw people in jail for years for basically nothing. I want an end to for profit prisons. I want an end to the policy of retribution rather than rehabilitation for inmates (countries who rehabilitate are way more successful at non-returning inmates). I want an end to treating prisoners like slaves so corporations can get cheap labour. I also want the government to actually start caring about the poorest communities, many of which are predominantly black and latino (in cities anyways). (Also the indigenous in Canada). Better infrastructure, better public works programs. These all contribute to the proliferation of these communities and helps lessen the potential for criminality by making their lives better.
The dismantling of gender norms and roles, and de-stigmatization of LGBTQ+ people. I want people to be whoever they want to be. For far too long we have expected men and women to act a certain way. Women have come a long way, but there are still remnants of the old way of looking at things. We still have a lot of social stigma about how women should look, and that they are not worth even paying attention to if they aren’t conventionally attractive. We still have social stigma about sexuality and sex work. We hyper sexualize women in the media, yet shame women as sluts if they have a lot of sex. We shame women who choose abortion as murderers, yet don’t offer any support for the mother once the child has arrived. On top of that, the positions of power are still predominantly very old men. I also believe in helping men. Men are lonelier, men are increasingly staying sexless (not by choice), men are getting more suicidal. I want to address this two ways. One, by tackling toxic masculinity (not masculinity itself, just the bad parts). TM is telling men to man up and not to cry, TM is telling men not to act feminine or gay. TM is telling men to bottle up their emotions and resolve their problems through violence. The second way to address this is through my beliefs about workers. Men are the most suicidal in countries where there is a heavy work culture, like Japan and South Korea. Where they can’t have lives, and live to make money for the company they work at. That isn’t good.
When it comes to LGBTQ+ people, we need more positive representation in the media. We need people to see gay, trans, and non-binary people as normal people. When it comes to trans people specifically, we need to end the constant wars against them. Whether you’re talking about bathrooms, or sports, or children/teens receiving trans affirming healthcare. Let trans people be the gender that they say there are in the places they want to be, and allow them to receive the healthcare they need which is just the overwhelming medical consensus. This, combined with more supportive parents. all goes a long way to reducing the suicide rate amonst trans people.
The proliferation of the developing world. I want developing countries to be more autonomous, and to stop being under the boot of western corporations. I want an end to sweatshop labour or borderline sweatshop labour. I want the west to stop treating these actual people like their robots for pennies to produce our ungodly amounts of junk, and to actually pay these people decent wages. I want the world bank to stop giving money in an exploitative way to poor nations so that they cave to western business interests. These are people, human beings, and they deserve to develop and live good lives just like us. I also want them to fight for democracy in their countries.
Environmentalism. To go off the last section, 100 Corporations are contributing 71% of greenhouse gases. That needs to change. Corporations are participating ungodly amounts of devastations to eco-systems and the atmosphere. Ecosystems destroyed, and the exacerbation of the climate crises. I want a green and blue earth, and that can start by a) changing to green energy as much as humanly possible; solar, wind, and even nuclear (and whatever we come up with in the future) are far better than the fossil fuels we use now, which we’ll run out of anyways. And second we need to hold corporations accountable for destroying the planet. If we don’t do this, we risk the climate crises getting really bad. Oceans rising which will flood coastlines, creating millions of refugees, more periods of extreme dry (no water/bush fires) and extreme cold (look at what happened to texas). Something needs to be done about it.
Finally, veganism, for many reasons. One, the switch to veganism will be a big contributor to saving the planet. Whether you’re talking about the devastation we do to places like the Amazon Rain forest and other ecosystems to clear the way for animal farming, or whether you’re talking about reducing emissions. Most emissions and waste from agriculture are from the production phase of animal farming. So much food, water, and energy is wasted by giving it to billions of animals that we purposefully breed into existence, then slaughter, rinse and repeat, every single year, when we could just grow food and give water to people and skip out the middle man (think about how many people are hungry and without water in the world).
Philosophically, it is also wrong to kill a living creature that desires to live, that is able to connect with other living things and it surrounding, to form bonds. A cow, pig, chicken, lamb, sheep, are no different than a dog, cat, or rabbit, and they should not be killed, exploited, and tortured (confinement, abusive conditions in industrial farms) for pleasure. I know it’s pleasure for most people, because vegans are living proof that you can live happy and healthy lives without animal products. Vegans are statistically healthier than non-vegans, and we can get all the nutrients we need, even on an inexpensive diet. There are exceptions of course. A very small portion of people literally cannot eat plants and can only eat meat, and the developing world doesn’t have the same access to vegan products as the developed world does. Those people are valid, but many many people can make the switch and they should, especially in the developed world
All I see from this is making the world better. Hopefully you can too.
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rhysismydaddy · 9 months ago
Unholy Matrimony Pt. 1 (Nessian)
Nesta’s part of the Damnation Series.
OOF this took so long sorry. I rewrote it, changed it, then deleted it entirely about 9 times. I literally started writing the version before you, from scratch, on Sunday. All parts are linked below, so I’m only tagging people on this version! To go to the next chapter, there is also a link at the bottom <3
ALSO, an important caviat: Nesta is an only child in this one! I originally wrote it for her to be adopted and not know it, but it wasn’t really relevant to the story, so... idk. Just ignore that plot hole I guess.
Parts 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 -- pls like each part I’m insecure
“You’re getting married.”
The glass of bourbon halfway to my mouth pauses, because despite being known for being rash and unpredictable, even I’m surprised by the sudden change in conversation.
My eyebrows raise as I look over at Rhysand, my best friend and Capo, trying to figure out if this bastard is serious. His tone says he is, but that doesn’t make sense, because before a few seconds ago, the word “marriage” was in neither of our vocabularies.
He’s been single for as long as I have, although I’m starting to suspect he’s got a bird in the city. He’s too damn happy these days, and the other day I saw him laugh at something on his phone.
Which is weird, because we both know long-term commitments don’t really do well with our lifestyle.
We were raised to not give a shit about anything except the job. We kill without remorse, live in the shadows, and whatever other shitty euphemism you want to use. Settling down in some suburban, picket-fence prison has absolutely no appeal to Made Men.
Don’t get me wrong, most of us get married at some point. But never for love.
Some men choose a bride that’s pretty and sweet. Someone who will donate to charity and help clean up their image. Governors’ daughters, women from old-money families, and social princesses make up this category.
Some men marry to advance their station in the Family. Second sons who will never inherit the business marry daughters of Underbosses to get a nice boost to their status.
And then there’s the ones who are forced to marry by their capo--ie. me-- so they choose whatever attractive woman that’s in the Family and available. Those are always the happiest.
But regardless of the reasoning, marriage in the mafia is heartless, political, and for me, unnecessary.
I know I’ll have to pick someone eventually, but there aren’t a whole lot of desirable options at the moment. Not many of the other Underbosses have daughters that are over the age of fifteen right now, and I have no interest in doing the child-bride thing.
Plus, there’s no way I’d marry someone outside of the family. At my rank, it isn’t an option.
That leaves... a widow?
The only one I know is Ianthe, and considering I highly suspect she killed her last husband and the fact that she’s crazy, there’s no way in hell I’d legally bind myself to her for life.
So he must be joking.
I take a pull from my cigar and look over at Rhys with narrowed eyes. “Uh huh. Sure. To who, exactly?”
The Wolf Cub.
The cigar snaps in my fingers.
“You’re fucking kidding,” I say, honestly hoping that’s the case. He’s either that or insane, and I’d hate to lock someone who’s like a brother to me in a padded room.
Rhysand’s unflinching gaze doesn’t change, but his tone morphs from that of my friend to my boss. “You will marry her, Cassian.”
“She’s a fucking Russian,” I spit, not understanding. That should be reason enough for him to be joking.
In our world, being Russian is a crime similar to stabbing the Pope.
We’ve been at war over New York with them ever since they decided to try and get a stronghold on the east coast, and I’ve killed more of them than I can fucking count. Now I’m marrying one?
“Yes, she is, and so is her father, Alexei Olov.” Aka the Bratva Boss responsible for blowing up half of St. Petersburg last year when the local police refused to buy his weapons. “You will marry her, move to New York full time, and run the city with her by your side.”
“Why? Two or three more years, and we’ll have the city anyway.” Every day the Russians get weaker, and I’ve been responsible for pushing them out of my city block by block.
So there has to be a reason we’re suddenly okay with the enemy.
Rhysand sighs. “It was his idea, not mine. Orlov has agreed to sell our coke in Moscow and Seattle instead of his usual dealer and will supply us all the weapons we need for five years. There will also be no more midnight raids, bullshit arrests on bullshit charges, or missing shipments. He’s offering you a dowry, too.”
I don’t need his money, but the old fashioned term makes me laugh.
“Yeah? And how much does he think his wolf cub is worth?”
His lips twitch. “Ten million.”
“She must be a real pain in the ass, then, if he’s going to pay me that much to take her,” I chuckle.
Not that ten million dollars is anything but pocket change for the man. Orlov may be losing the fight in New York, but the bastard is richer than sin. 
Selling arms to half of the entire world will do that to a person.
“I hear she’s beautiful,” he says, trying to tempt me to not fight him.
“Then you marry her,” I shoot back, not ready to give up the argument.
“I don’t feel like it.” Fucking typical. Rhysand sighs. “You and I both know we can work this deal to our advantage, so what will make you say yes?”
He could order to me to say yes and I’d have to, but he hates enforcing that kind of authority with me.
So I think it over, make a show of lighting a new cigar. “I want Sera.”
It’s a burlesque club in New York I’ve always been a little envious of, owned by Orlov and operated by his men. I’d tried to buy it a few years back but hadn’t had enough leverage on the Russian to strongarm him into selling.
Now I do.
Rhysand--the only one who knows about my failed attempt to buy the place--nods and tells me he’ll make it happen.
“When’s all this happening, anyway?”
He looks like he might laugh. “Wedding is in a month, but she’s flying in tomorrow night.”
A quick laugh forces its way out of me. Also typical of him to give me absolutely no time to change my mind.
Well, I have a month. That’s already longer than any relationship I’ve ever had. 
Sighing, I stand and shake his hand, cementing the deal before I can even lament the loss of my bachelorhood.
“Chto sluchilos?”
I slide my gaze to my father, because seriously, that’s the stupidest fucking question I’ve ever heard. 
What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Everything.
“Nichego,” I lie, assuring him for what feels like the tenth time as I look out the window. The plane picks up speed and lifts off, taking me towards an uncertain future, an uncertain place.
I might have told him nothing’s wrong, but inside, I’m screaming.
Three days ago, I woke up to find a marriage contract on the pillow beside me. There was a blank space where my name had been typed and a pen waiting for me to remedy that.
I still haven’t.
I’m not signing anything until I meet this... Cassian. 
God, what an Italian name.
An image springs to mind, one of a slumped-over, hairy-chest beast with slicked back hair and a gold chain. 
I know it’s stereotypical and hopefully incorrect, but I’ve never been to Italy and Alexei strictly forbids me watching movies that portray Italians as anything except revolting. 
But looks aside, there’s one thing I don’t need to guess to know. 
My future husband will be like all the other men in my life: controlling.
Men in the world I live in take what they want, don’t ask for permission, and feel like they’re entitled to anything and everything. I’ve dealt with it my entire life, so it’s more amusing than anything at this point.
I guess I’m a bit non-traditional in that sense, considering most of the women around me have no problems taking orders from their fathers or husbands. But Alexei and I figured out pretty early in life that wasn’t going to work for me.
As he frequently likes to tell me, I started telling him to fuck off when I was five.
What did he expect? All the kids I hung out with were the opposite sex and at least five years older than me, so my vocabulary and mannerisms became pretty... colorful early on.
Regardless, I’m just not looking forward to having to deal with yet another man who thinks he can control me.
“Ty vresh',” Alexei accuses, lips twitching. You’re lying. 
“Konechno.” Of course. 
Of course I’m upset, but I understand what’s happening. I might have found out about it three days ago, but I’ve known it was coming for far longer.
As the only child of the great Alexei Orlov, Wolf of Moscow and Pakhan of the Russian Bratva, I’ve been told my entire life that I will one day be used as a pawn to gain more power.
It would--should--piss me off, but I’ve also been told I’m to one day take my father’s place and run his company.
So by gaining more power for him, I’m also doing the same for myself.
Not that I really give a shit about that kind of thing. I started officially working for Alexei years ago, and I already have enough money saved to never have to work again. 
But in the Bratva, there’s no getting out. I was put in this world by birth, and the only thing that will take me out is death. 
In case it isn’t obvious, I’m not a typical business woman. 
My father is an arms-dealer. 
A less than legal one, if you believe the heinous lies the media spreads about him.
He sells weapons to governments, private armies, and whoever the fuck else has the money to buy. 
He’s also built himself a shipping empire to haul said weapons around the globe, runs the drugs and prostitute rings in Moscow, and has enough real estate to rival most small countries.
It probably sounds like I don’t care, and that’s because I don’t. 
I like what I do in the sense that I have a mind for business. I went to business school and graduated at the top of my class, and I enjoy running the clubs and hotels I have. Trained by Alexei himself, I’m ruthless in negotiations, enough so that people started calling me the Wolf Cub by the time I was twenty. 
But despite being good at it, I’m not particularly fond of the aspect most people think of when they picture my career in the Bratva. I detest drugs, have never hired a prostitute, and don’t really enjoy selling arms to bad people. 
The alleyway meetups, the broken bones and bullet holes, and the blown up houses are all a little tiring to me.
Sure, it sounds exciting. And for a while, it was. I used to lose myself in the chaos, used to enjoy coming home with busted knuckles. But I honestly just got tired of it.
Right now, I don’t have to deal with it as much because Alexei’s still alive. But when he dies and I officially take over the family business, I’ll have to be more involved. Even if the thought makes me want to sigh.
I pull out my laptop and look over the financial report for Sera, my newest club in New York. As predicted, everything’s running smoothly. 
I turn the laptop around to show my father, grinning when he pulls out his reading glasses and leans closer. 
“Starik,” I tease. Old man. 
He flicks my forehead, then reads the report and nods. Then he turns to his phone, probably playing Angry Birds or some shit, and leaves me to work.
The plane ride goes by quickly, and by the time we’ve landed in Chicago, I’ve gotten ahead on my schedule for next week, slept, and changed into what I’ve chosen as the “meeting my future husband” dress.
It’s simple and sleek, the black material clinging to my curves without being obscene. It’s long enough to hide the holster on my thigh, not that I feel in any danger with four personal guards stationed near me at all times.
My heels click as I make my way down the plane stairs and across the tarmac to the waiting sedan, and once my luggage and belongings are unloaded, we head to the Italian Capo’s house.
We’re meeting here, finalizing the contract, and then Cassian and I are flying to New York. 
My new home.
“Try to look happy,” Alexei tells me, his heavily accented English almost ridiculous to hear. He speaks English only when he’s in the states, and considering he hasn’t come here since I graduated B school two years ago, he’s a little out of practice.
“I’m ecstatic,” I say, intentionally using a word I know he doesn’t understand.
His eyes narrow, because it isn’t the first time I’ve used this trick, but he doesn’t call me out on it. We continue to ride in ecstatic silence, eventually pulling up in front of the Capo’s... house.
It’s almost obscene to call it that, considering it’s fucking huge. Like obnoxiously huge.
I heave a sigh, step out of the car, and take in my surroundings. The neighborhood’s quiet, likely filled with friends of the Cosa Nostra too scared to make any noise. 
A butler--seriously, a butler--opens the door and welcomes us inside, and as soon as I step in, I have to repress the urge to roll my eyes.
The amount of dirty money in the air is suffocating. It drips off the vaulted ceilings, down the artwork on the walls, across the marble floors. It’s in the little details of the crystal chandeliers and the mahogany staircase. 
One look at Alexei’s disgusted face says he’s thinking the same thing.
Don’t get me wrong, we’re rich. Grossly so. Alexei could have ten houses just like this, if he wanted them.
But he doesn’t. He owns property all over the world, but most of it is commercial or apartment complexes--property that makes him money, in other words. This, however, is a massive waste of capital. 
The butler leads us further through the house and into an office where four men wait. 
One is immediately identifiable as their lawyer, his over-priced cologne making me have to resist the urge to sneeze. The humongous man in the corner is hired muscle, if the boxy shape of the guns under his jacket is any indication.
The man behind the desk is obviously in charge, so I’m guessing he’s the Capo. Rhysand or Rhyland or something weird like that. He takes me in silently, bright eyes not seeming to miss any details. 
That leaves the man leaning against the desk to be Cassian Azara.
My fiancé. 
Our eyes meet, his golden gaze beautiful and wild, and I have to remember to keep my expression bored. 
Because the stereotype, the horrible image I’d conjured up in my mind, couldn’t be further from the truth.
For one, he isn’t hunched-over. He stands tall, leaning a hip against his Capo’s desk with obvious confidence. But I see more than just self-assuredness in his eyes. He seems a little too rough around the edges, wild gaze almost like he’s daring someone to swing at him. 
If the confidence didn’t already make him attractive, his looks sure as hell get the job done.
His hairs long and dark and curly, half of it pulled up in a rouge manner that clashes with the suit he’s filling. He has a few days’ stubble, too, like standing still long enough to shave just isn’t an option. 
His shoulders are impossibly wide, narrowing down to trim hips and legs long enough to make him tower over everyone in the room. 
His knuckles are tattooed and split open, and there’s a cut above his eyebrow that tells me I was correct to assume he’s a fighter by nature. 
Usually, that would be a deterrent for me, but there’s something about the way he’s dressed in a dark suit jacket and crisp white shirt while also looking so untamed that has me cocking my head to study him some more. 
He studies me, too, beautiful eyes taking in the long blonde hair and bright blue eyes offset by pale skin. He looks at the dress like he can see everything underneath, and I have the strangest urge to blush. Jesus, he’s toxic.
He’s attractive, is what I’m getting at.
Which is not what I had planned on, considering I’d been trying to think of a plan on how to not sleep with him, but suddenly that’s all my mind can focus on.
His lips twitch like he knows what I’m thinking, and I realize we’ve just been standing here staring at each other for a bit too long.
So I turn back to Alexei and shrug like I’ve seen what my future husband has to offer and aren’t impressed in the slightest. 
I toss the marriage contract on the desk, grab the Capo’s fancy little fountain pen out of his hand, and sign my name on the blank above my name. 
Cassian watches, but I ignore him entirely until the ink has dried. Then I look up at him through my lashes and wink, turn on my heel, and leave the room.
I think I’m in love.
She hasn’t said a single goddamn word, but the way she looked at me has me feeling itchy all over, anticipation and nerves rolling through me. I feel like I feel before I fight or something exciting happens.
Like I’m primed and ready and need it to happen now. 
Nesta Orlov, my bride to be, is nothing like I expected. 
I was fully braced for some meek little woman, similar to most of my friends’ wives, to come in and smile and say hello. 
But nope. Nesta didn’t smile; she came in like she was walking onto a battlefield. 
And she didn’t smile. She looked me over, clinical blue gaze noticing too much, and left me feeling winded. God, she’s beautiful. Just looking at her made me hot.
She also didn’t say hello. 
Just signed the contract and left, like this was nothing more to her than a boring business deal. I mean, that’s what it is, but... I don’t know, I expected more of a reaction. 
I’ve heard from some Underbosses that their wives cried or raged when they were forced to sign, but shit if that were the case with Nesta. She honest to God looked like she didn’t care.
Alexei, on the other hand, does look a little pissed about the situation, but I couldn’t care less of the old man’s opinion. He’s signed the contract, so to me, he’s irrelevant. Regardless, he and Rhys proceed to iron out some of the details about the wedding and other shit I’m not paying attention to.
Then they shake hands, and the Russian warlord turns to leave. 
He reaches the door and looks over his shoulder at me, and there’s amusement in his cold gaze as he mutters, “Udachi.” Good luck. 
As soon as he’s gone, Roman and the lawyer follow, leaving me alone with Rhys. 
He slides the contract to me, and I sign my name next to hers, making this shit official. 
“This should be interesting,” he comments, vague as usual. 
I sigh, because I have a feeling interesting isn’t going to cover it. 
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zabiume · 8 months ago
Orihime as a pacifist + TYBW reflections
So, yesterday, we were talking about Orihime’s core traits in @governthestars ask about writing Orihime + her general characterization and I didn’t expand much about her pacifism because I wanted to make a separate post about it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On my first read of TYBW, the thing that struck me the most is that both Yhwach and Orihime were probably the most proclaimed “peace-loving” characters in that they both called for a unity of all three worlds.
Tumblr media
But the way both characters aim for this “peace” is rather distinct. Yhwach advocates for total anarchy, and his definition of anarchy is the total breakdown of social systems and orders that currently uphold society as we know it, rendering everyone into one clustered group through destruction. Orihime, on the other hand, advocates for anarchy in that she trusts social groups to be capable of taking care of each other and living in harmony through interdependence, without the help of higher institutions like Soul Society. Yhwach focuses on destroying the status quo; Orihime focuses on unionizing the 90%. The fun thing for me is that both definitions have been used to describe anarchism/anarcho-pacifism before and I’m sure this wasn’t meant to be that deep, but it could be, and I’m sad it never went anywhere.
The most frustrating thing about Orihime’s “cool-ness” as a character is that she’s a pacifist in a series where literally everyone is a fighter. Bleach is a shonen, so power-ups (shikai/bankai) and final forms take center stage in what makes a character “cool” to an audience. Kubo set up bankai to be a technique that is incredibly rare to achieve + a physical manifestation of a character’s self-actualization, and that’s pretty deep, but the thing about writing a shonen is that you’re inevitably going to have a shonen audience. AKA, no one cares about what you can do if you can’t do bankai. This is why Chad and Orihime are usually ranked low in popularity polls, despite having solid character arcs and motivations that are apt for them, while characters like Byakuya and Hitsugaya (who have had little to no relevant character arcs post-HM) are very popular. You’d be surprised at how many people on forums think Chad is irrelevant to Ichigo’s main circle, simply because he’s a non-shinigami character. You’d be surprised at how many people think Ichigo is closer to Byakuya than he is to Orihime. But when you see both these ideologies floating around, it isn’t really surprising that most fans thought Ichigo would end up in Soul Society.
I think the point Kubo was trying to make with Ichigo and his identity struggles as a Visored in HM arc, Fullbring in the FB arc, Quincy in the Quincy arc and shinigami throughout is that he can co-opt the identities of all these factions without actually committing an undying loyalty to any single one of them. This is why Ichigo has allies in every faction, just as he has enemies. The entire point of Ichigio’s moral code is that he discards the official manifestos of whatever groups he’s in and creates his own. He’s no one’s man, so to speak, abiding by what he thinks is right as opposed to what each society claims is right. This is a recurring theme seeded in as early as the Lost Agent arc and people still think he’d throw in with the shinigami folk after all the awful shit they’ve done and would have done to him & his friends. If we were to draw a scale of anarchy →  status quo, you’d have it be something like: Yhwach → Orihime (& Ichigo & co) → Urahara(& co) → Gotei 13 with all other characters falling somewhere within that spectrum.
What does this have to do with Orihime as a pacifist? Well, this is what peace and harmony means to her on a grander scale. On a smaller scale, Orihime doesn’t want to hurt a character unless she absolutely has no choice. And even then, her heart isn’t in it unless she’s protecting someone other than herself. This is why she had troubles with Tsubaki before Fullbring Arc, but I don’t think she does now, even if Kubo didn’t really have the time to expand on her powers and origins. I think this quote by Wonder Woman does a good job at summarizing Orihime’s take on violence:
“Don't kill if you can wound, don't wound if you can subdue, don't subdue if you can pacify, and don't raise your hand at all until you've first extended it.”
Orihime would much rather avoid violence and she hates when there’s avoidable loss of life, as we see in Ichigo’s introspection of her re: Yammy. She values life, much like other popular characters in media who don’t kill--like Batman, or Aang. Given her history with family violence and abuse in general, it is pretty much central to her character to be non-violent. Plenty of good characters in media are non-violent as I said, but I think fans like to jest and mock her a lot in fics, especially in I/R fics where her pacifism is written as passive-ism;  where she doesn’t appreciate her powers as much as Ichigo does, where she doesn’t care about whether she has powers or not, unlike Ichigo, who would die without Rukia his powers. This is such a fundamental and hateful misunderstanding of what her powers mean to her and why they were born in the first place-- i.e to protect. Her powers were born because of Ichigo and in the epilogue, we saw her powers protecting Kazui, their son. One of the main reasons why I think a Bleach next gen series would never work--or at least why I don’t want Kubo to cave and make one-- is because it dismantles Orihime and Ichigo’s core of wanting to protect their loved ones. As long as Ichigo and Orihime are alive and functional, I don’t think they’d delegate any wars or greater responsibilities to their son, beyond the occasional Hollow. Orihime sees her powers as an avenue to protect her loved ones, to keep them safe from their enemies -- which, ahem, you might be surprised, is how Ichigo sees his powers, too! It’s almost like she has a fully developed moral code, just like Ichigo does, who knew?
Look, we all read Bleach for different characters and I think it’s amazing that it’s  a versatile enough series that you could read the entirety of it for a character who’s not the protagonist and still walk away with a satisfying story. I mean, I literally could not care less about Nnoitra, while there are fans who run entire meta Tumblr accounts for him. My point isn’t that you shouldn’t do that, it’s that if you read Bleach entirely for characters that are not Orihime and willfully ignored every single panel she was in, you’re not going to have a well-rounded or accurate opinion of her. You’re only going to see her as Ichigo’s bland and convenient love interest or wet blanket wife (yuck) or even a nuisance and hence you’re going to write her as such. If Kubo wrote her that way, I would understand that reflection in fics as well, but he didn’t. We see her as one of Ichigo’s closest companions and motivators for 685 chapters. We see her as his wife in one of them. You don’t need a degree in the School of Orihime Arts & Sciences to be a good Orihime writer-- you just have to understand that she had more of a purpose in Bleach than to be Ichigo’s wife, or Ichi/Ruki’s red herring, or Uryu’s trophy wife or XYZ gay ship’s laughing stock. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
(Part 1)
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himboarcher · 8 months ago
reasons i've seen folks say that grad critics hate grad:
they hate travis (in fairness, i’ve def seen some comments of people shitting on trav for the sake of shitting on trav, but it’s not super common and typically gets downvoted into oblivion on reddit.)
it's not balance / travis isn't griffin (???????)
they hate neurodivergent people (again, in fairness, i have seen a handful of comments that could come across this way! but most of the time when travis being ADHD or his NPD is brought up, it's by defenders saying that criticizing travis is ableist because he's neurodivergent or, in one particular comment, infantilizing him bc of it and literally comparing grad to putting a kid's artwork on the fridge. there were some comments early on that pointed to him being a narcissist as the reason for things people disliked about grad, but everyone seems to have realized that that's a shitty train of thought and left it behind.)
they're just toxic haters (again, there are a small handful of people like this because this is the internet, but the genuine criticism greatly outweighs their bullshit. i 100% think that the people, which is mostly just one dude who is also insufferable on reddit, who have been responding rudely to positive tweets under the episode announcements lately are out of line and need to stop. there's been an influx of that lately, presumably because people are frustrated that after over a year of grad going on, there's been no improvement to most of the major issues. that's still no excuse to be a dick to folks, though.)
vs some of the actual reasons i don't like grad:
the racism / racist tropes, and the way that they’ve straight up ignored this criticism and will likely never acknowledge it. pretty wild considering a core tenet of their brand is their willingness to acknowledge when they’ve messed up and do their best to course correct.
clumsy attempts at inclusion that are shallow and often end up being fairly offensive ("...ask me about my wheelchair," anyone?)
on a related note: i don't think that travis had bad intentions, but as an nonbinary person, it feels othering to me that travis only has enby characters give others their pronouns unprompted. i'm thinking specifically of kai here. having listened to their introduction, i don't think it's as bad or awkward as some people have said, but i can't remember travis ever having another NPC tell the PCs their pronouns, especially not a cis character. it's not a huge deal, but it's something that rubbed me the wrong way. admittedly, i don't think it would bother me so much if travis hadn't dropped the ball so much with performative inclusion in the past.
okay i'm putting the rest under a read more because even without getting into all of the problems i have with it, this got Long.
little to no player agency. player choices are ultimately meaningless and have little to no effect on the world. even when he seems to go along with a plan they come up with, it always ends with them having to go back to travis' pre-written script (see: subpoenaing the xorn, but not really because they had to go with travis' original plan of "send the xorn home through the rift".) the players repeatedly get told things about what they think or feel or what they've been doing to an unnecessary degree. fitzroy is the only one who really gets space to play and decide things for himself, and that's only because travis has decided he's the main character.
the NPCs are all too nice and willing to give the PCs anything they ask for and more, unless the PCs are trying to follow their own plan and then the NPCs are completely useless. but honestly, aside from gray, all of the NPCs are just.... nice. travis refuses to even let his antagonists be mean or cruel or even more than just slightly rude, because that'd be a bummer and we don't want that! the "twist" of gordy the lich king actually being polite and chill is not a twist at all because everyone is like that in this world. the NPCs are also wildly overpowered, but then suddenly absolutely useless when the PCs actually want their help.
too many cliffhangers that are dropped immediately at the beginning of the next episode. i feel bad for travis because so many of these cliffhangers actually set up good momentum and seemed like things were gonna get interesting, but almost every single time he just dropped them at the beginning of the next episode. like when althea showed up to interview the boys and the next episode started with travis being like "actually you went to sleep, she said she'll be back tomorrow!"
that time travis specifically said in his exposition dump that the thundermen left their horses behind because they thought the centaurs might be offended by them riding horses, only to later on rag on them for being surprised that the centaurs had horses they could ride.....
also the centaur arc in general, but i already listed racism above, so.
the way that the toxic positivity and parasocial tendencies in the mcelroy fandoms have made a large portion of the fandom take ANY criticism as a personal attack on travis and/or on themselves for enjoying something others consider bad, either morally or just quality-wise. it’s okay to admit that something you like has problematic elements or just isn’t as good as it once was. you can and should engage critically with the media you consume.
related to above: the way travis has handled genuine criticism, which is to throw public tantrums on his twitter or make weird passive aggressive tweets & ultimately ignore all the genuine criticism and advice he's been offered by claiming it's all subjective, even after he specifically asked for it and set up an email for folks to send in genuine, objective advice for him (after he threw a tantrum on twitter and replied to someone's criticism publicly, which resulted in his followers dogpiling on that person bc how dare they insult their internet best friend). while i was writing this last night, he actually announced that he’s taking a break from Twitter and acknowledged that he’s been using it as an echo chamber where he can easily get validation from folks, and honestly i’m happy for him that he’s recognized this problem and is stepping away for a while! i hope he’ll genuinely use this time to reflect on how he’s been behaving and find a more healthy way to use social media. i’m leaving this point in because i think his Twitter being such a positive echo chamber was encouraging him to do stuff like this, and him somewhat acknowledging his behavior doesn’t mean it can no longer be discussed.
rainer. extremely cool concept in theory and i was very into it until that awkward "does anyone want to ask about my wheelchair?" moment. also when travis had her use her mobility aid to RAM INTO A DOOR instead of just fucking knocking???? also all the times travis has tried to force a romantic relationship between her and fitzroy, despite fitzroy displaying no interest in her in that way. also, just to clarify: as an ace person, i don’t think this is aphobic! (and it’s kind of a stretch to call it that imo, especially since griffin never explicitly said that fitzroy's aromantic!) i just think it’s weird and awkward and a little uncomfortable for me personally, mostly because it reminds me of the times i’ve been in similar situations.
less of a problem than a lot of the other stuff and more just bad writing, but the forced emotional moments. in general, nothing in grad feels earned (why are the boys heading a war? when they have multiple actual heroes with combat experience on their side and a supposedly powerful secret organization? and the thundermen are like 21 years old max and have only had like ~10 fights in the entire campaign?) but there've been a couple times where travis has tried to force unearned emotional moments, presumably because he knows people enjoyed those with the last campaigns. but the difference is that in balance, the big emotional moments happened because they were earned. in grad, it's just travis throwing a baby pegasus at us for a few minutes and then the next time she shows up, it's supposed to be a tearful goodbye.
there are absolutely no stakes. remember when the thundermen got told that if they left, gray would kill 10 students? and then they left and came back and it turns out that what gray actually meant was, "i'll tie ten students who are mostly nameless NPCs to a tree and throw some dogs at them that you can easily stop in time, then throw a tantrum because how dare you but i'll leave before you can really do anything to hurt me lol" travis did have fitzroy's magic get taken away, but like. it didn't really do anything? also all he had to get it back was be coerced into using drugs by an authority figure and trip in the woods?
we're told that the school is weird and the hero system is corrupt, but the world of nua is still presented as more of a liberal utopia than anything? althea getting fired because of a corrupt villain is the only time we've somewhat seen corruption, but even then, she was still allowed to get (what seems to me, anyway, but admittedly i don't know for sure bc nothing about the HOG makes much sense) a fairly important job from the very people who stripped her of her hero license or whatever the fuck heroes need?
travis doesn't actually seem to understand how capitalism or bureaucracy works and just chalks up everything to "red tape." also more on the rest of the boys than him specifically, but the "let's destroy capitalism!" thing turning into just pushing some filing cabinets over................... okay.
and one last piece of extremely subjective criticism: it's just kind of.... boring. i think a lot of people, myself included, would be willing to overlook 90% of the problems with graduation if it didn't feel like such a slog to get through.
also people saying that we can't or shouldn't criticize graduation because it's "free" is absolutely absurd for several reasons. first, something being free does not make it above criticism. second, there ARE people who directly financially support the show with monthly donations. three, there's a difference between something being free and something being not for profit. podcasting is their full time job. they make their living off of money made from TAZ and MBMBAM (and probably their other shows to a lesser extent). this not a fun home game that they are graciously recording and sharing with us. it is a product they are producing that they make money off of, both from ads in the episodes and merch & books based off of these podcasts. they have marketed themselves as professionals, and both griffin and travis have been on panels where they are marketed as professional DMs and appear alongside other professional DMs (which makes it incredibly frustrating when people say that travis is just a newbie DM and we can't criticize him because of that. if he's a newbie, then he should not be taking part of panels as a professional DM where he speaks as an expert). TAZ is free in the same way that an episode of NCIS is free. i may not pay for it directly, but the creators are paid to create it and profit off of me consuming this product. so saying we should be grateful for any mcelnoise that the benevolent good boys share with us and that we're not allowed to criticize it "because it's free" is absolutely wild.
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adventuresindolls · 8 months ago
May Photo Challenge!!
Tumblr media
Our next photo challenge, #Daisies and Daffodolls, will begin on May 1st! It’s a creative, for fun, non-competitive daily challenge for you to share pictures of your doll(s). There will be a new prompt each day, listed below to give you a month to prepare, and you can participate in as many or as few days as you’re interested in. There is no judgement whatsoever, so please share regardless of how complex your props are, and don’t worry about posting a prompt late.
First of all, thank you so much to @desertdollranch​ for helping with the prompts, especially those surrounding AG birthdays and holidays, and for getting this whole photo challenge thing started back in September! And a huge thank you to @lesbianelizabethcole​ for designing all 5 banners!
The ground rules are the same as in October and December, but I’ll reiterate them for anyone that might be new. Tag all of your prompt posts with #daisies and daffodolls - all three words, complete with spaces. This will allow us to better find and share each other’s posts. You can organize your own posts however you want, but I recommend including the day’s prompt somewhere for context. Also feel free to post on other social medias if you want.
This is not a competition, and there are no prizes, but it should be a lot of fun. Feel free to use any size and brand of doll that you have! American Girl is very popular on doll tumblr, but all other types are welcome as well, including both established (historical or modern) characters and OCs. This could range from 18-inch dolls to Barbies to handmade dolls or porcelain dolls or even paper dolls.
I’ll reblog this post weekly until the beginning of May, and then begin each week of May with the prompt list for that week. Please find a list of all prompts below the cut.
Tumblr media
5/1: The first day of each photo challenge is traditionally for seasonal fashion. Does your doll have a favorite spring outfit? Is it cool and light, or are they still bundled in a sweater for the chilly mornings?
5/2: Spring is all about new beginnings. Is your doll learning a new skill or trying a new activity this spring? Or maybe they just met a new person who became important in their life?
5/3: Today is National Textiles Day. Kirsten’s friends gave her a quilt they made after she missed school to help her family. Does your doll have any clothes or other items that are handmade? If not, do they make any textile items themselves? This could be something sewn, knitted, crocheted, or quilted.
5/4: May the 4th be with you! Does your doll like Star Wars? Who is their favorite character? What about other stories? Pick a hero from any movie, show, or book that your doll loves and have them act out a scene as that character.
5/5: Friends are forever. Who are your doll’s closest friends and what do they do together? Maybe they like to play board games or go to the mall or play pretend. Or maybe your doll is planning something special for their friend.
5/6: As the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to head outside. Does your doll play sports, or do they prefer casual games with their friends? Maybe they like picnics or quiet hikes through the woods.
5/7: Happy birthday, Maryellen! Maryellen often feels overlooked in her large family, and she works hard to stand out and show her unique personality. What makes your doll special and unique?
Tumblr media
5/8: It’s career day! What does your doll want to do when they grow up? Show them dressed up for and/or acting out their dream job.
5/9: Happy Mother’s Day! Addy and her mother escaped to freedom together, Caroline’s mother ran a shipyard, and Kirsten’s mother encouraged her not to lose heart. Does your doll have a special bond with their mother? How do they celebrate Mother’s Day? If they don’t have a mother or don’t have a good relationship with her, consider today a free space to show us something you really want to but that isn’t included in these prompts.
5/10:  Bugs are everywhere! We might avoid some of them, but others are welcomed. Lightning bugs, ladybugs, bumble bees, and dragonflies are a few happy spring bugs. Show your doll doing something bug-themed. They might take a net out to catch bugs or draw a picture of a bug or hold a ladybug they found. Be creative!
5/11: Parties are always fun! Is your doll going to any birthday parties or sleepovers this spring? Maybe they’re attending a wedding or some other celebration? What are their favorite party activities?
5/12:  Spring weather can be a relief after the cold and darkness of winter. What is the weather like where your doll is? Foggy? Rainy? Bright and sunny? Show your doll interacting with their local spring weather.
5/13: Everyone needs mentors and heroes. Who does your doll look up to? What have they learned from them or how do they honor them?
5/14: It’s the last day of the school year. What’s your doll’s favorite extracurricular activity or aspect of school that they’ll miss until next fall?
Tumblr media
5/15: Happy birthday, Luciana! Luciana loves learning about space and wants to be an astronaut and go to Mars one day. Getting to space involves studying many different things, particularly various fields of science. Show your doll doing something related to space or science.
5/16: Today is National Do Something Nice for your Neighbor Day. What does your doll do that helps others or makes the world a better place?
5/17: Let’s try something different today! If your (OC or non-AG) doll had their own American Girl-style book series, what would be the central theme? What sort of things would happen to them? Show us at least one scene from this hypothetical series.
5/18: Beaches and swimming are iconic activities as the weather gets warmer and people have more free time. Rebecca and her family went to Coney Island for a picnic. Does your doll enjoy picnics, sunbathing, or sandcastles on the beach? Maybe they like to swim for exercise or hang out at the pool with friends? (I do not recommend putting your doll in a public chlorine pool)
5/19: Happy Birthday, Kit! Growing up seeing the effects of the Great Depression on people around her, Kit is determined to report on important things happening to real people. How does your doll relate to current events? Are they involved in activism or spreading awareness? Is there an important social issue that affects them personally or that they feel is very important? Or is there something good happening in the world that they like to think about?
5/20: Spring is a great time for tea parties. What’s in your doll’s teacup? Maybe they’re drinking a fancy tea, or maybe they prefer a refreshing glass of juice.
5/21: Spring is full of baby animals. Show your doll interacting with some sort of baby animal. (Safely! Please don’t grab a real squirrel or bunny!)
Tumblr media
5/22: In December we celebrated Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day. I’d like to reprise that, but with a twist: this time, we’re headed into the future! The amount of time and what your doll finds in the future is completely up to you. What do they do while there?
5/23: Cakes and pies and ice cream, oh my! What is your doll’s favorite dessert?
5/24: There may be fewer holidays in spring than in December, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to celebrate! Does your doll celebrate Passover or Easter? Or maybe they prefer a more obscure spring holiday to liven things up? Show them participating in whatever celebration you like.
5/25: Yellow is the color of flowers and sunny days and ducklings. Show your doll wearing or using something yellow.
5/26: Happy birthday, Samantha! After her birthday party, Samantha hears Aunt Cornelia speak at a suffragette meeting in New York City. What is a cause that is important to your doll? Show them with a sign supporting or protesting something close to their heart. As an added challenge, use a cause unrelated to the current events prompt.
5/27: It’s summer vacation! What are some of your doll’s favorite activities now that they’re free from school? Alternatively, what are some of their favorite hobbies to do anytime?
5/28: Happy birthday, Cecile! For her birthday, Cecile’s brother Armand gave her a beautiful porcelain doll that looked like her. Does your doll have a favorite doll or toy?
5/29: Late spring and early summer is a great time to go on a road trip or vacation. Where is your doll traveling to, and what are they doing there? Or maybe their family chose a staycation this year - what new fun new things are they discovering close to home?
5/30: Today is National Water a Flower Day. Show your doll interacting with flowers or other plants.
5/31: What is your doll planning for this fall? What are they looking forward to when school starts again? Is a big change approaching as the seasons and leaves turn? What does the future hold for them?
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thecryptidart1st · 8 months ago
Welcome to the Soldered Wires AU
~An AU Guide of Michael Afton x Sammy Emily~
Tumblr media
(The following contains spoilers for FNAF, both games and books and hints about certain subjects discussed in the lore lecture my friend and I did)
Why is it called ‘Soldered Wires’?
Much like soldering itself, this AU is an attempt to melt together the canon of the FNAF games, books, theories (all of Game Theory), fan-created media inspired from the franchise (TheLivingTombstone music, Squimpus McGrimpus VHS videos, etc), and personal canon in an attempt to create a cohesive story of the Emily & Afton families.
Who is Sammy Emily?
Sammy Emily is the twin brother of Charlie Emily and son of Henry Emily in the Silver Eyes trilogy of books. It was implied that he was taken and murdered by William Afton at Fredbear’s Diner when the twins were very young, before it was revealed that it was Charlie herself who was killed. Other than that, we have no other information regarding his personality or current whereabouts in the books’ canon.
Why are you so obsessed with Sammy Emily if he was a minor character in the books?
It’s very evident that the canon of the books, while a separate canon from the games’ own canon, are frequently used to fill gaps in the lore of the games (see any Game Theory video made after Sister Location). Characters mentioned in the books have become canon names in the games. Sammy Emily’s existence in the games’ lore is completely unknown (as far as I know), so this AU is our take on IF he was canon in the games.
History Overall of  FNAF Events in the AU’s current canon: (subject to change)
     William Afton marries; Michael Afton is born; The Aftons immigrate to America
     Henry Emily marries; Charlie & Sammy Emily are born
     Elizabeth & Christopher Evan Afton are born.
     Henry and William meet & start planning Fredbear’s
     A tragic incident occurs....
1977: Fredbear’s Diner
     ~1977-1983: The Missing Children’s Incident
     ~1977-1983: Charlie’s death/becoming the Puppet
     ~1977-1983: Sammy leaves with his mother out of state
1983: Bite of 83′/FNAF 4 Events
     1983: Death of Christopher Evan Afton
     ~1983-1988: Death of Elizabeth Afton
1987: FNAF 2 Events/Bite of 87′
     ~1988-1990 Death of William Afton
1990: Sister Location Events
     1990: Death & Rebirth of Michael Afton
1993: FNAF 1 Events
1999-2023: Michael & Sammy --> Michael x Sammy
     Awkward Reunion (see The Chase)
     Even More Awkward Roommates (see The Ball Drops)
     ~2019-2020 Adoption of Gregory
2023: FNAF 3 Events
     Pizzeria Simulator Events
          Deaths of Henry Emily, The Puppet/Lefty, William, Scrap Baby, & Michael
          Events of Ultimate Custom Night
     FNAF VR Events
          Vanny possessed by Glitchtrap
     Security Breach Events?
          Gregory seeking answers...
Michael Afton (bio subject to change)
Born 1969
8 yo in 1977
14 yo in 1983
18 yo in 1987
21 yo in 1990 (Death & Re-animated)
24 yo in 1993
30 yo in 1999
54 in 2023
Height: 6′ 0″
Hair Color: Blonde (Wig), formerly Brown
Eye Color: Blue (Glossy Black under circumstances)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Alias(es): Fritz Smith, Mike Schmidt, Eggs Benedict
Status: Re-animated Corpse
After waking up from his Ennard experience (and two weeks having a mental breakdown about being a corpse), Michael Afton has sworn vengeance against his father William Afton, intending to murder him the first opportunity he gets (if he can find him)
Currently getting hired, working, and fired from various Freddy Fazbear locations under different aliases, in effort to investigate the whereabouts of Wiliam
When he’s not working at Freddy’s, he’s often working at a local retail store or gas station in an effort to keep the roof over his head
Being attacked continually by Charlie, who keeps putting the Missing Children’s souls into every iteration of Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Foxy he visits
He is often visited by their spirits and later on is able to communicate with them somewhat, especially Charlie who gives him cryptic clues about where his father could be
Basically robbed a Halloween store and a funeral home to create a makeshift disguise to go out in public
As time passes, he gets better at presenting himself as a normal human
Post his scoop, he doesn’t give a fuck about making poor life decisions and he’s often seen as the one person working at Freddy’s who doesn’t give a fuck about working directly with the animatronics
However, post his scoop, Michael also is conscious about other people finding him out as the corpse man he is, so he’s very introverted and socially awkward with other people
This had led to kids at the pizzerias being curious about his existence whenever they see him in public, earning him rumors about being a cryptid
He has perfected speaking American, but around close friends, his British accent comes back
He has some working knowledge on how the animatronics work, having worked at many Freddy’s locations in the past and having experience learning and working under his father
He can still technically eat, although he has to scoop out whatever falls into his stomach cavity
It doesn’t help that he eats nothing but pizza, coffee, ramen, and whipped cream, so Sammy tries to improve his diet over time
Insomnia has been a constant issue since he was a teen, mostly due to nightmares about his past (see Sleepless), which is often why he takes overnight shifts and sleeps through most of the day
He isn’t quite sure what triggers his eyes; sometimes it’s negative emotions; sometimes it’s getting caught scarfing down an entire pizza
All he knows is that they happen and they glow eerily at night
An avid fan of “The Immortal & The Restless”; he never misses an episode and he will fight anyone who doesn’t agree it’s the best show on television
Loves 80s new wave & rock
A huge fan of Michael Jackson, Queen, and Rick Astley
Rarely, he does sing; he’s not a professional, but he has a beautiful voice
Having continuously needing to suture his stomach shut, he’s good at sewing, as well as embroidery & knitting
Huge fan of the Star Wars films
Big disaster gay energy
Continually blushing over how handsome and nice Sammy is
He basically dies anytime Sammy is exercising at home or is shirtless in general because of the man’s workout routine (He is weak to muscles)
He doesn’t understand why Sammy is so nice to him or even why Sammy is in love with him
But eventually loving Sammy becomes a natural part of his life
He was the reason his parents married to begin with, as he was an unexpected pregnancy
As a kid, he was often the prankster of the Emily and Afton households
He didn’t want to admit it at the time, but he did love his brother Crying Child (named Christopher Evan in this canon)
To this day, he’s still haunted by the memory and guilt of his death by his own hand
His relationship with Elizabeth was complicated: he was jealous that she was the obvious ‘favorite child’ but at the same time, she was starting to show some sociopathic tendencies from William
And post-scoop, outright spites her for what she did to him with occasional PTSD about the experience of being a skinsuit, but most of his memories about his experiences in the Sister Location or his time being one with Ennard are a blank to him
To call his relationship with his father ‘complicated’ is an understatement: good memories he used to have with him in the early years of his life are now tainted by the truth that his father was not only a murderer, but a very emotional and often physical abuser to him
There was a lot of expectation from William that he grew up to be just like him and eventually take over his share of the Fazbear empire, which often meant putting Michael in line through some form of abuse
Was often put in charge of watching his younger siblings while William was working and the obvious target if Elizabeth or Chris ever got in trouble or hurt during this time 
William started using the death of Chris as a way to guilt him into doing his errands
Michael was very afraid to be himself or have hobbies because William would often shut them down
And later in life, still influenced by William, he’s afraid of falling in love and he feels that he is unworthy of being loved for a long time
Michael knows that losing childhood memories is normal, but has always been concerned about the fact that he has no recollection about his mother, when she left their family or when the Aftons started living in America
He did enjoy spending time with the Emily family during his youth
He treated Henry as ‘Uncle Henry’ when he was younger and in retrospect, appreciated that he was much nicer to him than his own father was
As kids, he never had a romantic interest in Sammy, but he thought he was a nice kid to be around (and often an easy target for his pranks)
Charlie was a little more intimidating than most other kids, often because of how much smarter she was; she was probably the closest thing he had to a real sister
After the feuding and the death of Charlie, he never questioned why he was seeing less and less of the Emily family
Secretly dated Jeremy Fitzgerald when he was working for the Freddy’s Jr location around 1987
Just a complete mess that an older pretty guy was flirting with him
He doesn’t want to talk about the Bite of 87’...
Samuel ‘Sammy’ Emily (bio subject to change)
Born 1970, the youngest of the Emily twins
7 yo in 1977
29 yo in 1999
53 yo in 2023
Height: 5′ 6″
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Alias(es): None
Status: Alive
After years of unsolved questions regarding the case, Sammy finds himself returning to Utah to figure out what really happened with the missing children who disappeared at Freddy Fazbear’s, but more importantly the fate of his twin sister Charlie
Spent his years away from everybody dedicating himself to law enforcement, so he works as a detective for the police while doing his private investigation on the side, eventually working his way into a private detective agency
Spends months back trying to find anything he can about William Afton, discovering that not only had he disappeared but his existence from Fazbear Entertainment’s records either didn’t exist or kept from public knowledge
He did discover that William Afton did have an alias under ‘Dave Miller’ many years back, which definitely complicate where he went
He finds a lead when ‘Fritz Smith’ kept popping up across various pizzeria locations, seemingly being hired and fired constantly, deciding to stake out and interrogate
What he didn’t expect was to run into Michael after almost two decades (see The Chase)
Sammy was mortified of the state Michael was in, especially when their initial meeting involved seeing Mike’s sutures popped open
Despite everything, Michael was an opening into his investigation, having both information about his father from his own perspective of events that happened, and knowledge obtained behind Fazbear doors through his work at the pizzeria
They both understand they had a mutual goal of revenge on William and agree to work together to achieve that goal
He’s really proud of his work as a private detective
But sometimes he gets a couple of crazy or dumb cases that people hire him for that he has to slog through
It’s nice that when Michael moves in, he has someone to gossip about the crazies (especially their mutual disdain for Karens)
Having to continually chase down and often restrain people, Sammy’s in better shape than Michael in terms of exercise
He jogs in the early mornings and goes to gym in his off days, with a plenty of self exercise routines at home
Despite Michael being taller, he can easily lift Michael off his feet
Sammy is continually concerned about Michael’s well-being, seeing that he was living like a gremlin when he first encountered him years later
After a couple of times visiting Mike’s shitty hole he called an apartment, Sammy put his foot down and had Mike move in with his slightly better apartment (see The Ball Drops)
Despite the first few weeks of feeling like he had brought in a wild animal instead of a roommate with how bizarre Mike’s living habits were, he either became numb to most of his roommate’s antics, such as his obsession with TIATR, or buckled down on improving Mike overall, such as his diet
But stuff Mike does often still surprises him when he leasts suspects it
Sammy always insists on eating homemade meals, a skill he picked up a lot from his mother
In the early stages of their relationship, he basically had to pry most of Mike’s fast food out of his diet, as well as figure out how the bastard was smuggling sweets into the apartment
As time passes, Mike succumbs to his cooking, mostly because Sammy is a pretty good cook
Because of his love for cooking, his kitchen is his sanctuary, so he has a lot of kitchen accessories and utensils
He’s at first confused as hell about Michael being a walking corpse
Seeing Michael’s true physical appearance for the first time made his stomach turn
In the right angle, he even notices that Michael’s eyes reflect back light, which freaks him out when walking around the apartment at night
After some time of being exposed and seeing it day to day, Sammy just becomes fascinated with how Michael’s able to survive at all, but neither of them had an inkling of how it was possible, so they gave up on trying to figure it out and accepted it for what it is
Sammy has a better sleep schedule than Michael
He’s very much an early bird
His work sometimes requires him to do late-night stakeouts, but he’ll start knocking out around 3 or 4 AM without a caffeine boost
Even though he’s the more serious adult of the two, Sammy will take any opportunity to tease with Michael or make a terrible pun
It’s a habit he inherited from his father
He revels in the fact that Michael either has a sour look or blushing as a reaction
He too is a fan of 80’s new wave
His personal favorites are Take on Me, Africa, and Jessie’s Girl
He purposely teases Michael by singing cheesy boy band songs
He has a fear of the animatronics
Despite knowing that his father built them, he didn’t enjoy looking at them move so stiffly and inhumanly (save for two he really loved from Fredbear’s Diner)
Michael used to abuse this fact when they were little with his pranks, but nowadays finds it amusing given his circumstances
He knew he’s been bisexual since college, but he just assumed it was going to be a phase
He dated a few girls in the past and was even close to an engagement, but his tendency to not move on from his traumatizing past and never settle was the end of the relationship
He had the thought, but he never acted on dating a man until he started hanging out and moved in with Michael
He’s confused for a long time on why he thinks some of the cryptid man’s actions are so cute or why the walking skeleton is somewhat attractive for a long time, but in the end, he realizes that they know what’s been going on with Freddy’s, they’ve both been traumatized from the experience, and somehow become they’ve grown closer and settled together because of it
To say his relationship with Charlie was close is an understatement: there was never a moment when the twins were apart before her disappearance
It was a thing in the Emily household to keep the twins together, otherwise one of them would start crying. And often, if one twin was crying, the other would console them until they stopped
Henry used to call them his ‘night and day’ twins, with Charlie being the more deadpan and serious, while Sammy was out-going and expressive
Whenever Charlie’s hair was cut short, they often switched clothing on purpose to confuse people
They were convinced that they had twin telepathy; they just weren’t able to prove it
Despite her being the eldest twin, Sammy was super protective of his sister, often making sure she got along with the other kids because of her social awkwardness. Charlie returned the favor by keeping Sammy out of trouble when he needed the brain cell they shared
The day she disappeared, Sammy had been separated from her by the other kids at the pizzeria
Since then, he’s always had the guilt that if he had been there, he could have done something (or at least, she wouldn’t have been alone...)
Sammy’s relationship with his father is currently strained to say the least:
Since he was a toddler, he and Charlie loved spending time with their dad at the diner, the pizzerias, or his workshop, being fascinated with all the animatronics he made
Henry rarely scolded his kids. When he did though, Sammy knew it as soon as he said ‘Samuel’
After Charlie’s death, Henry refused to talk about the incident (or even mentioning her by name)
After the divorce and the move, he started losing contact with his dad. Henry gradually stopped sending letters and phone calls
By the time he finished high school, Sammy has since assumed that Henry is missing (and confirmed his assumptions as he investigates into the case and finds he also disappeared without a paper trail)
Mrs. Emily got custody of Sammy in the divorce after Charlie’s disappearance, moving the family to Florida
She was upset when Sammy moved back to investigate, feeling that it’d be easier to just let sleeping dogs lie and just move on. As time passes, she just comes to accept that this is something he wants to do and if it makes him happy, she’s fine with him being there
She does expect Sammy to call her at least once a week, otherwise the next phone call he makes will be an hour long discussion about why they have the phone calls in the first place
For a couple of years, Sammy is nervous on how to explain Michael’s relationship to her, but she finds it pretty obvious what Michael is to him and just waits til he’s comfortable to bring up the subject
Despite everything, Sammy appreciates his mother for everything she’s done for him, especially how to do most basic survival stuff like cooking and paying bills
His opinion about the Afton family was all over the place:
Much like Michael, he didn’t have romantic interest in him when they were younger. Being the only Afton kid his age, he did enjoy hanging out and playing with him (although he wasn’t the biggest fan of being Michael’s target for his pranks
He doesn’t have a lot of memories of Chris, mostly because he was too young to play with the other children
He also was scared of Elizabeth
He didn’t have the words to explain it when he was younger, but he didn’t know why he didn’t like ‘Uncle William’ or the way he smiled. Now that he’s older and he knows the true nature of William Afton, he definitely wants wants revenge, not only for what he did to Charlie and the other children, but what he did to Michael
Couple Personality Sheet
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colemckenzies · 8 months ago
hi do you think older sitcoms are essential viewing? if so which do you recommend? i tried taking your quiz but i'm ashamed of not knowing any of the older ones hahaha
depends on what ur goal is!!! (i assume this is about the US version rather than britcoms just bc statistically that's more likely lol)
personally i like older sitcoms bc a) i just think they're neat :) and b) sitcom history IS tv history IS media history IS modern history. in the us and uk specifically sitcoms are so integral to the dna of the country, theyve been there since the beginning, they're the POPULAR television they're what everyone watched. even when they aren't 'good' they're just so omnipresent and influential that they affect literally everything else.
i also think it's cool as a litmus test for where the country is on social issues. invariably sitcoms were the first things to talk about stuff like race and sexuality (and not in the bland woke points way of modern shows lmao) because they were ALLOWED to because it was a safe environment bc 1. it's Funny so when the topic makes people uncomfortable they get to do Nervous Laughter and it's not too serious and 2. everything in a sitcom goes back to the status quo at the end of the episode so there's no Threat from these Scary New Concepts because it will be gone by the end. and yeah it means there was a lot of offensive shit sometimes lol but in the context of the time there is surprisingly little 'punching down' humour it's more just ~poltically incorrect~ which is better than pretending things just don't exist in the 70s imo. and again because it's SUCH a bland and popular genre it made a huge difference to Normalising things like shows like will&grace and the cosby show weren't perfect but just having them on as this safe middle class (bc yeah if they were going ~~socially progressive they were almost always middle class to make it palatable lol) concept made the middle class white cishets go wow 😌 guess they aren't evil freaks 😌 and joe biden even credited w&g for paving the way to gay marriage LOL which yeah obviously none of this is ideal but i think it's cool and has its place in social history!!
it's also just a cool little time capsule especially in domesticoms to see what people were concerned about at the time. this is especially true for britcoms bc of the whole kitchen sink realism thing but applies to us shows too!! like the episode of the golden girls where the children are afraid they'll die in a nuclear war before theyre adults (ah.. the 80s<3) or in rising damp (uk show from the 70s!!!) where there's a joke about not using aerosols bc of the ozone layer which are like Oh This Has Been A Thing For This Long
ANYWAY that's enough rambling. are old sitcoms essential viewing. if u want to fully understand the modern tv landscape then i think yes (especially shows like community and bojack that are very much About television and its legacy, or shows that are satirical subversions like iasip). but like not trying to be a snob u don't HAVE to lol. if u want to understand more about America As A Country then yes. if u want to find some shows that are genuinely enjoyable if in a different way to modern television then yes. yes <3
idk how old you consider 'older' sitcoms to be but some Academic highlights:
beulah (1950) - so a lot of EARLY early sitcoms were radio shows that moved into the new medium, and two of these shows were beulah and amos n andy, both of which were minstrel shows by white men. but when they moved to tv, they actually cast black actors/actresses for the most part, which i just find.. very interesting?? amos n andy did still use some blackface tho whereas iirc beulah never did. anyway this show was a HIT and was the first sitcom to star an african american woman, and also didn't have a laugh track which was rare in those days. obviously very outdated now but a piece of history!!
i love lucy (1951) - famous for a reason, the definition of tv history, literally INVENTED the flat lighting style that every multicam sitcom uses so they can shoot from multiple angles at once without shadows, genuinely funny physical comedy and vaudeville, lucille ball is the reason star trek got made so we love her <3
the adventures of ozzie and harriet (1952) - there's over 400 episodes of this and ive not watched most of them bc im not Super into it but it's definitely worth checking out as a Historical Artefact. technically a sitcom but also kind of invented reality tv since it's about a real life family playing themselves, specifically the nelson family. as in ricky nelson. ricky nelson the singer. he grew up on this show.
the honeymooners (1955) - this was filmed on a literal stage in a literal theatre and it feels like it. iconic and referenced a lot but i don't really like it :( wham boom straight to the moon
for Full History probably check out either leave it to beaver or father knows best for the middle class white picket fence domesticom but neither are Particularly notable
the dick van dyke show (1961) - one of my favs!!!! notable for blending the domesticom with the workplace sitcom since you see rob at home and at work (he's a tv writer so there's a canon reason for everyone speaking in quips). this show said women's rights for a) making rob genuinely love his wife b) making one of rob's two co-workers a woman and c) mary tyler moore, a new mother irl, saying I Am Not Going To Do The Vacuuming In Heels And A Hoop Skirt Are You Insane and wearing pants <3. v warm and funny show!!!
the addams family (1964) - ok so this show wasn't actually as revolutionary as everyone on this website likes to pretend it was, pretty much the only 'i hate my wife' show at this point was the honeymooners, there had been loving families, there had been non-middle-class-normative families, the munsters launched the same year and was almost identical. HOWEVER still makes the list bc there were a LOT of fantasy sitcoms in the 60s so they need representing at it was genuinely one of the best (but shout out to i dream of jeannie since that's the fantasy sitcom that sitcom textbooks love to use)
all in the family (1971) - ok so norman lear was a bit of a sitcom legend so one of his had to be included and this was really his first. ol norman loved a britcom so this show is actually based on till death us do part but im not convinced they actually got royalties. anyway one of the first SPECIFICALLY political sitcoms, framed as like young progressive generation vs old conservative generation, also one of the first ever tv shows to suffer from Asshole Main Character Is Erroneously Idolised syndrome. also compare w the honeymooners how all early sitcoms abt working class families tended to revolve around arguments :(
m*a*s*h (1972) - having a bit of a Moment on tumblr rn which is what she deserves. there were a LOT of war-based sitcoms in the early days but this one is significant because even though it was about the korean war it was obviously About vietnam politically. also klinger <333 did so much for queer ppl the Types of jokes surrounding his cross-dressing are very important. also the finale is the most-watched broadcast in america in history outside of recent superbowls, the apollo 11 launch, and nixon's resignation, so that's pretty iconic.
sanford and son (1972) - another norman lear sitcom this time based on britcom steptoe and son, with the major difference being the uk ver had white characters whereas this was one of the first (possibly the first??) all-black sitcom since the 50s. which is a lot of pressure. but it was a success and meant there were then a fair few in the rest of the 70s so that 'black sitcom' became its whole own genre, although they were less likely to have ~universal appeal~ and cross over to white audiences
soap (1977) - SOAP MY BELOVED!! cult classic, soap opera parody, historically significant for having the one of the first main openly gay characters and the earliest one that people still care about (because soap operas are another genre that love to tackle Big Social Issues so of COURSE a soap opera sitcom is gonna have one). by all accounts Bad Gay Rep™ but i love him so much <3
cheers (1982) - cheers isn't even the best sitcom in the cheers universe (frasier <3) but it is one of the most watched tv shows of all time so whatever. nothing That notable about it outside of its popularity, though sam/diane was one of the first big central will-they-won't-they plots.
idk if the 90s still count as older sitcoms?? i won't go into depth bc this post is way too long already but most academically notable 90s shows r seinfeld and will & grace, and ig friends (ew)
BUT if u don't care about sitcom history hfjshd here are some more of my fav pre-90s Vintage Sitcoms that i just watch for fun :) (warning i do NOT have good taste i genuinely like schmaltzy trash):
family affair
my mother the car
the brady bunch
wkrp in cincinnati
full house
the golden girls
happy days
78 notes · View notes