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#this moment was so funny to me
gayboybeetle · 5 days ago
me: as much as i hate to say it, i am more likely to be protected than be the protective one and i am fragile both physically and emotionally
also me, holding my two guy friends in my arms as they fall asleep: i am actually the strongest man on earth and if anybody threatened my boys, or even just looked at them funny, i would throw hands.
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leneyyo · 5 days ago
Lan Shizui because you're nice, responsible, don't care about people's nonsense. You usually join in too
Tumblr media
oooooh sizhui is a cinnamon roll I'm so happy that I remind you of him!
the part about nonsense is definitely true 😂 and I'm trying to also be nice and responsible though it not always works, but I'm really glad that it seems like I am
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apollos-boyfriend · 7 days ago
tommy, watching ranboo and tubbo from a distance: they are so making out right now. disgusting.
ranboo: so that’s why william afton’s first victim HAS to be chica and not the puppet—
tubbo, who spaced out two hours ago: uh huh
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demonboyhalo · 11 days ago
You have a dark aesthetic, but you're pretty wholesome actually. Maybe i havent been here long enough tho ;p
this ask is so nice and i will cherish it Anon (╥_╥) i try my best to keep my blog tone positive and comedic overall and i'm glad my efforts have been noticed! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Despite my dark aesthetic, i'm actually not too fond of negativity/discourse lmao
Now, don't get me wrong. There is def some angst mixed in with the headcanons ive written on here (cough mostly techno centric cough) along with a lot of snippets i have in my drafts...but i'm a sucker for hurt/comfort. I always prefer to post about things that make me happy, rather than vent about things that don't, yknow?
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livingprophecy · 12 days ago
throwback to the time @fcmilyloved said “oh don’t worry, in the books it’s logan who dies, not tonio, they switched it for the show” while watching bitten with me, and like a logical person i assumed that meant logan would be fine, and throwback to when we got to logan’s death and i was so fucking upset and went off at nerhys like “YOU FUCKING LIED TO ME YOU SAID HE WASN’T GONNA DIE HOW COULD YOU DO THIS WHAT THE FUCK-” while nerhys was just keysmashing and laughing at me going “no i said that for that death specifically, that didn’t continue into season too technically” which just made me cry harder. anyways that’s the day i decided to cyberbully nerhys every chance i got. 
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sobsicles · 15 days ago
truly, we do not talk enough about how cas was essentially the Psychotic Sibling. like, all the other angels thought he was One of Them and Normal, but no, it turns out he was ripping heads off of dolls when no one was looking. and like, some of them started figuring it out, but then cas was standing in doorways with knives and being generally just an all around Freak. then he would start picking his siblings off until literally no one could ignore it anymore, but dad never cared and never scolded him, so he just continued to be Like That. it got to the point where he was just trapping his siblings in a house and burning it down with them in it while they were banging on windows, and he just watched them without any hint of regret. also, from their perspective, dean and sam were just, like, his undomesticated and mangy pets. like dean was the loyal dog with scars and a broken tail, literally always frothing at the mouth and definitely had flees, and he would snap and growl at everyone else but cas and also bite anyone who came too close to him. and then sam was the disinterested cat who only hissed half the time that the dog did, but would claw your eyes out. and like, cas was just the weird bother until he suddenly Wasn't. he was unhinged. psychotic. had an unhealthy attachment to feral animals who came from dumpsters and had no training. like. we don't talk about this enough.
#thinking about how cas literally killed so many of his brethren lmaoooo#this is inspired from the juxtaposition of cas trying so hard to save duma when the empty invaded heaven#vs him stabbing her the moment she even threatened the people sam and dean cared about#this is also inspired from hannah being like 'cas pls be normal. here have an army. stop being Weird pls'#and cas was just like 'youre going to kill dean (his dog) and i cannot allow that. keep your army' and just bounced#ishim being like "why are you like this. why are you so weird. you bring those beasts inside places? also pls stop killing ur siblings'#samandriel being the bright eyed bushy tailed younger sibling who's like 'yes hes weird he just needs therapy' and then dies by his hand#anna was the original psychotic sibling but like...she just ran away to go live in the woods with wolves and forget her family entirely#hester kicking cas' dog and being like: ever since he picked you up as a stray he's changed! you bit him and now he's got rabies!#naomi the wine aunt who wants the family fortune just sitting back and encouraging the chaos and urging cas to burn more houses down#uriel the older brother who's like: i dont like your pets cas. get rid of them. be normal for fuck's sake and STOP LIGHTING THINGS ON FIRE#gabriel who left the family but ran into cas later whos not here for a long time but a good time like:#'cas your cat doesn't like me can i hang it from the ceiling fan and watch it spin' and kicks the dog when cas isnt looking#but he also feeds them treats so they only despise him half the time#michael who has never seen an animal before ever in his life: what purpose do they serve?#balthazar who stopped by the house to steal money and got trapped by cas' pets and ended up burning too wrong place wrong time#just. cas really went around slaying his siblings for some mangy feral animals because he was Weird and Psychotic#like this is literally so funny to me#he killed so many angels oh my god#he WAS the brother chasing his siblings with knives#but when he did it they were actually scared lmaoooo#sobs says things#cas bby
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roombagreyjoy · 16 days ago
About to swing a bat at a hornets nest because of an ask I just got and say this: the Spaniards living in Spain aren't the colonisers... white Americans are. Y'all are the offspring of those who went over there, we're the ones who stayed put. My family were farmers who literally lived in a cave-made-house and couldn't afford public schooling until it was compulsory and the living conditions became better, just a few generations ago (not long ago at all) and the offspring of Jews who had to convert to Christianity to avoid religious and ethnic prosecution. My family has never owned land or titles and has never had anything to do with America, nor was it ever close to a city with a port until two generations ago :P y'all can be a little illiterate sometimes
#same goes for british and french people tbh... like.#a little disclaimer we DO need to understand the harm colonisers did and the harm it continues to do by its remnants#but like... free of guilt for cause#some of y'all americans (especially americans from the us tbh) are full of white saviour complexes and love to shame others#when it was YOUR FAMILY who settled there#it also makes me mad when white (us)americans are like haha i'm 50% italian... nah you're not#unless you're a first/second/third generation immigrant you ain't shit#y'all LOVE to shame people without critical thinking. take a good look in the mirror#this goes for white people exclusively btw poc and natives don't deserve literally anything bad from this post#no no next time someone calls me a coloniser unironically i'm gonna snap for real#and like... i mean unironically#i make a lot of jokes in good faith#but without clear intent then... it's not funny. it's sad#know your fucking place or so help me god ahfjejfjslgb#personal#another disclaimer: my family is fully catholic christian save some exceptions at this poiny#there's no jewish blood left in us#this happened during the inquisition lol#but we come from a place with a strong jewish past (unfortunately no strong jewish community in spain at the moment)#and my father has always been keen on keeping the family information alive so to speak ???#like the ancestry is there#i mean i could say the traits are too but like... i mean that's just what your average white Mediterranean person looks like#oh yeah by the way! the ''stereotypical jewish look'' is actually nazi propaganda bullshit#lots of southern europeans look like that we share common traits a lot#hhhh ok i think i'm done lmao that felt good
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