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#this lyrics immediately came to mind lmao
hoseokb · 2 years ago
#i just woke up from one of the best dreams and i need to write it down before i forget 🙈#honestly i need a tag for these lmao :)#anyways so i dont remember how it started but suddenly jimin and i were sitting in the same class#and i don't know what it was but i think he turned around and explained something to me#and he was smiley and beautiful as usual and i was like ok teach me literature pls (?? idk why literature even lol anywanyways)#even tho then i say that i've learned it but still;#so he sits next to me and takes a notebook and starts writing down lyrics on there#i put my head on his arm and just watching what he writes and his arm was so soft 😧🤦🏻😭#anyways so he writes One Shot Two Shot and i immediately catch on and say it's a song of Miryo i think??#eveb tho i woke up and judging my @ dream self because it's Boa's song not Miryo's 🤦🏻😔😂#and he's like yeah smiles that beautifuk smile and then proceeds to write next lyrics#which are tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam and im like omg you know that song too??? and me proceeds to hum the melody#and it was from one of my fav bollywood movies as a child so i was amazed like how tf does he know the songs i likebcmgkgk#there were more details but i cant remember anything else other that we were like best friends and it was cool#after that the time was up and he went to pick up his things and i waited for him near the exit door#and you know how in dreams after such colourful and emotional segment the next segment becomes more dull and shallow?#and unmemorable?  that's how the next part felt even tho i woke up right after jimin came back#anyways me @ my subconciousness projecting my need for friendly/romantic affection on the most unreachable men and women: STOP#*baby dont stop by nct u starts playing in the distance*#so yeah 😂 pls dont mind this i just like writing down all my related dreams down :
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yumtete · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You love the holidays as each one of them brings something new to enjoy and experience. With or without family. However, there's one day that you can't seem to wrap your head around. It's Halloween.
pairings: kim taehyung x fem! reader 
word count: 5.5k
warnings: stalking, dub con/non con, groping, vomiting, vore, cannibalism, possessive behavior, scared! reader, implied murder, reader tries to escape, window jumping, blood, reader gets drugged, needles, poor reader (she’s a great friend) ...
perm taglist: @minshookie29
— NOTE: i always get so nervous to post, but anyways, i actually like halloween, even though i'm past the age of going out and participating. i just had to make up a persona for the reader- halloween lovers, pls dont hate me lmao. (pls ignore any typos).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There's people in the world that love Halloween. They absolutely adore it. Dressing up as their favorite character or person, hanging out with friends and getting sweets, maybe going to parties, and even watching the latest or oldest horror movie that came out. Sure, you get why it’s “fun”. You have these factors contributing to the idea of entertainment and bringing enjoyment to all, but that’s not necessarily how you interpret the holiday. 
Firstly, you hate seeing blood where it doesn’t belong and the metallic smell is horrid- just thinking about it makes you feel nauseous. Blood belongs in the body. Why would people want to display it on themselves? Secondly, who came up with the concept of going to strangers’ houses and asking for candy with the outdated phrase “trick-or-treat!” It makes no sense! Thirdly, why wear costumes? You get that the whole point of Halloween is disguising yourself, but the costumes that are terrifying is what freaks you out. 
The killer clowns with the over-the-top makeup and exaggerated smiles, the zombies with the torn clothes having their guts being shown and blood dripping from their mouths and body. The dolls with the cracked faces and big doe-y eyes and comforting smile that conflicts with their malicious behavior. 
You feel shivers run down your spine. 
It’s 7:37pm and the sun is starting to set. You’re looking out of your bedroom window, hands on the blinds as you peek through watching as the once lonesome street becomes filled with different types of creatures. You spot masks you recognize from the purge, you blame Namjoon for putting you through that experience. You also notice a dog in a lady bug costume. Now, that just made your heart melt. As the world around you becomes darker, you notice the darker side of costumes too. You see a bride- 
Oh, she’s not just that. You gasp as she turns around to talk to her friends. Her beautiful white dress is ripped, the fabric stretched and torn, but it’s covered in blood. The red stands out the most as she talks. The skin on her face looks mutilated, her cheek seems as if it was razored slowly and one of her eyes is sewn shut. You know it’s not real, but God- If zombies were to ever walk Earth, you know you would’ve been doomed. But you also applaud her for the intense amount of work she put into that. You could never.
You continue looking at everyone’s costume in the comfort of your home like a creep. It’s odd you’re doing this like you’re some kind of peeping tom, but you can’t help but be amazed and deathly terrified at all the costumes. Your eyes land on a clown surrounded by his friends. Almost falling backwards when he notices you looking at him. 
The traditional clown smile is on his face, lines connecting from each corner of his lips and runs upwards as if his smile is that huge and he’s that happy. Then the dark triangles painted on his face. Two sitting right on his eyebrow and another two turned upside down on the apple of his cheeks, with jewels decorating each pointy tip. His clothes on the other hand, look normal. Nothing but sweats and a hoodie. 
He lifts his hand up at you, waving it side to side as he tilts his head. Scary. You quickly wave back, embarrassment filling your body as you’ve been caught. You close the blinds fast, not wanting to indulge yourself even more into what you’re most afraid of. Plopping yourself down on your beat-up couch — yes, it’s still functioning just fine, you place the bowl of buttery popcorn on your lap as you flip through channels. You groan though. Mostly movies like World War Z, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and even Paranorman are currently showing. What did you expect though, the Golden Girls to be on? Yes. 
Letting a random channel play on tv, you find your phone and open up Instagram. You see all your friends posting on their private stories having a great time. You can’t really be mad because they know how you feel about the day and they invite you out every time to party, but you always decline. You just envy them. You wish you could have that care-free nature and laid back personality, but you don’t. You’re always on edge, always hesitant, and always anxious. You hate it. It prevents you from doing … possibly anything. But what can you do? 
“Wish you were here!” You hear your friend say on her private story with your Instagram URL. The bright and flashing lights causes you to blink fast at the strong exposure of color. You go to dm her, knowing she’ll probably respond when she’s home or maybe the next day. Your thumbs type under the video. 
aww :) it looks like you’re having fun! enjoy yourself and tell me everything later 
You close Instagram, now moving on to the next app to occupy your attention for the time being. A call from one of your close friends disrupts you. You clear your throat, hand still bringing popcorn up to your mouth. Your mouth is covered in butter, salt, and crumbs, but you don’t mind. You’re in the privacy of your home. Who’s going to yell at you? Exactly! No one.
“What’s up?” You wince at the loud music pumping through your phone. They must be having a blast. 
“I know you're at home .. I’m so sorry for b-bothering you.” She slurs. 
“Are you okay?” 
“Well … I’m drunk as fuck and alone.” You sit up, putting the popcorn on the table and wiping your hands and face with a nearby napkin. You’re worried.
“Where are you?”
“Some town or village- I don’t know what the fuck it is, but it's called Silent Cry.”
“Weird. Send me your location and stay there. If someone tries to touch you, scream as loud as you can. Do you have any mace?” You stand, legs moving on their own as you throw on a jacket and some shoes. 
“Y-yeah.” You hear her laugh. “You sound so scared. I’ll be fine.” 
“Of course, I’m scared! You're by yourself- How’d you even get into that predicament?” You grab your keys, immediately rushing out the house. Forgetting all about the world of hidden faces covered with facial displacement you're about to encounter. 
“I was with Mina and her boyfriend for a while, but as usual, couples get touchy so I left. I wasn’t going to sit there looking dumb, you know?” 
“Yeah ...” You plop yourself in your car, engine firing up once you put the key in the ignition. You sit there for a second and breathe, the people on the street freaking you out as you become more conscious. It’s causing your nerves to flare. 
“I already had a few drinks, but now I just want to go home. I’m cold and there’s a couple almost fucking outside.” You grimace. 
“Okay, I'll be there soon.”
“Thank you so much Y/N. I love you.” You chuckle, taking the car out of park and stepping on the gas.
“Anytime Ari.” 
. . .
You pull up to the house in Silent Cry. The decorations are already adding to your anxiety. There's webs hanging on the tree and casting down as if an actual spider created it and the sight of torn limbs scattered across the grass makes you want to gag. You close your eyes, finding your inner peace and happy place. 
You’ll be fine. 
. . .
You're not fine. 
There’s a fog machine, thick clouds of smoke fills the air along with the floorboards, the flashing lights and the loud music aren't helping you either. If anything, it's just adding on the many reasons why you dislike Halloween. 
You look down at your phone again, Ari sent you her location and you're exactly where it says she is, but her body isn't in sight. There's just a mass of people jumping up and down and screaming out the lyrics to a song you have no clue of. 
You fight your way through the crowd, almost getting elbowed in the face as you try to maneuver through. You text Ari, telling her that you're here, but you notice a cellphone on the floor. Not sure what to do, you pause looking around and wonder if anyone else sees it, but their attention is clearly somewhere in the clouds. 
You bend over, picking it up and your eyes widen. It's Ari's phone. Her screen is cracked, the glass shattered from the impact inflicted once it had hit the floor. You frown, looking around again, your heart beat steadily picks up. Sweat almost starting to form and prickle against your skin. 
You know the smartest thing to do is to call the police, so that's what you do. You refuse to do your own investigation. You've watched too many crime shows to see how that would play out. You will not end up in a ditch. You refuse.
Walking outside to where it's quieter and there's a few people lingering, you hold her damaged phone in your grip as you dial the police. Bringing the ringing phone to your ear, you tap your foot repeatedly on the ground waiting for the dispatcher to come through. The waiting goes on forever. Right when you think someone will pick up, the line goes silent. You move your phone away from your ear, looking down at the device to see that the call has ended.
“What the hell-”
“Are you okay?” You jump at the other voice, you turn around quickly and notice the same man you saw earlier from your window standing in front of you. His eyes are shining under the moon, and there's a splatter of blood on his face that you didn't see earlier from the distance. He looks scary, but you can recognize a handsome man when you see one and he's by far the most gorgeous person you've ever come across.
“Sorry.” His deep voice says, causing you to tune out the loud music in the background to solely focus on him. “But you look … I don't know how to say this without sounding weird or rude.” 
“You can say it. I don't mind.” You're not sure how you even have the capability to talk back. You're scared that you can't find Ari and you're worried about her, plus the definition of beauty right in front of you is causing you to malfunction. 
“You’re on edge, almost anxious or scared about something.” He comments, now leaning against the spider webbed tree nonchalantly. 
“Well I am.” You laugh nervously, feet shifting from side to side. “My friend told me to pick her up, but I can’t find her. I have her phone, but there's no sign of her. So I'm a little scared.” 
“For her or for you?” Your eyebrows furrowed at that. Why would you need to be scared for yourself? Maybe if someone were to touch you, you'd be scared, but there's no reason to fear your life now. 
“For her?” You're not entirely sure why he's even asking about your safety. “Why would I be scared for me?” 
“You never know what might happen on nights like these, that's all.” He offers you a grin. His lips pinching together as the corners of his mouth lift, causing the black lines to add more depth to his smile and the whole clown get-up.
“You're right, but once I can find her; it'll be in and out.” You shrug. 
He hums at that. 
“Maybe she changed her mind about going home.” He suggests coolly, but you shake your head.
“I doubt it. She really wanted to go home. I'm glad she had the mind to call me, but still … she's just not here.” You look around the yard one more time, seeing if you can spot her, but you don't notice how the man stares at you. His mouth watering as his eyes focuses on your throat, almost salivating. 
He licks his lips, but when you turn around he smiles. 
“I’m sure you'll find her soon.” 
“Me too.” You sigh. You get ready to walk away and back into the house to turn it upside down, but he stops you.
“Would you like my help?” You pause, eyes squinting at him. You read his body language. He seems relaxed, almost too calm to be bothered. You're hesitant. You need all the help really, but there's something inside of you yelling, screaming to not let this man near you. But you ignore it, too desperate to save your friend.
“Sure. I’m Y/N by the way.” You yell as you make it back in the house with him. 
This was your first mistake.
. . .
Taehyung follows you around the house like a lost puppy. His intense gaze watching the way the sweatpants on your legs lets your skin move as it pleases, your ass swishing from left to right, jiggling as you do so. But what he focused on is your skin. The lights from the party hit against it causing it to glisten under its presence. 
He swallows, concentrating on assisting you, but you're making it hard for him to keep everything under control. His breathing picks up a little faster around you, his teeth and jaws ache in your presence, and his hunger is increasing by each minute your scent reaches his nose. It's intoxicating. You're intoxicating and he wants more. 
“So tell me something about yourself Y/N.” He asks you as you weave yourself through the drunk and high people in the kitchen. You grimace when someone throws up in the sink, the poor man spilling his guts out while the people around him don't pay him any mind. 
You notice the people in the corner of the room are almost eating each other. Quite literally. The girls' teeth are chewing, somewhat gnawing on the guys cheek. Maybe they're just into that. Your eyes widen once her teeth bites down hard into his skin, the guy looks okay with it, his eyes rolling back. 
What the hell goes on?
“Geez.” You mumble, put off by their display. “Oh, what did you say Taehyung?” You yell over the loud music. You don't hear him respond yet, but eventually things start to become quieter once you open the back door. No ones out back here. You guys checked the whole house, even opening up the bathroom door and getting a sight full of naked ass and the stench of sex. You've never been so embarrassed and sorry in your life. 
"Tell me something about yourself." He repeats as you stand there.
"I'm not sure what I can say really. I'm not that interesting." You mumble, your head not all in the conversation he's trying to make with you. Your focus is on the area around you. You notice the difference from here to how it is inside. Out here, it's open and quiet, but there's a sense of loneliness added to it. However, inside it's loud and too many hot bodies. There's people inside contributing to the noise, but you're never alone then. You hope that wherever the hell Ari is, she's okay. 
There's only the moonlight shining down on the two of you, just illuminating the area you guys are around, almost as if it's capturing a sacred moment. There's trees scattered, creating this dark and ominous horizon. You look further between the crevices of the trees, only to be met with a black emptiness. 
“You're interesting Y/N.” He says, causing you to move your head towards him. You cast him a weird expression, not wanting to steer from the objective of finding Ari. “Or not …” He adds on when you turn back around. 
You sigh. Hands fiddling with her broken phone. 
“I'm sorry. I’m just worried about her.” You look back at him slowly, a sympathetic smile on his face. He walks closer to you, his hand resting on your shoulder and rubbing it. You swallow, watching as his eyes focus on his ministrations. 
“You don't have to apologize sweets.” You get shocked at the nickname. The endearing name falling off his lips as if it were easy for him to say throws you off, but he continues. “I understand, but don't worry. I'm here.” 
You laugh nervously, rolling your shoulder backwards to get him to stop touching you. “Y-yeah … thank you Taehyung. I don't know what's wrong with the connection when I tried calling the police, but what can we do?” You shrug, making him smile. 
“Exactly.” He walks in front of you, seemingly knowing his way around the woods more than you, so you follow. You keep close behind him, but he walks fast. You look back up when you hear him singing a song under his breath. It's hush hush little baby. You recognize the tune from when your older sister would sing it to you when you were littler. 
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring
He sings the song in a slow manner, the meaning behind the lyrics and the melody suddenly changing the way it should be perceived. You know the lyrics suggest that a dad promises different rewards to a child for remaining quiet, but it's like Taehyung’s singing the song as a warning to be quiet. To who? You’re not sure, but it's alarming. 
You shake your head from these thoughts. He won't hurt you. He may be a little different, but he doesn't seem to want to inflict harm to anyone. You clear your throat, hopefully getting his attention. 
“You've been in these woods before?” You ask, stepping over a couple of tree beaches lifting from the ground, arms sticking out and trying to balance yourself. 
He stops singing. 
“Plenty of times.” You swallow, not sure if you even want to know more, but you mindlessly follow Taehyung through the dark woods, hoping to find a trace of Ari. You squint at him as he walks. It's like he knows where he's going which is why it's bothering you. 
“So … what do you usually do here?” He laughs, turning around and sends you a wink making you trip over the uprooted tree. 
“Oh? Is Y/N wanting to get to know me?” You roll your eyes at the clown. 
“Just making small talk. It's not like there's anyone else for me to talk to out here.” He turns around, his head tilting to the side as he walks backwards. 
“There's plenty of people sweets.” He smiles, the dark lines on his face almost blending in with the dark shadows in the night. You slow down, suddenly becoming weary of the other. “You're just not looking hard enough.” 
You stop. “Taehyung, what-”
“I'm just kidding!” He laughs, his voice vibrating through the ground, sending currents of stress all over your body. “You should've seen your face.” 
“That's not funny. Don't scare me like that.” You frown, angering lingering in the way you heavily stomp ahead of him, walking mindlessly and voice gone silent. 
“Pretty, don't be mad at me. I’ll always protect you. I was only joking.” 
“Let's just try to find Ari.” 
. . .
Taehyung is back in the lead, him trying to persuade you to forgive him by making ugly faces, but he couldn't be ugly if he tried. Although, the makeup on his face makes him look twice as creepy which tempted you to forgive him so he could stop. 
“I knew you liked me!” You rolled your eyes when he said that after you forgave him. 
The two of you are closing up on a house in the distance. You've been walking for about 40 minutes and your legs are tired. 
“Whose house is that?” You ask, the trees now becoming less and the field is becoming visible. You can finally breathe again. His words still remain in your mind, there's plenty of people here- what did he even mean by that. Maybe he's just trying to spook you out because it's Halloween. He must've picked on your distaste about the day.
“It's mine.” You frown. Why would you need to be going there? You're hesitant with the way you follow him, almost as he can hear the gears turning in your mind, he turns around lending his hand out for you to reach. He smiles softly, his whole face condescending the makeup. You still can't over it. It's like you're walking into a trap. 
“It's okay. We can contact someone up here with better service.” You gulp, your hand shakily intertwining with his. 
This was your second mistake.
. . .
As you walk in, you take in the house. It's actually quite spacious despite the exterior suggesting otherwise. The living room is where you're standing, the front entrance of the door leading you there. The L-shaped couch reminds you of your own at home. You run your hand over the back of the gray sofa, the material is really soft. Your eyes find a stain on the edge of it though, it looks red. 
“The wifi password is on the fridge. Help yourself to look around. I’ll be right back!” He calls out, jumping you out of your focus. 
“Okay. And thank you Taehyung!” You yell back, your legs finally moving after hearing him say you're welcome. You somehow find the kitchen after taking many wrong turns and bumping into walls. It’s like a maze. You walk into the kitchen, the marble counter right in the middle and an area where you can walk around. You go to the fridge, immediately taking your phone out to connect to the wifi. 
“H-A … ten … thirty-one.” You type in a few lowercases and some symbols here and there. From the password, you can really tell he enjoys Halloween. Once the bars on your phone show the connection, you quickly open the phone app to dial the police. You put the phone to your ear, leaning against the counter. 
Taehyung walks down at this time, his teeth display as he grins at you. You smile back, thankful for his help. You’ll repay him someday. He steps in the kitchen, his hands going to the cabinet to bring out a can of sliced fruit. 
“Hello, this is 911. What is your emergency?” You look away from Taehyung, ready to reply. 
“I have a friend who's gone missing. Her name is Choi Ari and it's been about three hours since then.” 
“Okay ma’am, can you tell me your location so we can track an approximate coordinate?” 
“Yes. I'm not sure about the address, but it's a town called Silent Cry.” You hear the man on the phone gasp. Your eyebrows furrow.
“Are you-”
“We can't help you.” Your mouth drops, anger filled in your expression and words. 
“What do you mean you can’t fucking help me?”
“The town you're in is known for the citizen's cannibalistic ways. That's how they run things down there. Anyone who enters can not call in reinforcements to enter as well. It's a policy that's been going on for ages.”
Cannibalistic ways … 
Cannibalism? There's no fucking way. You feel like you're underwater, the air around you suddenly gets thinner each time you inhale a gulp. You close your eyes tight, hands gripping onto the marble table. 
“Please don't lie to me. I know it's Halloween, but this has gone too far.”
“I'm not lying … are you currently in Silent Cry now?” The man whispers, almost scared that someone will hear him discussing with you. “Or with someone?” 
“I am.” You whisper, hand holding the phone tight. You hear Taehyung leave the kitchen, the can of fruit remaining on the counter with a plastic fork in it. You're too shaken in place to even move. 
“Grab your things and go. I'm so sorry for your friend, I really am, but run. Those people are relentless. Please hurry before someone-”. The lights go out, along with the connection of your phone. You shakily release a breath, your hand trembling as you bring your phone down from your ear. It's gone silent. You feel behind you, the counter acting as your guide to lead you out. 
“Taehyung. Stop playing with me.” Your voice wavers, fear laced with every word you say and fear felt from within. Your hands stick out in front of you, feeling against the walls. You turn the flashlight on your phone, your hands hurrying to do so. 
A blood chilling laugh erupts from the left side of you and you freeze, tears clouding your vision as your hand slowly moves the phone towards it. You hiccup, whole body filled with dread as you see Taehyung sitting in the living room, his face cheerful as he throws his head back and laughs. A tear slips from his eye and he wipes it away with a sniffle and yet another cackle. 
“You're so dumb pretty.” Your tears don't stop, the phone in your shaking hand acting as a spotlight for him and he's loving it. “I knew you felt that something was wrong, but you wanted to believe that people are good.” He turns his head towards you, his smile no more, nothing but a blank face as he stares. 
He lifts himself from the couch, his body nearing yours. Your mind starts to shift into gears. You need to go. Now. Right when he's about to grab you, you book it out of there. Your feet rapidly thumps against the floor as you run upstairs, you hear him trailing after you, his teeth clashing together, erupting loud chomping noises. 
You run into a room at the end of the hallway, your chest heaving as you push yourself inside and lock the door. You hear Taehyung banging against it, the wood of the door almost splitting in half at his strength. 
“Stop it!” You scream, your voice cracks. You move from the door, going to the corner of the room and moving a dresser in front of it. You groan, arms shaking as you push the heavy weighted furniture in front of the entrance. You think. 
If he has a key, your toast. The only way you see yourself is fighting him which would cause you to quite literally be eaten. So you cancel that out. If there's a weapon in the room, you can cause him to go immobile long enough for you to escape. You look around the room, the phone is still intact somehow as you look for anything sharp or heavy. 
You pause. The knob clicks and the door cracks open. Taehyung grunting on the other side as he pushes it. 
“You can't run from me Y/N.” His gruff voice causes you to move. You look at him, then at the window that's high enough for you to break something if you were to jump out of it. You whine, a sob falling from your lips as the door collapses. 
“Nowhere to run darling.” He smirks. Taehyung reaches out to grab you, but you jump back quickly, your arms covering your face as you run full speed towards the window. The glass shatters, the pain from the impact causing you to scream as your body descends down. You fall to the ground with a loud thump, the glass sunken deep in your skin. You scream, your voice echoes around you. Your hands grip the grass tightly, the strands being yanked up from the dirt as you shake. 
Your vision goes in and out of focus as you try to stand, your legs not being able to hold yourself up properly, but the single word in your head is only keeping you moving. 
You get ready to run, but you groan, your ankle is sprained and it feels as if it's throbbing. You tough it out, glass still lodged in you. You feel the effects of blood loss and pain taking a toll on you. You limp to the forest, back resting against a tree as you breathe in. Tears continuously flow, you can’t stop them. How did everything go wrong so fast? 
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring
You put your hand over your mouth, eyes closing tightly as Taehying’s deep voice suddenly surrounds you. He begins to hum, but as you open your eyes you see people emerging from behind trees and out of bushes. Their bodies follow the sound of Taehyung’s voice. You don’t have it in you to do anything but stare in horror. 
“Where is she?” You hear Taehyung ask. Your eyes widen, heart nearly jumping from your chest as the other voice speaks.
“Behind your tree.” As fast as everything escalated, your face to face with Taehyung. His dark gaze ogling at you. Your arms are bleeding, you’re in no way, shape, or form able to fight back against him, and the fear in your eyes and stricken in your body makes him licks his lips. He might want to keep you. 
Unfortunately, for you, you don’t see what happens next as a needle is impaled in the side of your neck. You gasp, hands going to your neck as you gape like a fish at Taehyung. Words on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t say them. Your eyes roll back, your motionless body falling down, but he catches you in time. He plants a kiss against your forehead as he hikes you up in his arms. 
“I think I’ll enjoy you.” 
You wake up, the room around you bright and vibrant causing you to squint your eyes at the sudden exposure. You look around you, noticing that you're back in Taehyung's house. A cry sits on your lips, but you're afraid to signal any attention on you so you remain quiet, only releasing a sniffle that concludes your distress. You lift your hand to wipe your face, but you hiss. 
Eyes looking down at your arm, there's no more glass remaining, but the open wounds are still exposed. All your jostling around causing them to bleed again. The door is suddenly open and you see Taehyung staring at you in delight. He walks to the bed making you tense up.
“How do you feel?” He sits down next to you and you flinch as his hand moves the hair from out of your face. You don’t say anything which he expected, but he frowns.
“You know, that friend of yours tasted bitter.” Your heart stops. “I told her to shut up because all that crying almost ruined my appetite.” 
“Y-you ate …” You don’t have it in your vocabulary to even say what he’s admitting. It’s unimaginable and downright disgusting. 
“I did.” He shrugs. “She told me she had a friend named Y/N and I thought it was fate. I saw you at your apartment and then this? It was meant to happen sweets." He smilies.
"Amy ... Tori ... Whatever her name is said you would look for her and at first, I doubted it because who comes to Silent Cry without knowing of its origins, but here you are. A girl on a mission.” He wiggles his eyebrows. You hate how he’s prolonging this. If he’s going to … eat you, then he just needs to do it.
“Are you going to eat me now?” You look at him with blurry eyes, but he coos at you shaking his head. Your eyebrows knit together, presenting confusion to him. 
“I’m not going to lie. I was originally, but you peaked my interest. A bite? I'll do it, but fully. No. I want you alive. But you’re a smart girl Y/N, you just ignored all the signs. There was the name of the town for one like come on, that’s screaming ‘don’t come here’.” He finds it funny, so he laughs. 
“What are you going to do to me now?” 
He suddenly moves closer to you, his face too close to yours as his hands hovers above your chest. You swallow, your hands ready to push him away, but that’s when one hand lands on your breasts, his hand squeezes as if it's a stress ball. You cry, the ache in your arms going ignored as you push him away. 
“I want to keep you.” He fights against you, now his hands grabbing both of your arms and lifting you up in bed, making you sob at the fast movement. He brings your arms in front of his mouth as he suckles your skin, the blood escaping the holes from the glass wounds you hand gushes out of his tongue. You try to knee him, but that fuels his anger on. His teeth bites down hard, causing you to scream and curse profusely at him, but it flies over his head. The skin between his teeth turns red almost purple as he tugs and pulls at it, his sharp canines digging into your skin. 
“Stop! It h-hurts!” You wail, arm getting devoured by Taehyung. Your eyes widen, your whole arm shaking and throbbing as you look at him to see a chunk of your meat lays between his teeth. His mouth is covered in blood and he stares at you, one eyebrow raising as he chews slowly on your skin. You look down at your arm, nothing but red dropping onto the cover unceremoniously and pink showing from your body. You’re in shock. 
"Don't cry pretty. I'll sing to you if you'd like?" And he does.
Hush, little baby don't say a word
Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird
And if that mockingbird don't sing
Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
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nugnthopkns · 10 months ago
if everything could ever feel this real forever
word count: 4.3k
warnings: explicit!fem reader, cursing, alcohol consumption, allusion to sexual content (nothing explicit but minors please be aware!)
recommended listening: everlong | foo fighters
a/n: broke down and wrote for ratty matty. alternalty titled four times matthew thinks you’re the one and one time he knows (4+1′s are fun to write, pls don’t fight me). also pls ignore the fact i don’t know how airports work, i’ve only ever flown domestically lmao
Tumblr media
Matthew feels different when you’re around. 
You don’t turn him into a completely different person. He’s still himself – an absolute pest at times – but more genuine. With you he can feel everything deeply, say whatever’s on his mind without the fear of being judged. It’s the best kind of different, and he wouldn’t change it for the world. His teammates constantly ask him when he’s going to lock you down; put a ring on your finger and change your last name, but he needs to be sure before he makes such a big commitment. 
It’s the beginning of July, and you’re sweating buckets in the back of an Uber. The driver has the air cranked, but nothing seems to alleviate the heat. You know it will be worse in St. Louis so you do your best not to complain, but it’s hard. Taking two weeks off to visit your boyfriend in his hometown sounded like a great idea, but reading the weather forecast has you re-evaluating the trip. 
Your phone lights up in your lap, and you eagerly unlock it. It’s a text from Matthew. Have a safe flight. Text me when you land. Tayrn will be there to pick you up – Brady and I’s on-ice got extended. I’ll see you when I get home. Love you. 
Though you wish he could be the first person you see when you touch down, you understand that his job comes first. Besides, your re-unification will be more private this way. I get to see the best Tkachuk first, fuck yeah you reply, before following it up with Love you too Matty. See you soon. 
Soon after sending the text you arrive at the entrance of Calgary International Airport. With a polite thank you to your driver, you grab your suitcase and head inside. The working air conditioning answers your silent prayers and you feel your body slowly return to a normal temperature. Check in is fast, and before you know it you’re breezing through security. A slightly nervous traveller, you’re at the gate earlier than you need to be. The plane doesn’t take off for another two hours. You don’t mind the wait, listening to a couple of podcast episodes and grabbing a snack at the lounge before boarding. 
The five hour flight passes in the blink of an eye. St. Louis is busier than Calgary, and it takes you longer than you thought it would to get through customs. Once passed immigration and at the baggage carousel you let Matthew know you’re safely inside the city limits. You grab your obnoxious suitcase – a bright red thing with a giant Flames logo that Matthew thought would be funny to give you – and set out to find Tayrn. She’s easy to spot, waving a giant poster with your name on it. Abandoning nearly all airport etiquette, you rush through the crowd to see her. Over the years she’s become a little sister and close friend, and you really wish you could see her more frequently. 
“Y/N!” Taryn squeals as you wrap your arms around her. The pair of you embrace for another moment or two before making your way to her car. Neither of you can stop talking, so excited to be in each other’s presence.
“It’s so nice to be back,” you sigh. “I really do like St. Louis.” 
Tayrn giggles. “You’re just excited to see Matthew.” 
Though she isn’t wrong, you swat her bicep in faux annoyance. “What? Can a girl not enjoy a nice Midwestern city?” You push your sunglasses up onto the bridge of your nose before continuing. “Besides, I only came here to see you. I see enough of Matt at home.”
She rolls her eyes but extends her arm so you can fist bump her. With a quick look to make sure the way is clear, Taryn exits the parking spot and heads in the direction of your temporary home. The open sunroof allows the wind to whip through your hair and you struggle to tame it enough to put it in a ponytail. One Direction blasts from the stereo, and you join Taryn in screaming the lyrics until your lungs hurt. Being on vacation, even if it’s only to St. Louis, is so freeing. You don’t have to deal with work deadlines or friendship drama. All that matters is spending time with Matthew. 
When you pull into the Tkachuk’s driveway it’s empty. It’s Thursday afternoon; Chantal’s at work, Keith is golfing with friends, and the boys are at the rink. You take a few minutes to unpack, filling Matthew’s drawers with your clothes, before joining Taryn by the pool. St. Louis is just as hot as the city you left, and the travel has left you feeling below average. A quick swim is sure to be the perfect remedy. 
The water is the right kind of cool, and alleviates any stress you were possibly feeling. You’re properly in vacation mode now, lounging on pool floaties and gossiping with Taryn. An hour later when Matthew returns home you’re in basically the same position. Stepping out into the yard he sees you urging Taryn to turn around so you can place sunscreen onto the one spot she missed, laughing all the while at some ridiculous celebrity rumor she’s telling you. Seeing you get along so easy with his sister, and the rest of his family, makes his heart swell.
In the couple of months you’ve been separated, Matthew’s thought a lot about his future. Specifically about his future with you. When he closes his eyes he can see it clearly: the two of you married with children and a dog, living in a house in the mountains and loving life. It’s idyllic, and even though he knows you’d say yes if he asked you, Matthew still can’t bring himself to do it. There’s something in the back of his brain telling him to wait until he knows with absolute certainty that you’re it for him.
Not wanting to be separated from you for a minute more, he snaps out of his daze and scurries over. Wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and pressing a kiss to the base of neck, he relishes in how you mould to him immediately, not even questioning who it was. 
“Welcome back baby,” Matthew mumbles into your skin. 
With a chuckle you wriggle slightly in his grasp, allowing yourself to face him. You press a kiss to his lips and it feels like heaven. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, you suppose, because you could stand here kissing Matthew your the rest of your life and be happy. 
“Hi Matty,” you giggle against his lips, parting from him only to rest your forehead on his and twist a curl around your finger.
From somewhere inside the house you hear Brady yell,  “Jesus Christ, you two, get a room.”
Without taking his eyes off you, Matthew replies, “Fuck off Brady!”
The energy inside the Saddledome is electric. It’s the Flames’ first home game in nearly a week, doing an east coast road trip and sweeping every team they faced. Six games later the team is on a nine game winning streaking and are hoping to keep it going. You know how much it matters in this moment – the playoffs are fast approaching and all points they can tally up are needed. 
You had decided months ago to buy rinkside tickets for this game, planning to surprise Matthew. He loves when you sit in the regular crowd, cheering and spilling your beer like any old fan. It’s humbling for the both of you, and honestly you enjoy it. Though you love those in the Better Halves box, you were a hockey fan before dating Matthew and sometimes like to enjoy games by yourself. Plus, your friend was supposed to be in town and join you at the game, and you figured she’d like to experience how insane the area is firsthand.
So you do your best to quickly shimmy around those blocking your seat, beverage in hand. It was all you could do to get to the rink on time, sitting in the dense downtown traffic for nearly three quarters of an hour after rushing out of work. You wanted to make it before warmups started to make sure Matt knows you’re there supporting him. No one really bats an eye at you, which you’re thankful for. In no way are you notorious, but it wouldn’t take a die-hard fan long to recognize you. Sitting down and letting a soft sigh escape your lips, you carefully place your jacket over the seat beside you. At the last minute your friend had to cancel her trip to Calgary, leaving you solo. With a quick look at the clock you see that warm up will start in just under a minute. The players begin to step onto the ice as you sip your beer. Matthew is yet to notice you but you don’t take offence. He’s in the zone and most likely won’t realize you’re sitting right in front of him until halfway through the third period.
“Look daddy, it’s Matthew Tkachuk!” you hear a young boy shriek in excitement. “He’s so fast, I want to play just like him.”
You turn to look and see two rows above you there’s a father and son, who looks around eight. He’s wearing a jersey identical to yours, and from the sounds of his excited chattering it’s his first game. Seeing the young boy so happy to be here, to see your boyfriend, has your heart swelling. You want to make this a game he’ll never forget.
“Hi,” you smile at the father. “I don’t mean to intrude, but I know Matthew quite well. Would you like me to get his attention so your son could meet him?”
A shocked expression makes its way onto the dad’s face, but he doesn’t react negatively. “You’d do that?” he asks. “Riley loves Matthew. Wants to be just like him.” When you nod, he lets you approach the boy. 
“Hey there Riley, I’m Y/N,” you say, smiling and extending a hand to him. “I’m a special friend of Matthew’s. Would you like to meet him?”
The boy looks at his father tentatively, and only once he nods encouragingly does Riley respond to your question. “Yes please.”
“Why don’t you come down here with me and we’ll get his attention?”
With a little help from you, Riley climbs over the seats and plops unceremoniously beside you. You help him straighten out his jersey before beginning a conversation. He tells you he plays in a local youth league and wants to make it to the NHL one day. When prompted, you explain to him that you work a boring office job that you love even though it makes you angry sometimes. It’s all very formal, but after cracking a few jokes you get him to loosen up.
Matthew, still not having noticed you, begins to skate along the boards in your direction. “Watch this,” you whisper-yell to your newfound friend, “I bet he’ll jump super high.”
As soon as Matthew passes your spot you bang on the glass and scream his name. Sure enough, his skates lift a good three inches of the ice and he shrieks. Teammates around him laugh and the look on his face is priceless when he discovers you’re the culprit. 
You smile. “Matty, this is my new friend Riley. He wears number nineteen just like you!” A glance at the boy lets you know he’s starstruck, and your eyes lock with Matthew’s. 
He leans down and rests his hands on his knees, at eye level with the child. “Hi Riley,” he begins. “I’m Matt. I like your jersey.” 
After that, Riley’s a tap that won’t turn off. He details every bit of his day to Matt, and even though their voices are muffled a bit from the glass they get on like two peas in a pod. Matthew is great with children and doesn’t shy away from having legitimate conversations with them. He talks to them like they’re people, which is something you admire about him. The warmup time runs out, but before he heads back to the dressing room Matthew hoists his stick over the glass, giving it to Riley. The younger boy beams and waves goodbye. You blow Matthew a kiss, which he gladly returns, and turn your attention away from him as his figure retreats. 
“Is he your boyfriend?”The question makes you laugh.
“Is it that obvious?” you ask, to which Riley just shrugs. 
“He called you ‘babe’, and my mommy calls my dad that. That means you’re in love,” he says as though it’s the most obvious thing in the entire world. 
Matthew cannot pay attention in the locker room for the life of him. He’s trying really hard to listen to everyone’s hype speeches, but his mind keeps wandering back to the interaction you shared during warm up. You looked so happy watching him interact with the boy you found god knows where within the arena. It’s then he realizes he wants to watch you act like that for the rest of his life. He wants to see you bring excited children to meet him because you have the power to make their nights. His suspicion is confirmed when he steps onto the ice and looks in your direction, finding you and Riley pressed up against the glass cheering loudly.
The Giordano’s are hosting an end-of-season barbeque before everyone scatters into the wind, and you’re going to be late. No matter how much you reminded Matthew of what time you had to leave he still started getting ready as you were finishing up. This typically wouldn’t be a big deal, but he has recently started taking care of his curls, and the routine eats up a lot more time than he anticipates. 
“Matty, are you almost ready? There’s going to be no parking!”
His footsteps echo off the hardwood floor as he comes towards you. “That’s what you’re worrying about, baby? Parking?” Matthew laughs, pulling you into his side and kissing the crown of your head. 
“Yeah Matt, I am. You know I have parking anxiety.”
“I’ll drive then,” he says sweetly. “Besides, it’s been a while since I’ve driven us. Have some fun tonight.”
The short drive across town is full of laughter. Neither of you are great singers, but it doesn’t stop you from belting out lyrics at the top of your lungs. At some point Matthew breaks out a rather terrible impression of Axl Rose and you just have to post it to your instagram story. Captioning with a simple microphone emoji, you slip your phone back into your sweater pocket. Though most certainly warm enough to spend the entire evening outside, Calgary currently has a bit of a proclivity for wind, and you’d rather be prepared. Outside of Mark and Lauren’s house Matthew finds a spot and parallel parks with ease.
“Shut up,” you mumble, poking your tongue out at him. 
Matthew ruffles your hair in retaliation before jumping out of the vehicle, booking it around to the other side so he can open your door. He isn’t slick about hiding his intentions, grabbing a handful off your ass before leaning down to kiss you. Though you’d much rather stand in the cul-de-sac and make out with your boyfriend, you both have appearances to keep up. You get him to stop being a pest kong enough that you can enter the party and pass him off to his teammates. 
You congregate with some of the other girls in the corner of the yard, and enjoy a drink while the sun sets. It’s fun to gossip with them, to catch up one final time before most of them leave. You’ll be staying in Calgary, job tying you down for the foreseeable future. The only thing that’s better than spending time with your friends is glancing at Matthew from across the space. 
He’s enjoying himself, glass of water in hand. When he offered to be the designated driver he was serious, and he took the shit the boys were giving him in stride. Though you’ve only had one gin and tonic and can’t feel the effects of the alcohol, you’re glad he’s staying true to his word. The heightened water intake makes his skin glow, and you’re having a hard time staying focussed on the story Lauren is telling. He catches you staring and shoots you a dazzling smile. Tired of keeping your distance, you excuse yourself from the conversation and saunter over to your boyfriend. 
“Hey Y/N,” Noah says breezily, raising his glass to you in mock salute. You wrap your arms tightly around Matthew’s waist.
“Hanifin,” you smile. “I’m really sorry to do this, but I need to pull Matt away for a quick second.”
No one in the group is the least bit surprised. The two of you have a reputation for being young and in love, sneaking off often and doing everything that entails. Once the two of you are alone you rest a hand on his chest, dangerously close to the button of his shirt. You then move kissing along the underside of his jaw, pressing your body closer to his to ensure he gets the point. 
“Needy baby?” Matthew tries to smirk, but his voice wavers when you reach the junction of his jawbone and earlobe. 
Declining to speak, you continue your actions until he’s just as desperate to get home as you. Though you try to be sneaky as you exit through the back gate, you won’t be surprised if you wake up to a few crude text messages. You’re too far gone to care, solely focussed on showing your boyfriend how much you love him. 
The entire ride home Matthew can barely focus on the road. Not because you’re doing anything particularly risqué, a few too many close calls have put you both off of initiating things in the car, but because he doesn’t ever want to stop sneaking away from events with you. It’s exhilarating in more ways than one, and he hopes the feeling never goes away. Being with you, his best friend, is something he wouldn’t trade for the entire world. So what if he gets chirped by the boys for having precariously placed marks on his back.
September brings a chill to Calgary, but you couldn’t feel warmer. Matthew is due home this afternoon after nearly four months of being away. Of course you visited him in St. Louis, and he even flew back to the city once, but the two of you were mostly separated. Your shared apartment felt cold and lonely without him to annoy you, so you had spent as much time away from it as possible. No longer do you have to fall asleep with Matt’s side of the bed stone cold. 
Though you know he likely won’t care, you’re nervous about the new decor. In an effort to make yourself feel better in Matthew’s absence, you completed some home renovations. Most are superficial, like a new sectional and an ungraded home speaker system, but you had redone the entire kitchen after scrolling through pinterest. The cabinets are a bright yellow, and the walls are a warm cream. Subway tile has also replaced the previous backsplash. You’re quite proud of the way it looks – doing pretty much all of it yourself and only calling your dad when you really needed help. 
You spend much of the morning not doing anything productive, pacing the hallway back and forth. It’s nerve wracking and exciting to have Matthew home. Things will go much smoother with his presence even if he can sometimes be the most annoying person on the planet. You force yourself to eat a small meal before continuing to wear holes into your floor. He’ll arrive in a matter of minutes, and you’re practically vibrating with how much your legs are shaking. 
A key twists in the lock, as though it’s a Pavlovian response, you bound towards the front door. Not even letting him step over the threshold you wrap yourself around him as tightly as possible. Matthew giggles sweetly, and you swear it’s the best sound you’ve ever heard. Tears flow freely down your cheeks and soak through his shirt. In a very ungraceful waddle Matthew carries the both of you inside your home and shuts the door lightly. 
“What’s the matter, Y/N?” Matt asks, obviously concerned because this is more emotional than any homecoming you’ve ever had. 
Through hiccupping sobs, you stutter out, “I painted the kitchen cabinets yellow and you’re going to hate them. And then you’ll want to break up with me but I won’t be able to take them with me.”
“Woah woah woah, slow down baby,” he soothes, rubbing circles on your back. “Why am I going to hate it?”
When you can’t come up with a justifiable answer, he knows your anxiety just got the better of you. Repositioning you slightly so you’re tucked into his side, Matthew walks through the apartment to see the kitchen for himself. He’s blown away by its beauty, and he can see just how much work you put into it. The room is so much brighter and inviting – he can’t imagine having any other kitchen now. 
Once you ramble off an apology for being so dramatic that he won’t accept, the two of you settle into the couch and start a reality television marathon. It’s a tradition that both of you take very seriously, and though he’d never admit it to anyone but you, Matthew looks forward to watching the outlandish dramas. The night is quiet, with you getting through quite a few seasons of Desperate Housewives, and at some point you fall asleep on Matthew’s chest. He knows he should gently move you off of him, start to unpack his bags, but he can’t tear himself away.
He can’t help but stare as you snore softly. There’s nothing Matthew would like more than to spend the rest of his life relaxing after coming home to you. If he’s being completely honest, St. Louis doesn’t feel like home as much anymore, and he finds himself counting down the days until he can return to Calgary. Matt supposes you’re the defining factor, and even Antarctica would feel like home to him if you were there. He never wants to lose that feeling. 
+ one 
There’s ten seconds left on the clock. Ten seconds until the Calgary Flames will become Stanley Cup champions. You’re holding your breath – you know a lot could happen in such a short amount of time. The lead isn’t as wide as you’d like it to be, only one, and you squeeze Taryn’s hand tightly. Everyone in the friends and family box is just as amped up as you. If the choice had been yours, you’d be sitting in the stands of the Saddledome, but in event the Flames win you need to be with everyone else if you want to join the team on the ice. 
Matthew carries the puck up the ice, and you audibly gasp. At the last second, a Bruins defenseman is blocking his view of the net. Not letting the scoring opportunity go for his team, he snaps a pass backwards to Elias Lindholm. A nano-second later the puck is in the back of the net. You possibly scream the loudest of anyone in the box, jumping into Brady’s arms excitedly. 
“Holy shit, they’re going to do it,” you whisper, and Brady nods enthusiastically. The clock now only has two seconds, and there is virtually no way the Bruins can make a comeback. 
You untangle yourself from your boyfriend’s brother and approach his parents. “How exciting is this!” Chantal gushes. 
“So fucking exciting,” you say honestly. “Listen, I want to talk to you about something.”
The Bruins’ head coach is halfway through his timeout, so you have to talk fast. You explain that you want to hang back while the family celebrates with their son and brother. Keith and Chantal try to argue, but you insist. You want them to be the first people to greet him as a Stanley Cup champion. 
A horn signals the return to play, and you return your attention to the ice pad below you. Everything seems to move in slow motion; all you remember is the final whistle being blown and getting crushed in a group hug by everyone else in the room. Your voice goes hoarse from screaming, and tears stream freely down your face. 
The party continues for a short time in the box, but then you’re being led through the arena and out onto the ice. Nodding in the direction of Matthew, you urge the Tkachuks to greet him. You congratulate other members of the team, snapping candid pictures of everyone to share in the group chat later. So many families will treasure the photos that you can’t bring yourself to stop, trying your hardest to grab everyone. 
Once enough time has passed for Matthew to properly be congratulated by his family, you make your way towards him. Wasting no time, he skates over and lifts you off your feet. Your lips meet his in a passionate kiss, and if you weren’t so proud you’d have reservations about sticking your tongue down Matthew’s throat in a packed arena. 
“I’m so proud of you,” you whisper against his lips. “My champion.”
Matthew blushes profusely at your words, and you can tell he likes them. “Couldn’t have done it without you supporting me,” he responds, leaning into your touch as you rake your fingers through his hair. 
While you celebrate with the rest of the team, holding babies and snapping pictures, Matthew realizes he can’t live without you. No one else will fit into his life as perfectly as you. There’s no one he wants besides you. Matthew makes a mental note to go through your jewelry box in the morning to get your ring size. His mom always said he’d know when someone was ‘the one’, and now he understands what she meant.  
☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
taglist: @jamiedrysdales​ @kiedhara​ @tortito​ @brokeninsidebutnobodyknows​ if you want to be added shoot me an ask :)
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taetaespeaches · a year ago
“I never would’ve thought Agust D would be so soft after sex.”
yoongi x reader (or oc) genre: smut; fluff word count: 3.1K
a/n: ok, so, Kid is ready to give Yoon that good good just after hearing like half the mixtape, our girl hasn’t even seen the damn mv yet guys, like, she’s ready to pounce after just seven songs from her man. And honestly, mood. I hope you lovelies enjoy this, I hope it lives up to your expectations lmao, and thank you for reading :))
Tumblr media
YOU paced back and forth from one end of your kitchen to the other as you waited for Yoongi to answer his damn phone. I mean, seriously, how long does it take to pick up the-
“Hello?” Yoongi’s low voice interrupted your thoughts through the phone’s speaker.
Gasping, you eagerly asked, “Can I start listening?” omitting a proper greeting.
“Oh hey, I’m fine, how are you?” He teased.
You rolled your eyes, fully aware he couldn’t see you. “You’re expecting a lot of self-control from me right now, Min,” you complained.
Yoongi allowed himself to chuckle before responding with a humored, “if you want, you can listen, Kid.”
You squealed in excitement, bouncing around in front of the oven. “You’re sure? I don’t have to wait for you or anything?”
“Nah, I’m almost there anyway,” he told you, and you could tell by the tone of his voice he was grinning. “Just no music video yet,” he said in a whiny tone which you knew must be accompanied with a pout. He enjoyed watching your reaction to his music videos.
“No music video, I promise,” you smiled, absolutely fond of the man. “Oh my god, I’m not ready for this am I?” You yelled out, Yoongi scoffing in response.
“Jesus, you’re ridiculous,” he groaned.
“Shush, I’m hanging up, I have a long-awaited mixtape to listen to, thank you very much.”
“Ok fine, fine,” he laughed, but before you could hang up, Yoongi added, “Hey, Kid?” You hummed in response. “Love you.”
You’ve heard the words a million times, but it never failed to make your heart pound. However, that didn’t stop you from teasing him a bit. “Yeah, yeah, love you, I gotta go, priorities, baby. I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Agust D just made a comeback.”
He chuckled into the phone once more before giving you a, “See you in a bit,” and then hung up.
Immediately, you were pressing play on the mixtape on Spotify, already having had it pulled up for five minutes.
The first song, ‘Moonlight’, started off soft before scratching records came in, and then your boyfriend’s voice. When he gave his iconic laugh with an “August D” you smiled in pride. That’s my honey boy.
You turned your attention to the meal you were preparing for you and Yoongi, one of his favorites, stirring the contents in a big pot on the stovetop. Bopping along to the music, you listened to the lyrics that talked about his story, starting in Daegu to flying high with his group, how he goes through feelings of confidence in his work to feeling untalented, the struggles of writing this exact mixtape due to the pressure from a larger audience, expectations, and self-doubt. You knew those struggles all too well. You were with him throughout it all.
You’d been given glimpses of the songs throughout the writing process, some tracks in full while others you only saw lyric scribblings on those yellow notepads he leaves around his studio and that littered your apartment. You first saw the chorus to ‘Moonlight’ written on one of those notepads that sat on your bedside table.
“I like this,” you told your boyfriend, holding the notepad in one hand as the other found its way in his dampened hair, his face resting against your bare chest.
“Huh?” He looked up at you, his hand gripping your waist as his eyelids fluttered. The sheets were in disarray around your still nude forms. “Oh, yeah?”
“Yeah, is it for D-2?”
“Maybe,” he told you with a yawn. “Not sure.”
“I think you should use it,” you told him, your finger outlining the shell of his ear as his lips curved into a lazy smile. “It’s beautiful.”
“You really think so?” He asked, uncertain and a bit more awake.
“Yeah, definitely.”
He kissed the center of your chest before nuzzling his face further against your breasts. “You always know best, Kid.”
You felt your eyes prick with tears as you listened to the song, feeling immensely proud of your boyfriend. Of how hard he worked, of overcoming the doubt and fear, and just simply for the talent, passion, and artistry he shared with so many people.
As the mixtape played, you went through phases of dancing around, squealing in excitement, gasping at lyrics and phrasing, and more bouncing and dancing. You tried your best to focus on the lyrics, though you knew it would take a few listens to catch them all as you were too excited to comprehend everything just then.
Completely invested in the music, you didn’t hear your front door open, unaware of your boyfriend’s presence until he appeared in your peripheral, catching you doing a little strut that resembled Yoongi’s swagger walk he did on stage. Your head snapping to him, you were met with his gummy grin, his shoulders shaking in laughter as ‘Burn It’ continued to play throughout the kitchen.
“Are you leaving me for Agust D yet?” He teased, walking toward you.
“Do you realize how sexy you are? Like do you have any idea?” You asked accusatorily. “Like what the fuck, dude?”
“Jesus,” he huffed, a smile still plastered on his face. “You’re actually ridiculous.”
“Yeah, and you’re ridiculously talented, Min. You’re not told that enough,” you told him seriously. Reaching you, he placed his hands on your hips as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck, stepping further into his arms.
“I’m told that plenty,” he dismissed with a bashful grin.
“No, you’re not,” you told him as ‘Burn It’ continued to play. Instead of responding to you, he kissed you which you immediately deepened, Yoongi stepping back a bit by the unexpected force behind your actions, though his arms wrapped tighter around your waist so your body was flush with his.
Pulling away, he chased your lips, making you smile. “I don’t even have the words right now to tell you how proud I am of you,” you told him seriously, tears forming in your eyes. You watched as Yoongi took a deep breath, keeping his own emotions under control at your sincere confession. “Just know I’m really proud,” you said as tears threatened to fall.
He quickly nodded just before bringing a hand to your jaw as he caught your lips again, giving you several quick pecks as he composed himself.
Letting out a breath that sounded to be one of relief, Yoongi peered around your frame, inspecting the food cooking on the stove, as well as the food that had spilled outside of the pot, with a grin. “That looks good.”
“Hopefully,” you said with a smile as Yoongi nuzzled his face against your neck, refusing to let you go. With the overwhelming pride and love you felt, mixed with the fact that the man on the mixtape was all yours, and he was standing in your kitchen, in your arms, pressing sweet kisses to your neck, you had a sudden desire for him.
As ‘People’ started playing, you were instantly struck with the memory of coming to his studio as he was working on that very track. It was just the instrumental then, but it was interesting and different from the other stuff he had been working on. Yoongi must have been thinking upon the same memory as he lifted his head, a gummy grin directed to you as his eyes found yours.
“I remember the night you wrote this,” you smiled, biting your lower lip. That night, you had spent about an hour of it sitting on his desk as Yoongi sat in his chair in front of you, his chin resting on your knees as you both discussed your ideas of life, and people, and changes, and what it all meant, if it even meant anything.  
You had already been dating for well over a year, but it was a moment where you and Yoongi felt a closeness between you both that hadn’t really been there before, becoming more mentally and emotionally attune with each other.
The conversation eventually faded out, the intense feeling of understanding between you both leading to you having sex on his studio couch.
“Trust me, I remember it very well,” he chuckled, his mind running through every moment of that night, from the feeling of closeness, to the warmth of your body underneath his as he pressed you against the couch cushions, the way you moaned his name and whispered ‘I love you’s’.
As the chorus of ‘People’ sounded from your laptop, your eyes widened at the sultry soothe of your boyfriend’s vocals.
“Since when do you sing like that, Min?” You teased with a smile, your eyes bouncing around his soft features. As he let out a breathy chuckle, you slid your your hands down his neck to rest overtop his collarbones as you leaned toward him and kissed him deeply.
The action took him by surprise though he easily found his rhythm, his hands slipping underneath your shirt, feeling at the bare skin of your waist.
As you began backing up, he quickly felt around to shut the stove off before following you toward the bedroom, never breaking the kiss. Your hands found his waist as his moved to your face, taking control. You began lifting his shirt up, you both separating just long enough for you to pull it over his head and discard it somewhere in the hallway outside your room.
Eagerly, you unbuttoned his jeans, Yoongi helping you get the clothing off him as he released his hold on you to step out of them. Backing up, your legs hit the edge of the bed and you locked your eyes with your boyfriend’s. Smirking at him, you pulled your own shirt off before unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the floor at your feet.
Yoongi bit his lip, his eyes settling on your chest before slowly dragging them back up to meet your darkened gaze. Tilting his head at you, you quipped, “What are you waiting for?” Yoongi scoffed before approaching you and pushing your body so you fell against the mattress. He reached for the waist of your jeans, taking no time in unzipping them and tugging them down your legs, you lifting your hips to help him. Your panties were removed next, Yoongi dropping them to floor as he allowed his eyes to rake over your body, taking in every inch of you.
You sat up on your elbows, watching the man as he looked over your nude form. “For a man who brags an awful lot about being a king and a boss, you seem a bit timid, baby,” you teased in a sultry tone.
Your boyfriend scoffed again, a smirk forming on his lips. “Be patient,” he scolded, though he stepped toward you, nudging your inner knee with his leg, making you widen the gap between your thighs as he stared down at your center.
“My patience disappeared the moment I clicked play on that mixtape,” you smiled. “I want you.” With that, you sat up, your hands slipping underneath the waistband of his underwear, lowering them until they easily slid down his legs, pooling at his feet. You kept eye contact with him as you left a sweet kiss to his lower abdomen, just above his pelvic area.
He let out a quick breath as he smiled, lowering his body on top of yours, your back meeting the mattress. “If I had known Agust D would get you this worked up I would have released a mixtape two years ago,” he joked, your hands grabbing onto his sides as his lips found yours, kissing you passionately.
One of his arms was being used to prop himself up overtop you as his opposite hand slid down to your core, his fingers feeling between your legs. He groaned into your mouth at feeling how wet you’d become, and you smiled against his lips.
Not wanting to wait any longer, you used your strength to push against his body, rolling him over and straddling his hips. Yoongi’s breath was heavy and shallow as he anticipated being inside you, his large hands gripping your hips, his eyes eagerly taking in the sight of your form on top of him. He always did love you on top.
Placing one of your hands to his chest, your other found his hardened length. You stroked him a few times, Yoongi letting out a soft moan at the feeling, his hand sliding up your abdomen to your breast as he squeezed the supple flesh in his palm. At his touch, you guided him to your entrance, sharply intaking breath at the feeling of him slipping inside, letting the air out in a throaty moan.
“Fuck, Kid,” Yoongi breathed out, pinching your nipple between his fingers as you moved your hand from his dick to his chest, bracing yourself against him as you began slowly grinding atop him. Yoongi’s hand left your breast to your thigh, clutching the muscle as he bit his lip, watching your body move. “You’re so fucking hot.”
You held back a moan as you increased your pace, looking up to the ceiling before squeezing your eyes shut as he hit particularly deep. “Fuck,” you breathed out, lowering your gaze to Yoongi’s face, meeting his hooded eyes as he looked up at you in bliss.
His chest was like velvet underneath your hands and you wanted to feel more of his skin on yours. As if reading your mind, Yoongi moved his hands to your lower back, pulling you toward him so your chest was flush with his. He kissed you messily as he lifted his hips off the bed to move in and out of you as he held you to his body.
“I love you so much,” he confessed shakily against your lips, his breathing erratic due to the pleasure you were giving him.
“Oh my god, Yoongi, I love you,” you moaned, moving your face to his neck where you kissed and nibbled his skin lightly.
Wanting to treat him, you reluctantly pulled yourself away from him, sitting back up as you rocked back and forth on him, arching your back and placing a hand to his thigh to support yourself. Yoongi’s hands grabbed onto the sides of your legs as he watched you, looking more and more fucked out the longer you rode him.
Eyeing his thin but toned body, his smooth skin, and the flex of his abdomen as he took sharp breaths, you groaned. “You look so good,” you told him, admiring the man beneath you. Your man. All yours. “Feel so good,” you moaned.
One of Yoongi’s hands left your leg to find your hand that was pressed against his lower abdomen. He took your hand in his, intertwining his fingers with yours before bringing it to his lips and kissing your knuckles softly as he locked his gaze on yours.
The intimate action had your lower abdomen tightening. Sitting up straight, you brought your hand toward him which he grabbed with his other hand, helping you to support yourself as your motions atop him became hastier, approaching your high.
“Yoon, I’m gonna-”
“I know, baby,” he nodded, squeezing your hands as you neared your climax. “Me too.”
You let out a whimper, lowering your body to Yoongi’s again, your dewy chest meeting his, Yoongi wrapping his arms around your lower back as you both worked each other into your finishes. Yoongi buried his face in your neck as he let out small muffled grunts, you breathing out a moan in his ear. As he came, he hugged your body to his tightly, letting go inside you. The feeling of him releasing had you crashing into your own high, biting your lip as you moaned breathily, Yoongi kissing your neck sweetly as you came down.
You relaxed atop Yoongi, breathing heavy as his fingers toyed with the small of your back, soothing back and forth along the curve of your ass. You had a hand on his neck, slipping your fingers into his damp strands, your other hand on his chest, dragging your fingers along his pectoral.
“The mixtape is really good,” you assured him in a whisper, kissing his jaw. “Well, what I’ve heard so far.”
Yoongi let out a breathy chuckle, flattening a palm on your lower back. “Thank you, Kid.”
“No need to thank me, I’m just being honest.”
“No, thank you for always supporting me. In everything,” he clarified, emotion thick in his voice.
You lifted your head to peer at his face, catching the glassy shine in his eyes. “Always,” you assured him.
He nodded, looking at you with a soft smile. “I know,” he whispered, barely audible, giving away that he didn’t trust his voice, knowing it would break if he spoke louder. “It means- you mean the world.”
You lowered your lips to his face, giving his plush cheek a small kiss. “I never would’ve thought Agust D would be so soft after sex,” you teased with a big smile, Yoongi scoffing, though he couldn’t hold back his gummy grin.
He groaned loudly, stretching his arms over his head. “I’m starving,” he changed the topic, making you giggle.
“Well, lucky for you, your girlfriend made you a delicious nearly cooked meal that is probably very cold at this point,” you smirked.  
“Oh, lucky for me?” He questioned with a small smile.
“Mhmm,” you confirmed with a small chuckle.
Yoongi sucked air between his teeth, ticking his head to the side. “Remind me to wife you up later.”
You scoffed playfully, rolling off his body as you prepared to stand up and find some clothes. “In your dreams, Min.”
Scooping your t-shirt off the floor, you slipped it over your head before grabbing a pair of panties from your dresser drawer, all while Yoongi’s eyes followed your every move. Sending your boyfriend an air kiss from where he sat at the edge of the bed watching you, you walked toward the bedroom door. “Hurry up and get dressed, Gramps, I need your album commentary.”
You exited the room, turning toward the bathroom to clean yourself up. Yoongi shook his head with a chuckle. “Yeah, in my dreams,” he mumbled as he stood up to get dressed. Taking his sweet ass time, you walked back past the bedroom toward the kitchen, noticing him still stumbling around for a shirt.
“Hey, hustle, Min! I still have a music video to watch, my dude!” You called out to him as he looked to you with widened eyes. “Your shirt is out here, by the way.”
“Ah, what did I tell you about patience,” he whined out, a pout on his lips as he walked through the hallway, grabbing his shirt on his way, feeling full of appreciation and adoration for you.  
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jiminrings · 6 months ago
hi hannah !! can i request a drabble where jungkook visits florist!y/n and he went “hi i’m here to get a flower for my girlfriend” and the girlfriend is y/n. i’m sorry if it doesn’t make sense 😭 love u <3
full blooms
love u too bestie <3
aka jungkook really should’ve thought this through!!
...... oh no
there are so many people in the shop
not just any shop though :D
sometimes you collectively forget that this is yOUR shop and you’re the literal owner of it and you’re not just working it
and sometimes, you forget just how influential things could be
case in point: kim taehyung !!
kim taehyung as in the hottest musician in the scene rn, who happens to be vante on spotify, AND someone who you just happen to know as kim taehyung!!!
kim taehyung as in the friendly customer who comes into your shop more oftenly to look at your flowers than to buy them
and you just let him look at them without buying anything because there’s no harm in it!! the guy is just straight-up Vibing looking at the flowers
(and he also leaves a handsome tip in your jar even when he doesn’t buy anything!!)
you just knew him to be that pleasant customer,,, not exactly a world-renowned musician you couldn’t exactly piece together
but apparently, you’re now more aware than ever lmao
taehyung sneaked in the name of your flower shop somewhere into the lyrics of the mOST famous song from his newly-released album
flowers from spring day on my mind, corner of the street with the neon sign, heaven on my mind and i spent no dime
it just so happens that you letting THEE vante look at flowers as he pleases has become his favorite routine and it just makes him so happy in general
so happy to the point that your shop is specifically mentioned
— so, so happy to the point that your shop had become fully-packed and was making single-file lines that stretched all across four blocks overnight
so sO happy to the point that he had unknowingly become a catalyst for your shop to be almost fined because so many people were clogging sidewalks and a warning to get it together so that there would be better organization
anyways, taehyung slipped in from the staffroom you mentioned to him in passing two days after he dropped his album, and then could you properly freak out about him
he was giggly the whole time when you were spouting out your disbelief for him but tHEN he also apologized for all the (positive & money-making) trouble he’s gotten you into
and he managed to sales-talk you (u swear u are the boss here) into collaborating with him for a limited collection with all the favorite flowers he’s taken note of so he could share it with his fans
he even brought you a notebook with all the illustrations and ideas he’s conceptualized so yeah,,,, there’s that
not only do you serve more than a full house in your flower shop and spend much more hours and energy, you’ve also agreed to add something big into your plate that’s easily getting crowded
what a good thing you have jungkook :D
you could literally not ask for a better boyfriend than jungkook
he’s been so supportive the whole time and he kept sHRIEKING when you casually told him that the frequent sight-seeing customer turned out to be vante himself
“all this time?! all this time and you fORGOT to mention to me that he wears a leather watch and a pearl necklace??? baby, those are basically his trademarks!!”
he supports you in ways you can’t even fathom <3
he was supposed to help you in the shop to help tackle the horde of vante-loving and flowers-from-spring-day enthusiasts, but he got an even better idea
he spent the whole week designing and building an online website for spring day from scratch!! he wanted it to be perfect for you and everything you stand by
also even him, a computer sciences graduate, had to back up the website extra nifty because he already predicts that it would get so much traffic (!!)
he took it upon himself to hire from his friends to be your helpers for the shop because ur severely under-staffed
he has tHREE more-than-willing candidates!!!
jimin’s summer job in college was him being a cashier in goddamn music festivals :D OF COURSE he’s gonna be the greatest cashier you’ll ever have!!! he can whip up change even before the customer hands the bills; he’s that good
he also has a great stern voice of making people stand in organized lines and not cut it so that would come handy
hoseok has a great instinct for color theory!!! he just knows what works and what doesn’t and you need an extra mind to help conceptualize arrangements in the blink of an eye
namjoon is a master of small talk and an all-rounder!! you have a loT of customers who have no gist whatsoever on what they want, and you don’t want to risk giving them an arrangement they loathe!! he knows how to hit it
he was actually so excited when jungkook pitched him a job offer
he could literally go “y/n, the lady in yellow has a dalmatian. i could tell she would tulips in her arrangement along with hydrangeas.”
so that’s that, basically
you and jungkook have been hectic and apart for a whole week because you practically sleep in the shop trying to keep up with everything
he’s actually keeping the website and sneaky hires from you as secrets in the meantime because he wants to surprise you!!! like literally right now
he enters from the staffroom and make sure none of the people waiting by the entrance see him because that would be utter chaos
the shutters are all closed so no one from outside can see what’s inside, but you actually fAIL to realize that your shop would still be closed for another ten minutes
the moment you hear a voice, your mind automatically goes to “hi! welcome to spring day. what blooms would you like?” mode :|
jungkook frowns because you look so haggard under his trained eye even if you still look well-kempt!! you can’t have your shops and yourself appear ratty in the eager instagram stories that taehyung’s fans take
but that’s okay!!! he’ll coax you to come home with him tonight because he’s gonna tell you about his hires this morning
“hi! welcome to spring day. what blooms would you like?”
you briefly look up to send a smile, already fetching your paper on your left hand and twine and scissors on the other
“hi! i’m here to get flowers for my girlfriend.”
“that sounds lovely. what would you-“
hold on a second
that’s jungkook’s voice....??
that’s your bOYFRIEND’S VOICE???
you mutter and the boy beams in return, registering the blank look on your face to be surprise instead of what you’re thinking
the tears suddenly pool at the corner of your eyes even before you realize
“is this your way of breaking up with me?”
“what? nO!”
your shoulders visibly sag in relief but jungkook’s clearly perplexed on how you even came to that
“why would i ever be dumb enough to break up with you?” he immediately consoles you when you bury your face in your hands, hopping over the counter to put you in a massive hug
“i-i haven’t slept, dummy!! and i figured that you hate me because we haven’t seen each other for a week and-“
you say in between sobs and chuckles, giggling when your cheeks are smushed and jungkook keeps peppering you with wet kisses
“ten minutes before opening,” kook sweetly reminds you, kissing you on the lips after an entire week that the sheer euphoria he’s getting now is enough to last another
“mhmmm,” you hum when he presses his warm hand on the small of your back, “tell me about your week in ten minutes.”
“sounds good,” he affirms, scratching your scalp that makes you relax even more until he stops red-faced —
“but like, while multitasking, y’know? kiss me while i tell you about my week.”
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sap-naps · 6 months ago
deja vu
summary: in which you look back on your relationship after it’s ended
pairing: dream x reader
a/n: idk why but this song immediately screamed dream to me lmao so here's this! i'm doing a fic based on each of olivia rodrigo’s new songs with all the boys so if you have ideas, please send them in!! this is based off of deja vu
Tumblr media
car rides to malibu, 
strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two
and trading jackets, laughing bout how small it looks on you
impromptu road trips were a favorite pastime for you and clay. he’d call you after this last shift for the week and excitedly ramble about some new tourist trap a couple cities over and how you two had to go. never once did you tell him no, always more than willing to go on any adventure he planned.
driving way too fast down the back roads with the windows down was the best part of every trip. the latest pop album was blaring through the speakers as you yelled the lyrics, sometimes the right ones and sometimes the wrong. clay would look over at you with a big grin, his fangs peeking out from the sides and it made your heart swell.
he had a particular spot in mind during one trip. what was supposed to be just a stop at the new trampoline park turned into you two finding the oldest mom and pop ice cream shop in the state so of course you had to treat yourselves.
“share some strawberry? i’ll let you add the rainbow sprinkles.” his low voice made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as you nodded. he placed the order and you two sat side by side at a sticky table outside. 
“open,” you mumbled as you made airplane motions in front of his lips. clay defiantly shook his head, a smile threatening to break through.
“fine.” you shoved the spoonful of half melted ice cream into your mouth instead, earning a whine from the boy in front of you. you felt no sympathy as he pouted and picked up the spoon to feed himself.
your body involuntarily shivered as the wind picked up, you cursed yourself for only bringing a light cardigan. you eyed your boyfriends signature green hoodie that looked oh so warm at the moment.
the moment his eyes met your guilty looking ones, he was pulling off the hoodie despite your protests. “no, no, it's okay!”
he shook his head and handed it to you. you wasted no time in shrugging off the thin cardigan and pulling the green fabric over your body. due to him being an actual giant, it hung loosely on you. your eyes widened as he picked up the cardigan and put it on. “you’re gonna stretch it!” you whined.
clay looked absolutely ridiculous as the sleeves that usually gave you sweater paws barely reached his wrists. the length wasn’t too bad, but anybody could tell by one look that it wasn’t his.
he gasped, “i think it fits me pretty good actually.”
all it took was another shared look for you two to burst out into laughter. his wheezing mixed with your giggles filled the store front.
she thinks it’s special, but it’s all reused
that was our place, i found it first
i made the jokes you tell to her when she’s with you
you couldn’t help but scoff as you scrolled through twitter. you weren’t being a bitter, hateful ex; that wasn’t your beat. but god, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. of course you still followed clay, you still cared about him and wanted to know what he was up to.
you just wished you hadn’t seen his last tweet.
as fall was your favorite holiday, you made it a point to stop by the local pumpkin patch every single year. during the year you and clay dated, you two had found yourselves walking through the maze and drinking cider and posing with pumpkins about once a week until the patch was packed up and gone. you couldn’t believe a year had already came and went since then.
good thing twitter was there for the reminder.
the pretty girl sat on clay’s lap, his arms securely around her waist as he was perched on a bale of hay. she was leaning forward with her hand covering her mouth and from what you could tell, he was trying to hold back a laugh.
his caption read ‘she thinks i’m funny at times’ and you wanted to be petty and like the picture, but you didn’t. you kept scrolling and scrolling till you got bored and switched to snapchat. which was a bad idea. snapchat memories will always come back to bite you in the ass.
a year ago to the day, you and clay were in the exact same spot. you swiped through countless videos and pictures of you two. a video of him guiding you through the maze, completely lost, but so sure he knew where he was going made you tear up. about a dozen selfies where he photobombed you or moved your phone so they were blurry made you suppress a sob. you didn’t have the heart to delete them then and you still don't now. 
maybe the pumpkin patch wasn’t a good idea this year.
and i bet that she knows billie joel cause you played her uptown girl
you’re singing it together
now i bet you even tell her that you love her
your gasp made clay jump up from his laid position your bed. “hm? what?”
you ignored him and only raised the volume on your speaker, the 80′s song coated your room with the sweetest sounds as you turned to your confused looking boyfriend. “i love this song!” you didn’t miss the way he rolled his eyes and shook his head at you.
“i thought something actually happened to you,” he teased and picked his discarded phone back up. you pouted from where you sat at your desk and dropped the pen from your hand. studying could wait, you needed to educate clay.
“something did happen though,” you started as you stood up and looped the song over. 
clay raised his brows at you, a signal for you to keep going.
“i realized that my boyfriend is uncultured and doesn’t know that this is a song you need to dance to!” you reached for his hands and dragged him up. the chorus played as you jumped and spun around, giggles already leaving your body. dancing released endorphins, you were sure of it. clay simply stood and watched you, an amused look on his face.
“i'm not dancing.”
you shrugged and continued your solo dance party, sticking your tongue out at him in the process. his eyes were practically pouring love in your direction and you were soaking it all in.
the final lines played as you stood in front of him, your arms hung around his neck as his hands lightly grazed your sides. “this is kinda close to dancing,” you mumbled as he began swaying side to side.
“shh, this is my favorite part.” he sounded so serious you couldn’t help but smile fondly at him.
you always knew clay could sing and you wished he’d do it more often. the last ‘i'm in love with an uptown girl.” sounded heavenly coming from his lips and you couldn’t help but reach up to kiss him.
“so cheesy.” you sighed.
don’t act like we didn’t do that shit too
yeah, everything is all reused
you were allowing yourself this one moment to be petty. you deserved it. it’d been a year and you just needed this right now. it’s apart of the healing process, you told yourself.
opening up twitter, you typed the first words that came to mind. half of you hoped he’d see them while the other half didn’t.
a different girl now, but there's nothing new.
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euthoricspidey · a year ago
𝐭𝐰𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐯𝐞𝐬 - 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐟𝐢𝐯𝐞
summary; without knowing why you find yourself able to see the band of ghost boys but could the reason be far deeper than you realise? pairing; ghost!luke patterson x fem!reader warnings; mentions of death, fluff, mentions of anxious feelings, cute ghost boys, angst a/n; i deadass spent days writing this part and then at the last minute decided to change the entire thing and wrote this in four hours lmao but anyways I hope you all like it x
Tumblr media
"Oh, Y/n. We didn't expect to see you," Alex says as you enter the Molina household for what felt like the millionth time that week, and immediately you begin to panic wondering if he knew about what had happened to you the night before. Your quizzical expression must've given off your confusion because he was quick to explain, "We heard Julie talking to Flynn on the phone. She said you were feeling sick and wouldn't be at school."
They weren't wrong, you had taken the day off from school, but not because you felt sick. You were too scared to move from your bed. Fearful that whatever that godawful feeling was that had caused you so much pain would strike you down again. You already had enough on your mind, you didn't need to worry about yet another thing. 
"Boundaries!" Julie exclaims, pushing aside her school books and stands to give you a hug. "You okay?" She whispers and you nod. 
"Well, for what it's worth we were worried about you too. Especially Luke. He was like the most worried I had ever seen him, like really, really, really-" Reggie stops abruptly as Alex hits him on the shoulder and shakes his head with a disapproving look. 
You look down at the ground, avoiding Julie's gaze because you knew she already had her suspicions, but mostly because you didn't want anyone to see the smile that you were fighting desperately to hide. "Yeah, I was feeling sick this morning, but I'm feeling a bit better now." You lie, not wanting to worry them. 
"You actually couldn't have come at a better time. There's something we want to show you both." Alex exhales. "We hope that it will help change your mind about Luke."
Not long after you and Julie had both agreed to go with them were the four of you climbing into your car. You followed Alex's directions precisely which lead you to a small house a couple of neighbourhoods over, though he suggested that you park a few houses down because trespassing in someone's backyard wasn't exactly something you wanted to get caught doing. 
With Julie right beside you, you managed to hide behind a large potted pine tree together and as you peered into the house before you, you saw Luke sitting on the kitchen counter with his knees pulled to his chest. His eyes were red and face wet from tears. You'd never seen him so... vulnerable, and all the jealous feelings you had felt before were replaced with those of guilt. 
"Emily's his mom?" Julie asks as she too peers inside the house, seeing the ghost boy looking distraught. 
"Yeah, Luke comes here a lot," Alex answers her. 
"He thinks we don't know, but... we've been following him," Reggie confesses. "All he does is just hang out like this and watch them. They never really do anything though."
"They're having cake. That's something." Julie points out. 
"It's a... It's a birthday cake. For Luke." Reggie declares and your heart pangs with sadness at the newfound information. You had been so tough on Luke the night before, not realising just how much burden he was carrying around with himself, and you felt horrible for doing so. 
Julie shakes her head. "I never knew Luke was hurting this much."
"It's even worse because when he died, he... left on bad terms," Alex says. "You know, his parents didn't want their 17-year-old in a rock band, so... he just left. He never got the chance to make up with them."
"That's why Luke was so angry. If Trevor had given Luke credit for writing all those songs, then... his parents would've known his dream was worth chasing." Reggie shrugs his shoulders slowly. 
"They would've been so proud." You finally speak, the words coming out as a mere whisper but your friends heard you nonetheless. 
"We know how bad it hurts whenever someone that should've had your back... completely lets you down. We never meant to make you feel that way." Alex stands up from behind his pine tree, despite having no reason to hide in the first place. 
"Julie, we love our band, and Luke does too. Please give us another chance."
With heavy hearts, the four of you snuck back to your car and headed back to Julie's where they began preparing for the gig the guys had signed them up for that night. You, however, suddenly felt very inspired to write and so you took your journal and a pen and headed inside the studio, while the others were in the house, taking advantage of the quiet space. 
The second you opened up to a new page lyrics began flowing from you and you scribbled them out across the lines as fast as the pen would allow you. You hadn't felt such a strong urge to write in the longest time, even when you stayed awake some nights there wasn't a whole lot of 'magic' going on.
"Don't know if I'll make it 'cause I'm... falling under." You sang the words as they came to you, not noticing the pair of eyes that were watching you from across the room. "Close my eyes and... feel my chest... beating like thunder."
"I didn't know that you could sing." Luke's voice startles you and you drop your pen. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He smirks. 
"Oh, I don't sing. I can carry a tune but as far as singing goes that's about it." You shake your head.
"Well, it sure sounded like singing to me." He smiles. "Did you just write that?"
"Yeah, I suddenly felt inspired and needed to get the words out before I lost them." You exhale, picking up your pen from the floor and set it beside your journal. 
You watch as Luke joins your side, his eyes were no longer red from crying and there were no other visible signs that he had been, though you knew he had. He grabs a hold of your journal but looks to you for approval first, which you give him, and he begins scanning over the lyrics that you had just written. 
"Y/n, these lyrics are..." He stops, mouth open as he mumbles an incoherent sound. "They're perfect for what I've been working on. Do you mind if I try something?"
You shake your head and watch as he excitedly pulls out his own journal, flipping to a page that says 'Finally Free' at the top and puts it side by side with your own. He quickly scribbles in the lyrics you had just come up with in the song he had been working on, a grin present on his lips as he does and you were grateful that even for a second he was spending his birthday smiling. 
"Here," He shows you what he had done and as you read through the lyrics you see that they do fit perfectly together. Though, there were a few other things you wanted to add. "What do you think?"
"It's like our lyrics were made for each other," You let out a small laugh which quickly fades out as you see the intensity in Luke's eyes after what you had said and he quickly looks away out of embarrassment. "Can I add something else?"
He nods and you edit the chorus a little bit, changing the wording and adding something a little extra to the bridge. "That is so much better than what I had."
"When you get to the bridge it would slow down a little and Julie would sing this bit first and then you'd repeat it except for the last line. So, she'd go 'I got a spark in me', and then you..."
"-I got a spark in me," Luke sings along, following your directions.
"And you're a part of me,"
"-And you're a part of me."
"Now til eternity,"
"-Now til eternity."
"Been so long and now we're finally free." 
Both you and Luke had been so caught up in the lyrics that you hadn't really noticed just how close you were until you sang the last word, but even then you didn't move away from one another. Your breath came out ragged as you tried to regain your composure but as you stared into his hazel-eyes it was like nothing else seemed to matter. 
"Hey, Luke?" You smile, waiting for him to nod, before whispering, "before I forget... Happy Birthday."
He lets out a deep breath, his same cheeky smirk pulling at the side of his lips. "We should probably, uh, should probably-”
"Should probably show the others the song." You finish his sentence, and at the same time the two of you reach for your journals, your hands colliding with one another and it takes a second for you both to realise that you were touching. You could feel each other. "Luke..." You gasp, but before he could say anything the others burst into the studio and you pull apart. 
"Oh, sorry. Are we interrupting something?" Julie asks, her gaze switching back and forth between you and Luke, and the close capacity that you two were in. She had that look in her eyes that said ‘I told you so’ and you knew, you just knew that you wouldn’t hear the end of it.  
"Um, no," You shake your head, smiling at the younger girl as though nothing major had happened at all. "We actually just finished a song together and I thought I'd wait for you to tell Luke the good news." 
"Tell me what?" He looks between the four of you, the crease between his brows deepening but as he looks at you you could tell that he desperately wanted to talk about what had just happened. 
"Grab your guitar. We got work to do." She smiles and he stares at her with surprise in his eyes as his mouth opens, but he doesn't seem to say anything. 
The others get set up behind their instruments and Luke follows suit, grabbing his guitar and standing in front of Julie. "What made you come back?"
"I realised how important music is to all of us. And we've lost so much already. We can't lose this, too."
"Thanks." His voice is just above a whisper, the sincerity in his voice evident. 
Tumblr media
taglist; @caitsymichelle13​ @ifilwtmfc​ @parkeret​ @all-in-fangirl​ @kcd15​ @timelesspromise​ @xplrreylo​ @karoliyna888​ @thesweetestsinner​ @sovereignparker​ @kinda-really-lost​ @kyliesalvatore​ @spooky-season-bitch​ @talksoprettyjjx​ @morganayennefertyrell​ @pink-meringues​
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avis-writeshq · a year ago
Haikyuu Boys as Lyrics from ‘Marry your daughter’
Requested: No lmao my 29893491 wips looking at me like -.-
Characters: Oikawa Tooru, Kageyama Tobio, Akaashi Keiji, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Miya Atsumu
Warnings: Fluff, angst if you look carefully, and a shit ton of trash writing
Other: This is kind of a character writing exercise so if any of these are OOC I’m sorry I’m trying my best ;-; also~ I know that the sun isn’t the brightest star in the sky and that it’s Sirius in Canis Major, but plz for the sake of this drabble, pretend Sirius doesn’t exist T^T
Disclaimer: I’ve never brought a guy home with me (unless you count one of my gay best friends LMAO) so idk if this is accurate. I’m also not married or engaged (I am in my mind tho. @akaashi what do you say :eyes:)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“She's been here every step since the day that we met. I'm scared to death to think of what would happen if she ever left.”
Oikawa Tooru was not a strong man – no, not after all the times his heart has been broken, bruised, and thrown to the floor. How many people left him because of his love and passion for volleyball? How many people got tired of him after finding out about his adoration to the sport and of his dedication towards it? The answer was a simple ‘too many to count’. And yet, despite all that happening, you have never left him. Not once did you abandon him. Not even once did you mention or think about leaving him. He had his passions and so did you – the least the two of you could do for each other was support the other.
Tumblr media
“(Y/N),” he said quietly and you looked up with a gentle smile on your face.
His hold on your hand tightened slightly as you walked together around Jardín Japonés, reminding you so much of home. It was a beautiful part of Buenos Aires filled with the bright green leaves of cherry blossoms in the summer, and with a tranquil koi pond that ran through the whole Japanese garden.
“Yes, Tooru? Is everything alright?”
He swallowed thickly, running a hand through his dark brown hair – something you found him doing whenever he was nervous. “(Y/N)-”
 “Take your time,” You said softly, stroking the back of his hand with your thumb. “We have all the time in the world.”
 “Well, then, we can spend all that time in the world together. You and me, together until forever ends.”
 And his other hand pulled out a small velvet box from his jacket pocket as he got to one knee. “(Y/N), will you be my forever?”                                                                                                                                                   
Tumblr media
“I'm gonna marry your princess and make her my queen.”
‘King of the Court’ was a nickname Kageyama despised. It reminded him of his middle school days – lonely, harsh and outspoken, stubborn and unforgiving. He was no longer that person. He has grown from that. He isn’t perfect and he has grown to understand that. And yet, there was something about making you his queen that made his heart flutter and his cheeks grow warm.
Tumblr media
Walking around the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany was like walking into a fairy tale. The beauty of the castle walls were mesmerising as they towered over you decorated with paintings and hanging flowers. From beside you, you could see Tobio’s bottom lip being gnawed by his teeth, and you chuckled lightly to yourself.
 “Tobio-” you began before you were cut off swiftly.
 “(Y/N), come with me, please…” His cheeks were flushed pink, a rare sight for you to see, but it really was adorable.
You nodded nonetheless, letting him take hold of your hand as he led you to a particular room in the castle – the throne room.
 “I’m not good with words, but um… thank you for getting to know me. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for always being there for me whenever you needed it. And um…”
 He got down on one knee, pulling out the small box from his coat pocket. “Please do me the honour in being my queen.”
Tumblr media
“I've got most of my vows done so far so bring on the better or worse.”
When Akaashi falls for someone, he doesn’t do it half-heartedly. He’s always thinking about the future, the consequences, the occurrences, and the paths it will take to get to the finish line. That finish line was you, the one person who stuck with him through everything that has ever happened. He has been through so much with you – getting to nationals, graduating high school, graduating university… the whole experience has been full of ups and downs and yet, here you still are, ready to support him with whatever he chooses to do.
 So there he stands at the altar, his eyes locked onto yours, the smile on his face never seeming to get smaller. His cheeks were dusted with a soft blush as he looked at you in your white dress, the veil and the skirt pooling at your feet.
Tumblr media
“You are my universe, the one thing in life that keeps me going to live for another day. You have always been by my side no matter what happened. I am thankful and grateful that you chose me out of all people. Darling, you have made me smile on my darkest days. You are my sun – the brightest star and the one that brings clarity into my life.
               the universe is
               much too
               beautiful for
              my own good.
              you are
              the universe.”
Tumblr media
 “And give her the best of me 'till the day that I die.”
It’s not easy to love Sakusa Kiyoomi. He’s cold and his walls are high. People didn’t understand him. They didn’t understand his fears, his feelings… his needs. But you did. You made him feel wanted and above all you made him feel loved. At first he didn’t understand why - why do you care about him so much? Why are you still here when so many people have already left? When will you leave him? The answers were simple. You loved him in ways that he could never understand and only imagine. You would never leave him - after all, you are devoted to him as he is to you. You brought down his walls piece by piece, never once backing down or giving up. That is what he loves about you. Your constant persistence to get to know him - it made him feel special. 
He was so used to being private with you. All the words he had built inside his chest always came out behind closed doors - they were quiet and gentle but the effect that they had on you always sent you into a blushing mess. Those were the times he cherished the most. And yet he somehow managed to confess his love to almost 50 people. 
Tumblr media
“How do you feel?” You chuckled, squeezing his hand that rested on your lap after the whole wedding service.
“The same. I always knew you were the one.” He responded nonchalantly, eyes still fixated on the road. 
A fiery blush lit up your cheeks. “You didn’t doubt us?”
“Why should I? You were the one who kept persisting to be friends. Here we are.”
You rolled your eyes, you smile still bright on your face as you played with the wedding bands on your fingers. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. I love you, you know?”
“Yeah. I love you too.”
Tumblr media
“The first time I saw her I swear I knew that I say I do.”
 The first time Kuroo saw you the second you walked into his class in 1st year. You weren’t in his class – no, you just needed to get some papers from his teacher to yours. You walked in with a bright smile on your face, politely bowing to the teacher and then to the class, apologising for the lesson disturbance. He was immediately attracted to you of your kindness towards other people. Every time you walked into a room, he found that the butterflies in his stomach began to flutter and his hands started to sweat. He found himself searching crowded halls for you. He even invited and asked you to be the volleyball manager, much to Yamamoto’s glee.
 Love at first sight? Was there such a thing as that? It was a cliché – shown in all the Disney movies as an ideal. Now, Tetsurou can finally say that love at first sight did exist. After all, you are his first and only love, the one person he could go to for whatever reason.
Tumblr media
“The first time I saw you,” He began, the paper in his hands shaking and tears beginning to prickle in his eyes out of pure joy, “you were the most beautiful and kind person I have ever seen. That has never changed in all my years of knowing you. Your non-existent flaws make me love you even more and sometimes I wonder if this is real. I’ve laughed with you, cried with you, smiled with you. You pulled jokes about trivial things and made fun of my hair.
You’re the kind of person you can’t help but notice. You brighten up my days and you never fail to make me smile. I promise that you will never go to bed angry. I promise that your feelings will always be validated and that my time is yours. I promise that we will be able to get through everything and anything. I promise that I will love you, from now and until the end of forever.”
Tumblr media
“So don't you ever worry about me ever treating her bad.”
 To be completely frank, Atsumu does not look fit to be the ‘bring home to meet the parents’ type. He’s quite brazen in his words and his actions, and yet here he is, in front of your guardians wearing a crisp collared shirt and slim fit trousers. He cleaned up nicely, in your opinion, and he was probably more nervous about meeting your guardians than you were when you met his. He was confident - today was no different. But Atsumu was the type to leave a lasting impression and he didn’t care whether it was good or bad. With you though, it was completely different. He wanted to look good and he wanted to be someone reliable. He was used to people looking at him and thinning he was a general ‘bad boy’ but not with you. You are special to him and he will walk through fire just to see you.
He was well aware of all his flaws. He was quick to temper, sensitive, and doesn’t know how to communicate properly. It was a miracle in itself that you stuck by him, even when you fought or when he annoyed you to pieces. He was thankful that you never left his side and never thought about leaving him - you were too precious to him to let go. 
Tumblr media
“I love you,” He whispered beside your sleeping form. It was the night you got married and you were both exhausted. However, Atsumu was absolutely loving the way that he could finally have you beside him and how he was finally able to wake up with you in his arms. 
You hummed quietly, nuzzling yourself further into your now husband’s chest. 
“Thank you, (Y/N).”
Thank you for reading! 
Taglist: @mrs-kuroojinguji​ @stcrryskies​ @deadontheinsidebut​ @karaseijoh​ @doodleniella​ @strawberriimilkshake​ @kenmakodzu​ @astrxrism​ @magnusthemes​ @tetsujime​ @miyastrology​ @satorispup​ @kuroolongtea​ @kuroos-babie​ @kurooslefttoe​ @kageyuji​ @cotton-hashira​ @animatedarchives​ @millie-mint​ @owlywrites​ @iwaizooming​ 
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kageyeaman · a year ago
mean it - bakugou x reader oneshot
anonymous asked: Hey I think the ‘sorry’ prompt could work well for our boy bakugou?! Thank you!
☆genre: angst, comfort, from my halsey prompt list
☆words: 1.5k
☆warnings: anxiety, self-worth issues, blood mention, it’s just sad all around, but it’s all ok!!
a/n: mmmmmmmmmm im upset,, thank u for requesting i hope u cry lmao
“sorry that i can’t believe that anybody ever falls in love with me.”
Katsuki didn’t mean it. 
One second, he was holding you firmly to his waist, enveloping your mouth with his own, breathing out a huff of lust as you raked your desperate hands through his hair, silently begging him for more, diminishing any remaining distance between the two of you in the darkness of his dorm room. 
The next, he was frozen, pushing you away, taking shuddered breaths, holding back his panic as he staggered to the door, leaving you hurt and confused on his bed.
He didn’t mean any of it.
He didn’t mean it when he ran outside, ignoring Kirishima’s call of ‘you okay?’ as he flew through the common room into the cool spring air. Fear was the only thing filling him up as he launched himself into the air, creating blast after blast just to cover the screaming in his head.
How could you let this happen?
What the hell are you doing?
Why did you leave?
After what seemed like an eternity of firing explosions into the night sky, Katsuki fell to his knees, dry heaving as he ground his forehead into the concrete. His hands were shaking, and he felt his legs give way, causing him to sink to the empty road with a thump. 
How could he have been so stupid? First, he spent a little too long watching you in your sparring matches. Second, he let his seemingly-permanent scowl melt a little every time he talked to you. Then, he made the mistake of falling in love with you.
The kicker was when you told him you loved him back.
Bakugou Katsuki, the hated devil of U.A, loved by someone who, in his eyes, could do no wrong? Impossible. He was ruthless, cruel to his classmates, brash, and caused trouble for everyone he met. In the eyes of the general public, he was nothing more than a degenerate who was lucky enough to have the aptitude and quirk to be successful. Without his power, he was a fire-breathing egotistical punk with no hope of amicability. 
So when you looked into his ruby eyes no more than an hour ago, in his dusk-lit room, and said with so much clarity and sincerity that you returned his feelings, he was astonished.
And then, when you kissed him, he was elated.
Until the voice in the back of his head reminded him of who he was, and that he had no right to hold you in the way he was, and suddenly the place where his hands met the skin of your waist turned ice cold.
And he ran.
 It wasn’t until he was being hoisted off the ground by a pair of hands that he realized he had practically charred away the skin of his palms. Chunks of dust and gravel littered his arms as he felt hot tears roll down his cheeks and registered a voice whisper something unintelligible to him. He felt numb. Worn down. So full of sadness and remorse. So empty.
“Katsuki, are you okay?”
The mere sound of your voice caused him to burst into tears again. Why were you here? Helping him? He left you with no explanation right when things seemed to finally turn good. Turned his back on you and ran like a scared little kid. You had every reason to leave well enough alone and forget anything had even happened.
But here you were, helping him off the ground, wiping the tears and grime off of his flushed cheeks, and shushing his whimpers.
He barely felt your hands cup around his neck and your thumbs rubbing at his clenched jaw. You were silent, trying to catch his gaze, and he felt his throat closing as you placed a kiss on the corner of his cracked lips.
“Katsuki,” you whispered, voice barely audible, “I don’t know what happened, but I’m sorry.”
His eyes weakly met your earnest ones. There was no sign of pity on your face. Just worry. For him. 
He scoffed. “You have nothing to be sorry for. I was the one who walked out on you.”
You frowned. “That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m sorry if what happened was too much. It was fast, and if I rushed things, I apologize.” You paused, then slid your hands down his arms and gently lifted his hands. “Are you okay?”
Katsuki watched as you looked over his palms, sucking in a breath at the sight of blood oozing from his skin. You looked back up at him. “Can I help you with this?”
Had it been anyone else, Katuski would have shoved them aside and grumbled something along the lines of ‘Shut up, I don’t need any help.’ But when you held his hands in your own and looked at him with such kind eyes, he couldn’t help but swallow his pride and nod.
You smiled. “Okay, let’s go back inside.”
No one questioned when the two of you came back into the common room. The silence that filled the room as you dug out the first aid kit from the kitchen was deafening, but you paid it no mind as you lightly grasped Katsuki’s wrist and led him up to your room.
Only when you were away from prying eyes and sitting on your mattress did he finally speak.
“I’m sorry.”
You stopped wrapping up one of his hands and blinked up at him.
“I’m sorry,” he said, “for leaving you like that.”
You looked down and resumed your work on his bandage. “It’s okay. Seriously, Katsuki.”
“No,” he urged, grasping your hands in his. You met his firm gaze again. “It’s not. I don’t want you to think it’s because I regret what happened. Because I don’t. I don’t regret a single thing that happened earlier. I need you to know that. I just...” 
He let out a shaky breath, and his eyes dropped to your joined hands.
  “I just have a hard time believing anyone could actually love me.”
 You stilled. Katsuki refused to meet your eyes, and he could feel heat creeping up his neck and frustrated tears pooling in his eyes. The last thing he wanted was to cry in front of you, again, so he tilted his face towards your ceiling and blinked them away. He bit down on his lower lip to keep it from trembling, and it was all he could do to not fall apart again.
And just as he felt like he was about to break, you pulled him into your chest.
“Oh, Katsuki…” you whispered.
He could feel your hands shaking where they rested on his back, and he could hear your heartbeat hammering in your chest. You let him rest his forehead on your collarbone and pressed a small kiss on the crown of his head. He couldn’t bring himself to break down again, having still been worn out from what happened outside, but he heaved a broken sob into your shoulder and felt his body go limp as you rubbed the back of his neck.
“I know this is all new to you, as well as me,” you began, “but please understand me when I say I love you no matter what. I have ever since I first met you. Yes, you’re rash and abrasive, and I know you’ve built up quite the reputation for yourself.”
He laughed weakly, tickling the skin of your neck.
“But, I don’t think most of the world is able to see past that. Because there is more past what you show on the surface. I know it. If I had thought you were an egotistical asshole and nothing more, I wouldn’t be here right now. You have more passion and drive than anyone I’ve ever met. And you’re smart, and you refuse to let anyone take your eyes away from your goal. That’s one of the things that drew me to you in the first place.
“You don’t know it, because no one’s probably ever said it to you directly, but you have such a strong influence in our class and in this school. You inspire everyone around you to try to surpass you, and if some people want to beat you out of spite, then so be it.
“But I know there are also people who want to beat you because they admire you. They see you as a point to reach, and they know that if they were to catch up with you, they’d be an indisputably great hero. I’m the same way.
“You are loved, Katsuki. In many different ways, by many different people. It’s just shown in different ways. I just happen to love you in the way that’s romanticized the most. And I’ll wait as long as I need to in order for you to believe me.”
Katsuki lifted his head from your shoulder. His eyes stung, and he knew he probably looked like a wreck, but the way you looked at him with such admiration and honesty made him forget all about his shortcomings. He pressed his lips together in a watery smile, and wrapped his strong arms around you in a hug. You immediately accepted, and ran your hands up and down his back. His voice was rough as he spoke, but his words told you he was on his way to believing his own worth. Not from his quirk. Not from his status. Just him, a young man who fell in love with the person who would change his life.
“Thank you, y/n.”
And he meant every word.
this one was challenging tbh, i had a hard time putting what i wanted to say about bakugou’s character into words, but i think i got my message across okay. this lyric was such a perfect fit for his character, and i really enjoy how this turned out !! anyways im gonna go wish i could actually give him a hug brb
 tags: @rayt0rade @ktdkp @noyasbithc @snooshiegrape @nerdygremlin @wolverrina @oikawasass @popsclique @sourbkg @daichi-stan @mysterypotatoink @cherry-pancakes @guavagator @katskidon 
send me an ask to be added to my taglists!
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beeeskneeess · 12 days ago
Hey, can I participate in the ask game if that's ok with you? I immediately thought of the number 5 haha and my intials are AR, emoji would be ‼️(lmao most recent one) and I decided to do it for you too bc why not‼️(hope that's ok?)
hello!! omg thank you for doing one for me 😭 but to answer that no i'm not, glad they care 🥺
for you i got If by Bread
lyrics that stood out:
The words will never show the you I've come to know. If a face could launch a thousand ships, Then where am I to go? There's no one home but you,
I'd be with you. Tomorrow and today, beside you all the way.
okay i feel like word cannot describe what they feel for you.I was actually getting stuck, I was like what should i write, but the feeling is soo deep. i can't write the feeling the song gives, it just something greater than adoration and love. Something greater than the feeling of home. When they are with you everything is different you make them feel things they can't put into words, it like living life in a new way, and a new perspective. you filter all the bad out and bring them soo much good. very poetic. very deep.
i hope this resonates!!
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gogolyeyes · 16 days ago
Cannot Be Saved
Tumblr media
pairing: Mahito x reader…?
genre: shitty angst lmao
word count: 292
a/n: this is terrible. but it’s all my mind could produce bc the lyrics are haunting me. lyrics ‘We Cannot Save You’ from song Parasite Eve
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You didn’t understand how you ended up in this situation. Deep within the sewers, being held tightly by rope, secured to a pipe against the wall. The school boy looked at you in terror, knowing some extent of the patchwork man’s ability. He knew that you wouldn’t last much longer when you were stuck here, and to avoid being hunted himself, he ignored your pleas to have him let you go.
“P-please!!! Let me go!” You’d thrash around, in hopes you could rattle the pipe free off the concrete, but to no avail. The rope only digs deeper into your skin while you move about uncontrollably. You could hear feet padding on the concrete, increasing in volume as it approached you. A chuckle booming through.
“My, my! It’s always so fun to see someone struggle to free themself.” The Patchwork man continued to laugh as he waved to the school boy, who you now know is named Junpei, to follow him. He hesitated, taking a worried glance at you, before treading behind the man, calling by his name.
“M-Mahito-San…why did we have to capture someone else?”
“Why not?”
You saw Mahito toss someone towards your direction, only for your eyes to widen as you heard the echo of ‘Idle Transfiguration’ come from his mouth, making whatever he tossed spring to life. Once they came to, the objects immediately started to crawl over you, reaching your throat, mouth, eyes, anything they could grab, as you tried to scream. Tears start streaming down your face, as you continue to thrash about, desperate to get these objects off you, only for you to suddenly freeze when you hear one talk, almost robotic like.
“We cannot save you…”
“We cannot save you…”
“We cannot save you…”
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n7punk · 8 months ago
iHTWcyn Fic Notes
iHTWcyn is done! Here are my meta notes for the fic, as well as links to the other meta I’ve already posted.
Post-fic life summary:
There’s a pretty clear picture of this in the epilogue anyway, but Catra and Adora end up adopting three kittens, two littermates and one kitten who is two years younger (though they adopt her a year later, when she is a few months old). They have to build an extension onto the house for the kids’ rooms and playroom, but there is plenty of room to do so in the country.
Finn is not Finn’s legal name, originally they and C’yra both had very traditional magicat names, but the humans couldn’t say Finn’s name right, and Finn didn’t like how “fancy” it was anyway, so the nickname ended up sticking around even after adoption. In this AU, magicats have three genders socially, and Finn identifies with this third gender.
Finn and C’yra were 29 months when they were adopted, so they barely remember before (but they are magicats, so they remember their parents a little), and Mara was six months old, so she remembers nothing. All three know they are adopted, although Catra jokes often that she found them under the porch one day.
Finn, C’yra, and Mara grow up with Angel and Scorpia and Perfuma’s zoo of five kids, as well as Mermista’s daughter. Adora and Catra live on the farm for the rest of their lives. The kids love the country, and all three inherited Adora’s love of horses, although C’yra has a rebellious phase in her teenage years where she pretends to hate them. It doesn’t work very well considering it only makes Adora sad and Catra is indifferent either way, but she keeps it up for a while just to be stubborn, and she is the most indifferent to animals of the three of them.
Finn decides at a young age that they want to be a farrier like Uncle Bow, but they end up becoming a full-on blacksmith instead, and even learn swordsmithing, much to Adora’s delight. They end up a professional blacksmith, but they make some sculptures and weaponry for commission as a side-business that helps them build up a reputation, even if it is less profitable.
Mara stays on the farm. She loves the animals and ends up following in Adora’s steps to care for them. She also takes up equestrian riding and competes in it through college, though Adora works hard to make sure she never feels like she has to place.
C’yra and Mara both go to Bright Moon for college (Finn apprentices in town), and C’yra ends up staying in the city to work, though she visits the farm often and her parents come to see her as well. They are only about an hour apart.
Having the kids didn’t magically heal Catra’s PTSD, but it helps her to work through it, and especially to feel unconditionally loved. Catra feels like she has truly beaten Shadow Weaver the first time she holds one of the kittens in her arms - it was C’yra, who was crying when Catra first laid eyes on her. She didn’t understand where her mother had gone and had been under the care of humans for a few weeks. She knew Catra wasn’t her mom, but when Catra gently picked her up and began to purr for her, it was the kind of relief that makes you burst into a fresh wave of tears. It was the closest thing to comfort she had felt in too long. Finn didn’t understand what was happening, but eagerly tucked into Catra’s side and hugged her hips as the adoption agent told Adora “Yeah, I’ll prioritize the paperwork. These kids need you.”
Catra needed the kids as much as they needed her. I’m not saying kids are healing for everybody - I don’t think Catradora even end up having them in canon - but in this exact case, they were great for Catra.
Songs for this AU: Just have the whole playlist fuck it, it’s a banger anyway. PVRIS – Let Them In, PVRIS – Separate, YONAKA – Guilty, PVRIS – St. Patrick, FLETCHER – Sh… Don’t Say It, FLETCHER – Forever, Jonas Blue & AWA – Something Stupid, Sleeping Wolf – Take Me To Heaven.
Chapter 1: Moving out (in)
Fun fact: I wrote my initial notes for iHTWcyn on December 12th, I just have so many AUs it took me this long to get to it.
The town set up was inspired by a number of “holiday” towns, though I won’t say which to avoid revealing any places I have lived. Basically, during the week it’s a normal small town, but on the weekend the population nearly doubles (once Angella’s plan launches, at least).
The cat is, of course, Melog, but when I first wrote about the stray I hadn’t actually decided if Melog would be a barn cat or one of the horses that took a shine to Catra yet. The stray was a metaphor for Catra and Adora, as well as a direct showcase of the way Adora has trained animals before and thus decides to try to tame Catra in a similar way.
Chapter 2: Circles (round and round)
Neither seat belts nor speed limits exist on ranches. Locks are also questionable.
The stockades line is a reference to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. When they bring Little Creek into the fort, they say they are going to put him in the stockades before the General intervenes and says to put him on the post. This is also the time to mention that the title of the fic is a lyric from the Spirit soundtrack, but I purposefully didn’t source it because I wanted people to out themselves as horse girls in the comments by asking me about it lmao.
Chapter 3: Testing (limits)
Mara didn’t just up and die – her cancer got to a stage where she could no longer work and she moved back in with her parents so they could care for her. Angella, Adora, and the rest of the staff at the ranch kept up with her for the few months before she passed on.
All of Adora’s furniture, most of her hats, and some of her clothes belonged to Mara. Mara basically left everything behind, knowing she didn’t have long left, and told Adora to take anything she wanted and sell everything she didn’t. Adora ended up driving into Bright Moon to donate all the clothes that didn’t fit her, but she kept everything else. The style isn’t exactly her preferred one, but she never minded it.
Chapter 4: Panic (attack)
CW suicide mention: Oof this chapter. It went through many iterations. The final version is a toned-down version of the initial draft. The original draft was: Adora found herself lusting after Catra and turned on but trying to kill the thoughts because Catra wasn’t interested in that kind of relationship. She decided to quietly get off one night, but thoughts of Catra filtered through, and then Catra picked up that Adora was thinking about her while getting off. Adora immediately panicked and was sending her I’m sorry over and over again, but then that started overwhelming Catra. Adora decided fuck it, all my thoughts are bad and bothering her, and took two of her sleep/anxiety meds that are basically tranquilizers so she would pass out and not bother her.
I always try to provide CWs for any content that I think might need it, but sometimes it is difficult to do without also spoiling some story beats. Given how heavy the CW for this chapter was, I really wanted to fully prepare anyone who might need it. I came up with the solution of having the shallow CW at the start of the chapter and posting the more spoilery version under a Read More over on my Tumblr, which I think ended up working quite well from the feedback I got on it. If I have any other heavy CWs in future fics I will probably do this again.
CW prescription drugs mention: The whole medication situation is a mirror of how Adora has no regard for herself in the show. She is willing to do something that helps her, but only if it benefits someone else. The medication used to be pretty necessary for her in the first 2 years or so after she got out, so it ended up being a positive back then. In the last few years it has transformed more into drugging herself for Catra’s benefit.
Glimmer shook her as soon as she closed her eyes because she thought Adora was passing out again.
CW prescription drugs mention: Glimmer and Adora had an entire conversation about the pills, when Adora got them, how she uses them, and what happened while Catra was driving there, though Adora was only half-awake for it. Part of that conversation was Adora telling Glimmer she couldn’t hug her even though she really want to because she was worried about it affecting Catra, hence Glimmer putting herself in isolation over by the wall.
Adora really just wanted to play with Catra’s ear. She thought tugging on it would make Catra grumble (she knows magicat kittens pull on ears and tails as part of playfighting) but she didn’t predict the reaction she got at all. At that point, she still thought she made Catra uncomfortable on Wednesday night and was determined not to think about anything sexual with Catra.
Twenty Dollar Charlie is a racehorse ass name, but also a play on two buck chuck. Casta named that horse (She lives and works in Bright Moon). She’s the vodka aunt, but that doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate wine.
Chapter 5: Tell me (everything I don’t know)
The outline for the fic included relationship stages. In fact, the outline for the fic was largely the worldbuilding, a few scenes such as the beginning of chapter four, and then these stages as goalposts that I wrote with the goal of reaching. The stages are: "leave me alone" > you're allowed in my presence > tentative friends > falling in love.
Adora not reaching out on Wednesday night “felt noteworthy” because it was. Catra set a boundary and Adora respected it. That is kind of a new experience for Catra. Scorpia had been her best friend, but Scorpia became her friend because she decided she was going to be friends with Catra and then didn’t give her a say in the matter. Perfuma suffers from a syndrome of believing she knows the best thing for her friends and pushing them in that direction – and she may even be right, but it isn’t respecting boundaries. Entrapta tries, but she also is never sure where boundaries are. Even Adora, at first, was listening to Catra say “no” and still trying to figure out how to make them friends – although that was partially because she could tell Catra didn’t mean it. If Catra had been genuinely uncomfortable with one of her actions – like when she reached out at the beginning of chapter 4 or when she “forced” Catra into petting Swift Wind and Catra began to panic about being moved – then she would immediately stop. Catra knows this – especially after she tested it with Swift Wind – but experiencing it in relation to her emotional state rather than physical is still new.
In the suit scene, Catra is dressed for bending Adora over, if you’re curious.
Chapter 6: Heat (stroke)
Catra “demanding joint custody” of Melog with something like this: it was during lunch, meaning everyone was within earshot, even Angella. Catra complained that Adora doesn’t give Melog enough attention, to which Adora responded that Melog doesn’t want it from her, and Catra said she wasn’t treating Melog right and “I want joint custody”. Glimmer was drinking and her diet coke immediately went shooting out her nose, which distracted everybody because that shit burns. After things were calm and cleaned up, Adora told Catra she could have custody, but that she doesn’t think Melog would do well in an apartment. “I guess you’ll just have to come visit him at the stables :)”. She ain’t slick. Catra allowed it though.
Yes, Adora powered through her duties in record time because she was jealous of Melog getting to cuddle Catra, even if it was cute as hell to watch.
I went back and forth on including heat because I wasn’t really interested in writing it again after finishing otos, but the angle of Adora experiencing it too interested me. It was really just an excuse to move Catra into Adora’s house that they both took readily.
From the outline, because it amuses me: [catra “temporarily” moving in. Catra settles in to snuggle in adora’s bed.]
Adora actually knows more about heats related to the soulbond because there is plenty of human literature on it and she has researched. Catra only really knows about the average heat experience because that is what is largely taught and discussed.
Chapter 7: Jockeying (for time)
CW: prescription drug mention. If chapter four hadn’t happened, the situation with Lonnie absolutely would have led to Adora taking her pills when she got home, was alone with her thoughts, and would have started spiraling about losing respect for the ranch if she lost (even though literally no one but locals even knows this race exists, much less the results of it).
Glimmer looked like she wanted to say something during the “confrontation” because she wanted to point out that Adora called it “our relationship”, but she held it back because Adora was upset by what she had done (with good intentions, but it isn’t respecting privacy).
I’m realizing now I never linked a photo of Swift Wind before, so here (pinterest link) is a photo of a white arabian IRL. I also got this fantastic fanart of Swift Wind. People did some cool fanart for this fic, which can be found in my fic fanart tag.
Y’all really just let me have a typo in the chapter name until I happened to notice today huh. Alright.
Chapter 8: Racing (against the clock)
Adora is referred to as “Angella’s youngest”, despite being a year older than Glimmer, because she is the “newest” member of the family. Her age isn’t a factor.
I was intending from all the way back in December for this fic to include trans Bow, and I was starting to worry at this point that I wasn’t going to be able to squeeze it in until the kids discussion at the very end, so I was glad when I managed to bring it up here.
Melog’s backstory: Melog is actually a fairly young/juvenile cat. He was dumped at a young age after he was born with blue eyes and they never changed colours, leading the inexperienced cat owner (who never intended for their outdoor cat to get pregnant in the first place) to believe he was blind. After he failed some improvised “tests”, the owner concluded that he was blind and they wouldn’t be able to sell him. They dumped him on a road a ways outside town, not wanting the kitten to come wandering back into town and someone to be like “Hey, didn’t the Wilkins just have a litter of grey kittens?” upon spotting him. Melog survived, living along the sides of the road system by hunting and scavenging, until the road eventually led them to the ranch and he immediately settled in.
The “turn-overs” Adora mentions they are going to miss are the rather-infamous apple turnovers a grandma in town makes.
Here’s the outline for the final scene of the chapter, because I think it’s funny: [in bed that night: --“what are we?” --“Shut Up greyskull” (hits her with pillow) --*begrudgingly* “we’re soulmates” --*heart eyes* “yeah we are”]
Chapter 9: Two hearts (joined together)
I kind of consider Chapter 8 the end of the “main arc” of the fic with chapter 9 as the epilogue to that arc, and 10 as a bonus.
If you saw me change the chapter title three times no you didn’t <3 I was listening to the soundtrack and decided it made more sense to circle around on the source of the title as a way to “close the loop”. The lyric was also one of my initial contenders for the title of the fic. It’s from “Brothers Under The Sun”.
Glimmer and Bow do have rings, they just never wear them because they are dangerous to have on when it comes to farm work.
Catra thinking about Glimmer and Bow still goofing off and having a life - and especially in reference to them wearing horse masks - is a reference to this AMAZING comic meta did. They reblogged the tiktok that inspired it and I couldn’t get enough of it or stop thinking about it with HTW so they indulged me lol.
Scorpia and Catra kissed in college. Catra couldn’t be comfortable kissing a stranger until she kissed someone she trusted and wasn’t hurt by it, but there was also no feelings from either of them because, despite Scorpia having a crush on Catra initially, she was a huge believer in the romance of soulmates and her crush died once she found out Catra was “already spoken for”, despite Catra protesting otherwise (another example of Scorpia not listening to her friend). Adora didn’t feel it at the time because there was no desire or anything like that and the bond wasn’t strong enough for her to feel what Catra was doing. She felt Catra’s nerves, and that there was contact, but that was it.
Perfuma and Scorpia’s dog is Emily.
Through the final chapter (and, honestly, the rest of her life), Catra continues to have some bad days, though they get rarer. They become a bit more common again when first C’yra and then Mara go away to college, but she has come a long way, and eventually during those bad days she doesn’t need space from Adora, even if she has difficulty talking or being social. I didn’t show them in the final two chapters, merely referencing them, because I had shown them plenty throughout the fic, and especially in Chapter 8 showed how Adora handled them once they were living together, plus I wanted to focus on a) the comfortable moments of their life as Catra realizes how much she wants to be here/with Adora, and then b) the arc of Catra’s relationship with children.
Chapter 10: Kittens (Epilogue)
So this chapter actually started as a canon one-shot in my brain, but the problem is I just don’t really see them as having kids in canon. I woke up over a month ago, possessed with this idea, and wrote a 2k one-shot about it, and then looked at it like “I’m never posting this.”
... Until HTW. This was a fic where I could see Catra wanting to have kids one day, and especially getting a lot of closure from her own childhood by doing so.
I rewrote every scene in that initial fic, working my way through it and adding in more scenes to integrate it with the narrative within HTW, including adding the scene with the kittens at the end.
Just tacking on to the end to say if there was ever a term in this fic you didn’t understand, check this wikipedia page, because I got a lot of information off it (either directly, or from it leading me down a rabbit hole).
Original outline:
Like the majority of my fics, the first draft of the outline was angstier than the final version. Instead of Catra being transferred out, Entrapta was the one who got transferred to get a new assembly-line factory set up in the small town to transform it from a farm to a factory town. Catra moved out with her because she couldn’t afford to live on her own and got a delivery job that forced her to make runs out to the ranch often. (In this version, Scorpia and Perfuma were already living together).
I scrapped this because a) I didn’t like that direction for the town, b) ranches don’t really use Favor, and c) the “Catra raging about being transferred out” plotline came to me and I loved it. I wanted Catra to take on a role that would force her to be at the ranch often without actually forcing her and Adora together without them making an effort for it.
Most scenes from the original outline made it into the fic. The only major changes were that the fic was initially supposed to take place over a longer timespan (just with more time between all the events), but when I started writing it that just didn’t make sense. Catra was supposed to be reluctant to even talk to Adora for like two-three months, and that just didn’t happen while I was writing it.
Ref #1: Hybrid cowboy hat
Extra #1: Soulmates
Extra #2: Half-Moon
Ref #2: Catra’s boots
Ref #3: Adora’s formal outfit
What’s Next:
Next is All She Gives (Not Enough), my escort/sugar mommy AU. I plan to start posting it some time in the next week.
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virgojeons · 11 months ago
true love; day two (jjk)
Tumblr media
summary: you and jungkook spend your first christmas together.
alternatively, a merry love story based on the lyrics of true love by ariana grande.
* read part one here
genre: fluff, humor, college au, established relationship, holiday series, jeon jungkook x reader
word count: 5.7k
warnings: cursing, implied sexual content, slight angst, excessive use of pet names
a/n: hello again!! thank u all so much for all the love on the first part of true love. honestly, this entire thing was supposed to be wrapped up before christmas so i truly apologize lmao but i hope u guys are still willing to read!! and i hope u love this one just as much. thank u again and happy holidays!!! <3
Tumblr media
on the second day of christmas, said you felt something's missing, so you promised me that promise ring to keep 'till we get old.
Tumblr media
Much to Jungkook's dismay, you were exactly the type of Christmas shopper he had always despised. The unprepared, frantic shopper who saved all their gift buying until the last possible moment and then took their procrastination out on everyone else. In Jungkook's head, he had pictured the first morning you two spent together during your holiday a lot differently. He spent a good amount of time fantasizing about the way you would look when he opened his eyes to you, how you always appeared so unguarded and dreamlike with the early morning sun hitting your face. How that was when you were at your softest, so pliant and eager to get close to him that you'd let him do just about anything he wanted. He imagined greeting you gently, pressing kisses on your warm skin and pulling the covers back over you two until he worked you awake in the best way he knew how.
Instead, Jungkook was getting a pillow to the head.
"This is the third time I've had to come in here and wake you up." You huffed. You were also trying your absolute hardest to ignore how cute he looked while rubbing his sleepy eyes.
"I really don't remember that." He drowsily pouted.
Okay, you felt sort of bad now. Maybe you shouldn't have thrown a pillow at him. But with each time you came back to see if he was up and ready, he only seemed to snuggle deeper into your sheets. Which would've been fine any other time, would've been welcomed actually. But you had a busy schedule today, and he knew that.
He also knew exactly what to say to get you to leave him alone for a few more minutes.
The longer you stand here watching me the less time you'll have to get ready had you leaving the room with a roll of your eyes and a new pep in your step. I'm up, baby, I'm up. Don't worry. One soft, sleepy smile sent your way after and you were stumbling back out of the room, mumbling to yourself about willpower and resisting temptation. Just as he intended.
And now, the third visit.
"I'm sure you don't," You deadpanned. "But you're thirty minutes behind schedule, Kook."
Jungkook knows that almost every move you make in your life has been planned to hell and back. In complete contrast to his personality, you're a calculated, meticulous woman. You use your notes app approximately five times more than the average person, you make a list of pros and cons for practically every situation. He knows that you have a detailed itinerary spread out in your mind if not in your notes, and if you didn't follow through with a sufficient amount of those plans, you got cranky. (Which also makes no sense to him, because he figured all of these qualities would make for an efficient, three-weeks-too-early Christmas shopper. But, well. It doesn't.) Depending on the day and both of your moods, he liked to put his life in danger and meddle. Liked to wreck your plans, liked to watch your resolve crumble as he made you draw outside your own lines. Admittedly, experimenting with how much prodding you could take was one of Jungkook's favorite pastimes. As mean as it was, he couldn't help but find it entertaining. You were cute when irritated and the things that flew out of your mouth when you were annoyed were hilarious. It also often led to great sex. Sue him.
So as Jungkook sees it, he has two options. He could do as you ask, refrain from poking a hole in your plans and spend his entire day at the mercy of you and that crazed mall. Or, he could simply pretend to go back to sleep and pray that it annoys you enough to make you leave him alone altogether.
He blinks, ticks his head to the side and considers his choices. You're all too familiar with that deliberately contemplative look on his face, but when he's throwing the blanket back over his head and loud, exaggerated snores fill your room, you're still rolling your eyes so far back into your head it hurts.
You scoff. "The twenty-one year old computer science major."
You're pretty hesitant to feed into your boyfriend's antics, considering the fact that you're a very stubborn person and generally don't enjoy letting other people win debates of any degree. With all of this being said, Jungkook's prayers are answered. You decide you officially don't have time for this anymore. Truth be told, you were really looking forward to spending the day shopping with him, and couldn't wait to go out and do some totally pointless yet fun Christmas activity afterwards. But his dedication to being absolutely impossible at the ass crack of dawn was a little unbelievable. And not in a good way. So with that, you're grabbing your purse from beside your table and exiting your room without a word. It's the sound of your footsteps gradually descending down the stairs that has Jungkook sitting straight up in your bed.
"Baby?" He calls.
You think that you want to make him feel guilty for forcing you to shop by yourself. The devil on your shoulder also tells you to make him feel a small fraction of the disappointment you're feeling right now. Deep down, you feel a little bad. You're possibly (definitely) overreacting and waiting an extra thirty minutes or so probably (obviously) wouldn't kill you. The inner morality battle makes you pause, has you waiting for the angel on your other shoulder to talk you down.
As it turns out, she's nowhere to be found. Oh well. This comes as no surprise to you. And so, you proceed to kill two birds with one stone.
"I made your favorite," You eventually respond, in the process of slipping on your shoes. "It's in the microwave. Hope you enjoy your sleep."
Your sarcastic parting words have their desired effect, and Jungkook feels like enjoying sleep is just about the last thing on earth he'd be able to do right now. For one thing, he's not even tired anymore. And for another, he actually feels pretty terrible now thanks to that entire interaction. Before he can even think of a response, the sound of the front door being shut and locked echoes upstairs. Jungkook is met with silence.
In the car, you're forcibly listening to Here Comes Santa Claus to will away any negative feelings you have towards your boyfriend.
In the kitchen, Jungkook stands before the microwave. He quickly comes to realize that his nonexistent chocolate chip pancakes were simply a result of your ever-charming need for vengeance.
Tumblr media
The mall is just as hellish as you'd envisioned.
It'd only been a little over an hour and a half since you started your shopping, and you had already dealt with two bitchy old ladies and a cranky saleswoman that looked like she craved death. Nevertheless, your notes app checklist had been checked to its completion. Well, save for one exception: Park Jimin.
For as long as you'd known him, Jimin and picky went hand in hand. Picky with his food, his clothes, his friends - you name it, and he probably had a specific set of restrictions to it. It was just the way he was, and while you loved your best friend to pieces, he was hard to please.
Cue where Jungkook comes in. Ugh.
Being the person you were, you rose to the occasion and made it your personal mission to get Jimin the gifts he deserved. But you had been hoping that having Jungkook with you would make the whole process a little easier on you this time around. Of course, you've given Jimin really good presents in the past. But there's only so many times you can brainstorm such genius gift ideas on your own.
Exhibit A: A little over a year ago, Jimin was going through this random astrology and space phase. So naturally, you bought him a framed personalized star map for his birthday. He didn't really know what he was looking at until you were explaining that it was a map of what the sky and stars looked like the night he was born. He was in tears immediately after. Not to toot your own horn or anything, but it was pretty safe to say you nailed that.
Exhibit B: Around the time of Christmas last year, Jimin had been whining for days about how society had become too modernized.
Robots are decades away from taking over the world! He yelped in the library, eyes wide and arms raised in frustration. Our children have fried their brains from viral dances and Wall-E is a literal foretelling of what this planet is on the brink of!
You didn't have the heart nor energy to point out how societal evolution was inevitable and had been happening for centuries B.J. (Before Jimin, don't laugh) and would continue on for centuries A.J. (After Jimin). More selfishly, your librarian hated his guts and you got a good laugh out of her threatening to kick him out every time he raised his voice over a decibel. So instead, you made it so he unwrapped a brand new record player from you on Christmas Day. You dragged him to your car right after, let him pick three vinyls out at your local record store and took him to some old-fashioned diner out of town. He ate a burger, a strawberry milkshake, played his favorite oldie on the pretty chromatic jukebox and smiled the entire way home. Jimin never complained about modernized society again.
And so, as earlier stated, you had given Jimin some good presents in your time as friends. But this year, you wanted to get him a great present. It was well known that you were an excellent gift giver, since you were a diligent perfectionist through and through. Despite the way you came off at times, everyone around you knew you were really just a big baby with an even bigger heart and a need to make the people you loved happy. A true people pleaser. Thus, came your frustration with Jimin's gift.
You always felt like you owed Jimin a lot, but even more so this year. This year, he brought you Jungkook.
Jungkook. Ugh.
Thoughts about what life would be like if Jimin never introduced you two popped up in your mind quite frequently. You figured Jungkook and you would've eventually crossed paths at some point, with both of you attending the same college and him working at your favorite café and all. But you were a shy girl at heart, and you know you would've spent the remainder of your senior year harboring a devastating crush on him from afar if it weren't for Jimin.
Finding a gift to properly express just how thankful you were was proving to be impossible. Jungkook was supposed to be here, hand on your waist and giving you stupid suggestions with that stupid pretty smile on his lips that you would pretend to be annoyed at and kissing your stress away and laughing in your ear and-
Instead, you were sitting in the mall food court by yourself. Despondently pushing the now cold orange chicken around in your styrofoam container.
Embarrassing as it was, it was also pretty expected when you felt your internal frustrations manifest into physical tears. It was too easy for things to permeate the little bubble you had built around yourself, all too effortless for tears to instantly spring to your eyes at the simplest of things. (Jungkook hated seeing you get all teary-eyed for obvious reasons, but also loved that about you for other, less appropriate reasons.) Long story short, you were a crybaby, which meant you could always sense when you were about to cry over something stupid. Knew it before you even felt that stinging sensation in your nose or the wetness at your waterline. Lovely, you think to yourself. I'm about to cry in the middle of a food court.
And then a chair was being scraped across the floor and placed directly across the table from you. You didn't even need to look up to know who was sitting in it, because it happened anytime he was in the same room as you. You just knew.
You quickly blinked until the tears were gone and looked up anyway, fixed your face to mask your relief with indifference. You cleared your throat. "How'd you find me?"
Jungkook, pretty as ever, waved his phone at you. "I always have your location. Remember?"
He looked so dreamy, so handsome in that winter jacket and holiday sweater with his hair like that. Plus, his effort had your heart melting. You kind of wanted to drag him into a janitor's closet or something.
"Right," You responded monotonously, popping an orange chicken in your mouth. It was mostly to keep yourself from kissing him silly.
Jungkook's smile dimmed a bit at your passiveness. He wasn't sure what mood you'd be in when he found you, but he knew he had to at least try. He couldn't sit there by himself, constantly getting worked up and wallowing in his pessimism until you came home. And he also couldn't just let you marinate in your anger all day. Tracking you down was more or less the only solution he could think of.
"Look," He starts, voice soft while he reaches for your hand. "About this morning, I'm really sorry. I just had, like, this vision of us waking up together and... nevermind. It doesn't really matter. The point is, we have all week to sleep in and I should've respected what you had going on. I was being childish and selfish and-"
You crack.
You're leaning over the table and pressing your lips against his before he can even wrap up his speech. Partly because you know Jungkook is so pure that he really would apologize for hours if you let him, but mostly because he looked so pouty when he was saying sorry and you missed him a lot this morning too.
When you pull away, you take great pleasure in the dumbfounded expression on his face. “How'd you get here, handsome?”
"Uh... an Uber," He flushes, and scratches the back of his neck. "Aren't you mad at me?"
Seeing him squirm like this reminds you of your early days in the coffee shop when you were still dancing around each other. The thought has you trying desperately to cover the growing smile on your face.
"Mhm. Sure am."
Unfortunately for you, the smile is contagious.
"Doesn't look like it," Jungkook points out, and his shoulders shake when he laughs at you.
"I am!" You insist, before you realize that your heart is fluttering and your stomach is doing somersaults and the very last thing you feel right now is anger. It's over. "Okay, well, I was. Not so much now that you're here."
He's scrunching his nose up at the accidental fondness in your voice. "You missed me, baby?"
"A lot," You admit, blushing so hard you can't even meet his gaze. "But if it makes you feel any better, I was really mad on the way here. I had Here Comes Santa Claus on repeat and stopped at Starbucks to order a black coffee."
Jungkook frowns. "Why would that make me feel better? You hate black coffee and you said Here Comes Santa Claus makes you want to chew a glass ornament."
"Exactly. The deep hatred I hold for those two things really distracted me from my irritation with you."
Jungkook breathes out a laugh, shaking his head like he can't believe you. He probably can't.
"I really am sorry, though."
"Thank you. I forgive you, and I'm sorry too," You say, taking great interest in tracing over the tattoos on his knuckles. When you look up, he's raising an eyebrow at you in confusion. "For saying I made you chocolate chip pancakes when I didn't. That was mean."
"It was," He agrees, but he's smiling like it was the nicest thing that's ever happened to him. "I love you."
"I love you too, Kook." All you can think about is how gorgeous he looks when he looks at you like that.
But he's eyeing your food now, and you know exactly what's coming next. "By the way, are you gonna eat that?"
Tumblr media
Back at the mall, Jungkook was expecting to do a lot more groveling. He came prepared, which was why the black box you'd seen yesterday was currently burning a hole through his pocket. He'd like to think he knew you pretty well, better than anyone probably. Even still, when Jungkook panicked, his brain was practically useless. He was a carefree, laidback guy, was never good at working under pressure, and never good at handling confrontation well. Especially when it came to you.
He would like to say he didn't consider himself to be afraid of many things. He's bungee jumped off a cliff before. Backwards. He's been dropped in an ocean full of sharks with a flimsy cage as his only means of protection. He's eaten an entire box of Namjoon's favorite cereal while drunk and had to avoid him for a whole week after. So yeah, Jungkook knows fear. He prided himself on just how well he knew it. But this feels completely different. He's 100% sure he's never experienced fear quite like this.
He loved you so much it scared him. He was terrified of losing you, in any and all capacity. The thought alone made him feel genuinely sick. Jungkook had never been insecure, never really had a reason to be, but he knew himself, and he knew you.
He knew he still had that kiddish streak in him that twenty-one year old men graduating from college probably shouldn't have. He knew that his laidback personality did more harm than good at times, could even result in communication issues between the two of you every once in a while. He knew that this was his first serious relationship and that meant he was prone to make mistakes. Jungkook also knew that you deserved someone more mature, more stable, someone that could mirror and reciprocate all the aspects of your personality he loved so much. It was an indisputable fact.
He'd paced across your kitchen floor at least twenty times by the time Jimin picked up the phone.
He groaned as a greeting. "It's 9am."
"Yeah, I'm aware. I'm sorry. But look-"
"Shouldn't you be on your Horny Holiday Honeymoon? Where's ____?"
(Jimin came up with the term weeks ago when you two told him of your future Christmas plans, making fun of Jungkook for being so whipped and also grumbling about how he would have to drive home for Christmas by himself this year.)
Jungkook pinches his nose. "That's what I'm calling about. And please stop calling it that."
"I'm not gonna lie, Kook. You have 10 seconds to say something interesting before I go back to sleep."
"...I might've done something to upset ___ and she might've been so pissed that she left me in the house alone. Hypothetically speaking."
There's a tense, drawn out silence that has Jungkook plopping onto the couch in preparation. Jimin may be his best friend, but he's also yours, and he tends to take your side in most arguments. It's whatever. He blinks up at the ceiling and counts the seconds it takes until he's being verbally assaulted.
7... 8... 9...
"What the hell did you do, idiot?"
A deep sigh leaves Jungkook's throat at the thought of having to explain his idiocy out loud. He does it anyway, though, because Jimin is a lot like him; easygoing, happy-go-lucky, and overbearingly protective of all things involving you. He's managed to work himself up all over again by the time he's finished, and one look at the Polaroid of you two that you placed on the Christmas tree last night is enough to have him pacing again.
"Well," Jimin sighs, like there's only one obvious answer. "You have to give her one of the presents."
"Excuse me?"
Jimin thinks Jungkook is an absolute idiot. "You have to give her one of the presents. She'll deny it 'till she's six feet under, but grand romantic gestures are her weakness. You know how she is. And she told me she thinks it's cute when you're begging for her forgiveness, so."
"Won't that ruin all the fun of Christmas Day?" He whines. His chaotic thoughts and insuppressible mouth leave no time for Jimin to answer. "She's gonna break up with me, Chim."
Jimin tries his hardest not to hang up, he really does. He keeps repeating the sentence in his mind, attempting to maintain the role of a supportive best friend. But the more he does it, the more his patience wears thin. He just can't deal with the sheer brainlessness of it all.
And then Jungkook hears a click and the dial tone in his ear.
"What the fuck?" He thinks out loud. He stares at his phone, and then dials Jimin's number again. When it picks up, he repeats himself. "What the fuck?"
"I'm sorry, but you literally woke me up from a dead sleep to talk stupid."
"How is this stupid talk?" Jungkook sulks.
Jimin lets his eyes drift back closed and imagines Jungkook has his eyebrows furrowed, his bottom lip poking out like a scolded puppy. He doesn't need to be told his vision is accurate.
"That girl would believe the earth is flat if you were the one saying it. She loves you, Jungkook. You know that. Just like you know she'd never break up with you. Like, anytime soon at least." Jimin's joke falls on deaf ears. "Alright, sorry. I'm still half asleep. Point is, you need to get out of your own head."
At some point, Jungkook stopped pacing. He wasn't exactly sure when it happened, but he didn't feel like the world was crashing down around him anymore, so that was a plus. He takes a second to let Jimin's words permeate all the presumptuous, self-conscious parts of his brain. The little black box hidden in the Christmas stocking with your name on it seemed to glow from the across the room.
"You're right," Jungkook says easily. "Thanks, man."
"Yeah, you're welcome. I just saved your relationship, by the way, so Merry Christmas. That's the only present you're getting for making me drive home alone."
"You're kidding, right?"
Jimin smiles for the first time that morning. It's definitely more of a smirk, but. "Sure. Go get your girl."
Which leads Jungkook back to his current surroundings; one hand intertwined with yours while the other holds the hot chocolate you two picked up on the drive over. You'd been insistent about revisiting this place for months now, but schedules and school and life just got in the way. Both of you had nothing but time now, though, and it was with an excited giggle that you were pulling him towards the playground that held your first two milestones as a couple. Your very first date and very first kiss.
It wasn't as busy as it was that night, Jungkook notes as you tug him to the swing set. It wasn't busy at all, actually. You two were the only people around. It was a given considering it was the dead of winter, but it only continued to add to his nerves.
You letting go of his hand to sit on the swing has Jungkook breaking out of his thoughts, and he takes the swing next to you. It's not even noon yet, which meant everything was still so crisp and fresh. The air was cold and the wind was even colder, made you tangle your legs with Jungkook's so he was facing you directly. You've got this glossy shine over your eyes from the harsh temperature and he can tell you're feeling nostalgic just from the way you're holding onto him. It's in the way you shut your eyes for a second and just breathe, too. He watches you the whole time, takes a brief intermission from his anxious inner monologue to think about how pretty you are. When you open your eyes you're smiling, and try as he might, Jungkook can't help but smile back.
"It's nice, right?" You finally ask. Frankly, Jungkook hasn't felt this sick since the night he told you he loved you. "Feels like it's all coming full circle."
"It does." He distractedly agrees.
You know something's wrong from the tone of his voice alone. He can't even look at you now, and Jungkook's always been the better eye contact holder out of the two of you.
"Hey," You're calling out softly, placing a hand on his thigh. "What's wrong? This isn't about earlier, right?"
Jungkook shakes his head. "It's not. I mean, I guess so? Kind of."
"Kook, I already told you-"
"No no, I know. It's just..."
Like clockwork, his vague but loaded responses immediately have you spiraling. When you're jerking your hand from his thigh and burying your face in your hands with your eyes squeezed shut, Jungkook knows he's messed up. Again.
"Oh my god, you're breaking up with me," You wail, and his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. "I'm getting dumped on Christmas!"
Jungkook realizes then that you two function in scarily similar ways. Both of you so quick to assume the worst, quick to let your usually suppressed doubts overshadow any rationality. So much so that he knows Jimin would've called you both idiots in that exasperated voice he uses when he's tired of being subjected to your stupidity.
The thought makes him chuckle, and the sound of his laugh has you slowly peeking through the slots in your clasped hands. It's pretty clear from the look on his face that you jumped to conclusions a little prematurely. Needless to say, the embarrassment you're feeling makes you defensive.
"That was an asshole move." You scold.
Jungkook is expecting it and has the audacity to snort. "You know by now that's never happening."
The word never has your heart instantly roaring back to life.
"Never?" You reiterate.
Below you, his leg is shaking rapidly. You're searching his face and he's so nervous he's going pale, and you can't contain the giggle that leaves you despite how you're suddenly feeling just as tense. You use your legs to pull his body even closer to yours, reach an arm behind him to bury your fingers in his hair and scratch at his scalp. Just as expected, he's leaning into it immediately. Jungkook drunkenly told you weeks ago that it was the eighth wonder of the world and you've been using it against him ever since. The memory causes you to grin as you press a soft kiss to his nose and he can't stop thinking about how in love he is and the black box in his pocket has never felt heavier.
"It's just me," You soothe.
Jungkook breathes out a laugh, because that's exactly what the problem was. It's you. He pecks your cheek in response and finally decides to just rip the band-aid off. He takes a deep breath. Here it goes.
"To be honest, I thought you were gonna make me do some serious groveling. And I was like, freaking out when you left me back at your place. So I called Jimin and he called me an idiot and hung up on me." The sight of your smile and the sound of your laugh gives him the encouragement he needs to keep talking. He pushes on. "But after he got that out the way he gave me a pretty good idea. So..."
He starts to fumble around his pocket, and you recognize what it is as soon as it makes an appearance.
The box he practically threw himself to the ground to hide from you last night.
Now, you're a lot of things, but you're not stupid. And you know only one thing can be in a jewelry box that small.
The weight of the moment finally sinks in and almost knocks you from your seat on the swing. One look at Jungkook and you're clutching onto the sides for dear life, blinking rapidly at the sudden urge you had to throw up. Or faint. Maybe even both. Ring, your mind screams at you. There's a ring in there and you know it. And for the final nail in your own coffin, the word you'd been desperately trying to keep from infiltrating your thoughts for months now rears its ugly head. Marriage.
Like breathing, like blinking; your answer comes naturally. It's automatic. Like you were never meant to do anything else but say it. And all at once, tears are streaming down your face.
Jungkook spots the wetness on your cheeks and immediately springs into action. "Baby," His voice is filled with concern when he cups your cheeks, and- oh my god, you were really crying now. "Baby, baby. It's okay. It's not what you're thinking. Well, it's not what I think you're thinking."
Oh. Oh.
His thumbs gently swipe the tears off your cheeks, and you feel so high-strung, so insane, that you start laughing through all your blubbering. It just hits you that you, a soon to be college graduate, had quite literally said yes to Jungkook's not-marriage proposal without any real thought or hesitance at all. You've known him for just a few months shy of a year. The answer took less than three seconds.
Eh. You'd deal with the repercussions of what exactly that meant later.
Jungkook thinks you look like an angel when you laugh, even when you're crying. He has absolutely no idea what you think is so funny but he's laughing along with you anyway and can actually feel the adoration he has for you radiating off of him in waves. A kiss is planted on his lips, all wet and messy because you can't stop giggling in embarrassment and he's more than willing to forget the box between you in favor of pressing his lips into yours. But then you're slowly pulling away, sniffling and still smiling, wiping your eyes with the sleeve of your coat.
"I'm so sorry," You flush, cheeks burning and head spinning. At this point it was hard to tell if you were kiss-drunk or I-almost-just-went-from-girlfriend-to-fiancé-drunk. "You're definitely thinking about how unhinged I look right now."
He shakes his head and gives you those serious eyes. "I'm actually thinking about... how I think you're the best thing that's probably ever happened to me. How these past nine months are the happiest that I've ever been. And about how I've never felt like this before, don't think I ever could after you, and," Jungkook looks up from his shoes to see you crying again. He's swallowing and choking out a nervous laugh to keep from following suit. "We graduate this year, right? We're supposed to get our shit together and become real functioning adults that pay bills and own pets and all that other stuff I've been tuning out for the past four years. I really think- no, I know that I'd hate it a lot less if you did it with me. Like, uh, together. Only if that's what you want too, of course." And you just can't stop crying, hiccups and all. Couldn't manage a word even if you tried. It has him anxiously tacking on a, "Hopefully?" just for good measure, in true Jungkook fashion.
"I love you so much, you idiot," You actually whimper. "Of course I want that. Everything you said, all of it."
Yeah, Jungkook knows for a fact now that you're the best thing to ever happen to him.
If anyone asked, he absolutely did not have to blink away tears as he opened the box to you, listened to your quiet gasp and felt his heart threaten to beat out of his chest as he slid it on your finger. (An exact fit. Thanks Jimin.)
You just needed to know one thing. "Why a ring?" Shit. Wait. "Not that I don't like it! It's literally perfect. It's perfect and I love it so much. I'm just curious."
"It's supposed to be a promise ring," He explains, and- is he blushing? "Sorry. I was so nervous I forgot to say that. I was gonna give it to you on Christmas but-" An abrupt thought makes Jungkook halt. There's a delayed pause before he asks, "Wait, did you really think I was...?"
His sentence trails off like he's waiting for you to fill in the rest of the sentence yourself. Luckily for him, your mind just proved mere minutes ago that it was more than capable of jumping to the conclusion of M-word. Now you're the one blushing. 
Quick to scoff in faux bewilderment, you lie straight through your teeth. "No, of course not."
If Jungkook can tell you're bluffing, he doesn't make it known.
Instead you're scrambling to abandon your swing in favor of throwing yourself onto his lap, pressing tiny kisses to his lips over and over like personal space was a foreign concept that you'd never exercised in your life.
"Mmf, love you," He manages to tell you in between.
"And I love you," You say back when you're finished, with this big dopey grin on your face that you were far too happy to cringe at. "You're freezing, Kook. Let's get you home."
Home, his lovesick brain repeats back to him. The word sounds different in the best way.
"Can we make a quick stop on the way?"
Tumblr media
In the car, Jungkook has a mouthful of chocolate chip pancakes. All is right in the world.
Tumblr media
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dadzathechaosgod · 11 months ago
Favourite Stream Moments!
Streamed by Philza on Twitch on Sunday 10th of January 
Dream smp
Time to (attempt to) revive wilbur!
eret has a plan but phil does not know what that plan is exactly
tommy is messaging him lmao
he does not appear to be aware that phil is streaming lol
phil both hates and loves the different pogchamps
there’s another enderman and a bunny in a boat now
lmao ranboo got that god-sword from tftsmp but it’s actually exactly the same as his usual sword
Lmao ghostbur keeps falling down the hole of l’manberg
phil is suggesting that the friend that died during doomsday, which was actually gifted by dream, might’ve been a fake friend lmao
“are you saying that the dream smp is full of unreliable narrators?”
phil is still figuring out the perfect angle to trident pearl to l’manberg
“is this friend?” *is a literal polar bear*
“cows are just like sheep but bad”
“you cant dye a chicken blue, and i’ve tried”
“i’m pretty good at opening cans! i bite them with my teeth”
(i’m not mentioning who is saying these but i bet yall can figure it out)
“swiss multitool wilbur”
“you just ram my face into a bottle and eventually it’ll open”
“can i go inside the prison?” “i don’t think you want to go inside the prison”
“i’ve never been inside the prison” “i have, it’s terrifying” mood ranboo
rip wilbur never got a funeral, as opposed to schlatt
“not yet, phil, not yet” -after phil accidentally tridents wilbur
also there’s brewingstands and tnt
ghostbur remembers his death really clearly and is suggesting reciting the exact same words
tommy is here rip
ghostbur assigned ranboo the role of tubbo, and eret is eret
wilbur can’t concentrate because tommy is here
“there’s a part here and sad-ist animated it”
oof the lines
chat is just all o7
ghostbur went from reciting his lines to coldplay lyrics back to his lines
rub it in that eret was the traitor will ya wilbur
ghostbur did not actually like the sword and is delaying it lol
tommy is only now finding out they’re resurrecting wilbur today lmao
also ghostbur doesn’t want to go awww
now he’s asking tommy if he wants wilbur back
phil did it.
ghostbur is gone???
phil is only now mentioning the books that talk about totems
tommy is mad at phil now
ghostbur is back but he’s still ghostbur
tubbo is here now?
ranboo lost his role now aww
ghostbur is now gghostbur, aka double ghost, and is very mad at that
there were two people in  the dark where gghostbur went before he came back???
(alivebur and schlatt?)
option b: totem of undying pog?
none of them have one
gghostbur is willing to go back to the void bc the people there are lovely apparently
techno has a totem :eyes:
“i dont think i’ve ever seen a salmon and not eaten it” WILBUR NO
they’re looking for friend now before they’re gonna rob techno
ghostbur will just get another g at the front of his name every time he dies lol
phil is concerned about the people ghostbur saw
“when i see people it doesn’t go well, just in general” MOOD RANBOO
phil still really has no idea where anything is on the server lmao
wilbur just left the game???
they found friend!
ghostbur is still gone tho
phil complained about the ruins on the server and ranboo is just like “well one of those is your fault”
lets play the game called “is this pc-issues or actual roleplay” again
uh oh fundy is asking what they’re doing
“wilbur’s router is now canon, it’s got to have it’s own wiki page, it’s got two canon lives left”
fundy is here now uh oh
tubbo is pillaging l’manhole for granite???
gghostbur is back!
it is indeed friend!!
time to speedrun murdering gghostbur and resurrecting wilbur
gghostbur is now just butchering the “it was never meant to be” in all ways possible lmao
and now to not pull friend off a cliff
they don’t actually know if friend has infinite canon lives?
“but we’re all reliable narrators here”
fourth wall? what fourth wall
“im not even sure if the button works! strokey strokey~”
he does not want to go back lmao
ranboo doesn’t actually know schlatt lmao
ah it’s ggghostbur rip
ggghostbur is sick and tired of this not working
they’re going for the totem option
tubbo suggested the outpost but it doesn’t actually work on easy
glatt is still in vc lmaooo
ohhh glattbur is happening already lmao
ggghostbur blacks out when glatt speaks
they really need the totem
glatt is just occasionally popping in lmao
is it ggglattbur now?
now they’re theorising about who the third person is
as does chat the entire time already lol
“a voice from the heavens?” tubbo isn’t physically here lmao, apparently he’s skyping eret
fundy thinks it might be alivebur
chat is now spamming MEXICAN GLATTBUR which, imagine those three locked in a room together
they’re gonna research some more now?
fundy is gonna get started on full metal alchemist lmaooo
fundy and ranboo are telling eret to hang up on tubbo lmaooo
fundy threw away eret’s “phone” lmaooo
rip tubbo
ranboo and phil are heading back, eret is following them, fundy is not following them
“just gonna head to the gas station real quick” “i’ll see you tomorrow?” “yeahhhhh”
ranboo is gonna get a map because he’s already been to the one techno went to, so it should give him a different one
“i believe this is my first time here” “ do you feel about government, eret?”
“what do you think is the best way to run a country? “uhh, mild anarchy” “aren’t you a king?” “uh yes, that’s why it’s mild.” “L E A V E. N O K I N G”
eret took his crown off but his sunglasses are gone as well and it’s actually just more creepy
chat is spamming eretbrine
“at least i can look at him for a longer time” you go lore boy
heavy plot is over now, but they’re still gonna get a totem today, then reschedule for a new attempt at resurrection pog
phil tried to play it dumb when meeting schlatt bc he’s not supposed to know him but he kept (almost) losing it lmaoooo
he’s already lost 10k lol we havent even started yet
“yeah welcome to the stream guys”
he’s actually gonna email his partner manager again if it’s still allowed
only an additional 5k lost lmao
oh tubbo is in vc again
phil was like “my voices demanded something”and tubbo immediately went “IS IT BLEND W” lmao mood
rip tubbo is gone crab rave
oh there’s a new cowpen?
totem time??
he’s begging for someone to stream with him
phil is like just dm me dude
he logged off again but he’s in vc lol
“silence government”
“you guys found orphan’s parents” lmaooo
techno messaged dream “hey what's going on with the plot” and got left on read lmoa
he’s just gonna do his own arc and it’s not his problem if it doesn’t match with anyone else
phil is suggesting he join them today
techno is going “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and is not prepared to start streaming rn lol
the struggle of content vs not wanting to stream so last minute
“this is no peer pressure, chat is not manifesting a techno stream”
also it’d be like half a stream at this point
time to trade paper to unlock the map!
lol phil placed down water so he could trident and ranboo was so confused for a bit
three phones have canonically died so far
...why does phil have four buckets of water on him?
rip someone tried the 5,55 dono but alerts are muted bc talking to other people
chat is spamming technosupport because they don’t actually want to pressure him into streaming if he doesn’t want to awww
phil and ranboo talking about schlatt (glatt) and having to pretend they don’t actually know him
it’s a different mansion pog
time to take a portal on the netherroof and see where it pops them out again
lmaooo ranboo make a flint and steel with unbreaking and mending for the mr beast challenge
phil is losing his mind at that a lil bit
chat is spamming unus annus?
tubbo is blasting copyrighted music and making a “disaster basement”???
and is attempting to craft weakness potions
eret and tubbo have been attempting to get a map as well?
tubbo said to come to snowchester and phil and ranboo are like “bruh we’re gonna use nether travel”
tubbo thinks that’s very unfair, but ranboo has a good point in that he would probably died if they went over the overworld
ponk blew up a part of the nether before the mr beast challenge started and didn’t even stream while doing it lmao
tubbo is going on a villain arc this journey?
phil zooming in on his face lol
SUB ONLY POG there was too much spam lmao
tubbo is in a Mood lol
“the way this journey is going i might have my first canon kill” lmaooo ranboo is so done with tubbo already
jack manifold is online as well but they’re ignoring him because he’s too far away and they’re not going back again
tubbo asking if they could trident in the nether if their characters could pee
“this canon kill is just getting closer and closer”
phil is about to kick tubbo out the car
“chat are you seeing why tubbo got kicked out the car???”
first portal attempt
eret and tubbo went through first and ranboo immediately went “run phil run”
phil actually ran the wrong direction in an attempt to escape tubbo lmao
ranboo and tubbo need to save michael? who’s that
“he’s not a hostage, he’s an old friend” w h a t
how are they all faster than tubbo???
they’re making short jokes now lmao tubbo’s legs aren’t long enough
he’s falling even further behind
it’s far out, but still not as far as when tubbo and phil went to 69k
portal attempt number two
too far north, but that’s actually useful
eret gave tubbo some enderpearls aww
ad time because this is just running lmao
lol he actually got a bunch of primes out of that
oof apparently you can do sub only streams? which, did not go down well when twitch added it
lmao tubbo is dropping frames because he doesn’t have optifine lololol
attempt number 3
ranboo threatening tubbo with two swords meanwhile phil is trying to figure out where the location is
tubbo just now figuring out that riptide uses durability and that his trident has mending, which is why he didn’t notice
tubbo complaining about phil’s latest video but it’s a 1/10 so phil won’t change it
hardened clay
phil is putting everyone who thought that was funny up for adoption
lmao tubbo punched ranboo but he has thorns so now tubbo is further behind again
they spend a lot of money on phones bc they keep dumping them in water lmao
still far away rip
eret lost them for a bit oof
tubbo isn’t allowed to go get snacks and phil is threatening to turn the car around if ranboo doesn’t share his gummy worms
ohhh ranboo could see the dot because phil was holding his map in the overworld?
chat is spamming “are we there yet”
tubbo has started as well
“alright that’s it canon kill come over here tubbo” RANBOO LMAOOOO
phil cleared it up: no canon deaths happened during doomsday (aside from like, l’manberg itself) none were written into the script.
they’ve found TWO badlands but still haven’t found the mansion lmaoo
why does ranboo have two five pounds bags of gummy bears and they’re all the same flavour?
they’re at the different corner of the map again?
they’re walking the rest of the road, with a checkpoint for tubbo now because he doesn’t have feather falling f
tubbo checkpoints!
pog the maps are synced up so ranboo can see where phil is
server crash rip?
jack came to ask who he could blame for the server crash lmao
“hypixel time”
time to ping sam/dream (bad isn’t online)
or calalhan pog?
apparently unity saved tubbo’s stuff?
“i broke the car” lmaooo
it’s back!
tubbo found his things!
ranboo found a tol boi mushroom pog
“there might be a problem but i’m not gonna say it until there’s  an actual problem
tubbo is still finding his stuff lmao
the rest are taking the mansion!
tubbo’s stuff is like right outside the mansion at least
eret found his stuff!
phil yoinking the bookshelves now lmao
he’s got several totems, as do eret and ranboo?
sam came on to express his surprise that the server isn’t dead
jack manifold revived it just like he brought back himself
phil set the illager statue on fire lmaoo
chat is spamming ARSON
phil checking ceiling chests (which have a chance of spawning god apples)
lmao the rest have discovered the fire
phil is now just setting everything on fire
phil’s flint and steel ran out so now they’re just watching the mansion go up in flames
“we didn’t start the fire, except we did”
it’s actually kinda impressive how fast the mansion is just,,, gone
tubbo is wailing in despair now
eret loves how phil just laughs in the background sometimes
(same dude)
quick obs reset so the stream doesn’t lag anymore rip
dad is back pogchamp!
tubbo attempted to put him on fire in revenge
there’s a village just right next door lmao
they’re completely wiping out the mansion
lmaooo the god apple is going to dream because he still owes him one for the trident phil got from him
it’s still so funny bc fundy had to pay eleven netherite ingots that exact same moment meanwhile phil just had to give him a god apple if he ever came across one
the map just not shows all cobble lmaooo
“okay the village is gone, anyway…”
eret is just watching bunnies jumping to their death?
nobody noted down the coords form the portal lmaoooo
tubbo knows but won’t say bc he’s having a villain arc
“the forst nearby is just in flames” “yeah i wonder who that could’ve been, it can’t have been me” eret why lmao
it’s all tubbo’s fault now
ohh imagine if techno had set up the stasis chamber with phil lmao
he would’ve been home by now
tubbo claims to have broken the portal and outsmarted all of them
ranboo is really looking forward to the canon kill lmao
phil found the portal!
tubbo is lagging lmao, he’s standing in lava and not burning
tubbo broke the portal on the netherroof lmao
they made it out lmao
it’s kinda awkward now
the map is so cursed now, it’s just cobble and some lines from the village roads
it actually looks frustratingly GOOD
phil used to have hair this length and it’s visible in the way he side sweeps it lmaoo
“wigs or we riot”
tubbo’s chat is constantly in riot
bonezone is enabled in phil’s chat!
it’s up there with catJam
tubbo almost said how many youtooz he sold but he’s not allowed to do that so he’s dm-ing phil now
tubbo is threatening to buy a ferrari
phil is remembering why he cut his hair lmao
15k subs long haired phil pics?
they’re back at the nether hub and want to go home but tubbo refuses to let them until they know how much a ferrari costs
chat is suggested maid dress lmao
...tubbo just asked them how old he is
phil’s screen is glitching out rip
it won’t go out from his full facecam
okay it’s fixed pog
phil is gonna round up his stream, ranboo is gonna go for another woodland mansion pog?
okay he figured out why it was scuffed
“long hair, don’t care”
wilbur resurrection next stream pog?
he lost 30k poggg lets go raid ranboo!
“he says it’s gonna be easy and not take long at all, d o u  b t”
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jiminrings · a year ago
Tumblr media
pairing: seokjin x y/n
wordcount: 13k
glimpse: single dad!jin has all the money to blow off in the world but not time, and swim instructor!y/n just nEEDS to meet this student’s dad who’s never there to pick her up :D ft. someone’s ex that just hAD to be an olympic swimmer huh
notes: this piece has been living in my mind for months collecting nothing but dUST!! and then i finally got all the things worked out in my head and i don’t actually know why i didn’t write this sooner!!!! i hope this fic makes you happy as much as it made me :D // gif isn’t mine! 
i was searching up songs with / underwater / as a lyric, and i stumbled upon this perfect song that i can’t believe isn’t mainstream :((
real by alpha yang ft. anne chan
happy birthday seokjin i can’t buy you the moon but THIS seokjin can
( ・_・)♡
there are a handful of things in life that you’ve taken for granted
first was your hair during pre-B.C. times
Before Chlorine
sure, you took care of it enough! in fact you even followed through with drying it using even clean shirts that weren’t from the laundry hamper
( u blame your ex-boyfriend for calling you out on that one )
but no matter how often you wear swim caps, eVEN if it’s casual swimming or you saying to everyone to clear the air that if they were planning to throw you in the pool, atleast put a swim cap on your head
your hair is still never gonna revert to what it used to be
it’s not as fried nor have the almost-permanent smell of chlorine, and it’s definitely smoother and shinier now, but you can never go back to the past
your bundle of shampoo and conditioner and hair treatments..,.
well they DO be expensive
that’s just about it. u have nothing to add
you absolutely do not care if jungkook’s your co-instructor and treats you to the vending machine almost everyday
he should go buys his OWN products
aha but thank u for the chocolate bar king pls never stop <3
second was not waking up early enough to participate in an absolutely massive sale for swimsuits and rashguards from all the best brands
yeah you will forever regret that day because you know it’ll never happen again
$100 for TWO one-piece swimsuits that are both functional aND stylish and totally high-grade, when normally just oNE of them costs eighty???
the only thing that was left for you to purchase was an absolute unit of sunscreen
... that adds to the plenty of sunscreen you already have
what’s even more angering was that jungkook managed to shop bOth online and in the physical stores
didn’t even bother trying to wake you up when all you’ve been doing that past month was talk about how excited you were and if there was an off-chance that you were late for it? he should wake you up by all means
didn’t even tRY buying some things for you because he already knows your size and that would’ve been the perfect time for him to make you pay your debt and even bump it up a couple of dollars he wanted to
he just realized it when he came home and took a video of everything like it was a haul and put it on his stories (complete with the camera’s flash then music playing in the background)
“oh so that’s why i didn’t see you in the store! hehe”
third, is right now
you’ve taken the times for granted in which it wasn’t an advanced celebration of halloween, and it’s still clearly the morning, and the kids are dressed like fish and other aquatic characters in pop culture, and jungkook was NOT dressed like a shark
but no
today, most definitely is-
an advanced celebration of halloween and it’s still clearly the morning and the kids are dressed like fish and other aquatic characters in pop culture
it wasn’t a problem at first, none at all!!!
jungkook’s shark costume looked friendly and didn’t look realistic at all with how blue it was and how the smile looked even cute
but gOD
a three-year old named gunhoo just had to step near to coach jungkook, dressed like little nemo, and compliment him on his costume
“vewy nice, coach koo!! shark :D”
“yeah! and sharks like me eat fish like you :D”
“n-no, no, i-i didn’t mean it like that! you see, sharks playbite and sometimes, that could kill little fishies like-“
yeah uh that did not help
the fact that the entirety of the batches are here, both first and second shift —
even taehyung and hoseok who were coaches for the second batch are here!! even hobi who said that he’d rather unlearn how to swim before he’d ever wear patrick star shorts, and is now wearing patrick star shorts, cAN’T control the sudden hysteria
“i just don’t get why you won’t take off the shark suit!!” you whisper-yell to jungkook, a spooked gunhoo in your arms that you cradle back and forth
“i’m sorry but it’s tOO expensive to not wear, okay?!” jungkook says back while he attempts to console another kid in his arms, but he thinks he just made him cry more
no he won’t say that it costed him a hundred dollars no his pride would not allow that
tae and hobi are practically toddler-whisperers and they manage to already have half of the kids all calm and hushed up and only needed to bust out a few gummy bears
most of the parents and guardians were there too and it kept everything from spiraling
lmao half of them were entertained with jungkook because aha they are cool parents who know how to take jokes and eVENTUALLY their kids should learn too
the other half is staring jungkook down because that meant they had a lot of explaining to do with their toddlers that y’know
 <3 because of your goddamn swim coach babe,, you now have to learn that either you eat eat or get eaten in this world <3 ok sweetie go back to playing your cars 
you take control of the whole program by then and jungkook is strictly prohibited from speaking
the only things he can do are have his eyes comically widen and gasp loudly every now and then
oh my god you really do love your job
seeing these kids giggly and all at the same place just makes you happy okay :((
at first, you never really liked the concept of kids if you’re being honest
the weight of conceiving and growing and birthing and raising a human being were just so overwhelming because wOw that is a whole lot
and you feel that it has such a heavy grasp on you because inadequacy is something that haunts you to your grave and like what if you aren’t a good enough parent and then yOUR child’s the one who has issues now?? 
but all of that changed :)
because of your ex-boyfriend :(
your ex-boyfriend has always been fond of children and you always asked him wHY 
he’s never really had any definite explanations to why he’d always coo at babies in strollers and toddlers in malls, or why the two of you always went to the baby aisle even uH there’s no baby
but all he said, with dimpled grins, was that he wanted to have a family of his own one day.
with you.
the two of you were SO close to settling down
so close to finding a house to buy together that you swore you’d paint the nursery a pastel peach
so close to having a ring on your finger and daydreaming the venue for your wedding and how chocolate would be most definitely served at the reception
so, so close.
but then, his career got in the way
and for the first time in your life, you place last.
you thought that breaking up with him meant finding every other thing he’s influenced you to love will become pointless
yeah you went right back to hATING friends the tv show because holy shit that will still forever remain as the blandest show in your opinion
but not this
surprisingly, you love kids now
“i’ll punch you in the nose, coach koo! :D”
okay wHAT NOW
you resist the urge to laugh when you automatically catches jungkook’s gaze and the both of you turn very slowly to said kid who’s gonna punch him in the nose
well would you look at that :’)
it’s the cutest seashell you’ve ever laid your eyes on!!!
kim haneul
she’s the cutest and sweetest toddler you’ve ever taught!! she’s also the most obedient bean and would be the first one to paddle their feet as soon as you tell them to
this three-year old is the aloe vera to ur sunburnt heart and because of her, you’ve never wanted to have a kid so bad
kook doesn’t share your sentiment though because now he’s Slightly Afraid
“a-and may i know why you’re gonna punch me in the nose?”
her cheeks are so full with the cutest dimples and she even has those bread dimples!!!! 
han’s one of the kids that get red even if there’s only a little bit of the sun peeking through the sunroof so her cheeks look extra plump and if she was your daughter then you would immediately chOmp
“appa said that the shark would cry!! and, and uhm — sea ten teeth? sent tea give?? said a- no! sENSITIVE!”  
jungkook’s nose gets to live another day
he’s really taking this seriously... he won’t take any chances with hannie’s fist that makes ripples in the water nuh-uh
she’s so adorable that he can’t help but pat her in the head that has... sand on it too?? wow this kid or whoever her guardian is committed-committed
thanks to her too, kook has now two more variations to the word sensitive 
“and if a shark’s like uhm, really scary?? then appa can buy the shark!! or sue the shark!!”
jungkook knows that he’s not the shark but he STILL feels like he is (see: his $100 costume) and he thought that he just got finished being scared by han
“appa’s a really powerful man, hm? where is he, han?? i’ll tell him he has such a smart seashell and that he doesn’t need to buy nor sue the shark!!”
han seems to perk up at the mention of her appa that for some reason, she almost breaks into a sprint while saying “wait please!” and you  sprinting after her too to tell her to be careful heh
haneul dashed to a rather very handsome-looking guy by the bench
he has bleached hair!! and looks too formal to be here with how he’s dressed bc he looks like he’s one suit jacket away from receiving a presidential merit or sth
“oh, are you mr. kim? hi!! i’m coach y/n and-...”
the guy in question has his eyes widened and he squeaks as he nods his head no almost panickedly
“o-oh no, no! i’m just the driver,” he bows to you awkwardly and he’s so flustered that yOU’RE flustered that you bow to him too
han wouldn’t back down either so she bows too hehe
“yeah!! he’s jimim :D”
ji..... mim?
the jimim in question scratches at his forehead before looking at haneul who looks very pleased
“han sweetheart, i told you time and time again that it’s jimiN, okay? it’s jimiNNNNNN”
haneul giggles and pays no mind as she continues rummaging her backpack while humming that you take it that she’s still not ready to show you whatever it is
“so is mr. kim the one who put sand in her hair to go along with the seashell outfit? or was it jimim?”
yeah that’s gonna stick forever
he misspells his name ONE time over text with his boss and suddenly the whole population’s about to call him that
jimin looks massively relieved though and he’s no longer a flustered mess
“all me, it was my idea!! it’s neat, right? jin thought it was dandruff and i almost strangled-...”
“there you go!”
han has her hands outstretched, an expensive-looking calling card on the tips of her fingers that you’re Slightly Intimidated to take it from her
K i m   S e o k j i n   CEO, Kim & Co.
there’s words written in pink marker over the text, probably hannie’s as it read and haneul ♡ because you’re quite sure that her appa, that you just learned is a ceo, isn’t a fellow three-year old with his handwriting
“you should call my appa, coach! so he won’t sue the shark, right?”
you giggle at her sentiment and jimin snorts as he relives the other coach’s blunder awhile ago, laughing to himself as that has got be the most simultaneously dumbest yet funniest thing to say
lol maybe he should quit driving and start learning how to swim instead
“i’ll even tell appa and mama how good you are, han.”
han nods her head no eagerly, plopping to sit on jimin’s lap with grabby hands that he releases an audible oOF but still tends to her niece instead
“just appa!! :D”
jimin smiles at that, running his hands through han’s hair as he’s watched her grown up
jimin didn’t really expect seokjin to tell him that his girlfriend was pregnant while he was three-fourths to finishing his doctorate degree
he didn’t expect jin to be a single dad for a reason so shallow that even if he wasn’t the one left with haneul, his anger boils over in behalf
he most certainly didn’t expect himself to drop everything so quick to help his friend who didn’t like to admit that he was struggling
and here he is, now a driver and nanny for haneul with a salary that is much higher than when he was still an accountant, a salary so high that he still gapes at it when he sees his bank account — because he’s the only one that seokjin trusts whole-heartedly, being the designated guardian like the godfather aND nanny he is for haneul because his dad’s too busy
you smile fondly but you don’t pry, suddenly becoming more protective over the calling card in between your fingers
“is mr. kim handsome?”
jimin snorts and he can’t believe that he’s already in joking terms with the swim coach he’s only properly interacted with five minutes ago but he’s not complaining
“he was handsome before he thought the sand i took from the beach, drove for, for an hour, was dandruff.”
you chortle qUITE unattractively and haneul finds herself mirroring you, fond eyes like her appa’s squinting because her coach just happened to be so bright
you miss han’s look of adoration for you, once again ruffling her hair so that more sand comes out, and jimin’s unsure to whether he should be happy because his wit’s acknowledged, or because you’re poking fun at his glorious mind
“get home safe, haneul.”
Tumblr media
today’s washday!! :D
instead of wearing the swim uniform that had the logo of your institution, they get to wear whatever they want!!
it’s nice seeing their personalities shine through instead of the pastel lavender swimsuits they have
you chat with the parents sometimes and some say how their lil bub’s sO excited for washday!! and yeah that sequined one-piece for toddlers may be a lil expensive it’s okay
some also say that they got it on sale and no judgement there!! those polka dot trunks look good on little minho that likes waddling so mucH
there’s ten in a batch and so you and jungkook take half to focus on them!! it’s always random selection so everyone gets to interact with each other
lmao you don’t know it yet but these kids have fanbases for the two of you....
they trashtalk each other but in very toddler-like ways that still is a big deal for them ok
“coach y/n can do butterflies faster!!”
hyunjin’s ALWAYS the ringleader for you even if he gets placed in the other team
“oh yeah?? coach koo can do it fastest!!”
hwayoung is a diehard coach koo fan and she swears it on her neon pink swim cap >:(
“well then coach y/n can do it... fastest-est! beat that!”
they’re just now being divided by jungkook and you fail to notice hyunjin who’s so pumped that he feels like he can go swim in the 10ft. pool rn
but what you do notice is haneul!!
kook’s giving everyone a quick rundown about the drills and while he was talking, to which you back up enthusiastically because it’s morning!! and you can see a sleepy changbin at the end of the line :(
han SWIMS the short distance to you because you’re monitoring from the back and she’s at the end of the line, and that has got to be about tHREE feet away!!!!!
you have no time to squeal because hannie thinks that’s completely effortless as she beams up at you
omg she’s waiting for your compliment
“is that miss kim haneul?? kim haneul in her haneul swimsuit???? is that tHE beautiful kim haneul????”
she’s so appeased that she giggles and even claps her hands briefly!! doesn’t even hinder her floating for one bit wow
“appa bought me this :D i’ll make appa buy you one too, coach!”
“no need, cutie,” you immediately pinch her already reddened cheeks, making a mental note to have all the kids reapply their sunblock again after ten minutes
hehe no
yeah she’ll still make her appa buy you one
“you’re so cute, do you know that??”
you practically have to GRIT that out in so much adoration, pouting at how she cute is and that gets her happier even more
oh god
moments like these accelerate your baby fever through the rOOF
jungkook knows aaaaall about your ex because trust him, everyone knows who he is!! he knows all about your dating life and your lack of one, and yes, even about the b*by f*ver
lol should he gift you one of those baby alives for the holidays?? he’s mighty scared of those btw
if he gifts you a pair of baby shoes and a baby blanket and maybe just dust some baby powder,,
will you FOAM at the mouth???
Tumblr media
this is the best day that seokjin’s ever gonna have this week
his best day this week wasn’t landing a merger that would effectively boost his company’s sales 20% minimum
his best day wasn’t him getting nominated for ceo of the year again for like, the fifth time in a row
and he’s what... started as a ceo... five years ago......
fun fact he just let one of those fancy trophies be haneul’s plaything when she was at her must !! throw !! everything !! stage
no, his best day wasn’t also of him having his favorite breakfast after favorite breakfast
yea he may have made those breakfasts by himself and it may be a little more fulfilling if someone else did it for him because tHAT way he wouldn’t have exerted any effort, but he doesn’t care!!!
none of those
today’s jin’s best day of the week because-
“appa’s taking you aND picking you up from your swim class!!”
he hasn’t had one of these days in awhile and the fact that he’s a ceo but can’t be in charge of his own schedule is just so infuriating
han’s classes are only on weekdays and jin’s devoted free time are on weekends
of course he and his daughter bond but he hasn’t had the chance to be a swim dad lately :((
he feels sorry that hannie spends most of his time with her uncle jimim but she enjoys it still!!! although jimin’s not appa but with how his friend slash driver slash nanny slash haneul’s godfather always shows up to practice, it feels that he iSN’T
he won’t actually stay for practice and only has the time to drive haneul there and even walk her to the door, then pick her up and then they could go on their little ice cream date!!
that doesn’t mean that jin isn’t updated with han’s swimming because every minute, jin texts jimin to TAKE videos and pictures ok
((( he even bought the latest phone with 256GB on it because jimin’s phone was getting filled fAST )))
so he’s trying his best and trying to make it up ok
even if haneul’s the most understanding three-year old there is that even jin feels like his daughter’s too precious for her
“hug me hug me hug me hUG ME-“
hannie yELPS for him to pick her up as she jumps up and down and he has to physically put a hand on his chest to calm his heart
he loves his daughter so much
haneul’s all him.
just him.
she’s got everything of him from his sparkly eyes and his bread smile and his squeaky laugh and his mannerisms
those shoulders are MEANT for swimming and she knows it
jin’s so happy that han’s growing up so good but at the same time he doesn’t want her to
no ma’am haneul needs to need jin pls
of course there’s still a lot of things that a three-year old can’t do but what comes next after three?? fOUR!!! that’s preschool age!! after five is fIFTEEN and that’s teenager territory now!!!
it was just like yesterday that jin was trying to learn how should you should swaddle a baby and he was so scared because what if he hurts her?? bends her fragile arm a little too much or wraps her up a little too tight??
he was worried everyday and every night that even if he had baby monitors and that sock that monitors your baby and all, he would still not sleep a single blink
and now he’s bundling her in a cardigan he always gets her to bring because maybe it’s too cold when she gets out of the water
“i’m right there when you finish, alright hannie? uncle jimim’s gonna watch over you too!!”
“you should go earlier appa!! so you can still see me swimming and uhm flOating!! yeah and uhm coach y/n!!”
lol who’s coach y/n
“alright, alright. i’ll see what i can do. now go and kick eVERYONE’S-“
“tush, han. appa said tush.”
“okay bye bye bye i love you bye!!!”
haneul presses a big wet kiss on his cheek and wriggles to get out of his grip, dragging jimin away with her as she sprints
she’s so excited for class!!!
my appa took me here hehe no big deal
that IS the biggest deal for her
her classmates have their jaws dropped to the floor because u-uh... that car..... didn’t we JUST play the miniature version of it
the parents are gOBSMACKED because ok they all adore haneul and have the clue that jimin is Not The Dad
yea they knew haneul’s loaded loaded because look at her!!! her swimsuit’s so high-class that it can’t even be found in malls!!!!
what they didn’t know was that kim haneul is KIM haneul as in kim seokjin’s daughter.,.,.
thee kim seokjin they see in the news and in the magazines you could find all over the place at the dentist
han’s visibly calm and oblivious to the mini commotion she just created and everyone had to collectively shuffle once she walked past them with jimin in tow
seokjin has this aura around him ok
it ranges from do NOT fuck with me to i don’t know, can you?? to yeah idk :/ to i’ll bring her home by 10 :D
it’s always a mix of reactions when he passes by his employees
some do a 90 degree bow and go “good morning sir mr. kim seokjin king sir mister-nim”
some are just neutral and bow their heads and greet him warmly and those he smiles a little to
while others mumble out greetings and scurry away from him like he’s a hamster encased in a ball
what was that movie again?? g-force? could you BELIEVE there was a movie about an elite force of guinea pigs?? yeah he can’t either. he should go watch that with haneul tonight
he’s treated like a prophet most of the time and although favorable,, sometimes he wants to be humbled ya know
jimin gives him reality checks most of the time and even though his friend is younger, then fine yeesh i’m not gonna be mad that they put so much shrimp in my soup that it’s like paste now jeez
but who humbles him truly 24/7 withOut even meaning to has got to be hannie
you can say that he’s always tried to spoil her often to no end
jin was one time pushing han in a stroller in a mall (that’s empty bc he rented it out uh because he didn’t want her to be so overwhelmed and have so much people peer into the stroller because he kNOWS already that his daughter’s the cutest being alive,, don’t shove your face in)
she was starting to get very vocal and whatever han gwah! or bloob! -ed to, is what she gets
he didn’t even blink once when han reacted to a kettle and like ok babe that’s now in your name <3
but haneul, no matter how much is given to her
even if jin would stop at nothing in giving her everything, even if she’s already a heiress to practically everything, even if her grandparents are ready to risk it all for what their angel wants, and even if jimin once gave up everything he had planned for himself for her, and will do it a thousand times over —
it doesn’t get to her head
she’s smart!! either she’s blissfully obvious or she just chooses to not dwell on what she already knows, u could give haneul a half-bitten croissant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and she’ll be the happiest
just listen to her about how she feels sorry stepping on rocks, and she’ll look at you as if ur the center of her whole world
could it be obvious...
could it be any more obvious that jin loves his daughter so much...
jin spares a look at the two pictures of him and han, one of him carrying her as a newborn and he has tears in his eyes bc he loves her and it was also the first time EVER that she hiccuped and he looked like he’d drain all the oceans and filter them for water for her to drink, theN he learned that babies can’t drink water and that devastated him even more
the second is a two-year old han in his arms, in front of a mirror and snapped by jimin’s film camera that she snatched away from him in her ridiculously strong grip, then came this lucky clear shot of jin laughing and han smiling so wide
ok :)
jin can work now :)
“aaaaand turn!”
it’s a little game!! more than fun rather than competition 
ok maybe you and jungkook are enjoying this too much
basically you and kook and the class are positioned in a circle in this very shallow and circular pool
you know when you have a cup of coffee?? then you stir it and you suddenly have this urge to keep stirring until it forms a whirlpool?? 
that one
you, kook, tae, and hobi do this whenever you’re together on the mucH deeper and bigger pool that’s rectangular,,, and the four of you keep walking clockwise until your waists hurt and your legs give out and uNTIL there’s a whirlpool
why not do it with ten kids :D that are all so competitive :D and have so much energy in them :D
the water’s starting to swirl and it gets eVERYONE going
even the parents r going ham cheering for their kid and it’s not !!! even !!! a competition !!!
you can even see jimin clapping and coming closer to the pool like the rest because he is a stage uncle go fucking write that down
jungkook’s giggling SO hard and you’re yelling at him immediately because u could already see the hand that was tempted to shove hyunjin in front of him to go faster
you love this so much that you never want it to end
but you all eventually had to because the whirlpool was so close to reaching the bottom of the pool and these kids were gonna get wipeD if u continue any further
there’s a long cool-down period in case some of them have gotten dizzy
almost everyone assumes they weren’t and jungkook had to literally restrain himself and bite his fist to stop caving in to these kids
everything’s going great
so great
so great to the point that something felt like it was bound to happen
haneul was just on her way to got to you and jimin on the bench!!! she spent the longer part of her break with coach koo because she trailed after him to go to the vending machine until he caved as usual and let her have a sip from his yogurt
you chat up with jimin and the conversation takes a loT of turns because there’s so many to talk about that the both of you are excited with
first you asked him if he was really just a driver, and that launched into him talking about his conversation with his mom when he was 5, and then his heartthrob status from high school through college, and him having been a top accountant
until it went to him suddenly resigning from that job with no prerequisites whatsoever that it had you gasp :O
“jin learned that his uhm — girlfriend, i guess, at the time, was pregnant with haneul and then... yeah..... jin’s single and i guess i couldn’t stand seeing him struggling, y’know? like i’d bring him food when he’s too busy with han, or he couldn’t make her burp and needed someone to calm him down before he broke down — i guess it’s the best friend and godfather instincts of mine.”
you could sense that jimin’s dancing around the specifics of jin’s situation but you respect that!!
jimin sounds like a genuinely good guy that deserves more credit because he may have been uncle slash godfather for the past three years
but beforE you could even compliment him-
before you could even aWWW your way at the sentiment, time seems to slow down in front of your eyes
haneul’s waving eagerly at you as she trots your way
but god there was just this random pair of slippers not far from her, those chunky pair of crocs that you wanna burn now more than ever :((
haneul TRIPS
but she’s managed to caught herself and that wasn’t exactly the best
she falls on her outstretched arm that receives the quick momentum and weight and you’re immediately sprinting towards her before it registers to her what’s happened
there’s tears pricking at the corner of her eyes and han couldn’t help it :((
jimin’s caught into shock and he’s a little frantic seeing her cry out in pain
he’s hauling the two of you to the back of the car so quick and he’s talking to himself to keep him sane
you’ve managed to comfort her for the most part and had her arm in a makeshift first aid prop for hairline fractures and you don’t even mind the tight fist she has on your forearm
you and jimin burst through the doors with so much adrenaline that you don’t realize that this was such a fancy hospital unlike what you’ve usually seen
nor the fact that you’re still in your one-piece swimsuit and in swim trunks that definitely make you look like you’ve went from the pool and straight to here
... which you did
“such a bright little girl, hm?”
dr. yoongi beams to haneul that’s beaming rIGHT up at him
it was a hairline fracture, and toddlers have it all the time bc they’re so prone with their weakass fragile bones that are still growing!! 
what han got was minor and she deserves a cool fistbump as merit for how she took it like a champ :D tears? no dr. yoongi doesn’t know what you’re talking bout
it finally made sense to jimin that lmao you’re still in your swimsuit so he’s fetching his long padding coat from the car and han’s backpack that had her change of clothes in it
something about this whole situation feels so domestic even if it wasn’t the most ideal one
you’re sitting right beside han on her hospital bed as she’s leaning on to you, sucking at her grape lollipop that dr. yoongi’s more than ready to give another one bc she’s just so adorable
“appa should paint on this :D”
she says out of the blue and looks at her cast, knowing better than to try and move it because she’s actually a little scared
“he should! i bet that-...”
there’s a frantic and heavy pair of footsteps that sound throughout the walls that you could see said person’s outline behind the curtain
this man
this gorgeous tall man that’s wearing a suit and oNE strand of hair down to his forehead as the rest was slicked up, features so familiar that-
said guy marches over so fast that you almost instinctively shield haneul from this stranger, if not for how she herself almost bounds up to hug him
that’s kim seokjin...
that’s hannie’s father...
jin was so worried and panicked that he left everything in the office haphazardly without a second thought
he’s embracing han so tight and takes into consideration the cast that jimin’s briefed him lightly about, giving her a once-over more than a single time
“appa was so worried abut you, baby,” there’s a tilt to his voice that screamed the fact he was crying on his way here, pressing kisses to his daughter’s cheeks over and over again
they stay like that for awhile
just in each other’s arms as jin tells him he loves han over and over again and han patting him repeatedly saying that she’s all okay!! she’s a big girl!!
they stay like that for awhile that you forget yourself that you were still there, suddenly feeling so out of place that you try to quickly exit yourself from the situation
seokjin doesn’t forget about you though
“how nice of you.”
he spits out and there’s no room for anything besides this unexplainable anger that’s rolling off of him
you’re a fish out of water as you try to scour for words, sputtering with how intense he’s looking at you that you instantly cower in his gaze and he takes a step closer
“mr. kim i-...”
“do not tell me that you’re sorry. don’t feed me that type of bullshit,” he grits through his teeth and this is the first time you’ve felt this small and cowardly, your hands fearing to go to a tremble
“mr. kim, i-i didn’t — no one w-wanted this for haneul and-”
“but you let my daughter get hurt, didn’t you? huh? my daughter’s hurt, so that’s why she’s in the emergency room! she’s in here because you aren’t as excellent of a coach, or whatever you’re supposed to be, as you think you are, hm?”
han could still hear jin talking and she scoots to tug at his suit, but he’s too fired up to even notice her
there’s tears pricking at your eyes and mr. kim’s managed to break you down into this without even so much as raising a finger
as much as jimin was shocked, he reminded you that it isn’t your fault
it’s not your fault 
but with how han’s dad is talking to you makes you think that you’re guilty and responsible for all of this
because if only you hadn’t talked to jimin, or let anyone and most especially han out of your sight, and just sticked to the same drills as before then this wouldn’t have happened
“i-if i may, mr. kim, i’m so s-...”
jin feels like he’s gonna bursT any second now
haneul tugs at him hard enough this time for him to stop in his tracks, han having stopped her appa to cornering you to the wall that you didn’t even realize because you were too busy tearing up
jin’s composure has long left him, looking down on you with so much disdain for the last time that he didn’t get the chance to hear how stern he sounded, nor the sound of your tiny whimpers
“save me the dramatics. you’re her goddamn swim coach, and i’m her father. i’m unenrolling haneuI, and i can always find a better one. a much better one.”
Tumblr media
here’s the thing
jin couldn’t find anyone else
well actually he can
it’s just that haneul didn’t like any of the ones that he’s found as replacement
she really proved that she has those stubborn genes because she really put her foot dOWN
and maybe
just maybe
han’s a little mad at jin and he could clearly notice that
who wouldn’t?
it’s been two weeks of her in a cast and two weeks of no swimming classes and two weeks of jin refusing to come to work
the first week was acceptable still because of course it’s the adjustment period!! he’s had to master the art of giving hannie baths and buying more button-up pajamas than necessary
jimin’s helping out by cooking han some comfort food... practically everyday because she insists..... from time-consuming fluffy pancakes to cheese ramyeon and mild tteokbokki even if she insists that she CAN take it ok
han sleeps next to jin and he’s never researched this hard about the best sleeping positions for a toddler who has a hairline fracture :((
she always just ends up having her head on top of either his arm or his chest and that kindA stops him from turning to his side and having his arm cramp-free, but it’s okay
they’re going along good but there’s just something!! there’s just something off and he feels like it
haneul sus :/
“appa was so rude,” han murmurs underneath her breath while playing with jimin’s rings but he catches it nonetheless
jin has one foot out in the deck because he’s just chopped up some fresh fruit!! and jimin and han have their feet dipped into the water
he will now listen in INTENSIVELY
jimin doesn’t scold his niece nor call her out for it, because well,,..,
“cheers to that, bubby,” he agrees both eagerly and disappointedly, clinking his yakult with hers as they drink in unison
bonding over the fact that jin was an asshole <3
his pride’s a little damaged and of cOurse he’s hurt, because his daughter grilled him and his best friend deep-fried him, no one defending his honor
“nO i wasn’t :((”
he squats down to where they’re sitting at with a pout and han instantly crosses her arms across her chest
he’s never really had this situation with hannie and he wants to tread this water vERY carefully
seokjin almost shoves jimin as he whispers bc he should get the hint
“go cook han’s ramen right now”
“what, will you pay me?? you’re the ass here so go cook it yourself!!”
ok jimin’s a little moody 
some of the only interactions he has outside from being a nanny to haneul was you
jeez SCREW him for missing his conversations with the swim coach huh.... FUCK him for missing someone that actually listened to him and his rants about peanut butter tasting better without bread
(( han listens to him too but she mostly just nods and mhmmms her way through ))
that only leaves hannie and jin by the pool and none of them say a word
not even han’s humming that she’d do unconsciously to fill in silence like what her appa did to her as a baby
fine then
jin’s gonna admit that he wasn’t the kindest
but you’d get it too if you were the one in his position!!
“don’t sue coach y/n, appa.”
han murmurs and jin was part-amused but mostly sad about it
lately, she’s been throwing around the word sue just because he said it that one time and she even knows the meaning
the last time, hannie bEGGED him not to sue the shark
uhm he really wasn’t planning on suing a shark.... nor sue the coach for it because lmao props to him that actually gave him a laugh even if jimin just retold him the story
“but i wasn’t-...”
hannie tugging at his hand tightly, almost making him tumble down to the ground
and her eyes are so big looking up at him and she looks like she’s about to tEAR up
“just sue me, appa.”
“hey, hey, i’m not — i-i’m not suing you, han. or your coach even!! i’m not suing anybody because-”
“no one’s fault :)”
hannie clearly knows what she’s just done
did she really pull off those big teary eyes?? uh huh yes she DID
jin practically walked right into it
ok his three-year old just schooled him
“i’m sorry, sweetheart.”
jin cuddles han close and presses a sincere kiss to her forehead
haneul does him one better and holds his head firm with her tiny hands to press a big fat smooch 
“i want a gift appa :D”
he pERKS up at the mention of that
jimin can suddenly hear things fifty feet away from him and immediately fishes for his phone because uH he is godfather of the year what do u expect
“anything you want, haneul :D”
it’s this now
haneul’s request was a far shot than the new play kitchens and new sneakers jin thought she wanted
it’s exactly this that she wanted
... swim classes
one-on-one swim classes
and a request for pool floaties
and a pack of waterproof cast covers
and coach y/n.
“they want me to do wHAT now??”
your eyes bulge as jungkook relays you the news
you already have a job as a swim instructor here with the kids!!
why would you take on another job as a swim instructor for oNE student only when they could just enroll in a class here with you??
and besides you’re now unsure of your skills and everything you are because of that conversation with mr. kim
although you miss haneul, you cANNOT be weakened by it
you have a class to teach and bills to pay!!
“you should just take it, kook. you told me you wanted to buy that water mattress, right?”
“it was a jOKE okay!!!”
jungkook’s flustered and it’s not because you’re switching from your sweatpants to your swim trunks over your swimsuit
he just jokeD (he swears that it’s a joke) about it ONE time and you’re forever gonna haunt him for it
“a-and besides, i think you should really take this offer because it’s only open for yOU!!”
you snort because now that makes it sound like he’s kidding
“i dunno, kook. i’m probably not what you think i am, y’know?”
ur coping mechanism is adding salt to your wounds and living by mr. kim’s words that made you cry yourself to sleep <3
ok this time it’s his turn to roll his eyes
“really? so you wouldn’t mind if it’s haneul that’s asking for you?”
you literally freeze up and it’s not because you were about to dive for some laps and yoongi forgot to heat the pool
“she is???”
so yeah
it’s this now
also it may be dead qUIET
jimin was the one that’s transacting for you for the past two days that you’ve been teaching hannie and you’re quite relieved
ur willing to bet that just seeing mr. kim is enough to drive you into tears again
seokjin can’t handle seeing you either because he literally can’t handle facing you again after what he just said
he feels so oddly guilty that he DOESN’T want to see you does that make sense
he’s there for the lessons and he watches from a safe distance
close enough to see hannie but far enough for him to be out of your line of sight
he feels so hURT because it’s like you’re really going out of your way to not bump to him
besides the fact that this was already a massive house and the whole deck and pool and patio combo is bigger than your flat, you still go out of his way
like when jimin insists for you to come inside because it’s humid outside and just go drink some juice in the kitchen, and seokjin happens to be getting haneul a juice box, you immediately EXIT and try to hide yourself by sitting on the other deck by the trees
you were only there for formality
yesterday was the first day and while jimin greeted you, it’s seokjin that signs the waiver 
he’s never heard a more formal and distant mr. kim plus a bow in his WHOLE career
it frustrates him to end because he wANTS to apologize but he doesn’t know how 
he wants to come near you but he’s so guilty that he can’t bear to be within a ruler’s distance from you
even though hannie’s forgiven him and jimin stopped calling him asshole under his breath, the guilt just wasn’t absolved
it’s still raw like cookie dough with unbaked flour that’s eating up at him and he wants to get rid of it completely before it consumes him whole
and so when you come inside with jimin’s invitation, that’s what he does
he takes everyone by surprise and even himselF
“good morning, y/n.”
jimin’s eyes are widening and he’s already picking up a still-drenched hannie and taking themselves up the stairs to leave the two of you alone
you’re still registering why he’s greeting you that you immediately avoid his eyes because you think they’re gonna start to sting again
“morning, mr. kim.”
now that jimin’s stranded you, you have nO idea on what you’re supposed to do now
but there’s just something that possesses jin to start talking and moving smoothly that even he’s a little nervous within
he holds up a pitcher of water with a single hand and you thOUGHT he was gonna point a finger at you while yelling again
you uhh really don’t wanna be a part of this
and truthfully, you’re as upset at him as you were sad
getting this over while being indifferent is better than an awkward scenario you don’t want to keep you up at night
confident jin is suddenly a little sCARED because it feels like someone just flipped a switch and you’re not the one intimidated anymore
“o-oh uhm okay-! yeah, juice. juice. han loves juice. mhmm. juice-...”
this is more frustrating than one-hour recipes condensed into five-minute videos
“you don’t need to call me mr. kim, by the way. it’s too.. professional. just jin would be fine,” he originally started out saying as nonchalant as he could but it ended as a murmur, seeing your blank eyes and firm nod towards him
juice really wasn’t supposed to take this long to make
he feels like this is too short that he gets cold croissants by the fridge and reheats them in the oven
that was actually jimin’s takeout from the café but he can’t bring himself to care now that he’s so nervous
how do you DO small talk
be genuine?????
he has no idea on what to do
but the faint murmur of moana playing in the tv upstairs makes the cogs on his brain turn, suddenly facing you as he was originally staring at the oven in front of him
“i’m — i’m really sorry for what i said to you in the hospital. it’s not, well what i want to say is that it wasn’t your fault. it’s no one’s. maybe it’s the crocs’ fault and i-...” he’s rambling a lil as he chuckles to himself, putting a hand on his neck as he tries to compose himself
“yoongi told me that eventually kids are supposed to break and i can’t control it. and that it’s good to have them grounded with these things from childhood. it’s normal!! i uhm, i guess i was just so worried for her as her dad. that’s normal too and — but!! that doesn’t excuse my words and my behavior towards you.”
you’re uh
you’re quite touched and quite speechless because you didn’t actually think nor expected for him to apologize, already ready to have lived with it for the rest of your life and just treat it as water under the bridge like you usually do
that’s the most gentle smile you’ve ever given him
actually, it’s the first ever smile
he’s never really gotten a good look at you because the first time that he did, he’s quite literally blinded by rage 
but this time, it’s different
it’s softer and better and he can see you clearly
he could see that you’ve dried to dry yourself as much as you could with the towel draped on your shoulders
your hair’s free from the swim cap and there’s still a faint line of where you placed your goggles around your eyes
you’re bundled with a blanket and further emphasized your face, your beautiful and mesmerizing face that seokjin’s lips part a little in amazement
“thanks for taking care of haneul. you’re mother hen in your classes, i guess,” he breathlessly laughs and scratches the tip of his eyebrow, your eyes following to look at his hand and-
no ring.
..... no ring
maybe it’s to how he said mother hen or how your eyes followed his hand
but jin just feels so compelled to say bits of information he’s never really discussed openly with a lot of people
“haneul’s mother isn’t around.”
“mr. — jin, you don’t have to-...”
“no, no. i want to!! and no, i didn’t mean it like that. she’s still vERY much alive but she feels like she’s dead to me, is what i’m saying.”
he sips his juice like every other normal day, shrugging as he continues
the jin from three years ago would’ve never made it even past one sentence when someone asks him about haneul’s mother
“i was getting my doctorate, i was lonely, and well.. she just happened to be there y’know? then became my girlfriend and we moved in together. but at the same time, she’s just never really been around. goes here, goes there; never settles. in her words, not mine, she didn’t want a baby tying her down. didn’t want haneul, and i didn’t want to not have haneul. gave birth, and never saw her since.”
seokjin’s always been honest to han
he didn’t originally want to tell her the truth about her mother this early on, but she’s figured it out on her own
the term unwanted is something that grinds jin’s ears but haneul pronounces it the easiest
even if she knew the weight behind it.
haneul only smiled at him when he told her the subdued version about why she only has an appa, embraced him, then kissed him on his nose
appa is only who she needs!!
that made him feel secure and he can’t believe he’s this lucky to have such a precious girl 
“it’s okay. we don’t want her either.”
jin cackles rambunctiously, making you do the same because he’s as contagious as haneul is
he finally pours you the juice, the silence not being so thick and tensioned anymore
the juice is sweet :)
“you’re a great dad, seokjin.”
Tumblr media
jin’s been sleeping a little more content these nights
a little more thankful
a little more soft around the edges
haneul gets an attack of hugs every morning and she’s starting to think that maybe she ISN’T the joey anymore smh ://
jimin gets thanked for driving han almost everyday and he even got a designer suit that’s exactly tailored to his measurement, and he’s sTARTING to get suspicious ://
he’s went back to work because after all, there’s only a week left before han’s cast gets removed and he better start catching up with his tasks if he wants to got next week
next week was the little showcase that the swim school throws for a batch when it’s near graduation!!
only a minor part of it was the kids’ work because they could just hold each other’s hands and float in the figure of a circle and the parents will hOLLER their asses out
but the major part of it, is all from you and your co-instructors
it’s when the lot of you need to put on a SHOW
you’re not gonna spoil it now but uhm
there are a vARIETY of performances
but no taehyung we will NOT let you convince the big boss to have sea lions come here to perform with you
you know it’s the time that you need to wholeheartedly entertain the kids and blow their minds, and even if thAT takes minimal effort, the four of you would go all out ok
it may involve you this year performing flips and dives so high up into an air with a tHEME and with a partner you don’t even know yet
nonetheless, you feel pumped and maybe a lil bit nervous 
ˢᵉᵒᵏʲᶦⁿ'ˢ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ʷᵃᵗᶜʰ
and not that you’re intimidated or anything because you’re sUPER intimidated
the two of you have really grown these past three weeks
the conversations were never boring and they always kept you up on your toes
jin’s been more open about him and the single dad thing and how he doesn’t want that woman to be ever near to either of them
he’s also shared adorable stories of how he didn’t know hOW you could tell if formula was already spoiled so he had to sip it himself and him just changing han into his shirts sometimes when he changed her onesies and her diapers fOUR time for like a span of ten minutes
how he was so amazed that he was more scared of han when she got her ears pierced as a baby and how she didn’t even cRY at all!! just a simple flinch and some slow blinks and that was IT
even the pediatrician, yoongi, was all ???? yO what formula you feed your kid bro gODDAMN SEOKJIN
and he almost cried with how he was so worried that she’d be hurt
and she was crying because dr. yoongi wasn’t around her anymore and NOT piercing her ears anymore
“don’t cry, han!! c’mon!! you can have more piercings when you’re a little older okay!!!! six months old is a little too young for a helix piercing madame!!!!”
the two of them are the cutest
jin feels like the sand between your dry toes
or an organized duffel you use for a beach bag
or the aloe vera after a sunburn 
or the combined warmth of jungkook, taehyung, hobi, and a furnace on a chilly beach
or a warm heated pool you don’t want to get out of
and you don’t want to
seokjin feels so warm and domestic to you that he instantly puts you at bliss
his literal dad jokes are admittedly funny and even the little texts he sends your way make you want to do a breast stroke for 30m and back with no resurfacing
the flirting at some point has got to end but you’re content with it for now
he feels so close to you and you know the eventual label that comes with it next, just the concept of it enough to make you sHRIEK
and jin’s gotten off work early and feels the need to surprise you
and so here he is :D with a big bouquet of flowers because he didn’t want to come empty-handed and the surfboard he’s bought for you isn’t supposed to come for another week
wait weren’t you supposed to be here
you jUST told him that you were here
your phone’s on the table and so is your bag and so is your scrunchie and so is-
oH MY GOD???
jin panickedly yells because holy fuck wHY are you at the bottom of the pool
he can’t think properly and before he knows it, he’s taking off his shoes and then dIVING straight in
he’s still in his suit and his watch is still on and he’s pretty sure he has some bills in his pocket but he can’t focus on that
he’s only focused on you and it’s panic that paralyzes him whole even if he’s swimming towards you
your breath-holding session is rUDELY interrupted by someone who’s tugging at your arms and is bringing you up so quick that you couldn’t even process it
wait what
he was just about to be hunched over you while he cries his eyes out and-
you’re cONSCIOUS??????
“w-what??? y/n oh my fucking hELL i thought you were-...”
“what did you think i was dOING???”
you’re so confused rn and your confusion isn’t doing jin any good
“i don’t know i thought you were dYING????”
that’s why seokjin viciously pulled you up and is crying now??
“but i was meditating and-”
“you don’t meditate at the bottom of a ten-feet pool, y/n!!!”
he exasparates loudly, heavy sobs at the back of his throat before he throws himself to hug you in his arms as he cries to your shoulder
god he was so fucking worried
you want to laugh at the situation but you’re more awed than you were amused
“my job description is to not drown, babe,” you’re rubbing soothing circles on his back and everyone just stays like that and doesn’t say a word
this was the first time jin called you baby :D
and this is also the first time you called him babe :D
this was also the first time that jin thought he’s actually lost you :(
now that he thinks about it, he feels a little ridiculous that he thought that out of aLL the people, you wouldn’t be the one capable to swim
your methods for meditating is uhhhh a LITTLE different from his version and he’d like you to know that you are worlds away from his definition of it
ok he’s calm
just calm
pls never stop holding him in your arms
“never really asked you about these things,” he looks up at you with a slight pout as he’s laid on your lap, feeling a little sorry that he realizes he’s always talked about himself and never asked about you
“about what?”
“all these skills... did you really go through all those certifications just to teach toddlers how to swim?”
you haven’t been asked this in a long time
“or is it just because you wanted to meditate ten-feet underwater?”
he’s just teasing and more-on poking fun at himself but you laugh nonetheless, a dreamy grin in your face
“no, actually.”
and there it goes
you tell him that swim coach really wasn’t your dream career in the first place
“you were a sURFER??”
you were!! you started when you were young (sixteen to be exact) and you guess you just grew to love it
but there was just one particular day, one particular event three years later that got you away from the board
it was just a massive wave all of a sudden that wiped you off
and then your leash was detached and wave after wave came and suddenly you forgot how to swim
it was such a terrifying experience that you thought it would be your last day and it was of you unprepared, your knitted swimsuit top that was starting to fray, and your hair that you didn’t even manage to do a fun color on once
it sounded so shallow but every little thing seemed to be massive during that moment
“and then i met namjoon a year later... uh, he used to be my boyfriend!! for three years and some months.”
seokjin firmly nods as he purses his lips and mumbles under his breath
“bet his puka necklace is his only personality trait”
“he wears silver chains, babe!!”
okay cHRIST he’s gonna try to keep his side comments to himself
then he learns that it’s him who got you back into the water again and eased you into everything with baby steps
you used to not be able to stomach looking at a surfboard but he got you paddling and sitting on it in the shallow ends
he was a competitive swimmer and something about it intrigued you to say the least
until you weren’t only coming to see his meets and competitions
he was coming to yours and the two of you were training almost every single day!!
he didn’t even mind and always cheered you on when the day came that you could beat him in his own game and in his own territory
and then came your certifications and credentials
from the cpr certification, the scuba diver license, the licensed lifeguard gig, the coach certification, and everything in between
“and then he left you, for his career. correct?”
seokjin scoffs but at the same time is obviously relieved that you aren’t with that knucklehead
“i bet he didn’t even make it big. do i know this guy?”
you smile as you already know the answer deep within
but you don’t need a competitive guy being insecure over another competitive guy
“bet you don’t.”
Tumblr media
today’s THEE day!!!
you’re totally not gonna lie this is the mOST exciting day that you and the guys could ever have in a whole season
the chance to show off :D
jungkook got an undercut yesterday to completely surprise everyone with because!! duh!! and so when he decides to dramatically flip his hair later, he wouldn’t look like a shaggy dog that had hair covering his eyes
taehyung had his hair bleached and dyed into blue :D it’s probably not the best idea to have his hair bleached and dyed into a striking shade the afternoon before swimming into a pool of chlorine :D but he KNOWS it’s totally gonna be worth it
none of you are gonna wear swim caps because fUCK them right :D the four of you here are to show off!! not look like a boiled egg!!!
hoseok pulled at ALL the stops,, got an undercut, dyed his hair, AND bought a fancy earcuff that would shine and wouldn’t budge nor tarnish underneath the water!! no one can borrow it :P
and as per you...
you simply think you’re the coolest :D
and oh my god the cOSTUMES!!! you all had corresponding ones for what you were gonna do
and well what ARE you gonna do???
the benches and bleachers are all arranged and there’s decorations hung up!! even jungkook’s infamous shark costume is on the corner there somewhere
you’re trying to do a headcount to check everyone’s attendance and there’s a sudden arm that’s snaked around your waist that takes you by surprise
it’s seokjin :D
wow he really takes the cake huh
everyone’s staring at him because they finally meet haneul’s dad aka kim seokjin the young and handsome and famous ceo!! in the flesh!! within the bleachers!!
he’s dressed himself in a white linen button-up with tHREE buttons unbuttoned!!  t h r e e
his sleeves are rolled up and his flashy watch is on his wrist a-and holy shit his hair is sLEEKED UP and then you realize that it looks longer this time than how you last remember it
his lips are so plump and red and his gaze is so endearing aND devouring at the same time that-
seokjin’s momentarily distracted by you and he resists the urge to kiss you so bad, but that feels a little scandalous in front of all these people and he’s okay to settle for a quick one on the cheek!! 
but now he’s taking too long on worrying about it that now it just feels awkward
heh... cheek pinch... aha
you bid a quick goodbye and that takes him to realize that he could barely see you 
like you were in a literal huge hoodie with the hood pulled up and a cap underneath!! you even had aviators on and your hands were tucked into the sleeves :((
now this is taking tOO long to get started and he feels so jittery
he’s about to see both you and haneul perform??? yea jimin can i borrow your phone i think my 256GB wouldn’t be enough
unbeknownst to jin though, jimin might’ve participated last night to get you to your final form today :D
listen if haneul ends up having a sibling then u can just both thank him
the intro and the appetizer for the whole program is the kids in the pool!! each of them dive on by one synchronously and their parents couldn’t be any more prouder than how they are now
jin feels so happy because that’s his haneul!! AHHHH LOOK AT HER GO
look at her dive!!! look at how her arms come together and her shoulders form perfectly and her feet go move like that!!!
look at how wELL she completed that circle!!! omg her whole body’s floating aHHHHHHHH they look like a flower!!!! haneul’s the flower!!! WAIT HANEUL’S THE CENTERPIECE SHE’S BLOOMING!!!!!
kim seokjin is now the ceo of stage dads oh my god he’s a nATURAL
as soon as haneul dries off and comes back to him, she’s peppered in kisses and compliments that will now fuel her ego for a lifetime
wait what’s next
the fact that there isn’t a schedule of events is even more exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time
it’s a chicken fight!!!! a battle between the coaches for the first batch and the second batch and the air is just fILLED with competitiveness
none of u have ever seen the parents look so eager 
you’re on jungkook’s shoulders and the two of u are matching with ridiculously beaded swimsuits that spell out your last names combined
your last name is rIGHT across his ass 
JEON in multicolored beads are right across your boobs on your bra top
“jeez, what did this bottle do to you in your past life?”
jimin comments as he snatches the bottle of iced tea in jin’s hand that would’ve bursted if he kept at it longer
is he like... okay
taehyung is on hoseok’s shoulders and they rocked everyone with their matching ʂυɾϝҽɾ ԃυԃҽ outfits
man they got it ALL with the faux mullet and the ball cap put on backwards and even the puka shell necklace
the whistle sounds  and everyone’s cheering on so hard that it’s a frenzy!!
seokjin is yelling at the tOP of his lungs calling out your name
if u even get a little dizzy at the impossible (in every universe you will be the winner and no u don’t need to fact-check that according to jin) chance of taehyung sinking you, he wILL-
the second segment was of the four of you just doing trickshots at a basketball ring right in the middle of the pool
it might just be because he’s a god but goddamn taehyung wALKED on water and dunked so hard
hoseok shooting the ball while fifteen-feet high up and diving then breaking in the water rIGHT when the ball went through the hoop has floored everyone
jungkook doing a backflip from a solid six feet away for him dunk the ball aND have you throw a cheeto for him to catch with his mouth is now forever embedded into people’s minds
you being boosted into the pool with the strength of tHREE buff guys combined, then doing a full twist dive with your eye dropped into a wink and a dunk so hard that you almost shatter the backboard makes everybody rOAR
everyone’s having such a fun time
jin has never felt this much emotions in the shortest amount of time and it’s just yOU that everything feels so surreal!!
everyone’s had their solo and god you just rEALLY had to be the last huh
you’re asking around everyone on who the hell is gonna be your partner!!! you have the whole routine down and nO one would answer 
“come on! i’m on in ten minutes and i sTILL don’t have a clue on who would throw me into the air!!! or whose shoulders i’m gonna sit on and-...”
“never really told me you were into that, hm?”
is that....
“one and only. how’s my lovie doing?”
joon crashes to you with a massive hug that almost incapacitates you because uh wOW he’s gotten even more ripped than when you last saw him two years? three years ago??
you completely dodge around his nickname for you and address the obviOus elephant in the room
“what’re you doing here??”
his dimple pops out as his eyes squint, a little confused himself
“did no one tell you? well... i’m a special guest, i guess? and i’m your partner for our routine.”
there he goes again
“don’t call it that,” you’re a little pissed because you’re the last one to know about this and wasn’t even consulted beforehand!!!
“we did make this ourselves and we did this together, right? c’mon. just a routine. just like old times.”
although the breakup was sudden and civil and you may have garnered anger for him, you’ve long made your peace!!!
peace with the fact that his career comes before yours and how you wouldn’t wanna settle with that either
because as much as he is single, he’s also-
“and for our last performance, presenting — special guest AND olympic swimmer and gold medalist, kim namjoon with our very own coach y/n y/l/n!”
holy fucking shit
everybody SHUT the fuck up
is seokjin hearing right
is he rEALLY hearing this right
your ex-boyfriend...
is kim namjoon?
kim namjoon, the guy the news covered for two weeks when he won gold at the olympics?? the guy he’d see at every billboard on olympic season that seemed like 24/7?? the guy who taught you how to get back up again, had you for three years, broke up with you, and later become the gold medalist at the olympics??
you’ve got to be fucking shitting him
everyone’s amazed and he’s the only one sour over this
namjoon has his arms snug on your waist as he lifts you up from beneath the water, before plopping you to his shoulders like it’s no big deal
your legs are on him then you’re holding his hands then he’s carrying you
he’s laughing and you’re smiling then you’re bowing and he’s hugging
seokjin’s lips are pursed and his whole happy demeanor has long been crashed and drowned in the very pool that namjoon seems to be very happy in
he’s so hurt and distraught at the same time
he’s so fucking jealous as he realizes that for three years, you’ve spent a better part of your life with namjoon probably swimming and giggling and hugging all the time
for three years he’s also had haneul in his arms with no one by his side, because the woman he once loved never stayed
he’s been trying to lay low all this time and not rush into things like what he did with her
jin’s so mad at you that you didn’t tell him this; didn’t tell him how you could look at him like he’s what makes the universe complete and the next day, your ex is holding you like one of his trophies for everyone to see
he’s also mad at himself because maybe, if just maybe he set his intentions clearly and wasn’t an asshole in the start and made concise actions of how he wants you in his life, this probably wouldn’t have happened
he storms out of the bleachers and leaves haneul with jimin with no warning whatsoever
he’s overwhelmed and this is the first time he’s been here that he’s a little jittery with his emotions and he doesn’t know where the exit is because it feels like everything’s closing down on him
seokjin hates this so fucking much and he wants to go home and cry by himself as he wallows in sadness
but there isn’t time for that
there isn’t time for that when your rush after and find him alone by the lockers trying not to break down
“jin, baby, look at me please. i-...”
“no. me first.”
he holds out his finger for you to stop, managing to speak in between heavy breaths that make your heart ache
“i love you.”
he says it so definitively with no prelude, no build-up, no rising action
“i love you and i-i apologize that i do love you. i never want to rush things, and i didn’t want to rush anything with you, but y/n, fuck, you make me feel like i’m fifteen again! you make me want to be impulsive, and rash, and into it so deep that-”
he’s trying to regain his breath, and you’re not sure what to feel as you hold him by his shoulders of what he’s trying to get at
“that it made me think you were all these things! and it’s my fault that i ever though of it in the first place. but god, seeing you out there without anyone knowing what’s going on between us, o-or anyone not knowing that i call you when i can’t sleep and you call me babe —it’s frustrating!”
he’s no longer heaving but instead, he’s looking directly at you
you’re nodding at every word and you’re trying to understand, your heart sinking because you’re trying to figure out where this is going
“i-i realized that i felt this way because i’m sure. i am so sure of you that you make me want to start all over again even if i thought it would be over for me. i’m so sure of you that i wouldn’t hold it against you if-...”
it’s the tears that stain your face the most, a little whimper with how seokjin’s baring his heart to you in the rawest and most endearing way
he’s starting to have a grip on himself but he fears he’s gonna lose it once more
for good measure.
“maybe i blew my chance you, or maybe not. but i’m so sure of you that i’d still love you regardless.”
Tumblr media
it’s haneul’s graduation from swim class and it’s an absolute bALL
jin absolutely wouldn’t miss this for the world
han’s wearing the prettiest!!! dress with the puff sleeves and the flowy skirt she’s asked for appa herself-
complete with the tiny kim embroidered on one of her sleeves :D
seokjin had to learn overnight all these toddler hairstyles that screamed “i graduated top of my class and I’M the mvp swimmer here pls”
jimin woke up at 3 am to start up the food that was going to be brought for the potluck and you bEST believe that they’re gonna end this class as strong as they started it
everyone’s a little hectic but it’s okay!! it’ll all be worth it,, even if this handmade badges are the most time-consuming thing in planet earth <3
you’re gonna miss this class a lot
they’re what you think the most memorable batch for rEAL this time and you’ll never forget the three months that you’ve spent with them
everyone’s grown so much and you couldn’t be any more proud :((( like a mother hen :(((((
the seats were starting to fill up and the buzz just keeps growing!!
everyone dressed so nicely today hee-hee all of this are going into everyone’s feeds
the gymnasium’s been modeled to look fancier and more graduation ceremony-worthy and both the parents and the kids alike because for once,, for oNCE they don’t see that damn sunroof
it still feels the same 
this is still the place that housed the same kids who asked the most ridiculous questions concerning water that boggled their mind
it’s the same place that haneul tripped herself on and ended up having a cast on for six weeks
the same place that jin panickedly dived ten-feet deep to grab you from the bottom because he thought you were drowning
the same one that he first told you that he loved you
and the same one that this treasure of a memory was going to happen
“kim haneul!”
there’s a round of applause and cheers as she steps up the podium, holding seokjin’s hand the tightest as they both beam with how happy the other is
jimin and other parents alike were taking their pictures as they giggle among themselves, and you feel so fulfilled seeing them like this
haneul knows you’re standing behind her because you’re giving out the certificates, which is why she grabs you mercilessly and makes you stand right beside her
everyone’s cooing but it only heightens when she outstretches her grabby hands, making you carry her and seokjin smiles the widest
everyone in front basically squeezes in together in the middle just to see the three of you
maybe it’s time
jin coughs once and playfully yet intentionally avoids all the pairs of eyes in front, snaking an arm around your waist that draws up a rouse
“just mARRY her already will you!!!”
jimin yells and that starts off everyone, making you feel even more flustered than before
seokjin utilizes the opportunity, and for the first time, he kisses you on the cheek for everyone to see 
you should kiss him on the lips just to be sure
this is real
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sokkas-honour · 11 months ago
for spotify wrapped: #7 and zuko?
checkmate - zuko x reader
Tumblr media
pairing: modern!zuko x fem!reader
wc: 4.3k
warning: parties, alcohol, vomiting, kind of cheating, lmk if i’m missing smth
notes: the party in here is a kind of based off the ones i’ve gone to so they might be drastically different than they actually are lmao. if a character is very ooc for you, please lmk, i’m often scared that i differ too much from who they actually are. also i loved writing this and have been working on it for days.
you think you're funny right? calling me drunk when it's too late at night
he sat at his desk, book open as he studied for his earth kingdom history test late that saturday night when he received a call. he wasn’t very interested in answering but he reconsidered when he saw your name as the caller id. with a sigh he clicked accept.
“heyyyy zuzuuuu.” your words slurred through the phone when he finally picked up. voice sounding somewhat absent as lyrics from whatever song was on played in the background. you must’ve been yelling into the phone as the music seemed to playing rather loudly.
“hey y/n.” zuko sighed but still greeted you, a small smile forming on his lips at the fact that he was talking to you.
“did you knowww that you’re kinda cute?” you asked, a loud giggle escaping your lips at your drunken confession.
“thanks y/n.” a blushed spread accros his cheeks at your compliment.
“zuzzuuuuuuuuuu, come to the party. pleasseee.” you begged, your words starting to slur even more as you pleaded for your friend to come to the gathering.
“where are you right now?” he asked, realising that he hadn’t heard of any party during the week and hadn’t seen anything in their group chat. he had absolutely no idea where you were and who you were with.
“jet’s place. he invited me to his party with his friends.” you explained, practically shouting into the phone as the music behind you blared.
“did you go alone?” he pushed for more information, concern growing as you explained the situation. he’d heard rumours on things jet had previously done around campus and even in high school, none of it sounded any good and it rose all of his red flags.
“well no, with jet.” you stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
“i mean with someone from our friendgroup.” he clarified, remembering that your drunken self probably wasn’t exactly thinking much.
“nope.” you popped the ‘p’ as you cheerily responded which earned a sigh from the firenation boy.
“what’s jet’s address? i’ll be there soon.” he concluded. he’d come to get you and let you spend the night at his place since you seemed a bit too drunk to be trusted to be left alone.
“he texted me roku valley number 35? i think? it’s this huge house.” you seemed to have sobered up as you told him where you were.
“i’ll be there in less than 15 minutes.” he informed the drunken girl and started grabbing his keys.
“see you zuuuzuuuu.” he heard you say but you didn’t hang up so he didn’t either, figuring you probably wanted to say something else.
right as he was about to grab his jacket, he heard a discussion between jet and yourself and grabbed the phone, and put it on speaker to be able to know exactly what was happening.
“hey y/n, you enjoying yourself.” jet asked, seeming to have not been affected by any alcohol yet. unbeknownst to zuko, he had handed you a bottle of beer which didn’t take you long to finish.
“yeah, i even got a friend to come.” you excitedly responded as you continued to drink.
zuko listened intently as he left his apartment to get to his car, he threw his phone in the passengers seat and started his car as another distinctive voice came up into the phone.
“so what about you and that firenation boy.” jet asked, this time no music was blaring but the voices were just muffled as your phone was in a pocket of yours. the no music meant that you had stepped out of the main room and you were probably alone with the boy.
at the realisation, zuko sped up, the roads were practically empty so he didn’t bother anyone as he couldn’t wait to come and get you.
“zuzu?” he hadn’t been paying much attention to your conversation with jet as he focused on the road ahead but the mention of his caused him to pay half attention to the call.
“i dont know. he’s like my best friend y’a know.” you explained to the boy after he had nodded, zuko deducted the last part.
he decided to just hang up as he was getting closer to his destination and before he knew it, he was in front of the house where the party took place. he parked rather hazardly on the sidewalk but he wasn’t going to be there for long, a simple get in, find you, and get out.
when he opened the door, some random generic pop song was blaring and a crowd of people were all in the center of the room, drunkenly dancing around. he had to push a path for himself to try and find you but it was a bit hard considering it was perfectly lit.
“zuko?” he heard the familiar voice of haru, a fellow classmate with whom he had shared classes with in his sophomore year of college.
“hey haru, have you seen y/n?” he didn’t feel like small talk as he was concerned for you. thankfully for him, haru seemed to pick up a small stress in his words and pointed to the kitchen with his head.
“thanks.” zuko smiled and quickly left to the direction that the earth kingdom boy had said. when he finally found it, it was practically empty apart from two people who seemed like they were about to indulge in a make out session and his eyes widened when he was able to recognise you. he’d recognise you anywhere.
“you mind leaving?” apparently he hadn’t been very discreet as the boy, who he saw was jet, moved his head to glare at the newcomer. interested, you turned around, your back now facing jet and you grinned.
“zuko!” your excitedly exclaimed, quickly leaving jet’s grip and skipped to your friend happily. to any sober person, your skipping was a mix of jumping and almost falling, and in any other circumstance, zuko would’ve found it adorable.
“hey y/n/n.” he was a tad bit surprised as you wrapped your arms around his waist but relaxed when you slightly cuddled into his chest.
“nicely played scar boy. nicely played.” jet gritted through his teeth at the fact that zuko had just taken the girl he had been flirting with away from him.
“jet that’s mean, zuko’s scar is very pretty to me.” you mumbled, not loud enough for the person that you actually wanted to hear it but loud enough for zuko to hear and it made his heart race.
telling me truths that you know all are lies, yeah, you think you're funny right?
the car ride home was quiet from both sides, zuko focused on the road while you went in and out of sleep.
when he finally parked near his apartment, he got out of the car and when he went to help you, he saw you were already out but slightly leaning against the car as you were tired.
“see zuzu? i’m not that drunk.” you gave him your signature drunken smile, earning a chuckle from him as he wrapped his hand around your waist to help you stand up.
he kept it around you as he you went up the two flights of stairs and he been kept it around you as he opened the door. you almost sprinted to bathroom as soon as the door was open, feeling the contents of the night come up.
concerned, zuko quickly shut his door and went after you. his heart broke slightly when he saw you leaned over the sink, a weak hand holding your hair back as you body ridded itself of whatever was in its stomach. he leaned down, wrapped a solid hand around your hair and rubbed circles on your back as you kept going.
when you finally felt like your stomach was completely empty, you rose your hand slightly. eyes red and cheeks puffy, you tried to give zuko some sort of joking grin but you were only met with a concerned face.
he let go of your hair and filled up a nearby cup of water and handed it you while you sat on the ground, not feeling like getting up just yet.
“spirits y/n, how much did you drink?” he bent down to your level, hand on your knee and worried eyes staring in yours.
“don’t know.” you shrugged your shoulders before slowly sipping the water.
“i guess you can tell me tomorrow morning, after you’ve rested a bit alright?” he suggested, taking the now empty cup from your hand and placing it on the sink counter. he extended his hand towards you to help you stand up and you gladly took it.
you let him guide you to his bedroom. you took a seat on his bed and absentmindedly stared at the wall in front of you as zuko grabbed a pair of his sweatpants and a shirt for you to sleep in. you staring got interrupted as you felt the clothes land on you, turning around, you saw a small smirk on his face.
“how kind zuko.” you seemed to have somewhat sobered up, throwing a playful grin his direction as he turned around to let you change in privacy.
“once you’re done, i’ll just grab a thing or two and go to the living room.” he explained, meaning he was giving you the bed.
“no zuko stay, it’s fine.” you crawled to the other side of the bed in his clothes to grab his hand, trying to get him to stay.
“you sure? don’t want you throwing up on me.” he joked, earning a slap on the arm from you as you moved back to the other side of the bed to give him some space.
you had taken your phone out of your pocket and were scrolling through it as you waited for zuko to get ready.
‘had fun tonight, see you tomorrow evening? 7pm?’ you texted jet, hoping you could finish whatever you started.
‘cant wait’ was his response that came almost immediately. a smirk on your face, you shut off your phone and placed it face down on the night table next to the bed as zuko entered the room.
“who were you texting?” he asked, eyebrow raised in questioning.
“no one, just scrolling through insta.” you lied, a reassuring smile on your face as he took his spot next to you. you mumbled one last thing before placing your head on the pillow and passing out. it wasn’t loud but you made sure that it was loud enough for zuko hear it. “i love you.”
you think you're super sly, flirting with them but telling me you're mine,
zuko woke up before you, smiling at your adorable soft snoring. he knew you were going to have one hell of a hangover so he prepared the ibuprofen and the glass of water, and set it on the night table closest to you before heading to the kitchen. he figured that he might as well make breakfast for the two of you, knowing that you’d be ravenous as you had been the multiple times you’d spent the night.
the boy found himself falling asleep next to you at least a couple of times a month, this being the third in two weeks. you two had never defined your relationship but you were both there for each other. he often found himself taking a drunk you home, wether it be from a random campus party or a little get together with friends. he didn’t mind, he loved spending time with you.
he got out the pan, the eggs and the bacon. that was something he knew how to cook and it was your favourite post-drunk breakfast, you always claimed that his bacon and eggs were the best.
while he was cooking the bacon, he heard some rustling from his room and a small knowing smile spread accross his face. he could hear the floorboard creek as you stepped out of the room and arrived practically directly in the kitchen.
you had woken up to an empty bed but to a heavenly smell. once you saw zuko in the kitchen being the cause for the delicious aroma that had filled the appartment, you rubbed the last of the sleep out of your eyes and walked towards him. you thought he looked adorable as he cooked so you wrapped your arms around him and cuddled into his back. you knew exactly what this did to him.
“good morning sleepy head.” he greeted you, heart racing a bit at your proximity. zuko desperately wanted to turn around to kiss you good morning but opted for keeping his attention on your breakfast.
“good morning.” you mumbled into his shirt, too lazy to remove your head from its comfortable position which earned a small chuckle from the raven haired boy. you could feel it in his chest.
“sleep well?” he asked as you moved your head so that only your chin was against his back, letting your just stare at the ceiling.
“like a baby.” your morning voice prevented you from saying it normally so it came out more as a rasp than anything.
“figured as such, you passed out as soon as i turned off the lights. how’s the hangover?” concerned laced in the last part, moving the eggs from the pan to a plate that he had already prepared.
“better than expected, i’ll take the pill after i eat something.” you explained, trying to clear your throat in order to have a bigger range of voice.
“mind unlatching yourself? breakfast is ready.” he explained as he placed the final bacon on the two plates then turned off the stove. you reluctantly removed your arms, a small pout forming on your lips.
when zuko turned around, a plate in each hand, he laughed a bit at your childish expression but still leaned a bit down to place his lips against yours as he wanted to when you first stepped into the room.
you smiled into the kiss and it replaced the pout even after he broke it in order to place the two plates on opposites sides of the two tables. you decided to make yourself useful and went to grab the silverware.
the majority of the meal was spent in silence, a couple of giddy smiles and compliments on the food were exchanged but a conversation didn’t pick up until you were about to finish the last of your eggs.
“did jet do anything last night.” so that’s what zuko was thinking about during the meal.
“no he didn’t zuko, i wouldn’t have let him anyway. i may be drunk but i’m not dumb.” you explained, telling a small white lie in order to reassure your friend. jet and you were about to make out but zuko didn’t have to know that, even if he saw the position you two were in, it was possible to lie about the intentions.
“you sure? didn’t seem like nothing when i found you.” he sipped his water as he doubted your previous statement.
“i was a bit nervous so he was kind enough to talk me out of the funk i was in.” you lied through your teeth but kept a genuine comforting smile, even extending your hand onto the table in order for him to grab it.
“what were you nervous about? since you seem to remember last night pretty well.” he looked at your hand but refrained from bringing his up to yours.
“i only remember bits and pieces zuzu. and don’t know really, i was probably nervous about you.” you bit your lip, waiting to see zuko’s reaction to your wild claim. as you expected, his eyes widened in shock and blushed.
“me? why would you be nervous about me?” he stuttered a bit in the beginning, his heartrate picking up your confession. zuko had been head over heels for you ever since he saw you in his first class of his sophomore year, and he wished more than anything that you two would get together.
“don’t know, maybe it has something to do with that beautiful face of yours.” you brought your mug of tea that he had made up to your lips to hide your small smirk but you still sent a wink in his direction. you loved watching his whole face illuminate and his cheeks grow redder.
“oh.” was all he managed to say, too stunned to say anything. zuko had been in multiple relationships before, boys and girls, but none of them ever drove him as crazy as you did.
the rest of the morning was spent by helping him do the dishes along with a bit of cuddling on the couch as the news served as background noise. sadly, an alarm rang from your phone, reminding you that you had somewhere to go. time to kill and get ready before your little rendezvous.
“do you have to go?” zuko mumbeld, not wanting you to leave his embrace.
“yeah i set a reminder to remember to start studying for the math final.” you explained, slightly unwrapping yourself from his grip.
“that’s in a long time y/n.” zuko rose an eyebrow in confusion, unwrapping his arms from your waist to let you get up.
“yeah but i’ve been falling behind and need to catch up by myself.” you explained, grabbing your phone and put it into the pocket of the sweatpants you were wearing and you realised you were still in zuko’s clothes.
“you don’t mind me keeping your clothes that i’m wearing right? i’ll change once i get home.” you gave him your best puppy dog eyes in order to convince him to let you keep his comfy clothes.
“of course, you look hot in them. also, feel free to leave your old clothes here for the next time you crash for the night.” he eyed you up and down, loving how adorable you looked in his clothes. it wasn’t the first time he saw you in them, the number of times you needed new clothes after a party was so high he lost track. you usually kept them but returned some.
“why thank you zuko.” you teased, grabbing your coat that he had placed delicately on top of an armchair.
“see you soon?” he wishfully asked hoping you two could go out together sometime as you were about to leave the room.
“you can count on it pretty boy.” you sent him a small smirk before shutting the door behind you. behind the door was a lovestruck boy that finally had his chance.
building me up, but buttercup you lied, now in gonna ruin your life,
a couple of weeks after that night, zuko and you had spent a couple of afternoons together and zuko savoured every minute of them. you were supposed to meet him and the rest of the gaang at a coffee shop but everyone had already finished their drinks and you still hadn’t showed up.
“you sure she’s going to show up zuko? it’s y/n.” sokka took zuko out of his constant glancing at his phone to check for any messages from you. you were somewhat notorious for showing up to friend dates later then the decided time.
“she said she would be there, y/n promised me she’d be there today.” the boy insisted, opting to stare out the window when he spotted katara placing her head on aang’s shoulder.
“she’s over an hour late, let’s just head back to our place and ask her to meet us there?” aang suggested after placing a small kiss on his girlfriend’s forehead.
“yeah zuko, i love y/n just as much as you but she might just have gotten caught up with something.” toph shrugged her shoulders, trying to help everyone convince the raven haired boy to just leave the coffee shop.
“i guess you’re right. let’s go.” zuko turned his head from his outdoor gazing and smiled to his friends who all cheered a bit before everyone grabbed their jackets.
everyone walked in pairs to take up less space on the sidewalk on the way to katara’s, toph’s and aang’s apartment. zuko found himself walking side by side with suki who was talking to him about a recent goof that sokka recently made. he felt bad for not fully paying attention but he couldn’t help thinking about why you didn’t show up or even text him. you never came late to any of your dates so why be late now.
all of a sudden, he bumped into toph who had stopped walking, apparently everyone stopped walking for some reason but he was so engrossed in his thoughts he didn’t realise it.
“why did we stop.” he asked, turning his head into the direction that everyone was staring in. he squinted his eyes, trying to see what everyone was seeing.
“jet.” sokka said through gritted teeth, narrowing his eyes in the direction of the aftermentiononed boy. zuko finally spotted him, katara’s short lived highschool romance who supposedly ended badly. he had heard some rumours around campus but other than that, it seemed like a bad highschool experience.
“oh no.” he heard those two words slip out of sukis mouth as he saw who jet was with, he would recognise you from anywhere. he saw jet whispering something into your ear which earned a giggle from you before leaning in to peck his lips.
“how about we go this way.” aang nervously suggested as everyone spotted you, not wanting to make this too uncomfortable for anyone but it was too late, zuko’s heart dropped at the sight.
“yeah, sounds good to me.” he managed to say, swallowing hard as he couldn’t take his eyes off of the similar way you acted with jet. the look you gave him was the same, he thought it was reserved for him.
cause ive gotten tired of the games that you play, when you tell me you love me then you throw me away,
when he got him that night, realisation dawned on him. every time you left a bit early, claiming to go study or go see friends, you were probably lying. it solidified when he received a text from you, probably apologising for being late because you didn’t seem to notice your whole friend group down the street from you.
‘hey zuzu, i’m so sorry but not making it today. i got caught up with this highschool friend i ran into.’
the text basically aggravated him, he saw the reason why you were late and receiving a text for you lying about why you weren’t there. he decided not to bother to respond and basically just find a way to release his agression. opting not to make his phone a victim of his anger, he grabbed the nearest pillow and threw it at the wall.
‘we still on for friday night? at that really good firenation restaurant?’ he heard his phone ding with a message from you right after he picked up the poor pillow that had suffered so much.
zuko was about to call you to confront you but then it hit him, you were just playing with him, you were just playing with jet. you probably only saw him as a friend but noticed his obvious feelings and decided to toy with him, or maybe that’s just what you did with everyone.
you two never actually said that you were both a thing, which is probably your excuse for all of this. but there was one thing you didn’t realise, and it was that two people could play at this game.
‘of course, see you at around six pm at zheng-ho’s delicacies?’ he smirked slightly when he got your enthusiastic text back, agreeing to meet him then and there.
the only thing left was to bring someone else into this game, someone who had previously been apart of his life in the beginning of college. she probably wouldnt mind a small rekindling without any real commitment.
he searched for her name in his contacts and clicked on it, realising it had been a while since he had contacted his sisters friend and his old girlfriend.
‘hey mai, i know it’s been awhile but wanna meet up at around five this friday?’ and sent, your single player game was now a multiplayer one.
so cry me a river 'til you drown in the lake, cause you may think you're winning but checkmate,
the rest of the gaang decided to avoid the topic during the week, letting the tension between the two of you be resolved on your own. you of course were unaware of them seeing you with jet, and even more unaware that zuko saw you kiss him, so you kept flirting with him, feeling a bit down when he didn’t always reciprocate it.
so now you stood, in front of zheng-ho’ delicacies at exactly six pm, waiting for your date with zuko. if anyone asked you, you’d say you felt a bit bad about dragging zuko into your games but it entertained you, it kept you on your toes.
you recognised the firenation boy across the street thanks to his scar. but who you didn’t recognise was the girl with long black hair that was holding his hand. he looked down at her and placed his hand on her cheek to lean down and kiss her. the action making your blood boil, what the hell was he doing.
you took your phone out to pretend you didn’t see anything, only lifting it when your heard his footsteps next to you.
“hey y/n.” he greeted you as you lifted your head with a small smile, lifting yourself up slightly to kiss him, taking him by surprise.
“good evening zuzu.” your hand immediately went to grab his, trying to show him that you had the upper hand in whatever game he was playing. you didn’t know that he saw your kiss with jet, you didn’t know that he had figured out your little game.
“shall we.” he unlachted his hands from yours, holding the door open for you with a smirk onto his face, knowing you were shaken by the change of power dynamic in whatever game you were both now playing.
yeah you may think you're winning but checkmate.
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zuko taglist: @duh-dobrik
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canmom · 7 months ago
Animation Night 52: YEAR
Hello friends! It is now... drumroll and such... more or less exactly one year since I got the daft/brilliant idea to stream some of my favourite weird animation to everyone who would watch. Gradually, this went from ‘short film night’ to ‘night where we watch 2-3 feature length films’.
Now it’s a year later. We have accumulated 52 Thursdays of animated film! I’m still working on reposting the Animation Night writeup archives on my static website, but in the meantime, here’s some of the places we’ve been...
The beginning: Aeon Flux and the Japan Animator Expo
The impetus for Animation Night basically came from two things: Aeon Flux and Me! Me! Me!... a spirit I hope I’ve managed to at least somewhat keep as we wandered around the history of animation...
Tumblr media
I first came across Æon Flux , back in the day, from the above gif. It completely grabbed me; I knew I had to download it immediately to get more of that feeling, whatever it was. This problably explains a lot.
So what is it? Æon Flux was the big thing to come out of MTV’s Liquid Television programming block, directed by the fascinating Korean-American animator Peter Chung. At the time, Chung had been working in the American animation industry for some years, notably designing the characters of Rugrats, but he hadn’t had the chance to express what would become his characteristic style.
Æon Flux at its most basic premise level depicts a kind of sexy super-spy girl at the border of a dictatorship, but everything about it veers away from that premise in striking ways. Its environments draw on influences like Eastern European animation to depict an fascinatingly alienating brutalist landscape, its characters have weird, angular, lumpy bodies, the direction has a fascination with physicality and injury - the iconic image of the series being a fly getting caught in an eyelash. Deaths are abrupt and not flashy, especially those of the protagonist, which come every episode for the first two seasons.
Tumblr media
Aeon, though seemingly knowing a lot of things the viewers are not privy to, constantly trips and stumbles and dies, over and over in abrupt ways. It plays cleverly with sexuality (Trevor is a very horny dictator) - unable to show too much explicitly on MTV, it ends up getting a lot more eroticism out of stuff like the spine surgery in my favourite episode, S3E3 Thanatophobia. Aeon herself takes a strangely ambiguous role, seemingly a double agent for the two nations at war; sometimes she’s working against Trevor, sometimes she’s his lover. The pacing, too, has an unusual rhythm: lots of abrupt cuts, and episodes will be often be edited around a recurring pattern (e.g. Aeon shooting the dangling cable in S2E2 Tide)
Moreover, there’s a lot of wordless storytelling (the first two seasons have no dialogue whatsoever), and even after the characters start speaking, it’s often semi-imcomprehensible philosophical monologues that just add to the weird atmosphere. While the structure of the plot of an episode can generally be followed, a lot remains totally unexplained: the atmosphere comes above everything. (There are some fumbles and weaker episodes later on, as it starts getting more explicit with its stories, but just about everything up to mid season 3 is absolute gold.)
Aeon Flux really struck a chord with more than just me, and definitely launched the career of Peter Chung as an independent creator, getting him a chance to work on for example The Animatrix where he made something very akin to Aeon Flux. Sadly, when it saw adaptation to live action film, the adaptation abandoned every part of the atmosphere that made the series so compelling, and pretty much killed the whole thing.
Tumblr media
Chung went on to work with anime studios - making him one of the few people to have extensive experience in both the Western and Japanese animation industries - on a highly underrated series called Alexander Senki or Reign: The Conqueror, where he brought the same bony, angular drawing style to a story about a sci-fi world of Greek mythology retelling the story of Alexander the Great.
So, I love Aeon Flux, and I wanted a chance to show it to people. And I had a lot of enthusiasm for animated ‘package films’ like Robot Carnival.
But the thing that really got the ball rolling was something else: a collection of short films by a variety of anime directors organised by Hideaki Anno at Studio Khara in 2014. More specifically, it was the third film in that collection: an incredible music video for Teddyloid’s song Me! Me! Me! which blew my mind so much I knew I had to grab more people before I delved further into the Expo... (content note: a whoooole lotta sexual imagery. that’s kind of the whole thing.)
Me! Me! Me! is sung from the point of view of a girl who was in the relationship with a boy who, if we can read into the video, increasingly turned away from her towards otaku subcultural pursuits. the video on the other hand takes more of his perspective; as @mogsk​ did a great job describing at the time
you've got this guy whose very immersed in like otaku/gamer culture who loves this girl (or the memory of her) and seems to be mourning losing her, but as he sinks deeper and deeper into his reverie, all these little objects of his hobby life begin coming alive and tormenting him until the main girl appears as this, like, sexually terrifying entity that he only knows how to confront by basically manifesting as some sort of FPS hero, but in the end all these moe girls overwhelm him, while the lyrics say
You’ll never change, remaining like this until the day you die Your true feelings have sunk to the bottom of a deep and dark swamp - Yes, they’ve built and built until they’ve flooded over
I’ve worked hard for myself - What have you done for yourself? When you notice the scattered pieces of the mirror, You’ll realize I wanted you to notice.
Is this still going on? Is this still happening? Even though I’d been waiting for you Even though I loved you
And then they literally consume him, and so it kinda slots into this idea of, like, a horror scenario of the objectified reasserting her agency through terror and uncanny transformation and how that sort of plays out as a metaphor for the destruction of the ego defense of the male protag against his own attempts to see himself as, like, the victim or the one being attacked in that scenario
What makes it so unbelievably striking as a piece of animation is just how far it leans into a space of sexual imagery that very people would even dare touch and then takes it to a level of stylised and exaggerated which, combined with the intensity of Teddyloid’s music, makes it just an overwhelmingly intense sensory experience. the kind of film that blasts through most of the layers of detachment you might have and leaves you staring into space the first time you see it. I honestly don’t know if I have the language to describe its effect even now.
Tumblr media
also it’s where this girl is from lmao
Anyway, we went on to watch the rest of the Animator Expo over a few nights. The collectio can be little hit and miss: there are many incredible entries, but equally many that don’t move me much and a handful that are hard nos for me like the rapey comedy robot in Hiroyuki Okiura’s Robot on the Road. But that’s inevitable: as a project, bringing together all these different studios and directors to make stuff that they couldn’t make in a more standard commercial setting has got to be one of the best ideas Anno ever had (and don’t get me wrong, I love most of his stuff).
So, that’s where Animation Night started! (DyE’s Fantasy music video was another of the inspirations.) I wanted to show people the real far psychic corners of animation, the intense and weird side that makes me go ‘holy shit, this medium’. Gradually I also started to get an idea of like, sharing the history of animation as well: writing little biographies of creators, tracing the history of techniques and such...
Below: a condensed history of Animation Night! A big collection of animated films for you to draw from if you’re ever in the mood! And at the end, an announcement of the little retrospective we’re doing tonight!
The Short Film Compilations - Robot Carnival, Memories, Short Peace, The Animatrix, Genius Party, Ani*Kuri 15, Fantasia, Allegro non Troppo
Early on in Animation Night, I was worried about keeping peoples’ attention for an entire movie - I knew people often drop in and out of streams midway and wanted things to remain accessible. (You can tell this isn’t really a concern I worry about very much anymore!) So I turned to the animated ‘package film’. These included various projects associated with Katsuhiro Otomo, and a large part of the early output of Studio 4°C. I have a lot of fondness for this era of Animation Night, since we were constantly exploring new styles and directions...
Tumblr media
Another really lovely aspect of these films is that the shorter runtime allows animators to really go to town on the technical aspects of animation, or deliver more mood-driven pieces without getting bogged down in explaining narrative details.
Moreover, it was a chance to start to follow individual filmmakers who appeared in multiple collections: of course we all known and love Otomo, and his short films like Cannon Fodder and Construction Cancellation Order are still some of my absolute favourites. But this was also a chance to get into the work of, for example, Koji Morimoto, who went from flexing his mechanical animations in Robot Carnival‘s Franken’s Gears to delighting us with the apocalyptic atmosphere in Genius Party Beyond’s final short Dimension Bomb. And of course we got to see some early works of Masaaki Yuasa at his most unconventional!
We’d return to short films much later during a certain winter holiday, along with some lovely OVAs like the Moebius-inspired Dragon’s Heaven and the classic bit of Madhouse cyberpunk Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita). And as for Otomo, well, we had to watch Akira at some point right? I had a good deal of fun writing up the post-war history of Japan, but more on that habit later.
Animation Night 3 (very brief introduction to Robot Carnival and Memories)
Animation Night 4 (says almost nothing! But has some clips from Genius Party [Beyond])
Animation Night 5 (a brief history of the Disney animator’s strike, and even briefer introduction to Fantasia and Allegro non Troppo)
Animation Night 6 (now I start putting some effort in! A brief description of each of the shorts in Memories, Short Peace and The Animatrix.)
Animation Night 7: Soviet bloc animation (still listed as 8 on the page... a very brief intro to Soviet-bloc short animation, which frankly needs a much better treatment. I understimated how much this would take, so we ended up watching considerably more films on the night from WP!)
Animation Night 33: Digital Juice, Dragon’s Heaven, Gunnm
Animation Night is a way to entertain people and hang out w people of course, but it’s also a cunning ploy to get people to recommend me animated films. Here are a few of them:
@mogsk​ put together an enormous list of animated music videos and gave me many brilliant recommendations for more obscure films and anime
scattermoon has done an incredible amount of research into European animation, combing awards lists and applying her nigh encylopedic music knowedge to put together her own DJ set of animated music videos as a companion to mogs’s one.
@lyravelocity​ has given me some really key recommendations (like tekkonkinkreet which we’re soon to get to)
@hamiltonianflow​ managed to track down copies of the Polish governments’ collections of Polish animation and put a lot of work into going through them to pick out recs
Format experiments: Tekkonkinkreet, web animators,  Madoka
At this point, I was starting to run out of short film collections, and increasingly starting to try and do themed nights. Which meant, well, it was time to start considering feature length films. The current form of Animation Night was born.
Tumblr media
Our first foray was a film that totally caught me by surprise: Michael Arias’s film adaptation of the manga Tekkonkinkreet, which began as a project with Koji Morimoto but became fully Arias’s project after they went off to work on the Animatrix for a while. Telling the story of two street kids whose home is under threat by, straight up, the forces of gentrification and their yakuza goons, it’s carried by wonderfully stylised, visceral animation and beautiful desaturated, textured backgrounds that make its setting boil over with life. It’s one of the real treasures of Animation Night, enough so that I’m bringing it back tonight!
The next week I got the bug in my head to do something a little different and turn the spotlight onto the independent web animation scene. (I was v much a newgrounds kid lol.) I got very excited writing that one up, and I am glad I got to introduce ppl to some of my fave web animators like vewn and gooseworx (and! in turn! have mogs show me jonni phillips!). That one really launched the trend of well, writing up a big effortpost for each Animation Night. (I returned to web animation a few weeks ago for night 48, to catch up on the newest films by those same people... and visit a few more.)
Tumblr media
The next Animation Night was also an experiment. I adore the film Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion, but it requires the context of the series or else the compilation films... so I decided to do what seemed very ambitious at that point, and watch the whole film trilogy in one night. Which paid off really well, I think! The format worked and hopefully I got at least a few people hooked on Gen Urobuchi’s whole thing.
Auteur time: I get really into sakugablog
With the next block - and honestly, pretty much ever since - I started to use Animation Nights to focus on a particular director. Of course this is theoretically questionable: an animated film is the work of an enormous team of people, and while some films like those of Miyazaki may have an overbearing creator who insists on determining every aspect of the final production, you really can’t act like everything about a film sprung from the mind of one person. But it still makes for a good framing device!
Tumblr media
FIrst up we encountered the endlessly varied creations of Masaaki Yuasa, who remains one of my favourite creators. Night Is Short Walk On Girl was another one that snuck up on me: a constantly surprising, charming, energetic film. We were, by contrast, disappointed by Mind Game, although I do feel like I should probably give it another look in a different frame of mind. And Devilman Crybaby hit like it always did. We returned to Yuasa later on night 28, and he continued to charm with films like Lu Over The Wall.
Next up I did Naoka Yamada, one of the really great directors. Koe no Katachi is another favourite film I was really hoping to share with everyone: dealing with quite a challenging set of films with both the care and emotional intensity it needs, backed by the incredible animators cultivated by KyoAni over the years.
This was probably the first writeup to lean mostly on sakugablog lol. It was hard not to be caught up in the obvious enthusiasm of kVin, the site admin of Sakugabooru, or appreciate how much effort he’d put into contextualising KyoAni’s history and Yamada’s particular directing style. Sakugabooru is an amazing site just as a database of animation, but I’ve gotten maybe even more appreciative of kVin’s improbably well-informed writeups of trends and artists... I guess I have full on become a ‘sakuga fan’ this last year lol.
Tumblr media
Estabishing the pattern of ‘2 weeks anime, one week everywhere else’, the next week I did one of Irish studio Cartoon Saloon and directors like Tomm Moore. When they’re in their home territory of Irish mythology, Cartoon Saloon deserve all the praise that is heaped on them: they have such an unbelievably rich sense of shot composition and strong visual library of medieval art and celtic designs, gorgeous music, really delightful character animation... and while they made a few missteps (like the monks in Kells), their Ireland-set films have only gotten more refined from The Secret of Kells up to the recent Wolfwalkers (night 49, a welcome antidote to the disastrous Klaus). Sadly, their attempt to apply the formula outside of Ireland with The Breadwinner fell into a bunch of crude stereotypes and even outright pro-invasion narratives - all the more disappointing for contrast with the much more informed and subtle hand of Persepolis a few weeks earlier.
Next up we shot through a few of the bigger names in animation auteurs: Mamoru Hosoda and Satoshi Kon. Hosoda brought us all to tears with Wolf Children, and I finally got to contextualise some delightful character animation from The Girl who Leapt Through Time - Hosoda’s a strong director but it’s the incredible work of his animators that makes his films sing so well. (Enough that we went back to him on Night 47). With Kon, the biggest surprise for me was that Paprika didn’t hold up quite so well as I remembered, but Millenium Actress absolutely killed it, and while it lacks music as memorable as Susumu Hirasawa’s parade theme, honestly I think it makes a better demonstration of Kon’s tight editing and reality blending style as well as just, having a much stronger story to back it. So that was a delight. The same went for Tokyo Godfathers, one of his strongest character pieces.
Tumblr media
Over in the west, we have a few auteurs as well. Some, like Don Bluth, I covered over the course of theme nights. And some got their own post, like Genndy Tartakovsky with his tightly edited, abstracted ways of choreographing action, or James Baxter as the technical wizard to carry forward the Disney school of full animation (even if his efforts were so often betrayed in the editing.) Over time I got to most of the big name directors of anime: Mamoru Oshii’s moody, slow, philosophical films, Isao Takahata’s obsessive ( the point of burning out his animators :/ ) attention to detail, or Makoto Shinkai’s beautiful photography.
Of all these different auteurs, one of my favourite surprises was Sayo Yamamoto of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, Michiko and Hatchin, and Yuri!!! on Ice, who is just a really wonderfully stylish director: she has both a confidence in the portraying the overt sexuality of characters like Fujiko or the gay skaters of Yuri, and a great eye for cinematography, especially in the textured, pattern world of Fujiko.
The shadow of Gainax...
Hideaki Anno may have given half the impetus for Animation Night, but we hadn’t yet seen his most famous work... and indeed I hadn’t yet experienced the spectacle of Rebuild of Evangelion. I had some fun trying to explain exactly what made Eva important without using misleading clichés like “deconstruction”, though you might say someone like Matteo Wattzky does a better job of contextualising it. Regardless, the films were every bit as incredible as I hoped, with Anno bringing both some fascinating changes to the story (including a delightful extended sequence of Shinji enjoying time with Kaworu), some incredible imagery (the field of skulls in 3.0) and some pretty significant hints that something is afoot making this much more than simply a remake. Since then the last film, 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, has dropped... and everyone, I am so desperate to see how he’s going to tie up this thematic update (come on, Anno, we all know you’ve put your girlsona in it, especially when comparing with Cutie Honey...)
Tumblr media
The next week I picked out two films rather tenuously linked by the concept of speed... and, ok, maybe you could add “incredible, stylish animation” or “antifascist themes”. One was Takeshi Koike’s nigh unrivalled seven-year magnum opus Redline, which surely stands alongside Akira as far as technically complex animation and brings a whole host of aesthetic ingenuity; the other, Hiroyuki Imaishi’s latest evolution of his Gurren Lagann/Kill la Kill formula in promare, featuring the most explicitly gay themes and a whole cascading series of setpieces and toyetic designs that never stops moving.
We’d return to the earlier years of Gainax on Night 29: seeing Anno’s spectacular mechanical animation in Royal Space Force, their origins in the Daicon shorts (now being restored from the original masters by Femboy Films, which is tremendously exciting), and some of their classic mecha stuff in Gunbuster.
Night 30 saw me attempt to cover Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which was an absolute blast... for everyone who had already seen the series, because the compilation films were not designed for a first viewing.
‘Animation from...’
Starting in Week 11, we took a glance over at French animation, with the works of Sylvain Chomet, Persepolis and the Gobelins film school school. France has a really distinctive animation tradition, one of the only countries to even slightly compare with Japan. At their best French animated films are stylish and creative to an extreme, leaning on all the aesthetic creativity of French comics, a great deal of confidence creating powerful emotional textures, and in Gobelins, probably the best animation school in the whole industry... but at their worst, they will be blithely racist in a way that even US films have gotten cold feet. But with a little selectivity, you can get some amazing stuff. We ended up watching a decent selection of Gobelins films.
I headed back to France on Night 32, with a couple of fascinating films on the magical realism spectrum: the remarkably clever J’ai Perdu Mon Corps and the beautifully stark Takahata collaboration The Red Turtle.
Sadly, few countries have as prolific an animation industry as Japan or France. But people still love to animate shit the world over, and that has led to a series of theme nights where we pick out a few animated films from a particular place.
Animation Night 17 took us to Spain, where we got to see some pretty creative stuff: a lifelong tragic Jazz-era romance between two Cuban performers in Chico and Rita, and a fascinating look at the documentary maker Louis Bunuel’s somewhat questionable attempts to document the impoverished region of Las Hurdes in Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles. Both good films and worth a look, but the best Spanish film was yet to come on Halloween...
Tumblr media
For Night 20, we turned our attention to Korean animation, both North and South. South Korea remains the primary country for animation outsourcing, but sadly there are relatively few original films... still, we had some good ones. Wonderful Days is an impressive demonstration of the talents of the team that would go on to make Avatar and Legend of Korra look so good, with a richly portrayed cyberpunk dystopia; Yobi the Five-Tailed Fox was a worthy attempt to meet Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata on the mythology-driven field. And from the North, we got a fascinating look at the works of SEK Studio, the DPRK’s one major animation studio, and their long-running series of war stories Squirrel and Hedgehog. (I didn’t link at the time, but here’s a pretty decent history of their work.)
Week 21 saw holymoley helping me put together a program of Black, (mostly) american animators, who’ve had to reckon with an art form that basically spun out of minstrelsy - quite a potent psychic monster to be facing. The big one here is Aaron McGruder’s series The Boondocks (animated in Korea, but very much his project), which was pointedly political and subversive in how it located itself in the aftermath of 20th century radical movements and the anger and disillusionment it carried. Following that arc to the present took us to the gorgeous Into the Spider-Verse, which ingeniously brought together comic book art, graffiti and traidtional animation styles (e.g. hand drawn expressions and shooting on 2s) to make something really special and stylish, but also an inevitable retreat in “what is allowed to be said”.
Tumblr media
For nights 27 and 46 we did donghua (Chinese animation), and I really got to have some fun digging into the history of Animation in China. Donghua’s undergoing an incredible boom at the moment. Studios like Nice Boat and Wolf Smoke have been delivering some incredible narratives like Dahufa and god tier animation in series like Fog Hill of Five Elements.
Theme nights
The times that I really got to go wild with my writeups, though, were the nights where we had a theme rather than a director. Few were as extreme as 24: Jidaigeki night, where I attempted to summarise, in some detail, the origins and socioeconomic history of the samurai class. I’m not sure how much this added to films like Sword of the Stranger, but it sure was fun.
23 - Small Fwuffy Animals was a fun one. Nominally the theme was like, realisticish depictions of animals, but in practice, all that nature, red in tooth and claw stuff? We got as close as animation has gotten, with films like Watership Down and the death scenes of The Animals of Farthing Wood. Honestly, Watership Down - as much as it might lose some of the complexity and nuances of rabbit religion explored in the book - does an amazing job of naturalistic animation and conveying a sense of omnipresent threat.
Tumblr media
25: Halloween was one of the best nights, because we got to watch some absolutely incredible films. Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust was an aesthetic delight, but the big surprise was the absolutely incredible film Birdboy: The Forgotten Children by Alberto Vásquez. It’s a film that could easily have fumbled its punches and just fallen into a hollow edgyness, but it sidesteps the pitfalls and its whole subtle sense of desperation and dark humour builds up in just the right way to become one of the most memorable movies we watched.
26: Nuclear War was perhaps one of the more emotionally harrowing nights in the whole series, putting When The Wind Blows and Barefoot Gen together with In This Corner of the World. But it’s a topic that hits me pretty hard! I wrote a whole bunch about the origins of nuclear weapons, and living in a kind of universe that has them.
For 31: Hanukkah, I ended up talking more about the history of Dreamworks animation and Don Bluth, since I can’t speak too well to the significance of the holiday... but it seemed to strike a chord with people, that was one of my more popular posts!
Tumblr media
Other theme nights focused around a technique, such as 40: Live Action x Animation, and 50: Stop Motion a couple of weeks ago. The big star of 50 was the remarkable squishy body stuff of Jan Švankmajer; meanwhile on 40 Roger Rabbit held up as well as ever and it was certainly fun returning to Space Jam. But then there was Cool World, which I can’t necessarily say is a ‘good film’ but definitely left a powerful impression, to the point that ‘to be coolworlded’ has become something I say like. all the time.
A few times I’ve just tried to cover a franchise that speaks to me - we’ve mentioned a couple like Madoka and Gurren Lagann above, but here’s a few more!
Tumblr media
I honestly think I could have done a better writeup of Ghost in the Shell, but apparently my historical notes struck a chord with people, because it proved one of my post popular Animation Night posts :3 guess you all love the cyborg also
Tumblr media
Made in Abyss has lodged itself in my memory and won’t let go, and indeed it seemed to have much the same effect on everyone else when we put up our psychic shields and went for two compilation films and Dawn of the Deep Soul. No less harrowing the second time round; but the horror relies not just on shocking content, but also really strong direction and character animation to really connect us to the kids before well uh. all that shit happens!
Lupin III, despite being an absolute blast of a night, never got the writeup I intended... adhd is a fucker! I’ll get there, maybe by the time we do another Lupin night.
And then there was Pokémon! Honestly, this was mostly an excuse to show the delightful animation of the Twilight Wings series.
Tumblr media
And that brings us up to the present! Last week we saw the remarkable ‘wound story’, Kizumonogatari, another sakugablog favourite. This led to some fascinating discussions of the evolving nature of fanservice while the vampires smashed each others’ arms off. They are spectacular on a character acting level, developing the Monogatari series’s experimental techniques with some truly inspired expressions of emotion. Honestly, even if you were put off by the dickhead protagonist in Bakemonogatari, I think these films are worth it.
What of today?
What an amazing year honestly. (I mean, on the animation watching front, not the pandemic one.) Had no idea I would end up being a film nerd projectionist type of person, or start on the road to becoming an animator myself, when I started this thing. And I feel reasonably proud that I’ve kept to the spirit of presenting the whole scope of animation, famous and obscure - all the enormous emotional power you can get out of arranging images in time...
Tonight the plan is to do a kind of retrospective! I’m gonna pull out a few favourites - currently thinking Aeon Flux, Tekkonkinkreet, Birdboy, some of the short films - from the whole span of Animation Night as a celebration of this cool thing we made. I’ll definitely be taking requests, so if there’s something you feel bad about having missed, ask me and I might just be able to fit it in!
After that? Not going anywhere! (Unless Twitch bans me, in which case I’ll need to find a different place to stream.) We may have ticked off the biggest names, but there’s loads more animation to explore, and oh gosh this is too much fun - so I would love to keep this going for another year, even if the format ends up changing again to focus more on TV or something as we start to run out of films. (Not that we’re anywhere close to that yet.)
Since I’m already running a whole hour late, Animation Night 52 will be starting at 8pm UK time, about 5 minutes time. Hope to see you there as ever <3
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baeklooming-day · a year ago
Blue Violets | 01
Tumblr media
♢ 01 → ?
♢ SUMMARY: The one where you encounter someone you wished you never met, someone who makes your heart flutter involuntarily despite you trying to erase the unknown blooming feeling in it.
♢ GENRE: crush!AU, song lyrics AU, Fluff
♢ WORD COUNT: 1.7k
♢ A/N: I wrote it almost immediately after I listened to Bungee for the first time, that song owns my soul lmao also this is heavily based on how I met my crush in real life. I found it in my drafts and well I’ll just leave it here~
Tumblr media
“Filters, you can use them on Snapchat, but not in real life.”
You casually said, interrupting the discussion between the two of your friends. You didn’t even look away from your phone’s screen, already knowing their bewildered expressions.
You lazily ran your fingers through your soft hair, making the long locks fall gently on your left shoulder soaked in the afternoon sunlight beaming through the large window in the room.
“Easy for you to say, Y/N.” Said your friend. “You have everyone falling in love with you, so you don’t need to plan all the way to state your real feelings to your freaking crush who never talks to you.”
You finally put your phone away, shaking off the loose strand of your hair of your dewy cheek. “I’ve told you thousand times, just deal with it and be straightforward. You will save yourself the time and the nerves.” You gave her a questioning look. “Y’all can come up with every genius undercover plan you want, but what’s the real thing is simply approaching him and asking him out on the spot.”
“Yeah, alright, but first I need to know if he even sees me like that.”
“Ask him.”
“Y/N.” Your friend exhaled deeply, causing her charcoal black bangs to fly up. “I’m not you, Queen Straightforward.”
“Of course you are not me, but you are you and this is all you need to go through with this.” You said. “You do know that making all those strategies takes more of your energy than just going to him and getting straight to the point?”
“Y/N, I swear to the heavens-”
“Do you want to live in denial?” You asked.
You were aware that apparently not everyone was gifted with that fearless straightforwardness which you cherished about yourself so much, but you still tried to encourage everyone else around you to beeline to their point whatever their point was, instead of wandering in circles around it.
You were that person who never wanted to lose time, whatever you were doing in that moment.
Like that one time when all you did was walk through the town on a warm day without a care in the world, when you noticed him in one of those crowded lovely coffee places, smiling to the customers from behind the counter.
A boy with amazingly handsome features and deep, black almond shaped eyes which looked at you from underneath his equally black locks which managed to gently fall on them, sliding to the left and to the right with his every movement.
You still remembered exactly how flabbergasted, but in the first line how captivated that view left you.
Your first thought was that you just MUST talk to him.
And you weren’t even a tiny bit modest when whenever telling that story you always said how proud you were of yourself and of your capacity to rule over the fear of a simple rejection.
There would always be someone who may view this whole thing as a little careless, given that you didn’t even know if he was taken or not, god, you didn’t even know his name or age because it was literally the first time that you saw him.
You saw him, and in the moment you did, you decided that you liked what you see, and when you see something that you like you usually wanna have it right?
You loved recalling that magnificent moment when you decisively marched up to him when it was your turn to order and without thinking twice just asked the question, the super simple yet so difficult for many people ‘will you go on a date with me?’
The circumstances weren’t actually so optimal, given that his boss was right next to him to witness everything, plus the crowd of other girls in line behind you, but you owned that moment because he said yes.
That was the day when you started to believe that being straightforward and fearless would get you far in life.
“Y/N, I’m just scared to ask him, alright?” She said.
“The world belongs to the courageous ones.” You tapped on the back of your phone, noticing the little annoyed look in her eyes before they flickered away to the big window which was letting the gentle sunlight dance on your loose hair. “I wouldn’t wait.”
“Well-” She started. “We’ll see what you would do when you finally meet someone who isn’t just a fling for two days. Someone who you take really seriously.”
You let out a soft laugh. “Like I said, I wouldn’t wait. Words spill just like that. And I’m straightforward enough in order to be able to pull this off right away.”
Or so you thought.
“Listen you two, I need to run.” You then said, looking at your phone and slowly standing up, fixing your white skirt.
“Oh, the famous language exchange everyone’s been talking about?”
“Yeah, duty calls.” You replied smiling. “I’m supposed to be Julia’s backup there because, you know, the crush that she’s always mentioning will be there too.” You flipped your hair back, sending your friends one last cheeky look. “Take her as a good example, she’s actually taking action.”
“Later queens!” You said laughing, finally leaving without saying anything else.
Luckily, your usual hangout spot wasn’t too far away from your school where that whole event took place, so you managed to arrive there quickly.
You were supposed to meet with your friend inside the building already, and knowing that it was on the last floor, you dashed to the door and to the elevator as soon as you spotted the big crowd of other students directing themselves to the entrance of your school.
Probably everyone came here for the same purpose.
Well, maybe not wholly the same, given that you were merely playing the backup for your friend.
To your delight, the school was still quite empty inside except for some students who were just standing here and there, quietly chattering with each other.
You walked up to the elevator, pressing the button to call it down.
A brief moment later, you felt a presence next to you.
You looked to your left, coming to a view of a boy you’ve never seen before, with dark satiny hair and a remarkable, beautiful sharp jawline.
The boy looked to his right, meeting your eyes. For a brief moment you were just there, both looking at each other without saying anything.
For some reason, your eyes flickered to the ground, taking a good look at your own and at the same time at his shoes, realizing one thing.
Your shoes were the exactly same model.
And there would be nothing particular or weird about it, if not the obvious to you fact that your big white sneakers with notable violet print which said T O K Y O on each side of them were a presale limited model, which exclusively the violet card members of your beloved now clothing line could buy. It was a rare item and knowing that, as weird as it was, that there were only two pairs of them available you wondered if this boy also sat awake for the whole night clicking on the violet field thousand times in a minute to make sure none else orders the one pair first.
It looked like he was asking himself the same question, judging by the surprised look fixed on your shoes.
You both looked up, your eyes meeting again with unfiltered question marks visible in them.
“Who the freak are you?” Asked the boy, with a velvet like smooth voice.
“Who the freak are YOU?” You replied, mirroring him.
“I asked you first.”
“I asked you second.”
Awkward pause. Just when he opened his mouth to say something again, the sound of the elevator door opening interrupted him in whatever else it was that he wanted to say.
The two of you entered the small elevator space, trying not to give each other any more glances.
“Which floor?” You asked, given that you ended up being the one next to the buttons with floor numbers.
“The twelfth.” Came an immediate response.
The twelfth floor. So he was going to the language exchange as well, knowing that the twelfth floor was also the last one in the building.
You decided to stay quiet nonetheless, pressing the silver button labeled ‘12F’ and putting your hand back on your bag.
After not more than five seconds, a smooth voice filled your ears again. “Are you going there too?”
“I asked if you’re going to the twelfth floor as well.” The boy was looking directly at you again. “And also, you didn’t answer my previous question.”
You scrunched your nose. “For the twelfth floor, then yes, I’m indeed going there too, as for the who the freak are you, I’m literally the second person who managed to get the violet card sneakers.”
The boy’s eyes wandered from your face to the ground. “Uhm, yeah, maybe that wasn’t the politest way to start a conversation.” He said, brushing off some loose dark locks from his forehead.
You let out a soft chuckle.
Well, maybe it wasn’t the politest beginning, but scoring in your straightforwardness scale it surely was a smooth ten.
“I’m Y/N.” You finally said.
“Beautiful name.” He mirrored your chuckle. “I’m Baekhyun.”
A beautiful name yourself, you thought.
And as you looked more closely, you noticed yet another thing which, to be honest, surprised you that you didn’t acknowledge it earlier when you locked your eyes with Baekhyun by the elevator door. “Wait, are these contact lenses?” You asked, pointing at his unnaturally sapphire blue irises.
“Yeah, I wanted to make myself appear a little bit more vivid.” Came a soft reply.
“It looks interesting.”
“Does it?”
I get a bit frustrated when my eyes meet yours
I want to get a look deep in your mind but I can’t
When your fingers as much as brush past mine
My heart grows faint
That’s why I called you so late last night
If only you knew that this encounter would affect you so much in the future, you probably wouldn’t have even gone to that event in the first place.
Tumblr media
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mo-d3ans · a year ago
music over everything.
Tumblr media
an: this doesn’t really have a pairing, just a little thing written for a request about luke hating school lmao request: the boys are still alive in the 90s, and Luke hates school, but he realizes he has a report worth half his grade due, so he fakes sick to work on it and his parents believe him. word count: 764
How his parents hadn’t figured it out, Luke wasn’t sure. Usually, they were pretty good at telling when he was lying, but when it came to this, either they didn’t care, or they were completely oblivious. Not that he was going to complain about it. The more times he got away with it, the better, in his opinion.
Luke hated school. It wasn’t like he hated being around his friends, but he had a tendency to space out during class as lyrics, as opposed to mathematical formulas, swam through his head. He tried to pay attention, well, most of the time, but he just couldn’t get himself to focus when all of it seemed less important to him than the music he felt like he should be playing. The band came first, and while he knew his parents and teachers would disagree, that’s where he stood.
The problem was, even though all he truly cared about was his music, he knew that he needed to get passing grades to keep his parents off his back. He was sure the only reason that he had been allowed to miss school so many times was because he managed to pull off B’s, and the occasional A (mostly thanks to Alex), so his parents didn’t worry too much about his academic future. But now, all of that was hanging precariously in the balance when he realized he had a report due the next day that was worth half of his grade and he hadn’t even started on it.
Usually, he got Alex or Reggie to help him pull something together, but this assignment was for the one class that the three of them didn’t have together. He barely knew what was going on most of the time, so he was sure that his friends would be just as lost. No, this was something he had to do on his own, and he had to pull it off quickly.
After he got the go-ahead from his parents to stay home, Luke immediately locked himself in his room with his stack of textbooks and a notebook. He sighed heavily as he stared down at the empty page in front of him as he started to brainstorm what he could possibly write about. Almost immediately, a new song started playing through his mind, and he groaned as he fell back against his pillow, his hands lifting to cover his eyes. Now is not the time, he thought to himself, as he did his best to reset his train of thought.
The next few hours passed quickly, and Luke felt like he was getting nowhere, despite having filled three full pages with ramblings about the topic that he had settled on. He had no idea if it made sense, as his mind kept checking in and out, and when he started to read the first page to make sure it sounded okay, he let out another groan when he realized that he wasn’t absorbing any of it.
“Come on, Luke,” he mumbled to himself. “If you don’t pass this, you won’t get to play with the band. Get your head together.” He felt a little silly talking to himself out loud, but the little pep talk seemed to help as his mind started to clear and he was able to proof read everything that he had wrote without another interruption.
It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t perfect, and he spent the next hour refining it until he felt that it was suitable for a passing grade. Despite hating the subject and hating the class, Luke felt relieved once he had put together a report that he felt like might earn him, at the very least, a B-, and he rewarded himself with a couple of hours of songwriting to help relieve some of the tension that had formed from having to focus on his school work for too long.
Usually when Luke faked sick to stay home from school, he would fill page after page in his journal with new songs that he would pitch to the band the next day. This time, however, since he had been forced into working on school work instead, he only got two new songs penned down, and then his mom was home to check on him. A part of him felt like the day had been wasted, but he knew, deep down, this particular sacrifice would help him in the long run.
Luke hated school, but he loved his music, and he would never purposefully do anything that would jeopardize his opportunity to play.
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