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#this looks goddamn insane
jensen-frackles · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Smol boy, very sweet and pure ✨💖👼🏻
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medicus-mortem · a month ago
Multiple replies to your post
@ikkaku-of-heart said: The man was looking to take something similar to a goddamn vacation after the insanity he'd endured. And for that man vacations include a lot of hard drugs.
@afailedkingsheart said: // fuck my hc this is the new canon
[💀] - He’s been clean for months now and he just can’t deal anymore. So Wano becomes his vacation time which, as you say, involves copious amounts of hard drugs. Then of course Luffy turns up and ruins all that good work. Just instantly sober again and stressed as all hell.
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