#this one was just easy bc it was all one scene
I am obsessed with the idea of Kyojuro falling for someone completely different than him, kinda like in uninterested but in my mind they actually have arguments (nothing major obv) and at first he doesn't have any interest in pushing it to be friends. Then suddenly everything he believes in (that love is supposed to be easy, always sweet, never complicated, recognizable) is shattered as he understands that love can in fact be complicated, difficult, not perfect, and that's okay. Idk if you like the idea but I just wanted to share!
Tumblr media
a/n: honestly opposites-attracting, but only after turmoil is such a good trope but so overlooked imo- since i dont consider it enemies-lovers (theyre clearly distinctly different asldkfjasdf). also why is it hard to write like a passive-slightly aggressive rengoku? (it shouldn't be considering when he first met tanjiro his mind was literally 'execute child' LMFAO)
also, slight warning bc sanemi and you get into a fist fight lol (very confrontational y/n)
additionally: im not very happy with the outcome of this, and on top of that it's pretty short but hNNG i couldn't just keep this in my draft so im releasing it into the wild and ruNNING away
kyojuru is a certified optimist with the skills to back up his optimism
so when you entered his life with a polar opposite attitude, he tried thinking nothing of it
but your constant need to tell him that his optimism is suffocating or stiffling or even 'unrealistic' really grinded on his gears and even he has a limit
kyojuro is a good man, but he isnt a saint
at first it started with small little jabs to try and appease you when you would start talking about whatever came out of your mouth
"you should focus on training and not speaking so much"
"your pessimism is truly deep-seated, isn't it?"
"y/n, please less talking more action"
then somehow, it escalated
you both would bicker constantly- like a rat testing it's luck against a predator owl
it got to the point the hashira ranks and even kagaya knew of your distaste for each other and even teased you both about it
you both would argue over such simple, stupid things
so imagine his inner shock when he saw you caught in a screaming match against shinazugawa one day
arguing with sanemi was already a deadend road, hes about as hardheaded as a bull and will butt heads until he's knocked on his ass or unconscious
kyojuro wondered for the briefest of moments if you both looked like you did now, up in sanemi's face yelling at him while he yelled back trying to fight for the high ground
however, arguments with sanemi never lasted long- but that didn't mean the situation was resolved. they never lasted long because he almost always start a fistfight
and he will fight you no matter who you are- feminist sanemi says 'equal rights, equal fights'. his fists are rated E-for literally everyone
the moment you swung first- taking the one thing away from him that he had (the ability to strike first) it all just snowballed
you both were scrapping around in the dirt and grass and for some reason kyojuro didn't like it
there was a small scene of familiar faces around, all sighing and shaking their heads at the fight like it was just an ordinary day
but kyojuro strangely felt compelled to act- so he did
he quickly intervened, breaking up the fight between you and sanemi. he yanked you behind him, gripping your wrist and keeping you at his back so you didn't run or try to go after the wind hashira again
while kyojuro was confident he could hold you back, he was less certain he could do that and keep sanemi at bay as well, so he quickly took off. draggin you behind him by the wrist
when you both got far enough away, kyojuro made you sit down in front of him as he inspected your face
typical fistfight injuries scattered your skin and you refused to look at him, a scowl on your face the whole time he was inspecting you
"why do you care?" you had asked him and for some reason, it irked him but also hurt him
was he not supposed to care?
sure you got on his nerves and he wouldn't say he was exactly friends with you, but-
"i do not wish to see you injured, is that so wrong?"
"you didn't care before"
"that is not true!"
he yelled at you, just like he always did when you antagonized him- but this time it was different
he wasn't arguing because you pushed him, he was arguing because you were wrong and he did care
he did and hes finally realizing it
he didn't want you to be hurt and he didn't want you to fight with others- deep down he didn't even want you fighting with him
he wanted to form a better relationship with you- a bond with you like he has with others
kyojuro wanted to try and fix this messed up way you two communicated and he knew it would suck and you'd probably fight him the entire process
then he laughed, loud and long to himself at the though of it
you fighting him on not wanting to fight anymore?
that's just like you-
and he cared about all of you, like it or not
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iamnotanelf · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bad Buddy text posts pt.4
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hualianisms · 2 months ago
hualian scenes/quotes that Changed me as a person:
the entire campfire conversation in ch 120 
“only after having met you did i rediscover that it’s such a simple thing to be happy.”
“forever exists. there’s one person who can truly achieve it. i believe.”
the scene where hua cheng moves to block a breeze automatically without thinking, “as if protecting xie lian was an innate ability”. and xie lian calls his name and he turns and instantly smiles and “xie lian felt, hua cheng probably didn’t notice himself smiling.”
xl in ch 241 saying: "it's been so long since anyone listened to me talk, won't you stay?" vs hc in ch 250 saying: "then tell me again. i want to listen. it will never be enough no matter how much i listen."
"to watch with your own eyes your beloved be trampled and ridiculed, yet unable to do anything. that is the worst suffering in the world."
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rearranging-deck-chairs · 3 months ago
not exactly flashy but it is pretty fast, like, 2-4 clips per second
inspiration (in music, style, theme even, accidentally, i basically copied the whole thing)
so i melted all the words in my thasmissy fic, added yazs sexual awakening and whipped it until it formed peaks, carefully folded in the doctor’s childhood trauma, added a pinch of missys whole situation with clara, poured it all into my video editor and i baked it for two weeks at whatever temperature my laptops processor gets when i run premiere. this is the result, entitled: With The Power Of The Kuleshov Effect I Can Make Thasmin Kiss
the story of this fic is that yaz and 13 travelling after revolution at some point run into missy because lo and behold one of missys doctor-catching traps actually works and she has successfully lured in a doctor. too bad it’s the wrong one.
when 13 realises this is missy circa s9, pre-vault times, she gets it into her pretty little traumatised head that if she reforms this missy, then the doctor falls doesnt happen, the master doesnt happen, gallifrey doesnt happen, she can get her friend back and undo the destruction of gallifrey, and maybe even unknow the things shes learnt about the timeless child
obviously this is 1) incredible ‘your control freakiness is making you disrespect your friends’ autonomies and also is gonna get you all hurt’ behaviour, and 2) a very bad idea because rewriting not just your own personal timeline but also the master’s and also yaz’s (and bill’s and nardole’s, like a ‘how many of your friends can you hurt at once’ bingo and shes winning) is gonna result in some very unsustainable and very painful paradoxes. which she cant tell yaz or missy about because they’d get rightfully mad for starters and also because neither of them know Anything about s10. so 13 is like ‘im gonna quietly suffer as i try to rewrite the last century and a half of my life’ in some clara-like mindset of “i am owed”
she doesnt deserve it but she is owed. she wants these people in her life. and shes sick of losing. so shes just gonna take what she wants.
so vault times 2.0, which is actually 1.0 for missy and shes not actually in a vault shes just hanging out with them in the tardis, basically skipping the first 70 years of the vault times bc she proves herself in the first chapter by stepping in front of yaz as shes about to get shot (was this on purpose? nobody’s sure). the doctor is still as distant as they were during the vault times. for reasons of traumatised and also it hurts to rewrite your timeline so shes Not Feeling Great and ALSO because cant accidentally let missy know what shes doing if they touch and she reads her mind.
thats whats happening, but thats not actually what the fic is about. because we’re in yaz’s pov. she has no idea about all of the doctor’s great life choices until the end when it explodes in all their faces. so what the fic is actually about is yaz having realised shes in love with the doctor but not knowing what that means, and by lack of any help from the doctor to figure out what it means, she turns to the only other person available, who is also in love with the doctor so thats great, but it’s the worst love you can imagine so thats less great. nothing good comes of any of this.
im not sure i will finish this fic but since making this video i got less stuck on it so i have hope. needs a lot of editing though so we’ll see. in the meantime have the film adaptation.
it’s about the stuff that gets stuck in our body that we cant touch, it’s about the intermingling of pleasure and pain, desire and disgust, it’s about the crossed wires and situations where youre not sure you can leave but also not sure you want to and whats the chicken and whats the egg there. it’s about unravelling ourselves like timelines unravel, with lots of blood and guts and ghosts, not pretty and not painless and not knowing what we’ll be at the end of it. it’s about all the things we havent told ourselves.
there are two versions, one with dialogue one without, because i think i managed to convey the story with just images very well, i did it with dialogue too, as well as with them combined. and i think you can see different things when the dialogue is off. like really appreciate the kuleshov in certain moments you know? i just like both versions so you get them both. bon appétit
editor’s commentary 1: intro
editor’s commentary 2: shame
editor’s commentary 3: the gay part
4.1 repeated clips: stake & snake
#I AM SO PROUD OF THIS ONE#i realised such new depths of what putting two images next to each other can Really do! like!#i watch videos that i think are great sometimes for inspiration but i cant really like. dissect what exactly works so well about them?#im not super good at that. i just watch them and hope to pick up the vibes recreate them intuitively later#(this video’s inspiration had a very distinctive style thats easy to copy though. i didnt entirely.#they used more tiny repetitions within scenes which i think is cool)#but one thing i can identify is match cuts bc theyre like the easiest thing to identify. theyre very easy to see happen. and they look cool!#so i look for them when im making videos too. there are a few in this one. like yaz missy and 13 all turning to their right our left at 0:46#or like in the ‘on my command’ video where i matched yaz and 13 walking down the atropos stairs. that creates meaning too#but what i really really learned with this video is that the most meaning is created in CONTRAST#the bigger the difference the more meaning springs up between two shots#like in the first 20 seconds. the difference in emotion between each shot is really what creates the meaning there i think#it’s like. 13: dont leave. yaz+13:happy. 13: youre not leaving? 13: dont ask me questions i dont want to answer. 13: youre not leaving?#13: DONT ask me questions i dont want to answer. yaz: i want more time with you. 13: dont leave me. yaz: frustrated.#13: anticipating disappointing.#it’s the interplay between those shots that creates SO MUCH MEANING. it’s not about matching them. emotionally or visually#(although i think matching visually but contrasting emotionally might be super potent? should try that sometime)#it’s about the difference. the further apart two moments lie the more meaning springs up between them when you connect them#i guess this is like rule 1 in any art that definition lies in contrast but i had a lot of fun learning that with this video#and IM SO GLAD I FINISHED IT#im so so happy with it#and if i start having ideas again someone spritz me with a water bottle like a naughty cat asjdkhjgh#i cant do this again (i say while already having started the next video in my head rip)#also let me know if theres interest in a directors commentary?#or editors commentary i guess technically?#i could probably talk for ages about all the meaning and Intentions i stuffed into this video#but idk if that'd be interesting or if everyone would just be like 'yeah. DUH. we can See That'#so idk let me know if that would be interesting. no promises tho. maybe i have nothing more to say about it all. maybe ive said it all#thasmissy
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donuts4evry1 · 3 months ago
Mmmmodding hard
#hatoful boyfriend#ok that post ab modding hatoful has literally blasted me down the modding rabbit hole#im not even that good at programming but I was just curious#anyway there are a bunch of roadblocks#1) without the source project it's pretty damn hard to mod in unity. dnSpy helps with that but#idk if it's even possible to create new scenes or anything. or even edit existing ones#it might be possible to change the sprites but if you wanted full functionality (different expressions n stuff)... it'll be difficult#i can't even decipher what's goin on with the code I'm looking at for the most part haha. video game coding is a whole different world#than what i learn at school#2) So HD version might not work... what ab the original hatoful game?#it comes with the DLC ''collector's edition'' so I do have it on my computer...#well it's written in Famous Writer which. has next to nothing on google results (at least for me)#i suspect you might be able to find something in japanese but considering this is around 10 years later it'll prolly be severely outdated#i mean modding in famous writer might not be too difficult in itself but considering that the UI is in japanese I'm guessing that#you might have to mod in japanese. :< which might not help#You could shoot an email/message to Devolver Digital to see what they have to say about modding the game. maybe i'll do that sometime haha#for lack of anything tangible you could just take all the text files in Hatoful boyfriend and recreate it in Renpy#it'll take some work bc you'd have to do some UI work and stuff but Renpy is extremely easy to use#though I anticipate that Digital Devolver and Hato Moa might not like that (remaking an entire game on a different platform may or may not#break a couple of copyright laws#(especially considering the game costs money as well hh)#that's only if you plan on distributing a hatoful boyfriend mod tho.#If you were to upload screenshots/make a video that might be fine... I think? haha.#anyway that was just my enormous ramble sorry for putting it all in the tags#mun rambles#if anyone has tips or tricks or literally anything else to say on the matter pls talk ab it#i hear next to nothing ab hatoful modding except 'it'd be cool to do' (not mad ab it or anything but it'd be nice to get some advice haha)
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sofhtie · 11 months ago
nebulously upset about crop again 🥺
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antonaliyev · 12 months ago
buddie is so funny because it has every beat of what would become q*bait and yet it just... exists on a show with multiple canonically lgbt characters that does not shy away from showing their relationships so??? the entire basis of q*bait is gone, it’s fully 100% just the writers being like yeah this thing that is very much associated w romance we won’t even acknowledge it could be romantic for shits and giggles??? i just... i do think i’m very biased but they have had them do a lot of just. things that i feel are too much to have been unintentional. once again, the paralleling of bobby and athena this last episode was so odd if unintentional? how do you not notice that? like they are continously established as driving forces in each others lives but at no point is anyone like oh hey let’s make it clear we’re not going anywhere romantic with this, let’s make it clear how this is strictly about finding family and you don’t need romance for it but.. they just dont?? it’s so. odd to me. becausee i think that’s what would happen if buddie were m/f and they didn’t want them as endgame. basic acknowledgment of how a lot of these things can be romantic then going not in this case, these two are just besties. so why not do that if u dont want buddie to be canon.
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youandthemountains · a year ago
cannot believe masterpiece of cinema the Beautician and the Beast starring everyone's favorite Fran Drescher came out in 1997 too, what a great year for movies. if only i could get these jerks to actually watch a movie for once.
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dirt-grub · a year ago
Hot chocolate or as I like to call it potion of un-fuck up emotions
#I make it so strong it’s disgusting but I don’t even care#it’s basically fucking cocoa powder and water#like three spoons of it in one cup I might as well eat the fucking powder from the tin#but. it works. sorta#I’m an adult#write as I typed that I fucking slipped and almost fell#I voted in the last election. I could get married if I wanted to. what the fuck#I actually know someone who by the most shady qualifications is an ordained minister LOLLLL#how has nothing killed me yet. how am I here lmfao#most of the time when my irls check in on me that’s what they say is how are you alive lol#and I don’t have an answer my luck is incredible#I once went 72 hours without eating or sleeping. another time I went to an all day serious meeting with the local board of ed#while I had food poisoning and could not stand up straight#I have had too many head injuries to reliably count. my head is like a fucking coconut#I once fell off a bike and down a hill and almost punctured an artery in my leg. my bf at the time had to drag me back up#I lost so much blood my vision was going crazy colors and I just laughed the whole time#he fucking bandaged me up in his bathtub and it looked like a murder scene#I actually broke the life line on my right hand bc of it#no other scarring bc I guess palms don’t scar easy except for that#like yeah I fell and out my hands out and then rolled and something got me right in that behind my knee#like on the inner side#it was a disaster I could not walk right for a while#anyways. uh#what am I talking about#oh yeah me being stupid lol#not to even mention the time I jumped off a bridge which I love to being up bc it was cool#and I am generally not cool just dumb#connor talks
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mostly-vo1d · 11 months ago
okay so, this is primarily because I just watched party guessed with a friend yesterday, and time of death shortly before but. am I the only one who thinks that Scott's supernatural weakness being Allison (as in, every single time something messed with his mind, it was always at least partially about Allison one way or another) was such a... weird choice when it came to Allison being killed?
because the only time he realizes their relationship is an illusion/being used to manipulate him, and then chose to leave it behind, is when they're in Stiles' mind, and Allison is killed off the show the very next episode.
and, you know, the actress was leaving, and they just had to kill someone, and we've been dealing with their break up for all of s3 and just rinse-and-repeating everything in s4 would be annoying, and difficult without the actress.
but it still is such an annoying choice for the writers to make him get over their relationship the episode before her death like a loose end that needed to be tied up.
#teen wolf#yes im doing 2 different tw rewatches atm sue me#but the contrast is so weird bc#the full moon/wolfsbane/Peter all made him go after Allison in s1#Lydia's wolfsbane made him see her with Jackson/the kanima#hotel cali progression I think is shower scene / phone call / maybe we should be no one again#the 'darkness' focuses on scott jealousy and his 'loss of anchor'#Am I missing one? I think I'm missing one#but that's just the spn side of it#and especially after they broke up it could have been so easy to make him move on?#especially after the first two seasons spent so much time on the cure 'to be normal again' (and therefore be able to be with Allison)#and accepting that (even now that the werewolf thing isn't an issue anymore) they're not getting back together#and having to find his own anchor as /part/ of becoming a true alpha would have been so much better#(and not make Kira and Isaac part of a non existent love square and not have her just be 'a good distraction')#but then the first supernatural mindfuck after her death is Scott killing Liam and it's just like#now that the relationship drama is over with (ie Allison is dead) have some real issues#and I know they do the same thing with Kira in s5 (Yay originality (/s) for Scott to 'focus on himself' or whatever#and go back to making it all about Allison again a season later#and I Still don't know when they knew they were going to kill Allison/since when they were writing relationships for that outcome#but as a fan of Allison but not their relationship this is all just very very frustrating
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savageday6 · 8 months ago
finally finished ep 12 of jbl from where i left off yesterday (+ watched a bit of ep 13 too) n i’m feeling a different kind of insanity from yesterday
#THEIR CUTENESS JUST KEEPS ESCALATING. GOD#im gonna be mellow in the tags tho#tbh i was gonna scream about it more here but i got a lil mellow watching too bc their love looks so real and beautiful and simple and happy#it's realistic because their r/s carries the usual pains n sadness of caring so much for someone n even beyond the usual pains bc they also-#-carry the emotional baggage of surviving a traumatic accident#but it also seems painfully unattainable irl bc their love is so powerful and pure...it makes me wonder if its even possible to exp that irl#bc out of the people i've met/dated i've never had one who would go to such lengths for me the way moonsoo n gangdoo would do for each other#and similarly i've never felt that magnitude of unconditional love for my partners either#maybe its bc i dont have enough dating exp to ascertain that fully but i'm honestly really curious to know if love that powerful exists#if it does then i'd love to experience it. but i'm inclined to think that it doesn't or is extremely hard to find at least#obviously the whole climbing scene is unrealistic but i'm talking like. those small acts of service they do for each other#making sure they are well fed and insisting on meeting to eat if they havent. buying cravings for each other when they're sick or down#being physically and emotionally available for each other when they're at their lowest. unconditionally too#giving gifts that they know would make each other happy#being patient and holding unwavering faith in each other bc they trust each other so much n leave zero room for doubt about that#never giving each other any reason to doubt their commitment#these things! all sound realistic and easily achievable but i wonder how easy it really is irl?#would it be easy for someone to do that for me? would it be easy for me to do that for someone? would love really be so simple? idk idk idk#does jbl dramaticise love or does it really exist in such a pure and unadulterated form?#tldr; i love their relationship in JBL and i see that as the ideal form of love but idk if its realistic or attainable#just between lovers#personal
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chromsai · 9 months ago
hi again just stopping by to say ntwewy is feeding me
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ikyw-t · a year ago
a brief list of songs i physically cannot stop listening to reccently:
- cardiac arrest by bad suns. alex gaskarth says he likes it and suddenly this song becomes imprinted on my brain... his power sajdahd
- vintage by blu detiger. SOOOO fun and vibey and it feels like such a throwback but it's so fresh!! literally unbelievably fun
- love story (taylor's version) by tay. idk what she put in this shit but i literally cannot NOT listen to it.... she made it too powerful of an mp3
- damned if i do ya (2019) by all time low. HOW did they make a song ive heard a zillion times THIS Fucking good??? lord only knows
- strange love by simple creatures. this song is what i am imagining a life after the pandemic sounds like. the hope of one day feeling like this is all that's keeping me going
- easy to hate by waterparks. this song just sounds so RIGHT to my brain like... tis perfect. it's too easy to hate you!!! you're HARD TO LOVE!!!!!
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rearranging-deck-chairs · a month ago
it is such a luxury writing hurt/comfort with a character who actually wants to be comforted
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lizbotw · a year ago
👁👅👁 i need to finish reading this book 👁👅👁 but i don’t want to 👁👅👁
#text post#i never know what to put for the text for these things#like i’m just here for the tags hehe#i was like maybe just put a period? but that seems dramatic#i had smth cool and important to say but i’m forgetting now...#okay... since i pre-wrote some requests i should be able to churn them out pretty fast now#i think i’ll post tmrw#today?#uhhh hm no let’s stick w tmrw bc that’s what i orginally planned plus i can’t deal w rushing to finish hcs like last time 😣#okay... post tmrw... then do that other request i had writers block for... and then i have two requests i already have done and ready to#post... and then one that seems rly cute and short which should be easy and then i’ll be done w the requests i got that first day when i#posted those scared of thunder hcs 👁👅👁 lots of bnha requests obvi but then after those i posted the training camp hcs so i got a lot of#haikyuu requests so that’s the next ‘section’ of requests and there’s a tasty akaashi request first up so i’m just 👁👅👁#i lied i just remembered there’s one more b4 the akaashi request and it has 4 characters so i welcome death at this point ajsjsjjs okay it’s#fine i’ll make them short bc it’s a lot of charcters also i spot kuroo and semi in that request so 👁👅👁 UGH WAIT i’m thinking abt what i want#to write for that request and i have like so many ideas and very detailed scenes that seem very good BUT I CAN’T HANDLE 4 CHARACTERS W RLY#LONG HCS omg sigh ig i’ll see how that goes •~• this is what happens when i get too into imagining fictional characters 🥰#also thank you for 400+ notes on the training camp hcs bc my fingers were dead after those and the daichi gif haunts me every time i open my#blog now so the notes and sweet messages are nice compensation#i also have emotional attachment to all those scenarios 🥰 dream fuel#so anyway i went to go stare at my drafts like i always do bc i have some things saved there that i was going to reblog but i need to finish#reading them first b4 i forget... oh and also i keep thinking writing will magically appear in my drafts but then i remember i have to#actually type things out and use my brain for that to happen 😞#ANYWAY i was going to check on my drafts when i noticed my follower count? i... i don’t know how i didn’t notice before but i have 100+ now?#iDK WHEN THIS HAPPENED omg i’m looking at my notifications now and i think it must have been when i posted my last hcs? bc i have a bit over#100 now so i should probably do smth b4 i hit 200#ARGHHH TYSM GUYS#but also should i do smth to celebrate? idk... would anyone even participate in an event#i still need to finish requests toooo but a nice event might be good to let me destress and stop worrying abt rqs?#also i was going to say that if even if i post once a day everyday it’ll still take a month (more? uh i can’t count) to finish all the rqs i
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relto · a year ago
book: (casual fantasy racism)
me: (shrieks)
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chuckhansen · 2 years ago
May I ask your opinion on the Rise of Skywalker? Also, Rogue One and The Mandalorian are the shit, fuck yeah!
rogue one and the mandalorian are a BREATH of fresh air! i love the skywalkers and that saga will always hold a incredibly huge, special place in my heart but i’m really excited to see where disney will go beyond that. they have tons and tons of material to sift though, so, it’ll be super interesting to see where they’ll take us since i really can’t see them stopping SW content any time soon. 
as for the tros… i’ve seen it (5) times, pretty much went and saw it every single day after it released last thursday night, so, it’s pretty obvious that i loved every single minute of it despite the glaring issues it had both with characterization and script. and it’s because i (personally) got what i wanted out of the film; i got ben solo the way i had always pictured him to be for five minutes, i got the new trio truly interacting together, i got to see leia one final time, i got the raw, intense saber fight between kylo ren and rey that i had been waiting for, i got nostalgia, i cried until i had snot coming out of my nose. it was everything ( I ) could have possibly wanted in a film ending a saga that defined my childhood. 
but, that doesn’t make it a great film, in fact it’s probably the weakest in the whole saga (probably a little above aotc and rotj…don’t @ me i just hated those two when i was a kid, it’s like i have a vendetta against them at this point) and i think that has to do with a multitude of factors; messy production, last minute changes, fans having too much of a say in what should happen (which i think diminishes the director / writers / studios creative integrity GREATLY, and that’s a damn shame). there were a lot of loose ends that weren’t tied up and a lot of decisions that were made that just didn’t quite hit the mark, but, i’m willing to look past some of them as i’m noticing new things about the film every time I watch it. 
it’s not a movie for all fans, that’s incredibly clear to me. i think after the backlash with tlj, disney wanted to cater to EVERYONE and in turn, they shot themselves in the foot. you either hate it, love it, or find that middle ground where you realize it could have been done much better, but, choose to find parts of it that mattered the most to you.
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impossible-rat-babies · 2 years ago
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taimados · 2 years ago
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