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I’ve always hallucinated dogs, Rottweilers, I believe. They’re always sitting around me, staring. I can’t help but feel like I don’t belong anywhere I am because they always look at me like they’re cautious of me. in my house, i’ll see them everywhere. We haven’t owned any dogs for years, and to my knowledge the only dog we’ve owned that’s been similar to a rottweiler is a german shepherd but that was before i was born in around 2001.

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One positive thing that I’ve seen come from quarantine is lower air pollution. I can see more stars and the moon so clearly. It’s humbling. Looking at the moon is so humbling. It’s something we’re so indifferent to. It’s always been there for us, so we ignore it for the most part. But people have been there. People have stood on it. Something we are so exceptionally indifferent to has been touched by humanity. I look at it and feel small. Insignificant. But it isn’t a bad feeling. It’s calming knowing that my mistakes and failures don’t ultimately matter. Because we’re a fraction of this universe. That’s the beautiful thing about our existence. It doesn’t matter. Of course, that’s no excuse to be a bad person. If anything, it’s a reason to be good as recklessly as possible. Do good, because none of this matters in the end. So why not make this all a more joyful place?

Do good and do what makes you happy because in the end, it’s a small existence we have and the universe does not care for us. So care for yourself and others and then maybe the indifference the universe holds for us will spare you and give you peace in the end.

Remember the indifference, but don’t fear it. Embrace it. The indifference has driven us from the start. Our exploration. Our advancement. It’s all been so we can understand this indifference. So embrace it. Let it drive you to work past mistakes and failures. Let the universe care only for itself, just as we do.

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*looks at my icon*

Nobody will see this coming.

Stevonnie is the embodiment of finding yourself. Self exploration and exploration of the world around you. They formed out of two kids having fun and learning about each other and themselves, and they got to go to new environments they never would have otherwise. They went to a rave, they met new people. Then they went to space! They got to explore an entire new planet and the fact they stayed together means they didn’t break down. Translating that into the real world they didn’t break down, they were mature enough to stay together, contrasted with Alone Together where they broke apart after their interaction with Kevin. They also broke down in Beach City Drift, but grew from that. They got back up and finished the race. Not to mention that to stay together they have to be in a perpetual state of loving themselves and loving each other, themself and their components respectively. They are not only the embodiment of self liberation and exploration, but also self love.

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Hades!Bucky x Persephone!Reader

Word Count:  7793

Warnings: maybe a little trauma, nothing major

A/N: So, it’s been a little over a year since the first part of this series was posted - I know a couple people have asked to be tagged in this, so I’m sorry this has taken so long!  The gifs are, surprise surprise, not mine.  This is gonna get hella cute real fast.  And then hella angsty.  I’m sorry (kinda).

Part 1


Originally posted by wandawwilson


Originally posted by byaseashore

When you fell for him, really fell, there was no way you could have known the consequences.

As the time passed, so did many mortals, and Bucky found himself busier by the day with the rising population of the underworld.  Sometimes, when you passed by the door in the cliff face, you could see him sitting in the doorway, eyes closed and legs hanging down, bathing in the sunlight so rarely seen.

Joining Bucky in the underworld became a frequent occurrence, and you didn’t mind.  For all the weariness slung on his shoulders, his home put him at ease, and his presence did the same for you.

One such occasion, you’d joined him in the tower as he tried to complete some kingly or otherwise morbid sort of task.  Enthralled in his work, he began to pay you no mind; you draped yourself dramatically over his bed.  When he didn’t look up from his desk, you sighed loudly.  A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.  You were gaining ground.

Rolling onto your stomach, you opened your mouth to speak and -

Hermes flew through the open window, rustling every rustlable thing in the room.

“Sam!” Bucky exclaimed, trying to keep the papers littering his desk orderly, “You know I hate it when you do that.”

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life is a constant battle of me wondering if i’m just too sensitive, if i just don’t understand people, or if others are lacking in aspects of emotional intelligence and that’s why so many things hurt

is it the case that when you’re constantly thinking about people’s emotions and wellbeing that you inherently notice when other people aren’t doing that?? and how to make that hurt my heart less is the big issue

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So I’m quiet ans shy. And not just with strangers with family too. When I was younger I used to sometimes call my dad and ask if I could go over, I would ask if I could have a snack etc. Then I got a little older and idk it’s like I got scared to ask, maybe not scared but like maybe nervous to ask like to where I would wait for him to ask if I wanted something. I also hate having to call people. I have to go over and over what I’m gonna say before I get the nerve to actually call. And I’m like that with my dad. I have stopped going over every other weekend (though I guess it was about time I am 28 now though I stopped when I was 25) so I always wait until my dad calls me unless it’s his birthday, but even then I have to get up the nerve to do it, or if there is something important or my mom needs me to call him. So Sunday was his birthday and he called me first and said they weren’t gonna do anything for his birthday but maybe they would during the week. And he wasn’t home so I couldn’t take him his gift, he said he wanted to wait. Well it’s Wednesday now and I probably should have called him and asked to take him his gift especially since part of his gift is cupcakes but I didn’t. I just hate being this way especially with my dad! Why am I this way! I HATE IT!! Also I know this is weird but when he does call he always asks how I am doing but do I ask it back??? NO. Why idk? I want to but it just doesn’t come put of my mouth. And every time I regret not asking. I’m always like next time, next time but do I no. I hate this. Sorry I just needed to vent. Been feeling down for some reason these past couple of days.

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Hey gremlins, I haven’t been here as Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth unleashed my buried passion for digimon and also I’m kinda feelin’ Megaman atm  - basically I was lazy and couldn’t be bothered to log on. Uuuuuhhhhhhh look forward to little to no content because I’m slowly going through tri. for Kizuna and the Zero/Zx collection’s coming out. 

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This is such a bizarre thought but somehow the whole Skam universe makes me question my whole existence? Like, how different would my life be if my parents had decided to move to Norway instead of Australia? And how strange is it that other people speak other languages other than English? And how weird it is that all these people who I am watching on screen are all living such completely different live to me and yet I am able to relate to their lives on such a personal level

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Just thoughts..

ok so I saw that post who said that it’s possible that the conclusion of the 100th episode will just end up giving Kara more confidence that her decision of not telling Lena her secret was right, but not for the reason that most people would think..

and as much as I actually wouldn’t mind don’t want that to be the take from the episode (because I want whatever happens to be a definite and huge step to a much deeper closer realationship between Lena and Kara obviously) it actually makes perfect sense and this could go in supercorps favor for once

Given that we got them photos back in january or december of them shooting 5x13 (ignore this if I’m wrong) , of Lena being kidnapped by agent liberty and Kara ripping open her shirt (like if you think you missed the iconic button ups as nearly as much as I did) in front of the press revealing her super identity to the world. Imagine that the day that Kara comes out as supergirl is also the exact day or week that Lena is kidnapped. I mean it would solidify that kara’s #1 reason for never telling Lena had nothing to do with her last name and the most to do with all the danger it would instantly put her in. And in the end of the episode Kara and Lena could have a moment where Kara tells Lena about her day and how everything went and basically saying that she stands by her decision of never telling Lena but not for the reason Lena assumed. And I know that the problems in supercorp’s relationship stem past Kara just lying to Lena so this could just be the start of them repairing that layer of their relationship before addressing the whole “treating Lena like a villain part”. So this could potentially be a good thing no matter how they spin it..



Originally posted by piecesofstarsbeingperson

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Why do you hate the word "islamaphobia?"

Because Islam is a set of beliefs and ideas, an ideology, like ALL religions are. It’s not exempt from criticism. People are allowed to have negative ideas about it and talk about how harmful and backwards it is. Besides, you can’t be racist against an idea. Criticizing Islam isn’t bigoted. Especially considering how harmful it is.

But, with that being said, I do recognize that some of the criticism of Islam either has racist undertones, or is straight up racist. Obviously that’s unacceptable. I realize the need for it, however that doesn’t make Islam untouchable.

So yeah… I hate it because as an ex-muslim woman living in a muslim majority country, I feel like it takes away my (or anyone’s) right to state an opinion on Islam. But I still use it takes a bit of a different meaning in a western context.

This is probably extremely messy cuz its 2am rn and I had a real hard time gathering my thoughts. I’ll probably make a post about Islam in general.

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my boyfriends rlly serious about getting clean together and he suggested this weekend to just have a big drugs blowout and then buckle down which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time

without drugs being alone is so much more lonely like having something else running through my system is the closest and furthest i can get away from myself

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Since my brother and niece and company gave been visiting, I’ve become really fascinated with the mechanics of intergenerational/family group child rearing and the ways we pass down stories and culture to new generations.

Like. It’s just really interesting to see what sticks around from my parents and what new things my sister in law brings to the table, what outside things she and my brother try, and what myself and my siblings bring to the table.

Because while they’re here, living short term with my parents, my entire family is raising their two-year-old. (It’s even more interesting to me because three out of four siblings are LGBT+ so like. There’s that later on this nurture cake).

And it’s weird the ways that even the non-parents in the group learn about child rearing and enact it and the kind of direct line and tradition you begin to build and draw.

Like today my sister and I were watching my neice, and we tried to put her down for a nap. She is kind of notoriously difficult to get to sleep sometimes. Two hours, several bed changes, a potty accident and a lot of tantrums and renditions of “wheels on the bus” later, and my sister and I decided that the best way to get her to stay put was for all of us to squeeze into the same bed. But she still wouldn’t lay down. Up until this point, I’d let my sister handle it, because she works with kids and I do not. But it still wasn’t working.

So I thought “What would my dad do?” (My dad has what we all call ‘baby magic’. I’ve literally watched him be sitting across the room from a crib, the baby start crying and him look up and go 'you’re alright,’ and the baby go back to sleep. It’s crazy). And I thought about what he used to sing to me when I was little. I was also a fussy baby, toddler and child who hated naps, and so the approach he and my mom used for me was very different from what they used for my siblings, and I also needed help falling asleep for longer than my siblings.

So I said, “Lay down and I’ll sing you a song Baba used to sing to me.” Which got her attention (because she LOVES my dad), and she did. And by the second sing through of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” she was asleep.

Anyways. This is all like. Basic level analysis of intro level concepts but I just found it really interesting to see how that played out – because it’s not a kind of soothing even my niece’s dad received as a kid. So like. Family group rearing of children is kinda rad and I’m personally vindicated that MY favorite lullaby is stretching to another generation.

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i’m realizing that all of us follow eachother and all of our content is relatively the same because we’re all just reblogging each others shit

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So was howl obsessed with his looks because he thought dying his hair was the only way he could have any control over the fact that he was slowly turning into a monster and after he was with sophie he slowly became at peace with that fact because he was okay with changing as long as he was able to protect her because he now cared for someone other than himself and knew deep down he had to accept his fate if he was going to save her

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Okay, but Violet and Lena are definitely each other’s impulse control. Like it takes them time to get to that point and it happens slowly that they don’t even realize it. At least not until one time Violet attends one of those science camps for super smart kids while Lena stays at home. Lena lasts a grand total of half an hour before one of her dads finds her on her fifth energy drink. Not even having Webby telling her to stop works cause it’s not Vi’s ‘not mad just dissapointed’ stare. Meanwhile Violet has to be picked up two days later because she somehow managed to summon some demon in the cabin she was at. When her dads arrives, they find her standing in the middle of the wreckage with the most confused look on her face. They assume she’s in shock from being scared, but she just lets out a small “ so that’s why Lena told me not to perform this ritual” theyre just done with both of them, they drive her back home (after a series of apologies) and drop her off to a very caffeine high lena- who chucks the can in her hand into the bushes- and they decide to just go out on a date to get away from the messes that are their daughters. Like they love them, but really? This wasn’t what they had been expecting when they decided to adopt.

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